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Saint Salvation

No, this is not the time to be creepy!

“Excuse me for a second!”

Having said that, I untied the front of the pants I had just put on again.
Then, grabbing the pants and underwear at once, pulling them forward and checking the appearance of the object, he immediately used his revived pride.
Then my son suddenly rose to full size and popped out of his pants.
When I saw it around me, I was like, ‘Wow… .’ There was an exclamation like that, but now I can’t afford to worry about it.
whoops. thank God. It’s functioning properly. it was cold
Seeing me breathe a sigh of relief as I looked at things, Leia approached me softly, as if blocking my way. Then, he gently grabbed my hands and made me take my hands off my pants, and then tied the front of my pants again with gentle hand movements.

“It’s okay. If it’s cursed, there should be a black scar there. I took a closer look earlier, but there was no sign of that.”

indeed. So why were you staring at my stuff like that?
Reassured by Leia’s words, I made the object shrink in size.

By the way, Matilda, what is that guy? It’s a walking bomb.
no. Judging by the fact that he pushed me out at the end, it seems he had no intention of contagious the curse either.
Still, he’s a dangerous guy.

“What the hell is that curse? Why did you suddenly try to infect me? Did I make it climax?”

“… no.”

I thought the most suspicious condition was the climax, but apparently it wasn’t.


“… That’s right. Cardinal Matilda isn’t here either. I will explain in detail from the beginning.”

Leia took off her luck and began to explain slowly.

“Originally, Cardinal Matilda was a very kind and friendly person, with a reputation throughout the continent.”

Unbelievable words came out from the beginning.
No, I’m not saying our angel is lying. Still, that stinky matilda?
Perhaps reading my expression, Leia chuckled and covered her mouth with a soft smile.
Our angel is the person who deserves fame throughout the continent.

“Don’t make that face. Cardinal Matilda’s attitude just before is not what he was. Cardinal Matilda was, after all, a kind, all-loving, compassionate man. He was even closer to a saint than anyone else, even hearing that he was indeed an alter ego of a Goddess.”

I can’t even imagine what it looks like now.
He’s arrogant, he’s arrogant, and he doesn’t seem to match anything.

“But one day, I met a woman with a curse. She must have been cursed while researching an ancient artifact. The curse was known as one of the ancient curses, and it was a very dangerous curse that only targeted women. The cursed woman herself has a black scar on her body, and a curse that turns all the people she loves into impotence. It was a curse that made neither love nor copulation impossible, as if it was directly against the word of the Goddess.”

“Yeah… no. Wait a minute. Does the one who is cursed and the one he loves become disabled?”

If that explanation is true, isn’t the situation I just went through is strange in many ways?

“Yeah. I will explain each step slowly. Cardinal Matilda met the cursed woman and decided that she wanted to save her somehow. It is so sad that we can no longer experience the blessings that the Goddess has bestowed on this world. However, there was no way to break the curse with the curse-releasing magic that we currently have. So Cardinal Matilda made a decision. He said that he would save the woman first by locking the curse in his body, and slowly find a way to release the curse that was transferred to him over time. However… .”

It’s hard to imagine Matilda from the look I’ve seen before, but when I hear about it, she’s a seriously good-looking guy.

“But you couldn’t lift the curse?”

“no. Oh, of course it is too. There was one other problem.”

“What problem?”

“That, that… Cardinal Matilda seems to be a person who falls in love with people very easily… .”

“… Wait a minute. Isn’t it a curse to fall in love with a person and make that person a disabled person?

“… Yes. It was known from the beginning that he was a compassionate person who loved everyone, but no way… . After all, after being cursed, it turns out that Cardinal Matilda is the kind of person who will fall in love with just a little bit of kindness.”

“awhile. Then I just… .”

“Is that the gentle touch of Cardinal Matilda with the touch of a saint? And at the end he spoke in a soft voice… .”

“Only that?! That’s what makes you fall in love?! How much… .”

“I, I didn’t even think about it that much, so I didn’t pay attention in advance. I thought that there would be no problem as long as he maintained the attitude that Guwon showed to Cardinal Matilda, and it is difficult to say that he is very easy to fall in love with in front of Cardinal Matilda himself… I’m sorry.”

“no. Leia has nothing to apologize for. But I just fall for that… no. I’m not cursed, so I’m not in love yet? If you think like that, it hurts your self-esteem… .”
“Mr. Salvation.”

When I finally relaxed and jokingly said something, Tyr called my name in a tone like Leia saying, ‘No.’

“Yeah. Sorry.”

“Anyway, I will continue. Even Cardinal Matilda said that at first he did not admit that he was such an easy-going person, but in the end, after several commotions, he had no choice but to admit it.”

How many commotions… 걘 How many people have made eunuchs so far?

“So Cardinal Matilda came to think of a way not to be kind to her, and she ended up acting like that.”

That ended Leia’s long explanation.
indeed. I heard that Matilda is a really pitiful girl.
Considering that tik tok appearance, I doubted whether it was real acting, but it’s not like anyone else, it’s our Leia.
Were you kidding me too much? No, is it right to treat him like that?
When I found out about the situation, I felt a lot of guilt, but it seems that if I treat you kindly for nothing, I will be cursed. It would be right to treat it like it was before.

And as if trying to get the timing right, Matilda was guided by a priest and entered the room again.
It seems that High Priest Sophia had someone come to see Matilda while I was listening to the explanation. You are also talented


Matilda entered the room and bowed her head like a criminal without even making eye contact with me.
Sometimes, only his eyes move and he glances at me, and those eyes are full of emotions such as sympathy, compassion, and guilt.

“Hey. Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Ha, but… .”

As I said that, Matilda’s gaze was precise and pierced into my groin.
Oh, did you not hear about this from the priest?

“What are those eyes? Am I not an eunuch?”

“Eh? Oh, a lie!”

“Why do I lie like that? character!”

As I used my revived pride, the toes of my pants bulged and raised.

“Hey, that’s a lie… why… ?”

Matilda looked at me in disbelief.

“Why? Have you ever really had a crush on me?”

“Oh, isn’t it?!”

Matilda turned her face red in denial.
I thought about it before, but If a child who is said to be that easy to fall in love with so fiercely denies, that’s just hurting his self-esteem.
Well, I’m glad I don’t want to become an eunuch.

“so. Sophia, High Priest. Why the hell did you call me again?”

“Why does High Priest Sophia call me by his honorific title?!”

“Yeah, you… You just have enough of him.”

It was dangerous. Reflexively, the joke almost popped up again.
If I had said in a soft voice, ‘You’re called him because you’re close,’ there would have been a commotion.
It’s surprisingly annoying to have to be careful with every single word of this.

“What logic?! that’s!”

For some reason, Matilda came up to me with a more resentful face than before.
If you know how dangerous you are to men, be still. Don’t get tangled up.

“shut up. So, High Priest Sophia?”

“Yeah. Cardinal Matilda. Are you finally accepting that Salvation is the messenger of Goddess?”

“That, that… That… .”

“what. Are you saying you don’t want to admit it yet? Then I will go to heaven again… .”

“Hey, I’ll admit it! Can I admit it?!”

Don’t be so scared. So you just want to do more.
Even though I know that I shouldn’t make fun of her because she’s a poor kid, when I see that tickling attitude in front of me, I want to make fun of her.
It reminds me of when I used to volunteer for people with tic disorders.
Even then, I was well aware in my head that people with tic disorder would unintentionally swear from time to time.

“i See. Fortunately, the. But, Cardinal Matilda. I have one suggestion.”

“Yeah? What?”

“What do you think about the salvation of the saint and the marriage of the saint candidate Leia?”

Wait! High Priest Sophia! Why are you talking about that again?!
As the high priest spoke, Leia

And as if trying to get the timing right, Matilda was guided by a priest and entered the room again.
It seems that High Priest Sophia had someone come to see Matilda while I was listening to the explanation. You are also talented


Matilda entered the room and bowed her head like a criminal without even making eye contact with me.
Sometimes, only his eyes move and he glances at me, and those eyes are full of emotions such as sympathy, compassion, and guilt.

“Hey. Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Ha, but… .”

As I said that, Matilda’s gaze was precise and pierced into my groin.
Oh, did you not hear about this from the priest?

“What are those eyes? Am I not an eunuch?”

“Eh? Oh, a lie!”

“Why do I lie like that? character!”

As I used my revived pride, the toes of my pants bulged and raised.

“Hey, that’s a lie… why… ?”

Matilda looked at me in disbelief.

“Why? Have you ever really had a crush on me?”

“Oh, isn’t it?!”

Matilda turned her face red in denial.
I thought about it before, but If a child who is said to be that easy to fall in love with so fiercely denies, that’s just hurting his self-esteem.
Well, I’m glad I don’t want to become an eunuch.

“so. Sophia, High Priest. Why the hell did you call me again?”

“Why does High Priest Sophia call me by his honorific title?!”

“Yeah, you… You just have enough of him.”

It was dangerous. Reflexively, the joke almost popped up again.
If I had said in a soft voice, ‘You’re called him because you’re close,’ there would have been a commotion.
It’s surprisingly annoying to have to be careful with every single word of this.

“What logic?! that’s!”

For some reason, Matilda came up to me with a more resentful face than before.
If you know how dangerous you are to men, be still. Don’t get tangled up.

“shut up. So, High Priest Sophia?”

“Yeah. Cardinal Matilda. Are you finally accepting that Salvation is the messenger of Goddess?”

“That, that… That… .”

“what. Are you saying you don’t want to admit it yet? Then I will go to heaven again… .”

“Hey, I’ll admit it! Can I admit it?!”

Don’t be so scared. So you just want to do more.
Even though I know that I shouldn’t make fun of her because she’s a poor kid, when I see that tickling attitude in front of me, I want to make fun of her.
It reminds me of when I used to volunteer for people with tic disorders.
Even then, I was well aware in my head that people with tic disorder would unintentionally swear from time to time.

“i See. Fortunately, the. But, Cardinal Matilda. I have one suggestion.”

“Yeah? What?”

“What do you think about the salvation of the saint and the marriage of the saint candidate Leia?”

Wait! High Priest Sophia! Why are you talking about that again?!
As the high priest spoke, Leia

He looked at him and smiled kindly.
OMG. Those are the eyes of a mother sending her daughter in marriage. He completely wants his daughter to be happy.

“Chick, chaff, chaff, marriage?! Who is this?!”

Maybe Matilda was too surprised to hear that, and shouted in a bewildered voice.

“Yeah. If the news of the marriage between the angel of the goddess and the candidate of the saint becomes known, wouldn’t it be a great hope for many people who are anxious because the saint is absent? So, how about we hold a wedding for the two of us ourselves?”

“That, that… ! But that’s… !”

Against the high priest who pushes hard for her daughter’s happiness, Matilda somehow took a negative attitude toward marriage.
I don’t know why, but anyway, cheer up! You can do it!
Cheering directly would cause a commotion or fall in love again, so I quietly cheered for Matilda in my heart.
Matilda glanced into my eyes, blushed red, and cried out like a swarm.

“You can’t do that! All of us personally come forward and bless such a person! It can’t be!”

“Yeah? But earlier, he said that Salvation was acknowledging that he was a messenger of the Goddess… .”

“It’s just a temporary judgment to the extent of that! Sure, the power this man has shown is great, but that alone doesn’t make it a rarity! So this case is on hold! I must not declare this person a messenger of the goddess until he has accomplished something plausible or until I can see with my own eyes the goddess’ coming again!”

Well done! That’s right!
In the first place, I too was angry with Matilda’s attitude, because I didn’t want to be bothered to be called a messenger of the goddess.
There is no need for any support from the church.

“But the voice of the goddess is for me and everyone here… .”
“Oh, I can’t help it!”

Before High Priest Sophia could argue again, I exclaimed hastily.

“Huh! If that’s the case, you can’t help it! Cardinal Matilda said so… awhile. You don’t fall for me.”

“Oh, I don’t like it!”

I absolutely must be able to believe it.
Even though I was so thirsty earlier, she was the kind of girl I would fall in love with because I touched her gently.
No, was it more effective because the longing child suddenly caressed and spoke in a soft voice? Anyway!

“High Priest Sophia. Thank you for your concern. But it’s ok. I think I’m still not good enough to call myself a messenger of the Goddess. As the High Priest may have heard of you earlier, I made a little mistake when I came here. I still don’t know exactly why the goddess sent me to this world, but I don’t think I can claim to be her messenger.”

Good. Perfect. There is a possibility that the title of the goddess who does not know the intentions of the goddess will be given to the subject who is the messenger of the goddess, but it would be the best way to get through this crisis.
If this is the case, the marriage can be avoided without causing any harm to Leia.

“… is that so. Okay.”

High Priest Sophia had a slightly disappointing expression on her face, but she accepted what I was saying.
Leia, who was next to her, also had a soft expression on her face, but she seemed a little disappointed to see her ears drooping slightly.
Sorry Leia. If possible, let’s get married later with the other kids.

“Anyway, we’re done, so… .”
“Come on, wait a minute!”

Anyway, the purpose of coming here was to inform that Leia had become a high priest.
After finishing the chores, I picked up the fainted Sylvia and tried to flee in a hurry, but Matilda blocked her.
Why are you again?!

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Saint Salvation

“That, so… that… Ok! I want to go too!”

“What? Why are you again?!”

“Did I tell you before? I will not recognize you as a messenger of the goddess until I see her descending with my own eyes.”

“What does that have to do with you wanting to follow me?”

“No one knows when the Goddess will come again, right? So… .”

“no. what he doesn’t know It’s because you’ve learned how to make the Goddess descend. With Leia’s will, she can accept Goddess into her body. However, once the Goddess has descended, it will take some time until the next time it can descend, so it is just not possible right now. When I can do it again later, I’ll bring Leia and show it to me. Is that okay?”

“no! What do you really do not know? Do you think I, who was a candidate for a saint, would not know that? However, the advent of the Goddess sometimes happens even if the saint does not intend it. When the Goddess has something to tell us.”

indeed. Come to think of it, the Goddess immediately descended upon me as soon as I took the skill. Does that mean that it wasn’t that Leia was triggered, but that the goddess had descended directly into Leia’s body?

“But is that possible only when the caster can accept the Goddess? If it weren’t for that, the Goddess who hasn’t talked with me yet would have come again right now. There’s still a year left, so there’s no need to follow.”

“Ha, but… .”

At my words, Matilda was restless as she put on a face saying that this was not it.
Why are you trying so hard to follow this? Are you really not in love with me?

“… Hey. Aren’t you really in love with me?”

“Ah, ah, no!”

… It’s insanely suspicious.
I looked into Matilda’s eyes.

“… 👌👌

Then Matilda couldn’t look into my eyes properly for even a second, and then she shook her head and turned away.
what. This disturbing reaction.
I tried to use my revived pride once again, just in case.
strange. It’s definitely getting bigger.

“Why, why, why are you suddenly looking at me and getting bigger?!”

“I didn’t grow up watching you! Your reaction is so suspicious, I just checked to see if it works!”

What if our Leia misunderstood this?
I hurriedly retorted and looked into Leia’s eyes.
thank God. Those eyes from before didn’t come out.
no. It was just a little weird back then, and usually this is normal. Not anyone else, but our angel.

“Anyway! In a year, when the cooldown is over, I’ll call you again. Is that okay?”

“Come on, wait! that… That’s right! If you look at the records, each of the successive saints had a different cycle to accept the goddess! And in general, the longer the career as a saint, the shorter the cycle! If that person grows up too, wouldn’t that period be shortened?!”

… There are definitely several factors that will reduce the cooldown.
Leia’s level and stat growth. Goddess Descent skill level growth. And the Priest’s basic passive skill, Faith skill level growth.

“Still, the remaining period of a year or so will not suddenly become a day. So you just go back and wait patiently.”


Matilda rolled her feet as if things were not going her way.
fell for me

If not, why do you want to follow me like that?

“good! I give up on following! instead! I’ll have to come here to report regularly in the future! How much time is left! I will stay here and wait until the next coming of the Goddess!”

Matilda finally declared defeat as she looked at me with tears in her eyes.
There was something I wanted to do, but there was nothing that I couldn’t do if I had that kind of condition.
Even if that’s not the case, Leia will continue to come and go to this temple, and I’ll come often to see Sophia’s face.

“Yeah? Is Cardinal Matilda staying here?”

But this time, for some reason, High Priest Sophia had a puzzled expression on her face.

“Yeah. It takes time to get here from the Holy See. If I miss the chance to meet and see the Goddess because of that, I will not be able to bear it.”

“Yeah, that’s right. … savior. Can I talk to you for a moment?”

“Then please don’t call me savior. Just treat me as comfortable as before. After all, it hasn’t been officially recognized as a messenger of the Goddess, is it?”

“But with my own two eyes… Whoops. I know. Then we do it. So can we talk for a moment?”

Perhaps reading my troubled expression, High Priest Sophia agreed with a look as if she was looking at a cute child. Then as I went outside, he gestured to me that he wanted to talk to me alone.
What are you talking about all of a sudden?
As I followed Sophia on my way to the door, Sophia spoke to me with an apologetic expression on me.

“I will tell you straight up. Could you please take Cardinal Matilda to your mansion?”

“Yeah? That’s why… .”

“As Leia explained earlier, Cardinal Matilda is in a very dangerous state right now to meet a man. But this is the temple of the dungeon city. As you know, adventurers always come and go, and if not, it’s a place where a huge number of male followers come every day. It’s a little difficult for Cardinal Matilda to be in such a crowded place. But in your mansion, all but you are women, right?”

“Am I the most important person?”

“It is, but… For some reason, I thought that if it were you, I would be fine. And if you are uneasy, how to make Leia deal with him without making face-to-face contact as much as possible even in the mansion… rani. Having said that, I am very selfish. I’m sorry. Forget it. Cardinal Matilda tries to make sure that we don’t run into men at all on our part.”

High Priest Sophia said so with a determined expression on her face and tried to enter the room again.

“… Wait.”

I grabbed Sophia’s high priest’s arm.

“I’ll take Matilda.”

“Yeah? However… .”

“It’s okay. Thinking about it, I think that’s right. I just need to be a little careful. I haven’t been cursed by a conversation like that until now, so I think I can be careful enough.”

High Priest Sophia stopped me several times with an apologetic look, but I was determined to take Matilda with me.
Anyway, it’s too dangerous for Matilda to be here.
To be honest, Matilda’s attitude is that way, but her appearance alone is so pretty that the title of cardinal suits her very well.
There is such a child running around, and no matter how much a priest is in the temple, isn’t there a single man who is flirting with him? Of course there will be, and Matilda will also love it.
There will be numerous victims, and the reputation of this temple will plummet.

I’m not a good person enough to think that I should devote myself to prevent such a tragedy, but it’s because the Goddess sent me anyway.
The Goddess sent me to have sex, but I had a thought in the corner of my mind that I would fall into such a curse.
And even if it wasn’t, Matilda didn’t fall for me even though I had it to the climax. It’s a subtle self-esteem thing, but it’s been fine so far. Surely it will be something in the future.

“Leia. I’m going to take Matilda to the mansion, is it okay?”

“Yeah. I think that would be good too.”

Leia must have guessed the conversation between me and High Priest Sophia.
He approached me and gave me a worried look, but nodded his head.
Then he wrapped his arms around my arms and pressed those voluptuous chests against me, and muttered a little so that Matilda could not hear them.

“But I will do my best to deal with Cardinal Matilda as much as possible. Salvation is… .”

“Huh. ‘Cause I don’t want to look bad either. Please.”

I gave a small answer to Leia’s words, and I said to Matilda.

“Therefore, Matilda. You should go to the mansion with me. Are you more comfortable with it?”

“I am really?!”

What the hell was so happy about a kid who said he wasn’t even in love with me, Matilda liked it with a blush on her face.

“Hey. I have no choice but to agree, not because I am kind. So don’t fall for it.”

“Oh, I don’t like it! Someone like you! A man like you is a spec on my side! Oddly enough, even after having a conversation like this, I don’t think I’m falling in love?! It’s my first time with such a man! You are really unattractive as a man!”

Are you talking about bragging right now? Huh? If you talk like this for a little bit, is it bragging to fall for you unconditionally? Aren’t you proud?!
Ah-oh! Are you really acting? I’m scratching my nerves
I want to rebut I’m going crazy because I want to respond.
I can make you fall in love with someone like you in an instant if I take it seriously.
If I wasn’t that attractive as a real man, would the Goddess have sent me to this world as her messenger?
But if Matilda agrees with my objection, it becomes a problem again.
Otherwise, I might become an eunuch.
Either way, he couldn’t be a troublesome guy.

“Leia. Let’s go home.”

“Wait! Are you ignoring me? Don’t you think there’s no room for objection?!”

I ignored it and talked to Leia, and Matilda came together as if to deal with it properly.
Oh stop messing around! You should be aware of your position!
I wrapped my arms around Leia’s waist and smashed my lips as it was, so that Matilda kept her mouth shut and followed her.
In addition

Again, cheers erupted from among the priests, ‘Kyaaaaah!’
I’ve been thinking about it for a while. You’re really good at reacting.

“Goo, Guwon is so… .”

“What, what, what are you doing?!”

Leia, who was actually kissed by surprise, showed a reaction that only blushed lightly and lightly slapped my chest with the tip of her tail, but Matilda screamed as her face turned red.
I gave Matilda a proud expression.
did you see If I wasn’t really attractive at all, would someone like my angel like me?
I silenced Matilda like that, and tried to pick up Sylvia, who was still fainting.

“Yes… Salvation… ?”

Then Sylvia woke up just in time and opened her eyes.
Good timing. Shall we give a chase blow to silence Matilda more clearly?

“Woke up? Fuck you.”

I held Sylvia as it was and rubbed the cheeks and cheeks as it was.

“… … eh?”

Sylvia, who had just opened her eyes, stopped moving again.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, uh uh… .”

Then he spit out a cracking sound as if there had been a breakdown, and eventually passed out again.

“Huh. did you see Do you even pass out because you like it? This is the magic of that unattractive man. I’m not unattractive! I just don’t have to show you my charms! What do I do to you… .”
“Savior. Don’t do that.”

Thinking that my words would get worse if I said more, Leia gently hung on my arm and shook her head.
Because our angel is so kind. Even though I’ve heard those words… no. Come to think of it, no matter how much Leia is an angel, she gets angry when I get insulted.
In fact, the Potts guy looked quite disliked.
If so, is Matilda treating her like this because she has a pitiful situation?
okay. If you think about it, he’s a pitiful kid, but was I too harsh? Because of that attitude, I stopped being angry without realizing it.
I decided to stop taunting Matilda as Leia said.


It seems it’s already too late though.
Matilda had a shocked expression on her face, as if the words “Kugugung” were pressing down on her head if it were a manga.
No, you don’t need to be so shocked that a guy who doesn’t care doesn’t need to look good to you, right?
I’m very sorry to see that kind of expression, but I might fall for you if I apologized to you again.

“Come on, let’s go.”

I had no choice but to return to the mansion without even apologizing.

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Saint Salvation

“… Tired.”

“Wow, you did a good job.”

After returning to the mansion, I was completely exhausted.
Leia hugged my arm tightly and comforted me from the side.
After all, I only have an angel.

As for why I’m so exhausted, it’s because of Matilda, needless to say.
My last words at the temple made me completely dehydrated

Matilda followed us a little further away.
When someone who doesn’t know sees it, a beautiful woman with a somewhat hurt expression is walking alone on the street alone.
It goes without saying that the men who were aiming for Matilda ran like swarms of bees.
And at that time, the conversation was again a spectacle.

“Why is a beautiful girl like you walking down the street alone?”

“Yeah? Am I beautiful?”

“Sure. More than anyone I’ve ever seen… .”
“Stoo ooh!”

From a distance, it was clear that Matilda was trying to fall in love with a man.
To my eyes, it was as if Matilda’s pupils had turned into hearts.
And seeing it like that, I couldn’t help but go out.

“What, what are you?!”

“What is it, you guys! Get off!”

“What? However… !”

“Matilda! Are you my companion?”

“Yeah?! Yeah!”

As I pulled Matilda aside and said, somehow Matilda came into my arms and this time, looking at me, her eyes were about to turn into hearts.
Ahh! Trying to save someone else’s son, my son is about to die!

“Hey! Are you trying to fall in love so easily with a topic I just preached as unattractive?!”

“hot! Bar, you didn’t like it?!”

It was then that Matilda seemed to have regained consciousness a little, and her eyes, which had become hazy, returned a little and shouted.
I hurriedly separated from Matilda and said to the man who was trying to seduce Matilda.

“Hey. You have to live your life grateful for me. Thank you for your luck and go quickly.”

“Wow, what are you talking about… .”


“Chi… !”

The man had an incomprehensible expression on his face, but when I spoke with a slightly lively expression, he disappeared as if he was running away.
Whoops. What kind of girl is Matilda trying to fall in love with just because she’s been told she’s pretty? If I had been born with that kind of face, I wouldn’t have been tired of hearing so many words about how pretty I was until now.
I couldn’t pass without saying a word, so I turned to Matilda.

“Hey you… .”

“you… Are you here to help him? Surprisingly friendly… .”

But what came back was Matilda’s blurred gaze again.

“no it’s not! I interrupted because I wanted to see you unhappy!”

“Oh, how could you have such a bad personality… ?!”

With my brilliant quickness, I could barely prevent Matilda from falling in love with me.
Can you still stand? son … Huh. stand up thank God.
I felt like I wanted to stroke the hair of my wonderful son.
It was like throwing my own honor into a gutter, but I still saved my son. Is this the guy called paternalism?

Anyway, Matilda came to think that she was human garbage that I could not even imagine, so she walked away from us again, and another bastard got tangled up again.
Each time, I repeated the same process as before.
Keep going until you come from the temple to the mansion.

I tried to tell him not to walk away and stick together, but that was impossible because of Matilda’s personality.

“why? Do you want to walk with me?”

If you say so, there is no way to answer.
If you want to walk together, you’ll fall in love, and if you don’t want to walk, you answer, ‘Then I’ll go like this.
Thanks to that, whenever Matilda got tangled up in walking away, she had to repeat the process of helping it.
However, thanks to you, one thing is for sure.
If I had left this in the temple, I’m sure there would have been at least dozens of victims a day.

“Well. are you here What are you doing in the hallway… Who is that woman?”

Apparently, Diana had already been to the guild.
Well, it took us a little while to come here just to see Leia become High Priest.
There seems to be no time to rest like this.

“Oh, Diana doesn’t seem to know. It’s Cardinal Matilda.”

“Well? Cardinal Matilda… ? What?! awhile! Fall!”

Diana tilted her head for a moment, then, in shock, grabbed my waist with both hands and hurriedly tried to drag me away from Matilda.
Of course, because I was standing there, I couldn’t drag and just whine.
After all, Diana also knows the rumors about Cardinal Matilda. From the reaction, it looks like it’s the first time I’ve seen a face, but it seems pretty famous that this is a dangerous thing.
I said while stroking Diana’s head like that.

“OK. No worries.”

Because I sacrificed my honor in exchange for the salvation of so many men, my reputation in Matilda is going down.
Even so, if I try to be a little nicer, my expression will become hazy, so I cannot be vigilant.
You think he’s a bad guy, but if you do him a little better, he’ll fall for you. What an easy personality to fall in love with. It’s surprising that I’ve grown up without being caught by a bad guy so far.

“Who is this? Are you pretty rude in the first place?”

“This is Diana Telluna, the owner of this mansion. Have you even heard the name?”

“die… The supreme archmage?! Why is someone like you… .”

“Did you tell the gentleman of this body that you are a person like you?”

Diana was still clinging to my waist, posing extremely wary of Matilda.

“I, my lord… ?!”

“Anyway, I’ll tell you the details, so let’s go into the room first. And can Matilda talk to Vanessa and give her a room?”

“Well?! Hey guys… .”

Diana started looking at me suspiciously.
If you suddenly bring a woman and ask her to give you a room, that would be misleading.
But it’s Diana. Think about it. Is your partner a kid who turns you into an eunuch if you like him?

“no. no. Do not misunderstand. Let’s go to the evidence. Look. got it?”

“Come on, aren’t you an idiot?! What are you doing here?!”

I immediately used my revived pride to prove my innocence.
Diana, who was clinging to my waist, was startled and slapped me in the stomach when I felt my body swell.


“Why, why is Gen making a strange noise?!”

Oh sorry. some of my stuff

are you big? It had grown to the point where you hit your stomach.
Besides, if you hit him with a slap, it’s Diana. Diana, who clenched her fists and hit her heartily, only pats her.
Diana’s palm accidentally touched my thing, so it’s making a strange noise.

“Ah, anyway, do you know that I am innocent by this? Then let’s go to the room. I will explain.”

“awhile! me too… !”
“no. Because you are.”

I have returned to the mansion safely, so I have no intention of getting involved with you anymore.
In the future, I will try not to meet face to face with you
I left Matilda, who became pale, to Vanessa, and took Diana and Leia to my room.

“But why is Miss Sylvia on your back?”

And when the new face disappeared, Diana asked, tilting her head, whether she had finally noticed.
It seems that he thought he had lost his reserved seat because of his strangely ragged expression.
Hey. My back isn’t really your reserved seat, is it? Well, I promised that I would pick it up anytime.

“Huh? boy? I fainted.”

“What else did you do?”

“no. didn’t work out Right, Leia?”

“Yeah. All I could do was hug her and rub her cheeks and cheeks in front of a lot of people. Whoops. Sylvia is also very shy.”

Ahh! Leia! I didn’t have to go into so much detail!

“Isn’t it great!”

In the end, it was like being hit by Diana’s pat attack today.
Well, Diana’s attack is cute, so it doesn’t matter.

Anyway, when we got to the room, we decided to call Sarah and explain the situation all at once.
The first Sarah came into my room, still cringing because she was ashamed of what happened last night, but when she saw everyone gathered, she came back to me with a cool expression.
It looks a little sad, maybe it’s because he was expecting me and the two of us to talk alone.
The maid just had something to say, so I was wrong because I just told her to bring Sarah. it’s cute

“Salvation? I heard you have something to say.”

“Ah, yes. There was one more new foodie. Let me explain a little bit.”

I explained in turn how the goddess descended through Leia, why I was almost upheld as a saint of the Order, but was held back due to lack of evidence, and Matilda lived as a foodie in our mansion.

“… I understand the situation. But we don’t have to bring it to our mansion, do we? You just have to stay in the temple.”

“You said That way, every day a huge victim… .”

“You don’t have to die to be a victim, right?”

“You can’t say things like that. Mr. Sarah. You will not be able to receive the blessings that Goddess has bestowed on this world. It’s so pitiful.”

“But if you leave it here, there is a risk that salvation will be like that, right? Salvation is more important to me than anyone else.”

“Uh… .”

Leia could not refute that statement, and only made a slightly troubled expression on her face.

“Come on, come on. both stop Even if we put it in our mansion anyway, basically, I’m not going to run into him. And anyway, my impression of him is the worst, so

It’s going to be a little harder to fall in love with than others.”

“What did you do?”

“… just… . A lot of things happened.”

Am I not the true saint, who sacrificed my honor to save countless other sons? Not my professional saint, but that saint in general.

“Savior. cheer up. I am not all.”


“Don’t cling to your chest while pretending to cry!”

Sheesh. did you get caught
Anyway, when it comes to breasts, they are particularly sharp.

“Anyway, I know. You’re going to be recognized by the school, so this body has to cooperate too.”

Diana seemed quite satisfied with the fact that I was recognized at the school.
Come to think of it, it’s also Diana who emphasized the importance of fame to me, so this might be a pretty good development.
I guess it’s because I forgot to mention that the school was going to hold my wedding with Leia.
It’s just that I’m not talking right?

“If even Diana said that… . Instead, salvation must never come close to that cardinal!”

Sarah didn’t like it in the end, but she emphasized it again as if she had no choice but to do it.

“do not worry. How can I become an eunuch after leaving pretty girls like you?”

cancer. Then don’t If you keep them by your side and become eunuchs, you will not be alive even if you live.
I tried to hug the three of them at the same time with a determined face, but the reaction was surprisingly cold.

“Mr. Salvation is so… .”

Leia, although she shed a little tears, held her in my arms as if she didn’t like it.

“Even though you are concerned! Even in this situation! That’s all I can think of!”

Diana has been attacking me with such words.

“Anyway, it’s getting messy!”

And up to Sara as an additional tat.
awhile! I don’t know Diana, but Sarah you… !

“Big ahh… ! ね… ! Oh, just to reassure you… . Leia… .”

“Yeah. Guwon-san, I am here.”

The pain was halved as Leia received her heart on the day she collapsed after being attacked by Sarah.
This heart is the utopia I dream of. My own, freeing you from all kinds of pain .

“Then don’t sneak up on your chest! Big is so good! Big one!”

“Salvation, you pervert!”

In the end, the commotion that started with Matilda that day also ended with me passing out after being attacked by Sarah.

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Saint Salvation

After one commotion, it was time for dinner.
Finally, everyone got to see each other in one place.
Up until now, I had to use my mental power every time I faced Matilda, but I couldn’t be so reassured because everyone was here.
Because I don’t have to deal with Matilda every single time.

“Oh, come to think of it, Clan Arachne. Wouldn’t it be better to go once and discuss the schedule for carrying out the commission?”

At first, I thought it was okay to just go and make a request, but after thinking more about it, that was not the case.
Considering what Alicia said, the contract would probably be made directly with the chief of the Arachne clan, since the head of that giant clan couldn’t just wait for the day when he didn’t know when.

“Well. That’s right. When you have to go there, be sure to go with this body.”

Diana nodded her head with a sense of mission.
Come to think of it, I was like that when I heard that the clan leader used magic.
Are you going to put pressure on him with the title of the supreme archmage?
It’s an act that doesn’t really match Diana’s original personality, but it’s probably a testament to how strong she thinks of me.

“In the beginning, that is. How long do you think salvation is?”

“Why? Are you lonely because you think you won’t see me for a few days?”

“… Of course it’s stupid. And I was worried.”

Whoops. Hey. Why are you being so honest all of a sudden?
I was going to make fun of you, but I got an unexpected counter punch.
Sara must have been quite sorry that she had just hit me and made me faint.
He reached under the table, invisible to others, and gently caressed the abdomen he had hit earlier.

“buy it… . do not worry. very… .”
“Wait! I haven’t seen you for days, what do you mean?!”

As I tried to speak softly while holding Sarah’s hand under the table, Matilda, who was sitting next to Leia and listening, interrupted.
Sara’s expression subtly deteriorated, perhaps annoyed that the atmosphere was disturbed. Of course it’s the same for me.
Hey. You really need to distinguish when you wear it and when you don’t. Are you so clueless?
Oh, well. If you’re smart, there’s no way you can fall for any bastard so easily.
I wanted to say a word to the ignorant Matilda, but I am no longer dealing with Matilda.

“Mr. Guwon has been away for a few days at the request of another clan.”

Leia, who was sitting next to her, explained to Matilda in a soft voice.
okay. Now that I’m in the mansion, I don’t have to deal with Matilda.
For the sake of my son’s safety, I decided not to face Matilda as much as possible, and decided to completely ignore any inevitable encounters like now.

“That, that… ! I will follow you too!”

But despite my angel’s kind explanation, for some reason Matilda still looked at me and said.
Besides, he has a shocked face, and what he says is a spectacle.

“Why are you following there?”

Oh, I ended up talking to him.
After all, he has the talent to make him unable to survive without talking. Are you not doing that on purpose?
Maybe he was glad that I opened my mouth, who had not made eye contact on purpose, and Matilda’s eyes were subtly moist.
Ah-oh. So don’t make that face! Will my son be okay?
I used my hastily revived pride.
Huh. I’m happy. it’s still ok

“… Salvation… ?”

Let’s fix it. It’s not okay. Now my son is in danger of life.
What are you talking about? Think carefully about the situation now.
Sarah caresses my stomach

there was.
And when my stuff gets bigger, it goes up beyond my belly button.
Of course, even Sara, who used to touch her abdomen, will know when my things get bigger.
And from Sarah’s point of view, it’s as if things got bigger as soon as I spoke to Matilda.
As soon as my object grew bigger, Sarah grabbed it with her stomach and grabbed it tightly.
Of course, I didn’t catch it to give a sweet stimulus.
Rather, it was caught to inflict terrible pain.

“… Hey, how am I supposed to accept this?”

Perhaps the greatest rage ever had, Sarah’s voice was trembling.
Hey. At least let’s talk about my son. It’s too immoral to take them hostage.
The power had not yet entered my hands, but I could feel a heavy power already gathered in my hands, as if I had no idea what was going to happen to me depending on my answer.

“no! no! no! Oh must! Not what you think!”

I was trembling in fear, and I had no choice but to shake my head desperately.

“Then tell me what?”

“I got nervous because of his strange expression, so I just checked to see if it works!

After listening to my words, the heavy power that I felt in Sarah’s grasp escaped.
And Sarah showed a shameful expression, with the anger she had just gone away from.

“Really! Don’t make me mistake you!”

ね. Damn it. I did nothing wrong.
I want to say something, but I can’t say anything else because that shy expression is attractive.
okay. In such a case, instead of saying anything, let’s be a bold man who trembles and passes over.

“sorry. sorry. But I just got really sick, can Sarah give me some strokes?”

“Hey, you pervert!”

Even with that said, I think Sarah, who gently strokes my things, is the best.
The problem is that this isn’t just the two of us here.

“What are you guys talking about now?”

Dia looked at us with a look of suspicion.

“Nothing! nothing! Anyway! Matilda, why are you following me?!”

I hurriedly spoke to Matilda again to change the subject.
It felt like a fire moth leaping into the fire, but it’ll be okay because my Sarah is still touching me.
Sarah touches me, and a man will lose his sexual function.
It is the hand of a warrior. I’m sure it will be able to overcome the curse as well.

“What do you think I am here for?! As long as you don’t know when the Goddess will come, I have a duty to always be with you… .”

“no. Goddess descends in Leia’s body. So, according to that saying, you should stick with Leia. Leia is not going with me this time.”

“Eh… ?”

Matilda looked at Leia as if it were real.
And when Leia nodded her head, it instantly turned into a gloomy expression.
So, why do you have that kind of expression on a subject that isn’t even for me?

“Well, when are you coming?”

“no. because I don’t know I’m going to go check it out sometime. in the first place tomorrow

It’s not like I’m locked up in a dungeon for a request.”

“That’s right.”

… You really don’t like me, are you?
I mean, it’s an award. Besides, I was even more skeptical because I clearly saw that she was going to fall in love even if she only heard a pretty word on the way.
To be honest, my self-esteem was hurt. Everywhere I look, I am a much better man than the bastards who flirted with Matilda.
However, the object Sarah was touching was still inflated.

ugh Come to think of it, Sarah is still touching me.
Sarah. I think it will be dangerous if you don’t stop soon
I could feel my belongings starting to tremble, and then Sara released her hands.
As I have overlapped my body many times, it seems that I know the exact timing of rice.
Of course, packing here is dangerous, but it was quite painful to stop on the way like this.
Sara also seemed to have guessed my heart through my facial expression, but she released her hand with a nonchalant face.
Then, with a slightly playful expression, he stuck out his tongue and concentrated on eating again.

That’s how it turns out
I also reached under the table for revenge.
Sarah has a good sense of humor, so she moves her hand with the assassin’s trick so that she doesn’t get noticed, secretly approaches her through her crotch, then lightly scratches the center with her finger.


Surprised by the surprise attack, Sarah opened her eyes and looked at me, but I opened my mouth towards Matilda with a casual expression.
Whoops. Having lost once at night, I won’t be the only one losing during the day.

“Hmmm. okay. So, Matilda, you are here with Leia.”

“Ok. Cardinal. You are with me all this time.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

“How about volunteering at an orphanage together? The children are very cute.”

“i See. It is also the gift of Goddess… .”

Following the guidance of our angel, we started having a warm conversation, but I couldn’t stand it without intervening again.
Our angel is docile and doesn’t seem to think like that at all, so I have no choice but to go.

“Hey. Are you okay with that?”


“no. So, you’re not against the kids?”

okay. Of course, there are plenty of boys in the orphanage.
There’s also one other grown-up guy, but he’s already an idiot, so I don’t care.
But not the kids.

“What, what… What do you see me?”

Even Matilda, who admits that she’s in love with herself, tried to get angry, wondering if it was difficult for her to admit it.
But I said with a serious expression.

“The future of the children is at stake. answer me straight Are you sure you don’t like it?”

“… that, that… .”

Perhaps surprised by my serious expression, Matilda answered with a slightly hazy expression.
Hey, so don’t make that face!
I sensed the crisis and hurriedly turned my gaze to Leia.

“Leia. I’m sorry, but please bear with me going to the orphanage while Matilda is away.”

“Yeah. Okay.”

“If you and Matilda need to go somewhere, make sure to ride the wagon.”

“So much for me… .”

“I am not doing this for you! You pedophile!”

Oh, I’m really tired of it. That’s really what I’m trying to fall in love with when I see a gap. It feels like my mental power is being ripped apart just by talking.

“Oh, I’m not a pedophile! There is a degree to which it is rude!”

“Then is it just a wide range of defense? From children to grandfathers, is it okay if they are all men?!”

“Hey, profit! Still, I don’t fall for people like you?! This unattractive man!”

“It’s charming! If I’m sincere, you’re just… !”

“Then let me show you the truth!”

Is it because of my mood that Matilda’s eyes look like they are twinkling with anticipation?
Thanks to you, I was able to get back to my sanity in an instant.
Dangerous. I almost fell for provocation. Did you intend to make me a eunuch?
I decided to take my eyes off Matilda and focus on eating.

“Why are you all of a sudden quiet? Would you like to say something?”

Let’s be patient. have to be patient

“Are you not sure? An unattractive man.”

have to be patient

“How come… .”
“Are you going to end up insulting your maiden in this body?”

D, Diana! I am very impressed right now!

“four?! Oh, I’m sorry. I don’t mean that… .”

“Okay. I know the situation. Let’s do that and have dinner.”

“Yeah… .”

Hehe. ugly No matter how much cardinal or whatever, it’s not for our Diana!
When I gave Diana a thank-you look, Diana opened her chest with an ahem.
Huh. Well done. Well done. Would you like me to stroke your hair with a prize?
I poked my head out a little, and Diana patted her right away as if she was waiting.

I was originally planning on harassing Diana tonight.
I can’t be bothered with such a wonderful Diana. Let’s weaken the intensity a bit.
Huh? If it’s special, shouldn’t it be bothering you?
That’s not it. That’s it and this is it.
Just because Diana is doing well now doesn’t mean I hadn’t decided to bully her before.
I continued eating at night, thinking about how I was going to annoy Diana with a little bit of weakness.

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Saint Salvation

“Oh oh! Is this the bathroom you’ve only heard of? Great!”

As I stood in the middle of a huge and luxurious bathroom made entirely of luxurious marble, I burst out in exasperation.
That’s right, it’s the first time I’ve ever actually seen something like water flowing out of the stone statues in the corner of the bathtub.
Moreover, if you look closely, there are no seams at all.
There were no seams anywhere in the bathroom, not only the floor, but also the floor and walls, and even the floor and stone statues.
It is as if a bathroom was made by carving out a whole huge marble.

How much money did it cost to build this one bathroom?
It must have cost more money than I could have imagined.

“You are exaggerating too much.”

Diana, who followed me, saw me and patted my hair as if it was cute.
In order for Diana to stroke my straight hair, it is only possible by holding her claws close to my body and extending her arms outstretched, so she was in sister mode, making a cute expression, but she was actually quite desperate.
Don’t make such a cute face. Because you are cuter than me.

Normally, I would lean slightly to make it easier to stroke, but this time it wasn’t.
Being in the bathroom means that we are both naked, and in that state, Diana is close to herself, so why would I bow down?
Truly the youngest in physical age. The whole body is green and supple.
While feeling Diana’s touch with her whole body, she answered without showing any such expression on the outside.

“It’s an exaggeration. It’s not like that. That’s great. Sarana Leia should like it.”

okay. We were now in the huge bathroom inside the mansion.
The bathroom where all the kids, except for me, got together and talked about.
It’s been a while since I’ve lived in the mansion, but this is the first time I’ve come here.
I’ve been thinking that I’d like to come in once before, but it’s because this place was implicitly the area of ​​Geumnam.
Not only our children, but also the people and employees of the Wizards Association were not alone in the mansion, and it was difficult to enter without knowing who was using it.

But today, I decided to ask Diana, and Diana, who had been in sister mode since the time of eating, readily agreed.
After telling everyone in the mansion to finish using the bathroom by 10 pm, this means that now we are renting out like this.
There was no such thing as a maid attending the bathing service that Sarah and Leia were talking about, but the bathroom itself was satisfactory enough.
This is once again a dream come true. I’ll definitely try playing harem with my kids in this bathroom someday.
No, even if you don’t even have sex, I want to get together and wash your skin while feeling the different charms of your soft skin.
It was a wonderful bathroom that made me feel like that, but I didn’t express it on purpose and told Diana.

“It would be perfect if there was only a maid waiting here… Ouch. It hurts Diana.”

“You hit me because it hurts! Are you making such a sound even though you are here with this body!”

Sheesh. Today, I thought it would be ok because the sister mode is being maintained. also can’t
Diana stopped her hand stroking my hair and immediately started patting it.
Of course, it didn’t hurt at all, but pretending to be sick would make me even more angry, so I pretended to be sick in moderation.

“what? Are you jealous? I can’t. It wasn’t a stupid idea.”

“If it’s not a silly idea, what did you mean by that?”

“no. It’s just because I’ve never had the experience of washing clothes with maids lifting them up. what the hell

I wonder what it feels like Sometimes you want to try something new, don’t you?”

“… Don’t lie.”

I meant to speak with the clearest eyes possible, but Diana looked me in the eye and cut it off.
How did know.
ugh Don’t look at me like that with perverted eyes.
I can’t help it! Serving a maid’s bath is a man’s dream!

“Sigh… I can’t help it.”

But then, after taking a deep breath, Diana mumbled as she shook her head.

“Call the maid?!”

“Are you stupid! Could it be! I can’t help it, so this body is going to serve as a bath attendant!”

what. is that a thing

“Something? Do you have any complaints?”

Of course it can’t be. No complaints at all.
On the contrary, I don’t think Saatchi has such a luxury to say that Diana serves the bath.
Good. If this happens, even if you feel like you are bathing in the maid by dressing Diana in Vanessa’s maid outfit in your inventory… the size is not right damn!
Shall I put on a headband? no. let’s go I’m just going to get mad

“no! No complaints at all! but… .”

“Just something?”

“Can you wash yourself?”

“Well? What does that mean?”

“no. You’re not used to taking a bath. When you wash by yourself, it looks like you are washing with magic. It’s surprisingly difficult for me to wash my face. What if Diana was a child who couldn’t even wash herself… .”

“What do you think of this body? Don’t worry. Do you think this body was in this position from the beginning? This body used to be an ordinary person whose only natural ability to use magic was everything.”

“Huh? Are you a high elf? Wasn’t he a high person from birth?”

“Yeah, among the elves, the high elves were quite special, but when this body was young, there were quite a few high elves besides this body. It wasn’t the same place it is now. How much more so, when elves live together, even if they were special people, no one was waiting for them like they do now. Anyway, this body is also saying that when I was young, I spent a lot of time washing alone.”

“Still, that was thousands of years ago… .”
“Well, not even a few thousand years!

“But when Diana was young, it was almost three thousand… .”
“Ahhh! Whoa! Noisy! Noisy!”

Diana covered her ears and screamed as if she didn’t want to hear it.
Like I did before, just talking about my age makes me mentally exhausted.
Do you hate talking about your age so much? I don’t really care.

“I see! If you really say that, shouldn’t it be okay if you don’t wash it!”

“No, wait! Diana! That’s not it!”

“huh! What do you mean?! I don’t know this body!”

“Please! Diana! Please wash! I want to receive Diana’s bathing service!”

“So, wouldn’t it be okay to ask that honestly from the beginning?”

As I desperately bowed my head and asked for a favor, it didn’t seem like he was in a bad mood.
Diana grunted, grabbed my hand, and went into the bathtub.
Huh. I’ve had it for ten years Is it true that you listen to this while taking a bath?
I promised myself I wouldn’t talk about my age like that before, but I went out too far without realizing it.
After all, Diana is also Diana!
Every time you tease me, the reaction is so funny, I want to tease her over and over again!
I pulled Diana to the side with such an absurd thought.

“It’s a little too wide for the two of us. It feels like a luxury, but it’s so empty that I feel a little lonely.”

The bathtub is large enough to fit 2 or 30 people easily.
In such a bathtub, just the two of us, and Diana is clinging to me. I couldn’t help but feel more spacious.

“Even if you say that, I won’t call the maid and fill it up.”

But listening to me, Diana responded in a hoarse voice and lightly slapped my thigh.
Sheesh. did you hear ‘Cause I’m pretty quick anyway.

“Really. Why do you keep talking about maids even though you are in with this body?”

Am I just talking too much about maids?
Diana muttered like that, feeling a little lonely.
this. this is not Obviously today is the day I decided to bully Diana, but I don’t really want to see Diana sad. I didn’t mean to hurt you like this.

“sorry. It’s cute that Diana gets jealous when they just talk about maids… Ouch. So it hurts, Diana.”

“It hurts! You hit me! you really are! How can you be so mean!”

Even as they patted me like that, Diana’s expression was much better than before.
I believe that I am a true gentleman who releases a woman’s heart even at the cost of sacrificing herself.

“Then where do we go to receive Diana’s bath service?”

“Do not climb! Really… .”

Even as Diana said that, she manipulated the mana stone embedded in the bathtub.
Then, the water in the bathtub changed to a slippery, foaming material.

“Wait a minute. So the sponge… .”

But that was all.
Diana had no idea where the bath supplies were.
I can’t help it. Shall I, as a true gentleman, try to help again?

“What do you need a sponge for?”

“What do you mean? If you don’t have a sponge, what do you mean by washing your body?”

“Can I wash with this?”

“… What are you referring to? I can only see this body where you are pointing.”

Maybe he thought I was pointing to something else, Diana said as she looked around.

“You are right.”

“Well? … … Are you stupid!”

Diana thought about what I was saying for a moment, and then her face turned red and quaaaang! He got angry and ran to me.

“then! Unscrupulous thing! Who! Handan! I mean!”

That face is that It’s a look that I’ve never even imagined since I was born.
Perhaps it was because of extreme shame that he powered up his fists more than usual. Yes, it’s a bit of a bummer, though.
Diana. It’s not all about clenching your fists. Even if I clench my fist

Hitting it with the palm of your hand doesn’t mean anything. Your attack also has a problem with strength, but it’s just a pat on the back.
It’s cute, so I won’t tell you about it in the future.

“Sa, Sarana Leia did it… !”

I exclaimed that as I pretended to be sick to Diana, who was pounding her chest.
But Diana’s movements stopped and stopped.

“awhile. What did you say now?”

“So Sarana Leia… .”
“You mean both?! I don’t know Miss Leia, but Miss Sara?!”

Perhaps it was quite shocking that only she was behind, Diana exclaimed with a shocked expression.
If it’s a manga, it’s like the words “Kugugung” are being pressed down on top of their heads.
Good. My intentions seem to have worked more than I thought.

“okay. Sarah, surprisingly, when she’s with me, she’s pretty… .”


Oh oh. A spark of jealousy burns in Diana’s eyes.

“I see! I will do this for you too!”

Diana got up excitedly and cried.
But he only shouted, and the next action did not continue.

“Diana? What are you doing?”

“… How can I do it?”

After all, it was Diana who had never imagined washing her body until recently.
Even if I suddenly try to do it, I don’t know what to do.
Maybe you can enjoy this more than you think?
This is a great chance to inject shameful bathroom play into Diana, who doesn’t know anything.
As these and other plays came to mind, I could feel a smile appearing on my lips.

“Once you put some foam on your chest.”

“Go, chest?!”


“Ugh. However… .”

“There is nothing to be ashamed of. I also like Diana’s breasts now.”

“Are you the one who only looks at Miss Leia’s breasts every day to say that?”

Every day… Well, I see you every day.
I can’t help it! It’s a man’s instinct!

“a. It’s because Diana doesn’t know, but actually, she’s also secretly looking at Diana’s breasts.”

“Hey, that’s what Genga is saying he’s proud of!”

“Anyway, I like Diana’s boobs too. Why? Don’t you like me?”

“Well, it’s not like that… ugh If you can’t even say anything… .”

Diana looked at me with a complicated expression.
Diana, who is angry and a little happy, thinks that she is also cute.

“So, huh?”

“But didn’t I say that it hurts from touching the bones!”

Do you remember anything like that?
When are you talking about the enemy? Anyway, my memory is good.

“It was just a joke because I wanted to play with Diana. Common sense is that you’re not like Sylvia at all… After all, you can’t feel the bones, can you?”

“… Really?”

“Well then.”

“Ugh… .”

It seems that my persuasion worked.
Diana began to bubble in her chest slowly, even with a suspicious expression on her face.

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Saint Salvation

But even after she put soapy water on her chest and rubbed it to lather, Diana blushed and just stared at me.

“What are you doing? Are you just guessing what to do?”

Diana is smart. You probably don’t know what to do in this situation.
I sat in the bath chair and motioned for Diana to come.

“Hey, thinking like this… . How can you be so unscrupulous? .”

While muttering like that, Diana hesitantly approached me.
But I was also embarrassed, so he passed me by my side and swung back.
And then ‘Wow!’ Iran made a strange chirping sound and clung to me behind me.
Then he murmured as if blowing a breath into my ear.

“… I can’t believe this is good.”

“It can’t be bad, can it? You’re sticking with Diana? Why? Do you not like Diana hanging out with me like this?”

“That, that… Eight! Noisy! I have to concentrate, so be quiet!”


After all, our Diana is shy.
Diana yelled at me, then slowly moved her body up and down.
A soft touch, a different feeling from Sarah and Leia, slowly stimulated my back.
As I was small, I had to move around diligently to wash my entire back, so just imagining him working hard from behind made me happy.

“Uh, how is it?”

“Huh. the best.”

“But compared to Miss Leia… .”
“Don’t say things like that. Because I like Diana too. Can’t you believe me? character.”

I reached behind my back and grabbed Diana’s wrist, pulling it straight to grab my stuff.

“Look. How good it is already… .”

“Isn’t that why you asked me to be washed like this!”

Diana gets her hands off my stuff, damn it! It felt like it slapped my stomach.
But I didn’t stop washing my back by moving my upper body hard.
I feel like I’m more active than before while saying things like that, and it’s pretty good to hear that my breasts are good too.
Good. Can I give you some more praise?

“Anyway, you know what I really like, right? Because Diana’s breasts are soft enough and nice. In particular, the hard protrusion in the middle of the chest rubs every time you wash your back, giving you a good stimulus… .”
“You! Are you stupid! exactly! One word! A lot!”

First of all, this time, I wasn’t joking, I was going to compliment.
As soon as Diana heard my words, she was startled and fell off my back, then attacked me with pats.

“Hey. It was a compliment.”

“Is that a compliment?! Huh?! Is that a compliment?!”

It must have been quite embarrassing to find out that she was excited, so Diana didn’t think about stopping her pats.
If this is the case, there is no choice but to prevent it with direct action.
I turned back and hugged Diana tightly.


Diana, who had turned bright red, closed her eyes and patted me on the back, was startled and gave a cute scream when she was suddenly held in my arms.

“Don’t be so shy. I’m rather happy that Diana seems to have the same feelings as me.”

I hugged Diana with her sitting on top of me, and I whispered as I buried my face in Diana’s wet silver hair.

“It sounds like a pretty romantic thing to say. on a subject like this.”

Diana said as she reached for my object she was sitting on.
Right now, Diana is sitting and hugging me with her pubic hair touching the rod of my stuff.
So, to grab my stuff, I had to turn my arm back and grab the end of my stuff that was sticking out over his butt.
Thanks to this, it felt like I was stimulating the tip of an object with my palm, so it felt pretty good.

“So I guess I have the same heart as Diana.”

“This body doesn’t have the same stupid thoughts as you. 👌👌👌

I applied force to the object so that it made a big jiggle once.
Thanks to this, Diana’s body, which was sitting on my belongings, shook, and Diana’s chest, which was tightly attached to me, stimulated my chest properly.

“Even though it’s so hard?”

“Hey, this is… Menstruation phenomenon! Menstruation!”

“It’s about menstruation… .”

“What, something?! Any complaints?!”

Actually, I want to tease you a little more, but if I tease you more here, I might get pissed off and stop washing you. Let’s just do it here for now. Because there are still many things we want to deceive our innocent Diana.

“no. If Diana is like that, then so be it.”

I wrapped my arms around Diana’s back and hugged her, and I fell backwards.
It would have been nice to have a mat, but it would be extravagant to expect such a thing in a normal bathroom. After all, my body is strong, so lying on the floor like this doesn’t hurt me too much.
Thanks to me lying on my back, Diana snuggled onto me and fell into a prone position.

“Then, Diana. Wash the front this time. The way to do it is the same as before. got it?”

“Anyway, you… .”

“Please. It’s been a long time since we’ve been together and washed together.”

When I asked for that, Diana moved slowly over me with a disapproving look.
However, it was all I could do to make my upper body completely close to my body and move only about 5 centimeters up and down as if reciprocating.
Did you think that that would be enough since your whole body is in close contact?

“Diana. Since you only lathered your breasts, you only wash your breasts. whole body with chest. got it?”


It seems that Diana also knew that I would ask for this kind of request. I just didn’t do it because I was shy.
Diana glanced at me slightly, then slowly slid her body down.
Diana’s soft breasts washed my stomach and went further down to touch things.
My item was placed in the middle of Diana’s chest, but I didn’t feel like it was wrapped around it.
It should be possible if you dare to pull it up, but it’s a bit overwhelming for Diana’s current size.
So, how do you ask to be washed?
Should I ask you to wash me with the vagina, which is also the norm?
No, but I think it would be best to put it off last.

When I was thinking like that, Diana had already taken action.
Whether it was because she hadn’t even thought of burying herself in her chest, or whether there was no such idea, Diana grabbed my object and started rubbing it intensively using only one of her breasts.
It was a good stimulus for the hard bumps to pass by while feeling the soft touch of the chest, so it was a good stimulus even if it wasn’t sandwiched between the breasts.
Also, Diana is smart.

But it looks like Diana is really just going to do the washing up.
Knowing that I am making this request with the same intentions as I am.
After a moderate rubbing of the object on her chest seemed to have cleared up somewhat, Diana immediately tried to slide her body down without further stimulation.

“awhile. Diana.”

“Well? Something? This place is already clean enough.”

Thinking I’d ask for more stimulation, Diana hit the player first.
Whoops. But I’m not saying that’s not what I’m asking for.

“no. It’s not really that hard to wash your arms and legs with your chest.”

“Well. That’s right. Then, will you wash your own limbs?”

Diana’s expression brightened and became angry, thinking that she would finally be freed from this shameful act.
I’m sorry to ask you because you’re making a face like this.
It became a form of bullying that unintentionally lifted up and then dropped it.
I didn’t mean to hurt you like this.
Well, I’ll ask you anyway.

“no. So, please place your limbs on a soft place other than your chest.”

“Well? not chest? Where are you talking about?”

“You are here. here.”

I raised my upper body and rubbed Diana’s plump ass.

“Huh! Bar, you idiot! How to… !”

“Isn’t Diana doing it?”

Diana turned red and tried to shout, but I spit out the lines I had prepared in advance.
Considering why Diana decided to wash her breasts in the first place, this statement will definitely work.

“Uh, uh… . That… Did Miss Sara or Miss Leia do something like this?”

I knew it. Diana noticed the nuances I was saying and asked such a question with an anguished look on her face.


And I lied with a nonchalant look on my face.
I am sorry, but I will not regret this decision.
Men sometimes need to lie for the sake of a cause.
Diana, who never imagined washing her breasts. Surely this lie will work.

“Uhhhh… .”

It seems he didn’t even notice that it was a lie.
Still, Diana looked more worried than before.
But thinking about it also means that if you push your back, you can get over it.

“Diana. please.”

I hugged Diana and kissed her on the lips.

“Ugh. Hmm. Well. Hmm… .”

Like Diana, who is weak in kissing, as soon as I kissed her, her expression softened.
After Diana’s expression softened, I hugged her and walked towards the bathtub.
Then, sitting on the edge of the tub, Diana rested on her thighs, and I rushed to the next move.
Soapy water was scooped out of the bathtub and buried on Diana’s buttocks, lathering while enjoying the feel of her ass.
Of course, don’t forget to rub your lips against Diana’s lips in the meantime.
No matter how fascinated they are with kissing, the fact that they are acquiescing to this can be seen as a sign that Diana has finally made up her mind to do it too.
Lathering enough on her ass, I gently opened my mouth from Diana’s lips.

“Diana. Then I will ask you.”

Preparatory preparations have already been completed.
I’ve made enough bubbles, and Diana’s butt is already on one of my thighs, so it’s as simple as moving my waist.

“really… Oops. uhm. I want to know.”

Diana was about to say something, but I gave her another lip smack without giving her a chance.
okay. I really want you to
Diana sighed and snorted heavily.
It’s really cute that she doesn’t try to take her lips off though.
I put my tongue in Diana’s mouth and tapped Diana’s tongue like a prank, and Diana started moving her back back and forth, feeling helpless.

But as soon as she swung her waist back and forth once, Diana’s movements stood tall and stopped.
Finally, Diana seems to have noticed too.
okay. The fact that sitting on your thighs and moving your back back and forth is like washing your face with your pubic hair, not your butt.
hahaha. Now it’s too late to notice. I was aiming for this from the beginning.
Diana’s face was blushing and she tried to open her lips, but I was aiming for the timing, and when I put her tongue in her mouth and sucked it, she could not open her mouth.
After all, don’t you want to stop kissing like this too?
Diana, who can’t remove her lips just by sucking her tongue, thinks she’s the cutest.

As I continued to kiss so thickly, I pounded Diana’s buttocks, which had stopped, to urge them.
Embarrassed by my prompt, Diana hesitated, but eventually started back and forth back and forth.
Diana, who is praised as the supreme archmage, washes her body with her vagina.
Does a person who has experienced a luxurious bath than me exist in this world?
I felt Diana’s loveliness with my whole body and moved my tongue more actively in return.

After rubbing one thigh enough, Diana seemed to be contemplating what to do.
I held Diana like that, and sat on the floor with my legs spread out.
Is there any problem with this?
Diana went right down to my leg, and I leaned over to keep kissing Diana.

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