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Ancient Curse

“Then I will move.”

I hugged Matilda’s body tightly and surrendered myself to pleasure as if deceiving guilt.

“Heh! ha ha! Whoops!”

Me and Matilda were already in a heated situation, so the climax was instantaneous.


“Hey! Ahhh… Whoops!”

When I ejaculated, Matilda climaxed herself as she hugged me tightly with a look of genuine happiness.
Even after Matilda had reached her climax, I had no choice but to hold Matilda tightly, without the thought of checking whether the curse had been lifted immediately, only disarming the saint’s power.
At least for this moment, I couldn’t do such a shameful thing to check the curse first.

“Ha ha ha ha ha… So cool… .”

“Thanks. You were pretty too.”

Matilda, who was in the afterglow of the climax as she was held in my arms, took a few breaths and said so and kissed the nape of my neck.
I couldn’t help but stroke Matilda’s hair as she kissed the back of her neck.

Matilda had been kissing her side for a while, but as soon as my belongings gradually lost their strength, she had no choice but to drop her body as if it were a pity.
But still reaching out and gently pressing her upper body to prevent me from getting up, Matilda slowly slipped through my crotch.
Then he buried his left body in the duvet and lay down obliquely so that he could not see it, and he brought his love liquid and my object that had been stained with my love liquid, and began to lick the liquid adhering to the object with his tongue.

is it. He coaxed him to have sex with him by saying he loved him, but he had revealed the purpose of having sex in the first place.
And even though it’s said that she fell for the candy cane, Matilda must have remembered it too.
So, in order to enjoy this time even a little longer, Matilda is trying not to show any traces of the curse.
I felt sorry for Matilda’s behavior like that, so I reached down and stroked Matilda’s head, just staring at the ceiling.
Judging by the texture of the lips felt on the object, Matilda was probably smiling.

“Thank you.”

Matilda, who had thoroughly cleaned my belongings, opened her mouth and said thanks in a small voice.
Then I stood up from the bed, putting my feet on either side of my waist as if to be honest.
The reason I’m covering my vagina with my hands isn’t because I’m shy, but because I’m afraid my cheap semen will spill out and pollute my body.
As if she had nothing to hide other than that, Matilda proudly showed her left body.
And on Matilda’s left half, traces of the curse were still intact.
From the left arm, it runs down the torso and down to the legs.
A black scar still completely occupied the left body.

“It’s a little sad.”

Matilda said, stroking her scar with her right hand with a slightly bitter expression.

“You mean that the way to break the curse wasn’t sex… .”

“Hey, I’m very sorry. I did that.”

And Matilda returned to her usual stern tone again, and with an arrogant expression on her face, said so.
But it was an obvious attitude to do so on purpose.
is it. Was that attitude really acting?

“Still, you are better than anyone else. I’m really unaffected by this curse. Thanks to this, my curse doesn’t seem to spread any further… .”
“awhile. What did you say now?”

Hearing Matilda’s inaudible words, I jumped up and grabbed Matilda’s shoulder with both hands and said.

“Yes, four? What?”

Matilda, who was acting arrogantly, was shocked when her expression suddenly broke, but I didn’t care.

“What do you mean the curse spreads?”

“That, that… Whenever another man is affected by this curse, the scars on my body spread a little. At first, the scar on the lower abdomen was all there was, but as the number of male victims increased, it spread little by little without realizing it… .”

Saying so, Matilda pointed to a scar on her lower abdomen that looked like a snake tethered around it.

“It’s little by little… how much?”

“Well, up to that point… It’s so weak that it’s hard to tell just by looking at it.”

“Well, then, how many men have you been eunuch? .”

“Oh, I can’t help it! How many years do you think I’ve been with this curse?! Besides, this curse makes it easy to fall for men! Even for someone like you… !”

Matilda exclaimed with an indifferent expression.
No, it doesn’t make sense even if it’s decades, not years.
In order for the scar to spread to the point of being invisible and completely cover the left side of the body, at least a few hundred were made of eunuchs.
Don’t make excuses for the curse.
I felt a little absurd, but still, Matilda’s just remark gave me something to double check.


I knocked Matilda over the bed once more.

“Hey! What is it? Your business is over… .”

“I do not care.”

It really matters, but I lied on purpose because I was sorry to make Matilda feel the same way again.

“All right, you don’t really love me… .”

Matilda’s voice then became noticeably unstable.
His gaze has also become a little hazy, and I doubt whether he is really able to live his daily life.
No, because it’s impossible, the scars of the curse must have spread like this.

“At least, it’s true that I felt you lovingly when I hugged you. Or did my actions all feel like lies? That pleasure?”

Having said that, I again used the power of the saint.
And I made a decision in my mind.
If my predictions are correct, he must be too… .
There is no guarantee that my predictions will always be correct, but I have a baseless conviction that they will.
My premonition at a time like this is very likely to be true.
okay. So this will be fine.
Thinking like that, the sense of guilt that I had felt before has diminished a bit.
Maybe it’s just self-rationalization, but at least it won’t be a complete lie.

“Well, it’s not… . you… .”

Matilda’s voice changed again to a completely charming, sweet voice.

“okay. So I want to do it one more time. Is it true that Matilda is too?”

“Yeah… .”

I kissed Matilda on the nape of her neck, held her on the bed, and reinserted it.


“Matilda. Pretty.”

“Alas… yes… All, you too… Whoops! very… .”

Matilda let out a sweet sigh and kissed the nape of my neck as well.
Perhaps it is a sight that seems a little funny to others.
They are connected in a sitting position facing each other, and they are kissing each other’s neck, not their lips.
But we kissed each other on the nape of the neck with so much passion and sincerity.

“Hah! Ha! Whoops! Uh, what… this, this… Whoops! why… !”

Matilda sobbed uncontrollably as she buried her face in the nape of my neck and kissed me.
ugh Hey. Don’t shake your back like that.
You are at a high level, so if you shake it like that, I will… .
Of course you don’t have to be patient. In any case, you have to ejaculate several times to confirm.
But even so, it hurts my pride for me to buy it first.
Even if Matilda’s level is higher than mine.
I started using not only the saint’s power, but all other active skills.

“Wow! increasingly… a little bit more… Ah, ah… . Hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

In the end, I was able to make Matilda feel right before ejaculation.

“Pretty. Matilda.”

“Ahhh… Ahhh… .”

Matilda’s eyes widened and she listened to me, and she clung to me with a smile that looked really happy.

“Oh, no! I can’t do this! Whoa!”

And how much time has passed?
Matilda, who had already reached her climax beyond counting how many times, eventually passed out as soon as she felt the climax.
did it I did it!
Feeling satisfied that I had made a much higher level child go out first, I pulled an object out of Matilda’s.
Of course, I also ejaculated a lot.
After all, I could do it indefinitely with my revived pride, and I ejaculated inside Matilda whenever the signal came without even thinking of putting up with it.
Thanks to this, when I pulled the thing out, a white liquid with a high viscosity flowed out from Matilda’s vagina.
Seeing that strange sight, things swelled up again, but I suppressed my desire and checked the time in the corner of my vision.

6 o’clock in the evening… . After all, I skipped lunch and did it all through dinner.
This is a big deal.
The kids must have thought they would come out with only a brief check.
Well, it’s true that I did it to keep checking until now.
I’ll listen to your excuses later.
It’s going to detonate a bigger bomb than it did in a long time, so it’s no use to be afraid of something like this now.

I decided to observe Matilda’s faint body first.
And again, I was able to confirm that my predictions came true.
The curse engraved on Matilda’s body

The traces are slightly reduced.
A little at each end that wraps around the arms and legs.
Even if it was a little bit, the length of two fingers had decreased as it had been for quite some time.
No, I did that, but I have to say that I only shortened the length of my fingers by two inches.

Anyway, I knew how to get rid of the curse.
So, in a word, it was right that sex was the way to lift the curse.
But the problem is that I have to have sex with the number of men affected by that curse.
okay. Somehow it seemed
Maybe because I had sex today, some of the men who were being affected by the curse were freed from it.
It will be more accurate if I go to the temple tomorrow and check it out.
I grabbed Matilda’s body and headed for the bathtub in the room.

Matilda did not come to her senses until she had washed her body.
I laid Matilda on the bed, covered her with a blanket, and left the room.
I think it’s a gentleman’s attitude to stay by my side until I wake up, but I have work to do.
And it’d be better if this was done when Matilda wasn’t there.
If we’re together, it’s only going to get complicated.

It was dinner time anyway, so I headed straight to the restaurant.
I was supposed to go first and wait, but surprisingly, everyone was already gathered at the restaurant.

“It is quite late.”

“Huh. It takes time to check.”

“Confirm? Aren’t you just obsessed with sex?”

Diana and Sarah both looked quite angry. Even Leia was looking at me with a slightly anxious look.
that must be mad The guy who went in right after breakfast didn’t come out until dinner time. I understand.

“listen. That’s it. Sex was the key to breaking the curse.”

“What?! Then even after the curse is lifted… !”
“no. But it couldn’t be done just once. Besides, the curse has not yet been lifted.”

“… What do you mean by that?”

“It seems that I have to have sex with the number of men who were disabled because of Matilda’s curse. I’ve been working tirelessly to check it until now, but the traces of the curse have only decreased by about two fingers.

“What… ?! So, how come there are so many people affected by Matilda’s curse?!”

Maybe Diana didn’t know that much detail, so she looked quite surprised.
Still, after listening to my story, he seemed to understand why it took so long, and his anger seemed to have subsided.
Well, there was a good reason anyway, so I thought you would understand.
In the first place, they were the ones who told me that if it was unavoidable, it would be okay to do it.
But what I’m going to talk about now is a little different.
I continued speaking, feeling my palms wet with sweat from tension.

“It seems like that. So I mean… .”

When I got lucky, everyone looked at me with a aware expression.

“I think I should have Matilda with me, just like Sylvia.”

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Long success… .


Ancient Curse

Once there was a reason.
In fact, it was a much bigger cause than when Sylvia was.
When Sylvia was honest, even if she didn’t accept Sylvia, there wasn’t much of a problem.
It’s just that I don’t feel any pleasure, because I didn’t have any problems with my life.
So that’s why I was treated like that at first.

But Matilda is different.
Matilda herself is not only imprisoned for the rest of her life in a place where men cannot come because of a curse, but many men are left eunuch.
Not only for Matilda alone, but for many men, it is necessary to keep it and cure the curse.

Of course, even if I don’t break the curse while having sex with Matilda, I can break the curse when Leia reaches level 250.
The problem is that no one knows when level 250 will be.
Still, as I reached level 100, the level up started to slow down a bit.
But it’s too much to leave Matilda and the countless men affected by the curse by telling them to wait until then when they don’t know when.

Although the cause was clear, there was a reason why I was anxious nonetheless.
It’s very different from Sylvia’s time.
When I was Sylvia, I stubbornly refused at first, and then said I would just take her as a party member.
After my kids told me it was okay to have sex with Sylvia, I only did it occasionally.
But now, from the beginning, I declared it first.
I’m going to have sex with you.

“Hmm. is it. It’s also not easy to solve.”

But Diana folded her arms and nodded her head as if she expected it.

“Yes? Are you not angry?”

“Of course it feels bad to have you hug another woman, but I am not young enough to be angry in a situation like this. did you say If you can’t help it, you can hug another woman.”

“Yes, sir. Don’t be so anxious. I think I can fully understand how much Guwon was worried.”

Saying that, Leia clenched her fists, grabbed my sweat-drenched left hand, and buried it between her chest.
Then, after gently making his fists open, he carefully took out a handkerchief and wiped the sweat.
you’re worried Rather, right after I said that I should have Matilda with me, I wondered how much they thought for that short time until I answered… .
Even so, I couldn’t help but be moved by the way they comforted me.

“You, you guys… .”

“Because you are so stupid. or what? Did we do anything to get angry?”

“Oh, no! Not like that!”

“really? award winning… .”

Maybe he’s doing this on purpose to reassure me,” said Sarah, with a smile that’s funny enough that anyone can tell it’s a joke.

“That, that… .”

But I couldn’t help but blur my words.

“Yes? what? Really?”

And Sarah’s expression turned into a bewildered look at my reaction.

“Maybe really

Is it that you fell in love with Matilda-san, or something like that?!”

“no. It’s not like that. Not now, but… .”

okay. He certainly doesn’t feel any love for Matilda right now.
The reason I said first that I would have Matilda with me was solely out of the pity and sympathy I felt earlier.
Still, the reason I feel so sorry for them is because I was like this with Sylvia.
Sylvia had no feelings at first either.
I thought it looked pretty, but that was all.
But what about now?
Whenever he has time, he hugs him when he is bored, plays with him and plays with him, and is cute and wants to die.
There’s no guarantee that Matilda won’t change that much either.
No, to be honest, I didn’t have the confidence that it wouldn’t change that much if I continued to overlap.

I was speechless halfway through, but everyone seemed to understand what I was trying to say.
Because they saw the change in my relationship with Sylvia right next to me.
You know better than anyone how my feelings for Sylvia have changed.

“I know what you mean. Diana said it before, but honestly, it’s not a good feeling.”

Sarah stared into my eyes, and then she got lucky.

“But salvation. The salvation that I like is not a man who says he doesn’t know me and throws it away in a situation where he can save so many people. And he’s not a hard-hearted man who doesn’t feel any emotions while overlapping his body. … So, just make sure of this one thing.”

Saying so, Sarah took my right hand and wrapped it around her waist.
no. To be more precise, I put my hand behind his body in a way that it was wrapped around his waist, so that it touched the area marked with the apostle’s mark on his hip.

“In the heart of salvation, I am the best. right?”

“Sara… . that’s water… .”
“Come on, wait!”

As I was about to answer with great emotion, suddenly Diana shouted.

“Sara! Now that’s something?! At a time like this, you’re thinking of cutting through!”


As Diana shouted, Sarah clicked her tongue with a slightly sad look on her face.

“Ok. Sarah! Do it too!”

Even Leia clenched her fists and shook her head in anger.
Even his angry face is cute.
Besides, every time you wave your fist down, it trembles. The chest.

“You too are you! What are you trying to answer?”

And Diana was angry not only with Sarah, but also with me.

“uh?! me, i just… Didn’t Sarah say we were before?”

“Sara said I was the best! In the singular!”

“Boo, I must have heard the wrong thing because of the atmosphere.”

“How can I be misunderstood as we when we hear it wrong!”

“awhile. In this situation, wouldn’t it be right to get angry at Sarah who said that on purpose rather than me who heard it wrong?”

I decided to turn the arrow of blame on Sarah for now.


“Of course, the three of you are the best. Which of the three is better, there is no such thing.”

I turned away from Sarah’s gaze, and decided to defend myself first.
At least

I’m not wrong about this!

“Well. That’s right! Miss Sarah! Why don’t you talk to this body for a moment?!”

“Ok! I really want to talk too!”

“awhile. Don’t be so angry. I was just kidding you for a second. Salvation seems to be too tense… .”

“Are you the savior?”

awhile. Isn’t that a bit harsh?
Of course, I admit that I often do jokes to relax, but did that just sound like an insult? Isn’t this my fault?

“Sorry. I guess I stopped moving because I spent a long time with Goo Won.”

it’s not sick! Don’t talk like you have the virus!

“Are you secretly bragging that you’ve been together the longest?!”

“four?! Oh no. This time it means… .”

“Follow me! You and I should talk a little bit about Jindeuk!”

“no! The three of us!”

Diana and Leia looked really angry and dragged Sarah out of the restaurant.
You could just do it here. Are you even deliberately dragging me out?
Are you saying something that is difficult for me to hear?
Well, if you do it elsewhere, I won’t get hit in the middle. It’s something I’m thankful for, though.
Even Sarah was a little sorry, but she was gently dragged to Diana and Leia without any resistance.

“Whoa. It seems that one hurdle has been passed. thank God. right. Sylvia?”

“four?… Whoa!”

It’s not that there’s no relationship at all, but he must have thought he had no right to interfere.
Sylvia, who had been completely vigilant as she looked at the fussing in the corner of the restaurant from a semi-third-person point of view, was dragged into her arms without any resistance when I casually approached her and hugged her.
Sylvia was shaking and trembling more than usual, probably because she was attacked and took more damage, but I didn’t care at all and rubbed her cheek against Sylvia’s crown.

“Ha ha ha. Animal therapy actually works. It feels like the mental power I wasted is being restored.”

“Wow… I, I… animals… Aww… .”

“What are you talking about? you are my pet It’s like a cute puppy.”

Huh. He said something plausible in a soft voice, but what he said was completely garbage.
But the thing is, it worked for Sylvia.

“Wow… Aww… Aww… .”

Sylvia had her hands outstretched in front of me as if trying to escape from my arms, and the fingers of those hands began to wriggle at odd angles like a broken machine.
My body was trembling as if I was having an orgasm.

“Do you really want to be Sylvia too? my pet. If Sylvia admits it, she might be more cute in the future.”

“Wow, it’s cuter here… I’m really dead… .”

“So you don’t like it?”

“Joe, all right… .”

Sylvia answered, feeling half despondent, loosening up.
Even now, while you’re about to die, you say yes.
It’s like a moth leaping into the fire.
Well, it’s cuter though.
I continued to rub my cheeks on Sylvia’s crown, enjoying the quasi-animal therapy.

“A man named you… !”

And after a while, the three of them returned to the dining room again, and as soon as they saw me hugging Sylvia and completely relaxing, their expressions turned into tears.
Oh, it’s dangerous.
I hurriedly pulled Sylvia out of my arms.

“For whom these bodies were talking, and a man like you… What the hell did you do to Miss Sylvia?!”

Diana came over to me shouting that, and suddenly she looked next to me and started getting angry for a different reason than the first thing she was angry about.
Huh? Why?
After chasing Diana’s gaze and looking to the side, I could see why.
Sylvia was crawling on the floor on all fours, shaking and shaking.
Towards the farthest corner from where I am.
Just looking at his face, he looked like he had been beaten over and over again. in a sexual sense.

“awhile. Oh must! I just hugged him for peace of mind!”

“You will! It also warms things up!”

Sarah. Weren’t you mad at me?
You’re still full of energy.

“Really! Shall I take it off and show you? no water… .”
“Hey, why don’t you take a look at your own crotch right now and say?”

I followed Diana’s words and looked at her crotch.
… it’s wet

“Hey Sylvia!”

He wasn’t shaking like he was having an orgasm, he was really feeling it?!

“Can I really let this flirt get Matilda-san? I was starting to get a little nervous.”

“It really is. It might be better to think about it again.”

Apparently, the three of us didn’t just scold Sarah.
indeed. So did they leave me alone and talk to each other somewhere else?

“Wait a minute.”

Then Leia came through my crotch, sat down, and poked her face.

“Lee, Leia?! Showing it to others is against the doctrine… !”

I shouted in embarrassment, but Leia didn’t mean to sit down on her knees between my crotch with that intention.
Sticking her nose as far as she could touch her pants, Leia sniffed cutely and moved her nostrils to sniff.

“What Guwon said is true. It doesn’t smell like a man’s agitation at all.”

Then he got up again and smiled softly.
strange. It’s definitely the same angelic smile as usual, and now I’ve even revealed my innocence. Why are you a little scared?

“That’s right… .”

Diana also believed in my innocence with a slightly bewildered look.

“Anyway. I have something to tell you.”

Then he straightened his expression and looked straight into my face and said.

“After talking with these bodies, I have decided to admit that I have Miss Matilda with me. Really. Wouldn’t these bodies become bad people if you reject them in such a situation?”

Is that also how it came to be?
Again, as I initially expected, they chose to save others rather than assert their own greed.
Originally, I was trying to avoid making this choice.
eventually like this

it will be

“sorry. It’s hard to fall in love with a talented man.”

But if I’m feeling depressed here and I’m sorry, the atmosphere only sinks further.
Besides, I thought it would be disrespectful to Matilda who would be accepted.
So, I deliberately said something a little joking.

“Don’t be arrogant! Really. And let me make sure of this one thing. This body is the best for you… .”

Diana put a little honey balm on my head, then grabbed my hand and brought it to her lower abdomen.

“Come on. Do you know?”

“Diana. Have you been thinking a little about whether or not to take it off now?”

“Oh, I didn’t! Rather, are you avoiding answers now?!”

“no. Of course, you are the best for me. This is forever and will never change.”

As I answered that, I hugged Diana as well as the three of them at the same time.

“Laugh… end… Whoops… .”

This time, Diana in the middle looked painful because of her chest, but she swallowed her words halfway through, knowing that saying those words would ruin the mood.

“I’ll thank you for Matilda for acknowledging her too.”

“But why hasn’t Cardinal Matilda come yet?”

“Huh? Maybe he’s still fainting?”

“Salvation! how much are you… !”

“Oh, I can’t help it! To properly recognize the curse, it was inevitable to do it multiple times! Well, then I’ll tell Iman Matilda that I’m going to keep him.”

“What?! You haven’t even talked to Matilda yet?!”

Ignoring the shouts from behind, I hurriedly headed to the room where Matilda was sleeping.

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Ancient Curse


When I returned to my room, Matilda was just waking up.
After confirming that her side was empty, Matilda, who had a lonely expression on her face, was startled by my voice suddenly heard from the front and jumped up.
Then, the blanket that had been covering Matilda slides down, and it looks like it is barely covered from the legs to the top of the pubic area.
Wasn’t he intentionally doing this on purpose?
It is a figure that stimulates the instinct of a man.

“Yes, four?!”

“After all, sex was right to break the curse.”

Anyway, I continued my conversation while ignoring the bewildered Matilda without being distracted by the naked body.
This is because momentum is important.

“Look at the scars.”

Matilda looked confused because she had just woken from fainting, but reflexively looked at her lower abdomen.

“no. don’t go there here.”

I grabbed Matilda’s wrist and brought it to Matilda’s eyes.

“What do you think? decreased?”

“Ahhh… !”

“As the number of victims increased, I got a feeling when I heard that the traces of the curse spread. It must be as many as the number of victims, so it seems that the curse can be completely lifted.”

Maybe Matilda was listening to me, but she looked at her arm and looked like she was about to cry.
I knew it. No matter how self-deprecating it was, it must have been very difficult.
but now

Okay. I will completely set you free from the curse.

“So, Matilda. If you want to break the curse, stay with me from now on.”

It’s a little awkward because I’m going to say this again to the kid who’s been sitting in my house since the beginning.
But hey, I don’t mean literally just being with you.

“Eh?! Eh?! Ha, but… The three people by your side… ?!”

“I have already given permission. Of course, it’s not like they’re officially dating you, or anything like that. Just like Sylvia… Do you know what I mean?”

He has been sitting in this mansion for quite some time.
And the time was enough to fully grasp the degree of human relationships, unless they were very savvy.
And Matilda wasn’t that ignorant.
When we first entered the dungeon together, you would know what I did with Sylvia every day.
Still, Matilda had just mentioned three people by my side. You forgot Sylvia.
In a nutshell, Matilda seems to have a rough idea of ​​the relationship between me and Sylvia.

“That, that… .”

“Well, maybe you don’t like it. Still, you don’t have a choice. At least until the curse is lifted.”

Actually, I was trying to give Matilda a choice.
Because Matilda seemed to already know that I didn’t really love her.
But after a lot of thought, I realized that giving a choice seemed crueler.
Even if they were given a choice in the first place, the choice of refusing to Matilda would be impossible.
Because you’re not the only one affected by that curse.
For all the men who have become eunuchs, Matilda has no choice but to agree.
So, without making Matilda worry for nothing, I decided to force it even if I became a little villain.

“Matilda. Do you want to be my girl and be by my side?”

“Yeah… . 👌👌

He approached Matilda, grabbed her chin, made her head up, and whispered in a soft voice, and Matilda immediately had a hazy expression on her face and affirmed.
But after a brief moment of trembling, he shook his head as if desperately resisting his instincts.
But again, as if he couldn’t deceive his own feelings, his eyes were still moist when he looked up at me again.

“Can you give me one answer, one answer?”


“Yeah. did you say It’s only recently that I’ve realized that I’m not affected by my curse. When exactly did you find out?”

As she asked the question, Matilda trembled.
It’s like desperately trying to put up with what you want me to embrace.

“Huh? Is that important now?”

“Lord, it’s important. No matter what you do, it’s great for me. So please… .”

Please answer me.
Matilda was saying that to me with trembling eyes.

“After I caught the 5th floor owner in the dungeon. Then, after waking up from faint, you told me you really loved me. Still, it was strange to have an erection, so when I looked at my abilities again, I found out that I had that kind of ability.”

“After taking the owner of the 5th floor… .”

After saying that, Matilda suddenly ran into my arms.

“I know. I will be by your side.”


“Yeah. I love you… .”

Matilda looked up at me with a hazy expression on her face as if her hair had completely turned pink again, after disappearing all of a sudden.
Did you really worry about this?
Didn’t you just make a decision based on your own instincts?
Well, I guess that’s good, though.

But this is difficult.
Of course, it’s much better than rushing in with a slightly arrogant attitude like before, but it was also a little bit like sticking together with a face that fell in love like this.
in several senses.
Once I get into the mood, I think I will stop whispering love.
If you don’t refrain from doing that.
For the three of them who even allowed Matilda to be with them.
No, what would happen if the three of them saw Matilda in the first place?
I’m sure you’ll be extremely jealous.

“You want to be by the side of trash like me. even love you? You’re a man too… .”

“Who, who wants a man like you… !”

When I said that, Matilda responded directly, almost at the level of a spinal reflex.
Looking at his face, he seems to be quite embarrassed. It was as if he didn’t mean to do this, but he did it.
indeed. Is it like that? Because I’ve been acting for so long, does that attitude come out reflexively without realizing it?

“Don’t you love me?”

“Sah, I love you… .”

But when she whispered softly again, Matilda trembled with aegyo with a sweet voice.
Dangerous. This might be a little fun.

“Well, first put on your clothes. Let’s go get some food.”

“Yeah? Ah! Look elsewhere!”

It seems that Matilda only then realized that she was still naked.
do you realize that now How defenseless are you?
Well, I can’t help it because my head is half a flower field.

“Can’t you look at me? I want to see Matilda a little longer.”

“good… .”

“Do you like to see your naked body in trash?”

“It’s different… ! Really!”

Matilda reflexively tried to tick again, but when she realized what she was doing, she stumbled.
It’s really dangerous. he’s so funny

“Don’t be pissed. don’t be pissed cute.”

“All right, you’re cool too.”

So, after Sylvia, I have a new toy… No, there is one more child who will continue to be in an awkward relationship.

“It sounds like the conversation went well.”

Entering the restaurant, Diana said with a sullen expression with a small vein floating on her forehead.

“Huh? how did you know?”

“How can you not know when you see that face of Miss Matilda?”

I looked at Matilda’s face.
He was staring at me with a face in love.
indeed. So Diana had a fat expression on her face.
I gave permission, but this is what it looks like

To put it bluntly, I can’t help but feel uneasy.

“Diana. I like you.”

“What are you talking about all of a sudden? Hey guys… ! Did you do something wrong with this body again?”

“Oh, no! I didn’t do that!”

“Then why did you just suddenly say that you liked me?”

Hey, Diana looks fat, so I’m trying to lighten her mood… .
When I was dealing with Matilda, who was instantly released even if I whispered anything in a soft voice, I reflexively tried to go too easily.
Damn it. Matilda boy. Since the difficulty of the attack is too low, it seems that the more I deal with it, the more my dating experience decreases.
But I couldn’t even tell Diana about it openly.
It’ll make you feel worse if you know that you’ve been treated like Matilda.

“That, so… Actually, I have a request from Diana.”

“Well? Request? Something?”

“Can’t we eat together on my lap today? Today, for some reason, I really want to pamper Diana noona.”

However, the love experience lost while dealing with Matilda is temporary!
It means that my experience points trained by them are not going anywhere!
I blew a blow of conversion.

“Well, something. was it like that You are too big to be distracted and pampered like a child.”

“It’s against Diana noona, so there’s nothing you can do about it.”

“Hmmmm. is it. I really can’t help it. Where, sit there. It’s something special for today.”

Diana came over, with a satisfied smile, clasped her feet, reached out and tapped my head, then grabbed my hand and dragged her to her chair.
Whoa! did you see This is the experience! This is the ability to avoid crisis!
How long do I have to suffer… !

“Uh-huh. I really wanted to eat with Diana. Would you like to change your turn tonight?”

If only Diana was here, it would have been perfect.

“Sah, Sara. Calm down.”

“What are you talking about? I’m very calm. Do you see me running?”

Huh. Only your expression is expressionless, I can see the flames of jealousy raging behind your back.

“Huhu. Sara, calm down. Today is the day we spend the night with Sarah, so Guwon-san wants to run us around the evening. Is that right, Guwon-san?”

And, as always, it was our angel who saved me in a moment of crisis like this.
Angel! I love you! The halo is dazzling! And the breasts are the best too!

“Hey, it’s Leia! You know my heart! I’m sorry Sarah, but please look forward to the night.”

I looked at Sarah and said, as I sat down next to the angel who secretly took my arm, exclaiming infinite gratitude and praise in my heart.


uh huh? The flames of anger erupting from Sarah’s back… Doesn’t it sink?
It even feels like it’s amplified… .
But nevertheless, Sarah ate without saying a word after that.
what. Why are you doing that? That’s more terrifying than that.

I got nervous, and throughout the meal, I joked around, paying more attention to Sarah in front than to Leia next to Diana on her lap.
but Sarah

He didn’t react at all, and he kept making a face that he didn’t like something.
The anger seemed to have subsided a little, but instead, other negative emotions seem to be showing. What is it?

By the time she finally finished eating, Sarah’s anger did not subside.
I went to the bathroom saying that I was going to wash up first, but I guess it’s not like I’m not coming, right?

“Ahhh… .”

But contrary to my anxiety, Sarah came to my room after washing herself.
As soon as something came in, I took a deep breath.
Ever since I got to know Sarah, no. It felt like it was the first time I’d seen Sarah who hates spending the night with me so much since I had a body with her.

“buy it? Are you still mad?”

“no. It’s not like that.”

Sarah sighed and shook her head.

“… rescue over there. Do you really want to exchange Diana or Leia?”

“Sa, Sara?! What did I really do wrong?! Say it in words!”

“no. Salvation did nothing wrong. It’s just my problem.”

“What is the matter? Talk to me.”

I hugged Sarah tightly to prevent her from escaping, and looked into her gloomy eyes and said.

“… that… I’m not even attractive… .”

“What are you talking about?! Sarah is pretty!”

“I know that too!”

Oh, you know. Huh. What. I knew I was confident in my own beauty. Huh.
no. Then what’s the matter?

“But compared to Diana and Leia… . And I don’t know, maybe even Sylvia or Matilda… .”

indeed. Is it like that?
He seemed to understand why Sarah was anxious.
In fact, I can see charm in numbers. Well, although the target audience is limited to those who have been appointed as apostles.
And again, among them, Sarah has the lowest attractiveness level.
It’s good if it’s just low, but it’s even impossible to raise the number for a while.
that’s gonna be annoying
Besides, the first thing I hit at a restaurant was Diana, who had the most charm, must have played a part.
Maybe, no, they are misunderstanding that it was because Diana was the most attractive.

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Ancient Curse

“buy it. You said it before. Charm is just a number. Do you think I like you based on my attractiveness in the first place?”

“that’s… But… .”

“right? If you’re going to like it just for its charm, I should be in the Arachne clan by now. And it’s not because of Evangelism, Diana’s charm is the highest. It’s just because Diana seems the most upset as soon as she enters the restaurant. Do you know how I feel?”

“Huh… It did. Huh! sorry. Suddenly I got a little nervous.”

Sara gently put her head on my shoulder and muttered in a weak voice, but then shook her head and, as usual, regained her energy and apologized.

“Okay, you know. you know. What do you think? Are you ready to do something now?”

“… really. I was an idiot who was a little nervous about this pervert.

After I said something a little playful, Sarah took a deep breath and smiled brightly.
I don’t think it was a little. Well, it’s probably a gentleman who just lets go

“Fool. Fool. Sarah is an idiot.”

“Hey, hey! He is a pervert!”

“And you’re being harassed about your body tonight by that pervert.”

“… Are you really going to change your order with someone else?”

Sarah said in a very sincere voice.

“awhile! Because charm doesn’t matter!”

“I got it too! But anyway, even if you do it today, your level won’t go up, right? If that’s the case, changing the order with someone else… .”


I said as I grabbed Sarah’s wrist as she was about to head towards the door and pulled me closer.

“I was already looking forward to doing this with Sarah tonight, but now I can’t play with anyone else. And Sarah. Do we really have to mix bodies for the sake of the level?”

“That, that… .”

As I whispered in my ear, Sarah shook her head as if tickled.
No, to be precise, he is trying to hide his shy expression by pretending to tickle.
I supported Sarah’s chin and made her raise her head.
Sara resisted a little, but then she relaxed her neck and gently lifted her head.
I knew it. When your face turns red like this.

“Rather, since it’s impossible to level up, can’t we be more purely conscious of each other?”

“Huh… .”

As I said, kissing Sarah’s lips lightly, Sarah pressed her lips to mine as if pampered.

“Besides… .”


“Usually, I was conscious of leveling up, so if possible, I only put it here. But today… .”
👌👌👌👌 This pervert is real!”

As I said, stroking Sarah’s pussy over her pants, she slapped me on the palm.
But I still don’t want to put my hands away.

“Why? Hate? Then as usual… .”

“Ah, that’s right. Come on, wait!”

As I said with a smile, Sarah paused, as if thinking of something.
okay. so be it If you remember the last time you suffered a level difference.


“That… oh, ’cause I can’t help it Today is special… .”

“no. Sarah doesn’t seem to like it either. Just do it as usual.”

“Oh no! I want to do it!”

“Huh? what? Do you want to do it?”

“… uh, uh.”

“Anyway, even Sarah is a pervert.”

“Hey, this is… that, that Did you go to salvation?”

Sarah tried to get angry for a moment, but then answered while suppressing herself.
So don’t talk like germs.
I admit that I am a bit perverted.
What’s wrong with a man because he’s a pervert? It’s okay to pervert only to my girl, and that’s by agreement!
Anyway, it was me who took the lead. I decided to go stronger.

“Then what specifically do you want to do?”


“You said you wanted to. What do you want to do?”

“Dad, do you want to suck it up?”

Sara answered vaguely while avoiding her gaze with a bewildered expression.
You didn’t think I’d be satisfied with such a vague answer, did you?


“Hey, here… .”

Sarah said as she stroked my stuff over her pants.
I wish I could have said it in person if possible, but how did it end up like this?

“Oh, do you want to get excited before insertion?”

“Hey, hey! I want to suck it until it’s cooked!”

Sarah finally cried with a face almost crying, blushing red.
If you just do it again, like the last time, you’ll end up just being beaten unilaterally without losing your mind.
It must be quite desperate for Sarah as well.

“Well, if Sarah wants that much, will you let her suck?”

“This, this… see you later… .”

“Huh? what?”

“Oh, no.”

Sarah seems to have thought that if I said any more, I would not know what else to say.
I immediately knelt on the floor and took my pants off.

“Hey. awhile. Before putting it in your mouth, say thank you and say hello… Ugh.”

Of course, I was full of thoughts of making Sarah say something embarrassing up until the moment before, but this time she acted a little faster.
Before I could even finish speaking, I grabbed something that wasn’t fully grown yet.

“Hey oh oh oh oh oh oh.”

Then, smiling that he had won something, he looked up at me and said so.
I have no idea what you mean. this one
and Sarah. Don’t you think that kind of smile while sucking things with your mouth is a bit unusual?

“Didn’t you learn not to put something in your mouth and not talk? When you speak, spit it out and say it. spit.”

“Uh oh oh oh kid?”

Sara still spoke with her stuff in her mouth, but this time somehow I knew what she was saying.
Maybe he asked if I could spit it out.

“no. Just do it.”

I eventually gave up on making Sarah say anything more shameful and put my hand on Sarah’s head.
It’s good to make people say embarrassing things, but it’s hard to let go of this pleasure.

“Huh. Ah… Oops!”

Sara was still trying to say something more while she was still biting my stuff, but my mouth suddenly got clogged up and she started crying a bit.
Then he started staring at me as if he had suddenly grown bigger.
Idiot. That’s why it feels good when you put it in your mouth like that.
You didn’t know that, so you asked if you could really spit it out.

“sorry. sorry. I liked it so much.”

Well, anyway, if I make you pout here, you’re going to lose.
In any case, the degree is important. extent.
As I said while stroking Sarah’s head, Sarah snorted as if she couldn’t help it, and then slowly sucked my stuff.
I mean, you did well too. Truly a warrior. Learning speed is no joke.
i informed

Not only did he learn everything perfectly, but he also attacked my things by occasionally applying them.

Sarah clenched her lips and licked the tip of the object with her tongue, then began to move her head back and forth except for the tip of her tongue on mine.
At first halfway through the object, but as I took it deeper and deeper, I ended up putting my object completely in my mouth.
Of course, it was impossible to put all my things in the face, so I had to use the neck as well.
When I turned my head slightly, I could see that Sarah’s neck was swollen.
With the tip of her nose pressed to my lower abdomen with my object swallowed all the way, Sarah paused for a moment and took a deep breath to catch her breath.
Sarah’s breath touching her lower abdomen gave a strange stimulus.
Then, Sarah shook her head from side to side as if tilting her head, and slowly pulled out the object.


“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. It also feels good.”

Sara, who had completely spit my stuff out, said with a smile of half joy and half mischief as she ran her hand over mine.
Of course it felt good, but you can’t lose the initiative here.

“Yeah. It’s because I can feel Sarah’s desire to suck my stuff so well. Was Sarah really that good?”

“Ugh! Fool! Something like that!”

“no? Then slowly… .”


Sara, desperate for an answer, asked for my items again.
Whoops. Sarah. You’ve come a long way to defeat me in bed.

“It’s good enough to take precedence over talking to me like that.”


Sara lightly bit my thing with a puzzled expression on her face.
big hahaha Sarah. Did you know that the thing you’re biting is an object that even prevented attacks from the 5th floor owner? Is your biting only to amplify the stimulus?
When I smiled with no response, Sarah put on a look of resentment.
Oh, good. that wretched face. It goes incredibly well with the kneeling position right now.

“Sara. slowly… .”

I said while stroking Sarah’s head, Sarah nodded, bit only half of the object, and quickly shook her head back and forth.
Then, from the rest of the roots to the half, I quickly started sweeping them by hand.
Feeling that last spurt, I ejaculated in Sarah’s mouth.

“Sara. Do not swallow.”

“Huh? Oops!”

I didn’t say to swallow, I said not to swallow.
Confused by my words, Sarah couldn’t do this or that, just had to collect the semen in her mouth as I was packing.


“I’ll take it out now. slowly. slowly. Don’t let it overflow.”

Sara asked why she told her not to swallow with her eyes, I said so and slowly removed the object.
Sara kept her lip clenched properly even though she had a bewildered expression on her face, so she was able to pull things out without the semen leaking out of her mouth.
Her cheeks were full of semen, and her cheeks swelled up, and Sara’s face, which usually fits well with the expression of a cool beauty, looked cute for some reason.

“Then open your mouth and show me.”

I mean, Sarah seems to have figured out why I told her not to swallow.
Sara sharpened her eyes and looked at me with slanderous eyes, but slowly opened her mouth.
Seeing the white semen filling Sarah’s mouth, I nodded with satisfaction.

“Good. You can swallow it now.”

As soon as I was finished speaking, Sarah swallowed her semen and immediately tried to sell me.

“Really this pervert! how… .”

“Oh, wait.”


“Once you have swallowed it, open your mouth again and check it properly.”

“Hey, hey! Alas.”

It was Sarah who was sobbing, but her mouth was open.
Also. ‘Cause you know my heart love. Sarah.

“Huh. I swallowed it all cleanly.”

“This pervert is real! What’s so good about this?!”

Sara If you don’t like it that much, you can do it right away, even if you don’t like it, so you make it more like this.
Well, I’ll never say that.

“Sorry. because it’s perverted Still, I thought Sarah would do it. I really love you.”

“Every day like that… Oops. uhm. keep going.”

When I kissed Sarah’s mouth, Sarah agreed to the kiss.
Isn’t that the mouth that just drank semen? no. This is our pretty Sarah’s mouth.
If you care about that, you lose.
Besides, kissing like this, even though you just did it, is more effective.
I guess that’s the reason why Sarah so graciously accepted the kiss while she was about to get angry.

“Um… Really. It’s getting bigger here again.”

“I can’t help it. Because Sarah is cute.”


Sarah lightly slapped my chest, then tried to get down on her knees again.
But I grabbed Sarah’s waist with both hands, preventing her from kneeling.

“What, what?”

“Now, I want to do things properly with Sarah.”

“Eh?! Come on, wait! That’s right! This time I will do it with my heart!”

Perhaps he thought that taking only one foot could not be reassuring.
Sarah was desperately trying to persuade me as she put her arms around her chest to emphasize her own.
uhm. Is it Sarah’s chest?
I looked at Sarah’s chest.
Leia’s breasts are so prominent that it is not mentioned relatively, but Sarah’s breasts are not small either.
It’s big enough to be there.
To the extent that it is possible to play with chest properly.
Of course, I want to do it with this chest too, but… .

“Afterwards. For now, from this side.”

I said so and took off Sarah’s pants.

“Sleep, ha, but… !”

“I want to become one with Sarah right now. Isn’t it Sarah?”

👌👌👌👌 that, that… It is disrespectful to say that.”

“sorry. I’m a bit shy in the first place.”

Having said that, I took off Sarah’s pants completely, and I moved Sarah to the bed and turned her ass toward this side.

made to stick out
And then I put it all the way into the already wet pussy.


With that alone, Sarah collapsed on the spot.
The strength in the arms is released and the upper body is buried in the bed, and the knees are also bent and only the buttocks are sticking out at the edge of the bed.
Again, this difference seems to be difficult.
I lowered my upper body without moving my waist and brought my mouth to Sarah’s ear so that Sarah could regain some stability.

“Did you feel that good just by inserting it?”


Then Sarah’s body trembled, and the inside of her vagina tightened and tightened.
Oh, this was also not possible.
I couldn’t help but put my upper body back up.

Then, this time, I could see Sarah’s butt hole twitching cutely on the stomach I had inserted.
Even though I know it’s not okay, it’s a creature called a man who makes me want to touch it when I see it in front of me.
Standing up with just one index finger, I gently caressed Sarah’s buttocks as if smoothing out the wrinkles.


Again, Sarah reacted sensitively to even that.

“Are you ready here?”

At my question, Sarah shook her body and nodded, buried in the bed.
Sara too Because preparation is thorough.

“Did you expect it?”

Sara gently shook her face buried in the bed from side to side, but it was nothing more than a nuisance.
Well, Sarah is going through a lot of trouble right now, so I won’t ask any further questions.

“Oh, I see. There’s no need to be conscious of leveling up today, so it won’t be a problem if you’re willing to spend here.”

As I mumbled that, Sarah’s back trembled.

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Ancient Curse

Can you interpret that reaction as something Sarah was expecting too?
I was going to do it right from the beginning, but I can’t help it because Sarah is looking forward to it so much.
If the girl you like wants something, even if you don’t say it, it’s a gentleman who understands and listens first.
I immediately pulled out the object that was in Sarah’s vagina.


As my belongings were pulled out, I might have scratched a sensitive area, and that alone was enough to make Sarah’s pussy burst with love.
And I put the thing soaked in love liquid against Sarah’s butt, and started inserting it slowly.

“Alas! ji, not now… Aaaah!”

And as my stuff disappeared into her ass, Sarah’s body, drooping on the bed, jumped up and started convulsing.
I gently stroked Sarah’s trembling luscious buttocks as if to calm them down.

“I will move.”

Sarah didn’t respond to my words, just rolled up the blanket on the bed with both hands.
No matter what you do, you end up doing it all.
How can I not like Sarah because of this?
Good. Even if the charm is fixed at 250, I need to make sure that I realize that my feelings for Sarah have not changed.

“I love you.”

“Ugh! haha! Chi, shamefully, only when this happens… Whoa!”

It’s only when

I think it’s pretty common to show affection.
Well, sincerity is felt more through actions than words.
Now, should I show it through actions rather than words?
I grabbed Sarah’s waist with both hands and moved it slowly.

“Ugh! Whoops! ha ha! Whoops!”

Then, Sarah’s waist was bent, and her upper body floated above the trestle.
Sara is impressive with the line from her slender waist to her well-developed pelvis.
Besides, the bouncy buttocks that sway whenever it collides with my waist.
I held Sarah’s neck with one hand, made her turn around, and kissed her.
Sara, who really likes kissing, usually moves her tongue actively herself, but she doesn’t seem to be able to afford it this time.
As my tongue moved, I didn’t react at all, I just accepted it with a passive attitude.
Is it desperate to endure such pleasure?

“buy it. Pretty. I love you.”

I parted my lips for a moment, said those words, then kissed again, and Sarah’s eyes widened and her body trembled.
Did you feel it again now?
Well, it’s only natural because your back is still moving.
Sarah didn’t even faint, but she limped again.
I gently lowered Sarah’s upper body onto the bed and focused on the movement of her waist.

“Sara. Then I… .”

“Heh! Yes! 👌👌👌 Whoops!”

There’s no need to worry about leveling up this time, so it’s okay to just ejaculate like this.
Accelerating her hip movements gave Sarah a signal, but she didn’t say anything and just struggled.
Well, I can’t afford to answer, so I can’t help it.
But, as if to understand properly, instead of answering, he tightened his buttocks.


And when I ejaculated, Sarah flopped on the bed as she orgasm again.

“What do you think? How do you feel about ending it here? Good mood?”

“Ah, ah, ah… No… No… .”

When I asked while stroking Sarah’s trembling smooth back slowly, Sarah muttered in a weak voice.

“Huh? What’s wrong?”

“this… This can’t be… . ass… My ass is broken… .”

“What?! Our Sarah’s pretty ass! That’s not a pig! Good! I will treat you with healing sex right now!”

“Eh… ? eh? Eh?! Come on, sleep… Right now!”

Sara, who was lying on the bed and muttering blankly, looked back at me with a blank expression, as if she didn’t understand what I was saying at first.
But as if he was starting to understand what I was saying, he hurriedly raised his upper body and tried to stop.
what. You still have so much energy.
But Sarah, who was raising her upper body, had no choice but to fall back on the bed at the touch of my object passing through her buttocks.

“Then I’ll do it right this time. It would be a big deal if our beautiful ass, Sarah, was ruined.”

“Ah, ah… Alas… .”

Sarah looked into despair, but, as if despondent, buried her face in the blanket without any resistance.

In the end, I went back and forth through Sarah’s ass and pussy all night, thoroughly showing her body how much I loved her.

“… I really thought I was going to die.”

The next morning, when Sarah woke up, the first thing she muttered was this.

“right? Have I been told enough that I love Sarah to death?”

“You pervert! No joke!”

“I’m not joking either! I love you to death!”

“This, this… stupid… .”

Sarah, who had raised her hand to hit my chest, blushed and finally gently lowered it.

“right. I’m an idiot obsessed with you So, there is no need to lose confidence or get anxious just because your attractiveness level is a little low. Sarah in my eyes is always the prettiest.”

“… Fool. Even if I don’t have eyes for salvation, I’m pretty.”

Contrary to the confident content, Sarah spoke in a shy tone and gently kissed my lips.

“However… Still, I want you to go to the dungeon as soon as you are ready.”

“Huh? Do you think you’ll die if you keep going like this?”

“You pervert! If you know that, you should be a little more careful!”

“It’s something I can’t do anything about. It’s wrong for Sarah to be pretty.”

“This is really… Anyway, there is something like that. … If possible, I want to show Gu Guo a more beautiful side.”

“Okay. Then, as soon as the equipment you entrusted with enhancement comes in, let’s go. But for now… .”


“I’m not sure if Sarah’s ass has healed properly, so let’s treat her with healing sex for the last time.”

“This pervert! What are you talking about when you put it in when you sleep at all and activate it all night while you sleep! You just want to do it!”

“Then just do it!”

“Aren’t you making excuses anymore?!”

I want to be with the girl I like, so what excuses do I need to make?
Finally, before going to the restaurant, we overlapped once more.

When we went down to the restaurant, everyone was already gathered except me and Sarah.
Of course, all of them included Matilda.
Matilda was having a conversation with Diana Leia, elegantly sipping tea.
Looking at that peaceful figure, it seems that everyone treats Matilda as usual.
Seriously, no matter how much we thank our kids, we’re almost out of our hats.

“Good morning.”

But that usual appearance was broken with my appearance.

“Well. Did you sleep well?”

“Savior. Good morning?”

Diana Leia, of course, showed the usual reaction, but Matilda was not.

“Hey, were you calm last night?”

what is that Where are you noble lady?
No, it’s true that he’s a cardinal, so he has a high status.

“What are you so nervous about? I’m so handsome that I can’t even talk properly?”

“No, who is like you… uh… !”

Matilda reflexively tried to deny it, but made a face that didn’t know how to react.
What are you so worried about? I’m that

solve your worries

“But do you like a guy like me?”

“Yes, yes… .”

“Then tell me right.”

“I like you… .”

As I approached and touched Matilda’s chin and spoke, Matilda immediately turned hazy and muttered.
Also, this guy is fun.
The problem is that it’s so much fun that I can’t even see what’s around me.

“Hey hoo. You are very proud that you got permission.”

“Wait a minute. This is not.”

“What is not? Why? Do you want to do more?”

ruined. What’s your excuse for this?
Just playing for fun! say?
no. Then it is confirmed that the trash played with women’s hearts
Should I insist that Matilda said she liked me, I didn’t say that I liked Matilda?
no. Then it becomes more garbage.

“Uh, um… Wrong.”

I decided to just be honest and apologize.

“It’s good to be honest. Get on your knees there!”

“This flirt is real!”

After being harassed by Diana and Sarah, we were able to eat.
This time, even our angels did not help, so it was quite difficult.
no. I honestly apologized right away, so I guess that’s the end of it.
Anyway, while eating, I checked what I was going to do today.

“Matilda, do you have any business today?”

“Yes, four. By the way? What’s going on?”

In the end, he couldn’t decide how to treat me, and he seems to have decided to act as usual.
Matilda answered me with a strangely arrogant attitude.
Even if I don’t treat you like a lover, it wouldn’t matter if I treated you more gently.
Come to think of it, it seems that the curse has been on for years, and maybe that attitude has already become a habit?

“Then let’s go to the temple with me today.”

“Salvation just like that… !”

“Come on, wait! You’re not going alone with Matilda, are you? If you want to follow me, follow me. I have a business to go anyway.”

“A temple? What are you doing?”

“I think my hypothesis is probably correct, as the traces of the curse on Matilda’s body have disappeared a bit, but I’ll have to check it anyway. If you go to the temple and contact the party where Matilda was originally, wouldn’t you be able to find out how the status of the men affected by Matilda’s curse changed?”

“Hmm. so is he I can’t help it. Miss Sarah. Miss Leia. Please don’t let him do anything harsh.”

“Yeah. Surely.”

At Diana’s words, Leia clasped her hands in front of her chest and nodded her head.
I hope our angel will give you such an answer. This hurts quite a bit.

“Aren’t you going to follow Diana?”

“This body has something to say about the guild leader and the giant manastone.”

Diana replied as if she was really sorry.
It’s a giant magic stone.
After all, that’s what I need to know.
Maybe that’s the clue why the Goddess sent me here.
Anyway, in the temple, Sarah, Leia, and Sylvia… .

“Oh right. I’m sorry, Sylvia remains here.”

“Yes, four?!”

Perhaps he was going to follow along as if he were stalking as usual.
Sylvia looked at me, crying as if she was shocked.

“Don’t look like that. I can’t help it. After upgrading the equipment, you will receive a call from the castle, but Sylvia must remain and bring the equipment from the castle.”

It won’t take that long to upgrade the equipment, so maybe you’ll get a call within today.

“Yeah, that’s right.”

Sylvia nodded her head as if she was convinced, but made a gloomy expression on her face.
Is it that you feel terrified when I hold you, and you want to see your face all the time?

“Then don’t make that face. What can I do to hold you and hold you until you leave? If that is the case, how much supplement will it be?”


Then Sylvia flinched and turned into a worried expression.
That expression is a face that contemplates whether to die completely happily or to live unhappy.

“Sigh… . So I’ll stop teasing Sylvia.”

Sarah sighed and lightly patted me on the back.
He is so jealous of Matilda and kind to Sylvia.
Maybe it’s because Sylvia treats her like the right way, or maybe it’s because she looks pitiful, oddly enough, our kids are kind to Sylvia.

“If that’s the case, then I’ll stay.”

“Huh? Sarah too?”

“okay. No matter how much space you use, it would be difficult to move Sylvia alone, and it’s to strengthen our equipment, so I’m sorry to have Sylvia look at the house alone.”

Apparently, Sarah was interested in leaving Silvia alone for equipment-related work, as she insisted on going to the dungeon in a hurry.
Anyway, the real thing is that he is cold-hearted and kind.
Well, for men other than me, I just play what I really look like.

“Anyway, that’s what happened, Leia. I’ll ask Leia to monitor this pervert.”

“Yeah. Please leave it to me.”

No, that’s why our angel is so excited today.
Even if the other kids say they are, it’s because the angels do things like that subtly hurt.

Anyway, that’s how I ended up going to the temple with only two priests named Leia and Matilda.
I have a feeling that it’s not okay to go alone with these two, maybe it’s because of my mood?

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The story progress is steadily progressing.
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And I’ll just make one excuse.
It didn’t cut the scene.
Originally, it was going to end with this episode.
Anyway, these days, there are just too many scenes in a row, so I was thinking of making some adjustments.
But reading it again today, it seemed a bit strange to end it like that.
So I wrote a little bit more of what I didn’t want to write.
So it wasn’t intentional.

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