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I put my hand into Sylvia’s droopy armpit again, and forced her to stand up.
Now I’ve decided not to care whether I faint or not. I will do my job thoroughly.

“Sylvia. I’ll wash your legs from now on, so stand up properly. It’s an order.”

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha yes .”

I made Sylvia turn to look at me and put her arms on my shoulders.
Sylvia’s slender legs were shaking badly from side to side even though their thighs were facing each other, but she was still a knight who climbed up to the Royal Guard. Sylvia managed to control her trembling legs with grit and stood there somehow.

I didn’t mind Sylvia’s troubled look, and immediately reached out to her cute feet.
Lift your feet by grabbing your ankles, and wash your feet thoroughly, even between your toes.
Sylvia’s knee, which was holding on to Sylvia’s one foot, broke when my fingers slipped through her toes, but Sylvia gave strength to both of her arms that were on my shoulder, so she did not fall over with her guts.
Yes, falling down seems like a matter of time.
I wrapped my arms around Sylvia’s ankles with both hands and swept them all the way through her calves to the top of her thighs.

“Hey! Whoops! 👌 Whoops!”

Of course, not once, but several times over and over.
Sylvia’s leg trembled more and more each time, as my left hand when sweeping up Sylvia’s left leg and my right hand when sweeping up her right leg barely touched Sylvia’s vagina.

“Sylvia. It’s hard to wash your legs when you’re squatting like that. Stand with your legs straight.”

“Yeah, huh! Yes!”

Sylvia nodded her head up and down as if knowingly, desperately spreading her legs.
Then, a viscous liquid stretched from between Sylvia’s crotch and dripped into the bath water.
I put my hand indifferently to the secret part that was constantly producing love juice like that.


I just touched it, and at last Sylvia’s leg was completely loosened.
Well, I didn’t fall because I was holding it with my hand between my crotch.
But your palms are wet.
This guy has reached his climax again. how many times is it I’ve never had one yet. It’s really, really unbelievable.
Is this guy really going to be able to survive having sex with me?
What will happen if I use my skills here? How the hell did you hold out before?

Huh? awhile.
I had something on my mind.
Looking back, I feel like I was able to hold on better when I used the skill.
Of course, it is difficult to compare Sylvia because she always sobs that there is no guarantee of life or death, but still, it seems that she was not at this level when using her skills.
May this be… .
I came up with an assumption. Unless you try it right now.

I slightly removed the hand that was supporting the bottom of the pubic area, put the saliva containing the holy water on my middle and ring fingers, and put my hand between my thighs again. Then, with two fingers slightly folded, it penetrated into Sylvia’s vagina.

“Hey! Alas… Ouch!”

Withstanding the pressure of the genitals tightening, I gently fold my middle and ring fingers inside to find a place for my purpose.
A place called G-spot. It’s a meaningless place for Silvia, who doesn’t have erogenous zones, but if you want to apply the holy water of the saint, it’s convenient in many ways to apply it to the original erogenous zone, right? Mainly when I provoke Sylvia.
So, I applied the holy water of the saint to the G-spot, and this time, I brought the holy water to the clitoris by bringing it to my mouth.

it’s done with this
I completely covered Sylvia’s pubic area with my hand supporting the bottom of her pubic hair.
And while feeling the clitoris felt in the palm of his hand, he vibrated his hand violently back and forth.

“Huh! Ha! this, this… !”

“okay. Do you feel good?”

“Wow! Gee, feeling… Whoops! Whoops!”

Sylvia now fully tilts her torso and hugs my head, drenched in pleasure.
Now, where do you feel again? Show me if I’m right.

“Ugh! Whoops! Ah, me, me, again… Whoa!”

The holy water of the saint was applied and the G-spot and the clitoris, which were temporarily erogenous zones, were attacked without mercy, and Sylvia reached a climax simply enough to be futile again.

“Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa .”

Burying her face in the back of my head, Sylvia muttered my name in agony.
Also. My prediction was right.
Normally, Sylvia should have fainted as she felt this time.
But Sylvia was keeping her sanity and even watching her climax.
Rather, he maintains his mind more clearly than when he was not using his skills.

The reason for this is simple.
Sylvia takes pleasure in the psychological satisfaction that I caress her.
So, when I caress without using skills, I can fully focus on the fact that I am touching, and I feel great pleasure from that.
But what if I use a skill and caress it?
Sylvia, not accustomed to physical pleasure, comes to focus on physical pleasure rather than the fact that I care for her. On the contrary, the psychological satisfaction decreases.
And no matter how unaccustomed to physical pleasure, Sylvia’s level is significantly higher than mine.
It means that the pleasure from mental satisfaction is greater than the pleasure from my skills.
That is, in a nutshell, this is it.
When I stimulate Sylvia by using a skill, instead of getting physical pleasure, the mental satisfaction drops slightly, and the overall level of pleasure decreases.
Thanks to that, Sylvia is able to hold out without fainting like this.
What’s with all these kids

But you can play with Sylvia more effectively… No, I figured out a way to caress them without being stunned.
Even though the meaning is slightly faded because he has already succeeded in washing Sylvia’s entire body, ending with the vagina.
No, can I use it from now on if I apply it?

When I took my hands off Sylvia’s pussy, Sylvia’s lower body ripped apart and slammed into my body.
Because she was still holding my head with her entire torso, Sylvia’s

The lower body has come to a position where it can be inserted by lowering the waist a little.


“Hey! Yes, four?!”

Sylvia’s body twitched and trembled again, probably thinking it was caressing when my mouth, which was touching her chest, moved.

“Do you remember how many times I climaxed while I was washing?”

“Huh, huh?! that, that… So… .”

I felt Sylvia’s fingers wiggle in the back of my head.
Are you counting from now on?

“female… six… time… ?”

“Eight times, this!”

“Hey hey!”

As I lightly tapped Sylvia’s ass, Sylvia let out a strange moan.
How many times have you had an orgasm? what the hell did you miss out on

“I’ve never been cheap, but I can climax eight times by myself! Don’t you think it’s terrifying?”

“Sin, huh. Sorry.”

“If you end up saying sorry… No, this world is a guard? Anyway, you don’t need that! Now is the time to be punished!”

“Bur, bee… mean?”

Sylvia trembled and muttered in a pitiful voice.

“okay. It’s number 8, so for the next 8 years, I won’t even look at Sylvia… .”

“Sin, sorry! Sorry! Please do that! I will do anything! please! Salvation!”

Sylvia began to apologise with great force, crying profusely.
no. I’m kidding. Not eight days, not eight years. It can’t be.
Don’t cry like that to hurt people

“Really? Are you really going to do anything?”

But I continued to talk to Sylvia without revealing my deepest feelings, wearing a full-length coat.

“Really! Do anything! So please!”

“It’s okay if you say that. Then first… put it yourself.”

“Yes, four!”

Sylvia grabbed my stuff right away, lowered herself to the waist, and inserted it all the way in one go.
I was so afraid of being in a situation where I couldn’t even see myself face to face, and I don’t seem to have time to feel the psychological pleasure of being with me now.
Without feeling any pleasure, he was just staring into my eyes with fear.
The saint’s holy water has just been released while feeling its climax.

“then… Now move your waist and make me cheap as much as you climax, so eight.”

Sylvia nodded her head and began to move her waist up and down vigorously.
Again, I don’t have much technique, but once I have good physical abilities, I stimulate my things by moving quickly and strongly.
And because the level is high, the inside of the vagina, where it feels particularly good, is frighteningly tight, squeezing and squeezing the whole thing, letting go and not letting go.
Even when it is pulled out of the vagina, the feeling of being wrapped around the object as if it is about to droop while holding it until the end is unbearably pleasant.
In addition to that, it was a situation that I had endured until now, so I felt like I was going to ejaculate inside Sylvia at any moment.
No, I don’t have to be so patient anymore.

“Sylvia, buy it once.”

“Yeah! Please!”

As if to induce my ejaculation, Sylvia moved her waist hard,

At the same time, he lowered his back deeply and moved his pubic area back and forth as if it were a tight fit.

“Hey, now seven times… .”

And as soon as my ejaculation was over, Sylvia tried to move again.

“Sylvia, wait.”

“Yes, four? Well, if something is wrong… ?”

No, that attitude is the problem.
We should feel good together. If I’m afraid like that, I don’t feel like I’m forcing myself.
Well, it’s my fault.
I can’t help it. I wanted to use Sylvia’s traits I just found out and do it for a little longer. I can’t because of guilt.

“Sylvia. I said earlier that I wouldn’t even see your face.”

“Yeah, whoops. Yeah.”

Sylvia knew what she was expecting, and her expression looked like she was about to cry again.

“It was a joke.”

“… on?”

“It was a joke. no. think about it I am not an emotionless machine. You don’t think I’ve heard that much? do not worry. From then on, I think I cherish you quite a bit.”

We have our kids, so we’re just guiding the tea.

“Then there is nothing to be afraid of. Because that will never happen.”

“Ah, ah, ah, goo, I’m a salvation… !”

Tears began to flow from Sylvia’s eyes again.
so don’t cry
I can’t help it. Should I use shock therapy?

“So how do you feel now?”


Sylvia tilted her head at my absurd remark.

“Sylvia. Look at the situation now. We are in a state of being connected, hugging each other like lovers, and right now in your stomach right after I ejaculated. What do you feel?”

At the same time as I whispered that, the pressure Sylvia gave me hum and rose in an instant.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah ah ah… !”

Then Sylvia’s body began to tremble again.
okay. That’s like Sylvia.
I tried to make it last a little longer by making it less psychologically pleasing, but sex while enjoying each other’s pleasure is the best.

“Oh, but don’t faint. There are still seven left. Just before, I had endured it all the time and bought it right away, but the other seven times won’t be that easy.”

“No no no no no! no! I can’t stand it! Die!”

“cheer up. Do not give up. You can do it. Was it a lie when I said I would do anything?”

“But but but!”

“I’ll wrap you in your stomach enough to break through the contraceptive magic and get pregnant.”


As I whispered as I caressed Sylvia’s stomach, Sylvia climaxed again.
It’s a long way to go from here. Can you cook properly seven times?
it’s sylvia You said you didn’t even see your face was a joke, but you’re not kidding that you’re going to do it until you do it eight times?

“I can’t help it. It seems difficult, so can I help you a little?”

I grabbed Sylvia’s waist tightly.
Of course, if I take this initiative, Sylvia’s mental satisfaction increases, and Sylvia becomes more unbearable as a result.

“Oh, no… hey hey!”

Realizing that, Sylvia also tried to stop, but it was already too late.
I did not lose strength immediately after ejaculation, and after pulling back my still dignified object a little, I stably stabbed Sylvia inside.
Now that this has happened, should I try not to use any skills all night today?
As I watched Sylvia weeping in excruciating pleasure, I made an even more brutal decision.

“Hey, whoa! Die, heh! die… !”

survive Sylvia.

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Ready to request

“What the hell have you done to Miss Sylvia?”

“no. It’s just a normal thing… .”

“Then what does that look like?!”

Diana said, pointing to Sylvia, who was crumpled in the corner of the dining room and couldn’t even make eye contact with me.

“Even if you ask me… . Hey. Sylvia.”

“Hey profit! Yes, yes!”

“Why are you like this?”

“Ah, ah, ah, nothing!”
“It’s nothing. At least look at the tidy person’s face when answering.”

“Hey! Ah, ah, no! crowd! It’s a bunch!”

As I approached Sylvia and forced her to turn her face, Sylvia trembled and desperately tried not to make eye contact with me.

“What do you mean?”

“Ugh… Ji, I can feel it when I see your face!”

Maybe it was difficult for me to hold onto my face, so Sylvia finally confessed her conscience.

“What, what?!”

“Looking at your face now, I mean, I remember last night… Nah, I can feel it!”


I had no choice but to let Sylvia’s face go.
Was it like that? Well, I did pass out when I woke up, but… I thought it was just for healing sex.

In fact, Sylvia had already passed out once today.
I ended up ejaculating eight times last night, of course, I slept with Sylvia for healing sex, and after waking up in the morning, I stayed there until Sylvia woke up.
And as soon as Sylvia opened her eyes, with a blank expression, she moved her big eyes a few times as if she did not understand the situation, and then suddenly started to vibrate rapidly.

“Goo, goo, goo, huh? Three, three, three, whoa… .”

This is all Sylvia said from waking up until she fainted again.
As soon as Sylvia woke up, she threw her face back into my chest and fainted, shaking her back.
As soon as you wake up, you feel the climax and pass out. He can’t be a difficult guy.
Well, the fainted person passed out with a happy expression as if he had everything in this world.

Anyway, I had no choice but to untie and get dressed before Sylvia got up again, and Sylvia, who got up later, has been so far away from me and hasn’t seen my face ever since.
That’s because it’s dangerous just looking at your face

was it
I did that yesterday, so I thought I would become a little more resistant, but did it have the opposite effect?
Perhaps the biggest problem was saying that you are also precious to a child who feels pleasure from psychological satisfaction.

“Anyway, did you know this? I only did good things.”

“… That’s right.”

Perhaps Diana was shocked by Sylvia’s cry, Diana nodded her head with a bewildered expression.
And we were of one mind and one heart, and decided to eat dinner, ignoring Sylvia in the corner.

“Salvation, when are you going to join the Arachne clan?”

“Huh? I’m going to go right away after eating.”

“It’s going pretty, pretty fast.”

“Huh. This needs to be dealt with quickly.”

“Are the preparations over?”

“Are you ready? I just need to shoot the saint skill a few times from behind.”

“What are you talking about! Let’s go to the 5th floor! Do you really know how dangerous it is to get to the 5th floor of your level?! If anything happens, this body… This body… .”

“sorry. Don’t worry though. The Arachne Clan’s executives, who say that they can fly and grow even on the 6th floor, are in full force. Could it be that dangerous?”

“Anyway, you never know what will happen in the dungeon! Even Miss Sylvia has never been in danger in an ant den right now! If such an unexpected event happens, they won’t try to protect you by throwing themselves away. In the end, it’s up to you.”

That’s right. Miriel promised that she would keep it no matter what, but there is no way she will be able to keep that promise if a situation arises that puts her life at risk.

“Huh. sorry. I’ll be careful.”

“… W, wouldn’t it be better to reconsider the quest?”

Maybe she got nervous hearing Diana’s words, Leia looked at my complexion while restless.

“no. The clan leader there already signed a contract for mana. I can’t do that.”

“… Salvation. You have to be really careful.”

Even Sarah was worried and held my hand tightly with a look of death.

“… If this body was just a little higher in level, I’d follow along… .”

Diana mumbled with a bitter expression.
In fact, it is possible if the preparation period is about a month.
I’d rather have sex with Sylvia a lot, raise my level to Sylvia’s level, and focus on raising Diana’s level based on that.
Well, that would require me to hold Sylvia and Diana all month long.
Well, anyway, this is something that is impossible.

“… me, over there… !”

Then Sylvia, who was stuck in the corner, suddenly raised her voice.
My eyes were closed tight because it was still hard to see my face, but still, my head was facing this way.

“Well, then, why don’t you follow me?!”

Sylvia exclaimed that.

“Huh? you? No, your level… .”

Maybe it’s incomparably low compared to Miriel?
Miriel’s level was at a level that could not be confirmed by my analysis.
On the other hand, Sylvia’s level is

Still 187. It’s
obviously incredibly high compared to me, but still, it’s hard to get to the 5th floor… no wait. Wasn’t Alicia at a lower level than Sylvia?
All the executives said they were leaving, so I’m sure Alicia will also participate in this quest, right?

“Miss Sylvia, what is your knighthood level?”

“It’s 184.”

It was unexpectedly high.
what is it boy Wasn’t it difficult to raise the job level? My fighter level is still playing in my 60s.
is it. Since I was a child, I had leveled up a lot in advance, so in my spare time, I did a lot of knight training.

“Hmm… I’m sure the job level is good enough… Miss Geta Sylvia is not familiar with dungeons… It can be a little dangerous when fighting the owner of the 5th floor… .”

Diana put her hand on her chin and looked worried.
But soon he raised his head and looked at Sylvia with straight eyes.

“Miss Sylvia, are you okay? Obviously, your job level is not at all behind that of other adventurers who go to the 5th floor. But you’re not used to dungeons. Although it is said that it was to cover these three bodies, it was only to the extent that they suffered such injuries in an ant den a little stronger than the 2nd floor. It’s probably even more dangerous when fighting the owner of the 5th floor. still… .”

Sylvia nodded her head as if she knew what Diana was trying to say.

“I’m fine! For the safety of the Savior! Rather… Hey, are you all right for me to go?”

“Well? What do you mean?”

“You don’t see the Savior for a few days, but I am the same as the Savior… .”


At Sylvia’s words, Leia called out Sylvia’s name as if scolding her.

“You’re like me. Don’t say that. Sylvia-san is also my precious colleague.”

“Yes, Sylvia. And even if we are not, we are not that jealous.”

Sara also affirmed with a cool smile next to her.

“uh? Aren’t you jealous? I’m hurt!”

“Idiot! Now your life comes first!”

I was just trying to make fun of Sarah and I got hit.
Anyway, everyone seems to think positively that Sylvia is following the quest.
For me, if Sylvia follows along, I feel reassured.
He can’t even make eye contact with me right now, but he’ll do his job properly when he’s in a fight again.
And to be honest, I feel more comfortable with someone I know.

“But even if Sylvia follows, will the Arachne clan accept it? You already told me I’m going alone. They might feel that the burden is increasing, right?”

“Well. I think you’ll be fine if you tell them that you don’t have to worry about it at all, just follow your escort. Miss Sylvia’s luggage for the dungeon will be fine if you bring it with you. Why don’t we just talk for a moment?”

“Well, whether they accept it or not, it’s worth talking about.”

“It’s like that.”

“Then I will follow the order. Even at the cost of this life, the savior is absolutely safe… !”

“Huh. It’s nice to say that, but if possible, let’s do it while taking care of your safety. If you get hurt, we will be sad too.”

“Wow… yes, neet… .”

Sylvia’s vigor, which had been shouting loudly, quickly faded.

“Then Miss Sylvia. Please take good care of this person… .”


When it was decided to take Sylvia along, Matilda, who was still eating, suddenly stood up and shouted.
Why are you here again?

“I got it all figured out! If that’s the case, there’s nothing you can do! me too… !”

“No, I don’t need it. Were you overhearing that?”

“Eavesdropping! What do you mean when you are talking so proudly in the presence of everyone?!”

Well, it is, though.
Still, I don’t think it’s manners for a third person to intervene while others are having a conversation.

“What a disgraceful man! They say that I will help you.”

“no. So there is no need.”

“What nonsense is that? Are you worried about your life? If I go with you… .”

“no. what did you hear If you’re going to eavesdrop, listen properly. You think your clan might hate it because the burden increases? Since Sylvia is a combat job with the right level, I can convince her that she’s not a burden, but you’re a priest. It’s a job that has to be completely protected by someone.”

“Heh heh!”

Matilda suddenly snorted. get terribly hot Are you doing that with real acting? Are you sure you have a kind personality by nature?

“Although I am now a high priest, I was originally a paladin. At least I have the confidence to be as strong as you.”

As far as I know, paladin was probably a job that could be changed at level 100.
First of all, the profession of a priest is fixed as a priest at first, and after that, a priest who mainly uses blunt combat and body strengthening, and a high priest who specializes in healing magic is a structure.
But this Matilda was originally a paladin?
I turned to Leia to confirm, and Leia nodded.

indeed. The situation was pretty much guessed.
A paladin is probably a position with more external activities than a high priest.
But Matilda was under a curse that made it impossible to walk around recklessly.
As a result, he stayed still at the temple and moved to the same class as High Priest.

“Do you know? Even though I am a little behind the other high priests, I am the best person who can protect you because I am capable of even healing magic. i See. If you bow your head to beg, I’ll accompany you!”

Matilda exclaimed in a confident voice.

“no. I do not need.”

“Uh, how come!”

His face turned into tears in an instant and he cried out.

“If I’m with you, you never know when I’ll be eunuch.”

“It’s something I can only say I like! Who, who is someone like you!”


“Yeah… .”

As I lowered my voice and called out Matilda’s name with a serious expression, Matilda’s cheeks immediately turned pink.

“I don’t even need you!”

“Hey, this isn’t it! It’s just an answer, isn’t it?!”

not! Yes, your eyes just fell in love

It was a woman’s eyes!
How are people like that? It’s a bit of a plausible atmosphere, and you get that kind of reaction just by calling your name!

“Hmm. Matilda. May I ask?”

But Diana, who was listening next to her, suddenly spoke to Matilda.

“Diana?! Are you crazy?!”

“Bitch! What kind of habit is that!”

“Ha, but! You know why I’m doing this! Do you want to make a goja?!”

“It’s better than dying my lord.”

“Hey! Even though!”

“And. In fact, looking at it now, I don’t think you need to worry too much. Haven’t you been doing well yet?”

“Ha, but! okay! Another man!”

“As far as this body knows, there will be no men among the cadres of the Arachne clan. It’s hard to even think of meeting another male adventurer on the 5th floor. You just have to be careful.”

“Salvation. I agree with Diana. I believe salvation will do well.”

“Ok. Salvation Mr. And even if Guwon becomes crippled, our hearts will not change, so rest assured.”

wow. Sarah. Leia. Those kind words are too heavy for me now.

“It’s a decision!”

Matilda smiled broadly and looked at me.

“Ahh! Don’t laugh at this!”

“Hey, you didn’t mean to laugh like that?! That’s very rude!”

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I brought Sylvia and Matilda to the Arachne Clan House.
Diana, who takes care of everything like a grandmother who takes care of her grandchildren, and Leia, who holds my hand tightly and buries it in her chest, telling me to go well. And I was able to finish the preparations for departure only after receiving the help from Sarah, who tried not to put on an uneasy expression on her face, and gave an ambiguous word that if she didn’t come, she wouldn’t be safe.
Besides, right before we left, the kids caught Sylvia at the end for some reason, and they flirted with each other with a serious expression, so it ate up more time for nothing.
I don’t think you’re going to go with Sylvia alone?
No, our kids will never be like that.
As a senior adventurer, he must have told Sylvia, who is not familiar with dungeons, things like precautions in dungeons.

Anyway, so we got to the Arachne Clan House after a long time after breakfast, and it was almost lunchtime.
I came here by horse-drawn carriage, so the travel time was short, so I was able to get there before lunch.
The reason I came by carriage is because of Matilda.
Even if it’s a short distance, it’s annoying if Matilda gets involved with a strange man again while walking.
Thanks to that, I got involved with Matilda while I was coming by carriage, but for now, I’m fine.
I’m pretty sure I did a little bit of checking before getting off the wagon.

“So I would like to take both of them.”

“You would have said that we could take care of it without having to bring an escort?”

Again, Miiel didn’t seem to like it very much.
well, you

It’s like saying you can’t fully believe it. You must have hurt your self-esteem
He had his eyes stretched out like a young man and frowned a little.

“Still, our kids are so worried. Please understand.”

They say that you only worry about getting older. The word was omitted.
Diana. I am so caring

“Besides, are they both from your clan? Was it possible to go to the 5th floor? Rather, it is difficult if the burden increases.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that. How helpful are these guys? One is a knight of the Royal Guard. One is called Cardinals, there are only 12 in the world.”

“It’s Cardinal… Looks like you’ve finally realized a little bit of where I am. I don’t really like the word ‘beyond’, though.”

Matilda was saying something, but I decided to completely ignore it.
There’s no end to it if you’ve done everything for your opponent.

“What? How can such people… No, at the point where even the supreme Archmage is present, it’s already painful to say more. Hmm… Good. Then do this.”

Miriel put her chin on her chin and thought for a moment, and then came up with a few conditions.
For now, Sylvia and Matilda should stay by my side and focus only on escorting. It was said that even if you were to join the battle for nothing, you could only disturb teamwork.
this is normal
No matter how talented you are, it is only natural that problems will arise if an outsider suddenly enters the party you were working with.
And personally, I want them to stick with me.
There’s nothing wrong with doing something dangerous, right?

Another thing is that the commissioning cost is the same as I said before. They say that we don’t have any of the materials that come out of them when they catch more monsters, we just collect them all at once and give half of them to us.
This, too, is natural.
In the first place, they will only focus on my escort, and even if they catch monsters, they will only be able to safely catch one or two under the protection of Clan Arachne.
I don’t mean to say that what we caught is ours.

“okay. okay. Let’s do that.”

When I expressed my affirmative intention, Miriael nodded as if there was nothing she could do.

“Because in the event of an emergency, protecting you over there will be our top priority. I can’t say for either of them.”

Miriel spoke as if as a final warning.
Don’t threaten me like that. Are you feeling anxious for nothing?
… Are you really okay?

“Anyway, good. We decided to do that, and then let’s prepare slowly.”

“Would you mind waiting here for a moment? Let everyone call you.”

It seems that Miriale is planning to leave immediately without even eating lunch.
Or is it stuffed for breakfast and lunch?

“By the way. No wonder you’re a cardinal in the Royal Guard’s knights. That’s it. Are you saying you are a nobleman?”

Alicia, who guided us from the front door to this Miriall’s room, muttered in a voice that seemed to be admiring.
Although his attitude didn’t seem to have changed that much, considering that he admired the nobleman.

“Can’t you go out and prepare?”

“You know what I look like? It’s already over. How much Miriale has been practicing since yesterday… . Be careful too. Although it looks cool on the outside, it’s secretly rude and nagging. Enter the dungeon and you will know.”

Alicia tapped the rather large pocket hanging from her waist and said.
Obviously, Alicia was properly armed.
But that pocket, despite its size itself, doesn’t seem to have anything inside. Still, if you hit the pockets, you’re sure it’s got the things you need inside, right?
That means, is it a pocket enchanted with space? Indeed, an executive of a large clan.
To them, I don’t think my inventory ability is anything to brag about.

“I’m such a rude person, is it okay to talk so much to other clan members?”

“OK. OK. Because I don’t really care about that.”

Then it’s not that bad.

“By the way… .”
“Go, savior!”

When I was about to ask about the 5th floor, Sylvia suddenly called out my name.


“That, that… So… .”

“Why all of a sudden? hard to say… Oh, the bathroom?”

“Oh, no. It’s not like that… Ah! okay! Well, shouldn’t we prepare something during this time?”

“no. We’ve already prepared everything. What are you talking about wearing armor like that?”

“That’s right… .”

“what. Did you call to say that?”

“Yeah… .”

Sylvia said with a muffled voice saying, ‘Koo-hoo-nah.
What is it?

“By the way, Alicia. It’s the 5th tier. Can you tell me about the monsters from there?”

Once I heard from Diana, I asked Alicia again.
It’s said that Diana went to the dungeon a long time ago, so she might have discovered something new during that time.
Besides, there are some things that Diana can’t hear.
It seems that Diana had already explored the dungeon while taking level 500, so it seems that she was just swept away with overwhelming firepower, concentrating on researching how to use materials from monsters and techniques used by monsters.
So, even if you tell me how to deal with monsters, to be honest, it doesn’t really help me.
On the other hand, the story of Alicia, the warrior type, would probably be quite helpful.

“Huh? Right. First off, it’s huge.”

don’t correct Maybe Alicia’s story isn’t very helpful either.

“Hey. To that extent, I know as well. Other than that, do you have any specific information? It’s about the characteristics of each monster and tips on how to deal with it.”

“Huh? tip? Right… .”

“What are you talking about?”

Then Miriale returned to the room.

“Huh? Ah, well, Alicia saw your scar.”

I decided to tell straight away.
Pay the price for trying to water me in front of my kids before.

“uh? Hey!”

“You mean you don’t care?”

“Are you saying that?!”


“Hey, a man like me is such a man.”

“This is what I am proud of now… !”

“Hoo… . Is it my curse? .”

“Ugh. Hey. Wait a minute, Miriale.”

“Remember it.”

“Ah-oh! Not like that!”

Apparently, Miriael had no intention of saying anything to Alicia in this place.
Sheesh. too bad. I wanted to see him eat a room.
Well, seeing it disassembled like that, it looks like something will happen later.

“But are you here soon? Are you ready?”

“okay. Now it’s just me who prepares it. Hang in there.”

Saying that, Miriale casually took off the clothes she was taking off.
bravo! okay! That’s it! I was counting on you!
Sure, her body is full of scars, but she still has a nice body that doesn’t hide it.
Beautifully developed muscles that seem to be suitable as a gym model are excellent.
Without averting my eyes, I stared openly at Miriael’s naked body.
‘Cause I’m just observing It’s not like I’m having an affair, is this arrangement okay?
Miriel didn’t even care about my gaze, and started putting on the armor that was lying in the corner of the room.
Oh oh. Now when I bend over, I can see my penis properly. It’s a genitalia that fits well with a trimmed body, and seems to ask for quite a bit.

“Ahh, ahhh, eight!”

Then, suddenly, something obscured my view.
Just hearing your voice, I think it’s Sylvia.
Maybe that Sylvia?
Even if jealousy really happened, I can’t imagine he’d express it like this.
Because he tends to think of his place in our party as lower than he really is.


“Sin, sorry! Salvation! However… !”

sorry? something is suspicious Ah, maybe… .

“What did the three of you say when you came?”

Then Sylvia’s body flinched and trembled.

“Ah, ah, ah, I didn’t say anything!”

Huh. How could you hold on to me for so long and not say anything?
I guess my thinking was right.
Sylvia has been given one more mission besides escorting our children.
The mission is to prevent me from touching the Arachne clan members.
no wonder. Even when talking to Alicia earlier, she tried to stop talking.

“okay? Then can you think that you are doing this because you want to hug me?”


I turned to Sylvia, who clinged from behind and covered my eyes, and hugged her tightly.

“Good. If you want to do that, you can go to the dungeon like this.”

“Hey! Heh heh heh! Goo, huh! Salvation!”

wow! Don’t make a strange moan all of a sudden!
When I released my hand holding Sylvia in shock, Sylvia ran back and forth into the corner of the room.
Don’t look at this side with fearful eyes while holding your breath. What do you think I did? I just hugged him.

“Hey. Isn’t it wet?”

“Ah, ah, not wet! … maybe.”

When I asked a question just in case, Sylvia answered with her face flushed red.
It’s a little strange to rub those thighs together.
Anyway, this made Sylvia unable to cover my eyes. Now you can enjoy Miriel’s naked body… .

“Your clan is also quite noisy.”

Damn it! Why are you already dressed? Armor is a complicated thing to wear! Can’t it take a little more time?!

“I wonder if I can really fight properly in a dungeon just like that.”

“OK. Because when we fight, we fight properly.”

But no matter how sad I was, I couldn’t say the bullshit about taking it off again, so I had no choice but to answer bluntly.
Sheesh. it’s ok Even if you don’t look at it, our children’s bodies are much better anyway.
I won’t be able to see you in the next few days… .
Damn it. I already hate going to the dungeon.

“Then shall we go?”

Miriale opened the door and went outside without showing any sign of paying attention to my blunt expression.
When I followed Miriel outside, there were a total of five people standing there in various costumes.
Exactly seven executives, including Miriael and Alicia.
You don’t deserve a clan name.
If a clan name was named after a spider as a motif, wouldn’t it be normal to have eight executives? I mean, conceptually.

“You don’t have to make that face. One is waiting on the 5th floor. As promised, all the executives will go to the dungeon this time.”

As if reading my expression, Miriael gave such a supplementary explanation.
There were also eight. The clan name is well worth it.
Well, even if it’s not the number of executives, I’m doing enough for the name.
In the sense that the male dies after sexual intercourse.

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If you think about it that way, these eight people are pretty scary too.
Eight people who reigned supreme in a clan that literally eats men.
How many men have you sent to the other world so far?

“Is this the saint of rumors? Huh… .”

Among them, a sexy older sister in high-exposure clothes looked at me as if criticizing me and murmured.

“I can’t even eat it.”

Since I had been thinking about it a while ago, I reflexively uttered those words without realizing it.

“Yes? Whoops. what is he cute!”

No, he’s got a lot of weight since then. No matter how much I think about it, I don’t think I’m cute.
I looked closely at the woman who uttered those words again.
The first thing that caught my eye was the clothes.
is that armor? No, it can’t be. Even if this world was a fantasy world, it couldn’t be armor.
That’s right, they’re just full-body leggings that show up here and there and show high exposure.
It was a sexy full body leggings with large holes all the way to the back and both sides of the waist, and the chest and thighs were exposed as well.
There, he was wearing only leather gloves and leather boots.
No matter who looked at it, he was not dressed to go to the dungeon.
Are you really going to go to the dungeon like that?

“Oh? Are you interested in your sister’s body? Whoops. Really cute. flavor. there is I guess All.”

How she caught my gaze, the older sister said as she bent down and posed a sexy pose with her breasts gathered.

“No no no no. I really don’t like it.”

“I’ll try it and judge for myself.”

This dude is adamant. It’s just a pumpkin.


Then Sylvia came out from behind and blocked me with her arms outstretched in front of me.
Oh oh. it’s sylvia you are dignified

“I will not forgive anyone who touches the Savior.”

Perhaps because she was turning her back on me, Sylvia’s voice was very dull and calm.
After all, if I’m not the other person, is this kind of attitude?
I’d like to see what Sylvia is like when I’m away sometime.
But despite Sylvia’s unfeeling voice, the whole body leggings sister didn’t care.

“Huh? what is he what? If he eats, does he follow him? Why don’t you two do something fun together with this older sister?”

It was even my favourite.
what is that dude Are you the type that can even play with reds?

“huh. I don’t think your relativism would be interesting at all.”

But Sylvia said while snoring.
yes it is In the first place, Sylvia wouldn’t be any fun for anyone except me.

“Oh. Don’t you know that? Ever since then, even that Miiel… .”

“Huhu. I am ashamed.”

what? What? Who is even that Miriale?! I wonder! Why stop there?! tell me! right now!
Damn it. It’s not that I couldn’t predict what he was saying, but I wanted to hear it for sure if possible.

“But they look really delicious. Here’s Miriel. Can’t we taste it for a moment?”

“No. do it later.”

What is Lani later? to dry properly.
No, there is no way to dry it. Miriel also has a normal face, but if you think about it, she is the head of this man-eating clan.
In other words, it is this guy who built this system.
Second of all, I can’t be fooled by my appearance, as Alicia said.

“Anyway, let’s go now. I want to collect the 5th floor penis as soon as possible.”

After saying that, Miriale took the lead and tried to get out of the mansion.
Hey. Even so, do you not give each other time to introduce yourself and leave right away?
We’re going to spend a few days together in the dungeon.
Other than that the sexy older sister you just called by name is Rutia, no one else knows her name.

“Come on, wait! Myriel! Hey, if my eyes aren’t wrong, that one over there, Ma, looks like Cardinal Matilda?!”

At that time, one of Arachne’s officers in splendid armor shouted.
Upon closer inspection, besides the spider, which is the symbol of the Arachne clan, there was also a symbol of the Goddess Church engraved on the armor.
indeed. was a paladin

is it

“okay. right.”

“Uh, why… no. that, hello Cardinal Matilda.”

The paladin seems to be quite perplexed.
I nodded goodbye to Matilda.

“Yeah. I didn’t know that I would meet someone who worships the Goddess in a place like this. I’m sorry. I’m sure I remember seeing his face, but his name… .”

“This is Lily, the Paladin.”

“Please. Lily.”

“Yes Yes! Please!”

As if the cardinal name was quite powerful, an executive named Lily could not move in front of Matilda.
Since Matilda used to be a paladin too, isn’t it harder to deal with?
Seeing that, Matilda looked at me like hello.
What. so what.

“But why is Cardinal Matilda here… ?”

“For some reason, I went with this person.”

there are circumstances. You said you wanted to follow me, so I followed you.
And at the same time as Matilda’s answer, a light of compassion began to flow in the eyes of all the executives looking at me.
When I got to Lutia, I said, ‘So, my temptation… .’ He even muttered.

“I’m not an eunuch yet! character! Look! Does this look like an eunuch?!”

I had blood on my head, so I used my revived pride to get things out of my head.
Then, the eyes of the officers quickly changed to the eyes of a hawk that preyed on its prey.
Among the dogs, ‘Oh… .’
Oh, it’s dangerous. What have I done now?
To brag about things in front of clan executives who eat men.

“City, Sylvia Shield!”

I immediately grabbed Sylvia’s shoulder and put her back in front of me.

“Oooh, I am the savior!”

Good job Sylvia.
It’s shaking, but it’s not because the executives are afraid, it’s because I’m touching it.
It really isn’t that daring.
When the executives saw it, they smiled and took their eyes off me.
Rutia was still staring at my crotch for some reason.

“Anyway, not only the saint, but the two of us went together. So, let’s go ahead and do it, and let’s go.”

Miriel was in such a hurry, so she went outside this time.
Everyone has a free-spirited atmosphere, but the clan chief’s dignity is still alive, and the other executives followed without saying a word.
At the end, it was all that Rutia gave a slight wink.

“Well done Sylvia.”

After all the executives left, I decided to compliment Sylvia first before following along.
Although I enjoyed Miriel’s nude show to my heart’s content, I was going to end it right there. I have no intention of cheating at all.
I don’t think I’m good with other women.
Even with these clan people who eat men, never.

“Yeah, hey!”

As I stroked my hair, that dignified figure from before had gone, and Sylvia’s voice was suffocating again.

As for the 5th floor, it seems that the village has already been established, so we went to the guild and headed straight for the teleport circle.
As Miriale said, as I went to the guild, I spoke with the rest of the people, and a cute twin wizard of a dwarf family

Leah and Leah. And he said that Hilda was a bard with a look that suited the word young lady.
In particular, it was pretty cute that the twins had heard from Miriael that Diana was in our clan, or that they were asking questions about Diana with their eyes lit up.
It was terrifying to think that these cute kids curled up and killed a man.

After arriving at the guild, we were able to use the teleport only after Miriael explained something to the guild staff.
However, since this is only a temporary permission for a quest, the 5th floor is not registered on the adventurer card.
Well, it doesn’t matter to me, since I don’t plan on doing a trick like this either.
If that’s the case, I immediately asked Diana and drilled all of them.
In that way, we arrived at the 5th floor in an instant. speaking of that sentiment.

“… I can’t see the ceiling.”

It was. Even on the second floor, I thought the ceiling was quite high, but this is more than that.
When I looked up, I could only see the blue sky.
Isn’t that the conclusion that it’s just that the ceiling is blue?

“right? I have to come down from the 4th floor a lot. Are you going to suffer a little later?”

Alicia smiled cheerfully and patted my shoulder.
it hurts this Sara is the only woman who can inflict physical damage on me.

“By the way, the town is very small.”

Another thing worth noting was the size of the village.
Although I have only been to the second floor of the village yet, unlike the second floor, which was a restaurant and an inn, and looked like a village, there were hardly any buildings on the fifth floor.
A teleport magic circle and two buildings on either side of it. And the fence around it was everything. To be honest, even calling it a village is embarrassing.
As you can see that there is a large spider mark on one side of the building, it appears to be a building of the Arachne clan, and the other building is an inn.
Other than that, there were only a few vendors around the teleport magic circle.

“Well, there are very few adventurers who use the 5th floor, so just a place to sleep on this size is enough. It’s a job to protect it when the scale gets bigger. Then Rutia. Can you call Genie for me?”


Another name I’ve never heard of came up, but it’s probably the name of an executive waiting here.
If my prediction was correct, Lutina brought a woman.
What to say, in a word, she was a beauty with a sharp impression that would fit the line ‘I’m only interested in combat.’

“… did you come Then go.”

The woman called Genie looked at Miriael without giving her a single glance, and said so.

“Well. Then let’s go Oh. Previously.”

Miriale stopped walking and looked at me.

“If you can, stay still in the middle. He will give you a signal when a male monster comes out, so use the saint skill accordingly. Oh, can you use the saint skill only if you approach it? First of all, it seems that the 2nd floor used range technology against the orcs.”

“I know. From a distance is enough.”

“Okay then. I will also instruct you on the timing to use it, so don’t be too nervous and follow me.”

Miriael nodded and left the fence.
As soon as we left the fence, the people of Arachne, who had been freeing up for a while, put us in the middle and arranged the ranks in an instant.
Rutia is at the forefront. After that, Miriel blocks in front of us, and Alicia and Genie protect us from the left and right.
And Leah, Sister Leah, and Hilda are seated behind them, and at the end, Lily is vigilant with a blunt weapon that looks like a mace.
After all, when it comes to being a top-notch clan, they are the ones who do it right.

It was a little surprising that Rutia was the first to take the lead, but after a while, I understood why.
Apparently, Lutia had a thief-type job, and it seemed that she was mainly in charge of reconnaissance.
He was looking for monsters while churning around the front with his light movements.
Well, it’s just that the body is light. I have nothing to wear.

Anyway, the 2nd floor is a desert and the 3rd floor is a snowy mountain, so I was wondering what the 5th floor would be like, but surprisingly it was an ordinary forest.
In terms of atmosphere, it is quite similar to the first floor.
The only difference was that the ceiling was high enough to see the blue sky, and the trees were huge and dense.
The fact that I didn’t have to worry about the temperature was good enough.
However, there is no way that the level has gone down and the difficulty level has gone down, so you should think that monsters are that hard. Let’s not relax.

“awhile. Four trolls ahead. One is male.”

Then Rutia gave a signal.

“I am lucky to have met a male already. Salvation. We will tell you when to use the skill, so use it accordingly.”


The first battle on the 5th floor.
Indeed, I had to be a little nervous.
Even if I don’t fight directly, the moment I use the saint’s skill, the aggro is focused on me.
If you make a mistake, you could die, so you can only be nervous.

I decided to keep an eye on the battle, taking deep breaths to relax as much as possible.
okay. Think about the reason I came here. As a clan leader, to see and learn more

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As we advanced a little along Lutia’s guidance, four trolls that looked about 3 meters tall appeared.
I heard that Tier 5 monsters are big, but I can’t believe that four troll-like guys are this big. How big is the monster that travels alone?
In addition, each of the big guys was holding a club in one hand, so the sense of intimidation was doubled.

However, the battle was one-sided to the extent that the tension was overshadowed.
First of all, Miriel, Alicia, Lutia, and Genie took one each and attracted aggro.
Alicia and Genie were blocking all the attacks of the trolls, inflicting huge wounds, and when they reached Lutia, they were playing with the trolls with the daggers they held in both hands while evading all the attacks of the trolls.
Like a troll, the pronoun of fast healing speed, the wounds were boiling and healing quickly, but the wounds seemed to grow faster than the healing speed.

The three were enough to deal with the giant troll alone.

It looked great, but the highlight was Miriel.
As the name suggests, it made bright red flames erupt from the one-handed sword it was holding, and the battle ended in an instant as the troll held the cutting edge so that it could not even heal its wounds.
Miriael swung her sword once, as if it was trivial, put it in its sheath, and then came out in front of us again and took a vigilant posture.
Are you going to let the three of you deal with them one by one?
Come to think of it, it seemed that the children behind us were each just being vigilant and had no intention of helping.
You think you can handle trolls alone.
I definitely think it’s great that we can trust each other, but there’s nothing we can learn.
I thought that we would fight more effectively while keeping the link between each other a little more.

Soon after, the troll Alicia and Genie was dealing with also fell, and the only thing left was the troll that Lutia was dealing with.
Isn’t the combat method of passing through a dagger and inflicting wounds a bad match for the fast healing troll relativity?
With that thought in mind, Miriael pulled out her sword again and looked back at me.

“Then save me. May I ask?”

It’s not a compatibility issue, it’s probably a male troll, so I guess he left it on purpose.

“Okay. Leave it to me. Miss Ruthia! Stay away from the troll for a second!”

I reached forward with one hand and sent a wave of saints to the troll.
Because this is not a targeting technique.
If you get hit by Rutia, who is moving fast around the troll, it becomes annoying.
Rutia also didn’t want to play around during battle, so she heard my voice and quickly ran away from the troll.
And the wave I threw hit the troll properly.

“Good! I left it to you to take care of it!”

The troll, hit by the wave of the saint, trembled and immediately raised his penis.
And then he turned his head towards it.
When I saw that, I hurriedly went back to Miriel and hid.

“Are you standing still with just one gesture? So far, our efforts have been… .”

Miriel murmured as if in vain, causing the sword to burst into flames.
I wish I could tell you in detail what the efforts you have been doing in the past. If possible, while demonstrating in front of me.

In any case, not only Miriael but also Rutia joined, so the troll who was rushing this way with its eyes wide open was slaughtered in an instant.
Whoa. thank God.
The trolls weren’t really that scary.
What I am happy about is that the skill worked properly.
Well, I thought it was going to work, so I went out with such confidence.

There was a reason. Because Sylvia can use my skills.
Of course, it was much weaker due to the level difference, and Sylvia was not used to pleasure, so it was a sensitive reaction, but the fact that it was eaten was important.
I don’t know if it’s because of the low intelligence of the monsters or if there’s any other reason, but it’s because the saint’s skill tends to work particularly well against monsters.
When I got the infamous nickname of Milk Roadmaker on the 2nd floor, the proclamation of sanctuary, which I had not yet learned, was eaten up by the orcs.
So, unless it’s at a level that can’t be nullified at all, it’s definitely a skill.

I thought it would work.
Besides, it was because it was a wave of the saint that was much more powerful than the declaration of sanctuary.

Anyway, I’m really happy.
I was thinking that if the wave didn’t work, I might have to approach him and use the hand of a saint.
With a sigh of relief inside, I approached Miriall who was collecting the magic stones from the corpse with a smile on the outside.

“What do you think? Is your penis right?”

“Well. It came out right.”

Miriel held a giant pole in her hand and held it out to me.

“Ahh! Get it away!”

my eyes! I live with the snow I haven’t seen!
It was quite large, as it was 3 meters tall.

“Ha ha ha. By the way, I can’t even use a dildo at this size. There is nothing else to be used except the key or the staff of the priests.”

“Ah, Miriel! Then if you get one more later, I’ll give you one… !”

“No. I plan to get as many as possible and distribute it to all parties on the 5th floor The key is to use it as a key.”

Lily’s request was rejected by Miriael.
what. Wasn’t it not only the priests but also the paladins who made weapons out of them?
Then that blunt weapon that Lily was holding was made of a penis?!
I learned another thing I didn’t want to know.
Even now, sometimes, whenever I see our angel holding a staff made of monster penis, I cringe.

“But it’s a pretty awesome ability. It’s embarrassing.”

“Huh. What do you think? a man like me He’s a pretty useful guy, isn’t he?”

“Right. If possible, our clan wants to have it. If Alicia did it right before… .”
“So, even if I showed you our dorm, he didn’t come over! How long are you going to go with that?!”

Alicia said as if fed up.

“What do you think? Don’t you think about it now?”


“I’m sorry.”

It seems that he was quite obsessed with talking with Alicia, but surprisingly, Miriale spit out a single word of disappointment and did not offer any further suggestions.

“Then go on.”

We settled our ranks and decided to continue.
Arachne’s faces were strong enough to understand why they showed such confidence before coming, and the hunt went smoothly.
To be honest, I’m starting to think that Matilda and Sylvia may have been brought in for nothing.
Sylvia put her hand on the hilt and looked around when it was time for battle, but it seemed really dangerous to get loose and grunt at times because she had to stick with me while moving.

“Hey. No matter how good last night was, don’t feel it over and over again.”

“Ah, ah, I haven’t felt it yet!”

are you still
Either way, he couldn’t have been a sick guy.
Somehow, the more I do special training, the more memories I accumulate, and it seems to have the opposite effect.

Besides, speaking of Matilda, she was a girl who had completely gone to the dungeon.
I admired the beauty of nature while observing the surrounding landscape, and when something got into the atmosphere, I folded my arms and my cheeks were dyed pink.

“Ahh! away!”

“Sa, can you stop treating people like bugs?! It’s just that I accidentally touched it for a moment!”

“I accidentally touched it, so why is your face turning red!”

“Hey, this is… After walking a bit, blood circulation improved!”

Don’t talk subtly realistically!
Anyway, I happened to bring two pieces of luggage.
It’s not that I don’t understand Diana’s concerns.

When I came to the 5th floor, I realized that there are times when it’s dangerous even if you don’t turn off the monster’s aggro.
First of all, the size of the monsters is too large.
Does it make sense that the troll I met for the first time turned out to be the smallest monster on the 5th floor?
Of course, there are monsters that have a size of 5 or 6 meters, and although I have not met them yet, there are monsters that can easily exceed 10 meters.
A monster’s attack like that would be over just by being swept away.
With that in mind, it would certainly be nice for them to stick together, but… .

“Careful! Above!”

As I was looking at the two with uncertain eyes, I suddenly heard such a cry from behind.

“Huh? top?”

As I turned my gaze upward, my vision suddenly darkened.


At the same time, a strong wind swept through the body as if it were pressing down on the body, and immediately followed by ‘Kaang!’ And I heard the sound of metal clashing.

“Are you okay?!”

It wasn’t until my vision cleared again that I was able to grasp the situation.
A gigantic monster came over me, and Sylvia had blocked the claws with her sword.
I thought I could see the sky, but did the birds come out too? It’s really varied.



As Miriael approached and climbed on top of Genie’s sword while calling Genie’s name, Genie swung the sword as hard as she could and threw Miriall into the air.
what is that Is it game skills? Well, I’m not talking about having a game system.
Miriel, floating in the air, immediately attacked the wing of the monster with a sword.
However, as if it was not easy for even a magic swordsman to hit a bird with a sword in the air, he only swung the wings of the monster.
It looked like the mouth was hurting the wings, but the monster didn’t fall from the air.
But then, the magic of the twin wizards was shot up into the air.
The twins’ magic exploded on the wings of the monster that had not yet adjusted their posture to avoid Miriael’s attack.


The monster screamed and fell to the ground.
indeed. You mean that the link technology you just saw in a game was just used for distraction?
After all, they are gorgeous guys.

“This guy is also a male! Salvation!”

Did you observe anything like that while approaching from the air?
At Miriael’s signal, I immediately sent a wave of the saint.



However, despite being hit by the saint’s wave, he didn’t care and started running wild.

“ね! Salvation! Are you still far away?!”

I don’t know if I’m going to get rid of it at all, or if I’m just suppressing this big leaping so that I won’t be harmed, I wonder if the Arachne Clan’s executives are a little too hard, Miriel taught me.
I hurriedly fired a wave of the saint once again, but again, it had no effect.
Damn it. What we feared has happened

is it

“It can’t be! Myriel! I think this guy will have a hard time if I don’t approach him! Give me some more power!”

“Shit! I know!”

At my command, the four melee agents of Miriael, Alicia, Genie, and Lutia rushed at the monster at the same time.
Seeing four people rushing at the same time, is that monster a little different from normal monsters?
The monster, who was unable to fly due to its wing injury, struggled and made a fuss whenever it could, but the four of them gradually dealt with each other and lost the strength of the monster.
And only after quarreling like that for a long time, the monstrous scoundrel began to thrash as if it had lost its strength, and the strength to struggle weakened.

“If that saint’s skill is applied only before he dies, wouldn’t it be a problem?”

“Huh. right.”


Miriel, who confirmed that to me, immediately cut off both wings of the monster.


The monster wriggled in pain, but as long as the wings were completely separated from the body, it wasn’t much of a threat.

“This guy is a guy you seldom see, so I definitely want to get a penis. Before he dies, please.”


I nodded and walked over to the monster.
No matter how many wings were cut off, he was that big. Just rolling and crushing it will turn my body into minced meat.
I approached him carefully, step by step.
But in addition to having his wings cut off, he bled a lot, so he just looked at me with lifeless eyes to see if he had the strength to struggle any more.
I used the touch of a saint, the most powerful of my skills, and placed my hand on the monster’s head.
please eat this
If this doesn’t work, I don’t have many cards left.

But my worries were useless.
The saint’s skill, as my best skill, was definitely absorbed by the monster.
On the contrary, it works so well that it becomes a problem.

When I put the hand that had been covered with the saint’s hand on the monster’s head, the monster raised its eyes red as if it were a halo and banjo, and raised its head vigorously.
I must have been paying close attention, but I couldn’t avoid watching the beak of the monstrous beak approaching my ship.
Damn it. Dirty level washable. You can’t avoid it even though it looks so obvious.
I lost my mind as I saw the filthy sensation of the monster’s beak piercing my stomach.

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“Savior! Salvation!”
“Salvation! Calm down! Salvation!”

I slowly awakened to the voices of the beautiful girls calling me.

“Don’t shake it. It’s dizzy.”


As soon as I opened my eyes, something hard grabbed my body.
I could tell without looking. There is only one child who calls my name with Nimja.

“It’s Sylvia. Wearing plate armor and hugging me like that would hurt me a little.”

“Sorry, I’m sorry.”

Because the atmosphere seems heavy

I threw a joke, but Sylvia was apologetic, but it didn’t make the mood better.
Even the arms that hugged me relaxed a bit, but they are still hugging me.
After all, when I’m sad, it’s okay to hug me by myself.

“So, what happened? I even remember having my stomach pierced by a monster.”

“As soon as you wake up and remember that well, there doesn’t seem to be much of a problem. You can’t avoid that and get hurt.”

Alicia, who stood next to me and looked down at me, patted me on the side and said.
Hey. Don’t hit the side of someone who just got hurt
Well, watching you from the side like this means that I was still worried, so I’m thankful.

“Sure. Who healed you!”

Matilda said in a confident voice while stealing the corners of her eyes.
Come to think of it, when I woke up, I could hear other voices besides Sylvia’s voice.

“Are you cured?”

“Yeah, right?! Do you have any complaints?!”

Maybe it was because of me going so far, Matilda replied with a subtle vigilant look.
No matter how much he saved his life, he didn’t do it like that.

“no. Thanks. I lived thanks to you.”

“You are quite, quite honest.”

“At a time like this, I am grateful. Thanks. Matilda.”

“no. I came here for this in the first place… Even if you don’t appreciate it… .”

Matilda’s voice, which had been tickling until now, suddenly lost momentum.
It’s unusual to see him blushing and embarrassed while wiggling his body with something.
Alas. Damn it. I can’t really thank you properly.

“It is so. No need to thank you. I did my job. Well. Good work. Let’s do our best in the future.”

I ended up having to do this.
I’m sorry. Matilda. This is all to protect my son.

“Everyone, you are so rude!”

Matilda, whose cheeks were dyed pink, quickly changed her attitude and tickled again in anger.
Good. With this my son was protected.

“It’s not like that there, but if you wake up, eat something.”

And Miriael’s voice was heard from a little far away.
When I turned my head, except for Alicia, the rest of Arachne members were eating.
naughty guys. No, he must have known that Matilda was able to cure him perfectly, so he had prepared a meal in a calming manner.
A paladin named Lily seems to have known Matilda from the beginning.

“Sylvia. ’cause I’m fine Let’s eat some rice soon.”

I spoke to Sylvia, who was still clinging to me.

“Wow. Yeah… .”

But Sylvia did not want to let go even as she answered that.
I can’t help it. Shall I force it down a bit?

“if not… Can I hug you a little more? Shall I hug you?”

“Hey! It’s okay, it’s okay!”

Because it works well too.
Sylvia fell back from me, and only then was I able to get up.

“Oh oh. It’s clean with no scratches. The armor is pierced, so it looks pretty bad.”

“I’m sorry. We should have been more careful. I hope a guy who is about to die will have that kind of power.”

“no. I didn’t expect it either, so I have nothing to apologize for. After all, I’m still alive like this. By the way, it looks like he got it right as soon as it pierced my stomach?”

“I guess I got it… As soon as I attacked you, I just ran out of power and died.”

“Did your penis come out?”

“okay. That’s no problem. I just have one question.”


“Why did you have to approach me like that before?”

“Ah… That’s the word. Actually, the skill to approach and use is the most powerful. Earlier, he said that the skill to use from a distance didn’t work. I think it’s probably because my level is a little lacking.”

“indeed. He’s definitely a stronger monster than a troll-like monster. But then the future is the problem. We can meet the transcendental species, much less our goal is to become the master of the class. He’s just a lot stronger than him. No matter how much we can make you approach the master of the class.”

“Ugh. Is it too?”

“okay. something to do… is it. So, Telluna-sama… .”

Miriael muttered as if she had realized something.

“Huh? What about Diana?”

“no. Just realizing that I misunderstood for a moment. If I had known that, I wouldn’t have come straight from the clan house.”

Miriael kept muttering something inexplicable.

“Good. Then, shall we go to sleep around here?”

“Huh? already? Is it dinner yet?”

“Huh? Really. You just woke up from faint and you don’t look at your watch, you know.”

Miriel took the watch out of her arms and checked it, and looked at me with a curious look.

“Anyway, you don’t have to worry about that in the dungeon. You just woke up from fainting, so I think it’s better to take a break today and do some maintenance. It’s also a good place to camp around here.”

Well, it’s not.
There are not many adventurers who question that in a dungeon that always maintains the same brightness without day or night.
It’s strange to keep track of time like our clan and maintain a rhythm of life, because it’s said that adventurers usually sleep when they can sleep.

“everyone! Ready to camp!”

“Oh, are you staying here?”


“Huhu. I look forward to it.”

Lutia looked at me and gave me a bewitching smile.

“Salvation cannot even touch one fingertip!”

“Huhu. Don’t be so restrictive. He will also be cute with you as a bonus.”

Despite Sylvia’s cold attitude, Lutia smiled slightly and went to prepare for the camp.
I can’t tell if that person is really serious or if he’s joking.
… Isn’t that the truth? ah please Anyway, it’s not a dungeon.

The camp preparations were quickly completed thanks to the busy movement of the Arachne clan members.
Since there were so many people, there were quite a few tents set up, and I was assigned one of them.

“We will take care of the non-visit on our side. Please recover as much as possible from fatigue.”

Miriel gave strength to the word “recovery from fatigue” for some reason.


Without specifications.”

Well, I almost died today, so I guess that means you should get some rest.
I accepted Miriel’s proposal without hesitation.
The problem is Rutia, who might come to attack me.



“You should sleep with me today.”

“Yes, neep?! Ha, but hey, this is a dungeon… .”

“What are you thinking? Literally, we’ll just sleep together. If someone attacks you while you’re sleeping, you have to protect them.”

“out. Yes, it is.”

“If that’s the case, I’ll sleep with you!”

For some reason, Matilda intervened.

“No, you don’t need it.”

“How! It’s like someone who doesn’t even know grace!”

Hey. Don’t say that. You’re just pricking your conscience I’m really grateful for that.

“Let’s make friends with the genitalia over there.”

“uh?! Me and Cardinal Matilda together?!”

Lily, who was pointed out at me, looked very embarrassed, but I didn’t care.
I’m sorry, but my son’s life is my top priority.

“huh. Ignoring people’s good intentions One day you will be punished.”

Matilda sighed and walked over to Lily.
I’m sorry, but I was sent by the Goddess, so I’m afraid I won’t receive any kind of punishment.

“Well then.”

“Yes, neheb!”

Sylvia entered the tent with me nervously.
Come to think of it, I slept with Sylvia at the best because Sarah gave up yesterday, but in the end I ended up sleeping with Sylvia like this in a row. If Sarah finds out, will you disassemble it?

“Sylvia. do not vibrate I can’t sleep.”

“Sin, sin, sorry. By the way, the savior?”


“I, I, I, do I need to hug you like this?!”

Sylvia said in a weeping voice, clutching her heart.

“I can’t sleep if I don’t hug something while sleeping.”

“Is that so… .”

“Actually, it’s best not only to hug, but also to insert and sleep.

“Oh, please, that’s it! Forgive me… !”

“what. Sylvia Don’t you want to be connected with me?!”

“Oh, no! But from what everyone hears… Whoops.”

I thought Sylvia was really going to cry, so I decided to stop teasing her.

“Okay. I’ll just hug you and sleep, so bear with this.”

“Ugh. Yeah… .”

Perhaps it felt that the difficulty of sleeping with hugging was significantly lower compared to sleeping with inserts, and Sylvia’s body trembled slightly.
Actually, the best way to get your body in the best condition is to sleep while activating the healing sex. I can’t help it. Sylvia really can’t stand it if she inserts it.

“Hi. Are you sleeping already?”

Just as I was about to fall asleep feeling Sylvia’s vibration, someone broke into our tent.

“Come out!”

“Oh. What is that reaction? My sister is a little hurt.”

Rutia has really entered our tent.

“Hey, what did you come here for?”

“Huhu. knowing.”

“I really

It doesn’t taste good to eat!”

“Because I eat it and judge it.”

“Do not touch the Savior!”

“Huhu. Ancalzine. do not worry. you too i… .”

Saying that, Lutia reached out to Sylvia’s chest.

“What do you think? Don’t you feel good? My sister’s finger skills are recognized even in our clan… .”
“It’s just too clumsy.”

Lutia spoke in a bewitching manner, but Sylvia spoke without changing her expression.
yes it is If anyone other than me touched Sylvia, she wouldn’t feel it.

“Huhu. A plain lie… uh, huh?”

Lutia reached up to Sylvia’s crotch, but she looked embarrassed when she wasn’t really wet.

“Take your hands off. Aren’t you a virgin, just pretending to be good on the outside?”

“What, what?! number, number… .”

Sylvia hit the counter! The effect was awesome!
Rutia fell slightly with a shocked expression.

“It’s disturbing. What are you doing?”

Then another man broke into our tent.
It was Miriel.

“Miriel! Talk to me! Do I have good technique?”

Why are you asking that to Miriale, who is of the same sex?
After all, as if I smelled a little like that before coming to the dungeon, these guys really… .

“What are you talking about all of a sudden? More than that, Rutia has something to say.”


“I said I would entrust Telluna-sama’s request to you, but I have to cancel it.”

“What?! What does that mean?!”

“It seems that Telluna-sama made such a request with a different meaning. i was misunderstanding I’m sorry to make you look forward to it, but I’ll take over this place.”

“No! How I expected! Then we’d rather be together… !”
“Then the efficiency will only deteriorate. It’s best to deal with myself alone. Understand me.”

What the hell are you guys talking about?
no. I’m trying to guess what you’re talking about, but I hope my predictions are wrong.

“Sheesh. ok Instead, should Miiel repay you later?”


Rutia left only those words and left the tent.
Now, in the tent, only me, Miriel, and Sylvia, who had her arms outstretched in front of me, were thoroughly marked.
it’s sylvia i only believe in you

“Then do it?”

Miriael didn’t even care about Sylvia and opened her mouth.

“I’ll ask you first… What?”


Damn it! My prediction was right!
In the end, he looks fine, but he was also a member of the Arachne clan!

“What if I say no?”

“… Is that a hobby?”

After hearing my answer, Miriale thought for a moment, and gave an absurd answer.

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“no it’s not! Why is that? It can’t be! Common sense!”

“Then do you really mean denial?”

“okay! I already have people I love! Why do I have to sleep with you?!”

“Are you talking about Telluna-sama? But then, why did Telluna-sama make such a request? Wasn’t that what he did?”

“Are you asking? What request?”

“During the quest, didn’t you emphasize that you should be nice to him? Of course, I think it also includes the night service.”

At Miriael’s words, I had no choice but to stiffen for a moment.

“awhile. What are you talking about?”

“Huh? I think I heard it right.”

At Miiel’s words, I recalled my memories for a moment.
Did Diana tell you to attend my night?
Even if I thought about it, I had never had a conversation that had such a nuance.
However, there have been times when he has definitely told me to take care of myself.
May this be… .

“Ahhh! Hey! That’s not it! That’s when you said that you shouldn’t sleep with me?!”

“Huh? How is it interpreted that way?”

“How do you really think that telling me to take care of myself is to interpret it as asking me to attend the night too?!”

“I don’t know how you come to that conclusion. I’m not stupid either. I know some rumors about our clan. A clan where men’s dreams come true, crazy about sex. Is that what it means to entrust a man to such a clan and treat him well?”

“No no no. lets think. Isn’t that weird?! Diana loves me! It’s weird to have another woman wait for you at night, isn’t it?!”

“Because I love you, even more so, I guess you want to make him a man that suits you as soon as possible. That’s why you dared to ask a higher level me like that.”

“Our Diana isn’t that kind of woman?!”

“Really? Are you sure?”

When Miriael spoke with a very confident attitude, I was sure of it, but hesitated for a moment to answer.
Seeing that I hesitated a bit for an answer, Miriale nodded her head as if she knew it would, and continued.

“Actually, I don’t really like sleeping with you either. I don’t even need to level up anymore, so sleeping with you is just giving me a one-sided favor. So, when Telluna-sama said that, to be honest, I was even disappointed with Telluna. So, I was going to leave the night service to Lutia. But now that the situation has come to pass, it seems that Teluna-sama was already expecting that you should raise your level. I feel ashamed of myself for being a little suspicious of Telluna-sama without knowing that.”

“If you don’t like it, you have to do it right?!”

“It can’t be. Shouldn’t you level up? Before, I struggled like that with normal monsters. In order to deal with the masters of the next class, I think it is essential to raise your level. And in order to level up as quickly as possible, it’s best to sleep with someone who’s at the highest level here. When I heard from Alicia, it seems that you can sleep well with people of high level, and you can even make them feel pleasure.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Isn’t that also the power of the profession of a saint?”

While missing the timing of a rebuttal, Miriael’s argument grew stronger and stronger.
If you don’t refute this right now, you’re going to get really raped.

“So. Now stop talking and let me do it. It’s a waste of time like this.”

Miriale said that and took off the clothes she was wearing.

Perhaps it was because he had come with this idea, he was not wearing any armor, and in an instant, his beautiful naked body was revealed in front of my eyes.


Sylvia, who was standing in front of me with her arms outstretched, couldn’t stop Miriel for some reason, and she leaned slightly toward me as if something was withdrawn.
Dangerous. really hit!

“awhile! Wait a minute! Let’s sort it out one by one. First of all, Diana isn’t the kind of woman who asks her man’s night out for that reason. Did I say sure? I’m sure. Even the butler in our mansion is now at a higher level than Diana, but he says he can’t sleep with me. And next, for sure, I struggled a while ago. But that doesn’t mean you have to level up. I have other ways to become stronger besides leveling up.”

It’s enough to raise the charm stat.
The next level limit is 250, and the stat limit up to 250 is 500.
Considering that the charm stat automatically increases by 1 when you raise the saint level, it is certainly not a situation where you can over-invest more than 100 in charm.
But in other words, you can shoot up to 100.
If you put a 100 bonus stat on your charms, you’re going to completely wipe out the expectations of going up in training, but that’s unavoidable.
Sex is included among the related behaviors of the charm stat, and because of that, charm is the stat that has the highest probability of going up to training among all stats, although it is really unfortunate.

“Is that the means to be strong that he can become so dramatically strong? Let me tell you, even though the Garuda I fought earlier is strong, it is only like that among normal monsters, and it doesn’t even compare to the masters of the transcendental species or the class. Are you sure you are strong enough to use that ranged skill even on the owner of the class?”

ugh Well, saying that makes me a little less confident.
If you hit 100 for Charm, you definitely get stronger, but in this world level correction is too powerful to ignore.
But even so, if you hesitate here, you will only see a future where you will be raped by Miriael.

“Sure. no problem So you don’t have to sleep with me. Would you mind leaving?”

“… is it. ok Just believe me.”

You don’t need the word once, right? what. for once
Miriale, who seemed to be convinced, apparently did not want to sleep with me. It seems that the statement itself was true.
He left the tent with a nonchalant expression as if it was not too bad.
Just hold the clothes you took off in your hands. The buttocks that I saw as I went out were pretty sexy, so I was a little angry.
Hey. Even though there are only members of your clan out there, is it okay to go out like that? Is there no real shame?

Anyway, I’m glad If Lutia was the opponent, ‘Then it’s okay to create a reason. I wonder what it feels like to have sex with a saint. So let’s do it.’
It was fortunate that Miriael sent Lutia first.

“Oh, savior… .”

When Miriael left, Sylvia, who had her arms outstretched in front of me with her shoulders clasped up until then, called out my name in a slightly weak voice.


I said I was protecting the Savior, but I couldn’t say anything… .”

“no. Because if I sleep with him and level up, the chance of getting hurt decreases that much. Did you hesitate to think about it?”

As if it was the correct answer, Sylvia did not answer and only made a gloomy expression.

“More than that, Sylvia. When you get back, please tell the other three of my saga clearly. Even if all kinds of women tempt me, I thought of you and endured it.”

“Yes, yes. I will definitely tell you.”

Despite my playful remarks, Sylvia did not loosen her expression and nodded her head faithfully.
In any case, should I say that he is too sincere, or that he is too low-key to me?
I can’t help it. Shall I force you to change your mood?

“Well then!”

“Hey aww!”

I hugged Sylvia tightly and laid back on her back.

“Wow, do I have to sleep in this position after all?!”

“Of course. get used to it I don’t know if you’ll even have sex with me tomorrow night.”

“Yeah?! Eh?! Three, sex?!”

“okay. I told Miriale that I was confident, but I don’t know what the human business will be like. Even if I upgrade, my skills may not work for the masters of the transcendental class or class, so shouldn’t I have sex with Sylvia to raise the level? Or what? Do you really want me to have sex with Miriael and level up?”

To be honest, it would be nice to level up with Sylvia today, as long as there is no guarantee that the Holy Spirit’s wave will work unconditionally by raising the charm.
It must be difficult for Sylvia to deal with me two days in a row. Especially because he feels it more than the other kids.
it’s sylvia I am so caring

“Oooh. That’s not it, but… .”

“right? So get used to it quickly. Tomorrow morning, like this morning, be careful not to faint again as soon as you wake up.”

“Uhhhhhh. No, I will try.”

Even with that said, Sylvia’s vibrations did not weaken.
Well, for me, this vibration felt good. ‘Cause I’m lying on my side and sleeping with something between Sylvia’s ass.
Don’t you have to stand up for that? The thing already stood a long time ago!
Damn it. Miriel, I mean, the naked body was really sexy. I think I really deserve praise for enduring it.

the next morning. As soon as I woke up, I invested stat 95 into charm.
I would say that the reason I did 95 instead of 100 is my timidity, leaving even a little room for my charm to increase through related actions.
Sylvia was so nervous yesterday that she eventually overslept, so she was asleep in my arms.
Good. Will you hold my face in front of my nose until I wake up?
won’t you faint? It’s not being inserted, so it’s probably fine.

“Salvation! Hey! did you wake up?”

But before my prank succeeded, Alicia stormed into our tent.

“Huh? what?”

“It’s a battle. A male ogre appeared. come fast!”

“Uh, uh… ? Whoa!”

Perhaps woken up by Alicia’s voice, Sylvia was startled and moved away from me one step at a time.
Good. It’s satisfying to see Sylvia’s cute side too.

“Sylvia! Go!”

“Eh, eh?! four?!”

As soon as I woke up, I was surprised to see my face in front of me and grabbed Sylvia’s hand, who was not able to understand the situation, and I hurriedly followed Alicia.

The battle was not taking place where we were sleeping, but was taking place a little further away.
no wonder. If there was a battle nearby, neither I nor Sylvia would have woken up.
You might be wondering why you’re going out to fight while you’re camping, but looking at the size of the monster, it makes sense.
Sure enough, he sees it in our camp too.
He probably went ahead and started the battle so that there was no damage to the camp.

“How big are you? Is that transcendental?”

“no. It’s a normal monster. Why? Were you scared?”

So, wouldn’t it be scary if it were you? A person like me is too big to die even if I pass it by.
An ogre is often described as a monster that reigns supreme among monsters in the fantasy world, but it doesn’t have to be that big, right?
It was so large that it was difficult to guess the size with the naked eye, but it certainly looked over 10 meters tall. You can see through these tall trees.

“By the way, which one is stronger than the Garuda you fought with yesterday?”

“Of course the ogres are a little stronger. Among the normal monsters on the 5th floor, there is no one stronger than the ogre.”

In other words, it is the perfect opponent to raise the charm stat and test the skill for the first time.
When I got close enough to see the lower body of the monster, Miriael, who was dealing with the ogre, pulled up her sword and approached me.

“Salvation! did you come Did you get a little stronger as I said yesterday? Let me tell you, this guy is stronger than the guy yesterday. And we really want to get his penis.”

“then. No problem. Leave it to me.”

If you hesitate to answer here, you will definitely be raped tonight.
I tried to show a confident attitude.

“Good. Then, when you send the signal, cast the skill immediately.

Miriael left only those words and rushed towards the ogre again.
Then, as he did when he attacked Garuda yesterday, he jumped up using Genie’s greatsword, mounted on the ogre’s shoulder, and began to move around and attack the head.
If the opponent is that big, isn’t it the norm to attack the leg first?
The way these guys fight really doesn’t help.
Thankfully, their connection to each other was quite good, so there were things to see and learn from that.

“Salvation! Now!”

And when the ogre lost his strength and fell to his knees, Miriael soared high above the ogre’s head.
I didn’t say it properly, but I think I’m sorry that I made Garuda do it yesterday.
With the sword pointing downwards, it descended vigorously toward the ogre’s head.
When I saw that, I immediately sent a wave of the saint to the ogre.
Please, please, eat it!
However, even when the saint’s pulse touched his body, the ogre did not look back.
Damn it! Isn’t that right?! Without giving up, I blew the saint’s waves two or three times in a row.
And Miriel’s sword

He cut off the back of the ogre’s neck.
Damn it. is it a failure?
It seemed that the ogre had turned to this direction just before he died, but it was vaguely certain that it was a success.
Trembling, I approached the ogre’s corpse.

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If I had to give a little excuse on behalf of the writers Jo Ara, it would be a typo because the ㄹ and ㅇ were attached.
Besides, writing it wrong is more memorable than writing it right, so it must have felt like everything was wrong.
In my case alone, the expression “touch” appeared a few times in episode 294 not long ago, but I guess I wrote it all right.



“What are you so afraid of? Don’t worry, it’s dead! Anyway, that’s why the chick… .”

As I cautiously approached the ogre’s corpse, maybe she thought I was scared, Alicia slapped me on the back and said cheerfully.

“I wasn’t scared.”

“Okay. child. Are you still proud of yourself?”

Alicia wrapped her arms around my hair and tucked it around her side, and with the opposite hand she ruffled my hair at random.
Why is this all of a sudden?
No, of course, I was always like this, but I don’t think I was like that in yesterday’s battle.
Oh, yes. Because that happened yesterday.
Are you doing this to read more about yourself?
It’s Alicia. I think I can see why you haven’t met a man before with your looks and that ability.

“Hey. Are you really scared? Why are you so quiet all of a sudden?”

Maybe it was because I was worried, but when I was quiet, Alicia said in a slightly worried voice.

“no. just… . live strong Alicia.”

“What? What do you mean all of a sudden?”

“Someday, you will find a suitable mate.”

“Because this bastard wants to see you! Why did those words come out all of a sudden?!”

“No, nothing.”

I shook my head, swerved off Alicia’s side and headed towards the ogre corpse.

“Hey. this bastard! Where are you running?”

Whoops. I can hear the voice of a loser who has never met a man from behind.
Alicia relentlessly pursued me and said what kind of bullshit it was, but I just looked at him with sad eyes and thoroughly avoided answering.

From the ogre corpse, Miriael was already in the process of recovering the Manastone.
Since it is so large, it is quite hard work to recover the Mana Stones.
Even the size of the Mana Stones isn’t that huge.
I have to dig a manastone smaller than the size of a fist out of that size.

As I heard from Diana, it seems that from the 4th floor, the color of the mana stones of the monsters changes to purple and the size decreases.
As the color changes, the purity of the mana it contains also increases, so even if the size decreases, the mana content increases.
The mana stones spit out by the Level 3 monsters were already the size of two fists, so if they grow to infinity as they contain mana, the mana of ogres-like guys might exceed 1 meter in diameter.
For adventurers, thank you.


I wonder if they’re learning something like a slaughter skill?
In the first place, an adventurer is a job that can be obtained by registering in the guild, but I had never heard of the guild passing on the adventurer skills.
The other adventurer skill I’m learning, Analyze, has never been used by anyone other than me.
Even Diana doesn’t know exactly what other people’s levels are, so I’m probably the only person in this world who learned analysis.
Then, isn’t there a possibility that the other adventurer skill, butchery, is not being learned by anyone other than me?
I’ll have to ask Diana later.

But apart from such worries, Miriael digs straight towards the location of the magic stone with her sword.
You’ve probably caught an ogre more than once, and you probably know the location of the Mana Stone.
And finally, the ogre’s body began to disappear in an instant as if it were rotting.
So, how are you?
I turned to the spot where the ogre’s lower body was lying.
There was something dark red, and there was a huge pillar.

“Aaaaaah! my eyes!”

I guess I’m used to this reaction every time I see my penis, the people of Arachne started talking to each other without even looking at me.
I am lonely. We want to see our kids.

“… Big.”

“It’s really big. I don’t think something like that will fit in mine?”

“Right. So do i.”

What are they talking about now?! Of course! So you were thinking of putting that in?!

“… It’s difficult.”

what?! What’s wrong with you?! Is it that hard not to get inside?! Is this normal?! Isn’t it difficult to get in?

“Uh… . Oh yeah! Salvation!”

Alicia suddenly tapped me on the shoulder.


“Can’t you carry that with you?!”

Hey, what is he talking about?! Isn’t this crazy?!
No matter how much I made fun of you earlier, isn’t that kind of a joke?!

“Why are you making that face? don’t you go in too? From what I heard from Kanna, they said that you can put things into a subspace with just your hands.”

“Huh? Ah, space? Ahhh! Was that what you were talking about?!”

“Then what did you think you were talking about?!”

“Huh? Ah, ha ha ha! never mind! nothing! Why? Didn’t you keep the items and settle them all at once? Do you have any subspace pockets?”

“None of our pockets can fit that. No matter how sub-spaced pockets are, you can’t put things that can’t fit inside the entrance.”

indeed. Wasn’t that what you said earlier that it didn’t fit into mine?
Also, I was terrified to know that they don’t just eat men, they even have walls.

“So, can you put it in?”

“… Yes, I can put it in… .”

“But what?”

“I don’t want to touch that.”

“What kind of bastard are you talking about?”

“No, think in common sense. Would you like to touch the same female genitals?”


For some reason, Alicia looked away from me.

“… have you ever touched I did. Because the man didn’t treat him like that, he eventually turned his eyes to the woman… .”
“It’s not like that, you bastard!”

“Yeah, yes. you would I understand.”

“Hey, you bastard! So you said no!”

“okay. Do you understand?”

“You don’t understand your expression?!”

Loud Lesbian Guys
I ignored Alicia and approached the ogre’s penis.

“Salvation. I’m sorry, can I ask you a favor?”

As if he had heard the conversation between me and Alicia, Miriale looked at me with a serious face and said.

“Yeah, yes.”

Since last night, it has become strangely difficult for Miriale to deal with.
It seems that Miriael hasn’t noticed it yet, but it was also very close to being eaten by the ogre with the Holy Wave.
If you get caught, you’ll be raped tonight.
Besides, Miriel said she didn’t need to level up anymore.
In other words, the level has reached its limit.
Level 250. How many men did this guy sacrifice to reach that level?
After all, the scariest thing in Clan Arachne might be Miriael.
Especially in the sense that he doesn’t seem interested in the act of sex itself.

“What are you doing?”

“Wait, wait a minute.”

As I stood still in front of the ogre’s penis, Miriael tilted her head.
Damn it. Can’t you just touch it? I don’t want to touch this.
Until now, I thought that I became immune to monster genitals by touching them, but it felt different to be this big.


Then, Alicia grabbed my hand and brought it directly to the ogre’s penis.

“Aww! What are you doing?!”

“Do it quickly. How long are you going to be wasting time like that?! Everyone is waiting for you, right?”

Damn it. That’s right. That’s true, but it gets hot.
This guy must have taken revenge for teasing me a while ago.
But to argue further here will only lengthen the amount of time the ogre’s genitals are touched.
I had no choice but to quickly put the ogre penis in my inventory.

“Great. I feel dirty.”

“It seems like we only touched it for a moment, and there’s a lot of commotion.”

“Damn it! More than this! I will cleanse you with my heart!”

I reached out to Alicia’s chest.
stiff That’s right. wearing armor.

“What are you doing? I’m sorry. what. Marlon Did you miss the body that stole your virginity? Can you take off your armor and let me touch you for a moment?”

damn. okay. He was such a kid.
I really hate it. Arachne Clan. I don’t know what women are all ashamed of.

“Damn it! It’s not like that! I just like anyone, so my heart just wanted to touch it!”

“Oh, then, will you let my sister touch me?”

“no. Come to think of it, I was stupid. Trying to touch a girl’s breast carelessly. As a gentleman, I can’t do that.”

“You don’t have to specify.”

Besides, I had no choice but to cool down immediately because of the interference from the side.
She’s definitely got big attractive breasts, and she’s in full body leggings, so the touch will kill you, but if you touch it, it’ll definitely hit you.

“By the way, the skill really worked. How can you do that in one day?”

Miriel approached me with an admiring expression.

“What, what? ‘Cause I’m a stranger I have a skill or two that people in this world don’t know about. After all, you know that I don’t need to sleep with you, right?

I bluffed as much as possible.

“Right. Please do not ask me in the future.”

I can’t turn it back now.
From today on, I have sex with Sylvia all night every night, raising the level until I somehow reach the owner of the hierarchy.

Come to think of it, all of them don’t mention my appearance at all.
Once you’ve raised your charm by 95, shouldn’t there be some kind of reaction?
I looked at Sylvia standing next to me.
Perhaps it was because I had just made a fuss with my chest, and looking down at her heart, she was a little gloomy.
no. it’s sylvia
When I reached out my hand to Alicia’s chest, it was just to tease her, not because Alicia’s breasts are so big.


“Yeah, nee-hee?!”

I covered Sylvia’s face with both hands and bowed my head to meet Sylvia’s eye level.
They were so close that there was only about 10 centimeters of distance between their faces, and they looked intently into Sylvia and her eyes.
Sylvia looked at my face and her eyes vibrated violently from side to side.
Well. I do not know.
Yam always reacts like this, so I can’t tell if he’s reacting to my more handsome face or just doing this.
I have no choice but to ask myself.

“Did I change anything?”

“Rice, rice, what has changed?”


“That, that, so… .”

Sylvia pondered as if confused. Also don’t you know
As stats are relative, maybe the kids with a much higher level than me don’t know the difference.

“Isn’t it good enough?”

“Goo, salvation has always been handsome!”

Or maybe it’s just because I always look the best in Sylvia’s eyes.
I also don’t know

Anyway, after collecting the rest of the ogre’s items, we returned to our campsite.
And there remained Matilda, who had never come to the battlefield alone.

“Where did everyone go now… . Oh. Your Joe, a little face… ?”

“Huh?! What is your face?!”

As I pushed my face in, Matilda blushed and said in a soft voice.

“He, that’s, handsome… .”

Ahh! I got so excited that I just set the bomb on fire!
I can’t help it! As long as you’re human, it’s always nice to hear that you’re handsome!

“It’s changed a bit by strengthening the saint’s skill! why did you fall for it Can’t you? Garbage like me, just looks

Aren’t you supposed to be an easy girl to fall in love with?!”

“All right, of course! How do you see people!”

Whoops. Did you pass it slowly?
Huh. thank God. still stand

“It wasn’t my fault either. It seemed like something had changed.”

“Oh, my sweetheart. What did you do?”

“Ah yes. The power of the saint skill is also related to appearance.”

It seems that the people of Arachne were also paying attention.
If someone looks a little different, please comment. I was just tired of being alone.
No, I think it’s normal
Even my country wouldn’t just praise someone else’s woman for being prettier than usual.
It’s blatantly flirting.
Besides, think of it as a woman of some High. It’s a complete challenge to power.
It must have been difficult for them to say as they knew I was Diana’s man.

“Somehow it tastes better today… I wanted to look cute.”

… Maybe he just didn’t mention it for no reason.
Also, it’s hard to deal with all the clan members here.

============================ Review of work ===================== =========
Thank you so much for the coupons, recommendations and comments.

Aren’t you supposed to be an easy girl to fall in love with?!”

“All right, of course! How do you see people!”

Whoops. Did you pass it slowly?
Huh. thank God. still stand

“It wasn’t my fault either. It seemed like something had changed.”

“Oh, my sweetheart. What did you do?”

“Ah yes. The power of the saint skill is also related to appearance.”

It seems that the people of Arachne were also paying attention.
If someone looks a little different, please comment. I was just tired of being alone.
No, I think it’s normal
Even my country wouldn’t just praise someone else’s woman for being prettier than usual.
It’s blatantly flirting.
Besides, think of it as a woman of some High. It’s a complete challenge to power.
It must have been difficult for them to say as they knew I was Diana’s man.

“Somehow it tastes better today… I wanted to look cute.”

… Maybe he just didn’t mention it for no reason.
Also, it’s hard to deal with all the clan members here.

============================ Review of work ===================== =========
Thank you so much for the coupons, recommendations and comments.

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