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New colleague

“Do you understand? The world isn’t all about pleasure! You tend to indulge in pleasure!”

At the sermon of our Archmage that started after a long time, I just listened silently.
I admit it all, but it’s okay to focus more on pleasure while having sex, right?

“Ok. You dare come close to my eyes and talk to Diana. Were you sane?”

You both got so excited about it. If I said that, would it really be fair to say that?

“But it’s good to enjoy what you’re doing, right? I don’t think you need to be too rational on the way. Didn’t Diana and Sara really like it while they were doing it?”

“Joe, I didn’t like it! Don’t be misunderstood!”

“Yeah, yes! who is like that… ! I’m saying it’s better to do it together with Gu Guo!”

It seems like they enjoyed it all night and still won’t admit exhibitionism.
However, Sarah did not completely deny that she was stabbed a little. The conversation became half-talking again.
Sara has already made a criminal record that can’t be taken out or beaten when she was Kate, so it’s hard to deny it.

“This body is even better with you and me!”


“Of course not! But what? Are you two still together?”

“Hey, but I didn’t say that I was the only one who liked it. I mean, I thought of you properly and said that we would continue to work together.”

“How did that ever think of us!”

“lets think. If you keep going, you can sleep with me for two days in a row, which is your turn. What do you think? Aren’t you good too?”

“That, that… !”

To my question, Sarah and Diana did not respond for a moment.
The two looked at each other’s faces in embarrassment and wanted to confirm something silently, but then nodded as if they had reached a conclusion.

“It’s not good just because you can do a lot! do you understand Quality is more important than frequency! Jill!”

“okay! I don’t know a woman’s heart, but I don’t know too much about it!”

“In a nutshell, if you and I do it together, we can feel more affection, so it’s better to hug each other alone as it is?”

“Yes… .”
“Hey, it’s like that… .”

When I asked to be blunt, Sarah and Diana blushed, but they didn’t deny it.
To be honest, I felt that too.
Certainly, the pleasure itself of holding both of them at the same time was enormous, but the time for whispering affection was a little shorter.
When I was dealing with only one person, when the other person was tired, I stopped and had time to kiss or have a conversation, but when I was dealing with two people, I just kept doing things constantly.

When I found out why Sarah and Diana hated it, I was rather happy to be scolded like this.
It wasn’t because I woke up to masochism, it was because I felt Sarah and Diana longing for affection.
okay. It was nice to play both at the same time, but if you keep doing it, you might get tired of doing it together.
If you do something like this sometimes when you think of it, it will have an impact and feel good.
After all, since you’ve done it once, it will be easy to create a situation like this again next time. The compatibility between these two unique fortress walls is also good.
If you do it once, you will be scolded again like now, but it is bearable.
So, normally, let’s deal with the two of us one-on-one as we wish.

“Why are you laughing all of a sudden? Salvation, do you know that you are being scolded right now?”

“Huh. I love you too.”

“Bah, you idiot! What are you saying all of a sudden!”

Sara, whom she likes as the corners of her mouth are raised subtly while being angry, are also pretty.

“Ah… !”

Then, suddenly, Diana let out a strange moan.
When I turned to Diana, Diana was subtly clenched her legs and covered her groin with her hands, blushing.
As I focused my gaze on the crotch, I could see my semen flowing down Diana’s hand and down her thigh.
It seems that the semen that was inside has now flowed out.

And with that, Diana seems to have been able to reconfirm her current self.
Sara is also there, standing naked, and the figure of herself dripping the semen I wrapped in the vagina.
Diana’s face turned red to the tip of her ears in an instant.
And not only my semen, but also the clear water began to flow down the thigh.

“Ah, anyway, I won’t be hugging each other from now on! Got it!”

Diana, who was about to turn on the flasher switch, hurriedly ran into the bathtub without saying those words and pulled the curtains.

“Oh, Diana! Shall I join you?”

“All right, all right!”

Since it would be difficult to cool the body that had been heated up again by exhibitionism alone, I suggested that, but Diana politely refused.
What are you doing this for? Are you going to masturbate in the bathroom?


And Sarah seems to have reconfirmed herself as well.
I quietly went back to bed and pulled the blanket up to my neck to cover myself.
What’s the use of coming here now? Anyway, Diana is out of sight because the curtains are closed.

“By the way, Sarah.”

I also went back into the blanket and hugged Sarah to my side.
Sarah pulled over to my side with no sign of dislike, and laid her face on my shoulder.


“Why did you refuse to go to the dungeon yesterday? After all, you were with me all day.”

“Oh, that’s it… .”

“Is that it?”

“It’s my turn… You can’t prepare your ass on the dungeon side… Hey, don’t ask me anything weird! Idiot!”

The crisis of being scolded by both of them at the same time was well put aside, and in the end, I was hit by one.
But seeing Sarah’s cute side, I think it’s more beneficial in terms of gain and loss.
Rather, he was preparing his ass. Had I known that, I would have done it with my ass.
He tried to gently touch Sarah’s ass, but the palm of his hand only hit the back of his hand one more time.
Still, I think Sara is cute, her body keeps leaning on me.

“Good night… Oh? Why are the three of you coming down together?”


When we got down to the restaurant, Leia asked while tilting her head lightly.

“That, so… This… .”

“Somehow, it was just the three of us.”

“You are not really stupid!”

Sara blushed red in embarrassment and shouted.
Diana’s pounding attack starts from the side.
Why? What are you going to do with hiding?
And if you stimulate it like this, maybe Leia will do the same… Still, is it doctrinalally difficult?

“… Oh. So, is it my turn today?”

The tone of our angel’s voice seems to have lowered for a moment. Maybe it’s my mood?
okay. It’s probably because of the mood. It’s not anyone else, it’s our angel. It can’t be.



“Why? right? You say you don’t want to be together again?”

“Yeah, that’s right!”

“Then your turn has passed once, so it’s Leia’s turn. So, why did you break into Sarah’s turn? Aren’t you in a position to apologize to Sarah instead?”

“Uh, uh… ?! Ah, uh… Sa, Sara, I’m sorry.”

Diana did it twice in a row and passed her turn, so Sarah is definitely right in the order.
Last night, she rushed in in a moment of anger, but Diana seems to be well aware of that fact.
After my words, Diana with a complicated face finally made an honest apology to Sarah.

“It’s okay.”

Sara saw Diana’s face like that and immediately accepted the apology.
After all, our kids are all good.

“Well done.”

Her turn passed like that, and Diana, who even apologized, must feel very complicated.
I sensed Diana’s mood and lightly stroked her hair.

“… I’ve thought about it before, but how old are you when you think of this body and console yourself like this?”

“What does age matter? It doesn’t matter that you’re my girl.”


Diana didn’t deny anything and ended up letting my hand stroking my hair.
Diana sitting still and feeling my touch, as well as Sarah and Leia, who read the atmosphere and show no jealousy at times like this, are also lovely.

“So, today, I’m going to go to a dungeon after a long time.”

“Well! Agree!”

As soon as I finished my meal and talked, Diana said with a big nod.
That’s right. I’m going because of you.
An adventurer who goes into a dungeon because he doesn’t want to be at home. Among the many adventurers, we are probably the only ones going to the dungeon for that reason.

So we all got out of the house.
Oh, then, what about that?

“What, is that something?!”

It seems that Diana noticed right away.
By the way, since this morning Since when have you been waiting for me to come out of here? No, have you been sleeping?

“What is it? Miss Sylvia has become my stalker.”

okay. As soon as I left the mansion, I felt an incredibly intense gaze and I couldn’t help but notice.
Hearing me, Diana had a slightly guilty expression on her face.

So you don’t have to feel guilty.
I lightly patted Diana’s head.

“Is it like that yesterday?”

“Huh. Even though it was a slum yesterday, it was inside the city. I’m going to the dungeon today, will you please follow me?”

In conclusion, I followed.
It seems that I was slightly underestimating the existence of a stalker.
I would have been able to ride up to the 2nd floor teleport.
No, just looking at the level is enough, but does the knight need to register for a teleport here?

“Sometimes adventurers who commit crimes hide themselves in dungeons. In the case of a knight working here in the permanent residence, you can use it without special teleport registration.”

That was Diana’s explanation.
It’s a complete abuse of power. Isn’t that the right you gave to use it to stalk?
Even so, I can’t leave it like that even in the dungeon, so I decided to try contacting Sylvia for now.

“Hey! you wait a minute… .”

But as I approached, Sylvia hurriedly ran away with a bewildered look.
Ah-oh. what do you mean
okay. Will you be chasing me when I hunt?

… you’re chasing
Sylvia’s tenacity was great.
What the hell is the meaning of doing something like that?
The 2nd floor is a place with an open view, so now you can see it openly.
He seemed to be hiding behind a cactus, but to no avail.
I admit that you’re thin, but that’s not the case anyway.
Even wearing thick knight armor. Do you really think cacti will cover you?

“Can’t we just leave it like that?”


With Sylvia’s ability, it would be difficult to lose against Tier 2 monsters.
However, in dungeons, you should always be prepared for emergencies.
We’re going to go to the ant den from now on, so Sylvia is definitely isolated here.
Maybe it’s just hanging around at the entrance to the anthill until we come back.
What if you are alone like that and you meet even a transcendental species?
What if I get ambushed by paying too much attention to myself?
There is a chance that at least one of them will win.
There was no way I could just leave it alone.

Diana was also thinking the same thing as me, and she was looking at Sylvia with a sorry face.
I looked at Sylvia again.
Good. In an open space like this, I’m sure you can hear my voice before I run away

“Hey! Sylvia! Come here! If you run away again, you will never see my face for the rest of your life!”

It’s okay to treat me like a sex slave, so I think it’s a shameful thing to say about the subject of refusing a child who asked for it.
But what can you do? First of all, we need to ensure his safety.

My cry certainly seems to have worked.
Sylvia’s armor behind the cactus flinched and trembled, eventually revealing herself and slowly approaching this way.

“Ah, hello.”

“OK. Hello. I think we met a long time ago, but we greet each other very quickly.”

“Sorry, I’m sorry.”

“Let me ask you first. What are you doing with this?”

“That, that… At least I want to see you from afar… Are you saying it can’t even be done?”

Hey, saying this makes me feel like a really bad guy. No, are you the bad guy?
Wait, it’s still weird, isn’t it?!
Obviously, what he wanted from me was the pleasure of the body.
It wasn’t a platonic love that was good just looking at it from afar.
But now you want to come and see me all of a sudden.

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The name of the skill that appeared in the last episode was changed from “Easterization” to “Sacred Heart of a Saint”.
It is a development of the hand of the saint, so I think it would be better to unify it as the saint’s ~.

Instinct to escape // Thanks for pointing out. It’s corrected.

x8w // Thanks for pointing it out. I have corrected what I wrote as Bodo. However, I didn’t know where I wrote it, so I couldn’t fix it. It wasn’t there this time around.
Actually, I know the grammar properly, but if I don’t pay attention to it, I end up using it that way. I think I wrote it that way because I was pressed for time these days, so I didn’t pay attention to the spelling properly.
The dungeon is coming soon.


New colleague

“Then why did you run away when I approached you?”

“That, that… I don’t know how to react when it comes to me… .”

It was like a girl who was completely in love.
In fact, while we were talking like this now, Sylvia couldn’t even make eye contact with me and looked down and was restless.

“No, such a reaction is strange. What you want from me is pleasure, right? or what? Do you like me? Well, I was pretty good, but… .”

“Joe, I love you… ? … is it.”

When I asked that question, Sylvia’s reaction was somehow unusual.
He opened his eyes and put his hand to his chest as if to confirm his own heart.

“From the moment when Salvation gave me the last pleasure, only the face of Salvation kept flashing in my head. And the corner of my heart is still warm, tickling, and sad. So I want to see your face. Me, is this feeling of liking? It’s the first time I’ve felt like this, so I don’t know.”

Didn’t your parents teach you not to answer a question with a question? The words never came out of my mouth.
How can you say that when you see Sylvia asking a question with one hand still on her chest?
what? So, did you fall for me because I was so nice to you in the end?
No, that’s not it. What I did was just to give you pleasure.
He just stopped mistaking it for an unfamiliar feeling.

“no. It must have been that I just didn’t forget what you did with me so much.”

“… Is that so?”

To be honest, I’m not quite sure enough.
But as long as I refuse to accept it anyway, isn’t it for each other’s sake to leave it like that?

“okay. So stop chasing and go back.”

To be honest, the more Sylvia is like this, the more

I started to look cuter, so I deliberately spoke harshly.
But Sylvia shook her head.

“I don’t like it.”

“What, what? Why?”

I didn’t even think that I would say no, so I panicked for a moment.

“It doesn’t matter what my feelings are. I want to see the face of the Savior a little more. I will not cause any trouble to the Savior. Just looking at it from afar is enough. So please forgive me for that.”

Sylvia proudly declared that she would continue stalking.
I couldn’t help but be a great young lady with a subject that I couldn’t even look at.

“No, it’s dangerous. Do you know where this place is?”

“I also heard rumors about the dungeon. Level 2 level monsters are no problem.”

Still, there is a law.
It was starting to bother me more and more to convince myself of something.

“… Miss Sylvia.”

“Yes, yes!”

As Diana spoke, Sylvia saw her body stiffen in a different way than when she was talking to me.

“You just follow these bodies.”

“Hey, do you allow it?”

“I don’t mean to follow you from afar. Let’s act together.”

“Yes Yes?!”


“I can’t help it. Miss Sylvia doesn’t seem willing to give up chasing you, so at least it’s safe to do so. If it’s Miss Sylvia, it’s going to be a big help for the power as well.”

Diana said that, but thought it wasn’t all that.
It seems like you’ve always felt sorry for Sylvia, so maybe at least it made you see my face up close?
Also, because I fell for the good. You don’t know when you can lose me to another woman
Well, that won’t happen.

“Okay. At least for the duration of this expedition. Come on, Sylvia. Do you want to see my face? The closer you are, the better.”

I grabbed Sylvia’s face, which was facing down, with both hands, forced it to face up, and brought my face close to me.

“Ah, ah… Ahh.”

Sylvia went into a state of complete panic and desperately turned her eyes to the side, avoiding her gaze.
wanting to see my face Why are you avoiding your gaze when you look at me?
Then, patting from the side, Diana attacked.

“I told you to accept me as a party member, but you didn’t even flirt!”

“Hey, it’s not kinky! Just take a good look!”

“How many women do not think they are seducing you with your face! Think about it!”

“Why my face?!”

“That, that… So… .”

Ah, I shouted because I was embarrassed, but thinking about it, it means that you are handsome.

“Huh? What’s wrong with my face? Huh? Can you tell me something?”

“Hey, hey… Noisy!”

ha ha ha. I don’t even tickle your pats!

“Huh. Diana is pretty too.”


“… Salvation. It’s okay to flirt in the dungeon.”

“Yep. Sorry.”

In the end, Sarah, who could not see, intervened in a cold tone, and I immediately bowed my head.

Are you saying it’s too weak? When you see Sarah’s expression like that, you’ll automatically become like that.
In fact, since the two of us hugged me at the same time yesterday, Sarah and Diana haven’t been able to see each other since this morning.
Everyone gathers and talks, but subtly, only Sarah and Diana did not make eye contact with each other and did not communicate directly with each other.
But to meddle in a conversation with Diana like that would have been quite annoying.
In fact, the way he spoke was respectful.

“Ah, is it okay for Sarah and Leia to accept Sylvia as temporary party members anyway?”

“… Whoa. Huh. In this case, there is nothing we can do.”

“It’s a short period, but please take care of it. Sylvia.”

In the end, Sylvia also temporarily joined the party and started acting together.

“Eh, eh?!”

Sylvia, who had never said that they were going together, showed a look of embarrassment.
If you were going to stalk, you should at least be prepared to be like this.

But honestly, even if it was a dungeon exploration, I honestly didn’t feel the tension at all.
Of course, when I was walking around in the past, I didn’t feel any tension at the thought that I could use the saint’s skill if I could, but now the situation is more serious than then.
The level has risen tremendously.
Thanks to the profession of a saint, raising my level means that all my stats will rise.
Besides, this world also has level-dependent corrections.
In other words, there was no need to use a saint skill, and even when fighting as a fighter, there was no thought of losing to the monsters of this class.
In addition to that, there is an insurance called the Saint Skill, and Diana, who has become more powerful as the level has risen, even has secondary insurance.
Even if I tried to be nervous, I couldn’t do it.

At this level, there will be no problem if you go straight to the 3rd floor.
No, even the 3rd tier monsters might feel easy.
But I didn’t go to the 3rd floor.
If I had a purpose to be strong like before, I would have gone to the 3rd floor.
We came to the dungeon for one purpose only.
All she needs is a reason why Diana doesn’t have to go home for a few days.
So I don’t go to the 3rd floor.

Rather than trying to be as strong as before, I decided to just wander around in the feeling of being really exploring.
And we know a great place to explore.
A place where none of the city’s adventurers have ever set foot.

“… He was also resurrected.”

As we approached the entrance to the anthill, we began to hear the noisy swarms of mosquitoes.
It’s a mosquito swarm transcendence species.
Well, it’s been a while since I’ve been here, so I expected it.

“Hmm. That’s right. This body will take care of it.”

“no. wait.”

Diana raised her hand to draw a magic circle in the air, but before that, I was one step ahead.

“Leave them to me.”

“… Do you still have those words after suffering? I never get tired of it.”

And if I thought I was going to write a proclamation of sanctuary, Diana said with a tired look.

“Salvation. Don’t be pretentious that Sylvia is here, let’s leave this to Diana.”

“Savior. I hate getting hurt.”

Hey guys? didn’t you believe me?
It can’t be this way As a party leader, or before that, I need to restore my credibility as a man.

“no. leave it to me It is different from the proclamation of sanctuary, not the proclamation of sanctuary!”

“Well? Did you learn any other skills?”

After all, I haven’t spoken yet.
I have to tell Diana about that skill too.
Well, I’ll do that later.

“Huh. to watch.”

As we got a little closer, the transcendental mosquito swarm reminiscent of a black cloud also began to approach rapidly as if it had discovered this place.
Come on!
As I watched them approach, I confidently used the saint’s sincerity.
This makes me perfect
From now on, you feel pleasure when I attack you, and you feel pleasure when you attack me.
It’d be better to fall in a pleasure you can’t even do!

Mosquito swarm rushed over me, but I just stood still with my arms spread out.
Anyway, the moment it touches my body to put a straw, it will fall off.
All I have to do is just stand still and indulge in the pleasure of victory.

Suddenly, a swarm of mosquitoes wrapped around me.
From the outside, perhaps, my body would look like a black cloud in the shape of a human, surrounded by mosquito swarms.
But for a while! The moment they land on my body, they fall off like a lie… didn’t
As I felt a slight tingling pain, I shouted out loud.

“Diana! Please give me some magic!”

shoot ah

Simultaneously with my cry, my whole body was drenched in the water flowing from the top of my head like a waterfall.
Thanks to that, the mosquito swarms were also swept away at once.

“nice! Diana! Is it because of the level up? The speed of the magic chanting is also very fast!”

“No, it’s definitely because of the level up, but I thought it was going to be like this in the first place, so I prepared it in advance.”

A reply came back that I did not know whether to like it or be sad.
Couldn’t you believe it? No, I lived thanks to you.
I felt sad as I put the hand of a saint on my feet and trampled on the mosquitoes that had been swept to the floor.
The only comfort was Leia’s hand, who ran straight to her and gave her treatment.

“What were you trying to do in the first place? Why did you stand still because it wasn’t a proclamation of sanctuary? Were you going to commit suicide?”

Perhaps Sarah was surprised, she said in a slightly reproaching tone.
Damn it. It wasn’t like this.

“I’ve learned a skill that has the same effect as having a saint’s touch all over my body. As usual, these guys should be knocked down as soon as they touch my body, but their skill proficiency is low, so they don’t seem to have that much power.”

“Stand, touch the hand of the saint with your whole body… ?!”

“Huh. Now, I can focus the attention of the monsters just by defending without hitting them. It will be very comfortable, right?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

However, there was a slightly tired expression on Sarah’s face.

“Isn’t that still not as powerful as the hand of a saint?”

“For now, it is. It’s still low proficiency, so it’s less than 1/20.”

“Yeah, that’s right. glad that… I’m sorry.”

Even Diana had a slightly tired expression on her face.
Why are you making this face? Relief?
Oh, indeed. Are you afraid that I will use it in bed?
In fact, if the sincerity of the saint has the original power of the hand of the saint, it would certainly be enormous.
Good. It looks like you’re looking forward to it, so let’s try it on them next time.
Oh, of course, there is an exception for the angel who is hard at work treating my body with a face that doesn’t know anything.
The angel has never felt the touch of a saint with his bare mind, so it may just be that the power is not fully realized.

Anyway, now that we have caught the transcendental species of mosquito swarm, it is time to enter the anthill and start exploring.
Oh, come to think of it, Sylvia has to go there… Well, I’m not an adventurer, so it doesn’t matter.
No, but we have to keep it a secret for now.


“Yes Yes!”

Sylvia still couldn’t make eye contact with me.
On the subject that had fixed his gaze on me until now, when he saw me sleeping, he turned his gaze away.

“Close your eyes.”

“Yes Yes?!”

As I spoke from the front, Sylvia blushed and said what she was expecting.
How embarrassed I was, I finally looked straight into my eyes.
I quickly turned my head again.
Why are you so surprised?

“What are you doing! This body trusted you and took Miss Sylvia to the party!”

“… Huh? what is that… Oh no! I didn’t mean to kiss you!”

“You flirt!”

“I mean, it’s not!”

They hadn’t even looked into each other’s eyes before, so why do they have such a good breathing at times like this?!
After all, the effect of spending the night together… If I said that, would I die right?

“Savior… I believe in Guwon.”

“After all, I only have an angel!”

“Ah! Leia, sorry!”

“Hey, this body believes in the same thing! In the first place, that’s why I asked you to take Miss Sylvia with you!”

“I, me too… !”

Thanks to Leia for changing the flow of the conversation, the suspicions I had on me were soon fading away, and they started arguing with each other about who believed me more.
Also, angels are the best.

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Unlike the princess, Sylvia has never had her hair rolled.
I’ve always just been straight up saying it the way it is.


New colleague

“Anyway, Sylvia, I’m sorry, but close your eyes. Don’t get me wrong, it’s just because we have a secret that only us know.”

“… Yes. Okay.”

Sylvia gave a bitter expression for a moment, but then nodded her head and closed her eyes properly.
Not only that, he also covered his eyes with both palms.
Damn it. you’re cute And why are you listening so well?

Anyway, I confirmed that Sylvia was blindfolded, and first started dismantling the corpse of the mosquito swarm.
It is said that catching other monsters at that time is more efficient than dismantling the mosquito swarm, but it is a waste of time anyway. Besides, since this is a transcendental species, it has a good income unlike other mosquitoes.

And above all, I thought it would be good to acquire one more mosquito tail.
As long as this tail also functions as a secret key, it’s probably fertile.
If so, wouldn’t it help to strengthen Leia’s staff?
So, after finding another tail in the mosquito swarm, I approached the cactus to open a secret passage.

I glanced sideways to see that Sylvia was still blindfolded, and then inserted a mosquito’s tail into the cactus, and with a rumble, the entrance to the ant’s den was revealed.
During the trembling, Sylvia flinched, not knowing what to do with her embarrassment, but in the end she did not take her eyes off her eyes. It’s amazing.

“It is now. You can take your hands off your eyes.”

“Yeah. this, this… ?”

Sylvia was surprised to find a hole large enough for a person to pass through on a flat land where there had been nothing until recently.

“I’m just saying this, but shouldn’t you ever tell other people about this?”

“Yeah. Okay.”

Sylvia nodded her head several times, covering her mouth with both hands.
why are you covering your mouth I’m not saying don’t say it now. Well, it’s cute.

“Then shall we go?”

I stepped into the anthill without much tension.
Know. It’s been a while since then, and the entrance will be swarming with ants again.
But now that martial arts level up, the saint skill is not only used to turn off aggro. No need to be nervous at all.
As she entered the ant den following Diana’s light magic that seemed to have gotten brighter as the level had risen, there were still countless ants encamping.

“Then shall we go? Oh, Sylvia, you just need to join the battle… No, if there is a monster I miss while I am with them, can I ask for it to be dealt with?”

“Yeah. Leave it to me.”

No matter how much a fighter does not need to level up, there is no need to deliberately share experience points to raise the level.
Besides, above all, Sylvia is not a regular member of our party.
If you get used to the avant-garde two-man system while fighting with Sylvia for nothing, there is a risk of aftereffects when Sylvia falls out later.
So Sylvia, who was originally supposed to fight with me in the vanguard, was placed in the rear with our children.

“You know, the proclamation of sanctuary is absolutely forbidden!”

As I ran forward, Diana cried out in a desperate voice from behind.
okay. No matter how stupid I am, would I still let Sylvia be affected by the proclamation of sanctuary? do not worry.
No, he’s not worried about that, is he worried that he’ll get aroused outside again?

Even so, there is no better skill to attract aggro than to declare a sanctuary against such a large number.
Even if I use the sincerity of a saint, not all monsters come to attack me.
A sanctuary proclamation is necessary if you want to catch even those who are ignoring me and looking backwards.
So, I checked the distance from the rear guard by eye, and even if I moved actively, I activated the sanctuary declaration in a range that would never reach the rear guard.
Then, using the saint’s sincerity, he began to fight the ants.

The sincerity of the saint did not come out as powerful as the touch of the saint, so even if it was touched, the monsters did not fall.
But my strength is 250. That is, I have reached the limit before releasing the first level limit.
Even if it’s not at the level of being knocked over, if you hit it properly, the monsters here will be crushed in one shot.
Maybe this is just the right level.
Besides, like the old hand of a saint, the moment monsters touch me to attack me, I am temporarily stunned, so I was able to use quite a bit of technical combat.
And above all, I don’t feel the need to raise the level of the fighter, but honestly, I wanted to raise the level of the saint’s sincerity.
No matter how hard I say I don’t use my skills well when I have relationships with my kids, the stronger I get, the stronger my heart and confidence as a man is, isn’t it a saint’s skill?

So the battle went on for a while.
I don’t think it’s necessary to raise the level of the combat job anymore, but Diana and Leia don’t know that much.
so it would be When the swarms seemed to be dealt with by me and Sarah’s attack alone, Diana didn’t use magic and just watched.

In fact, it is difficult to tell Diana and Leia that there is no need to raise the combat rank anymore, so tell me that you have raised the combat rank for the purpose of subjugating the demon lord.
Our angel will give you an awkward smile, and Diana will tease you with it for a while.
From now on, what will happen to the Demon King and my fortune should be kept as a secret of my own forever.

In any case, it was fairly simple to clear the monsters in the room near the entrance to the anthill, just me and Sarah.
In the past, I had to suffer even with Diana’s magic, but it was going to end so easily. After all, this world is at the highest level.

“Mr. Salvation!”

And as soon as the cleaning of the room was finished, Leia quickly ran to me.
I don’t see the life gauge just because it’s the same party, so maybe I think I’ve been seriously injured by struggling alone in front.
Actually, it wasn’t that there was no damage at all, but it was at a level that didn’t require any special treatment.
But I couldn’t say those words to Leia, who caressed my body with a bright light in her hand.
No, I pretended to be sicker and tangled up with Leia.

“Ouch. Leia. Hang on here too… Heal me.”

“Huhu. Yes. Here you go? Or is it deeper?”

When I pointed to the inside of my thigh, Leia smiled softly and even joked around a bit.
However, he soon returned to a serious expression and devoted himself to treatment.
I’m really worried that you’re treating me so hard, I’m sorry, Angel.
But our angel’s hand has to be good.
It seemed worthwhile to come to the dungeon for the mere fact that every time the battle was over, I could confidently ask for a touch without noticing anyone.
If you go to a dungeon for this purpose, you will be punished.

“Diana. From now on, I don’t need to spare any magic, I just want it to be used in moderation.”

After the treatment was over, I talked to Diana while digging for mana stones from the ant monsters’ corpses.

“Well? Then you and Ms. Sarah’s job levels

Wouldn’t it be better to keep this body still in order to raise it? I thought Miss Sylvia was also bitten on the back.”

“By the way, honestly, our level isn’t the level that we can go around on the 2nd floor anymore, is it? I came here just because I was curious about what the place was doing. So I think it’s better to speed up the exploration than to focus on leveling up.”

“Hmm… . Well, if you are, then this body doesn’t matter.”

Diana, who had been concentrating on efficient leveling up like that before, seemed a bit puzzled by the fact that I said this, but she nodded her head to see if she was convinced.

Since then, Diana has been using her magic, and the clearing of the anthill has been speeded up several times.
It’s like an archmage whose job level goes up as long as the level goes up.

The ant den had a complex structure in which large rooms were intertwined like a spider’s web through short passages, but the complicated road was no obstacle for me, with a map floating in the corner of my view.
To be honest, I was more concerned about the ant eggs in the room than the complex map structure.
At first, he advanced by breaking all the eggs in the room, but from the third or fourth room, he moved forward without leaving it alone.
That’s right, there are too many eggs.
Except for the floor, the eggs were embedded all the way from the wall to the ceiling, and it wasn’t too much of a hassle to burst them all.
It would have been better if there was a magic stone, but it was even worse because there was no reward.
In the end, we came to the conclusion that it would be difficult to advance by breaking all the eggs just to prepare for an emergency, and we were moving forward leaving the eggs unattended.

As I progressed through the anthill, I felt that there was a bigger and stronger monster among the monsters that popped out.
However, it was not at the level of being called a transcendental species. Manastones were too shabby for a transcendental species.
It’s probably a higher level monster with the same concept as 1st floor goblins and hobgoblins.
Since it’s an ant monster, are you going to be like a worker ant or a soldier ant?

As we progressed through the room, the ratio of soldier ants to worker ants increased more and more.
And when it was finally felt that all the ants had turned into soldier ants, a transcendental species finally appeared.
The body length is about 3 meters.
No, no matter how transcendental it is, isn’t the body size too different from that of a normal monster?
Soldier ants are at most 1 meter tall.
Because of his size, the teeth on his jaw felt like a long sword.
But anyway, it’s a level 2 monster.
Even the 2nd-tier Orc Transcendental Species already had a track record when they were at a much lower level than they are now, so there’s no need to be afraid of such a bastard.
I clenched my fists once strongly, as if to energize them, and ran towards him.
Let’s taste the power of 250 strength just a little bit!
Without using any skills, his fists swung purely by force were firmly entrenched in his face.


Then there was a dull sound, and my fist was thrown out.
what is this? physical resistance?
He was also wobbling as to whether there was no impact at all, but it was important that he still maintained its original shape without being crushed.
I’m sure there’s someone on the 2nd floor who can withstand the attack power of 250 strength.
Even if I looked down, did I look too shallow?

The transcendental species is different.
… Do you think I would think that?!

I immediately put the saint’s hand on my fist.
When I first caught the Orc Transcendental, I didn’t beat it, but curled it up and killed it!
I swung the fist with the saint’s hand at the transcendental servant in succession.
oh oh… Oh. Is this going to be copyrighted? Anyway, rush!

Kie hey!

In the end, after less than a few hits, it let out a strange scream and fell to the floor.
Whoops. won
To fight fairly?
What are you talking about? What do you want from a saint?
fighter? It’s just helping with your movements. I’m a saint!

After transcendental species first appeared, transcendental species started appearing quite frequently.
To be honest, it was just to pass the time, but as I completed the map like this and explored the ant burrow, I got a little absorbed in it.
Since there is no danger at all, it reminds me of playing games.
So I looked at the time and saw that it was evening.
How far have you come?
When I checked the map, it was incredibly deep.
It would take a long time to get out of this exit just by walking without a battle?
Maybe it will be midnight.

“Guys. slowly back… .”

Kugugugu Palace.

As I was about to tell him to go back, I suddenly felt a strong vibration that seemed to shake the entire space.


Then, suddenly, one side of the wall collapsed like an explosion, revealing its figure.
A huge size that seems to fill the entire space. wings on the back.
A monster with the appearance of claiming that I am the boss of this place.
It was the procession of the queen ant.

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New colleague

The force of the queen ant was so overwhelming that I lost my attention only to that side, but the queen ant was not the only one protruding from the collapsed wall.
Like the boss of monsters living in groups, there were a fairly large number of transcendental species around it.
To be honest, I was quite scared.
No matter how great our party is for hunting on the 2nd floor, is it possible to deal with so many at once?
I couldn’t contain my trembling heart and unconsciously opened the stat window and checked my stats.

And as soon as I saw the stat window, I immediately regained stability.
Why did I think that way?
It’s natural to be able to compete, right? If not, it will be over if you drive the bonus stats into charm and hit them with the touch of a saint.
Besides, even if you drive bonus stats to charm now, you don’t have to worry about women dying in bed.
I haven’t taken any skill points yet, but I can learn the underdog stance by hitting level 100.
Good. I gained confidence. Let’s try it.
Still, it’s not worth investing all the bonus stats in the charm from the beginning.
Just try it first, and if it doesn’t, upload it.

“Savior! I will fight in the vanguard!”

After I paused for a moment, Sylvia seemed to feel like she was in a crisis.
He placed his hand on the handle of the sword and was about to approach this way.

“no. You are right there.”

“However… !”

Sylvia exclaimed with an anguished expression.
Don’t make that face. It’s not because I doubt your skills or because you’re not reliable.
But if you fight by my side, the proclamation of sanctuary is useless!

“Rather, this time around, it’s dangerous if the enemies are in the rear. Besides, I may not be able to hold on to it all this time. You keep the rearguard there. I will believe you.”

“… Yep! Leave it to me!”

As soon as I said I believed, Sylvia stood firm this time with a moved expression. Isn’t his attack difficulty too easy?
Seeing how awkward it was during sex, I don’t think I’ve ever had a proper boyfriend. How did you do that? You have a pretty face, and it’s so easy to flirt?
Well, it doesn’t matter now anyway.

As I rushed towards the queen ant, I activated the sincerity of the saint.
And from the point of being moderately far from the rear, until the declaration of sanctuary
As soon as the declaration of sanctuary was triggered, the sight of the queen ant and the ant transcendental species looking at this in unison was a little scary.
But I believe in the touch of my saint!
Putting the saint’s hand on my fist, I attacked the queen ant’s leg without stopping my running momentum.

Kee eh!

The moment my fist touched the queen ant, the entire space trembled with a sharp scream that seemed to vibrate.
And at the same time, the ant eggs all over the wall burst out all at once.
And the ants that were born inside appeared.
They skimmed off the sticky liquid, and then they swarmed towards me in a form no different from other soldier ants.

If only the eggs here were hatched, to be honest, I wasn’t too worried.
Anyway, thanks to the effect of the proclamation of sanctuary, they will only charge towards me. And no matter how large the number of them, those who can only do melee attacks are limited in the number they can attack me at once.
I couldn’t move even a single step because I was surrounded, and it looked like I was struggling with the hands of a saint with my whole body bitten by ants, but anyway, my life is not in danger.

But while we got here, we passed by leaving many eggs unattended.
What if, with that cry just before, even the eggs in the other room were hatched?
Of course, my kids got stronger too, but they didn’t level up as much as I did.
At the very least, I just raised it to a level where I could enjoy it without worrying about the boss.
Sylvia left her insurance, but she probably won’t be able to turn off all the monsters’ aggro like me.
No, it’s still too early to think that the eggs from other rooms have hatched… .


Then there was a loud explosion.
Diana’s magic.
However, the explosion sound was quite far away.
Surrounded by ants, it was difficult to see the surroundings, but one thing was certain.
That Diana didn’t take care of the ants around me.
And since before, the frequency with which Sarah’s arrows flew has significantly decreased.
at every step

The arrow that weaved the ants one after another and dropped the ants attached to my body.
They meant only one thing.
Damn it. Did the eggs from other rooms also hatch?

The women were grouped in the aisle from the previous room.
When entering a new room after the previous room has been completely cleared, it is usually safest to take a position there.
But this time it was poison.
You’re probably too busy trying to stop the ants coming from behind.
Thanks to the healing magic that entered my body, I knew that women were not in a dangerous situation yet.


This time it’s close.
But he probably didn’t have to deal with all the enemies coming from behind.
There were too many eggs that we ignored and passed by.
Perhaps, when I was surrounded by ants and became invisible, Diana, who became desperate, threw a shot around me.

“Guys! I’m fine! I’ll be in charge of this by myself! First, focus on the enemies coming from behind!”

“However… !”

I could hear someone protesting, but I couldn’t hear it well because I was buried in the sound of the ants.

“OK! Please take care of your safety first! Trust me!”

After reassuring them by shouting once more, I decided to deal with the enemies in front of me.
We asked for help from behind, but if the eggs of all the rooms we passed were hatched, the number of enemies coming from behind would be overwhelmingly higher.
It would have been quicker if I had been quicker to deal with these guys, the enemies in the back won’t be cleared first.
Good. let’s do it First of all, let’s get it organized and save it in a nice way.
enough to think so. I still had some spare time.
In fact, even now, the whole body is still surrounded, but the ants collapsed when they touched the saint’s hand.
At least the transcendental species that popped out in the middle had to hit a few more, but if you raise the charm stat to this extent… !

But before opening the stats window and taking a picture of the charm, his vision suddenly darkened.
What else is this time?!
It’s not that I close my eyes or something is blocking my eyes. It’s just that the room is dark.
But at the top of the room, Diana must have floating a ball of light?
As I looked up at the ceiling, I could see why the room suddenly became dark.
A queen ant was flying over my head like a sphere of light.
Because of his ignorantly large size, the wind pressure could be felt just by flapping his wings. on the topic of ants.
Why are you doing that? He’s also being applied to my skills, so shouldn’t he run to me?
The question was immediately resolved.
Because he just fell straight off my head.

“You crazy… !”

Ah-oh. How hard am I to stop cursing these days! What if my image is bad for my kids After all, these monsters are of no use to life!
I bluffed myself, but the fact that it was a dangerous situation did not change at all.
I raised my arms to cover the top of my head and gave strength to my whole body.
Hold on! My strength 250! as a bonus

Durability 250!


This is the sound of a monster falling to the floor. Can you believe it?
my arm? luckily it’s okay At least it doesn’t look broken. However, it seems that the gauntlet I was wearing was wrinkled.
No matter how much the queen ant weighed, the ground on which it was standing was hollowed out.
And the impact made me fall backwards.
Then the queen ant lowered her body even more and crushed me.
squishy! Break up! Along with the sound, I could hear the ants around me bursting.
I? I am OK. Just before this guy fell, I raised the durability to 250 as a bonus stat.
My whole body aches, and above all, I feel worse.
But it is your defeat that sticks to me.
I tried to listen to them with all my might, but they were so heavy that I couldn’t even hear them with 250 strength.
I thought about investing more bonus stats, but I realized that it wasn’t necessary.
In the end, it’s just a matter of continuing to hit the saint with the hand of a saint.
Come on, I’ll send you to heaven.
I was lying on my back and tapped his body with the snap of my wrist.

Kee hey hey!

okay. okay. I know my saint’s touch is nice, but won’t you rub your torso against my body like that? This is estrus
No matter how big my stuff is, it’s still not big enough to fit you.
Do it to your fellow countrymen. to the kin.

As I continued to hit the saint’s hand, I could feel the man who was crushing me’s stomach getting thinner and thinner.
Thanks to this, there was a small gap between the ground and his ship.
Before he lowered himself further, I quickly rolled sideways and escaped under him.
Whoops. A refreshing taste of the underground air.
After all, hugging is enough for our kids to hug.
After successfully escaping and facing him again, I realized why his stomach was thin.
were laying eggs It also spawns incredibly large eggs.
That’s why it was so heavy.

“that… Isn’t it our kid? I told you not to have children! I even paid for an abortion, why… !”

Kie hey hey!

I can’t even joke about that.
Simultaneously with the sound of its cry, the warm egg that had just been laid exploded, and incubation began.
no, that’s weird Why did the one just born hatch right away?
No matter how much a monster, let’s keep some basic common sense.
Those hatched like that were all transcendental species.

Damn it. We need to finish it quickly and help our kids who are struggling behind the scenes.
I can’t see the end
By the way, thanks to the queen ant’s team kill earlier, the number of normal ants has decreased enough to show the surrounding situation, but as the number of transcendental species has increased, the situation has not progressed at all.
I turned my head and glanced at the situation behind me.
There, as expected, there were an unexpected number of ants surrounding the female camp.
Sylvia was working hard in front of her, but she couldn’t stop all enemies from all directions alone.
Sara and Diana were also pouring out massive attacks.
Sara pierced the arrows, and Diana reduced the number of ants with explosion magic one by one, but in front of the overwhelming amount, it seemed difficult to block them all.
Damn it. That way, it wouldn’t be surprising if anyone was seriously injured.
Sarah will be fine, but Diana and Leia will take a lot of damage even if they get hit with just one attack.
In particular, if Leia is attacked, the situation will become even more desperate as there is no one to recover from.

Kie hey!

As I lost my eyes for a moment, the queen ant led the transcendental species and rushed in as if she was looking.
Damn it. How good is your physical stamina?
If I wrapped it in my hand like that, wouldn’t it be time to slowly stretch it out?
As I swung my fist around the saint’s hand, I was in trouble.
To be honest, there was one way to make sure our kids were completely safe.
But if you use it that way… . No, it’s still a little while. Would it be okay for a little while?


As I was thinking about it, I heard someone scream behind me.
Damn it! okay. Is now the time to think about such a thing?!
I immediately set the proclamation of sanctuary to full range and triggered it again.
Then I heard the sound of ants rushing towards me from behind.

“I’m going to drag the guys coming from behind too, so you should get out of the way and focus on the attack!”

okay. No matter how sensitive Sylvia is, does she have to go mad about being affected by a brief proclamation of sanctuary?
To be honest, there are a lot of people I haven’t been able to release my skills for.
Once upon a time, it was just like when I was fighting adventurers and orcs on the 2nd floor.
I activated the proclamation of sanctuary and walked around like that, but the adventurers who were affected at that time were only affected for a short time, so it wasn’t a big deal, right?
Besides, when I first met even the High Priest, I had proven that I had touched him with the hands of a saint.
But were you okay?
I’m sure Sylvia will be fine for a while.
As long as I finish it as soon as possible before Sylvia goes into heat, or rather, before Leia turns into a nine tail fox, there’s no problem.

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New colleague

I was facing the enemies who rushed back and forth while squinting to see the four in the rear fall to the side.
Also, many are too many. However, since Sarah and Diana also avoid sideways and can concentrate on attacking once maintenance is complete, it may end unexpectedly easily.
Actually, to finish it faster, it would be best for me to invest more charm stats.
The timing I was going to upload earlier was interrupted by the queen ant, so I couldn’t upload it in the end.
But I’m trying to finish the battle as quickly as possible so that the kids behind me go into heat with the proclamation of sanctuary.
If you don’t know if it was earlier, if you come and raise your charm stats, it’s like you’re trying to get her into estrus.

OK. you can do it.
Anyway, even now, if you hit a few transcendental bells, it will fall out.
The variable is that filthy large queen, but the existence of that queen is only a negative factor.

It might not have worked.
Looking at her appearance earlier, the queen ant didn’t seem to care much about hurting her own people.
I don’t know if it’s because I’m in heat because of the saint’s hand, or if it’s the confidence that I can have more, but I thought I could use it enough.
like this

Kie hey hey!

The queen ant screamed once more and rushed towards me.
It was still a very noisy sound, but I was relieved to think that there were no eggs to hatch with that sound anymore.
I glanced behind me and moved so that the ants coming from behind and me and the queen were in a straight line.
As if there was really nothing in sight, the queen ant ran towards me in a straight line, crushing everything in front of it with its jaws larger than my body.
To be honest, seeing the transcendental species that had mitigated my attacks as they had resistance to physical attacks before were cut off without any resistance to the jaws of the queen ant’s claws, frankly, I was a little uneasy.

But you can’t be scared.
I’m a man who didn’t know that in the first place! Who do you think this salvation is?
He is a saint who makes cheap children without erogenous zones!
I did not avoid facing the queen ant that was attacking me from the front, rather, I held out my palms alternately and blasted the saint’s waves in succession.

hey hey!

The scream became sharper than before.
However, the momentum towards this direction did not diminish at all.
No, it would be more accurate to see it as more intense.
As soon as the queen ant approached my nose, I immediately took the next action.
Since he’s so big, it’s already too late to dodge sideways in such a close situation.
However, the fact that it is large also means that there is enough space to pass between its body and the ground.
I slid straight through and escaped under his body.
And while he passed right over my body, I pounded his stomach with his fists wrapped in the hands of a saint.
What do you think? Aren’t you tired? So, get tired of your brother’s brilliant technique, and be a sergeant!
The moment I had that thought, as if reading my thoughts, the queen ant collapsed without stopping, as if her legs had lost its strength.
uh? no wait! It’s good to wrap, but after it’s completely passed through my stomach… !


This never came out of my mouth.
just… Anyway, no.
In the future, it was quite unpleasant to be rubbed by the body of the queen ant, and it was quite unpleasant, but in fact, the damage was not that great.
Unlike before, his weight was not seriously heavy.
If I overdo it, will I be able to hear it?
I’ve lost weight to the point where I can even think about it.
like that… . You gave birth to a baby and went on a diet! great! That’s very difficult! Well, I don’t know because I’m a man.

Anyway, that’s why I was able to lift the body of the fallen guy slightly and get out from underneath.
It doesn’t look like it’s dead from wriggling a little yet, but looking at it hanging like this, it’s quite damaging… There would have been pleasure.

And the basic principle of Bok Sangsa is to make people go crazy by continuously giving them pleasure when they are drowning in pleasure.
I climbed over the sagging body and secured my body by wrapping my legs tightly between its joints.
It was amazing to get up and see it.
The exploded corpses of the ants that this guy killed the team around were staining everywhere.
There are also newborn babies, how pitiful this is.
But don’t worry. Your mother will also send you to your side soon.
After all, young children need their mothers to stay with them. big why am i so nice
I raised my fists and wrapped them in the hands of the saints, then slammed them down like a pounding punch.


The moment my fist touched, the queen ant started reacting to such an extent that my body on top of it shook violently.
good response!
I gave my legs tighter strength not to fall, and rained my fists even harder.

Kui profit!

Perhaps he wanted to drop me, and he began to struggle.
But the sad ant was inflexible and had no means to reach me on his back.
It flaps its wings and struggles, but I am not affected because I am on top of the wingtips.
Rather, only the ants around were dying.
Is it really a declaration of sanctuary? It’s like trying to get close to me while dying from the struggle of the queen ant.
It got a little funny when things went like this.
It’s a picture of me slaughtering ants as if I was riding on a queen ant and controlling it.

In the original world, I had this thought while watching Dragon Knights appearing in fantasy novels, manga, and games.
Wouldn’t it be stronger to just fight a knight and a dragon separately?
Why do you have to ride it? If a knight is riding on a dragon, wouldn’t the sword not reach properly? Can I just shoot a sword? Are you wasting mana?

okay. not admit it I was very negative back then.
When I got on the ant, I felt like I knew the feeling of a Dragon Knight.
this… fun!

I crawled over the queen ant’s body and settled down on its head.
And after holding the antennae of the gnome with both hands, he started to control it with the hands of the saint.
If you use the hand of a saint only on your left hand, it will turn to the left, and if you use the touch of a saint only on your right hand, it will turn to the right.
Perhaps because it directly stimulates the antennae, which is the ant’s highest sensory organ, whenever the saint’s touch was used, the queen responded immediately.

“T_T! I’m sorry mom! But son, daughter, don’t worry. Pain is a moment. Mom will follow soon!”

I slaughtered the ants around me indiscriminately, telling my feelings on behalf of the silent queen ant.
The queen ant slaughtered the surrounding area, and in the corner, Sarah and Diana unleashed a relentless ranged attack on the enemies that had fallen from the queen ant.
As a result, the numbers of ants began to decline at a much faster rate than I had originally thought.
The only thing I’m worried about is that I don’t have heels on my body.
Maybe Leia hasn’t turned into a nine-tailed fox because she’s already in heat, right?
Could it be? it won’t be How long have you been using the proclamation of sanctuary?
Besides, you’ve been patient with me until the climax of my caress before.
I wanted to check it properly, but from the top of the struggling queen, my vision was so shaky that I couldn’t check it.

And finally the time has come.

Kie hey hey!

As if finally maddened by the continued touch of the saint, the queen ant began to roll around, ignoring the control of her antennae.
The struggle was so intense that I lost my antennae and was thrown straight into the air.
But until the moment I floated in the air and fell to the ground, I continued to blow the waves of the saint.
It’s just the last step, no matter how you look at it.
In this case, you need to be able to hit the last shot properly to be a good dealer.
Like me, Sarah and Diana, who were attacking the ants coming from the passageway in the room, also focused their attacks on the queen ant.


And finally, the body of the queen ant collapsed.
The queen ant made another bitter cry, then fell to the ground and eventually became immobile.


After the queen ant fell, cleaning up was very simple.
After all, the Transcendental Species were guarding like a escort near the queen ant, so they were all swept away when they struggled earlier.
All that’s left is to deal with the soldier ants coming from the aisle.
After all, they are children who fall in one shot by the touch of a saint, and they are easy to block because they come from the aisle.
As I ran towards the aisle, I sharply narrowed the scope of the proclamation of sanctuary again.
Good. perfect with this
It didn’t take that long.
Neither Leia nor Sylvia will go into heat because of the proclamation of sanctuary.
Because the exhibitionist archmage over there is also holding up well and using magic.

Dealing with the soldier ants was easy, but it was a time-consuming task.
There should have been a few eggs that didn’t break.
In the end, it was midnight in time when the soldier ants stopped coming.

“Heh, heh, heh, it’s finally over.”

As I climbed to level 100, my spirit, which had risen relentlessly, was also showing a complete bottom.
No, in fact, at the time when the queen ant was defeated, it was already tempered.
So, when dealing with Soldier Ants, it took longer to take the tactic of turning on the Sanctuary Proclamation for a moment and leaving the attack basically to Sarah and Diana.
It was evening time when the queen ant came out, so it was only a battle for almost half a day.
There was no danger on the 2nd floor anyway, so I came here to kill time, so why did they fight so hard?
I wanted to lie on my back right away, but I still had work to do.

“Are you guys okay?!”

I shouted as I hurriedly ran to where the women were.
All four of them were not talking about each other.
After all, it was impossible not to be attacked by such a large number of people, and everyone’s clothes were torn in several places, and there was no riot.
Especially for Sylvia, who was blocking all the attacks in the front, the flashing armor was covered with scars everywhere. Besides, perhaps fainting, he was lying next to Leia, motionless.
However, I wonder if the treatment was over with Leia’s recovery magic, or that there were no wounds.

It was a million luck.

“Is salvation really all right?”

But to them, it seems they were more concerned about my well-being than they did.
Sarah came to me with a look like she was about to cry.
I hugged Sarah like that tightly tightly, proving that I was still okay.

“Savior… ! Black, I’m sorry. I, divine power… .”

And from behind, Leia cried while not being able to stand properly.
indeed. Somehow there was no recovery.

“Fuck, it’s okay! Do not cry! I’m strong, so no problem at all!”

In fact, once my vitality ran out, I drank all the emergency potions in my inventory, but let’s keep this a secret from Leia.

“Is Diana okay?”

“Well. I’m sorry. Even with this body… .”
“What are you sorry for? My level dropped because I was reincarnated, so there’s nothing I can do about it. Do not worry about it.”

Diana must have been dead grass.
I lightly tapped Diana’s head and approached Leia.

“Why is Sylvia doing this?”

“That’s because he was seriously injured while trying to cover the temple that was attacked by the transcendental servant… .”

However, there were no visible injuries to Sylvia.
Ah, did Leia pour all of her healing magic on Sylvia?
Seriously, there’s no way Leia’s divine power would run out without that.
Afterwards, I pulled all the aggro, so the rearguard wouldn’t have been attacked at all, and yet there was no healing magic coming into me.
After hearing Leia’s words, I became more and more grateful to Sylvia, who worked hard behind the scenes.
And at the same time, the feeling of guilt was no joke.
For a brief moment, I thought it was fortunate that it was Sylvia, not Leia, who was seriously injured.
I thought it would be better for Sylvia to get hurt because there was no one to heal the healer if she got hurt.
You might deceive yourself. But that’s not the case, I know better than anyone.
So the guilt was even greater.

“Are you okay?”

“At first, all visible wounds were healed. But he hasn’t come back to his senses yet, and I wonder how he feels… . Black, I’m sorry. I’m not good enough… .”

“no. Leia did her best.”

After hearing Leia’s words, I fell into trouble.
No, nothing to worry about.
I decided to make a decision.

“Guys. I’m really sorry. I’m sorry, but please stay away for a second. I guess I should write healing sex.”

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I didn’t take the charm stat in the last episode.
The moment I was about to take a picture, my vision got dark and I just skipped it.
Looking at it again, I wrote it a bit hard to understand. I’ve edited the sentence a bit.


New colleague

okay. It’s weird to think about things like this.
Sylvia knows very well that Sylvia was self-interested and acted with us.
But even taking that into account, I couldn’t disparage Sylvia’s behavior for throwing her whole body like this to prevent an attack that would go to the other kids.
No, it should be appreciated more.
that high level knight

If you get seriously injured here, it means that you couldn’t defend properly and just blocked it with your body.

But, if there is a way to cure such a child, why don’t you treat them as having sex with another woman is betraying our children?
Neither Sarah, Diana, or Leia would want that.
Our kids aren’t like that, I can say with certainty.

“… I see. do that.”

This time, unlike before, Diana was the first to nod her head.
For Diana, who was always concerned about Sylvia’s affairs, it may have felt like an opportunity for atonement had arrived. Personally, I don’t think there’s anything to apologize for, though.

“Thanks. Diana. I love you.”

“No, even if you don’t say it, I know. goat.”

You’re now horny on the subject you just allowed. to be ashamed.
I reached out and stroked Diana’s hair.

“So, what is this action? This body is not a child.”

Diana glanced at this side with a fresh look, but did not remove her hand stroking her head.


Then Sarah came and hugged me tightly.

“I believe in salvation. So I don’t have to worry about it.”

Then he fell from me again as if nothing had happened.
As I approached Leia, she looked at me, still with tears in her eyes.
Shedding tears is also so beautiful that it becomes a painting, but as expected, it is best for the angel to be smiling.

“Savior… I’m sorry.”

“no. Don’t worry about it now, leave it all to me.”

“Black… Yeah!”

I wiped Leia’s tears with my thumb, and Leia said with a smile.
okay. After all, Leia’s smile is the best.

I got permission from the three and looked around.
An empty vacant lot littered with ants’ corpses.
Now that we’ve cleared it up properly, there won’t be any monsters coming out here, of course, in the rooms we’ve been through for a while.
But even so, I was worried about being away from them.
It was right after that happened, but what if an emergency happens again?

So I took the tent out of my inventory.
The tent was already installed in the inventory except for the part that was nailed to the floor, so it could be used immediately after taking it out.
Since then, the items we have in our inventory are getting better day by day.
… I brought something from Diana’s mansion.
It’s not the pillar west! Until recently, I was desperately working!

“I’m sorry Diana, you must be tired, but I’ll ask you one thing. Can you use magic to block out the sound inside the tent?”

“Well? Are you planning to do it here?”

“Huh. Stay by the tent, and if another monster pops up, call me right away. I’m afraid to be away from you.”

“… uhm. I see.”

Still, using magic to help you have sex with another woman seemed a little subtle. Diana had a slightly shaky expression on her face, but she quickly agreed.


I lightly kissed Diana’s forehead and took Sylvia into the tent.

I laid Sylvia on the soft blanket in the tent, and I slowly opened her up.
Apparently there were no wounds, but the complexion was not very good.
By the way, I kicked him when he said he was coming in as a sex slave, but I’m sure we’ll have sex again like this.
As a result, Sylvia’s persistence, even stalking, won.

With that thought in mind, I took off Sylvia’s armor one by one.
As a knight of the Royal Guard, the luxurious but practical thick armor was removed, and a surprisingly slender body was revealed as to how he moved in such armor.
She doesn’t have breasts, but she has a beautiful body. I don’t have a chest.

This is not the time to look at you like this.
Not for any other reason, but for therapeutic purposes. Unless you insert it as soon as possible and increase the basic healing power first.
I grabbed Sylvia’s thighs, spread them wide apart, and put my finger on the pink pussy that was nicely closed in the middle.
Then, she placed her index and middle fingers on both sides of her soft vagina and opened them wide to reveal the inside.
As there is no love fluid at all, the vagina opened slowly, giving a sticky feeling as if the flesh was forcibly falling off.

So, with one hand, Sylvia’s pink flesh and the hole in it were completely ventilated, I took out the love gel from my inventory.
Some of you may be wondering how I have a love gel that is completely useless to me and has no time to buy.
Last time with Sylvia, I was handed a love gel and applied it to Sylvia’s pussy, right?
In fact, after that, I put it in my inventory.
It’s not intentional. I guess it was habitual.
Inventory is so convenient, it’s become a habit to use what’s on hand and just put it in your inventory.
It was only later after returning to the mansion that I realized I had brought the love gel by mistake, but wouldn’t it be strange to go back and return it?
After all, she was a prosperous noblewoman, so it didn’t seem like she would regret losing one or two love gels.
So, I kept putting it in my inventory.
But hopefully it will help in this way. You have to live long in the world.

I slowly dripped the love gel into my open pink pussy.
As it poured little by little according to the hole, I wanted to slowly enter the hole, but then it overflowed and rode down, and it looked quite strange.
No, it’s not the time to think like this.
In any case, it seems that the instinct of a man is unavoidable even at this time.
I kept correcting what I was trying to do, and using my index finger, I carefully put the overflowing love gels into Sylvia’s vagina.
Then he took off his pants and brought the already stiff object to the entrance of Sylvia’s pussy.
The feeling of Sylvia’s warm and soft pussy and the slightly cold love gel touching the tip of the object was quite stimulating.
As I pushed the object with pressure on my waist, I felt the love gel spreading through the crevices in the inner pubic area.
So, when the object was firmly pushed to the inside of the pubic area, the curvaceous pubic area clenched into my vagina.

But even though my object had reached the inside, Sylvia’s face was still expressionless and showed no reaction.
No matter how faint he was, he would normally struggle with pleasure if he put it like this. Indeed, a woman with zero erogenous zone. He doesn’t even move until he uses the saint skill, right?
Because of this, I felt like I was using a masturbation device that was made just like the real thing.

But now, there was no need to stimulate Sylvia by using the Saint skill.
For healing sex to really work, you need to make Sylvia climax. But no matter how much he uses his skills, he can’t make him feel the climax.
In the end, the only way I can make him feel is one last resort.
So it might be better to just let Sylvia sleep like this, and quickly wrap it up by myself and activate my last pride.

No, wait a minute. Is it really best to buy fast?
It doesn’t show how much Sylvia’s vitality remains.
However, Leia invested all of her divine power to restore it to this point. There is a possibility that healing may not work properly with just one healing sex.
However, this does not mean that the active effect of Healing Sex can be activated multiple times. I only have one chance to make Sylvia climax. If you activate your last pride, you will unconditionally use all of your spirits. As it is the most powerful skill, the penalty is also a big skill.
If so, wouldn’t it be better to activate the passive effect, that is, increase natural healing power while having sex, for a long time rather than the active effect of healing sex?

While thinking about it, I was unconsciously moving my back little by little.
I can’t help it. There is still a difference in level with Sylvia, and even if not, Sylvia is a great skill.
Just hitting it like this is not a stimulus that can be tolerated without moving.
However, if necessary, he was prepared to delay the activation of his final pride by putting himself in climactic bondage.

“Uh, uh… .”

As she was contemplating what to do, Sylvia slowly opened her eyes.
There is no strong stimulus such as pleasure, but if you move your back like this, your body will naturally shake. So your eyes must have been opened
I didn’t want Sylvia to find out that she had sex with me by secretly completing the treatment if possible.
That’s right, wouldn’t the regrets get bigger if you knew you did it again? He seemed to be full of regrets to the point of stalking anyway.

“Eh, eh?!”

“Wake up, are you awake?”

But you can’t force yourself to be stunned again after waking up like this.
I opened my mouth slowly, trying to figure out how to explain this situation in my head.

“So this is… .”

uh huh?! tear?!
Sylvia opened her eyes, and Sylvia looked around her surroundings slowly as if she could not understand the situation, and then suddenly started to cry.
Damn it. After all, no matter how much he wants to be hugged by me, is it scary to be attacked like this without consent while sleeping?

“Come on, wait! This isn’t rape. No, I did it without consent. Sorry. by the way… .”


“I am not sad.”

Sylvia looked at me and said so, without even thinking about wiping the tears that ran down the side of her eyes.

“I think there must be a reason for doing this. But for now, for now, can’t you just hug me normally without saying anything?”

“What? However… .”

Sylvia said in a still weeping voice, but looking straight into my eyes with wet eyes.

“… Okay.”

Still, he felt guilty for him, and he was now a benefactor who was wounded on behalf of our children.
I couldn’t politely decline this request.
I started moving my lower back, which had stopped for a moment, slowly again.


Then Sylvia, who had never responded so far, began to groan.
It was a groaning voice that felt a pleasure no matter who heard it.
… uh? I haven’t activated any skills yet?


But Sylvia continued to emit sweet moans from her pink lips.

“Cee, Sylvia? Good mood?”

“Heh, yes, yes! Feeling… ha ha! good!”

I asked just in case, but Sylvia was really feeling it.
Can’t doubt the acting.
This is because the viscous liquid of love began to flow from the vagina.
The squeak of the joint was obviously getting louder and louder.
And there was one more conclusive proof that it wasn’t smoke.

“Goo, heh, savior! me, i… Hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Sylvia trembled and reached its climax.
And the color of his face has clearly improved from before.
Healing sex’s active effect, at the peak of life, was activated.
How could this be?
I’ve tried Sex Analyze, but there’s still no shiny spot on Sylvia’s body.
How am I supposed to interpret this?

“Savior! ha ha! Salvation!”

Sylvia didn’t know how to move her waist, so she just hugged me and sobbed desperately, calling my name.
… Let’s focus on treatment for now.
As Sylvia was able to feel her climax without having to use her last pride, the treatment became easier.
I decided to postpone the review first and focus on moving the waist so that Sylvia can climax as much as possible.

============================ Review of work ===================== =========
Thank you so much for the coupons, recommendations and comments.

Stay up all night to commemorate the holiday season 2nd episode!
Now I’m worried about how I’m going to go to work on Tuesday with my body changed day and night.

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