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Appointment of Apostles

“Main? is that something?”

In conclusion, it seemed that Diana had never even heard of a mine.

After breakfast, I called Diana to talk to her. I thought that there was nothing good about getting into the ears of the maids.
Diana followed with a smile on her face, whether she was happy that I called her or was she happy that she wasn’t bothered by the Wizards’ Association.
But when I asked about mine, he tilted his head and asked me what mine was.

“No, it’s okay if you don’t know. Actually, after appointing Sarah as an apostle, when I checked the stat window, Sarah’s race was a race called Majin. I wanted to know what Diana knew.”

“No matter how much this body is, it doesn’t mean that you know all the names of all the races in this world. How many races do you think there are in this world? If it’s only the races that have existed in this world from the beginning, in the past, foreigners of various races from different worlds flowed in countless times. There must have been some strangers who flowed in that way among Miss Sarah’s ancestors.”

Diana said it was no big deal.
As I thought in the morning, Diana, too, seems to think she is just one of many strangers’ blood.
Also, did I take it too seriously?
It seems that the preconceived notion given by the word mine was so strong that he took it unnecessarily and seriously.
If I was playing a game right now, I would have dug into it thinking that it was 100% a piece of cake, but this world is not a game.

“is it. Huh. ok Thanks for letting me know.”

“… Come on, wait a minute. Is that all you have to say?”

As I was about to leave the room, Diana spoke in a somewhat restless voice.
Of course, you may want to be with me, but there must be a greater reason than that.

“Hey. Still, they’re the kids chasing after you like you. Go and play.”

“Uh, I don’t know what you’re talking about. And if you play with everyone that you are chasing, you will not grow old.”

“How old are those sisters, do you think they are mature? Ah, compared to you… .”
“What did you say now?”

“no. Our Diana always seems to be green and plump.”

After all, making fun of me should be done at a level that Diana accepts.
Going too far is not good.

“Sigh. I can’t help it. We should also talk about the manastone we found in the dungeon.”

“Huh? Are you going to talk to them too?”

“Well. Is it not possible for this body to sit there and study it? I plan to look into this body for a few days, but I’m going to leave it up to them to keep looking.”

“Then I will have to teach you how to get into the anthill.”

“Hmm. I think so. I think that if this body speaks, those children will not be able to tell anyone else… .”

“no. Now that this has happened, let’s contact the guild and make it public.”

“Well? Would that be okay?”


As long as the grand purpose of subjugating the demon king had disappeared anyway, the greed for the dungeon had also disappeared. It’s not that I have an adventurous spirit, so I don’t have the ambition to clear that dungeon faster than anyone else.
Rather, if you reveal that the genitals are the key, it would be better to gain honor as an adventurer and receive a reward from the guild as an added bonus.

However, the question is whether or not to disclose the conditions for dropping with the penis enlarged.
If you reveal the key, the demand for the enlarged penis will increase.
Then selling my penis would make more money, but the problem is that everyone who might know I’m a saint knows.
The others will soon find out how I get my penis.
If so, it might be better to disclose the conditions for dropping the penis from the beginning to collect honor and rewards.

To be honest, I also wanted to dispose of all the genitals piled up in my inventory.
I mean, I just kept putting it in my inventory to hide it.
At least they were selling things like Orcs that originally dropped penises, but other guys were accumulating so it wasn’t a bother.

“Then I must prepare to go to the guild!”

“No, even if I go alone… okay. Come with me. get ready and come I’ll be waiting at the front door.”

Seeing Diana getting gloomy, I couldn’t even tell him to play with the Wizards Association, so I decided to just go with him.
To be honest, I’m a little sorry for being close with the older sister of the Wizards’ Association these days, but I can’t help it.
At first, it seemed like Diana’s fanaticism, but these days, because of the proper supplementation of Diana’s ingredients, everyone has become more relaxed like the head of a huge association.
Thanks to this, we got to know each other for a while, chatting while eating, and greeting each other in the mansion.
The reason I call people who are the size of my grandmother in terms of age alone is because I have become close friends.
I’m sorry. guys. Diana is mine, so what can I do?

So I had to wait at the front door until Diana was ready.
A woman’s preparation takes a long time originally. It must be a good man who can wait quietly for something like this.
By the way, we decided to do individual actions today, so everyone was not in the mansion.
Leia went to the temple as usual, and Sarah went out saying she had something to buy.
Did you buy anything after shopping yesterday? Why do women like shopping so much?
Come to think of it, I have to go to the temple at least once. It seems like it’s been a while since I went to the high priest to say hello.
To be honest, I think it doesn’t matter if I don’t take a common sense class, and the High Priest-sama believes in me these days and doesn’t seem to care much, but that’s pretty helpful and fun.
Above all else, as a prospective mother-in-law, there is nothing wrong with looking good.

“Hmm. I’m sorry. It took a while.”

As I was wasting my time thinking about this and that, Diana appeared.
Dressed in a white dress that went well with Diana’s silver hair, she looked as cute as a fairy. Besides, her long hair was tied in two ponytails, so her cute face looked younger and prettier.

“Well? Is Miss Sylvia going with you?”

Diana, who was so perfectly prepared to go out, said while tilting her head as soon as she arrived.

“Huh? what is that… Wow! Since when have you been?”

I turned to the direction Diana was looking, and there was Sylvia standing still and looking at me.
Since when have you been?

“That, that… From the moment you left the room… . That… If you have lungs… .”

“Oh, no. It’s not like that. can it be okay. Let’s go together.”

Come to think of it, he even stalked me simply because he wanted to see me up close.
He doesn’t go anywhere just because he has other business to do.
It was so quiet in the morning that I totally forgot.
I pat Sylvia’s head lightly and decided to go to the guild together.

Diana immediately hung her arms around me, but Sylvia just kept chasing me from behind.
Rather than being a sex slave, I feel like I’m carrying a pet.
No, it’s not like we were put into our clan under the same conditions as sexual slavery that Sylvia was talking about in the first place.

“Sylvia. Don’t chase after too much and stick with it.”

“Yeah? But Diana-sama’s interruption… .”

“I’m going to the guild to work, but where is that? Is not it? Diana?”

“Well. Isn’t it the same clan? Miss Sylvia doesn’t even notice.”

Whether Diana has become a little more lenient after receiving her apostleship, or maybe it’s because she looks so pitiful, or whether she really believes that I’m not going to give her her heart, Diana nodded in response.
It’s not like I’m jealous, so that’s kind of a complicated feeling.

“Well then, I’ll excuse you.”

Even Diana said that, and Sylvia started walking next to me just then.
It’s not like Diana’s, but while maintaining a subtle distance as if it could be reached by hand.
Well, from Sylvia’s point of view, this might be an appropriate distance.
For me, I wanted to enjoy the feeling of flowers in both hands a little more, but I had no choice but to do it.

“Ah, I have a place to stop by before going to the guild.”

On the way to the guild like that, I suddenly had this thought.
If I’m going to reveal the special drop conditions for penis anyway, wouldn’t it be better to sell my penis at a high price before that?
The money wasn’t tight, and the guild seemed to give quite a huge reward, but it would be better to see what you can gain as much as possible.

So, before entering the guild, we decided to stop by the nearby general store Hans & Erina.

“welcome! Oh, it’s you. Did you come the next day and then come again?”

“If guests come often, I can’t thank you, but what a habit. This bear.”

“Ha ha. I’m just a little surprised because it’s so rare. Isn’t it rare these days?”

Now that he was completely used to the way he dealt with me, it was Hans who passed it on without any hesitation.
Next to me, Erina-san was smiling while looking at us like that.
I still can’t believe they’re the same age. Isn’t that really cheating?
Normally, I would have ignored Hans and asked Erina to do the calculations, but I didn’t have the courage to do that even in front of Diana.
No, it’s not like I’m doing my usual calculations for Erina, but I don’t mean to cheat.
Just a cute baby boy rather than just a bear-like bastard… It’s just that I think that Ajumma is better.

“Today, I have brought some very precious items. to thank you.”

“Are you talking about a precious item?”

Don’t let the bastard lean his head.
I placed the genitals I had on the counter, one for each type.

“… What is this?”

“Can’t you see? it’s genital A monster’s genitals.”

“These are the first ones I’ve ever seen.”

“So, it’s a valuable item. Wouldn’t it be expensive to sell with a premium attached?”

“Hmm. Are the rumors true?”

“Huh? Wait a minute. rumor? What rumors?”

“You don’t know? Have you become quite famous among your adventurers? Why is the Milk Road… .”
“How else do you know that?!”

“Ha ha. Aren’t you doing business with adventurers? That’s all you can hear. Anyway, I’ve seen a lot of desert orc penises coming in before. So when I asked, wouldn’t your name come out? Milk Road Maker has a special job called a saint, so he has the ability to drop high-quality penises or something. It seems to be quite a rumor among adventurers.”

Damn it! What crazy rumors!
In fact, when the Orc Wave was stopped on the 2nd floor, the erect penis was leaked in large quantities.
I was frantically scouring around with the proclamation of Sanctuary on, but it was almost impossible for me to recover all of the orcs’ manastones after the battle was over.
Still, I thought Orcs would be okay because they originally dropped their penis, but I guess there must have been crazy rumors like that.
Where’s the power to make a quality penis drop?! You just hold it while you have an erection and that’s how it comes out!
Good. I am completely determined by this.
Even for my honor, the conditions for dropping the penis are unconditionally revealed.

No, wait. This world isn’t a game, is it?
If it is a game, there is no way that there are rare items that can be dropped when caught only with a specific job. Then you will immediately hear the muffled sound.
But in this world, there was no law that said it had to be so.
Is it really not a condition to have an erection, but to fit my skill?
I suddenly started to get anxious.
I can’t confirm that though, how do you make a monster erect without using a saint skill?

“Anyway, put a price on each of these!”

“Hmm. Wait a minute, let’s see. Let’s see… It’s pretty solid. It will be good material. This… .”

Hans picked up the monster’s genitals, took out something like a magnifying glass, and began to look closely.
The sight of a bear-like cub holding his penis in his hand and examining it closely. It’s terrifying.
Isn’t that the level at which a weak person will be traumatized?
To protect the sight of our two cute girls, I hugged each head with both arms and covered their eyes tightly.
As soon as I hugged Sylvia

It was hardened, but I didn’t care.
This is all for your eye protection. Stay still.

“How about each at this price?”

Hans, who looked at it for a long time, offered a fairly decent price to see if the appraisal was finally over.
Considering that there is even a goblin’s penis caught on the 1st floor among them, the price was quite high for items dropped from monsters of that level.
There’s no need to negotiate on this.

“Good. Then calculate it at that price.”

Having said that, I took out all the penises in my inventory.
Naturally, penises started to pile up on the floor because it wasn’t enough to fill the counter.

“Come on, wait! What is this?!”

“What is it? These are the things you just appraised. Oh, don’t worry, I’ve counted them all.”

If you put it in your inventory, it will come out as x.

“Oh, I can’t afford to buy so many all at once!”

“okay? You’ll regret it if you don’t. I bet this will sell a lot. Even if we don’t have enough of this, we can’t find it, right?”

I’m not saying it’s completely unfounded.
The moment it turns out to be a key, adventurers who are difficult to obtain directly may have someone who will buy it.
However, the fact that I will also reveal the drop conditions will serve as a variable.

“Uh… . that word. Are you sure?”

“Don’t ask me that, as a merchant, ask your senses. Will you live or not? If you don’t buy it, I’ll just sell it elsewhere.”

“Come on, wait a minute. why are you in such a hurry I’ll buy it. You should buy it!”

After all, you have the guts to deal with.
After I pushed it, Hans finally decided to buy the whole thing with a white flag.
So, after handing over all the malicious inventory to Hans, we left the store.
Now, shall we go and tell you the conditions under which those penises are dropped?

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Appointment of Apostles

“Then the business is finished, let’s go to the guild… Sylvia?”

I was about to leave the store feeling refreshed after fucking Hans, but Sylvia’s condition was strange.
The same posture I had just wrapped my head around to cover my eyes, it hardened and stopped moving.

“… Sylvia?”

He opened his palms in front of him and tried to move them around, but there was no reaction from his eyes.
When I put my finger in front of my nose as a test, it was confirmed that he wasn’t even breathing.

“Diana. he’s dangerous I can’t even breathe.”

“Well? But why all of a sudden?”

“Well… . I was just blindfolded.”

As I said that, I placed my hand on Sylvia’s head and tapped it lightly.

“Huh! Whoops! Whoops! Whoops!”

Then suddenly Sylvia began to move, breathing heavily as if the power had been turned on.

“Goo, goo, savior! Ah, anyway, here… ! I was going to be prepared to be hugged whenever and wherever God wants me to, but still… !”

Sylvia, who had not been breathing for a long time, took a deep breath.

He was resting hard, and his face was red as if it were ripe.
There was color in her eyes so bright that she looked like a woman who had reached her climax in a way.
Besides, when he said those words, it became an atmosphere as if I had done something to Sylvia by taking advantage of the confusion.
Even I even thought about it for a while.
Could it be that I used a saint skill without realizing it?
I checked the mana flowing through my body. Huh. no.

“Huh? Hey! awhile! Don’t misunderstand me! Diana, I was really just covering my eyes! right?”

As Diana’s eyes began to turn more and more suspicious, I exclaimed urgently.

“on? Whoa, snow… ? I’m sorry. me, me too I don’t know if the salvation is hugging me… .”

“Ahh, if you’re ready, let’s go. Come on to the guild… .”


I grabbed Sylvia’s hand and tried to leave the store, but Sylvia was startled and hurriedly avoided my hand.
what. that reaction. I’m hurt.
Having read my expression, Sylvia hastily started making excuses.

“Oh, no! Not like that! However, I felt like my heart would burst if I touched him too suddenly… . Oh, can you say a word before you reach me? Poetry, bad for the heart!”

Sylvia said, clutching her left chest, as if it were really bad for her heart. I don’t have enough breasts to hold onto it.
It’s me who’s bad for the heart, kid.
I feel like I’m going to die from the fear of Diana’s gaze next to me.

“… okay. Miss Sylvia. Is it okay if I hold your hand?”

“That’s right.”

While answering that, Sylvia closed her eyes and held out her trembling hand to me.
Despite that, the posture itself was as elegant as a noble young-ae who gave her permission to dance, raising emotions that are difficult to describe.

“okay. Let’s go to the guild now.”

I grabbed that hand and was about to leave the store this time.
But again Sylvia stopped the action.

“Sin, sorry! Can’t you wait a minute?”

“Huh? Why again?”

“That, that, that… restroom… okay! The toilet is urgent! Master! Can I borrow the bathroom for a minute?!”

I was so nervous that I wanted to pee, or something like that?
Sylvia clenched her legs subtly to make her legs crossed and exclaimed desperately.

“Oh, yes. Go inside through that door and it’s on your left.”

Following Erina-san’s guidance, Sylvia hurriedly ran to the bathroom.
Anyway, he couldn’t help but be a noisy guy that didn’t look like a noble girl. Obviously, when we first met, I never had that kind of image.

“Uhhhhhh. I’m home.”

Sylvia, who went to the bathroom like that, seemed to have regained her normal condition, and in some ways she appeared a little dazed and in other ways happy.
Is it because of my mood that my face looks shiny?

“okay. Then go… Can I hold your hand?”

“Yes Yes. of course.”

“okay. Go.”

I grabbed Sylvia’s hand and dragged her, this time leaving the store.
Sylvia, who looked happy after coming home from errands, turned red again and her movements became awkward like a robot, but if she pays attention to every detail, she won’t be able to join the guild for the rest of her life.
I’ll have to figure out how to do this later.

The guild leader was able to meet easily by talking to Rachel sister at the information desk.
Come to think of it, it would have been difficult to meet her so easily without Diana.
Well, that’s not why Diana followed.

“It’s been a long time. Everyone. What are you here for today? Diana, if you come to see me in person, it’s pretty important, isn’t it?”

“Well. From now on, this person… The prince of this body will tell you.”

For some reason, Diana changed my name in the middle and hung tightly on my arm.
I could feel Diana’s body temperature rising slightly as she touched her arm.
If you’re going to be shy, I just wish you hadn’t changed your name.

“Diana, even if you don’t check it like that, I don’t even look at your man. In the beginning, I heard the rumor that you had a riot because of that person in Yeongjuseong, so I know. Well, it’s amazing to see you doing that.”

“Hey, I didn’t mean to call you Nang-gun in that sense!”

The guild leader, who looked like Rachel’s older sister, seemed to be a little absurd, but showed a mature response as if she was.
indeed. Was it because of that reason that Diana suddenly changed her name?
Diana hurriedly denied it, but whoever saw it, called it that way.
After all, the guild leader is quite, no, quite beautiful.
I stroked Diana’s head with a happy heart.
Don’t worry. No matter how pretty you are, would I leave you alone and harass other women?
If you look at her appearance, you think she approached Rachel, who is similar to the guild leader, because she was pretty? That was before I even met Sarah in the first place, so it’s no count.

“Then shall we listen to the dragon?”

“Yeah. In fact, we succeeded in uncovering one or two great secrets while exploring the dungeon. It’s a secret no one has ever discovered. Even if you talk to the information desk, you will receive a reward, but since this is a very important discovery, I would like to speak directly to the guild leader if possible.”

“As you say, I am looking forward to it. Let’s listen to it.”

“Do not be surprised to hear. That’s it. If you catch a male-type monster with an erection, an erected sheep will drop.”

“… … … . uh huh. That’s right. There were quite a few items that could only be obtained by satisfying special conditions, but I didn’t know that such items could be obtained under those conditions.”

If I had come to the guild leader by myself and uttered these words, I would have kicked him out right away. But next to me is the supreme archmage Diana.
The guild leader stammered as if he didn’t know how to respond after hearing my words. It was a really troubled expression for her eyes to swim back and forth.
The gap between the mature blonde and the older sister in the wall is pretty… no. what am i thinking now
sorry. Diana. Give me strength so I can’t think otherwise.
I’m Diana’s on the arm

Concentrate on the senses.
Whoops. As Diana’s ingredients are replenished, the cart in my head is disappearing.

“Of course, I do not intend to claim that this alone is a huge discovery. What really matters is the use of the monster’s genitals obtained that way.”

“Yeah? I beg your pardon?”

This time, the guild leader couldn’t control his expression, and it became an expression of what nonsense this crazy guy is talking about.
When it comes to the use of the monster’s penis, it’s usually used as a material for the priest’s staff, and it’s only used as a substitute for a female masturbation device.

“Actually. Don’t be surprised. These genitals, for each type, become the key to unlocking secret passages throughout the dungeon.”

“Yeah… Yeah? What, what?! Diana?!”

At the shocking fact, the guild leader got up from his seat and shouted.
As she is Rachel’s older sister, the guild leader also has a pretty good chest, so the guild leader’s heart fluttered violently here and there when he got up from his seat.
It’s a great movement. Well, at least it’s not as good as our angels!

“Well. it’s true What these bodies have discovered so far are the passage from the first floor wolfdog’s lair to the last floor of the first floor, the passage leading to the goblin village in the middle of the first floor, and the passage leading to the secret place on the second floor. The secret place on the second floor continued to lead to the middle floor of the third floor.”

“Okay, we’ve even found another way to the next level! That, then! Diana! Why did you just reveal that now?! If that’s true… !”

“no. I know what you’re thinking, but this won’t help. Think about it. The key is the penis.”

“Yeah, that’s right. Excuse me.”

Some unfamiliar words went back and forth between the guild leader and Diana.
Break the mood for now. So, let’s ask Diana later.

“Anyway, as you said, it must be a great discovery. It is definitely a discovery that will revolutionize dungeon exploration.”

The guild leader sat down in a calm voice and spoke with his chin clenched.

“I would have been able to monopolize the profits while keeping it a secret, but on behalf of the guild, thank you so much for revealing this. I’d like to prepare for the repair right now, but could you wait a little bit? As rules are rules, we need to check the facts first.

Well, if it is, then it is natural.

“Yeah. Oh, and I’ll draw a map with a secret passage as well.”

By order of the guild leader, Rachel sister prepared a paper and pen to draw the map on, so I looked at the map and drew it according to the paper.
Then she opened her mouth as if she remembered Diana, who was watching from the side.

“Bianca. If the truth is confirmed, are you going to make a big announcement right away?”

“Yeah. That’s right. If we inform adventurers of this fact, the scope of dungeon exploration will increase dramatically.”

Bianca seems to be the name of the guild leader.

“Then let me keep the secret passage leading to the anthill on the second floor a secret. I’ve got to do some research there. Well, even if it was revealed, how many people would be able to get a mosquito’s genitals?”

“Mom, the mosquito’s penis… .”

The guild leader looked at me with a tired expression.
Could you please stop looking at me with those eyes? I was just using skills.
But I heard it. Animals and sub-species monsters were created by adventurers.

Even if I somehow got an erection by taking off my skin, the insect-type monsters seemed like it would be almost impossible to get a penis if it wasn’t for me.
This smells like money.

“Then thank you very much for your cooperation with the guild. As soon as it is confirmed, including the map, our guild staff will visit the clan house and pay for it. So, if you make any other discoveries in the future, please be sure to report it to the guild.”

After completing the map, the guild leader bowed deeply and said hello.
It’s a service that comes to the clan house. It seems that this discovery was really great from the guild’s point of view.

“Diana. What did you talk about with the guild leader earlier?”

As soon as I left the guild, I immediately asked Diana what she was curious about.

“Well? What do you mean?”

“You talked to the guild leader earlier. It’s like the key isn’t going to help you because it’s your genitals.”

“Alas. does that mean In the end, the reason those who attack the depths can’t go further down is because they haven’t found a way. Of course, all the monsters there are powerful, and even if you are vigilant for a moment, you can’t avoid annihilation, but there are adventurers who can still explore it. But no matter how much I look around, I can’t find a way to go further down.”

“What? Then didn’t the genitals really help?”

“No, it is not. Didn’t you also get a penis from the ice golem you met on the 3rd floor?”

“What? That, then?”

“Well. The monsters in the lowest dungeon discovered now are not all living things.”

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