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Tutor Salvation

After that, Sarah ended up really doing nineteen more with me.
There was a level limit, so no matter how much I ejaculated, Sarah never leveled up, so Sarah had to endure that pleasure just with her guts.
Thanks to this, Sarah seems to have found a reason to go to the dungeon again.

“I need to raise my hero level quickly… .”

Because this is the sound of waking up in the morning and looking at my face for the first time.
Well, after I finished my grandfather’s revenge, I wasn’t desperate to level up like I used to. Rather, it may have been a good opportunity.
I plan on going to the dungeon anyway, so it’s better than having no reason to go to the dungeon even if Sarah does.

“I think I’ll be fine like this. Seeing I can’t stand it like this reminds me of the past.”

“Fool. I don’t know if it’s once or twice, but if it’s like this every time, my body can’t stand it.”

Sara said while stroking my chest lightly.

“Still, I didn’t faint.”

It was. Sarah lost consciousness only when she finally confirmed that I had ejaculated for the twentieth time.

“Yeah… It’s been a while since I’ve done it, but I don’t want the atmosphere to be broken in the middle of salvation.”

“no. Even if Sarah faints, I don’t really care because I’ll keep playing with her body.”

“A real pervert!”

Sarah slapped my chest with a hand that was a little stronger than before.
Of course, it didn’t hurt at all.

“There is another reason to raise the level.”


“I get angry when I see that there is no reaction even after hitting like this.”

“Hey. Don’t even think about hitting your brother in the first place.”

“You only hit me when you say the right thing, right? I always try to play strange pranks.”

Well, I won’t deny that I usually say a lot of silly things and joke around a lot.

“Then I’ll have to play around a lot when Sara’s hitting doesn’t hurt.”

“Fool! That kind of sound, haha! awhile! 👌👌 Again, do it again?!”

By the way, the aftermath of last night had not yet completely subsided, and Sarah was still lying on her face with her cheek on my chest, drooping.
Healing sex is enough to not completely relieve fatigue.
As expected, twenty consecutive times without a break may have been a little too much.
Leia, who Sara had burned with a competitive spirit, actually did it while taking a break in between.
Let’s keep this a secret from Sarah.

“It’s a sin to provoke naked.”

“Hey, I fell asleep as it was yesterday, so of course… ! Whoops! I really don’t know! Fool!”

Those words only sounded like permission. Sarah.
In the end, Sara and I were able to do it one more time in the morning.

“Why is Sarah… no. That’s right. Don’t tell me.”

As I went down to the restaurant, Diana, who was talking with Sylvia at the restaurant, saw Sarah coming on her back and spoke in a slightly absurd tone, but then changed her words as if she realized something.
At first, his tone of voice was a little unclear, so he must have thought he had lost his reserved seat. chuck.

For reference, as soon as Sylvia saw my face, she immediately ran back to the corner.
You’ve been with me for a few days, and you’re still like that.
After all, was it possible to survive in the dungeon because of the tension of not knowing when a battle might take place?

“Twenty times last night. I am a man who keeps his promises.”

“you stupid! Don’t be shy!”
“Didn’t you say that! Why are you talking? Are you stupid!”

I heard stupid sounds from front and back at the same time.
Even Sara is spanked.
I continued speaking, pretending not to hear their reactions.

“Diana. Sarah worked so hard for me last night, what does Diana feel about this?”

“Well? Hey, this body won’t do it twenty times.”

Diana said as if feeling threatened, she wrapped her arms around her body.
no. I just wanted to hear the reply that Diana would do something for me tonight.
But as long as Diana came out like that, I had no choice but to hang out with her.

“What?! Sara and Leia also do it, but only Diana?! Baby, my love has grown cold!”

“I see you are doing this on purpose! No matter what, I won’t do it!”

“Huh? don’t you? Then it’s Leia’s turn tonight.”

“Hey, isn’t that what you mean?!”

Diana hurriedly approached me as if I was going to Leia right away, hugged her waist and stopped her.

“I’m kidding. joke. It’s been a long time since I’ve been with Diana, but how could I possibly miss it?”

“I’m not joking like that!”

Diana spoke as if she was scolding me, stretching her arms towards her head.
As I bowed my head and back slightly, Diana nodded with satisfaction and patted my head.

“You know!”

“Yeah. Sorry. Diana’s sister.”

“Well. You know. If you know.”

“Oh. Are we the last?”

“Huh. Leia. Good morning.”

“Yeah. Did you get a good night’s sleep too?”

“Hello only to Leia. Can’t you even see me next to you?!”

“Ah. Were you there too?”

“What is that rude tone?! I’m a cardinal?!”

“Huh. I am a saint.”

“Hey, profit! If you say this, say that!”

Whoops. won
Anyway, after Leia and Matilda entered the restaurant, we started eating.
For reference, when Diana was in the dining room first, all the people of the Wizards Association had already arrived.
They’re never later than Diana for dinner.

As I ate, I stared into Matilda’s face.
Maybe I can break the curse, would it be better to tell me now?
Or would it be better to take turns taking turns all the way down to Diana and Leia and tell them after you have unlocked the armor?
Even with Matilda, I don’t think it’ll take that long.
We just need to check if the curse is lifted.
If you just take the time, you can finish it right away during the day.
Nothing to do this day

I don’t even remember anything.
No, but Diana and Leia haven’t done it yet, and hugging Matilda won’t make either of them feel very good. I wouldn’t say it, though.
It can’t be a good feeling. They must have been looking forward to seeing me after a long time.
Still, the sooner the curse is released, the better it is, and it’s convenient because I don’t have to fight Matilda for nothing.
uhm. What should I do?

“Oh yeah. Do you all have anything to do today?”

“Well? What’s going on?”

“Because I have received a lot of items that can be obtained from the 5th floor as a commission reward. Let’s go strengthen our equipment with this.”

I also have to fix my leather armor with holes in it.
I remember that there were items such as ogre skins and troll blood among the items I received. If you hit all of these with the reinforcement, you’ll be able to create amazing things.

“Hmm. Do you plan to go to the woman’s shop you visit every time?”

“Huh? I think so. Is there any problem?”

“No. I’m just curious as to whether the wife and wife have the skills to freely handle the items they obtained from the 5th floor. Obviously, the weapons and armor made from items from the upper floors looked solid, but I don’t remember seeing equipment made from items from the depths there. Maybe it’s because I can’t just find things in the depths.”

Diana said calmly while eating.
indeed. Is there such a problem?
What I have felt while walking around the village so far is that the level of ordinary people in this world is usually in their 20s, and adult males are in their early teens, sometimes even single digits.
That level would be sufficient for a normal life, but in order to enter the so-called craftsmanship, a level is necessary.
Of course, as the level rises slightly through battle, it seems that the level rises slightly through other professional actions other than combat. There is a limit to leveling up with that alone.
However, as adventurers do not risk their lives, I do not intend to level up while sleeping with anyone.
When I asked Diana, it seems that blacksmiths with a level of over 100 are in the ranks of masters.

By the way, what level was Hannah?
I think I’ve checked it once before, but I can’t remember it well because I was just habitually using Analyze.
But it certainly wasn’t that high. If it was high, it would remain in my impression.

“Well, once you go, you’ll know.”

So, after eating, we went straight to Hannah’s smithy.
By the way, we refer to the 5 members of a clan. Matilda did not come with her.
Because when he comes, it bothers me in many ways.

“come here!”


When we entered the smithy, not Hannah, but a little boy greeted us.
This is John the dwarf who works here.

“I will go slow. Do not give orders to customers.”

“Yes, yes?!”

“there. Stop harassing John.”

When John blew out a bewildered voice, Hannah appeared from the inside of the workshop.
I approached Hannah like that, and once

Started with analysis.
Level 43… .
No, it’s definitely higher than the average person. Huh. That’s an incredibly high number for the general public.
However, it was definitely an ambiguous number to deal with high-level equipment.

“What. Suddenly staring into a person’s face.”

“no. This time we brought Tier 5 stuff.”

“What?! 5th floor?! Haven’t you just entered your 3rd floor?!”

“Well, there are some things going on. Anyway, that’s why I came here to strengthen my equipment. can you?”

“Uh… . Can I see some things first?”

“character. here.”

As I pulled out a few items, such as ogre hides or cyclops eyes, Hannah began to observe the items with serious faces.
The burning eyes seem to have filled the desire to make equipment out of it.
However, such Hanna’s eyes became more and more saddened the more they observed the item.

“I can’t. I can’t.”

“Are you not good enough?”

“… okay. If you dare to use this to strengthen it, there is nothing you can’t do, but it would be impossible to properly utilize the performance of the material. If you want, I can recommend another good blacksmith.”

Saying that, Hannah handed me the items again with a look of regret.
Does it happen like this too?
To be honest, I didn’t want to change my regular shop.
The character of Hannah itself is also in a state that I like quite a bit.
How many blacksmiths can honestly admit their lack of skills and recommend others?
Usually, they are blind to money, so even if they lack skills, they will just take on the job.
It’s not easy to find such a conscientious shop again.

“Is the reason you lack skills because of your lack of blacksmithing level? Or is it because the level is not enough?”

“Why are you asking such a question?”

When I asked such a question, Hannah’s eyes became sharp.
Do you think it’s giggling?
It’s not like that. men and horses. Because he’s a pretty pure guy after me.
Why does everyone think I’m a flirt?
Besides, if I’m dealing with Hannah, Hannah is a double boss at the moment of insertion.
Well, if you use a weak stance, you have to be able to deal with it.

“no. I am an adventurer too. If the blacksmith is unable to level up because the level is insufficient, I can recommend a good adventurer.”

What level was Brin?
Since she’s still on the 2nd floor, I think it’s a reasonable level to raise Hanna’s level.

“Your boyfriend is right next to you, what are you talking about?!”

Then, suddenly, Hannah became angry.
Huh? What are you talking about? Boyfriend?
I looked around.
There were only a few female adventurers looking around and us, and Hannah and John in the store.

“surely… .”


“You’re Shota… .”
“I just like cute things. Are you feminine?”

Hannah said as she embraced John with her forged arms.

“Hey, Hannah. Inside the store… .”

John is much more feminine than you.
Why are there so many unfortunate guys in this world?
As there are so many beauties, I feel even more pitiful.
Also our kids are the best.
I felt that fact again and again.

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There wasn’t enough time until 12 o’clock.


Tutor Salvation

I used Analyze on Johann hugging Hannah.
Level 12. The
level was higher than I expected.
Considering the average level of adult males in the world, that is a level that will not go anywhere.
Of course, compared to her girlfriend Hannah, the level is not enough.
Hannah also looked at her earlier, and she seemed to have a great sense of pride and improvement in her work as a blacksmith.
It seemed that it was difficult for Hanna to improve her skills no matter how much time passed.
It’s a pity, but do I have no choice but to change my regular shop?

“okay. Then the recommended blacksmith… .”
“Hey there!”

Then John suddenly raised his voice.
When I looked at John, John looked at me with a determined expression on his face while shaking his body.

“That, that… Gukwon is a saint… Are you here?”

“By the way?”

“If you are a saint, then… Are you good at it too?”


“That, that… Three, sex… .”

Don’t be shy and squeeze like a girl.
I feel like I’m bothering you somehow.

“okay. So what do you want to say?”

“Please! Help us a little!”

John released Hannah’s arms, and suddenly she fell to the floor and bowed and cried.

“Yo, John?!”

Hannah looked quite embarrassed by John’s sudden action.
To be honest, I’m also confused.
help me… What?
If you were asking Hannah to help you, you would have taken it as just having sex to raise Hannah’s level, but now he asked us to help.
Whether we panic or not, John continued to cry.

“I don’t want Hanna’s ankle to keep getting caught because of me like this! So please help! If it’s Goo Won-san’s skill, even something like me can make Hanna feel right?!”

indeed. Was it like that?
John is telling me to take a sex class right now.

“Mr. If that’s the case, go to the temple… .”
“Miss Leia!”

Diana immediately stopped Leia from trying to say something to Johan, and Leia was startled and covered her mouth with both hands.
I’m sorry, I’ve already heard it all.
What is the temple and how?
So you’re saying the temple also offers sex lectures?
Come to think of it, back in the day, when I was a lost child at the temple, there was a lecture room or a guidance room, but that was… .
I looked at the faces of our children.
Sarah, Diana, and Leia, all three had ruined faces.
oh oh no wonder. So in the beginning, every time I went to the temple, one person had to put a close mark on it, right?
Well, let’s investigate that later when we’re together.

“I’m already past level 10 and I can’t get any more help! But the difference with Hannah is

It’s getting bigger day by day, and now… Please! Please help me.”

To be honest, no matter how much the bastard bowed down and prayed, there was no emotion.
Besides, it’s nothing else and I want you to tell me my technique.
Didn’t your mom teach you that other people’s secrets aren’t that easy to tell?
Well, my real secret is more of a saint’s skills than a technique.

“okay. Then Hannah. Let me know what blacksmith you recommend.”

I decided to ignore John and continue with what I was about to say.

“… Can’t I ask you too?”

However, Hannah, who had a moved expression on her face when she saw John, also asked me for the same request as John.

“no. Even if you ask me to tell you, what do you want me to know?”

“Hey, that’s what I was doing, giving me advice… .”

“Would you like me to just watch other people do it with my arms crossed?”

“Well, then Guwon did it directly with another person… .”

“This is now showing its true color. You’re just saying you’re interested in our kids’ naked bodies, aren’t you?

“Oh, no! It never meant that!”

At my words, John only raised his head and cried while weeping.
And after thinking about it for a moment, he bit his lower lip and swallowed his tears, and squeezed out a squeezing voice.

“Well, then, Go-Won will talk to Hanna himself and let us know!”

Then suddenly a smash flew over my back.
It didn’t hurt at all though.


“no! Oh must! I was just going to make you give up! Who would have thought he would say something like that?!”

“The circumstances of the authors are pitiful, so why not just look around and give them some advice? Are you not a saint?”

no. You keep getting it wrong, but my saint doesn’t mean that saint, right?
These days, I’m starting to wonder if that’s what it means because it’s related to Goddess, but anyway, basically, it’s not that saint!

“However… .”


Perhaps Diana’s words took courage, John said as he grabbed my crotch.
let go Hey.

“But if you just watch it from the side, you can get excited no matter how much I am. but you can’t do anything It’s total torture.”

“Hold on for a little bit. Anyway, with these bodies at night… .”

“Good. So can I pour all the excitement I got from watching them do it on your body tonight?”

“Uh, uh?”

“Probably worse than Sarah yesterday. The next day, I couldn’t even get up all day… .”

The more I spoke, the more Diana’s face grew with fear.

“Come on, wait a minute.”

“He told me to help others. Then Diana has to make that sacrifice too. Why? Can’t you?”

“Ugh! I see! I will! Shouldn’t it be done!”

“Really? No matter what happens tonight, you have nothing to say to me?”

“Come on, wait. Think again… .”
“No. It’s already too late.”

Whoops. With this, I got an excuse to torment Diana today. I’m obviously a genius too.
The man who turns crisis into opportunity, call me salvation.

And if you think about it, even if you pass on my technique,

There was no problem.
No matter how much another man hones his technique, as long as he has the skills of a saint, he cannot surpass me.
In addition, as I level up my saint, I naturally become more proficient in technique.
After all, it is impossible for other men to beat me even with technique.
So, if it’s just a little bit of kindness and kindness, I can do it for you.

“Good. Then let’s start the game right now.”

I said lowering my voice.
As sex is a game.

“You mean let’s start right now?!”

“Then what do you do when? At night? If you’ve heard of us earlier, you’d know, I’m a busy person at night. If you don’t think about it, stop.”

“… okay. Let them bite people now.”

Hannah nodded, apologized to the people in the store, and closed the store.

“Then what about you? Would you like to go back first?”

It can be said that strengthening the equipment today was too much anyway.
Even if John grows a little with my help, it will take a while for Hanna to level up.
In the end, if you want to strengthen it, you have to look elsewhere first.

“It looks fun, can’t we go on a field trip too?”

“Sara. You don’t like me doing things with other girls, it’s just Kwannon… hurt. Sarah.”

“You said no! This idiot is real! No more pain!”

Sarah pinched my side as if resentful.
Once I told him I was sick. I should have put on a more painful expression.

“Then would you like to watch it together?”

Then, Leia panicked and shook her head in a hurry.

“Isn’t it enough just to see the actions of others? We go back first.”

As a priest, it seems that he cannot see the actions of others.
Leia went ahead and persuaded the others.

“I wish we could do the same. Even if salvation is unavoidable, I don’t want to show it to others.”

“Hmm. I see. You. do well.”

“Huh. I’ll be as excited as I can and vomit it all out to Diana at night.”

“Hey, I’m not saying that! Are you really stupid!”

Diana finally patted my chest before leaving.
It’s cute, but I didn’t mean to bite my words.
see you tonight

“Then let’s go.”

Hannah opened the door to a warehouse-like place, different from the workshop, and went up the stairs inside.
The place I went up was an ordinary family house.
indeed. Somehow, the ceiling in the studio was much higher than inside the store. It was like this.

“… Then take it off and try it once.”


“Oh, without any advice?”

John quickly took off his clothes because he changed his mind, but Hannah looked a little dissatisfied.

“I’m not going to give advice on what the problem is and what to do, no matter what. What are you so dissatisfied with?”

“Once you do that… Anyway.”

Hannah was about to say something, but looked at John’s eyes and froze.
But that alone made sense of what Hannah was trying to say.
Oh, then I saw that
It usually takes some time to get it back up after you buy it once.
Oh, but it’s okay because I can use the saint skill on John to build it.
John will be a little overworked, but what do I know?

“It’s okay, so don’t worry. Just do what you normally do.”

“… then… .”

Hannah looked me in the eye, and eventually took off her clothes, knowing that it was unavoidable.
A wonderful body that was trained while working at the blacksmith was revealed.
Of course, it was never to the level that I could turn my eyes to, holding all kinds of beauties.
Hannah was relieved when I saw her naked body and had no reaction, but on the other hand, she made a face that hurt her self-esteem.
Don’t be too proud of yourself
Compared to our children, the reality is that most women turn into squid.

John got up on the bed and lay down, and Hannah got on it like a covering.
Then he put his hand down and started to fiddle with his own pussy.

“Ugh! Ouch!”

Meanwhile, John’s belongings were already inflated.
I don’t really want to see the boys stuff, but I had to look at it properly to help.
Damn it. I didn’t want to accept it either.

Anyway, John’s size was normal.
No, considering the small size of the dwarfs, is it on the big side?
It’s hard to say because I don’t know the body structure of the dwarfs, but anyway, it seemed that the size issue was not what made it difficult to satisfy women.
Well, if the size was a problem in the first place, I wouldn’t have been able to shoot until level 12.

Hannah wet herself while stroking her pussy, then sat down on John and attempted to insert it.
According to their appearance, Hannah was completely in control.
John is also working hard on his chest, touching and sucking, but Hannah doesn’t seem to feel much about the act.


And as soon as I inserted it, John made an ugly noise.
At the same time, John hardened his body and stopped moving.
He gave his whole body strength and was desperately trying to put up with the situation somehow.
But when Hannah started shaking her back, that didn’t last long.


With a shriek, John’s body stretched as he buried himself deep in the bed.

“Uh, how are you?”

And Hannah looked at him with anxious eyes.

“How are you… Huh? Could it have just ended with that?”

“Yes, four… .”

John gasped and said in a lowly voice.
please hold your breath I don’t want to hear the bastard gasp.

Anyway, how about just showing it? Is there anything to evaluate?
I had to forget what to say.

“Just looking for another man… .”

“Hey, don’t say that, please… !”

“Ahh! Don’t come near me with chilli! You don’t have an answer! It’s a total mess! It’s not at a level I can save!”

“Wow, whoops! he, somehow… !”

John fell to the floor at my words and wept.

“Hey! As soon as you see the actions of others, the words

That’s serious! John. OK. Because I felt good.”

Hannah tried to fix it, but John did not stop crying.

“Mi, sorry. The male bastard runs away naked, so I don’t know what to say… .”

I’m sorry for telling Johan the truth, so I turned my head to help.
Advice… advice… How do you advise on that?

“okay. once in a while You need to slow the insertion down a bit.”

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Tutor Salvation

In fact, it is easy to do if it is to help in the short term.
All you have to do is put the climax bondage on John and make him hold out until it’s nearly impossible.
If the object does not stand, it is set up as a wave of a saint.
Well, since I don’t feel it myself, except for one minor drawback that it is impossible to determine whether or not Johann will do a revenge after a certain amount of time after putting on the climax.
And if you help in that way, the underlying problem will not be solved in the end.
I’ve decided to help out a little bit.

So, after squeezing my head and thinking about it, the biggest problem they had was that they were inserting it.
No, don’t put it in right away if you can’t stand it for a long time.
I mean, just before you put it in, you have to drive your partner to the climax with just caressing.
When I explained to that effect, John’s eyes lit up.

“You are truly a saint! Okay! I’ll give it a try!”

Once Johann and Hannah switched seats, Hannah was lying on the bed and Johann was lying on top of it.
While hesitating as if the posture was very awkward, John slowly began to caress Hannah.
All I could do was put one hand on my chest and the other on my pubic area and continue to fiddle with the same area with monotonous movements.

“Hanna. uh, how are you? Good mood?”

He even kept looking at Hannah’s complexion and asked only questions like this.

“Huh. John feels good.”

Each time Hannah answered, looking at John lovingly.
But the voice was full of leeway, and there was no feeling of holding back pleasure.

“You really can’t.”

I saw John’s caress and evaluated it in one word.

“Yes, Neet?!”

Johan, who had confidence in Hannah’s words, immediately turned into despair.
I’m sorry to be honest, but I’m not good at lying.

“Where should I start with this? He keeps fiddling around in the same place, and even then his actions are monotonous. If a woman feels that way, man, she will get excited even if the wind touches her body.”

“Wow, whoops!”

“Once you change the pattern. For example… .”

In addition to breasts and genitals, I taught John by showing women’s erogenous zones.
You can think of it as the erogenous zone in all areas that people feel itchy, such as ears, neck, armpits, and sides.
And I taught John how to touch a woman’s body.

“That’s not it! No, how did you get to level 12 without doing that?!”

“That, that… As I helped Hannah with the blacksmith’s work… .”

And now a shocking fact has come to light. John didn’t level up with sex.
Is this guy really the one with no answers?!

“Don’t bother John too much! John, don’t worry. Because I feel good enough.”

“You stay quiet! Lying like that is of no use!”

“Hey, that’s not a lie! Really!”

Hannah looked at John, not me, and said.

“I think a kid who hasn’t shed a single moan so far feels really good.”

“I, I’m just the type who doesn’t sound like that!”

So, I was wondering if you came like that, so John knew he was good at it, so he didn’t become Lee Ji-kyung.
I decided to ignore Hannah.

“So tell me a few times that it isn’t! If you are going to touch only one place all day, change the movement pattern! Do you keep massaging the same parts over and over again?!”

“Wow! Ha, but… .”

“But not this! like this! Please do something like this!”

My temper was stretched out, so I put my hand on Hanna’s chest and caressed her around.


And the reaction was dramatic.
As soon as I put my hand on my chest, Hannah rolled her eyes and put on a fountain show.
As she looked at Hannah, who spouted love juice while making a moan she had never heard before just touching her breast for a moment, Johan turned into a bewildered expression.
I realized that I had made a mistake by watching Hannah’s reaction, but I decided to go out with confidence.

“What? Aren’t you moaning? are playing do you understand It feels good to say that.”

Of course, Hannah is in a state of drowning in the excruciating pleasure.
At least, considering that his body is trembling reflexively, it seems that he hasn’t been beaten up yet.

“John. Calm down too Did you actually know? there’s no way you don’t know Even with Hannah, the level would not have risen at all.”

Yes. This world is not a world where the good-willed lie that it felt good works.
If the other person really liked it, it’s a world where you can immediately feel it through the level.
Even so, those who believe in a woman’s well-intentioned lies are fools who have no other way to explain it except that they believe it because they want to believe it.

“Anyway, now is your chance. Hannah Her body must be a little sensitive too, so now you can make Hannah feel better. Oh, put it in first.”

“Yes, four?!”

“But don’t shake your back. just put it in I mean, it takes a little getting used to. You’re not a bunny, how do you wrap it up as soon as you put it in? Rather, the rabbit should shake its waist quickly. What are you?”

“Ha, but the level… .”

“Don’t make excuses with only a level 30 difference. I’ve even overcome a gap of over 400 levels.”

“Eh, eh… ?!”

No matter how much he exaggerated, John looked like he couldn’t believe it, but it wasn’t a lie. Diana said she was level 500 in her previous life, so I can’t remember exactly what level I was at that time, but I’m sure there was a difference of more than 400 levels.
Well, if it hadn’t been for the ultimate pride and healing sex, I’d definitely have died.

“Anyway, a person can overcome anything! Persevere with persistence!”

“Yes, four!”

First of all, he said that, but as an ordinary person, not a saint, the level 30 difference seemed quite heavy.
As soon as John was inserted, he burst out of breath and wept.

“Come on, Hannah’s body in that state… no. Let’s wake up first.”

As long as there is a level difference anyway, there is a limit to making the body feel pleasure.
Even if not as much as Sylvia, if you wake up, you will feel a little bit more of mental satisfaction.

“four! Hanna! Hanna! wake up!”

“Uh… Yo… Whoops! uh… .”

Hannah, awakened by the sound of John’s call, looked at me with a fearful expression on her face. However, that cheek was slightly recalled, and it seemed that he didn’t just feel a sense of fear.

“… Ha, Hannah?”

John also felt something on his face, so he called out to Hannah with an anxious voice.

“Uh huh? Huh. John… Good mood… .”

“Ugh… . exactly… exactly… I’ll make you feel better!”

With an expression that looked like she was about to cry for John, she stroked Hannah’s body more desperately than before.
Perhaps the learning effect increased due to the added earnestness, and the explanation I gave earlier was being carried out quite well.
Well, there were limits to how to touch a woman’s body only with words.
Hannah seemed to feel a little more than before, but again, not enough to feel the climax.

Would you rather show me a demonstration?
Of course, I’m not saying I’m going to the end, it’s just caressing.
Anyway, if you use the weak stance anyway, Hannah won’t faint like before, and if Hannah feels it while I touch it, John’s level will rise a little.
uh? This looks really good.

“Are there any limits to words? I can’t. I’ll give you an example.”

“Yes, four?!”
“Are you going to touch me again?”

At my words, John and Hannah shouted at the same time.
Was it because of my mood that I felt strange expectations in Hannah’s voice?

“Don’t worry. Like before, I won’t pass out as soon as I touch it. I will control the intensity.”

“Ha, but… .”
“It’s essential for learning… ?”

“Well, yes.”

“Then there is nothing you can do.”

“Hey, Hannah?!”

Johan looked bewildered, but Hannah agreed with a look of helplessness.

“If you don’t like me touching your girl, watch it and learn it when you show it to me. If you don’t learn at once, you keep touching.”

“Uh, uh… Yeah.”

To be honest, I felt a little sorry for Johann, but that jealousy will further enhance the learning effect.

“character. Don’t try to attack the nipples like this in the first place. No matter where you attack, at first, the biggest erogenous zone is skipped, and the mood is slowly raised.”

“Ha… . uh… .”

“Hey, Hannah… .”

Even though I adjusted it to a level where I could feel my level up to 30 using the weak stance,

Hannah groaned as soon as I touched her.
And seeing Hannah like that, John had a face that looked like he was about to cry.

“Focus. Remember it all at once.”

“Yes, four!”

“And slowly, slowly, approaching the center. So, would you expect a woman to touch you now? But still, don’t be impatient. You’re making trouble by just stroking the areolas on purpose. And by surprise when a woman seems impatient.”


Hannah climaxed right away when I put the nipple between my thumb and forefinger and spin it round and round.

“What do you think? Is it easy?”

“Hey, Hannah… Whoops.”

As Hannah’s climax was approaching louder this time as she was inserting, John cried and moaned something.

“Hey. Are you cheap?”

“Ha, but… .”

“But not this! Concentrate! what is it doing now! I can’t.”

I put climax bondage on John.

“I bet you have a technique that makes you cheap. If you hold on to the limit too much in that state, you could die, so tell me if you can’t stand it.”

“Yes, four!”

“And not only the caress, but also the atmosphere is important. Rather than keep asking if you’re feeling good, whisper love. Even if the atmosphere is well created, a woman can feel it.”

And I continued to give lectures, stroking Hannah’s body here and there.
Hannah continued to feel the climax at each time, and John groaned like rice each time, but could not be wrapped in climax bondage.
Well, I thought I couldn’t stand it halfway through, so I released the climax bondage.
But somehow, even if I didn’t have to write a saint skill, John seemed to have an erection.
It’s premature, but you’re saying you win by the number of times?
It could be seen as the worst case in this world.
That way, it’s just like raising the female level all the time.
No, but when I think of Hannah’s first words, it didn’t seem like John did this many times from the beginning.

Anyway, due to my proper use of skills, Johann’s level also rose a little.
It seems like it wasn’t a lie that Hannah said it felt good, but when I touched and felt the climax, the experience of John, who was inserting it, increased little by little.
Well, I don’t know if it’s because of mental pleasure or physical pleasure.

“Now, did you remember everything?”

“Wow… Hanna… Hanna… .”

It was a bit of a problem, though, that John’s mentality was shattered a lot while watching Hannah continue to climax by my hands.

“Hey. I asked if you remembered everything. Or will you show me one more time?”

“Ugh! Hannah! Hannah is mine!”

And suddenly, John hugged Hannah roughly as if something exploded.
Seeing me caress Hannah, something that had been sleeping inside had awakened.

“Ugh! John! John!”

And Hannah may have liked rough sex differently than men like, so her reaction suddenly improved more than before.

“Hannah! Hannah is mine! Don’t give it to anyone!”

“Huh! Huh! John! John!”

… Next to the person these kites are teaching now

what are you doing with
No, it’s true that I taught you to make it like this.
Perhaps what I had taught you earlier was engraved in his mind, and John reached the point of practicing my teachings even though he moved wildly.


Anyway, the level difference was unavoidable, so John quickly bought it, but it seems that Hannah was able to reach the climax this time, albeit weakly.
Thanks to me, Johann’s level has risen a bit, so he was able to do this.
But it has been
As there is a difference in level, if we can bring out the climax even weakly, the level of the two will match someday.

“Hey, Hannah?! now?!”

“Huh… I felt good… .”

“Hey, Hannah!”


“… Can I go now?”

“Ah! Goo, Salvation… no! Salvation!”

John looked at me, as if he had just realized my existence again, and suddenly screamed.

“What, what?”

“Thank you very much! I will never forget this grace for the rest of my life!”

“okay. you got to know For the rest of your life, live while remembering the salvation of the great saint in the corner of your heart.”


It was a joke, but John nodded as if he really did.

“Anyway, I’m going.”

“Thank you so much!”

I left the smithy listening to John’s thanks.
Was this a successful bid after all?
Even so, I mean, I’ve done a lot of things that are truly saintly.
Since the Goddess is in charge of that, I think it’s not inferior to even calling myself an apostle of a real God.
To that extent, I did a saintly work today.
But what is this feeling?
Obviously, he was doing a good deed like a saint, but he only got a lot of heat.
Why did I have to do that to someone else’s pie?
The only good thing is that I massaged Hanna’s body as if I wanted to make a rice cake!
It was definitely good, but it’s getting annoying because I didn’t finish it.
Good. I have to let go of this feeling tonight against Diana.
I walked to the mansion, thinking about how to relieve Diana of this feeling.

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Tutor Salvation

“Whoa. Whoa. Good.”

Having decided how to play with Diana, I immersed myself in emotional acting before entering the mansion.
This is because the first impact is important.
Taking a deep breath to calm my mind, I inflated things with my once-revived pride.
I showed my presence by standing tall enough that my clothes could be clearly seen even on top of my pants.
In that state, I entered the mansion with my face as expressionless as possible.
It is a concept called ‘salvation who has completely lost her temper and turned into a cruel sex machine because of her excitement’.

“Oh, oh. Now, are you here?”

“You went. Salvation.”

“Come on. So what happened? How have you been?”

At that moment, everyone was gathering at a table in the garden and drinking tea.
Sarana Leia was genuinely curious about how I had dealt with John and Hannah, but Diana was restless as to whether she had properly remembered what I had said before leaving the smithy.
Then Sylvia and Matilda greeted each other, but I ignored all five of them.
Ignoring everything and still maintaining an expressionless expression, I strode towards Diana.

“Hey, look. You. Why? uh, what’s going on?”

Diana’s expression worsened every time I got closer.
Diana’s gaze went down for a moment to check my belongings, and Diana’s expression became that she wanted to run away immediately.
However, perhaps because of the supreme Archmage’s pride, Diana did not run away, and sat down, asking what was going on until I got closer.

Others besides Diana asked why with an anxious expression, but I ignored all the voices of concern from all directions.
I grabbed Diana’s wrist, which was holding the teacup.
It was cute to see Diana shivering and trembling, but I kept my expressionless expression without showing any expression on my face.
And led Diana into the room on the first floor of the mansion closest to here through the terrace.

“Wow, here… Isn’t that the maid’s room? What’s going on here?”

Still ignoring Diana’s words, I closed the door to the terrace and quietly drew the curtains.
The curtains didn’t close properly so bright light came in through the cracks, but I didn’t mind and looked at Diana.

“I’m going to do it here from now on.”

“Hey, wait, what does that mean?! This is a room used by maids! Besides, aren’t there other people right outside?!”

So that’s not good.
I don’t have any particular hobbies, but it’s the best situation for our exhibitionist archmage, isn’t it?

“The excitement of helping Hannah and John. Can I release it for you? i want to do it right now no one else cares will do Right Now.”

“Gee, calm down! Calm down!”

When I stopped talking on purpose, Diana seemed to have decided that I was completely lost.
He tried to calm me down somehow, but of course it didn’t work for me at all.
Because I didn’t lose my sanity in the first place.

“Take it off.”

As I spoke as I took off my pants, Diana looked at my stuff, fully inflated, with a terrified look.

“Oh no!”


“Hey, it hasn’t gotten wet yet… Don’t you want to hurt this body too?”

“Then wet it.”

“Hey, it’s overkill in a place like this. Once you go up to your room… .”

Diana said with a slightly relieved expression, as if she thought it was making sense now, but I had no intention of listening to her.
If you were going to my room, what would I have done?
in the first place It doesn’t get wet in a place like this. Do not lie.
If you’re an exhibitionist like you, just imagining your connection with me here can get you excited.
I bet if you pull up Diana’s skirt now, her underwear will be gone.

will be wet
But I decided to check that later, so I came up with another alternative.

“Then wet mine.”

“Hey, that’s mousse… Whoops! Wait a minute! Are you serious? Heartily?!”

I placed my hand on Diana’s head and gently pressed it down.
Diana made a big fuss, but knelt on the floor as my hands pressed against her.
Then he looked at my object in front of his face with hesitation.

“You. Think again. In a place like this… Oops!”

I put an object to Diana’s mouth, which was chattering incessantly, and made it quiet.
It’s not that it was forced. Because I have no intention of hurting Diana either. I just want to see Diana in trouble.
And as soon as my object touched the tip of her lips, Diana stopped talking, as if her mouth had been blocked.
Then he rolled his eyes and made a worried expression, and then he took a small sigh through his nose and kissed the tip of my thing.
Are you ready to do something now?

“Ugh. side. side. I see. For now, this body will calm you down with your mouth. So, when you calm down, go up to your room and do it.”

But Diana said as she glanced sideways through the gaping curtains with anxious eyes.
It doesn’t look like he wasn’t excited at all, seeing that the ball was a little bit reminiscent.
After all, if you don’t insert it yourself, you’re not excited enough to lose your temper.

Well, for now, let’s taste the texture of Diana’s lips.
Diana was shy and continued to kiss lightly all over my belongings.
Then I opened my mouth and barely put the glans part in my mouth, and started moving my tongue.
Diana, who has the smallest mouth as she is the youngest in her body, still had a hard time putting my things in her mouth.
While turning the tongue round and round, he licks the entire glans as if rubbing his tongue, and this time, he sets his tongue sharply and licks the urethra intensively.

“You said it was timely. A little more whole lick.”

It felt good to caress only the glans part, and more than anything, I was satisfied with the fact that Diana served with her mouth, but I cared for Diana a little more.

“Ugh. side. Please don’t push it too much.”

Diana said after closing her lips and slowly pulling the glans out of her mouth and kissing the tip of her lips one last time.
There’s still some leeway in your voice.
Hey. It’s a situation where no one knows right now. I mean, get a little more excited.

Diana grabbed the tip of the glans, lifted the object, and kissed the root of the object just above the ball.
Then he sticks out his tongue and licks it all the way to the end of the object.
And this time, I changed the position a little, kissed a little next to where I had kissed before, and licked it up again.
Since the mouth is small, it is impossible to put everything in, so it seems that they intend to wet it this way.

“What will everyone think when they see Diana licking things so hard?”

As I looked at Diana like that, I started harassing her with words.

“Come on, didn’t you do it?

Besides, others… !”
“Don’t stop, keep going.”

“Ugh. side. Hmm. Thinking of seeing others… .”

“Is that so? Why did I bring you into this room so openly in front of everyone? You’re probably wondering what we’re doing together right now? Maybe he’s peeping through the curtain over there… .”

“Huh! That’s right… Lee… Whoops. Ah.”

At my words, Diana began to be more outgoing than before, and our exhibitionist archmage was a cute person that soon led to excitement.
Diana’s snort, which was licking things neatly, was definitely harsher than before.
In the end, Diana, who licked the whole thing thoroughly, kissed it next to mine as if blowing a harmonica this time, and moved her head left and right to stimulate the thing.

“I became more active because someone might peek.”

“Ugh! It’s not like that!”

Contrary to the words, however, Diana’s face certainly looked less relaxed than before.
I stroked Diana’s hair, pulled her back slightly, and brought the tip of the object to the end of her mouth again.
Diana then opened her mouth as wide as she could this time and put half of my stuff in her mouth.
Diana, who had a limit to putting it in there, stimulated my object by slowly moving her head back and forth in that state.
And I grabbed the half that couldn’t fit in my mouth and shook it vigorously.
Thanks to the lubricating oil applied earlier, the hand holding the object slid quickly, stimulating my object.

“Tell me honestly. Is Diana excited too?”

“Ugh! Whoa!”

Diana shook her head left and right at my question.
But thanks to the fact that he was still biting, it was only a better stimulus for me.
And between the sounds of asking questions and sucking things, there was a different sound of water.
It wasn’t the sound of drooling while sucking, but the sound of something sticky liquid dripping onto the floor.

“Ugh! Whoops! Whoops!”

And Diana’s breathing became even harsher.
Thanks to this, I could immediately recognize what the sound I had just heard was.

“Diana. Roll up your skirt.”

As I said that, Diana’s body twitched and trembled.
bingo. Apparently my prediction was correct.


As I spoke in a slightly stronger tone, Diana grabbed the edge of her skirt with one unholding hand.
But it was there.
Diana was embarrassed to raise her skirt willingly, so she grabbed the hem of the skirt and didn’t move her hand anymore.
Instead, perhaps to distract his attention, he moved his mouth and the other hand harder.
Without looking any further, I looked into the eyes of Jigsi Diana.
Diana, who was examining my complexion while stimulating things, seemed to have properly recognized my silent pressure.
In the end, while avoiding it by turning her eyes to the side, she slowly raised the skirt.
And the underwear exposed on the inside of the skirt was still soaking wet, and there was a clear liquid pooling on the bottom of it.
Seeing that, I could no longer be satisfied with just my mouth.

“Diana. Get up and take off your underwear.”

“Ugh! Mmm! haha! 👌👌👌, wait. Once you do it by mouth… .”

“The promise I made to you. Keep it right.”

Diana tried to resist as if she was still not completely out of her mind, but when I said one more time, she finally took her mouth off her object and stood up.
And with trembling hands, he slowly lowered his underwear.

“Then put your hand here and stick your ass out.”

I said, pointing to the curtain.

“Ugh! really? Really?”


“Woah, ooh, ooh… .”

Even as Diana was crying, she eventually reached for the curtain and bowed her back, sticking her butt towards me.
I rolled up Diana’s skirt, exposing her immaculate butt, and pressed the thing Diana had wetted against the tip of Diana’s pussy.
When the tip of my object touched Diana’s vagina, which was still dripping with love, the sound of dripping water was heard quite loudly.

“It was of no use in the end to wet my stuff.”

“That, that… .”

“By the way, Diana. I know that?”

“What, what do you mean?”

“Behind the curtain is a glass door. In other words. From the outside, the glass door looks like a curtain in the shape of Diana’s hand. It’s also pretty low. What will the kids out there think when they see it?”

“What?! Sleep, whoa!”

As it turned out, Diana was so excited that she didn’t even notice it.
When I reminded him of that fact, the amount of love fluid flowing out of the mouth of the vagina where he was holding things increased explosively.
And before Diana was about to take her hand off the curtain, I leaned forward and inserted the object at once.

“Ah, ah, ah, ha ha ha ha!”

In the end, Diana slumped forward and reached a grand climax.
Of course, before Diana completely fell forward, I put my arms around Diana’s waist and chest, respectively, and pulled Diana’s torso up.
Then he whispered after licking the pointed ears that were exposed through the silver hair that glittered like jewels.

“I just heard the moaning, I must have heard the kids outside.”


Diana, who was still distracted by the climax of pleasure, trembled once more at those words, and now she is completely limp.
Still, you must feel it because of my increased charm, but I also stimulated exhibitionism. yea you’ll be stunned Did I do a little too much?

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Thank you Shion for pointing it out.

It’s broken… .
Maybe give up sleep and write 2… I might be able to upload it in 3 hours… .


Tutor Salvation

However, if I stop here, I will come back to the mansion and find out that all I showed was acting.
I took a step forward, connecting with Diana, so that Diana’s face and torso were pressed against the curtains.

Can’t you tell from the outside that you can fully recognize the position of the sex?
Huh. right. Of course you can find out.
But I didn’t really care.
In the first place, when I suddenly dragged Diana in, everyone must have expected me to have sex with Diana.
Even more when I think about what I did outside and come back.
So, I’m thinking about not worrying about what I heard anyway.
Even if we were to see it from the outside, we would only see Matilda and our children, and even that, Leia and Matilda may have avoided the seat when Diana’s hand was visible.
Sylvia won’t say anything to me anyway, and Sarah… I might get a little angry later, but I’m not going to break in or break in right now. … won’t you?
No matter how small the walls of Sarah are… I believe in you. Sarah.

I didn’t do any special tricks, I just swung my back back and forth little by little.
The tremendously increased charm alone gave Diana a great pleasure, and Diana was forced to wake up from her stun.

“Hah! Whew! here is… .”

“do not know. The first floor room entered from the garden. Probably the room where the maids live.”

I kept on the concept again and cut it short.

“Ugh! Sleep, yep, stop… .”

Then, Diana began to talk in anguish as she tightened the inside of her vagina.
But the fact that his eyes were already half-opened must have been the last thing he said with the help of reason.

“Hate. I haven’t packed it yet. And if you make a sound, you can hear it outside.”

“Heh! Whoops! Whoa!”

As I said that, I covered Diana’s mouth with one hand, and Diana eventually gave in to the pleasure without any resistance.
No, on the contrary, he swayed his waist in sync with my waist movement.
How could you shake your back so hard while standing on your tiptoes with your tiptoe raised to match my waist position? After all, Diana is a pervert.

“Good mood?”

“Ugh! Whoa!”

Diana, brimming with pleasure from the combination of exhibitionism and my overly high glamor, finally nodded at my question.
Diana, who said that even if she tried to admit exhibitionism like that, she said no, no matter how much she tasted it, she admitted it.
no. Could this be just that sex with me feels good?
Let’s be a little more certain.
I let go of the hand that was covering Diana’s mouth.

“Then tell me right. I’m a pervert who gets excited about situations that anyone might see.”

“Ha! Whoa! Whoops! haha! Again, this question again! Whoops!”

But Diana, as if she couldn’t hear me, groaned as if she didn’t care about the circumstances around her, and reached a climax again.
… what happened Anyway, I was half giving up on making him admit it.
All you have to do is enjoy it when the situation arises.

As I felt Diana’s vagina tighten, I could feel a rush of ejaculation.
Of course, it feels good to see Diana moving like this, but

This time, according to the concept, I want to make cheap moves by myself.
I grabbed Diana’s waist with both hands and lifted it up, straightening my bent legs.
Even if Diana had her feet up in the first place, the height wouldn’t match unless I had my legs slightly bent.
As I stood with my legs stretched out, Diana’s legs floated in the air and shook.
Diana, who became unable to move back and forth, continued to crave stimulation while turning her hips round and round.
Diana won’t stop once it’s triggered like this.
No matter how much he is in his climax, he constantly seeks pleasure until he faints.
I grabbed Diana’s waist tightly and started a high-speed piston movement without remorse.

“Uhhhhhh! Whoops! Ha! Whoa!”

As Diana’s legs, which had been shaking in the air, spread out, Diana reached a climax once again.
Diana, who had already had orgasms several times, was now drooling, drooling over her lips.
I licked up the saliva from Diana’s chin, and finally kissed her lips.
Then Diana’s tongue warmly welcomed mine.
Even in this situation, I like kissing.
I guide Diana’s tongue into my mouth and suck it hard, finally breaking it! I slammed my back against Diana’s ass hard enough to make a sound.
Then he started ejaculating in the deepest part of the inside.


At the same time as ejaculation, one of the hands holding her waist lowered and stroked Diana’s lower abdomen, where the seal of the apostles was, Diana reached a climax once more and fainted.
It’s so attractive that I keep getting knocked out.
After all, the attractiveness is high, but it may have been a little too much to stimulate exhibitionism.

But if my memory is correct, maybe Diana was also close to level 100.
As Diana’s level goes up and her job level goes up at the same time, she doesn’t get hit by the level 100 limit like Sarah.
If it’s cheap, you’ll probably be able to level up as soon as you buy it, so it’ll soon be affected by my charm like this… .

When I thought about it up to that point, suddenly the pleasure I felt in my objects was greatly amplified.
It wasn’t like Diana’s climax and the pressure on her genitals became incredibly strong, or something like that.
There were no words to describe it except that all of a sudden, all the pleasure Diana gave her became intense.

“Ugh! this, this… !”

I took my mouth off Diana’s mouth and looked straight at Diana.
And in that moment, I knew what the hell was going on.
Diana looked incredibly pretty.
no. Our Diana was originally pretty, but she looked pretty enough to feel that her face was radiant compared to before.

Suddenly, a person looks incredibly pretty, and all the pleasure he gives him is intense?
There is only one condition for that to happen.
One is to put a bean pod on that person, and the other is to increase the charm stat tremendously.
First off, the former is definitely not.
I’m already in a situation where Diana has a pod. There is nothing more

That said, the attractiveness has increased tremendously.
I checked Diana’s stats window by opening it.
Level 100. Charm 500.
Is it as expected?
As soon as I reached level 100, the stat limit was lifted, and at once the charm went up to the next maximum of 500.

I’m at a higher level, and besides, because I’m a saint, it’s a shame that I can withstand such a difference.
Even after inserting it, I didn’t even shake my waist, and even though it was just wrapped, the feeling of ejaculation came back slowly, so I said it all.
Of course I passed out, but Diana’s climax was twitching and twitching and stimulating my stuff.
But I can’t lose! I’m a saint! No matter how attractive you are, you won’t lose by night!
My desire to win was activated, and I shook my back using the power of the saint.


And with that pleasure, Diana opened her eyes again.
And as soon as she opened her eyes, Diana shrugged herself, without asking the same question as where she was this time.
When Diana of 500 charm moved herself to her waist like that, the pleasure I felt grew stronger.
On the other hand, although it was said that the saint used all his powers, Diana seemed to have a little more room than before.
The mental pleasure felt from the stimulation of exhibitionism was still there, but the physical pleasure was slightly alleviated, so it was a feeling that it was not at the level of fainting.
Thanks to this, Diana continued to move without fainting, and I was soon forced to ejaculate again.



As soon as I ejaculated, Diana also climaxed again, but I was not at all satisfied.
rather anxious.
This is because as I have a higher level, if both of them reach their peak at the same time, Diana’s level will naturally match my level.
Of course, the pleasure that Diana gives will increase as well.
Isn’t this a little dangerous?

“Wow, whoops! What are you doing?! ha ha! Move!”

Diana looked at me, who was still motionless, to see if she was able to speak now, even sneezing.
Judging from what he was saying, it was just that he was able to speak, but the reason didn’t seem to have returned.

“Diana, wait… .”

“Are you still not satisfied? I’m sure you’d have been patient! This body will take it all! character! Move more!”

But Diana didn’t even care about my restraints, and instead shook her back even harder.
uh huh? This seems to be the opposite of what it was before.

“Diana! Wait a minute! Now over this door the kids! The kids might be watching!”

I reminded them of the kids out there in a completely different way than before, but that choice turned out to be worse.

“Uhhhhhh! ha ha! That’s right! Outside… Whoops! However… This body, heh, for you… Ha ha!”

Diana was already armed with perfect self-rationalization.
On the contrary, the reminder that there were children outside only made me more excited, and the pressure on my pubic area only grew stronger.

Damn it! Obviously, I was going to bully Diana until she fell with the brutal sex machine concept! How did this happen!

No! I can’t lose! This is a matter of my pride!
In the end, I put myself in climactic bondage.
Hopefully one day I will write this again to myself.

Once I had a little more room in my mind due to climax bondage, I moved my waist while savoring the excruciating pleasure Diana gave me.
Diana’s exasperated sigh, sweat-drenched hair clinging to her cheeks, and her recalled face. They all look so lovely.
It’s amazing how amazing it really is.
To be honest, I thought I fell in love with my kids to the point where I couldn’t fall in love with them anymore, but I’m sure I’ll look prettier than that.
Of course, the charm didn’t go up gradually, but it suddenly went up to 250, so there may be times where I feel that way more temporarily.

I found Diana so adorable that I kissed her on the cheek without realizing it.
Diana then turned her head and kissed my lips lightly, and lifted her leg up in a circle.
Realizing what kind of posture Diana wanted to do, I supported Diana’s waist and made it easier to change her posture.
Eventually, Diana turned 180 degrees to face me.
Legs wrapped around my waist, back leaning against the glass door through the curtains, arms wrapped around my neck and passionately lusting for my lips.


And then it reached its climax again.
As long as I continue to maintain the power of a saint, Diana will feel more pleasure in every part that comes into contact with me.
Whoops. won
If it wasn’t for the skill, would you have lost?
What are you talking about. The saint skills are also my abilities that I am proud of.

Of course, it’s not over yet.
Diana didn’t faint, and even in the midst of her climax, she shook her back, and the pleasure was so intense that it burned her brain.
Wouldn’t it rather stimulate exhibitionism more and make Diana go into a state of continuous orgasm?
That way you can definitely win.

No, anyway, is it dangerous to be here any longer?
It’s good to win in bed, but you have to figure it out when you retreat.
I’m not completely out of my mind like Diana.
As long as I made Diana like this, even I can’t lose my judgment.
Now that you’ve thoroughly enjoyed the exposure play, it’s time to organize yourself.
This is the room where the maids live. You never know when someone will come.

“Diana. Let’s go up slowly.”

“Heh! More, more… .”

“But when will the owner of this room come in… .”

“Wow! That, ha! then… .”

Diana paused for a moment and then activated some magic.
You can use magic even though you’re losing your normal judgment because of pleasure. Truly a sorcerer.
In addition, it is quite fast thanks to the overall stat increase beyond level 100.

“Okay! Now that’s it! hurry! Come on more!”

“What did you do?”

“These bodies will not be visible to other people! So hurry up!”

Hey. No matter how hard we can see, someone else comes in

How are you going to get out?

“You really don’t see us?”

“Yes! so… !”

“Then I’ll leave like this.”

“… eh?”

I just left the room.

“slumbers… Whoa!”

“Why? Can’t you see it?”

“nevertheless! nevertheless! Whoops!”

Then a maid approached from the far end of the hallway.
Diana was startled and covered her mouth, but she trembled and dripped love juice from her vagina.
The maid passed us by with a casual expression, whether we were really invisible.
And Diana climaxed three times and passed out until the maid passed us by and completely invisible.
Even if you have 500 charms, you feel it to the point of fainting. Indeed our perverted archmage
I quickly went up to my room while Diana passed out.
Come to think of it, even if we say we can’t see ourselves, isn’t the love liquid that fell on the floor visible after we pass?
Well, it doesn’t really matter.

And we continued to covet each other until the night, skipping dinner.
It was quite difficult to face Diana with the charm of 500, but let me just say that the winner was me who concentrated on Diana’s wall.

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