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“Wow… Sorry.”

“no. It’s my fault that I was too excited, but Sylvia has something to apologize for. Let’s do our best again from today.”

“Wow… . Yes Yes… .”

In the end, I couldn’t level up as much as I thought last night.
I don’t know when I’ll meet the Transcendental Servant, but I said too much that things were going well.
Even if it’s tonight, I’ll have to give it up again, but if I meet the Transcendental Servant today, it’s over.
However, there was one piece of good news.
The assassin’s level went up tremendously.
I think it was probably the main thing that made Sylvia feel unnoticed when there was another person nearby.
Of course, Sylvia forgot to hold back her voice and was caught all the way through, but the assassin’s level was still quite low, so the level of the assassin went up considerably just by having to raise it briefly in the beginning.
Thanks to that, my agility has increased considerably, so I don’t get hit with my eyes open just like I was hit by Garuda last time… what are you trying to get Even so, his agility is still less than 250.

“Is there any problem?”

Miriael approached and asked if the scene where Silvia apologized to me was strange.

“Oh no! Not at all! No problem!”

If caught, you will be raped!
I shook my head desperately.

“is it. Come to think of it, it looks like you had a lot of fun last night… .”

Sylvia’s moans seemed to have been heard by Miriale as well.

“Yes! I just want to have sex! It feels good to hold Sylvia! It was never meant to level up!”

I was terrified by Miriael, and I even said useless words.
Next to her, Sylvia said, “Wow… .” He was about to die of shame while making the same noise, and from a distance, Lutia looked at this side with a grin as if it were fun.

“I’m confident that I’ll feel good too, would you like to hug me? When I heard the sound of that child chirping last night, our cutie seems to be quite desperate.”

“Oh, no! Because I am a smart man!”

“Oh. I’m sorry.”

I can’t tell if that person is really serious or just kidding!

“Lutia. do that salvation than that. You don’t have to be so upset. I didn’t mean to tell you not to do it. I know that men have a strong sex drive. I just wanted to be a little more careful. Of course, I think you’ll do well on your own, but I’m telling you to take a break so that you don’t lose your physical condition.”

“Uh huh! Thanks for the advice! I’ll be more careful in the future!”

After hearing my words, Miriale nodded and went back to the place where the meal was being prepared.

“Sylvia. Starting today, let’s keep our voices quieter.”

“Yeah, neheb… .”

There is healing sex anyway, so you don’t have to worry about your condition.
Rather, leveling up is more important.

Anyway, after we finished our meal, we left the road with our original line up.
If I met the Transcendental Species today, I had a lot of trouble figuring out how to deal with it, but it won’t be solved if I rot my head alone with this. Let’s just pray that we don’t meet the transcendent species, or even if we do, that transcendent species is a female
I decided to focus my attention on something else so as not to rot in my head for nothing.

“That’s not it. A more natural, gentle smile! Yeah, it’s like a carnivore that smiles over its prey!”

“What is this bastard! Have you finished talking?!”

It’s about teaching Alicia to be feminine.
I mean, it’s pretty fun doing this.

“I told you to think of me as someone you like now and practice! What’s that talk! Where did the feminine tone go!”

“Ugh… Goo, Goo Won-ssi?!”

“Your smile is hard!”

Huh. Quite fun
It makes me laugh to see Alicia, this wild carnivore, trying to force a feminine smile on her face.
Besides, it’s easy to deal with, by adding that you should practice thinking that you like me.
Alas. It is interesting.

“Hey, you bastard… When it’s over, I kill you… .”

Anyway, I can’t even touch me while I’m doing the quest anyway.
When the order is finished? Of course you should run away.
Besides, Alicia also said that, but she made an effort to learn femininity.
There seems to be a man who really likes him, right?
It’s hard to imagine that this beast-like, manly woman likes a man.
Well, I’m just enjoying this situation.

“Miss Alicia. You don’t seem to have a good sense. Shall I set an example for you?”

Perhaps it was pity that Alicia was watching, Matilda, who was next to him, made such a suggestion.
What. People are having fun Do not disturb.

“Come on, look. Salvation… That savior… .”

“Aww! refuse!”

This guy made me a mormot by saying he’s doing a demonstration right now!
Besides, the fact that his cheeks gradually turned pink as he spoke was, obviously, while he was speaking, he got drunk and became serious!
What a dangerous guy! A bomb that explodes without touching it! That’s the worst!

“Sir, excuse me! Wasn’t this sincere at all?!”

“Do not lie! Your eyes were sincere!”

“huh! Aren’t you overly self-conscious?!”

“What else are you doing? Are you fighting with something like that? More Matilda. I don’t know if I’ve seen it once, but can you show me another example? you are really feminine I want to emulate you.”

“Oh? Would it be? Then again… .”

“Do not! Hey! You are doing this on purpose!”


Hey, this guy… How do you get revenge like this?
no matter how it is Isn’t it serious to try to make a goza just by playing with it a little?!

Playing around like that, we continued exploring the dungeon.
I’m not trying to discover something new, I’m just going on a well-known path, so it seems that Arach’s kids were bored inside, too, so the dungeon exploration wasn’t as fun as I thought it would be because they accepted my pranks quite well.
Still, I missed our children’s faces.

“It’s time to camp soon.”

And around 5 pm, Alicia suddenly mumbled something like that.
Unlike our clan, they don’t rest when the time comes, but rather rest when they find a place to rest.
Even if it’s still early, if you find a place to camp, go there

will be staying for one day.
Well, the lower you go, the harder it will be to find a place where you can camp easily, and for an adventurer, this is probably the norm.
thank God. Will today end like this after all?

“Well, before that, you have to catch one transcendental species.”

But behind me, I heard a stinging voice.

“Hey, what… ?”

“There is a good place to camp a short distance away, and it is like the nest of the Transcendental Species. rest in peace Because there is only one transcendental species, and no other one comes out.”

Now that transcendental species is the problem!

“Male, male?!”

“Perhaps I think so. Well, I didn’t pay much attention to the gender of monsters until you made that strange discovery, so it’s not accurate.”

Why can’t I get it all worked out like this?
Is the path of a saint always a series of hardships and trials?
If this is God’s ordeal, then accept it… Will you take it?! If caught, you will be raped!
what to do maybe good?
Before I could come up with any countermeasures, the members of Arachne all pulled out their weapons and took a stance.
One day, in the distance, an ogre, much larger than a normal ogre, appeared.

“Then let’s go!”

At Miriael’s signal, Arachne’s vanguard members rushed towards the Ogre Transcendental Servant at the same time.
And then I could see the Arachne clan members fighting properly.
Until now, it was almost a method of pressing and leaving it to force, but this time, they were taking a link while properly securing each other.
First, Miriale, Alicia, and Genie attack the ogre and eat aggro.
When aggro is focused on Miriael, Alicia and Genie give strength to Miriael, and when aggro is focused on Alicia, the other two give strength.
And around the time the three of them thought they ate enough aggro, the rest of the members began to join in the attack.
The twin wizards unleashed a series of menacing spells, and when the bard, Hilda, sang a song, the ogres’ movements slowed a little while everyone’s bodies were energized.
And Rutia seemed to be playing a role in interfering with the movement of the ogre, so it was annoying by constantly attacking the joints in time when the ogre turned away or made a movement to wield the tree in his hand.
Only the Paladin Lily was standing in front of me as if trying to protect me.

okay. I came here because I wanted to see this kind of linked action.
I lost my eye for a moment at the fantastic linkage, but soon realized that it wasn’t the time.
The central part of the leather on the lower part of the body is loose, that’s definitely a male.
If you don’t do something about it, you’ll get caught.
… I can’t help it. I can’t help but gamble.
I hugged Sylvia next to me and whispered in her ear.

“Sylvia. From now on, I might be a little overworked. I will only trust you.”

“… Yes. I will definitely keep it.”

Sylvia, who entered the battle mode, nodded her head vigorously while tensed.
It’s unbelievably reliable for a kid who climaxed so many times last night when he was so bubbly.

I hardened my heart upon hearing Sylvia’s answer.
Good. let’s do it

I don’t mean to do anything else.
It’s just trying to blow the saint’s wave until it’s eaten.
Perhaps the fact that my skill doesn’t work doesn’t mean that the effect is zero at all.
It’s just that the effect is so small that the transcendental species doesn’t get excited.
However, once my skill is consumed, it stays in my body until it is dispelled.
If you use that trait and use the skill over and over again, one day, it will have an effect on the Transcendental Species as well.
The problem is that I can’t say for sure when it’s going to work, but that’s a gamble.

I’ll make it happen! I bet my chastity!
Take it! This is the false sense that only the saints who are in crisis of chastity can use it, which is degrading the life of the caster!
Multiple waves of waves… The Holy Wave!

I alternately extended my palms forward in a solemn atmosphere.
Others may seem crazy at first because I can’t see the waves radiating out of my hands, but I’m seriously serious now.
one! two! three! four! five!
Of course, don’t forget to count while blowing waves.
If you need to know how many times you need to blow to get it, shouldn’t you be able to overcome it even if a crisis like this comes up again?
And when I blew a wave of saints about thirty times, the ogre finally turned his head in this direction.
However, the ogre hunting had come to an end, and he was only kneeling and gasping for breath.

“Aggro! backwards! Stop attacking! The finish is ours! Salvation! Slowly prepare your skills!”

It seems that Miriael thought that the rear-guard’s attack was too strong and the aggro was taken away.
When the vanguard was about to launch the final attack, the incident occurred.


The ogre suddenly stood upright and cried out loudly.
And at the same time, the object stood tall with momentum to pierce the leather covering the lower body.


wow would be humiliating
Lutia, who was making a tricky movement nearby, was blown away by the sudden surge of the ogre’s penis.
The ogre who kicked Lutia with his penis jumped up and rushed towards me with his eyes reddened.

“ね! Salvation! Fall back!”

Lily, who had been watching the Ogre Transcendental Species hunt as if boredom, said as she straightened up her shield.

“Ha ha ha!”

And with a loud shout, put the shield in front and rushed forward.
An ogre, who easily jumped over 10 meters, and a woman, who weighed less than 170 centimeters, collided in the middle.
It was a clash with a seemingly horrific outcome, but the outcome was the exact opposite of what was expected.
Lily’s shield properly aimed at the ogre’s ankle, and the ogre staggered around its leg and plummeted to the ground.

If there was one mistake Lily made, it was that she didn’t take into account how tenacious the ogre, who was blinded by the Saint’s skill, was.
Even as the ogre fell, he did not miss the club and swung it in the direction I was in.
As the momentum of falling was added, the club approached me at a speed that other members of the Arachne clan couldn’t even react.

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If that’s true, I’m sure it will hurt.
No, it won’t end as much as it hurts.
Last time, at Garuda, only her stomach was pierced, so Matilda was able to be saved, but if it is crushed and turned into jerky, even Matilda will not be able to cure it.

Besides, it was already too late to dodge.
The ogre’s club was large enough for his size. Perhaps the tree growing here was pulled up and used as a club. It would have been difficult to avoid even just a tree, but it is an ignorantly large five-tier tree. There is no way to avoid it.

But there is still hope.
This time it’s different from Garuda.
At that time, I was attacked so fast that it was really hard to react, so I couldn’t avoid it, but this time, even if I had time to react, the attack range was too wide to avoid.
In other words, there is a little bit of time left before being hit by that stick.
If so, then I have time to write the last secret I have left.
I calmly opened the stats window.

Name: Salvation
Race: Human 24
Occupation: Saint 116 / Adventurer 58 / Fighter 63 / Assassin 41
Level: 116
Life: 29500/29500 Spirit
: 11600/11600
Strength: 272
Durability: 273
Dexterity: 230
Stamina: 206
Intellect: 125
Spirit : 179
Charm : 361
Bonus stats : 121
Status : Normal

Still, since I slept like that with Sylvia, who was at a higher level, it would have been okay to level up a little more.
After level 100, level up has slowed down.
So, from now on, you can invest your bonus stats into durability. To be honest, I don’t want to invest much more in durability.
Not only for saints, but also for fighters and adventurers when the level rises, it is probable, but the durability stat goes up.
If it was a game, I would never have invested more than 50 in durability with these jobs, but this is not a game. better than dying
I shed tears and distributed bonus stats to my endurance.
1, 2, 3… I could upload it all at once, but it was too sad to upload it like that.
My blood stats. How did you save the stats?

So sad, I was preparing for an ogre’s attack while taking bonus stats on my endurance one by one, when I suddenly got caught on the back of my head and was pulled back.
It was Sylvia.
Sylvia stood proudly in front of me who had fallen, raising her flashing shield high.
It wasn’t just that. Next to him, Matilda also raised her shield and memorized something like a prayer. Then, Sylvia and Matilda’s bodies lit up.

… Damn it! They forgot their existence!
I opened the stat window and took the stats because I thought I was acting cool, but I guess I wasn’t sober at all.
Forgetting the existence of the guys right behind them.
my stats! My dear stats!

It wasn’t even Sylvia and Matilda alone.
more than us

A tearing noise could be heard from the bard Hilda’s instrument behind him, and the falling ogre’s body stopped in the air as if time had stopped.
And in the meantime, the magic of the twin wizards collided with the club the ogre was holding, and exploded, making a buzzing and loud noise.
The ogre’s club was hit and dented and unsightly, and shortly thereafter, the ogre’s time began to flow again.
The ogre’s club, which had already been badly damaged, fell over us, but crashed into the shields of Sylvia and Matilda and shattered.
And the ogre collided face to face with the ground with a loud gurgling sound.
And even before the ogre got up, Arachne’s vanguard members rushed in and finished it.

“Savior! Are you okay?!”

As soon as she made sure the ogre was not moving, Sylvia looked back and shouted.
Of course it’s not okay. Mainly mind.
I quickly checked the stat window. How many endurance shots did I get?
Durability 366. Bonus stats 28. Exactly 93 invested.
In other words, from now on, if you do not raise the level of a fighter or adventurer at all and reach level 250, it is fortunate that the durability will be exactly 500… Can’t you be happy?
There’s no way you can’t level up a fighter or adventurer at all while leveling 250!
From now on, if you raise the level of a fighter or adventurer, you can now think of it as discarding one by one with a certain probability.
Damn it! Damn it!
I fell on my knees and put my hands on the ground in despair.

“Oh, savior?! Where did you hit the wrong one when it was thrown?! Sin, sorry! Stop being in too much of a hurry!”

Sylvia looked at me and didn’t know what to do.
okay. I wish I could get through the crisis well.
Can I make Sylvia, who worked hard for me, make that expression?
let’s think good
If you think about it, don’t you think you can survive being attacked by monsters from now on?
Maybe I don’t know, but my durability was higher than that of Lutia.
So in the end, it’s really good… big black. I’m not a person who sheds a lot of tears, so why do I keep crying?

“no. OK. No one was hurt.”


“Whoa. Huh. OK. I was surprised for a while. Thanks for saving me.”

I said with a smile as bright as possible.
If you think about it, it’s self-sufficient.
It’s like telling Sylvia that you only believe in you, but you didn’t trust Sylvia when it was the most important thing.
That said, I can’t worry about Sylvia any more.
What has passed has passed. Let’s not think sloppy anymore.

“Oh, no. I was just doing the right thing.”

Maybe it was only then that I felt relieved when I showed a normal reaction, Sylvia said as she was about to fall for me.
Are you embarrassed now? But don’t miss it!


“I’ll stroke you with a reward.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay… !”
“Don’t give up. Don’t give up.”

I hugged her tightly so Sylvia couldn’t run away and messed up her soft hair.
Then, looking at Matilda, he said a word in an attitude that looked as impatient as possible.

“Ah, thank you Matilda too.”

“What is it for now?! For once! Really, a man like you is rude


If you thank me properly, you won’t fall for me again.
Where are you just saying thank you? I bet this was also done for my son.
Matilda stomped her feet in anger, but she couldn’t help it. If you want to resent, blame your curse.


In the meantime, Miriael approached, perhaps the manastone was mined.

“Oh sorry. I accidentally used my skill a little early.”

As soon as I saw Miriel’s face, I immediately apologized.
The reason why my actions are self-sufficient is not just that I didn’t trust Sylvia.
The reason they didn’t react and made the ogre swing the bat this way was because I used my skills beforehand.

“no. I’m glad it looks okay. I was nervous because I wondered if I might not be able to keep my promise to keep it properly this time too.”

Even Miriel didn’t come here to rebuke me.
Even if you are well aware that I ended up like this because I used my skills earlier than expected.
Maybe he’s a better guy than I thought.
… Well, men eat it.

“boy. Did you even get scared when you saw the transcendent species?”

And Alicia is a sequel to her brain.
okay. you keep living like that

“Then save me. Please.”

“Huh? What?”

“Because it doesn’t even fit in our pockets.”

Miriael pointed to the dark red pillar in the distance.
Come on, wait. I’m in a state of mental damage right now, so it’s a bit… .

“Do not run away. A subject with nowhere to run from anyway.”

Alicia grabbed my back and dragged me towards the pole.
Let go, let go! Damn it! What kind of woman is so strong! Where did femininity go?! Femininity!
Even if I only put bonus stats on strength… I only have 28 bonus stats right now… sniff.
Eventually, Alicia grabbed my hand and forced me to touch the ogre transcendental genitals.

“Ugh. I was forcibly defiled by Alicia.”

“Hey, you bastard! Don’t be weird! You want to touch my breasts again, so you’re doing it?”

“okay. So take off your armor right now.”

“Hey, you crazy! Get off!”

When I spoke confidently, Alicia pushed me away as if in embarrassment.
Why are you not answering?! Let me touch you or not talk at all!

Anyway, after disposing of the remnants of the Ogre Transcendental Race, we arrived at a camp not far from where the fight took place.
It was a terrain that served as a roof and blocked the rear as it was embedded in the ground with a wide rock tilted, and it was quite wide enough for that ogre transcendental species to establish a site.
We pitched a tent there, and although it was early, we stayed for another day.
This time too, Sylvia and Matilda, along with me, left out the vigil numbers.

“Yes, you. I don’t sleep at all, so please get some rest.”

After eating and before entering the tent, Alicia said so.

“Yes? Why? are you jealous? You don’t even have a man to sleep with, so why am I always with a girl like this?

“Hey, you bastard! It’s not like that! As long as I sleep with men, there are as many men as I can!”

“You will. Literally, a man who only sleeps with him. Poop.”

“Hey, this dog… !”
“Then excuse me first!”

I quickly ran to the tent before Alicia exploded.
Whoops. This is my revenge for dirtying my hands earlier.

Sylvia, who had already been inside the tent, was sitting on Odokani with her armor removed, making an anxious expression.

“Oh, savior. That… Are you doing it today?”

“Huh. do not worry. Today, there was also an activity, so I will do better than usual by repaying it.”

“Is that so… .”

Then Sylvia’s face turned to despair.
It’s cute anyway.
Well, it’s actually a joke.
As yesterday was a bad day, today I need to properly level up a lot.
I also thought of measures for him.

“Then, Sylvia. Shall I take it off?”

“Ugh… yes… .”

Sylvia got up slowly and took off her clothes as she did yesterday.
Whoops. You say that, but eventually your underwear is wet. cute guy.
I decided to tease Sylvia a little.
If you start acting properly anyway, you won’t be able to make fun of them, so it’s okay to make fun of them for a while before starting.

“Since when have you been wet?”

“cadet… that, that… .”

“What is it? Is it a secret you can’t even tell me?”

“Ugh… Goo, from the time the Savior came in… is… .”

“Were you expecting it?”

“Heh… yes, yes… .”

Sylvia’s face turned as red as if it were on fire.
Shall we stop joking around now? You can’t delay leveling up too much.

“Come here.”

I quickly took off my clothes and pulled Sylvia over to sit on top of me.

“Hah… uh… uhhhhh… .”

As of yesterday, Sylvia’s insertion was simple.
Sylvia’s wet pussy took my stuff in smoothly and stuck to it.

It is important from now on.
I am a man who can learn from mistakes.
Yesterday’s losses are no different. It was because Sylvia was able to endure it unexpectedly, so she was excited and mentally stimulated Sylvia to feel well and to try to increase her level-up efficiency as much as possible.
Even though I realized enough last time that I don’t feel like fainting because if I give physical pleasure by using a skill, it’s hard to pay attention mentally that much.
So today, I use my skills to thoroughly stimulate my body.
Sylvia’s pleasure is a little lower than the psychological stimulation, but it’s not to the level of fainting, and that’s a big enough pleasure.
Rather than stun and wait, it would be more efficient to level up without being stunned and constantly giving pleasure at that intensity.

I immediately used all the skills that gave me pleasure, such as the saint’s power and the saint’s holy water.
I’ll stimulate you here and there in your body, and make you out of your mind.
Then wouldn’t you feel so happy that you passed out? It’s a perfect job.

“Eh?! Goo, whoa! This, ah, eyepatch! Huh, hey, hey! Whoops!”

But my plan went wrong from the start.
As soon as I used several skills at the same time, Sylvia immediately passed out as if she couldn’t handle it.


“Sylvia?! Sylvia?! What, what?!”

Obviously I didn’t stun properly with this last time?!
It wasn’t that long ago either. I did it the day before I entered the dungeon, so the things that changed in the meantime… charm… 95 I… Except for what I posted… ruined.
Sylvia, who was not used to the physical pleasure much greater than the previous time, passed out as it was.
Even though I fainted, it wasn’t a climax pleasure, this time it didn’t even reach its climax.
Shit. Is today really a bad day?

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In the end, I couldn’t level up enough to be satisfied that day.
The fortunate thing is that yesterday when I used a skill on the Ogre Transcendental Species, I correctly counted how many times the Holy Wave had to be blown for the skill to work.
Thanks to that, even meeting the Transcendental Species was not a problem.
Still, the Saint’s skill didn’t work on the Transcendental Species all at once, but I got a sense of how many times it would take for it to work.
Through long gaming experience, I am quite confident in calculating such a deal.

“Salvation is now!”


I, who had fed the Holy Spirit’s wave several times in advance, blew the last Saint’s wave in line with Miriael’s signal.
Then the Troll Transcendental Servant flinched and looked at me as if his skill had worked properly, but he was soon killed by Alicia’s attack.

“You didn’t do it properly this time.”

“Well, I learn fast. Unlike anyone who can’t put on a feminine smile no matter how many times he tries.”

“What is this bastard?! Have you finished talking?!”

“Huh. If it’s unfair, will you show me a feminine attitude that makes me pound?”

“Hey, you bastard… .”

Alicia couldn’t defend herself any longer, whether she was confident she could show a feminine attitude.
Good. Shall we gain momentum and play with Alicia more?

“But it’s odd. The troll transcendent is acting alone.

However, as if trying to get the timing right, Miriael intervened in the conversation.
Sheesh. Alicia Guy. good luck

“Trolls, even transcendental species, don’t seem to be very good at acting alone, don’t they?”

“Are you saying I’m not good enough… It’s the first time I’ve seen a troll acting alone. Maybe there are some people who have been around with you. Be careful.”

Apparently, he came here to tell him not to relax.
And just as Miriel said, not long after, another troll came out.
It’s a monster and it’s quite brainy, or even when we’re vigilant while collecting magic stones from the troll’s corpses, he’s been attacking us.


Anyway, it was blocked by a surprise attack by Genie’s greatsword, which was quietly guarding the place.
However, the gnome jumped over the Genie by launching an attack and at the same time being blocked.
And I dived this way.
Of course, there was nothing to be afraid of between me and him, since Sylvia was holding up her shield and holding up well.
But again, he looked a little different from the normal troll.

He swung the club in his hand, striking the ground right in front of Sylvia, not Sylvia’s shield.


Sylvia was not able to cope with the unexpected unexpected behavior of the troll, so her center of gravity slightly shifted forward and she tried to fall.


I grabbed Sylvia’s body from behind and grabbed the handle of the shield that Sylvia had not missed while she was falling, and lifted it up.
And at the same time, the troll’s club struck the shield.


Sylvia’s posture was unstable, so it was almost like I blocked it myself.
I expected a huge shock, but the damage wasn’t as big as I thought.
Of course, due to the troll’s unstable posture, there were some misses, and despite that, he was pushed all the way back, but that was all.
Oh, yes. Is it because of yesterday’s endurance? After all, it is worthwhile to increase your endurance! Because I thought I would see the light someday!

And that was the end of the troll’s surprise.
The trolls were slaughtered in an instant by the members of Arachne, who rushed to them in an instant.
Apparently, this Transcendental Species was a female, so I ended without using the Saint’s Pulse.

“It’s creepy. At first, it was like they were trying to save you.”

“Yeah, that’s it. Do you have anything against me?”

To Miriel’s murmur, I answered while avoiding my gaze.
Actually, I have one guess.
Earlier, when I was telling the male troll to release the Holy Wave in advance, I mistakenly missed it.
This is only an assumption, but if the female troll just got hit by it, the behavior makes sense.
Of course, it won’t be to the level that you’ll get excited right away and aim for me blindly.
Next time, let’s be a little more careful with the wave of the saint.
Still, thanks to him looking at me, I knew one thing.
My current endurance is at a level that, if properly defended, can withstand the attack of the transcendental species.

Since the third day passed the crisis safely, I was able to level up properly by adjusting the power of the skill while holding Sylvia at night.
Again, by adjusting the skill power appropriately, I was able to keep Sylvia reaching its climax without barely fainting.

But it was also painful to just blow the first two days away.
In the end, I arrived at the level where the owner of the hierarchy was at a level where it was ambiguous whether the wave of the saint would work for the owner of the hierarchy.

“Is that the owner of the 5th floor?”

“okay. It will be a tougher opponent than ever before. Because that guy is comparable to the Transcendental Species of the 6th floor. Make sure you pay enough attention.”

don’t scare me Just by looking at it, I know I’m already strong enough.
A reptile with broad wings and gray-green scaly skin.

“that… Dragon?”

“It’s a wyvern. No matter how many dungeons, I have never met a dragon.”

“Oh, right?! I knew it!”

“Are you scared again? Don’t worry. This sister will protect you.”

It’s not sticky!
However, if the opponent is a dragon, he will use a lot of magic, so I just thought that if I didn’t use the timing of the skill well, it would be a big deal.
At least these days, thanks to the strong durability, I feel at ease, but durability only raises physical defense, so it’s useless for magic attacks.
Well, I’m glad it’s not a dragon.
Indeed it is Guys like the troll ogre Cyclops Garuda pop out, and then suddenly the boss is a dragon. That said, the balance is too bad.

“Well, yes. Alicia. Believe.”

“Uh, uh… Are you being honest all of a sudden?! Why all of a sudden? When people die, they do things they wouldn’t do.”

Alicia said with a slightly bewildered expression.

“no. No matter how much you practice all the time, even if you don’t have the slightest bit of femininity, your fighting skills are reliable.”

“Are you arguing?! Baby!”

“Then shall we go? Salvation. you wait a little further away Because that guy has a gorgeous range. I’ll call you when it’s time to use your skills.”

“Uh, huh? Huh.”

It was a big deal. If you go too far, you can’t even blow off the wave of the saint in advance!
But regardless of my feelings, the vanguard members of Arachne rushed towards the Wyvern.
what to do from now on
In the meantime, while leveling up with Sylvia, the Transcendental Species now only needs three or four waves of the Holy Spirit to demonstrate the skill effect.
But the opponent is the owner of the class. I can’t predict how strong I am and how much resistance to my skills.
Rather, if the owner of the class was a reinforced version of a normal monster like in the case of Tier 1, it would be a little predictable.
It’s hard to get a sense of the fact that a completely new monster pops out.

But even while I was thinking about it, the Wyvern subjugation progressed gradually.
The front liners certainly ate aggro, and now even the back staff began to join the attack.
Let’s take a look at Wyvern’s attack pattern first. What is a ranger?

His attack patterns varied considerably.
Once in the air, he fluttered his wings to create wind, disturbing his posture, and blowing something like air waves from his mouth.
Compared to the dragon’s breath, it looked quite unattractive, but the power seemed to be considerable. Even though the Arachne people blocked the wave with their weapons, it was seen that they were pushed back.
Should I hit that with a magic attack? Should I hit it with a physical attack?
If you look at the effect, it looks more like physics than magic… can’t be sure
No, it’s the end if it’s right in the first place, so it’s funny to argue about this.

Besides, unlike Garuda, the Wyvern didn’t care about the attack on the wings, as if their wings were not a weakness.
No, he even looked like he was blocking the attack with his wings.
It even lands on the floor and swings its wings like giant blades, even when it collides with Arachne’s weapons! Kaang! And there was the sound of blades hitting each other.
The long tail was also bothersome, so it swung like a whip and attacked in a direction completely different from the direction the head was looking.
And the most threatening attack was also a bite attack, and even the Arachne people seemed to avoid the attack without countering it.

exactly. Range attack is strong.
No, to be precise, most attacks

range attack.
I mean, I had to blow a wave of a saint that could be triggered at any time on a guy like that.
If there is one thing that can be taken as comfort though, it is that the wave of the saint will not be deflected due to its large size.

I cleared my mind and gathered my spirits.
Goddess. are you watching The saint you sent is now in crisis.
Please grant me a miracle!
Then, secretly, he started to blow the waves of the saint one by one so as not to show it.
scared Every time the Wyvern’s head turned this way, his body trembled.
However, I gave strength to my asshole and blew a wave of saints as I endured it.

But if you think about it, it’s better to be late if the timing isn’t right.
You will be attacked and killed immediately.
But what if you’re late? Wait for the Wyvern to reappear and hunt again.
Considering that the quest period is until the Wyvern’s genitals are obtained, and the owner of the class resurrects much more slowly than the Transcendental Species, he should have stayed here for quite a while. Still, it’s much better than dying.
Miriel will find out that my level is not enough, and the chances of getting hit will increase considerably.
ugh Still, my kids will think it’s better than me dying.
As soon as I thought of that, the speed at which the saint’s wave was flying naturally decreased.
Now, it was at the level of throwing it once as if he remembered it from time to time.


At that moment, the screams of the Wyverns were heard from afar.
Is it over?
It wasn’t. Rather, the Wyvern was blowing waves in all directions.
This is the so-called maddening state.
Then the stamina started to run out slowly.
I prepared to pour out the waves of the saint one after another, thinking that Miriael was going to shout.
And one of the wings of the wyvern, which looked strong, was finally severed.

“Salvation! Now!”

I poured out a wave of the saint at the same time as Miriael’s cry.
If the skill works, it’s good, if it doesn’t, it’s unavoidable!


Did God really help you?
I was struck by the wave of the Holy Spirit, and the Wyvern reacted properly.
However, the Wyvern, who was still in a state of rampage, rushed to me, ignoring all the attacks of Arachne’s vanguard with even more rough movements.
However, the Arachne clan members were gradually getting used to the troubles, so they weren’t embarrassed.

“Stop it by any means you can!”

While saying that, Miriael climbed onto the man’s head and slashed his head with a sword, while Alicia’s wings and Genie’s cling to his tail, blocking all of his harsh attacks.
Perhaps it was difficult for the members who were not even professional tanks to completely block this violent attack, and blood began to splatter from the bodies of the Arachne members, who had never been hurt so far.
Still, no one showed any signs of being sick, and I desperately blocked the Wyvern from approaching me.

But then, the Wyvern showed an unprecedented movement.
He just jumped into the air using his hind legs.
Then, with a strong tail supporting his body, he began to stir the wing that remained on one side.
The strong wind blowing from the front made all of us, including myself, stumble, and the ranks were disturbed, and at that moment, the body of the Wyvern returned to the ground.

I groaned and sat down.
All of them fell to their knees in shock.

“Stop it!”

In the meantime, the Wyvern tried to charge towards me, but Miriael, who stood up immediately, climbed over her head and attacked again, and Alicia blocked the wing that was swinging towards me like a blade.
And with that wing attack, the Wyvern’s body gradually collapsed.
However, in the midst of this, the Wyvern squeezed his last strength and blew a wave from his mouth towards me.


Sylvia and Matilda ran towards me from both sides.
Is it because death is imminent? I saw it slowly as if it were in slow motion.
Sylvia and Matilda were definitely in a position to protect me.
Maybe before the wave hits my body, it can block my way.
However, neither of them had anything in their hands, probably because they dropped their shields due to the previous impact.
Are you planning to stop it with your body?
No matter how many of them are, if they block it defenselessly with their body, they cannot guarantee life or death.
Even more so because I can’t take any defensive postures because I’m running.

I reached out and pushed Sylvia and Matilda’s chest, respectively.
The hand that reached out towards Sylvia felt a hard touch. It’s not like I don’t have a chest. He’s just wearing armor.
However, the hand that reached out towards Matilda had a tender and squishy feel.
Matilda was not a paladin, but a high priest, so she was wearing a priest’s uniform.
At that moment, a possibility flashed in my mind.
okay. Maybe this!
I thanked Matilda’s chest for bringing this thought to mind, and, after a few more gentle kisses, pushed her away.
Are you thinking of dying by touching your breasts right before you die?
Of course not!
I jumped lightly while watching the waves approaching my stomach.
Of course, it is not an avoidable distance.
But this is enough. Preparations are already over.

It doesn’t matter if the wave is a physical or magical attack!
My object says that when it’s erect, its defense against all attacks explodes!
Take a look at the power of your iron penis!

The moment I felt the Wyvern’s air waves collide with my things, my eyes went dark.

“I am the salvation!”

As my consciousness faded, I could hear screams coming from both sides.
I squeezed my last strength and stood up with the thumb of the hand that had touched Matilda’s chest.

“It’s a good chest.”

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“Aww! My dear!”

I screamed and opened my eyes.
But it wasn’t the dungeon where I woke up.
A garden where the warm sunlight shines through the branches swaying in the wind, and the chirping of birds can be heard everywhere.
It seems that there I was lying on my back.
Here… Our mansion’s garden?

“Savior? Why?”

A longing and warm voice came from the side.
When I turned my head, Leia was looking at me with a slightly surprised expression.

“Did you even have a scary dream?”

It wasn’t just Leia. Diana and Sarah were by my side.

“Yes… . scary… A very scary dream… .”

“Anyway, salvation. Just making a fuss over something like a dream.”

As Sarah said that, she reached out to my face and gently stroked my eyes.
Did I even shed tears without knowing it? a little shy
But before any feelings of shame, a feeling of happiness rose.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. thank God. No, that’s it. listen. Because it was a really scary dream. I stopped being attacked by an object in the dungeon, so… .”

The more I continued, the more the three of them’ faces darkened.

“Hey, guys? What is it?”

“That’s the point… .”
“that… .”
“It’s not a dream… .”

Saying that, the three eyes looked at one place at the same time.
When I looked at the set’s eyes as if following where they were headed, there, Sylvia was kneeling and raising her hands as if she was being punished.

“Wow… savior… Sorry… .”

What? What are you sorry for? Maybe it’s not what I think it is?
Ahhh… .

“No way, dear!”
“Bake… Ah!”

Once again, my vision was blurry.
And while Sylvia grabbed her forehead in front of her, she quickly clinged to me again.

“Savior! Are you okay?!”

“Ah, ah, ah, I can’t feel anything down there… Doctor’s! What happened?!”

I shouted at Matilda, who was next to me with Sylvia.

“Yes, four?! It’s a big deal! Let’s start treatment now… !”

What did I do without treatment while I fainted?!
No. I can’t use such abusive language on my only hope right now.
Let’s investigate later.
I took off my mopped pants and handed something to Matilda.

“Hey, what suddenly… !”

“Please! You are my only hope!”

“Yes, yes… .”

Matilda stretched out her hands in a motion as if possessed, and gently wrapped her arms around mine.
Then a terrible agony spread throughout the object.
son! No! You must not die!
It was hard to put into words his son’s misery.
He stood firm, keeping his size as stiff as he had been protecting me.
No, to be precise, it was larger in size.
It had swelled up in a dark red color as if it had a blood bruise, and it was almost impossible to look directly at it with both eyes.

“Matilda. Can I, my son survive?!”

“Do not worry. Whatever happens, I will fix it.”

Matilda spoke with a slight dazed feeling, and began to gently stroke my object with both hands.
Although it is said that he changed his job from a paladin to a high priest, a holy light flowed from his hand like a cardinal.
If I think about it honestly, I am very excited that a beautiful woman is stroking my things in front of everyone else, but I couldn’t afford to even think about it.
If this! This could help my son too!
Stay strong, Matilda! Stay strong, Cardinal!
And the more Matilda caresses, the more my son gets back to his original shape as the swelling subsides and the color returns to normal.

there was.
And the sensations in the lower body, which used to be just a painful sensation, started to come back to life.
Since the injured part is the injured part, it only feels serious, but unexpectedly, the injury itself may not be that serious.

“Oh, oh oh oh!”

“Whoa. it’s done with this But don’t overdo it for a while… Heck!”
“Matilda! Thanks! love!”

Overwhelmed by the fact that my son was alive, I hugged Matilda and shouted whatever came out of my mouth.

“Yes Yes… I love you too… .”

And only after hearing Matilda’s voice in my ear, I felt like I was covered in ice water from the top of my head.

“Hey, this isn’t it! What are you mistaking? This is just what the patient said to the doctor as a thank you!”

I shouted that out late, but I realized it myself. that it’s already too late.
So far, he has avoided several crises well, but this time he was wrong.

“I’m just doing this because I’m so happy that I healed a patient?! You’re not mistaken, are you?! Isn’t that really over-consciousness?!”

Even Matilda’s shouts did not bring comfort at all.
There was only dark clouds in my mind.
I thought I had managed to get better, but in the end I made a mistake myself and became an eunuch.
Gozai. I, I, I’m the eunuch!
I grabbed hold of a glimmer of hope and used my revived pride.
… uh? stand?

“Ahh! hurt!”

I got an erection and it hurt again, but I stood still.

“What are you doing?! Haven’t I heard you say not to overdo it for a while?! Really… Give it back!”

Matilda grunted and grabbed my belongings again and treated it.

“Hey. Thank you for treating me, but don’t fall for my stuff.”

“Who, who is this… ! this… .”

“Ahh! Let go too!”

“Oh, you haven’t fallen in love yet?!”

“yet?! Did you say that yet?!”

“Hey, this is… ! You just can’t talk!”

Even as I was making such a fuss, doubts were forming in my mind.
Before, it was too late no matter how much I thought about it.
Obviously, Matilda clearly told me that she loved me.
Still getting an erection?
Maybe I… Doesn’t that kind of curse work?
Until now, I was still thinking, maybe, maybe.
Goddess gave me the job of being a saint and sent me to this world.
But can’t my stuff just get an erection under such a curse?
Of course, as long as there was a risk of becoming an eunuch, I had no intention of trying it out, but it was only natural that the situation came to pass.
Is it really me, the eunuch curse doesn’t work?

“Hey. So, that… Are you okay?”

Alicia approached us while we were making a fuss and asked a bit awkwardly.
Alicia was still covered in blood all over her body.
Then I had time to look around.
As if the battle with the Wyvern had just ended, it was as it was when everyone was fighting.
A little further away, the body of the Wyvern was still there.

“Sylvia. How faint was I?”

“Yes, four? You just woke up… Are you really okay with that?”


Sylvia said, still looking at me with anxious eyes. Being slightly in tears, something stimulated the desire for protection. Rather, I am in a position to protect.

“OK. maybe. Among the saint skills, there are skills that make things much stronger than other parts when erected. You just received the attack as an object on purpose. Thanks to you, you only got hurt a little and it’s over, right?”

“Yeah, that’s right. I am very happy.”
“what. Was it like that? I thought I was out of my mind again. Anyway, that… I’m sorry.”

Sylvia and Alicia sighed in relief at the same time.

“Huh? what?”

“That… What… Just make me believe… Are you there!”

Alicia said with a smirk as if it was awkward to say such a thing.
indeed. Is this woman like a beast feeling responsible for once?
But hearing these words from a woman who was covered in blood all over her body made me feel even more sorry for nothing.
He must have done his best.
Besides, I don’t like this kind of atmosphere.
I can’t help it. Would you like to become a clown again?

“okay! More sorry! Until I return to the future, when calling me every day, with a feminine voice… Whoops!”

“Because this bastard wants to see you!”

“Hey! Still, hitting the wounded is too much!”

“The injury is worse on me, you bastard!”

I have nothing to say because I say that.

Anyway, there were various things, but with this, the quest was successfully completed.
My items also functioned normally, and I was able to get the Wyvern’s penis safely.
There were still some trials left to go back to, but for now, the hurdle was over.

“Slowly, I get tired of that reaction. Don’t waste your time, do it quickly, kid.”

As I stood on the Wyvern’s penis, Alicia spoke harshly.
It looks like I’m still pouting for being teased before.
Currently, everyone is being treated by Matilda, and even the Wyvern’s manastone has been mined.
Now I was just finishing collecting items.

Come to think of it, there was no role that could be called a healer in their party.
If I had to pick one, it would be Lily, a paladin, but compared to a full-time healer, the amount of healing is insufficient.
I was curious about that, so I listened to them, and they say that their clan doesn’t welcome full-time healers very much.
At the very least, it is only at the low-to-mid level stage, and it seems that all the priests will become paladins when level 100 is exceeded.
It’s hard for a full-time healer to protect himself by himself, so he prefers a job where he can survive even if something happens and he falls alone.
So, it is said that the treatment is usually filled with potions.
Potions are expensive, but compared to the income of adventurers who wander around the 5th and 6th floors, it is also quite affordable.

This time, Matilda was there, so everyone was treated by Matilda.
Matilda, who suddenly had to heal everyone’s injuries by herself, took the method of directly touching and treating to reduce mana consumption, and thanks to that, everyone took off their thick armor and wore light clothes.
The sight of a beautiful woman stroking her body was quite an eye-catcher.

And the place where the owner of the class is located is the best place to camp because monsters don’t come close to you if you catch the owner of the class.
Thanks to this, even after the treatment was over, everyone was wearing comfortable clothes without wearing armor.
Anyway, it’s not as important as eye-catching right now.

“You’re not doing this for fun!”

Not all men want to touch other people’s genitals!
Especially if it’s a penis the size of my body!
one ordeal. I have to touch the wyvern’s penis and put it in my inventory.

“okay. Alicia. You’re cute.”

two trials. Lutia’s eyes, seeing my genitals properly, became more frightening.
I… Can we really go back without getting fucked?
no. you can do it! I defended my chastity by risking my life and genitals, but now I can’t come and get eaten!

“Ts. annoying bastard.”

Eventually, again, Alicia grabbed my wrist and brought it to the Wyvern’s penis.

“Wow! Damn it!”

I immediately put the object I had touched into my inventory, and swung my arm across Alicia’s chest.
This time, a soft and tender chest came into my hands.

“Hey, this bastard is now… !”

Alicia blushed, perhaps in embarrassment, not even thinking of taking my hand off.

“I thought it would be muscle, but it’s surprisingly soft, isn’t it? Huh?”

Well, it’s a fact I already knew since I broke my sympathy with her body.

“Don’t let go of this… Yes!”

Alicia tried to groan at my provocation, but when I pinched her nipple, she involuntarily snorted.
Whoops. You raised your charm like that, and while leveling up with Sylvia, your charm also increased?
If I add my technique to that, no matter how high you are… !

“Oh? oh my? Did you make Alicia feel right now? Our cutie with a low level?”

“no. Could it be that I was just embarrassed by being touched suddenly?”

Damn it. I thought I would be able to play with Alicia properly.
The look in Lutia’s eyes was so frightening that I had no choice but to let go of it.
And immediately turned around and ran away.

“Where are you running, you bastard? If you get caught, you’re dead!”

Why is the kid who usually even provoked me to touch him so much?!

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I slightly edited the sentence at the end of the last episode.
Let it be understandable that I didn’t use my revived pride.
I was in a hurry to write two episodes by 12 noon, but the description got a bit neglected.



“It hurts… Alicia ignorantly counting her strength. Sylvia.

Call me.”

No matter how much I ran, I could not get away from Alicia who was chasing me with all my might, and in the end, I had no choice but to get hit.
Because that’s a real beast, a beast.

“Yes, Neet?! Uh, ho, ho… Ah… .”

it’s sylvia Are you really doing it again? cute guy.
I stroked Sylvia’s hair like a mess.
She slept with me for a few days, so she might have gotten used to it now, but Sylvia still liked to touch me, so she didn’t know what to do.
Now, I’m starting to think that it might be okay to just leave it like this.
Normally, no matter how crazy I am, I definitely do it in battle.

“Then let’s go to sleep.”

We made the camp where the Wyverns were located, and decided to stay here for a day and return to the village.
Although the time has come a little, it seems that the Wyvern hunting was a little difficult even for Arachne’s children.
I must have been more tired than usual as I was injured because of my skill at the end of the day, because of my skill.
So now, after eating, it means that they are in the tent.

“Ah, uh… .”

Perhaps thinking that she might be held by me again, Sylvia blushed and wiggled her fingers while putting her hands in front of her lower abdomen.

“Oh, I’ll just sleep today, so don’t worry. Now that you’ve caught the Wyvern, there’s no need to rush to level up. I can sleep well after a long time. Are you happy?”

“Yes, yes… .”

Sylvia responded with a slightly sullen expression to my words.
It’s hard to feel like I’m going to die because I like being hugged, but if you don’t hug me, that’s just sad. He’s a complicated guy.
I pulled Sylvia like that and hugged her in my arms.

“I can’t be so reassured. I just don’t insert it, but it’s like hugging and sleeping.”

“Heh… cadet… If this… Pooh, you can sleep well… !”

“Huh? Did I mention that I can sleep soundly? If I get a good night’s sleep, of course Sylvia is happy too, right?”

“Aww… Yes, yes… .”

Sylvia half-cryed with an expression of being deceived, but answered yes.
It’s worth making fun of him too.
Well, I won’t let you go.
Is there anything better than this, warm and soft, hugging and sleeping?
I lay on my side without letting Sylvia go.

By the way… I’m also concerned about what happened before.
Matilda and the people around her thought it was the same as usual, and it felt like passing by without a hitch, but it was definitely different.
Matilda had confessed to the very end.
Considering the stories of people who have been affected by Matilda’s curse so far, this time around, I was clearly in a situation where I would also be affected by the curse.

Is my penis immune to that kind of curse?
But I’ve been thinking that all my abilities are limited to abilities displayed on the game system.
Unfortunately, I put more mana on my skills, and it is impossible to use my skills strongly even in a crowd. All the other kids seem to be able.
If that was possible, there would be no need to suffer so much this time.
Anyway, I, who is so tied to the game system,

Did you have any unmarked abilities?
No matter how much I thought about it, I thought it wouldn’t be.

And personally, I don’t really want any unspecified abilities.
Besides, Hidden Peace sounds cool, but if the ability is not verified, it is just a useless ability.
This kind of hidden piece can’t even be tested by sacrificing my genitals, even more so.

So I opened the skill window again.
If the ability for curse immunity is specified, it’s because there is only skill.
Obviously, among the skills that can be learned, there were no related skills, but I have already experienced once that I can learn skills other than the ones originally on the list myself.
It is through the power of the saint.
If the ability to block Matilda’s curse is not something like Hidden Peace, the most reasonable reasoning is that she learned a new skill the moment she was cursed.
let’s go A skill I’ve never seen before… really was

Indomitable Sexual Desire MAX
Passive Skill A sexual desire
that does not yield to anything will nullify any obstacles that interfere with sexual activity. even if it is death.
Immune to all damage from sexual activity and any damage that disables sexual activity.

It’s also a great skill. Even the skill level was MAX from the beginning.
Reading the description there, I kept thinking that the only thing that caused Matilda’s curse to be nullified was not the factor that awakened this skill.
This is an action to awaken this skill… There are too many things to guess.
Despite the crisis of the boss, he had sex with Diana, who was at a much higher level.
Having sex with Leia, who steals the life force of the other person through sexual activity.
And to the point of being affected by Matilda’s curse.
I don’t know what kind of action caused this skill to awaken, but anyway, one thing was certain now.
My penis is now invincible.

She is also a goddess! Goddess! I believed!
I’m sure some of the saint’s skills will be like this!
We will continue to believe and follow! Goddess!
Iron Penis Fuck! I have an indomitable sex drive!
The meaning of the skill name was a bit subtle to brag about, but what do you mean?!

Huh? Wait a minute.
I was excited just looking at the explanation, but thinking about it, it was strange.
Looking at the description alone, it seems to negate all damage to the genitals, but in that sense, it is impossible to explain why the genitals hurt when Matilda used the self-esteem that was revived immediately after her confession.
I read the skill description carefully once again.
Harm through sexual activity and any harm that makes sexual activity impossible.
The former is talking about the regular absorption of a nine-tailed fox or the death of a double-dealer, while the latter is, in a word, preventing him from becoming an eunuch.
The former isn’t really necessary. Because you can hit all the counters with healing sex.
The latter is important. What’s stopping you from becoming an eunuch? It couldn’t be the most valuable skill.
However, considering the previous situation, it does not seem to be invincible only with the genitals.
Does it mean that it only prevents damage beyond the level of being an eunuch?
When I used the pride revived after Matilda’s confession, it was definitely painful, but things stood up. That’s not to say he didn’t become an eunuch. It still hurts when the genitals are damaged.

W, the iron penis is also the best. I’m sorry I said X.
The indomitable sex drive is the best, but the iron penis is the best.
Both are my skills given to me by the Goddess, but I need to cherish them both. Huh.

Anyway, with this, Matilda has nothing to fear anymore! My climax counter is finally gone!
Besides, if you think about it, wouldn’t this be taken as evidence of a saint?
A penis unaffected by ancient curses. If it wasn’t for God’s blessing, I would think it would be absolutely impossible.
Then Matilda will admit it and go back to where she was… Come to think of it, it can’t be

To reveal this fact is to say that Matilda can openly like me.
But there’s no way you can think of going away from me, right?
It will also become the only person you can like as much as you like. The only opponent that Matilda, who falls for people so easily, can like.

I also thought it would be dangerous to openly tease this.
Of course, it’s not that Matilda’s liking me is bad.
On the contrary, I can take revenge on the things that have made me in trouble so far, and once I was born, I was a beauty.
Who wouldn’t hate a beauty who falls in love with me easily? Besides, there is no risk.

If I hadn’t already had an owner, I would have been very welcome.
That’s the biggest problem though.
If Matilda is in a situation where she can love me to her heart’s content, she’ll probably hit me in front of other people without even paying attention. Because when you fall in love, you act like you can’t see anything around you.
And when our kids see it like that, it won’t end with an uproar.
From Sylvia to Matilda!
Of course, it won’t make my kids hate me, but trust in women’s relationships will plummet.
okay. Let’s keep hiding this fact.

But even if I didn’t reveal it, I was happy to have acquired such a good skill.
I want to share this happy feeling with others!

“Sylvia, are you sleeping already?”

I deliberately asked a question even though I knew Sylvia wasn’t sleeping.
That’s right, he’s still trembling in his arms by me.
But Sylvia didn’t say anything, trembling, trembling as if she had anticipated what I was going to do.
I put my mouth to Sylvia’s ear and breathed in with a chuckle.
Sylvia’s trembling grew stronger.
oh oh You mean you didn’t answer this?

“Are you really sleeping? If you’re pretending to sleep while not sleeping… .”

“Ugh… Oh no!”

In the end, Sylvia gave in to me, who was slowly putting pressure on me.
You’re a gentleman who easily gives in to threats. I’ve heard that clichés like this were very popular at one time. Mainly for adults.
I mean, the old people didn’t know anything.
Well, Sylvia is a match.

It must have been so easy to succumb.

“It’s Sylvia. If you are not sleepy yet, would you like to play with me a little more and sleep?”

“Uh, what… ?”

It’s just that I’m so excited that I can’t sleep, so I didn’t really think about it.
Normally, sex is the best, but I felt a little sorry for having sex again with Sylvia, who had been tormenting me for days.
And I’m also sorry for our children who left us behind.
But after all, when we’re alone like this, my head doesn’t turn only in that direction.

“Well. Oh, then, should I give Sylvia a special training to get used to the erogenous zone?”

“Yes, four?!”

“Creating the erogenous zone with the holy water of a saint doesn’t have any side effects. Sylvia is also training to get used to the pleasure of the body a little more.”

As I said that, I sucked my own finger and buried the saliva that activated the holy water of the saint.
So, what about Felicia?
I put the holy water of the saint in my mouth and left it alone, but are you going to hold on?
Well, looking at the fact that nothing has been said so far, it must have been holding up well.

Anyway, now it’s Sylvia.
I put my hand, dipped in the saint’s holy water, inside Sylvia’s robe.
First of all, apply the nipple first, which is the norm, and that’s good. Next to the pussy… .

“Is my cutie sleeping?”

Then Rutia came into our tent.
I was startled and reflexively dropped off with Sylvia.
It’s not really something to hide. Come to think of it, they must have known I was sleeping with Sylvia.

“Oh. don’t sleep I couldn’t hear the cute moans, so I thought I’d go to bed early today. What are you doing today?”

Damn it. Maybe I should have stayed with Sylvia.
Then, Rutia would have understood the atmosphere and would not have come in.

“Who, what did you come here for?”

“Huh? Of course it’s me… You know?”

I don’t know?!
no. To be precise, it is a guess, but I hope that prediction is wrong.

“I don’t think I’m even with him today, how about with my sister? If you don’t do it every day, it will accumulate, right?

Saying that, Lutia licked her upper lip with her tongue.
Are you really here to attack me?!
Still, it’s been quiet at night for the last few days here, so I thought it was just a joke!

“Oh, no! Hey, well, I’ve heard from Matilda not to overdo it for a while, and I think I need to give my son a break too… .”

“But he seems to have a different opinion?”

Rutia said while pointing to my lower body.
Of course, my stuff was standing tall.
That’s right! Rutia is in a situation where her upper body is bowed and her breastbone is directly in front of me!
It’s weird not to stand in this situation! It’s a natural menstruation phenomenon as a man!

“Oh, no! He’s a rebel these days! Hey! Listen to Daddy!”

“Cook. Could you please stop being so cute? You want to eat more.”

As Lutia’s voice became a little more serious when she uttered the last words, I got chicken flesh on my arm.
Hey, this guy… I’m serious! If this is the case, you will be eaten!

“I can’t even put my finger on salvation!”

But I had Sylvia.

okay! Sylvia! go!

“Oh. Don’t worry. ‘Cause I don’t mean to bully Your sister will love you too. My sister has a pretty good reputation with other women as well.”

As Lutia said that, she reached out to Sylvia’s chest.

“Who said to someone like you… Whoops!”

okay! My Sylvia, except for me… ruined! I just put the holy water on my chest!
Can’t lose! Sylvia! Hang on! You can do it!

“It’s a cute chest. my sister… .”

Then another intruder appeared in our tent.
It was Alicia.

“Oh my, Alicia. What’s up?”

“I don’t know, ask?! Why are you here?!”

“Everyone asks such a question knowingly.”

“Come out now!”

“Huh? Oh my, Alicia, you must be… .”

Having said that, Lutia approached Alicia and whispered something.

“That, that, it’s not like that! Just for today, that’s it! that!”

“Uh huh… . ok let’s go sorry. Cutie. I can’t play with my sister because she has a job.”

Rutia suddenly changed her attitude and left the tent with those words.
What, what? What the hell is that?! What is it that Rutia is quietly retreating?

“You’re a kid too, be careful!”

Alicia somehow got angry with me and tried to leave the tent.
I called out Alicia like that.

“Hey. Alicia!”


“Well, I don’t know what’s going on. For once, thank you.”

Either way, it’s clear that I got Alicia’s help.
I thanked Alicia.

“Oh, you know! you know! Be nice to me in the future!”

Alicia left those words and went out of the tent violently.

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