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Appointment of Apostles

“So, can you now see the stats of this body?”

“Oh, wait a minute.”

Name: Diana Teluna
Race: High Elf 2954
Occupation: Wizard 86 / Adventurer 86
Level: 86
Life: 9300/9300 Spirit
: 17200/17200
Strength: 38
Durability: 42
Dexterity: 83
Stamina: 92
Intellect: 250
Spirit: 250
Charm: 250
Bonus Stats: 1
Status: Normal

It couldn’t have been an extreme stat indeed.
It seems that the stats themselves in the past lives remain the same. The stats that exceed the limit seem to have been reduced to 250 due to restrictions.

“Diana. What level were you before in your previous life?”

“It was 500. Until now, that was the level known as the limit that could be reached as a human being. In the first place, the only person who reached it was this body. But you’re saying you can go higher than that, right? How about looking at the stats of this body? Do you think it is possible?”

It’s 500. Diana had changed jobs twice, let alone once.
Assuming this world is like a game, the level limit is once every 100, 250, 500, and the final level can be raised to 999.

“Well… That’s right, I’m sorry for making you expect so much. I don’t know yet.”

“… Well? What does that mean?”

“Once I reach level 250, I think it will make sense to change jobs more. As I said, you can only raise stats to 250 until level 100. Right now, there’s a limit, so I can’t tell what stats I’m lacking and how much I’m missing because all of my INT/Mental Charms are displayed at 250.”

“… is it.”

“Well, don’t be too disappointed. Someday you’ll get to level 250, and then you’ll be able to help. It’s only going to be a little later, but as long as you succeed in appointing an apostle like this, you’ll definitely be able to lift your level limit.”

“Huhu. it’s ok I’m not disappointed. You’ve been engulfed in such a happy mood, and you’ve finally got the perfect clue. can you be disappointed On the contrary, I’m sorry that this body seems to have been too impatient.”

Saying so, Diana gently stroked her lower abdomen.

“Now that I see this pattern… It looks like the same pattern as the clan’s mark.”

“right. Actually, this is what I was thinking about.”

“In a nutshell, you can say that you were feeling vicarious satisfaction as you saw these bodies roaming around with the clan emblems carved on them.”

“No, the only pattern that comes to mind is that… sorry. Actually, I felt a little bit like that.”

“What can I apologize for? Even if you don’t say it’s a clan mark, if you said it, I’d be able to engrave this kind of emblem at any time.”

As Diana said so, she reached out and gently stroked my hair.
It’s like the age of Diana that I’ve felt in a long time.
I usually act like a little kid, but it’s still different when I’m 2954 years old. When you need to be reminiscent of someone properly, you act like an older person.

“But it’s only the color that it doesn’t show well. Isn’t it a bit burnt? Are you okay with this?”

“Huh. OK. Rather, I want to set it to be invisible at all. I don’t like leaving marks on Diana’s clear skin. Can you make it invisible even now? just speak You can change it at any time.”

“no. leave it like this It doesn’t feel bad to leave a mark that it’s yours.”

While saying that, I placed my hand on Diana’s hand, gently stroking the seal.
Then, with a happy expression on her face, Diana suddenly asked a surprise question.

“Then why did you leave Gen here? Is there any special reason?”

“Huh? Oh no! There is no particular reason! Really!”

Why is it engraved here?
No matter how much I was, I knew for sure that I would be scolded if I spoke in this atmosphere.

“… speak.”

“I am really?”

“I won’t get angry, so tell me.”

“… really?”


“Because this is just where you feel best. look. Now, if I press lightly like this, the tip of my object can be touched… .”
“Are you really stupid?”

You’re angry too.

“I can’t help it! We were having sex! If you’re going to get a seal while having sex, you can’t help but think of places like that! And there are practical aspects too! Look! Now, if you just stab the place where you can see the seal like this!”

“Hey! Ooh, don’t move! You are in the middle of scolding me right now!”

It was packed once, but we were still connected without unplugging.
When I lightly moved my waist and stimulated the part where the seal was engraved with the tip of the object as if it was pressed inside the stomach, Diana trembled and moaned.
Maybe it was because they had the effect of increasing each other’s compatibility with the appointment of the apostles, and subtly the response seemed to be better than before.

“Heh! Mmm, didn’t I tell you to stop!”

“And, there is no reason for that. I also like Diana’s sleek belly. How can you not be so obnoxious? To say that the strength, endurance and agility are all less than 100 due to natural growth while eating at the age of 2954 means that you have lived your life against exercise. Ah, but the charm is high enough to hit the limit, so maybe that’s the effect.”

“… Wait a minute. What did you say now?”

“Huh? Ah, Diana, not only your intellect and spirit, but also your charms, it seems that you are over 250. Also Diana. I don’t even have a job related to it, so it’s such an attractive figure. I’m going to die pretty.”

“Oh, thank you… No that’s not it! What did you say before that?!”

“Huh? You mean that all strength, endurance, and agility are less than 100? Do not worry about it. Maybe it’s because he’s a wizard .”
“Before that!”

“Huh? Previously? With the natural growth while eating 2954 years old… .”
“I, I, I, how do you know my age?”

“No, that’s it, it’s all in the stats window… .”

“Forget it! Forget it! You haven’t seen it!”

“Ahh! Hey! Don’t poke your eyes! Doesn’t it look like that?! because it’s ok Even if you are over two thousand years older than me… .”
“Ahhhhhhh! Aaaaaaah! AA AA AA!”

“Okay! Sorry! I forgot it all! I don’t know anything! Our Diana is green at face value!”

I thought that Diana’s mentality would be completely destroyed if I said any more, so I had no choice but to shout.
I knew I was old anyway. what are you doing now
It seems he doesn’t like to mention specific numbers.
Two thousand years old… No, even if it’s almost 3,000 years old, I really don’t care.
If there was a difference of two or thirty years in age, I might have been concerned. But 3,000 years old. There are so many that I can’t even feel it.

“Ugh… ugh… .”

As if she had suffered considerable mental damage even now, Diana covered her face with a blanket and moaned.

“Why do you care so much? It’s because I don’t really care.”

“Ugh… It’s a lie. Are you actually thinking that you are an old woman?!”

Diana, who is clearly aware that she is pretty, and who is always confident, even makes such remarks.
It seems that the discovery of age was quite a shock.

“Hey. think about it If I really thought so, would I still be this big inside you?”

“Ugh. You have skills… Hiyak! Oops. uhm. Churp. Hmm.”

“Do I really look like that? Can’t you believe me?”

“… I believe.”

I asked with a serious face after walking through the blanket and giving Diana a deep kiss.
After kissing, Diana had a hazy expression on her face and muttered a little. It seems that he finally understood that I was sincere.
After all, he’s a very hands-on kid.

“okay. So you 2… Anyway, nothing to worry about. You are just a lovely Diana to me.”

Also, is it a problem to mention the numbers directly?
As soon as I said 2, Diana turned into a weeping expression again, so I immediately changed my words.

“So, don’t worry about such useless things, and let’s have fun.”

“Heh! Now, you are always in a good mood… .”

“What are you talking about. this is for you No matter how much time solves it, that’s only when you level up steadily. If you don’t work hard when you can, when will you hit level 250?”

Besides, Diana’s inner skin has been perfectly adhering to my things since before, and it was really hard to hold on to it as it stimulated me.
This is all because of the better compatibility thanks to the appointment of Sado.
No, regardless of that, it’s just that Diana is famous.
I put my hand on the seal engraved on Diana’s lower abdomen, and pierced the inside of Diana as if trying to stab her with an object.

“What do you think? Is it okay to stab you here too? Now that I have marked the location so that I can see it, I can stab it better.”

“Heh! Bar, you idiot! hey! Ha!”

“By the way, do the maids help you when you take a bath? When the maids see this seal,

Now do you know where you feel the most? He might be stalking you from behind as a perverted master who displays his erogenous zone.”

Well, it seems that not only the wizards, but the people who work in the mansion all respect Diana so much, it will never happen.

“Oh, no… ! Whoa!”

But Diana must have stopped imagining that.
Diana slammed hard, shaking her body with both hands, covering the seals on her lower abdomen.
After all, he’s also very perverted.

“Why are you covering it up? show me better Is that proof that you like me?”

“Heh! Ha, but! ha ha! Huh!”

“Would you like to make it a little thicker as you said?”

“Oh, no! Whoops! That, that!”

“Why? Are you suddenly embarrassed? Are you ashamed of being mine?”

“Ugh! Bar, you idiot! You know it’s not like that!”

As I continued to ask more naughty questions, Diana said with an almost weeping expression on her face.
Sorry. Diana. If I do it with you, somehow I want to annoy you.
But I guess I should stop now, right?
If you bother me more, I think I’ll really cry.
The reason I want to bully Diana is that Diana’s reaction is cute, and I don’t want to see her cry.

“Gee, seriously!”

But Diana continued the conversation there.
Ah-oh. really why Even if you try to stop bullying, it’s like you’re begging for more bullying.

“really? Maybe other people will see your erogenous zone?”

“Uh-huh! Sa, sir, yep, no!”

Diana finally climaxed as she cried out.
Diana, who reaches a climax by stimulating her exhibitionism with words, is also the cutest and most beautiful.

“I do not care? Why? Do you think that would be better? How do you feel when you see someone else?”

“Heh! that, something like that… ! I’m more than happy to let you know that this body belongs to you!”

Hey. If you say such a bizarre thing, you won’t be able to bother me any more.
why is it so weird

“Diana! I love you!”

“Heh! Hey, I love this body too!”

I pulled Diana’s torso up into a sitting position to make her sit on top of me, and I kissed her deeply.
And we coveted each other all night for Diana’s level 250.

“it’s morning.”

“… That’s right.”

Diana, who had been tormenting me all night and finally almost exhausted, held me in my arms, and answered, leaning against my chest, drooping.

“Should I get ready for breakfast soon?”

“… I can’t. Stay like this a little longer.”

“What’s going on? pampering too. Isn’t it enough to hug you all night long?”

“Now that I have switched turns with Miss Leia, it will take a while for this body’s turn to come back. At least for today, I want to be like this until the last minute.”

“Well then.”

Seeing Diana acting cutely, I hugged Diana and lay flat on the bed.

“I see, Diana. Now you’ve got the perfect clue for your growth. But are you going to investigate the manastone you saw in the dungeon?”

“Isn’t it natural? That’s it and this is it. The study of magic is endless. This is purely the sense of this body, but I have a feeling that if I study the manastone, I will be able to discover something extraordinary.”

Apparently, Diana had a reason to go to the dungeon.
Well, it doesn’t matter. You can think of going to the dungeon for Sarah before, but this time for Diana.
However, there was something to think about if you continued to go to the dungeon.
okay. I’d love to do that too.
I remembered the stalker who was constantly staring at me in my head, and I made a decision.

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Appointment of Apostles

“Ah, good night!”

Eventually we lay in bed and chattered until Vanessa came to call, and then we came down to eat.
Sarah, Leia, and Sylvia were already seated in the dining room.
Sylvia blushed and almost shouted, as if it was quite awkward to be able to exchange greetings with me in the morning.

“Mr. Salvation, Mr. Diana. Good morning?”

“Good morning. Good morning Diana too. Looking at that face, it seems that what I was trying to do has worked out.”

“Well. Do you know?”

Diana stretched out her chest with a proud face.
It looked like he was sticking out his back a little bit because of his mood.
Do you want to brag about your seal? Stop it.
Of course, I am very happy that the Apostle Appointment skill succeeded, but I am not in a position that the seal can be proud of, right?

In fact, the seal is like a bonus, so you can control not only the thickness but also the position.
But I didn’t move from Diana’s lower abdomen as it was.
It’s an idea I just came up with on the spot, but isn’t that location good? It’s good to stimulate Diana’s perverted walls

Sylvia’s gaze continued to be felt throughout the meal. But when I met him, he avoided his gaze.
To be honest, it’s cute.
And apart from that, I thought he was the right person.


“Collock! Yes, yes! I won’t look!”

“no. Well, it doesn’t matter what you see. It’s not worn out either. Rather than go home after eating, can you stay in the mansion for a while?”

“Yes, four? Are you okay?”

I asked if there was such a thing, but as expected, Silvia looked happy.

“okay. And guys. I have something to eat and talk about.”

“What do you want to talk about?”

Everyone looked at me with question marks on their heads.
To be honest, I was a little scared.
I’m sure you’ll be offended In any sense, I’m going to swear. I think it’s a completely selfish act.
But even if I was criticized for being selfish, I had already made up my mind.

So after dinner, I took Sarah, Diana, and Leia with me.

went to the room
By the way, Sylvia had her waiting in the next room.

“What do you mean? What are you trying to say?”

“Huh. That being said, are we going to keep going to dungeons from now on?”

“Well. What does that mean?”

“I will say it outright. I want Sylvia to join our clan as a sub-tank.”

“What? Salvation you… .”
“Ha, but the clan mark… !”
“Oh… .”

Again, all three of them had complicated expressions.
As soon as Diana found out what the origins of our clan mark were, it seems like she was reacting in a different way.

“I know how it sounds. However, while visiting the dungeon this time, I realized the existence of a sub-tank. Perhaps without Sylvia one of you would have been seriously injured. Besides, there may be more golems that don’t work with my saint skill. Sylvia is better at tanking than me. We also need a sub-tank.”

“Ha, but hey! To join our clan means to engrave this emblem… !”

“Oh, don’t get me wrong. It’s a selfish thought, but to me, you are the best. I have no intention of making Sylvia my girlfriend or anything like that. To be honest, I can’t say that I’m not going to have sex with Sylvia at all in the future, as there might be inevitable situations like last time. But if that’s not the case, I’m going to keep the relationship strictly as a dungeon colleague. I know it’s selfish, but… .”
“But what Sylvia wants from Gujo is pleasure, isn’t it? Would you like to join our clan on such terms?

“Maybe it’s my arrogance, but at least he wanted to see my face and even stalked him, right? I’ll just keep watching, so can’t I just tell him to follow me?”

“Mr. Guwon, but that’s too… .”

“okay. It must be too cruel for Sylvia. Besides, you’re trying to take the kid you’ve rejected once, this time because you need it, it’s a no-brainer. But to me, your safety is more important than anything else. If you’re going to continue to go to the dungeon in the future, Sylvia’s presence is absolutely necessary. I’m sorry, but if you can use it, I’ll use it.”

When I spoke with a firm voice, everyone lost their words with worried faces.
And Sarah was the first to speak.

“I am the opposite.”

“sorry. buy it. Even if you object, I’ll go ahead. Rather than putting you in danger… .”
“The man I like is not a man who uses other people’s emotions to satisfy his own self-interest. I don’t want my man to be like that just because it’s for us.”

“But Sarah… .”

Sarah cut me off and said in a strong voice.

“Then you can hug Sylvia.”


“Is that what Sylvia wants? Don’t use it unilaterally, but be in a relationship that takes care of each other’s needs. After all, if you look at your attitude to salvation, I believe that your feelings for me will not change that much.”

“I have the same thoughts as Sarah. It’s very pitiful for Silvia-san to treat Sylvia as Goon-san said.”

Next, Leia also took my hand and hugged her tightly to her chest.

“Well. anyway

You’re obsessed with these bodies. I believe that only physical relationships won’t sway your mind. So, even this body is not allowed to have any kind of physical relationship.”

Finally, Diana put her hand on her lower abdomen and said.

“You, you guys… !”

“Ah! Don’t get me wrong! It’s saying that we can do it every now and then when we have free time while keeping our turn! And because I believe that salvation will not betray us, we allow it!”

“Huh. Of course. As long as I have you, I don’t need anything else!”

If you believe in me like this, how can I betray you?
I was moved and hugged Sarah in front of me tightly.
How do you love these kids? I’m really lucky

“Never forget. If you betray me, I won’t forgive you. My place is always me.

Sara whispered as if swearing as she hugged me.

“What are you talking about taking advantage of the confusion! This is my body!”

And Diana immediately protested.
No, I mean, can’t we all just get along and get along?

“huh. No matter what Diana was, I was the first person I met in the end.”

“Huh. Is that the only reason you call your own wife?”

Normally Diana would have shouted that the order doesn’t matter, but today was different.
Rather, he made a relaxed expression and suddenly raised the hem of his skirt high.
Of course, it’s not like the exposure suddenly became serious.
Diana lifted the hem of her skirt and pointed to the pattern on her lower abdomen.

“Look! Even if it was you who met first, it was this body who received the certificate first! Do you have any of these in your body?!”

It seems like he wants to brag from the morning, so he does it in the end.
you see all your panties

“… Salvation. Can you explain?”

Diana’s provocation by lifting her skirt and showing her underwear, looked a little silly from the side, but it seemed to work well for Sarah.
Sarah looked at me with a hard expression on her face.
Perhaps because of my mood, Leia, who was next to me, also seemed to have gotten stronger as she held my hand.

“No, that’s… .”

“The skill that can only be used when the indicator of love, called favorable feelings, has reached its maximum is a sign of success! This body has proven to be perfectly in tune with this one!”

“Hey. you try to be quiet This exposure maniac. What are you proud of while showing others your best erogenous zone? It’s like a pervert.”

“Ahhh! It’s not like that!”

At my words, Diana blushed red and hurriedly lowered her skirt.
After all, he was so drunk with the feeling of victory that he didn’t even think about it for a while.
Diana was simply silenced, and I looked at Sarah.

“It’s just the skills needed to go beyond Diana’s limits, so it’s the first thing I wrote to Diana. What does the order have to do with it? Don’t worry about you… .”
“Do it right now.”


“Is it my turn today? Do it right now.”

“But Sarah. Didn’t Sara last time say that your turn is limited to the night?”

Sarah’s strong argument was immediately thwarted by Leia’s counterattack.

“Yeah? that’s… !”

“So Salvation. How are you? From now on… .”

No matter how dull I am, one thing is certain.
Now, if you go to appoint one of them as apostles, you will be punished for the rest of your life.

“Oh, no! Don’t do both! What unscrupulous things are you saying since broad daylight!”

“What?! Does salvation deserve to say such a thing?!”
“Wow, that’s shameful. Goddess… .”

Both seemed to have something more to say, but I decided to coolly ignore it.

“Anyway, I’ll do that at night! Now I have to go talk to Sylvia! Actually, I didn’t say anything to Sylvia and I talked to you first, so we need to talk together!”

Exhaling like that, I ran to the next room as if running away.
In such a case, it is best to avoid the seat and meet again when you have cooled down a little.
There’s nothing good about having a man in the middle of a cat fight.

“Ah! Salvation!”
“Do not run away!”

I’m sorry. I’ll tease you at night until you beg me to stop, so be patient.
I quickly went into the next room and closed the door.
If I do this again, I’ll misunderstand what you’ve done with Sylvia, but I’d rather be the public enemy than I can’t take either side because of quarreling with each other.

Sylvia, who was sitting on Odokani with a blank face, was startled when I entered, and her whole body stiffened with tension.

“Sylvia. Let’s talk.”

“Yes, yes! do it!”

Sylvia exclaimed, placing her hands neatly on her lap.
Don’t take each one like that. Because it brings back bad memories.
But when we were actually going to talk, it was a bit difficult to know what to talk about first.
Eight. It’s best to say this outright.

“Sylvia. You become my colleague!”

“Yep! eh? Yeah?”

That’s easy. After all, when people speak, they have to speak from the main point.

“Good. did you say yes? So you are our clan from today?”

“Eh? Yeah? eh?”

“You said it before. It’s enough to take him with him and give him a hug once in a while, so please stay by his side. I mean, I will do what you say.”

“on? That, is it really… ?”


Sylvia raised her hand and pinched her cheek, as if she couldn’t believe what I was saying.
It was cute to see her soft cheeks stretched by almost 1 centimeter.

“does not it hurt. dream too… .”
“It’s not a dream!”


As I gently wrapped the saint’s hand and touched Sylvia, she jumped out of place and made a strange sound.

“If you change your mind and don’t want to be on that condition… .”
“no! I want to be! Ha, but Diana-sama and others… ?”

“Once I persuaded you. It doesn’t matter as long as you don’t interrupt their time. However

Are you really okay? Are you really going to hug me when I have time or sometimes? And I’m not going to treat you like the other three.”

“… I am prepared for that to some extent. Thank you so much for just being by my side.”

It was a strange feeling to receive a thank-you note for accepting these conditions.
Rather, to be able to hold a child like this at any time is something I can’t even thank you for.

“But before that, I have something to check. Did you get proper permission from your family? And to the princess. Did you hit the knight?”

“The family has nothing to worry about. My mother respected my opinion, saying that living a happy life is the most important thing for me. So is the princess. The article is… In fact, it is said that the princess gave me a mission and gave it to you. I haven’t stopped yet. But if the savior tells you to stop… !”

“No, there is no need to quit. do it what you are comfortable with Anyway, I’m trying to get you into our clan. I’ll tell you the conditions properly first.”

I explained to Sylvia the conditions our kids had talked about earlier.
And until the end, my heart is on Seth, and Sylvia is recruited out of necessity.
I think the most important thing between colleagues is to build trust. It’d be better to talk about everything openly than to hide it clumsily.
Sylvia had a slightly bitter expression on her face, but nodded as if it was natural.

“Yeah. I figured it all out. Thank you so much for being by my side.”

“No, thank you so much. Then, as a member of the same clan from today, please take care of me.”

“Yep! Take good care of me!”

Sylvia clasped my outstretched hand firmly and shouted.

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Appointment of Apostles

They held hands and waved them up and down a few times before trying to release them, but for some reason Sylvia wouldn’t let go of the hand she was holding.
Then I saw that my face was very red. Besides, he was clenching his crotch and subtly rubbing his thighs.

Was it like this with one touch of the saint earlier?
I didn’t forget the fact that the effect of the skill will remain in his body as long as I don’t release it when I touch it with a saint’s hand.
However, when I was able to have sex without any kind of twisted feelings, my heart felt lighter, so I was just playing around lightly.
Besides, that touch was really done with minimal force.
No matter how sensitive Sylvia was because she had no tolerance for pleasure, it wouldn’t be that sensitive to it.

Or do you think you’re going to have sex with me from now on?
I didn’t say I wouldn’t do it often, but you might think that when you first welcome me as a colleague, you’ll do it right away.
But, unfortunately, he had no intention of hugging Sylvia right now.
You and Zaza ran away from Sarah and Leia and came here, but if you do it here with Sylvia, you won’t be able to handle it later.
No matter how much I pass it on to the future me

Even so, I don’t think that’s really something I can afford.

“Hey. I’ll tell you, I’m not going to have sex with you right now.”

“hot! Oh no! I didn’t mean it that way! Sorry!”

Hearing my words, Sylvia was startled and immediately released her hand.
However, contrary to the words, his expression turned slightly pale.

“Do you think you can’t stand it because of the weak skill you just used?”

“Oh, no! Fine! I can stand it!”

“… If you can’t stand it, why don’t you just say it without grunting alone?”

“Yes Yes. Okay.”

He also said with a blush on his face, wondering if he had no feelings of shame.
I’m sorry about this. I’d like to try it with her, unless it’s the situation where I ran away from Sarah and Leia.
Of course, there is the instinct as a man to want to hug Sylvia because she looks great, but there was one more thing I wanted to confirm.
How the hell did he feel that way before?
Even after using Sex Analyzer, I still can’t see any erogenous zones.
However, when I did it for treatment, I was still feeling it even though I didn’t use the Saint skill.
It was the insensitivity that even Diana once said she tried to treat and failed.
I’m curious about what happened.

“Well, then, until the Savior hugs me, can I keep raising the level?”

Then Sylvia suddenly said something strange.

“Huh? What are you talking about?”

“Yeah? Well, if you want to make your dungeon journey more comfortable… .”
“It’s forbidden.”


“You are not allowed to sleep with other men. I hate hugging a woman that no one else is holding.

The moment I understood Sylvia’s words, those words came out of my mouth before I continued my thoughts.
If you think about it, it was strange for me to tell him not to sleep with other men.
You didn’t even admit that you were my girl, did you? Besides, I’ve even nailed it so that it won’t happen often.
But why don’t you sleep with another man? That’s an incredibly selfish statement.
But nevertheless, the thought that Sylvia would continue to be hugged by another man sparked a fever.
He said that Sara and Diana had a strong desire for monopoly, and in the end, the person with the strongest desire for monopoly was me.

“… four!”

But for some reason, to that selfish remark, Sylvia answered with a happy smile.
Seeing that smile somehow made me feel more guilty, so I avoided my gaze and turned the topic.

“Ah, anyway! Now that you’re a colleague, how can you not talk about that?”

“speech… mean?”

“okay. Saying you are a noble girl It’s not like I usually use that kind of tone.”

“That, that… In fact, this is how I usually talk. Sorry.”

“No, I have nothing to be sorry about. Do you usually talk like that?”

“Yeah… . Actually, since I was a child, I belonged to the Knights Templar… .”

Oh, by the way, that’s what Diana said.
Because of his insensitivity, his level was very high from a young age, and thanks to that, he was able to grow unsuitable for a young age. Is it that influence?

“okay. Well, if that’s the way you usually talk, there’s no need to force it. Do what you are comfortable with. But how can it not be that savior? I’m not a great person to call you Nimja. Just call me salvation.”

“Yes Yes?! Ha, but how… .”

“How are you sleeping? When I first met you, you just called me salvation.”

“Sin, sorry! That, then… that… .”

“no. I’m not scolding you. Rather, it is to call me comfortably like back then.”

“Well then… . Old, old, old… .”

are you a dove gurgling.

“Hey, can’t we just call him savior? The savior is the savior!”

In the end, Sylvia couldn’t call me comfortably, so she cried while crying.
What do you mean by crying? So it seems like I’m bothering you somehow.
okay. just do what you like
I decided to give up cleanly.

“The talk is over.”

Some time passed while talking to Sylvia.
At this point, I thought that Sarah and Leia would have calmed down a bit, so I went back to my room.
I thought it wouldn’t be strange if they were disbanded, but Sarah, Diana, and Leia were still staying in my room.
Still, he didn’t come to my conversation with Sylvia because he was afraid of interruption. Also, our kids are good.
And I’m definitely a genius who didn’t do it with Sylvia.

The three of them were sitting at the table in the room, enjoying tea time elegantly.
Come to think of it, everyone is close without me.
If I get caught in the middle, the competitive spirit seems to explode.
Am I the source of all evil?

As soon as I walked in, everyone seemed to scan my body from top to bottom.
I’m also checking to see if I’ve played one or not.
Perhaps because of her mood, Leia’s cute nostrils moved as if she was checking the smell.
Anyway, without being stabbed, I proudly introduced Sylvia.

“That’s why he’s also our clan from today, so please take care of everyone.”

“Come on, thank you!”

Sylvia greeted her with a slightly nervous expression and bowed her back at 90 degrees.

“Well. Welcome.”

“It’s strange, but please take care.”

“Huhu. It’s good.”

“Thank you. Miss Diana. Sarah. Miss Leia.”

“Sa, Sarah?!”

“Sylvia. From now on, you’re a colleague, so you don’t have to call me by your first name.”

“no. How can I do that to God’s wives? .”

“Father, Mrs. . I’m not married yet.”

Sarah. The cool expression is broken. Everything I like sucks
Of course, Sarah like that is lovely and nice.
Anyway, it seemed much easier for Sylvia to melt than I thought.
We know exactly how to get our kids to like them.
No, it’s more like a sincere statement rather than a deliberate statement like that.

“Then, shall we eat out for lunch today to commemorate the arrival of a new colleague?”

After greeting Sylvia, I made such an offer in an atmosphere of acceptance.

From the old days in the fantasy world, drinking together was the best way to get to know each other.
Besides, if you go out like this naturally, you won’t have to argue during the day over who gets the apostleship first.
Doesn’t my head spin pretty well?

“Good! What a great idea! Yes!”

Then, for some reason, Diana disagreed and agreed.
what. why do you like me so much

“Hey. Come to think of it. Why are you being carefree here?”

“Hey, what does that mean? Of course, he was waiting because he was worried that you talked well with Miss Sylvia!”

“Then I’ve confirmed that everything went well, so would you like to go to the Wizards Association kids now?”

“Hey, what are you doing for dinner?! Eating out?!”

That was it too.
That’s why Diana, who didn’t have to argue with her appointment as an apostle, kept sitting here.

“Well. After all, the meal is at home… .”
“What are you talking about! It’s good to eat out on a happy day like this!”

“What are you talking about? How hard is Vanessa for our meals? Home-cooked food is so much better than most restaurants. is not it?”

“Ugh… . that, that… .”

Diana couldn’t answer this or that and cried.
Because it’s worth tormenting
Think of it as punishment for making me suffer for nothing by boasting the seal of the apostle.
After teasing me like this, at the end… .

“Huhu. Salvation Mr. You can’t torment Diana like that.”

“Yeah. Sorry. Angel.”

I tried to harass you more, but at the gentle words of our angel, I immediately changed my mind.
Sigh… . How can you be so nice? is purified Also, angels are the best.

So that day we all went out to eat, and we devoted ourselves to getting Sylvia into the party as we wandered around.
Sylvia was stiff and tense at first, but by the evening she seemed to have relaxed.
In particular, it seems that the main thing was that Sylvia treated her with respect and treated her as my wife, and all three seemed to like Sylvia quite a bit.
So much so that I get a little jealous.
No, I know it’s good to hear your wife, but don’t you like it too much? take care of me too

Four women and one man walking around.
It has become a natural trend for shopping.
As a result, naturally, a conversation between women that men cannot intervene has started.
Am I not the perfect handy porter? It’s not hard because you have an inventory.
I’d like to talk a little… no. Come to think of it, this is a clothing store, right?
uh The trauma of the past that I thought was cured… . Does it make sense how many hours it takes to choose a dress?!
I don’t think I’m wearing it either. Just enjoy shopping with you guys.

When I was fighting a lonely battle by myself, one step away, I suddenly realized that there was someone like me who was one step away from my party and was watching happily.
It was Leia.

“Leia? Why are you doing that? Aren’t you going shopping together?”

“Oh, salvation. Whoops. I’m fine. Wouldn’t it be better to be next to Goo Won like this?”

Leia said so and gently embraced my arm.
do you think of me After all, the angel is Leia.
Huh? did you say the opposite? No, I don’t think it’s really wrong.

But even so, Leia’s gaze was fixed on Sarah, Diana, and Sylvia, who continued to shop.
What are the emotions in those eyes? envy… is it?
No, if you’re going to be envious, you can just wear them together and go shopping.
The money is properly distributed as it is earned, so there is nothing that Leia lacks… awhile. Come to think of it, where does Leia spend her money?

As evidenced by the enema case, Sarah often goes out alone and does things like shopping.
Not to mention Diana. Because in the first place, you are paying all the costs of going back to the mansion.

But what about Leia? Come to think of it, before coming to our party, I was looking for ingredients because I couldn’t even buy the staff because I was spending all my money on helping the people in the slums.
To be honest, I haven’t paid much attention to it since I joined the party.
There was a thought that everyone had their own heart no matter how they used their share of money, and now that they have found a mana pool habitat, they thought it would be okay for Leia to not have to spend that much money in the slum.

But when I thought back, I realized that my thoughts were short-lived.
The opponent is our angel.
It’s just that things have gotten a little better, and I’m not the type of person to reduce the money I spend to help others.
Are you still using what you earn to help people in the slums?
By the way, clothes are always priest’s clothes.
However, if a priest should always wear only the priest’s uniform, that would not be the case. When I first came to the mansion, there was a time when I borrowed Diana’s dress.

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Appointment of Apostles

Thinking like that, I never thought that Leia, who was attached to me like this, would be so happy.
I hope our angels also enjoy shopping together.
But it was too sensitive to say this out loud. There is no change in my heart that it would be better not to care about how you spend your money.
Besides, talking about it won’t work. Leia will definitely prioritize helping others over her own luxury.
Good. Then I have only one thing to do.

“Guys! In commemoration of Sylvia becoming a colleague, I’ll give you a shot today! Everyone can choose whatever they want!”

okay. Say you buy it with my own money.
And if you say it’s a bonus, it’s a bit of an expression, but I tried to shoot everyone at all.
If you buy Leia alone, other kids will think it’s favoritism, and Leia’s point of view will also be uncomfortable.

“Gu, Guwon?”

The first thing that surprised me at my words was still Leia.

“Come on, Leia too, don’t do this here, go and choose together. An opportunity like this is rare.”

“Mr. Guwon, you don’t have to do that for me… .”

Leia seems to have realized why I am doing this.
He reminded me of my cheeks, widened my eyes, and tightened my hand holding my arm.

“What are you talking about? I’m saying I’m good. If Leia dresses up pretty, who’s going to see it after all? not me So, go ahead and buy some pretty clothes and decorate it pretty. for me.”

“… Salvation.”

Leia slowly brought her face to mine, then stopped when the distance between the lips was about 1 cm.

“Really. At times like this, I hate my body.”

Then, with a look of disappointment, he turned his head slightly and kissed my cheek.
I’m sorry for Leia making that kind of expression, but to be honest, I was able to see an expression that was too rare for Leia, so I honestly felt like I had gained it.

“Savior. I truly love you.”

“So do i. Now, let’s go shopping together with the kids.”

“Yeah! I will work hard to decorate for you!”

Leia hugged me tightly once again, and happily walked often to Sarah, Diana, and Sylvia.
Approaching the children looking at the clothes, he smiled happily and began to choose clothes himself.
Seeing those light steps, I felt a heart full of joy.
It feels like I’ve done something right for a long time.
After forgetting the trauma for a moment and looking at it with a happy mood, I heard a lively conversation.

“Wow. Sylvia, is that the only waist circumference? I envy you. Compared to that, I only gained weight… . Is there any good way to lose weight?”

uh? No, wait! I sent you to decorate, what do you mean!
You are not fat! You can’t go down there!

“Oh, no. Rather, I envy Leia-sama. That… Anyway, I’m envious.”

okay! Sylvia knows it right!
That’s right! Sylvia fighting!
To be honest, I was one step away because I was afraid that I would get caught up in it, but since this has happened, I can’t help but stand by.
I quickly ran to the place where the kids were shopping.

“okay. Leia likes the way it is now. You don’t have to go on a diet or anything like that.”

“Yeah? still… .”

Leia looked at Sylvia’s slender body with an envious expression.
Can’t you see that Sylvia is looking at your breasts with an envious expression?

“No need anyway! I like Leia the best as it is now! You don’t even need to lose 1 kg! If you lose 1 kg of weight, the person you love will also disappear by 1 kg from this world. I hate that.”

“Goo, Mr. Guwon.”

It was a squeaky line I saw on the internet one day, but it worked properly in this situation.
It was good. With this, our angel’s heart can be defended… .

“Where are you looking and talking about, where are you looking!”

“Oh. So you’re saying that the higher the weight, the better the salvation?”

It’s good to keep the chest, but it’s a problem that Sara and Diana were by their side at some point.

“It’s also a chest! Your heart is so good!”

Diana. A 38-year-old should be patted like that.

Because only your hand hurts.
Second to the fact that it wasn’t painful, it was a crisis situation.
Damn it. I thought I had a good look.
Also, the clothing store and I don’t get along well.

Anyway, after spending the day like that, it was finally time to use the Apostle Appointment for Sarah.
While I invited Sylvia to join the clan, Sarah and Leia seem to have listened to Diana about their appointment as apostles.
Sara led me to bed with a very expectant look.

“Are you looking forward to it?”

“Of course. I mean, I’ve been wanting to do it fast ever since I heard it. Let’s be disrespectful and do it to Diana first.”

“No, it’s Diana’s growth… .”
“Know. I also. I mean, I’m still jealous. There is nothing you can do.”

Sarah pursed her lips slightly.
This is the uncool side of Sarah that only me can see.
I lightly kissed Sarah’s cute lips and stroked her ass.

“awhile. heh heh There… Don’t you have to do it in the future to use the skill?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll do it right. What are you so anxious about? The night is long, and tonight I’ll be with you all night. You too, take it easy.”


As I said that, I grabbed Sarah’s plump buttocks tightly.
A bouncy butt that boasts a strong repulsive force as if pushing a finger is the best.

But Sarah still seemed to want to finish the apostle’s appointment as soon as possible.
He sobbed at the pleasure that ran down his hips, but as if he didn’t like it, he frowned slightly and stretched out his hand.
Sara’s hand, having properly grasped my object, began to shake back and forth.
These days, I don’t really tell them because I’m doing well, but it seems that my skills are improving day by day.

“The salvation that you say like that has grown so much here. In fact, do you want to put salvation in as soon as possible?”

Then, after a bewitchingly provocative smile, he licked my nipples slightly.

“I saw before, Diana didn’t do this, didn’t she? Am I the best?”

As Sarah said that, she ran her hands over my things and licked my nipples with her mouth.
indeed. It seems that the reason Sarah is so active is not simply because she wants to quickly become an apostle.

“Ah, something started to come out in front of me. Do you still want to relax?”

Sarah held out the index finger of her hand that had been scanning my object, and stimulated it by pricking the tip of the object.
Sara’s hand poked the tip a few times as if touching it with her index finger, and this time, pressing gently and turning it round and round to apply stimulation.


I groaned involuntarily at the stimulation.
Why is he so good at learning?
Is it a trait of a warrior, or is it innate?

“Huhu. cute.”

Damn it. If I continue to suffer like this, my dignity, which boasted the myth of invincibility at night, would be in danger.
I’m the one who won even against a nine-tailed fox who was many more than you in that respect, hey!

“You’re cute. There is no sound that my brother can’t do!”

I jumped out of bed, turned Sarah over and pushed her to the head of the bed.


Sara let out a squeaky, slightly intentional scream, shoved towards the head of the bed, conforming to me rather than against me.
Then, he placed his hands on the headboard of the bed and pushed his buttocks out.
The pelvis is wide but the waist is thin, so the waist line that draws a perfect curve and the hip that also boasts a perfect heart shape were also art.

“what? I will not?”

As I watched it still, Sarah looked back at me, shaking her hips softly from side to side.
I have a feeling it’s going the way he intended.
But if you think everything will go your way, you are wrong. Make me pay the price for taunting me at night.
I grabbed Sarah’s buttocks with both hands to hold her tight, then shoved the object between her thighs, under her pubic area. Then, she gently moved her waist back and forth while stimulating her vagina with an object from bottom to top.

“Hey! Why why?”

“what? Doesn’t this feel good too?”

“Don’t do this! Haha, you, put it in!”

… Hey. I was trying to harass you, but if you ask me so gently, I don’t feel like bullying you.
I pulled the object from between Sarah’s thighs.
The items were already soaked with the love liquid that Sarah had spilled, so they were ready to enter at any time.
I used one skill in that situation.
Then he shoved the soaked object into Sarah’s ass.

“Uhhhhhh! you stupid! Whoops! uh, not there… Ha! term! Whoops! Ha!”

Sarah cried out in tears, but as soon as I started shaking her back, she started sobbing for pleasure.
I just put it in and there was nothing to say, so it must have been prepared for washing.
what. After all, he was thinking of doing it here too.

So, did you use the skill for nothing?
The skills I used don’t matter. The Cleaner Penis is a skill that just cleans the part that comes into contact with an object.
Some of you may be wondering why there is such a skill in a game that you can enjoy with your butt without any worries.
The world is wide and there are many perverts, and there are many people in the world who have the same hobbies as perverts.
From the point of view of the game company, it means that various settings were prepared to satisfy the tastes of such various perverts.
This skill is for people who have such a special hobby.
I had no such hobbies, of course, so I turned it off in the settings, and I never learned this skill while playing the game.
Thanks to you, I had forgotten about it until now, but after I hit level 100 a while ago, I looked through the skill window again, and then I remembered and took it.

“Ugh! Fool! Whoops! Fool!”

Sara was blaming me, but she was also moving her waist as if she felt extreme pleasure in the movement of my waist.
Come to think of it, they say that they clean everything they come in contact with, but in what way does the love liquid remain the same?
No, I’m not really curious. What if it was convenient?

I tightened my back and pushed Sarah harder.
At first, Sara had her hand on the headboard of the bed, but as her posture gradually collapsed, her upper body was completely pressed against the wall beyond the headboard.

“Ugh! Whoops! Ha ha!”

With her face and chest firmly pressed against the wall, Sarah let out a moan with only her hips sticking out.
I looked at Sarah like that, leaned my upper body slightly, and kissed her clean back.
Then, as I licked it up with my tongue along the straight and beautiful spine line, I could feel Sarah’s back trembling.
Since the back is rarely touched, it reacts sensitively when stimulated like this.
As she climbed up on her back and licked Sarah’s neck, Sarah turned around and pushed out her lips as if she wanted mine.
When I bring my face there, Sara sucks on my lower lip with her tongue slightly.
Because I still like kissing.
And when my lips parted, I said in a slightly weepy tone.

“Aren’t you going to use that skill for me?”

“Is that possible?!”

I was so guilty of that cute look, I immediately pulled it out of my ass and inserted it into Sarah’s pussy.

“Uhhhhhhh! Goo, save! Salvation!”

After all, sex is the best seasoning for love.
Regardless of whether the highest erogenous zone is the buttocks, Sara inserted into the vagina culminated with a happy smile.
Seeing that, I spurred the movement of my back, thinking that I couldn’t be bothered any longer.

“Sara. I’m slowly… .”

And when I activated the apostle appointment while ejaculating inside Sarah, the pattern location setting window popped up in my eyes.
It’s like the location was decided from the beginning.
Actually, for this purpose, I purposely created a junior position.
I set the pattern to appear above Sarah’s hip bone, technically called the sacrum.
Make sure that the heart-shaped point at the bottom of the pattern is exactly at the end of the hip bone.
Good. Perfect. The heart shape as well as the wing shape were spread out as if emphasizing the round hip line, so it looked sexy.
Just like Diana, the density of the pattern is so light that it looks like she is slightly burnt.

“Ha ha ha!”

And without a doubt, Sarah moaned as she wrapped her hands around the place where her pattern was engraved.
The hand that was on the wall turned back. Naturally, Sara’s upper body slipped, burying her face in the pillow and sticking her hips out, but Sarah didn’t care and trembled with happiness.

“buy it. With this, you are now completely mine.”

“Huh… Huh… .”

Sara trembled with euphoria, but managed to squeeze her voice out and answered my words.

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Appointment of Apostles

“Salvation… . Salvation… .”

As long as the Apostle appointment was successful, there was no need to maintain the position of subordinate any longer.
I turned Sarah half a turn to face me, and I kissed her right away.
Sarah covered my cheeks with both hands and pressed them to my lips with a happy expression on their face.

“I… happy… .”

as we are

He fell in love with sex until Sarah lost consciousness.

And the next morning, of course, I was the first to wake up.
Yesterday was especially intense.
Sara was also so happy that she had been appointed as an apostle, so she rushed forward more aggressively than usual and burned a lot.
Sarah might wake up later than usual.

Then, while Sarah wakes up, let’s check the stat window and skill window.
Yesterday we ended up burning each other so much that we couldn’t even check it.
I’m talking about the skill window, but for reference, in Diana’s skill window, all the skills that can be learned were stamped with max skill level. Would you say that you are a sorcerer?
Besides, there were too many skills learned, so I gave up on checking them all and just closed the skill window.
Perhaps, if Diana wants to learn more skills, the only way Diana can develop her own skills is just as I developed the sincerity of a saint.
So, where do we go to check it out?

Name: Sarah Auden Race: Magic
Occupation: Champion 87 / Adventurer 46 / Archer 76 / Hunter 57
Level: 93
Life: 18000/18000 Spirit
: 8700/8700
Strength: 238
Durability: 198
Dexterity: 248
Stamina: 169
Intellect: 179
Spirit: 187
Charm: 250
Bonus stats: 2
Status: Normal

… One thing I was worried about was the huge stat window.
First of all, the overwhelming stats are incredibly high overall.
what is this. Aren’t the total stats higher than me on a subject that is at a lower level than me?
No, of course I would be higher if I included the bonus stats, but it’s still a ridiculously high number.
Even the charm is already hitting the limit. No, it’s pretty, so it’s understandable.
Other than that, strength and agility stood out, but overall, they boasted incredibly high stats.
Sara’s stats are purely based on her related actions and her job level increase.
The highest level of Sarah’s job level is also a hero.
If so, does the profession of a hero raise all stats every time you level up like a saint?
what is that Besides, isn’t it going to be corrected during battles? Isn’t it better than a saint? After all, being a warrior was a scam.
No, of course, if you give me a chance to choose between a saint and a hero, I will choose the saint without hesitation. Even if this body dies and dies, heals and dies a hundred times, even if given a chance, it will choose a saint every time.
Still, admiration came out of the warrior’s morale.
And in Sarah’s skill window, there was a skill that could explain this high stat.

Bloodline of a Hero MAX
Passive Skill A
warrior born under the protection of the war god. They grow faster than anyone through battle.
Significantly increases the growth rate for all abilities that can be grown through combat.

This was the only warrior skill that existed in Sarah’s skill window.
It was a skill of simple explanation, but it was a really deceptive skill.
With this skill alone, it was possible to explain all of Sarah’s incredibly fast level-up speed during battle, the rapid growth of her job level, and the large amount of stat increase due to related actions.
Even the skill level was quite high.
It means that it was no coincidence that Sarah threw mana into her arrows since she was at a low level.

From a gamer’s point of view, the above were points of great concern.
But now I am not a gamer.
As Sarah’s man, there were things that mattered more than that.

First name.
Sarah Auden. Until now, Sarah had never once told me her last name.
I don’t even think it’s hidden.
A child who succeeded in appointing an apostle. There’s no way you can hide anything from me.
In the first place, Sarah had told me all about her past after she had done her revenge before.
Then, there is only one answer, and it means that Sarah herself does not know her surname.

So, should I tell Sarah my last name?
But before that, there were issues to consider.
Does Sarah really want to know her last name?
Listening to Sarah’s past, it is thought that Sarah’s father, who is a hero just like Sarah, is already dead.
However, several people also said that they tried to take advantage of Sarah’s father when they saw the title of a warrior.
Just by looking at Sarah, you can see how great a hero is, but it probably won’t be something that ordinary adventurers can use.
If that’s the case, then it means that high people are involved, and if that’s the case, then Diana will also know Sarah’s father.

In other words, Sarah could always find out the truth about her clan if she wanted to.
But I’ve never seen Sarah talk to Diana about that.
To hide the profession of a warrior?
That won’t be it. A relationship of trust has been established between Sarah and Diana.
In a nutshell, Sarah has no intention of digging into her last name or her father.
If you don’t tell me your last name, it can make you nervous and only stress you out.
I guess this needs a little more conversation.

Even if Sarah’s last name was decided whether or not to talk to Sarah later, there was still one more area of ​​concern in Sarah’s stats window.
To be honest, this was the thing that bothered me the most.
it’s mine What is that tribe name?
It’s a natural thing to say, but even if you ask Sarah, she won’t know.
What’s a kid who doesn’t even know how his father died?

However, it could not be the name of a race that was extremely concerned.
Isn’t that a race that doesn’t really fit the profession of a hero?
As it is, the hero is the main character and the demon is the enemy.
No, let’s think about it the other way around.
Could it be that the bloodline of a warrior is a demon from generation to generation?
Judging from the skill called the Bloodline of the Hero we saw earlier, it seems that the Hero is hereditary.
There is some prejudice about the name Mine, but if you think about it that way, it was quite plausible.

If you look at the description of the warrior’s bloodline skill, it is explained that the hero was born with the protection of the war god.
The goddess who supported her in this world was definitely not the god of war, but the god of the earth.
The gods of this world aren’t necessarily the only goddesses who brought me here, but at least I’ve never heard of other gods in common sense education at the temple.
Then, there was one possible hypothesis.
Could it be that the warrior also came from another world?
The hero of the world ruled by the god of war was kidnapped by the goddess of this world. just like me
And the people who live in that world are called Majin.
To be honest, I have so few pieces of the puzzle that it’s a compulsion level explanation, but it’s plausible right?
At least in theory, there seemed to be no contradiction.

… ahhh what the hell is this
I was just trying to look at the stats window or the skill window without thinking, but my head hurts tremendously.
Obviously, at first I thought she was just an incredibly pretty country girl, but what the hell is Sarah?
It’s not really Sarah’s fault, but my head hurt and I stabbed her in the cheek like a grumpy one.

“Uh… Baked… ? … Ah.”

And from that feeling, Sarah woke up.
Sarah woke up less and looked at me with blank eyes, realized that my finger was stabbing her cheek, and then grabbed it and sucked it sideways.


“Huhu. what? making strange noises.”

“Anyone suddenly makes a strange sound if they quickly snap their fingers!”

“It’s not because salvation stabs people who are sleeping for nothing.”

Saying that, Sarah playfully licked my fingers.
Hey, this seems to be the case!
You haven’t forgotten that my stuff is still inside you!
Right away, I wanted to put a stick on the inside of Sarah.

“Then why are you making that face?”

“Huh? You look like that?”

“I was making an expression that wasn’t like salvation for some reason. Do you have any concerns?”

Apparently, Sarah was looking at my face, not just because she was less awake.
Was Sarah trying to calm me down by playing pranks on her own?
I felt something rushed in my chest, and I stroked Sarah’s head violently.

“Aww! What are you doing? Are you planning on messing around with this? or what? Are you worried that you can’t even tell me?”

“no. No way.”

I wouldn’t say it’s a concern in the first place.
It’s just nothing… It’s a bit harsh to say. It’s our Sarah’s problem, so it’s not a big deal.
Anyway, it’s not because I’m worried, it’s because my thoughts are complicated by myself.

“Sara. Yes, you. Do you want to know more about your father?”

“Huh? What do you mean all of a sudden?”

“No, it is. Maybe Diana knows. Just ask a question and you might get an answer right away. It’s not common to be a hero in the first place, right? But I’m not curious

I want to go Did you die while being used by people?”

“… Thinking about what my grandfather said… . But I have no desire to know more.”

“Why? Aren’t you curious?”

“It’s not that I’m not curious at all. How was it used and how did he die? Of course I’m curious. But what do I do if I know that? take revenge? … If Diana lends her power, it will definitely be possible. However… I’m sick of revenge now. And to be honest, I don’t even think about getting revenge for my dad I’ve never seen before. … Am I being rude?”

“… no. I think this is a very normal statement.”

Did Sarah have such thoughts?
Apparently, Sarah realized the futility of revenge through one revenge.
Also, I did well not to talk about anything other than finding clues to your father by just saying your last name without thinking.
I said softly stroking Sarah’s hair this time.

“Sorry. You said something.”

“no. I’m glad you care. But why did you suddenly have such a thought?”

“… Actually, that’s true. In your stat window, which appears to be an apostle appointment, your surname was also listed.


Sarah tilted her head as if she didn’t understand.
Anne is also quite clever, but doesn’t this just make sense?

“No, so if I tell you your last name, your father… .”
“I know my last name.”

“Yes? What?”

“I know my last name.”

“Then why didn’t you tell me?”

“Hey, I didn’t hide it on purpose. I didn’t say it just because I’m not used to it. I mean, that was the first thing I knew when I saw it on the adventurer card.

… Ah. Adventurer card.
What a fool! Aren’t I so stupid?! Why did I forget that?!

“Are you sure you forgot? The name on the adventurer card? Whoops. stupid.”

“Don’t call me an idiot! If I’m stupid, you’re a fool who likes that fool!”

Damn it. How many times have I thought about taking care of myself?
I hurriedly pulled out an adventurer card and checked the information on it.
To be honest, I’ve never seen it in detail except when making it. There’s nothing to take out except to teleport. You might be a little bit spoiled.
name. level. job. state.
Good. Also, the race was not listed on the adventurer card.

“Then do you know what magic is?”

“Huh? mine? What is it?”

“What is your race?”

“… Huh?”

“The four races in the stat window. Does it say Mine?”

“Ugh. It’s an odd race. Is it because he’s a warrior? Until now, I always thought I was a person. How is it different from normal people? There doesn’t seem to be any difference.”

Saying that, Sarah didn’t seem to know the concept of magic itself.
Just showing pure curiosity, he started to touch his body all over again.
When I touch it like that, it is elastic

It’s useless because I can only touch the best body
I know it well because I touched, bit, and sucked every single one of them.

But looking at that reaction, doesn’t the term “Main” itself exist in this world?
Even in the world I was originally in, the magic was different for each medium, so there was no set definition of what it was all about, but isn’t it a term that basically refers to something vicious and demon-like?
I don’t remember seeing it being used in a good way.
If so, there is a growing possibility that there really is no such thing as a demon in this world.
Sara is basically a country girl, so it’s true that she lacks common sense.

Eight. There’s no point in thinking about it with two people you don’t know.

============================ Review of work ===================== =========

As if the apostle appointment was a story about Diana, it was a fake.

plepolipa, who are you? // Thanks for pointing it out. It’s corrected.

Sun Muha // You will soon have a clear goal to go to the dungeon. It’s unclear if the heroin will increase or not.

Fighting Mom // If you look at the picture that explains the job change, it is explained that there is no special job change like a saint.

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