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Redemption of Counterattack

and the next morning.
As soon as I woke up, Diana gave me a massage.

“You! really! thinking! and! Living Genga! Huh?! Huh?! What to do now! How do you see the faces of others?!”

Thump Thump Thump Thump.
Diana clenched her tiny fist and slapped my chest relentlessly.
How angry he was, he had been beating for much longer than usual.
Diana, who had little stamina, stopped beating for a moment, gasping and exhaling, then raised her fist and started patting again.
Is this also the power of charm 500? The slap looks very cute too.
No, it’s not the power of attraction, it’s just that Diana is cute.
I want to see more.

“Diana. Not there, a little above. No, it’s a little bit more than that.”

“You mean here?”

“okay. there. Oh good.”

In response to my clever reaction, Diana unwittingly moved her clapping fist from her chest to her shoulder.
Diana’s full swing punch makes for a decent massage.

“It’s not a massage!”

Diana, who slapped her on the shoulder a little, realized what she was doing, and slapped her in the chest again in anger.

“What are you thinking! Now what?! Huh?! Let me say something!”

“What if… Just look at your face.”

“You did that openly yesterday, how can you just look at your face!”

“It’s like that… It’s just to show that you and I are in love. what’s the problem? or what? You don’t like seeing other people say that Diana has a relationship like that?”

“Isn’t that a problem! Don’t get out of focus!”

Sheesh. did you hear I thought it would work. Truly a sorcerer.
But I still have the secret to defeat Diana.
No, it’s not a secret or anything. What I did yesterday was completely self-defense.
I didn’t act as a cold sex machine just for fun.

“But I couldn’t help it. I mean, I was too excited to go anywhere else. I was so excited yesterday that my attitude got weird, right? I’d rather not even look at other women and praise them for finding Diana right away. Diana did the same yesterday. If you get excited while helping John, he will accept everything in your body.”

👌👌👌👌 That was it! Still, there is a degree, isn’t it?”

“Sorry. I couldn’t afford to think about that. Thanks for accepting it. I really love you.”

“Ugh! Whoa!”

Diana couldn’t find anything to refute, so she resisted me only with actions, not words, not like an archmage.
But then he stopped stroking his hand, and sighed heavily.

“Ha ha… I made a promise like that yesterday, so I’ll take special care of you.”

“I love you Diana.”

“I know this body too, so stop it! ha ha But how do you deal with other people… .”

“Don’t worry about it. Leiana Sylvia won’t say anything, Sarah… He probably doesn’t care about Diana because he’s mad at me.”

what about me
I’m really glad that Sarah’s attack didn’t work. defensive power.

“Ah! Better than that now!”


I stabbed Diana inside with something that was about to explode from getting an erection.
It’s because the insert wasn’t released in the first place.
The glamorous 500-year-old boy kept moving violently on top of me, so he’s about to explode.

“Now, what are you doing… .”

“I think Diana is so pretty that I can’t just take it off. Let’s do it one more time.”

“Didn’t you do that all night?!”

“So Diana doesn’t want to be with me one more time?”

“Well, it’s not like that… .”

“Okay then.”

In the end, Diana and I did one more thing in the morning and went down to the restaurant.


“Yeah. Good morning?”


Upon entering the restaurant, everyone showed a different reaction.
Leia blushed a little, unable to meet her gaze, and Matilda quickly turned her head with an angry expression.
As soon as I came in, Sylvia sprinted to the corner of the dining room and glanced at me.
it’s sylvia You are really the same kid. Stay the same forever.

And speaking of Sarah, as if to say something, she got up from her seat and came straight to me.
Damn it. has it come How can we avoid this crisis?
Unlike Diana, Sara really feels like she explodes when she gets angry. Even a logical excuse that I did it because I lost my reason wouldn’t work.
But Sarah, who was approaching me, suddenly saw Diana’s face next to me and stopped walking.

“Well? Why?”

“Diana… Why is that… .”

“Well? What’s going on?”

“Maybe it’s because Diana is so pretty.”

“Uh? Oh oh! Come to think of it, I’ve already reached level 100. Somehow, even though I did that last night, I was surprisingly able to deal with it… Hmmm! Hmm!”

Diana realized what she was saying, and coughed with a little embarrassment.

“Since Diana reached level 100, all her stats have risen to the limit. When my charm suddenly became 500, I was really surprised.”

“Well? Is this body’s charm 500?”

“Huh. Is it really Diana? Not only his intellect and spirit, but his charms are the highest.”

“Hmm. What is normal?”

Diana said with her chest wide open.
And Leia asked if she was curious about her stats after seeing that.

“Savior. How am I?”

“Leia? Leia is… 271. However, at level 100, the maximum was 250, and maybe before level 250, Leia’s charm would be 500? Because Leia has a particularly fast growth of charm. To the extent that other people see it as a scam. Well, Leia is also pretty, so it’s a growth that I can understand.”

“Goo, Guwon is also true. It’s a shame if you lift it up like that.”

It was. Is it the characteristics of a nine-tailed fox, a characteristic of a priest, or both? Leia’s charm grew incredibly fast.
Probably, without the bonus stats, I would have grown faster than I did.

“Well, then, Leia is getting prettier too… . Salvation! I?! I?!”

After listening to our conversation, Sarah asked her stats with an anxious face.

“do not worry. Sarah is the best too. I’m stuck at 250 because the level has stopped because of the limit.”

“Then you’re saying it’s fixed at 250 for a while?!”

“What will it be?”

“Let’s go to the dungeon! Right Now!”

Sara said with fighting spirit after a long time.
Everyone seems to have become anxious because they are left alone while their charms are over 250.

“No worries. No matter how low your charm is… .”
“Go! now! right now!”

Oh, shouldn’t I say that the charm is the lowest?
It only made Sarah’s will burn even more.

“No, because it is impossible right now. My armor was smashed in the first place… Whoa! I came here without being introduced to another blacksmith by Hannah!”

It was then that I realized the grave mistake I had made myself.
What was the reason we went to the blacksmith yesterday in the first place!
I was exhausted from giving a lecture that was not enough, so I completely forgot about it and left.

“Hmm. If that’s the case, this body might recognize you through a person.”

“Ugh. Also, this time it has to be the case. If possible, I wanted to entrust the equipment to someone who evaluated it myself rather than someone else evaluated it.”

Even if it wasn’t me, it wouldn’t be a problem if my kids decided that they were reliable people, but from what Diana is saying, it doesn’t seem like she’s a blacksmith that Diana knows herself.

“Hey there!”

Then Sylvia raised her hand in the far corner of the restaurant.
I approached Sylvia like that, and hugged him quickly.

“Huh? What is it?”

“Hey! Why why?”

“Why? I can’t hear you well when I’m alone in a corner. Come here.”

I hugged Sylvia and forced her towards our seat.

“so? What were you trying to say earlier?”

“That’s it, so… That… .”

“Miss Sylvia, stop harassing me and let me go.”

“Are you harassing me? Sylvia. Hate?”

“Joe, good!”

Sylvia trembled and closed her eyes tightly and shouted that.


“Sigh. So, where can I speak properly?”

“Well, that’s right. Sylvia. I’ll let you go, so you can’t run away. It’s an order.”

After seeing Sylvia nodding desperately, I released the arms that were holding her.
Sylvia, released from my arms, took a quick breath with a slightly regretful face.

“Haha, haha, haha, that, so… If you are in need of a reliable blacksmith, we can introduce you to the Babet family blacksmith.”

“Are you talking about the Sylvian family?”

“Yes, four. Jira, who has been a knight family from generation to generation, also exists as a blacksmith belonging to the family. He was a man of good skill and a good personality, and I always entrusted my armor to him.”

“indeed. Anyone who touched Sylvia’s armor would be fine. But if it’s the Sylvian family, isn’t it far away? Even so, going there to leave the armor… .”

“If you go to the permanent castle, you can only send and receive items using teleport.”


Permanence? Even if you want to use the teleport magic circle there… Oh, come to think of it, he was still a member of the Royal Guard.
But it’s permanent… . Anyway, I don’t want to go there.
Even if you use the teleport magic circle, you have to move the armor and materials to strengthen up to the magic circle, so in the end I have to follow along.

“If you’re just using the teleport magic circle, why not go through the Wizards Association?”

“The Wizard Association is also possible, but the teleportation of the Wizard Association is basically only connected between the Wizard Associations. On the other hand, the teleport of the lord’s castle can also be directly connected to the Babett family.”

ugh After all, to entrust it to the blacksmith of the Babet family, I have no choice but to go to the permanent castle.
no. let’s think good After all, it was about time to release the holy water of the saint that had been given to Felicia.

“is it. Then there’s nothing you can do After dinner, Sylvia will go to Yeongjuseong with me.”

“Well? Are you two going to go?”

“Huh. Still, once it’s a permanent residence, it’s impossible to rush into people you don’t even see.”

“It is, though.”

“But save! Last time with that princess… .”

In the first place, the rush to strengthen the armor was done because Sarah asked to go to the dungeon, but Sarah opposed it.
Even so, would you say that I am more important?

“OK. My level has risen since then, and above all… Sylvia.”

“Yes, four?!”

“If the princess and I give orders that contradict each other, who will they listen to?”

“Wow… .”

“Sylvia, I trust you.”

“… It is the savior.”

Sylvia muttered a small ‘I’m sorry Felicia,’ and then replied.

“Did you see it? Because there is no problem.”

If we all go together in the first place, it’s found out that I put the holy water on Felicia and just came.
If you find out, what else will you be reprimanded for?

“In the beginning, Diana did that to me the other day, but no matter how much Felicia does, will she hit me again?”

“Hmm… . When I think of the princess’s personality, I’m a little nervous.”

Indeed Diana. are stitched correctly.

“Well, it will be fine. This body will trust you.”

“okay. I’m only going to teleport for a while. If I don’t come back by evening, then Diana will bring the Wizards Association sisters back and come back. Is that okay?”

“Hmm. I see. And don’t be prepared for one more thing.”

“Huh? prepare?”

“I’m going to ride this body’s wagon. And I will leave the coachman to Vanessa.”

indeed. Do you plan on making Vanessa play a chess game once there’s a problem?
If it was Vanessa, there would be no problem even if I followed her as a servant.

“Savior. You have to be careful.”

“do not worry. Last time I was late, but I even saw Leia’s tears. I will make sure that never happens again.”

As it was Leia’s turn tonight as well, I held Leia’s hands and said.

“Yeah. I will believe you.”

Leia gave me a warm look as she hugged her hand tightly to her chest.
Leia’s feelings have been transmitted through her eyes and hands.
Sigh. It is also healed

Anyway, after eating like that, I and Sylvia rode a wagon led by Vanessa and headed to the lord’s castle.

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Redemption of Counterattack

Thanks to the carriage of Silvia and Diana, who are members of the Royal Guard, we entered the castle with a free pass and found Princess Felicia.
In fact, entering the castle does not mean that you have to face the lord.
No, there will be a lot more people who do not face the lord. There are not one or two people who come and go to Yeongjuseong.
However, in order to use the lord’s teleport magic circle, it was necessary to face the lord and obtain permission.
That’s why Sylvia took the lead to find Felicia’s whereabouts, but again, Felicia seemed to be concentrating on her work this time as well.

“Princess. This is Sylvia.”

“Sylvia?! Come on in.”

As I entered the room, I heard the creaking of the bed and low moans.
Well. Dizziness is no joke.
Come to think of it, I said that Sylvia and I were childhood friends.
Unlike Sylvia, she’s the same kid.
Upon entering the room, Felicia was again tangled with a man.
The man was grunting and struggling, but Felicia, who was facing him, seemed quite bored.
No, it wasn’t boring and it looked annoying.

“done. Stop it and leave.”

“… Shit.”

The man clicked his tongue and pulled something out of Felicia.
After seeing that, I remembered that he wasn’t even a first-timer.
A normal face without those features. Small items for elementary school level. That’s the guy who got tangled up with Felicia before, right?

“… ね!”

For some reason, he stared at me and kicked out of the room with an annoyed face.
what is that? Did I do anything wrong with him?
No, no matter how much I searched my memory, I couldn’t remember having trouble with a guy like that.
I’m chasing after the chief and I’m confused… no need to give
If the other guy did that, I would have caught him and kicked him, but he only had sympathy.
devil… . live strong

“Sylvia what’s going on… magnetism?!”

For some reason, Felicia stood up as if startled when she saw my face.
He had a bewildered expression on his face, but then he looked at me with a bewitching smile again.

“Sylvia. Did you bring it?”

“no. Princess. That’s not it… .”

At Felicia’s words, Sylvia panicked and waved her hands from side to side and said.
And looking at my eyes, it seems that there was something hidden from me.
I knew it. Somehow, something was suspicious when Sylvia first came.
I heard that Felicia gave permission right away.
I thought maybe something was up.
Well, he must have lured me to bring me to him or something like that.
Well, now that Sylvia is completely on my side, she certainly didn’t mean to bring me here.

“You are welcome. The fact that it was only the two of you with Sylvia… Did you miss me too?”

“I am playing. Sylvia just said no. Listen to me.”

When I actually came face to face with Felicia, I became wary and made my words a little rough.
The feeling of being drawn in

I mean. Isn’t he a real succubus?
Even now, for some reason, I’m still twisting my body.

“Wow! Huh? Didn’t you miss my body too?”

“This is really all I can think of in my head. no. I’m here today to use the teleport magic circle.”


No, I mean, where in my words is there just so much excitement?
Does he really have a problem?
And I am also excited to see such a figure.
It really feels weird to be with him.

“Haha, ha… Te, teleport magic circle? He doesn’t seem to know it well because he’s a stranger, but the teleport circle is something that he treats very seriously.

“I thought it was going to be like that. I’m going to leave the Sylviane family blacksmith to do some equipment maintenance.”

“indeed. If that’s the case… What… .”

“You allowed it? Then come on.”

“Come on, wait!”


“You don’t have to go right now. Let’s drink tea and talk… .”

“I have nothing to talk to you.”

“Heh! eh, ah. Self too. Don’t do that.”

What are you going to talk about with a kid who reminds you of your face and rubs your thighs together and breathes?
Just looking at it, I’m getting ready to eat it.

“No work. Goes.”

“Sylvia! catch!”

After I ignored it and tried to go on, Felicia finally gave Sylvia an order.
At the same time, Vanessa, who was still behind us, tried to move, but I raised my hand to stop her.
You don’t have to go out. I already checked before coming.
Again, Sylvia only made an apologetic expression, but did not move.

“Cee, Sylvia? What… Ah!”

Felicia tried to shout in embarrassment, but then let out another moan.
It was then that I realized why Felicia kept moaning in the middle.
Oh, by the way, the saint’s holy water was in his mouth.
One of the purposes of coming here was to release it, but I forgot because I was too vigilant.
But was the holy water of a saint that strong? It’s from a lower level, so the effect wouldn’t be that strong, right?
Anyway, I opened my mouth while looking at Felicia who was embarrassed.

“Sylvia. Hold him from behind so he can’t move. I have something to say.”

“… Princess. Sorry.”

“Eh? awhile. Sylvia? What are you doing?! slumbers… Whoops!”

Sylvia returned to Felicia’s back and restrained herself.
Immediately, the maids in the room rushed at them, but Vanessa came forward and lightly stunned them.
Even those maids weren’t usually maids when they saw their movements.
They were probably the children who served as the princess’s escort and maid work.
How easy is it to subdue those kids? Truly our super butler. It’s incredibly reassuring.

I approached Felicia slowly, looking at Felicia, who was immobilized after being restrained from behind by Sylvia.
Don’t be cowardly and curse at me, who has a little more leeway just because the other person cannot move.
In the first place, the guy who spreads such a strange fascination is bad.

“Huh. Love is greater than friendship.”

“Stand, please

Sylvia is so… .”

Felicia muttered in disbelief.

“okay. Princess. How did you feel when your mouth became sensitive for a while?

👌👌👌👌 okay! Take responsibility for yourself! How I suffered for this! Just talking about it makes me excited! I get excited when I eat!”

When she was unable to move, Felicia also shouted with a slightly defiant attitude, whether she could afford it.
Anyway, he has the image of a child who is always in heat, so I thought it wouldn’t be that much different from usual. It looks like you’ve had some trouble.

“What is it? I just made it sensitive, didn’t it feel better and better when I did it?”

“Ugh! Not good at all! There’s no way you can be satisfied with doing it with yourself and then with another man! Besides… .”


“I said things like that when I was just going… Every time I feel it with my mouth, I only think of myself… .”

Felicia muttered with an angry face.
After all, I used to say things like that.
Every time you feel it with your mouth, think of me.
I didn’t mean it that way.
Every time I felt it, it meant that I had to repent of my sins of trying to do my own thing, but Felicia seemed to remember only the pleasant things she had done with me.

“That’s right.”

Felicia’s reaction left me speechless, so I stuttered.
Damn it. It’s annoying, but I thought it was a little cute.
After all, even if I’m caught, that strange fascination doesn’t go away.
let’s be calm

“Whoa. okay. I kept thinking of myself. So baby Will you take responsibility?”

Felicia saw my attitude and thought she had taken a chance, so again, with a seductive smile, she slowly spread her legs and seduced me.

“If you want to release this, shouldn’t you hug me anyway? Let’s feel good together.”

Let’s be calm! You can’t skip it! calm down!
I could feel the blood rush to my lower body, but I clenched my teeth and held it in.

“Huh. And that’s not necessarily the case.”

I tried to make a relaxed smile and said,

“Sylvia. holding on tight Never let go until I tell you.”

“Yes, four!”

“Now, what are you going to do?”

“do not worry. Because you want to do something that makes you feel good.”

I reached out to Felicia’s chest and pussy respectively.
Then he activated the hand of the saint.

“Uhhhhhh! this, this… Whoops! Just for that period, haha! the level… ?!”

“answer. Don’t you look down on the saint too much?”

In fact, if you only look at the level, Felicia’s level is still higher than mine.
But I mean, I raised my charm a lot a while ago.
Thanks to this, even if you don’t have sex, you can release the saint’s holy water from Felicia.
Now I don’t have to be seduced before Felicia climaxes.

“Well, did you want something like this? to feel right How are you feeling?”

“Ugh! 👌👌 awhile! properly! ha ha! me and me! Whoops!”

Felicia has seduced me by trying to hug me with her legs while feeling the pleasure.
Wow. yah it’s real It’s a real monster.

“Damn it! character! Quickly! Feel it quickly!”

In an emergency, I caressed Felicia’s body more intensely.
He twisted the nipples that had already swelled up as soon as they had swelled up, and the two fingers inserted into the pubic area also vibrated while stirring around the inside of the pubic area.

“Heh! Whoops! 👌👌 Ouch!”

And finally, while rubbing and covering the clitoris with the palm of the hand, the G-spot part was strongly stimulated, and in the end, Felicia could not stand it and spit out a climax.
Whoops. won I did it. I did it!
As soon as Felicia reached her climax, I hurriedly pulled out her finger and was about to fall, when I realized there was white liquid on the finger I had put in her pussy.
… What is this? It’s not love… Ahh! Come to think of it, he was with another man when we came!
I shoved the finger straight into Felicia’s mouth.
Why Felicia’s Mouth?
We can’t put another chick in Sylvia’s mouth, can we?
But it’s a shame not to just rub it on the bed sheet.


“Damn it! Suck it! Wash and clean!”


Then, for some reason, love juice erupted from Felicia’s vagina once again.
what? Why are you feeling it again?

“Ummm… Come on, baby… .”

And Felicia slowly lost consciousness.
However, it was commendable to properly wrap my tongue around my fingers in the midst of that.
Because this is a real monster.

“Sylvia. now it’s done Let it go.”

Anyway, with this, the holy water of the saint who bet on Felicia was released.
it’s done with this Now, just use the teleport magic circle and you’re done.

“Sylvia. Let’s go before Felicia wakes up.”

“… no. That… To use teleport, you must have permission from the princess.”

“… really?”


Damn it. My plan was to just teleport and escape before Felicia woke up!
… I can’t help it. Let’s wash our hands first and wait.
I went to the bathroom attached to the room, washed my hands as clean as possible, and went back to my room.
Vanessa was still standing still at the door, Sylvia quietly looking down at Felicia.

“sorry. Sylvia. I said he and I were friends. I’m sorry for giving you a difficult role.”

“no… . First of all, princess… Felicia was too much.”

Sylvia shook her head and said, but, unlike usual, she was a little grassy.

“Would you like to give me a hug as an apology?”

“Oh, no! Fine… hey! Aww… !”

After all, Sylvia is not like this. It doesn’t suit me to be dead.
Alas. Why does it feel so good to see something warm and soft shivering in your arms?

“Uh… .”

Then Felicia opened her eyes.
wake up quickly Do you have the tolerance for something like this every day?
Felicia slowly got up and looked at me and Sylvia in my arms.


what, what You’re nervous because the kid who used to be noisy every day is suddenly quiet.

“what? have anything to say? You made me feel better.”

“Whoa. Huh. That’s right. Also he was the best. But it’s also a little lacking. do it yourself

Don’t you want to?”

Felicia sighed for a moment, then said with her usual bewitching smile.
Looking at her slightly ecstatic eyes, it seemed that her desire for me grew stronger thanks to the climax I reached with my own hands earlier.


“Oh. regret. Then why did you stay here? You just want to go?”

“I can’t use teleport without you.”

“… Alas. It was like that. Good. then. hang on.”

It may also be a little different from usual.
Felicia unexpectedly stopped the temptation, woke the fainted maids and headed for the bathroom attached to the room.
I’m not the kid who will ever back down like this… . What the hell are you up to?

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Ambush training!


Redemption of Counterattack

“Oh, savior. In front of Felicia, that… .”

After Felicia disappeared into the bathroom, Sylvia, who was in her arms, trembled and spoke to me.
Huh? Alas. indeed. Maybe it wasn’t me who stared at Felicia as soon as she woke up, but Sylvia in my arms.
Can’t help it. If you keep doing this in front of Felicia, Sylvia will hate you too. Even if you play when you are playing, you have to play while watching the situation.
I freed Sylvia from her arms.
As soon as Sylvia left, she gasped for breath and sat down on the bed.
I feel a little lonely because I don’t have anything in my arms.



“I feel lonely because I don’t have anything in my arms. Barnett… Oops.”

Suddenly, Vanessa reached out to my face and stopped me from approaching her.
I was bored of sitting still while waiting for Felicia, so I thought I’d play around with it.
Because I blocked it with such force, a strange omission occurred.

“Ouch! Turn it off!”

She pushed her face with all her might, but Vanessa’s arm didn’t even move.
I had no choice but to take a step back.

“Whoa. You have decent physical strength. Well, it was just a joke, so I didn’t do my best.”

“Is that so?”

“I thought you were joking, but really? If I was sincere, I could reach out to you.”

“Is that so?”

“You don’t believe him? Is it real? tablet… town!”

As I said that, I sneakily approached Vanessa, who once again reached out and blocked my face with her hand.
Whoops. It’s Vanessa. It’s not wise to block it like this.
Of course, you are very tall for a woman. But I am tall among men.
You can’t lose to a rich fight, right?
With my face closed, I reached out to Vanessa.
I said I could definitely get to Vanessa, but I never said I could win by force.
My outstretched hand was immediately followed by Barnett’s soft, soft… touched the palm

“Hey, you have a pretty strong guard.”

“Thank you.”

But with this, Vanessa’s hands were completely sealed. And I still have one more hand left!
I reached out my other hand, but this time again, it was blocked by Vanessa’s hand.
The hand that held my hand earlier.
It’s Vanessa. no matter how you

Even if I do, I can’t even defeat the power of both my hands with one hand… !

“Turn it off!”

there is No, why is the butler so strong? Isn’t that a scam?
But despite the unexpected circumstances, I did not lose my composure.

“Huh. got caught Vanessa. Would you like to hold both my hands now?”

“Is that so?”

“Take it! And fall for the pleasure! My strongest skill! Deadly! The hand of a saint!”


Then Vanessa hurriedly released the hands that were holding my hands.
The hand covering the face remains the same, but this is it!
I stretched out my free hand.
Then, finally, Vanessa’s tender chest was touched.
If this upsets Vanessa, she can go straight to her… !

“I will tell Diana.”

But Vanessa did not panic.
Still covering my face, Vanessa said bluntly.

“… there. I was bored while waiting, so I was just joking around. Can’t you take a look?”

“Take off your hand and tell me.”

“hot! Sorry. Stop because it feels so good. You have really great breasts.”


I hurried back and apologized, but Vanessa said nothing with an expressionless expression.
Obviously, at first, I just wanted to see a surprise or a little surprise by hugging him. how come this happened
Even getting close to Vanessa failed, and I was in a situation where I had to taste only a strange sense of defeat and see Vanessa’s eyes.

“It’s Sylvia.”

“Yes, four?”

“After all, you are the only one who can heal me here.”


“I’ll let you go when Felicia comes out, so let’s stay like this for a while.”

I finally decided to hug Sylvia and have a healing time.
How long have you waited?
Just when Sylvia reached her limit and rushed to the brink of her happy death, Felicia reappeared in the bathroom.

“Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!”

As soon as I let her go, Sylvia struggled with her trembling legs to run into the corner of the room, breathing heavily.
Hey. What if you run away? You have to protect me from Felicia’s beast.
Well, it doesn’t matter because Vanessa is there.

“Ummm… Sylvia is so… .”

And when Felicia looked at Sylvia like that, she had a thoughtful expression on her face again.

“Boy. Sylvia.”

“Yes, four… ?”

Perhaps she was sorry for restraining Felicia’s body earlier, Sylvia answered while avoiding her gaze slightly.

“It’s okay to talk nonsense now. Because I want to talk to you as a friend. maybe you mean You didn’t want me to hit the rescue? Did you feel like you shouldn’t touch my man?

“My, my, my man, so sad! It’s not like that! Just because the Savior hates it… !”

“Then there wasn’t much jealousy?”

“I’m not in a position to feel that way in the first place.”

“like that. thank God. No matter how much I want to be hated even by Sylvia.”

“I don’t hate you.”

“Huh. Thanks.”

is it. The reason Felicia suddenly stopped seducing was because she was thinking of Sylvia.
Seeing that my friend likes me so much, Felicia must have felt a little sorry for me.
Felicia answered with the brightest smile she had ever seen, as if she was really relieved.
But it was only for a short time, and Felicia came back to me with a bewitching smile again.

“Then you can tempt me with this.”

“No, no, this! What are you talking about?! Are you wearing clothes?”

“Oh? Why? Are you excited? If you’re excited, let me go… .”

Felicia leaned against me and gently pressed my chest to her, stroking my things over her pants.
Then I had a strong desire to hug Felicia again.
I hurriedly moved away from Felicia.
Damn it. That damn fascination.

“You are playing! Then, go to the teleport magic circle! You pervert!”

“Ugh! You too… Because it’s really fair… .”

… Is this guy moaning now?
No, why?! Now you have released the holy water of the saint?!
Where the hell was there an element to make a moan?!

“Sigh… . ok Shall we go at once?”

Felicia started putting on the clothes the maids had prepared, as if she couldn’t do it.
So why are you so bold!
No, you have a body that you can be confident in, but you’re too confident, right?
Even Felicia continued to seduce her while she was wearing her clothes, such as winking and showing off her close parts.
If this had been a different kid, I would have proudly admired her body, but since Felicia is her opponent, I couldn’t help but be wary.
Well, I didn’t take my eyes off of my body and admired her body.
I can’t help it. It’s like a man’s instinct.

“Then let’s go, babe. here.”

Felicia, who had changed her clothes, took the lead while pouting her lips a little as if it was a pity that I didn’t attack her.

The teleport magic circle was really strictly managed, and the soldiers in armor were controlling the surroundings.
There was a pillar of light that had only been seen in dungeons in the room that had penetrated all that tight security.

“Then please wait a moment.”

Upon entering the room, Sylvia began to manipulate the crystal ball in front of the pillar of light.

“This is Sylvia Babett. I want to talk to my mother.”

I felt it a little when I was talking to the princess, but Sylvia is really quiet unless the other person is me.
It’s not as blunt as Vanessa, it’s kind of dull.
no. a little longer than that. Are you a mother now?

“Are you Sylvia?”

“Yeah. Mother. Sorry for not contacting you often.”

Seeing a beautiful woman resembling Sylvia reflected in the crystal ball, I hurriedly ran to the corner of the room.

“Oh? Baby, why all of a sudden?”

“Oh, nothing!”

I replied that way, but I was terribly perplexed.
That’s right! How the hell do you see Sylvia’s parents face!
When Sylvia came to me, she contacted the family and told me that they had been granted the terms of sex slavery.
In other words, my impression on the people of Sylvia’s family right now is probably the worst.
Of course, I’m not treating Sylvia as a sex slave, but that doesn’t mean I treat her well.

Sylvia’s position right now is very vague.
Even though they said they were from the same clan, they hold each other whenever they want.
However, he did not completely accept Sylvia’s heart.
Knowing Sylvia’s heart clearly.
As I was aware that I was treating Sylvia as I thought I would, I could hardly see Sylvia’s parents.

It’s been a long time since we’ve been in touch, so Sylvia talked with her mother about various things other than about strengthening the equipment she was looking for.
I’ve been avoiding the corner as far away from the crystal ball as possible.
This is the opposite of what I usually do.

“Sylvia. Are you happy to be with him now?”

“Yeah. very.”

“okay. then that’s it Have a good day.”

My, damn it! Mind! My heart aches!
Sylvia! Why are you so kind?

After the mother and daughter had said that at the end, and said goodbye to each other, they stopped the communication magic.

“Then savior. Now, all you have to do is put the items and materials to be strengthened in the magic circle over there.”

“I am not going directly.”

“Yeah. After all, it is not possible to get to our estate from here at once. In addition, the procedure is complicated as it has to be re-examined every time. It feels good to just send things.”

indeed. Is the security that tight?
I took out some of the subspace bags that Diana had given me, put the armor and materials in them, and placed them on the magic circle.
Then Sylvia manipulated something like a panel to activate the magic circle.

“Is this over?”


“What do you do when you receive it?”

“Probably, when the enhancement is complete, my family will send it to me. Then come back and pick it up… .”
“Damn it. Do I have to come here again?”

“Oh. Excuse me. You made me use it.”

“Oh, yes. sorry.”

“Huhu. Sorry… You know, honey?”

“I don’t know this! Vanessa! Get your wagon ready! Get out now!”


As soon as I got out of the tight guard again, I was ready to go back right away.
As Vanessa went out to prepare the wagon, Felicia approached me as if it was time for a chance.

“really? Are you really going like this? Leaving the chance to hold such a nice girl like this?”

“Because there is a better woman waiting at home.”

“Why are you so refusing? Don’t men want to hold more nice women? In particular, do you have any powers?”

“I am a pure man who only hugs my woman.”

“Pee. lie.”

“You are lying! How long have I been… !”

“So what about Sylvia?”

“… What?”

“Sylvia said earlier that she was not in a position to feel jealous. Besides, the attitude he showed when using communication magic. Are you saying that you don’t treat Sylvia on an equal footing with Diana-sama, that is, your woman?”

Felicia, who had been smiling continuously until then, suddenly changed her expression to seriousness and asked a sharp question.

“That, that… .”

“And you didn’t know Sylvia? Wherever I see it, she only hugs her own girl


“No, but… .”

“Then you can hug me too. I’m not asking you to make me your woman. Just to enjoy each other’s momentary pleasures. What makes me different from Sylvia?”

Felicia said so as she hung on my arm with a serious expression.
Boy, why is he suddenly not getting along?
When I couldn’t answer, Felicia returned her usual bewitching smile.

“Isn’t it different? So don’t take it seriously. Even with me like Sylvia… .”

Then yes. Were you acting to shake people’s hearts?
Because there are no real monsters.
I made up my mind and told them the crucial difference between Felicia and Sylvia.

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Redemption of Counterattack

“no. You and Sylvia are different.”


“First of all, Sylvia likes me. This is the biggest difference. I don’t like body-only relationships.”

I don’t know if it was a time when I was immature, but now.

“Oh. Do I like you too?”

“It’s not like that. different from you Look Carefully. Sylvia. What do you think of me?”

“Ugh?! that, that… Joe, Joe… cadet… .”

Sylvia couldn’t answer properly, as if she was embarrassed to speak in front of others, especially in front of her friends.
But this was enough.

“Did you see it?”

“Dear, that Felicia yearns for you too. From the moment I first hugged you.”

When I spoke to Felicia proudly, Felicia suddenly acted an innocent atmosphere and said:

“Isn’t that a joke?!”

“Oh. I’m not kidding either.”

“Does the kid who says he likes me sleep with anyone? You were just hanging out with someone else before I came, right?!”

“That’s because she didn’t hug her, so she soothed her wretched body. There’s no such thing as emotions. And if you think about Sylvia, it’s because of her pleasure… .”

“Still, Sylvia only sleeps with me. I’m very possessive. I hate seeing the woman I hold hugging another guy.”

“What are you talking about. Before Sylvia met her… .”

“I am not a narrow-minded person who clings to a woman’s past. The problem is now. Sylvia never sleeps with anyone other than me since she found out I didn’t like her. That is the crucial difference between you and Sylvia.”

“I know now. Then from now on… .”

“You’re not having sex? Could that be possible?”

“Pee. But you say that you don’t recognize Sylvia as your woman like Diana-sama? And the ban on sex with other men… .”

Felicia also thought it was difficult to cut off sex, so she tried to turn her words around with a sullen expression on her face.

“okay. I’m basically trash And you’re a slut who wants to sleep with such garbage.”


Then Felicia trembled again.
… Huh? In addition? Is that the face you felt?
As before, why? .
But before I could go any further, Felicia opened her mouth first and interrupted her concentration.

“Well, then… .”


“What if I say I will only sleep with myself from now on? Then will you give me a hug?”

Perhaps Felicia had fallen for my provocations, so she repeated the words she was about to say.

“Fop. you?”

“Oh? are you ignoring From that point on, I’m pretty good at self-control.”

“It doesn’t look that way at all.”

“It’s just that I usually don’t control myself.”

what is that It’s just that I can’t do it because I don’t study, is this the mentality of doing well if I put my mind to it?

“So, how are you? If he says he will hug me, I will not sleep with other men from now on. There is no other man who makes you feel better than you.

He’s acting really weird.
Aren’t you sleeping with another man? Even if I hugged you, how many times would I hold you? Ah, maybe… .

“Hey. You seem to be misunderstanding something.”


“I don’t hug Sylvia all the time. Rather, very rarely hug. A week or so just goes by. And since you’re not with me, you’ll last longer than Sylvia. Can you stand it?”

“then. I am a woman who can do it.”

Perhaps Felicia thought I had crossed over, and answered with a frown on the corner of her mouth.
But I’m not saying this for nothing.

“I can’t believe it… .”

“a. Honey. Don’t do that. Pretend to be deceived and trust me.”

“Good. Then try not to be with another man until next time you see my face. Then think about hugging you.”

“Really? Really?”

“okay. Really.”

“Good. Did you promise?”

“then. I am a man who keeps his promises.”

I nodded my head with a nonchalant face.
Whoops. With this, I was able to completely separate Felicia.
Of course, I have no intention of hugging Felicia.

There must have been two reasons why Felicia refused to sleep with another man so easily.
You must have thought that you would see my face again soon.
You have to come back to find the equipment.
But I had no intention of coming here to look for equipment.
All you have to do is ask the mighty Vanessa to come and find you.

And if I couldn’t stand it, I would have thought that you could fool me
It’s okay to think that you haven’t slept with another man.
But I can see other people’s level by analyzing.
It’s impossible to hide from me that you slept with another guy.

What if Felicia really didn’t sleep with another man?
ah please Is that Felicia? You don’t sleep with men? sound that makes sense.
We don’t even know when we’ll see each other again. You may not see it for the rest of your life.
Still, if you really haven’t slept with another man, I’d consider hugging Felicia. just thinking

“Where once

Be patient.”

Without believing in me at all, I smiled at Felicia.

“Huhu. let it go magnetism. I do it.”

Perhaps because of the promise, Felicia let me go easily this time.

“Well then. magnetism. It’s a pity that I couldn’t hug her this time, but since I made a promise, I should be content with this. In the meantime, I’ll be patient while remembering even my own hands. see ya.”

So we were able to part with laughing at each other.

“… That savior.”

As we got into the carriage, Sylvia spoke to me in a hesitant voice.


“Felicia does it if she really does.”

hey hey Why are you suddenly so scared?

“Let alone a few days… .”

Huh. Then yes.
Sylvia also seems to have thought that I would come by myself when looking for equipment.

“How many days? I have no intention of coming directly to find equipment.”

“Yes, four? Then the next time we see your face… .”

“No one knows when that will be.”


Sylvia was at a loss for words, as if she felt sorry for her friend.

“More than that, Sylvia.”


“I said that to Felicia earlier because I couldn’t think of what to say, but it’s not that I don’t think of you as my woman.”

“Ugh?! Eh?!”

“Of course, I’m sorry that I can’t treat you like Diana or the other kids. But I still think you are my girl.”

“OMG… Aww. Yes, yes… .”

As I hugged Sylvia by her side and spoke, Sylvia’s face, which looked a little serious, loosened up.
It’s not like I’m trying to ignore Felicia’s work.
I just said what I wanted to say.
Sylvia shouldn’t have to suffer with it for nothing.
Anyway, I’m sorry about Sylvia’s handling now.

“Are you back?”

“Did nothing happen?”

When we got back to the mansion, everyone had gathered as if waiting for our return.
Well, Felicia already has a criminal record, so it’s an inevitable reaction.

“Savior. here.”

Leia grabbed my arm and put her nose in my arms.
Sigh. Also, angels are healed. Did you miss me like that?

“The smell of another woman’s excitement… .”

But Leia sniffed, sniffed, and suddenly mumbled something like that.

“Lee, Leia?! no! Because no! Wait a minute! I can explain! Sylvia and Vanessa were also with me! Because nothing happened! Right, Vanessa?!”

“Yeah. It seems that Princess Felicia was also caught in the skill of the Savior, and in order to release it, she only made Princess Felicia feel it by hand. I have avoided all other princess temptations.”

“Salvation! What are your thoughts on giving the princess a skill… ! Haven’t seen you in a while?! Isn’t it strange, Princess?”

“no. I just came here to apply the holy water of the saint just to try hard. It wasn’t a problem because it was just being sensitive.

In fact, I only took Sylvia with me to hide the use of skills, but she was completely caught up from the start.
The Beast’s Cora

that’s really awesome

But fortunately, our super butler, Vanessa, has a lot of trust, so when Vanessa endorsed it, the suspicions that had been sent to me were quickly dispelled.

“thank God… . I was really surprised. Salvation.”

Leia said as she put her in my arms and rubbed her body.
I can’t help but be happy because my heart is rubbed, but because of my previous work, I somehow thought of animals.
Don’t cats behave like this when they smell their own?
Maybe an angel is trying to get rid of the Felicia smell that remains on my body… no. Our angels can’t do that.
Anyway, I was really surprised.
In the future, you should never think about deceiving our angel.

“is it. Then, did nothing else happen?”

“Yeah. Except for the fact that my savior massaged my chest saying he was bored.”

“awhile! Vanessa! Are you saying that?!”

“I remember you said you were going to tell Diana.”

So you apologized right away!

“You. I think this body said it before. do you remember What would you do if you touched Vanessa’s body again? what about that? Did you say that you kissed me because you were bored?”

“awhile! Vanessa’s words have a meaning! Then I’m totally trash! At first, I just approached him with the intention of joking around, but since the guard is so hard, I got a little bit of an error so I tried to surprise him somehow… !”

Vanessa: You said that on purpose to make me misunderstood!
That shameful guy! I was just trying to play a joke!
I glared at Vanessa while making excuses, but Vanessa just stood there with her usual expressionless expression.

“So you mean indulging in breasts? tell me that chest Well, Vanessa has some pretty good breasts, I understand. so. Is that the end of the excuses?”

“Come on, wait. Diana. You are now blinded by anger in your heart, and you are unable to make a sober judgment!”

“What are you talking about? This body is extremely cold, isn’t it? Why should this body be angry in the chest in the first place? This body will only grow if it grows up!”

“That was when I was growing up, and now… .”

“… what now?”

“Oh, no. When they grow up, they are beautiful and mature, but now they are cute and cute.”

“Huhu. You are quite witty.”

“Ha ha. Am I like that?”

“Well. Why don’t you use that wit and say a word to your son you’ll never see again?”

“Calm down, Diana! You’re not just my son! It’s our son! buy it! Leia! Stop Diana!”

“Do you think I’m angering you?”

“Huhu. Everyone, don’t be like that. Goon-san was a little joking as usual… .”

“Something with that attitude! Confidence! Are you confident that you can’t win?!”

Fortunately, my angel tried to cover me, but that ended up igniting Diana’s anger.
Damn it. more than this.


“What, hey!”

I Fetish Diana’s Tits

“Sleep, whoops! In a place like this!”

“I told you many times that I like Diana’s breasts too. This breast is also my lovely woman’s breast! Be proud!”

“Ah, haha! Because I know! hey! I know, so I’ll take it off!

As I desperately rubbed her chest, Diana’s anger dissipated in an instant. And only a sweet voice came out of his mouth.
After confirming that, I removed my hands from Diana’s body.
Did you get through this crisis?

“You! Are you stupid! Hey, in this place! This body in a place like this… !”

As soon as my hand fell, Diana patted me.
thank God. lived
I’m still angry, what’s the good thing?
You have different reasons to be angry with me. At least I got over my son’s crisis.
By making you angry for other reasons, it makes you forget the original reason you were angry.
Also, I’m a genius… !
Even though I was being patted by Diana, a smile came out of me without realizing it.
And apparently Sarah saw it again.

“You are right now, and even your favorite hobbies… .”

“uh? Oh no!”

“sorry… I usually hit too hard… ?”

“Oh, no! Don’t make that face! Do not apologize!”

It’s good to apologize for hitting you, but why do you feel sorry for such a misunderstanding at such a timing?!
Because no! I’m not the pervert I like to be hit! Do not misunderstand!

“sorry… From now on, not when… Huh? Now that I have such a hobby, should I rather hit him?”

“So no!”

Sarah, she’s talking scary!
In the end, I had to spend a lot of time trying to clear up Sarah’s misunderstanding.

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Redemption of Counterattack

“I was tired. For some reason, I feel more exhausted after coming back than I did after going to the castle.”

As night fell, I said, lying on the bed.

“Huhu. You suffered.”

Then, Leia, who had just finished showering, sat down next to me and stroked my hair.

“It was really hard. So Leia comforts me!”

“Oh, Guwon-san is also true. You look like a fool today.”

Leia said that, but hugged my face tightly to her chest.
After all, here is my oasis in my heart.
Good. Leia like this today… Oh, I see.

“Leia. I have a question. Can I ask you a question?”

“Yeah? Any questions? What question do you have?”

“Yesterday, when John asked for help, he told me to go to the temple for that. What did that mean?”

I totally forgot to ask this because there was a lot of stuff going on.

“Oh, uh, that’s… .”

Leia, on rare occasions, did not immediately respond to my answer and showed a little hesitation.
And seeing that, I was convinced that what I was thinking was right.

“Does it have anything to do with the place where I used to go when I got lost in the temple?”

“that’s… Yeah… .”

“What exactly are you doing?”

“that… In the temple, people who are not yet inexperienced so that they can have a proper sex life according to the teachings of the goddess,

To be precise, I’m teaching people below level 10.”

“I saw it before and it seemed like only men did it, didn’t it?”

I don’t know if I just missed it, but at least I didn’t remember seeing a woman when I got lost in a place called the education center.

“Usually, it’s men. Women sometimes come, too, but after the first few times, women don’t come after that.”

exactly. This world is a hard world for men.
When I heard that sex was a way to level up, I had already expected it, but the more I got to know this world, the harsher it really was for men.
think about it You have to feel your opponent to level up.
But what if you have sex with virgin virgins?
Men are always cheap, but women never feel it.
From the beginning, the difference starts to widen.
Besides, what if the two of you are in a relationship again after that?
It’s level 1 vs level 2.
The guy who just took off the sympathy ticket, even if he’s only level 1, make him feel like a higher level opponent?
It’s not impossible at all, but it’s probably impossible for the most part.
But you’re trying to seduce a girl on the same level as you?
I’d rather make an experienced second-level woman feel, but it’s almost impossible to make a virgin feel.
In other words, except for a few really talented men, it is almost impossible for men to level up purely through sex.

That’s why I’m giving lectures in order to save the temple.
Perhaps the reason why the average adult male level in this world was able to become even in their early teens was thanks to such education at the shrine.
The question is, how do you teach?
Well, I’m just guessing.
Leia, who was having a hard time speaking, the excited faces of the men she had seen in the temple.
And above all else, the place of education was a place full of small rooms the size of which only one bed was placed on.
Priests are taboo to show their deeds to others.
Well, if you think about it up to this point, the answer is already there.
But I dared to ask Leia a question.

“How do you teach?”

“That, that… In practice… .”

“… I knew it.”

“Ah! Please don’t get me wrong though! I didn’t!”

“Huh. Know.”

Because Leia was a virgin when I was with her in the first place.
Huh? awhile. But do you remember that Leia was in her late teens when they first met?
You’re a virgin, but you leveled up like that?
Of course, Leia must have been living as a priest every day in the temple, so she could have raised her level to some extent by raising her job level, but that alone raised her level to the late teens?
Anyway, isn’t it weird?
If I could raise it like that, even normal men would have been in their late teens.
Because the average men I’ve seen aren’t the only ones in their 20s. Most of the men in their 30s and 40s were in their early teens at the most.
But how about Leia… .

“Really. Originally, the guidance of the superintendent was the job of low-level volunteers… .”

I looked at Leia quietly

As she thought about it, Leia said in an urgent tone that she thought she was being suspicious.

“resource? I think Leia would have volunteered.”

I don’t mean to reveal it, it’s because I’m the kind of person who genuinely likes to help others.
Even now, he seems to be spending his share of money for orphanages and slums.

“That, that… Yeah… Resources are… . Ha, but! I really didn’t. A low-level clergyman is in charge to prevent those who come to receive education from doing nothing and just ending up doing nothing, but that doesn’t mean that an inexperienced person can’t teach. Before being put into service, first of all, you will receive training from us. Listen to the general lecture on how to train, and at the end check with practice… And then I… .”

Did you become a nine-tailed fox?
Anyway, with this all the riddles… No, it’s almost solved.
Strangely, among the priests, there were hardly any low-level people.

“However, it is practical education. Even with the teachings of the Goddess, first of all, sex with loved ones is the best, right?”

“Yeah. That’s why we help you to have happy sex with your loved ones. What we do with those who come to our education… I think it’s just my mission as a priest.”

“Anyway, I should say I’m glad that Leia didn’t do it… Am I too selfish?”

Considering that the reason Leia couldn’t be because she became a nine-tailed fox, it’s hard to openly like Leia.
But I thought to myself that I was really lucky.

“no. I’m glad you think so. I feel loved.”

Despite my selfish remarks, Leia was delighted with a gentle smile.
There were still questions as to why Leia’s level was so high from the beginning, but let’s rest assured with this.
I deliberately made a joke to evoke the atmosphere that I had unknowingly made a little heavy.

“I feel loved for this. Aren’t you saying that you don’t normally feel that way?”

“Oh. If that’s what you thought, then Guwon-san must have guessed, right?”

Perhaps he understood my intentions, Leia also said things that she would not normally say with a smiley tone.

“what?! How much I cherish and love Leia on a regular basis!”


As I shouted that, I hit Leia’s stomach.
Leia, without even trying to hide her smile, let out a squeal that was terribly intimidating, and quietly lay down on the bed.
As Leia’s body sank into the bed, the towels wrapped around Leia’s body spread out to the sides, revealing Leia’s ecstatic body.


“Yeah. Salvation.”

We kissed each other, no matter who came first.

“I mean, that’s what education means.”

After a while of mouth-to-mouth indulging, tongues moving back and forth between each other’s mouths, I opened my mouth and looked at Leia and said:


I thought the conversation was over, but when I brought it up again, Leia put on a bewildered look on her face, wondering why she wanted to.

“No, you said that you would listen to the general lecture on how to train before being put in, and then check it out in practice. Wasn’t Leia blocked during the actual inspection?”

“Yeah… .”

Leia said with a slightly gloomy face as she remembered the incident where she turned into a nine-tailed fox and killed a man.
this. Did you just bring this up?
No, I’ve said it all this far, so let’s say it until the end

“Then you’ve already heard the general lecture on how to teach?”

“… Salvation is also… .”

Leia seemed to have realized what I was trying to say with that alone.
He folded his ears that had been lying on top of his head, turned his body to the side, and slapped my stomach with his tail.
Leia. If you hit it with your hand, it will make a squeaky sound and it will hurt, so I know you’re hitting it with a fluffy tail, but then it just seems like seduction.

“Did you hear that?”

“Yes, yes… .”

When I asked her one more time, Leia nodded her head in shame.

“Then will you do it for me?”

“Yes, four?”

“no. Now that I’ve learned it, it’s a waste to just rot. So, even once for me… ”

“Really? Is it really for that reason?”

“sorry. I just wish Leia would do it. please!”

When Leia looked at me with her kind eyes, I couldn’t bear to continue lying, so I confessed honestly.

“Really, Guwon-san… .”

Leia’s tail attack, hitting my lower abdomen, got a little stronger.

“Uh… Can’t you?”

Instead of answering my question, Leia turned back and looked directly at me.
Then he wrapped his arms around my neck and kissed me softly.
Are you trying to fool around with a kiss?
Well, it doesn’t matter. You can’t force yourself to do something you don’t like.
Besides, kissing Leia is pleasant enough.
When I kiss Leia, the two enchanting hills always touch my chest, so I’m doubly happy.

With that thought in mind, Leia turned to the side while hugging me.
As we circled around the bed half a turn, our positions were reversed.
The posture with Leia on top of me.
Leia kissed me while pressing her voluptuous breasts against my chest while moving her lower body to the side.

“Hmm… side. That, then… Let’s start with the basics, patience, shall we?”

After a deep kiss, Leia opened her mouth after another light bird kiss, and said in a posture of pressing her stomach obliquely next to me.
Then he gently reached out to my object.
Then, after clasping my object tightly so that all five fingers were completely against mine, I began to slowly wave my hand up and down.

“Because it’s education, can’t you use something like a skill to endure? uh… .”

Having said that, Leia kissed my lips again.
From above, Leia’s soft lips pressed down on my lips, and below it, even when I lay on my side at an angle, it still completely covers one side of my chest, boasting a heavy presence. beating my chest

make it burn
And below that level, Leia’s warm touch gently stimulates my things.
The stimulus is too strong.
No, at the point of kissing in the first place, it’s not like we’d ever do it like we were teaching.
Well, I don’t care because it feels good
As my object reflexively wobbled, Leia stopped and grabbed the object’s root.

“Sigh… . Not yet. If you can’t be patient, you can’t make a woman feel good?”

Leia spoke like that and continued speaking in a voice that sounded like a childish, but too sultry for that.

“yet… Can you be more patient?”


“Huhu. good.”

As I spoke with my heart pounding at the unusually bewitching attitude, Leia smiled kindly and released the hand that was holding my object tightly at the root.
I thought I would release my hand to hold the object properly again, but the point where the hand that fell away from my object was pointing was not in the middle of the object.

“Ugh! Le, Leia?!”

“If you think it will come… I’m going to give you strength and be patient. Do you know?”

Leia said while raising one finger and gently caressing the area around my buttocks as if turning it round and round.

“Ugh! Huh!”

“good. Then again… .”

As I desperately nodded while resisting the unfamiliar feeling of being touched near my hip, Leia gently grabbed my item again.

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Redemption of Counterattack

“Ummm… . You have endured it quite well. Do you think the method I gave you worked a little bit?”

Leia, who had been kissing me for a while and stroking things, spoke up with a smile after some time had passed.

“That, that… end?”

Well, actually, I don’t know how to do it manually because it’s at a level that I can tolerate if I put my mind to it.
Of course, it felt good.

“Huhu. Well done. But don’t be reassured that you put up with your hands This is a woman’s place… It feels so much better than doing it by hand.”

As Leia said that, she said while gently stroking her lower abdomen with the hand she had removed from the object.
bewitching Is this the color of the nine-tailed fox?

“So… .”

Leia climbed back on top of me and gave me a light kiss, then slowly moved her body down.

“You have to be able to bear this as well as your hands. uh… .”

Leia digs between my legs, opens her mouth wide and swallows my stuff.

“Ugh! Leia! But isn’t this something you never do during training?!”

“Uh? side. Whoops. I do not know? How do you feel?”

Perhaps it was because he was in a teaching position, Leia smiled softly and avoided the answer with a relaxed attitude.
no. Of course, Leia was usually easygoing and relaxed, but

At least not at night.

“If Leia doesn’t answer, I’ll go to the temple and find out by experiencing it myself!”

“Oh, people who have passed level 10 can no longer receive education at the training center.”

I shouted out a sound that I didn’t want to embarrass Leia even a little, but Leia accepted even that with ease.

“So, don’t worry about that… For now, just focus on being patient. Hmm… . e. Sigh… Oh, can’t you use the skill? side.”

Leia licked the tip of my object, put it back in her mouth, and started moving her head up and down.
Even thinking about it again, this is not what education should do.
No, in the first place, where is the education to be patient while sucking like this?
Doesn’t Leia know how good she is?
If it wasn’t for me, it would have been over in an instant.

“Ugh! Well!”

I reflexively flinched at the object again, and Leia, without taking her mouth off my object, raised her eyes and looked into my face.
Then he grabbed my attention by gently tapping my thigh with one hand, then brought it back to my hip.

“Uhhhhhhh. Huh?”

No, keep your mouth shut.
Of course, while I was biting, my tongue stimulated things for nothing, but it felt good.
But I know what you’re saying.
Like before, Leia was holding up one finger and caressing the area around my ass.

“Okay. I will be patient.”


Satisfied with my answer, Leia looked up at my face and smiled, then started moving her head up and down again.
ugh Wait a minute. Why do you still keep touching your ass after answering?
Yeah, it’s getting harder to bear.
I think this somehow knows how Sarah feels.
I’m sorry Sarah. Of course, I’ll keep doing it with my butt, but at least next time, I’ll make it a little more gentle.

“Pooh. Whoops. Salvation, too. You’re very patient. I think my jaw will get tired first.”

Leia muttered as if she was a little tired, took things off and caressed her chin.
However, on the other hand, it couldn’t have looked so bewitching to use one hand to scan an object that was more slippery with a saliva.

“It is not! Our Leia’s pretty chin! Come on, come on top of me! Let’s treat it with healing sex!”

With the thought of finally being freed from that strange sensation, I quickly looked up to Leia.

“Huhu. Don’t look too much like that. slowly step by step. You know?”

Leia said so, came up on top of me, kissed me once, and lay down next to me.

“This time, I will teach you how to make a woman’s body feel good. After insertion, it is common for males to end before females. For him, he needs to satisfy the woman to some extent before insertion.”

“Hmm. How to make a woman feel good.”

Is it finally time for a counterattack?
I went up to Leia with a smile of conversion.

“Ha, but come to think of it, again, this may not be necessary for Goo Won. Just omitting… .”

Leia said with a little bewilderment that she sensed something ominous when she saw my smile.
Indeed, priests are different. sensitive to ominous sensations.
But I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity.

“no. please let me know I want to make Leia feel a little bit better.”

“cadet… . Well, first of all, where women are sensitive… .”

Leia explained the sensitive areas of women by pointing them out one by one with a shy expression.

“Does that tell you where the average woman feels? Or are you telling me where Leia feels?”

Of course, as an exemplary student, I did not hesitate to ask questions if there was something I did not know.

“Yeah? That’s right, normal women… .”

“Then what about Leia?”


“Where does Leia feel particularly?”

“Really… Guwon knows my body better than I do.”

Leia said while gently stroking the apostle mark on her chest.

“I still want to hear it through Leia’s mouth.”

“Hey, here… .”

Leia blushed as she gently caressed her chest.


I said while gently stroking only the outer part of her chest that Leia had touched herself.

“Ugh! Yes, Neet!”

“Is it okay if I just touch you like this?”

As I continued to caress the outer part of her chest as if stroking her, Leia’s face flushed red.

“Joe, a little higher… ha ha! Above too… .”

“like this?”

Even though I knew what Leia meant, I deliberately turned my hand from the outside and touched the upper part of Leia’s chest.

“Really… Be mean… .”

Leia turned her body to the side with a slightly shriveled face, then slapped me in the chest with her tail.

“sorry. sorry. Did you want this?”


Then, when I moved my hand toward the center of Leia’s chest, Leia reacted sensitively and trembled.

“Is it okay if I just touch you here?”

“Ugh! Whoops!”

I put Leia’s nipples between my index and middle fingers and rubbed her entire chest a little hard to ask a question, but Leia couldn’t answer properly because she was too busy to sob.
If you don’t answer, does that mean you can do whatever you want?
I put the other hand down.
Leia’s body was still facing to the side, so she couldn’t touch her pussy right away.
I slid my hand toward Leia’s ass, stroking her pelvis and thighs on the side of Leia’s buttocks.

“Hey! Huh!”

Leia’s body twitched momentarily when her finger touched her vagina after passing through the buttocks.
It didn’t seem like it was barely climaxed, but it seems it was quite dangerous.
After all, the heightened charm exerts such an overwhelming effect even against the nine tail foxes.

“It’s already so wet… . Miss Leia. I think the lectures that make women feel good can be finished soon. What do you think?”

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Yes! I think I can finish it, I can finish it!”

As I stir Leia’s pussy with my fingers

Leia nodded desperately and said.

“then… .”

When I grabbed Leia’s leg and tried to spread it to the side, Leia shook her head while taking a sweet breath.

“It’s education… I’m up… .”

Saying that, Reina laid me on the bed and slowly climbed onto me.
Leia’s pussy, which had only been climaxed, but had already heated up as much as it was hot, was dripping love liquid on my things, and her eyes were slightly opened and she looked down at me with a recalled face.

“then… After insertion, not only endure it, but also move the waist properly and make a woman feel good… Whoa!”

Leia slightly lifted her hips, reached under her crotch and grabbed my stuff, and tried to explain before inserting it.

“The waist… like this?”

But before Leia finished speaking, I raised my back.
After the insertion, Leia straightened her back and looked up and trembled for a while, then collapsed forward and drooped over my body.
His cheeks on my chest and saliva leaking out of his mouth, trembling intermittently, seemed to have been a fatal blow because the surprise was so effective.
this. I should have been a little more careful considering my charm.

“Lee, Leia? Are you okay Leia?”

I said while shaking Leia’s shoulder.
Shaking it like that, Leia immediately responded.
Leia’s eyes, still looking up at me with her cheeks on my chest, with her head up, were already leaking purple light one after another.

“Haha, ha… then… Should I continue? Here, too, there are areas that women feel in common. priority… Whoops!”

Leia spoke in a more bewitching voice than before, lifted her waist, and made the tip of my object come near her G-spot.
But maybe he couldn’t stand the stimulation even while he was doing it, he put his elbows on the bed and endured it, bowing his head and shaking his body.
In the midst of that, not lowering his back was a great professional spirit.

“Wow, heh, this part here, ha ha, the woman… Whoops!”

“Hey, Leia. Because there is no need to overdo it.”

However, Leia continued her explanation while bowing her head and shaking her head.
Obviously, my body was trembling as if it was the limit, but my waist was spinning like I was rubbing my G-spot with the tip of my object.
With her head bowed, her expression was hidden by her hair, but Leia must have had a very bewitching face by now.
Drops of what I thought were saliva were dripping down on my chest under Leia’s face.

I gently rolled up Leia’s hair and peered into her face.
I knew it. Leia’s face was completely relaxed and saliva was dripping from her mouth.
It was surprising that he was speaking in that state.

“Leia. The lecture is now over. Huh? I can’t stand it as I’m drooling like this… .”

I put my finger on the saliva dripping from Leia’s mouth and lifted it up, and Leia reflexively licked it.
Then he lowered his face to my chest and began to lick all the saliva he had shed.
so yourself

After licking all the saliva, Leia raised her head and looked into my eyes.

“Mr. Guwon asks me to do it… heh… Because you did… . to the end… which… Will… .”

Why are you doing this?
Clearly, Leia is the type of person who can’t refuse when asked and tries to do anything she can, but still… Oh yes
As I couldn’t do anything at night because of my normal nine-tailed fox condition, was it possible that I was happy to receive this kind of request from me?
To be honest, I think Leia did a lot of different things under the pretext of training.
Maybe Leia doesn’t think that what she did for training was what she did for me.

“Good. Then it was just a normal female lecture.

“… on?”

“Tell me a lecture about Leia. In what way or how Leia likes it more.”

“Ha, but that… .”

okay. It’s not about education, it’s about just moving Leia the way she wants to feel.
But what about it?

“That’s what I want to know the most right now. So are you okay?”

“Savior… .”

Leia kissed my lips and lowered her waist to take the object all the way, and started rocking it back and forth instead of up and down.

“Is it better to rub the inside?”

I parted my lips and asked a slightly mean question.
Well, I already knew that.

“Hey! Yes, Neet! Whoops! Baby, baby… … Because I want it!”

It was meant to be a joke, but Leia said something that touched her heart with a completely relaxed face.

“okay. Let’s have it someday This is the practice.”

“Whew! Yes, heh, four!”

Leia was sobbing with pleasure, but she smiled brightly like a flower in full bloom.

“Then Leia. I will wrap it in the innermost part so that it is easy to have children.”

“Heh! Yes, please, huh, please!”

Where in the world is there a man in the world who would refuse such a request from our angel?
I, who had been patient for quite some time before the insertion, had no patience to hold onto Leia’s buttocks and ejaculated while pushing down hard.


Leia, who had already felt the climax several times while shaking her waist, felt the climax again at the same time as my ejaculation.
But, should I say that she is a nine-tailed fox, or that she has the highest level among the three of us except Silvia? Leia didn’t faint.

“I’ll continue right away.”

“Ugh! 👌👌👌 Whoops!”

Leia buried her face in my chest and moaned while barely nodding her head.
In the end, I completely forgot the cause of education, and I thoroughly attacked the inside of Leia overnight.

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today… Long success… .


Ancient Curse

“Sara? Why?”

As we were eating, as usual, Sarah was staring at Leia’s face.
To express it in an imitative expression, the word “panhi” is not enough, and it is enough to say “paaaanhi”.
Perhaps Leia was a little embarrassed when Sarah stared at her too closely, or even asked such a question while blushing softly.

“Oh, no. nothing.”

Sarah shook her head in embarrassment, as if she realized what she was doing only after hearing Leia’s question.

“It’s also our angel. It’s a beauty that makes even the same woman fall in love with it.”

“Goo, Guwon is so… It’s a shame if you lift it up like that… .”

“Hey, isn’t it?!”

Leia, as expected, blushed in embarrassment at my prank.
But Sarah showed an unexpected reaction.
Huh? You’re just getting mad at this joke?
This time, I stared at Sarah’s face.

“What, what?”


indeed. Is it like that?
I noticed why Sarah suddenly reacted so sensitively.
Sarah wasn’t angry, she just raised her voice to hide her feelings.
And that wasn’t in response to my joke, but in response to saying that Leia was pretty.

“Leia, aren’t you pretty? Because Leia did a great job as a nine-tailed fox. Because yesterday was also quite attractive. That would make it more beautiful.”


When I said that, Sarah’s body twitched and trembled, as expected.

“Are you jealous? Or are you anxious? Because the charm stopped at 250 alone.”

“Well, something like that… .”

“It can’t be. Sara, let’s be honest.”

“Ugh! yes you idiot! Why?! Shouldn’t you be anxious?!”

“It can’t be. cute.”

I gently hugged Sarah, and Sarah came into my arms without any resistance.

“Still, nothing to worry about. I don’t like you less or don’t like you because you’re a little less attractive than other kids.”

“Huh… I believe in that… . Still, I want to go to the dungeon soon.”

“okay. As soon as the equipment arrives, I will go.”

“Huh… .”

It’s a dungeon… .
It doesn’t matter if you go as soon as the equipment upgrade is finished, but there is still work to be done before going to the dungeon.
All of our children took turns hugging each other, and now it’s time to solve the problem that we’ve been putting off.
I glanced at Matilda, stroking Sarah’s back.
Matilda was looking at us with a sullen look on her face, as if she didn’t like something.
Well, her default expression is that expression.
According to Leia, that was also said to be acting to prevent others from approaching, but is it true?
It’s hard to believe that he was originally a gentle and kind personality.

Anyway, after dinner, I held onto our kids and chatted until Matilda went back to her room.
And after Matilda left the dining room, she declared to everyone.

“I’m going to be with Matilda during the day.”

It was an expression that I said back and forth, but that alone would have conveyed my intentions accurately.

“Hmm. I’ll check it out one last time. Are you sure you won’t take any damage?”

“It’s good to save Cardinal Matilda, but I hate it if there’s a possibility that Guwon could be harmed too.”

Diana asked a question as if to confirm it once again, and Leia was slightly unanswered.

said selfish things.
Well, that means you love me that much.

“do not worry. Absolutely no problem.”

“Because you are always so self-confident. be careful. Then don’t get hurt.”

Sara spoke in a tone that was a bit sullen, but certainly affectionate.
I nodded vigorously and headed to Matilda’s room.

please i hope it goes well
This is a gamble.
If sex with me doesn’t break Matilda’s curse, it’s just like saying that Matilda can openly love me.
Then, the probability that even Matilda will be in the same situation as Sylvia is very high.
It won’t be a bad feeling if I stick to a beautiful woman like Matilda, but my kids will suffer again.
So, I hope this gamble will be successful for me as well.

“Matilda. Are you in the room?”

I knocked on Matilda’s door, feeling a little nervous.

“Savior? What’s going on?”

Matilda then opened the door with a very surprised expression.
Well, I’ve never been to Matilda’s room before.
that would be surprising
But how do I explain this?
I didn’t reveal it until just before, because I thought there was no need to make people restless, but I’m a little embarrassed to explain it.
you have sex with me! It cannot be declared.
No. Wouldn’t it be easier to explain in a slightly businesslike way here?

“I have something to tell you.”

“Me, a man who comes to a woman’s room alone, is it just the two of you?

Matilda became the face of a woman in love, reminding her on the cheek that she had only something to say.
His voice is not his usual tik-tik, but a sweet voice that makes you fall in love.
How pink really makes your hair like this.
anyway what happened

“Once in.”

Normally, I would have been terrified and would have said something disrespectful, but now I don’t have to act like that.
Without seeing any reaction to Matilda’s appearance, I went into the room and closed the door.

“Uh, huh? really?”

When I didn’t react as usual, Matilda seemed quite embarrassed.
What is Lani really? Don’t make a confession.

“First of all, what should I say… . okay. Hey. Did I mention that I am a saint sent by a goddess? Well, you didn’t believe it.”

“Hey, what does that mean? Until I hear the voice of Goddess with my ears, I will never… .”

Matilda, who was looking forward to something, said with a slightly puzzled expression as if my words were out of expectation.

“When the Goddess sent me to this world, she gave me strength through the profession of a saint specialized in sexual abilities. So I basically never lose my sexual function. Do you know what that means?”

I ignored Matilda’s words and continued to say what I had to say.

“Yeah? what is that… eh? Eh?!”

At first, Matilda was puzzled, but after a while, as if she had realized something, she looked into my face as if it was true.

“okay. I also realized recently

I mean. Apparently, I am immune to your curse.”

Oh, I don’t believe in the fact that God sent me anyway.
If you don’t show this to yourself, you might not believe it.
It’s annoying but I can’t help it It’s not difficult.

“Matilda. What do you think of me?”

I hugged Matilda’s waist and squeezed her body tightly, then looked into her twinkling eyes and said,

“Joe, I love you… .”

Well. I knew it, but it was still so simple.
It was so easy that I wondered how he had lived his daily life up to this age.
Well, it’s not something I care about.
After listening carefully to Matilda’s confession, I used my revived pride.

“Can you feel it?”

“Yeah… yes… !”

As I spoke while holding a stiff object close to Matilda’s lower abdomen, Matilda nodded her head with a hazy expression on her face.

“Well, then the proof is over with this.”

As soon as Matilda confirmed, I let go of the hand wrapped around my waist and fell.


Why are you making that face?
Did you think I could whisper love like you?
Don’t look like that. Obviously I’m not in a situation where I’m sorry, but I’m sorry for nothing.

“Hmmm. Anyway, let me tell you what I came here for. There’s a saying that your curse, having sex with a man might be undone? So let’s have sex with me.”


Matilda trembled and shook her head as if she was holding on to something.

“Hey, I’ll refuse!”

“Huh? Why?”

“Sexual acts are sacred acts between loved ones… .”
“Do you not love me?”

“I love you oh… .”

She approached Matilda, who seemed to be making an angry voice, and whispered in her ear.
Are you kidding me right now?

“hot! Oh, no! You don’t like me, do you?!”

But then Matilda shook her head and slapped her in the cheek with both hands, then forced herself to speak in an angry tone again.

“no. So, to break the curse. You must have tried it with other priests. They all loved you… .”

“At least for that moment, they loved me. like you… .”

Oh, it’s really annoying and I’m going to die.
How can he be so annoying other than a curse?

“Then, do I have to love you as much as I can for this moment?”

“Such cheap… .”
“Matilda, I love you.”

“I love you too… .”

No, anyway, this is too much.
Please tell me it’s because of the curse.

“Then let’s do something that proves our love for each other. Are you fine?”

“Yeah… .”

It seems that somehow I have become like the bad guy who seduced an innocent girl.
no! I’m doing this with the pure heart of wanting to break Matilda’s curse. I’m not wrong!
Damn it. Matilda boy. It’s so easy to be fooled that it makes me feel strangely guilty.
In any case, it might be better to finish it quickly before it gets any more annoying.
You only need to do it once to see if the curse is lifted.

I wrapped my arms around Matilda’s waist and hugged her, staring into her eyes and smiling brightly.
Matilda was staring at me as if she was falling into my eyes and had only a hazy expression on her face.
While facing Matilda like that, I quickly took off Matilda’s clothes.
Thanks to the cardinal position, the colors are different and there is something more glamorous, but the basic structure is not much different from Leia’s priestly uniform.
I was already used to taking off Leia’s priestly uniform, so I was able to remove Matilda’s clothes without much difficulty.
And Matilda didn’t care that she was being stripped, just staring at my face.
This really makes my heart ache for some reason.

“Beautiful body… eh… .”

I took off Matilda’s clothes, regardless of what I was thinking. I looked down at Matilda’s body and tried to speak, but I was at a loss for words for a moment.
Matilda’s black scar as if struck by lightning was not only on her left arm.
The priest’s uniform was tightly wrapped around his body, so he hadn’t noticed it at all until now.
A black scar wrapped around his arm and went up through his shoulder to his left chest, and went straight to Matilda’s lower abdomen.
On the lower abdomen, black scars twisted and twisted as if they were lumped together, and then rode on the left leg again and penetrated to the toe.
To summarize, that black scar was covering the entire left side of his body.
It was probably spread around the scar on the lower abdomen that looked like a snake tangled in it.

“Also… Are you ugly?”

As I was a bit speechless, Matilda gave an anxious expression and covered her scar with her right arm.
Of course, it was not large enough to be covered with one arm, so it was not covered at all.
How could a woman have scars of this level?
Aside from the effect of the curse, this alone must have caused a lot of heartache.
I felt sympathy when I saw that, so I spoke with a little more sincerity than before.

“no. Your body is so attractive that scars like that can’t cover it.”

“Ah… .”

I knelt down and kissed Matilda’s lower abdomen, with black scars tangled around her.

“And… I will be able to get rid of this scar soon.”

Now, let’s not have any doubts about gambling or anything else.
By having sex with me, this curse will surely be lifted.
I knelt down, wrapped my arms around Matilda’s waist and stood up.


Matilda, startled by my sudden action, wrapped her arms and legs around my body and cling to her.
So I picked up Matilda and headed straight to bed.
I gently laid Matilda down on the bed, and I looked into Matilda’s eyes again.

“then… .”

“Yes, yes… .”

As if listening to Matilda’s sweet voice and ignoring the guilt that arose in my heart, I immediately used the power of the saint.

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Ancient Curse

“Hey! haha! All, you… .”

As I got pleasure from the saint’s power, Matilda fell into my arms with a face that fell in love even more.
Ouch! Sin, guilt!
No matter how much I made excuses to release the curse, the guilt about using someone else’s personality to have sex like this did not go away.
In fact, the only way to break the curse was to have sex with Matilda like this.

okay. Using the method of transferring a curse to Leia’s body, there was no need for this.
But even though I was aware of it, I didn’t say a word about it on purpose.
I’m sorry Matilda, but for me, my kids are my number one priority.

If it was certain that the curse would be lifted immediately after having sex, I would have transferred the curse to Leia’s body and had sex with Leia
. .
What if the curse was transferred to Leia’s body and the curse was not lifted by sex?

Leia had said
The curse also has the effect of making the host fall in love easily.
Of course, this result came because Matilda was merged with her original personality, and others said that she was not as good as Matilda.
Still, Leia might have feelings for someone other than me, even if only slightly.
Of course, I don’t think my angel would ever sway me because of a curse, but I didn’t want to create even the slightest possibility.
then. As long as I keep my eyes open, I’ll never do that.

After moving to Leia and having sex, if the curse doesn’t go away, why don’t you just transfer it to Matilda again?
Of course I thought of that. I immediately rejected it, though.
Not anyone else, but our angel.
Are you going to hand over the curse that entered your body to Matilda again because it couldn’t be lifted?
To Matilda, who has been sacrificing herself for several years while keeping the curse on her body?
I tried to solve it once, but it didn’t work, so you’re being cursed again?
I never thought it would.
This time, it was too obvious that he was going to sacrifice himself.

I know Leia’s personality well, so I purposely came to hug Matilda without saying a word to Leia about him.
Maybe Leia is also noticing it.
No, in almost all cases, Leia would have noticed too.
I was about to say something right before I got up earlier and went down to the restaurant.
Noticing the strange feeling, I pretended to be a joke.
Leia hasn’t tried to say anything again since then, so it’s probably right to think that she understood my intentions and shut her mouth while trying to talk about it.

Anyway, that’s why I feel a lot of guilt for Matilda right now.
Besides, it’s so easy

Matilda, who falls in love, even refused to have sex for a moment.
As a clergyman, he must be thinking about sexual activity more particularly than other people.
And I seduced him… Damn it. First of all, I’m doing this to help, so why do I have to taste these feelings?
I can’t help it. The best I can do is just treat you like I really love you, even for now.

“Good mood?”

“Yes! 👌👌

Matilda reached out and hugged my neck and nodded her head to my chest.
It’s not quite as messy as our kids, but it seems to have an effect.
I was a little nervous as my level was a little higher than that of Sylvia, but I’m glad.

“Then show me that happy expression properly.”

I carefully loosened Matilda’s arm around my neck, lowered her back onto the bed, and stared intently at her body.
Matilda, who had been stripped of clothes and was now wearing only underwear, certainly had a nice body that came out and went in.
And she was wearing pure white and neat underwear that didn’t go well with her sassy personality or such a gorgeous body.
Well, they say that a strong personality is not my original personality, and since I am a priest in the first place, is it natural not to wear fancy clothes?
Anyway, the unbalanced feeling seemed to increase Matilda’s charm.

As I stared, Matilda averted her eyes for a moment, a little embarrassed, but then she stared at me again.
As if he wanted to keep looking at me, he looked at me with hazy eyes in love.
I gently brought my face to Matilda’s face.

“Ah… .”

Matilda then closed her eyes slightly and trembled.
I’m sorry this betrayed your expectations.
I didn’t kiss Matilda’s lips, but the cheek next to her.
Then he came down slowly while kissing a bird.
Through the smooth and fine neck, through the collarbone to the chest.
Matilda’s body trembled slightly as she kissed her upper breast, which was slightly exposed above her underwear.

I lifted my head, gave Matilda a small smile, and placed my mouth in the middle of Matilda’s chest over her underwear.
And as he moved his lips as if to search, he was able to find the protrusion that protruded slightly while moving over his underwear.

“Ugh! Whoops!”

When I slightly bit the bump with her front teeth, Matilda hugged my head tightly with her arms and flapped her waist like a bow.
stupid The saint’s power is constantly being activated, so the closer you get to me, the more unbearable it gets?
I did not stop provoking Matilda, but spurred it even further.
I put my hand inside my panties, and I put my index and middle fingers in the already wet place, poked it, and stirred it.

“Wow! Whoops! Yes!”

Matilda was now completely locked in a bowed position, her back floating on the bed.

“Yes! I, hey! Whoops! eh?”

And just before Matilda was about to climax, I purposely stopped all movements of my mouth and hands.

“Why, why?”

When I suddenly stopped moving, Matilda asked with a look of regret.
don’t get too excited
There was an intention to treat Matilda as if she really loved Matilda even for this moment, but that wasn’t the only reason why foreplay was so painstakingly done.
I said that sex could break the curse, but I don’t know what the exact conditions are.
Is insertion the condition for the curse to be lifted? Or what does a woman feel? Or is it that a man wraps it inside?
Unless you know what the condition is, you have to try all of them.
That’s why I carefully caressed Matilda, who is at a higher level than me, to lead her to the climax during insertion.
It’s a matter of using the last pride even if it’s just inserted, but it’s a matter of consuming all the spirit, so I don’t want to use it whenever possible.

“It’s a shame to feel this way. If you’re going to feel it, this is it… .”

I got up from my close contact with Matilda and took off my clothes.

“Ah… damn, that’s awesome… so… .”

Seeing my stiff object, Matilda blushed lightly.
you are awesome
I had said that it was neat underwear before, but Matilda’s underwear now has a completely different feel than before.
On the upper part, a pink faucet was visible through the underwear that had become transparent with my saliva, and the lower part became transparent with its own love juice and even adhered to it, showing the shape of the pubic area clearly visible beyond the underwear.

“Oh, wait… .”

As I tried to insert the soaked undergarment by flipping it to the side, Matilda abruptly stood up.
Why? Are you refusing to come now?
ah please If you would refuse, you would have done it sooner.
Besides, it’s already heated to the climax. Would you like to insert him right away?
Matilda raised her upper body while passing over my suspicious gaze, gently hugged me and made me lay on the bed.
Then he got on my boat this time and said, looking into my face still in love.

“Because it’s unfair that I’m the only one getting it.”

Having said that, Matilda slowly brought her face to my face.
uh? awhile.
I fell into a state of panic for a moment.
How do I do this?
No matter how hard you try to act in love, in the end, acting is acting.
To keep the last line, I didn’t kiss Matilda as much.
I think this is a line that must be followed even for our children who allow them to have sex with other women.
But that didn’t give me the courage to turn my head around here.
First of all, the atmosphere we have created so far will be destroyed in an instant, and above all, the wounds Matilda will receive will be enormous.
What do we do? how can i do it?

But Matilda’s lips never touched mine.
Matilda had a sad expression on her face for a moment, for a brief moment, and then kissed me on the cheek.
The intention was very clear. Matilda knew.
The fact that I was avoiding kissing on purpose.

But that expression was really fleeting, kissing the cheek

As if falling in love, Matilda looked at me with a blank expression on her face as if she had fallen in love and smiled mischievously.
Then he slowly descended, kissing the bird on the side as I did before.
Through the neck and collarbone, slowly towards the chest.

When Matilda arrived at her chest, she patted my chest as if she was so adorable that she couldn’t help it.
At the same time, I stimulated the other nipple by turning it with my finger, and the other hand went down and started to scan my items slowly.

He kept looking at me in Matilda’s eyes as he crawled his tongue over my chest.
And every time I flinched and trembled in response to the stimulus, I stimulated it even harder with a bashful smile as if I was going to die of love.

“How is it? Do you feel good?”

“Yes… .”

It felt incredibly good.
However, the greater the pleasure, the greater the guilt.
Damn it. Did I whisper false love to this kid?

“thank God… .”

But Matilda continued to serve, rejoicing, regardless of my heart.
Matilda’s body, which had been caressing her chest to some extent, gradually went down.
He stroked my abs as if he had a muscular fetish, and this time grabbed my stuff and kissed the end.
Then, as he grabbed the object and moved it around, he began to kiss the bird so tightly that there was no place where his lips couldn’t touch the object.
Of course, Matilda didn’t mean that at all, but to me, Matilda’s appearance seemed to satisfy her craving for a kiss because she couldn’t kiss.

“It’s really dignified. It’s the first time I’ve seen this.”

“What, what? you said It is said to be an apostle of the Goddess. What is this?”

Whatever the guilt in my heart, I need to keep acting as long as Matilda is so engrossed in it.
I answered with a bluff on purpose.

“i See.”

Matilda, who obviously did not believe that I was a messenger from the goddess, accepted my bluff without any objection, and then swallowed the object in her mouth.
In the meantime, he keeps his eyes on my face and smiles bashfully whenever they make eye contact with me.
When I unknowingly reached out and gave Matilda’s hair back as she was washing my things, Matilda rubbed her hair into my hands as if pampering me.

“Haha. haha I’m sorry. I can’t stand it any longer. It seems I haven’t done as much as you did yet… Can I put it in?”

Matilda opened her mouth as she said that, and then slowly got up.

“Sure. I also want to connect with Matilda soon.”

“Yeah… Whoops!”

She twisted her underwear to the side and pressed her pussy to the end of my dick, and Matilda lowered her waist to fully embrace mine.

“Haha, haha, haha, de, I’m in… .”

Then, with a smile of happiness more than ever, he buried his face in my chest and rubbed his cheek.

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I didn’t cut it off on purpose.

I got off work later than usual today, so I’ve only been able to write this far.
I tried my best not to cut the scene… .
From now on, I will continue to write so that I can upload the next part.
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Jad Seoran // Last time, there was a question about whether it would be okay to transfer a curse to Leia’s body, so I was going to write an explanation, but I forgot and didn’t write it.
So it’s a little awkward, but I put an explanation about it at the beginning of this episode.

I got off work later than usual today, so I’ve only been able to write this far.
I tried my best not to cut the scene… .
From now on, I will continue to write so that I can upload the next part.
If it doesn’t come up within three hours, just think of it as a stretch.

Jad Seoran // Last time, there was a question about whether it would be okay to transfer a curse to Leia’s body, so I was going to write an explanation, but I forgot and didn’t write it.
So it’s a little awkward, but I put an explanation about it at the beginning of this episode.

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