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271===================== The
deepening secret of the dungeon

The reason the skill was easily found is simple. It was already marked as a learnable skill.
Huh? Wasn’t that a skill that only saints could learn?
No, it was just passed down among the saints, wasn’t it something that only saints could learn?
Anyway, in Leia’s skill window, a skill that could definitely hear the voice of the goddess existed in a state where it could be learned.
Even after appointing an Apostle, the level had risen considerably thanks to Leia’s current skill points.
Most of the skills will be able to be learned directly from the temple anyway, and Leia’s skill level will grow very quickly as she volunteers hard. As proof of that, the skills that Leia was currently learning were all fairly high in skill levels.
So, there is no need to save one skill point.
I invested points in a skill called ‘Goddess Advent’ that I found in Leia’s skill window.

woo woo woo.

At the same time as I was taking skill points, I suddenly heard something like tinnitus in my ear.
Perhaps because of my mood, I even felt that the air around me became a little heavier.
And in a corner of the field of vision, a warm light that was intense, yet not dazzling, flashed.
It’s from Leia’s body.
A similar phenomenon occurred when Leia became a high priest, but it was a much more intense and far-reaching light.


I called Leia while holding Leia’s shoulder, and Leia’s eyes, which had been closed until then, slowly opened.
The pretty golden eyes I’m used to now, but the feeling is a little different from usual. Not just her eyes, but Leia’s whole body.
Because the body is glowing?
The atmosphere was different from usual to the extent that it cannot be explained by that reason alone.
Do you think it looks like something sacred? No, of course our angel always looked divine, but not now. I even felt like I wasn’t human.
Leia, who opened her eyes and looked straight at me, exuded a different atmosphere than usual, smiled lightly, and opened her mouth.

“Finally, we can talk like this. And at a much earlier time than I thought. You did a really good job.”

Obviously, Leia was speaking with her mouth open, but her voice wasn’t Leia’s.
I’ve heard of it one day, yes. It was the voice I heard at the opening of the game.

After all, did the goddess borrow Leia’s body?
No, I guessed a bit from the skill name of Goddess Advent.
When you say Advent, you mean something like a ray of light coming down from the sky, and it’s riding on it and it appears softly in the air, isn’t it? Why are you pretending?
Besides, it was as if I waited as soon as I took the skill point.
This is by no means Leia’s skill.
As there were some suspicions about the goddess in relation to the dungeon, the goddess who appeared by borrowing Leia’s body like this did not look so good.
Is it possible that the goddess will continue to use the body of our angel as she pleases… no. It is only an assumption that the goddess may be making fun of me. That assumption is so low that the only basis for that is my guess that the goddess created the dungeon. Stop overthinking.

“… Goddess?”

I started talking to him as well as confirming his identity.

“Ok. saint salvation. First of all, I have to say thank you and praise. Your achievements so far have far exceeded my expectations. To acquire infinite life by interacting with a high elf who obtained infinite life using reincarnation, and to appoint apostles to heroes and nine tails. Moreover, he even saved a child suffering from his congenital constitution. Really great. This is an unprecedented achievement. Although the dungeon attack is slower than expected, it is also within the acceptable range. Considering the things you’ve done, it’s a trivial thing. Indeed, my eyes that chose you as a contractor… .”

“Come on, wait a minute.”

I was a little uneasy about whether it would be okay to interrupt the Goddess, but I couldn’t stand it without interrupting.
Fortunately, Leia, possessed by the goddess, did not show any displeasure at all and quietly waited for my next words.
I’m really happy. Inside the temple, which can be said to be the goddess’s stronghold, I wondered what would happen if the goddess shouted that she was ungodly.
However, I stopped talking to the goddess while worrying about it because the words of the goddess were now included in her words that I couldn’t bear to ask.

“that… What is a contractor? What contract?”


At my question, the goddess looked at me blankly with her mouth open and a puzzled expression.
It’s a divinely bewildered expression. It’s an inappropriate combination.

“… saint salvation. Do you remember how you came to this world through games?”

“Yeah. Sure.”

“I understand that you are the type of person who not only carefully inspects the game website, but also carefully examines the contents even after receiving the game.”

“Yeah. He is the type to read the manual.”

I was a little skeptical as to how the goddess knew about such things, but I decided to just skip it. Whatever it is, it’s God. You might be able to figure that out

“Then you must have read the cautions when installing the game properly, right?”

What? What does that mean? A note that comes up when installing.
This time it was my turn to panic.

“… Oh no. Installation is always done in the default folder, so I just hit Daum and read the manual during installation.”

I couldn’t make eye contact with the goddess, and I answered while avoiding her gaze.


Hearing my answer, the goddess raised her voice as if in disbelief.
OMG. I feel guilty for saying that with a divine voice… . I don’t think I did anything particularly wrong.

“I wrote down the precautions before installation just in case, and made it play repeatedly even during installation… . We worked hard to add additional information to only Mr. Goon’s disc, and how much effort was put into making the disc properly go to Mr. Gu… .”

Yes. Come to think of it, I don’t think I did anything wrong.
How dare you neglect the precautions before installation.
So please stop muttering things like that in that divine voice.
Even the sound of muttering Goddess’ voice spread like echoing through the entire space, and of course even the high priest who was listening to it was looking at me with a puzzled face.
ugh Don’t look at me with that look! Who the hell reads all of that these days!

The goddess, who had been muttering a little depressed, shook her head slightly from side to side, then gathered her expression and looked at me again.

“But it’s just amazing. How can you achieve this far without knowing the contents of the contract? After all, my eyes must have been accurate.”

I’m pretty proud of myself for choosing me, so I opened my chest and said.
It’s an action that reminds me of Diana, but as her body is Leia, the force is not a joke.
That may be considered blasphemous, but it is heavily emphasized.
Plus, it’s a priest’s uniform that’s been modified to fit snugly on the body.
awhile. That means… Does that mean that our Diana will always be able to see this kind of sight when she grows up?!
Diana. grow up fast Oh, of course, I’m good enough with the current state.
ugh What the hell am I thinking in front of Goddess?
Anyway, I confirmed that the goddess was not angry, and decided to ask for an explanation once again.

“so. What the hell is that contract? I’m sorry, but could you please explain it again?”

“… i See. It was not my intention, but you came into this world without knowing anything.”

Was it because of my mood that I felt as if I had some strength to say that it was not my intention?

“However… I don’t have time right now.”

“Yeah? what is that… .”

“This abnormality may cause harm to this child’s body.”

Saying that, the goddess who was possessed by Leia’s body gently placed her hand on her chest.
Does that mean that Leia is in danger of being possessed any longer?! Then no!

“So salvation of the saint. First of all, keep this in mind. The deepest part of the dungeon. Aim for where no one can go now.”

Leaving only those words, Leia slowly closed her eyes.
Then, the light emitted from Leia’s whole body gradually diminished, and soon after, Leia lost her strength and staggered.


Of course, I got it before Leia fell.

“Uh… Salvation… that… .”

It seems he hasn’t lost his mind.
Leia clasped her face in my arms as if she was feeling dizzy, shook her head slightly, and then stood up with a normal face, giving strength to her legs.

“Leia, are you okay?”

“Huhu. Yes. Of course. But I hope the Goddess borrows my body… .”

“Do you remember?”

“Yeah. I remember every word the Goddess said.”

“So, how does it feel to learn the Goddess Advent skill?”

“… i See. It’s my body, but it’s a strange feeling, like seeing someone else. But I never feel bad… . It’s a mysterious experience.”

Looking at Leia’s reaction, it seems that there was nothing wrong with Leia.
Well, if you think about it, it is. The goddess delivered a message through the priest’s body, and if something goes wrong with it, that’s a problem.

“However… .”


“For some reason, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to write again. That’s weird. I’m sure you know how to write.”

“Oh, if that’s the case… .”

It’s simple.
That skill called Goddess Advent, among the skills in this game, was a skill that had a rare cool time.
This means that it is not a skill that can be used only with mana.
Besides, the cooldown is a whopping one year.
Looking at the skill description, the cooldown seems to decrease as you level up, but even taking that into account, it was an ignorantly long cooldown. It’s a skill that only takes a few minutes to talk.

Anyway, I was relieved to see that Leia was safe.
And I had time to think about what the Goddess said earlier.
About the last words of the goddess who told me to go to the dungeon.
I wished I could miss it if possible, but again, as I expected, the goddess sent me to this world to explore the dungeon.
But if my prediction is correct, that dungeon was made by a goddess.
What on earth is the reason for telling you to go to the end of the dungeon you made? Is it really that the process of dungeon-dungeon exploration is a test of some sort, or are you really doing this purely for entertainment?

No, but look at that goddess earlier. Of course, she looked like Leia, but by looking at her attitude, you can roughly guess what a person is. … The opponent is not human.
After all, someone who seemed so divine and kind sent me to this world to do such a nasty thing?
I wouldn’t deny that I don’t want to believe such a truth, but even taking that into account, I didn’t think so.
Since then, I think people have an eye for seeing.
Look at our kids right now. how pretty and nice
Moreover, it is noteworthy that the original goddess did not plan to send me to this world without a word.
In other words, the goddess thought that she would choose to come to this world even after reading the explanation of her purpose, which I do not know what it is.
If so, wouldn’t that be such a bad intention?

no. But it was a contract.
I mean, there’s something to each other.
Perhaps it is this power that I have received. A game system that only I can apply, and the power of a saint that boasts an even more overwhelming effect in this world.
As much as I have been using it effectively so far, I know better than anyone how great this power is.
But now I am starting to feel a little afraid of that power.
As much as I received this kind of thing, couldn’t the goddess’s request be something huge?

Whoa! The brain gets complicated.
okay! I’ve decided! For now, the dungeon continues!
Anyway, the Goddess told me to do it anyway, and even if that wasn’t the case, I was originally going to find out about the dungeon.
First of all, as originally planned, I will dig into the purpose of Goddess on my own.
Still, as the Goddess went out and tried to explain, I also felt that the burden on my heart was relieved a little.
Could it be anything special?

“Ambassador! What the hell!”

Just as I made up my mind like that, someone opened the door without knocking and entered the room.

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Saint Salvation

There was not one person in the room.
Many priests looked at the High Priest with surprise.

“Bar, it was just… I heard the voice of the goddess with a bright light! Am I right?”

Ah, I wanted to hear even a small voice clearly, but it seems that the voice of the goddess has spread not only to this room but also to a wider area.
Surely you didn’t hear the content? If you’ve heard of that, you’d be pretty pissed off.
Let the rumors spread that the guy who was supposed to have signed a contract with Goddess was thrown out without knowing anything about the contract due to carelessness. It is quite embarrassing for a country, no matter how ruthless.
No, but there is no one who usually reads all the phrases that appear during installation, right?!
The Goddess is also in a place where ordinary people can read… Let’s stop this because it looks like we’ll be punished for blasphemy.

“It’s what you heard. Goddess borrowed Leia’s body and appeared before us.”

High Priest-sama also looked quite confused, but it was still the High Priest who managed the temple of this huge dungeon city.
The high priest put his thoughts together in his head and told the priests the truth.

“Also! Oh, then… !”

Perhaps they were so happy that the Goddess had descended, the priests all screamed in unison.
Well, according to the High Priest, it must have been quite some time since the Goddess did not descend. It would be nice to have one of the church’s long-cherished dreams come true.

“Yeah. Leia has emerged as a new saint candidate. No, I think becoming a saint is already confirmed. no matter what… .”

But the High Priest’s words were not over yet.
The high priest looked at me with a rather complicated face. It was as if he was contemplating whether to say this or not.
However, once he turned his gaze to Leia, he immediately spit out the following words with a determined expression.

“Saint salvation… He is the priest chosen by the angel of the goddess.”

At the same time as those words, did everyone in the room focus on me?
huh, yes I’m kinda great… Wait a minute. Why are you putting your hands together while looking at me all at once?! Is it incredibly burdensome?!

“The messenger of the Goddess… .”

I heard someone from the group of priests entering the room muttering in a voice full of longing.

“I, High Priest… ?”

“You can call me Sophia. Salvation.”

“No, no. It could be… .”

“There is also a high priest by your side, but calling me high priest is easy to confuse, isn’t it?”

Leia was where the high priest’s gaze was directed.
Oh, so is he.

“Well then, Sophia… Seed. Why are you being respectful to me? you are the savior You don’t have to.”

“no. You cannot be rude to the messenger of the Goddess. saint savior. You must have come to this world on a mission from the Goddess. There must have been an accident that was difficult to understand in the process, but that does not change the fact that you are a messenger of the Goddess.”

okay. Indeed. It must be difficult to understand words like installation or game manual.
No, that’s not important right now, is it?!

“So from now on, our denomination will fully support salvation in the future.”

Huh?! No, I don’t need it! The support already provided by our Diana is more than enough!
So, don’t look at me with that kind of anticipation for nothing! It’s embarrassing!

“Yeah?! no! You don’t have to… Oh, in the first place! That, Ambassador, Sophia-san, it’s not a matter for you to decide on your own right?!”

“Don’t worry. The Pope in the Vatican will make the same decision, but yes. If you’re worried, I’ll call you right away.”

“No, you don’t have to… !”

“Then please wait a moment.”

High Priest Sophia said that and left the room.
what is this. All of a sudden, the scale has grown enormously.
My goal is to just hang out with my kids in moderation, eat well and live well.
If you leave the temple like this, you will be under the pressure of exploring the dungeon with all your might!
But he couldn’t get his true feelings out of his mouth.
‘Cause now I’m in the temple It is also a situation where I am surrounded by priests who are shining their eyes on me.
I really don’t know what it’s going to be like if I said such a blasphemous thing.
Besides, even if it’s not necessarily like that, my Leia would be disappointed if I said that. I can’t see it like that.

Anyway, as soon as Sofia High Priest went out, the priests who had been shining their eyes all at once rushed in.
Not towards me, but towards Leia.
He looked at me with a glance and seemed interested, but it seemed that it was burdensome to talk to him right away.

“Leia! Did you become a saint?!”

“no. No. You just became a high priest.”

“Is that so? But then, how can the Goddess come? ?”

“that’s… Because Guwon did something for me, I was able to do it for some reason.”


Leia. Don’t do that to Leia. You feel more burdened.

“Yeah, but that’s it. Then the Savior and Leia… That… Are you getting married?”

“Yeah?! That, that one day… .”

The shy Leia sister was very lovely and good, but I have a feeling that this development is not going to be good.

“Someday. Why don’t you do it right now? If we are in love with each other anyway, we can do it right now, right? God will surely bless you too. The person who will become a saint and the angel of the goddess are getting married. romantic… .”

Hey. An unknown priest there. Aren’t you just missing out on romantic scenes that you think of?

“I’m home.”

At that moment, High Priest Sophia entered the room again.
That’s pretty fast. Does something like a magic phone exist in the temple?

“How is it?”

“i See. Once it is clear that Mr. Salvation is the Goddess’ apostle, it was common to all of you in the Holy See that full support would be natural. But it doesn’t seem like it would be easy to believe… .”

Sophia was speechless with a slightly sorry expression.
Whoa. thank God.
No, I’m not sorry. really. Rather, I wondered what would happen if I immediately believed in him and offered to support him.

“A cardinal said he would come and check it out in person.”

“It is so… no. awhile. Yeah?!”

“You will be coming through the Wizards Association, so it may take a while. If you’re not busy, could you wait a little bit?”

No, I’m not busy. On the contrary, time is running out.
Leaving me in trouble, the priests began to bloom again.

“High Priest!”


“We thought about it. How about preparing for the wedding of the Savior and Leia in the temple? very romantic… Now that the saint is not there and everyone is implicitly anxious, I think it will be a strength for everyone.”

It was the priest whose head was a flower garden, who had been talking about romance and everything before.
Hey. Even so, that strict High Priest Sophia will fall for such words… .

“Hmm… . It sure is. It might be worth talking to when the cardinal comes.”

passed! Even incredibly easy!
Seeing that she glanced at Leia and said something like that, it seems that her mother’s heart, who was sleeping inside Sofia, was activated.
okay. Because wishing for their daughter’s happiness is a common desire of all mothers.
I also thought it would be nice for Sophia to cherish and take care of Leia like her own daughter, but I didn’t want this to happen!

“Savior… .”

Leia looked at me with a blushing cheek and not an expression of dislike at all, but rather a happy death expression. I can’t even say that I’m not planning on getting married yet. driving me crazy.
No, it’s not that I don’t like to marry our angel. rather good
That’s not natural. What man would hate to be able to marry an angel?

The problem is. I can’t stand the aftermath.
I like all three of my kids equally.
Marriage is still a distant topic and I have never seriously thought about it, but I have thought about it vaguely.
If we get married, I think it would be best to have the wedding with the three of us at the same time.
Is that so too? If you’re going to marry one of the three first.
Obviously, the other two will suffer for the rest of their lives.
But suddenly, the temple was organized to marry Leia.
As the organizer is the organizer and the intention is the intention, it would be absolutely impossible to have a wedding with the three of them at the same time.
So, it is best to avoid this marriage talk. I’m sorry Leia, but
So, how can we talk about the wedding without hurting Leia?

“Excuse me. Sophia High Priest.”

So while I was squeezing my hair, another figure entered Sophia’s room.
Wearing a slightly more splendid priest’s uniform than the other priests, this one was also a great beauty.
Well, in this world, it seems that priests are basically all handsome men and women.
Anyway, the beautiful woman glanced around with a lofty gaze, as if she were a high-ranking aristocrat.
She looked like a typical aristocratic lady who looked down on the common people, looking a little arrogant beyond the lofty one.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you in person. I said hello earlier, so I’ll omit it.”

The beauty’s gaze passed through Sophia, Leia, and the other priests, and stopped until she reached me, the only male in the room.
What. Don’t look at me with those looking down eyes. Even a princess had never looked at me like that. Well, Felicia was a bit unusual for a princess, though.

“Is this person the messenger of the goddess?”

The beauty fixed her gaze on me and stared at me as if digging into something.


“Ummm… .”

Even in response to Sophia’s reply, she gave me a tired gaze.
Hey. Isn’t that a bit rude in the beginning?

“High Priest Sophia. Who is this?”

“Hey, this?! You said this now?!”

I mean, she was a hit right away and ready to go.

“If you don’t like it, at least introduce yourself. Don’t stare rudely at people you’ve never met.”

As I have said before, I am basically the type of person who seeks customized responses according to the other person’s attitude. Of course, that doesn’t mean you’re always good to someone who’s good to you.

“You don’t even know my face. Are you saying you don’t know Matilda, one of the twelve cardinals?!”

“Huh. do not know. Who are you?”

From what I’ve heard, it must have been the cardinal who came here directly.
you came too soon
But if you’re a cardinal, you’re a pretty tall person, right?
If you are a person of high religion, shouldn’t you be more noble and kind? What is your attitude like?
Just look a little like half of our angels.

“Hey, profit! Sophia High Priest! Is it true that this man is a messenger of the Goddess?!”

“Yeah. Everyone here has heard her voice firsthand.”

“Can’t you believe it?!”

“Huh haha. It doesn’t matter if you can believe it or not. It’s important that it’s true. If I had known, I would quickly fall flat on the angel of this goddess and even get my feet… .”
“Mr. Salvation.”

“Huh. sorry. Leia. Did I say too much?”

It’s so refreshing to see a cheeky kid disassemble.
Oh shit! Come to think of it, because of him, I myself have admitted that I am a messenger of the goddess!
Damn it… . It sounds like a useless year… .

“Ugh… .”

However, it seems that my pride has been greatly hurt by my words, so that alone is refreshing.

“It’s not that I don’t trust Sophia or you. But it is possible that this person is teasing everyone with some trick! We need more convincing evidence that can be proven now!”

“I even recreated the goddess Advent, which was said to have been practiced, but I can’t believe it. Then tell me if you have any more skills that have been put into practice. Let Leia learn.”

“What, what?! That, then… Let’s heal this wound!”

Matilda said as she pulled up her sleeve and showed the scar on her arm.
It was a wound with a very bizarre shape, as if it had been struck by lightning and left a black scar.
what is that

“It is a sign of an ancient curse. In the past, there was a divine magic that could cure even such a powerful curse, although there are documents in the literature… .”

Perhaps he understood my question, High Priest Sophia explained to me from behind.

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Saint Salvation

Right… . Actually, I just wanted to see more of Matilda’s disassembled face.
I wonder if there really was a technology that was actually practiced again.
How do you manage alternative technologies? Are you really okay? this religion.
Anyway, well, that doesn’t mean I can’t solve the problem.

I looked again at Matilda’s left arm.
In the original world, I had seen the scar of a person struck by lightning, and it was just that kind of wound.
A single thick line wrapped around his arm, and around it, a scar in the shape of a twig stretched out in all directions. However, unlike those struck by lightning, it was a black scar, not a red one.
It’s like an arm that can be used even by a black dragon.
If I had a wound like that, I would wrap it up with a bandage and say, ‘Kuk. be careful. There is a black flame dragon sleeping in this arm.’ or ‘It’s already too late. I forgot how to solve it.’ It must have been quite exhilarating, but it must be quite difficult to have such a scar as a woman. Especially as a beauty who seems very confident in herself.

However, High Priest Sophia has already clearly stated that in the past, there was a skill that could solve such a thing.
If that’s the case, then it’s a curse that I can solve.
It’s as simple as opening Leia’s skill window and distributing one skill point.
But I mean. Wouldn’t it make sense to treat it just like that?
From his point of view, if I succeed, it’s good to be cured, and even if I fail, it’s good to be able to chew on me, right?
To find out if I really am a messenger from the Goddess, and secretly do this kind of deal. It’s really, really unbelievable.

No, it’s not that I won’t treat you.
Of course, I’m a bit of a scumbag, but it’s not enough to stop treating me just because I’m sick, even though there are people right in front of me who can treat you without much effort.
Seeing scars like that makes me sympathize.
Even Matilda, seeing me for the first time today, was embarrassed to show such a scar, especially because she was biting her lip and her arms with her sleeves trembling.
But before you treat me, isn’t it okay to play with it a bit?

“Right. An ancient curse… . So what exactly does it work for? What effect does it have?”

It’s called a curse, so it’s probably not all there’s a scar that you don’t want to see.

“That, that… .”

When I asked him to try to figure out the identity of the curse before bullying him, Matilda, who had suddenly looked so proud, had tears in her eyes and blurred her words.
But for a while. He glared at me again with intense eyes.

“It doesn’t matter, right?! All you need to do is restore the skills that can heal this curse! Then I will recognize you as a messenger of the goddess!

“Is it suspicious to talk about this? tell me for sure what curse? Could it be that there is a reflex effect on the person trying to treat it?”

“What, what, what?! What do you see people as? That’s really rude! That’s the cardinal! cardinal!”

“okay. okay. And I am the messenger of the Goddess you believe in like that.”

“I haven’t acknowledged it yet!”

“Seeing that he doesn’t talk about curses until the very end, this is really… .”
“Savior. It’s not what Guwon-san thought. So rest assured.”

As I continued to question Matilda, Leia gently grabbed my arm and shook her head.

“Huh? Does Leia know what this is?”

“Yeah. Not just me, everyone… .”

I looked around.
Everyone knew it, but it was hard to say. no. Rather, it was a look of pity.
Not only the priests, but even Sylvia.
Is this curse famous?
Well, he’s probably like that too. An ancient curse on the cardinals that there are only twelve. Rather, it was strange that he was not famous.
But if no one wants to tell me, there must be some reason for that.
okay. For now, let’s just skip this.
Because I didn’t mean to play with this in the first place.

“Right. It seems like a pretty tough curse.”

“If I knew… !”
“In other words, the technology that can lift that curse has been put into action now. It’s clear that you have to rely on me for treatment.”

“Wow, what do you want to say?!”

“Yes? no. Is it? what to do? can you treat me? uhm. But looking at this cheeky attitude, it’s a little… . It’s like trying to fill your self-interest by secretly trying to find out if you’re an apostle of the Goddess… . What should I do?”

Are you annoyed? Know. That’s the purpose.
As I expected, Matilda stared at me and began to tremble, not just her arms, but her whole body.

“Da, da, I told you to tell me the skills you put into action! If it’s really a messenger of the Goddess, he’ll heal you! If that were not possible, I would never accept you as a messenger of the Goddess!”

“Is that so?”

“What, what?!”

“Say it. To be honest, I don’t care at all whether you recognize me as a messenger of the goddess or not. Church support? I do not need. do you know who i am I’m not in a position to need support. And when I followed the Goddess’ orders and achieved my goals, what would the Goddess think if the denomination didn’t do anything for me?”

“Uh, uh… !”

Whoops. won
Looking down at Matilda’s disintegrating expression, I fell into the pleasure of victory.

“So if you really want to treat me. Please.”

“Rain, please… ?”

Matilda looked at me with a look like, ‘You’re the first time you’ve said that to me.’
Of course, he didn’t look like he was in love with such an absurd reason like in a drama. It was a look on the face of what all these guys were.
Sure enough, this world is a world where everyone worships Goddess. And Matilda is a cardinal who has only twelve in such a mono-religious world. How many times have you had the experience of begging someone like that?

“okay. No big words are needed. Please. Please heal me. Oh, and sorry for being rude… .”
“Mr. Salvation.”

As I chatted with excitement, Leia finally grabbed my arm again.
When I looked at Leia, she slowly shook her head from side to side as if Tying.

“You can’t do that by digging into someone else’s weaknesses.”

I was so excited to see this decomposing expression.
If other people see it, no, even if you don’t see it through the eyes of a third person, you are harassing a child with complete weakness.
You showed your ugliness in front of Leia.
Shall I do this to annoy you?
Even Matilda must have reflected a little at this point. Don’t be so arrogant in the future.

“Huh. Hey. You should thank our Leia.”

I said a word to Matilda, who was biting her lip, and held her arms tightly with Leia.
I’m not trying to satisfy my self-interest with that lush hill. I’m doing this because it’s necessary.
Well, I won’t deny that it feels good.

“Then I’ll make you learn the skill. As before, it may trigger as soon as you learn it again, and you may experience dizziness, so be careful.”


The sense that people in this world learn skills by distributing skill points may be different.
I learn and use skills the same way I feel when playing games, but the people here are bound to be different. In the first place, the game system must be a privilege that only I can use.

I opened the skill window and looked closely at Leia’s skills one by one.
Leia was already learning the basic curse removal magic. But this is probably not the skill needed to break Matilda’s curse.
let’s go Remove the ancient curse… A powerful curse removal skill… found!
In Leia’s skill window, a skill that could remove a powerful curse certainly existed.
Ugh. I was so proud of myself, and wondered what would happen if I didn’t. you’re right After all, it’s a God-given system. there can be no
… I can’t learn

It was. Obviously, the skill did exist.
However, the level that can be learned is a whopping 250. It was a skill that could only be learned after changing one more job in the High Priest.
I made fun of this and now I have to come up with an excuse.

“uh… Well… Hey. no. Cardinal. That’s it… .”

“… It doesn’t mean you can’t come now, right?”

Matilda asked a sharp question whether she had caught something in my reaction.

“No, that’s it. There are skills that can lift that curse. There is, though.”

“But what? Is it because I still haven’t said please? I know. please do it right… .”

“no! no! Do not! That’s it! I’m not that skinny. The problem is that skill. You have to be at least Priest level 250 to learn it. Our Leia still can’t learn… .”

“What?! Are you saying that now after talking like that?!”

Huh. sorry.

“Well, then, to tell anyone other than that person… .”

“Huh. That’s impossible. Only the ones you love can do it.”

Originally, it was a line that should have been said while looking at Leia as if lovingly, but in this situation, I was sorry to even salt it.
Hearing my words, Matilda’s expression wrinkled immensely.
Then he took a deep breath, then sighed heavily and muttered.

“It would be. I thought so. Well, I didn’t expect it in the first place.”

no. Looking at his face, I think he was expecting a lot but was disappointed.
Hey. I’m really sorry.

“After all, it seems that you are a deceit to be a messenger of the Goddess. Even the voice of the goddess that you heard was just a trick.”

“No. Cardinal Matilda. Salvation is… .”

“You be quiet. I heard that the Goddess came in your body, but in the first place, you just became a high priest, right? It was kind of weird. Goddess descending into the body of the high priest. That’s something only saints can do, right? Aren’t you also with this person? Shameful as a body that God serves… .”

Because we want to hear this.
I honestly did something a little sorry, so I don’t care what you say. How dare you say something to our Leia? Even Leia hugged me several times.

“Hey. So you’re saying that the Goddess recognized a child who was cheating or cheating using a con artist and Goddess as a high priest? Isn’t that blasphemy?”

“… ! excuse. It was a bit harsh. I apologize for that. After all, I cannot accept you as a messenger of the Goddess!”

Maybe he didn’t mean to say that, but Matilda apologized for the first time.
However, there was still a lack of sarcasm.
No matter how cardinal you are, how can a child of a priest have such an attitude even when he says something that could be considered blasphemy? What do you believe in doing this?

Anyway, as long as Matilda comes out like this, it seems that I will not be recognized as a messenger of the goddess.
It doesn’t really matter, though. There was no need for support from the church in the first place. It seems like it would be burdensome if people were to take it for nothing.
However, being treated as a con artist by this cheesy kid is very unpleasant, but there is no way to prove it.
Wouldn’t you like to have more practical skills?

“Then, wouldn’t it be enough if we could tell us about the technique that Leia took into her body?”

At that time, High Priest Sophia, who was observing the situation, made such a suggestion.


“The fact that Leia can accept Goddess into her body means that she can do it if she is a high priest, right? Then, if you tell me and Cardinal Matilda how to do it, I think it will be a solid proof above all else.”

oh oh! Indeed, Sophia High Priestess! Good hair too!
If you think about it, this is more certain to prove that the Goddess has descended.
Besides, I can have more conversations with Goddess, so this is better.
It turns out that I’m not a con artist, and the purpose of coming to this world is revealed. It’s one stone and two pieces.
If you think about it, it should have been like this earlier.
It seems that I, too, did not lose my mind after meeting the Goddess.

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Saint Salvation

“Then it will be! Leia! Please!”

“Well, that’s what… . Salvation… .”

When I looked at Leia with a wide smile, Leia said with a slightly troubled expression on her face.

“Huh? What is it?”

“that… I don’t know how to tell you.”

“What else does that mean?”

Hearing Leia’s words, Matilda asked as if arguing.
Did you not believe us? why do you take it again

“I don’t know how to accept Goddess as my body, but I don’t know how to explain this. Except that I can do it.”

“You just need to tell me how to use your divine power, right?”

“no. It’s a different feeling than using divine magic. It’s not using divine power, it’s a different sense. I’m sorry. I can’t explain how.”

Oh, maybe that’s the case.
Goddess Advent does not consume mana, that is, divine power.
It is a skill that only has a cooldown time without any consumption value.
Because of that, the feeling will be different from other skills that use divine power, so Leia is not able to explain it.
Besides, being able to use a skill wasn’t something I learned from someone, but I was forced to use it.
It would be even more difficult to explain.

“Also, you guys are winning… . Are you really lying?”

However, it was inevitable that Leia’s attitude like this aroused suspicion.

“Cardinal Matilda. Leia is not that kind of child. I guarantee that I have seen him since he was a child.”

“If Sophia the High Priest said so… . I still can’t believe you’re a messenger from the goddess!”

As he is in charge of such a large temple, High Priest Sophia seems to be a highly reliable person.
Matilda gave up her doubts about Leia, but still growled at me.
Well, there’s something I was squeamish about earlier, so even if I’m hostile like this, I can’t help it.

“Yeah. then.”

I still did something wrong, so I decided to coolly accept Matilda’s attitude.
No, because I never really asked you to trust me in the first place.
But Matilda still sold me as if I didn’t get angry even if I accepted it coolly.

“In the beginning. Without proving one’s own power, only the ones you love can make them aware of their abilities. It’s weird, isn’t it? Aren’t you taking advantage of that priest named Leia’s love for you?”

This time, he started making strange assumptions again.
no. If I want to prove my power, can I prove it?
But you’re not going to believe me if I use the saint’s skill on someone else, saying that it’s not acting.
But if I use it for you, it won’t work again. If you are a cardinal, your level will be very high.
He was such an annoying little guy.

“It’s like a western pillar living with bedbugs to this woman!”

Perhaps even more angry when I reacted, Matilda finally uttered words that touched my heart.

“It’s not the pillar west!”

I’m still trying not to hear that because of our Diana, don’t talk like that!

“No, what is it! This pillar west!”

Let’s see this, this, this little thing!
Perhaps she noticed that I reacted sensitively to the word “Pillar West”, Matilda continued to attack it.

“If not, would you like to prove your own strength? Don’t lean on women. This pillar west!”

“OK. okay. Don’t regret it later.”

I decided to use the analyzer to scan the priests around me.
If you use a saint skill on Leia, it will be an act of acting again, but if you use the skill against a high-level opponent, you will get tired. It will be just the reoccurrence of the Sylvia estrus incident.
So, I’m going to get a priest of an appropriate level and use the saint’s skill.
I’m sorry for the priest who is the party, but I’m not the kind of person who is patient enough to be able to endure hearing that kind of noise.

I tried to shift my gaze while activating the analyze randomly.
But, needless to say, it was already at a level suitable for using the Saint skill from the opponent who first used Analyze.
okay. It’s really surprising, but Cardinal Matilda in front of me did just that.
what? Cardinal was just a title, not a profession?
Matilda, like Sofia and Leia, was just a high priest.
Besides, the level must be at least Sylvia level.

no. Is it rude to Sylvia to say that she’s only at Sylvia’s level?
Because he was also a knight from a place called the Royal Guard, where you can tell that he is the highest-ranking group in the country just by hearing his name.
Even considering her friendship with Felicia, Sylvia must have been at an extraordinary level.
Apparently, the best people in the world like Diana and the Wizards Association sisters gathered around her, so her sense of level seemed strange.

Anyway, that’s why Matilda is an opponent that can be conquered with my saint skills.
It’s because Sylvia has been experiencing a lot of continuous orgasms just by inserting it since she started feeling the psychological pleasure.
Thanks to this, I accepted Sylvia as my party and leveled up quite a bit even though I’ve only done it once.
Of course, there was still a long way to catch up with Sylvia’s level, but the difference was narrowed enough that the saint’s skill was effective.
I grabbed her by the shoulder to keep Matilda from running away.

“Gee, what are you doing now? I was violent… .”

I must have felt the heavy power in my hand holding my shoulder.
Matilda had a slightly frightened look on her face, but she was still trying to keep her spirited attitude.
okay. I wonder how long that attitude will last.

“What. do not worry. Don’t do anything violent. Rather, I want to show you heaven. do you want to see Not relying on others, but on my own. Now feel it with your whole body. This is the power I received from the Goddess.”

I activated the saint’s hand with full power in both hands that grabbed Matilda’s shoulder.

“Hah… Whoa!”

Matilda quickly shut her mouth as if surprised by the sound she had made, but it was already too late.
The moment I activated the saint’s hand, Matilda’s legs shrank and shuddered as if they were bent inward, and her eyes began to glow hazy.

“Ugh! Whoops! Whoops!”

Matilda looked like she wanted to say something more, but she couldn’t understand what she was saying because she kept her mouth shut.

“Oh hey. Indeed, Cardinal. Can you hold on a little? But how long will you last?”

The reason he is enduring like this is all possible because his level is higher than mine.
But you can’t stand it for the rest of your life.
After all, as long as I feel pleasure with my skills, I have to feel the climax at least once in order to avoid any aftereffects.
I slowly moved my other hand towards Matilda’s neck, with one hand still holding Matilda’s shoulder so that she did not fall.

“Don’t be so stubborn and try to hold on, just feel it. I was moved by this power the Goddess gave me.”

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!”

Matilda’s body began to vibrate even more violently as my hand swept up her neck as if she couldn’t reach it.
He gently stroked Matilda’s neck a few times like that, and this time he reached out towards his red-hot earlobe.

“character. with this.”


When I rubbed Matilda’s earlobe between my index and thumb, Matilda couldn’t stand it anymore and fell to the floor, feeling the climax.
It’s a grand climax in front of everyone. how about this Do you think you’ll die of shame? So why are you provoking me?
Oh, come to think of it, the priests said it was taboo to show other people what they were doing. … What’s wrong with not having sex?
I glanced around and looked at the people around me.
Huh. It’s nice to see everyone just being surprised.
Then where… .
I knelt down on one knee and made eye level with Matilda.

“What do you think? A little bit of the power of the Goddess with this… .”

I spoke with a soft voice, as if I was saying that this was to prove the power of Goddess to the last, without revealing the inner feelings I was complaining at all.

“Ah, ah, ah, no, dear!”

But Matilda suddenly pushed me away and ran back and forth out of the room.

“What, what? that.”

“Goo, Guwon-san! Are you okay?!”

And for some reason, Leia made her complexion pale and ran towards me.
No, it’s not just Leia. Sylvia also rushed to me and suddenly tried to take off my pants, and the priests around me looked at me with worried faces.

“no. It was Matilda who ran away. Why are you looking at me like that? There’s nothing wrong with being pushed by him. my strength… .”

“It’s not like that!”

Sylvia became desperate and grabbed my pants and cried.
No, I don’t know why you’re so desperate, but why don’t we talk over some pants for now? I think it will really come off.
Why is he doing this? Usually, no, until I came here, the kid who would tremble when he touched my body.
Not just Sylvia. Even Leia was grabbing my pants and trying to take them off.

“Ugh. Guys. awhile. Why are the pants… .”

Are you really jealous that you just used a saint skill on Matilda? Enough to want to do it here?
No, neither Leia nor Sylvia are like that, right?
But even to my question, Leia and Sylvia did not answer.
Then he ran into my pants as if taking them off was my top priority.
Sylvia’s desperate power was too hard for me to bear, and eventually my pants had to come off.
But of course it didn’t end there.

“Guys! Wait a minute! really?! Panties too?!”

no no no That’s not it. Guys. Can’t you see there are people around?
especially Leia. It’s forbidden for a priest to show it to others!
But despite my desperate resistance, the panties could not be held.
supportive. With a voice, the last bulwark that protected my precious, came to an end without strength.

And as soon as I took my clothes off, Leia and Sylvia pressed their faces to the object.
At first I thought it was going to start with sucking, but it seems that’s not the case.
The two carefully picked up my items in their hands and began to observe closely here and there.
And since observing the whole 360 ​​degrees wasn’t enough, I skimmed my object by hand to make it a little larger, and after taking a closer look again, they both took their faces away from me.

“Ha ha ha. What a relief.”

“Why are you doing this?”

All of a sudden I had to expose things in front of many priests, so I tried to remove Sylvia from over me while speaking with a sullen expression… I just hugged him tight.

“that… hey ah ah ah! Goo, goo, goo, savior! BO, BO, BO, BOY! All reached… !”

“What are you? It just didn’t matter.”

“Bah, just now, blood, death, ah, an, me, that porridge… Whoa, whoa.”

With those words, Sylvia’s body suddenly drooped.
what is it boy you fainted
I then put Sylvia aside.
Then, there was a small ‘Kyaaaaaah!’ A shrill scream was heard.
okay. I know my son is big too. nothing to admire
I took new panties from my inventory, put them on, and put them on again.

“so. Why did Leia and Sylvia suddenly do this?”

I asked Leia, who had also taken off my clothes desperately with a pale complexion.

“That, that… I thought Guwon must have been cursed.”

The answer that came back was, again, an answer I could not have imagined.

“curse? what curse? Could it be that Matilda was cursed?”

Then Leia nodded her head.

“Yeah. It’s not the same curse that Cardinal Matilda had. I was worried that the second curse would be caused by that curse. Had I known this would be the case, I should have been careful. really sorry.”

“What kind of curse is that curse?”

“That’s it, so… . Simply put, it is the curse of being disabled.”

At Leia’s brief words, I got goosebumps all over my body.

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