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Appointment of Apostles

Not only the eyes, but also the hips showed that Leia was turning into a nine-tailed fox.
Naturally, Leia was in a position with her hips soaring up so that her chest touched my lying object, so I could see Leia’s buttocks well.
And above the swaying buttocks, the tail of a nine-tailed fox made of purple magic gradually increased in number.

Leia, who eventually turned into a nine-tailed fox with nine tails and radiating a beautiful glow from her eyes, slammed her head down with my belongings that were placed in her chest.
Then, as if sucking with a sucker, he began to suck.
Hey. You just pulled every last drop from your chest. If you wash it like that, no more will come out.
Well, if you wash it for a long time, it will regenerate.

Apparently, the special training ends here.
I gently wrapped my hands around Leia’s face, who was sucking my stuff violently, and lifted it up, pulling it out of my mouth.
These days, even when I become a nine-tailed fox, I don’t put any bondage on it, and I do not feel like I’m being forced to pull out because I’m a Ray Eye who follows me when I lead.
Although the nine-tailed fox revived his appetite as if it were regrettable.

don’t be so sad
Now that the special training is over, it’s your turn to appoint the apostle you’ve been longing for, so I took it out.
No, but still, isn’t it a bit unreasonable to appoint an apostle while you’re out of your mind?
Thinking about the days of Diana and Sara, the moment she was appointed an apostle, a great sense of happiness seemed to cover her entire body. In order for our angels to taste that feeling properly, after all, the apostle appointment should be done when he is in his sanity.

Of course, that doesn’t change what you’re doing now.
If you want to make Leia go to her bare mind, you have to fight her and get rid of her nine-tailed state.
I laid Leia down as it was, and spread Leia’s legs wide.
I knew it when I was at my climax, but Leia’s pussy was already drenched as if she could accept me at any time.
And I am ready as well.
As soon as I turned into a nine-tailed fox, Leia sucked me on the side, so my items stayed at their maximum size without any room to shrink.
I inserted my dick into Leia’s pussy without hesitation.


Then he placed his hands on either side of Leia’s head and shook her waist violently.
Insert it all the way to the root, then pull your back back enough to think that the object is completely pulled out, and then insert it all the way to the root again and repeat.
It was good to do it with the chest, but it was also good to insert it directly like this.
It’s just that our angel likes his whole body.

As if the light climax he felt earlier was not enough, the nine-tailed fox also skillfully turned his back while lying in bed, amplifying the pleasure he and I received.
rumbling wobbly.
And in accordance with the movement of my waist and Leia’s waist, Leia’s huge breasts also wavered.
The semen on her face was wiped off by Leia herself, but the traces wrapped in her breastbone remained intact on her huge chest.
As I lay down like this, my breasts spread slightly, revealing the space between my breasts, so I could clearly see the semen I had packed.
Seeing something like this, looking like it was cheaply aimed at the chest no matter what, it stimulated a strange imagination and made me even more excited.
After all, there was something I decided to do earlier.

I immediately reached out to Leia’s large chest.
He grabbed Leia’s shaking breasts and gently caressed them, pinching the nipples and pulling them slightly, and playing with the tips of her fingers as if turning the hardened nipples around.
Whoops. Great. With this chest, you won’t get tired of playing with it for a few days.

Even while playing with my chest like that, I did not stop moving my waist.
And as the feeling of ejaculation slowly began to approach, I made a change to the movement of the waist, which was moved by pulling it for a long time.
In a state deeply embedded in Leia, with short and rapid successive movements as if stabbing the inside.
There are also things to relieve the nine-tailed fox state, so if you have a feeling of ejaculation, you don’t have to put up with it and just wrap it up.
Finally, while rubbing the tip of the object as if rubbing the deepest part of Leia, I ejaculated without holding back.


However, this time too, the nine-tailed fox status was not lifted due to one circumstance.
Leia, who had reached her climax at the same time as I ejaculated, did not stop her waist movement while shaking her body.
Rather, as if to ask for more, the inside of the vagina tightened and loosened, preventing the size of my things from shrinking.
You should do more if you want.
I grabbed Leia’s leg without loosening the bond and turned the body half a turn as it was, this time making it into a rear-facing position and moving her back.

“Whoa! Ha! Whoa!”

Bend over so that her upper body is close to Leia’s back, and reach out and rub her hand on Leia’s chest, which feels bigger than usual as it faces downwards under gravity.
His waist moved violently as it slammed against Leia’s soft buttocks.
He taps the inside quickly and briefly as if knocking a few times, then pulls out his waist and stings strongly once. Then tap again briefly as if knocking.
Sometimes, while turning the waist, use the tip of an object to create a circular motion on the inside of the pubic area and stimulate it as if rubbing it.


After moving her waist like that for a while, the strength finally released from Leia’s arm.
Leia reached its climax in a posture that leaned forward, buried her upper body on the bed, and barely lifted her buttocks.
As I was burying my upper body in the bed like this, even when I looked from the back, I could see that my large breasts were sticking out to the side of my upper body.
Really Leia. Boasts an overwhelming size.

As I tasted Leia’s inner flesh, which was trembling and tightening her pussy, I also spurted my waist.
Now, come back to our angel this time.


When he ejaculated with such a desire, Leia’s soaring buttocks trembled and reached a climax once again.
Then, as if his entire body had lost strength, even his hips went down.
did you faint
Then we just have to wait until our angel wakes up.
As soon as you wake up, you should use the apostle’s appointment to show you the kingdom of heaven.
Heaven to the angels… 👀


I hugged Leia with my body pressed against Leia’s back, and rolled to the side as it was, so that both of them were in a side-lying position.
Of course, things are still stuck inside Leia.
I stretched out one arm to make an arm pillow for Leia, and the other hand rubbed Leia’s chest, waiting for Leia to wake up.

“Uh… .”

It was almost dawn when Leia opened her eyes.
After we had dinner, we went straight into the room, so it was quite a while.
Well, I didn’t realize the time was passing while I was enjoying the touch of our angel’s heart.

“Woke up?”

“Yeah? Oh, Salvation? Ha ha!”

Leia hurriedly turned around to look at me, then moaned at my object still lodged in her pussy.

“Then I’ll do it right away.”

“Yeah? What.”

what is it it’s like this
I immediately invoked the apostle’s appointment.

… But nothing happened.
Obviously, the spirit has been consumed, but there is no mark in front of me and there is no reaction.
If it is the same, the setting screen for engraving the seal should appear.
I felt an unpleasant cold sweat running down my back.

“Mr. Salvation?”

Realizing that my reaction was a little strange, Leia turned her head back and looked at me with puzzled eyes.
When I looked into those clear, clean eyes, I felt that my heart calmed down a little.
okay. There is no reason that our angels do not meet the conditions for appointment as apostles. No one else but an angel?
There must be some other problem.

“Ah, that, that. An apostle should be appointed.”

“Oh, did you wait for me to wake up?”

“Huh. Wouldn’t it be better to do it when you’re sane?”

“Thank you… . Well then, thank you.”

“Huh. then… .”

Holding Leia, who was slightly nervous, I started to move my waist.

“Hah! Goo, salvation?”

“that. ’cause it’s cheap It was cheap earlier, and it seems that it doesn’t work after a while.”

“Oh, heh, that’s right. Ha ha!”

okay. It is clear that
In the game, it was possible at any time from the time it was cheap until the union was released, but here the conditions are a little different.
In the first place, there is no visible numerical value of favorability, but the skill is activated, so it must be a little different from the game.
As if convincing myself like that, I moved my waist hard.
Her mind was so complicated that she couldn’t concentrate on the pleasure, but Leia’s body was the best, so the feeling of ejaculation rushed in.
In the first place, I was getting excited while touching her breasts while still pounding on Leia’s inner side, perhaps one of the reasons why the ejaculation came so quickly.

“Then Leia. I will cook.”

“Hah! yes, four! Salvation! Salvation!”

Even while lying on her side, Leia skillfully moved her waist, raising my sense of ejaculation as much as possible.


While holding Leia’s chest strong enough to leave a slight mark, I ejaculated inside Leia as it was.
It felt really good, but now the tension is even greater than that.

“Haa, ha, hoo, gu, Mr. Guwon?”

Even after ejaculation, I did not activate the apostle appointment, and Leia looked at me with a puzzled expression.
okay. there’s nothing to be nervous about I hope this time it will be fine.
I calmed my trembling heart and activated my apostleship once again.

“It’s out!”

Then, in front of me, a setting window for engraving a seal appeared.
I was happy and kissed Leia first before putting the seal.

“What do you mean… Oops. Hmm. Salvation… .”

Even if I have questions, when I kiss, Leia gives priority to that first.
okay. There is no way that such an angel would have such a low affinity for me that he could not appoint an apostle.
It’s making me shiver!

I lay face up without breaking the bond, making Leia climb on top of me, and then I turned Leia’s body around and made her face me.
If you engrave a seal on our Leia, yes!
Right above Leia’s chest.
I made the pointed end of the heart exactly where it started, and I engraved the seal as it was.


Leia wrapped her arms around her chest and trembled as she let out a moan of happiness.
A seal in the shape of a heart with the shape of a heart placed over the valley of the chest, and the wings spread out as if drawing a line below the clavicle on both sides.
At first glance, the seal was engraved in a position that looked like a necklace.

In fact, Leia’s location was agonizing over three places.
once behind your back. Because the pattern has angel wings on it. An angel with angel wings engraved on his back. Doesn’t it suit you?
However, this idea was initially rejected.
It’s discrimination to have Diana and Sara engraved in such a place, and Leia not to be engraved in the erogenous zone.
Discrimination is not good. I love all three equally.

The question was whether the remaining two were directly engraved on one chest or indirectly marked as engraved now.
It was the same with Sarah. Sara was actually thinking about engraving it on one of her buttocks.
In the end, just like Sarah, it was engraved on an indirect part.
Looking at it like this, I thought that it was a very good decision to look like a necklace at first glance.
Well, the seal position can be reset later, but wouldn’t it be better to do it right the first time?

Anyway, I’m really happy.
When the skill failed, my heart was really pounding.
But really, did the skill activation fail because it’s been a while since I bought it?
Until now, my skills have never been different from the game.
Or is there some other reason?

As I slowly looked at Leia, who was still shivering with happiness, I realized one thing.
The fact that the semen buried in Leia’s chest had completely disappeared without a trace.

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Thank you so much for the coupons, recommendations and comments.

To be honest, I was just trying to write the part where I failed to appoint a purchaser yesterday, but for some reason, the article became incredibly long.
Hopefully, I will be able to write the contents only after attending the lottery until the next day.
There must have been some readers who didn’t like it if I cut off the apostle appointment failure, so in a way it might be a good thing… .

Sylvia’s appearance was not portrayed on purpose.
I thought it would be better to leave it to the imagination of the readers without a detailed description.
Still, it’s good to describe your appearance.
I will look at the opportunity later and naturally describe the appearance.


Appointment of Apostles

Earlier, while playing as a junior, my upper body was completely buried in the bed, so was it wiped on the duvet at that time?
No, it’s too clean for that. There was not even a trace of semen on it.
And when I touched the part where Leia was lying face down earlier, the blanket was just wet with sweat and there was no trace of semen.

awhile. A nine-tailed fox sucks semen or saliva to absorb the essence, right?
What if it is something that can be absorbed through the skin instead of by mouth or genitals?
And in the process of absorbing the essence from semen, what if semen completely disappears?
If this assumption is correct, then many things can be explained.
The reason why there was no semen on Leia’s chest was because it had been absorbed through her skin, and the reason why the apostle’s appointment did not activate was because all the semen I had encased inside was absorbed and disappeared.
Since the semen was completely absorbed and disappeared, the conditions for the apostle’s appointment, which could be activated after intercourse, were not met.

I need to check it out right now.
It’s not just out of curiosity.
If this turns out to be true, there will be tremendous progress in our relationship with Leia going forward.
Without the process of Leia being stunned, she will be able to have sex with Leia, who is in her sanity!

What do you mean? think about it
I’ve already confirmed that semen doesn’t turn into a nine-tailed fox even if it touches the skin.
So, before having sex with Leia, first wrap the semen in the skin and let it absorb enough so that it doesn’t turn into a nine-tailed fox before having sex.
Besides, the advantage of doing so isn’t just being able to have sex with Leia, who is sober.
You will be able to legally ask Leia for services such as babysitting or babysitting at any time.
In a word, the door to heaven is really opened through an angel!

To confirm, I immediately raised my upper body and stuck it to Leia’s chest.
He sticks out his tongue and leaves Leia’s nipples covered in saliva as if they were being harassed.
It feels like knocking on heaven’s door with your tongue.
The representative song of a genius singer-songwriter who even won the Nobel Prize for Literature was resounding in his head.

“Hey! Whoa, whoa! Whoa!”

Leia, who was still trembling with the pleasure of being appointed as an apostle, was trembling and trembling when I touched her breasts and stimulated her nipples.
As if I had an orgasm over and over again, my legs clasped my waist and my arms clasped my head tightly, trembling with pleasure.
And the vagina tightened

It even moved limp while repeating the release, giving my objects an ecstatic sensation.

Sorry. Angel. Still, this is something we need to check for our future sexual life.
Even after I had wet enough of Leia’s nipples with saliva, I was still hanging on Leia’s chest.
ugh In order to do the experiment, you have to fall off and watch the progress. It’s the devil’s chest Once you touch it, you don’t want to fall.

It had been hanging on Leia’s chest for a long time, but she couldn’t stay like this forever.
Now we have to watch the progress slowly.
I could not help but open my mouth from Leia’s chest, leaving behind my regrets.

“Ha, ha, ha, goo, Mr. Guwon… .”

Perhaps Leia had calmed down a little now, and her trembling body was slowly regaining stability.
The excitement was still there, though the inside of my pussy was still twitching wildly and stimulating my dick.
I want to shake my back. I want to shake it at random like this and wrap it inside Leia.
No, wait. Do I really need to be patient like this?
To be honest, it’s more conspicuous and certain to check with semen than with saliva, right?
okay. OK.
I couldn’t take it any longer and knocked Leia back. Then, move your back to the normal position.

“Whoa! Whoa! haha! Whoops!”

Leia, who was barely trying to regain her composure, groaned once more and clinged to me.
While kissing Leia like that, I moved my waist to wrap it up as quickly as possible.
Leia was kissing me and her tongue was shaking quite a bit, no matter how many times she reached the climax.
Despite this, he was desperately moving his tongue in response to my kiss.
As if I can’t do it well normally, when I can do it like this, I want to enjoy it with as much affection as possible.
Also, angels are the best.


And when Leia reached a climax that I don’t know how many times, I pulled out things while feeling the tightness of Leia’s vagina.


Leia felt her climax once again at the sensation that the cap of the tip of the object was scratching the inside, and love juice came out of her vagina.
I put things on Leia’s trembling vagina and belly, and grabbed Leia’s legs as they were, and squeezed them together.
As Leia’s soft thighs gripped my object, I shook her back to explode the object that was about to explode.
Semen rushed out from the tip of the object and spread all over Leia’s body.
The angle was slightly downward, so it didn’t even reach the face, but the momentum was good enough to bounce up to the chest.
It was enough to form a puddle in the navel, which went through the chest and stomach.
I got it cheap, but it’s a huge amount.
As the saint level went up, the amount increased.
I don’t think semen volume and stamina have much to do with each other.
After all, the goddess here is such a goddess. Did this happen in the sense of having a lot of children?

“Hah… .”

Leia, a nine-tailed fox, also felt something different from others just by touching the semen, and when the semen touched her body, she let out a strange moan.

Still, he looked at me with a smirk in his eyes.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha why out… ?”

“Oh sorry. I have something to check. Maybe we’ll make progress at once more than ever with regards to the condition of your nine tailed fox.”

“Yeah? What do you mean?”

I told Leia about my family that I thought about earlier.
Of course, he hides the dark feelings that he can legally ask Leia to serve.

“Well, if that’s really true… !”

After hearing my story, Leia brightened up her face and rejoiced.
Huh. Huh. After all, aren’t you happy that you too can do it from scratch?

“Then you can kiss Gu Gu-san as much as you want!”

… i’m trash My thoughts were suffocated
And Leia-sama was also an angel.

“Goo, Gukwon? Why are you? is not it?”

“Oh, no. That’s right. Huh. I want to be able to kiss Leia as much as I want.”

It’s not a lie! Really! But earlier, I was blinded by desire, so I didn’t even think about it that far.

“By the way, how about the appointment of an apostle? Like it?”

Anyway, to observe the semen being absorbed, it is best to stand still.
I put the thing back into Leia’s vagina, and in the meantime, I decided to talk to Leia.

“Oh, yes! Thank you. Salvation Mr. I am very happy.”

Leia smiled really happy as she gently caressed the seal engraved on her chest, lovingly and carefully.
A smile that makes everyone who sees it happy. Leia is also an angel.

“Then can you tell me now?”

“Huh? What?”

“That’s why I put the seal here. Is it the same reason as Diana or Sarah? I mean, I was actually a little curious. Still, I endured until Mr. Guo gave me a seal as well. Now do I deserve to know?”

Leia said so, sticking out her tongue cutely and smiling mischievously.

“You deserve it. Leia had the right to know from the beginning, even if she didn’t have to engrave her seal. So that’s why the seal was engraved there… .”

I was a little hesitant to speak at the same time.
Even our angels won’t get a little angry about this.
Moreover, unlike Diana or Sarah, the angel is in a position where the seal is immediately revealed even when wearing clothes with a slightly pierced chest.

“Yeah. Why?”

But I couldn’t help but say that.
Now that I have done the crazy thing to engrave a seal on the erogenous zone, I started to regret a little.
Eight. I do not know. I believe in our angel’s infinitely wide heart!

“that… Leia is standing, her erogenous zone is her chest… .”

“Yes, Neet?!”

It seems that Leia was also surprised this time.
He stiffened his body and looked at me with his eyes wide open.
But then he looked at me again with a warm smile.

“Huhu. indeed. i See. That is why Sarah was so angry.”

“Is Leia not angry?”

“Yeah. After all, other people may not know what this means. Wouldn’t someone you don’t know look at you and think you just got a light tattoo on the necklace? Of course, it’s a bit embarrassing to show it to someone who knows the reason like Sara or Diana, but… It’s okay though. I also saw the location of the seals of Mr. Sarah and Mrs. Diana, and above all, it is a sign of affection for Mr. Guwon.”

Saying that, Leia gently stroked the place where her seal was engraved.
Also, an angel was an angel.
Besides, just because of those words, I got a clue to how to relieve Sarah’s anger.
Not only do you embrace me, but you also give me help in the future.
After all, it was Leia who was an angel in many ways.

We spent time talking with Leia like that, sometimes kissing for no reason, and tickling each other with jokes.
By the way, if you tickle each other, you lose a hundred for one hundred.
As long as that tail exists, it’s impossible for me to defeat Leia.
In any case, even in the midst of spending time like that, I was still paying attention to the semen that had been sprayed on Leia’s body.
And how much time has passed?
Finally, the semen, which had gradually decreased to the point where it was hard to notice, had completely disappeared except for the part where a puddle was made in the navel.
The assumption that semen is also absorbed was correct.


When Leia touched her breast, she boasted a soft feel as if it had been smeared with semen.
Of course, it was wet with sweat and had a slightly smooth touch, but there was no trace of semen.

“After all, semen is absorbed. With this, regular absorption is possible without the need for sex. It is possible to satisfy the needs of the nine-tailed fox without turning into a nine-tailed fox and keeping his mind intact.”

“Yeah! Then you can kiss as much as you want!”


Leia and I smiled brightly and pressed our lips together.

“But you are great. How did you realize it?”

“Actually, the apostle’s appointment wasn’t activated earlier. But it’s hard to think that Leia’s heart is weaker than Sara or Diana, right? So I thought. I wondered if it was possible that all the semen in the vagina disappeared while absorbing the essence.”

“Ah, yes… Yeah?”

Hearing my words, Leia’s bright smile hardened.

“Why, why? OK. That your appointment as an apostle was successful like this made me understand your heart well… .”

“Oh, no! That’s not it! Ugh, the semen inside your vagina is gone?”


For some reason, Leia was screaming with a desperate face, and I was enveloped in anxiety for unknown reasons.

“Well, then… Goo Won’s child… . Even if not now, I want to have a baby someday… . I’m… .”

Leia muttered with a look like she was about to cry.
Oh, yes. After all, if the semen is absorbed, it is natural, but you will not be able to have children.
To be honest, I didn’t even think about having a child yet because it felt like a distant future.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. Don’t worry too much. who am i Aren’t you a saint? Obviously there’s a way… .”

As I desperately comforted her, Leia looked at me with determined eyes and nodded.

“… That’s right. Salvation Mr. After all, I need to continue the special training to control the state of the nine tailed fox.”


“Once I have full control over the state of the nine tailed fox, won’t I know how to not absorb semen? You’ve found a way to never turn into a nine-tailed fox again. I’m really sorry. Still, I want to have full control over the state of the nine tailed fox.”

“no. I’m sorry. I also want to have a child with Leia someday. We will be happy to cooperate.”

As I lightly kissed Leia’s lips, who was making an apologetic expression, I said with a smile as bright as possible so that Leia could be reassured.
It’s a bit disappointing that I can’t claim Leia’s service at any time, but would that matter now?
But Leia said this while blushing as if she had read my mind, as if she was ashamed.

“That, though… You never know when you’ll be completely in control, and that’s a lot of time. Sometimes, I think it would be okay to enjoy with Goo Won from the very beginning.”

After all, Leia was an angel.

============================ Review of work ===================== =========
Thank you so much for the coupons, recommendations and comments.

Nine-tailed fox status is no different from being treated as a human being.
When you get drunk, you can think of it as a case of becoming a completely different person.
Leia moves according to the racial instinct of the nine tailed fox.
Therefore, it is not necessary to appoint apostles to Leia and the nine-tailed fox separately.


Appointment of Apostles

Hearing the angel’s words, I couldn’t stand it.
After all, we stayed up all night without sleeping until morning.
Perhaps it was thanks to waking up after fainting once on the way, Leia showed a bewitching waist teasing all night with an innocent face without any sign of hardship.
And, as always, we only stopped when Vanessa came to announce breakfast preparations.

“Then shall we go?”

“Yeah… Oh, Guwon-san, please go down first.”

“Huh? Why?”

“I have something to prepare. If you go down first, I will follow you soon.”

I’ve been overlapping bodies until recently, so is that what it looks like? Leia said with a smile that looked slightly more bewitching than usual.

“Huh. Then first.”

I came out of the room and was about to head to the dining room without thinking, but suddenly I thought of Sarah, and I turned to Sarah’s room.
Normally, Sara would have arrived at the restaurant first, but yesterday she ran out with such shame. Maybe he’s still in the room.



When I knocked on the door, Sarah was still in the room. Her voice is quite cool, Sara is no different than usual. Maybe it’s because I didn’t know I was knocking on the door.

“Sarah, I’m going in.”

I opened the door without hearing Sarah’s answer.
When I opened the door and entered, Sarah turned her back to this side and stood facing the bed.
The upper body was properly dressed, but the lower body was wearing only underwear, and she stood proudly with her hands on her waist like a model.
Seeing that there are two pants on the bed, he seems to be contemplating which one to wear.
At least, I was contemplating between short pants with the upper hem showing the seal and plain pants

there will be
Seeing that he is contemplating that, it seems that the shame of exposing the seal has been diluted a lot more than yesterday.

“Salvation… .”

Sarah turned her head to look back at me, frowned slightly and pouted her lips.
But it didn’t look angry to me.
What should I say? okay. His anger had already been resolved, but it looked like he was forcing himself to pretend to be angry.

“I’m sorry for making you feel embarrassed yesterday. I should have told you in advance why the seal was engraved in that location.”

“… huh. Really. Fool.”

“still. Sarah. listen to me I don’t think there’s any need to be ashamed. Just like you didn’t know until I told you, other people wouldn’t even know why they put their seal in such a position. Only you and me, Diana and Leia know that. I think you should just be proud and show off as proof of your love with me. You know that too, so are you thinking about what to wear like that now?”

I walked over to Sarah and said, gently stroking the seal on her hip with my right hand.

“that’s… .”

I knew it. Sarah pondered alone in her room and came to such a conclusion.
After all, there was no need to be ashamed because other people would never know.
If you’re pretending to be angry like this now, it’s probably just because you’re a little shy to run out like that yesterday and treat yourself in a casual way.

“If you don’t want to be seen by others, can you make it completely transparent?”

“Oh no, you idiot! It’s not like that! And everyone who sees it has already seen it! You have no reason to hide now!”

Saying that, Sarah quickly turned her head.
After all, is it nice to see the seal in sight?
I felt that Sarah was very lovely. He reached out his left hand to Sarah’s face and turned it to face me, and lightly kissed her lips.

“I’m really sorry. How can I forgive you?”

“Bye, I’m not that angry… .”

As I continued to apologize like that, Sara was not afraid to get even more angry, so she leaned slightly against my body and said in a voice that was much weaker than before.

“Thanks. And the underwear is so pretty.”

As I kissed Sarah once more, I lowered the right hand that was stroking the seal and stroked her ass wrapped in her panties.
It was. To say that you are contemplating whether to wear plain pants or pants with a visible seal means, in other words, that you are wearing underwear that will be fine with either of them.
Sarah was wearing a type of underwear called low-rise panties, which was considerably smaller in fabric area and lower in position than ordinary underwear.
Actually, this was the first thing that caught my eye when I entered the room, but I was careful not to pay attention to it on purpose because it was the first thing to comfort me.
Now I can see it properly, it’s really sexy.
The synergy effect with Sarah’s solid figure 11 abs without a single fat is no joke.

“Heh. This was also meant to surprise you. You looked like you were out of breath Fool.”

Sara lightly slapped my hand on my ass, glaring at me in the face.
However, it seemed that all his anger had been resolved, and there was no life in his eyes, so he had a rather cute expression.
It’s because if Sarah really stares at her, she’s synergistic with her cool looks, so it’s not a joke. it all sucks

“You’re going to run out of breath. can it be so sexy the best. It makes me want to attack right now.”

“Then why aren’t you attacking me?”

“Can I attack you?!”

“No. babo. It’s the punishment that made me have an embarrassing experience. I won’t let you touch me until tomorrow.”

Saying so, Sarah slapped my hand away.
Then he grabbed one of the pants on the bed and quickly put it on.
until tomorrow Well, it’s probably because Sarah’s turn is tomorrow, but it’s a fairly short period of punishment.

“Then let’s go.”

And the pants that Sarah chose were those that showed all the seals.
As I tried to reach for the seal again, Sarah folded her arms around me and left the room as if she wouldn’t let me do that.

“Oh. Salvation Mr. You seem to have reconciled with Sara?”

And as soon as I entered the restaurant, the first things that caught my eye were Leia, who was not wearing a priest’s uniform, but casual clothes, and Diana, who was staring at Leia in a dress with a different feel than usual.
Leia’s clothes are probably the clothes she bought while shopping the other day.
It was a pure white dress that went well with Leia, and it was a dress with a pretty bold cut in the neck.
Thanks to this, the seal of the apostle as well as the breastbone were quite visible.
To capture both innocence and sexy at the same time! Truly a Gumiho! I can’t be bothered

“Le, Leia, those clothes… !”

“Uh, how are you? Does it suit you?”

“Huh! It suits you so much!”

“Huhu. Thank you. To be honest, I feel a little embarrassed because it seems like my breasts are showing too much, but I did my best because Guwon bought it for me.”

“thank you! thank you!”

I am truly grateful for this world.
it’s me in the past Deciding to grab a bite at the clothing store was the best choice.

“… Do you think your reaction is very different from mine?”

“Oh, it can’t be! You are so sexy too! It’s just because it’s hard to say that to someone who’s angry! Really!”

“Hmm… .”

Sarah opened her eyes and looked at me.
It seems he doesn’t believe it.

“Ugh… It’s also a chest! Genga the chest! Besides, that position of the seal… Ugh… .”

And Sarah wasn’t the only one who didn’t believe me.
Diana looked at Leia’s chest with a really indignant expression.
Hey. Don’t be against the chest. Tits are good. You will grow up to the same size as that later.
And Diana, who was so indignant, was also wearing a dress with an incredibly bold chest. In terms of exposure alone, it is more than Leia.
As expected, there was no impact as much as Leia as it was still growing, but Diana was also demonstrating her own charm.

“So Diana

It’s a big deal. Wearing revealing clothes like that.”

“huh. Genga fell in love with it and is only now noticing it.”

“no. I was noticing it from the beginning. It’s just that, somehow, the order of speaking came later. really pretty But what really happened?”

“Hmm. Don’t be surprised.”

Diana got up from her chair, perhaps feeling a little relieved by the word she was pretty.
Then, Diana’s whole body, hidden under the table, came into view.
Diana’s dress was as if it had been torn vertically, from the neck to the chest, from the navel to the lower abdomen, and the middle part was dented and exposed.
The dress, boldly cut to the point where her pubic hair was barely visible, was enough to reveal the seal engraved on Diana’s lower abdomen.
Even the wing marks were not fully revealed, but the heart marks are clearly visible.


“It’s very pretty. It’s very pretty, but… .”

“Well? Something? Are you dissatisfied?”

“Such clothes are a thousand years older… no! Not like that!”

Dangerous. Damn, I almost made a mistake.
Obviously, it was exposed so blatantly that it felt a little unsuitable for Diana, who was young after being reincarnated.
If it had been Diana in her previous life, she would have boasted a tremendous amount of sexiness, but I still felt it was too early to wear such clothes. It’s not that she’s not pretty, but there are many outfits that suit Diana better. Wear clothes that make you more attractive.
But I’d be pissed if I said this.
It’s time to choose your words wisely.

“It’s pretty. And I’m very happy with the effort to reveal the seal that proves my relationship. by the way. No matter how much the clothes are, aren’t they too revealing?”

“It’s a little bit like that. Still, to this extent… .”

“no. I’m happy, but I hope you don’t wear such clothes.”


“If you go around like that, won’t I and others see your boldly exposed flesh? I hate that. I want to see your insides.”

Good! Perfect! This will stop Diana from dressing up like that.
And it’s not entirely a lie.
Even so, I don’t want to see Diana being exposed to other people like that.

“But it is.”

Saying that, Diana’s gaze went back and forth between Sarah and Leia.
To be precise, Sarah’s boldly exposed smooth lower abdomen and Leia’s boldly exposed chest.
ugh Damn it. Is it weird that you like Sarana Leia and only restrain yourself after being too revealing?
It’s because your exposure is the worst. Now, your exposure is more severe than Leia and Sarah’s combined exposure.
But this won’t work. Diana must think it’s unfair.
Damn it. In the end, there is no choice but to treat it fairly.
I wiped my tears and opened my mouth.

“Sa, Sara and Leia as well! I don’t want other people to see you exposed like that. So, wear those clothes… Location… I only wear it at the mansion!”

I can’t help it! She’s sexy, including Diana! How can you just give up on that look!

“You are too greedy. Genga wants to own even what he sees.”

“okay! Any complaints?! You are mine!”

“Huh, hmm. If that’s the case, I know.”

Diana seemed to be trying to be blunt, but Tina said everything she liked with her face.

“If Guwon wants that… .”

“Because I am greedy.”

Leia and Sarah also answered with happy faces.
Damn it. yes that’s it! Everyone likes it, so everything went well, right?! How about not seeing these things from the outside?! You can see it all in the mansion! Damn it!
… I hated going outside.
Why not go to a dungeon and live in a mansion for the rest of your life? … can’t it?

“Well. Then I see you When are you going to go back to the dungeon?”

As if reading my mind, Diana asked that question.

“Once I got a reward from the guild, I tried to think about it slowly. Why?”

“Well. If you want to study that manastone, wouldn’t it be better to go before the queen ant respawns again? Well, it doesn’t matter if you’re not in a hurry, as the others are going with you this time.”

“Ah, that’s right. Have you finished talking to the Wizards Association?”

“Well. No problem.”

Dungeon. Is it a dungeon? . In the end, I have to go.
Still, I haven’t received the guild’s reward. At least not today.
Besides, it’s Leia’s turn for two days in a row, and if she goes to the dungeon, how sad she must be.
okay. Let’s relax in the mansion today and have a good eye.

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Appointment of Apostles

After I finished eating, I became furiously bored.
Diana was abducted by the Wizards’ Association while buried by people, and Leia went to the temple saying that she was going to an orphanage today.
Normally, I would have to follow Leia too, but today was the day the guild member was supposed to come, so I had to keep the house.
Well, even if I’m not there, Vanessa will take care of her and take care of her, but everyone knows, right?
On the day the parcel arrives, it feels like I have to protect the house, no matter how trivial it is.
That’s exactly how I felt right now.
Once Kyle has been liberated, he’ll be fine if he doesn’t have to go to the orphanage.
Leia, who is like an angel, understood that well, so she said, ‘I’ll go there.’ He smiled softly and went to the orphanage.
It’s Leia’s turn tonight, too, so let’s repay this sorry feeling enough tonight.

I tried to hang out with Sarah, who doesn’t seem to have much to do at home like me, but that was also rejected.
I sneaked closer and tried to hug her, but Sarah avoided my hug with a light movement and lightly slapped my hand. Then he said, ‘Hold on until tomorrow!’ After uttering a single word, it just disappeared somewhere.
I was just trying to hug him and flirt… . Well, I couldn’t be confident that I wouldn’t have sex while still doing that. Sara must have gone somewhere else, knowing that if she was with her, she would end up overlapping her body.
I am lonely.

Anyway, for that reason, I was lying in a sunny spot in the garden right now, and I was terribly bored.
The maid, who was tending the garden, glanced at me occasionally, but she didn’t care.
I’m not trying to peek inside the skirt, so don’t worry about me and do what you’re doing.
Well, if you come to a visible location, you will see

After enjoying photosynthesis for a while, the moth also started to sting.
Damn it. The wind, the sun, and the shade are just right, but why can’t I sleep? I woke up last night, so please go to sleep! Damn Healing Sex!
Alas! You can’t be like this! I need to find something, something to do! I’m not a plant, and I can’t just photosynthesize like this! Humans are creatures that can die from boredom!
As I jumped up, I saw something twitching and trembling in the corner of my vision.
nothing to say what it is It was Sylvia.
Sylvia was secretly spying on me from about ten meters away from me.
okay. Then I saw that he was there.
Now that we’re living in the same mansion, we should not just stare at each other like a stalker like that, but play together confidently.


I beckoned Sylvia lightly.

“Yes, yes!”

Sylvia approached this way, crooked.
don’t be afraid it doesn’t hurt
I reached out to Sylvia with a smile as soft as possible.



Sylvia tilted her head and placed her hand lightly over my outstretched hand.
Seeing her act like an aristocratic girl who was asked to dance at a social gathering place, it reminded me that she was also a noble girl.
Anyway, I grabbed her hand, pulled Sylvia’s hand and sat it on my thigh.

“Hey! Goo, goo, savior?!”

Then Sylvia’s whole body instantly turned bright red and hardened.
I hugged Sylvia tightly and rubbed her cheek against the top of her head.

“Wow, ah, ah, ah ah ah!”

Sylvia looked at me as if she didn’t know this, with emerald-colored eyes dyed with a sense of betrayal.
Your eyes are open like that, but your body is honest. Are you trembling with a mixture of mental satisfaction and shame? kut.
Because of this situation, I got into the atmosphere and felt a little villainous.

“I have to finish the special training I did yesterday. I want you to show me a bit more advanced today than yesterday.”

As I said that, I took a bitter breath, putting my nose to the smooth, brown hair cut straight on Sylvia’s shoulder.
Well. fragrant
The hair is also exceptionally soft.
Hugging like this really felt like hugging a pet.
This could last for hours. good joke… I found something to do.
It also helps Sylvia treat her shyness, and as a bonus, I can kill time too. This is a one-of-a-kind.

“I’ll tell you. Don’t think about running away. The special training will continue until you get used to it.”

“Ahhh… . uh… . I, I die… .”
“do not worry. No matter how ashamed a person is, he never dies for that reason.”


But poetry, the heart… !”
“Huh? here?”


Sylvia reflexively flapped her legs to run away as I tried to feel her heart pounding hard and pounding around her heart, lightly stroking her left chest.
I won’t let you go though.

“Me, me, woe, the bathroom… .”

Huh? Come to think of it, the side of the thigh where Sylvia’s crotch touches feels a little wet?
Even if her breasts aren’t erogenous zones, she seems excited about the fact that I touch her.
Do I have to release this with sex again? No, I haven’t used any skills, so there’s no need for that.
It’s not like I’m always in estrus.
For now, I want to enjoy the healing time of my skinny skin like this.

“OK. Stay like this.”

“Hey huh… .”

really like a puppy
Sylvia closed her eyes tightly and shook her body, desperately beginning to endure the shame.

“… Salvation.”

So enjoy yourself as Sylvia… As we were helping out with special training, Vanessa came up to us.

“… What are you doing?”

Vanessa usually only talks about things, but it seems she couldn’t help but say a word after seeing this.

“Huh? No, he’s too shy to take special training… What else is going on?”

“Someone came from the guild.”

Damn it. It was a good time.
But in the first place, my purpose was to wait for the guild members, so I can’t ignore it as it is.

“sorry. Sylvia. I’ll have to do the special training later.”

As I whispered in my ear, Sylvia shivered and nodded desperately.
And as soon as I let go of my body, it jumps back and forth so I can’t see myself as it is… Oh, you’re hiding behind the wall and watching. So if that’s the case, just stick with it
Well, let’s leave it that way for now.

I was guided by Vanessa with a tail named Sylvia attached to the back and went to meet the guild staff.
Upon entering the reception room, a blonde, busty, intelligent-looking woman was sitting at a table elegantly drinking tea.

“Sister Rachel! What are you doing? Wasn’t your sister a guide?”

“Good morning. Not only as a guide, but also other jobs. Guo Guo always comes to me when he gets paid, oh my… The guild leader seems to think that I am the right person for the Saviours Clan.”

Nice guild chief!
Like when we first met, I don’t have any intentions of what I’m going to do, but if it’s possible, it’s better to deal with such a beautiful woman. Besides, it goes without saying that if the beauty is a familiar person who is easy to deal with.

“Then let’s talk about remuneration… Who is behind me before that?”

“Oh, it’s okay. This is our clan. Never mind.”

Rachel’s sister was quite concerned about Sylvia, who followed me like a stalker.
Well, I was also concerned about the gaze at first.
I’m a bit used to it now.

“is that so? then… First of all, I was able to confirm most of what Goo Won said. How to get a penis from a male monster. And the existence of secret passages.”

“Oh, I see. But this is just a question out of pure curiosity. When checking for penis drops from monsters, what kind of

Do you know what method you used?”

“That, that… .”

Then Rachel’s cheeks turned slightly red.
It was clearly an expression of shame.
It’s not like I did it myself, so until I put on a face like that… no. awhile. Did I just mention that you do other things besides being a guide?

“Huh? Did you check it yourself?”

“That, yes, yes. Apparently, a high-level person had to do it to check it safely, and several people had to go out to investigate all the monsters in one day. Since then, I am on a fairly high level in the guild.”

I know it well even if I don’t say it.
I have painful memories of trying to do sex analysis in the past and failing.

“i See. So how did you check?”

“Rain, it’s a secret.”

It looks like he did something that he couldn’t put in his mouth to erect the monster’s penis.
This is delusional.
In order to erect the orc’s penis, the blonde, big-breasted, intelligent-type elf sister did something stupid… uh I think I’ll stand
Not only that. To say that this older sister did something unheard of for confirmation… Are you saying that other adventurers might do something similar to get a penis?
The method of obtaining the genitals will be announced on a large scale through the guild. Curious adventurers can’t help but give it a try.
Then you can meet such adventurers in the dungeon!
After all, it was the best choice to disclose how to obtain the genitals!
I couldn’t help but marvel at my own insight.
Also I’m a genius I wanted to go to the dungeon right away.

“Anyway, most of it was verifiable. But there is one thing I haven’t checked.”

“Yeah? What?”

“It’s a mosquito’s genitals and an ant den that you can use to get to.”

“Ah… . indeed.”

Indeed. No matter how sexy this older sister or other guild members are, it will be difficult to confirm.

“So, the guild is going to formally request the Saviours Clan. Can you bring a member of our guild with us and confirm the facts we said earlier?”

“Yeah. Sure. Does not matter.”

Anyway, this is the place I was going to go one more time to study Diana’s Manastone.

“Then tell me the next time you go to the dungeon.”

“Is your sister following you?”

“Yeah. Did I tell you? I think I will be in charge of the Saviours Clan’s work. why? Are you dissatisfied with me?”

“I can’t! It’s better for me!”

“That’s fortunate. These days, I don’t flirt like I used to, so I thought I was no longer interested.”

“Well, is that so… .”

“Huhu. just joke. joke. It’s said that Diana-sama declared Guwon-sama to be the man of this body at the Youngjuseong Fortress, isn’t it?”

Sister Rachel looked at me with a playful smile and the gaze of her cute little sister.
Damn it. were you kidding me

“then. Here’s the payoff. First of all, the price includes information about mosquito genitals and ant dens.”

Saying that, Rachel older sister placed a bag of gold coins on the table, which looked heavy even for a chin and chuckle.

“Is it okay if I pay in advance?”

“Yeah. All the other facts have been confirmed to be true, but is that only a lie? And above all, Diana-sama isn’t the kind of person who would lie about something like this.”

“Ugh. After all, you trusted Diana more than me.”

“Huhu. If you want to be trusted with the exception of Diana, try harder in the future to become more famous. You’re the one who will show me the legend of the saint, so it’s that simple, right?”

“Yeah! of course!”

That relaxed atmosphere. Also you are the best
No, you’re not saying you like Rachel?
In the first place, Sarah is mature for her age, Diana is the oldest in our party, and Leia is her sister. Huh. then. then.

“Well then… .”

After seeing Rachel off, I glanced behind my back again.
Sylvia tried to run away, but there was no way I couldn’t catch up with Sylvia, who stiffened the moment my eyes met.

“Where are you going to run away? We need to resume the special training we didn’t finish earlier.”

“Sa, live… .”

“So even if you don’t die from this.”

Until evening came and everyone had gathered, I hugged Sylvia as she was running away and enjoyed the feel of it.
Sigh… healed Do I really want to make him my pet? Not in a sexual sense, but in a genuinely pure sense.

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Appointment of Apostles

“That’s why we go to the dungeon tomorrow!”

dinner time. When everyone had gathered, I declared with great vigor.
Then the three of us sitting around me tilted their heads at the same time.
For reference, Sylvia is sitting in the seat farthest from me. Seeing that his face is dyed bright red and he is breathing heavily, it seems that the aftermath of the special training is still there.
If possible, I’d like to go to the dungeon after his special training has progressed to some extent, but it’s not a good idea to delay it too much. This time, people from the Wizards’ Association are also going, so you don’t have to worry about getting into danger.

“Why are you so ambitious all of a sudden?”

“Suspicious… . Salvation. Be honest. What plot are you up to?”

How can the kids who say they like me so don’t genuinely believe in me? Why is the world like this?
no, what It’s not that I don’t have a plan, but I do.
Wondering how adventurers get their penises against monsters?! It’s like a man’s instinct!

“I’m Leia! They don’t trust me!”

“Huhu. Yeah.”

I deliberately put a pitiful expression on my face and hugged Leia directly to her chest.
Leia older sister accepted me with a soft expression and heart.
Whoops. okay. As long as there are angels, the world is still livable.

“Ha, if you don’t have anything to say, you can see everything you lean on Leia!”

“Yes! It’s not a good habit to lean on your chest whenever you have time!”

Sheesh. did you hear Sara also stabs the core. Still, it’s cute to be jealous.
and Diana. Anyway, isn’t it too much to call Leia-sister a chest?

“Well, stop joking around.”

“Oh. Were you kidding me?”

“no. Leia’s breasts are no joke… Hmmm. Ah, anyway!”

I thought Sarah and Diana would explode if I said more than that, so I decided to do that.
Leia must have figured it out too. As always, you have a warm smile on your face.

“A person came from the guild, and they said that it was impossible to confirm the mosquito genitalia and the ant den. So when we go to the dungeon, take a guild member and check it out.”

“indeed. That kind of thing.”

“Hmm… . So I’m going tomorrow… ?”

Sarah looked a little unhappy.
Oh, by the way, tomorrow with Sarah… ugh That’s why I was tickling like that before.
But if you drag it for that reason, you won’t be able to go to the dungeon for the rest of your life.
Sorry Sarah. I’ll take good care of you next time I hug you.
And just because you go to a dungeon doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t sleep together.

“okay. As long as the guild has paid the remuneration in advance, I think it would be better to confirm it as soon as possible. sorry. Sarah. Be patient.”

“Oh, no. Yes… . OK.”

When I embraced the nuance that I remembered the promise I made with Sarah, Sarah was rather upset and answered with an apologetic expression.

“Tomorrow. Then I have to prepare a little.”

“Ah, did you have anything else to prepare for your Manastone research? Then even if it’s not tomorrow… .”

“no. All you have to do is check what you’re going to bring. Don’t worry, it’ll be over before I go to bed. But say it Will the dungeon go up to the 3rd floor tomorrow?”

“First, I want to convince the guild people that the anthill is connected to the 3rd floor. Why?”

“Well. if that’s the case No, if you are planning to go to the 3rd floor in earnest, you must prepare a cold protection tool. If you rely solely on the magic of this body, you may have problems when you are there.”

“Ah, that’s right. Still, I only come to see the 3rd floor scenery for a while. Tomorrow will be fine.”

“Well. I see.”

So we talked about going to the dungeon tomorrow, finished our preparations, and went to our respective rooms at night.

“Huhu. It’s two days in a row. It is worthwhile to change the order with Diana-san.”

Leia, who came into my room with me, hung on my arm with a happy expression and pressed my chest.
The waving tail looked really good.
I also really like the feel of it on my arm.

“Then shall we wash together?”

“Huhu. Yeah!”

I grabbed Leia by her waist and headed for the bathtub.
Leia wrapped her legs around my waist and hung them tightly, then removed my clothes one by one with soft hands, and I also took off Leia’s clothes with one arm firmly supporting Leia.
We headed for the bathtub, dropping our clothes on the floor as if leaving a skin, and when we got to the bathtub, we were both naked.

“Then wash first!”

“Hey! Whoops.”

Since this stage had already been passed before, Leia did not become a nine-tailed fox.
As I wash Leia,

When Leia reached its climax by gently caressing, when Leia washed me.
In the past, while washing my things, it ended up as if I was doing my daughter-in-law, and I turned my semen into a nine tail fox.
But today was different.
Leia wiped my things clean, but didn’t fall for temptation.
Well, I got a little bit excited as my breathing got rough, but this is within the acceptable range.

“Well then, what should I do from now on?”

After washing each other’s bodies, I asked Leia with slight anticipation.

“Yeah? What do you mean?”

“So, hey, are you going to go barefoot today? if not… .”

“Ah… .”

Leia blushed softly, as if she understood what I meant at that moment.

“Well then… As a special training… .”

“… That’s right… . Huh. After all, it is not okay to neglect special training within a day after making a decision.”

“Yeah, with a bare mind… .”

“no. Sorry. I also want to have a child with Leia someday. Let’s have a special training today.”

Kind Leia read my expression and tried to change her words right away, but I gave up with tears in my eyes.
Because I don’t hold Leia just for my desire.
You can’t always make Leia yield.

However, the special training in which semen touches the body has been successful. What should be the next special training goal?
pubic… would still be dangerous. Then the mouth.
So, is it finally time to train to endure kissing?

“Leia. Then, this time, let’s train to endure even if saliva touches our mouth.”

“Yeah? then… .”

“okay. It’s a kiss.”

I lightly grabbed Leia’s chin and looked into Leia’s eyes.
Leia looked into my eyes with anticipation and then slowly closed her eyes.
I grabbed Leia with the rest of my hand and hugged her by the waist, kissing Leia’s lips as it was.

“Uh… e. Hmm. Hmm.”

As their lips met, naturally my tongue and Leia’s tongue entangled, stimulating each other’s mouths to and fro.
But something feels different than usual.
The technique was still great, but it wasn’t the intense kiss of a nine-tailed fox.
A kiss as tender as Leia with a bare mind.
I slowly opened my mouth from Leia’s lips.


“Ah… Yeah… .”

Leia, who showed a slightly regretful reaction with her tongue sticking out even after my mouth fell, answered with a face full of sexual desire, but still maintaining her sanity.

“Doesn’t that change even if I kiss you?”

“Hey, huh, it’s like that. It’s a little hard to bear.”

Leia rubbed her thighs and wiggled her butt as if she couldn’t control her sexual desire, but smiled happily as if she was able to kiss her bare mind.

“It seems unbearable. Are you satisfied with the successful kiss today and start right away?”

“Huh, boo, please.”

Perhaps it was too much to bear, Leia said while clinging to me.
I grabbed Leia like that, made her sit on me, and inserted the thing into her vagina.


Then, Leia’s body trembled, and in an instant, eight more tails stretched out.
But even here, a difference from usual appeared.

“Savior! Salvation!”

Leia began to shake her waist while calling my name anxiously as if she was in her mind.
Then, holding my cheeks with both hands, he brought his lips to mine and stuck them together.
This kiss was also a little more gentle than the usual nine-tailed fox.
It felt a little different from Leia, who was completely bare as she was full of desire, but if you look at the nine-tailed fox or Leia, it was a kiss that was closer to Leia.

“Leia, you… !”

“Ugh! Yeah! ha ha! Whoops!”

Leia nodded her head, but didn’t stop moving her waist as if she couldn’t control her lust.
Each time, Leia’s huge chest that touched my chest shook and swayed, giving me a pleasant sensation.

There is also Leia’s spirit.
But how? Anyway, how could there be such a sudden progress between yesterday and today… Oh yes! Maybe because of the apostle’s appointment!
To be honest, I couldn’t figure out the correlation between the appointment of the apostle and the nine tailed fox, but that was the only difference between yesterday and today.
Come to think of it, yesterday, even after I was appointed an apostle, I hadn’t checked anything like the stat window or skill window because I was hanging out with Leia all night long.
Confirm now… .

“Savior! Hmmm! Whoops! e. zum. Ha ha!”

Let’s wrap it up once and let Leia calm down a bit and check it out.
First, I focused on moving my waist in line with Leia’s movement.

“Huh. heh heh ャ, ha ha ha!”

Leia, who was still in a state of excitement, reached its climax not long after.
However, I also ejaculated inside while tasting Leia’s senses.


That’s what I was doing last night.
As soon as I ejaculated once, Leia’s purple tail began to slowly disappear.

“Hey, hey, hey, goo, Guwon… .”

And perhaps because she was sober in the first place, Leia did not faint even when her nine tailed fox condition was released.
However, perhaps because my body was not yet strong enough, I was hanging on to my body and breathing heavily.
I gently stroked Leia’s back, and opened the status window while Leia calmed down.

Name: Leia Ennedutia
Race: Nine- tailed Fox 25
Occupation: Priest 100
Level: 100
Life: 12000/12000
Elemental: 20000/20000
Strength: 116
Durability: 105
Dexterity: 147
Stamina: 138
Intellect: 243
Spirit: 248
Charm: 250
Bonus Stats : 10
Status : Normal

There were no stats that were particularly noteworthy.
no. The level is a bit high, but this is a natural result since he did it even after he was appointed as an apostle yesterday.
Bonus stats are also in the state of seven more than the three given by the apostle appointment.
The race is nine-tailed fox

It was something I had already expected, so I didn’t really care, and like Saint Sarah, I must have known through the guild card.
To put it bluntly, I was concerned that the overall stats were very high, but it could also be a racial trait.

The most surprising thing was the fact that the priest level was 100.
Well, unlike Nana and Sara, Leia always went to the temple even when she wasn’t going to the dungeon, and her Priest level went up, but it’s still 100. Then you can do it, right?
I used the bonus stats to raise my intellect and spirit to 250.
Then, in the stat window, next to where Priest was written, a job change button appeared.
As soon as the job change button was pressed, a divine bright brilliance poured out of Leia’s body and filled the room.
The light that lit the entire room brightly for a while gradually decreased after about a minute and then disappeared.
Ex-was a riot once. Is it because he’s a priest?
When I checked the stats window once again, Leia’s job was changed from Priest to High Priest.
Oh oh. Our angel is on the same level as the top manager of the Dungeon City Temple. It’s only the job title, and the level of the High Priest-sama is much higher.

“Ha, ha, goo, Guwon-san… ? This… ?”

Perhaps now he was able to talk for a while, Leia raised her head and looked at me.
Although his body was still limp and leaning against me and he was breathing heavily, he seemed really startled to see his eyes wide open.
You’d be surprised if your body suddenly glowed.

“Oh sorry. I should have talked to you first. I changed my job because I was at level 100. I didn’t know my body could shine like this.”

“When our clergy take one step closer to the Goddess, they receive His grace. Ha, but how did I become the high priest… .”

Even if you ask me how… .
All you have to do is raise your stats and press the change button.
Leia was so amazed that she had become a high priest, she seemed to have forgotten that she had just turned into a nine-tailed fox and was conscious.

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Appointment of Apostles

“Is it that surprising?”

“Actually, I had a ceremony to become a high priest today. I reached Priest level 100 while healing all of you in the ghetto. But maybe the Goddess still thought I was lacking… .”

indeed. Did something like that happen?
Perhaps Leia failed to change her job because her mental strength was low. So you must be so surprised.
I didn’t know at all. Even at dinner time, there was no sign of that at all.

“Why didn’t you tell me about such an important thing?”

“Ha, but… I didn’t want to disappoint you.”

“What are you talking about! There’s no way I can disappoint Leia with that, right? Leia. The seal on your chest doesn’t just mean that you like me. It means that I like you that much.”

“Goo, Gu Gu-won… . whoops I’m sorry.”

Leia with a face full of emotion

Tears welled up in her eyes, and then she apologised with a stream of tears.

“No, I have nothing to apologize for. OK. Do not cry. Sorry. You used a tone that seemed like a rebuke for nothing.”

“No. I am happy.”

Leia wiped away her tears and answered with a bright smile.
Well. After all, Leia’s smile is the best.
I kissed Leia’s lips lightly and continued explaining about her job change.

“Anyway, you don’t have to worry too much about the conditions. We talked briefly before about breaking Diana’s limits and what she’s doing, right? It’s the same principle as that. I just raised the number you need to change jobs a little.”

“I see… . Then how did you make me a high priest?”

“Huh? So the numbers… .”

“no. In order to become a high priest, a person who meets the conditions must make an oath in front of two or more high priests and pray in the prayer room inside the temple. And among them, only those who have been chosen by the Goddess can become high priests. But Guwon is now… .”

Oh, indeed. Is there a way to change jobs differently for each job?
Come to think of it, I was talking about consciousness or something.
And I skipped that procedure and had her change job, so Leia was surprised like this.

“This is also one of the saints’ powers. Well, it’s not entirely the power of saints.”

“Isn’t it completely the power of saints?”

Being a saint doesn’t just mean having a job, you have to have a game system as well.
But how am I supposed to explain this? It was a little difficult to explain this concept to people in this world where games themselves do not exist, let alone virtual reality games.

“Hey, is that the power given by the Goddess?”

As I was perplexed as to how to explain it, Leia asked me such a question.

“Huh? Huh. Well, yes… ?”

I flew to this world while playing the game, and it was probably the Goddess who sent me here. That’s not entirely wrong.
No, as long as there are suspicions that the Goddess of this world is involved in even that game, the game system itself must be the power given by the Goddess.

“After all, Guwon… !”

Hearing my answer, Leia’s eyes twinkled even more.
Maybe it was the synergy effect with my whispering of love earlier, her eyes almost became as affectionate as Sylvia when she was stalking.
Have you ever come to think that I am an apostle sent by a Goddess?
Actually, I’ve never seen the goddess’ face, and I don’t know why she was sent here.
I was slightly burdened with Leia’s sparkling eyes.
I need to turn the topic back.


Then there was a knock on the door.

“Excuse me in the middle of the night. savior. Miss Leia. What are you doing?”

It was Vanessa.
what’s happening all of a sudden It couldn’t have been a completely random story, but it was a very good situation for me, who was trying to change the subject.

“no. Nothing wrong with it? What’s up?”

“I saw a bright light suddenly pouring out of this room.”

Oh, indeed. Did you see it outside?
I was lucky that I didn’t open the door and come in.

“Oh, it was nothing. you do not need to focus on this.”

“Is that so. Okay. Then excuse me.”

I turned Vanessa back and looked at Leia again.
Leia was either embarrassed to have a conversation with another person while connected like this, or she had a more embarrassed expression than her previous twinkling eyes.
Good. Let’s take this opportunity to change the topic.

“More than that, Leia. How do you feel about overcoming the nine-tailed fox condition?”

“Yeah? Ah… Ah!”

After all, it seems that he had only forgotten for a while due to the shock of his former job.

“Savior! me, i… !”

“Huh. congratulations.”


Leia hugged my neck tightly and pressed her lips to mine as it was.
I feel it every time I kiss Leia, but I can feel the soft, heavy feeling not only on my lips but also on my chest, so it feels twice as good.

“But what happened all of a sudden?”

“Perhaps the influence of the apostle appointment? Because that’s the only difference from yesterday.”

“i See. It is also thanks to the power of the Goddess and Mr. Guwon.”

To be honest, I’m only guessing it was because of the apostle’s appointment, and I’m not sure exactly why this happened.
Anyway, good is good.

“okay. But Leia. When I became a nine-tailed fox, I kept my rationality, how about you? Can you control the power of a nine-tailed fox?”

okay. I am very happy that I did not lose my mind, but this is the most important thing.
In the first place, the purpose of the special training was to be able to control the power of the nine-tailed fox and to have children.

“that… no… . In fact, even when I became a nine-tailed fox, it was so unbearable… .”

I knew it. As soon as I inserted it, I became a nine-tailed fox, and I couldn’t resist my lust. It seems there is still a long way to go.

“However, once I don’t lose my reason, the pace of progress will be faster than ever before. Let’s try to get over it completely together.”


“But today, special training is no longer possible because the state of the nine-tailed fox has been released.”

“Yeah, that’s right. then… .”

Leia put her hand on my chest and pushed it back slightly.
As I lay flat on the bed, Leia slowly lifted her back and pulled out my belongings.


“Heh… Goo, what Goo Won wanted to do earlier… I will do it from now on.”

Leia tilted my object to touch her stomach and sat down with her pussy on it.
Then, I leaned my upper body forward and put my own chest on my chest, keeping my whole body in close contact.
Dangerous. With this alone, anticipation seems to pierce the sky.
Leia’s voluptuous breasts were pounding with the beating of my heart.

“Heh… Well, then I’ll start.”

In terms of behavior, it’s lewd, but it’s also embarrassing. His voice was trembling.
Leia put out her reddened face, kissed my lips lightly, and slowly began to pull back.
Leia stopped until the object passed through Leia’s soft pubic flesh, through her lower abdomen, her navel, her belly, and her chest.
I think I’m already happy to death from this alone.
But, of course, this couldn’t be the end. No, it was just the beginning.

Leia grabbed both sides of her chest with her hands and pressed and pressed my items between her breasts.
From the root to the whole thing buried in my chest, a pleasant feeling of weight was transmitted.
The only part that wasn’t buried was that Leia’s sweet breath tickled me, making me feel a little sad.
Leia knew how I felt, and raised her gaze and looked up at me and smiled pitifully.

“Well, I’ll excuse you then.”

Yeah! Please excuse me!

“Ahh… .”

Then, I opened my mouth wide and put the tip of my object that was the only one exposed to the outside air as it was.

“Hmm. squash. side. Whoops.”

Rather than moving her head to move her head back and forth, Leia chose to lick the tip of the object by moving her tongue.
Not only that.
At the same time as the tongue licked the tip of the object, the chest that had been pressing the entire object began to move.
Yesterday, because of special training, I couldn’t do it, it’s a play that sucks while caressing you with your chest.
When I reached out and stroked Leia’s head, Leia’s triangular ears, which had been drooping up until then, moved prickly.

“Leia. the best.”

Whether she was happy with my compliments, Leia began to move her tongue and chest even harder.

“Hmm. e. hmmm. uhm. squash.”

“Ugh. Leia… .”

Even after I signaled ejaculation, Leia still didn’t take her mouth off of my stuff.
Rather, I worked harder by moving my tongue and chest to help my sense of ejaculation.

“Huh. Whoops. town. . woo woo woo. town. town. gulp. gulp.”

And even while I was ejaculating, Leia didn’t let go of my stuff until the end, even though her cheeks became convex and full.
Eventually, when my ejaculation was over, Leia, who had been receiving semen by mouth until then, began to swallow the semen.

“gulp. hmmm. Whoops. gulp. ha ha haha. Hmm.”

Even after swallowing all the semen in her mouth, Leia does not take the thing out of her mouth and this time sucks and swallows the semen that will remain inside of my thing.
As I sucked it with my mouth, my breasts pressed me from bottom to top as if squeezing my things.
Leia did that, and then finally opened her mouth from my stuff, and this time, she extended her tongue and licked it, as if to wipe the semen on the surface.
It was impeccable from start to finish.
But even in the midst of such a lewd act, Leia’s face was so innocent.
Leia’s innocent face is blushing red and she’s shy, but she’s acting like this, which makes it even more exciting.

“How were you? That… Did you feel good?”

“Huh. It was great.”

“What a relief.”

Leia smiled really happily, pricked her ears and wags her tail gently.

“Well, then this time… .”

Saying that, Leia looked at me with pleading eyes as she meandered her thighs.
Huh. After all, if you do something like this, you’ll get excited yourself.
Moreover, no matter how much the state of the nine-tailed fox is resolved, as long as the race is a nine-tailed fox, it will not have that constitution.

“then! This time it’s my turn!”

I immediately raised my upper body and hugged Leia.

the next morning. I woke up feeling refreshed.
To be clear, the night with the angels two days in a row was the best.
As the nine tailed fox quickly dissipated and the spirit continued, I was able to enjoy various games.

“By the way, Leia. Is it okay if I go to the dungeon today?”

As I went into the bathtub with Leia to prepare the meal and washed my body, I asked Leia a question.

“Yeah? What do you mean?”

“no. Since I became a high priest, I thought I should report it to the temple.”

“Ah, huh. If that’s the case, that’s fine. Of course, I have to go talk to you later, but following Guwon-san’s will is the priority. I’m sure the Goddess will want it too.”

ugh Originally, Leia was an angel who listened to everything I had to say, but it wasn’t enough to simply take my side even if it was a conflict with the temple.
It’s not that he loves me less, it’s that Leia is devout.
In the first place, Leia’s love was guaranteed at the time when the apostle’s appointment was successful.
After all, it seems that I am starting to think that everything I do is the will of the Goddess because of yesterday’s work.
It’s a little burdensome, but I think Leia would be disappointed if she denied that.
okay. let’s think good
There must be some reason why the Goddess sent me to this world in the first place, and seeing that nothing has been said so far means that things are going according to her intentions.
So, it’s not entirely wrong to say that all my actions are the will of the Goddess, right? Let’s think so.
Is this an ungodly and arrogant thought?
Such a Goddess would make a judgment or something.
It’s a world where God really exists.

“Savior? Why?”

“Huh? no. never mind. This time I’ll wash you.”

okay. Do I need to think more complicated than I am? it’ll be all right
For now, let’s focus on the chest in front of us. Why are you thinking of something else with a heart like this? That’s blatantly disrespectful.
I put a lot of foam on my hands and reached out to Leia’s chest.

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