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267===================== The
deepening secret of the dungeon

Seeing Sarah like that, I gave strength to the hand that was resting on her head to stop her movement.
Looking up at Sarah looking up with a puzzled expression, I shook my head and made a gesture to shut my mouth.

‘Close it? Aren’t you going to put it in your mouth?’

‘Anyway, close it.’

We exchanged conversations like this without saying a word to each other, only with our eyes.
It’s called this whole heart.
In fact, speaking directly would be able to convey your intentions more clearly, but then, you are so engrossed in role-playing that you lose your excitement.
We exchange different conversations with our eyes or verbally, isn’t it the same as if our roles were broken anyway?
It’s a matter of feeling. mood problems.

Sarah kept her mouth shut for a moment, even though she had a puzzled expression on her face.
okay. That’s it. I’m a rebellious maid forced to do this, but it’s strange for me to open my mouth gently.
I pulled Sarah’s hair back again only after I saw Sarah’s lips shriveled up.
When Sarah’s soft lips reached the tip of the object and pulled it a little further, a hard object penetrated through Sarah’s clenched lips.
However, only slight advances were possible, and the object soon stopped advancing when it was jammed against Sarah’s healthy teeth.

“You have such a rebellious attitude when your brother is being held hostage. It’s going to be tough right now… I’d like to say, because I’m generous. Finally, give me one more chance. Do you know what to do?”

Sarah, who had a puzzled face, looked at me with slightly tired eyes, as if she had understood why I had to close her mouth.
That pitiful expression suits the current situation very well.
After all, Sarah has a natural talent for this role.
Sarah. You are such an acting genius! And as a bonus, I’m a genius who came up with this idea on the spot!

Whoo… . Sara let out a snort as if taking a light sigh and slowly opened her mouth.

“okay. Now, I think I’m starting to become a little more obedient. It’s not going to help anything. do you actually like it? like this.”

When I say something teasing with a mean laugh, Sara seems to be a bit choked up even though she knows it’s acting.
The eyes that looked up at me gained strength again, and they lightly bit my things as if in rebellion.

“Huh. Are you rebelling to watch your last pride? What a cute Angtalie.”

But it didn’t work for me.
I didn’t put up with it for acting, it really didn’t hurt.
Because I have a skill called an iron penis. I’m pretty strong in other places, but when I’m standing like this, it’s especially sturdy.
Thanks to this, it was felt that it was only inducing a unique stimulus to the extent that Sarah lightly bit it.
Of course, it will hurt if Sarah really bites it, but our Sarah can’t do that.
I kept my mean expression on my face, squeezing my hand on Sarah’s head to swivel her face back and forth.

“town… ね… Whoops… town… uh… town… .”

Oh, was it a little deep?
Tears welled up in Sarah’s eyes, probably stabbed in the throat.
sorry. I’m really sorry.
I slowed the movement of my hand a bit, giving Sarah a look on whether it’s okay.
Then Sara nodded her head slightly, even with tears forming in her eyes.
Whoa. Fortunately, it didn’t seem to be very painful.
I accelerated the movement again, being careful not to poke my throat this time.
By the way, when you look at me with that kind of expression, even with tears in your eyes, you really feel the atmosphere.

“What are you doing? Is it enough just to put it in your mouth? I don’t feel good at all. Maybe you don’t know how to do it? Oh, the girl who kissed me so passionately… It is a woman.”

Huh. Know. Sarah. No matter how much acting, cursing is a little bit right?
sorry. I’m so into the atmosphere. So don’t stare at it like that.
It’s a realistic acting, but it’s a bit scary.
Especially since my stuff is in your mouth.

“Whew… . Yes. inhale. side. squat uh… .”

Sarah snorted again, snoring wildly, and then, with a look of helplessness, began to stimulate my object with her tongue and lips.
Now, the hand resting on Sarah’s head was lightly placed on it with no force at all, but Sarah’s head vigorously moved back and forth.

“okay. If you try to do it, you’re good. Have you tried it a lot?”

Perhaps she didn’t like this line too, Sarah’s eyes became slightly sharp once again.
Obviously I’m enjoying maid play, but somehow it feels like I’m on a tightrope.
Of course, without showing any outward expression of such trembling, I gently stroked Sarah’s head.

“Try to calm my stuff like that. Keeping in mind that the harder you work, the shorter your service hours will be.”

Having said that, I stretched my left hand over the table, with my right hand still resting on Sarah’s head.
Then he poured the tea back into the teacup placed on the table and took a sip of the tea in a relaxed motion.
Huh. It’s cold and doesn’t taste very good.
It’s a high-end car brought in by a real maid since then, but when it cools down, high-end or anything is of no use.
But even if it doesn’t taste good, I don’t give in.
This is because the atmosphere is important.
It’s important to say that you’re drinking tea at the top while you’re getting a pelar from the bottom.

I did not give in to the tasteless tea, and I drank the tea slowly, pretending to enjoy the scent through my nose, as if I was really savoring tea.
Never look down while drinking tea.
Then it’s like admitting that you’re conscious.
She never looks down and enjoys only the pleasure felt by objects, and enjoys the car with the sound of Sarah sucking my things as the BGM.
This is a luxury that only nobles with maids can enjoy.
Isn’t that prejudice? In a world like this, nobles would rather have fun with other nobles of a higher level, and not serve maids with a lower level? Noisy. don’t break my dreams
After I had emptied the teacup like that, I looked down again.

“Huh? Are you still doing it? A useless maid anyway… Hmmm! Watching me drink tea like this

Did he also want to drink something? You seem to be sucking more passionately than before. Aren’t you excited?”

Everyone knows that Sara is acting too, but isn’t she pecking too much?
keep in mind Now Sarah has my precious ear in her mouth.
Even so, I am the one who provokes even to a narrow range. The path to the shrine is long and difficult.
Anyway, while provoking Sarah, I stretched out one leg and pointed my toe between Sarah’s crotch.
Of course, I took off my shoes right before that.


With the tip of her big toe, she lightly touched Sarah’s pussy through her panties, and she felt it already wet.

“Ha ha. Aren’t you really excited?! This change… It’s like a lewd maid! Did you like sucking my stuff like that?! Good. I like you so much, so let me give you a reward soon! Goes! Take it all and drink it so it doesn’t spill on the floor!”

I tightened my hand on Sarah’s head and pulled it as close as possible to my crotch, and started ejaculating as it was.

“Uh… Huh… town. Oops. inhale. side. Whoops! Whoa. Whoa. Yes. town. town. gulp. gulp. 👌👌👌 Whoops. Sigh… .”

Sara swallowed all of my semen in a single gulp, even though there were a few tears in her eyes.
In the meantime, he must have remembered my words not to spill on the floor, and the way he was making a plate with both hands under his chin was amazing.

“Whew… Whoops. Sigh… . uhm. side. uhm. Now, is this enough?!”

So, after sucking up all my semen, even the rest of the stuff, and cleaning it by licking it with my tongue, Sarah got up and said:
As if this is the end of the game.
Of course, I had no intention of ending it this way.

“What do you mean? I should have said it clearly earlier? to put it back to its original state. Does it look like it has returned to its original state in your eyes?”

I said, pointing to the thing still standing still.

“What?! However?!”

“But whatever it is, I have no intention of quitting until this bastard is back to normal. But it is. It must be difficult to return to the original state with that clumsy mouth technique.”


hey hey because it’s acting. Don’t stare like that.
Of course, that expression suits you well in this situation, but you never put an angry expression on your acting, are you?
However, since Sooi was freed from Sarah’s mouth, I decided to go a little stronger.

“What are you so surprised about? Do you actually want it too? Because it was wet enough to be like this.”

“That, that… !”

As I said, showing my big toe soaked in Sarah’s love juice, Sarah blushed slightly in bewilderment.

“Are you saying no? If so, where can I place a bet? If it’s not wet, I’ll just finish it off like this. Now, roll up your skirt and show it to me.”

“So that’s… !”

“Kick it.”

“Uh, uh… .”

As I spoke in a commanding tone in a cold voice, Sara held on to the end of her skirt, even with a slight weeping cry.
someone else

If I had done this, I would have been killed instantly, but Sara, who weakens a bit if I go out strong, is also cute.
However, I did not show such heartwarming feelings at all, and while maintaining a calm expression, I fixed my gaze on Sarah’s skirt.

“Ah Okay… you can do it if… .”

Sarah slowly rolled up her skirt with a despondent expression, as if she had no choice but to do it.
By the way, the reason I roll it up like that is not to make you angry.
It’s just that the skirt is so tight that you can’t roll it up in one go.
Thanks to that, the panties slowly revealed themselves from the end, making it even more eye-catching.
And by the time the skirt was dried to the middle of the pelvis, the entire panties were already exposed.
It was the low-rise panties I was wearing when I wore the pants that revealed the apostle’s seal before.

“Huh. My bet is my win. Isn’t it to the point where you can’t get wet enough to see everything transparently inside? Besides, what about those panties? Are you seducing me?”

“profit… !”

“then. I won the bet, so let’s try again. This time, not by mouth, but by another service. Now, do you know which hole to use and how to do it?”

I buried my upper body deep in the chair, as if pushing a stiff object forward, and cast a smirk at Sarah.

“Ugh… Are you really going to continue?”

“Didn’t you tell me? I’ll keep going until my stuff is back to normal. If you don’t want to drag it for a long time, I’ll try my best to get my stuff back to normal.”

Maybe Sarah was really asking, not acting, but I still stuck with acting.
Sarah. How I got this chance, I’m going to stop here. Let’s enjoy a little bit more.

“Well, how long are you going to make me wait? Let’s get started!”

“Okay. You can do it! if!”

Sarah looked at me with resentful eyes and shouted that, then put her hands on either side of her panties and went down slowly.

“Oh, wait, you don’t have to take off your underwear. Wear it as it is.”


I’m wearing such underwear for a long time, but it’s a waste to just stare at it for a while and take it off.
Sarah had a puzzled expression on her face, but when I put my hands together and took a pose for a request, she shook her head as if she had no choice but to pull her panties up again.
Then he turned back and slowly thrust his hips toward me as I sat in the chair.
Then he swung his panties to the side and pointed the tip of my dick at his own pussy.

“Oh, wait.”

When my object touched Sarah’s vagina, I held her back once more.

“What else?!”

It seems that the limits of reason are coming to a point even if Sara gradually disappears due to the continuous demands.
But I didn’t give in.
How can you be confident that you played the maid properly without listening to this line in maid play?

“Before inserting, repeat what I say.”

I brought my mouth to Sarah’s house and told her what to do next.

“This, this, this, this pervert is real!”

Again, Sarah went to the brink of explosion, but I sent her pleading gaze while lightly stroking the seal of the apostle on her protruding hip.
please. I’m begging you, Sarah.

“Whew… Whoo… Seriously, how did I get along with this pervert… .”

Seeing my earnest expression on my face, it was Moya who tried to recite the lines I wanted, even though it was as if I couldn’t beat Sarah.
Sara too love.

“From now on… to my pussy… Whoops. I will serve the things of the Savior.”

The squeaky sound in the middle really feels like the soul is in the smoke.
… It’s acting right, Sara?

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Sorry. Broke again… .


268===================== The
deepening secret of the dungeon

It was a voice full of excitement that it was impossible to tell if it was acting or if it was serious, but it seemed that Sara had a desire to serve according to the lines she had uttered.
After exhaling the lines, I tried to insert it while slowly sinking the buttocks.
However, it was quite difficult to insert an object simply by moving the waist without fixing the object by hand. Besides, it’s even more so because Sara is currently in a posture with only her hips sticking out while turning her back.
Every time Sarah lowered her ass, my stuff slipped back and forth and the insertion didn’t happen.
After several unsuccessful insertions, Sara was also anxious, so her actions became more impatient, and the more it did, the more difficult it became to insert.

I wish I could just grab my stuff by hand.
Since you just said that you are serving as a vagina, do you think that you should not use any other parts? Sarah put her hands on her knees to support her upper body, and desperately tried to insert by moving only her hips.
Well, it’s true that this posture looks more lewd than using your hands.
Besides, I didn’t insert it because my stuff slipped and went back and forth between Sarah’s buttocks and her neatly gathered legs, but there was stimulation in its own way.

Now, what should I do? Should I help Sarah who is struggling?
Although there is a stimulus in its own way, it was the same for me as a child. Since this weak stimulus continued, it was natural to want to receive a more intense stimulus.
But in this situation, what I help with insertion doesn’t match the setting I’m playing.
If you want to continue acting, you have to be consistent and tauntingly tell them to insert quickly.
What do we do? Should I stop acting like this?
okay. I heard the lines I wanted to hear anyway, and I saw enough of Sarah’s cute side.
Now let’s stop acting slowly. Sara didn’t even take off her maid clothes, so the maid play is enough just for the visual effect.

I was saddened by the continued failure to insert, so I finally gave up on acting and decided to insert myself.
He stopped moving by grabbing Sarah’s hastily moving waist with one hand, and grabbed her own object with the other hand.
Then, after adjusting the object and putting it against Sarah’s vagina, I lifted the waist a little and inserted only the tip a little.
Then he moved the hand holding the object to Sarah’s waist, and pulled Sarah’s waist, which he had grabbed with both hands, at once.
Sarah’s pussy, already wet enough, took my dick

He accepted it to the end in an instant and squeezed it tight as if welcoming him.


And Sarah, who was in trouble due to successive insertion failures, trembled softly as her body lost strength as soon as my items were inserted. It seems to have reached a light climax.
Thanks to this, her upper body, which had been supporting her with her hands on her knees, collapsed forward, and Sarah was in a sagging position with only her hips on me.
I pulled Sarah’s upper body parallel to the floor and made her lean against mine.
Then he put his mouth to his ear and whispered.

“It’s not the first time I’m doing it, so why can’t I insert it like this? In the end, I had to.”

“Heh! I’m sorry.”

Yes? It was said that I thought that the acting was over at the time I inserted it, but Sarah has apologized as if she thought this was also an extension of her acting.

“Hot, ah, no! This… !”

But soon, Sarah was startled by her own words and tried to pretend.
Ah, I guess it was just a saying because I was so exhausted that I reached the climax.
But I am not going to miss this opportunity.
After much effort, Sarah saved the opportunity that I thought was over.

“Huh. It seems you are starting to understand your situation as a maid now, don’t you?”

“Well, so this is… !”

“Then where do we get our maid service? I did the insertion, so can you handle the movement yourself?”


As I said while slapped lightly on the side of Sarah’s ass, she turned her head back and looked at me with a resentful look.
But even then, it seems to be able to move on its own. Sarah quickly turned her head and gave strength to her lower body.
In the end, it was Sarah who got along.
love. Sarah.

To move up and down while sitting with my back on my body like this, of course, I have to rely on my lower body.
However, it seemed that Sarah had just reached her climax and lost strength in her lower body, or could not move properly.
Sarah turned her head once more and looked at me with a resentful look, then slowly lowered her upper body forward.
Leaning forward until her upper body was parallel to the floor, Sarah reached out and placed her hands on the floor.
As if like a quadruped, Sara slowly began to move her body back and forth after she put her feet on the floor with both hands.
Sara in a maid suit moves by herself in a standing position on all fours, with her hips sticking out toward me sitting on a chair.
It was the attitude of a maid who truly served the master.
Sara just didn’t have any strength in her lower body, so she was in this position to use her upper body to move, although she probably had no other intentions.
Even if you go to Moro, you can only go to Seoul. I also think he has some innate qualities.

I looked down at Sarah, who was moving her body back and forth vigorously, and gently stroked her ass. It looked very strange to see her coveted butt moving in perfect order, wrapped in a small area of ​​panties.
When my hand touched her hip, Sarah shivered and trembled for a moment, but she didn’t care and moved her back.
But ignoring it like that didn’t last long.
I stretched my thumb over my panties

When she touched the Apostle’s seal, which was exposed, Sarah’s body vibrated softly.

“Do you like touching my ass?”

“Hey! Whoops! that, something like that… !”

“It doesn’t matter what you say, but don’t stop moving.”


At my cold tone, Sarah trembled and moved her hips that had stopped for a moment again.
As I savored the touch, I observed Sarah’s ass once more.
The panties were turned sideways so that only the pubic hair was exposed, tucked next to the thick flesh of the pussy.
I put my finger on the panties and tilted it further to the side, revealing even the cute, shriveled anus.
Then, as if counting wrinkles with his thumb, he gently stimulated the entrance.

“Hah! Come on, sleep… Whoops! uh, there… !”

“Why? Seeing you put on such an urgent expression, it looks like you’re sensitive here, right?”

“Come on, hey, wait, hey, hey, hey, really… !”

Sarah shouted really urgently, but I didn’t stop tickling her ass.
Sara responded earlier, and now I feel like a master who is completely tormenting the maid. I woke up to S, and no one can stop me.
Besides, Sara also shouted so urgently, but the movement of her waist did not stop.
No, it even felt like it was accelerated.
Would it be okay if I took this as a word to say that I hate it, but in fact I want it to be done more?
So I continued to stimulate Sarah’s ass without any hesitation.

“slumbers… Really… Whoops! ha ha! Whoops! Ha ha ha!”

In the end, Sarah trembled and trembled, and this time she reached a proper climax.
His body was limp, and his hips didn’t move any more, he was just trembling.
Well, Sarah’s inside was wiggly and wiggly, stimulating my things.

I decided to wait for Sarah to calm down.
If you want to continue acting, you have to start working right away as soon as Sarah reaches her climax, but I really don’t want to see her suffer. I just want to feel the feeling of being tormented. That’s why I don’t really do hard work.
Well. Because I’m a pretty good guy too.

“Wook. Whoops. haha Whoops.”

So I waited for Sarah to fully enjoy the afterglow of the climax, and at the point when Sarah’s breathing became a little more balanced, I opened my mouth again.

“You move on your own and go first. It’s like such a lewd maid. Weren’t you serving me?”

“this… !”

“Anything to say? I’m still so lively.”


As I lightly stabbed her in the back, Sarah groaned once more and struggled.
Then he looked back at me, gave me a blank expression, and then moved his hips slowly again.

“okay. That’s it. This time, let me try to make it cheap.”

I said in a relaxed tone, rubbing Sarah’s ass with both hands.
Whoops. After all, this feeling is reassuring. I can feel my heart beating, pounding, stabilizing.
No, it wasn’t that I was just scared and excited by the look on Sarah’s face. Really? Because I am the owner now.

Sara moved her hips more flashy than before, as if she was going to make it really cheap this time.
Not only did he move back and forth, but he also made anomalous movements from side to side, up and down, moving in unison, sometimes turning his hips round and round.
Sara’s hips were especially emphasized because she was still moving with her hands on the floor, so not only the pleasure felt in the object but also the visual effect was the best.
It’s good to move on your own, but sometimes it’s nice to receive a one-sided service like this.
Even if it’s not a maid play, let’s ask for something like this more often in the future.
With that determination, I concentrated on the pleasure felt in the object while rubbing Sarah’s ass.

“Heh! 👌👌👌 Huh! Uh, when, whoops! Are you going to buy it?!”

Sara, who had been moving her hips hard for a while, turned her head and looked at me again, crying urgently.
As the body begins to tremble little by little, it seems that the limit has come again.

“Why would you want me to wrap it up?”

It seemed like I was going to eat it too, but I said it while pretending to be relaxed without showing anything like that.

“Ugh… Whoops! haha… That’s right! So! ha ha! hurry!”

Sara, who had been staring at me for a moment, cried out as she bent her pride in the end to see if the limit had really come.
Good. Sarah. I just love it
It is the feeling of a vicious master who eventually succumbed to an arrogant maid.

“Good. Then I’ll give you Do you know where to get it?”

“Huh… Huh! Heh, so, ha ha! So come on!”



In order to maintain the stance of being served by Sarah until the end, I deliberately removed my hand from Sarah’s body and ejaculated as it was.
And while I was ejaculating, Sarah, who reached her climax once again, came out sticking her ass so that her buttocks adhered to my lower abdomen while shaking her body, and took all my semen deep inside her body.

After they both reached their climax at the same time, and after enjoying the lingering feeling for a while, I pulled Sarah’s upper body up and hugged her again.
Then he put his mouth to his ear and whispered.

“Did you ever want to have my child so much? Pushing your ass and getting semen inside.”

Saying that, I stroked Sarah’s smooth lower abdomen, and Sarah’s body trembled and trembled.
Sarah turned to me with a fresh expression on her face, and she spoke in her usual tone.

“Now that it’s cheap, it’s been postponed, right?”

Also, how much was the acting? have a knack It was hard to think that all those really angry expressions were all acting.
But as long as you’re not really mad, you might as well have some more fun, right?
The first time I tasted the owner, I was quite uplifted.

“What are you talking about? My stuff is still so flimsy. As I said before, as long as my things don’t go back to their original state… .”
“So. Would you like more?”

Sarah’s eyes lit up for a moment.
no. Maybe it’s the mood All Sarah was angry about was acting. Acting.


speak… .”
“That’s right.”

Sarah murmured a small mumble, then skillfully turned around with the object still attached.
Sara, who was facing me, grabbed my arms in a natural motion and tucked them between my back and the back of the chair, immobilizing them.
Of course, if I had to resist by force, I could have resisted, but I was just beaten without any resistance because I wanted to know what this was doing.

“What are you doing now?”

“Well, I guess I’ve been playing with it while treating me as a maid.”

“awhile! your brother… !”
“I got a call saying that my brother had already been rescued by my immediate knights! This mansion has already been subdued! Now all that’s left is you!”

What?! Wait a minute! What is that setting?! You’re a direct member of the Knights Templar! Sarah, were you tall?!

“If you want it to go on like that, I will. I’ll squeeze it until there’s not a drop left.”

Sarah’s eyes had changed to those of a beast that preyed on its prey.

“ね! You could beat me with sex… !”

“If you use the saint’s skill, you won’t be able to talk about salvation in the future.”

Wait a minute! Only then do you stop acting?! Besides, what are you talking about?! You’re killing it!

“Only my skills… !”
“Even if I try my best, I’m going to get spouted.”

What else is pouting?! No, it’s cute though. Still, you’re killing it!

“So, are you going to be quiet?”

“You were the one who wanted me to serve you unilaterally, right?”

“No, when I was in the lead… .”

“Noisy. I am being quiet.”

Saying that, Sarah put pressure on my lower abdomen and started moving my lower back.
I guess it’s my turn from now on.

Damn it. If I can, I lose during the day, so it doesn’t matter if I win at night. If I get hit like this at night, my identity… .
It felt so good to be beaten while taking the initiative, so I was upset.
… I’ll have to ask you to play this game again later.

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269===================== The
deepening secret of the dungeon

After breakfast, I thought about what else I would do to pass the time today.
Sarah was embarrassed to meet me face-to-face because of what happened last night, so as soon as she finished eating, she hurriedly went into her room.
In the middle, he was excited about the topic he led, and now he’s shy.
By the way, the maid outfit from last night is still asleep in my inventory.
Because Vanessa said you don’t have to give it back. I can’t refuse the long-awaited favor. I will use this in the future.

“Then this body will go to the guild for a while.”

And Diana said the same and got up.

“In the guild? what brings you here?”

“I have something to tell you about the Giant Manastone.”

With such luck, Diana gave an explanation.
According to Diana’s prediction, those huge manastones will exist throughout the labyrinth, and in that case, adventurers who discover such manastones before us will appear. And

In all likelihood, adventurers will try to dig out that huge manastone.
As manastones are the foundation of the labyrinth, there is a high possibility that an irreversible situation will occur if adventurers dig out huge manastones.
So, as a warning about him, it seems that he is going to talk to the guild.

too bad. Since it was Diana’s turn tonight, I was going to play with Diana.
Because I promised to torment Diana in the dungeon. I was planning to carry out a strategy to play hard during the day and float them, and torment them at night and drop them.
You think that’s too mean? Whoops. This is all because of love.

“Then shall I go with you?”

“Uh… . no. This isn’t about the Clan, it’s about the Wizards’ Association. I will go with them.”

I tried to follow along without giving up until the very end, but Diana said that with a slightly regretful expression on her face.
Well, to be honest, there’s nothing I can do if I followed up. It wouldn’t help at all in talking about the Giant Manastone.

“is it. Then there is nothing you can do.”

Should I let Diana float during the day and give up the plan to drop it at night? Just let it bother you at night.

“Whew… .”

But after hearing my answer, Diana came to me with a sigh for some reason.

“Then don’t make a face. Since it can be a danger to other people, why not go and give a proper warning? When this body returns from the guild, I will treat you properly.”

Saying that, Diana hugged my head from the chair to her chest and stroked my hair.
Apparently, my expression looked sad.
No, it’s just that I’m just a little disappointed that I couldn’t implement a plan that would bother you more effectively.
uh Don’t treat me like this all of a sudden. your conscience is pricked

“No, that’s… .”
“Huhu. Are you shy?”

It’s not really like that.
I’m not afraid to rebuttal any more to Diana’s sister mode, which I haven’t tasted in a long time, so I decided to just keep quiet.

“Then I will go.”

Diana enjoyed stroking my hair for a while, then fell down with a sad expression.
It was a sneak peek when I fell, but it was wiggled to hold my head.
Whoops. cute guy.

“Huh. Come on.”


When I stroked her hair as if in return, Diana left the restaurant with a satisfied expression on her face, leading the Wizards Association sisters.
But what the hell am I supposed to do if Diana goes out too?
After all, the only hope left is an angel.

“Guwon-san, I’m going to go to the temple today and talk about becoming a high priest.”

When our eyes met, Leia smiled and spoke out.
Oh, then I saw that it was there.
The last time he didn’t say anything to me and went to the ceremony of becoming a high priest, he said why he didn’t tell me, so this time he seems to have talked to me before going properly.

“Ah, yes. Shall we go together then?”


When I said that we should go together first, the angel smiled brightly.
Leia, who is so happy with such trivial things, is definitely an angel.
After all, I also had nothing to do, so I am happy to have something to do with Leia.
What the hell are you doing without even thinking of going to the quest you promised with the Arachne Guild? You can’t go there already, can you?
Even if it’s only a few days, we’ll be separated from our kids. We won’t go until we give each other a hug at least once.
Therefore, no matter how early I go to make a request, it is after the day after tomorrow.

Besides, even if it wasn’t for that, I had to go to the temple once.
I mean, it’s been a long time since I’ve met the high priest. Aren’t you going to get mad as soon as you go?
One of the reasons I asked you to come for education in the first place was to find out if I really could entrust Leia to you.

“Then let’s go! Previously… Sylvia.”

“Yes, four?!”

I reached out my arms to Leia and made them cross them, and turned my head to Sylvia, who was still staring at me from a distance.

“Don’t be there either, come here. Is there nothing to do anyway?”

If I don’t tell you anyway, they might stalk you, saying that you’re following me secretly.
Before that, I hit the player first.

“Yes, four?! Ha, but… .”

Whether she thought it would interfere with her date with Leia, Sylvia looked at Leia’s eyes while panicking.
Whoops. You tend to think too much by your standards.
Our angel’s measure is not at a level that can be measured by such ordinary people’s standards.
Because he’s an angel, not a human!

“Huhu. Ok. Mr. Sylvia. Come with us.”

look at that
Leia smiled and gestured to Sylvia by reaching out the arm opposite the one that folded her arms with me.
say it again Leia is also an angel.

“Are you really okay?”

“Huhu. Yeah.”

Don’t try to cut our angel’s wide vessel carelessly.
I quickly grabbed Sylvia, who was approaching her, and put it on her side.


Sylvia was startled by my sudden action and tried to run away, but it was already too late when she got caught in my side.
Besides, maybe the strength in his legs had loosened a bit, or he was only waving, but he wasn’t able to get enough strength.

“Huhahaha. Now I can’t run away.”

“Ugh… Aww… .”

“Savior. You can’t make fun of Sylvia too much.”

“Yeah. Sorry.”

What. I won’t let you go though. This is all part of the special training.
A man like me who doesn’t stop training even in everyday life. Even thinking about it myself, I’m proud of it.
I headed to the temple with flowers in my hands, Leia on one side and Sylvia on the other, who would be envious of others.

However, in the meantime, Sylvia continued to tremble in a bright red state, and it seems to other people that it looks like a person molesting a slender woman.
As we headed to the temple, the gaze on us, especially

The gaze that alternated between me and Sylvia was overwhelming.
But I didn’t care.
If you are truly proud of yourself without any shame, then you don’t need to worry about other people’s opinions.

However, as we got closer to the temple, more and more people were on the street, and the gaze at us gradually increased accordingly.
And in the end, even a young man full of justice who could not stand the injustice appeared.

“Wait a minute! there! Would you like to stop for a moment?”

A young man with pretty cool features stopped in front of us.
He was probably an adventurer going to the temple to find a priest. Even pretending to be, they were dressed like adventurers, and after that, there were three other women dressed as adventurers.
Similar to me, it must be an adventure party with several women and one man.
Well, I think most parties in this world are like that.

“What’s going on?”

“What did you say now?! No shame! To make fun of a woman in broad daylight, even in front of the temple! Aren’t you ashamed to see Goddess!”

“You are making fun of me. That’s a bad word for people to hear. It’s not that I don’t like him right now, it’s that I like it, so I’m going to die.”

Male adventurers are basically friendly with each other.
I’m dressed in plain cloth now, so they might not think of me as an adventurer, but I tried to talk intimately with the young man who stood in the way.

“Do you think such a nonsensical excuse would work! Free her now!”

The young man hurriedly approached me and shouted.
Hearing those words, I released the arm that was wrapped around Sylvia’s waist.

“Hey, man, man, man.”

As soon as she was freed from me, Sylvia fell a few steps on her shaky legs, then sat down on the spot, clutching her heart, and gasping for breath.

“Are you okay?”

Then a young man approached Sylvia and asked with a worried face.
At first glance, it seemed that there was no black spirit, but the natural movement made it seem that it was not the first time he had seduced a woman in this way.
hello. You pretended to be just, but in the end, was that the purpose?

But even when I saw such a young man, I did not react.
Even if Sylvia isn’t like a lover unlike the other three, she’s still the woman I’m holding. Of course, if someone bumps into you, I get angry.
The previous country would have imposed sanctions on him right away.
However, after my appointment as an apostle, I also had a little more leeway. My kids would never do something I wouldn’t like.
Sylvia said that she didn’t appoint an apostle, but for now, I have confirmed that it is possible to appoint an apostle.

“Even if he touches a strange place… .”

As he said that, he naturally tried to wrap his arm around his shoulder, but Sylvia, who barely caught his breath, slapped it coldly.

“Is that guy a savior?”

“Yes Yes?!”

“He is not worthy of being called a bastard by a lowly person like you.”

Oh oh. it’s sylvia You speak differently than when you meet me face-to-face.

Besides, the feeling of being subtly looked down on is like a complete aristocrat.
Come to think of it, when I first met him, he only spoke respectfully, made a subtle annoyed expression and showed a coercive attitude.
I listened to the conversation between Young Ho and Sylvia with interest as I fell into sentimentality.

“Ha, but that guy… Didn’t that person just tease you!”

The young man Ho tried to call me a bastard again, but when Sylvia’s eyes became bitter, he corrected it immediately.
Huh. It’s scary when the eyes of a beauty with a normally blank expression become sharp. I understand.

“dalliance? no. I was just holding it.”

“Hey, but his face turned red and he looked distasteful… !”

“I just loved it so much that I couldn’t contain my heartbeat.”

Unlike when talking to me, Sylvia spoke quietly without being shy at all.

“Yes, four?!”

“If you don’t have anything to do, would you mind staying out of the way?”

“Oh, four!”

At Sylvia’s blunt but certain tone of tone, the young man Ho was embarrassed and swerved right to the side.
Sylvia took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and crept up to my side again.
It seems to be an expression of intention to hug her again because she is ready.
Whoops. It’s cute to see her body trembling like that even before she was hugged.


I hugged Sylvia tightly by her side again, and brought her mouth to her ear.

“So good?”

“Aww… Joe, all right… .”

If I blow a little bit more into my ear, I think it might melt. Let’s try it.
But maybe he read my thoughts, Leia said as she pushed her chubby chest with strength in the arm that embraced me.

“Savior. Don’t make fun of Sylvia too much. If so, yep! it is.”

“Hehehe. I’m sorry. Leia’s sister.”

it’s sylvia I’m alive thanks to the angels.
I immediately gave up harassing Sylvia at the angel’s sweet cry.
You are innocent, mature, and cute. the best.
Having given up bullying Sylvia, I looked at the young man who was staring blankly at us.


“Yes, no, yes?!”

Thanks to Sylvia who spoke to me as if I was a high person earlier, the young man Ho seems confused as to whether he should treat me with respect or not.

“So you said I like him. First of all, listen carefully to what people say. in the first place Aren’t you ashamed to see the Goddess, did you not see the priest standing next to me? If I’m really harassing a woman in front of the temple, there’s no way the priest wouldn’t say anything, right?”

“Huh? … Oh.”

It seems that the young man Ho just noticed Leia’s existence.
Well, since it’s a custom uniform, it might be a little hard to recognize.
But even if that’s the case, it’s terrifying.
If you look closely, you can tell it’s a priest’s uniform.
That means this guy was paying more attention to Sylvia than Leia.
Does it make sense in front of this huge breast gap? Do you know if this bastard is a lolita complex or something?
Come to think of it, the three female adventurers behind him also showed signs of stunting on their subtly young-looking faces.
On the surface, he seems like a good young man with a sense of justice.

“so. Apologize?”

“Sorry, I’m sorry.”


“Sorry for any misunderstanding!”

Perhaps the young man Ho was still a pretty decent guy, but when I told him, he bowed his head obediently and apologized right away.
Well, whatever it is, he has his own taste and is that kind of guy.

“okay. Then be careful going forward. Let’s say hello next time we meet adventurer comrades.”

“Yeah. Huh? adventurer? Ah!”

He screamed, realizing that he had no reason to speak respectfully, but I ignored it and left my seat.

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270===================== The
deepening secret of the dungeon
“Oh, it’s been a while.”

As soon as I entered the high priest’s room, I immediately heard a voice.
No matter how much trust we built, it didn’t mean that our promise to stop by to study every time was invalidated. Was it also a problem to omit without permission?

For reference, she has been separated from Leiana and Sylvia, who were close to each other.
Indeed, even in the temple, I am not so skinny enough to walk around with women on either side of me.
From my point of view, this is like my in-laws’ house, and the high priest is like my mother-in-law. I also have that kind of common sense.

“Sorry, I’m sorry.”

When I apologized right away, somehow, the high priest’s expression turned into a bewildered expression.

“Yeah? Oh no. I wasn’t rebuking you. I’m just saying it’s been a while since I’ve been there.”

“Ah, that’s right. Yes. Long time no see. Ambassador.”

It must have been my misunderstanding.
High Priest-sama has a face that looks quite strict. I was scared

“So what’s going on? I don’t think you came here to get an education.”

The High Priest looked at Leia next to me and Sylvia a little further away, and said,
The first person I see is following me from behind like that, and even grabbing my heart and spewing out strange noises like haha, hooah, huh.
It must have been quite a curious scene, but it was really great that he ended up just tilting his head for a moment and asking me what I was doing. I can feel the personality of an adult.
By the way, how old are you? Leia thinks like a mother, so I don’t think she’s that young. But on the surface, she only looks like a beauty in her early 30s.
In this world, it is difficult because it is not easy to guess your age based on your appearance.
Well, I’m not in a position to argue with Diana, who can be seen as the ultimate king in such a field.

“The ambassador. In fact, today, Guwon came with me because of my job change.”

Before I could answer, Leia spoke with a soft smile.
But after hearing those words, for some reason, the high priest’s expression became sharp.
This time it was never my mistake.

“Ex-? Leia, like I said before, you don’t have to worry about that. You are more devout than anyone else. It’s just not the time yet. Sooner or later the Goddess will recognize you

The time will come. rather you. To come to visit Leia for something like that… .”
“Oh, no! Ambassador! Not like that!”

When Leia realized that the High Priest had misunderstood her words, he hurriedly stopped the High Priest.

“I have become the high priest!”

“… Yeah? I beg your pardon?”

At Leia’s confession, the high priest had an expression on his face that he did not understand what he was saying. Frowning her eyebrows and tilting her head slightly, she began to ponder what Leia had said.

“So, I became the high priest.”

When Leia spoke again, the high priest looked at Leia with an expression of disbelief.

“What the hell is that… No, how the hell did you do the ceremony? Did you ask another high priest other than me?”

The high priest who said that had a slightly lonely expression on his face.
Leia knew this too, so she gently approached the high priest, grabbed the high priest’s hands and hugged him to her chest.
It was also a habit. It wasn’t just me.
Anyway, I don’t think I’d do it to anyone other than me, but I’ll have to be a little more careful later.
I can’t let anyone but me taste that texture.

“no. There was no ceremony.”

“… Let’s hear more details.”

At Leia’s words, the High Priest said with an expression that he had finally given up on thinking.

“Yeah, that’s what… .”

In a calm voice, Leia started explaining how I changed Leia.
As the conversation progressed, the high priest’s face was colored with astonishment.
The high priest looked at me with a look of disbelief, but on the other hand, with an expression that somehow seemed to be the case.
The former feeling is understandable, but what the hell is the latter?

“So, in summary, your power.”

“Yeah. Leia was surprised, too, but is it that much of a surprise? Another job… .”

“The priesthood is different from other professions. It is purely a job given by the Goddess. And you who can change jobs like that at will… .”

As the high priest said that, his speech was slightly blurred.
Then he looked straight into my eyes with a more businesslike expression than usual.

“So, there is something I want to ask you.”

“Yeah? What is it?”

“The power to change that priest. Can it be used by anyone other than Leia?”

“High Priest!”

Leia was the first to respond to the high priest’s question.
Leia showed an unusually violent reaction and shouted at the High Priest.
But even though the high priest looked apologetic, his gaze was still fixed on my eyes.

“Sorry. Leia. I’m really sorry for you, but this is something you must know.”

Looking at the high priest’s expression, he could see that he didn’t really want to do this, either.
Leia, who has known the High Priest for a long time, knows better than me.
Because of that, Leia had a gloomy expression on her face and looked at me with anxious eyes.
OK. Leia. I’m not going to make a face like that.

“So what is it?”

“It is probably impossible to change priests other than Leia.”

“Why? According to your explanation, I will make a job change.

Could it be some kind of skill effect? If so, isn’t it usable enough for others?”

“The activation conditions for that skill are quite strict. It doesn’t activate unless you really love someone.”

I didn’t lie.
It just didn’t explain who the subject was. Does it not activate unless someone I really love, or does it not activate if I am not someone who truly loves me?
The latter is the correct answer, so even if it’s not Leia, it can be activated if you truly love me. There are already cases like Sylvia.
But I dared to use vague expressions.
If I tell the truth, a lot of women will try and push me to really love me. Even if you’re not a priest.
If it had been me in the past, I would have revealed the truth right away and enjoyed the situation.
But not now. There are already three people he really likes, and Sylvia is also attached as a bonus.
I mean, there really isn’t much desire to have more women here.

Upon hearing my answer, Leia and the high priest both sighed in relief at the same time.
It seems that the high priest also didn’t want a situation where I could indiscriminately change anyone.
No, to be precise, it’s a little different.
I just checked to see if that’s possible for me. Perhaps the High Priest as a priest wanted me to be able to change everyone.
But from a position like Leia’s mother, she wouldn’t have wanted that.
It would be correct to think that that sigh of relief was uttered as Leia’s mother.

“How dare you do that again. You are also a goddess.”

For some reason, the high priest seemed to have deepened his faith in the goddess.
No, it’s not wrong to say that being a saint is a job given by the Goddess.

“But even so, what Leia said before may not be as wrong as it is.”

“Yeah? What?”

“I mean, you are the goddess’s representative.”

“Yes, yes?!”

no. Leia seems to think so more these days, but I’m sure even the High Priest-sama would say something like that.
Looking at his expression, it doesn’t look like he’s serious, but it doesn’t sound like a joke either.

“What are you so surprised about? You seem to think that you are absolutely not? After receiving God’s grace in one body.”

“It’s a blessing… No, there is nothing wrong with that.”

“Did you really not hear anything from Goddess when you came to this world? Did you not come to this world with a mission?”

Perhaps my ambiguous attitude was funny, the High Priest-sama smiled slightly and said something like a joke.
Even if you say it like that I didn’t really hear anything. In the first place, the goddess’ face… no. In other words, I saw it once.
At the opening of the first game.
Obviously, in the opening video at that time, the goddess came out and said something. What was it?
It’s been quite a while so I can’t remember exactly, but maybe it was ‘Grow up through sex!’? It was such a crazy sound.
But even if you tell me that, you won’t believe me.
The Goddess sent me to have a lot of sex. rani. You don’t know what kind of treatment you will be treated as soon as you speak.
In this world, sex is a means of growth, but it’s not like there’s no such thing as subtly chastity.
Even the most reckless adventurers who have sex for the sake of growth, when they get a mate, they only have sex with that person.
But if I already have three owners and say, ‘The Goddess sent me to have a lot of sex.’
So what I was going to say was decided.

“no. I couldn’t really hear anything.”

For the sake of the goddess and my honor, let’s not talk about the opening.

“Really? Aren’t you just forgetting about it?”

That possibility cannot be ruled out, though.
I think I entered this world as soon as I logged into the game, but in fact, something happened in between, and there is a possibility that I just forgot.
Such developments were quite common in many of the creations I saw when I was in the original world.

“For now, I can’t remember anything.”

“i See. If there was someone who could hear the voice of the goddess at this time, I would have been able to check it out.”

“Isn’t there such a person now?”

“… Come to think of it, I hadn’t talked about that in training class yet. Actually, yes. It’s a shame for us priests, but now no one can hear the voice of the goddess. Originally, it was passed down from generation to generation on how to listen to the Goddess’ voice… .”

“Is that saint not here now?”

“Yeah. Ok. There were a few high priests who had the minimum requirements to become a saint, but none of them were chosen by the goddess.”

Minimum requirements to become a saint… Oh, are you talking about the job level?
Besides, from what I’ve heard, it seems like a saint can change jobs from the high priest.
So it’s an easy fix, right?

“If that’s the case, don’t worry! Because one day I will be able to turn Leia into a saint!”

If you keep going to the dungeon anyway, you will grow up, and one day you will be able to turn Leia into a saint.

“i See. I think that’s a very happy thing… .”

However, the high priest’s attitude was somewhat unclear.

“Is there still something wrong?”

“Even if Leia becomes a saint, it is impossible to restore the skills that have already been put into practice.”

The high priest muttered as if he had become depressed when he thought about it, making a slight wrinkle on his forehead.

“Can you?”

“Yeah? What does that mean?”

I didn’t explain everything about the appointment of the apostles to the high priest, so he must have been quite surprised.
But I was pretty confident.
That’s right, the way to listen to the Goddess’ voice has been handed down from generation to generation, in a word, isn’t it a skill?
Then, it is a simple task that is completed by simply investing points in the skill window.

Come to think of it, Leia never checked the skill window after she was appointed an apostle.
ordained an apostle

Right after that, Leia was very demanding.
ugh Let’s not think of that here. Still, it’s dangerous to stand here.
I suppressed the defilements that were creeping up in my head, and opened Leia’s skill window.
Also! I was right! Hey!
And the target skill was quite easy to find.

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