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Ancient Curse

“Then I will wait here.”

The maid, who acted as the driver, said politely to us.
Even if he knew how to break the curse, it didn’t break the curse.
Therefore, in order for Matilda to get out, it was still necessary to move through a wagon.
But since we might be going to the castle to pick up equipment, Vanessa and the best wagon were left in the mansion, and we were riding in a wagon of a suitable size driven by another maid.

“then. Matilda. Just stick with me.”

“Yeah? Ah! This, so boldly… .”

“Ugh. Salvation.”

As I hugged Matilda, Leia, with a slightly sullen face, embraced my opposite arm.

“no. Because it is dangerous because of the curse.”

It was. Even if they arrived at the temple by carriage, the temple still had a huge number of visitors. Especially when it comes to men.
There are still overwhelmingly more male followers than females… Oh! Is that so!
I could see why there were so many visitors to the temple.
Of course, there are some people here who are generally religious, but at least half of these guys are here because of the superintendent!

Come to think of it, I had never seen anything like Changgwan before in this world.
Although it wouldn’t be strange if there were usually a large number of adventurers in a city like this.
Since the god of this world is such a god, I thought that exchanging money and having sex was taboo, but now that I think about it, it may just be because there is no need to have a Changgwan.
If you are below level 10, you can do it in the temple under the name of education.

Besides, having a cause for education is also a means of maintaining a man’s pride.
Because in this world, you can know for sure that the other person has climaxed through sex through the increase of experience.
What if I went to a place like Changgwan and shook my back hard, but there was no experience point coming in?
It’s like spending money for nothing and ripping your pride in shreds.
However, if the title of education is there, there is no harm in self-esteem.
For many men who are bound to get hurt by the system of this world, the temple’s training ground is a dream-like place.
And for whatever reason, when people flock to the temple like this, people’s faith naturally deepens.
Would you say it is a win-win relationship?

If I had just come to this world and knew about the existence of the superintendent, it would be amazing… Oh, I see. indeed. I wondered why our angel is so motivated by my surveillance today.
I was worried because the existence of the superintendent was discovered by me.

“Huh? Salvation? Why?”

When I stared at Leia, Leia said while tilting her head.

“Leia. I love you.”

“Huhu. I love you too.”

Leia smiled and pressed her chest to my arm even more.
‘Cause you’re a real angel
do not worry. Would I do something to make Leia anxious?
I didn’t even look at the school hall and went straight to the high priest… I went to Sophia’s room.

“Good morning. … Sophia.”

It’s been a while since I’ve been called High Priest, so it’s awkward to call her Sophia.
Besides, even more so as I thought she was half like a mother-in-law.

“Oh. welcome. The fact that Cardinal Matilda came with you… Now, are you saying that you are going to recognize Mr. Guwon as a messenger of the Goddess?”

Ah! Turns out it was!
Somehow, the three of us seemed to be anxious about coming here! ruined!

“… That’s right. I had no choice but to admit it.”

And before I could signal, Matilda simply nodded.
Why do you agree so easily?! You used to insist that you would never believe it until you saw it with your own eyes!

“That means… Did the Goddess come down again?”

“no. It’s not… this man. Unaffected by my curse.”

“Yes Yes?!”

Perhaps it was such an unexpected answer, Sophia, who was always calm, looked at Matilda with a slightly bewildered expression.

“Besides, having sex with this person has lifted the curse a little bit. Perhaps if we keep going like this, we can completely break the curse. In fact, that’s why I’m here today.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

Sophia looked at Leia with a complicated face.
Hearing that a cardinal who is like a boss had sex with a man whom Leia like a daughter likes, it must be complicated.
ugh I’m sorry for nothing.
But Ms. Sophia quickly corrected her expression and asked me a question with a serious face.

“Then, Mr. Can Cardinal Matilda become a saint?”

I knew it. Will it still be like this?
Damn it. okay. I thought it would be like this
I should have come with Sara or Diana.

“no. Matilda is impossible.”

It was obvious how the conversation was going to go, but I couldn’t lie, so I answered honestly.

“Eh? Is it impossible?”


Come to think of it, he doesn’t know about the apostle’s appointment.
Did you ever think that you too could become a saint?
Oh, well. Come to think of it, did I say that I was originally a candidate for a saint?

“Then there is only one Leia who can still become a saint.”

Sophia mumbled that, then looked at Matilda again.

“Then, Cardinal Matilda. I want to suggest to the Pope once again that the denomination we talked about before should promote the salvation of the saint and the marriage of Saint Leia.”

OMG. Will it be like this too?
no. Of course I don’t hate it. I also want to marry Leia.
It’s just that I’m the only one doing it with Leia first… .

“Eh, eh?! Neet?! I beg your pardon?!”

Matilda looked at Sophia with her eyes wide open, as if she had never expected it.

“I think I’ve said it before. After all, the saint and the saint are already in a love-and-death relationship. Also, in terms of renewing the atmosphere of the church, which had been stagnant because there were no saints for a while, this story… .”

“Come on, wait. Please wait. Sophia.”

“What is it, Guwon? Any complaints about our Leia?”

Sophia looked at me with a cold expression, as if they had met for the first time.
Sophia and I

I know why you’re doing this, so I guess you’re saying that more on purpose.

“Absolutely not! No, but that’s… Did the Goddess tell me to go to the dungeon? However, I think it would be a little uncomfortable as an adventurer if such rumors spread like a messenger from the goddess.”

“Yeah, yes. it’s marriage It’s too early!”

Matilda responded desperately to my words.
No matter what you say, once you entice them with sweet words, the effect seems to last forever.

“Cardinal Matilda. You are losing your cool now. It seems especially so because of the curse. How about looking at the situation calmly?”


But Sophia did not back down from Matilda at all.
The way he spoke was only respectful, and he had an attitude as if he was insulting someone below.
And whether Matilda had a bit of a prick or if she couldn’t treat Sophia rudely, she turned into a honey-eaten dumbass.
Indeed, the top administrator of such a large temple. Maybe Ms. Sophia is a far greater person than I thought.

“And Mr. Salvation. Did you say that it would be uncomfortable to know that you are a messenger of the Goddess?”

“Yes Yes.”

“Certainly, some of the tough adventurers may become envious, or they may dig behind the dungeon. You must pay attention to every move so that you do not become someone in the name of the Goddess. But, don’t you think there is a greater merit to being able to receive support from our denomination beyond that demerit?”

“Ugh, that’s… However… .”

“But what?”

Damn it. She thinks like her mother-in-law and has served as a teacher until now, so I can’t help but feel like Sophia comes out like that.

“That, that… okay. That, Leia would be uncomfortable.”

In the end, I had no choice but to turn to Leia for help.
Anyway, this was the only way I could think of it.
What if the marriage is decided here, and I go from the temple to the wedding and hold Leia?
There really isn’t an answer.
Even with Diana, it is impossible to prevent the marriage of a saint and a saint.
Wizards around the world? People all over the world who worship Goddess here are on the same side. There is no way you can face it.

“Are you Leia?”

Sophia looked at me like I was talking.

“Yeah. Leia hasn’t become a saint yet. Of course, I will make you a saint, but I think making such an announcement is too much of a burden to Leia unless she is a saint yet. Right, Leia?”

I looked at Leia with eager eyes.
To be honest, it’s an absurd act.
Of course, Leia is very much looking forward to marrying me.
Last night, I was playing like that because I wanted to have my child.
Asking Leia to help prevent the marriage from happening. Even thinking about it myself, I think there is a degree of shamelessness.

“Yeah. It seems too burdensome to make such a statement until I become a saint.”

But Leia looked me in the eye and thought for a moment, then looked at Sophia and said so.

“What? Leia. However… .”
“It’s okay. You don’t have to worry.”

Sophia is confused.

She was about to say something, but Leia smiled softly and grabbed Sophia’s hands and shook her head.

“I want to build relationships at my own pace and at a leisurely pace. And I am happy enough now.”

“okay… . I’m sorry.”

“no. I am always grateful.”

Leia said so, then came back to my side and put her arms around me.

“Leia… .”

I looked at Leia with regret and emotion as I was.

“Huhu. Why are you making that face? It’s really good.”

Reina gently brought her index finger to my lips to stop her, and said with a smile.
wow. How the hell is this guy like an angel?
no. not like an angel Angel itself.
Rather, an angel is like Leia!

“Wow! Ah, anyway! I would like to speak with the Pope for a moment about my curse. May I ask you to guide me to the place where the communication magic is?”

Matilda also looked at us quietly for a while, then coughed as if she had come to her senses and said to Sophia.

“… i See. Follow me.”

Sophia took Matilda out of the room.
I just need to check if there are people who have been liberated from eunuchs, so I don’t have to follow them, right?
I decided to wait here with Leia.

“Leia. Sorry.”

After being alone, I could barely apologize to Leia.

“Yeah? Why are you all of a sudden?”

“Leia must have wanted to marry me.”

“Oh. It seems as if Guwon was not like that?”

“no! It’s not like that! just… !”

“Huhu. I know. I followed Gu Guo and made a joke.”

Leia smiled and came to me in front of me, and said while holding my hand with both hands.

“You have nothing to apologize for. It was all done for me.”

“What? What does that mean?”

“I thought about it. Even if they got married like that, would they really be happy? Sara and Diana are probably in trouble. And Goo Won, who sees those two people, will also suffer. If that happens, as a result, won’t it be painful for me to have to look at Mr. Goo from my side? So, he refused to marry. It’s all for me.”

“Leia, that’s… .”

“And… It is true that it was already burdensome to be called by the title of a saint.”

Leia said playfully, sticking out her tongue.
Leia said it was for her, but this is totally for me!
I couldn’t stand it, so I hugged Leia tightly.


“Leia. I really love you. I will do my best for the rest of my life!”

“Savior. Wait, the Pope… Oh.”

Just when I shouted that to Leia, Sophia came back into the room.

“Looks like I really didn’t have to fret.”

Then, looking at each other with Leia, they smiled warmly.

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Ancient Curse

“Ahaha. But, Sophia, you came quickly. What about Matilda?”

I was about to get away from Leia, but after thinking about it, I realized that there was no need to hide this kind of image. So, instead of hugging Leia tighter, I asked Sophia a question.

“Cardinal Matilda is currently in conversation with the Pope. I’m here to call you. How can it be explained properly without a party capable of breaking the curse?”

Oh, yes. I stayed with the intention of talking to Leia, but if I think about it, it was a situation that I had to follow.
I was guided by Sophia and headed towards Matilda.
A magic circle that mixed communication magic and teleport magic was installed in the place I followed, and it had the same structure as I saw in the lord’s castle.

“You are the savior.”

As I entered the room, Matilda leaned slightly to the side.
Then, the crystal ball that had been hidden in Matilda’s body appeared, and I heard a voice pointing to me through it.
In Sujeong-gu, there was an old lady who was old enough to be sure that she was a beautiful woman when she was young, smiling at her with a kind smile.

“Ah yes. Good morning.”

I’m blown away by this
In such a world, of course, I thought that the Pope was also a well-behaved beauty, but I was only momentarily perplexed at the appearance of such a Pope.
No, you usually think so.
It’s a world where even the ladies of the Wizard’s Association seem to be in their late 30s or so.
I don’t know the exact age of those sisters, though.
But the person in the highest position in the denomination is such an old lady.
My guess is that priests in this world are basically attractive when their job level goes up.
So, there is no way that a person as tall as a pope would be less attractive.
If so, is this appearance a sign of being that old?

“I heard from Cardinal Matilda. We are now having people check the status of those affected by the curse. Can I talk to you for a moment while we wait for confirmation?”

“Ah yes.”

In a calm and kind tone like a typical Pope, I answered, feeling myself being polite.
Even though he was talking, he didn’t say anything.
We only exchanged really little things, such as how we got older and what our favorite food was.
And after chatting for a while, the Pope finally started talking in earnest.

“I heard that it was a messenger from the Goddess.”

I was startled for a moment when those words came out of the pope’s mouth, but when I think about it, it was natural.
Anyway, if I wanted to talk about how the curse was lifted, I would have had no choice but to talk about it.

“Honestly, it’s not that grandiose, it’s just that the goddess sent me for a purpose.”

“Huhu. You are humble. That is the messenger of the Goddess. Did you refuse to disclose that you are a messenger of the Goddess because you thought it was not that grandiose?”

Did you even talk about that?
Well, Leia herself thinks about getting married slowly.

More than that, it doesn’t matter if it’s announced as a messenger of the goddess now.

“I can’t say that there is no such aspect.”

But it would be too blatant to change my attitude like flipping the palm of my hand as soon as the marriage broke down, who had been so opposed to the public just before.
I have decided to continue to stand against public disclosure.

“But then, how should we explain it to men who have been freed from the curse?”

The pope said so, still with a benevolent smile, without any sign of concern.

“Ah, that’s right. That’s right. Then you can just talk.”

“Are you really okay?”


“Why did you suddenly change your mind?”

It felt as if the pope’s eyes were slightly sharpened when he asked that question.

“Yeah… The priests would have to lie to hide about me. I’m sorry for making the priests lie because of my selfishness.”

“i See. But if that happens, rumors will naturally spread, are you okay?”

“Well… what can’t you do After all, while lifting Matilda’s curse, more and more people will become acquainted with it. Come to think of it, asking me to keep it a secret was just my thoughts.”

“… Whoops. Okay. Then let’s do it.”

When I answered that, the pope’s smile returned to normal.
By the way, does the Pope believe that I am a messenger of the goddess?
He doesn’t seem suspicious when he says things like that, but it doesn’t seem like he’s trying to support or use the messenger of the goddess.
something strange

“Ah, it seems that the result has come out. Please wait.”

After saying that, the pope left for a while, then appeared again in the crystal sphere not long after.

“It seems that your prediction was correct. 23 of those affected by the curse have recovered.”

“23 people… .”
“Ugh… .”

To the Pope’s words, Leia and Matilda responded before me.
I’m so glad it’s an angel by my side.
If it was Sara or Diana, I’d definitely be mad.
Even though the angel’s voice didn’t seem very pleasant, I was afraid to turn around.

“Yeah, that’s right. That’s good.”

“Yeah. May I continue to ask for Cardinal Matilda?”

“Ah yes. Sure.”

“Thank you. Then Cardinal Matilda.”

“Yes, four!”

“I hope you will devote yourself to breaking the curse there for a while.”

“Yeah. Thank you. Pope.”

“Then everyone. Goodbye.”

Thus ended the conversation with the Pope.
Because of the unique atmosphere, I wasn’t too nervous, and in the end, it felt like most of the things I wanted were resolved.
The variable is that rumors that it is a messenger of the Goddess can spread, but there are good and bad things about this, so it’s hard to say.

“Something strange about him. He was a reassuring person just by looking at him.”

“Absolutely. He is hailed as one of the greatest popes of all time.”

Matilda said with more pride in whether she really respected the Pope.

“Then shall we go back?”

After completing our duties safely, we briefly greeted Sophia and left the temple.

“Anyway, my feelings are great. Are your predictions correct? I am afraid of myself.”

On the way to the mansion in the wagon, I was proud of myself and talked about it.
What would have happened if I had only tried it once and gave up saying that the curse had not been lifted.
But this was something that shouldn’t be said.

“Huhu. That’s right. Obviously, the Pope said that 23 people have recovered from the curse. So, did you play #23 with Matilda?”

Hearing Leia’s words, I felt the back of my back getting wet with cold sweat.
This topic is dangerous.
No matter how much our angels are, I don’t think this topic should continue.

“Is that so? Anyway, Matilda, you are amazing. Twenty-three curses were lifted, but only two fingers of the curse disappeared. How many people did you fall in love with?”

I faithfully accepted the signal from my instincts, and cast the topic of conversion.

“Rice, nothing like that! I didn’t like it that much!”

thank God. Matilda got it right.
I sighed in relief, pushing Matilda even more.

“What are you talking about. There’s no use in shichimi. The traces of that curse spread all over your body are the most convincing evidence. really. Don’t you fall for me just by talking to you?”

“That, isn’t it… .”

Matilda said in a slightly muffled voice, perhaps a little unconfident even after speaking herself.

“Savior. Don’t be too harsh on Cardinal Matilda. Because of the influence of the curse, Cardinal-sama had nothing to do with it.”

And when I pushed Matilda too hard, our good angel eventually failed to see her, so she went out to fight Matilda.
It was good. This completely changed the subject.
I did a little sorry for Matilda, but I can whisper a sweet word again.

“Yeah, yes! This is the effect of a curse!”

Well, and it doesn’t look like it’s dead that far.

“Well, whatever it is, now you just have to love me and not increase the number of victims.”

“Everyone, you… .”

“Why? Don’t you like me?”

“I like… .”

Look. If you speak in a soft voice, it will be released immediately.

“Mr. Salvation is so… .”

Leia hugged my arm as if asking her to take care of her as well, and pressed her chest to my chest.
Then he brought his mouth to my ear and whispered.

“Tomorrow night, I’m going to do more than 23.”

I thought the change of topic was successful, but it wasn’t at all.
It was just something our angel looked at.
But this is such a threat. He’s an angel too.

“Are you just okay with that?”

“Really… .”

Leia turned her face shyly, but while still holding my arms tightly with both hands, she slapped my thighs with her tail.

Anyway, we arrived at the mansion safely in that way, but Vanessa, the super butler who always greeted us, was nowhere to be seen.
Instead, Diana sprinted towards me.

“Well. You came too soon. What happened?”

“Huh. Also, my prediction was correct. Did Diana go to the guild already?”

“Well. After all, I was just there to ask if there were any newly discovered giant manastones.”

indeed. You’re only guiding the tea, but you’re still passionate about research.
Diana must have wanted to go to the dungeon to find a new manastone right away, but did she think of me and wait for me?
In this part, too, I feel a sense of leeway corresponding to my age.

“is it. Then, as soon as the equipment is upgraded, let’s go to the dungeon.”

“Well. Thank you for saying that. It looks like Miss Sarah and Miss Sylvia have gone to get some gear.”

“Huh? Oh, that’s why I didn’t see Vanessa. Then get ready to go to the dungeon… Ah.”

I hurriedly looked at Leia next to me.
If you go to the dungeon this time, you will explore the 3rd floor.
Of course, you can’t do the same as staying in a base and exploring on the 2nd floor, which means you can’t have sex in the dungeon.
Can I go to the dungeon today, on the topic of looking forward to tomorrow night?

“It’s okay.”

Leia seemed to understand why I was looking at her, but nevertheless smiled and said so.

“Well? But why? Is there something wrong with it?”

“Huhu. no. nothing.”

Even this kindness that doesn’t even mention the fact that I did 23 with Matilda in one day yesterday.
say it again After all, the angel is Leia.

“Ugh. There seems to be a strange smell, but… .”

But Diana is getting old for nothing… no. had a lot of experience.
I quickly approached Diana, who alternated between me and Leia as if suspiciously, putting my hands under both armpits and lifting them up.

“If you want to go to the dungeon as soon as the kids return, you need to prepare in advance. Come on.”

“If I’m going to hug you, I’ll hold you tighter.”

Diana made an awkward expression on her face, but she seemed to have changed her mind soon after that.

“Would this be okay?”


As I hugged Diana’s back and thighs respectively, she nodded with satisfaction and wrapped her arms around my neck.

But if you don’t have Vanessa, who do you ask for this?
Usually, before going to the dungeon, Vanessa prepares things like groceries, so it was comfortable.
Of course, there were times when we all went out together for a date, but in that case, we had to prepare the basics at the mansion and then buy more.

Come to think of it, my dependence on Vanessa has increased tremendously since I started living in the mansion.
no. This is not my fault.
It’s wrong for Vanessa to be too comfortable.
Besides, I’m still in charge of Vanessa.
Except for an unusual case like today, there is no chance to talk with the other maids.

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hasj12 // From the standpoint of salvation, I didn’t tell you everything, but it’s true that I told the truth.
It’s not a problem of ability, it’s an emotional problem, but it’s something you can’t do anyway.


Rescue request

Without Vanessa, I thought it would be a little more difficult to organize items than usual, but thanks to Diana’s maids and giving instructions, I was able to finish the preparations surprisingly easily.

“I went.”

After finishing the preparations and waiting for Sarah and Sylvia, the two finally returned after lunch time.
They should have just brought their luggage, but both Sarah and Sylvia looked tired for some reason.
Even if it was a luggage, it wouldn’t have been that heavy since I had it in my pocket anyway.
After all, there was Vanessa.

“Come on. What is it? What happened?”

“What the hell is that princess?”

Sarah said with a look of annoyance just thinking about it.
this. have you met
I’m sure I’ll meet Sarah too.
Even though I hadn’t seen it in person, the confrontation between Sarah and Felicia seemed to come to mind vividly in front of my eyes.
I mean, the two don’t seem to get along very well.
Sara is the type of person who has a cool face and says that she feels bad when she is in a bad mood.
Even if it was in front of the princess, his attitude probably wouldn’t have changed that much.
In the first place, the supreme archmage called her comfortably, so she called her Diana without her title. He himself is a warrior.
Felicia wouldn’t hide her feelings in front of Sarah as much as Felicia.
Even if the other person was my real wife, it must have been as long as it wasn’t like Diana.

“Somehow, I could see that he was in heat to sleep with Gu-joo! Besides, they call salvation their own name!”

It seems that the conversation went as expected.

“You think everything is going to be up to you just because you’re a princess, what?! If that’s the case, I’m also… !”

“Wow, woah. Sarah. Calm down. The important thing is that I never slept with her.”

In front of me, she shows a lot of emotion now, but basically Sarah, who is so cool in front of others, is so angry.
Besides, it’s to the point that he’s unintentionally trying to say that he’s a hero. He seems really angry.
In fact, there is little reason to hide that Sarah is a hero now.
In the first place, I hid it because I didn’t want to be taken advantage of by other people, but someone will try to use the warrior who is with the supreme archmage to eat it.
Still, the reason he keeps hiding it like this is because it really doesn’t matter.
That’s why it’s embarrassing and awkward to reveal that you’re a hero right now.
Anyway, that’s why I put the brakes on Sara before I could say that she was a hero.
and Sarah. Perhaps the reason Felicia is so confident isn’t because she’s a princess, but because she believes in her charm.
When we talk, I feel incredibly confident that there is no man I will not fall for if I flirt.
Well, I’m not over… You passed it once in the first place. Damn fascination… .

“Whoa, whoa. Huh. right. You don’t have to worry about the loser’s words.”

you’re a loser are you saying that
Well, from the point of view of a fight over me, it’s not wrong.
Anyway, Sarah seemed to be a little more sincere, and while holding her breath, she regained her calm expression.

“By the way, Sara is like that, but why is Sylvia… no. sorry.”

“no… .”

For Sylvia, it’s probably because she’s a little hurt because she’s betrayed her friend twice because of a guy.
Besides, it would have served to stop Sarah and Felicia from arguing. It must have been really hard.
I patted Sylvia’s head as a sign of hard work.


no. So don’t vibrate like this.
Well, I’m glad your face looks happy.

“Anyway, I’m ready while you wait. Do you want to go to the dungeon right now?”

“Dungeon? Huh. Go.”

Sarah decided not to care about Felicia or anything like that, hanging from my arm and saying so.

“Then let’s all get our gear.”

We immediately started wearing the enhanced equipment.
Thanks to the enhancements to the 5th tier items, the appearance of all of the equipment has changed nicely.
Of course, my gear has changed to make it feel like it’s really high-level gear in the game, but I didn’t really care about my gear.
That’s right, it’s a body that has already blocked the attacks of the 5th layer transcendental species.
Do I need to worry about equipment while only going to the 3rd floor?
Rather, I paid attention to the changes in our children.
The appearance did not change to the level of getting stronger when you take it off, but as the material of the equipment became stronger and lighter, the thickness decreased as well, so everyone had a much more desirable appearance.
Sarado, Diana, Leiado, Sylviado, Mathil… what? Why are you still here?

“Matilda? Are you going too?”

“Yeah? Then you were just going to stalk me?”

“no. It’s not bullying, you don’t need to go, do you?”

“That, that… If I’m not by your side, even a curse… .”

“no. No matter what I do, I don’t have sex until I go down to the dungeon.”

I don’t know if it’s possible to properly wander around the village in the dungeon as a base. Not enough to do while camping.
Going with Arachne’s kids is a special case.

“Or what? Do you just want to be with me?”

I spoke a little provocatively.
If this is the case, Matilda’s acting mode will also pop out… .

“Yeah… .”

uh huh? Hey. Why can’t I switch modes? This is a scene where you should say no to this.
Why are you giving an honest answer with a moist gaze?

“Well, well, it doesn’t matter. Then, can I ask Sylvia to play a role in protecting them from behind?”

Either way, Sylvia or Matilda can’t level up on the 3rd floor.
So, as much as possible, the battle is four people, no. Except for Diana, the three of us plan to go together.


Matilda nodded her head, seemingly happy to just go with her.

So we went to the dungeon again after a long time.
No, of course I haven’t in a long time. To say it’s been a long time means to go with our kids like this.

First, teleport to the village managed by the 2nd tier Oasis Clan, and head to the anthill.
From the beginning, the monsters on the 2nd floor were at a level that they couldn’t even compete with, but now they have even strengthened them with equipment.
Isn’t there such a thing as RPGs are all about levels and items.
To us armed with 5th tier level equipment, no. To be precise, to Sara, the Level 2 monsters were literally at the level of being crushed and killed.
The monsters seemed to be so strong that they died, so people other than Sarah had nothing to do, just walking.

“That bow. It’s a real scam.”

“Huhu. Thank you so much for bringing this material.”

Thanks to that, Sara, who was able to monopolize the experience by herself, answered with a really pleasant smile.
Well, in the first place, it doesn’t really matter because she’s the only one with a very low job level right now.
Isn’t my fighter or assassin level lower? What are you talking about. i’m a saint

Anyway, the reinforced Sara’s bow is a really crazy guy, so it was a bow that could shoot a bow without an arrow.
According to the description written on the accompanying note when the equipment was handed over, this bow was strengthened using the wyvern’s breath.
So, if you insert a mana stone into the groove in the middle of the bow, you can shoot mana arrows with a structure similar to that of the Wyvern’s Giwave.
The downside is that you have to insert a manastone every time it is consumed, but if you hunt in a dungeon anyway, the manastone is constantly coming out, so it’s not even a disadvantage.
Much better than carrying a bunch of expendable arrows.

“Heh heh heh.”

Seeing Sarah singing a pleasant hum, who doesn’t fit the situation of exploring the dungeon, I feel like I want to tease her a little.

“Your level is going up.”

I brought my mouth to Sarah’s ear and whispered so that no one else could hear it.


“Every time a hero goes up in level, all stats go up by 1. The charm has reached its limit and it doesn’t go up. Alas. The precious stats disappear into the air.”

“slumbers! Eh?! really?!”


Sarah’s happy face turned pale in an instant.
I was just going to make fun of you a little bit, but I’m so sorry that I’m so gloomy.

“Sir, don’t worry. You have to raise the hero level anyway, so you can raise your charm beyond that, right? And the fact that your charm is already at the limit is proof that you can climb incredibly well even if you are not a hero.”

okay. In the first place, Sarah’s charm is not thrown away by taking stats as bonus stats like my endurance, but because it is a case of setting the limit by purely natural growth.
My stamina is… no. This is sad, so let’s stop.

“And, if you exceed the level 100 limit, I’ll do a lot of it again to enhance your charm.”

“Idiot! I will definitely raise my job level to a similar level in the future!”

Sara clenched her fists as if promising to herself, turned on the lights in her eyes, and slaughtered while searching for monsters.
It didn’t change much after entering the ant burrow.
care about the number of arrows

Unnecessary, Sarah pierced through the ants a few at a time and moved forward.


And at the end of the anthill, the people of the Wizards’ Association were investigating the giant manastone.
It looked like she had completely set up her house in the queen’s room.
Can’t we just install the teleport here as it is?
Well, for that to happen, as soon as the queen ant is born, there must always be someone strong enough to deal with it in an instant, so it won’t work in terms of efficiency.

Anyway, we had a simple dinner there, and in the meantime, Diana received a report from a member of the Wizards’ Association about the progress of research on the Giant Manastone.

“Then what shall we do now?”

As we ate, I posed a question to Sarah, who was more ambitious than anyone else.

“Huh? what?”

“Shall we sleep here and go to the third floor from tomorrow? Or shall we go straight to the third floor after eating?”

“For me, I want to go to the third floor right away… How are you all?”

Sarah looked at the complexion of other people to see if she only wanted to make her own point.

“Well. That’s right. Go as far as you can.”

Diana said confidently, nodding her head.
Although she did not express it in words as much as Diana, who was always wary of the dangers of dungeons from the beginning, she was incredibly confident.
yes it is As Diana broke the level limit, the stat that jumped to 500 isn’t the only charm.
Even if the level is a little insufficient to go through the middle of the 3rd floor, if it was Diana right now, she would be able to evaporate all the monsters on the 3rd floor in one blow.

“Good. Then let’s do it.”

We ate and headed straight for the passageway to the third floor.
Then when I reached the snow wall, I stopped and made everyone wary.

“The equipment has been strengthened so there won’t be any problems, but from now on, everyone is nervous because it’s the 3rd floor. Especially Matilda.”

“Yes, four?! What?!”

“I know you’re in love with me, but be careful not to make a mistake by looking at me too much.”

“Oh, I know!”

Despite answering that way, Matilda seemed to be a little conscious.
Matilda blushed and turned her head.
Even though she was originally a paladin, Matilda has a kind of ladylike feeling to her.
The dungeon with Arachne was also a role where I only occasionally defend or heal by my side, and it seems that I am not very familiar with this kind of dungeon exploration.
The real noble lady over there got used to the dungeon in an instant.
Well, that’s why I decided to put Sylvia in the party.

“Hey out!”

I patted Sylvia’s hair for nothing, because she’s so weird.

“Ah, what is it? Sylvia. Battle mode unlocked? Is it because you haven’t left yet?”

“Ugh? Mo, mod… mean?”

Sylvia vibrated and gave an expression that she did not understand the English language.
no. Don’t worry, I’m talking nonsense to myself.

“Oh. And Diana.”


“Your seat is here.”

I made sure everyone had checked, and finally hugged Diana.
Also, keep the bio-heater in your arms

it’s the best

“Ah! Only kill Guwon-san!”

Leia seemed to realize why I suddenly hugged Diana.
He ran to Diana right in front of me.

“Wow! chest! Clear your chest!”

“I just warned Matilda to be careful, but what are you doing now!”

After all, after being scolded by Sarah, we were able to head to the third floor.
I, who had to take charge of the vanguard, of course lost Diana, and Diana was left in Leia’s arms with her chest on her head and only a painful expression on her face.
Sheesh. My living hearth… .

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Rescue request

“Finally, I can finally go back!”

Looking at the 3rd floor village, Matilda exclaimed with emotion.
Are you happy enough to cry? Well, it’s not that I don’t understand.

Exploring the 3rd floor was much easier than I thought.
Most of the enemies were at a level that could be dealt with with one or two arrows of Sarah, so there was not much for me to do.
By the way, when I came out, it was either a particularly hard guy like an ice golem or a transcendental species, or a group of guys like lizardmen who couldn’t deal with them all with just arrows before they approached me.

Of course, there was no problem at all if I was in a situation to go out.
For once, those with the saint skills were dealt with even if they used a declaration of sanctuary, being careful not to reach our children, and only moderately evading them.
The last time I went to the dungeon with Clan Arachne, the Assassin’s level went up a lot.
Compared to the last time I came to the 3rd floor, my agility was greatly increased, and the attacks of normal monsters were hardly even hit.
Besides, there was actually no need to dodge the attack. That’s because there was no damage at all.
Well, I avoided it as much as possible, because if I was hit, I would only naturally grow my endurance, which I don’t need to raise. Damn it.
The exception was the Ice Golem, which didn’t work with the saint’s skill, but even that was at a level where there was no damage due to the durability and the power of the reinforced armor.

Thanks to this, everyone except me and Sarah were able to walk without doing anything.
Of course, our angel gave me reinforcements every once in a while, saying he didn’t know me, even when he saw me like that, and Diana also disturbed me by disturbing my mana when guys who attack me with magic sometimes popped out.
Anyway, it was so pleasant that it was hard to believe that it was really a dungeon exploration.

Only one. Except for not knowing the way.
Of course, I brought a map from the guild before I came, but it seems that the guild has not yet provided any information related to this map.
Ant dens at the 2nd to 2.5th level. And there aren’t many adventurers to explore while piercing through the middle of the 3rd floor at once.
Well, unless it’s a special case like ours, yes.

Anyway, for that reason, I had to find a way by comparing the map system with the map of the guild, which only shows the regular route, but it was not easy.
Even if the 3rd floor is made up of layers, there are many cases where there is simply a field of snow without any landmarks such as trees.
Even with the map system, it took some time to find the way.

We had to wander aimlessly inside the 3rd floor until we completely found our way, and it seems that such a situation came under great pressure for Matilda, who is not used to exploring dungeons.
Even if you don’t do much, it must be tiring to walk around all the time nervous.
Besides, it seems that Matilda was the first to stand vigil on this expedition.
Anyway, for that reason, Matilda was looking at the village on the third floor, shedding tears of emotion.

“I’m glad. so you can get it right. Good. So, shall we stay here for one day?”

“… eh?”

As soon as she heard my words, Matilda looked at me with a shocked expression as if it had fallen from a dry sky.

“Oh, it’s today… So you’re saying you’re going to head down again tomorrow?”

“Huh. I think so. With our skills now, we would be able to break through at least the 3rd floor masters with ease. If possible, you want to go to the 4th floor.”

“That, that… .”

“I wouldn’t be so disappointed. After all, the owner of the 3rd floor is not far from here.”

Seeing him say this, it seemed that Diana was also in favor of going up to the 4th floor.
Well, apart from that, Diana also seemed happy to have returned to the village.

“Okay, then, now that you’re back in town, let’s stop falling.”

Diana hurriedly escaped from Leia’s arms.
Were you happy about it too?
He was in pain because he kept holding his chest on top of his head.
However, from the middle, Leia wrapped her body with her tail, and she seemed to have regained her peace of mind while enjoying the fluffy texture of her tail with both hands. Still, it seems that the hatred was bigger.
I thought I would die of envy watching it.
To be held in the arms of an angel, to put an angel’s chest on his head, and to enjoy the touch of an angel’s tail.
what is that It’s totally heaven. It’s a utopia.

“Can’t we just hold onto the village?”

“No! It’s not even cold anyway!”

Leia looked at Diana as if she was really sorry, but our Archmage was not at all shaken by the angel’s gaze.

“Really. Not everyone is a kid… . Come on.”

Sara, the youngest of the party members, sighed in the most mature way and walked towards the village.
Perhaps it was thanks to the hero level breaking through level 100 and lifting the level limit, Sarah had completely regained her usual cool appearance.
Perhaps because of his mood, the way he walked seemed more confident.
Well, from the beginning, Sarah walks like a model, though
She must have been a country girl before coming here, but it’s amazing to see her like that.
Is it literally innate?

“Well then.”


The closer I got to the village, the more the battle mode was released, so I snatched Sylvia’s back, who was trying to sneak away from me, and walked towards the village.

The third-tier village had a somewhat mysterious appearance.
In the middle of the 3rd floor surrounded by snow, this village is like

As if in another world, there was no trace of snow at all.

“The teleport magic circle also includes a magic that increases the ambient temperature. Even on the 2nd floor, the village was not quite cool.

That was Diana’s explanation.
Then I saw that The 2nd floor didn’t have visible changes like here, but I didn’t pay much attention to it.
Come to think of it, even with the armor off, it feels like it wasn’t too hot.

As the snow felt under our feet disappeared, we could feel the ambient temperature rising.
Diana was also using magic to raise the ambient temperature, but she said that she was controlling the amount of mana so she could fight at any time and was only controlling it so that it wasn’t cold.

Compared to the two-tier village, the size of the village was clearly small enough to be seen.
As the level goes down, the scale gets smaller, and when you reach the 5th floor, it becomes a village with only two buildings.
Well, just being able to sleep properly in the dungeon should be something to be thankful for.

We went into the inn, unarmed, and went to the restaurant to order.
Even if it wasn’t for Matilda, everyone seemed to be tired of wandering aimlessly around the dungeon for days, but everyone had a smile on their face.

“Diana. With our skills, we can easily handle a third-tier master, right?”

“Well. You mentioned that you also blocked the attack of the Transcendental Species on the 5th floor. That’s not to say you can be vigilant, but I don’t think you need to worry. And when dealing with the owner of the class, this body must also be preparing an attack magic from behind.”

“Ah, don’t you want to fight with the owner of the class?”

“Ugh. Whoa… I don’t mean to brag about this body, but that’s why it’s so easy. While fighting with the owner of the 3rd tier, I want you to know in advance what the level of the 4th tier will be.”

Diana took a sip of the hot tea, and said with a tiring smile.

“Well, anyway, don’t be nervous and just relax. For now, we have finished raising Sarah’s job level, which was the immediate goal.”

“Well. Now I just have to fulfill the purpose of this body.”

“Find a giant magic stone? Do you have any guesses?”

“Well. First of all, I’m guessing it’s where the owner of the 3rd floor resides. Wasn’t the giant manastone of the ant den also found where the queen ant was?”

“indeed. Is there a giant manastone where the boss is? Huh? But from that point of view, shouldn’t there be a giant manastone in the place where the 1st floor owner used to be?”

The owner of the 2nd floor missed it, so I can’t say anything, but at least I don’t remember seeing anything similar to that near the owner of the 1st floor.

“Well. I think I’ve said it before, but unlike the giant manastone, it doesn’t feel like an exaggeration to say that it has little or no mana energy. It’s completely assimilated into the dungeon and feels like part of the dungeon terrain. Unless you’re in a position where you can see it directly, like in an ant burrow… .”

“Is it possible that people have just overlooked it?”

“Well. So this is the only thing this body needs to check

do it There is no one other than this body who can sense the meager mana of the gigantic manastone and determine its location.”

“But if that’s the case, it doesn’t have to be the third floor. If I had told you, I would have gone to the 1st or 2nd floor together.”

“It’s okay. Wouldn’t it be easier to find it on the way if possible? It’s not too late to find the giant manastones on the 1st or 2nd floor after checking them on the 3rd floor.

Diana said this, but it was an act of consideration for us by anyone looking at it.
Really. So, when you treat me like an elder like this, give me a little tea.
He doesn’t express himself on the subject he cares about, so he always looks at him like a child.
I naturally placed my hand on Diana’s head and stroked her soft hair.
Oh, are you treating this like a child?
Well, Diana seems to be enjoying my touch with her eyes closed as if feeling good.

“Really saved!”

As I was stroking Diana, suddenly Sarah from beside me came up to me.

“I thought you were talking about something serious, so I left it uninterrupted! After all, I’m just flirting like that! Take care of me too!”

Saying so, Sarah rubbed her cheek against my chest.
uh? What, what? Why is he acting so stupid all of a sudden? Are you really Sarah? Who isn’t in disguise?

“… Mr. Sarah. You were drunk.”

Seeing Sarah like that, Leia muttered a little as if she had known her for the first time.

“uh? what? Who drank him?!”

“Mi, I’m sorry! I just saw what I was drinking and said it looked delicious, so I shared some… .”

Matilda held a large cup in her hand and, restlessly, confessed.

“He gets drunk with just one sip! I’ve been told not to drink alcohol since I was drunk once before! No, can priests drink alcohol in the first place?”

“Yes, four?! What does that matter?”

It seems to be happening
Well, there’s nothing strange about it, because religion is different from where I was originally from.

“Goowoon. hehe What do you think? Am I prettier?”

“Yeah. Sarah is always pretty.”

“Really! I’m not saying that! more! You’re asking if I’ve gotten prettier! What do you think? for… Oops. You leveled up too. Do you think I’m pretty?”

I blocked Sarah’s mouth as she was about to spit out the word hero, but Sarah did not give in and put away my hand and dropped her aegyo again.
Of course, that’s not a bad feeling. Sara doesn’t show her aegyo so honestly, so I was in a pretty good mood.
But the problem was that it wasn’t just me and Sarah right now, and another one.

“Yeah, of course. I think you’ve become pretty.”

Another problem was that today wasn’t Sarah’s turn.

“Huhu. So do you want to hug me? I want to be embraced by salvation.”

I knew it would be like this
Thinking back to when Sarah first drank and got drunk back in the day, it’s only natural that she behaves like this now that she’s completely connected with me.
It was satisfying to see Sarah rubbing her cheeks on my chest and flirting with aegyo appropriate for the position of being the youngest, but it was impossible to accept Sarah’s cute temptation.
Accept this to hear later.

“Wait a minute! Miss Sarah! Today is the body’s turn!”

Next to us, our Archmage is turning on the lights in his eyes.

“Fall! It’s this body’s turn today! Turn it off! Turn it off!”

“Huh? Salvation? What do you think? Huh?”

Diana tried to get rid of Sarah, who had been clinging to me, trying so hard that her face turned red, but Sarah did not even move, clinging to me and dropping aegyo.

“You! Let me say something!”

“There’s no way you can talk to a drunken kid… .”

I can’t help it. Should I use the after-drinking method?
I reached out to Matilda, took the glass she was holding, and poured the contents inside her mouth.
Then, holding Sara’s head up, she kissed her deeply and handed over the contents of her mouth.

“Yes! Whoops! gulp. gulp.”

Sara responded with a pleasant smile when I kissed her, and she drank the contents she was handed over to her.

“Gee, what are you doing now?!”

“Won’t you lose your mind if you get drunk more here?”

“Hey hey… . Bake it… .”


Eventually, Sarah fell asleep while making an inappropriately cute noise.
Whoops. Also I’m a genius

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Rescue request

“Really. From now on, Sara should be banned from drinking alcohol.”

Diana sat on the bed and muttered with a face more tired than when exploring the dungeon.
Leia’s chest on her head and if I ask you what made you more tired than just before, you’d be right, right? Huh. let’s be careful

“How can you be so strong? After all, the power of a drunken person is unbearable.”

no. Even if Sarah wasn’t drunk, I wouldn’t be able to compete with you by force.

“Still, Sarah’s appearance is quite cute… Right now, I can only see Diana.”

“My agility has increased.”

Diana stroked my hair like it was weird.
I think my agility was at the highest level from the beginning.
Well, it doesn’t matter since the crisis has been avoided.

“Then, Diana.”


As I sat on the bed and gently pulled Diana’s waist, Diana was slowly pulled over to this side, then climbed onto my thighs and sat facing each other.
In that state, kiss lightly once.
But soon after they parted their lips, they looked at each other, smiled, and then kissed lightly again.
Maybe it was because he was just devising to torment Diana every time, and when he started like this without a second thought, he felt fresh.
The problem with all of this is that it suits Diana being bullied so well.
The reaction is so cute, you want to bully me every day.
The elf archmage who likes to kiss us, is it really that good to just kiss me face to face like this? The smile will disappear from his face.

did not know the line

“Today is strangely soft. Are you also tired of dungeon exploration?”

So, don’t say that with a satisfied face. You just want to torment me.

“Why? Do you want me to be rough?”


I slapped Diana’s ass a little hard as I spoke playfully, then Diana clenched her fists and tapped her palms to my chest.

“You stay quiet today. This body will take care of everything.”

As Diana said so, she opened her fist on my chest and gently pushed my body back.
We sat across the bed, so if we lay back like this, we will be lying on the bed.
Rather than lie down right away as Diana pushed me, I hugged Diana, turned slightly to the side, fully climbed onto the bed, and leaned back against the headboard of the bed, lying at an angle.
Then Diana immediately put her body on top of me, fell on her face, and kissed her again.
It didn’t give any special stimulation, but the time passed by just purely kissing.
Sometimes it’s not bad to just kiss each other gently.
Especially because our Diana really likes kissing.

I wasn’t in the mood to caress my body, so I took off my wizard’s hat and reached out to caress Diana’s long ears.
But Diana didn’t want to allow even that, so she slapped me in the chest lightly and sucked her tongue a little bit harder.
As if telling them to focus on the kiss.

“Whoa. how about Isn’t it good to be relaxed like this sometimes?”

Diana, who had not fallen from my lips for a while, looked down at me with a smile as if she was barely satisfied.
Soft silver hair cascaded down and covered my face, leaving only Diana’s face visible, making her smile look more accentuated than usual.

“You keep kissing me. Did you just say you were going to take care of everything for this?”

I was a little embarrassed for some reason, so I avoided my gaze and spoke as if provoking on purpose.

“Cook. Shame on you? Don’t look at me like that. I will take care of everything.”

Diana patted my head once as if she knew it all, then slowly moved her back and forth.
When Diana, who was sitting on my crotch, moved her waist back and forth, I could feel the thing being rubbed back and forth, wrapped in soft flesh even over the top of my pants.
Diana kissed me once again, with a look of whether she was a little satisfied with this.
Why are you so excited about this today?
It’s not a pity I’ve never kissed before, but anyway, it’s kind of weird.
It was just being rubbed upwards, and the object reacted in a strange way.

“Dreaming like this. Do you feel this good just by touching this body?”

“Of course. So you’re saying it’s not Diana?”

In order not to show this strange level of palpitation, I deliberately pretended to be cool and spoke out.
Well, as long as Diana was in close contact with my body, it would have been a useless bravado because of the loud pulsating sound.

“Huhu. Of course, this body is good too. I’m happy. really.”

Diana said softly, smiling like her heart was pounding.

“It must be painful. After all, you are a man. I can’t help it. This body will heal you a little more. However… .”

Diana said so and pulled my pants down, and she took off only her underwear under the skirt and slowly inserted it.

“Ugh… . Can’t move yet. Today, this body… .”
“Alas! indeed!”

But as soon as I inserted it into Diana, I realized now why I was pounding so strangely. As an added bonus, the reason Diana is so relaxed.
Because Diana’s charm is 500.
It was kind of weird. I remember this because of the texture of the pussy.
I can’t help it. Diana was pretty from the beginning, so I forgot for a while.
Anyway, before, Diana was very disturbed due to the exposure situation, so I didn’t feel it well because it wasn’t such a thrilling atmosphere, but after all, Charm 500 behaves like a full-fledged seduction, so the effect is no joke.

“What, something?! Why are you doing that?”

“Oh, no. no. continue.”

“That’s right.”

Diana had a strange expression on her face, but then she regained her expression and kissed her with a smile as if seducing her.
No matter how immobile it is, it is in the state of being inserted, but there is room like this
I was starting to get a little worried.
If things go like this, tonight, I’m going to lose to Diana.
Unless he fully activates the saint’s skill or stimulates exhibitionism again.
But anyway, since I was winning every night, I thought it might be okay to lose today.
okay. OK. How many days in the future will he win over me like this?
As my level rises and the gap in attractiveness narrows, it will naturally be restored to its original state.

“I didn’t even move, but I was already trembling inside. Do you feel that good?”

Diana parted her lips again and whispered in my ear.

“Huh. Very good. Diana’s inside is the best. Even though it’s Myunggi, I feel better because I think he’s the person I love. Especially the wrinkles on the inside… .”
“Laugh! Are you stupid! A little shy!”

Oops. I thought I’d lose today.
When I answered, too frankly, no, more eloquent than necessary, Diana patted me in the chest.
Maybe Diana wanted to see me shy.
Sorry Diana. ‘Cause there’s no shame Still, Diana, who was shy because she was counterattacked, was cute, so I also felt that this was good as it is.

“So, Diana. is this the end Shall I move now?”

“Hey, wait! Never move!”

Diana said that and started moving her waist slowly on her own.
It was a look that didn’t work out as intended, though.
I’m not going to make a face like that. Actually, I can’t afford it either.
The reason I gave that answer earlier was because I didn’t have more time than usual.

“Uh, how is it? Whoops! Ah, the pulse inside… ha ha! Is it that good?”

Diana began to feel herself, and asked again, desperately pretending to be relaxed.

“Huh. the best.”

“Huhu. frozen… hey! Do not make sudden movements!”

“sorry. Not on purpose, but reflexively because it feels so good.”

“That’s right… Whoops, whoops. If I think I’m going to come out, I’m sorry. You can always do it first… .”

“Huh. Then first.”

I had no reason to stand it, so I just ejaculated.
Anyway, I decided to lose today, and unlike other men, I don’t need to save because the number of loaders is infinite.
Anyway, I had been anxious since before, so the signal was slowly coming.

“Eh? already? Whoops! Ah, inside… .”

Diana was startled and moaned while stroking her lower abdomen, the area marked with the apostle’s mark.
The inside of her vagina was tight, but it doesn’t seem to have reached its peak.
By the way, I did an amazing job of locating one of the Apostle Marks. It’s cheap inside, so just touch that way.

“Huhu. It’s cheap so fast. Did you feel that good?”

Except for the insertion before my previous life, it’s probably the first time I’ve reached my climax before Diana.
Diana looked down at me with a smile as if she had won.
Obviously I lost on purpose, but because I really like it this much, I get a little angry about it.
Do you want to stimulate exhibitionism right now?
no. Let’s be patient. Today is… Still, I’m getting a little hot, so should I tease you a little?

“Huh… I was in a good mood, but Diana doesn’t seem to like it very much… .”

I said with a deliberately hurt expression on my face.

“Ugh? Come on, wait a minute. what is that… .”
“Diana… . Love has grown cold.”

“Ah, ah, ah, no! How do you say that?! This body feels good too! Really!”

“Then prove it.”

“Ze, proof? Oh, I see. So uh! Can I do this?!”

Diana panicked at my words and began to move her waist vigorously.
Anyway, I can’t calm myself down when my feelings for me are related to a topic I’m usually calm. cute guy.
Anyway, I succeeded in teasing Diana a little, and, as a bonus, thanks to Diana’s hard work, I felt better, and I succeeded in enjoying the effect of one stone and two birds.

“Hey! look! This, this body… ! Whoops! This body will soon… !”

“Even if you ask me, ugh! I can’t see it because of the skirt.”

“In that case, hehe! Is this okay?!”

Was it because he wanted to prove that his love for me didn’t cool down like that, or maybe he didn’t have any objection because he wasn’t seeing anyone other than me, maybe both.
Anyway, Diana lifted the hem of her skirt and moved her waist hard while showing the joint.

“Yes! This, this body… This body treats you like this!”

The incident happened when Diana was about to climax while shouting her love for me.

“Wow! Bake it! Are you here?!”

With a knock on the door, Sarah’s voice came from outside the door.


Then Diana’s pussy swelled with tension and excitement.

started to tighten.

“Ugh! ok, it’s ok Diana. Because the door is locked… .”

“Alas! You’re trying to get away with locking the door recklessly! Eight!”

It’s crazy! With a sound, the door suddenly opened.
No, it must have been opened, the wild drunken Sarah appeared with the door broken.

“Eh?! Eh?! hey?! Whoa!”

And Diana, who was shaking her waist with her skirt lifted, fell into a completely panicked state and lost consciousness, and soon reached a climax as she drooped over my body and trembled.

“Wow! Sarah! door! Once at the door!”

I hurriedly shut Diana’s mouth and urged Sarah.

“what. Even if I don’t scream, I don’t know that much… .”

Sarah closed the door with a sullen face.
Fortunately, only the handle part was broken, and when it was closed like that, it looked like there was no problem on the outside.

“And only do things that make Diana feel good… .”

But Sarah didn’t seem to have any intention of leaving.
No, rather, he strode towards the bed where we were.
His steps staggered, he was still drunk.
However, it seemed that it wasn’t the only reason Sarah’s face was bright red.

“Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha .”

this guy… I’m drunk and I’m more honest with my desires.
Besides, she’s in denial at all, but she likes to get excited when she sees me doing things with other women.

“Bake it. I also… .”

Sara dangling from my arm, making a cute voice she would never normally make.

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First of all, I don’t think the Diana scene was finished once it was finished properly.


Rescue request

“Wow. Hey. awhile.”

Diana’s vagina, which had reached its climax along with the situation of being shown to Sarah, gave me great pleasure while wriggling frightfully and vigorously.
Besides, it wasn’t just the inside of the vagina that was actively moving.
I still couldn’t get away from the afterglow of the climax and my body was trembling softly, so the vibration was transmitted to my belongings and it felt good.
Still, it was hard to bear with Diana’s charm of 500, but when it became like this, the signal came again in an instant.

“Ugh… !”


I ended up ejaculating inside Diana again.
And maybe Diana was excited about being ejaculated from the inside in front of Sarah, or while holding my body tight, she groaned again while shaking her whole body.

“Wonder? what now? Jeongma Al! Cheer up! I also. Come too.”

And when Sarah saw that figure, she insisted on being completely faithful to her instincts.
Her voice is uncommonly cute, but her breathing is quite rough, probably because her body is on fire from jealousy.
Sarah is trying to get Diana out of my arms… .

“Stop! Sarah! wait!”

“Really! why are you You don’t want to be with me?”

“no. That’s not it. That’s not the problem. Today is Diana’s day. You know Sarah, right?

You have to protect this.”

I don’t know if it will work or not, but no. Well, to be honest, I thought it would never hurt, but I decided to convince Sarah first.
You’re in a situation where you’re connected to someone else and convince a kid who’s drunk and says he likes you.
It’s a bizarre picture, I think.

“It was! ha ha! Yes! Oh… Today is! hey! Hey, aunt… .”

In the beginning, Diana couldn’t come to her senses in a situation like this, but today was a little different.
As if he was still a little sane, he looked at Sarah and insisted that today was his turn.
If I had to say that I was sane, I had one cheek pressed against my chest and drooped, and my tongue was loose, so my pronunciation was twisted, and even my waist was moving as if trembling.
Still, it’s probably the power of the Charm 500 that keeps her spirit like this.


Hearing what we had to say, Sarah made a strange noise with her mouth sticking out like a child’s pout.

“I have to do it with Diana, so you mean you can’t do it with me?”

Still, persuasion seems to work.
thank God. He’s drunk and his personality is a little weird, but it seems that he can make a normal judgment for now.
No, a person with normal judgment would not have thought of breaking in someone else’s room in the first place. Anyway, I’m glad it seems to work for now.

“okay. I wish… .”

“Then I will wait.”

“What, what?!”

“I will wait here. Until Diana is no more. Then there’s no problem with me, right?”

“Hey, what… .”

How do you come to such a conclusion?
What can you say!
After all, it’s impossible to convince a drunken guy!

“It’s just that! I mean, I want to do it with salvation too! Do you hate salvation? Huh? Baked?”

Hey. Don’t be so cute at times like this.
I usually don’t show it like that, so I’m just nervous and I think I’ll agree.
But if you agree here, it’s over.
If you agree, how will you relieve Diana’s mood later? It’s terrifying just thinking about it.

“Hey! 👌👌👌 Yes!”

no, what Diana is feeling busy right now, but it seems like she’s out of her mind.

“Huh? Is Diana all right then? I’ll just keep watching until Diana can’t.”

“Hey, next door… Whoops! Whoops! example… ha ha! Whoa!”

Sara, dear, did you know Diana’s walls and do this on purpose?
It was perfectly stimulating Diana’s walls to the point where I could think of it.
Not only did Sarah say, but she really sat on the floor with her chin on the edge of the bed and began to stare at us.

“Yes! Heh, I’ll be waiting here, here, so hurry up… Bake it. I’ll be saved soon… Yes!”

No, not only that, it looked like he was masturbating at all.
Well, Sara’s lower body was not visible because it was covered by the bed. If you hear that voice, you can think of it as almost certain.
I decided to ignore Sarah like that for now and focus on what she did with Diana.

“Wow! Come on, come on! Whoa, whoa! Moving Henga!”

no. Before I moved, you were moving on your own.
Diana said, pointing her gaze at Sarah, but I didn’t care and moved my back.

“okay. Don’t worry about Sarah. It’s your turn today. I just need to think of you and me.”

“Don’t… Whoops. uhm. e. Hmm.”

I stopped talking, kissing Diana’s mouth, who was trying to protest further.
Still, Diana, who looked crazy because of this confusing and crazy pleasure, was chasing her head and focused on kissing me and moving her waist as if it was okay now that I kissed her.

“Ugh. Bake it… . Huh… ha… .”

Seeing us having sex with our whole bodies in close contact with each other, Sarah called my name in a crying voice, but I decided not to care.
I’m not at all wrong this time. It’s all Sarah’s fault for breaking in.

“Ugh! Whoops! Whoops!”

Of course, even if Diana began to devote herself to her actions as if she liked it, that doesn’t mean she wasn’t happy with what Sarah was watching.
Diana has already reached its climax several times, shaking her waist violently with her upper body pressed against me.

“Ugh! hey… Following… Then no… whoops. I want to know.”

And me too, Diana kept moving so loudly that things had to go faster.
Thankfully, Diana was at the peak a lot more than I was, so I was able to do a face-lift.

“Wow! Salvation again… Diana! Diana is feeling fast too!”

And seeing that, Sarah wept and started to cling to Diana’s body and caress Diana’s body.

“Hey?! Whoops! within! Whoa!”

Diana, who was still sensitive as she felt my ejaculation, finally reached a climax when Sarah touched her body, causing her limbs to droop and pass out.
When I saw Diana, whose brain was crushed by pleasure, and passed out, I felt complicated emotions.
The feeling of triumph that I even passed out against the Charm 500, and the feeling that I was going to lose today, but why did this happen.
Well, I know why this happened, though.

“Bake it!”

And as soon as Diana passed out, Sarah ran right up to me.

“Wow! what are you Did you really cry?!”

“But… It’s okay… .”

no. No matter how drunk you are, you’ve been too honest with your feelings.
The momentum that Sarah rushed at was not strange even if she violently pushed Diana, who had fainted, to the side.
Before that, I quickly disconnected from Diana and gently laid Diana’s body next to her.
And as soon as Diana left me, Sarah quickly got on top of me and inserted it.
Perhaps she was masturbating again, Sarah’s vagina was already soggy.
no. By the way, when did you take your pants off?


Sarah accepted my item at once and trembled for a moment, then wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me and started moving her waist.

“Salvation! Yes! Salvation is mine! Whoa. Bake! Bake it! I like you! I love you, bro!”

Originally, I was going to scold myself, but now that I’m out like this, I can’t even scold.

“Huh. I like it too. But Sarah. still

Today this is… .”

“Huh… sorry. sorry… . Still, with salvation… Whoops! I couldn’t stand it! Sorry… Ah.”

Even though Sarah apologized like that, she kept hugging me, shaking her waist and kissing me.
okay. Do you think you need to give your soul to a drunken boy to get it right?
I just reached over to Sarah’s face and wiped away any tears.
How can you be so jealous and excited at the same time? That fortress wall is also very special.
no, what I was drunk today, so I would have just reacted more honestly.

But from now on, maybe it will be good.
It’s absurd to hold them like the last time you hugged them at the same time.
In that case, it is not strange that Sarah is the second and Diana kills her.
But if you keep playing with Sarah like this, eventually Diana will come to her senses too.
If so, this time too… .
I grabbed Sarah’s waist tightly with both hands and pushed her back strongly.

“Uh-huh! Bake! Bake it!”

She must have been so happy that I was finally moving, who had been quiet for so long, and Sarah called my name with an excited face, tightened her arms around my neck, and rubbed her cheeks against my face in random motion.
As long as you are suppressing yourself with a cool look, do you become honest with your feelings when you get drunk?
If today was Sarah’s turn, I would have enjoyed watching the cute Sara slowly.

“So good?”

“Okay! Okay! Bake! Salvation good! I love you! Only salvation, huh! All you need is salvation! I don’t need anything else! Yes! All I need is salvation! really good! I love you so much!”

I just asked if it was good, but Sarah reacted much more violently than I thought and vomited out her sincerity.
He must have been drunk last time, didn’t he remember everything he did?
He wakes up tomorrow morning, remembers what he said, and is already looking forward to how he will react.

“I love you too.”

“Wow! Huh! Huh!”

Sarah put on a happy expression as she kissed my face sideways.
He’s drunk and honest, so I can feel that he’s the youngest in the party.
Because of the cool atmosphere, I rarely look younger.

“Then Sarah. I have a request for Sarah, whom I really like.”

“Boo, huh! Request? Huh! The salvation I really like, haha! Anything for salvation… !”

“Feel it. More than ever. never be patient Accept all pleasures honestly and feel them.”

“Huh! I will! I will!”

I’m a little sorry for doing something like this by taking advantage of a drunken being honest, but today, it’s Sarah’s fault, so I can’t help it.
As I listened to Sarah’s answer, I used the saint’s power.
Although it is still less powerful than the hand of the saint, instead, in a situation where the body is in close contact like this, the power of the saint, which has an effect on the whole body, sometimes responds better.
As a bonus, by using it in this way, the power level of the saint is also raised.
In addition to the saint’s power, I stimulated Sarah by using all the skills I could.
Anyway, just level 100

Sara with the restrictions lifted.
Sara’s level was not exactly 100 right now as the level rises quickly even after catching monsters, probably because of the hero buff, but it’s still a much lower level than me.
When I stimulated Sarah like that with all my might, it was obvious that Sarah could not stand it.

“Bake it! Bake it! Whoa!”

In the end, Sarah really couldn’t stand it at all and reached a grand climax when she called my name out.
The pleasure was so intense that even though I was wrapped around my body with my arms and legs, it was a little frightening because my back and back moved like a broken one.

“buy it? OK?”

I called Sarah’s name, but of course there was no answer.
When the broken movement stopped, Sarah put her in my arms and let out a thin breath.
Her body was still trembling slightly from the afterglow of the climax, but Sarah had just fainted from pleasure.
Well, this was exactly what I was aiming for.

After I broke the bond with Sarah, I roughly wiped Sarah and my lower body with a towel.
Then he picked up Sarah’s pants that had been randomly thrown on the floor and put them on.
Wow. what is this. The crotch area is completely wet.
How excited were you to see me and Diana doing?

Anyway, after putting on Sarah’s clothes and dressing myself like that, I grabbed Sarah and quickly headed to Sarah’s room.
After all, there was no way the drunk girl could properly lock the door, so Sarah’s door was unlocked.
I laid Sarah on the bed, covered her with a blanket, and left Sarah’s room again.
For reference, I found the key lying next to the door, so I grabbed it and locked the door.

Good. perfect with this
Now, if you just fool Diana, everything can be resolved amicably.
Satisfied with my own perfect crime, I went back to Diana’s room.

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Brave King Hiro // I made a setting about it, but I didn’t write it because I thought it wouldn’t be a good idea to put it out too much, but I’ll have to explain it later in the main text.
It’s too long to give a detailed answer here, so I’ll just give a brief answer, and I’ll explain the details later in the body of the novel.
1. Yes. You can have multiple jobs.
2. All-round stats, all-around characters are theoretically possible, but difficult.
3. You can also have the opposite type of job in terms of stats. But it’s not efficient.


Rescue request

Approaching Diana, who is still stunned, she takes off her clothes again, and inserts it inside Diana.
I was worried about what would happen if it was dry, but fortunately, Diana’s vagina was still wet, so it was easy to insert.
That means that the amount of love fluid that I exhaled while Diana was feeling it before was too large.

“Yes… .”

Fortunately, Diana didn’t wake up on the way, and I was able to complete the insertion safely.
As before, I could breathe a sigh of relief, hugging Diana and reclining halfway on the bed.

“Yes… Come on, you… ?”

And not long after, Diana came to her senses and called my name in a dazed voice.

“Ugh. Are you awake now?”

I smiled as if I couldn’t dry it, and lightly pinched Diana’s cheek and shook it.

“This body… So… Whoops! Sa, what about Miss Sara?”

Then he furrowed his eyebrows for a moment as if trying to remember why he was doing this, then suddenly blushed and looked around quickly.

“Yes? What are you talking about all of a sudden? Sarah?”

Of course, I decided to cut the shichimi as planned.
AKA ‘Sarah never came in the first place.’ It’s an operation.
Diana just passed out because she liked it purely with me.

“Didn’t Miss Sara come in drunk before?”

“Have you never been?”

“Well? What do you mean? Miss Sarah came in and said she wanted to do it too, and in the end, she even said that she would be waiting for this body to end.”

Surprisingly, I remembered everything correctly.
I saw that halfway through, I was half lost in pleasure.
Would you say that you are a sorcerer?

“What are you talking about. ‘Cause there’s never been such a thing Did you really even show what I was saying?”

“Well? What did you say?”

“okay. I told you to make fun of you and imagine what would happen if another kid suddenly broke in. You got so excited just thinking about it, you passed out. I do not remember?”

“Hey, what does that mean! No, in the first place, it is impossible to say that this body is so excited that I fainted after only imagining it!”

“a. he does it again Now admit it. You are this cute flashy girl.”

“So you didn’t say it wasn’t like that?”

“Then why did you faint earlier?”

“That’s right, Miss Sarah!”

“okay. It looked like Sarah was in, right? So, why does it have to do with being over-excited?”

“That, so… Whoa, whoa… ! It’s not like that anyway!”

Diana suddenly started pounding my chest.

“Ouch. sorry. sorry. Okay. I won’t make fun of you. Diana was so cute, so I played around with her.”

I hugged Diana and rubbed her back, pretending to be sick.

“It’s not like that… .”

“Huh. ok i was mistaken Was Diana so happy just being with me?”

“Yeah, that’s right. Really, a man like you… .”

Diana gently patted my side a few times while holding her tight in my arms, then hugged me tightly.
And seeing Diana’s reaction like that, I smiled of conversion.
Perfect! It’s perfect!
Unexpectedly, Diana was a bit sweaty because she remembered correctly, but somehow managed to get her attention.

“But really Miss Sarah… .”
“Are you still talking about it?”

“Ah! Go, suddenly, huh! Don’t move!”


“I’ll make you feel good enough to have strange hallucinations again.”

“That, so this body… ! Yes!”

Contrary to my original plan of losing to Diana, in the end I had to spend the night harassing Diana thoroughly to keep her from thinking.

“Ahhh… . I have to explore the dungeon today too, but in the end I couldn’t sleep properly.”

the next morning. Diana said while stroking my chest lightly.

“It’s wrong that Diana is so cute. I did nothing wrong.”

“Anyway, if you can’t speak… .”

As if he didn’t hate it as he said that, Diana didn’t say anything to me anymore.
Well, because of the healing sex, this level is quite high.

“Then I will wash this body.”

In the end, Sara’s intrusion yesterday was almost completely covered up, but there was still one hurdle remaining.
It is the door that Sarah broke.
At first glance, it looks fine, but the moment you put your hand on the handle, you’ll know it’s broken.
So don’t ever let Diana touch the handle.
Then there’s only one thing I have to do now.

“Diana! Let’s wash together!”

“Do you still have that much energy after doing that?!”

Diana exclaimed with a slightly tired expression.
Don’t do that too much. It’s dangerous if you don’t wash and go out at the same time.
Do you know who came in to play one more game with you?
… Well, I ended up making another one.

“Really, you… .”

“Ha ha. sorry. sorry. Diana washing herself has to be pretty. Then Lady. You go first.”

Having said that, in a natural motion, Diana opened the door before leaving.


Diana, happy to see me like that, wiggled her teeth, reached out and stroked my hair once, then left the room.
Whoa. perfect with this Now, before you go out, secretly pass the repair fee to the innkeeper and you’re done.

When we went down to the dining room, Sylvia and Leia, a priest named Matilda, had already come down first.
Matilda She’s the first to come down to the restaurant when I’m not there to do something if a man tries to seduce her.
Well, first of all, it’s in good shape, though.
When it comes to the 3rd floor in the first place, the number of male adventurers is bound to be less than that upstairs, and besides, if you are a male adventurer enough to come here, there is no need to make any effort to entice women here.

“They both came down ahead of time.”

“Oh, salvation. How did you sleep?”
“Good morning.”
“Joe, good morning!”

As she stuttered in the morning, she put her hand on her head and tried to calm her down by stroking her, but Sylvia went into vibration mode.

“Huh. Isn’t Sarah here yet?”

“Yeah. You are a little late today.”

Leia said it was really strange that Sarah was late.

“Alas… . Because he was drunk yesterday. I don’t know if it’s even a hangover. Wait a minute, I’ll go and see you.”

Anyway, I still have the key to Sarah’s room.
I said that naturally and headed to Sarah’s room.

“Go in.”

And without knocking, I opened the door with the key and entered Sarah’s room.

“What are you doing?”

As expected, Sarah had already woken up.
He was lying on the bed with his face buried in the pillow, but seeing that his hair was wet, it seemed that he had already washed it.
Sara’s back trembled with every step I took, but she didn’t answer.
That would be a shame If it were me, I would kick the duvet until either the bed or my leg broke.

“Hey. I’m not sleeping, so answer me.”

I said as I walked over the blanket and lightly slapped Sarah on the ass.
Well. good elasticity.


Sarah let out a cute moan and lifted her head for a moment, but then buried her face in the pillow again.
More than I thought, no. It seems that the mental damage was as great as I thought.
I can’t help it. I have no choice but to use the last resort.

“Huh! Bake it! As long as you have salvation, you don’t need anything else!”
“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave not to have to go!”

Again, the effect was great.
Let me repeat one of Sarah’s embarrassing lines yesterday, and she screams and jumps up, grabs a pillow and covers my mouth.
Well, it was because he remembered everything he did the day after he got drunk.
I thought you would remember this time too

“Forget it! Forget it! Forget it right now!”

And Sara’s face turned red as if on fire and slapped me hard, but her bare hand attack wasn’t enough to break through my defense.

“Wow! I love you darling! I’m also hugged by salvation and I’m sorry!”

“Hey, didn’t you make such a strange voice?!”

“Well, unlike me, Sarah’s voice was cute. Do you know how to make a voice like that? Can you say it again like yesterday? Bake it!”

“Whoa! I really want to die!”

As I continued to tease, Sarah clasped her face with her hands and cried as she collapsed to the floor.

“He’s making a big fuss. Who wants to kill me?”

“Who is it for?!”

Sara didn’t deny that she was mine, and shouted while slapped me in the stomach.

“Who is it for? It’s because of Sarah, who got drunk like that once before and drank again.”

“Woooooooooooooo… !”

Sara didn’t respond at all, just staring at me like she hated me and said.
However, there was nothing like the power that he usually shows when he was angry in those eyes, he just looked cute.

“Anyway, let’s go downstairs. Don’t show Diana, because I’ve done it well.”

“… How are you? how?”

Perhaps one of the reasons for not being able to come down was that there was no face to see Diana, Sarah said with an anxious look.

“just. When I woke up, I asked where you were, so maybe I had hallucinations.

“Diana was deceived by those words?”

“Well, it looks like I wasn’t fooled properly, but I was just pretending.”

Mainly by using physical communication.

“Anyway, come down quickly. Everyone else is waiting for you.”

“Wow… .”

Sara, who had not yet fully healed her mental damage, woke up groaning after hearing my words.

“Oh, salvation… .”

As I was about to leave the room when I saw Sarah woke up, Sarah grabbed my sleeve from behind.


“sorry… .”

“Well, it’s okay. It’s been a while since I’ve seen cute Sarah.”

“Ugh… So forget about that… .”

“Hate. I’ll never forget it. should be remembered for a lifetime. Bake it!”

“I see!”

Sarah was crying, but she just slapped me on the back and didn’t say anything.
big hahaha It feels so good to have a one-way deal exchange.
Well, if you tease me too much, you’ll get really pissed off, so you have to do it in moderation.

Anyway, I was able to take Sarah and go down to the restaurant again.
Fortunately, in the meantime, the four of us were laying out food on the table to see if there were any bastards trying to work on Matilda.

“Come. You and Sarah ordered a meal in moderation.”

“Five. thank you.”

“Sara. Are you okay with a hangover?”

“Yes, four? Yeah! Does not matter.”

“Huh, heh heh. Well, that’s good.”

Maybe it just happened last night, Sarah and Diana couldn’t even make eye contact.
But second to Sarah, Diana is shy too.
Was it too clumsy to pretend to be a hallucination?
But Diana hasn’t said anything yet, so if you keep going like this, you might get over it… .

“Wow… Salvation. sorry… .”

But Sarah suddenly mumbled that, and bowed 90 degrees toward Diana.

“Diana! I’m so sorry for last night!”

At that sudden action, I couldn’t help but stare blankly.
Damn it. Did the guilt get stronger after seeing Diana?
It’s good to be honest, but you don’t have to until this time!

And seeing Sarah like that, Diana didn’t ask what she was sorry about.
He started looking at me with a gaze as if he were saying, ‘That’s what it is.’


“That, sin, I’m sorry!”

I had no choice but to bow 90 degrees beside Sarah.

“Ha ha. In the first place, it wasn’t Sarah’s fault last night. Why did you even try to hide yourself?”

“Yeah, that’s it. In fact, to stun Sarah, that’s… .”

“Are you saying you did?”

“Sorry! I only did it once though! After fainting, I immediately took Sarah… .”

I heard it, so I can’t help it
I desperately made excuses.

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You can also do one more lottery round around 2 o’clock.


Rescue request

“I see. I see. Calm down. What do you think of this body? can’t help it

Isn’t that what it is without Besides, didn’t you come right back to this body? This body doesn’t even get angry about that. You didn’t have to lie.”

Unexpectedly, it seems that Diana is going to boldly move on until I mix her body with Sarah on her turn.
big black. Also, our Archmage! The size of the bowl is different!

“He, and… .”


“I don’t want to see the kids I like fighting with each other.”

But even if I forgive, it is limited to me, who is not at fault.
You must be very angry with Sarah.
No matter how drunk Sarah was, the problem was that she drank alcohol in the first place.
I said that to cover Sarah too.

“Huh. This guy is saying this. Does Miss Sara have something to say?”

👌👌👌👌 I’m so sorry! him, and… .”


“Wow… All right, it’s my turn next… D, I’ll yield to Diana… .”

Sara said so while crying in a trembling voice, as if she was trying to force her motionless mouth to move.

“That’s right… .”

Indeed, Diana stuttered a bit, as if she was a little embarrassed by that answer, but soon after, Diana coughed cutely and cromly before continuing.

“It is natural, and you should be more scolded by this body. You’ve done that kind of work. Do you know?”

“Oh, I know… .”

It was refreshing to see Sarah, who always fought head-to-head with our Archmage without fear, showed such weakness.

“But if you say so much, this body will not speak any more. but. Be careful with alcohol in the future.”

“Wow. Well, I will.”

In the end, it seems that the end of the story is to yield Sarah’s turn to Diana, and Diana to forgive her.

“Diana. Thanks.”

I was moved by Diana, who forgave me much more easily than I expected, and hugged her tightly.

“Huh, hmm. If you know, do better for this body in the future.”

“Huh. Would you like to eat on my lap today?”

“Do you think of this body as a child?”

What are you talking about. Usually, he secretly tries to get on top of me.
Of course, I just said that, and when I lifted myself up and sat on my lap, Diana quietly dug into my arms and sat down without any resistance.

“Sara-san, stop raising your head.”

“Laugh. Yeah… .”

“I’m not going to die so much. Isn’t it all over?”

It was a little pitiful to see Sarah when she was too grassy, ​​so Diana encouraged her.
Of course, that didn’t make Sarah’s expression better.

“Diana. OK. It’s not because he’s sorry for you that his expression is like that.”

“Well? What do you mean?”

“Bake it! I love you darling!”

“Ahhhhhh! Whoa! Jeongma ah!”

Eventually Sarah really started to cry.

“Ahh! sorry! I’m overdoing it. Do not cry.”

“Huh… Oh, I didn’t cry… .”

Sarah is

After stealing the corners of his eyes with his hand, he muttered while trying to forcefully create his usual cool expression.

“Wow, really… . Genga like that. Are you kidding me too?”

“Huh. I’ll be careful.”

I looked around the table again, reaching out to the side and stroking Sarah’s hair.
Leia, Sylvia and Matilda were looking at us with expressions of what the hell was going on.
Come to think of it, I was thinking about it in front of everyone.
They will listen to the conversation and guess what happened.
I feel more sorry for Sarah for nothing.
No, this wouldn’t have happened if Sarah hadn’t suddenly apologized here in the first place.

“Come on, come on. what are you all doing let’s eat meal. I’ll cool off Wow. this will be delicious Even in the dungeon, the right food comes out. Oh, it doesn’t matter because I can bring the materials by teleport.”

I started eating while forcing myself to ventilate the surroundings.

“Come on, Sarah. Eat some too.”

“Huh… .”

When I brought the soup to my lips, Sarah took the soup and ate it with a dry face.
I know it’s a bit odd to say something like this at a time like this, but the grassy Sara was cute as it was.
Of course, Sara’s usual cool look suits her best, though.

By the time we finished eating, Sara was also apparently back to normal, and we hurriedly prepared to go back to the dungeon.
Due to a little commotion in the morning, it was a little later than planned.
Well, it’s not urgent, so even if it’s a little late, there’s no problem.
As we got back up and down, a man had just entered the inn and shouted loudly.

“Excuse me. Please pay attention for a moment. A new rescue request came from the guild a while ago. For details, please refer to the bulletin board in the town square. Thank you.”

After saying that, he left the inn with a busy pace again.
Maybe he’s going to deliver the notice to other places as well. Are you a member of the clan that manages this town?

“What is that?”

“It seems that the adventurers in this class are in distress.”

“Can you even know that? We were also in distress before, but… .”

“At that time, none of these bodies were harmed.”

With such luck, Diana gave an explanation.
The adventurer card usually only shows who the sister was attacked when fighting with the adventurers, but there are other ways to know the threat to the adventurer’s life.
That’s when the adventurer’s card is gone.
As the adventurer card is linked with the adventurer’s own mana and updates the information in real time, the content itself disappears when the adventurer himself dies.
Through him, even if it is not a fight between adventurers, the guild can know the life or death of adventurers.
And in a situation where only some of the adventurers who entered the dungeon with a party lost their lives, the guild judges that the living people are in distress, and sends a rescue request to the adventurers in that class.
For him, before entering the dungeon, it is necessary for the party members to show their faces to the guild guides once.
Guild is not just a place to manage adventurers.

And although the cost of this rescue request comes out of the rescued adventurer’s pocket, the guild seems to support half of it.
It’s because it’s hard to get other adventurers to actively search for money just by turning money from the pockets of adventurers who attend the same class.
And it is said that this is not just a loss as a guild.
After all, as a guild, even one or more adventurers are helpful to them, and since they know that the guild even does that for them, they don’t feel dissatisfied even if the guild pays off all the Manastones.
In addition to this, the guild also provides convenience for adventurers.
Well, it seems that sometimes there are people who pay for magic stones directly through connections, but since there are only a few people, even the guild turns a blind eye to that.

Anyway, we decided to go to the square first, as he said earlier.
There were already quite a few adventurers snooping around in front of the bulletin board, so it was hard to see the contents properly.
Most of the adventurers in this town had a crowd that seemed to have come out.

“Sorry! I’ll pass! Stay out of the way, please!”

And through the crowd of adventurers, a familiar face popped out.

“uh? Rachel?”

“Oh! Salvation!”

It was Rachel’s older sister who always met her face at the guild’s information desk.
As soon as Rachel saw our faces, she approached us like she was really happy.

“Have you already come to the third-tier village?”

“Yeah. What. I’m going to go up to the 4th floor right now.”

“Yeah?! So fast?! You can’t be too hasty. To show you the legend of the saint, you can’t die here, right?”

Rachel sister started paying attention as if she had been tempted by the guide’s temperament.

“It’s okay. The skills of these bodies are enough.”

“Oh, D, Diana. Good morning. That’s right. Diana-sama was there, but it was a little meddling.”

But when Diana said that, Rachel said, blushing in embarrassment.
This older sister is also friendly, so she’s really cute.
When we first met, she was a stubborn woman who refused to change her face color even if she teased her like that.

“no. Thank you for your concern. But why is Rachel here?”

“Oh, yes! Salvation! If you are going to the 4th floor, are you going to the place where the 3rd floor owner is?”


“Then can you take me with you?”

“Yeah? What are you doing?”

“This time, the adventurers in this class were in distress. It’s these people… Oh.”

Sister Rachel, who was about to take the paper out of her arms while saying that, shut her mouth as if she had suddenly remembered something.

“sister? Why?”

“Ah, ah, no! that, that! Never mind! I’m just too busy, so excuse me. Because you don’t have to worry about it at all. Just go straight to the 3rd floor owner.”

“Yeah? You just said you’re going with us… .”

“Oh, no! Thinking about it, I think it’ll be fine! Goodbye then!”

After saying that, Rachel sister hurriedly left without me even holding her back.
also an elf

It’s very fast.
No, it doesn’t look like all elves are like that when you look at Diana.
If you think about it, Diana is pure blood.
Is it just Rachel’s character?

Anyway, what was it? If we can estimate roughly, Rachel’s older sister is probably an acquaintance with the adventurers who were said to have been in distress.
It could be a friend from the beginning, or it could be an adventurer like Rachel Sister at the reception desk every time like us.
Anyway, Rachel sister could not leave the rescue of the adventurers to the adventurers, so she felt like she had come down too.
And he was going to ask us to help too.

But if that’s the case, I wish I could just ask for help
Why did he stop in the middle and just walk away?
Did you think we wouldn’t help?
I don’t think it’s the image of me being so mean.
Besides, if my predictions are true, then Rachel is going out alone to find them.
Of course, if it’s Rachel’s skills I’ve seen before, I don’t think there will be much of a problem.
Unless hunting is the purpose, there is no need to deal with all the monsters, just use quick movements to run away.

Anyway, thanks to Rachel, we became more concerned about the rescue request, so we decided to check the rescue request that I was attached to the bulletin board through the crowd of adventurers as the representative.
In it, there is a description of the reward when the rescue is successful, and where adventurers usually hunt and wander around. And finally, a face painting was attached.

First of all, I read the text before looking at the picture, and 4 out of the 7-person party died. What survived was a combination of wizards, thieves, and bards that seemed very difficult to survive.
The place I usually hunt is in the second half of the 3rd floor. It would not be strange to be called a veteran adventurer at this level.
The faces of the three surviving faces were each drawn with a montage technique or a painting that made good use of the characteristics, but all three were beasts.
One is a female Toin thief, a male Hoyin bard, and a female Towyin wizard.
The Toin and Hoin were very human-like, with only their ears protruding above their heads like Leia, but the Toin and Toin were just dog faces with their entire face covered with fur.
Apart from the Toin, there is a perception that the Hoin and the Tow people are kind of physical races, but they don’t really fit together.

Why the hell didn’t sister Rachel borrow my hand to rescue these people?
The more I thought about it, the more puzzled I became.
Anyway, after properly remembering the faces in the picture, I went back through the crowd again to the place where our kids were.

“I came to check. A Toin thief and a Hoin minstrel. And he was a tow mage. Even if you don’t remember the face well, you’ll recognize it as soon as you see it with such an unusual combination.”

“That’s right. So, are you going to give priority to their rescue?”

To be honest, I wasn’t attracted to it just in terms of pay, but it was hard to pretend that I didn’t know that someone in the same industry was in danger of life.
Besides, Rachel’s older sister is also concerned.

“Well, even if you go looking for it, there is no guarantee that you will always find it.

Still, it seems like they often hunt in the second half of the 3rd floor, so maybe they run into each other. While we’re on our way, keep an eye out for us and rescue us if we can find them.”

“Yeah. Let’s make sure to save it!”

Matilda, who was obviously disgusted with the dungeon, strongly affirmed it as if she had a sense of mission.
Indeed, Cardinal.
Did the thought of saving people put pressure on the dungeon?

Matilda, who was the most problematic in dungeon exploration, seems to have made up her mind, so we checked the equipment properly and set foot inside the dungeon infested with monsters again.

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Long success!


Rescue request

However, the inside of the dungeon is so wide that the end cannot be known.
No matter how determined we were to save the adventurers in crisis, we couldn’t find them so easily.
Let alone the adventurers who were in crisis, they could not even find their traces.

“I can’t see… .”

Where the heck did the nervous look up until now, Matilda murmured as if she was having a baby while looking intently everywhere.

“It’s not that I don’t understand how you feel, but don’t be too impatient just because of that. I didn’t think it would be so easy to find anyway. There must be many other adventurers who are interested besides us, so they may have already been rescued.”

“Yeah. yes… good.”

Matilda agreed, but still looked around.
How can you be so desperate for someone you don’t know at all?
According to the teachings of the Goddess, to love all humans, or something like that?
no. Before the Goddess’ teaching fortunes, was this enough?
Sure, falling in love is amazing, but… Oh, it doesn’t really matter

Anyway, everyone except Matilda desperately looked around to find the adventurers, but there was no trace of them.
In the first place, there is always a blizzard here, so even if the terrain itself is open, the field of view is too narrow.
Even Sarah, who had good eyesight, seemed difficult to see properly in this blizzard.
In the end, on that day, the search had no choice but to end without any clue.

And neither the next day nor the next day, no traces of adventurers could be found.
Now the 3rd floor has come down to the final stage.
But still, the monsters were not our opponents, and thanks to that, we were able to focus more on our exploration.
Those adventurers also seemed to hunt mainly in the latter part of the 3rd floor, and if you find them, the highest probability is in this area.


When they were about to start moving again after lunch, Sarah suddenly flinched and stopped walking.

“Sara, why?”


But Sarah put her finger up to her lips, signaling to be quiet, closing her eyes and starting to focus on something.
Then, after opening his eyes, he said, pointing slightly to the right of where we were going.

“I heard a faint scream from over there. perhaps… .”

“It could be those adventurers.”

“Not sure though. Even the sound of fighting can be heard faintly. Maybe other adventurers are just fighting.”

“Well, you better go anyway. Otherwise, we can just go back to our way.”

We headed in the direction Sarah was pointing.
And when they arrived, a battle was taking place as Sarah said.
However, it was not the adventurers who were rescued.
No, he wasn’t even an adventurer.
It was the guild’s proud beauty guide, Rachel, who was fighting there.


And where did Rachel’s majestic figure go before, and her whole body was in a state of disrepair, and she was struggling with the monsters.

“Sister Rachel!”

We hurriedly ran to Rachel’s side.

“Mr. Salvation!”

Perhaps she heard my voice, Rachel’s older sister was also happy as her face turned red.
But then again, in a desperate voice, he pointed to the pile of blankets behind him.

“Help! Priests! Please!”

Why are you shouting while pointing at a blanket rather than a monster, and why do you dare to call a priest?
The reason was clear. The blanket was faint, but it was swinging up and down as if breathing.
Maybe Rachel sister found it?

“Leia and Matilda first treat the wounded! Sylvia, protect them both! The rest attack! This time, ask for Diana too!”

I hurriedly gave the order and rushed towards the monsters.
Three Ice Golems and dozens of Lizard Men. And it was a monster consisting of seven polar bears.
In general, if you explore a dungeon, you can never meet monsters at once, and Rachel’s sister couldn’t deal with it as easily as before.
Rachel’s older sister is an Elementalist who manipulates water and wind.
It’s because I’ve already seen once before that Water doesn’t have a good match against 3rd tier monsters, and Wind doesn’t work well against ice golems either.

By the way, why are these guys running all at once?
This is not a game.
Monsters are also creatures living their own lives, and they fight among themselves.
Generally speaking, it is difficult for monsters of different races to unite against adventurers.

But those questions were resolved as soon as they started moving again.
In response to Lizardman’s signal, the polar bears began to move.
are you nurtured? to be independent. You are stronger than the Lizard Man. Polar bear guys.
And rather than saying that the Ice Golem and Lizard Men were fighting cooperatively, it felt like they didn’t care about each other.
no. To be precise, the Ice Golem was only targeting adventurers while ignoring other monsters, and it felt like the Lizard Men were using it well.

“Diana! I’ll ask the golem first!”

Anyway, the most disturbing of the enemies are the Ice Golems.
I shouted as I stopped the polar bears swinging their front paws as they rushed in.

“Well. Nothing to worry about.”

Diana is relaxed

He spoke with a feeling and began to summon three fireballs.
At first they were the size of Diana’s fist, but they gradually grew in size, and then they grew bigger than the fists of the golems, emitting fierce flames.
The flames emitted by each of the fireballs were so intense that not only did the snow around Diana rapidly melt, but even the snow from the sky seemed to disappear.
Indeed, 500 intelligence. If that was true, it would be a golem or something, and I wouldn’t be able to pick out any bones.
Well, in the first place, golems don’t have bones.

And my prediction was correct.
As the fireballs flew towards the ice golem, the hard ice golem began to melt before it even touched the body.
The fireballs passed through while melting the golem’s body, and when the golem melted completely, it changed direction and fell to the place where the lizard men were.


The lizard men, who were hit by an unexpected incident, were completely roasted without any resistance.
Of course, not all Lizard Men were annihilated with the three fireballs because they were also scattered, but the remaining ones were only good prey for Sarah’s arrows.

Then the polar bears, who lost control, became more ferocious and tried to run rampant.
But your opponent is me.
Even though I say my attack power is very low these days. You can’t get tired of living things, and even against only level 3 monsters, right?
I immediately used the saint’s touch on both hands, then touched the polar bear one after another.


don’t cry like that This is the beginning, right?
I made sure that the polar bears stopped moving, and clenched both fists.

“Come, oh, oh, oh, oh, ow, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!”

At the attack of my conversion rush, the polar bears fell to the floor, shaking their whole bodies like aspen trees, as if struck by lightning.
As usual, I would have spit out some decisive line while catching shit, but now was not the time.
As soon as I saw the polar bears fall, I quickly ran towards my sister Rachel.

“Sister Rachel! Are you okay?!”

“I’m OK. Rather, those people… .”

It was Rachel’s older sister who looked like she was in a rut with scars all over her body, but it seemed that there were a lot of wounds, but the depth of the wound itself wasn’t that deep.
Sister Rachel, who had been sitting on the floor while we were fighting, got up hastily and headed for our Priest Combi.
However, for some reason, as I approached him, he looked as if he was trembling with anxiety as he looked at my complexion.
Why are you doing that?

“Leia. Matilda. What do you think?”

Those in Mopo were still adventurers.
A Toin thief, a Hoin bard, and a Tow wizard.
They were also depicted in the rescue request form.
Did Rachel sister find it? By the way, you are a great sister.

However, the situation was not very hopeful.
It must be said that we were lucky just to be able to save all three of them who were said to have survived, but all three were severely wounded.
In particular, the bards of the Hoin tribe had their stomachs completely pierced, so that the internal organs could be seen intact.
Are you still trying to protect women as men?
as if from the front

It was like being beaten.
But for whatever reason, it was too reckless.
To be honest, it was a wound to the extent that it was strange to be alive.
If Leia and Matilda hadn’t been pouring divine magic on the bard of the good people at the same time, they would have thought they were corpses.

“It’s okay. I’ll try to save you somehow. somehow… .”

Matilda said so, as if she had promised herself, and poured out divine magic.
However, it was not only the bards of the Hoin tribe that were in danger.
Of course, the Hoin tribe suffered the most, but the Toin tribe and the Towin tribe also suffered the same deep wounds.
Even so, you know that Ley and Matilda have no choice but to give priority to the good people because they will die immediately if left alone… .
I can’t help it. Shall we give first aid to the other two even if we dump out all the potions we have?

“Oh no!”

As I was about to reach out to the Tow Mage, all of a sudden, Sister Rachel screamed at me and rushed at me.

“Lee, Rachel-sister?!”

“calm down! Calm down, Mr. Guwon! You can’t kill me! This person, too, is just a person!”

At Rachel’s desperate attempt to stop me, I couldn’t help but be stunned.
what are you killing? What is it that you are only a person like this?
No, this tow-legged wizard certainly had a dog-like appearance to the extent that it could be called a bipedal dog rather than a human.
The whole body is covered with hair, and the snout is long, so if you look at the face, it is completely a puppy.
But I’m not a bad guy to discriminate on that basis.
Do you see me as someone who discriminates against some kind of beast?

“No, no! calm down! You can’t kill it, can you?!”

“Ha, but… puppy… You hate them so much that you want to kill them all?!”

But Sister Rachel still clings to me and doesn’t want to fall off, so she shouts.
uh, uh… ?
And at that desperate cry, my accident stopped for a moment.
What the hell is this guy talking about?
A psychopath who wants to kill everyone when he sees a dog because of what kind of image I have in this sister… AA AA AA!

I remembered the days of hunting on the 1st floor in my mind.
At that time, I almost eradicated the wolfdog, and since then I have continued to catch the wolfdog in order to use the passageway where the transcendental species of the wolfdog is located.
And this older sister once asked a question, wondering why I was so preoccupied with hunting wolfdogs.
And my answer to Rachel’s question was… Could it be that he suddenly behaved so strangely because of that, so he refused my help and came alone?!

“Oh, no! I’m wrong! No, I must have said that at the time, but I guess I was just joking because I was just too shy to hunt wolfdogs, anyway, no!

“lie! Then why did you suddenly want to reach out to the tows in the first place?!”

Maybe my answer at that time was quite impressive, Rachel-sister exclaimed as if she couldn’t believe it.

“I was just trying to help! with potions! Come on, look. braided!”

When I made the potion in my inventory appear on the palm of my hand, Rachel’s sister-in-law’s expression was dubious just then.

“I am really?”

“Of course!”

As if to prove it, I just sprayed the potion on the tow’s wounds.
And all the rest of the potions were taken out and sprinkled on the body of the Toin and Tow people.
When the two’s complexions seemed to be getting a little better, the rest of the potions were invested in the wounds of the good people.
There was no harm against monsters on the 3rd tier, and since there were only two priests, I didn’t bring a lot of potions, so I honestly didn’t have enough potions.
The Toin and Tow people were at least at the level of first aid, but the Hoin still looked difficult.
But still, Rachel sighed in relief as she was relieved that I wasn’t harming the tows.

“It’s all good… .”

With those words, Rachel’s sister’s body fell apart.

“Who, whoa?!”

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Rescue request

I was able to catch Rachel by wrapping her arms around her waist before she completely collapsed.
I thought it was just that the tension was released, but Rachel’s sister was drooping with her back supported by my arms.
And down Rachel’s face, which turned downward, a red liquid poured out with a groan.
… blood? Did it come out of Rachel’s sister’s mouth? But this much?
I hurriedly raised Rachel’s upper body and looked at her complexion.
As expected, red blood was oozing from Rachel’s sister’s lips. Besides, his face was getting so blue that it was surprising that he was holding up until now.

Damn it. Come to think of it, when I first discovered it earlier, I was struggling against Rachel’s sister monster.
As I saw before, I was not fighting by making use of my quick movements, but blocking the attacks of monsters on the spot.
I thought it was just to protect the people behind it.
Could it be that the wound was so severe that it had no choice but to do so?
On the surface, only shallow wounds were visible, and he was completely relieved because he was able to move normally.
I hurriedly grabbed the hem of Rachel’s one-piece dress and pulled it up to reveal her smooth stomach.
To see blood dripping from his mouth like this, he must have suffered an internal injury.
And, as I expected, there were dark blue bear paw marks on the exposed abdomen after taking off the clothes.
I’ve been hurt so much, so why is this older sister pretending to be fine… is it. The upper body of the three adventurers was worse than mine, so he deliberately pretended to be okay for their treatment.
Anyway, Rachel is also in danger if it goes on like this.
I hurriedly called Leia and Matilda.

“Rachel is in danger too! One of them, please take care of Rachel sister!”
“Ha, but if you let go now, this person… !”

However, despite my cry, both of them could not take their hands off of it, so they were bewildered.
Damn it! At a time like this, our party’s weakness will take hold!
Our party is roaming freely here thanks to its overwhelming stats and equipment.

However, in general, a suitable level for exploring this area is 140.
In other words, in terms of level alone, our party lacks a lot of level.
And unlike me, Sarah, and Diana, Leia’s stats are not overwhelmingly high compared to other adventurers of the same level.
Also, Matilda is the same. The level is high, but since he changed his job from a paladin, perhaps the stats are maintaining the stats of the days of the paladin. Healing ability wasn’t that great.
Lastly, the material for strengthening the staff that increases the priest’s healing ability is the penis.
Among the items from the 5th floor, the genitals were all transferred to the Arachne clan, so the only equipment that could not be strengthened was the staff of the party.
In a nutshell, our party has more than enough combat power to slaughter this area, but its healing ability is slightly below average.
That’s why I’m having such a hard time even treating people who have severe wounds.
Even if he was a bard, he would probably be level 140, so his stamina would be high.

now maybe good? The potion was completely used up a while ago.
If I had shared a little bit of the potion earlier and used it on Rachel, it wouldn’t have been this far.
No, it’s no use thinking about it now.
Sister Rachel, who had endured her wounds ignorantly to get others to take care of her, became a little resentful, but now was not the time.
Let’s think soberly.
Both priests could not take their hands off the situation, and there was no potion. So now all that’s left is… .

“If it is, that person is also in danger. Any potions left?!”

Without taking her hands off the wounds of the savages, Matilda looked at the complexion of Rachel sister in my arms and shouted.

“no. It was just the last one.”

I had no choice but to announce the bitter reality.
In the first place, our party didn’t really need potions, so there was no reason to stock up on expensive potions.
I’m at the forefront anyway, so I don’t have much to get hurt, and even if I get hurt even a little, that would be enough for two priests to come forward.
If anyone other than me got hurt, there was no need to worry too much.
Because our party is all made up of people hugged by me.
But I’m sure this will happen.

“Uh, how can it not be?”

Matilda cried out as if she had no choice but to regret that she couldn’t add more.
Of course, it wasn’t completely out of the question.
I thought it was a last resort, and it was a method I didn’t want to use at all.

“If it’s healing sex… .”

okay. Healing sex is enough.
Since it has always been automatically activated every time you have sex, if it was healing sex with an incredibly high skill level, you could overcome this situation at once.
Perhaps the healing power of my healing sex is far better than that of Leiana Matilda.
Healing sex is also a saint skill, so it is affected by the charm stat, the skill level is high, and because it is a conditional skill, the basic performance is better than other skills.

If that good-looking person was a woman, I’ve said it all to the point of thinking that I would be able to heal much more easily with my healing sex.

“What is that?”

Come to think of it, Matilda still doesn’t know.

“I can heal people through sex.”

“Then why aren’t you doing it right now?!”

As soon as she heard me, Matilda exclaimed without hesitation.

“What? didn’t you like me So simply… .”

Matilda shouted without any thought, so I was embarrassed and said so without realizing it.

“What does that matter now?! People’s lives are at stake! Are you insulting me?!”

But Matilda exclaimed with a look on her face that she was truly insulted when she heard me.

“I am not a woman who is so petty as to put my self-interest in saving people’s lives! Or something?! Do you think the women you love would think so?!”

“No, it’s not… .”

Of course, that’s never the case.
Rather, everyone will encourage me to go ahead and do it. Even if it’s not Matilda.
Rather, even in this situation, I was the one who hesitated the most about having sex with other women.
Because I believe that my children will give permission unconditionally, there is an inner psychology that I have to be careful with the concept of chastity.

“Then do it quickly!”

Pressed by Matilda’s strange force, I looked around.
Leia smiled like an angel as usual, sweating like beads for treatment, and Sarah and Diana nodded their heads as if they had already said it before.
Even Sylvia nodded her head without avoiding me even when my eyes met.
okay. Asking for permission in a situation like this is insulting our children.
I hurriedly took the tent out of my inventory.

“I’ll be inside for a moment.”

“I am pushing boundaries. It’s annoying when monsters appear again.”

“Well. Then let this body do the same.”

Sarah and Diana said so while looking in opposite directions, respectively, and Sylvia stood by Leia and Matilda, holding a sword and a shield, guarding the surroundings.
I went inside the tent, thanking our kids for that.

As soon as I entered the tent, I laid Rachel on her bed and rolled up the skirt of her dress again.
He rolled up the skirt to the pelvis area, so that his underwear was exposed, took off his underwear, and threw it aside.
It’s not for pleasure anyway. You don’t have to take all your clothes off.
I took off only Rachel’s underwear, immediately touched her chest and pubic hair, and then activated the saint’s hand.

“Ugh… .”

When we went to the anthill together, Rachel had a high level, but now she has reached a level where she can respond properly to my skills.
No, of course, he’s still at a higher level than me, though.
There were some things that I leveled up more than then, and above all, my charm has risen tremendously, so it was natural to react to my skills.
Besides, it’s the hand of a saint who has the strongest power among my skills.
After rubbing Rachel’s body moderately to make her pussy wet, I immediately undid the front of my pants and inserted the thing.

“… !”

My sister-in-law moaned briefly as my stuff went in, but she still couldn’t get her head off of it.
Not because of anything else, but because he lost his mind because of an injury, right?
It might be better for Rachel older sister to lose her mind and finish treatment like this.

Anyway, after inserting it, I feel more relaxed mentally.
Of course, it is necessary to properly treat it by making it feel the climax, but the basic recovery ability is increased just by inserting it.

Now all you have to do is make Rachel feel.
So, where should I check this sister’s erogenous zone?
When I first came to this world, I wanted to know about this sister’s erogenous zone, so I was so upset.
I couldn’t recognize it until the end, but when I met my kids, I naturally stopped thinking about checking it out.
Now that I think about checking out her erogenous zone in such a situation, it was a strange feeling.

However, it is essential for effective treatment.
I used Sex Analysis to suppress this cryptic feeling in my mind, and to do what I had to do with the coolest thing I could.
Let’s see… All of the basic erogenous zones are at the level of feeling moderately The brightest place… ear?
Should I say this is elf again? what to say
Somehow, this older sister seems to have more characteristics that come to mind when people think of fantasy world elves than the pure-blooded elves on our side.
Anyway, I reached out to each of Rachel’s ears and rubbed them lightly as if rubbing them.

“Yes… 👌🏽 .”

When I touched the highest erogenous zone with the touch of a saint, Rachel was seriously injured and faintly groaned even though she was in a state of fainting.
At the same time, Rachel’s sister’s pussy tightened and stimulated my dick.
As the level was high, as expected, Rachel’s insides were terribly pleasant.
But right now, it’s a situation I shouldn’t feel.
For Rachel’s treatment, it is necessary to maximize the pleasure by mobilizing all available means.
And the best skill at that time is the sex boost.
A passive skill that increases all pleasure per piston by a combined operation until I buy it.
When a saint’s touch and sex boost are combined, even the highest level Rachel will be able to make you feel it several times in a row.
I put climax bondage on myself and started moving my waist.

“Ugh… Huh… 👌🏽 👌🏽 Ouch!”

And not long after, Rachel’s sister reached a weak climax.
Good. Now, it is more important to continue to feel the climax, even if it is weak, than to reach a deep and intense climax.
As long as I’m not cheap yet, the sex boost continues to get stronger, so it’ll become easier to feel.
Before Rachel woke up, I moved my waist hard and caressed my earlobe, thinking about a match.
Of course, no matter how erogenous zones are, it is rather

It may interfere with pleasure.
With one hand, gently caress the auricle or the inside of the ear with a finger to avoid injury, while the other hand constantly touches the erogenous zone such as the chest or clitoris.

“Ugh! Whoops! 👌👌

As the piston movement continued, Rachel’s climax period became shorter and shorter, and as a result, Rachel’s pale complexion gradually returned to its original color.
no. It went beyond regaining the original color, and now even the cheeks were flushed red with excitement.
But as I continued to exercise like that, I gradually became unbearable.
It is suppressed by climax bondage, but it is a sensation that the brain cannot withstand because it feels the pleasure intact.

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Sorry. It’s broken.
I wrote it until it was almost 12 o’clock, but this was the limit.
From now on, I will work hard to write the backstory and upload it in about 2 hours.

The conversation I had with Rachel before is in episode 65.
It was originally written with this in mind, but when I read it again as I was writing this, it was written a little weaker than I originally intended. So, I modified the dialogue in episode 65 to have a more intense feel.


Rescue request

How long have you been feeling this kind of feeling?
It was a feeling I hadn’t felt recently, so it was more difficult to bear.
However, it was impossible to ejaculate like this because I gave myself to desire.
At least until we confirm that Rachel’s treatment is completely over.
However, since he is an opponent who has not been appointed as an apostle, it is impossible to check his vitality.
At what level would it be good to finish?
Since the color has returned to my face, is it okay to end it like this?


At that time, Rachel sister felt a climax that was a little bigger than the climax until now, and slowly opened her eyes with a moan.

“Yes… ! on? Goo, Gukwon See it?! This is moose!”

When Rachel saw me riding on her body, she was startled and tried to push me away.
But as soon as I reached out to my chest, I felt a climax again, so the outstretched hand only gently stroked my chest.

“calm down. sister. I know what this looks like now, and I can explain it all. I never raped or anything like that because I was blinded by desire. At first I was with my girls. Diana is right next to the tent.”

That’s why I was originally going to finish it before Rachel opened her eyes.
I can’t do anything more than this
no. Rather, this might be better.
You can ask directly if the wounds seem to have healed.

“Yes… Here, stop… Whoops!”

Oops. Because of the sense of duty to treat, he was constantly moving his back.
When I stopped back, Rachel stopped her climax and took a deep breath.
Then again, as if he couldn’t believe what I said right away, he stared at me, unable to remove his suspicions.
But those eyes are just

Is it because of my mood that it looks like not only anger, but also a strange disappointment?

And again, the fact that the legs were wrapped around my waist, holding them tightly, and holding them in close contact did not go well with the glaring expression, so it was a little funny.
But for Rachel, it must be desperate.
You probably know it instinctively. As soon as the legs relax even a little and things move, you will feel the climax again.

“Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Let’s do it.”

Fortunately, it seems that there is an intention to listen to the story first.
But Rachel’s sister could still be seen moving her hands and doing something.
Did you summon a spirit? If you leave, you will be punished immediately.
Well, considering the situation, is it normal?
To be honest, it didn’t feel good to be treated like this while helping, but it doesn’t mean I don’t understand what this older sister is thinking right now. i have to understand

“sister. Do you even remember when you got hurt and passed out?”


Rachel nodded quietly, still staring at me.

“By the way, your sister hid her injuries. Perhaps we prioritized my sister’s treatment and were concerned that someone else’s treatment would be delayed, but thanks to that, we used up all the potions we had on those adventurers. Even so, the wounds of the bard of the noble tribe did not heal, and the two priests were unable to take their hands off them. In that situation, my sister collapsed, so there was nothing I could do. I had no choice but to do this to save my sister.”

“What do you mean?”

“I can heal people through sex. For example like this… .”


I grabbed Rachel’s sister who was lying on the bed and lifted it up, pulled her back slightly, and then pushed her back firmly.
Even though Rachel older sister was wrapping her legs around my waist, this older sister is a spirit warrior anyway. You won’t be stronger than me
Besides, since he was a person who had been experiencing terribly continuous climaxes until recently, there was no way his legs were going to have enough strength.
Thanks to this, I was able to move my waist as if there was almost no disturbance, and with that one piston, Rachel fluttered her body once more and reached its climax.

“When you have sex with me, the climax heals the wound. how is it? Are you feeling a little lighter?”

“Hah! Whoops! Yes! Whoops… .”

Sister Rachel didn’t answer, just desperately nodded her head, desperately trying to catch her breath.
Thanks to the massive stacking of sex boosts, I knew just how intense the pleasure would be.
In fact, I feel great pleasure right now.
Still, the reason I can behave like this is probably because of my indomitable sexual desire.
Immune to all harm from sexual activity.
It seems that this effect is not only effective for the genitals.
Anyway, I nodded my head, so you can think that my explanation was delivered properly.

“You know? It was to save my sister. If I had invested a little bit of the potion I had in the beginning, this wouldn’t have happened. It’s all your sister’s fault for hiding her wounds. sister. Are you listening?”

“Wow! Yes! Whoops!”

Rachel’s sister still seems to have lost her mind because of the climax and doesn’t seem to pay attention to what I’m saying, so I put my mouth to my ear and said
Then Rachel nodded her head hurriedly as she pushed my face away.
Since your ears are erogenous, it would be urgent if you deliberately breathe in your ear and say it.
I knew it, but I did it on purpose.
Because it was true that I was not in a good mood even if I could understand the situation where I was being questioned to this extent.

“So this time I want to ask you. sister. Do your wounds feel better now? The outward wounds seem to have healed for a while, but my sister had severe internal wounds. There’s just no way to check that.”

“Sa, heh, hurt… ?”

“Yeah. If you are well, you should stop now.”

“Ah, ah, I can’t… more… .”

It sounded like a woman in heat begging for some pleasure.
But maybe it is? in this situation.
No matter how great the pleasure, Rachel noona wouldn’t want to mix with a partner she doesn’t like.
It’s because Rachel’s older sister was like that.

“Are you still in need of more treatment?”

“Ugh… Yes Yes… .”

“Then excuse me a little more.”

After all, the sex boosts were stacked a lot, and Rachel came to her senses and it became easier to feel than before.
Rachel’s sister would be completely healed if she made her feel the climax a few more times, but it wasn’t too difficult.

“Hah! This, huh! Words… Hey! Ears, ears! Whoops! Ha ha!”

Using the saint’s hand to pat her ears, Rachel experienced a series of orgasms almost like she was cocking.
No matter how much I felt, I fainted in the middle and then immediately woke up again with intense pleasure, repeated several times.

“No! No! ahhh! no more! Ha ha!”

After waking up from an unknown number of faintings, Sister Rachel cried out in a desperate voice.
I only stopped back after Rachel sister heard her voice.
Then, Rachel’s body, which was constantly flapping around, drooped, and only convulsed.

“I can’t. Are you all better now?”

“Ugh! Yes! Yes!”

Rachel let out a moan and desperately nodded her head again.

“Now… .”

I wasn’t cheap, but I don’t really need to.
Thanks to the indomitable sexual desire, the burning sensation in the brain does not seem to be felt beyond a certain level.
We’re going to keep our climax bondage like this, and then later on to our kids… .
As I tried to pull out my penis with that thought, I stopped moving.
Wait a minute. It is thanks to the indomitable sexual desire that I am able to endure like this now.
Isn’t the indomitable libido also released when the sexual state is relieved?
If you continue to stay in climax bondage, this means that you should continue to feel this sensation as well.
But the reason I am holding on like this now is because of the indomitable sexual desire effect, I am immune to all damage through sexual activity.
The moment the insertion is released and the sexual activity ceases, does the damage come in intact?
can’t be sure
But since neither side was certain, I had no choice but to choose the safe side.

“Then, sir. As a confirmation, I will treat you one last time and solve it.”

I said that to my sister Rachel, and immediately released the climax bondage.
At the same time, she used her last pride as well, pouring out all her energy to make her feel Rachel.

“Ah! Ah! Alas… Aaaaaah!”

The last pride doesn’t have much to use, so the skill level itself didn’t go up much, but due to the nature of consuming all the spirits, the more the spirits, the stronger the effect.
And now, compared to before, I was in a state where I couldn’t even compare.
Rachel’s sister shivered so much that she thought it might be a real big deal, and spouted a fountain of love juice into her vagina.
The expression on his face has completely softened, but his eyes are not closed.
It was as if he wanted to pass out, but he couldn’t even pass out due to the immense pleasure.

Looking at Rachel’s sister like that, I unplugged her and laid back on her back, tilting her body to the side so as not to crush her.
After all, if you use your last pride, you will use up all your energy, so you’re tired.
By the way, this older sister doesn’t seem to be breathing. Are you really okay?

“sister. Are you okay? sister?”

“Ha ha ha. haha haha haha.”

When I woke up with a slight shaking of Rachel’s body, Rachel took in a rough breath, as if she had just forgotten about it.

And for a while, the two of them spent time lying on their backs.
I was exhausted from using all of my energy, and Rachel’s sister couldn’t get out of the afterglow of the climax.

“Honestly, I thought it was half-joking… Being a saint is a really scary job.”

And after a while, Rachel, who had finally caught her breath, said so as if muttering to herself.

“So, if you don’t want to fall victim to that terrifying saint, don’t deceive your wounds in the future. If I ate the potion properly, I wouldn’t have done it this far.”

“i See… Sorry. It must have been difficult for you to hold me next to your woman, but I doubt it for nothing.”

When I said something like giving a pint glass, Rachel sister apologized right away.
no. If you apologize right away like this, you’ll feel sorry for me.

“No, if you had come with us in the first place, you wouldn’t have been hurt. Seriously, did your sister know you were going to kill the tow clan because of what I said back then?”

“That, that… Think back to what Goo Won said back then. It’s natural to be scared.”

I honestly don’t remember exactly what I said, but did I say such harsh words?
I don’t remember saying anything so harsh.

“By the way, how did you remember that story? That’s all I said a long time ago as if it was just passing by. Was it that impressive that I dislike dogs?”

“That, that… As a guide, you hear nothing but similar adventurers every day. A little bit of a strange story is remembered well.”

Rachel’s older sister said so while blushing a little for some reason.
indeed. Is it like that? Indeed. It must be very tedious to work as a guide.

“Anyway, I’m glad everything went well. I rescued all the adventurers who had been given a rescue request, and, as a bonus, rescued Rachel’s sister.”

“By the way, you’ve seen a beautiful woman like me hugging you.”

Maybe I was offended when I said “Boo”, but Rachel Sister said that while emphasizing the word “Dumb”.

“No, it’s a bit… .”

“why? Are you saying no? Are you saying that because there are a lot of pretty people around me, my beauty is lacking?”

When I tried to deny it, Rachel sister said so with a slightly hurt expression.
sister. It’s against the law to say that with that expression.
To be honest, I was half-joking and trying to say what my sister said, but it was very difficult to continue because I hit the player like that.

“Oh, no. It’s not a bonus.”

“Oh. So you mean you want to hug me? Can I talk to Diana-sama?”

“Well, then I will die!”

“Huhu. just joke.”

Rachel older sister said with a relaxed smile, as if she had ever put on a hurt expression.
I mean, how to deal with people has been honed by life as a guide.
I shook my head as if I couldn’t win, and got up.

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