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Appointment of Apostles

Diana’s answer was like lightning in the dry sky to me.
it’s not a living thing Then all of the saint skills are sealed!
Fortunately, we now have one more reliable tank named Sylvia.
But even taking that into account, it was painful to see that the saint’s skill was completely useless.
At this point, I just leave the tank to Sylvia and I become the dealer?

In fact, strictly speaking, the job of a fighter is a job more suited to a dealer than a tank.
In general games, it is usually used as a dealer, and if necessary, it can also serve as a sub-tank.
And the fact that he can be a sub-tank is possible because he has a high evasion rate by taking advantage of his light movement. It’s because the fighters don’t really learn aggro skills.
Even if it’s a defensive skill, you learn a skill that increases your own defense, such as a stone skin, but not a skill that can cover others.
The reason I have been able to play the main tank so far was thanks to the high defense due to the bonus stats and the excellent aggro ability of the saint skill.
This isn’t just a word, do you really want to turn into a dealer?

Mutugara is definitely an attractive choice in terms of my profession, but it was also true that I was hesitant to make such a decision.
Considering the party as a whole, Dill is overflowing with Sara and Diana, who are ignorantly strong for their level.
What our clan needs is a shield that can reliably protect the rearguard. Even though Sylvia is there, I thought that it would be difficult for Sylvia to be a tank alone.
No, it’s not that it wasn’t cool. Because you worked so hard even in the ant den.
But after all, it’s better to have two tanks just in case.
This world is not a game. If I make a mistake, my lovely girls will lose their lives.

If so, you must find a way to turn off the aggro of non-living monsters.
Something, can’t you do something?
Try another job that specializes in defense?
No, then I don’t know how long it will take to raise the job level again.
The level up of the assassin, which we had a long time ago, is still sluggish.
Would you rather receive special training on how to defend yourself from Sylvia? From what I’ve seen before, he was pretty good at covering all directions with just one sword.
I looked at Sylvia, who was standing quietly next to her.
uh? Wait a minute. Come to think of it… .

“Don’t make such a difficult face. The fact that not all monsters are living beings means that they are the last layer that humans have reached so far. The 3rd floor is at most like an ice golem, so there is nothing to worry about.”

Diana said as if she understood what I was thinking, she raised her claws and stretched her arms upwards, stroking my hair.
I leaned back a little to make it easier for Diana to stroke her, and smiled at her.

“Huh. okay. I’ll think about it slowly.”

Besides, maybe you already have a clue.
It’s possible that saying this will make Diana feel worse, so I won’t bother saying it.

“Then let’s go back to the mansion.”

“Well? This is how it came out. How about walking around a bit?”

“no. sorry. I suddenly thought of something to see.”

I know what Diana is thinking, but I’ve been wanting to check the idea I just came up with as soon as possible.
And Diana, you don’t even have to talk to the Wizards Association about that huge manastone anyway.

“That’s right… .”

Diana said with a bit of a pale face, but this time, there is nothing she can do.

“Then this body will tell the children a little bit.”

After returning to the mansion, Diana turned to the Sisters of the Wizards Association with a look of helplessness.
With this, I and Sylvia will be alone until dinner.
It was good. Then where… .
As soon as Diana disappeared, I immediately spoke to Sylvia to confirm the idea I had been thinking about earlier.


“Yes, yes!”

Sylvia hardened her body just by calling me and answered.
I’m wondering how to do this too. Why does it seem that the more I go, the more nervous I am with myself? On the contrary, when we first met, I tried to drag him around like it was bothersome, and when I took it off, I just took it off and I wasn’t nervous.
Anyway, it’s up to you to make sure he’s not nervous.
Let’s check first.

“Remember when you had sex with me in the dungeon before?”

“Yeah?! Ah, yes!”

Sylvia, with her face red and bewildered, answered steadily.
When I reacted exaggeratedly like that, somehow I felt like I was being bullied.

“At that time, you felt it. remember?”

“Uh, uh… . yes, yes… .”

Sylvia answered with both hands covering her face as if she was about to die of shame, perhaps remembering that time.
It was an atmosphere that would find even a mouse hole and lock him in if left alone.
It seems like this is really annoying.
To be clear, I am not asking this question specifically to annoy Sylvia. I’m asking because I have a clear purpose.

“That is then. I obviously didn’t use any skills at all. But you could feel it right until the end. Why do you think it was?”

okay. This is the idea I just came up with.
Obviously I didn’t do anything, but Sylvia, who is insensitive, could feel it.
If we can find out the reason, wouldn’t there be a way to properly deliver pleasure to non-living monsters?
If it succeeds, it may become possible to properly turn off aggro in conjunction with the Saint skill.

“Yes, yes?!”

Hearing my question, Sylvia put on a really perplexed look.
Well, to be honest, I didn’t think I’d get a proper answer from Sylvia.
But first, I thought it would be necessary to ask myself, so I just asked.

“Oh, you don’t know why for sure. Just remind me of the feeling you had then, and explain it to me. Then as soon as you wake up, you suddenly feel

did you start What was your feeling? Like when I used the skill, did you feel the pleasure directly in the part that touched me?”

“That, that… So… .”

As I approached her with a serious expression on her face, Sylvia was so nervous that she almost fainted.
Even so, it’s strange to be so nervous.
It felt like I was about to collapse, shaking even to the point of my body.
Seeing that precarious appearance, I grabbed both shoulders and supported them so they wouldn’t fall.

“Hey hey!”

But Sylvia let out a cute scream and trembled as if it had been struck by lightning.

“Oh sorry. I told you to talk when you touch me.”

“Hey, this is the feeling… .”

Sylvia replied with a slurp as if her tongue was loose for some reason.


“So, that’s, pleasure, pleasure… this, this… ..”

Sylvia said so, almost crying.
At some point, his legs were again in the middle, and his hands were pointing towards his lower abdomen. To be more precise, it felt like he was trying to suppress his groin and stopped in his lower abdomen.
This reaction is definitely the reaction we saw in Hans & Erina.
Stand, please… .
I sensed something, and hurried into the bedroom with Sylvia.
In the meantime, Silvia, who was still in contact with me, was shaking and shaking, but this time, there is nothing I can do about it.

“Sylvia. Take it off.”

“Gee, are you talking now?”

“okay. Right Now.”

“Uh, uh… Oh, I see.”

Sylvia had a face that was red and ripe and had an expression on her face that couldn’t be helped.
However, as I continued to stare at him with a determined gaze, he slowly put his hand on his pants with a sense of desperation.
When we first met, we had to take it off, so it was a completely different reaction from the one we threw right away without hesitation.
Seeing such hesitation and shame, I was convinced of my assumptions before I even saw the results.
Perhaps it was originally intended to be worn under plate armor, but when the pants with a fairly tough texture went down, Sylvia’s soaked underwear was revealed.

“this… Why did this happen?”

“Ugh… . I’m sorry… .”

“no. I’m not scolding you. I’m really genuinely curious. Did I just touch it and become like this?”

“Oh, no. that… At the general store… .”

indeed. It seems that the reason I went to the bathroom at that time was not to go to work.

“Do you feel it when I touch it?”

“Ugh… . Yeah… .”

“why? Do you know why?”

Did my skills cause any side effects?
No, then Sara, Diana, and Leia should have had the same symptoms right away.
If so, did Sylvia’s insensitivity and my skills create a synergistic effect?

“That, that… Hey, I’m happy… .”

But Sylvia’s answer was far beyond my expectations.

“Hey, are you happy?!”

No, I’ve definitely heard of it.
The pleasure felt by men during sex is mostly the feeling of an object, whereas the atmosphere during sex is the biggest factor for women to feel pleasure.
And even men are mentally

There are times when I ejaculate for pleasure.
For example, when a woman does it with her breasts.
That’s all I experienced when Leia became a nine-tailed fox, but even a nine-tailed fox, who had a technique that would be a shame if it was the second, when I did it with my chest, the sensation was lower than when I inserted it into the vagina.
But I felt pleasure from the mental satisfaction that Leia did with my heart.
Even for men, what if the psychological satisfaction of women is maximized?
No matter how many times I feel the climax, it is not strange. Just like the last time I did it with Sylvia in the dungeon.

The riddle was solved surprisingly easily.
Contrary to expectations, it was not helpful when dealing with non-living monsters, but instead, it brought the effect of making Sylvia look cuter.
is it. Did you get psychological satisfaction enough to feel that way just by having sex with me?
Indeed, it is a child who even acted as a stalker in the status of an aristocratic young-ae.
And perhaps Sylvia’s insensitivity had a big impact.
No matter how much he likes me, I don’t think he likes me more than Sarah, Diana, or Leia.
However, it must be thought that the more sensitive reaction than the three of them, the greater the psychological dependence on the body to the extent that it is not possible to feel pleasure in the body.
Even when he’s having sex, he’s just touching me… no wait. Anyway, that’s a bit risky.

“Sylvia. Are you going to become like this just by touching me?”

I said as I ran my fingers through Sylvie’s panties, which were soaked and had no hidden pink pussy on the inside.

“Wow! yes yes! That’s it! Oh, you can’t help it! Salvation touched me, I was happy, and the pleasure God gave me last time… !”

Sylvia stood still, shaking her legs, and stuttering.
Hearing that, one thing came to mind.
Oh, come to think of it, the last time I put the hand of a saint on him, and I still let him go.
Isn’t it possible that not only mental pleasure, but it also worked?
It kind of seemed plausible.
okay. If not, it’s strange to get so drenched just by touching it.
this savvy guy. If you can’t stand it, just tell me, so I kept holding on.

“Ah… sorry. I will hug you from now on.”

I suddenly felt sorry for Sylvia, and let go of the hand that I had been enjoying while poking my panties and enjoying the softness of her pussy.
Apparently, this was more urgent than finding a way to deal with non-living monsters.
okay. As Diana said, there is still a long way to go to reach the last layer.
Let’s take it easy and think about how to deal with monsters.

“Are you really?!”

When I told her that I hugged her, Sylvia was so happy that she lowered her hands that were covering her face and smiled broadly. But as if he was ashamed that he liked him so much, he immediately covered his face with both hands again.
aww don’t be cute I’m sorry that I left you alone because I love you so much.

“okay. By the way, you are too If you can’t stand it, tell me.”

I took off the panties while scolding Sylvia for nothing because of the growing guilt.
As she lowered her panties down to the middle of her thighs, a sticky line of love fluid continued between Sylvia’s pussy and her panties.
It’s a scene I’m pretty used to with other kids now, but it felt pretty special to become a kid who had a hard time inserting without a love gel.

“Sylvia. Shall we go to bed?”

“Yep! Whoa!”

If Sylvia had a tail like Leia, she would be shaking violently now.
It’s kind of like a dog reaction.
With that thought in mind, she supported Sylvia’s knees and back and lifted her up, and Sylvia twisted her whole body and squirmed with a look of helplessness.
At the same time, there was the sound of something dripping onto the floor.
Now this sound, is it the sound of falling love?! with this now?!
It’s really serious. If you don’t do something quickly.

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Appointment of Apostles

When I put Sylvia down on the bed, Sylvia spread her legs out to the side as if it was natural.
The pink pussy, which twitched subtly and spit out love juice, looked very lewd, as if saying she could accept my stuff at any time.
Besides, Sylvia is covering her face with both hands as if she couldn’t face my face.
Are you not aware of the fact that the gap that covers your face and spreads your legs wide creates an even more bizarre atmosphere?

And even though I was covering my face with my hands, my fingers were wide open, and between them, my big eyes were staring at my face with great stare.
I felt it when I was a stalker, but I can feel it all because my thin gaze is so strong.
When you look at someone other than me, you are rather dazed and your gaze has no strength, so that means that you like me that much.
Even while staring like that, only when I lift my head and try to make eye contact, I shut my fingers between my fingers to cover my eyes.
Either be shy or stare or do one of the two. just one.

Anyway, it’s ready like this, so it doesn’t matter if I don’t caress.
I immediately took off my pants and tried to insert the object, but it stopped just before the tip of the object touched the opening of the vagina.
No, let’s think about it.
As I’ve said to Sylvia myself before, there aren’t many opportunities to have a relationship like this with Sylvia. In the future, if the overall level of our party exceeds Sylvia’s level, then we may have a lot of relationships for Sylvia’s level up, but at least not now.
If so, shouldn’t we thoroughly do better when we have such a rare relationship?
It also makes me feel a little bit caressed.
Still, he is a child who feels the atmosphere rather than the pleasure of the body. Rather than just inserting it right away and shaking it, it would be better to do it step by step.

I tucked my waist back again and placed my mouth on Sylvia’s flat chest instead.
Well. I really don’t have a heart that’s still missing, lying like this Normally, when you bring your mouth like this, you will feel a tingling sensation on your lips.
Occasionally, when he teased Diana, he said something like bone, but this is no joke, he could really touch the bones… No, let’s stop such sad reflections.
if there is

Wouldn’t it be nice to have it as it is or not to have it?
I was basically a big-breasted person, but as I came to this world, the range of acceptance began to widen.
Everything is good if it is pretty and suits you! And Sylvia’s breasts are pretty, and she suits her well! Then it’s done!
Moreover, even if the percentage of body fat in the chest is low, there is definitely a small bean that rises up in the middle.
It is said that you can feel its own pleasure in caressing with your mouth like this.
I pointed my tongue and caressed Sylvia’s already hardened nipples as if they were rolling.

“Hey! Ah, ahhh… . Goo, savior… . that… I’m wet! It is already wet!”

When my tongue touched my chest, Sylvia jumped out of bed, startled, trembling and desperately coming out like that.

“uh… Huh. I know. You’re spreading it wide open. look good.”

“Aww… That, so! So the chest… . the chest… .”

Sylvia procrastinated, wriggling all over her body as if she was about to die of shame, then muttered in a voice almost crying.

“Huh? Are you ashamed of it? You don’t have to. It suits your slender body very well. Huh. Pretty.”

“Hey. It’s not like that… .”

Perhaps in a state of complete panic, Sylvia’s tone of voice began to become more and more eccentric. no it’s no Are you filming a historical drama? In fact, the background of this world is close to the medieval western world, and she is also a noble young girl, so it may not be a bad way to speak.

“Huh? Then, would you like to do it somewhere other than your chest?”

With such a pathetic appearance, I can’t even say I hate it, and my heart is… the chest… Seeing Sylvia muttering, I felt sorry for continuing to caress her breasts.
Even Princess Felicia, who is her best friend, had huge breasts.
Sylvia doesn’t seem like the type that cares about her appearance, but she may have a complex in her chest.
I removed my mouth from Sylvia’s chest, this time placing my lips on Sylvia’s neck instead.


Then Sylvia trembled, making a subtle sound that made no difference whether she was screaming in shock or moaning in exhilaration.
After a light kiss on the fine nape, I stick out my tongue and climb up the nape of my neck.
Climb up the thin, white nape, pass the pretty v-line chin to the cheek
After her lips reached her cheek, she kissed her lightly again, and Sylvia was startled and removed her hands that were covering her eyes.
Then, my eyes met directly in front of me.

“Eh, uh… ?”

Sylvia, as if she couldn’t understand the situation, let out a muffled sound and twitched her eyes.
I seriously looked into Sylvia’s eyes like that, then gently kissed her on the cheek once more.
This time, a little closer to the lips than before.
Well, I didn’t do it on my lips, so my kids will look at this. it’s not cheating In any case, this is an act that falls into the category of caressing.

“Ahhh… OMG… Aww… .”

Let’s get a second kiss on the cheek,

Silvia, who had stopped as if the power had been turned on, started moving again.
Starting from the cheeks, the face gradually turned red, and then in an instant, it turned red all the way to the ears.
Then his whole body began to tremble as if it were vibrating, and then he covered his face with both hands again and began to twist his whole body.


And I started to feel a damp sensation near my lower body, Sylvia’s vagina.
When I looked down a little, the fountain was properly spitting out and reaching its climax.
A woman who feels an orgasm in the atmosphere indeed. Is this the only climax?
Obviously, at first it felt like an impregnable fortress due to insensitivity, but now it has become too easy on the contrary, isn’t it?

“Is it that good? Then again… .”

“Whoa! Ah, ah, ah, no!”


This time, I whispered softly into Sylvia’s ear in order to kiss her in the ear, and Sylvia shouted, shaking her head fiercely.

“Why? Was it bad this time too? But here… .”

“Wow! It’s not like that! Not like that! If you do more, no more, I will die of happiness! I really die!”

Oh, I’m glad. Surprise. It wasn’t that I didn’t like it either.
Rather, it was the opposite.
It seems that Sylvia’s desperate cry was nothing more than instinctively sensing the crisis of life and struggling to live.
But dying… . Are you talking about the boss?
Could it be that feeling this way can also be fatal?
I had no intention of testing it, so I had to stop acting.

“Then what shall we do? Would you like to stop here?”

If I had known it would be like this, I would have just started inserting it earlier.
Since I had never had any penetration, I am not considered to have had sex with you.
Naturally, the hand of the saint that I used on him before may not have been solved yet.
It seems to have reached its peak at the general store earlier, but it was not resolved.

“That, that… .”

When I asked if I would quit, this time Sylvia looked like she was about to cry in a different way than before.
Then I rolled my eyes and started thinking.
Wow. I’m thinking a lot. Sylvia’s heart seemed to be visible.
Is it the survival instinct or the pursuit of pleasure?
Seeing the two instincts collide and conflict, it was like seeing the day before I inserted into Diana in my previous life.
okay. I know that feeling well. And I know what conclusions you will come to.

“Tea, I can stand it. I will be patient. Boo, please, till the end… .”

Look. I knew it.
In the end, it seems that the instinct to seek pleasure within Sylvia has triumphed.
Sylvia took both hands to the pubic area between her legs, which were still wide open, then grabbed the thick flesh on either side of the pubic area and spread them wide.
The pink flesh was revealed, and the love juice was still leaking from the hole in the middle, which became more visible.
I leaned forward slightly and pressed the tip of the object against Sylvia’s vaginal opening.


That alone made Sylvia tremble, and she could feel the amount of love fluid leaking from her vagina increased.
But I haven’t inserted it yet.
Holding the stiff object with one hand and moving it up and down, I enjoyed the feeling of stroking it up and down as the end of the object brushed through the soft pubic flesh.
Of course, the feel of the tip of the object is excellent, and it was quite enjoyable to watch the shape of the beautiful vagina change as the tip of the object opened and closed again.

“Hah! Whoops! haha… .”

To be honest, I wanted to enjoy this feeling a little more relaxedly, but doing this strangely will only bother Sylvia.
He doesn’t even assert himself, he’s just patient and trying to accept it, so no matter how hard he tries, he doesn’t think he’s going to bully me.
I stopped playing with Sylvia’s pussy with an object, and finally, after aiming the object at the entrance, I pushed her back as it was.

“Heh heh heh!”

Sylvia trembled and climaxed once again as she advanced through Sylvia’s narrow flesh and propelled the object to the very end of the blockage.
She said that she would die of happiness just by caressing her, so if she moved right away, her life would be in danger.
In that sense, I tried to stop moving immediately after insertion and wait for Sylvia to calm down.

“Ha ha! Whoa! ha ha! Whoa!”

But Sylvia’s reaction became even more intense.
It was as if I was shaking my back violently.
Oh, yes. Do you get excited just by the fact that you are having sex without shaking your back as much as you feel the atmosphere?

“Hey heh!”

Even though I obviously did nothing and stood still, Sylvia twitched herself and simply climaxed once more.
Lord, won’t you die?
okay. Now that it’s inserted, the healing sex is working properly.
I won’t die anyway.
Maybe it would be better to wrap one foot quickly and finish it while actively shaking my back.
I grabbed Sylvia’s waist, fixed her lower body in the air, and then began to shake her back violently.
It’s not like Sarah’s wide pelvis exudes femininity, but Sylvia has created a feminine line in her own way with this attitude.
Although the overall shape was thin, the waist part was more snug, so the lines on the waist and pelvis were definitely alive.

“Whoa! ha ha! haha! Goo, goo, huh!”

Then, Sylvia, who was excited enough to feel a multi-orgasm, groaned to the point that it looked like she was half crazy.
Every time I bumped into my back, Sylvia’s pussy squirmed and the love juice inside burst out.
Sylvia’s body doesn’t feel any pleasure just because she shakes her back like this, but the fact that I’m shaking her back makes her happy.

Thinking that he loved me that much, Sylvia looked even prettier to me.
I brought Sylvia’s body up to a sitting position facing me, then hugged her tightly and rocked her back and forth.
Then she bit Sylvia’s earlobe with her lips. Then he mumbled in a soft voice, as if breathing a sigh into his ear.

“Sylvia. I will slowly at the same time at the end. Understand?”

“Ugh! Yes Yes! Tea, hold on, huh! Goo, savior! Salvation!”

Sylvia seems to have reached the limit with that declaration alone.
He hugged me tightly with both arms and legs. It started shaking so violently that it felt like it was rattling.

“Hey! Sin, sorry! Me, me, uhhhhhhhh!”

Sylvia seems to have tried to put up with it.
I unconsciously bit my shoulder and struggled to hold on somehow, but in the end, I felt a more intense orgasm than ever before, a little ahead of me, and my body trembled.
However, as Sylvia reached her climax, the texture of her vagina that she bit tighter, the pleasure of the vibration transmitted while shaking, and the sharp pain in her shoulder became a little spice, so I was able to ejaculate inside her right away.

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Appointment of Apostles

Sylvia felt her climax as she trembled violently, then drooped as if leaning against me as the strength of her body relaxed.
The arms and legs that had been holding me tight also lost strength, so I was thrown randomly on the bed.
Did I even pass out from such intense pleasure?
He’s breathing, so at least he’s not dead.

I shook my back subtly up and down to extract the semen that was still inside of Sylvia.
Even though she fainted, Sylvia’s pussy was still tight.
He grabbed my stuff and pulled out every drop of semen inside.
However, even when I shook her back like this, Sylvia did not respond at all.
Normally, even in a state of fainting, when I shake my back, I feel a sense of pleasure and react.
The fact that she didn’t react at all in this stunned state added credibility to the fact that Sylvia was delighted with the atmosphere.

After pouring out all the semen remaining inside Sylvia, I suddenly wanted to do an experiment.
Come to think of it, is it really possible to use the Apostle Appointment against him as well?
In the case of Sarah and Diana, who had already been ordained as apostles, as well as Leia, who had not yet used them, they were convinced beforehand that the apostles would be successful.
But he’s only known me relatively recently, will he ever be appointed as an apostle?
No, but that’s how I like it. And just the fact that I wrap it inside her gives me a sense of pleasure enough to pass out, but wouldn’t this be enough to make me an apostle?

As a test, I invoked the Apostle Appointment.
Then, in front of my eyes, a heart mark with a complex pattern and a pattern with wings on both sides came to mind.
Engrave this emblem somewhere on Sylvia’s body.
It is also triggered
I was pondering where to put the seal on Sylvia’s body, but one thing came to mind, and I immediately canceled the skill activation.
Yeah, I was just wondering if I could be appointed as an apostle. You can’t use Apostle Appointment for him. At least not now.
then. No matter what, you can’t do it before our angel.

Still, it was confirmed that it was possible to use it even as an apostle, so it was inevitable that Sylvia looked prettier.
I try my best to keep my children loyal, but I am also a man.
A pretty girl likes me so much, there’s no way it’s not good.
I stroked Sylvia’s soft, frizzy hair.
Oh, come to think of it, unless Sylvia unplugs the thing before waking up.
As a habit, I kept it on, but if I keep it on, it will peak again as soon as he comes to his senses.

“Ugh… .”

Even if you don’t feel any pleasure, it seems that you can feel the thick stick piercing through your insides and getting out.
As I pulled out the thing, Sylvia raised her eyebrows subtly and let out a low voice.
And at the same time as my item was completely pulled out, a liquid mixed with semen and love juice poured out of Sylvia with great force.
Push it, push it. Even if you hold your pee for a long time and then wrap it, it won’t come out with as much force as I did.

It’s not my fault, is it?
It’s true that my semen volume has increased beyond comparison with other men as the saint’s level has risen, but I’ve only bought it once. It can’t be my fault, can it?
Sylvia felt too much while I was putting it in, so the love fluid that was clogged inside burst out.
There was some leaking through the cracks during the act, but that means that it was literally only part of it.
haha. My stuff is so big. Besides, there are things that Sylvia’s tightening is good.
I mean, it was closed tight.

Anyway, I pulled out my things and sat with my back against the headboard of the bed.
Then he sat Sylvia between my legs and made her lean on me.
Then he took out a towel from his inventory and thoroughly wiped Sylvia’s drenched lower body.
You never know when it will happen, so we need to clean up here first.
After wiping Sylvia’s lower body clean, I put my hand on Sylvia’s head.
I’ll have to caress you like this until Sylvia wakes up.
Well. fluff. It’s a nice touch.

“Ugh… .”

But not long after I stroked her, Sylvia came to her senses.
I wanted to enjoy this touch a little more. Oh, can I keep touching him regardless of whether he wakes up?

“Hey, here… .”

“Woke up?”

“Hey hey! Goo, savior?!”

When she put her mouth to Sylvia’s ear and spoke softly, Sylvia jumped up and screamed as she got up.

“Oh, come here. Let me touch your hair more.”

“Yes, yes, yes?!”

Sylvia, her eyes wide open as if she didn’t understand what was going on, knelt down and put her head out to me.
Well. obedient and good

“You passed out while having sex with me. I do not remember?”

“Eh?! Ah, ah, ah, ah… .”

Sylvia then realized that we were both naked and covered her face in shame.
Then all of a sudden it’s hot! He raised his head and looked over my shoulder.

“Ugh! Sin, sorry!”

Seeing blood on my shoulder in the shape of teeth, Sylvia wept and apologized.
Then he put his face on my shoulder and started licking the bloody spot.
It’s something I’ve felt before, but it’s really like a puppy. Maybe it’s mixed with some sort of tow blood?

“Oh, it’s okay. everything was fine It’s just bloody. I told you before that I recover when I have sex. I do not remember?”

“Wow… . I’m sorry though… .”

I said while stroking Sylvia’s head, Sylvia snickered and licked her tongue, leaving every drop of blood on my shoulder.

“Sigh… Sigh… .”

It seems like the sound of breathing has gotten a little rough in the middle, but that’s probably because it’s held in my arms to put my mouth on my shoulder. Huh. Let’s assume it is.

“So, Sylvia. I have something to check.”

“Sigh… Yeah? Oh yeah! Say it!”

“Aren’t the saints’ hands that you hung up on before too loose? You still feel a sense of pleasure just by touching it, don’t you?”

“Yeah? Ah, ah, ah… .”

Sylvia, who was preoccupied with licking my shoulder with an apologetic expression, seemed to realize that I was still stroking her hair.
In an instant, he began to shrink with a shy expression on his face.
But since I was touching my head, I was desperately fixing the position of my head as if I could not interfere.
As a result, my body trembled.
cute guy.
Looking down at Sylvia’s lower body, it didn’t look like she was bleeding from her vagina again.
It was kept as soft as it had been before.
After all, I felt that way just by touching it, and the fact that the effect of the saint’s hand was still there was also having an effect.

thank God.
If it had continued to feel that way just by touching it, it would have been quite difficult.
If you fight together in a dungeon, it may happen that your body touches each other, and even if that’s not the case, it’s uncomfortable for the first time in your daily life.
Well, as I don’t feel it right now, it’s just a good level, but it’s a level that interferes with daily life enough
How can I live if I’m so shy just by touching
Maybe some special training is needed.

“Well, let’s go wash up first. What do you think? Sylvia? Shall we wash together?”

“Yes, yes?! that, that… !”

Sylvia hardened and stopped moving.
It seems that he is worried about whether to take the shame and wash together and die happy because he is overjoyed with happiness, or whether to give up washing with tears in his eyes.
Shall I do this Judging by that reaction, he might die if I really wash him.

“Then wash up first. Aren’t you embarrassed?”

“Ugh, whoops. yes, yes… .”

Sylvia walked to the bathtub with a complicated expression on her face as if she was happy, but on the other hand, as if she was sad.


“Yes, yes!”

Having both washed and fully dressed, I faced Sylvia once more.

“From now on, the special training begins.”

“Special training… mean? What special training… ? hey hey!”

Sylvia tilted her head cutely, and then I shook her head.

As soon as I touched him, he jumped right up.

“This is it. this reaction. I know it’s embarrassing, but you’re too harsh.”

“Ah, ah… .”

“So, from now on, I will start special training to get used to my skinship.”

“Yes, yes?!”

“Okay, so sit here for now!”

I sat leaning against the headboard of the bed, pointing over my own legs.

“… … Goo, on the bridge of the Savior?”

“okay. Oh, is this uncomfortable? Good. Are you okay? Sit here!”

This time, she opened her legs slightly to make space between them, and pointed there.

“Well, that kind of problem… .”
“Sylvia. This is all special training.”

“Ha, but… .”


“Yes, yes!”

“If you let me stay by your side, wouldn’t you listen to everything I asked for at any time? Come on. This is an order.”

I was forced to use the last resort.
Actually, that condition was what Sylvia said when she first asked me to accept her, although I didn’t put that condition on when I accepted her into my clan. For Sylvia, those words will surely work.

“Oh… Yeah… .”

Sylvia procrastinated, but eventually sat down between my legs.
But without leaning on me, he kept his back upright, trying not to touch me as much as possible.
where Yes, there is no special training.
I hugged Sylvia with both arms and pulled her towards me.


Sylvia reflexively tried to run away, but I wouldn’t let it go.
He gave strength to the arm that hugged Sylvia, and restrained Sylvia’s leg with her leg so that she could not escape.

“Stay still. this is a special lesson From today, you will be trained every day until you can show a normal reaction to my skinship.”

“Ah, ah, ah, ah… .”

Glancing at her face slightly over Sylvia’s shoulder, Sylvia’s eyes widened and she was in a state of complete panic.
I know only one way to bring a panicked person to sanity.
That’s the bigger shock.
I held Sylvia’s body in a tight hug, and rubbed my cheek against Sylvia’s top.

“Hey! Whoa! Whoa!”

Sylvia’s body jumped and jumped, and then she began to tremble.
It was expected that the body temperature would rise rapidly, and that the face would be red without even checking it.

“Don’t even think about running away. You will get used to it.”

Sylvia finally had no intention of escaping, and she was held in my arms and rubbed until evening.
ha ha The fluffy texture is somehow healed.
I think I know a little bit about why people keep pets.

“Salvation! came out… What are you doing?”

As evening approached, Sarah entered my room with great momentum.
Sara, who came in with a pleasant smile, saw me rubbing against Sylvia, and the tone of her voice quickly subsided.

“Sa, Sarah! Sah, live… .”
“Hey. what is that

I mean. do you want me to live I’m ashamed of myself because I like him too. Oh, Sarah. Do not misunderstand. This is special training.”

As soon as Sylvia saw Sarah, she desperately squealed, but I cut off the words and answered Sarah in haste.
When Sarah found out about this, I was instantly scared too, but now that I think about it, this is not an affair. I’m proud I am doing this for a good reason.

“… special training?”

“Huh. Even if he touches me, I’m seriously embarrassed. We’re from the same clan, but how long won’t we get tired of reacting like that? Besides, it can be dangerous to do this even during battle. That’s why I’m doing special training to get used to it.”

“Hey hey… .”

Hearing my answer, Sarah started looking at me and Sylvia’s faces in turn.
Seeing Sylvia, who was trembling with embarrassment, her whole body blushing like a blush, and her expression almost on the verge of crying, Sarah took a deep breath.

“Ahhh… . Salvation. Also, make sure you’re harassing Sylvia-san in moderation. You are pitiful.”

It seems that even Sarah heard that she was pathetic before she became jealous in such a situation.
The eyebrows that had soared up sharply returned to their original state, and said in a nonsensical voice.

“Are you harassing me? Imagine if he had this kind of reaction even during the fight. One mistake can lead to irreversible damage. For all of us… .”
“Alas. Huh. ok Okay.”

Hmm. I don’t understand Sarah’s rude reaction, but it seems like they understand it, so let’s move on.
You should think it’s lucky that Sarah doesn’t get angry because her jealousy explodes.

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Appointment of Apostles

“so. Sarah, what are you doing? no. Before that, I want to ask you something, what’s the matter? Dress up like that.”

It was. Sarah was now wearing pants with a fairly short top, almost halfway through the hips.
The top was the same length as usual, but as the top of the pants was short, more than half of her smooth belly was exposed, with her figure 11 abs clearly visible.
It was a very good outfit for Sarah, who had a slim model body, but on the other hand, it was also a very uncomfortable look.

That’s right, he hates exposing his skin so much.
Sara hates men other than me, and even hates being looked at, as she has a past when she almost got raped by that damn Potts guy.
And Sarah, who knows how pretty she is, knew that men would stare at her if she wore revealing clothes.
So Sarah was always wearing extremely low-exposure clothes.
To me, I thought it would be a waste of treasure for Sarah, who has a model-like body, to dress like that, but I had no intention of fixing it as the past was the past.
Damn Potts bastard. I should have tortured him more and killed him. He must have been mentally weak enough to commit suicide.
Anyway, that kind of Sarah is wearing pants that expose her lower abdomen like that.
Did something change your mind?

“Huhu. Okay?”

Sara, who answered my question, smiled with her white teeth as happy as when she entered the previous room, or more happily.
Then he made a round and half turn and turned his back toward me, pretending to be a model and then turned around and looked in this direction.

“Jeh! Look at this. What do you think?”

Only after looking at her back did I realize why Sarah suddenly appeared dressed like that.
Was it really for this reason that I went shopping like that yesterday and went to buy something again today?
The pants were draped over Sarah’s hips as they were short at the top, and the seal of the apostle I engraved yesterday was clearly visible on them.
Perhaps he was obsessed with revealing the pattern completely, but it was barely visible until the end of the heart shape.
That means she was exposing even the narrowest part of Sarah’s buttocks, and she was in danger of showing up even deeper if she made a mistake.
In terms of whether it suits or not, it definitely fits.
With such moderate exposure, the model force seemed to come out as the body shape that was still like a model lit up.

“uh… Well… very pretty the best. Did you go to buy it today?”


“Then don’t tell me. We should have gone together.”

“Huhu. I just wanted to surprise you.”

“Looking at Gu-won’s surprised expression, it seems that the surprise worked.”

“Huh. It’s really pretty. But Sarah, I have a question for you.”

“Huh? What?”

“Did you come all the way from the store in that outfit?”

“By the way?”

“Can’t men glance at you?”

Sara’s expression on hearing my words changed for a moment, but for a brief moment, it looked like she was looking at trash.
But for a brief moment, Sarah looked at me with a bright smile again.

“Yeah, I’ve seen it, but I still want to brag about it. I can bear that.”

Diana was like that, but Sarah was also very happy that there was such tangible evidence to prove our relationship.
And at the same time, it also explains why Sarah was able to calm her anger right away when she saw me and Sylvia like this.
In fact, Sylvia, who is now in my arms, had a slightly sullen expression when she saw Sarah’s seal. At the same time, he stared at the seal on Sarah’s buttocks with envy.
I’m sorry about this. He was also in a situation where he could be appointed as an apostle, but I didn’t do it on purpose.
Well, it would be better not to do it anyway It’s because we weren’t accepted into our clan in the same position as the other three.
Instead, look at it being so sullen. So, let’s divert our attention.
I started to tickle Sylvia’s side with the hand that was holding her tightly.

“Hey! haha… Aww… .”

Then Sylvia seemed to remember the situation she was in for me again.

The body, which had stopped for a moment while concentrating on the seal, began to tremble with embarrassment again.
Okay Sylvia is done with this. Then, shall we focus on the conversation with Sarah again?

The desire to brag about your relationship with me is greater than the disgust you receive from the gaze of other men. It really was a good statement.
To be honest, I don’t like seeing other people look at Sarah like that, but what can I do? It’s impossible to pluck out everyone’s eyes one by one, and it’s also funny that you shouldn’t wear pretty clothes to take care of others.
This subtle feeling is the fate of a man with a pretty woman.
The other person’s gaze had already given up before. At the time when Leia’s priestly uniform was converted into a clingy garment.
Well, it felt more subtle because the seal was put on the erogenous zone, but it doesn’t matter because other people don’t know that it’s an erogenous zone sign.
Oh, by the way, you didn’t even tell Sarah. So that’s how it’s exposed.
Let’s keep this secret from Sarah for the rest of our lives.

With that thought in mind, I slowly glanced at Sarah’s back again in order to clearly engrave her image in my mind.
really pretty. Sara, who is slim and has a wide pelvis, is wearing tight pants that come down to the middle of the pelvis, so it’s like taking a picture.
Huh? Come to think of it… .
I have one question.

“But Sarah.”


“Those pants come down quite a bit.”


“How about your underwear?”

It was. Sara was now in a state where the upper part of her underwear was clearly visible.
But no underwear was visible over Sarah’s pants.

“Huhu. I’m curious?”

Sara said with a slightly bewitching smile at my question.

“Huh. I am very curious.”

All sorts of thoughts ran through my mind.
From underwear shaped like a micro bikini, to T-Pants, C-Pants
No matter what she wore, it was obvious that she would be very sexy and fit well with Sarah, who is like a model.
I want to see. I want to see you immensely.

“If you’re curious about that, why don’t you find out for yourself?”

He, that means… It’s clear to take it off yourself!
this stinky thing! You know how to melt a man’s sweetheart!
I tried to run away to Sarah at any moment, but failed because Sylvia was in my arms.

“buy it. Come on.”

“Is there Sylvia too?”

That meant I had to get Sylvia out so I could check what’s inside her pants.
Damn it. In the end, it wasn’t just that Sarah had a sense of superiority after being appointed an apostle.
I expected this to happen, and I was confident that soon we could be alone, so I just suppressed my jealousy for a while.
Seriously, there’s no way this jealous kid wouldn’t be jealous because he’s in a slightly superior position.

But what about this? Sylvia’s special training isn’t over yet.
Besides, Sylvia just finished having sex with me.
after having sex

‘Now that your business is over, go out. I’m going to play with my wife.’ Isn’t that what you say?
No matter how clearly Sylvia and our kids are drawing a line that is different, I try to act accordingly, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.
Then it’s no different from being treated like a real sex slave.
I can’t be that vicious.

Sarah doesn’t even know that Sylvia and I had sex.
You must be thinking that I’m just tormenting Sylvia in the name of special training.
Had I known, our good Sarah wouldn’t have been so blatantly signed to let Sylvia go.
Because she felt pity for Sylvia and allowed her to sleep.
But that doesn’t mean I just had sex with Sylvia, and I’m sorry I just had sex and then kicked you out right away, right? I couldn’t even say the same thing to Sarah.
This is exactly what the dilemma is talking about.

“What are you going to do?”

Sara turned around again and faced her head-on, then slowly approached the bed with a smile.
Damn it. how do i do this
I’m so sorry to Sylvia for letting Sylvia go, but if I don’t let her go, I’m sure Sarah will be pissed off.

“Yeah… .”


As I opened my mouth, contemplating what to do, a knock on the door echoed through the room.

“Savior. Sarah. Miss Sylvia. Dinner is ready.”

And as usual, Vanessa’s cold voice, who had no emotion, announced the meal time.
It is a really insensitive voice, but to me now, it was heard as a voice of salvation that gave a ray of light. By the way, it’s not my voice.

“… Time over.”

Saying that, Sarah’s voice was slightly lowered.
You say Vanessa interrupted you, but it seems you don’t like that I didn’t get Sylvia out right away.
But I can still use Vanessa’s excuses, so the situation is better.

“Yeah, that’s right. Let’s go eat quickly. a. don’t be so pissed off I’ll make sure to check the inside of your pants later.”

I lifted Sylvia slightly and set it aside, and as I approached Sarah, I said in a deliberately bright voice.

“huh. It’s not crooked.”

“Then I’m happy. Come on, let’s go. Haven’t you shown it to the other kids yet? Let’s go and brag.”

I wrapped my arms around Sarah’s waist and hugged her, saying whatever came to mind, to ease Sarah’s feelings.
The smooth, bare skin touched and hugged me much better.
It couldn’t have been an excellent pair of pants in many ways.

“Sylvia. What are you doing. Come on. You should go too.”

“Yes, yes.”

So I took Sarah and Sylvia to the restaurant.
Without knowing that what I just said would set off a new bomb.

“Well. Miss Sarah. Rarely. You dress like that.”

“It is. Sarah, it suits you well.”

Diana and Leia had already arrived at the restaurant.
And, whether Diana and Leia are women, I immediately paid attention to the fact that Sarah was boldly wearing a fashion that exposed her lower abdomen.

“Huhu. Thank you. To be honest, I’m a little embarrassed to expose my skin like this, but I don’t want to hide the evidence of love for salvation.”

And Sarah, who heard that, turned back as if she had been waiting, slightly protruding her hips and posing as if to emphasize the seal on her hips.
At the same time, his eyes were on me, and to me, those eyes were like, ‘I didn’t mean to be like this, but I’m doing it because salvation just told me to brag.’ seemed to say Otherwise, ‘Hey. Why don’t you choose me right away? Are you saying you like Sylvia that much? Where are you going to get scolded?’ or say
Sarah’s provocation certainly had a huge impact.

“What, what, what, what… ?!”

Diana was stammering like a broken machine, unable to complete the sentence,

“Sah, did you get Sarah too?”

Leia was devastated by the fact that she was the only one of the three to be ordained an apostle.
In fact, since I slept with Sarah last night, I would have expected that Sarah would also have been appointed an apostle, but seeing it with my own eyes like this is also a bigger shock.

“Huh, huh! Well, yes, this body is there too! This body got it earlier!”
“Yeah. It’s a place that doesn’t show up unless you do something like a pervert that lifts the skirt. Seeing that I engraved it in a place where it could be revealed like this, I think I wanted to show off my salvation.”

“Hey, hey! Bake it!”

Sara, who had become more aggressive because of being pouting at me just before, fired at me, and Diana looked at me with a cute sound. Then he started to cry, pointing at Sarah as if a little child was telling a story.
You’re probably asking me to tell you if what Sarah said is true.
Sara, Sara! I know you’re sulking, so can you please taunt me a little bit?!
That Diana takes a huge blow to her mental health and cries to the point of degenerating an infant!

Besides, I don’t think you engraved it in a position where you could reveal it so carelessly!
Are you saying that you can see the buttocks even if your pants go down an inch more?
You are in a very exposed state right now!

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Appointment of Apostles

Of course, Diana’s position is a little lower than that, so that’s impossible, but I don’t think you’re going to be so proud of it!

“no! It’s not like that! Diana, I told you before, why I engraved my seal like this! Same with Sarah! Someone wants to brag, someone wants to hide, and it’s not like that!”

I exclaimed hastily, before Diana burst into tears.
But, I was shouting too hastily, so I ended up saying things I shouldn’t have said.
Damn it. I’m stupid! How long has it been since you vowed to keep it a secret from Sarah for the rest of your life?

“What? What are you talking about? Was there a reason for the seal’s position? What profit?”

“That, so… uh… Well… that… We exercise the right to remain silent.”

Diana is said to have the most normal erogenous zone.

can Because it’s inside the vagina.
The fact that it was engraved on the erogenous zone itself made me angry, but it was better because it wasn’t like announcing that the strange place was the erogenous zone.
But not Sarah. Say that your ass is erogenous, so it’s engraved on your ass.
Besides, Sarah was walking down the street today with that thing exposed.
Sarah is going to kill me.

“Say it.”

“Well, it’s just hanging out. How pretty is our Sarah’s ass… .”

“Salvation. I’ll say one last time. Tell the truth.”

“That… May I borrow your ear?”

Under the pressure of Sarah’s force, I gave up everything and put my mouth to Sarah’s ear.

“Your ass is erogenous… Kuweek!”

Before I could finish my words, Sarah’s intense body blow hit my side.

“Aren’t you really stupid?! Wait, then I… Really stupid! Fool! You idiot!”

“Wow! Sleep, boo! Sarah, wait a minute… !”

In the end, I was beaten up by Sarah, and the commotion before dinner was able to end.
… I sacrificed myself to prevent a war between our children, so that’s it. I’m satisfied.

Sara, who had beaten me like that and not at all angered, remained silent throughout the meal.
Then, as soon as everyone finished eating, they quickly left the restaurant.
Where did that imposing model walking earlier go, with her hand covering the seal above her hip, she ran away with a blushing face, and there was no time to stop her.
At least she ate it all first, but in that she was waiting for everyone else to finish eating, so I could confirm that our Sarah was a polite child on an unconscious level.

Damn it. If you don’t make it up later.
I felt like I wanted to go to comfort him right now, but if I went now, I was sure to taste Sarah’s terrifying touch again.
Of course, since I am a fighter by profession, I am stronger in melee combat. If you want to resist, you can resist, it is difficult, but you can also overcome it.
But you can’t be violent with our Sarah, can you?
I can’t help but wait for Sarah’s anger to cool down a bit.

And one more thing, Leia, who had been dying from a while ago, had to do something quickly.
You said you couldn’t get an appointment to buy alone, so you’ve been drowning like that before dinner.
It seemed that Leia also needed to be appointed apostles quickly.
By the way, when Sara gets angry like that, she immediately releases her stress, but our angel is the type that keeps it in her heart, so it’s more dangerous.
It’s enough to see our angel like that just once.

“Then, Leia. Let’s go to the room.”

“Yeah? Already?”

“okay. Let’s go.”

Leia gave a slightly startled expression as if she thought I would run to comfort Sarah.
First of all, you are first.

I grabbed Leia’s hand and headed to the bedroom.
Of course, it was true that thinking about how to comfort Sarah was a headache, but think about that later.
When dealing with Leia, only Leia

Isn’t it manners to focus?

I laid Leia on the bed.
His long hair was still less dry and subtly wet, apparently after going out and showering before eating.
I took a shower after I did it with Sylvia, so I don’t think I need to shower again.

“Then Leia. Should I quit my special training today and start immediately by appointing an apostle?”

It was Leia who decided to work hard on special training a while ago as she made a new determination, but she doesn’t really want to start special training until this time.
But at my question, Leia gently shook her head.

“no. Please do special training properly.”

“Huh? Didn’t you want to be appointed as an apostle right away?”

“Of course I want to get it right away. It’s a sign that can clearly reveal your relationship with Goo Won. I want to get it right now. However… You can get it today, right? There’s nothing to be concerned about. And… When I couldn’t kiss Goo Won outside yesterday, I was really upset. Just as I want to be appointed as an apostle as soon as possible, I also want to quickly become a body that can freely kiss Mr. Guwon.”

Anyway, how come our angels are so pretty in every word they say.
Even if I had to deliberately play the ideal woman that a man really wants, I wouldn’t be able to do this.
This is what I was riding You are a natural angel.
Sigh… After all, the angel is Leia.

“like that. Then where… .”

I climbed up to cover Leia’s stomach and kissed Leia’s forehead as it was.
And, leaving only the eyelids, ears, nose, cheeks and lips, I gave him a light bird kiss all over his face.

“Heh, huh, huh, huh.”

Leia smiled a little tickled, and subtly, a purple light was leaking out of her eyes subtly.
But it was a very fleeting moment, and soon Leia’s eyes returned to their normal shape again.

“For now, everything looks fine except for the lips. Until you have full control over the nine tails, if you want to kiss me, you can do it anywhere on your face instead.”

“Huhu. Yes. Okay.”

When I said playfully, Leia brought her hand to her mouth and smiled.

“Then it’s special training… . Last time, in the end, you were being caressed by me until you reached the climax. Then I think the next step is also direct action.”

“A direct action?”

“Huh. Direct action to absorb the spirit. Actions such as kissing, fella, or sex. But I’m not sure I’m at the stage where I can survive by doing that right now. Before, I immediately became a nine-tailed fox. So I mean. I was thinking of an intermediate step.”

“What is it?”

“It’s saliva. Kissing, fella, sex. What all these acts have in common is that in the end you’re taking my saliva into your body. In other words, I think now is the time to practice getting used to saliva.”

“Wow, indeed. i See. So what should I do from now on?”

“Right. first… It’s okay to have saliva on your body, right? Kissing somewhere else is fine.”

“Yeah. It was a little risky.”

“Then the next step is to get the semen on your body.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

It may sound absurd at first glance, but I was serious.
In fact, there was a time when the semen splashed on her face and Leia turned into a nine-tailed fox.
But now and then are different.
Leia is also very accustomed to the state of the nine tailed fox, so she might be able to endure it now.
Leia knew that too, so she nodded her head with a puzzled but serious face.

“Then, Leia, please.”

“Yes Yes?”

“That’s right, to get semen on your body, you have to have semen first, don’t you?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

Perhaps she understood the meaning of my words, Leia nodded her head with a blush in her face.

“Okay, then Guwon, please lie down on the bed.”

Leia blushed in embarrassment, but with a determined expression, clenched her fists in front of her chest and said,
Even when I’m lying down like that, there’s a valley in my chest. After all, Leia’s breasts are a national treasure.
With Sylvia, who has no fat left… Stop thinking sad.

I quickly lay down next to Leia as Leia said.
Then Leia slowly got up and climbed onto my body.
Even with a determined expression, his face was red all the way to his ears, and his arm resting next to my head was trembling.

From my point of view, it’s not unfamiliar to me that Leia is serving me now, but from Leia’s point of view, it’s not like that.
That’s what I did when I became a nine-tailed fox. Fortunately, even when I volunteered in a state where I was not a nine-tailed fox, I almost went back and forth until I became a nine-tailed fox, so it was difficult to see that I was completely sane.

It was a little sad to see him so shy, but more than that, I was excited.
That angel is trying to drain my semen with his bare mind.
Can’t you be excited?

“that… Excuse me then.”

After speaking with a pitiful smile, trying to hide her shame, Leia put her hands on my pants.
Then, after crawling back to the point where my face would be on my crotch, I began to slowly untie the front of my pants.


When the front of the pants was completely untied, my items, which had already grown to their full size, popped out and slammed lightly against Leia’s face.

“Mi, sorry!”

“It’s okay, it’s okay. He, Burr, you are already growing.”

That’s right, there’s no man in the world who doesn’t get big when the angel is undoing the front of his pants.
Leia didn’t lose her smile as she embraced her face, which had been slapped with my stuff.
Unlike Leia’s usual warm smile, it was a stiff smile that seemed a bit overkill.

But unlike that tense expression, Leia seemed to know what to do.
Without asking what I should do from now on like the other kids, he reached out and grabbed my object in an extremely natural motion.

Check the size and strength of objects and learn how to grip them accordingly.

Leia, who had been procrastinating a few times as if to change her hand, clasped her fingers to see if she had found a satisfactory position.
The craftsmanship of stimulating an object by giving it strength and weakness in the grip strength while making sure that it stimulates the object from the tip to the root was truly remarkable.

Maybe even the pros can’t do that?
If I had to pick a person who had a skill similar to Leia among those I had experienced, only Princess Felicia came to mind.
After all, he’s great too. Even if Leia is said to be doing so well under the influence of a nine-tailed fox, what the hell? Isn’t that a real succubus?
Anyway, that’s not important.

Her face is bright red with a tense smile on her face, but her hand is an angel who beats her daughters with better hand movements than a pro.
With this sight alone, I felt like I could have already paid off.
But it is an opportunity that has come a long way.
The devil’s whisper tickled my ear, saying, “Isn’t it too expensive to wrap it up like this?”
And the angel and the devil inside me clash once again.

No. What are you talking about. This is for Leia’s special training.
Just because it’s helping special training, there’s no reason why I shouldn’t enjoy it, right?
But anyway, the granddaughter is everything. The moment you put it in your mouth, you will immediately turn into a nine-tailed fox.
What are you talking about? Why do you think your mouth is the only thing other than your hands? What is Leia’s biggest weapon?
What? Yes of course go… hum… .
okay. You know that. Are you going to say bullshit that you still can’t enjoy it?
No way!

The angel within me has fallen for the devil.
As soon as the scene of the two of them shaking hands firmly came to mind, my mouth began to spit out additional requests at will.

“Leia. Well, I think it’s a little slow by hand. If possible, won’t you write your breasts too? I think it would be a meaningful special training if I put the cooper fluid on something like this chest before semen.”

Even the logic was so perfect that I even admired myself.
A man who can become a genius for the sake of desire. Call me salvation.

“Yes Yes? Go, chest. Yes. That’s right.”

Our angel was persuaded by me, and carefully loosened his hand that had been sweeping up and down.
Then he got up and started taking off his clothes.
And the overwhelming volume of breasts revealed.
Even taking off her underwear, Leia slowly carried that demonic chest, which had been completely unsealed, between my crotch.
Even though I wasn’t conscious of it, I could feel my things tremble with anticipation.

“Hey. fufu. Be still.”

Leia must have thought that I was joking on purpose.
I smiled a little more relaxed than before, grabbed my object with one hand and stopped moving.
Then, while moving his upper body, he adjusted the position to fit the object between his chest.

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uh… Sorry. It broke in the middle of the scene.
Please watch it because it’s a festival.


Appointment of Apostles

And finally my stuff was buried between Leia’s big breasts.
I could feel the soft and supple touch of my items from both sides.
Just by being buried in my chest without doing anything, I could only feel an infinitely soft feeling, which made me feel pretty good.
But, of course, that couldn’t be the end.
Leia grabbed her chest as if it was supporting her, and gathered her breasts as if she was gently pressing on my things.
As my object was buried in my chest and only the tip was visible above my sternum, I could feel a soft object that changes shape precisely and pleasantly presses on my object.

Also, Leia’s breasts are amazing.
I can’t believe my proud son is buried so that only the end is visible.
While I was admiring, Leia’s movements, having properly posed and prepared, moved on to the next stage.
At first, he gently waved his hands up and down as if shaking his own chest, making his chest wave.
As if it were tickling my object, my chest moved and gently stimulated the object.
At first, the object was stimulated by moving the left and right chest up and down at the same time.
Then, this time, Leia changed her movements a little and started moving her left and right breasts in the opposite direction.
The right chest went up, the left chest went up.
Stimulating objects alternately from left to right also brought quite a different kind of pleasure.
To be honest, the pleasure felt in the object was not as intense as direct insertion, but the pleasure of being tickled by the soft texture of the object while looking at the softly waving breasts was quite satisfactory.
This is a pleasure that can only be felt with the heart.

And most of all, I liked that the innocent Leia older sister was doing this.
Leia’s face was flushed red, yet her gaze was fixed on the tip of my object that protruded above her breastbone and did not fall.
what? Leia’s eyes… .
Leia, who continued to stare at the end of my object, naturally opened her mouth, put out her thin and long tongue characteristic of beast people, and slowly lowered her head to the end of my object… .

“Wait stop!”

Just before Leia’s tongue touched my object, I quickly covered Leia’s mouth to prevent Leia from turning into a nine tailed fox.
The smooth feel of Leia’s tongue touching the palm of her hand is just like this… .

“Oh, I’m sorry. Stop without knowing… .”

“no. It means that you were doing it with so much enthusiasm. i’m glad Still, it’s a special training. Do you know how I feel?”

“Yeah. I will do my best.”

Leia nodded with determined eyes.
In the midst of trying not to fall into the temptation of my things, on the other hand, Leia, who was trying hard to stimulate my things with her chest, was truly an angel.

Leia, who was fluttering her chest like that and stimulating my things, this time, squeezing her chest and gathering it in the center, pressing my things strongly.
Even with strong pressure, Leia’s breasts were too tight and soft, so the pressure wasn’t too bad, but the stimulation was definitely stronger than before.

Leia tried to stimulate my object by moving her chest up and down with her chest pressed like that, but it was difficult to move as before as the friction increased.
Then, for some reason, Leia’s face began to turn red even more.
That look… okay. It wasn’t that he didn’t know what to do.
Rather the opposite. I felt red because I knew exactly what to do.
Leia pondered for a moment with a reddened face, then raised her upper body a little and fell away from me.


“Joe, please wait a minute.”

After Leia said that, she grabbed my object with both hands, stretched out her finger, and began to gently stimulate the tip of my object with her index finger.
No, rather than provoking, this is… It felt like I was rubbing the cooper fluid that was leaking from the tip of my stuff.
So, I spread all the cooper liquid on the cap on the tip of the object and wet it, and this time I put my palm on the tip of my object and turned it round and round.
Then he grabbed my stuff and moved it up and down using the snaps on his wrist to spin it around.
You’re applying Cooper’s solution from the palm of your hand.
After spreading my cooper fluid all over the thing, Leia put mine between her breasts once more.

And this time as well, as before, she pressed her chest tightly to the center as if she was pressing it from both sides, and started moving up and down as it was.
As much as the slippery cooper liquid was applied to the entire object, it felt much softer than before, and my chest moved and stimulated my object.

“Hah… .”

But our angel was dissatisfied with that alone.
With a bright red face, lightly furrowing his eyebrows, with a few tears dangling around his eyes, he looked at the end of my thing with a look of resentment for a moment.
Le, Leia-nim suddenly looked at me with a sullen expression, so this is it… no! I am not M! In other words, S!
Aside from the shouts in my heart, my things got stronger and I trembled.

“Ugh… .”

And Leia seemed to have taken it as a means of urging.
Feeling a sense of desperation, he closed his eyes tightly, bowed his head, and stuck out his tongue.

“awhile! Leia!”

“It’s okay, it’s okay. It’s not like that.”

Leia said that in a voice that looked like she was about to die from shame and stopped her head in the distance as if the tip of her tongue was about to touch my object.
And the sticky saliva started dripping down Leia’s pink tongue.
So Leia’s saliva fell on the tip of my object as it was, and it rode on my object and disappeared between Leia’s own breastbone.
Such an action that could even seem vulgar at first glance was something that Leia would never have imagined.

But now, Leia is not a nine-tailed fox, she is completely sane.
Maybe the cooper liquid touched his chest, and sometimes his eyes lit up, but he was able to communicate properly and kept his rationality completely.
The fact that Leia does this to me means that she has a strong desire to please me that much.
Seeing Leia like that, my belongings shuddered once again.

“Really. You can’t watch it I will do it right.”

Although Leia was shy, she still spoke in a soothing voice and began to move her chest.
Even Leia’s saliva had become a lubricant, and now Leia’s chest began to move up and down as if it was really slippery.

No matter how tightly I pressed it in the middle, the feeling of pressure wrapped around my things, just at a level that could elevate the pleasure to the maximum due to the limitation of the soft material.
And the texture of Leia’s blemish-free, silky texture, and the visual effect that she’s doing this with that innocent face.
As an added bonus, Leia’s sweet sigh as she reached the end of the object seemed to flow from the tip of the object to her brain like electricity flowing from the tip of the object to her brain.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.”

And as she did this, Leia herself seemed to be starting to get excited.
Since her breasts are in the highest erogenous zone, Leia, there was no reason not to be excited about the constant stimulation of her breasts like this.
Leia, who continued to let out a sweet sigh at the tip of my object, changed the movement of her hand again.
As before, the left and right breasts alternately move up and down. But this time, it is different from the previous ones in that he moves while maintaining a strong sense of pressure.

“Hah. heh heh Sigh. .”

And that wasn’t the only difference.
Leia was gathering her breasts a little more, making her nipples touch each other.
In that state, he moved his left and right breasts alternately, and the already hardened nipples began to rub against each other.
It was a high-level technique to pursue my own pleasure while serving me.
Indeed, the skill of a nine-tailed fox. I can’t be bothered

I want to reach out and help Leia feel more.
I want to rub, suck, and lick those soft breasts.
But you have to be patient.
After much effort, Leia was serving herself like this, but she couldn’t stop it.
Besides, this was Leia’s special training.
Originally, the purpose of special training was to extract semen so that it does not become a nine-tailed fox when it comes into contact with the skin, but now that Leia serves me like this, it seems to be a special training enough to endure without turning into a nine-tailed fox.
I had no choice but to give up on touching Leia’s chest with tears in my eyes.
I’ll see you later after special training is over.

As Leia began to feel it herself, a different taste was added to the stimulus felt in my objects.
As Leia trembled with pleasure, the vibration began to be felt in my object.
As I looked at Leia’s face, which looked red now because of pleasure rather than shame, I slowly began to feel ejaculation.

“Leia. I slowly… .”

“Heh. Yes, Neet!”

Leia listened to me and adjusted the position of her chest once again.
I moved the position of the chest that covered it all the way from the root up a little bit so that the tip of my item was completely buried in Leia’s breastbone so that it could not be seen.
In that state, when Leia moved her chest, the ejaculation that had been heightened by stimulating the tip of the most sensitive object rose to the end at once.

“Wow! Leia!”

In the end, I ejaculated loudly in Leia’s chest.
Apparently, he ejaculated while completely buried in his chest, but the satisfaction was too great.
White semen began to bubble up over Leia’s breastbone, and then the semen spurted out like a fountain, splattering over Leia’s chest and up to her face.


And at the same time as I ejaculated, Leia seemed to have reached a light climax while shaking her body.
However, while trembling in the afterglow of the climax, Leia did not stop moving her chest.
As if to pull out the last drop left on the object, he moved his chest to and fro as if squeezing the stick of my object.
As I looked at her, I gently stroked Leia’s gleaming golden hair.
The appearance of trembling, triangular ears above the head is somehow healed.

Anyway, my prediction was correct.
To say that Leia continues to serve like this means that Leia is still sane.
After all, I am now able to control myself to the extent that it does not change as long as the semen touches my skin.

“Leia. It was great.”

“Is that so? What a relief.”

After squeezing the last drop of semen from my dick, Leia looked at my face and smiled shyly.
There was semen on his face, but nevertheless, he couldn’t hide the neat atmosphere.
He’s an angel too.

“Sorry. to the face.”

“Oh, it’s okay. Never mind. Are you saying you were that happy? I am rather happy.”

say it again He’s an angel too.
Leia smiled bashfully like that, and then ran her fingers over the semen on her face… He licked the semen off his fingers. there’s no way for me to stop

“… Ah.”

Maybe he did it unconsciously.
All of Leia’s techniques are based on the instincts of the nine-tailed fox, so it would be just a natural act according to the instinct of the nine-tailed fox.
And from Leia’s eyes, who licked the semen, the light in her eyes began to be amplified.
It was a sign of turning into a nine-tailed fox.
I came all the way here without turning into a nine-tailed fox, but at the end of the day, I accidentally changed.
It’s like winning a game and losing a game.

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