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Even if Lutia passed away, we couldn’t be completely relieved, so in the end, Sylvia and I just talked and fell asleep.
Well, in the end, Rutia didn’t come back, though.

and the next morning.
Rutia approached me as I was hurriedly cleaning out the tent, excited at the thought of returning home.

“Boy. There is something I want to ask you a little.”

“Yes, yes?! What, what?!”

“Huhu. don’t be so nervous I don’t mean to catch you. Just out of curiosity, why do you hate sleeping with your sister so much? Doesn’t your sister like it?”

Lutia’s expression as she said that was really just a question of curiosity, and there was no feeling of shame or dizziness at all.
Well, that’s right. How can you not be confident with this look?

“Oh, no. That’s because I don’t want to betray my children, no matter how innocent I am.”

It was a bit embarrassing to say this out of my own mouth, but I did say it clearly.
Seeing you ask these questions, this older sister might be someone you can talk to, unlike the succubus princess.

“Uh huh. so? So you don’t hate a type like your sister?”

“Yeah, that’s right. Of course I don’t hate it. Oh, but that doesn’t mean you can come at night… .”

“Huhu. to be perplexed. It’s cute too.”

Saying that, Lutia grinned and went back to her tent.
What the hell is that reaction?
So in the end, I’m either not going to attack in the future, or I’m just going to wait and see how long that innocence will last.
I couldn’t help but tilt my head.

The way back was much less stressful than the way back.
Being able to activate the skill effect at the correct timing on the monsters gave me a sense of stability, and above all, the tension was much relieved because of the tremendous increase in defense.
Of course, there are some guys who occasionally fire magic attacks, but those guys fight only with vanguard members to avoid aggro from the rear in the first place.
Not only does it prevent the attack of aggro in the rear, but even if I hit my skill and shoot a magic attack on this side with the last effort, the twin wizards who were not participating in the battle will offset it with magic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ;

Therefore, I walked around the 5th floor without any burden.
Come to think of it, I originally came here to take a closer look at the battle methods of high-level people, but they basically fight recklessly unless they are against a monster that is stronger than the Transcendental Species.
If you have the ability, you can do that.
Well, it was worthwhile to come here just to be able to see the connection when fighting the Transcendental Species and to study, and above all, to be able to directly see the battle methods of the 5th tier monsters.
Anyway, I was relaxed and played with the kids around me.

“Hey. Alicia. Thank you for last night. But what the hell was that thing you said when you took Lutia out yesterday? What the hell did that sister go out with?”

“You, you don’t have to know, man!”

“what? are you naughty? Also, I can’t date a man, so I’m with a woman… .”

“Do you really want this bastard to die?”

“I see you’re angry, do you really think that’s the case?”

“Even if this bastard helps… !”

“Sorry. Then I saw that Then, in return, today, I will help you improve your femininity… .”


… what? what’s that smile?
I thought Alicia would be angry again, but somehow she looked at me with a confident smile.

“Don’t think that today’s me will be the same as yesterday’s.”

Alicia said so, then suddenly pulled down only the breastplate of the armor.
Of course, her breasts were not exposed because she was wearing clothes under the armor, but to be honest, she looked a little sexy.
All other parts are covered with hard iron, but only the chest is exposed like that, so it’s emphasized for nothing.
In addition, the size was quite large, so the chest was emphasized as if it would protrude through the cloth.
Alicia, who exposed her breasts, took off the breastplate of my armor this time.
Then he wrapped his arms around my neck and pulled me towards him.
They wore cloth under each other’s armor, but I could clearly feel Alicia’s soft breasts sticking to mine and changing their shapes.
In addition, Alicia moved her upper body as if rubbing her chest against mine, and brought her mouth to my ear.

“Isn’t this older sister still feminine?”

Alicia, who looks a little ferocious, but with a charming smile, whispers something sexy in a different way than usual.
He doesn’t look bad either, to be honest, he looks really good, so I was very excited.
To be honest, things were standing still.
Because they are so close together, if they stand properly, Alicia’s legs will feel the same way.
Because of yesterday’s incident, the crotch part of my leather armor was completely destroyed.

But thanks to the tone that reminded me of someone, I was able to come to my senses.
indeed. This is how it will come out. But I don’t lose!
If you admit it here, it’s over! Then you won’t be able to tease Alicia anymore!
It’s one of the few fun things I can do while in the dungeon right now!
As opposed to using the ego revived before the object fully stands, I use mana to force the object not to stand.
Then, she took her breath as unobtrusively as possible and looked straight at Alicia’s face.

“Did you learn from Lutia?”

“What, what, what does that mean… !”

“What are you talking about? Just by looking at the way she talks, it’s obvious what she learned from Lutia. Yesterday, while we slept together, I was taught through sleep talk… Kuek!”

“I did not like it, I’ll tell you a few times!”

“Koohoo! Whoops! That’s why you hit the empty stomach… .”

There is no armor there, as Garuda has pierced it.
If my defense wasn’t high, I’d be seriously injured.

“Wook. Whoo… Ah, anyway! You are wrong about that. Not sexy at all.”

“I’m playing, kid. Put on a silly face! stuff too… Oh, aren’t you?”

Alicia grabbed my crotch and looked really embarrassed.

“So you said it. the gap

that it’s important You have to practice feminine behavior since you usually don’t look like that at all.”

To be honest, there’s a good chance that Alicia’s sexy attitude will work. It would be more appropriate for her to look like that, and above all, it would be impossible for her to act feminine even after waking up.
But I dared to say this.
Why? Because that’s fun!
If you practice seducing sexy, there is a high probability that you will quickly get used to it and become uninteresting.
If it hadn’t been for the tone that mimicked Lutia just now, it would have worked well for me.

“Now, don’t think about avoiding things like that, let’s practice feminine behavior today.”

I still have a few days left to go back, but I can’t give up playing with it already.

“Then, shall I show you another demonstration first?”

Then Matilda broke in.

“Oh, no. There is no need for Matilda to overdo it… .”

“Oh? Why aren’t you reacting aggressively today? In fact, were you expecting a little too?”

Damn it! That’s not it! It’s just that your curse doesn’t work anymore, so it’s only getting harder to be harsh!
But if you treat it like this, you might get caught.
I made up my mind and decided to be harsh.

“Oh, isn’t it?! What are you too?! Were you expecting it?!”

“Well, something like that… It was just nonsense!”

“Well then! I don’t need a demonstration!”

“huh! I won’t even do it if you ask me now!”

I’m not going to ask you for nothing anymore.
I thought it would be easier to deal with as he became immune to the curse he was under, but it turned out to be more difficult.
It’s the same as having to be treated harshly, and since it’s not sincere, I feel sorry for nothing.
After all, is it best not to talk with him at all?

Anyway, after a few days of marching with jokes like that, we were finally able to return to the place where the 5th floor teleport circle was installed.
Rutia didn’t come to attack me after that, maybe because she understood that I didn’t like her with other women because I’m pure and innocent.
There were many things like this, but when I look back after it all, it turned out to be a good memory.
I leveled up quite a bit, got good skills, and the quest was successfully completed.
Well. there is no blemish

“Then here you go. I suffered.”

“no. All I did was use a few skills while following along. You suffered.”

I held Miriael’s outstretched hand firmly.

“Then how do you get paid? Would it be better for us to do it all at once and send half to your clan house?”

“no. If possible, I’d like to give you half of it in kind. Oh, I’m not saying I don’t believe you. I want to use it to strengthen equipment rather than sell materials.”

“is it. So how about stopping by our clan house before heading back? It’s a little narrow to divide the items here.”

Indeed. If possible, I want to go home and see our children’s faces first, but let’s be patient.
Our kids aren’t running away just because we’re a little late.


After teleporting up to the guild and paying the manastone, half of the manastone payment was handed over.
And arriving at the garden of Arachne’s Clan House, we began to take out all the items we obtained while carrying out this quest.
Perhaps the other clan members of Arachne were also curious, so they began to gather around us.
First, the item classification is divided into genitals and non-genitals, and the genitals are all owned by Clan Arachne.
And the rest of the items are split in half, and our clan and the Arachne clan share.

Each time I took out the genitals of the Transcendental Species, the atmosphere of the surrounding galleries grew higher and higher. why?!
And finally, when he took out the penis of the Wyvern Transcendental Species, he heard a scream from the surroundings.

“Ahhh! what is that! Is that a penis?!”

Is it because of my mood that screaming sounds like something fun?
After all, all of the clan members here are a little bit strange.

“Whoa. It feels like my eyes are rotting.”

It was painful just to look at the place where the genitals were gathered.

“It’s great to see you again. Do I have to carry this on my own in the future? I’ll have to get a large subspace pocket.”

“Well, since it’s large, wouldn’t it be easy to find a hole for it to fit in? It’s also a job to find a hole that fits the little gun.”

“exactly. He must be.”

Miriale said with a slight smile, wondering if my words were funny.
I didn’t mean to make you laugh.

“Then let’s share the rest. I’ll sort it out.”

Saying that, Miriael sat down and started sorting by type by hand.
Usually, these giant clan leaders have an image of something behind them, but it turns out they all do it on their own. Although that’s not what I’m going to say.

“Come on, here. Again, it was really hard.”

“Oh, yes. you too If there is anything else we can do to help each other, let’s help each other.”

After collecting the items Miiel had sorted, I finally prepared to return to the mansion.

“Wait a minute!”

At that time, Alicia stopped me from going back.
Oh, by the way, I also had something to say to him. I almost blinked


“What are you going to do next? Are you planning to explore the middle of the third floor, beyond the anthill?”

“Huh? ok by the way Why?”

“no. never mind! Just curious!”

weird guy. Anyway, I have something to say, so it doesn’t matter.

“More than that, Alicia. I have something to tell you.”

“What, what?! What?!”

Alicia suddenly tensed and shouted.
Don’t do that too much. Are you nervous too?

“That’s the truth. I haven’t been able to talk until now. Actually, did you ever appeal to me in a sexy way by showing off your chest? It was honestly very sexy. So I mean… .”

“Uh, uh. uh… .”

For some reason, Alicia looked more and more nervous.
As I watched it, I gently pulled one leg back.

“After all, I think sexy suits you well. If it’s not for that clumsy way of talking like Rutia-san, it’s perfect. So, if you have a guy you like, stick with it. You couldn’t appeal with a feminine attitude. I lied because it was fun to make fun of! Then stop!”

I finished my speech quickly and quickly turned back and escaped the Arachne clan.
Even if I make fun of them when I eat them, I give them proper advice in the end. Aren’t you nice?
No matter how much I am, I’m sorry if I end up trying to appeal to the guy I like with a feminine look. It’s not garbage enough to enjoy watching it again and again.

“Hey, hey, you bastard!”

Alicia, who did not understand what was being said for a while, followed after a belated sign, but I was barely able to escape.
In addition to running away in advance when Alicia was frozen, the level of the assassin rose as the agility increased considerably.

“Ha ha ha! catch me… !”
“Go, savior!”
“What if I suddenly run away alone?!”

However, there was a variable that I hadn’t calculated yet.

“Are you going to keep running away?”

Damn it! Isn’t hostage play cowardly?!

“there… that… I’m sorry.”

“Is that the end of the will?! Then die!”

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In episode 299, there was a passage saying that the manastones from the 4th floor are black, but the color of the manastones has been changed from black to purple.



“Salvation! Finally back… Aaaaah! Salvation?!”

When I returned to the mansion, Sarah, who was practicing archery in one of the gardens, saw my face and screamed.

“What happened to that face?! Was the commission that hard?!”

“No, this is… That… Nothing.”

It was too embarrassing to say that I ended up like this because I was teased by Alicia.
Since Matilda was there, was it possible to receive treatment while he was there?
That’s it. Matilda said that she was self-sufficient, and for some reason she was just as angry as Alicia. Refusing treatment as a bonus.
Thanks to that, it means that Alicia came back with the mess she had suffered.
Hate sin, but don’t hate people. Can I refuse treatment as a priest?
Well, I don’t have a conscience enough to say that, so I just came without saying anything.

“Well? What’s going on?!”

“Mr. Salvation!”

And Diana and Leia ran out of the mansion as if they had heard Sarah’s scream, as if they were waiting.

“What happened to your face?”

“Savior! What happened!”

As soon as Diana saw my face, her face hardened, and Leia began to treat her with an expression like she was about to cry.

“no. I’ll take care… .”

“Say it! Who made this?! Looking at the wounds, there are no signs of being hit by a monster! Besides, what did Miss Sylvia and Miss Matilda do to make Iza suffer like this?!”

Diana exclaimed while exuding the Archmage’s force after a long time.

“How dare you make this body girl like this! Aren’t you completely ignoring this body! I can’t! I will show you clearly why this body is called the Supreme Archmage… !”
“awhile! Calm down, Diana!”

i eventually

I had no choice but to explain the circumstances of this, without any shame.

“… It’s self-sufficient.”

“Leia, there’s no need to treat this, do you?”

After listening to my explanation, Diana mumbled nonsense, while Sarah spoke more ruthlessly.
Hey. Anyway, what is this to your man? This is it.

“Ahh, ahhh… .”

Even Leia just smiled as if in trouble.
Still, Leia, who does not stop treatment until the end, is truly an angel.

“Anyway, nothing happened, right?”

“then! Who am I!”

“Huh. Look me in the eye and say it again.”

“Nothing really happened!”

I looked straight into Sarah’s eyes and spoke again.
Because this time, there’s really nothing going on.
Rather, I deserve commendation for maintaining the chastity in the midst of so many crises.

“… It seems true.”

“Sara. Can’t you trust him like that?”

“Are you saying that while playing with a woman’s innocence?”

If you quarrel every day, you poke your weakness. cowardly guy. Is it okay with the hero theme?!

“Are Miss Sylvia and Miss Matil okay?”

“Wow… yes, yes… .”
“of course.”

Matilda spoke confidently, but Sylvia spoke with a slightly perplexed expression.
what? Sylvia Why is she like that again?

“Sylvia? What happened?”

“Wow… that, that… .”

“Salvation! What else did you do?”

“Oh, I didn’t do anything! Sylvia?! What is it?!”

“That’s right, you haven’t even met the Savior, but I spend every night with the Savior… .”

“Ah, what is it? It was because of that. Whoa. I was cold.”

Sylvia is too. Was it because your conscience was pricked and you confessed?
You might be able to be a little slick.
Well, if Sylvia was such a kid, she wouldn’t have gotten permission to sleep with me in the first place.

“You don’t think it’s time for you to be reassured, do you?”

Maybe it was absurd when I was relieved, and Diana, who should have been angry in the first place, said in a slightly shaky voice.

“wait. I can explain everything.”

After all, if you have sex with them, you will immediately level up and increase your attractiveness.
So, there was no intention of hiding it from the beginning. No, I meant to brag about it.
Come on in! How much effort I put in to keep my chastity!
He said that he endured until the end while only hugging Sylvia, whom you gave permission for!

I took it off and put the armor back in my inventory, proudly showing the hole in it, and started explaining what had happened.
Hearing my struggles that I can’t hear without tears, all my children are moved… didn’t

“What did you do?! What would you do if you got hurt?”

“Yes! Couldn’t you have died if you saw the hole in the armor?! You have an idea!”

“Savior. Why did you do such a dangerous thing?”

Sarah and Diana immediately became enraged, and even Leia spoke as if taunting me.

“Why, why? chastity… .”


Do you think you value chastity more than your life?! If your life is in danger, it’s enough to do that once, you idiot!”

I hope I’ve kept my chastity, but I’m sure you’ll be called an idiot!
But Sarah’s feelings were conveyed, and she was not angry.
No, it just warmed my heart.
Diana and Leia also nodded to see if they agreed with Sarah’s words.

“Sara-san is a hundred times right. I know you acted that way for these bodies, but you didn’t have to risk your life.”

“Ok. Salvation Mr. It is the saddest thing for us to see Go Won-ssi passing away.”

“You, you guys… !”

“You know? Of course, thinking about these bodies makes me happy, but if you can’t help it, just let it go.”

“Ok. We already knew well enough that even if Goo Won was dating another woman, his feelings towards us wouldn’t change. And we… .”

Saying that, Leia gently placed her hand on top of her chest.
Sarah placed her hands on the top of her buttocks and Diana placed her hands on her lower abdomen, and gently stroked them.
Even if I knew another woman, as if we were the only ones special as long as there was the apostle’s mark.

“Anyway, I confessed to Gu-won knowing that I was wearing three legs from the beginning. At the time when Sylvia was also accepted, that’s what it’s like to sleep with another woman.”

Sara said with a slight smirk, but it was obvious to anyone who could see that it was nothing more than a rant.

“You’re just excited about me sleeping with another woman… .”
“This fool is real!”
“Ugh… Huh… ?”

When I tried to tease me, Sarah immediately punched me.
I reflexively tried to hurt, but when I hit Sarah’s fist, it didn’t hurt at all.
… okay. After that, I raised my endurance. Too much unfortunately!
It’s not painful, but why am I in tears all of a sudden?

“Come on, wait! It hurt so much that I cried?! Mi, I’m sorry!”

Sarah panicked and stroked the place where the punch was thrown, but I grabbed her hand and shook her head.

“no. It didn’t hurt at all. So it was sad.”

At my murmuring, the children put on an expression that they did not understand.
You won’t know even if you die.

“Ah, anyway! Just because you’re allowed to sleep with other girls doesn’t mean you can flirt with anyone! In any case, it doesn’t matter if the situation comes when you absolutely have to!”

“It’s not natural. Do I look like a man who will flirt with anyone and leave you alone?”

“a little.”
“That’s right. Perhaps these bodies have made a mistake.”

Sara and Diana said in slightly playful voices.
That’s how it turns out, right?

“Hey, can’t you?! Leia! Leia believes in me?!”

I looked at Leia with exaggerated embarrassment on purpose.
Whoops. This is what the counter is. Get ready to be jealous.

“Ugh… .”

Naturally, Leia smiled softly and thought that she would embrace me in her bountiful breasts, but unexpectedly, Leia hesitated to answer with a worried face.

“Lee, Leia?!”

“Sorry, I’m sorry. I also played around with the atmosphere a bit. Don’t make that face.”

As I was more embarrassed, Leia just smiled and hugged me.
Whoa. I’m happy. If even my angel didn’t believe in me, I would have really lost hope in life.
ha ha After all, being hugged by this chest, my mind is at peace. I feel like I’m back home.

“You are in the chest again!”

“Whoa! okay! The chest is the best! Leia’s big breasts are the best!”

“Wow, whoops… !”

As a reward for trying to tease me earlier, I tried to tease her too, but Diana took more damage than expected and cried.

“Hey, no, I’m joking! Diana’s small breasts are the best!”

“Don’t say small! This body… If this body only grows… !”

“then. then. I know it all.”

I quickly got out of Leia’s chest and hugged Diana.
Diana, who was hurt in her heart, gently took her into my arms, hugged her waist tightly, and rubbed her face against my clothes, wiping her tears.

“What is it doing now… . In any case, Salvation doesn’t show much joy in seeing our faces after a long time.”

“What are you talking about?! How I missed you all the time I was in the dungeon! I can’t! From now on, in person… !”

“Because this pervert always comes out like this even though it’s going well!”

“Savior… No matter how much I do it with other people… .”

“Huh? No, wait! That’s not what it means! just to cuddle! Really! Trust me!”

I know for sure that being seen by other people is taboo by the clergy, but I’m crazy and I’m going to try 4p with Leia?
But Sarah was still looking at me suspiciously.
No, if you look closely, the corners of your mouth are raised.
He’s happy to see him after a long time, so he keeps trying to make fun of him?


I finally forcibly hugged the three of them at once.


Sarah let out a squeaky scream, and Leia was pulled into my arms with a warm smile.

“Wow! Go, don’t put your chest on your head!”

Diana, who was already in my arms, was terrified.

“… Then can I just go and have a look? I am tired.”

Then a voice broke the atmosphere.
It was Matilda, silently watching us flirt.
you still haven’t gone

“Uh, uh. Huh. You have suffered too.”

“… … For once.”

Matilda muttered like that, feeling a little lonely, and turned around.

“Thank you very much, Matilda.”
“It was really hard.”
“Thank you again, Cardinal.”

My kids each thanked each other to cover me up, but Matilda didn’t pretend to listen and went out into the hallway to her room.
I would have been more at ease if I had been tik tok like usual, but I’m so sorry for reacting like that.
Still, he also followed me to help, and he actually helped me quite a bit.
Knowing that his curse doesn’t work on me, but pretending not to

I can’t even thank you properly.
Also, I thought something was wrong with this.
okay. I don’t even have Matilda right now, so should I talk to them?
no. Come to think of it, it was just annoying them.

Matilda is a case very similar to Sylvia.
No, is it more like Leia than Sylvia?
Sylvia was able to have sex with other people, but in the case of Leiana Matilda, it’s impossible to have sex with other people.
Even with Sylvia, in the end, out of sympathy, she allowed Sylvia to go with her.
Knowing that I am unaffected by the curse on Matilda may lead to similar sympathy for Matilda.
Of course, like the last time, we will be worried about jealousy again, but our good boys will eventually be able to overcome their sympathy and there is a high possibility that even Matilda will allow it.
So, in order not to worry about such things in the first place, it might be better to keep this story a secret for the time being from our children.

But is there really no way to rescue Matilda?
At least if I could break the curse… . All you have to do is make Leia level 250, but it takes too long to do that.
… Huh? awhile. Come to think of it… .

“Guys. I have a question about Matilda’s curse.”

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I continued to speak, being careful with my words so that the fact that I was not affected by the curse was discovered.

“Isn’t Matilda only cursed by women?”

“Yeah? what is that… ?”

“no. If the person who becomes the host falls in love with another person, then that person becomes a sexually disabled person, right? Then, if that curse is placed on a man, I wondered if he would not become a sexually imperfect man even if he fell in love with someone.”

Because I can’t imagine a woman being sexually disabled.
In that sense, I asked.
However, when I first heard about the curse, it seems like I heard that it uses a woman as its host. Just because you don’t know

“Yeah. Basically, it is known as a curse that only hosts women.”

Leia nodded her head with a sad expression.
Damn it. Is it still like that?
However, there was something a bit stumbling about Leia’s words.

“What do you mean by basic? Are you saying you could have a male host in some other way?”

“no. Rather, to be more precise, it is correct to say that I have only seen cases involving women as hosts. That ancient curse is the first type of curse I have ever seen in the church, so all I have to do is find out the details through Cardinal Matilda.”

“But it was originally a curse that was placed on someone else’s body, and Matilda transferred it to her own body, right? So, isn’t it possible to transfer it to another person? There must be male priests, but no one thought of experimenting with it?”

“Of course not. Like Guwon, there were many people who thought that if a curse was transferred to a man’s body, the curse might lose its effect. Cardinal Matilda said that in order to sacrifice herself,

He stubbornly refused to move, but in the end he was persuaded and I heard that he allowed the curse to be transferred to another man.”

“So what is the result?”

“The result is that… As you can see… .”

“Didn’t the curse be transferred to the man’s body?”

“To be precise, we don’t even know if it was because he was a man, or if he couldn’t move because of some other reason. The way the curse is transferred… that… .”

Seeing Leia lingering, I could roughly guess what the method would be.

“It’s sex.”

… Huh? no wait. Didn’t you say that the person who was originally under that curse was also a woman?
So how did Matilda transfer that curse to her body?

“It’s similar. By putting your genitals together and using your divine power… .”

indeed! It’s not sex, it’s just penis-to-genitals!
Then, Matilda, with the person who was originally cursed with it… ! Imagination swells

“Huh? awhile. If you have to use your divine power, you can’t transfer a curse to someone other than a priest, right?”

“Yeah. Basically yes. Of course, with the help of another priest, we can move it.”

“Yeah, that’s right. Sorry for interrupting you. So what happened in the end?”

“Yeah. When we have our genitals, I think Cardinal Matilda thinks that the other person is lovable. The other priest fell under the curse of losing his sexual ability before even moving the curse. So, there are still different opinions as to whether the curse could not be moved because he was a man, or whether he could not move the curse body because he was influenced by the curse.”

“Huh? Wait a minute. So, once you transfer the curse of Matilda to another female priest, and then try to transfer it from that woman to the man, wouldn’t you be able to tell for sure? The problem is that Matilda is very fond of others.”

“no. I’ve done that too. But that curse wasn’t the only thing that made the host’s loved ones impotent. It also had the effect of making it easier for the host to love the opposite sex. ”

“What?! Then Matilda… !”

“no. I’ve heard that others don’t fall in love as easily as Cardinal Matilda, so maybe Cardinal Matilda was originally… Oh, anyway.”

Oh, I was trying to fool around.
Matilda… What the hell are you… . Even our angels have a hard time covering it… .

“The curse makes it easier to fall in love, and that’s where the opposite sex and genitals come together. Unless it’s forced, there’s no way you can’t help but feel loved. In particular, according to the teachings of the Goddess, intercourse… .”

Alas. indeed. Come to think of it, religious people here tend to regard sexual acts as sacred.
It can be said that it is a curse to hit the counter properly.
Come to think of it, it’s a curse that makes me feel very bad from the goddess’ point of view.
It is a curse that completely goes against the teachings of the Goddess to the extent that it seems that it was made for the Goddess.
A curse that makes it impossible to love, not to have sex, and thus impossible to have children.

“Anyway, I ended up transferring it to another woman and then trying to transfer it to another man, but it all ended in a man becoming an eunuch?”

“Yeah… . In the end, Cardinal Matilda decided to bear all the burdens and cursed again… .”

It was a much more complicated situation than I expected.
At least it’s just that the curse body cannot be transferred to a person who is cursed, but if it becomes clear that it is possible to transfer it to a man, I’d give it a try.
To bet on half the odds… no. But it’s just genitals.
I said a while ago that even sex doesn’t matter in unavoidable circumstances, so wouldn’t it be okay to try that much with a half chance?

Even in unavoidable circumstances, I have no intention of having sex with any woman, even if I die, using the saying that even sex is irrelevant as a shield.
But it would be more comfortable for them to do that and let him go if I can break the curse with one penis-to-gender touch, rather than keep killing Matilda in our mansion.

Then where do I… no. Wait a minute. If the curse was transferred to a man, would that really be the end of it?
Unless that curse renders the host crippled, even I should continue to be the cursed host if I apply the curse to my body.
But no one knows what the curse will do when a man becomes a host.
It is unimaginable for a woman to become sexually disabled, but something beyond my imagination may be triggered.
And when that happens, the first victims are our children, whom I love so much.
… After all, the thought of transferring a curse to my body was too easy.

“so. After all, why did you ask such a question? With this body, I can only think of you asking a question to transfer a curse to your body.”

At that moment, Diana folded her arms and glared at this body.
… Oops! My mind was getting too complicated, so I completely forgot to ask questions while being careful not to get caught.

“No, that’s… .”

“Say it. What happened to Matilda-san in the dungeon?”

“awhile! Are you sure what happened?! Sarah, you are so… .”

“Then nothing happened?”

“If there was, it could be said that there was… .”

“Tell me for sure. Was it a lie to say that nothing happened earlier?”

Damn it. do I have to say
If you don’t speak up, it will only lead to more serious misunderstandings.

“No, I happened to hear that Matilda likes me when I was in the dungeon. As usual, it seemed like no one noticed because I was ignoring it right away, but unlike usual, I heard the confession with certainty until the end. But even then, the genitals are still functioning. So I see… .”

“You mean that the curse on Miss Matilda doesn’t work?”

“It’s like that.”

“After all, Guwon… ! But if that’s the case, why did you hide it from us?”

“Hey, I don’t want to make you suffer again like Sylvia did… .”

“Savior… .”

“Ugh. Idiot. Are you worried about that?”

“You usually don’t think about it, but at times like this, you think too much.”

Leia gave me a moved expression, and Sarah lightly stroked my chest with her palm. And Diana started stroking my hair.

“Ah, anyway! Hearing the story, the curse was transferred to my body

I don’t think it’s To be precise, it’s not that the curse doesn’t work, it’s that you don’t become disabled by any curse. The curse does not have the effect of making the host crippled, so even if it is transferred to my body, the curse itself will not disappear and will remain. Even if a curse is transferred to a man’s body, a secondary effect may be activated on the person he likes. I’m sorry Matilda, but there’s nothing we can do unless there’s a way to save him! Then this is the end!”

I was forced to end this conversation.
Yes, no matter what I say, I’m trying to save others endlessly!
I’m just a saint sent by a goddess to this world… what? Are you in a position to be saved?
no. don’t do it anyway!
Even if that curse is a curse that seems to defy the teachings of the Goddess, I will never do it as long as my children can be harmed too!

“That’s right. I’m sorry Matilda, but it’s the other way around that this body also carries a curse on yours.”

“Apart from the fact that we too can be cursed, if we easily fall for a woman whose salvation is different… Huh. I am absolutely against it.”

“Yeah, you don’t like it either? So let’s end this talk with this.”

When I was about to end the conversation with Matilda like that, Leia, who had been silently bowing her head, looked at me with a determined expression.
This feels like a déjà vu.

“But Mr. Salvation. I think it’s worth trying to have sex with Cardinal Matilda once.”

“What? What are you talking about?”

“The curse is because there is a way to harm each one of them. To cast a curse with our divine magic is to forcibly remove the curse with the power of the Goddess, but there are ways to cast a curse other than divine magic. And the most likely way to lift Cardinal Matilda’s curse is… .”

“Having sex with a cursed person.”

“… Yeah.”

Leia also had a painful expression on her face, as if she was suggesting that I have sex with another woman, as if this situation was not very good, but she nodded her head properly.
Anyway, our Leia is so angelic that it’s a mask.
If Leia hadn’t said anything, it would have just ended in a mess.
This is how I prioritize helping others. our angel.

“So, you think I’d like to have sex with Matilda?”

“… Yeah.”

Oops. Was this a question that Leia didn’t think too much about?
Leia nodded her head while making a distressed expression on her face.

“What do you two think?”

“… Isn’t it right after I said that I can do it in an unavoidable situation? Are you knowingly asking me?”

“Really. It makes me wonder if he was trying to say something like this.”

Neither Diana nor Sara agreed with the nuance that they did not like it but could not help it.
does this eventually happen
It’s a different direction from what we thought, but in the end, our children couldn’t resist their sympathy and it became a direction that allowed them to have sex with other women.
Well, it’s not like I can keep living with Sylvia.

It must be such a quick decision.
no. However, it is highly probable in the end that they do it through sex, but it is not certain.
If sex doesn’t break the curse, you’ll just have to confess to Matilda that I’m the only man you can like.
Then there will come a situation where you will have to think about whether to allow her to carry her around like Sylvia.
Did they even allow it after thinking up to that point?

Once again, I looked straight into the eyes of each of them.
and realized They knew that they gave permission.
Indeed. They are much smarter than me. There’s no way I can’t think of something worth thinking about.

“You really… Do you know that I’m too nice to be naked?”

“Salvation has such a bad personality, isn’t the balance right?”

Damn it. Don’t say things that are hard to deny! I know I’m trash!

“Angel! Sarah is harassing me!”

“Oh. Whoops.”

“So, don’t cling to your chest while making excuses!”

“Because I really can’t be distracted!”

In the end, I was in a position to have sex with Matilda.
I didn’t really listen to Matilda’s opinion, but if she says it’s for the sake of curing the curse, she’ll agree immediately.
No, even if it’s not, if you just speak in a slightly soft voice… .
Anyway, curse… I’d be happy if it could be solved with sex

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Well, even if I had sex with Matilda, I wouldn’t do it right away.
Of course, if you can release the curse, it would be better to release it as soon as possible to free Matilda from suffering, but even the goddess will forgive her for a day or so.
It’s been a few days since I’ve met my kids, so I’ll have to loosen up the hustle and bustle.
Sara, Diana, and Leia didn’t stop talking, whether it was fun seeing me after a long time.

“But how did this body take the warning it gave to me in such a way? uh… It seems that this body, which is expressed in a slightly circumscribed manner without saying it clearly, is also wrong.”

“right? ‘Cause I’m surprised too After all, all Arach’s children are somehow not normal. In particular, I was really surprised when Rutia-nim came over.”

“… sister? hoo. you call me sister He must have been a woman with big breasts and a sexy woman.”

“Not to mention… no. But for me, Diana noona and Leia noona are the best.”

“huh. Is it your sister only in this case?”

“a. What is it. Diana’s sister. If I hadn’t thought of my sister, would I have been able to reject all of Arach’s children and keep their chastity? On the contrary, praise is still insufficient. Praise me more.”

“I see. I see. Don’t be a fool who doesn’t even have that size.”

As Diana said that, she put her hand on my head and stroked it.
Really grandma… oldest person. No matter what you do, you are weak to foolishness in the end.

“Diana. If you are treated so foolishly, you will become spoiled.”

“Sarah said she started to get jealous when I was only hanging out with Diana.”

“Gee, aren’t you jealous?! What is that explanatory tone?!”

“Huh. Did you get stabbed?”

“So you said no, you idiot!”

“Huhu. Salvation Mr. I would be a little jealous.”

“Hehehe. okay? Then leave Sarah, who is not jealous, and Leia stay with me!”


“Sir, see!”

As I hugged Leia while being patted by Diana, Sarah cried a little and hit me hard.
hahaha. Yes, it doesn’t hurt anymore!

“Huh. If you call me oppa, I can hug you like this too. What do you think?”

Having raised my defense and had no problem with Sarah’s attack, I did not give in and made such a deal.
Well, how are you? Call me brother with a humiliating expression!

“I think someone is calling! you stupid!”

Oh, it’s dangerous. I’m going to be really pissed off about this.
Shall we make fun of him moderately and hug Sara slowly now?

“Oh, so what would you do if I called you oppa? Salvation brother?”

Then Leia, who was sitting on my lap, wrapped her tail around my waist and said so.
big black. Such a despicable act with such an innocent face. This is the power of the nine-tailed fox!

“Uh, what would you do?”

“then… .”

“Oh, brother! brother! okay?!”

Leia smiled slightly and tried to say something, but Sarah couldn’t stand it anymore, shouting at her brother and holding her in my arms.
By the way, he’s also very angry, so he’s a mask.

“Did you miss me so much?”

Sarah pinched my thigh without saying anything.
Sarah. how many times do you say Now your attacks won’t go through.

“If you just become strong ignorantly… If you really hit me… .”

Blue mana was collected from Sarah’s hand.

“Oh, you don’t mean to hit your brother with that, do you?”

“Look at what your brother is doing.”

Although it was blocked with a shield, I was also able to block the attack of the 5th layer transcendental species.
Sarah thinks that no matter how much mana she puts on it, it will not work, but she thinks, but it is difficult to ignore the title of a warrior.

“You too are very weak to Miss Sarah.”

“OK. It wins at night.”

“This fool is real!”

“Uh-huh. If I don’t call you oppa, will you separate me again?”

“… Hey, this stupid brother is real!”

Even Sarah doesn’t seem to want to fall. chuck.

“What is stupid? That’s true. I told you before. I said that I increased my charm a lot in the dungeon. Come to think of it, is it Sarah’s turn tonight? let it go Come to think of it, how many times did Sarah just hit me?”

“Come on, wait a minute. brother.”

Sarah’s complexion darkened slightly.
Good. Let’s take this opportunity to reduce Sarah’s violence a little.

“Hate. don’t wait I’m guessing that’s roughly twenty. Sara, let’s just do it until I eat 20 today.”

“Twenty… ! You didn’t hit me that much?!”

“no. Definitely more than that. Is that Diana?”

“Don’t bring this body in. this body.”

As Diana said that, she slapped a light chop on the top of my head with her hand stroking my hair.

“Huh? Why is Sarah

Is that your reaction? Wouldn’t it be nice if you did a lot?”

And Leia, who was looking at it, asked a question while tilting her head.
Then Sarah and Diana looked at Leia with astonished expressions.

“Why, why?! yeah… No matter how hard it is, twenty times is hard right?!”

“… is that so? I really like it so much, it’s a little hard, but still… .”

“… What kind of things do you usually do with Miss Leia?”

“Okay, I think I’m doing it normally… . But if it’s about twenty… .”

“It makes me want to see Miss Leia a little bit.”

“Oh, no. It’s a shame.”

Nine-tailed foxes automatically absorb vitality when they have sex, so Leia definitely has more stamina in that area than the other kids. So it seems that they don’t understand the other kids.
Well, even when she’s half insane, Leia shakes her waist with great technique.

“… twenty times… . Good! I will accept that fight!”

“no. It wasn’t meant to be a fight.”

Well, it seems that Sara also had a strange desire to win and decided to do it twenty times, so did it turn out well?
Actually, I was just going to scare you, and I didn’t really want to do it until 20.
As long as Sarah has made such a decision, I have no choice but to respond.
Good. I’ll do it! twenty times!

After hanging out with the kids like that, after dinner, I was waiting for Sarah in my room.
By the way, he didn’t mention that he might be able to lift the curse on Matilda at dinner.
I’m not even going to have sex with Matilda right now, so I don’t need to make him fuss by saying that in the first place.

And speaking of Sarah, she must be washing herself in the bathroom right now.
I tried to persuade them to take a shower together, but since it’s been a long time since I’ve done it, I had no choice but to agree.
Well, as I had been in the dungeon for a long time, I was soaking in the bathtub and taking a leisurely shower, and then I just came out and lay in bed.
It’s taking a long time anyway.
I think I’ve been washing for quite some time, but Sarah hasn’t come for a long time.
Since you said grooming, are you trying to come in wearing something pretty, not just washing?
Then came a smart knocking sound.

“Huh? Who?”

“I, it’s me… .”

“buy it? Why are you knocking? They just don’t come in.”

“Yes. Then I’ll go in… .”

After saying that, Sarah carefully opened the door and entered.
And Sara, who entered the room, was wearing a pretty dress, as I expected.
A dress that clearly shows the lines of the body, reminiscent of the Vietnamese national costume, Ao Dai.
Although there was no exposure, the clothes that showed the body line perfectly suited Sara of the model body.
The line from the narrow waist to the wide pelvis couldn’t be that sexy.

“What are those clothes?”

“That, just… .”

“Did you buy to show me who came after a long time?”

“… Do you have to put it into words? this fool… .”

“Thanks. very pretty Come on, Sarah. Come on.”

But even when I call, Sarah just stands in front of the door and hesitates

And I never thought it would come.
Why is he doing this all of a sudden? Not even Sylvia.

“Sara. What is it?”

“Am I really going to do this twenty times?”

indeed. Even Sarah seems scared.
But it is rare for Sarah to become so weak.
I decided to play around with it a little more.

“You think so? Doesn’t Sarah mean that? Was it a lie to say we were going to compete earlier?”

“Laugh, that’s not it… Okay!”

Sarah approached the bed with an expression of whether she had given up or wanted something to happen.
I gently embraced Sarah like that, and I realized something in the feel of her hand.

“Sara. Wake up for a second.”

As if Sarah knew why I was doing this, she went back down under the bed and stood there without saying anything.

“Would you like to turn around?”

Sara turned around with a slightly embarrassed expression, and I was able to understand the true nature of the feeling I felt in my hand.
okay. This dress, which I thought was not exposed, completely exposed the entire back, so that when I looked at my upper body from behind, it looked like I was wearing nothing but my arms.
Even the hip bone was dug so deep that it was barely visible, so the apostle mark directly above it was clearly visible.

“Hey, this is… .”

“What do you think… ?”

“Today, it means to attack the back thoroughly… ?”

“Oh no, you idiot!”

“joke. It’s a joke. so sexy I was at a loss for words for a while. It’s also our Sarah.”

“Who, who are we… !”

“… Huh? Aren’t we Sarah?”

“No, that’s right, but… .”

Sarah said with a look of shame to death.
It seems that the reaction I had earlier was merely reflexive because I was shy.
Thank you for making me say more shameful things.
Sarah. I saw that and called it self-employed.

Anyway, wearing this kind of clothes for a long time, there was no reason not to attack the back.
Didn’t I say it was a joke earlier?
It’s just to reassure Sarah.
I’m always serious about this. No jokes or compromises.

I hugged Sarah from behind and made her sit on the bed.
Then he kissed Sarah’s smooth back without a single blemish.
First, kiss the sexy side of the shoulder blade, then go up and kiss the back of the neck.
Then, along Sarah’s back muscles, she licked up the sexy line cut straight in the middle.


Then Sara shook her body slightly and let out a strange moan.

“Sarah was sensitive here too. Is everything on the back sensitive? Here’s more behind… .”

As I said that, I put a finger into the slightly visible buttocks, and tapped the wrinkled hole at the tip of that finger.

“Wow! Rice, metamorphosis! Not like that!”

As Sarah said that, she didn’t try to put my finger away.
Seeing that action, I was moved.
Even if you touch it, you won’t try to clean it? That means… .
I put my finger deeper into the rib cage, and, with a slight bend, tucked the tip of my finger into Sarah’s wrinkled back hole.

“Ugh! Burr, there already… !”

I knew it. It wasn’t even the love liquid was applied, but a finger moved relatively gently into Sarah’s ass.
And when a finger went in, Sarah still wouldn’t pull my hand out.

“You took care of it before you came here.”

As I whispered into Sarah’s ear, her body trembled and trembled.
I knew it. Does it mean that the reason for being late wasn’t just to wash and get dressed?

“Sara was also expecting it.”

“It’s only natural to expect… . It’s the first time I’ve met Gu-won and haven’t seen each other for so long. I was anxious all the time that Salvation went down to the dungeon, and I was happy when I came back… Of course.”

Is it because there is no other person’s eyes unlike before?
Sarah candidly shared her feelings.

“Huh. That’s right. I went.”

“Huh… . I’m really glad you came back safely.”

Sarah turned her head back and came out and kissed her lips softly.

“Then, as Sarah expected, today, with the butt… .”

“Pervert! That’s not to say I expected it! Whoops!”

Still, it was Sarah who responded immediately when she moved her hand in her buttocks.

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As a way to celebrate the 300th episode, I held a lottery all week.
I didn’t say anything about it because I wanted to know what to do if I made a notice in advance and failed, but fortunately, I succeeded safely.
There were times when I was trying to participate in a lottery because I was too forceful, so I unintentionally cut off because of something strange.



“Wow! why, why so… .”

“like this… What?”

“Gee, hey! Feel… .”

“It feels good to touch your butt. Sarah is a pervert.”

Well, the reason Sarah reacts so sensitively is probably because my charm has increased tremendously.
I didn’t say that and decided to bother Sarah more.

“That, that… Whoops!”

Sarah tried to plead, but before the words were even finished, she bent her upper body forward and moaned as she slightly bent her finger in her buttocks.
Seeing the posture that seemed to emphasize that open back, I kissed Sarah’s back again.

“Heh! De, etc! It tickles!”

“It’s not tickling, it’s nice. Pervert Sarah.”

“Rice, it’s not a pervert!”

“Then what is this?”

I removed my middle finger from Sarah’s buttocks and slipped my hands deeper into her clothes.
When I put my hand deep enough to touch my pubic hair, it was already wet with the slippery liquid.

“If you’re not a pervert, why are you so wet?”

“… Hey! Joe, someone I like touched me, hehe! Why is it a pervert to be wet?”


Hey. Don’t be honest all of a sudden. you have nothing to say
I can’t help it. I decided to move on to the next step.

“Then, Sarah, whom I like, touches me.

Will you let me taste happiness?”

I grabbed one of Sarah’s wrists and guided her towards my object, and without looking back, she skillfully started stroking my object behind her back.

“It’s even more perverted to be standing like this already, touching your ass.

“Why is it a pervert to stand while touching the body of the person you like?”

“… I’m trying to follow you rudely!”

Perhaps she couldn’t refute what she had said, Sara said as she tightened her grip on my object.
With the increased defense and iron penis, there was no damage to my stuff at all, so the stimulation got stronger and it only made me feel better.

“But it’s true.”

As I spoke while kissing Sarah’s back once more, Sara’s hands relaxed slightly.

“Yes! I’ve been kissing only the back since before… .”

“Then where are you going to do it? here? or something else? Tell me. I will do what you ask me to do.”

I said that while knowingly and deliberately fiddling with Sarah’s pussy.

“Ugh! Bar, stupid… .”

Instead of answering, Sarah turned her head back to look into my eyes and licked her lips.

“If you don’t say it, I don’t know. Seeing that this place is trembling, are you asking me to do it here as well?”

But I deliberately stroked my pubic hair, moving my fingers more violently to make the squeaky moustache sound loud.

Then, as if she couldn’t stand it any longer, she turned her entire upper body toward me, not just her head.
Then he hugged my neck with a hand that wasn’t holding anything, and made a lip smack.
Then he himself first sticks out his tongue and comes in through my lips.

“Oh. e. hmmm. Hmm.”

In the meantime, I was commended for continuing to stroke my object with the other hand.
It’s a little sad that I didn’t hear the cute voice asking for a kiss on the lips, but it’s okay because it’s as good as it is.

I gently pulled my hand out of Sarah’s vagina, and pressed my middle finger, soaked in love juice, back against Sarah’s ass hole, and tightened it.


I felt the same way as before, and I gave it a little bit to stimulate it, but the slippery love liquid acted as a lubricant more than I thought, so my middle finger tingled all the way to the end and it went into Sarah’s ass.

Sara, who was provoking her by sticking out her tongue and tapping my mouth, leaned her upper body deep into my body, shaking her whole body.
The tongue in his mouth trembled, too, and he felt his strength loosen and try to come off.
Sara’s eyes immediately became hazy as she sucked in strongly before the tongue fell out of her mouth.

“Sara. now… .”

“Huh… .”

Sara nodded her head and lifted her hips slightly from the bed, as if she knew it without even having to say it.
Then he grabbed the skirt of his dress and swung it to the side.
Then the skirt was completely set aside, revealing Sarah’s ass.
It was. I didn’t notice it because my eyes were focused only on the exposed back, but now that I see the skirt part of the dress,

It was design. Just like Ao Dai.
So, to explain Sarah’s back with her long skirt set aside, it was like she was completely naked and had a long piece of cloth wrapped around her waist.
Come to think of it, he’s not even wearing underwear.
It’s probably because I was wearing it with the intention of changing into this outfit in the first place, but it’s really sad.

As I gently pressed on Sarah’s smooth back, her back, who had been sitting on the edge of the bed, leaned forward and her buttocks lifted slightly in the opposite direction.
Then, both of Sarah’s holes were exposed.

“Oh, wait.”

As I tried to put the object against the hole in the front, Sarah suddenly raised her upper body again.

“Huh? Why?”

“That, that… Oh yeah. Haven’t you grown big enough yet? Shall I give it to you?”

Then he looked at me and said as if seducing me.
… award winning incredibly award-winning Why are you suddenly trying to do it with your mouth?
Of course, Sara was surprisingly the type to actively do these things, but it felt different today.
As I looked into Sarah’s eyes, her eyes trembled slightly.
There’s definitely something here… Oh, is it like that?

“no. Just by touching Sarah’s body, she has grown completely. I will do it this way.”

As I said with a smile, Sarah began to cry a little.
I knew it. I’ve already declared that I’m going to do it twenty times, so I’m just trying to get one out with my mouth.
It’s not like that.

I pushed Sarah on the back once more, making the hole exposed.
Then he placed an object on Sarah’s vagina, which was wet enough to wet the bedsheets, and shook her back and forth to stimulate the outside of her vagina.
Sarah tried to insert my stuff by moving her hips to see if it was a baby ride, but I would move my waist to avoid the item being inserted each time.

“Yes! Are you really willing to do it? Until then, play around with it. If so… .”

Before Sarah pushed me to give her a blowjob, I quickly came up with an excuse.

“no. I’m not joking, I’m a little worried. okay. Then Sarah decides. Where shall I put it?”

“What? uh, where are you… .”

“You know why?”

As I put my finger in Sarah’s ass hole and tap it like a knock, her ass twitched and trembled and tightened even more.

“That, that… .”

“right? After all, is it difficult for Sarah to decide?”

“Hey, it’s not like that! It’s only natural to want to put it here, right?!

Saying so, Sarah raised her hips further and turned one hand toward her hip, grabbing the flesh next to her thick pubic hair and spreading it to the side.
Then, a thick liquid of love flowed from the inside of Sarah’s vagina and fell on my belongings.
It was a really lewd look.
Maybe Sara knew it and did this pose on purpose, didn’t she?
Even though he pretends not to be, he’s very active.

“If you so wish.”

I grabbed the object, angled it, and inserted it all the way into Sarah’s pussy at once.

“Uh-huh! haha… . Yes! ャ!”

It must not be my fault that there was a sigh of disappointment mixed between the sweet moans that Sarah exhaled.

“What is the sigh? Didn’t you really want me to put it in your ass?”

“Hey! huh! That, that, oh! no… !”

As I slowly moved back and forth as if I was navigating between Sarah’s inner folds with an object, Sarah shook her head in denial.
However, that voice was weaker than usual, and it seemed to be right for anyone to look at.

“Because I can’t be honest. ok Then, whatever Sarah wants.”

“Hah! That, so, huh! something like that… Whoa!”

This time, I went back and forth roughly a few times, as if applying Sarah’s love liquid to the whole thing, and I pulled the thing out and put it right into Sarah’s ass hole.
Sarah’s buttocks were clenched tightly and tried to block the invasion, but I couldn’t stop the power of my belongings.
It was only difficult to drill the first entrance, but after passing it, the lubricated object penetrated into Sarah’s inner side without any resistance.


Sarah eventually climaxed with just the insertion.

“You can feel this way just by putting it on. I wish I could put it here.”

While stroking the apostle’s mark on Sarah’s ass, she spoke as if teasingly, but Sarah had her upper body completely bowed down and only trembled without answering.
Did you feel that way?
No matter how much Sarah’s erogenous zone is ass, I think this is a little overreaction?

“buy it? Sarah?”

I grabbed Sarah’s arm and lifted her upper body. Then he turned his head to this side and looked at Sarah’s face.
Sarah wasn’t fainting, but she was completely engrossed in pleasure and her facial muscles were loose.
It takes a lot of time for Sarah, who has good physical strength, to make this, no matter how much time it takes.
Why so… Ah, the charm… .

“I’m sorry, Sara. OK?”


I didn’t think about raising my charm, and I made it too strong from the beginning.
I called out to Sarah, shaking my body slightly so that Sarah could come to her senses.
But was it bad that I shook my body with my stuff still stuck deep in my ass? Sarah climaxed once again with a squirt from her vagina.

“sorry. I will pick one up.”

I grabbed Sarah’s waist and tried to lift her up, but Sarah seemed to have regained her composure, shaking her head helplessly and letting her ass sink again.

“Ugh! haha! haha! Whoops! That’s just, whoops! do it like this… .”

“What? Oh yeah. So should I use the skill? There are skills that make me feel like my level has decreased. If you use it… .”

“Because it’s okay!”

“You don’t like this either? Why the hell? why so… .”

“But… heh heh It’s been a while, uh, I’m doing this… I can’t accept all salvation… I mean, I don’t like that… .”

Sarah said in a slightly weeping voice.

“Sara… ok Then take it slow.”

I hug Sarah’s upper body tightly, and once Sarah’s breath

I decided to just wait like this until it was sorted out.
Sarah was still wearing a dress, but her back and buttocks were exposed, so her skin touched each other.
Slender Sara feels good enough just to be hugged like this.
If possible, I would like to kiss on the back, neck, ears, etc., but if I do that now, Sarah will be disturbed again. Let’s be patient.

“Ha, ha, ha, hey, that’s it now.”

“Are you really okay?”

“Don’t make me say the same thing over and over again.”

Saying that, Sarah turned her head and kissed me as if covering my mouth.
I slowly moved my waist as if responding to Sarah like that.

“Ugh! Oops! Whoops! Huh!”

Immediately Sarah’s eyes opened, but I didn’t stop.
Maybe even Sarah doesn’t want it to stop.

I moved slowly and tasted Sarah’s insides.
Sara’s insides have been tightened tight enough that it feels good enough to move slowly like this without having to move fast.
Usually, the level difference widens like this, and if there is a difference in the attractiveness level, the pleasure may decrease a little.
Connected with Sarah, I didn’t feel that way at all.
The inside of Sarah is still incredibly pleasant.
This is the power of a warrior… will not be So what is the power of love?
While thinking such a silly thought, I continued to kiss Sarah in succession.

“Then Sarah. now… .”

“Uh huh! Huh! Whoops!”

As I slowly shook her back, Sarah continued to climax several times.
However, as if he would never faint, he seemed to hold his body tight while shaking his body.
Wouldn’t it be better to wrap it up once and raise Sarah’s level?
I inserted it into my buttocks and shook my back until it was barely noticeable, and just before ejaculation, I pulled out an object and put it in my vagina and ejaculated.


At the same time, Sarah also climaxed once more and tightened her vagina as if it were about to break.

“Hah! haha! Whoops! Sigh! haha… .”

Sarah breathed heavily for a while, but barely managed to lose consciousness.

“Now that your level has risen, Sarah, you too… Then I saw you, Sarah. Stopped at level 100.”

It was. Sara had finally reached level 100 through the act she had just done, but her job level was insufficient, so she did not go up more than 100.
It’s a big deal. So you’re not saying that you’ll continue to enjoy the same pleasure as before?

“Yeah, though, hehe! As the level goes up, it’s a little better than before… . Whoo, whoo. It’s okay, it’s okay.”

Sarah said with a stern smile.
Anyway, how much did the level rise?
You probably won’t even feel like you’re getting better.


“Huh… . So… .”

“Then why don’t we just have to have sex twenty times without counting the one with the ass?

“Sleep, what does that mean?! Were you wrapped up here?!”

“Because of leveling up, I just wrapped it there and continued to do it with my butt, so I did it with my butt.

I think it will… . what’s good So, from now on, I don’t have to do it 20 times in the butt?”

Sarah didn’t answer, but turned her head to the front, then turned her hand behind her back and slapped me in the side.
When I peered over Sarah’s shoulder, she was still crying.

“Wait, kidding! I’m kidding. okay! If you do it with your ass, I’ll hit you properly Now there are nineteen left!”

“Hey! Idiot!”

After hearing my words, Sarah finally let out a cute cry.
Even if you do it with your butt, it counts. Why are you crying?!

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