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Saint Salvation

And after washing one leg, I went over to the other leg and repeated the washing from the thigh to the same as before.
By the end of the day, Diana’s waist movements were almost like masturbating using my legs.
I could feel Diana’s harsh snort on her lips, and Diana’s clitoris enlarged and rubbed on the legs that rubbed her pubic hair.
It seems that Diana is also quite excited.

After making sure Diana was excited enough, I slowly opened my mouth.
Diana felt sorry for her lips falling apart, so she stuck out her tongue to the chisel and tried to reach me for a little longer.
The saliva from the tip of Diana’s tongue to my mouth felt quite strange.

“Diana. May I ask for your arm this time?”


Diana, who was completely heated, did not even think of refusing anymore, and stood up slowly.
My legs are a little wobbly and it looks a bit unstable, is that okay?
Be careful, and if Diana is about to fall, catch her right away.
I stood up and slipped my arm between Diana’s thighs.


Diana groaned as my arm passed and brushed her pubic hair.
My leg, which was still shaking, eventually loosened up, but I didn’t fall over because my arm was holding up well.

“Come on, Diana, one hand on my shoulder and the other on my hand.”

Diana turned one arm behind her back, clasping the hand on the washing side, and clasped the other hand on my shoulder for balance.
Then I started moving my back back and forth again.
Perhaps because he had already heated up enough, the movement of his waist was quite urgent, unlike his shaky legs.
Now, instead of using me to wash like masturbating, I was just really masturbating.

“Heh heh, heh heh! Whoa! Ha ha!”

Her upper body was leaning forward, almost as if she was lying on her face, and a cute moan sounded in my ear.
If I hadn’t turned one hand back and interlocked my hand, I would have just fallen forward.
And on my arm, not only soap bubbles, but Diana’s love liquid was also being applied.

“Somehow, it feels more slippery than before. Doesn’t this look like soapy water?”

“Heh! It’s not like that!”

“What do you mean it’s not like that? Have I not said anything yet?”

“Ugh! Oh, it’s not like that!”

Diana shook her head desperately, nevertheless, her back didn’t stop moving.
It might be better to stop washing now and do a proper plate.
So, shall we slowly harass Diana?

“Ah, huh! 🥺, hey! Whoa… eh?”

When Diana’s waist movement was about to reach its climax as her movements became more intense, I put a climax bondage on Diana.

“Hey, this! this… !”

“Why? What’s going on?”

“You asked what’s going on?! Haven’t you put your climax in bondage!”

“okay. I walked just in case. But as long as Diana doesn’t climax, it’s fine, right? Isn’t that love liquid on my arm?”

“Yeah, that’s right… !”

“Then can I continue to ask?”

As I said with a smile, Diana was crying and still unable to move.
Sure enough, Diana was caught in the climax bondage just when she was about to feel the climax.
Right now, my whole body is burning with pleasure, but I can’t feel the climax, so it must be very difficult.
His legs were already completely loose, and he was trembling, twisting his body sadly.
But here, try moving your back again. There is no way to cool down the body that is still burning, and it is like continuously generating more heat.

“Hey, profit… hey… .”

As long as I said it wasn’t love, I can’t change my words now because of my pride, but the pleasure is too intense to be patient and move.
In the end, Diana was crying without being able to do this or that.

“Oh! awhile! Diana! Okay! Do not cry!”

“Oh, I didn’t cry!”

Well, I’m sure the tears haven’t come out yet, but I’m almost on the verge of crying.
I quickly released my clasped hands.
And gently took Diana’s body that was collapsing in front of her, and made her sit on top of me.
Aiming an object at the vagina waiting for my item to come in as it has already been loosened as soon as it is loosened, and Diana’s body is lowered as it is to release the climax of bondage.


As soon as my dick was inserted, Diana reached a climax as she hugged me tight.

“How did you feel?”

“Hey, ha, huh, huh. Mo, I don’t know! Fool!”

I whispered in my ear right away, but Diana did not answer for a long time because of the afterglow of climax.
And only after he barely caught his breath, he patted me.

“sorry. sorry. Diana is so cute.”

I smiled and put my face to Diana’s face.

“Uh… Well?”

When I put my face to it, Diana patted me and stuck out her head to kiss me, and I turned my head just before our lips met to avoid the kiss.
Diana, who was able to kiss my cheek thanks to her, put on a bewildered expression.

“What are you doing?”

Diana, who was about to kiss me once more while saying that, I turned my head just before again to avoid it.

“side. profit! replace something! uhm! uhm! What is this!”

In the end, she tried to kiss me a few times, but, angry that I kept avoiding her, Diana grabbed my face with her hands and tried to kiss her again.
As Diana values ​​kissing more than anyone else, she seems angry at not kissing properly.
But no matter how hard Diana grabbed my face, she couldn’t beat my neck.
I avoided Diana’s kiss once again.


Diana finally let my face go and clenched her fists.

started pounding.

“Want to kiss?!”

“You don’t want to do that?!”

Hey. Don’t say that while crying. My conscience is stabbed for nothing. Of course I want to But for now, there is only one thing I want.

“If Diana did just one request, I would feel like doing it right away.”

“Again, what else are you trying to ask?!”

Perhaps she felt a sense of crisis instinctively, Diana exclaimed with an anxious expression.

“not a big deal. just over there… .”

As soon as I pointed towards the entrance, Diana shouted, shaking her head.
In fact, even if you go out that door, you don’t go straight out into the hallway.
As it was such a huge bathroom, there was a dressing room before entering here from the hallway.
This means that no matter how much you shout from here, the sound seldom leaks into the hallway.
So it must have been that Diana was groaning to her heart’s content even in the bathroom where the sound was like this.
But it’s Diana. Did you know that your pussy is getting tight even when you say you don’t like it?


“never! No!”

Maybe he even imagined going out like this.
Not only did her vagina come tight, but her subtly hahahaha and exhaled breath from her mouth became harsher than before.
Still, looking at the refusal, it seems that reason has returned a little after feeling the climax.

“Then there is nothing I can do.”

I gave up neatly and kissed Diana’s lips.


Did not know that I would give up so neatly, Diana put on a surprised expression.

“Why are you so surprised? Did you think I would force you to do anything? I don’t do anything Diana doesn’t like.”

As I said that, I kissed Diana’s lips once more.
Then, as if relieved, Diana smiled and kissed my lips this time.

“You must have grown up a little too.”

“Call me a man who grows day by day, Gusaeng.”

“Don’t climb.”

Diana slapped my chest lightly, but still smiled and kissed my lips.
Slowly the time is running out

“By the way, Diana.”


“Didn’t I say we use the bathroom until twelve o’clock?”

“Well. It was. Why? Come on, please!”

“Is it past twelve o’clock now?”

“Ah, ah, ah… !”

okay. Actually, what I was aiming for was to take the time.
Although we say we have rented the bathroom, we have not rented it indefinitely.
from ten to twelve o’clock. The usage time we told everyone in the mansion was only two hours.
In the first place, Diana didn’t even think about having sex in the bathroom, and if she’s just washing up, two hours is a lot of time.
Diana must have been talking about it thinking that she had two hours to spare.
But what about reality? Time was wasted futilely cuddling and joking around with me, arguing while I was washing my body, and hesitating because of shame.

started pounding.

“Want to kiss?!”

“You don’t want to do that?!”

Hey. Don’t say that while crying. My conscience is stabbed for nothing. Of course I want to But for now, there is only one thing I want.

“If Diana did just one request, I would feel like doing it right away.”

“Again, what else are you trying to ask?!”

Perhaps she felt a sense of crisis instinctively, Diana exclaimed with an anxious expression.

“not a big deal. just over there… .”

As soon as I pointed towards the entrance, Diana shouted, shaking her head.
In fact, even if you go out that door, you don’t go straight out into the hallway.
As it was such a huge bathroom, there was a dressing room before entering here from the hallway.
This means that no matter how much you shout from here, the sound seldom leaks into the hallway.
So it must have been that Diana was groaning to her heart’s content even in the bathroom where the sound was like this.
But it’s Diana. Did you know that your pussy is getting tight even when you say you don’t like it?


“never! No!”

Maybe he even imagined going out like this.
Not only did her vagina come tight, but her subtly hahahaha and exhaled breath from her mouth became harsher than before.
Still, looking at the refusal, it seems that reason has returned a little after feeling the climax.

“Then there is nothing I can do.”

I gave up neatly and kissed Diana’s lips.


Did not know that I would give up so neatly, Diana put on a surprised expression.

“Why are you so surprised? Did you think I would force you to do anything? I don’t do anything Diana doesn’t like.”

As I said that, I kissed Diana’s lips once more.
Then, as if relieved, Diana smiled and kissed my lips this time.

“You must have grown up a little too.”

“Call me a man who grows day by day, Gusaeng.”

“Don’t climb.”

Diana slapped my chest lightly, but still smiled and kissed my lips.
Slowly the time is running out

“By the way, Diana.”


“Didn’t I say we use the bathroom until twelve o’clock?”

“Well. It was. Why? Come on, please!”

“Is it past twelve o’clock now?”

“Ah, ah, ah… !”

okay. Actually, what I was aiming for was to take the time.
Although we say we have rented the bathroom, we have not rented it indefinitely.
from ten to twelve o’clock. The usage time we told everyone in the mansion was only two hours.
In the first place, Diana didn’t even think about having sex in the bathroom, and if she’s just washing up, two hours is a lot of time.
Diana must have been talking about it thinking that she had two hours to spare.
But what about reality? Time was wasted futilely cuddling and joking around with me, arguing while I was washing my body, and hesitating because of shame.

Even after two hours, not a single one of me has been able to wash, and we are having sex like this.

“Now I don’t know who will come in.”


In this mansion, there are maids who do not sleep at night, and Diana opens the bathroom to those maids at any time.
Diana’s tolerant attitude became poison this time.

“Take it out, take it out, take it out… .”

“Take it off? I’m serious?”


When I slapped my back hard, Diana’s body trembled, excited by the tension of not knowing when someone might come in.

“It doesn’t matter that Diana has peaked once, but I’ve never felt it before. Isn’t it too much to ask you to get out of this state?”

“Hey! ha ha! Ha, but… .”

“OK. Who will come right away when the time is up?”

I have no intention of showing anyone having sex.
Unlike Diana, there is no such wall.
I just want to enjoy playing exhibitionist like Diana by using the tension that someone might come as a catalyst.
Our Diana is a cute little girl who gets very excited even in situations like this.

“Ha, but… !”

“OK. OK.”

As I answered that, I immediately moved my waist.

“Aww! me, really! Whoops! ha ha! Whoa!”

Diana seemed to resist for a moment, but as soon as her expression relaxed, she began to moan in pleasure.
Truly an exhibitionist archmage.
Just imagining that there might be a situation in which you are exposed is so exciting. This is quite serious.
At this point, I think it’s time for Diana to admit it herself.
Well, there’s no point in making us admit exhibitionism today, so let’s just have fun.

“So good? Is your voice loud? If someone is in the locker room right now… .”

“Hey! hey! Hey! Whoops!”

As I spoke softly against Diana’s walls, Diana covered her mouth with both hands and tried desperately not to make a sound.

“Are you going to shut your mouth? I want to kiss Diana.”

But I’m not the one to watch it.
I muttered like that as I kissed Diana’s hand.

“Ugh! Oops! ha ha! ha ha! Whoops! Oops!”

Diana rolled her eyes and thought about it, then finally took her hand off her mouth and slammed her lips into mine.
In the midst of a brief groan, Diana’s pussy tightened tighter is aegyo.
What should I say next to stimulate Diana?
As I was thinking about it, I suddenly heard voices coming from the dressing room.

“Are Diana and Salvation really safe?”

“Didn’t you say you were leaving by 12 o’clock? It will be fine.”

“However… .”

“And if it’s the Savior, don’t you think it’ll be okay if I see you? Hopefully, the power of the rumor will be directly conveyed… Heck!”

It was a voice coming through the door, but it was clear to my ears.
First of all, I’m very curious about who the maid I spoke to at the end was. No, I’m not cheating on it. It’s just an instinctive curiosity as a man.

“Ugh! Hey! Oops!”

Perhaps Diana had not yet heard the voices of the maids, but she was still clinging to me, kissing me and shaking her waist.
what about this
There was talk that someone might come to provoke Diana, but I had no intention of showing this in reality.
I quickly looked around.
Also there is only one
A stone statue in the middle of a large bathtub.
I quickly moved behind the statue, which was spraying water everywhere like a fountain.
Even though I was moving so quickly, Diana, who was excited, just shook her back hard to see if she was seeing anything.
And as soon as I moved behind the statue, I heard the sound of a door opening.

“Look. Is there no one there?”


I’m happy. The timing was barely right. It seems that the stone statue is covering us well.
But this did not end the problem.


As soon as the voices of the maids were heard, Diana hardened her body.

“Ahhh… .”

“Shh. quietly. If you stay still, you won’t be caught.”

“Heh. ha ha And then, why is his back moving?!”

Diana exclaimed in an urgent voice.
Maybe it’s because he’s not a stranger to a new face, and he’s proud that he can’t be caught up with the maids he sees every day, or maybe he’s just gotten used to it thanks to his past play.
Well, it’s not me who’s moving her waist right now, but Diana.

“Diana. Look at me. It’s not me who’s moving.”

“Heh! haha! That, then… hey! Does this mean that this body is even in motion?! Whoops!”

It’s like that
At least the sound of the water spewing out of the stone was obscured by the sound, but if it goes like this, it will be only a matter of time before they get caught.

I leaned my head slightly and looked at the two maids.
The two of them turned their backs to this side, and they were splashing water on their bodies while receiving the water from the statue on the wall.
Isn’t this a chance? If it is now, the situation can be ended without being detected by the two of them.
I checked the level of the two of them with analysis, and adjusted the intensity enough to make them both faint, but not to the point where they didn’t, so that the waves of the saints were blown.
What. Did you think I would sneak out while the two of them turned their backs? Can’t it be?
I blew the saint’s pulse, and immediately Diana’s

While pretending to hold her face with both hands, she covered her ears and kissed her deeply.


Then, the two of them, who were hit by the saint’s wave, groaned and heard the sound of falling to the floor.
It wouldn’t hurt that much because I was sitting there.
After confirming that the two of them were not moving at all, I removed my hands from Diana’s ears.

“Diana. If you move like that, the maids will hear you.”

“Heh! Ha, but… !”

As Diana said that, her eyes were slowly opening.
The movement of the waist is also getting more intense, and now it seems that he is slowly letting go of his mind.

“Maybe the two of you are already noticing it. Actually, keeping your ears up and overhearing our sex… .”

“Huh! Ha! Whoops!”

Diana shook her head as if telling her to stop, but her waist hit the wheel even more intensely.

“Shall I go out and show you? Seeing Diana reaching its climax with a bewitching expression she would never normally show, and bewitching herself on top of me shaking her waist.”

“Ugh! Oh, no… That, that’s all… Hahaha!”

“Does Diana’s pussy come tight if you say no?”

“It’s not like that… .”

“Mouth and pussy. Where the hell am I supposed to believe?”

“Come on, you… hey! I really… .”

“Okay. Diana.”

“Ah, you know… .”

“Can I trust the vagina?”

“What, what… !”

I hugged Diana tightly as it was and pulled the body that was hiding in the stone aside.


Simultaneously, Diana’s back wobbled, culminating with the most delightful expression on her face.

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Prepare for quest

“You! Think! There is Genga! No Genga!”

Thump Thump Thump Thump.
Diana got on my stomach, clenched her fists, and indiscriminately beat her entire upper body.
Is the sound effect weird for something like that?
Since then, from Diana’s point of view, she’s been hitting with all her might.

“Gee, calm down, Diana. It’s okay because I didn’t hear it after all… .”
“then! The problem! No! you always! always! Why is this so good?!”

No, to put it bluntly, it’s you who likes things like this. I just like to tease you.
Would it be a big deal if I said this now?

“sorry. sorry. Diana is so cute.”

“Don’t think you’ll forgive everything you say!”

“It’s a word from your mouth. It’s not like that! I don’t know what to do with Diana because she’s so cute!”

I purposely raised my voice and shouted with a serious face.

“Oh, I won’t forgive you anyway!”

Diana seemed a little embarrassed because my momentum was so strong, but she made up her mind again and started staring at me.
what a waste. I thought it was going to come off a little.

“Okay. Let’s get out of here and talk. Wouldn’t it be trouble if you keep doing this and then they wake up?”

It was. We were still in the bathroom.
In the middle of the bathroom, my belongings were still embedded in Diana, and Diana was beating me in a riding position.

“… !”

Diana’s body flinched and trembled, perhaps because she had forgotten for a moment in anger.

“if not… Will you keep doing this? Whether they get up or not, keep going.”

I raised my upper body and whispered, breathing in Diana’s ear as if seducing.

“Ah, ah, no… .”

Then Diana’s body began to tremble again, and her vagina began to tighten and tighten my stuff.
Good. I think it went well.

“right? So, let’s get going.”

Anyway, I enjoyed the exposure play once, so today is enough.
We decided to go back to our room and enjoy the rest, and we immediately uncoupled and left the bathroom.
After arriving at the dressing room, Diana finally sighed in relief.

“Whew… Wait a minute.”

Before putting on her clothes again, Diana magically summoned water to wash herself and myself clean.

“It’s not worth coming to take a bath.”

“For whom! For whom!”

“Ha ha. sorry. sorry.”

“Really… .”

But even then, Diana didn’t seem to want to be as angry as before.
Did I just release the stress by hitting him hard?

“Then let’s go to our room and continue.”

“Are you going to keep going?”

“Huh? So you’re not going to continue?”

“Laugh, that’s… .”

“After today, I don’t know when I will do it again, but let’s do it boldly today.”

“Well? What else does that mean?”

“You have to go to the Arachne clan’s quest.”

“I wonder why you haven’t been to Clan Arachne yet… .”

“okay. Why don’t you go hug the three of you at least once?”

“A man like you is really… .”

Diana mumbled with a shocked face.

“Are you really a man who only knows your thoughts?”

Of course I didn’t care and kept my brazen attitude.

“Huhu. okay. That’s right.”


To my too brazen attitude, Diana replied with a smile that it seemed stupid to be angry.

“If you want to compliment me, you can. Give me the right to stroke my hair in particular.”

“What do you mean? This body is specially stroking.”

After saying that, Diana snuggled up to me and stroked my hair.
Now, it seems that the anger of the previous similar exposure play has been completely resolved.
After all, even in this and that way, as the eldest, his aegyo works well.

Anyway, so we went back to the room and continued the act.
This time, without bullying or nudity, they kissed each other, joked around, laughed and chatted.

“That’s why today I’m going to go to the Arachne clan and talk a bit. Who do you want to go with?”

After breakfast, I looked around and said,
It’s already confirmed that Diana will go together, but as we talk about commissions, we may need the opinions of other kids.

“Yes. Then I will go with you.”

“Well… I’m OK. Today, I will guide Cardinal Matilda around the mansion and its surroundings.”

Sarah still hoped to follow, but Leia opted not to follow in order to play Matilda’s mark.
Thanks to Leia, Matilda, who was about to say something, had no choice but to keep her mouth shut.
Thanks. Leia. And Matilda, you have no place to interfere, do you? I’d rather not know if it’s Sylvia, so why are you trying to intervene?

“I, I… .”

Sylvia, a member of our party, is hesitating as if she doesn’t know if it’s a good place to wear her.
Did you see Matilda? You too, try to imitate even half of Sylvia.

“Would you like to go with Sylvia?”

“Yes Yes!”

When I spoke to Sylvia, who hesitated, Sylvia’s face brightened and became angry.
When I was talking to another guy before, I didn’t have this impression at all, and seeing him do this to me is like a real puppy. If it had a tail, it would have been shaking violently from side to side.
don’t like it too much I just want to make fun of you.

“Then stick with me while we go, and I’ll let you go together.”

“Eh, eh?”

“For reference, I’m walking with the width in front of me. Hold it firmly with both arms. I will praise Sylvia with a sweet voice in my ear once every minute. For example… Sylvia. You are beautiful today. Like this.”

“Uh, ooh… !”

As I muttered in a muffled voice, Sylvia leaned over the back of the chair and grabbed her heart.
I was joking, but it seems to work.
Right now, next to me, Sarah is looking at me with a starry expression.
Sarah. I didn’t mean to make it feel like I said it too, so won’t you stop making that face? I’m subtly hurt

“What? Do you still want to go with me?”

“Uhhhhhh… !”

Oh oh. I’m thinking I’m thinking
Do you think the reaction would be more interesting if it bothered you a little more?

“What are you worrying about? Shouldn’t we be more than happy? You wanted to be by my side… .”
“Can’t you stop?”


I had a honey night with Diana.
Does Diana’s sullen expression mean she should stop tormenting Sylvia? Or was it because I was jealous of Sylvia?

“Anyway, then I’ll go with Sarah, Diana, and Sylvia. Leia. I’m sorry for leaving you alone, but please take care of me.”

“Yeah. Bye.”

“You are alone! Am I ignoring you?!”

No, I mean, Matilda, why do you always intervene but you don’t intervene without realizing it?

“It means I’m alone among my girls! Among my girls! are you my girl?! Why? Do you want to be my girl?”

👌👌👌👌 All, did you want to make me your woman?”

No, so why do the eyes become hearts in this situation?!

“no it’s not! Don’t fall for this!”

“Bah, I didn’t like it! Who to a man like you!”

Again, the conversation with Matilda ended in the same pattern.
I’m afraid I’m slowly getting used to this conversation. I’m so used to this that I don’t think I’m going to get distracted once in a while, right?
If you are careless for a while, you will become an eunuch. Even so, the price of carelessness is too much eunuch.
I woke up with a reminder of how I played with Diana last night.
okay. If you become an eunuch, you will not be able to do such good things in the future. let’s not be vigilant

So we left Leia alone in the mansion and went outside to head to Arachne’s clan house.

“That, that, that, then… ! Please, me, please in moderation!”

And as soon as I got out, Sylvia closed her eyes and spread her arms wide at me.

“Huh? What?”

“That, so… Hugs every minute… .”

“Oh, that was just a joke. Maybe I really do? If you do it for real, you will in all probability die of a heart attack.”

“Laugh! That’s right… .”

Seeing that she doesn’t deny it, Sylvia herself seems to think so.
But even so, Sylvia could not hide her regretful expression.
It’s not a fire moth jumping into the fire, it’s a pity, isn’t it?

“Hug too… .”
“Hey ah ah ah ah!”

I accidentally hugged Sylvia, and she was startled and hid behind Sarah.
It was so sudden that I couldn’t even respond and just let it go.
How dare you hide behind Sarah. Are you saying that you were aware of my weaknesses while acting as a stalker?

“Wow… .”

“No, just kidding… I was wrong. I apologize. Sorry.”

Sarah grabbed her chin and her side, and I had no choice but to apologize immediately.
Sarah. The heaviness of power that had just been applied to the hand holding his side was not at a level that could be overlooked as a joke.
Aren’t you mad that you just joked with Sylvia?

Anyway, with Sarah and Diana by their sides, Sylvia stood opposite me with Sarah in between, and we headed side by side to Arachne’s Clan House.
Arachne’s clan house wasn’t too far away, as it was in this district lined with luxurious houses, just like our mansions.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Well, even in the same district, our mansion was located near the lord’s castle and Arachne’s clan house was located on the guild side, so the distance wasn’t very close.

“This is Arachne’s Clan House… .”

“Isn’t that great? Isn’t it bigger than our mansion? I was also surprised when I saw it last time.”

“Hmm. Just the size is not enough. Speaking of the mansion of this body… .”

I think Diana was a little offended by my words, so she tried to protest like that.
different. Don’t get me wrong.

“Yeah. Of course, I also think our mansion is the best. Most of all, our mansion contains things you can’t see in any other building.”

“Well? Did you see anything like that? There are a lot of dangerous items in the warehouse, so I told Vanessa to take care of it so that no matter how much you step in, it must be carefully managed.”

… What the hell are you keeping in the warehouse? I’m just worried about you

“no. Not the object, but the owner. host. How can we see Diana in another mansion?”

“Well? uh, hmm. In any case, you’re getting more and more proficient in candy-applying.”

As if she was going to die while saying that, Diana curled up and stretched out her arm, stroking my hair vigorously as if it were messy.

Arachne Clan House, like that huge mansion, was guarded by some guards in front of the door.
The only thing they have in common is the spider-shaped clan mark engraved on their armor, and the guards’ armor looks different, so they’re probably part of the clan too.

“Good morning. This is the clan house of the Arachne clan. What did you come here for?”

They laughed and chatted in a fairly relaxed appearance, but as we approached, they quickly adjusted their momentum and said:
It wasn’t that the laughter and chatter was released, but that he was confident enough in his skills.

“Good morning. We are members of the Saviours clan, and we came here to meet the clan leader. I think Alicia probably talked about the commission.”

“Yeah? Ahhh! Then you are the milk road maker!”

As soon as he heard me, the guard shouted with a realized expression on his face.
Damn it. Did the rumor come all the way here?
Well, it’s only natural that they’ll be adventurers too.

“Then wait a minute. I’ll call Instructor Alicia.”

Oh oh. you’re the headmaster Alicia said she’s an executive, so it looks like she’s really getting some rank?
By the way, what do these guards look at?
Ever since I revealed my identity, they have been looking at me with the eyes of a hawk looking for prey strangely. Not one or two, but all.
It was a gaze that made me feel that if I put on a very revealing woman in the original world and threw it among men, I would have just received this kind of gaze.
After all, the women of this clan… .
I was reminded of the end of this male clan member of Arachne, which I had heard from Diana before, and my body trembled involuntarily.
no. let’s persevere. i’m a saint Sex theory is the best. nothing to be afraid of Rather, let’s be honest.

As I was overcoming the gaze, I saw a security guard from afar bringing Alicia.
As soon as Alicia spotted me from afar, she left the guard behind and sprinted and started running.

“Bake it!”

what, what Why are you running with that kind of momentum?

“You are this child! why come now


Alicia came running with such a force that it made me seriously contemplate whether I should take a defensive stance, and then said while hugging my head.
It seems that he was running because he was happy. This is confusing. Well, I’ll forgive you for letting me bury my face in my chest instead.

“Everyone, can’t you fall right now?!”

“Don’t cling to this body lover!”

Ah, after all, they are wary of Alicia.
It’s just that the sympathy was broken by some chance, and we’re not really in that kind of relationship.
After all, they’re cute guys.

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Ready to request

“Come on, come on. Calm down. would be jealous… .”
“How long will salvation be like this?!”
“Come to think of it, that wife and I have a pretty big heart too! Huh?!”

uh huh? Aren’t you only mad at Alicia?
I was taken aback by the unexpected attack and tried to take my face off Alicia’s chest.

“… Hey. Alicia.”

“Huh? What suddenly?”

“… Can you let go?”

It was. Just by looking at it, Alicia, a warrior type, was ignorantly strong.
How ignorant I am, when I push myself, I don’t even budge.
No, I didn’t lose by force.
then. What are my bonus stats? If you go all-in, this is no problem.
just don’t do it

“What are you talking about? Did you want to touch my heart that much longer? Are you even talking nonsense like that? Did you miss the arms of this sister to whom you gave your sympathy?”

“… What?”

What is this crazy bitch saying?!


“Hey, hey. It’s not a joke, it’s really dangerous. Let go!”

When I spoke urgently, Alicia lowered her head and whispered in a low voice that only me could hear.

“Huh. It’s a bee that came late. How much did I suffer from our clan leader for two days? You too should suffer.”

After saying that, Alicia finally let me go.
Are you saying you haven’t come in two days?!
The cool smile that is so hot that it gets hotter.
But now was not the time to worry about it.

“Sara! Diana! Oh must! I have no interest in the arms of a boy I’ve never met a man like that! Do you believe me?”

As soon as I lost strength in Alicia’s arm, I hurriedly pushed her away and shouted.
With that desperate look of mine, both of them seem to have gained faith.
Diana said with a puzzled expression.

“Who is the brother and who?”

“Hehehe. sister. Do you believe me?”

“Bitch! Please don’t show affection that doesn’t work.”

It’s an irresistible love. I think that’s enough.

“Salvation. You have to stick with me.”

Sara even stopped in front of me slightly as if something was burning with a sense of mission.
Have the roles of men and women changed? No, is this world normal?

It’s a subtle feeling. No, it’s reliable, but that’s it.

And speaking of Alicia, who was being threatened by that Sarah, it seems that what I said earlier was stuck in a dagger.

“Hey! What did you add to something I’ve never been able to date a man?!”

“Are you admitting it? It’s not that we didn’t date, it’s that we didn’t date.”

“It’s not like that! This kid is really… !”

“Poop! Alicia! Even if you want to date! There was no man to buy you!”

“Well, it’s not like that! If I like it! Mr. Lee… !”

Alicia couldn’t bear her anger and began to tremble.
If I make a mistake, will you hit me? This precious body entrusted with an important quest! ha ha ha!
So why are you provoking me like that? A child whose weaknesses have already been identified.
I am a man who can dig into other people’s weaknesses without mercy.

“Then, please tell your clan leader about it. Are you waiting?”

I smiled with a victorious smile and lightly tapped Alicia’s shoulder, who was still vigorous.

“Let’s see… .”

Mumbling with a deep grudge, Alicia turned around.
Well, he has a cool personality, so he’ll get better soon.

According to Alicia, Clan Arachne appears to be in her room now, and Alicia ignored all procedures and led us straight to the office rather than the office.
So we entered the building used as the clan members’ quarters, and we encountered a scene we had never seen before.
It is the heaven where the women of Banra are proudly walking around.
Even if it was a section where people with higher levels live, it felt like everyone had a higher level of beauty than before.
Even so, it’s not at the level of our kids, but I couldn’t deny that my eyes still felt strong.

“Hey, this is… !” “Hey, what are these people?! Aren’t you ashamed?” “Wow… .”

Diana, Sarah, and Sylvia all looked shocked at the sight.
Diana didn’t know either.
After all, when he warned me, he was just saying vaguely that a man died of weakness.

“What do you think? Isn’t that awesome? It’s a level-up system that our clan is proud of.”

Alicia muttered as if she was quite proud.
Even when I looked at them, the clan members passing by smiling casually, as well as Alicia who was proud of it, all seemed to have a problem with common sense. The Kanna Party even suggested 4p even with priests.

“Where are you looking? You don’t see it!”

Still, Diana, who was the first to come to her senses, raised her claws and hurriedly covered my eyes.
Hey. Anyway, seeing something like that doesn’t change my heart or anything like that. So there’s no need to cover your eyes until you’re trembling like that. … Please clean it.

“Diana. It’s okay. I will do it.”

Maybe it was a pity that Diana had stretched out her whole body and barely covered my eyes, so Sarah took over the baton and covered my eyes.
So you don’t even have to cover it.
Well, it’s okay because Sarah’s tender breasts are touching her back just like this.

In the end, I had to pass blindfolded, a paradise where all kinds of beautiful women roamed half-naked.
That heaven could be my heaven.
They need to put aside that and cherish and trust me a little more.

And it was only by going up to the top floor of the building that my eyes were barely freed.
There was no one around, whether the entire floor was being used by the clan leader, or was it just that there were no people around.

“Miriel. go in.”

Alicia strode over to one of the rooms, then just swung the door open without knocking.
In the room, a beautiful woman, who had just taken a shower, was drenched in moisture and wiping her body with a towel.
Somehow, she is a beauty who feels more handsome than beautiful. It seems to be extremely popular with the same sex.
He had his hair cut short, so he might have thought he was a pretty-looking man just by looking at his face.
However, the body had a smooth body with moderately muscle, and the chest and buttocks were moderately voluminous.
However, there were quite serious scars all over the body, but it was beautiful enough to cover them.
The beauty pecked at Alicia without looking at her, as if she didn’t care when the door suddenly opened.

“Alicia. If you have time to wander around like that, maybe a milk road maker or something… .”

“So, don’t look like that. Because I still brought you.”


Then she turned her gaze to us.
The eyes of a beautiful woman with clear, straight eyes, passed through Alicia, Sylvia, Sarah, and Diana, and finally stopped at me.

“Hoo… .”

Then, shining his eyes with curiosity, he wrapped the towel he had been wiping his body on with vigor enough to make a clicking sound over his shoulder.
Then, with her legs shoulder-width apart, the hand that was not holding the towel was placed above her waist, and she glanced at me as if criticizing me.
He doesn’t seem to have the slightest intention of covering his body. I can’t thank you… No, not this. After all, this bizarre clan was also an unusual clan leader.

“Is that the milk road maker?”

“It is salvation. Don’t call me by that nickname.”

“Ha ha. The momentum is good. okay. Salvation. I am Miriel Shall we go then?”

Miriael smiled wildly once, and came over to me without even thinking about putting on her clothes.

“What? Where?”

“Huh? Didn’t you come here to make a request?”

“What kind of request is it as soon as you arrive suddenly? I’m here to talk about the commission.”

“is it. I don’t think there’s much to talk about. Well, sit down.”

Miriel had a disinterested expression on her face and pointed to the sofa in the room, and she sat down on the sofa across from it.
He didn’t seem to want to wear clothes until the end.
He even sat on the sofa with his legs spread wide. Thanks to this, well-ripened pink petals were clearly visible.
Thank you. Thank you.

“you. How about putting on some clothes?”

And Sara, who was not discouraged by anyone at any time, was the first to speak.
I closed my eyes again with both hands.
No! The secret crevasses… !
What you see is fine! It’s not that I’m cheating!

“Huh? I don’t really feel the need to do that.”

Good! That’s right! You have to live like you! Do not bend yourself!

“I think it would be better to cancel this quest.”

“It’s sympathetic. It’s too dangerous.”

“Huh? Hey. I don’t know who it is, but what is it suddenly? If it’s salvation, don’t worry, we’ll keep you safe and secure throughout the request.”

“It’s not like that! Put on some clothes!”

“Huh? Alas. haha. Maybe it was something like that? Excuse me for this.”

Miriael laughed once, loudly, and soon heard the sound of the cloth scraping.
And when my eyes were released, Miriael’s body was already tightly wrapped in clothes.
Damn it! You bend yourself so easily! I’m already disappointed with you!

“Huh. Looks like this guy is more interesting than the rumors. So, what do you have to say about the quest?”

“There’s this and that. From when to when will the order be made? How are you going to get paid?”

“what. Is that so? It’s simple. Requests can be made right away. Duration until we get the dick of the bastard we are aiming for. The pay is… Right. I’ll give you half of all the income you get from hunting during the quest period. Of course he doesn’t have to hunt. Just follow me and make money. Do you like it?”

“I said the period is until you get the target’s penis, can you guess who the target is?”

“It’s not that simple. I am the owner of the 5th floor.”

“This body is absolutely the opposite!”

“Diana? Why all of a sudden?”

“Why did you say that? 5th tier! 5th floor! Those who have dug the deepest dungeon so far have only reached the 6th floor. But you are dealing with the owner of the 5th floor!”

“okay. And one of the parties that reached the 6th floor is our party. do not worry. Your man won’t hurt a single hair. How long do you think we’ve been dealing with him in order to get in and out of the 6th floor without a teleport magic circle?”

“You say that because you don’t know the skill of salvation. The Saint of Salvation skill becomes a provocateur that is seriously effective against monsters. Is the penis what you want to get? Then salvation will have to use the saint skill. The owner of the class ignores all other conditions and attacks only salvation, can you really guarantee that you won’t injure a single hair?”

“Well? Hmm. indeed. Did you have such a problem? But don’t worry. Then, while we’re dealing with him, right before we finish, we can use that saint’s skill, right? And usually the owner of the 5th floor is me and three of our executives can handle it. But this time, to protect him, all of our clan executives are going to go hunting together. Isn’t that a bit reassuring?”

“Why would you do that?

there is?”

They said that they would do it for a long time, but I was curious and asked such a question.
No matter how much you want to get a penis, you don’t feel like you’re overinvesting.
They said they go to the 6th floor.
However, it is said that what you get while traveling with me is the genitals of level 5 monsters.
Do I even need to get it?

“okay. To be honest, I’m proud that I’ve looked around the 6th floor quite a bit. Of course, there are a lot of places I haven’t looked around yet, but he said that he also defeated a guy who looked like the owner of the middle class. It’s strange that you still can’t find a layer that goes down. I’ve heard that there is a secret passageway that leads to the penis, but in the first place, the 6th floor guys are not the ones who can get the penis. But recently, I heard that there is a way from the second floor through a small dungeon to the middle of the third floor. Then, isn’t there a law saying that there should be no passage from the 5th floor to the 7th floor?”

Saying that, Miriael’s eyes were filled with certainty.
The path one believes in is the eyes of those who persevere no matter what.
Then don’t wear the clothes before… no. Now this isn’t important.

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Ready to request

“indeed. I almost got it But Alicia said that she would share information. Don’t you talk about it?”

“Well? Sheesh. what. Did you really even bring that up?”

Miriael looked at Alicia and muttered with an expression of not being able to stop her.

“Isn’t it Miriel who told you to bring it in at any cost? I am not wrong.”

“It is, but… Well, I can’t help it. Good. then with that Instead, prepare yourself for this, not only the owner of the 5th floor, but also all the penises of those you meet along the way.”

“Hmm. After all, I think it would be better to reject this body if at all possible.”

“So nothing to worry about. All the officers of the Arachne clan. power. There’s no way anything goes wrong on the 5th floor. Your man promises to return it safely. little girl.”

Miriel answered Diana with a characteristic fresh smile.
Just looking at the exterior, it seems like a handsome guy is seducing our Diana, so it’s a subtle feeling.

“Hmm. little girl At least this body is bigger than yours… Hmmm. The introduction of this body is late. Diana Telluna.”

Diana was going to talk about her age, but she glanced at me and changed her words.
Am I the only one who really cares about my age? cute guy. I’ll have to play with it more often

“… What?”

Diana’s self-introduction seemed to have left Miriale speechless as well.

“The same person… would not be A silver-haired elf. this this. Excuse me. Sorry for not knowing. indeed. I thought it would be strange to make new discoveries one after another, no matter how special a job you have. I wonder if the one standing next to me was the supreme archmage.”

Hey. Am I the one who figured out how to use the genitals?
Well, Diana was right when I told you to use the saint skill on monsters.
Anyway, Miriale seems to be quite surprised.
However, the reaction was different from what was expected.
You said you used magic, so I thought you would die like other wizards.
As the clan leader of a large clan, can’t you show that?

“He said he used magic, too.”

“I know you well. Have you ever heard of my rumors?”

“no. They asked me how to believe the promise of revealing all the secret passages I discovered, so Alicia told me to sign a contract with you.

“… Alicia.”

“What, what? Got a problem?”

“… done. okay. Then I’ll make a contract for Mana right now.”

Miriel shook her head and immediately recites the contract in a voice filled with mana.
There was no way Diana could cheat in front of her, and it was a clear contract of Mana.

“It’s cool.”

“I’m going to keep my promise anyway. There is no risk, there is no reason to hesitate. Besides, since this place has done it this way, you can’t say that you can’t go because it’s dangerous, right?”

indeed. Was that the intention?

“sorry. Diana. That’s how it happened.”


Diana made a slightly dissatisfied expression, and then took a deep breath.

“I can’t help it. So, when are you going to start the quest?”

“The sooner we are the better… When can you leave?”

“Then let’s do it tomorrow.”

“Well? tomorrow?”

At the word tomorrow, Diana looked at me for some reason.

“You say… .”

“Huh? Why?”

“When are you going to hug Sylvia again?”

“Wait, what does that mean?”

“You didn’t! I won’t ask for it until everyone gives me a hug! But to go on a quest tomorrow, doesn’t it mean that you’ve already embraced Miss Sylvia!”

“Salvation, were you not doing the commissioning for that reason? Besides, with Sylvia already… . You’ve certainly admitted that you can hug Sylvia, but aren’t you doing it more often than we do?”

Sara’s eyes became sharp as it was triggered by Diana’s words.

“awhile! Oh must! To give each other a hug, only the three of you and Leia were talking about! Sylvia and I went to the dungeon and never slept! right! Sylvia! You say something too!”

“… Yes. … It is true.”

Sylvia muttered with a look that was incredibly gloomy, as anyone could tell.
Seeing Sylvia’s expression like that, sympathy flashed in Sarah and Diana’s eyes this time.

“You speak. Even so, isn’t it too much?”

“Really, salvation is not found in delicacy.”

no. It’s because you’re looking at me scared!
And it may seem a little harsh, but it’s right! Can’t you treat Sylvia the same as you?

“Look. Did I say Miriael?”


“Please make the request from the day after tomorrow.”

“D, Diana? What suddenly?”

“Salvation be quiet.”

Sara said as she hugged Sylvia’s grassy shoulders and reassured her.
It is unfair. But he said he would have been mad if I had been wallowing with Sylvia every day.

“Morera… .

That’s right. Two days or so.”

“And. This body has something to tell you.”

“You tell me.”

“Iza is a man with this body after all. I’m sure you know what that means. I’m sure the people of your clan will take care of you during the quest.”

“… Are you serious?”

“Do you think this body is joking?”

“… Okay. If the supreme archmage wants to do that.”

If we just interpreted the conversation, it would mean something like this
Diana told me not to touch her because she is my man, and Miriael asked if she was serious because she would be able to level up a lot if she slept with us.
As an adventurer, it would be an unbelievable choice to kick yourself a level-up opportunity.
But Diana nodded firmly, and Miriael accepted it.
If Diana hadn’t nailed it like that, the clan people here would have attacked me out of curiosity.
If you think about the eyes you saw at the entrance, you’re sure.
Diana came for this in the first place, so it can be seen that the purpose has been achieved.
This means that my chastity is safe.
a little sad… no! I’m not sorry! I’m the only one with them!

“Then I think the conversation is over. Go.”

“Oh, I’ll see you off to the entrance.”

We were able to get out of the clan with Miriael seeing us off.

“Diana. As for the fact that the quest starts the day after tomorrow… .”

“I haven’t been able to see your face for a few days. Anyway, Miss Sylvia is so pathetic.”

“You were angry when you thought I was hugging Sylvia.”

“Salvation is also true! That and this are different things!”

“Well! Yes! You really don’t know what a woman’s heart is!”

no. It seems to me that you know They must be complicated inside too.
I gave permission to hug Sylvia, but when I think about holding Sylvia secretly, I get angry. If you say you won’t hug him at all, you feel sorry for Sylvia again.
In a nutshell, the problem is that neither Sarah nor Diana are so kind.
I just hugged Sarah and Diana from side to side.

“Sarah, Diana. I love you.”

“huh. Anyway, I’m having a hard time falling for this playboy. I only love salvation.”

“Yes. Now, I’ll give you one more chance, so I’ll tell you right this time. Just calling the name of this body.”

“awhile! Diana! You are killing me!”

“The first person to say this is the owner!”

“Is that so? But how did Diana react when I first dated Gu Guo?”

“That’s it and this is this!”

Anyway, they… I wanted to go out well, but in the end, is this the case?
I didn’t want to get involved in their argument, so I sneaked away from them and approached Sylvia, who was walking behind them.


“Yeah. Salvation… hey ah ah ah ah!”

“What are you messing around with? Didn’t you want to be by my side even though you knew you’d be treated differently from them in the first place?”

“Ow, ooh, ooh… .”

As I whispered in my ear, Sylvia turned red as if the grass had died and could not speak properly.

He pursed his lips.

“But that doesn’t mean I don’t like you. pretty soft. rather… .”

“Ah, ahhh… .”

“Salvation! You’re sneaky with Sylvia again!”
“Anyway, I can’t be vigilant!”

Perhaps it was the loud voice of Sylvia’s panic, Sarah and Diana, who were arguing, turned to this direction at the same time.

“uh? No, he’s been so shabby since before, so I’m trying to comfort him… .”

“Every time you comfort someone, you hug him like that, rub your cheeks all over your face, and whisper in a sweet voice?!”

“Why? If I envy you, can I buy it for you?”

“Hey, isn’t it?!”

“… … This body is like that, let me do it!”

Diana, who thought for a moment, looked at Sylvia and shouted with a determined expression on her face.

“Wait, Diana!”

“Sara. You are still far away. As long as you endure a moment of shame, you can continue to enjoy happiness!”

“indeed. Diana. It’s a word that has a lot of age.”

“Well. That this body has aged with foam… I’m not that old!”

“Who says what? Come on. I’ll make you boo-boo.”

I let Sylvia go, who was already on the verge of fainting, and hugged Diana.

“How long do you think you will be able to relax your body with something like this… Make it a little stronger! Miss Sylvia did it enough to leave marks on her cheeks!”

“I do it as a squad. Our Diana is soft and smells good, and it’s nice to be hugging each other like this.”

“Wherever you touch it, Genga says it’s soft! Wherever you touch me!”

It must have been a strange misunderstanding because she was wrapping her arms around Diana’s belly.

“no. It’s not like that. What I said was soft… chest?”

“Genga making fun of this body now! Why is it questionable?! Be sure to say it!”

“Then the cheeks are still soft… .”

“It’s something! That’s right!”

Diana started attacking my body with a pat.
And when you see me rubbing my body without telling me to fall, it doesn’t seem like I’m saying stop rubbing. cute guy.

“Ugh! Cheer up! Me too!”

And as I flirted with Diana like this, maybe it was hard to just look at her, so Sarah finally ran over to me.

“Huh? Didn’t Sara say I didn’t need it earlier?”

“Ugh. … Ha, but… .”

“Hmm. If you want to hug Sara Jung too… okay. With the cutest expression possible, he said, ‘Oppa. If you say ‘Sara, please do it too.’ and think about it.”

“Ji, are you serious?!”

“It’s incredibly sincere.”

“Uh, uh… . As long as you endure the embarrassment for a moment, happiness continues. If you just put up with the shame for a moment, happiness will continue… . Oh brother! Sara too!”

Sarah quickly repeated what Diana said earlier a few times, then opened her eyes more round than usual and said with a cute expression on her face.

“Wow. Sarah. You really don’t like that expression… .”
“Aww! forget! Forget it now!”

“Hey! awhile! hurt! People’s memories don’t fly away when you hit the head! Sarah! sorry! Wrong! surrender! It was really cute!”

“Forget it! Forget it!”

“Ahh! Diana! help me… !”

“I’m weaker than before. I’ve been asked to bear with this body’s shame. Be more certain.”

I asked for help, but Diana didn’t seem to be able to help.
Damn it. After leaving the Arachne Clan House where women go naked, why am I having such a hard time on the street?

“Hey, Sylvia! Help!”

“Yes, four?! Ha, but… .”

Even Sylvia didn’t help me.
ね. You know it well too.
What is the hierarchy of our Clan of the Saviors!
Leia-nim, who reigns as an absolute angel, is number one, Sarah and Diana, who are in charge of physics and magic, respectively, fight under them, and I, the clan leader, is only above Sylvia. In other words, except for Sylvia, it is said to be the lowest.
ね. How come this happens… . If it’s the night, I can beat everyone!

Anyway, that’s how I learned another lesson.
Let’s make fun while watching your opponent.
If Sarah loses her mind while making fun of her, it becomes very difficult to handle.

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Ready for quest

“Guwon-san, have you been… .”
“It’s an angel!”

As soon as I saw the angel’s face, I rushed into my voluptuous chest and buried my face as if to represent her broad heart.


It feels like something is between me and Leia, but now is not the time to worry about it.

“Oh. Whoops. Why?”

okay. this is it this. After all, this is where my heart rests.

“Sarah is tormenting you!”

If someone I can’t beat bothers me, I just stick with someone I can beat. This is the wisdom of living life.

“Salvation. Don’t make my excuses. I just want to be buried in Leia’s chest.”

Even with that said, Sarah seems to think she is a bit harsh.
With a voice that was a little weaker than usual, he lightly slapped me on the back, and he didn’t try to get it off Leia’s chest.
Well, it’s true that I just want to be buried in Leia’s chest.
It still feels good to be alive.
But even Sarah doesn’t bother with much effort, so let’s try to fully enjoy Leia’s breasts for now.

“Ugh! Oops! Whoa!”

However, I couldn’t continue to enjoy this fun time because the things between me and Leia struggled like crazy.

“what. Diana. I hope you enjoy this paradise together.”
“Puha! huh. huh. ugh chest… My heart is my head… .”

okay. Diana was sandwiched between me and Leia.
Actually, while I was here, I kept hugging him and babbling.
When I was about to fall, Diana burrowed into her arms as if to do more, and it was still there.
And when I ran to Leia in that state, Diana, whom I was holding, was naturally caught between us.
As soon as I fell a little, Diana

As he ran away, he muttered like he was afraid.
this. Did Diana’s chest trauma grow further? I can’t do this

“character. Diana. not scary It’s a soft, supple breast.”

“Hey! Me, get it out!”

I can’t do this. It’s totally serious.
damn. This creates a problem when Diana herself becomes busty.
Diana seemed to have finally regained her composure as she approached Sylvia with her wobbling legs.

“Whoa. Miss Sylvia. It’s good that you’re there.”

He even began to deepen his friendship with Sylvia.
Hey. Maybe that’s why you’ve been subtly taking care of Sylvia from before, right?
Don’t do that. If you do that, then you’re totally annoying.
You are guaranteed to grow, but Sylvia is no longer a prospect considering her age… ね. It’s so cruel I can’t even talk about this anymore.

“… … Yes. Thank you.”

Sylvia also gave a soulless answer with a very subtle expression.
Sylvia must have known. It seems like you’ve known Diana since childhood.
Sylvia! You don’t even have to respond politely to such a thing!
Sylvia looked so pathetic that I hugged her without realizing it.


“ね. Sylvia. it’s very hard OK. ‘Cause I don’t mind the little things If it’s just a chest, everything is fine.”

“… Salvation. Are you talking about bragging about it?”

“okay! proud! It goes without saying that I am proud of eating anything evenly rather than being picky eaters! Am I wrong?!”

“Ah, no, that’s… .”

Whoops. won Sarah is confused and can’t speak properly.
I feel like I’ve beaten Sarah after a long time.
I patted Sylvia, who was shaking softly, enjoying the joy of victory over Sarah.
Unlike Leia, she doesn’t have a breast, but even holding her is healed in this way.

“Is that person like that every day?”

Matilda, who was with Leia, looked at me like that, and spoke to Leia in a nonsensical voice.

“Huhu. Cute, right?”

“What a little… No, isn’t it strange?! Are you that cute?!”

“Yeah. Very much.”


ha ha ha ha. It’s Matilda. It’s still a long way off. Did you ever think that someone like you would be able to defeat our angel? Admire that infinitely wide heart, and reflect on how small your vessel is!

“How could something like that… .”

Did you say that now? he’s ignoring me now
Intoxicated with a sense of victory, I did something I shouldn’t have done.

“Huh. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Actually, am I good? tell me frankly cute girl.”

With the coolest expression I could make, with the coolest voice I could make, I grabbed Matilda’s chin and said that.
And speaking of Matilda, from the moment my chin was caught, my eyes had already turned into hearts.

“… Yes. Good… .”
“Aww! Can’t you like it?! The arrogant Cardinal?! A pervert like me! Or was Cardinal Matilda’s taste a pervert?!

Is that so?!”

“Oh, no! Someone like you!”

It was dangerous. It’s extremely dangerous right now.
damn. People are looking for an exciting time. this guy Aren’t you more talented as an assassin than me?
To become a completely natural creature and casually try to turn people into eunuchs.
Haven’t you become an eunuch yet?
… thank God. stand up properly

“So Salvation. How was the request?”

Leia naturally stood in front of Matilda and asked a question whether she thought it would be dangerous for me to talk more with Matilda.
He’s an angel too. Even your caring is perfect.

“Ah, yes. That’s right. I decided to do it the day after tomorrow.”

“tomorrow… You’re going pretty quickly.”

“Well, if there’s something to do, wouldn’t it be better to get it done quickly?”

“It is.”

“And… If it’s the day after tomorrow, I can still hold Leia properly.”

“Huhu. Then tonight… I will expect.”

let’s get pissed off Rather, I am more looking forward to tonight.

“Huh. Leave it to me. Hey. Don’t run.”

“Heh heh. I, I, no more… my heart explodes… .”

“How many times do I have to tell you to understand? The human heart doesn’t burst so easily. you really… .”

Oh, you better not let the other kids hear this?
Everyone acknowledged it, but even so, it wouldn’t feel good to actually hear him say this.
I hugged Sylvia, who struggled to escape, and pressed my mouth to the ear hidden between her frizzy hair.

“If you think you can’t stand it like this, what are you going to do when you hug me? Would you feel much better than this? So much so that my brain burns… .”
“Ah, ah, ah, ah… .”

Whether she was imagining it, or was she just happy that I whispered in her ear, Sylvia trembled and lost consciousness.
It seems that the more you train, the more your symptoms get worse rather than better.
Doesn’t this mean that even when you’re really having sex, you’ll pass out as soon as you insert it?
Anyway, today is not the time to worry about having sex with Sylvia.
okay. It’s not Sylvia sleeping today.

“Savior. that… I have a little request.”

At night, I was in the bathtub with Leia.
We’ve already washed each other’s bodies, and now Leia is sitting with her back to me and her arms around me.
Come to think of it, Leia usually washes with me like this when she sleeps with me. As a woman, you’d always want to wash in that splendid bathroom.
Ever since I went there yesterday, I realized how grateful it is for Leia to wash with me every time like this.
Because he’s an angel too.


“Yeah. That’s me… Now, from the day after tomorrow, you won’t be able to see Mr. Guo for a few days, right?”

“Well, yes.”

“So that… Oh, I’m a little more certain today, so… .”

Leia was strangely shy and blurry.

“OK. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. what is it? Tell me.”

“that… Woah, I really want you to leave a trace of Goo Won… .”

Leia lowered her head, put her hands in front of her chest, and wiggled her fingers as she spoke.


With such an innocent look, you say such a demanding thing!
I hugged Leia’s body tightly.
The rich feel in the hand is amazing.


“Leave it! I’ll leave you with a lot! What can I do? Just talk!”

“Well, that’s it, if it becomes an act, I lose a little reason and stop taking the lead, right? But today, I hope that Goo Won will lead from the beginning to the end. I want to taste Koo Won’s act of love all night long. Boo, can I ask you a favor?”

Oh, that’s what it was.
I am again I was excited to know that I wanted to leave kiss marks all over my body, or I wanted to wrap it up enough to fill my stomach, or something like that, it was such a brutally lewd story.
No. It was a little different from what I expected, but is it still a lewd story?
I think so. When Leia gets excited, there is a corner where she tries to lead herself, perhaps because of the instinct of a nine-tailed fox.
I don’t know if I’m going to completely lose my temper and become a nine-tailed fox like in the past, but now it’s not like that, so I can’t go out strong. You don’t have to.
Besides, Leia’s lead feels just as good as it is.
But nevertheless, asking me to lead… .

“Well, that means… Even if Leia tries to lead, do you mean that I have to suppress and lead?”

“Yeah, that’s it.”

Leia tickled my legs while waving her tail softly as she dyed her cheeks even more red, which she had been reminded of because she was still immersed in the hot water.
Oh, how can you be so bewitched?

“Isn’t there a request for something?”

“Lee, a request?”

“okay. the play you want Because I always ask for something like sucking or doing it with my breasts. Today, I will do whatever Leia wants.”

“That, well… .”

“a. Don’t be shy and tell me.”

“Well then… .”

Leia pondered for a moment, then gently stood up from the bathtub.
Then he turned half a turn to face me, and sat on the edge of the tub opposite me, draped his buttocks and sat up.
Then, I stretched out my legs and put my feet on the ends of the bathtub on the left and right respectively.

“Like I did, would you please do it with your mouth too?”

Saying that, Leia slowly removed her hands that were covering her crotch.


I immediately ran to Leia.
I was very excited at once at the angel’s bewitching appearance, but I didn’t forget to be careful. It was only after I firmly grasped Leia’s waist, which was a bewitching but easy-to-fall position, I could properly look at the pink pussy in front of me.
With her legs wide open, her subtle pubic hair was waiting for my tongue while fluttering like a temptation.
I put my lips on the very labia and tried to kiss… I paused for a moment and thought.
okay. It’s not cool to just attack the most sensitive areas.
I turned my head to the side and kissed Leia’s pale thigh.


Of course you thought I’d kiss your pussy, Leia

I trembled and trembled at the unexpected surprise.
Come to think of it, it was my mistake, but wouldn’t it be okay to leave more traces in my own way?
I climbed up Leia’s thigh while kissing her, and strongly sucked the inside of her thigh close to her pussy.


When the lips were removed, the red kiss mark remained intact.

“I left a mark with this.”

“Yeah, that’s right. However… It’s still not enough.”

Is it because of the thought that I won’t see you in the next few days? Today’s Leia was particularly enchanting even before she became a nine-tailed fox.

“do not worry. Still more… !”

When I tried to put my lips on the thigh on the other side this time, Leia clasped her legs and draped them over my shoulders, pulling them together while overlapping their calves.

“More than that, how about here?”

It seems that a child rides only on the thigh.
I brought my lips to the thick labia in front of me and kissed them.

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Ready to request

Her thick labia were as soft and soft as Leia’s lips, so it tasted like a kiss like this.
With his lips, he tasted the thick texture of his labia, and when he stuck out his tongue and put it through the gap, he could feel the sweet honey flowing through the valley.
We used to wash each other earlier, but today we just washed without giving any reason or training.
Well, I have no intention of denying that I rubbed my breasts for a while, but it means that I didn’t caress properly.
Nevertheless, the fact that love is flowing like this means that Leia is also quite excited about the current situation.


Like a cat licking water from a plate, Leia licked her tongue at the honey dripping from her mouth, and Leia squeezed her legs and grabbed my head with both hands and hugged her tightly as if trying to make it closer to her own vagina.
It was a little suffocating, but more than that, I was happy to be buried in Leia’s soft skin.
However, Leia is barely sitting in the bathtub right now.
Her upper body leaned forward as she hugged my head tightly, so she almost fell over.
If I hadn’t been holding on to my waist, it would have been a disaster.


I grabbed Leia’s waist tightly and stood up.
Leia was quite embarrassed because she was riding an upside-down wooden horse on top of me, so she covered my head with her whole body.
The presence of huge breasts touching the top of the head is no joke.
His view was obscured by Leia, but the game system window was visible regardless of that, so there was no problem.
Relying on the map, I approached the bed, took a towel from my inventory, laid it on the bed, and laid Leia on it.
Leia was only lying on the bed to calm down a little, so she relaxed her legs and freed my head.

“Really. Salvation Mr. You were surprised.”

When I lifted my head and approached Leia as if in a normal position, Leia gently stroked my chest with her tail.

beaten and said

“sorry. sorry. I thought it would be dangerous to continue in the bathtub.”

I answered with a smile, grabbed Leia’s outstretched leg and made it drape over my shoulder again.
And the rest of her legs grabbed her calves and kissed her pretty pink toes.

“Goo, Guwon-san! Dirty!”

“OK. There are no dirty parts on Leia’s body.”

“Ha, but… .”

“Because it’s okay. Do you want me to give you a lot of mouth today?”

Leia was startled and tried to get herself up, but I reassured her and put her toe in her mouth and sucked it.
I didn’t lie. I really don’t think it’s that bad.
It didn’t smell like feet, but maybe it’s because I just washed it, and it smelled like soap, and the toenails were cut neatly, and the toes looked really pretty.
I don’t really have a foot fetish.
It’s because I see my feet and think I’m pretty, because Leia’s whole body is pretty.

“Wow! Oh no… Whoops! I really… hey!”

When she sticks out her tongue and licks between her toes, Leia moans while twisting her upper body with an expression of not knowing what to do.
As a result, her gigantic breasts fluctuated, and the force was no joke.
I feel it every time, isn’t that size a real scam even when lying down?
After sucking my feet for a while, I went down on Leia’s legs as I kissed her.
feet, calves, thighs. Leaving kiss marks like markings here and there, it goes down gradually, and now it’s time to touch the pubic area.
Without having to touch the pubic area, I lifted my head slightly and left a kiss mark on my lower abdomen.

“Ugh! Goo, Gukwon!”

Leia called my name in a slightly hoarse voice, seemingly sad.
Leia has a voice like this.
Judging from the eyes and tail, it looks like it hasn’t become a nine tailed fox yet, but is it on the verge of that?
You may be struggling with your sexual desire.
But I remember well what Leia said earlier.
Even if Leia becomes a nine-tailed fox and tries to lead, she ignores it and asks me to lead.
So I kissed the other thigh once more, this time, without touching the pubic area at all.
It’s never because I like to tease.
I’m just doing what Leia asks me to do.
It’s never exciting to be able to torment our angel without any remorse.

“Heh! No, not there!”

Unable to bear it any longer, Leia reached out and grabbed my head and tried to press it down.
But no matter how much Leia’s power pressed me down, there was no way I could move.
I glanced sideways at Leia’s anxious expression, and continued to kiss only around the pubic area.
Then Leia took the next step.
I covered my head with my legs, lifted my waist, and brought my pubic hair close to my face.
But I kept my mouth shut and didn’t caress at all.

“Goo, Guwon-san! Whoops! I, please!”

Leia moved her waist and rubbed her pubic hair against my lips as if she couldn’t help it.
To be honest, my lower body was already on the verge of exploding from that lewd action, but I tried my best to say it in a calm voice.

“What would you like me to do?”

“Hey, the mouth… !”

“Into the mouth?”

“Papa, suck it! Whoops!”

Leia shouted that and covered her face with both hands as if she was ashamed.
Even the ears that protrude above her head were folded forward as if embarrassed, so the movement of her waist that pushed her pubic hair in a lewd manner and the gap in her cuteness hit her heart directly.
I folded Leia’s waist up so that it was at a right angle, so that I could see Leia’s face properly.
Then he grabbed Leia’s hands that were covering her face and forced her to fall.

“Why are you covering it up? Show me more of Leia’s pretty face.”

“Oh no! Shame on you!”

When Leia’s face was exposed, she closed her eyes tightly and shook her blushing face from side to side.
I’m in a situation where my face is showing through my pubic hair because of my posture, so I’d be even more embarrassed to meet him face to face.
But as I reached out and fixed his face, he murmured as he looked at me with slightly watery eyes.

“Today, Goo Won is a bit mischievous.”

“So did you hate it?”

“no. There will be no way I will ever hate Mr.

Ah, no matter how shy I am, I am sure to say that.

“Thanks. So do i. Then as a prize… .”

As I warmed my heart to Leia’s answer, the desire to torment me a little less.
After all, our angels have the power to purify people’s minds, which is always active as a passive.
So, just as Leia wanted, she put her lips on her pubic hair, to be exact, a little above it, and licked it with her tongue, removing the shell covering the clitoris.

“Heh heh. Be mean, too.”

Leia, who was able to see me licking her own pussy from the front, put on an expression of embarrassment that she didn’t know what to do.
But he asked me to do it, and besides, it would feel too good to tell him not to do it.
While pounding my stomach with her tail, Leia didn’t try to remove her pussy. He sobbed as he looked at my face with a complicated expression of embarrassment but feeling good.

I, who made the clitoris properly exposed, this time aimed at the entrance to the pubic area and kissed my lips.
While gently touching the clitoris with the upper lip, the tongue began to penetrate into the pubic area.

“Hey! ha ha! ha ha! Ha!”

It’s just that the tongue is in, but such a tightness. Leia’s pussy has grabbed my tongue and tightened it softly, but surely.
I stimulated the inside of Leia by moving my tongue as if digging into the crevices that stimulated my tongue one by one.

“Ha ha! Whoops! Salvation! Salvation! I now… !”

Perhaps the limit was slowly approaching, and Leia clasped the towel underneath with both hands and trembled.

“that… ! eh?”

And just before Leia was about to climax, I pulled out my tongue and pulled my lips out of Leia’s pussy.

“Goo, Mr. Guwon… ?”

Leia looked at my face with a crying expression.

While looking up, his own pussy has been pushed into my face.
Don’t make that face. Because at the climax, you do it to make you feel the best.
I looked at Leia and gave a refreshing smile once, and kissed the clitoris that I had peeled off earlier and stimulated it with my upper lip.


And at the same time as the completely congested clitoris was strongly sucked, Leia shuddered at the waist and spouted water.

“Ah ah ah ah ah… .”

With the waist bent at a right angle and the lower part of the body is lifted, when the fountain is sprayed, the place where the liquid drips is of course on Leia’s own face.
Leia, covered in her own love liquid that spouted from her face as if from a flood, was trembling with her whole body red like a blush.

“Is it that good?”


Leia looked at me blankly for a moment, then hurriedly covered her face with both hands and swung her legs.

“Wow! Leah, Leia?”

Of course, it didn’t hurt at all, but I was startled by the sudden action that wasn’t Leia, and I fell from Leia.
Then Leia folded her legs as it was, rolled her body in a circle, and turned half a turn side to side.
In other words, it became a posture lying on the bed with the body curled up in a circle.
I was very excited to see the chest that was pressed on the thigh protruding to the side… no. Now is not the time for this.

“Lee, Leia?”

I carefully put my hand on Leia’s back and called out her name, but Leia didn’t answer.
Instead, he swung it like a whip with his tail and hit me in the body.
As the wet tail hit my bare body, there was a shrill and loud sound.
Of course, it was only a loud sound because of the wet tail, and it didn’t hurt at all, but Leia seemed to be startled by an unexpectedly loud noise.
Her curled back twitched and trembled, and she slowly turned her head to look at my complexion as if to make sure it was okay.
You look like you’re worried about me even though you look like you’re going to die of shame. He’s an angel too.
As I felt my facial muscles loosen at the delightful look of our angel, I stroked my dazzling golden hair.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. It felt very pretty.”


Then Leia buried her head in the bed again and swung her tail to slap me.
Oh, I’m weaker than before. I’m sorry to confirm that I’m okay. After all, our angel.

“OK. because it’s okay.”

I tried to soothe her by stroking her hair, but the shock of putting her love liquid on her didn’t seem to go away easily.
I can’t help it. It cannot continue to be like this.
It’s a bit compulsive, but will it make Leia forget her shame?
To be honest, I’m a little reluctant to do this to Leia in this state, but it’s okay since I asked you to lead me earlier, right?

I grabbed hold of the tail that had been stroking my body.
Then, Leia’s body was startled and tense, but Leia still crouched and did not try to look this way.
As if squeezing water out of the tail, Leia’s body, which is also in the erogenous zone, trembled.
This time, it’s a different feeling than before.
As proof of that, a viscous liquid dripped from Leia’s pubic area under her tail, forming long, long legs with a towel.
The subtle trembling of the buttocks is a really pleasant feeling.
After stroking the tail a few times, I lifted it up and attached it to Leia’s back.
Then, under the tail, two holes were clearly visible.
I aimed the object at the dripping pussy, and inserted it in one go.

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