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256===================== The
deepening secret of the dungeon

“Good morning. Miss Rachel. I’m here for the request you mentioned last time.”

To go to the dungeon today, I came to the guild immediately after breakfast.
In addition to investigating Diana’s Manastone, I also had to deal with the requests from the guild, so I came to pick up Rachel before entering the dungeon.

“Oh, hello. Salvation Mr. You came quickly. That, but the people behind it… .”

Sister Rachel, who looked at me and greeted me with a smile as usual, turned a little embarrassed when she saw the people behind me.
It’s the first time I’ve seen this kind of expression on an intelligent older sister who is always sitting at the information desk and smiling. you’re pretty cute Well, I can understand the feeling of being upset.

“These are the sisters of the heads of each school of the Wizard Association.”

“Wow, again… We’re not in a position to say something like this, but isn’t it too grandiose?”

“Ah, these sisters went together because of the magic stone investigation that Diana talked about before.”

I replied casually, but actually I thought it was a bit grandiose.
The cloak of the Wizard Association is engraved with the symbol of each school, and it seems that the color also differs depending on the level of the wizard wearing it.
And now, the cloaks of the sisters who are gathered around Diana behind us are all silver. It is said that that cloak made of expensive minerals that boasts the highest mana efficiency is the symbol of the highest level wizard.
According to the people who are wearing it, it seems that the mithril is not important, but that it is more important because it is a color similar to Diana’s silver hair.
I think Diana’s hair color is more like white, silver hair.
Well, although there is no material that can reproduce Diana’s beautiful hair color.

After all, ‘we are the highest level wizards!’ There were a lot of people who looked like they were advertising, so of course it was getting a lot of attention right now.
Ten if ten, hundred if hundred. We and everyone passing by couldn’t take their eyes off us.

“Isn’t that where all the heads of the Wizards Association are gathered?”
“Why are they gathering like that? Did something serious happen in the deepest part?”
“Who’s the kid in the middle over there? Who are they surrounded by like that?”
“Ah, look over there! That black-haired, black-eyed handsome man! Aren’t you a milk road maker?!”

Even at this moment, we could hear people gossiping while looking at us from all directions.
who is the last one! Somebody called me a milk road maker!
Well, I called you handsome, so I’ll forgive you this time in particular.
you’re handsome It’s a good word to hear anytime.

No, that’s not the problem now.
okay. The problem is the older sisters of the Wizards Association who are attracting attention like that openly.
At first, I thought I would only take one member of the relevant school, like when I went to install the teleport circle, but according to Diana, it seems that can’t be the case.

“No matter how weak you may have been through past lives, it is a magical stone that this body could not interpret at a glance. It must be quite difficult to investigate, so we will need the help of these people for an accurate investigation.”

That’s what Diana said.

So what can we do, at least with that striking cloak? I asked, but he was also rejected.
You can’t throw away the silver that symbolizes Diana or something.
For reference, maybe they got to know each other while living in the same house, these days, those sisters are calling Diana Diana, not Telluna-sama.
Diana hates playing with those sisters so much, but in the end they are getting closer. cute guy.
Anyway, the older sisters refused to wear other cloaks, so I gave up and just came here.
huh, it’s ok It is said that you are already used to being noticed.

“Anyway, shall we go? sister.”

“Oh, yes. please wait a moment.”

My sister said to the information desk, ‘Please use the side window.’ I put up a sign saying, and went inside.
And the older sister, who soon appeared again, was wearing the first outfit that came to mind when thinking of an elf in a fantasy world.
It was a light armor that looked like it was made of clothes by collecting leaves.
Can it really serve as armor?
Well, if you go to a dungeon and see what you’re wearing, it’s probably going to be an armor role.
Anyway, it was quite refreshing to see Rachel older sister wearing a suit every day.

“Then shall we go?”


As I went to the back where the party was waiting with Rachel’s sister, Diana, who was surrounded by the Wizards Association’s sister, quickly approached me.
Hey. I’m going to study together, so please play with me. Don’t escape like that.

“Well? Is Miss Rachel going to the investigation?”

“Oh, yes. Please take good care of me, Diana.”

“Well. Then go quickly.”

After passing through the teleport magic circle and arriving at the village of the 2nd floor, the eyes again attracted a lot of attention.
What the hell is going on with those great people on the 2nd floor?! was the reaction.

“By the way, Rachel. Talk about monster genitals and secret passages, haven’t the guilds revealed them yet?”

“Yeah. If possible, I am preparing to present it at once. If I report that I have verified the rest of the information this time, I think I will announce it right away.”

“indeed. Then, until then, we need to hide the anthill for a bit. By the way, Rachel.”


“Aren’t you hot?”

That’s a cool looking outfit But Rachel’s clothes and skin are quite revealing.
Of course, we would have strengthened our clothes to prevent heat, but I was a little skeptical about whether it would have any meaning since there was a lot of skin exposure like that.
Apart from the heat, the intense light is quite stinging.

“It’s okay. I am using magic.”

Perhaps Rachel older sister also noticed my gaze, she said as she lightly placed her hand on the exposed breastbone.

“Where the hell are you talking?”

“Yes? no. I just said it out of pure concern. I didn’t see the chest!”

To say it reflexively, I was like.
Diana is always jealous of Leia’s breasts, so definitely if not as much as Leia.

I unconsciously mentioned the breasts of Rachel, who is busty.
I haven’t really seen breasts!

“Does that sound like confessing that you saw breasts?”

“It’s also a chest!”

Diana, who has recently come to think of big breasts as an enemy due to Leia’s influence, immediately became angry and attacked me.
Hey. Even if you don’t know Leia, you won’t be jealous of Rachel’s sister.
When you grow up, you’re bigger than Rachel’s sister! Well, it’s small now.

“Oh, I’m ashamed. Still, it’s a bit of an honor to see the three beautiful people and look at my heart.”

Perhaps Rachel’s sister had grasped the situation, and she attacked with a slightly pleasant tone.
You are enjoying it now!

“No, not like that!”

“Savior… .”

With a disappointed look on her face, Leia sister hugged my arm and pressed her chest tight.
Seeing that even Sylvia over there is looking down at her flat chest with a disappointed expression, no one seems to believe that I haven’t seen her breasts.
Really! If I wanted to see big breasts, I would have seen angel breasts!

“no! I am so sorry!”

“Don’t make excuses!”

In the end, we even got pinched by Sarah, and without any misunderstanding, we headed to the anthill.
I’m really sorry… .
Damn it. As long as it’s like this, I’ll really look at Rachel’s breasts! I’ll enjoy it to my heart’s content!

Anyway, after all the commotion, I left the village to go to the anthill, but there was one problem.
There are so many people following us right now.
These great people are on the 2nd floor. Well, of course you’re curious. I understand.
But wouldn’t it be a bit disrespectful to step on your back?

At first, I thought they were just looking at me because I was curious.
This village is a base for all adventurers exploring the second floor. It’s only natural that there are a lot of adventurers around town.
However, even when we moved to a place quite far from the village, quite a number of adventurers were following us.
First of all, they were pretending to be exploring or fighting monsters from a distance, but they were clearly following us.
As it is on the 2nd floor with an open view, you can see everything clearly.
Do you think that if you follow the high-ranking people, even the Congolese will fall?

“There are a lot of people following me. What can they not do?”

“Hmm. why not You.”


When Diana gave a light signal with her eyes, the sisters of the Wizard Society immediately responded.
And at the same time, we could see the adventurers following us suddenly shaken.

“what? What did you do?”

“It’s the invisibility magic. In the eyes of the authors, these bodies seem to have suddenly disappeared.”

Diana replied proudly with her chest straight.
No, you didn’t write this magic. Why are you making that face?
Of course, as the level increases, Diana will be able to do this just as well.

“Whoa. I’m tired. You. I will pick you up.”

Besides, with a fortune-teller, Diana tried to hold on to me with an expression that she had done something.

So you didn’t use magic.
Well, it’s going to be hard because I promised something before.

“Oh, Diana. If that’s the case, I… .”

When I tried to lower myself to carry Diana, one of the wizards’ older sisters immediately casted a spell.
Then Diana’s body flew into the air.
Then Diana’s expression turned bad in an instant.
sister. It’s not because he’s really tired. No matter how many lives you’ve been through, you’ll get close to level 100 once you’ve done it, but would you get tired of just walking on it?

“… … Thank you.”


sister. I don’t really mean thank you.
He seemed to understand a little why the heads of the Wizards Association, who were such a great and extraordinarily good-looking guy, didn’t get married together, or why they couldn’t.
I can’t help it. Still, that older sister did it for Diana, because it’s pitiful for Diana to be photographed with that. can i help you

“sister. Excuse me, can you use that magic for us too?”


“No matter how much invisibility magic is cast, footprints remain. I think it would be better if you want to be a little more certain. Please.”

“Hmm. I’m sure it would be better to be thorough.”

You’re a strong guy, and the older sister, who was suddenly making a grumpy expression, heard Diana’s words and immediately cast levitation magic on everyone.
To be honest, I don’t really need it.
The adventurers were still following us from far away, saying they were following us unnoticed, and if we were that far away, by the time we got to where we were, the footprints would disappear in the wind and become invisible.
Knowing that, she must have only cast invisibility magic, but who would argue that Diana should do it thoroughly?
sister. You may not know, but you just owe me a debt.

“It means that if you catch that transcendental species, you can get the genitals.”

Using invisibility magic and levitation magic, we were able to get to the place where the mosquito transcendent species was located in an instant.
Maybe the monsters are more sensitive than humans, or the mosquito monsters we met in the middle rushed to this side even if they used invisibility magic, but of course they got hit by magic and disappeared before they could even approach.

“Yeah. Wait. I have to use the saint skill first. If the mosquitoes come close enough to me, catch them.”

Unless you know which of those many mosquitoes are male, you must use a sanctuary declaration to use the skill.
To do that, I must first separate myself from the party and make sure only mosquitoes enter the range.
Unbeknownst to others, Sylvia will be sensitive to the proclamation of sanctuary.

I glanced at Sylvia with a squint, and Sylvia, who was staring at me, turned her head hurriedly.
So, if you want to see it, just look at it openly.
When you go home, know that special training in hell awaits.
No. In the case of him, he doesn’t want to die because he doesn’t like special training, but because he likes it so much, is it heaven’s special training, not hell? Anyway, look forward to it.
I was determined to thoroughly train Sylvia and approached the mosquito swarm.

The battle against the mosquito swarm was so bland that there was nothing to describe.
I approached and wrote a sanctuary proclamation, and as they rushed at me, I got a magic blow and popped! to be.
There are no opponents who are more useless than them, unless they show that they will try to catch them with a saint skill.
They say that digging for mana stones is more troublesome than fighting.

“This is the penis… ? I really do have different parts coming out of insects too.”

Sister Rachel held up the mosquito’s tail and said with a look of admiration.

“Huh. If I catch an insect or anything… .”

Wait a minute. Isn’t this something to be proud of?

“Savior. I want to get a sample of the mosquito’s genitals, but can’t I sell it to a guild? I will give you a generous price.”

“Yeah. Of course it is possible.”

After all, I don’t even have a hobby of collecting genitals.
If you buy it at a generous price, I would be very grateful.

We handed the mosquito genitals we got so far to Rachel, and we finally entered the anthill.
Before entering, Sarah looked around and made sure that there was no one there, but the Wizard Association sisters used all kinds of magic such as silence magic and illusion magic to completely conceal the existence of the anthill.
Seeing that they use magic competitively, it seems that they are still conscious of what Diana said earlier that it would be better to do it thoroughly.

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257===================== The
deepening secret of the dungeon

“This is the anthill… It definitely feels a little different from the second floor.”

Sister Rachel muttered as she touched the wall of the passage down to the anthill.
is it? Even though it’s a cave-like structure, it feels like a sandstone cave, and to me, it’s just an extension of the desert.
After all, this older sister is a guild employee. She is also the guild chief’s daughter.
As for dungeons, I’m more of an expert than anyone here, so maybe I’m feeling something different.

Kigi geek. Kiggy geek.

When we went down the narrow passage to the first row and arrived at the first room in the anthill, there were countless ants encamped there.
It’s also resurrected. How can it be so noisy even though I swept it so cleanly last time?
Well, the Transcendental Species still hadn’t resurrected. You can deal with mobs quickly.

“Guwon, wait a minute.”

As I was about to go forward to write the proclamation of sanctuary, my sister Rachel, who followed me through the aisle, spoke to me.

“Can I meet you first?”

“Yeah? You hear them?”

“Yeah. I want to check the level of the monsters here.”

“But wouldn’t it be dangerous?”

“Do not worry. It’s not easy enough to be hit by an opponent who is a little stronger than a level 2 monster.”

“Uh… Still, there is an if. I will go with you.”

If it is, you can use Sanctuary Proclamation to turn off all aggro.
Unless you have a weak tolerance for pleasure like Sylvia, there is no reason to go into heat just because you were affected by the proclamation of sanctuary for a short time, so this is the best way to be safe.


“Oh. Whoops. Then please.”

Rachel’s older sister opened her eyes as if it was a little surprising, and then answered with a smile as if she was looking at her cute little sister.

“Sylvia. Then I’ll ask some other kids.”

“Yes, yes!”

When our eyes met, Sylvia nodded nervously.
However, the way the sword was removed from the sheath was very natural, so it didn’t seem like it would interfere with the battle much, apart from the tension caused by me. That doesn’t mean I won’t do special training.
Well, even if Sylvia is nervous, I don’t think it would be too dangerous.
We haven’t gotten out of the passageway yet, but even if there’s only one of the Wizards Association sisters, we’ll be able to just wipe out the monsters here.
So Sylvia came down to the dungeon even though she was nervous even when she made eye contact with me.

“indeed. As Diana said, the ants at the entrance are not very strong. It’s not that different from the 2nd tier monster.”

In conclusion, it was useless for me to approach the ants with Rachel’s sister.
Rachel’s older sister splendidly dodged the attacks of ants from all directions with her light movements that made her feel like an elf, and used magic to deal with the ants.
are you watching Diana. This is the movement of an elf.
However, the only remaining pure-blooded elf child lacks exercise. Aren’t you ashamed?
Well, I didn’t like it as it was, because if I exercise, the pounding attacks will hurt as soon as I exercise.
Huh. I was wrong for a second. As expected, Diana likes it the way it is now.

“Thank you, Mr. I think that’s enough to find out.”

“Yeah. Then guys! Please attack!”


At the same time as I shouted, the ants filling the room evaporated all at once.
what is this… I’m scared… . After all, they weren’t just Diana’s. what did you know, but
… Let’s get closer with these sisters in the future.

“Wow, that’s great too.”

Rachel, who was next to her, said with an awkward smile, wondering if she was really surprised by this power.

“Still, you think you’re awesome too? You dealt with ants only by magic without chanting.”

did it This older sister used magic without a chant or magic circle to deal with ants.
Would you say it feels like a magic warrior? When he stretched out his fist, a fierce wind blew through it, piercing through the ants in his path, and when he held out his hand, a barrier of water was created, blocking an unavoidable attack.
To be honest, it was a little, no, quite cool. If you can learn it, you want to learn it.

“Yeah? Whoops. no. This is not magic magic, it is spirit magic. I had been calling them from the guild in advance.”

Sister Rachel smiled like that and spread her hands to her chest.
Then, on the palm of his hand, a white spirit mixed with light green and a water spirit appeared.
It’s pretty cute to see the little guys wiggle on the palm of their hand.

“Oh oh! indeed!”

“Have you seen the spirit for the first time?”

“Yeah. It’s amazing. Can I learn this too?”

“I do not know. It’s hard to say anything without checking the affinity. Spirit magic is more innate than any other magic.

Affinity is an important magic. How about asking Diana later?”

Affinity is probably not a problem, I think.
Assuming my current body is in the same condition as the character created at the start of the game.
Basically, a player can have any job.
More like Diana.

“Are you Diana? Can he use elemental magic too? I never saw it.”

In response to my question, Rachel’s older sister looked at me with her eyes, wondering why she was making such a natural sound.

“Sure. You’re the best archmage in the world? If you don’t use spirit magic well, it’s probably just because your mana efficiency isn’t good enough.”

indeed. Is it like that?
Spirit magic seems to be a magic that consumes a lot of mana.
I have to keep summoning spirits, so if it’s natural, it’s natural.

“What are you talking about? I think I heard the name of this body.”

As I was talking to Rachel like that, everyone in the party behind me approached me.

“Ah, the spirit magic is amazing. Diana. You said you could use it too?”

“Well. Of course. Among the existing magic, there is no magic that this body cannot use, right?”

“Then maybe I can learn later?”

“Well? Do you want to learn? Then this body will check the affinity later. instead… Do you know?”

Diana happily accepted and reached out to me. Good.
I’m looking forward to this.
Come to think of it, I’ve always wanted to learn just one magic for washing my body, but if I learn the magic of the spirits, that’s not possible. Very good.
I immediately picked up Diana.

“Diana. If you’re tired, I’ll do magic… .”
“no. There’s nothing to do anyway, so I’ll take it with me.”

Anyway, we started our way through the anthill.
The ant den was really full of ants as if it had been cleared, but as I just told myself, there was nothing I could do.
The ants disappeared as soon as their faces were seen, and thanks to the activities of the sisters of the Wizards’ Association, we just had to walk along the road as if we were taking a walk.
The last time we stopped was when the Soldier Ant and the Transcendental Species first appeared.
Just like the ants that came out before, Rachel had a brief fight saying she wanted to try it out.
But other than that, I really felt like I was just taking a walk.

Even in the dungeon, I feel so bored.
He was so bored that he even rubbed Diana’s thigh, which was on her stomach, but he couldn’t continue.
Diana was like, ‘What are you doing in this place! Are you stupid!’ ‘Cause I’ve been slapped on the head.
To be honest, Diana’s attack was so tickling that it didn’t do any damage, but I had no choice but to stop because the eyes of the Wizard Association sisters looking from behind were so frightening.
I’m not big enough to be able to ignore those gazes even when I see them slaughtering monsters right in front of my eyes.

Damn it. As long as it’s like this, let’s play with Silvia… Do you want to do special training?
When I looked at Sylvia with that thought in mind, Sylvia, who had been following me while staring at me, turned red and looked away in a hurry.
Whoops. I don’t think I’m being vigilant just because I’m carrying Diana, right?
Even if he avoided his gaze, this was inside the anthill. You have nowhere to run.

“Sylvia… .”
“It’s like there’s another small dungeon inside the dungeon.”

As I was about to call Sylvia, I heard Rachel’s sister muttering next to me.
it’s sylvia you are so lucky

“Is that so?”

“Yeah. The level of the monsters that appear is too different to be grouped into two tiers, and above all, the climate is different. Until now, the biggest criterion for classifying the dungeon was whether the climate was changing.”

After all, it’s not hot in this room at all. No, it’s rather chilly.
I just thought it was the difference between the presence and absence of intense light, but Rachel does not seem to feel that way.

“If there are more small dungeons throughout the dungeon like this, it might really change the paradigm of dungeon exploration. Even if you get your penis because of your job, you find a place like this. Guwon-san is really great.”

“Huhu. Guwon is the one sent by the Goddess.”

As I was talking to Rachel, I suddenly felt someone clinging to my arm.
And at the same time from behind, ‘Ugh… The chest… ‘ came a voice.
Without even looking to the side, there is only one main character with this angelic voice that tickles his ear.
Damn it. Wearing armor must be so sad. If it weren’t for the armor, my arms would now be facing the ecstatic sensation of being buried in a soft hill.
I envy Diana’s thighs, where the angel’s chest is touching.
In fact, that Diana was behind the ‘chest… chest… .’ He was muttering as if he was traumatized.

I can’t. If Diana hates her breasts more than this, even when she really grows up, she might hate her own big tits.
To alleviate Diana’s hatred for breasts, I need to make her realize that I like boobs of any size.
I turned my head to the other side of Leia and whispered in a low voice that only Diana could hear.

“Diana. I don’t hate it so much. I don’t care about size. Your breasts that are touching your back right now are just as good as Leia.”

“That, that… Are you stupid! I think this body will be deceived! You can’t feel anything because of the armor!”

Diana seemed a little shy at first, but then realized the error in my words and patted my head.
Sheesh. did you hear I thought that if I had a good voice and set the mood, I would be successful.
While we were having such a silly conversation, Leia and Rachel’s sister continued to talk.

“Are you a goddess? Well, all the strangers were sent by the Goddess… .”

“no. Goo Won is different from ordinary strangers.”

Leia looked at me with a twinkle of trust in her eyes.
ugh When I look at you like that, my conscience… . I didn’t really cheat, but somehow I felt like I was lying.
It would have been better if I had been an apostle sent by a real Goddess.
No, even if it’s not like that, I’d like to know why the goddess sent me here.

It is not that there are no clues at all.
The biggest clue is

That I flew into this world through the game.
And the goal of the game was to clear the dungeon.
Of course, after that, the content would have been abundant, such as hanging out with attractive characters or attacking new characters, but the goal of the story was to clear the dungeon.
So, did the goddess send me to clear the dungeon?

But why? wherefore?
At least in the current situation, there were no factors that adversely affected the world.
No, on the contrary, it is helping people’s lives.
Because people are leading a prosperous life with the various materials and manastones that can be obtained from the dungeon.
It is said that if left unattended, monsters may overflow and crawl out of the dungeon, but as long as there are aspiring adventurers who are constantly appearing even now, the possibility of that happening seemed infinitely low.
Then why on earth do you have to send me to this world to clear the dungeon?
In the depths of the dungeon, there’s a demon king that Diana doesn’t even know is sleeping, isn’t it?
As I was repeating the contemplation that did not come to such a conclusion, I heard Diana’s voice from behind.

“This is where the magic stone is.”

“Oh oh. this… .”
“Certainly, as Diana-sama said, it is a very unique manastone.”

Obviously these sisters love magic as much as they love Diana.
When they found the magic stone, they all lit up their eyes like children, revealing intense curiosity.
In the room with the huge magic stone, there was no queen ant or a transcendent species, and it was quiet.
As expected, it doesn’t seem to have respawned yet.

“Then these bodies are going to study manastones from now on, but what will you guys do?”

“Well… Well. You just have to kill time in the corner. no. In the meantime, let’s take Sarah, Leia, and Sylvia to catch ants and raise the job level a bit.”

“If that’s the case, can I ask you a favor?”

“Yeah? What do you want me to do?”

“Is it connected to the 3rd floor from here? Could you please guide me there?”

“Yeah? But it would be a little cold without Diana… .”

“If that’s the case, that’s fine. I can use some similar magic. Of course, I can’t do it with Diana-sama.”

indeed. When entering the dungeon, it was finally revealed why he was fine in the desert even though he wore clothes that exposed a lot of skin, which was questionable when he entered the dungeon.
You said you kept the spirits out, so did you use that to control the temperature?

“If that’s the case… Diana. Is it okay if we go together?”

“Well. Come on.”

If you’re just checking to see if it really leads to the 3rd layer anyway, it doesn’t take that long.
We parted with Diana and the Wizard Association sisters, and headed for the passage behind the wall leading to the third floor.

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258===================== The
deepening secret of the dungeon

Even if you go to the 3rd floor, it is a simple task that is completed by simply following the passage and checking it.
You won’t encounter any monsters on the way, so actually

You don’t have to rush around, though.
But when Rachel and I headed down the aisle, the rest of the party followed us, except for Diana, of course.
Sarah and Leia as well as Sylvia.
Sylvia Are you following the theme of preparing to run away just by making eye contact with me?

Surprisingly, Sara, who was surprisingly knowledgeable, was followed by the Wizards Association sisters, standing behind me even in a safe situation, but I don’t think she had any intention of doing so even in a place where there was no danger of monsters.
This time, he snuggled next to me and started walking. It’s not like they’re crossing their arms, they’re just walking next to each other with a fresh expression on their face.
She’s pretending not to be, and she’s making a fresh face, but maybe she’s a little wary of Rachel’s sister because of the commotion that happened before.
He also looks really good, so a kid who never does this kind of thing sometimes does cute things like this.
do not worry. It’s true that Rachel is pretty, but that doesn’t mean she’s cheating. To me you are the best
I put my hand on the lower part of Sarah’s waist, where the apostle’s seal would be engraved, and pulled her closer to me.
Then Sara was pulled towards me without any resistance.
Her expression was still fresh, but it made her look cuter.

“Ah, only Sara is killing me.”

Then Leia folded her arms around her opposite arm and pushed her voluptuous breasts.
And as I was wearing Sarah and Leia like that, Rachel sister looked at me with a cute expression.
Maybe even Rachel’s sister noticed that Sarah was a little wary of her.

“It’s a flower in both hands.”

He teased me with a playful voice.
Naturally, there was no sense of jealousy in that voice.

So we went down the aisle to the third floor.
The two of them were close together on either side, but I did not feel that it was difficult to walk or that it was too narrow.
Rather, there was something else that was cumbersome.
Damn it. Why didn’t I take my armor off? This is an area where no monsters appear.
This passage leading to the third floor is quite steep and not well paved.
Naturally, the floor was bumpy, and Leia’s chest, who was walking next to me, was clinging to my arm and bouncing around.
Why can’t I taste that feeling! Only the armor, without the armor… Whoops!

“Oh. It’s a dead end.”

On the way down the road, Rachel, who was leading the way, stopped walking.
Rachel older sister was holding a shining manastone, and it is said that it is like a lantern that has been processed to emit light when it is injected with magical power.
As there was no Diana to shed a light on, Rachel’s sister was leading the way with that one.
It was definitely enough to secure the view, but it wasn’t bright enough to see the surroundings clearly like Diana’s magic.
So, it seems that the place blocked by the eyes in front was just a wall.

“Ah, it was covered with snow. The exit of this passage is buried under the snow.”

“Oh my, that’s true. This can be a little cumbersome.”

Rachel older sister put her finger on the wall of her eyes slightly, then hurriedly removed it and said.
It’s a bit bewitching to see the tip of a finger that had touched a cold place gently brought to the corner of the mouth and blown into the air.

“It bothers you, what is it?”

“Actually, I can’t use fire magic. It’s okay though.”

Sister Rachel stretched her hand forward, creating a gust of wind as if attacking the ants.
It felt a little more radical than when Diana’s fire magic was used, but still, a path began to be made through the snow.

“Then I will check outside for a moment. There’s no doubt about it since I’ve seen it with my own eyes, but I still have to make sure I’m on the 3rd floor.”

“Yeah? Are you going alone?”

“Yeah. I’m just coming to check if the 3rd tier really is right anyway. And in fact… It’s a little overwhelming to use magic to block the cold on all of you.”

indeed. As he cannot use fire magic, he seems to have a slight weakness in that area.

“But it would be dangerous.”

No matter how much this older sister slaughtered the ants, it was at a level that everyone in our party except Leia could do.
However, the ice golem that appears in front of this is different.
There is nothing that cannot be caught alone, but there is no guarantee that there is only one ice golem. No matter how much I thought about it, it felt dangerous to go alone.

“It’s okay. I’m just going to show my face for a moment.”

“Nevertheless. then sis How about giving me one more skill? Are you having a hard time too? I guess I’ll have to stick with one more. You have to think about it.”

“If that’s the case… .”

When I spoke firmly with a firm expression on my face, Rachel also broke down whether she couldn’t keep crying that she was going alone.
For some reason, his cheeks looked a little red.
Oh, Rachel. Do you like a man who feels like an older, relaxed older sister, but is actually a coercive man?
Huh. Know. went too far The temperature dropped as the snow flew, so it must have been a reminder of the ball.
And if a really coercive man is your taste, what are you going to do with it?
I’m not going to seduce you, and I’m not going to introduce you to another man.

“Then I’ll go with Rachel.”

“The need for salvation… .”
“Sara knows I’m the best fit here, right?”

Considering the way Rachel was dealing with the ants earlier, it would be right to classify Rachel as a dealer. If so, it’s not a very good choice for Sarah, the dealer, to follow.
And it is absurd to follow Leia, who cannot protect herself by herself.
If it’s Sylvia, who can play the role of a tank like me, it’s possible, but… .

“Well, then I… !”

“no. I’ll go. As a man, I don’t mind being in a safe place and making a woman do dangerous things.”

“Ha, uh… .”

Sylvia, who had come forward with enthusiasm that she would be the right person for her, collapsed as soon as the momentum died at my words.
Actually, this would be an inappropriate statement in a world where there are overwhelmingly more female adventurers than male adventurers, but what did that mean? I am not from this world

It is impossible to change the mindset that has been fixed for over 20 years now to fit the common sense of this world. I don’t like to do that.

“Huh… Be careful and go.”

In the end, even Sarah knew, but as if she was just trying to fight, she sighed and said so.
I playfully tapped the area where the apostle’s seal was engraved on Sarah’s buttocks, and said hello to Leia as well.

“Then I’ll be right back.”

“Yeah. Bye.”

Leia gently raised her hand to the area where her apostle’s seal was engraved and said.
ugh Angel. Don’t look at me with those eyes.
Even so, it’s hard to touch an angel’s thing in front of everyone else.
Even if it’s not the chest, if you touch it, it will look like you’re trying to put your hand into the chest bone to others.
Let’s touch the angel’s seal a lot later. With that promise, I headed for the snow passage with my sister Rachel.

“You are very friendly.”

“Yeah? haha. These are all my virtues.”

“Huhu. I guess it really is.”

ahhh It’s rather shameful if you positively affirm something clever!
The existence of my sister may be a hard counter for a guy like me. good though

Anyway, while digging through the eyes with Rachel’s magic, we were only able to get out of the 3rd floor.

“Yeah. It’s also 3rd tier. It’s a little cold too. You said that you haven’t confirmed the exact location of this place yet?”

Rachel said while stroking her exposed skin slightly.
As I couldn’t use fire magic, I definitely felt a chill seeping into my skin than when I was with Diana.
I was fine with my whole body covered, but Rachel may be a little cold.

“Yeah. I’ll report back when I start exploring in earnest soon.”

I answered by taking the robe from my inventory and wrapping it around Rachel’s shoulder.
Rachel’s older sister’s eyes widened slightly as if a little startled, but then she bowed her head slightly to express her gratitude and tied the front of her robe.

“Huhu. I’m begging you. Then back… Heck!”

Kugugu Palace

The moment Rachel was about to turn around with a smile, the ground suddenly shook and the passage we had passed collapsed.
Sister Rachel almost collapsed due to the shaking of the ground while she was turning around, but I was able to catch her before she fell, holding her center of gravity while standing still.
Those who are real monsters are not good yangbans. It’s crazy that I followed.
About 5 meters in front of us, a huge ice golem appeared while raising its body that had been buried in the snow.

“Then I will be in front of you, so I’ll ask you to attack.”

“Yes Yes.”

When I talked to Rachel in my arms, Rachel was taken aback and responded by adjusting her posture.
Actually, I was a little nervous too.
I got to take on the tank again against the Ice Golem, who completely failed the tank role last time.
Can we do it well this time?
Can you do it well? Because Sylvia also taught me the trick.

In fact, in the name of Sylvia’s special training, she didn’t just hug and play.

First of all, I was asked about the tips of the tank.
Well, I only listened to explanations in words and didn’t practice at all.
Anyway, according to Sylvia, it’s important to eat aggro by attacking at the right timing when the dealer Jin’s attack.
Even if this side’s attack power is weaker, if you attack according to the dealer’s attack, you’ll pay more attention to the one closest to you.
It would be difficult for me to do such a thing when Sarah and Diana’s indiscriminate attacks continue, but in a situation where there is only one dealer, Rachel, it will work out somehow.

I clenched my fists and charged the ice golem.
You don’t need a saint skill at all. It is a land-based battle that relies purely on attack and defense.
I stretched out my fist, determined to break that bastard’s ice.
Quad Duck! It cracked its leg with the cool sound of ice breaking, but that’s it.
He extended his fist at me as if there was no damage.
Well, it’s okay because I only hit him for the first aggro.
not upset at all Really?
Damn it. I mean, there was no time to raise the skill level of Martial Arts these days.

Unlike when dealing with ants, Rachel’s sister blew wind magic from afar, as if she was trying to perform a ranged attack.
Seeing the golem’s body shattered, the magic power seemed to be comparable to that of Sarah’s arrow with each shot.
Is the hero Sara’s attack power that great, or is it just that the wind magic and ice golem have a bad compatibility?

Anyway, it’s not bad. If I’m just eating aggro like this, I’ll be able to handle this one with ease.
I glanced at Rachel and read the timing of the attack, and attacked the Ice Golem accordingly.
In the end, it took some time, but without losing the Ice Golem’s aggro, I was able to clean it up easily.

“Then let’s go… Be careful, sister!”

“Yeah? Heck!”

When I recovered the Ice Golem’s Manastone and looked back at Rachel’s sister, I saw something else appearing behind her.
He couldn’t see properly in the heavy snow, but at first glance he looked like a human.
But we can’t be vigilant about being in human form in the middle of a dungeon like this.
I hurriedly ran to my sister Rachel, grabbed her arm, and pulled her body toward me.
Then a sharp spear passed right where the sister’s head was.
Is it still a monster?

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Maybe one more in the morning.
If I don’t fall asleep before I’m done.

Melamollamer // No. Sanctuary Proclamation is very weak compared to other skills, so it’s okay for it to take a while.
The affected person will have the effect of a slight increase in sexual desire, which is hard to feel, permanently.
If you become like Sylvia after being briefly affected by the proclamation of sanctuary, you will have to find and release all the adventurers around when Salvation earned the nickname Milk Roadmaker.

14C2A58H2 // Thanks for pointing out. It’s corrected.


259===================== The
deepening secret of the dungeon

At the same time as I hugged Rachel’s sister, a chill suddenly came over my body.
Not in a figurative sense, but in reality.

“Lee, Rachel. temperature magic… .”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

As Rachel’s older sister made a light gesture, I immediately felt the cold around me disappear again.
It seems that the magic was cut off for a while due to a sudden event.

Anyway, I sent Rachel sister behind her back and looked forward again, and thanks to the closer the distance, I could see the face of the guy wielding the spear a little more closely.
They were so-called Lizardmen, whose whole body was covered with scales and had a reptilian face.
Seeing that there were three people instead of one, I got a rough idea.
These guys are level 3 monsters in the same position as goblins and orcs.
In other words, it wouldn’t be a very strong monster. From the outside, it looks so weak that it can’t even be compared to the Ice Golem.


Look. you’re weak No, was Rachel older sister strong?
A sharp wind blown by Rachel’s sister from behind blew away one of the Lizardmen’s heads.
After all, Ice Golem was just a matter of compatibility.
There was no need for me to turn off the aggro, and the other two guys met a futile end as their heads flew right away.

“Well then, let’s go! You can dig this way!”

As soon as the Lizardmen fell, I looked at the map and pointed in the direction and said in a hurry.
Rachel’s older sister immediately re-applied the magic to block the cold, but her body was still not normal.
Rachel’s magic isn’t to make it warm, it’s just to make it not cold.
However, with that magic, when the magic was released, the chill that had penetrated my body could not be completely removed.
The body part in leather armor was fine, but the hands and feet that were covered with iron were unbelievably cold. Of course, the gauntlets and boots were also covered with leather, but it could not completely block the feel of the cold iron.

“Yeah? Why all of a sudden… Oh, I’m sorry.”

Rachel saw my expression and understood what was going on, and suddenly she hugged my hand tightly to her voluptuous chest.
I felt Rachel’s warm sister’s body temperature melt my cold gauntlet.

“Who, whoa?! Then you’re cold too… ?!”

“Oh, are you worried about me in this situation? Because it was my mistake. This tidy up is fine. thank you for helping me. Salvation Mr. It was a little cool.”

“Oh, no. It was nothing.”

“Huhu. Goon-san is an adventurer, taking such pretty people with him, and he still shows such a bright reaction.”

“That, that… If Rachel is like that, anyone… .”

“Oh my, are you flirting? No. I don’t want to get scolded by Diana-sama. Oh, is it a secret from other people that you did this?”

“Yes, yes.”

Rachel held my hand like that for a while, then fell off as if nothing had happened and pointed to where I was just pointing.

“Can I dig this way?”

“Yes Yes.”

To be honest, I didn’t feel anything like the soft touch of my chest because it was blocked by the gauntlet, but somehow Rachel

It was awkward to see your face.
Rachel noona thought she had done something wrong after doing it, so she did not turn her head this way once, and quietly took the lead and dug out the snow.

“Salvation!” “Mr. Salvation!” “Savior!”

And as soon as I returned to the place where Sarah, Leia, and Sylvia were, the three of them rushed at me at the same time.

“What happened? You were worried because the snow suddenly fell.”
“Are you okay?”

Sarah came up to grab me by the collar and gave me a worried expression, while Leia put healing magic on her hand and touched my body all over the place.
Even Sylvia stuck to me and looked into my complexion.

“OK. All of a sudden, an ice golem appeared and collapsed for a moment. I just took it easy.”

“Are you really not hurt?”

“then. You usually hit more than those monsters… .”

I was relieved when I said playfully, Sarah slapped my chest with a fresh expression on her face.
big black. okay. this hurts more Why doesn’t the damage penetrate through the armor? Is this the power of love?
Anyway, everyone seems to be relieved by the way I look.
With a barely relieved expression, he moved away from me a little.
Well. It’s also nice to be loved.

“By the way, Sylvia. You seem a bit overpowered now? It just sticks to me.”

“four?! Oh, uh?! Oh no?! Sin, sorry!”

“no. I’m sorry. It doesn’t matter. Rather why off. Where else do you hang out The achievements of special training… .”
“Hey hey!”

I grabbed Sylvia’s head by the chin and tried to pull her into her arms, but Sylvia made a cute noise and hid behind Sarah in an instant.
Why are you behind Sarah? Did you instinctively guess the kid who could do damage to me?

“Salvation. So stop harassing Sylvia.”

“No, it really bothered me… Sorry.”

it’s sylvia See you later at the mansion.
I’ll show you a three hour course of hell, no, heaven.

Anyway, after checking the appearance of the 3rd floor safely, we went back to the queen ant’s room where Diana was.

“Diana. What do you think? Is work going well?”

“Well? are you back no. It’s not going well, it’s still in the early stages. First of all, I am analyzing the flow of mana extending from the Mana Stone. It will probably take a few days to fully analyze.”

“Then should I stay here?”

“Well. If you’re bored, go hunting. If we use this room as our base, wouldn’t it be possible to safely hunt?”

It is a wise word.
However, the problem is that there is no reason to raise the level of Martial Arts like before.

“Ah, if that’s the case, I’ll go back to the guild first.”

At that time, Rachel older sister said something like that as if she was aiming for the timing.

“Yeah? Alone?”

“Yeah. After all, against the monsters here, I would be enough alone.”

“Still, walking around the dungeon alone… . We will follow you as an escort. Diana, are you okay?”

“Well. Of course.”

“But even if you don’t… .”

“I didn’t have anything to do anyway, so I was going to go hunting, but it’s not bad to come back and forth to the village.


Rachel’s sister gave her an apologetic expression, but I said, taking care not to bother her.
Maybe it’s because something like that happened before, when Rachel makes a face like that, it somehow brings back memories of the past.

So, just like before, Sarah, Leia, and Sylvia went all the way to the second-tier village, but nothing really special happened.
Especially when we went, thanks to Rachel’s sister taking a picture of the match, we were so embarrassed that we were just following along.
Arriving in town, Rachel turned around and showed us a more sincere smile, rather than a business-like smile as usual.

“Then I must leave here. Thank you so much everyone.”

“no. We just followed along and didn’t do anything.”

I haven’t really done anything. In fact, I wonder if Rachel older sister thought that it was cumbersome because her movement speed was only slow.
But Rachel sister shook her head at my words.

“no. Everything but now.”

Saying that, Rachel older sister winks only at me from an angle that the other kids can’t see.
sister. If you said you shouldn’t flirt, don’t do that to me either. I’m just excited

“Then everyone. see you next time.”

Rachel sister bowed her head once more to say hello, and then disappeared into the teleport magic circle.

“I did it with this one.”

“It is. Now we just have to wait for Diana’s research to finish.”

okay. And by the time Diana’s research is over and she comes back here, the information I gave her from the guild has been widely published among adventurers.
Then, look at the adventurers trying to build their genitals against monsters… Big, big, big. no. You didn’t think it was anything special, did you? I’m just curious how you’re trying to set it up.
then. Because for me, it’s just my kids.
No matter how many times I’ve met Rachel, she’s a person who just got over it even after it got into a strange atmosphere.

Anyway, so we went back to the ant den where Diana was waiting.
And during the days Diana was doing research, she continued to exterminate the ants using the queen’s room as a base.
The ants’ rooms were spread out innumerable other than the road we had passed, so infinite hunting was possible.
Because of this, even after subjugating like that, the ants fill up quickly.

So while we were hunting, Diana and the people of the Wizards’ Association stayed up all night to investigate something by hanging on the Manastone.

“Ummm… .”

“What is it? Isn’t research going well?”

While eating, Diana groaned low with a face that something was not going well.
This is the first time Diana’s face is like this. I wanted to help, but it was even more sad that there was no way I could help.
magic guy. How can you make my girl look like that?

“no. Do you think it’s not going well? On the contrary, the research itself went quite well. On the contrary, I knew quite a lot. But the more you know, the more absurd the conclusions you get.”

“What do you mean?”

“As expected, that manastone appears to be one of the core elements of the dungeon. It not only constitutes the frame of the dungeon, but it seems that the energy of that manastone affects the climate of the dungeon and the monsters that live there. just say it Perhaps the problem is that it feels artificial.”

“Huh? Why? How are you?”

“Think about it. To say that that object is an artificially manipulated object, in other words, means that someone made this dungeon itself. This dungeon is so vast that you can’t even tell where it ends, and there are hundreds or thousands of living monsters. That’s something that even this body, called the best wizard in the world, can’t even dream of. no. I don’t mean to be arrogant, but I’ve never seen a wizard better than this body in the first place. So who the hell created these dungeons artificially? Unless you are a Goddess… .”

As we talked, the fever in my head was getting higher and higher, and Diana vomited with an expression of absurdity.
But the last words Diana uttered casually, I was rather caught.

“What if God really made this dungeon?”

“Well. It’s hard to think like that. Goddess is the being who created everything in this world. If the Goddess made this dungeon, what was the purpose of creating this place and creating the monsters here? Wouldn’t it be more natural to place the monsters here in a place that suits the ecology of all over the world like other living things?”

That too.
Besides, although I’m a bit skeptical of what I’ve said, I had another objection that Diana didn’t know about.
In the first place, I presume that the reason the Goddess sent me here was to clear the dungeon.
If this dungeon was created by the Goddess, there is no reason to send someone from another world to clear the dungeon you created.
I don’t know if you think it’s a really dirty entertainment.
… Isn’t it? then. You are the goddess who gave me such great powers and created such a beautiful world.
There’s no way you can do something so dirty
But then, the gimmicks of this dungeon are the same as the games I’ve played in the original world… .

Kigi geek.

Then a strange noise was heard from afar.

“Huh? What does this mean now?”

“Hey there!”

Sarah, who had bright ears, pointed to where the sound was coming from.
The place Sarah was pointing to was where Diana was researching the Manastone.
And in front of that huge manastone, a huge mass of something appeared.
As the mass gradually grew in size, it began to take on a certain shape.
okay. The shape of the queen ant I saw before.

“What?! Everyone be careful… !”

I threw the tableware down and jumped up from my seat and shouted.


However, as soon as the queen ant was born, it disappeared without a trace.
Then, there were the sisters.

“Hmm. Will that magic stone even create the owner of the class? Interesting.”

Diana also muttered in a carefree voice.
… Hey. If you don’t respond to me like that, you’ll be even more pathetic.

“Salvation. Just sit down.”

“… Huh.”

I want to go into the mouse hole. It’s in the ant burrow, already buried in the ground.

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Somehow the writing was not good.

We apologize to those who were expecting isolation.
Salvation has a map, so it is difficult to isolate it if possible.

Tigerfish // Thanks for pointing it out. It’s corrected.

Invi // If you look closely, it wasn’t written very carelessly. The only time that Salvation Sanctuary was used to affect people other than party members was during the Siege of the Second Tier Orcs, Vanessa, and Sylvia.
After one burn with Sylvia, I’ve never used it on anyone else.
Considering the situation in the monologue that it would be okay for anyone other than Sylvia to be affected for a while, I thought that Rachel would use it to save Rachel if she was in danger. You can save it, but it’s much better than letting it die.
Best of all, Rachel and the Wizard’s Shackles are much higher level than Salvation, so they don’t really have any effect.
If you are someone who can really feel the impact of the proclamation of sanctuary, unless it is a special case like Sylvia, it is at a lower level or similar to salvation.


260===================== The
deepening secret of the dungeon

According to Diana’s words, the magic applied to the manastone was so great that even Diana could not have thought of it at all.
The elder sisters of the Wizards Association who came with them seemed to be almost incomprehensible even when they saw it right in front of them, and even Diana was in trouble.

In a nutshell, if there are traces of manastones being artificially made, and you don’t care about the biggest mystery about who made them, it means that they are the best materials for magic research.
Diana even said that researching that manastone would open up new possibilities for magic on the same level as my saint skill research.
It’s kind of sad to hear those words… No, I’m not lonely with this! In the first place, Diana likes me no matter what. Well. not like that

Anyway, Diana and her sisters, who were more motivated after seeing that magic stones even create queen ants, spurred the research on magic stones.
The sisters, who usually surrounded Diana and only had expressions of not knowing what to do, had a magical discussion with Diana with serious faces.

In other words, what I want to say is that Diana is bored because she hasn’t played for days.
Slowly, I was tired of being stuck in a dark ant burrow. It was also tiring to deal with ants.
But even so, I couldn’t tell him to leave the Manastone research in a nutshell.
‘Cause I’m a good man I can’t stop my girl’s path.

So, to appease the boredom that Diana didn’t play with, I decided to play with the other kids with all my might.
The first target was Sarah, who was closest.
Sarah was arranging the arrows she had used and recovered from hunting today, and was checking the degree of wear of the nib, whether the feathers were damaged, or the rod was not bent.
If it is not checked properly, the power will not come out as expected, or in the worst case, unintentional

It looks like the arrow may fly in the same direction.
I quietly approached Sarah’s back and hugged her tightly.


“Hey! Come on, what’s happening all of a sudden?!”

“Ha ha. Are you that surprised?”

“Bah, you idiot! You were so surprised that you almost stabbed me with an arrow!”

When I looked down and looked around my waist, Sarah’s hand had grabbed an arrow and was just about to stab me in the side, barely stopping.
… Let’s be a little more careful when playing pranks on Sarah in the future. Especially when you have something in your hand that could be a weapon.
Hmmm. Anyway, I’m fine now because I’m not hurt.
I hugged Sarah from behind and brought my mouth to her ear while tasting the soft texture of her hair.
Then, in the sweetest voice I could make out, I whispered into Sarah’s ear.

“Do you want to do something good with your brother?”

“huh. The person who entered the dungeon after saying that it was my turn to come?”

When I lifted the arm that was holding Sarah and gently placed my hand under her chest, she said as she slapped her hand away.
Oh, it was also a bit sloppy.
Well, it’s my fault for coming to the dungeon on the same day after giving so many reactions that I was expecting the next Sarah’s turn.

“Huh? What are you talking about? What sex are you talking about all of a sudden? Did you know that good things are about sex? a. No matter how much I am, I don’t flirt with one thing in front of everyone else. to think like that Sarah nah… .”

“I’m going to stab you.”


Why are you still not removing the arrow from my side?

“so. What are you going to do after all?”

“Well. Actually, I haven’t decided what to do. just bored play with me.”

“Sigh… . Salvation, not your child. I’m busy looking at the arrows. If there is nothing to be saved, why not do something productive? You can practice handling mana like you did before.”

“Huh. It is said that this genius body has already perfectly mastered how to control mana.”

okay. Thanks to the constant practice without realizing it, I am now able to handle mana quite freely.
At least, all of the skills I’ve learned now can be used only by mana management, and the power can be adjusted.

“Then you can do other exercises. You know that Salvation is the lowest level in our party for combat jobs, right?”

ugh stabbing a sore spot
Sarah gave such a nudge, and checked the arrows again, not paying attention to what I hugged from behind.
As a savvy Sarah, she must have wanted to finish everything she was doing.
I understand that if I did a quick check on the arrows and the arrows flew in the wrong direction, something really bad could happen.
I guess I can’t be bothered anymore.

“Black. Sarah, love has grown cold these days.”

I tried to fall on Sarah, jokingly exaggerating.

“Come on, wait!”

Then, this time, Sarah grabbed my arm and made me hug her.

“Oh, it’s not cold! But the arrow check is really important. So wait a minute and wait. There’s not much left, so I’ll finish it soon and play.”

Apparently, he took my words as a joke seriously.
Sarah was restless when the cool attitude she had just shown collapsed in an instant.

“Big, big.”

“Why, why are you laughing?”

“Ha ha ha. no. sorry. Huh. I know it’s not cold. sarah is cute the best.”

“Hey, Mr. Lee! Idiot!”

Realizing that I was joking, Sarah glanced around with a blushing face.
When I stared at her, she was very scary because of her cool face and synergy.

“Uh-huh. You’re stupid for your brother. Okay, so you quickly check your arrows. As you said, I will be waiting in this state… Whoops.”

“Go away, you idiot!”

In the end, I got a smash in the back from Sarah and had to be kicked out.
My back hurts, but my heart is full. … My back hurts though. This must have left a palm-shaped mark on his back.

Anyway, I couldn’t play with Sarah, so I wandered around looking for the next target.
Since I can’t ask you to play with the sisters of Diana’s Wizards Association, who are still in heated discussion, Leia and Sylvia are left with the extinction method. these two
Unfortunately, Leia was praying right now.
Leia prays to the goddess twice a day like that. It became a habit because I grew up in a temple.
Indeed, it was impossible to keep the time while exploring the dungeon, so there was a slight change in the prayer time each day, but Leia always prayed before going to sleep and fell asleep.

In a word, it is a situation that cannot be interrupted now.
Wouldn’t it really be possible to see Leia’s angry expression on her face?
It made me want to see it a little bit as it is, but I have no desire to see it until I am hated by our angels.
I can’t help it. If it were an angel, even if it was foolish to ask him to play, he would accept everything with a tolerance as great as that chest.

I can’t help it. Now that this is the case, as Sarah said, would it be a really productive thing to do?
There is only one productive thing you can do in a place like this.
That’s special training.



I turned to Sylvia, who had been looking at me since before, no, from the time I woke up in the morning, except during battle.
Sylvia, who made eye contact with me, trembled, but unfortunately there was nowhere to escape from this room.
Sylvia’s face grew more and more agitated as I approached her, step by step, with leisurely steps like a predator with her prey in front of her.

“Why are you making that face? Got nothing to do now? So, should I be trained?”

There’s no way the kid who was just staring at me couldn’t do anything.

“cadet… That is, savior. Hey, I mean, the battle wasn’t a problem… .”
“Huh. It was.”

It’s definitely what I’ve felt in these few days, Sylvia’s reaction like this has nothing to do with fighting

didn’t even give
Perhaps, as he is in charge of the tank, he is concentrating on the thought that if he makes a mistake, other people are also at risk. Thanks to that, even if my body touched me sometimes, I didn’t show much reaction during battle.
After the battle was over, it seemed like he was about to die of shame again.

“That, then!”

Sylvia exclaimed with a bright expression on her face, thinking that she had found a place to escape.
But that’s it. Sylvia. Only one game left… Can’t I let my special training opponent go?

“I will do it anyway.”

“Why, why?”

Silvia’s bright face turned pale in an instant.
Didn’t you overreact like that because you liked me so much?
Okay, he’s a very complicated guy to say he’s going to do something to the point of dying.

“just. Even if there is no problem in battle, it is the same every time in everyday life. I want to be a little more comfortable in my daily life.”

It’s a complete lie. In fact, I wish they would continue to show this kind of reaction.
Later, Sylvia got used to contact with me, so I think it would be a bit sad if I didn’t respond even if I hugged her.

“Therefore, receive special training quietly.”

“Ah… Aww… .”

As I reached out, Sylvia rolled her eyes and started looking for a way to escape.

“Or what? Does Sylvia hate being touched? While I was begging like that before, I wanted to be by your side. Are you feeling cold already?”

“Oh, no! Not like that! I want to stay by your side!”

“Then you should try harder to be better by my side. Why are you thinking of running away?”

“That, that… So I like it so much that my heart… .”

“Well… I can’t believe it. Sylvia. give me faith Now, I’m not doing anything here and I’ll be quiet. Prove where you really want to be You are starting your own special training.”

“Ahhh… uh… .”

As I spoke with my arms wide open, I could see a growing conflict within Sylvia.
It’s pretty cute that one foot is pointing backwards as if trying to run away, and the other foot is pointing towards me as if it’s about to approach me and not doing this or that.


“Hey! Eight! Whoa… Aww.”

In the end, Sylvia clung to me as if she was head-butting me with the sound of a loss of strength, and began to melt as she lost all her body strength.
Whoops. got caught
The way I play with Sarah gets caught up in the same subject that I’ve been watching over and over.
What should I say or what should I say
I hugged Sylvia’s body as it melted in my arms.


“I didn’t do anything very strange, so don’t scream like that. People around you misunderstand me.”

I grabbed Sylvia’s waist and lifted her up, then slumped to the floor in a cross-legged position.
Then she put Sylvia on my leg and hugged her tightly.
Then Sylvia’s body began to vibrate again.
Sylvia’s buttocks, who boasted plumpness even though she was slender, touched my things and vibrated. .

“Huh… Goo, savior… Big, big… .”

“Ah, yes. sorry. It’s menstruation.”

“Ahhh… bigger, bigger… haha… .”

“Hey. I won’t do it anyway, so don’t wet it.”

“No, try… uh huh… .”

It doesn’t seem like it’s an issue I’m going to try.
Well, it’s cute how he’s doing his best, so I have to keep doing this.

“Even after washing with magic for a few days, it still smells good. Did you bring some perfume or something?”

Sylvia’s body trembled as I spoke as I put my nose to Sylvia’s crown and sniffed it.

“Oh, no. That’s… .”

“Does it still smell so good? So what’s the body? that’s interesting. So, isn’t it delicious? Would you like to try one?”

“Yes, four?! Whoa?!”

I bit Sylvia’s earlobe lightly with my lips, regardless of whether she was surprised or not.
I don’t know the taste, but the soft texture is quite satisfactory.

“Why are you so surprised? Showing such a cute reaction makes me want to bully you even more.”

“Ear, sweet… ?! Ah, ah, ah, hahaha… .”

“what? Sylvia? Sylvia?!”

I whispered in Sylvia’s earlobe as I licked her earlobe, and as if she had reached her limit, her body suddenly stopped functioning and she shook her head.
Was it to the point of fainting?

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