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261===================== The
deepening secret of the dungeon

“… What are you guys doing?”

With such a commotion, even Diana, who was concentrating on the discussion, seemed to be concerned about this.
Diana came over and saw me hugging the fainted Sylvia and spoke to her with a sullen expression on her face.

“Huh? no, nothing I was just trying to get used to him because he overreacts and freaks out when he touches me, but I play around with it a bit… I was stunned because there was so much area to touch.”

“Do you think this body will understand you?”

Sheesh. It also doesn’t work
What do we do. How can I make an excuse to convince her that she passed out while playing as Sylvia?

“But I can’t help it! Sarah won’t play with her arrow maintenance! Leia is praying! Diana is in the discussion, so you can’t interrupt! Then you have no choice but to play with Sylvia!”

I decided to try it out like a little kid.
Diana’s frown on her eyebrows then twitched, and then the bumps loosened and she began to smile with a slightly smirk.

“Hmm. That’s right. Hey, did you feel lonely because this body didn’t play with you?”

He came up to me saying that as if he were making fun of me, and stroked my hair with the feeling that I was a yo yo yo nigga.
The fact that she was able to stroke her hair while looking down thanks to me sitting, Diana seemed even more delighted, had more strength in her stroking hands than usual.
Well. Somehow it gets hot
No, of course, passing the Sylvia Gunn was my intention, and considering my age, Diana is right for me to be treated like this.
Still, being treated like this by Diana is kind of humiliating.
Diana has to tease me for my taste!

“Hmm. Hmm. Seeing him shy away from not being able to answer, it must be true. Don’t you have a cute corner too?”

When I couldn’t answer, trembling in humiliation, Diana was even more excited.

“If you’re that cute, play with me.”

“Hmm. Sit there and wait a little. Talk to this body a little bit, and today, slowly… .”

“Then will you hold me while we discuss?”

I was treated like a child. That’s right, I’ll make you in trouble by acting like a child thoroughly.
I pulled out my sleeping bag from my inventory, put the fainted Sylvia in, and walked over to Diana and hugged her.
Then he went straight to the seat where Diana was discussing.
ha ha ha. This time, you fall into shame.

“Huh. You have no choice.”

uh huh? Wasn’t this what you expected?
I was trying to harass you, but Diana smiled with a sense of satisfaction.
Not only that, but rather, he made me into a cross-legged position and sat on it, even digging deeper into my arms.
It is the same posture as when he hugged Sylvia earlier.
Good. It seems the sky hasn’t taken all my chances of counterattacking yet.

“what. Diana, did you pretend like you had a lot of free time and actually envy Sylvia?”

“What do you mean? Wasn’t it you who said you’d be hugging me? Didn’t you do to Miss Sylvia what you wanted to do to this body?”

However, Diana, who took the initiative once, showed a relaxed reaction this time as well.
Damn it. Is this what age is?
If I mention my age, I can definitely win, but I didn’t intend to win until I made Diana cry.
We need to find something other than age that could upset Diana’s composure.
okay! chest… ! Damn it! Diana is taller than Sylvia, who was just hugging her! You can’t attack from this!

“Huhu. Don’t try to win like that, stay still.”

As I couldn’t counterattack, Diana leaned back against my body with a relaxed smile.
I felt a soft and pleasant feeling of weight, and I think my courage would be broken.
You use the beauty world cruelly. I will succumb to this… ugh But my ass is soft.
okay. You just have to enjoy this situation. What the hell am I trying to fight?
Just like that, when my will was completely broken, an unexpected opportunity came.


Diana, who was having a conversation with the Wizards Association sisters while holding me, suddenly flinched and trembled.

“Diana? Why?”

“Ah, ah, ah, nothing! Don’t worry! No, wait a minute!”

Diana shouted urgently, used some magic, looked up at me and shouted.

“Come on, come on! What are you doing! Why are you getting bigger?!”

Judging by the bewildered expressions on the older sisters looking at us, it seems that the magic you just used is the magic that blocks the sound.

“Because Diana is so soft.”

“Are you stupid?! Let’s cover the time and place a little!”

Hearing my answer, Diana blushed slightly and scolded.
I was intoxicated by Diana’s soft touch, and only then I realized that another opportunity had come to me.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to just walk sideways and insert the panties just like this?”

“What, what, what, what are you talking about now?! Are you serious?!”

“It’s completely sincere. Diana, think about it. In front of other people, he has a normal face, but in fact he is secretly having sex hidden in his robe. Don’t you feel good? If you stay still, no one will notice.”

Huh. Know. that’s bullshit
I don’t know if it’s in the state of being inserted in the first place, but if you want to do that now, you’ll be caught when you try to insert it.
And our perverted lady Diana is being inserted in front of others, and there’s no way she can’t be silent.

“Ah, ah, no! Come on, that’s not really possible!”

It’s natural to think about it a little bit, but Diana, who was impatient, didn’t seem to be able to think of such a thing. As if I was going to put it in right away, he panicked and tried to push me away.
Of course, I did not let Diana go like that, but rather hugged her tighter and whispered.

“Huhaha. How are you? Are you upset? In the end, I am the one who wins!”

I won’t let you go. Would you like to do something pleasant with me?

“… What did you say now?”

Then Diana’s tone of voice suddenly suddenly lowered.

His face, which had been blushing in embarrassment, had changed in an instant as usual, or even colder than that.

“Huh? Why suddenly… Oh.”

I went against my heart and what I was saying!

“So, you mean that you were trying to make fun of this body?”

Diana grabbed my arm that was holding her and released it, then stood up and looked down at me.

“D, Diana? So this is… .”

“Are you stupid?! Do you have any other thoughts?! No Genga?! Is there something to joke about and something not to do?!”

“no. listen! Seriously what I wanted to do with you… .”

“It’s even worse!”

Diana was bubbly and started hitting me in the head at random.
Of course, it didn’t hurt at all.
Diana. It’s good to hit the pat, but why not hit something other than the head? The head is hard because the skin is thin and there is no muscle.

“Ugh… .”

Diana realized that too, and after hitting her several times, she burst into tears as if in pain and blew her fists.


“Being unnecessarily strong… . more than this. You-all! I confuse this person… !”

“Diana! Sorry! Look!”

Hey, anyway, mobilizing others is disrespectful, isn’t it?!
I had no choice but to kneel down to Diana right away.

“Are you admitting you were wrong?”

“Yeah. I am guilty of death.”

“Then you should be punished.”

“Wow, what punishment… ?”

“Sit still.”

Diana said that, and as before, she put me back in a cross-legged position and sat on it.

“It’s going to grow again.”

“No, I mean, it’s really physiological.”

“I know. do you understand From now on, you are suffering from such an enlarged state. That’s what it will cost.”

After saying that, Diana grabbed my arm and made me wrap it around her body and hug her.
no, why is that a bee I’m not even a horned monkey, and I’m not bothered by it if I don’t let it grow taller. Of course, from time to time, but at least for now.
Rather, I think it’s a reward to hold them like this.
Anyway, was Diana envied of Sylvia?
ugh yo cute guy

“What are you smirking about? Do you want another punishment?”

“no. No way!”

I hugged Diana’s body tightly before she changed her mind.

“Hmm. That’s it.”

Diana waved her hand with satisfaction.

“… Anna?”

At the same time, voices around me, which had been quiet for a while, began to be heard.
Oh, by the way, he used magic! So you’re saying you didn’t even hear what he just ordered to attack?!
Looking down at Diana’s face, Diana was smiling triumphantly.
this despicable thing. Anyway, the hair is good. Is it hard to beat Diana?
Well, it doesn’t matter because you win at night.

I decided not to dwell on winning or losing anymore, but to enjoy this feeling now.
Diana’s body was warm because her body temperature was a little higher than usual, and it was really soft and plump, so the feel of hugging her was excellent.

I started to fall asleep somehow.
Moreover, the conversation between Diana and the sisters was a series of words that were really incomprehensible, which further stimulated my sleep desire.

“You. get up.”

“Um… . Yum Yum. Marshmallow… .”

“Hey! Come on, wake up and stop talking!”


When I opened my eyes because of something, I saw Diana’s blushing face right in front of me.
And I was sucking on Diana’s soft cheeks.

“Huh? what am i doing now… . dang.”

“Hey! Isn’t this on purpose?! You were up from the beginning?!”

As I licked Diana’s cheeks as I spoke, Diana exclaimed with a cute scream.

“No way. really woke up now Have you finished talking about that?”

“Hmmm. Well. It’s over. I’m going back to town now, so get ready.”

“Huh? will you go back?”

“Well. I can’t stay here all the time, can’t I?”

“Hurry up. Everyone is ready, except for salvation.”

I looked to the side and saw Sarah looking down at me with slightly cold eyes.
No, not exactly me, but Diana’s ball in front of me.
Maybe it was because I unconsciously sucked it in while I was sleeping, and a kiss mark remained on the center of Diana’s cheek.

“Hmm… . I don’t know if this is a bad thing.”

Diana spoke as if she was worried like that, but for some reason she straightened her chest.

“Hey. Is that what you say with your chest open? It’s a big deal if you have a scar on a pretty face. what about this? Leia. Can it be cured?”

“Oh, yes. Of course.”

“Well?! Oh no… Ah… .”

When I asked Leia for help, Leia came over as if waiting for her and treated Diana’s cheek in an instant.
Diana looked like she was about to say something, but it was so quick that the treatment had ended before that.

“Yeah. It’s completely gone with this.”

Leia treated Diana’s cheek, smiling like an angel, as always.
He’s an angel too. How can you be so kind? Are you worried about leaving a scar on the face of Diana, who can be seen as a competitor?

“Oh, thank you. is it… Has it been cleared… .”

Diana said as she lowered her head for some reason.
Can’t you just look at the halo behind the angel’s back? I fully understand that sentiment.

Anyway, we finally went outside after a long day of experiencing the anthill for a few days.
It’s been a long time since I’ve come to a bright place, so it’s a new feeling.
Of course, even in the ant den, it was always bright with light magic before sleeping, but it is also different from the light created by magic.
No, wait. Even in the dungeon here, it’s underground anyway.
And, according to Diana, there is a possibility that the dungeon was created artificially by someone.
So, is this light also made of magic? Confusing.
… What’s good about something like that?

What I should pay attention to now is not such a useless thing.
okay. It’s been a few days since Rachel’s sister returned to the guild.
By now, the information I reported to the guild must have been announced on a large scale.
if so! Now in this dungeon! Adventurers desperately trying to build a monster’s penis!
kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk My imagination is already exploding.
It’s on the second floor with a great view. I’m sure I’ll meet one or two adventurers on the way back to the village.
With a big dream in my heart, I headed to the village with my eyes twinkling.

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262===================== The
deepening secret of the dungeon

“Why are you looking around like that?”

On the way back to the village after leaving the anthill, Diana asked a question from behind.
Why are you looking around so much? Of course, to find adventurers!
Adventurers with the beauty of being above average even if they can’t, even at this moment, are trying to build a monster’s penis!
I didn’t have the courage to say it frankly.

“It’s just to be on the lookout for. We’re carrying Diana like this, wouldn’t it be a big deal if we got a surprise?”

okay. Now Diana was currently carrying me.
Maybe it was because Diana held her in my arms and discussed it earlier, this time when Diana was lifted up, no one said that she was using the floating magic.
You guys are also a little stingy. If you develop your eyesight like that, you will be able to meet good men someday.
Although they are a little older, they have outstanding abilities and looks.

“Hmm. Hmm. You know how to say strange things. Is this all thanks to the education of this body?”

Diana answered in a satisfied voice and patted my head.
no this is it I was originally a weird guy.
Just because I’ve won once before, I’m so proud of it. You must leave it at night

“It’s strange, but there’s nothing to be so wary of. There are no authors.”

Diana said, pointing to the Wizard Association sisters who were following them from behind.

“no. Of course, the older sisters are reliable, but still, there is a thing. A momentary surprise attack, no matter how many sisters… .”

“It will be a village soon. The monsters around here are usually being dealt with by other adventurers. Look, like over there.”

Sara, who was walking next to me, said as she put her hand on my shoulder and gave me a kneading massage to help Diana.
It’s pretty cool as it has a lot of power.
But now that doesn’t matter.


I turned my head to Sarah with a ferocious force and asked a question.

“Yes? what?”

Maybe it was because of my appearance that I don’t normally see, Sara also broke her cool expression and was a little embarrassed. cute.
No, anyway!

“So! Where are the adventurers fighting?!”

“I, there… .”

Sara, perplexed, raised her finger and pointed toward the horizon.
When I looked at where Sarah was pointing, I could definitely see some small dots moving.
Damn it. It’s too small to see well. if so… !

“Does that look a bit dangerous?! Good! Let’s go and help!”

“Huh? that… Oh?”

Sarah made a questioning voice, but I didn’t care and jumped out.
Stay strong, my legs! Through the wind, through the sands of the desert,

Guide the adventurers!
Before those women’s struggles are over!
No matter how difficult it is to walk in the desert, this distance is no obstacle if I use full speed.
I was able to get to the place where the adventurers were fighting in an instant.


Thanks to her, Diana, who was on my back, screamed as if she was riding on a scream machine in an amusement park, and hugged me tightly.
Whoops. guy. hugging you so tight am i that good

Anyway, when I arrived at the battlefield, I looked at the scene while suppressing my pounding heart out of curiosity, but I was soon disappointed.
Because the monsters the adventurers were fighting were the scorpions.
I mean they don’t have genitals.
The monsters of this world and the animals of the world I lived in are not the same creature just because they look alike. The same goes for that scorpion. I don’t know if the scorpion in this world doesn’t have a male, or I just haven’t met him, but I’ve never had a penis from a scorpion before.
No, even if they could get it in the first place, how would adventurers get their penis against a scorpion?
In a word, it’s a bummer.

“Sheesh… No, not this. Whoa. thank God. It doesn’t look like a dangerous situation. I didn’t see it very well.”


“What do you mean? It looks like a dangerous situation, right?”

There are three adventurers in front of us, and it seems that we were trying to deal with one scorpion, but one more got involved.
The two vanguards were in charge of one scorpion each, but even pretending to be a scorpion, they seemed too strong.
But I said with a colder face than ever.

“This is the second floor. Plus around town. Does it make sense for the kids who got to this village to struggle against two weak monsters like that? then. I’m speechless. You won’t have to help.”

I exhaled quickly, and immediately tried to leave.
I’m sure something more annoying will happen if I get involved with those guys. My senses are screaming
But it was faster for the adventurers to find me and ask for help than I left.

“Hey! Salvation! Help me!”

“Who the hell are you pretending to know?”

“I don’t want the three of us at once… !”
“then! I need help! We don’t even know each other! But before that, I have something to do. help… I’m sure I said yes, so I’m skipping this. Maybe the next loot we saved… .”

“Because that’s what happened!”

Know. I was joking once.
I gently lowered Diana to the floor, then approached the scorpion and threw a soccer kick.


The scorpion ended its life by squeezing it out with one kick.
Still, it is worthwhile to raise the level of fighters in the ant den for several days. Well, even if that wasn’t the case, the weakest scorpion on the 2nd floor would have been a punch.

“Whoa. did you end up with this? Then be careful.”

I, who had dealt with two scorpions lightly with two kicks, tried to coolly leave.

“Come on, wait a minute! why so


Why do you think so? Isn’t it all because you’re afraid you’ll say something like before? this damn girl
I stared intently at Kanna, who exudes a wild beauty. Well, even if it exudes a wild beauty, it’s only the appearance, but in reality it’s incredibly weak as you just saw.
okay. The three in front of me now were all acquaintances.
The adventurer who lays the groundwork for the Arachne Guild. It was a trio of Kanna, Serena, and Amy.

“Is there anything more to see?”

“No, so that’s… .”

“Savior. Are you on your way to town?”

When Kanna hesitated for something, Serena stepped out.

“By the way?”

“Then can I ask you a favor? I know it’s a reckless request, but please let us accompany you to the village.”

Huh? You want me to accompany you to town?
The distance to the village was not really far.
No matter how often you encounter a monster, you will probably only meet two or three more times.
But now it’s scary? So how did you get here in the first place?
It looked like the three of them weren’t seriously hurt. The fact that there are kids here who can’t even catch the weakest monsters on the 2nd floor even though they are in perfect condition… .
As I stared intently, Kanna flinched and trembled as if stabbed, avoiding her gaze.
And Serena spoke calmly with a slightly embarrassed expression.

“Large clan members like us can use teleport circles that we can’t reach. It’s efficient to grow while moving between layers by teleporting like that.”

“I heard that the teleport registration system is also intended to prevent unskilled adventurers from dying in vain while challenging the deepest class for nothing?”

“Of course, when we teleport to an unreachable layer like us, it is essential to bring a guide. but… .”

Saying that, Serena glanced at Kanna.
indeed. You seem to know the situation.
Originally, it was a clan-only system to mobilize leaders to grow safely and quickly, but that Kanna came to the second floor recklessly without a leader. Serena and Amy were drawn to Kanna like that.

“Sigh. okay. take me to town Hang in there. Because I have a friend too. I will come in a little while.”

Kanna aside, Serena and Amy are pitiful, so I can’t help it.
What’s wrong with meeting a friend?

“really?! Thanks?! You’re a good guy too! I’m not good at keeping promises!”

Ah-oh! I want to sew that bastard’s mouth shut.
As if I was energized again by taking them to the village, Kanna came up to me and talked to me, pretending to be close.

“I’ve heard rumors. Have you been doing great these days? He said he made a great discovery a while ago.”

“Ah, did the guild announce it after all?”

“Huh. Thanks to everyone, it’s not a fuss right now. Some even say that the paradigm of dungeon exploration will change. Even Alicia, who was usually that laid-back, fell in love with dungeon exploration, so she doesn’t lead well these days.”

Kanna said it was a bit uninteresting.
indeed. Was there such a thing? With that in mind, the fact that they are in such danger is not entirely unrelated to me. Well, that doesn’t change the fact that it’s self-employed.

“By the way, who are Goo Won and his party? Are you talking about Sarah, whom I saw before?”

Amy seemed to be quite happy to meet me too, so I approached her and spoke lively.

“Huh. Of course there is Sarah. there again… there.”

“Salvation! Anyway, what if I run like that by myself!”

As I pointed my hand back, Sarah caught up with me and gave me a pint glass.
And other people were following Sarah’s back.

“Eh… .”

Who was that really?
Seeing the people following Sarah, the bodies of the Arachne trio became hard as stone at the same time.
okay. If you don’t get scared looking at that silver cloak, you’re not human.

“Oh, salvation… no. Salvation? savior? That’s what those people are… Are you?”

Seeing that even Kanna was so timid, it seems that the power of those older sisters is amazing.
Wouldn’t I be stunned if I revealed that the supreme archmage Diana Teluna is next to me?
I want to see you a little.

“Oh? Amy? It’s been a while.”

“Leia! How is Leia here?!”

And, surprisingly, there were people who knew each other.
Oh, both of them are priests, so isn’t it surprising?

“I’m going with Gu Won.”

Leia crept up to my side and folded her arms, and Amy’s eyes widened.

“What? Is that Leia? Dude, how the hell?!”

You still didn’t know that Leia was going with me. this lady. You hardly ever go to the temple. It’s like the girl who persuaded me to do 4p on the topic of priesthood.
No, after all, isn’t that a real problem? Taboo among the clergy? Contrary to how she looked, she was a completely bald girl.
Anyway, the fact that even that bald-headed girl was going with the Wizards Association sisters was a burden, so she stuck to Leia and tried not to turn her eyes towards her as much as possible.

“Dude, how the hell are all those people together? Could this be a battlefield?”

… Come to think of it, the older sisters said that they had a bad relationship because they were arguing over Diana.
These days, everyone is surrounded by Diana, hahaha, so it doesn’t look like that at all.
indeed. It seems that the reason why these three people are so shy is not just because tall people are burdened.

“Huhu. It’s not like that. These people are… You’ve come to help me for a moment.”

Leia thought for a moment, then gave my excuse without revealing Diana’s identity.
As much as possible, he was considerate of Diana, who did not want to reveal her identity.
Thanks to that, the three of us looked at me, but it was incredibly burdensome.

“Dude, that’s great… How do you get all these people… . I’m 4p with someone like that… .”
“Wow! Whoops! Anyway, let’s go back to the village when everyone is gathered! I want to go quickly and lie down in bed for a while!”

“Well. That’s right.”

Diana picked me up again as if it was natural.
And as if to surround Diana, the Wizards Association sisters gathered around them in a circle.
Since I’m carrying Diana, it’s going to look like it’s all around me.

“Then shall we go?”


Besides, one of the older sisters looked at me and wrote respectful words.

“Hey, were you a very tall person? I’m like that… .”

I saw Kanna worrying beside her.
Whoops. Is this what Hoga escort feels like? It’s not a bad feeling.
Without clearing the trio’s misunderstanding, I moved to the village.

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Last episode, Leia changed Diana’s cheek treatment very slightly.
Gujo is asking Leia to heal him first.


263===================== The
deepening secret of the dungeon

While enjoying the escort, I secretly paid attention to the trio.
Serena has a calm personality, so she’s not very vigilant, but Kannana Amy is a person of interest.
Kanna has no thoughts, and Amy is so flirtatious that she flirted with 4p on the topic of a priest. You never know when or when you’ll make a bombshell.
Of course, when I made a 4p promise with them, my kids and I weren’t in love like this yet, so looking back, there was no problem. Besides, in the end, I forgot and didn’t even go there, so there was really nothing to poke at my conscience.
But human emotions don’t just work that rationally. It’s best not to notice.

While vigilant, I went to a village not far away, but in the end, no one spoke.
Amy was so close to Leia that she asked what kind of relationship she had with me, and didn’t talk about the past, whether she understood the atmosphere or not, and when she got to Kanna, it seemed that she was not in a position to open her mouth to keep an eye on me and the Sisters of the Wizards’ Association. Like a wild woman, she might be weak to someone with a clear upper-lower relationship.
Anyway, so we were able to get to the village without any problems.
You can break up with them now.

“canna! Serena! Amy! you!”

But as soon as we got to the village, there was a person running towards us.

“Hey, Alicia!”

“Call me Instructor! It’s Instructor Alicia! Rather, as you like… ! uh? Salvation? Why are you partying with them?”

Alicia saw the trio and ran to her with an angry face, but then she saw my face and made a puzzled expression.
Seeing the older sisters of the Wizards’ Association around me seemed a little surprised, but I was literally just a little surprised. Without being frightened like the three of them, he looked straight at my face proudly.
Is it really an executive of a giant clan?

“No, it’s not really about having a party… .”

“Ah. I know. After Kanna disassembled that she should have done it with you like that, it looks like she finally made an appointment again, right?”

“… Try it once?”
“Are you going to make an appointment ‘again’?”

Suddenly, I felt the temperature around me drop rapidly.
Dangerous. This development is dangerous. I was on the lookout for the three of them, so maybe someone else will come out and expose them

“Hey, hey. uh, what does that mean?”

Embarrassed, I communicated my intentions to Alicia, winking and blinking hard so that my kids wouldn’t see it.
Hey. this one

Get a feel for the atmosphere. Can’t you see Diana carrying me now and Sarah walking next to me? Leia, who is walking with Amy over there, is also close to me, and Sylvia behind me must be looking at me with hot eyes, right? Do you get those words out of your mouth after seeing all of that?
I tried to make a silent appeal by moving my facial muscles, but Alicia made a rather absurd expression whether she was ignorant or intentional.

“What is that wink now? Hey. Chick. Are you still flirting with me? Are you going to try 5p with them? hot! Aren’t you overjoyed that things are going well these days? You don’t seem to remember when it was virginity? If you put something like you into me, take it like before .”

“Hey you idiot! Why are you so ignorant! So there is no man to take that level!”

“What, what, what! What does that have to do with you!”

In the end, I gave up on Alicia’s understanding of the mood, and I had no choice but to get angry.
Actually, I don’t know if Alicia has a man or not, but no matter how pretty she is, there’s no way she has that personality.
And seeing that reaction, it seems that my prediction was correct.
I wanted to make that ignorant woman cry more and more, but now is not the time.

“Salvation. Talk to me for a moment.”

“Hey. Does Miss Sarah have anything to say with this person? That’s a coincidence. So is this body.”

“Savior. Hey, can I talk to you?”

Dangerous. It’s really dangerous.
Sara holds my arm tightly and speaks in a cold tone as if it were the first time we met, but the intimidation was no joke. They even write respectful words.

I can’t see Diana’s expression because she’s on her back, but it’s probably not because of her mood that strength is in the arm that is wrapped around my neck right now.
Even if there was strength, Diana’s strength problems didn’t make me strangled, but still, it wasn’t in the mood to laugh like Diana’s pounding attacks.

And finally, speaking of Leia, her eyes were dead.
Leia, who was looking at me with eyes that didn’t feel alive at all, as if her emotions were dead, was really powerful.
In fact, Leia was the scariest than Sara, who was staring at her with a cold expression, or Diana, who was giving strength to her arm around her neck.
I felt a force that seemed to say, ‘If that’s true, I’ll kill Goo Won as well as myself.

“Come on, wait! Wait a minute, guys! Give me a chance to defend myself! Sarah, won’t you let go of your arm for a moment? to be broken… no. You can just hold on to me, so listen to me.”

If you take your hand off later, there will be blood bruises in the shape of a hand.

“What I did with him was something like a welcome party for new students, a tradition among adventurers! I am rather a victim!”

“What? Hey! Then you too… .”
“Shut up you! You ignorant bitch who never fell for this man! You grabbed me by the neck in the guild, dragged me to the inn, took off my pants and ate my virginity?! Am I wrong?!”

“Oh, no… .”

Indeed, it seems that there was some mental damage after hearing that even the world’s Alicia had never seen a man. When the grass died unsuitably, he answered without strength.
But even when I saw Alicia like that, I didn’t feel sorry at all.
Heng! You have to get hurt a little more! That way you won’t notice anything!

“Did you hear me? I guess I was unilaterally beaten up by that guy called the welcome party for new students. It happened to me less than an hour after I fell into this world, and I still didn’t know what I was doing here. Of course, it was before I met Sarah. got it? I am a victim!”

Perhaps I was a little persuaded by my desperate self-defense, and the sense of intimidation felt by Sarah, Diana, and Leia diminished a little.
But it wasn’t over yet.

“Then you are such a brave man. Let’s try to make excuses for what happened to the three over there. The three of you must have met after I met Diana of course, right?”

“So, that’s it. They look at my skills and treat me like a strange skill to set up monsters. So, for some reason, I said that even if I deal with the three of you with this skill at the same time, I can show you heaven, so I’m talking about giving it a try… Aww! Broken, broken, broken!”

“Oh oh oh. That’s why he met the authors secretly and hugged three women at the same time. Somehow, it felt familiar to hold this body and Miss Sara at the same time… .”

“no! Oh must! I didn’t sleep with them! Did you hear that too?! Kanna said she was sorry that she had to sleep with me! It was the first time I hugged a woman at the same time with you!”

“Don’t lie! You promised to hold three girls at the same time, didn’t you?!”

“Really! because shit… Because I still loved you back then! I didn’t say anything because I was shy, but I’ve been liking you ever since! That’s why I didn’t go because I was reluctant to sleep with other women!”

There will come a day when we are not alone, and we will be able to say these things in front of everyone else.
embarrassed. I think I’m going to die of shame. Now, I think I could die by sticking my nose in the water on a plate.
But as much as I am ashamed, the effect was outstanding.
Because I could feel the strength release from Sara and Diana’s hands.
ahhh Finally, blood runs through my arm.

“Really? Can you believe it?”

Finally, you’re talking half again. Sarah.

“That, then. Sarah. Can’t you believe me?”

“no… .”

When I looked straight into Sarah’s eyes with the most serious expression on her face, she blushed slightly and avoided her gaze first.
Good! done!

“Wow, huh. I had a weird thought. Was this body that good?”

And Diana, too, loosened her arms around my neck and started stroking my hair.
I was a little pissed off about being a little proud of something, but now I can’t help it. It rings unconditionally at night.

Sarah and Diana were so relieved,

Leia, whom I did not know yet at the time, was not relevant.
Leia still looked at Amy with a powerful expression on her face.

“You really haven’t slept with Guwon?”

“Yes! Huh! Really! We’ve been waiting for that day, and it all happened! Really! Not that much, I haven’t seen her face at all! Really!”

Amy replied, nodding desperately like a frightened pet.
It was so desperate that he used the word “really” over and over again.
You still have a good grasp of the atmosphere. Even though he is a bald child, he can easily break the taboo of a priest.

“i See.”

And then, Leia’s eyes started to come back to life.
Then he gently hugged my arm and smiled like an angel again as usual.

“I’m sorry. Salvation Mr. Actually, it was before I even met him, but I… . Guess what I’ve been up to for a while. I’m just suspicious of Goo Won… .”

“Oh, no. I would have been equally upset if I heard that Leia had slept with several other men at once before meeting me. It’s natural. I don’t care at all. I’m glad you’re jealous.”

I said with a sigh of relief that I had passed this crisis safely.
Still, there is one thing I have learned for sure.
If you are truly angry, Leia is the scariest among them. Let’s remember

Anyway, with our kids settled, I stared at Alicia once more.
Alicia was still standing there with a slightly sullen expression, as if she still had some mental damage.

“What are you still doing there? Are you here to take them? Don’t try to divide other people’s clan, take them quickly. Come on, go. end.”

I whistled and waved my hand, trying to get Alicia out.

“uh… Huh… . No, no, wait! wait!”

“What else?!”

“I have something to say.”

“I have nothing to say?! Get off now!”

“No, this bastard wants to see you… Whoa. Hey. wait. I don’t mean to talk privately. I just want to talk about work for a moment.”

Due to my constant cold attitude, Alicia’s anger gauge seems to have risen more than her mental wounds.
As his eyes got stronger and his mouth became rough again, it seemed that he was about to spit out abusive language, but he took a deep breath and continued speaking.
It seems like he knows how to control his emotions. Does it mean that not everyone can become an executive in a large clan?

“Are you talking about work?”

“okay. The guild announced a major new information this time. The informant said that the clan leader of the Saviours clan, salvation. are you right There is no other name that is so unique, and according to the fighting style that Kanna heard, you would be right in providing that information. right?”

“okay. By the way?”

The announcement of the guild that Alicia was talking about was obvious even if you didn’t hear it.
As I meekly admitted, Alicia continued, nodding her head as if satisfied.

“So your clan, to be exact, I have an offer for you. No, I’d rather call it a request. You, help my clan collect the genitals of the monsters

won’t you?”


“You must have guessed it from the time you sold information to the guild, but unless you have special abilities like you, getting a penis is not easy. All you have to do is raise the penis, but in battle, that should be easy. That’s why I want to ask you, who can easily build it.”

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The trio of Kanna, Serena, and Amy appeared briefly for a few episodes from the second half of episode 32.

Even though it’s the behavior modification of Leia in episode 261, the mood itself hasn’t changed much.
As soon as Salvation spoke, Leia treated her as if she had been waiting for it, creating the same atmosphere as before.
However, before the revision, it seemed too explicit, so I changed it a little vaguely so that it could be interpreted either way.


264===================== The
deepening secret of the dungeon


Before I could answer, Diana took the first step in objecting.
Saying that, Diana hugged my neck tightly. I feel a little different from when I was angry.
Previously, the anger that wrapped around my body had unwittingly put strength into my arms, but this time it felt as if they were hugging me as if they were not going to take me away.

“Huh? Why?”

“Ah, no way!”

I asked if it was something to be opposed to this much, but Diana gave a completely illogical answer, unlike Diana.
Anyway, we’ll get the penis while we fight, and I think it’s a good quest if the pay is good.
But our Diana hates it so much. I’m sorry to Alicia, but should I let her refuse?

“Hey. So I’m asking you to hand over your penis. If that’s the case, go to a general store called Hans & Erina near the guild. There I have delivered a large quantity of penises.”

“Don’t underestimate the intelligence of a large clan. I was already aware of that arrangement. But, at most, that’s the penis of Tier 1 and Tier 2 monsters, right? If it’s a monster like that, we can get genitals as much as we want. That’s not what our clan wants. I want to get the penis of a monster on a higher floor, which is too difficult to fight.”

“What? if so… .”

“okay. The quest I’m talking about is that I want you to follow the depths of our clan and use the saint’s skills.”

“Salvation. no way.”

“Savior. I am the opposite.”

As soon as Alicia finished speaking, Sarah and Leia from both sides hugged my arms tightly, voicing opposite voices just like Diana.

“Hey. I don’t think I’m too scared We’ll do everything we can to protect him thoroughly so that he doesn’t have any vitality. Huh? So, lend him a minute. I’ll write it for a while and give it back… .”

“section! versus! No!”

Alicia tried to persuade Sarah with a friendly tone, but it was so noticeable that her anger gauge skyrocketed every time Alicia spoke.
Sarah was so wary of Alicia that anyone could tell.
No, not just Sarah, but Diana and Leia as well.
indeed. Is it like that?
Only then did I understand why they were so against it.
At first, I thought, like Alicia, that I was against it in case I would get hurt.
There must be a reason for that. But that wasn’t the biggest reason.
They were wary of coming out of their eyes and sticking with Alicia.
When Alicia asked me for a loan or told me to return it after using it for a while, it’s clear that the hand holding me got stronger.

“Hey. Alicia. If that’s the case, can I take them with me?”

“Huh? Can’t you use your skills without them?”

“no. That’s not it.”

“Then it’s a little bit… Is deep exploration dangerous? Of course, we will protect your safety, even at the risk of our lives. When the number of people to take care of increases, it is difficult to guarantee safety.”

“sorry. If that’s the case, I’ll have to decline the request as well.”

“Hey, hey. Don’t do that. Is it between us?”

“What kind of relationship do we have?”

“Did you forget that this older sister took off your virginity ticket?”

“Aww! arm!”

“Oh. Sorry.”

As soon as Alicia spoke of my sympathy, the power rushed into Sarah’s hands.
Hearing my screams, I was relieved immediately, but unlike Sarah’s words, she didn’t look sorry at all.
Hey. Alicia. you stupid bastard You ate my virginity, so they’re against it now. keep an eye out

“Rejected… .”

“Hey, don’t do that, just follow me once. From the moment I know that you and I know each other, Miriale… I would die of annoyance at how much our clan leader is so polished.”

“In the end, was it because you were annoyed rather than adventurous?”

“Of course, there is also a burning spirit of adventure. Thanks to you, I feel like going to dungeons these days. So huh? please do It’s as simple as following safely behind you and using your skills, isn’t it? Is the pay pretty good?”

“That’s what an executive of a large clan would say. How good is the pay, huh?”

“What a dungeon 2,000 gold at a time… !”
“Hey. done. When it comes to money, the garage is overflowing.”

“awhile! Wait a minute! Not only that! They even share information!”

“Information? What information?”

“I will share with your clan all the secret passages you found with your penis. What do you think? Isn’t this pretty good?”

“It’s kind of fine, but… .”

“Salvation. no way.”

“Don’t go, Mr. Salvation.”

“Well. Not until dirt gets into this body’s eyes!”

“Is sand okay? Hey. joke. It’s a joke!”

Everyone was so serious about opposing it that I made a little playful gesture to grab the sand from the floor, and Diana immediately patted it on me.

“But I think those conditions are pretty good.”

The Arachne Clan has an inexhaustible number of people as seen in the Clan House before.
It’s really embarrassing to even compare with us.

Of course, there will be only a small fraction of those who go to the depths, but there will still be more people than our clan.
It is a very good condition for such a clan to discover and inform the secret passage first.
Well, that’s only when Clan Arachne is sure to share information.

“Guys. I want to try it once.”


“I know what you are worried about. But don’t worry. Am I that person?”

“What are you talking about! You horny bastard!”

“really? Do you really think I will?”

“that’s… .”

When I asked a question while making eye contact with a serious expression, Sarah averted her eyes slightly and blurted out an answer.
They will know it too. Especially in the process of accepting Sylvia, you must have realized it.
Of course, I ended up bringing Sylvia to the party for other reasons, but I refused to accept Sylvia as my wife, even though all three agreed.
Even now, I plan to differentiate myself from Seth and Sylvia.
Of course, they do skinship under the name of special training, but that’s just a joke.
There was never any whispering of love from the bottom of my heart, or guiding it into action.
They must have grown more trust in me when they saw it too.
But because the woman who stole my sympathy is my partner, I am blinded by jealousy.

“Do you believe in my brother?”

“I believe… I believe it, but that girl… .”

“do not worry. In the past, when I really came to this world and didn’t know anything, I was only accidentally hit. Now, I am not so accommodating.”

“Let’s see, these are the things. Hey! I’m not interested in fucking chicks either?! If I want to, I can pick and fuck any guy I want! What am I missing… !”

Okay, so you shut up. Do you know who I am trying to convince them to accept a request from now?
With that in mind, I glared at Alicia, and she calmed me down as if she had finally read the atmosphere.
I don’t know if the sound that you couldn’t even make a man until now because you couldn’t grasp the atmosphere like that worked.
Well, even now, I’m still muttering a little by myself, but I’ll take care of that.
I looked back at Sarah and Leia in turn and said while hugging Diana’s thighs behind her.

“Guys. I want to try that quest once. It’s not just the pay that’s good. I want to experience what it is like to see the depths with my own eyes.”

Was that a bit rude? Everyone didn’t say anything to my words and looked at me with tender eyes.
A man wants to experience a wider world like this, but there is no woman who can stop him.
Even our children, who are good-natured, will never do that.

“If that’s the case, then this body and these people… no. nothing I see.”

Diana was about to suggest something while pointing to the sisters of the Wizards’ Association for a moment, but then shook her head and said.
I’m sure you can do an in-depth exploration with the sisters here.

it will
But it’s hard to see it as a proper exploration.
Besides, these sisters are beginners when it comes to dungeon exploration.
There was no adventurer card in the first place, and even when he teleported down to the 2nd floor, he could only pass after Diana had said something.
No matter how strong you are, dungeon exploration is another matter. We, Diana, are not the type to force these sisters to explore in depth just because they want to give me an in-depth experience.

“Savior… . Yes. I know.”

“You must never cheat. And you should only use skills on monsters! Do not use it on people!”

In the end, not only Diana but Leiana and Sara also allowed me to accept the quest.

“Thanks. Guys. I must be really lucky.”

“You know that now? So, go ahead.”

“Huh. Sure.”

I hugged Sarah and Leia tightly, patted Diana’s ass lightly, and then looked back at Alicia.

“okay. not accept the request. But before that, I have one thing to check.”

“… What?”

“I wonder if it was just that we were chattering like this in front of our eyes,” said Alicia, looking at us with a stellar expression.

“I told you that the secret passage I found with the penis I got was going to tell us, how can you believe that? Wouldn’t that be enough if you took it off because you couldn’t find it?

“Huh? That’s it… . If so, can we sign a contract with our clan leader for Mana? Our clan leader also uses magic!”

Alicia was perplexed for a moment, then exclaimed in such a way that it would be all right.

“You never talked about that with the clan leader, did you? Can I sell my clan’s clan leader like that?”

“OK! After all, it was the clan leader who was blissful!”

After all, I have a hot personality once in a while.

“Well? Wait a minute. Was your clan leader Gen?”

“Huh? no? It’s not a pure wizard, it’s a magic swordsman… Oh, but I also use magic, so if I make a mana contract, I’ll keep it properly. Really!”

“no. I don’t doubt it. is it. Genga who uses magic. Salvation. When you go to meet the clan leader of Arachne, let this body go with you. Let’s make sure we’re properly signing the mana contract.”

Diana. It is clear that the intention is not only that.
Well, it doesn’t matter.

“Anyway, I understand the request. I’ll go to your clan house in a few days and tell you the details. As you can see, I just returned from going to the dungeon today.”

“okay. Then it should come within a few days. It must be!”

“It’s because I know. Talk to the clan leader.”

“Don’t worry about that. Because it was the clan leader who was polished in the first place. Ah! I am finally freed from that annoying nagging!”

This guy has no intention of hiding his heart at all. Well, it doesn’t matter.

“Then let’s go too. Go! Hey guys .. hey guys! Especially Kanna, prepare yourself!”

“Why, why only me… .”

“At least you took Serena and Amy with you! I’ll show you hell when I return, so be prepared!”

“Come on, wait! Miss Alicia! Instructor! Ouch!”

Alicia waved to me once, then grabbed Kanna’s ear and dragged her away.
Then Serena and Amy nodded to us, and they followed Alicia and Kanna.

“Because whenever you see that, you have a hot personality.”

“… After that, I thought it was strange from the beginning.”

“Huh? what?”

“You said all you were forced to do? But why do you look so friendly? I thought it was just that person’s personality, but after hearing the word of salvation, it seems like they’ve met since then?”

“Huh. There were times when I was invited to a clan house while walking around the village alone and even received an invitation… .”

“After we met?”

“Huh. Oh, before Leia met… Wait a minute. Sarah.”

“Hey. Genga received an invitation from the clan house of Arachne. How the hell did you get the invitation? From what this body has heard, I know that Arachne’s method of invitation is quite hot.”

“Wait. Diana?!”

“… Salvation?”

Ahh! Angel! Please stop those eyes!
Alicia was a guy who left problems even after she left.

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265===================== The
deepening secret of the dungeon

Luckily, when I met Alicia, I could remember the day I first met Leia in the guild, so the misunderstanding was easily resolved.
It was around lunchtime when I met Leia, which means that I hadn’t been in the Arachne Clan House for a long time.
Besides, if I had been seduced back then, I wouldn’t be where I am right now.

“I am! You can’t trust people that much! I’m disappointed with you guys!”

After clearing up all the misunderstandings, when I pretended to be angry on purpose, my kids all looked apologetic and stuck to me.
As she clings to me while crying like this, I couldn’t help but get rid of my anger right away.
How can you not get angry when your favorite kids do this? As soon as you relax, your expression seems to loosen up.
But to enjoy the situation a little more, I purposely tightened my facial muscles and put on an angry expression.

“I’m sorry. forgive me okay. This body will caress you.”

no. So stroking my hair, you’re better than me.
Well, I’m fine too.

“I’m really sorry. How can I forgive you? I will do whatever salvation tells me to do.”

“You really do everything you ask?! Well then, it’s Sarah’s turn tonight… Hmmm. It’s not that I’m angry because I want something now.

Dangerous. The mask almost came off now.
no. Even if the mask is removed now, would it be more profitable to use this opportunity to make demands on Sarah?

“I’m sorry. Salvation Mr. Me too… .”

“Oh, no. I’m not sorry. Huh. I am so sorry.”

“Goo, Gukwon? Are you that angry?”

When I used my respectful words, Leia looked up at me with a slightly shocked face and said
no. This respect is just… somehow I don’t know. Huh. It just popped out of nowhere.

After all, the best time is when an angel is so gentle.
Did I ever wonder about the angry look of an angel like this?
Let’s not have such absurd curiosity again in the future. never.

But by the way, no one stops me even while I’m being bullied by the three of you. Isn’t that too much?
Sylvia yes. yes it is He didn’t even express himself in his position, but if you think about it, he must have been in a jealous position.
But the Wizards Association sisters… No. Shouldn’t you be glad that you didn’t take part in the attack, saying, ‘How dare you betray Diana-sama!’
No matter how close I am with the older sisters these days, in the end, compared to Diana, they will be of little value.
I’m really glad I’m alive.

After all misunderstandings were cleared up, we went back to the mansion.
It seems I wasn’t the only one who missed the sunlight after spending a few days in the ant den.
We didn’t even kiss for that, but soon we all got together in the garden and enjoyed sunbathing.

First Leia sat leaning against a large tree in the garden, then, while blushing slightly in shame, looked at me and pointed to her thigh.
That action means that?
Without hesitation, I immediately cut Leia’s thigh and lay flat on the floor.
I feel it every time I lie down like this, but it’s still powerful.
Although it was originally under a tree, Leia’s huge breasts made a perfect shade for her face.
This is a sight that only Leia can create.
It’s a sight that only an angel can create. So, is this what heaven looks like?
As I was enjoying heaven, Sarah and Diana were lying on either side of me, clinging to each other.

“Again, I lost my mind only to Leia. Can’t I forget it too?”

Is it because I misunderstood and treated me a little harshly right after? Sara, unlike usual, suppressed her jealousy and spoke in a cute tone.
Then, he put his thigh on top of one of my legs, and squeezed his body tightly while crossing his legs.

“Hey, don’t forget this body too!”

Seeing Sarah like that, Diana hugged me tight as if she couldn’t lose.
However, compared to Sara and Leia, she may be aware that she lacks volume, or she has a strangely lack of self-confidence.
For some reason, it seems that the chest is not as tight as possible.
OK. Because you have your own charm.
With that in mind, I gave Diana a hug and gave her strength.
Then, Diana showed a bright smile and rubbed her cheek against my chest.

“Hmm. Hmm. you are too Is this body that good?”

If you do well once, your self-confidence will skyrocket and you will climb like this.
No, I’m not the type to be confident in myself.
When I see this kind of thing, it is the human psychology that I want to bully you and make you look dull again.
Well, it’s okay because it’s cute. Bullying later, yes. Let’s do it at night.

“Sylvia. Don’t be there either, come here.”

Surrounded by our three children, I turned my head slightly and said.
In the direction I turned my head, from afar, Sylvia looked at me with envy.

was looking
Hiding half of his body behind a tree, he had the appearance of a stalker.

“Yes, four?! Ha, but where… .”

where? Why are you looking at my body and saying that?
Ah, maybe… .

“Hey. When did I tell you to cling to me? Just don’t do it there and come closer.”

“Oh, four! That’s right.”

I knew it.
Apparently, Sylvia was thinking of special training again.
No matter how petty and cute you are, I have no intention of hugging you and fussing while clinging to my kids like this.
Sylvia came and sat down with a slightly relieved expression, but with a disappointed expression on the other hand, whether she had understood the meaning of my words properly.
In fact, if you hug him, he will flirt and try to run away. I see you are disappointed that you don’t hug me.

Anyway, good. perfect with this
Sunbathing surrounded by four beautiful women. Truly, only those who have achieved a harem can do it.
Right now this moment. I am a man closer to the harem king than anyone
It feels like a dream come true when I came to this world.
Am I really the harem king?
no. I can’t be satisfied with this. If it’s a true harem king, even if we all take a bath together… .

“Since everyone is gathered like this, there is something I want to talk about once again.”

When I was setting a new goal, Diana, who had a happy expression next to me, suddenly said that.

“Huh? What are you talking about?”

“It’s about the magic stones these bodies studied.”

After such good luck, Diana went on to tell the story.
In summary, this was it.
First of all, that manastone is something similar to the nucleus that makes up the dungeon.
In addition, if Diana’s prediction is correct, it is said that the existence of that nucleus will exist here and there in the dungeon. In addition, it is said that there is a very high possibility that the nuclei are connected to form some kind of magic technique.
However, it is too high-level to understand the magic, and we can only observe a small portion of the magic stone we discovered, and the mana contained in the magic stone is ridiculously large, so it is difficult to grasp the method at present. do.
Well, most of what I heard at the ant den, but I guess I wanted to talk about it properly once again at the gathering.

“So, you mean that Diana wants to discover more gemstones similar to those gemstones while exploring the dungeon?”

“Well. Not only that. It’s hard to believe that the person who created this body died as it was. The one who manipulated such an enormous amount of mana and created such an extraordinary magic trick. It’s really just a baseless prediction, but I wonder if the person who made it is still alive deep in the dungeon. If that’s the case, this body definitely wants to meet him.”

Apparently, Diana had a reason to explore the dungeon.
If Diana is like that, then I should be willing to explore the dungeon with you.

Besides, that’s not the only reason.
Not only Diana, but I also had a motivation to explore the dungeon.
It’s because Diana said it wasn’t possible unless she was a god.

Diana doesn’t seem to make any assumptions that God created dungeons on the subject she was talking about, but I didn’t.
Apparently, I had a strong feeling that that dungeon was really created by God.
The fact that the gimmicks of those dungeons are the same as those of the Great Earth games I’ve enjoyed sparked my suspicions.
If dungeons are really created by God, I need to investigate them.
Because it was by no means a coincidence that I moved to this dungeon city through a dungeon attack game.
Goddess obviously sent me to this world to attack the dungeon.
However, there is a possibility that that dungeon was created by a goddess.
The front and back don’t match? Why would you do such a thing?

I don’t want to doubt the goddess who created such a wonderful world, but the circumstances made me suspicious.
It was because there were many novels like that in the novels I saw in the original world, and even more so, my thoughts were induced in that way.
Or that a bad-tempered god enjoys rolling people purely for his own amusement, or that he rolls people in this way to test something and imposes another duty on those who pass it.

Well, compared to such a novel, the Goddess here isn’t forcing anything on me right now, but there’s nothing wrong with being careful.
If something happens, the outcome may change 180 degrees depending on how much information I have.
I want to live a long and happy life in this world with the people I love.
But what if the reason the goddess sent me to explore the dungeon was to see if I was qualified enough, and as soon as I cleared the dungeon, I was taken to a battle of the gods?
If I had the information, I would be able to pass the time without deliberately exploring the dungeon.
So, I need to find out what the dungeon was made for by exploring the dungeon.
Fortunately, I have Diana, the world’s greatest wizard, by my side.
If you discover more of the manastone-like objects you’ve found before, and further interpret the spell or what it is, you may find the answer.

In fact, this was the biggest reason for accepting Alicia’s request.
Whether it’s for me or Diana, we’ll have to explore the dungeon in the future.
And watching the battles of skilled adventurers for him will be of great help in his future steps.
To want to see the depths with these eyes does not mean that I literally want to see the scenery or monsters in the depths.
I will see with my own eyes the fighting style of adventurers who fight in depth, and make it my own.
Of course, our party had Diana, who was familiar with adventures, to help, but it was a different feeling than seeing it in person.
It’s best to experience it yourself.
Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to accept such a request.
Even if it’s only for a few days, we need to be away from our kids.

do it

ahhh For some reason, I thought that I would be away from them, so something in my heart was already starting to feel uncomfortable.
It feels even more so since everyone is sunbathing together like this.
Should I just hit the request?
Huh. Know. I just did it.
Understanding the purpose for which the dungeon was created is essential for living with them for a long time in the future.
Let’s assume that being away for a while is indispensable for him.

“Diana. Let’s unravel the secret of that magic stone.”

“Well. Of course.”

Diana has been stroking my hair as if it’s weird that I do it like her own.
Well, it’s your job, but that’s it.
But all of this is just my guess.
Maybe the goddess just threw me into this world for no reason, or maybe she threw me into this world for some trivial reason, not as grandiose as I thought it would be.
I don’t want to cause any concern, so let’s keep quiet for now.
Rather… .


“Oh! What are you doing all of a sudden!”

Until I go to fulfill Arachne’s quest, I need to replenish them with ingredients as much as possible.
I bury my head deeper in Leia’s thigh, holding Sarah and Diana tightly with both hands.

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266===================== The
deepening secret of the dungeon

“no! That’s not it!”

After sunbathing, having dinner, now it’s midnight.
When I entered the room with Sarah, I shook my head while looking at Sarah in front of me.

“Well, what’s wrong?! Is this enough?!”

“no! A little more naturally… You know?!”

“I don’t know!”

Sarah cried out in half crying.
Oh, that expression might be a little better.
I looked at Sarah with a frustrated expression on my face, but I calmed my mind again and explained calmly.

“Listen. First, drop the teaspoon naturally on the floor. It’s important not to drop it on purpose, but to really look like a mistake. If I see it being dropped on purpose, it’s a little too blatant, and I’m rather excited. You accidentally drop it, and you pick up the teaspoon that fell on the floor in embarrassment. At this time, without bending your legs, naturally stick your buttocks toward me so that the panties are slightly visible .”

“You pervert!”

“What’s wrong with a man being a pervert! You’re only doing this to my girl anyway!”

“Wow, what is this… .”

Sara seemed to be embarrassed when I shouted more honestly, but I didn’t care.
No, I pushed harder.

“So you won’t do it?! Is it weird? Sara must have been… . Did I hear it wrong?”

“Hey, Mr. Lee… Ha, you can do it, you pervert! … Seeing.”

What are you doing now? can’t you see It’s a maid play!
It was. Sara was wearing the maid clothes worn by the maids of the mansion in front of me now.

Besides, she didn’t dress neatly like other maids, but she arranged it in a very sexy way.

A headband over his head and a choker around his neck. So far it’s normal
But below that, it wasn’t normal.
A top that exposes the upper part of the chest from the collarbone to the shoulders and barely covers the chest.
Of course, the smooth abdomen that runs under it was also exposed without being covered up at all.
The skirt size, like the top, was also quite small, almost like a tight skirt, clinging to Sarah’s voluminous hips. Of course, there was no room for an underskirt inside.
In addition, the length was short, so even the string of the garter belt that stretched under it was clearly visible.
As for the straps on the garter belt, one side was attached to a leg band that ran down the middle of the thigh, and the other was attached to a stocking that went up to the middle of the thigh.
Sleek bare legs with a leg band tied in the middle of the thighs contrasted with those wrapped in shiny black stockings, further emphasizing Sarah’s still sexy legs.

Where did you get these clothes?
I asked Vanessa if she had any, and she said yes.
Diana has mansions in quite a few places besides this one, and it seems that this is a maid outfit used in a mansion in a hot region.
Aside from the maids, Vanessa herself is in charge of not only here but also various mansions along with Diana, so she has all kinds of things.
When I asked if I could borrow it anyway, Vanessa seemed to have guessed what he was going to use it for. You don’t have to give it back.’
Are you trying to get another pair of yours? I’d like to see Vanessa wearing this kind of outfit someday. Anyway, it’s not that important now.

“got it? Are you acting like a real maid?”

“Real maids don’t dress like this… .”

“What are you talking about? Are those Vanessa clothes?”

“Isn’t it the clothes you wear here?!”

Alas. I can’t hear it I can’t hear it Blame yourself for saying you would do anything if you wanted to resent.
okay. Why is Sarah doing this now? That’s because I’ve been holding on to what I said I would do anything after clearing up the misunderstandings caused by Alicia during the day.

“Salvation in the first place. You weren’t really mad then, were you?”

“What are you talking about? How sad I was! You say that even though you doubt me that much?!”

“Wow… . Mi, sorry… .”

no. I didn’t want you to be so sorry.
Hey. don’t cry horribly You’re just getting weak

“Ah, anyway! If you’re sorry, come on and try again!”

“Huh… . That, then, lord, lord? I brought a car.”

Sara smiled awkwardly and placed the teacup on the table where I was sitting.

“Huh. Would you like a drink?”

“Yeah. then… .”

I picked up the teacup, and Sarah poured the tea into it and reached for the sugar beside it.

“How about sugar?”

“Then can I ask for one spoonful?”

“Yeah. Oh my… !”

Sarah still grinned hard, scooping sugar with a teaspoon with her trembling hands, and then dropped it on the floor.
Well, it looked a little awkward, but now I’m getting tired of repeating this section slowly, so let’s just move on.
Sarah glanced at me for a moment, then sighed in relief when I didn’t say anything before moving on to the next action.

“Sorry, I’m sorry.”

Saying that, he turned his back to me and, as I said before, bent his upper body with his legs straight, without bending his knees, and tried to pick up the teaspoon.
Then the tight skirt followed up, glancing at Sarah’s sexy underwear.
But without time for me to take a leisurely look at it, Sarah immediately picked up a teaspoon, stood up straight, grabbed the hem of her skirt and pulled it down.
I didn’t show it for a long time, so I’d rather make it ride. Even if you don’t teach me, you’re good at this. I have a knack for it.

“Well then… Oops! Sin, sorry! Sorry!”

Then Sarah lifted the teaspoon, and this time she hit the cup I was holding with her elbow, causing the tea to spill.
He had already pointed out the action of picking up the spoon a few times. In the meantime, the car was completely cool, so there was no damage other than that the pants were wet and uncomfortable.
But I looked up at Sarah and said in an annoyed tone.

“What is this doing? Did I say you’re new? Anyway, this maid is sloppy. less educated.”

“Mr. Lee… I’m sorry.”

Sara, who was so angry that her nature was about to come out, made up her mind whether she understood her situation and continued acting again.

“These pants, these are my favorite pants. What are you going to do?”

I pointed to the wet pants part of the car, helping Sarah.
For reference, the pants were wet on the inside of the thigh, not the crotch.
For me, I wanted to wet the crotch, but it seems that the aiming was a little off.
I just told Sarah to get her pants wet, she didn’t tell me to hit her crotch
And what happened after this was not told at all to Sarah.
From now on, you should enjoy this maid play purely with ad-lib.

“Yeah? Ah, that, so… Go get it right now… Would you?”

Sara looked at me and asked if this was the right answer.
Wrong. Do you think you’re going to end up with your own mouth calling you a pervert and letting that pervert just suck your pants?

“no. I want you to wipe it off right now.”

“if so… .”

Sarah pulled out a handkerchief and tried to wipe my pants, but I raised my hand to stop the movement.
Then I grabbed the choker that was wrapped around Sarah’s neck and pulled it down, bringing her face down to my thighs.

“No matter how much you spill, it’s still tea. Isn’t tea supposed to be taken by mouth?”

“Yeah? That, I mean… .”


Sarah lifted her head and looked me in the eye, as if trying to figure out if what I was saying was true or not.
If someone you don’t know sees you, you’ll look like a maid who really struggles with what the master tells you to do.
Also, acting is ad-lib. It goes on without knowing anything, so it’s so natural. Did you just mean to do this from the beginning?
No, but I did it because I wanted to see the panties exposed defenselessly while dropping the spoon and picking it up.
The maids here are too thorough to see that. Vanessa is so well educated.

“Well then, I’ll excuse you.”

In the end, as if realizing that I was sincere, Sarah hesitated, but put her mouth on the inside of my thigh and began to suck on the side as if to leave a kiss mark on the wet part of her pants.
I put my hand on Sarah’s head and made her turn her head slightly to the side.
straight to my groin.

“I’m here too, please.”

“Yeah? But here… .”

“It looks to me like it’s soaked in the car. is not it?”

“Yeah, that’s right… .”

Sara silently mumbled that she was a pervert only by the shape of her mouth, and then kissed my crotch.
And I started kissing hard while leaning around my crotch.
Now that Sara realized that my purpose wasn’t really to suck the pants wet, the movement was completely changed to kissing, unlike when I was sucking my thighs before.
It goes without saying that my belongings, which received Sarah’s kiss attack, suddenly burst out of the water.

“Ugh! What is this!”

“Huh? Why that… No, four?!”

Sara gave me a surprised expression on my sudden anger.
okay. don’t forget the smoke you are a maid now

“I told you to wash the car, when did I tell you to kiss me! Have you ever seen such an unscrupulous maid?! Do you run away just looking at things?! It’s like a color bone!”

“What?! Mr. Lee! Hey! Salvation!”

Eventually, Sarah couldn’t contain her anger, so she got up and stared at me.
Ah-oh. Hey. Let’s do some acting.
How far is this play? play.

“Now my brother… Say goodbye to the master! Have you finished talking?!”

“okay! done! What?! Unscrupulous?! Color bone?!”

“You mean it’s okay for your brother?

“What?! what nonsense… .”

“You know? You are just a maid holding your brother hostage. Can you hear me?”

I explained to Sarah the current situation.
By the way, I checked if I was a new maid, did the setting change?
Don’t worry about the details! The important thing is to keep enjoying the maid play.
And thinking about it, I think this setup would suit Sarah better than an obedient maid.
Through my desperate glances and lines, Sara seems to have barely recognized my heart.
okay. Saying you’re unscrupulous and being sarcastic are all settings.

“ね… what do you want… ?”

But even though I know this is all a setting, I don’t want to do it anymore.
Sarah refused to act as a submissive maid any longer, and frowned and said so.
However, that expression and tone fit perfectly with the setting that the younger brother was held hostage and forced to make a maid.
After all, this kind of acting suits Sarah more than her submissive acting.
Oops, I was short on thinking.

“It’s because of your unscrupulous behavior that you’ve become like this. Don’t you think you should take responsibility? It would be difficult to even move properly. Take responsibility and make it right.”

As I untied the front of my pants and pulled out a stiff object, I spit it out.

“Originally? how?”

Sarah asked, still raising her eyebrows slightly.
I grabbed the choker that hung around Sarah’s neck and pulled Sarah’s face through my groin once more.

“What are you doing now, pretending not to know? You just have to work harder and more passionately than you were before. I didn’t even ask you to do it, so do you like it when you see it? like that.”

“Who, who… ?!”

“huh. Are you taking the shichimi? what’s good It doesn’t matter if you like it or not. The important thing is that you do what I tell you now.”

As I continued acting, Sarah looked into my face with a ‘really going on?’ expression.
When I gave Sarah a thumbs up and gave her a sign to continue, Sarah turned a little distasteful.

“ね… this pervert… !”

It was obviously the same line as before, but when I thought that it was a woman who was taken hostage and forced to become a maid and do what she told me to do, it came to me quite special.

“Huh. I don’t want to hear that from an unscrupulous woman who kissed me on the crotch even though I didn’t tell her Come on, let’s get started.”

I put my hand on Sarah’s head and pulled her straight into my crotch.
Sarah stared at me with rebellious eyes, but opened her mouth wide and slowly slipped my stuff into her mouth.

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