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Prepare for quest

Because Leia was curled up, her ass was in a perfect position for insertion, so my stuff went all the way down to Leia’s pussy in one go.
The feel of Leia’s soft buttocks touching her lower belly is pleasant.

Anyway, as soon as I inserted it, the tails made of purple magic started to form from the root of Leia’s tail.
Come to think of it, this is the first time I’ve ever seen a nine-tailed fox like this from behind.
Usually I noticed it with my eyes.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.”

Leia, who had completely grown her tail and transformed into a nine-tailed fox, took a deep breath and shook her waist from side to side, bringing her buttocks closer to my lower belly.
After all, it seems that it is difficult to resist sexual desire when it turns into a nine-tailed fox.
It seemed quite desirable to move only the waist in a crouched position, but I want to see our angel’s face more than this.

“Leia. Are you still not looking at me like that?”

I leaned my upper body forward, put my mouth to Leia’s ear, and whispered.


Then Leia’s ears perked up and moved, reaching behind her arms and wrapping around my neck.
And then they kissed deeply.
Also. As his sexual desire increased, he seemed to have become more faithful to his instincts. Even our angels are true.
I slightly bit Leia’s tongue, which was digging into my mouth, sucked it in, and then opened my mouth.

“More, more… .”

Leia grabbed my head and tried to kiss me more, but I grabbed Leia’s arm and refused.

“No. Are you doing what I want today?”

I made Leia’s arm face up as it was, and I kissed the inside of Leia’s arm.

“Because the lower body has been marked. This time, I have to mark the upper body.”

Then, as it descended and touched her armpit, Leia’s body trembled and moved her waist as if riding a child.
If you see a little gap, it will immediately change your posture and get on top of you and shake your back.
But you can’t leave it like that.
I grabbed Leia’s body and moved my mouth from the armpits to the breasts protruding from the thighs.

“Hey! Goo, Salvation! please!”

When she sucked hard to make a kiss mark on the chest next to her, Leia shook her head from side to side and let out a sad moan.
It even sounds like please.
The upper body is still unmarked, but it can’t be helped. We can’t just watch our angels suffer.
I grabbed Leia’s waist and then started strongly piston movement.

“Huh! ha ha! Ha! Ha!”

Leia, who finally got what she wanted, groaned to her heart’s content and shook her back together.
Instead of just swaying back and forth according to my movements, the movement of turning the waist round and round or swaying from side to side.
That movement subtly matched my back-and-forth movement, further maximizing the pleasure of Leia’s yet amazing vagina.

“Leia. I will slowly I’ll leave a lot of my marks inside Don’t spill a drop and take it well.”

“Yes, four! neet! Me too!”

Not only did Leia consistently answer my perverted lines, but the tip of the root was tightened even tighter than before, probably because it really gave more strength to the vagina.

“Heh heh!”

And at the same time as I ejaculated, Leia also reached its climax.
But I did not stop moving my back while ejaculating.
At the same speed that he raised his spurt, he attacked Leia’s vagina without mercy.

“Hah! Goo, hey! In other words?! ha ha! Hey, hey! Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Leia was unable to speak properly and moaned due to my reckless waist movement, and eventually began to experience multiple orgasms.
It was said that the tongue was loosened and the pronunciation was twisted, which felt strangely sultry.
I gently sucked the tongue that was completely loose and protruded out of my mouth, and smiled triumphantly.

“Isn’t Leia the one who asked me to leave a lot of traces of me? I will leave a lot of traces until my stomach is full, so be prepared.”

“Hah! hey! Yes, go, be prepared, huh, I’ll do it!”

Leia trembled at my words, but responded steadily.
If you give me a sincere answer like this, I can’t help but cheer up!

And while changing positions, we had sex until Leia’s stomach was really full.
At the end of the day, when I ejaculated, semen burst out between us.
I did it, but it was terribly cheap.
If it weren’t for magic, I’d probably be pregnant.
Besides, Leia’s body wasn’t the only thing that was out of shape.
From head to toe, there were red scars all over my body so that there was no place without my kiss mark.

“sorry. Leia. Was it too bad?”

In the end, I ended up riding in the direction that turned my back on me.
Even though Ki Seung-wi was the same, I was the one who took the lead.
I grabbed my arm to keep Leia from falling forward and pushed her upward as hard as I could.
Of course, I could only say that it was a nine-tailed fox who subtly wriggles his back in the midst of it.
Thanks to this, Leia’s entire body has lost strength, and as soon as I let go of her arms after the act, Leia buries her upper body between my legs and collapses, exhaling only rough breathing.

“Hey! Whoops, no. This is what I asked for.”

But, nevertheless, Leia answered faithfully.
The state of the nine-tailed fox had already been released, and the voice that was overflowing with sexual desire had returned to the usual gentle voice of an angel.

“If you stop thinking of me… You can do more. uh… .”

Saying so, Leia stretched out her arms and hugged my feet above her head, and sucked on her toes.

“Lee, Leia?! more… !”
“No. if you say that There are no dirty parts on Guwon-san’s body.”

After Leia said that, she stretched out her tongue and started licking between my toes.
ugh I got back what I said, so I have nothing to say! Besides, I’m incredibly shy!
Leia’s feet

He seemed to understand a little bit why he moaned so much when he was sucked.
Human feet are sensitive.

“Oh. Have you grown up again?”

“Oh, no. This… .”

“Hey, one more time… Would you like to?”

Leia, who had become innocence after her nine tailed fox condition was released, seduced me by subtly shaking her waist from side to side with a feeling of slight embarrassment.
If you tempt me like that, you can’t help but do it!
I guess I won’t be able to sleep today.


After all, I had to act all night, and I came down to the restaurant one step ahead of Leia.
what? Come to think of it, I think this has happened before… . Didn’t you have a hard time last time? … what happened

“Why are you yawning like that in the morning? no. Do not say. Because I think I’m going to be angry.”

Sarah saw my yawn and started talking to me, then stopped by herself.
You’ve grown your eyes, Sara. But it’s already too late.

“Because I’m hanging out with Leia all night. I couldn’t even sleep.”

“awhile! Did you not hear me tell you not to speak now?”

“Huh? Did I hear you right? But I just want to see Sarah’s jealous face.”

“Hey, isn’t this really stupid?!”

“You are an idiot for your brother.”

“Who is your brother! Who!”

“Come on, Sarah. Don’t be jealous, come here.”

Lack of sleep made my judgment a little more blurred than usual, and I fearlessly hugged Sarah’s waist and made her sit on my legs.

“Let go! you stupid!”

Sarah slapped me in the chest, but not as strong as usual.
Whoops. chuck. you’re making a fuss

“If you call me bro, I will let you go.”

“I will never call you!”

“Before, I told you that you would call me sometimes when you wanted to.”

“Are you deliberately making fun of people now and thinking it’s time for me to like it?!

It is a wise word.
But I can’t just admit it here.

“if not… Are you pretending to be stubborn because you don’t want to be separated from me?”

“no it’s not!”

“Black. Sarah’s love has grown cold these days.”

“I see! Really! … brother! Are you done now?!”

“No. With a little more love.”

“Baby, I love you… .”

“Affection… no?”

“Hey, you idiot… Brother!”

As I looked at her with sad eyes, Sarah said in a shy voice, as if she couldn’t help it.

“Oh oh. I like that shy voice This time, in a slightly more silly voice, it’s my brother… .”

“I called you, so let me go!”

“You don’t like being with me like that?”

“Si, it’s not that I don’t like it, it’s uncomfortable to eat when they are together like this!”

“Why are you making so much noise in the morning?”

As I was flirting with Sarah, Diana showed up.

“Sara says she doesn’t want to sit on my lap. Do you want Diana to sit down?”

“Well? Hmm. I can’t help it. I’ll give you the right to hold this body if you want.”

He pretends to be good at the subject he wants to embrace.

“Is that so?

Sarah. So, will you get out of here now?”

“… Hate.”

“Huh? Yes? What do you say?”

“… Shi, I hate it.”

“Why would you hate it? Did you try to go down like that before? Huh? Sarah?”

“this… It’s because salvation is good! you stupid!”

“Sara’s confession of love since morning. I am a happy guy.”

“You are so stupid!”

Sarah was stroking my chest, but the numbness of my senses from sleepiness also played a part, so I am not in pain at all.

“Huh haha. to squabble. cute guy.”

“… So when are you going to hold this body?”

“Huh? Oh, then, let’s sit half and half.”

I sat Sarah and Diana each on one thigh.

“These are true two-handed… two feet… A flower on both legs?”

“Are you the one who says you’re proud of your legs?”

Huh… I know. When I say it, it sounds a little like

“How did this happen in the first place? where are you all going Is Miss Leia still there?”

“If it’s Leia, I’ll bring Matilda with me. It will probably come soon.”

Since Matilda is a nuisance to be in the same room as me, Leia headed to the restaurant only after I arrived in order to reduce the amount of time together if possible.
Even so, I think I am a really kind guy, who doesn’t choose to eat separately.
I can’t help it. It would be lonely to eat alone when everyone is eating together.

“And if it’s Sylvia, then there.”

I pointed my finger at Sylvia, who was shivering in the corner of the dining room.

“… What did you guys do this time?”

“uh? Are you sure what I did?”

“Isn’t it natural? Genga who calls it a word. So, what did you do?”

“I didn’t do anything. I was just sneaking up behind him and whispering in my ear that I slept well.”

“Stop it. But what if one day Miss Sylvia really gets a heart attack?”

“Sylvia. Don’t you like me playing with you?”

“Wow! Joe, good!”

Oh oh. To answer that it’s okay without hesitation even if it’s a life-threatening job.
it’s sylvia I was a little impressed.

“Is that good?”

“You and Miss Sylvia are really… .”

Diana was unable to speak any more and shook her head.

“Good night everyone.”

“Good ah… !”

At the same time as Leia appeared, the expressions of Sarah and Diana changed abruptly.
It was as if he ate a room.

It was difficult because I was holding the two of them, but when I turned my head back, I could barely see Leia. And I realized why they were making such faces.
Sure enough, Leia was wearing that dress that showed off her breastbone.
Neither Sarah nor Diana were wearing clothes that revealed the seal of the apostles.

“Five. Leia, are you wearing those clothes?”

“Yeah. Guwon told us to wear it only when we are together. So I try to wear it often at times like this.”

“Huh. Good. Pretty… And even if you don’t change clothes, you’re still pretty enough.

I hugged Sarah and Diana about to get up and hit the player.

“Even if you don’t show it, it doesn’t mean you’re here.”

As they spoke while tapping Sarah’s upper buttocks and Diana’s lower belly, the two agreed with a look of helplessness.

“By the way, what were you doing with the two of you hugging each other?”

“Really, it’s unscrupulous since morning!”

Leia didn’t have a jealous expression at all, but rather said with a gentle smile that was no different from her usual, to the point where she seemed relaxed.
I heard Matilda say something next to me, but it’s better to basically ignore that, so don’t worry about it.

“Huh? No, just… .”

“Huhu. is that so?”

Leia covered her mouth with one hand and smiled softly, and sat down in the seat opposite me.
Then I was able to properly check Leia’s appearance again.

“Lee, Ray… !”
“Leia. Red marks on the skin… A kiss mark?”

Ah, Sarah’s voice became cold as usual again.

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Ready to request

Hearing Sarah’s voice, I quickly ran away.

“Come on, wait a minute. Calm down. It’s not like that… .”

“What is not? Isn’t that a kiss mark?”

“no. That’s right… .”

“Ugh… . Oppa also seems to prefer people like older sisters like Leia rather than younger brothers? He even marked that he slept so hard. Oh, that’s why you told me to call you oppa, oppa?”

I’ve never heard the word “oppa” so terrifyingly in my life.

“no! It’s not like that! That’s just because Leia asked me to do it! Right, Leia?!”

“Yeah. You won’t be able to see Goo Won for a few days now. I want to have at least some traces of Guwon-san… .”

Leia smiled shyly and placed her hand on her chest as if stroking the kiss mark on her breastbone and the seal of the apostle above it with her fingertips.
Thank you so much for replying right away, can you please stop making such an emphatic gesture? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Not only Sarah, but Diana, who is next to her, can also feel her fighting power increasing in real time.

“… But that’s too much. But what to do if the skin is scarred. You don’t want to leave scars on Miss Leia’s body too, don’t you?”

But he didn’t immediately get angry. He took a deep breath and said so in a voice that suppressed his anger.

“Yeah, but… .”

“You say so. How about treatment?”

“no. It’s okay. Ever since then, I’ve been a priest. I don’t know how big the scar is. At this rate, it won’t leave a scar later on.”

“Still, maybe… !”

“If you think it will leave a scar, Cardinal Matilda is here too. Cardinal Matilda, wouldn’t it be easy to get rid of this scar?”

“Yes, Neet?! yes, yes… that, like that… Dee… ?”

It’s Matilda. why are you so scared

is there No, I do understand.
I felt a strange affinity with Matilda. I don’t mean to make friends though.

“Huhu. So you don’t have to worry about it.”

“Well, then… Whoops! You!”

Diana looked up at me as if she was speechless, pretending to be Leia and pointing a finger at me.
No, look at me and tell me what to do. Why are you making such a sad face in the first place?

“Why? Will you do it too?”

I placed my hand on Diana’s chin, turned her head slightly to the side, and then placed her mouth on her cheek and sucked strongly, leaving a kiss mark.

“character. I did it on the cheek to make it look good. Did you do this?”

“Uh, uh… . Vanessa!”


When Diana called Vanessa, Vanessa immediately took out her hand mirror and placed it in front of Diana’s face.
Diana looked at the kissmark on her cheek and snorted heavily.
He nodded his head as if he would be satisfied with this.
thank God. First of all, it looks like Diana hit the cover.
All that’s left is Sarah.

“Sara, don’t be like that.”

I put my mouth to Sarah’s ear, bit her a little, and sucked hard on her earlobe.

“Have you forgotten who I dated first? Why did you say that?”

“Ha, but… .”

“buy it.”

“Huh… sorry… .”

Sara was also aware that her words were a bit too far-fetched, and when I called her name, she politely apologized.
I smiled softly and stroked Sarah’s hair.
On the outside, he maintained such a soft atmosphere, but on the inside he was incredibly relieved.
woo woo woo. thank God. I thought it was a real X.
Even when Sarah was talking about her brother, it felt like her blood was frozen, but how can she get through this crisis with such splendor?
I felt that I had made great progress myself.
Whoops. This seems to be starting to take on the appearance of a harem king.

“Why are you laughing so hard all of a sudden?”

this. It seems that his heart has been revealed on his face.

“Huh? No, I like the feel of Sarah’s ass.”

“You idiot!”

Sara also seemed to have regained her condition, slapped my chest and got up and sat down on the chair next to her.
But when Sarah got out of the way, Diana moved as if waiting and burrowed between my legs.

“… Hey. Aren’t you going?”

“Well? Should I keep it?”

“Sounds natural… How are you going to eat?”

“Isn’t it okay to eat like this?”

“Miss Diana. Then won’t Guwon feel uncomfortable eating it?”

“Hmm… . Are you uncomfortable?”

Diana put her hand to her chin and thought, then suddenly looked at Leia and grinned and then looked at me.
do you mean that? Of course not uncomfortable.

“no. No way.”

“That’s right.”

However, there was no way that he could say that he was uncomfortable, and Diana said while she opened her chest and looked at Leia confidently.
Hey. Don’t provoke our angel for nothing.
Why the hell are you burning so fiercely today?

“Uh… is that so? But you look uncomfortable… . oh then

I will feed you.”

Leia, who was sitting across from the table, took a spoonful of soup, got up, put her hand on the middle of the table, and leaned down to reach out to me.

“Come on, please.”

And with a soft smile, he held out a spoon with soup to my lips.
The angelic smile, as well as the larger breasts and the accentuated sternum as they descend under the influence of gravity, were very pleasing. As it is a dress with a deep cut in the chest, it seems that if you do it wrong, your chest will overflow.

“Wow, what are you doing! Can’t get rid of it! Miss Sylvia! Where is Miss Sylvia?!”

Diana, who was able to stare at such a chest in front of her eyes, shouted while covering her eyes as if she had been hit by a flash bomb.
Hey. Do you hate Leia’s breasts that much?
And don’t hurt Sylvia for nothing. It’s not that Sylvia’s small breasts don’t know how to rely.

“If you don’t like it, you can go down… .”

“Oh, that can’t be! After much effort, this body won over Miss Leia… I hate it anyway! Something?! Do you hate having this body sit on top?”

It seemed that Diana had no intention of escaping from this position even if she died.
no. If you look at the picture, you are completely losing to Leia.
Well, Diana, who is trying to build her self-esteem like this, is also cute, so it doesn’t matter.

“No, it’s me, but… What happened?”

I just grabbed Diana’s torso with both hands and ate the soup from Leia, who was still sticking out a spoon.

“Genga eating it!”

“My hand is holding Diana, so I can’t help it. So will you get Diana?”


As I spoke, Diana scooped out the soup and tried to move it to my mouth above her head.
But it wasn’t that hard to bring the soup without spilling it into my mouth above my head. The soup felt like it was going to spill out of the trembling spoon at any moment, and Diana had no choice but to give up.

“Why are you so unnecessarily big!”

“It’s useless. As big as it is, Diana likes to die at night… .”
“Hey, aren’t you talking about there?! You really are! Are you stupid?! Huh?! Are you stupid?!”

“Hey. No matter how much I call myself, I will get hurt if I call out such an idiot.”

👌👌👌 Mi, I’m sorry.”

“No. don’t forgive me Sara and Diana have been saying I’m too stupid these days. Right. ‘Your stuff is not useless at all. Rather, it feels great to be big.’ I’ll forgive you if you say… .”

“A man like you! Who is you!”

Eventually, Diana turned around and started to attack.
Don’t move so violently on ya. It looks like it will get bigger when it gets rubbed.

“Huhu. Salvation Mr. Then I will continue to feed you.”

And regardless of the conversation between me and Diana, Leia held out the spoon to me again.

“Go, clear your chest!”

So if you don’t like it, come down on top of me.
In the end, Diana did not come down from above me in the end as she tasted the pain of constantly staring at Leia’s chest.
Truly a sorcerer. ’cause you’re tough It’s really useless, though.

“buy it. Talk to me for a moment.”

After eating, I grabbed Sarah as she was about to go back to her room and brought her to my room.
Sylvia, who was following me from behind as if stalking me, felt restless, but I tried to ignore it and took Sarah into the room and closed the door.
I’m talking about you, so be patient. Sylvia.

“Are you talking? what?”

“Are you still mad?”

At my question, Sarah grinned and lightly kissed my lips.

“Don’t worry, I’m not angry. brother.”

Huh. What did I know, though.
He’s very jealous and gets angry a lot, but that doesn’t mean he’s the kind of person who has a back end. Rather, he is the type of person who releases his anger and releases it on the spot, so it is easy to deal with.

“Did you call me to talk like that? However, salvation is also very timid.”

While saying that, it seemed like she was in a good mood, and Sarah laughed and teased me.

“No, I have something else to talk about.”

“Oh? okay? What are you talking about?”

“that… .”

I have something to say for sure, but it was a bit difficult to ask outright.
Because it was about having sex with Sylvia.
Apparently, when Diana took the commission two days later yesterday, Sarah, who was listening with her, did not say anything.
That means he’ll admit to having sex with Sylvia.
But what I’m curious about here is, why did you take it two days later?
If it’s just to have sex, you could do it right away with Sylvia after returning from Clan Arachne yesterday.
If so, I could have started the quest today.
Even so, does the fact that the commissioned job is scheduled two days later means that you will give up the night to Sylvia?
Unless I asked Sarah directly, it was something I could never come to a conclusion on my own.

“What are you talking about? Did you do anything wrong with me again?”

Sarah’s eyes widened as if suspicious.

“Oh, no. What does he see people as? That’s it, Sara… Should I sleep with Sylvia during the day or at night?”

I finally made up my mind and asked Sarah openly.

“… … Aren’t you stupid?! Why are you asking me that?!”

Sara said as she slapped me in the chest, as she never thought I’d ask such a question.
It hurts a little because I’m surprised that I can’t control my strength.

“But think about it. If I didn’t mean to grow up at night and I slept with Sylvia, would I be cheating on you?”

“That’s right… I never thought about it.”

Apparently, even Sarah wasn’t thinking deeply when deciding on the commissioned job.

“So maybe it’s okay?”

“Uh, uh… .”

Sarah looked at me as if she was glaring at me, thinking about it, then sighed heavily.

“Whoa. ok On a day like this, I have to make concessions to Sylvia for a day or so.”

“Are you really okay?”

“Yeah, you idiot. me too

I don’t like being greedy and being hated by salvation.”

“You are the fool. Being greedy with me means that you like me that much, there’s no way you can hate me, right? No, there’s no way I’d hate Sarah in the first place, right?”

“Pee. I didn’t say anything about it, such as thickening it up to build memories, since we’ll be apart for a few days only when we’re with me.”

“Hey. Still, we made some pretty good memories with you, didn’t we?”

“Is that perverted maid play?”

“It’s like a pervert. I did what I really wanted to do with Sarah. Did you hate it that much?”

“No, I didn’t hate it! I didn’t hate it… Some more memories… .”

“Are you saying it was good?”

“Well, that’s good… .”

“Right. Was it that Sarah liked the maid play like a pervert? I will have to work harder next time.”

“You don’t have to push yourself for that! You really are an idiot!”

“Don’t be arrogant and come here. I’ll make a kiss mark for Sarah too.”

“It’s not Angtal!”

While saying that, Sarah brought her cheek to my lips.
okay. okay. It’s best to be honest.

“Uh… slap your cheeks It’s a strange feeling. What do you think? Are you okay?”

“Huh. left right My kiss mark.”

“Then I… .”

This time Sarah put her mouth to my cheek.

“Come on, wait! on the cheek?”

“Why do you hate it?”

“no. I’m still going outside… .”

“Then I have to mark it in a place where I can see it as mine. And didn’t Leia have already marked it on her body?”

Sarah said lightly pinching my cheek.
Well, I won’t deny that Leia left kiss marks all over her body as if she had marked her territory.

“Still, I have left a space for you. Now, leave a kiss mark on this brother’s chest. I want to leave a mark of Sarah right on my heart rather than on my cheek.”

“I feel like I’m being deceived… .”

While saying that, Sarah kissed my left breast.

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Ready to request

I’d say it’s a substitute for giving up the night to Sylvia, but I spent the whole day flirting with Sarah.
Sylvia, who had been restless since breakfast earlier, had a completely sullen expression from dinner time and was dead.
Sylvia also heard from Clan Arachne that I was going to hold her, and she probably thought she would hold her this day.
And after dinner time, I always get along well with my kids that day.
So it’s clear that Sylvia thinks I’ve forgotten that I’m going to hug her now.
I used to play casually with Sarah during the day to surprise her on purpose, but seeing her dead like that made me feel a little sorry.
If you’re going to be gloomy like that, you should tell me directly.
Don’t be like this

Even if it’s not work, didn’t I tell you before?
If you want to be hugged, tell me.
I don’t plan on actively hugging Sylvia myself because I’m keen on my kids, but I do want to hug her whenever Sylvia says.

Anyway, Sylvia, who was in such a gloomy state, greeted us as soon as she finished eating and left the restaurant.
It was Sylvia who always followed me around, but after dinner she didn’t stalk as if she wouldn’t disturb me and went straight back to her room.
During the day, Sara and I were flirting with each other, chasing after them, looking envious of them from behind.
Do stalkers have their own iron rules?

As soon as Sylvia left the restaurant, I had already finished eating and chatting with the kids, and I followed Sylvia straight away.
Even though my level is low, I also have a job called an assassin.
Killing the footsteps, he approached Sylvia’s back while hiding his presence as much as possible.
Sylvia, completely exhausted, probably didn’t notice my approach, and even though I was right behind her back, she staggered forward without looking back.
I smiled of conversion, shouted loudly, and hugged Sylvia’s body tightly.

“Caught… … Whoops!”

No, I tried to hug him.
As my arms were about to wrap around Sylvia’s body, my vision suddenly reversed and my body floated into the air.
And right after that, my body was thrown to the floor with pain that took over my body.
This feeling is not unfamiliar. It’s a feeling I’ve tasted once.

“fistula… Goo, savior?! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, okay, okay?!”

Sylvia looked down at me with blank, lifeless eyes, then confirmed that the assailant was me, and was at a loss for what to do.
It is strangely cute to see her hands raised to her chest, palms facing this way, and her ten fingers wiggling as if contemplating whether or not to reach out.

“Heh heh. Cool. Cool. Whoops. big hawk. I, my lord, die… .”

To further embarrass Sylvia, I deliberately exaggeratedly lay on the floor and did a break dance.
It was a performance that no one would ever be fooled by, but Silvia was deceived.
No, rather than being deceived, I was so surprised that I didn’t have the brain to judge the truth. Anyway.

“Ugh, ahhh! You must not die!”

With tears dripping from her really big eyes, Sylvia immediately knelt down and put her hand on my body.
Tears come out so quickly. Remorse is no joke.
But now, there is no way to go back. I decided to keep playing.
The moment Sylvia, who was on her knees, touched my body, I firmly stood up and hugged her.

“You got it!”

“Hey ah ah ah ah ah!”

A kid who reacted immediately when approached with the assassin’s skill from behind, hugging him openly in front of him like this and not reacting.
Well, it’s only natural that I was crying.
As soon as I hugged her, Sylvia was startled and hardened like a cat’s fur.


“… … hib. Hib.”

Sylvia looked up at me blankly for a moment, then started hiccups.
Even she was still crying.
How many times have you been joking and feeling so guilty?

“sorry. It was a bit of a joke.”

“… no. Are you all right?”

Sylvia wiped her tears with both hands and asked as if she was still concerned about my body.
It seemed even more pathetic that tears continued to flow even after wiping.
okay. Know. I’m the one to kill

“Ah, yes. OK. I’m a corpse except I’m strong. So don’t cry.”

I reached out and ran my thumb through Sylvia’s tears.
Still, Sylvia’s tears did not stop.
I can’t do anything more than this. Even shock therapy can help stop the tears.
I bowed my head and kissed Sylvia’s eyes.
Then he sticks out his tongue and licks Sylvia’s tears.

“Hey! Aww… .”

“I’ll keep licking you until the tears stop.”

“He, he, he, that’s done! Because it’s over!”

The effect was awesome!
The endless tears stopped in an instant, and Sylvia’s body began to vibrate as usual.
okay. Sylvia should be like this.

“what? Are you just shy about this? Are you hugging me right now?”

“Eh? Whoa, whoa! Aww… .”

Sylvia, barely realizing what position we were in, fluttered and tried to get away from me.
Of course, he had no intention of letting me go.
Obviously, considering his strength when filling in earlier, he must not have had less strength than me.
The fact that I can’t get out of my arm like this isn’t that I’m actually just pretending to be fussy, right?
Well, it can’t be. Ande was deceived by my smoke and actually cried.

“Sylvia. I have something to tell you today.”

I buried my face in Sylvia’s frizzy hair, put my mouth to my ear, and whispered.

“Ha, hey, hey, are you talking?”

“okay. I sleep with you today.”

“Yep?! oops! Neh?!”

Sylvia was astonished as she bit her tongue and opened her mouth wide.
Bright red blood was oozing from the tip of the pink tongue that was visible in the wide open mouth.
uhm. This is the perfect time to kiss.
If it were our kids, we would have kissed them right away and sucked the blood from the tip of their tongues.
But since my opponent was Sylvia, I hesitated.

To be honest, I wasn’t kissing Sylvia on purpose.
Because in this world, kissing rather than sex felt more like an indicator of a romantic relationship.
To distinguish him from the three of us, I purposely didn’t even kiss Sylvia when I had sex.
But to be honest, I was feeling it myself.
What separates him from my kids in this way is that it’s more of a comeback than a question of whether we like him more or not.
I’m a man too. It’s strange that such a pretty girl likes me so much and I’m not attracted to being together like this.

Aside from the love we have for our children.
Because he was feeling it himself, he was more sympathetic to Sylvia and had no military feeling.

No matter how attracted you are, as long as there are already three or more owners, you should be patient.
Just because the three of us had already acknowledged each other, they made a lot of concessions to me.
Besides, even saying it’s okay to hug Sylvia, you gave it up because you believed in me.
okay. I’m not wrong. this is right
I made up my mind and suppressed the urge to kiss Sylvia.

“I’ll be fine with you. I’m not going to sleep tonight.”

“Whoa… Oh, I don’t… . me, i… .”

“What’s wrong? You don’t like sleeping with me? Shall I go?”

“Oh, no! Not like that!”

As I was about to fall, Sylvia caught me in surprise.

“What do you want to do? tell me for sure.”

“cadet… Come on, I want to sleep with you.”

“Am I not thinking?”

“Hey, what… .”

“You know what I mean. Well, say it again. What do you want to do with me?”

“Three, three, three, I want to have sex!”

Where did Sylvia, who once forcefully asked her to be a sex slave, have gone?
Sylvia closed her eyes and barely shouted the word “sex”.

“Are you going to say you won’t sleep all night? Does it matter though? Can you stand it?”

“How… It’s okay, it’s okay! If I could spend the night with the Savior… It’s okay to die!”

No, I’m in trouble if I die.

“What are you talking about. The kid who said he would listen to anything I said. Are you going to die first, leaving me alone?”

“Heh uh… Ju-ju, I will hold out.”

Even if I die, I will endure death What does that mean?
I picked up Sylvia and headed straight to my room.

“Hmm. Shall we wash up then?”

“Yes, yes!”

“Would you like to wash together?”


Sylvia’s gaze began to move non-stop between the bathtub and me.
I’m thinking. It’s like a cute little lamb.

“Why do you hate it?”

“no! But, but… !”


“Sa, I can’t afford to survive… .”

Hey, where are you going to war?

“That, yes… . Then let’s wash separately.”

“Yeah… .”

Sylvia muttered as she grew pale with a look of regret that she was going to die.
You may be thinking that you have missed an opportunity that will never come again.
Hey. Don’t be so lazy I’m sorry for asking for nothing.

“Don’t be too disappointed. Later, when the results of the special training come out and I can hold on to it without trembling even if I embrace it, I will wash it with you as a prize.”

“I, really?!”

Sylvia’s face, which had been gloomy until recently, became angry and bright.
I mean, the change in expression is very serious.
Obviously, when we first met, there was no change in his expression, and he had a blank expression all the time.
Are you only doing this in front of people you like?

“okay. So, wash first today!”

“Go, thank you! finish it quickly

I will come.”

Sylvia bowed her back 90 degrees.

“No. It will be lying around all night, so even if it takes time, clean every nook and cranny.”

“Yes, yes… .”

Sylvia then went into the bathtub and drew the curtains.
After all, he is an aristocrat. Were you able to wash by yourself?
Even after coming here, she probably continued to bathe in the big bathroom while she was being cared for by the maids, and in the dungeon, Diana simply washed her with magic.
Have you ever washed by yourself?

This, this, I can’t help it.
Do I have to wash it myself?
It was never meant to be from the beginning.
It was only after Sylvia got into the bathtub that I couldn’t help it.
Can’t we just ask through the curtain now?
You can’t do such a stupid thing, can you?
If you have questions, ask them face to face.
This is the basics of communication.
So, then, I’m going to try to break into that bathtub sometime.

I first took off my clothes and used the stealth skill to completely hide my presence.
Then he sneaked into the bathtub.
I could hear the sound of the bathtub being filled with water, whether it was possible to manipulate the magic attached to the bathtub.
But I still can’t be reassured.
Just because you can use it doesn’t mean you know how to wash yourself.
I carefully grabbed the curtain and pulled it to the side.


I wanted to dive into the bathtub right away, but I decided to refrain from doing that as there was a precedent.
And my choice was correct.


Sylvia’s fist flew right in front of me in an instant.
But just like I learned from the previous work, Sylvia seems to have learned as well.
The fist stopped just before it touched my body, and Sylvia, who had been frozen in an outstretched position for a moment, immediately squatted down in the bathtub.

“Goo, goo, savior?! Whoa, whoa, what… ?!”

“Huh? Come to think of it, there’s no way Sylvia, a noble lady, can’t wash herself, right? So I… .”

“You can wash it! I washed a lot by myself while training as a knight!”

“So I’m going to wash you.”

I ignored Sylvia’s words and went into the bathtub.

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Ready for quest

“Seed… hey… !”

Sylvia, who tried to insist on being able to wash hard, became dumb as soon as I got into the bathtub.

“What are you doing standing there blankly? You also don’t know how to wash. I mean, it’s the human body. It is said that you should soak it in a little warm water before washing it to wash it well. Come on, sit down.”


Unable to disobey my words, Sylvia quietly soaked herself in the bathtub.
Of course, sitting on the other side of the side where I was sitting, crouching, as if trying not to touch me as much as possible.
He folded his legs and hugged him, crouching and looking at me with a wary expression.
It was a wary expression, or a nervous expression. Still, sometimes it’s a little cute to have your eyes go blank as they scan my body.


“Yes, yes?!”

After giving Sylvia some time to relax, I spoke to her, and Sylvia, who was staring blankly at me, wiggled her lips in surprise.

“You know what I’m going to say?”

“Mom, I don’t know!”

Sylvia answered, almost crying.
He’s trying to lie to me. To cry at a question like this just means you know what to say.



It was Sylvia who told the truth as frankly as possible, but she shook her head, saying that she desperately did not know whether she felt a crisis of life this time.

“Then there is nothing you can do. I’ll tell you. Come here and sit down.”

“no! no! Absolutely not! Die!”

“If it was my order, wouldn’t you risk your life?”

“Wow! Ha, but… !”

“It’s an order. Wow.”

“Hey uh… .”

Sylvia looked like she had given up on life.
But it didn’t even come close to me.
Could it be that he is rebelling against me now?
I thought so for a moment, but when I looked closely at Sylvia, it wasn’t.
Sure, Sylvia was trying to get closer to me.
The problem was that only the toes that were submerged in the bathtub were wriggling and moving forward slowly at a slower speed than earthworms.
Still, this is probably what he’s working on.
I thought it was interesting, so I decided to keep an eye on it.

Sylvia came closer to me little by little, wiggling her toes vigorously, and the closer she got, the more her body began to tremble.
My eyes have been fixed on my object ever since.
Maybe it was because he was nervous and his vision was narrowing, and he didn’t seem to care at all when I waved his hand a little.

“Wow… I think there will be coffee.”

Sylvia came up between my calves and muttered softly as she grabbed her nose with both hands.

“Yes? what?”

Are you a teenage guy who saw some naked woman?

“Yeah? what… hey hey! Ah, ah, no! it’s nothing!”

Sylvia, as if she had finally realized what she was saying, began to fuss and move away from me.
But I wasn’t the one to watch it.
It took me a while to get to here at the most, but I wonder if I should just let it go away.
I grabbed Sylvia’s hand that was shaking violently from side to side as if it wasn’t like that, and I pulled her closer to my body.

“Hey! Ah, ah, ah, ahhhhh… ! haha! Ha!”

I couldn’t believe the body that had already filled me up, so slender, it slipped into my arms and hugged me.
No matter how nervous she was, the sound of Sylvia’s beating was transmitted through her chest, which had no useless fat at all, to the point of pounding loudly.

“Then shall we wash now? Who will wash first? you? I?”

“Huh?! Now, prepare your heart for a moment… !”

“I think how long we have been soaking in the bathtub now.

Will? That’s enough already. How long have you been like this?”

“Ha, but… !”

“If you can’t decide, I’ll wash Sylvia first… .”

“I! I’ll wash you first!”

“Oh, you are active. Do you want to touch my body like that?”

“Wow, every corner… ! ahhhh… .”

It’s really hard to be honest that I don’t say no.

“Then I will ask.”

“Yes, yes!”

what are you saying
Well, even so, I had no intention of bothering Sylvia yet.
At least as long as Sylvia washes me.
It’s a big deal if you really get a heart attack after being bothered too much Let’s give it a little break.
Until it’s my turn to wash up.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Goo, the body of the Savior… .”

… Well, I wonder if I can rest.
Sylvia, who was surprisingly strong, lathered the towel and rubbed my body vigorously.
At first, I breathed out loudly and heavily, but as I washed my body, Sylvia’s breath gradually picked up.
Then I began to focus only on washing my body hard.
Come to think of it, he didn’t react very much to me in battle.
Am I the type of person whose concentration is so great that when I focus on something, I can’t think of anything else?
Unexpectedly, Sylvia was so fine, I lost a bit of fun.
Originally, I was going to take care of myself until it was time for me to wash myself, but maybe I’ll surprise you a little.
You don’t need much, you just need to distract yourself to the point where Sylvia becomes conscious of my body again.
I’m just washing my back, so should I ask you to wash my chest?
No, giving Sylvia an order like that is just annoying.

“Savior. legs… .”

While I was thinking about it, Sylvia made such a request at just the right time.

“Oh, will you get up?”


I got up casually and put things upright.
Sylvia won’t be able to see my stuff yet because she’s facing backwards.
I smiled of conversion as I felt Sylvia’s hand washing the back of my leg hard without knowing anything.

“Then please come back.”


“Eh? Whoa! This, this, this… !”

As I turned around, my stiff object slapped Sylvia’s cheek.
At first, Sylvia, who had an expression of not knowing what had happened, slowly raised her hand and touched my object on her cheek, and only then began to vibrate her body as if she had understood the situation.

“Oh sorry. Seeing Sylvia’s naked body made me grow taller.”

“Seeing a body like that, me, me, oh, I’m honored… .”

Sylvia said while still holding my object with one hand and covering her chest with the other.


I knelt down to eye level with Sylvia, lifted her chin with one hand and looked into her eyes.

“Yes, yes?!”

“Don’t be so self-deprecating. Aren’t you confident in your appearance? When you asked me to take it for the first time

you said so Why are you talking like that? You are beautiful no matter what your breast size. If you demean yourself like that, you will be demeaning even me, who has grown up looking at you.”

Then he said in a voice as soft as possible.
okay. I did some form.
Isn’t that what the guy who slapped him in the face with something he just got erected is talking about?
I know. How are you though? What’s important is whether Sylvia gets it or not.
And my actions certainly paid off for Sylvia.

“Goo, goo, goo, goo!”

Sylvia grabbed her heart and groaned like a dove.



As I smiled roundly, Sylvia rolled her eyes and fell forward.

“Cee, Sylvia?!”

I hurriedly hugged Sylvia before she was thrown into the bathtub water.
But Sylvia didn’t answer. It just looks like a corpse.

“… … Lord, he’s dead.”

At the age of 23, Sylvia passed away, at the age of a flower, a happy life ended her beautiful life for absurd reasons.

“Oh, I didn’t.”

It’s a joke. i knew I mean it’s alive.
My heart was beating properly. Rather, it’s a problem because it’s running too hard.
He was in such a happy state that he seemed to have a slight mental problem.

“OK? Shall we take a little rest before washing?”

I was really curious as to why I had to include a break in just washing, but there is nothing I can do about Sylvia in this state.

“Oh, no! Keep going, keep going.”

When I said worriedly, Sylvia responded with a smirk while slapped her cheeks with both hands.
When you see this kind of behavior, you can feel that he is a physical group, unlike how he looks.

“okay. Then please continue.”

I was a little nervous, but I think it’ll be fine if Sylvia is okay.
It’s not good to be pampered too much.
Rather, consider this a special training. I’m sure there will be other people who need special training in sex other than Leia. You don’t know what life is.

I got up with my knees bent again and shoved the object in front of Sylvia’s nose.
Even though there had just been such a commotion, my items did not yield at all and were still maintaining their rigidity.

“Yes, yes!”

In answering that, Sylvia slowly brought her trembling hands towards my object.

“what? Why don’t you wash the front of your legs?”

“hot! Oh no! From now on… .”

“Ah. So did you want to touch my stuff? Sylvia is also naughty. It’s like a woman who said she didn’t need anything as long as she took her with her and had sex.”

“OMG! Ah, ah, ah, no!”

“What is it? You didn’t want to touch any of my stuff?”

“Well, something like that… ! hey hey I, I just, I just… !”

“Know. It’s a joke. joke. Calm down. Come on, wash your legs first.”

Sylvia was about to cry again, so I quickly calmed her down.
It’s worth making fun of because the reaction is good, but it’s so low-key that sometimes I feel like a complete bad guy.
Even if we tease Sara or Diana, they immediately counterattack, and Leia warmly embraces us even if we tease them, so I don’t feel guilty like this.

Sylvia worked hard to wash her legs, starting with her feet, but the higher she went, the slower she acted.
And when I got close to my stuff, my hands stopped completely.
I grabbed Sylvia’s hands and made her grab my stuff.
As soon as it touched my object, Sylvia’s hand, or even her whole body, started to vibrate, and even though she wasn’t moving, she was already feeling a little better.

“It’s a delicate place, so wash your hands.”

“Ahhh… . Yes, yes!”

“It’s a place that’s going to torment Sylvia all night, so clean every nook and cranny.”


As I said with a smile, Sylvia suddenly bowed her head.
The weight was placed on my object, as if I was holding it with both hands and hanging.
In that state, Sylvia’s back began to tremble.

“Hey… may you… .”

“Ah, Ah, Ahimda… .”

no what do you know The tongue was completely twisted.
Apparently, Sylvia has just reached the climax of my words.
Maybe he even imagined having sex with me. A woman who feels the climax with her mind, not her body.
Isn’t this the easiest feeling among our kids?
How did Sylvia, who has the highest level and insensitivity, somehow ended up like this? It’s just mind-boggling.

“Hey. Do I still have to wash it properly?”

If you’re having trouble washing it up to this point, don’t you have to wash it yourself?
what you don’t know
Up until now, a pretty lady has been washing me with soft hands, but suddenly, wash it yourself.
you’ll want to die Especially when you have to wash things that have grown because of Sylvia.

Sylvia couldn’t answer and nodded her head down and up and down, then started moving her hands back and forth while holding my object.
Needless to say, she was a complete granddaughter.
It felt good, but first of all, the purpose is to wash rather than the granddaughter.
Hurry up and wash up and go to the next Jindo.

“Sylvia. Not only will the rods be washed, but the pockets and the ends as well. It’s a sensitive part, so be careful. Oh, even between the curved gaps there.”

… What? It’s good to wash right now.
This is by no means a lecture on how to flirt.

In the end, Sylvia finished washing things without ever seeing my things head-on.
And when we passed the biggest obstacle, it was a breeze after that.

“Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ok, it’s over… are you?”

Sylvia asked as she took a deep breath with a white burnt face.

“Yes. it’s sylvia There is no such thing as an eternal bath.”

“Do it, do it, I did it!”

Sylvia’s face shone brightly like a warrior who subjugated the Demon King and completed all missions.
don’t like it too much You like it so much that you want to make it frustrating.
In fact, there was only darkness in front of Sylvia.

“Huh. Now all I have to do is wash Sylvia and that’s it.”

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah… !”

Sylvia knelt down on the floor of the bath tub with both hands and screamed as she looked like it was the end of the world.
Hey. Anyway, isn’t the reaction too much?

“Ugh. Mother. father. Sylvia goes first. In my grave, my life was short, but I was happy… .”

He even started muttering something like a will to himself.
So, it’s too much of an exaggeration.
OK. I won’t die. … maybe.

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Prepare for quest

“If you’ve already reacted like that, how are you going to have sex?”

“Wow… Ha, but… .”

“But what? you don’t want to have sex with me Shall I just go?”

“Ah, ah, no! Whoa… .”

I pretended to get out of the bathtub for a bit, but Sylvia panicked and hurriedly hugged me and dried me.
Then, with my cheeks pressed against my chest, it started to melt.
It was a look on his face that he had no time to spare even if he was completely dead.

“You look happy. Is it okay if I die now?”

“Yeah… hot! Whoa! Oh no!”

“No. It’s already late. I will kill you.”

I put my hands on Sylvia’s back.


“Your skin is smooth. Truly an aristocratic young girl. It is well groomed.”

“Ahhh… Go, go, go, thank you… .”

“I am thankful. Because you are dedicating yourself to me with this well-maintained body.”

“Hey uh… .”

It was just stroking her back and throwing a few cocky words, but with that alone, Sylvia almost felt like she was at her limit now. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
The fact that my eyes are twirling around makes me feel like I’m going to faint even now.

“Heh! Yes! hey!”

“Are you already feeling the limit again?”

“Ugh, I’m sorry, I’m sorry… hey hey! I do… .”

“No, I am not apologizing. I’m also happy that it feels right. But when you reach your climax, you have to report it properly and feel it?”

“Look, huh, look… mean?”

“okay. We’ll have to count how much our sweet Sylvia felt before she even had a proper sex life. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Even though I’m standing stiff like this, I’m patiently washing Sylvia.”

“Wow… Sin, haha! Tea, I will… .”

Sylvia murmured and tightened her body.
But this is something I can’t stand in the first place. On the contrary, the more he tried to endure it, the more conscious he became, the more and more Sylvia’s body trembled.

“Whew! Whoops! Huh!”

As the body gradually lost strength, Sylvia’s back curved in an arc and came close to my body.
In that state, Sylvia’s body began to tremble more and more, and the tremors in the area around her waist got progressively worse.
And as my hands descended from my back to my buttocks, I began to tremble as if rubbing my own pussy against my thighs.

“Ugh… Whoa!”

“Good mood?”

I whispered as I rubbed Sylvia’s ass with both hands, and Sylvia put her face on my chest as if she couldn’t even answer.

He sobbed as he nodded his head.

“But I can still feel a little better. character… .”

I gently lowered the hand that was rubbing Sylvia’s ass and slid it inside Sylvia’s thigh.
Then, without barely touching Sylvia’s pubic hair, it was washed away by moving her hands inside her thighs.

“Hey! Whoops! Ha ha ha!”

I thought it was going to touch my pussy, but when it didn’t, I felt even more sorry, Sylvia rubbed the pussy she was rubbing against my thigh harder.

“When you have an orgasm, don’t forget to report it.”

“Gee, hey! now! me, i… ! hey! Whoa!”

Simultaneously with my warning, Sylvia climaxed as she screamed and jerked her hips back and forth like that.
As she pressed her cheek against my chest and her limbs drooping, Sylvia was left with only her lower back intermittently twitching.

“It’s already the second time including the previous one. I haven’t washed half of it yet, but it’s already been like this… .”

“My… Heh heh, I’m so excited… .”

It’s a reaction that feels like your brain is being crushed by pleasure.
Well, it’s a child who orgasms for psychological pleasure, so there may be more.

But isn’t this really too much?
You haven’t even started having sex yet?
I’m doing this while desperately putting up with wanting to have sex too!
Of course, it is quite enjoyable to torment Sylvia as it is, but still, it is a little painful to leave things standing still standing still.
Good. From now on, I’ll try and have a little fun too.

I put my hand between Sylvia’s droopy armpits and lifted it up, then turned it 180 degrees to make me sit with her back.
Sylvia sits on top of my stiff object, and Sylvia’s legs are neatly gathered to hold my object tightly with those soft thighs.
Overall, she was slender and slender, so the thighs just below Sylvia’s pubic area didn’t touch and there was a bit of space left, but I was able to cover that with the size of my stuff.
I wondered what this posture would be like because she was Sylvia, who barely had any useless fat on her body as well as her chest, but it turned out surprisingly well. Although it was not fleshy, the soft texture of the thighs and pubic area wrapped around things was quite wonderful.
Good. it’s done with this


As I tested her back and forth a little back and forth, Sylvia reacted sensitively, sinking her body even deeper into my arms.
Her back was trembling like a convulsive twitch, and she could feel the puss and pus pussoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo|oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooook.
No, I have no intention of engaging in a similar sex act of rubbing things between my thighs. At least myself. Right now, I’m just testing it out for a while to make sure it’s in the right place.
I will continue to wash Sylvia’s body like this.
Then it is calculated that Sylvia will take care of the rubbing.
If you react like this to the extent of moving your back for a while, it will surely move your back hard while I wash.
No matter how close it is to my object, if you can feel the fountain spewing even though it is submerged in water, it is saying that it is spewing quite violently. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
By the way, the number of times Sylvia felt her climax was added one more time, totaling three times.
I’m sorry that I didn’t report it, but let’s move on to the fact that this time it was unavoidable. What’s next?

Anyway, I decided to continue doing what I am supposed to do now.
It is the act of catching both rabbits, which can give you pleasure while doing your job. Isn’t it the best?
I like the brain too.

I put my hand on Sylvia’s earlobe while praising myself.
After all, I have to wash it properly here too, right?
I am already looking forward to what kind of cute reaction they will show this time.

“Huh, uh, ah… uh… . Wow… .”

However, contrary to what I expected, Sylvia’s reaction was not that great even though she rubbed Sylvia’s cute ears with her index and thumb.
He just let out a moan that seemed to leak out of his neck without realizing it, and he sometimes shivered around his waist.
Of course, you might think that having this reaction just by touching your ears is a very sensitive reaction, but the girl I’m touching right now is none other than Sylvia.
The very Sylvia I try to pass out just by hugging her.
Isn’t this reaction strange?

I bowed my head and peered into Sylvia’s droopy face in my arms.
… Alas. indeed. Is this how it was
As soon as I saw Sylvia’s expression, I immediately understood her reaction.
Sylvia’s eyes were turned upwards, almost showing only the whites, and a cute tongue drooping out of her bare mouth.
The saliva dripping down from the tip of her tongue seemed to indicate how much Sylvia was out of control of her body right now.

As a test, I waved my palms left and right in front of Sylvia’s eyes.
The result is still unresponsive.
Well, I was already expecting it from the way her eyes were turned upside down and half invisible.
what about this? It doesn’t look like she’s completely stunned, but it still reacts with a wink when she shakes her back and forth slightly.
Sylvia can’t feel any physical pleasure unless she uses her skills.
If you lose your mind, no matter how much you stimulate your erogenous zones, there will be no reaction at all.
Should we wait until Sylvia can control herself a bit?
It’s not fun to masturbate, and it’s not fun to play with a kid who doesn’t even respond.
That said, if you wash the front part of your body, you’ll really lose your mind this time around.

okay. Let’s assume that the most common reaction is to wash the arm during this time.
No matter how Sylvia is, she won’t lose her mind just washing her arms. … maybe.
I grabbed Sylvia’s droopy arm and washed it off as if massaging her shoulder.
also thin How could such a slender arm come out of such a powerful force that it could fill my body?
Even though this world is a world where stats are determined by stats, there are not many extreme cases like Sylvia.
Even Sarah has a body that is resilient as if her entire body is bouncing, and Alicia too,

And the Miriel I saw yesterday was also quite muscular for a woman.
Young Ai was born aristocrats, did she get some kind of care to keep her muscles from growing?
Well, it doesn’t really matter anyway.
Because I am the owner of the idea of ​​being pretty with or without muscles.
Of course, it’s a little too shaky, but this world is structured so that it’s hard for women to come out of it.
If you want to train to the point where you are sloppy like that, you will naturally have to raise the level in its own way, and then the level will be corrected to correct the appearance, and the muscles to look good will change.
It’s a well-made world. She is also a goddess

“Whoa… Goo, I’m saved… .”

When I was thinking that it would be good to wash one arm and the other arm to the tip of my finger, Sylvia’s hand, which had been droopy until then, interlocked and grabbed my hand.

“Are you awake now?”

“Yeah… Whoa… .”

Seeing that the tongue is still loose, it seems that he has not yet been able to fully control his body, but he seems to have recovered enough to be able to answer.
Now let’s take the next step slowly.
I slowly released my interlaced hands with Sylvia, and wrapped my hands around Sylvia’s neck.
Through the smooth neck, to Sylvia’s flat chest.
Actually, I want to tease him a little bit here too, but if I stimulate him more than this, he will just pass out, so I decided to put up with it.
damn. An important point should be overlooked.
My habit of eating delicious things later will lead to this kind of result.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… .”

As she tried to wash Sylvia’s breasts with dry hand movements that were not caressing, but really washing her hands, and then went down, a sad voice came out of Sylvia’s trembling and moaning mouth.

“Sylvia? What is it?”

“Oh, the savior… After all, do you hate being without breasts like me?”

I was also very concerned.
Sylvia’s desperation was felt especially in the point of not saying that she had small breasts and that she had none.
I think this chest is also quite individual and good.

“It’s Sylvia.”

“Yes, Neet?”

“It seems you are underestimating me. I mean… If it’s a chest, everything is fine!”

“Hey ah ah ah!

As I said that, I placed my hand on Sylvia’s breastplate and used my thumb and forefinger to spin Sylvia’s bulging nipples round and round.

“I just passed by so that people wouldn’t faint, so what happened and how? I don’t know anymore! Faint or not! Since you seem to want that, I will thoroughly torment this flat chest. I will show you my heart love!”

“Huh! My, hey! Jess! ha ha! I’m sorry!”

“It’s already too late!”

As I grabbed Sylvia’s nipples and pulled them forward as if pinching them, Sylvia’s waist rumbled back and forth, gushing out again.
Oh, my stuff is also rubbed so it feels so good.

“Are you still not enough?! Would you like to do more?! more?!”

“Hey, hey! Jeseong, whoops!”

In the end I made Sylvia climax twice more with breasts

After that, the nipples were released.

“Are you satisfied with this?”

“Yeah, hey hey… .”

Sylvia rubbed her thighs and answered blankly with her tongue completely loose.
Are you tempting me to fuck you? this guy
Bath time isn’t over yet.

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