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Rescue request

Good. My spirit has recovered a bit, and my body is still heavy, but it’s still better than before.

“Then, sir. Shall we go out soon?”

As I said that, I reached out to Rachel’s sister.
It was just to wake up Rachel, but for some reason, Rachel shuddered and trembled.
Huh? Why are you doing this? Ah, maybe… .

“Is that so?”

But the trembling was only for a moment. Sister Rachel smiled as if nothing was wrong, held my hand and got up.
I stared at Rachel even after she got up.

“What, what?”

“sister. Sir maybe… .”

👌👌👌👌 What, what?!”

As I said that, I reached out towards my sister Rachel’s ear, and she blushed with a visibly agitated look.
Seeing that, I was convinced.

“Also. You usually cover your ears with your hair, isn’t it because of the erogenous zone?”

“Sigh… . No.”

At the sound of my confident voice, Rachel took a deep breath and turned her face in denial.
uh huh? no?

“Then why did you wake up?”

“That, that… .”

Then Rachel’s sister blushed again.


“That, so… that… Ah, huh, it’s leaking… .”

“Yes, four?!”

In response to the unexpected answer, I unintentionally lowered my gaze to the area near my sister’s crotch.
Then I caught my eye as a white, cloudy liquid was dripping down Rachel’s dazzlingly white thighs.

“Really… how cheap is that Do you have anything to clean?”

“Oh, four. Here you go.”

Rachel was the second, and I only had one foot.
Regardless of what I thought to myself, I took a towel from my inventory and handed it to my sister.

“Look back.”

Also, it is not okay to watch
I turned around with a slight regret behind me.
Anyway, that dude. You have regained your composure.
The reaction keeps changing, so I don’t know what it is.

“Whew… That’s Okay. I’m leaving now.”

For a moment, I heard the rustling of cloth and flesh behind me, and then I heard that voice again.

“Ah yes. Then here’s the towel… .”

“no. I will wash this and give it to you.”

As I reached out to receive the towel, Sister Rachel said as she grabbed the towel with both hands and hugged her to her chest.
Isn’t that wet with my semen and your sister’s love juice?

“no. You don’t have to.”

“I want to. Please understand women’s feelings a little bit.

Even if I said that, my sister didn’t seem to want to back down, saying that as if she was attacking her younger brother.
Well. I thought I got to know women’s hearts quite a bit these days.
I have no idea why my sister washes towels.
Am I still far away?

“is that so. Then let’s go.”

Even if you think about something you don’t know, you can’t help it.
I nodded meekly and tried to leave the tent.
Then, Rachel’s sister gently grabbed my sleeve.

“Ah, that, and… Thank you.”

“Are you making me feel good?”

“Get it, give it to me! really… .”

When I answered naturally, Rachel sister gave strength to answer each letter.
Then he looked at me with a cold gaze, as if he had refused my hunting in the first place.
No, I was just joking. Please don’t look at me with those eyes.
I usually joked a lot when I was receiving my gemstone payment, but Rachel, who responded with a smile every time, made this kind of expression, so I was quite scared.
After all, no matter how much sex you have, such a joke is not allowed.
In the end, I had no choice but to have sex.

“Ah, the good people haven’t been completely saved yet. I’ll get all my thanks after I’ve completely saved it.”

Having said that, I hurriedly left the tent.

“Ah… .”

I thought I heard something sad behind me, but I didn’t care.
Also, semen must have flowed out from within.

“Oh, salvation.”

“Is it over?”

As I left, Sarah and Diana, who were on the alert, were the first to notice me.
Come to think of it, I was concentrating on treatment and had no intention of killing Sori, but seeing that reaction, it seems that Diana cast a spell.
Like the oldest, he takes good care of him.


“is it.”

And in spite of my answer, Diana spoke only like that and looked around again.
With gratitude, I gently stroked Diana’s head and moved to the place where the adventurers who saved her were lying.
There, Leia and Matilda were still working together on the wounds of the Hoin.
Although the complexion of the good people was still pale, the abdomen, which had a hole in it, was almost returning to its original shape.

“What do you think? Do you think it’s okay?”

“Yeah. Once the hurdle is over.”

Leia was sweating profusely, but she said with a warm smile nonetheless.

“Sigh… . It looks pretty tough, is that ok? If you have passed a turning point, how about taking a little break?”

Rachel, who was following her, seemed to have heard Leia’s words, and sighed in relief.

“no. Even if you get over the hurdle, it’s still dangerous to let go. And I want to finish the treatment I started. Perhaps if we use all of our divine powers, we will be able to complete the treatment completely.”

But Leia answered that with a serious face.

“is that so… . Oh, can’t Goon-san be able to heal you? It’s like treating my body.”

And Rachel, who had been thinking for a moment, suddenly made a sound like a fat calf.

“Wow, what are you talking about?! This is a man!”

“Oh? Still, do you not know? First of all, even men have a hole in the back.”

As I spoke with embarrassment, Rachel’s sister-in-law teasing me slightly.

sister! Wasn’t that a sexual joke?!

“Is there something wrong with it?!”

“Have you tried it?”

“I’ve already done it!”

“Oh… .”
“What, what?!”
“Wait a minute! What did you say now?!”

In response to my answer, suddenly everyone except Sarah looked at me with a frightening force.
What, what?! What?! What’s wrong?!
As I panicked, Diana rushed over and patted me.

“Anyway, he’s a man! You’re a man! Did you even have such a hobby?! No, when the hell did you do that?! No matter how broad this body is, I don’t want to be in a relationship with a man!”

As Diana said that, she hit me hard with more emotion than usual.
Yes, it was a pat, but I had no choice but to stop the accident for a moment because of Diana’s words.
… uh? man?

“Ah, ah, ah, no! Just because you tried it doesn’t mean you tried it with a guy! You did it with your ass! ass! Of course it’s a woman! Are you saying that now?! No, except Sarah, you thought I was with a guy?!”

When I got really angry and looked around, everyone couldn’t make eye contact with me and averted their eyes.
Even our angel tried not to make eye contact with me.
Sylvia couldn’t make eye contact with me from the beginning, so… no. Right now, we are wary of monsters coming. In other words, Sylvia is also in combat mode. it’s sylvia even you… see you later
Fortunately, it was comforting to know that Sarah was quiet.
Well, maybe it’s because Sarah knows how I tested it.

“Have you ever looked at me like that?!”

“Wait, if you were a saint, maybe it would be possible… .”

“Oh, no! it’s nothing! Sorry!”

Matilda was about to mumble something, but at my wild reaction, she immediately lowered her tail and apologized.

“Hey, but it’s an ass. That’s awesome too. You mean you were with one of the people here, right?”

Perhaps I felt a sense of responsibility for being the starting point for my anger.
Perhaps he was trying to calm me down by turning the fire on, Rachel said with an awkward smile.

“Absolutely. Then where do I go with another woman? .”

When I was about to answer that, this time Sarah ran up to me and pounded me.
awhile. Sarah. Don’t put mana on your fist. No matter how much mana you put on it, it hurts.

“Ahh! Sarah! Calm down! I didn’t even answer you! Just with one of the guys here… .”

“Come on, did you even do something like that with Sara?!”

Huh. completely heard

“You idiot! Fool! Fool! Idiot!”

Sarah blushed red and slapped me hard.

“no. It’s like you confessed first this time. Why are you running at me… Ahh! Calm down! Sorry! I’m sorry, so take mana from your fist!”

what happened now… Say it as it is.
Obviously, I was in a situation where I was getting angry because I was misunderstood as a homosexual, but when I woke up, I realized that I was being beaten by Sarah.
I don’t know what you’re talking about

I think you’ll understand, but I also don’t know why this suddenly happened.

“i See. That’s why there’s always a signal that Sara-san hit Gu-won… .”

While desperately trying to dry Sarah, I heard Rachel’s little muttering as if she was convinced.
In a guild, you can tell by inflicting damage between adventurers.
Of course, the guild is not a teacher at any school, so it’s not like they’re going to stop all fights.
If it’s just enough damage, it will just pass unless a report is received.
The guild goes first only when another adventurer dies because of an adventurer.
That is, what do you want to say?
Sarah. It seems that the people in the guild have already found out that you are expressing your affection so fiercely.

Anyway, there were so many twists and turns, but we decided to camp there and stay for the day.
It was still quite early until night, but the two healers had used up all of their mana, so it was dangerous to move further.
Even if it wasn’t, it was impossible to carry three adventurers who were still unconscious.

“How can you have such a luxurious meal in a dungeon? When I’m with Goo Won, this place doesn’t really feel like a dungeon.”

“If you’re with me, don’t you think going to the dungeon will be delicious?”

“Huhu. That’s right. If it weren’t for the guild work, I’d like to go there together.”

As we were having that conversation with Rachel, Diana suddenly broke into us.

“We got along quite well.”

“Hey. Who does the magic stone settlement in the first place? It’s not that we got along, it’s just that… .”

I spoke up to that point and immediately stopped speaking in a sense of crisis I felt instinctively.
awhile. Wouldn’t it be more dangerous to say that we were this close in the first place?

“What is this?”

“This is nothing compared to our relationship with Diana, right?”

“You’ve only grown your knack for useless things.”

Diana looked at me and muttered in admiration.
But, as if he didn’t like it, he put his buttocks toward me and shoved the soup closer to me.
it’s useless It’s a matter of life and death for me. I have a lot of use for it.
Without uttering those thoughts out of my mouth, I also picked up a spoon to eat the soup.

“Sylvia. stop vibrating You can’t eat soup.”

“Oh, oh. Ooooh. Sin, I’m sorry… .”

But I couldn’t eat the soup because of Sylvia, who was shaking in my arms.
Why is Sylvia doing this? It’s the bee that turned my eyes earlier. It’s never been my hobby.

“Okay. this. Sylvia. OK?”

Eventually, Sylvia was vibrating too much, and the soup was spilled on Sylvia’s leg.

“Gan, gan chan, gan chan sam ah… .”

Huh. It seems no problem at all.

“If that’s the case, why don’t you go away and eat it?”

“No. this is a bee Anyway, Diana. I’m begging you.”

“Anyway, a man like you… .”

Diana mumbled that as she tried to reach out to me.
But there was someone who reached out before that.

“Oh, I will.”

Sister Rachel summoned the water spirit and immediately wiped the soup off Sylvia’s leg.

“Ah, thank you… what?”

“Huh? Why?”

Come to think of it, this sister can use the water spirit.
Why did you have to wipe your crotch with a towel before?

“Oh, no.”

I was curious, but if I said it here for nothing, Diana and the other kids might explode.
I decided to suppress my curiosity and turn my mind off.

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Rescue Request

Instead of talking about towels, I decided to talk about another thought that came to my mind after watching Rachel’s spirits.

“By the way, Diana.”


“I told you before that I can’t handle spirits.”

“Well. I’ve been talking about that too. Right. Then, where would you like to eat and learn the basics once?”


“Isn’t there anything to do anyway?”

Well, that was it.
We decided to spend the day here for the sake of the adventurers who still haven’t opened their eyes and our weary healers, but it was quite time to go to sleep.

“Well, starting the basics is only when you have an affinity with the spirits.”

Come to think of it, I think I’ve said that before.
First of all, you need to check the affinity.

“I’ll tell you, but don’t expect too much. Because you are a physicalist.”

“Oh, no worries about that.”

“I’ve done it before, but I’m pretty confident.”

“What is it?”

I myself had reasons.
The system applied to all games of Great Earth was the basis for that.
As with the game that brought me to this world, the games of Great Earth had the characteristic of being able to have multiple jobs at once.
When you hear that you can have multiple jobs, the first thing you can do is ask yourself whether it is possible to have multiple jobs and create a versatile character that is perfect in every way and shoots incomparable.

In a word, it was possible to play that way once.
However, the Great Earth placed certain restrictions and made it difficult to play that way.
That is, by putting restrictions on the stat growth system.
With the exception of some special jobs, it is random that the stats rise when the job level rises.
Let’s take my case with him.
In the case of saints, when leveling up, all stats are unconditionally increased by 1, but in the case of fighters, the related stats, that is, the stats of strength, endurance, agility, and stamina, rise by 1 at random.
All four stats may increase by 1 in one level-up, and conversely, not all four stats may increase.


And it is talent that determines the probability that this stat will rise.
Talent is like a hidden stat that can be seen with the naked eye.
innate and acquired talents.
Innate talent is literally an innate talent.
A person’s unique talent, determined from birth.
For example, in the case of Diana, there was no job related to charm, but at least level 250 was taking the maximum charm.
This can only be explained by an innate talent, that is, because she is pretty from birth, her charm stat is easy to rise.

And acquired talent was directly related to the job.
He said that he could have any job freely, but among them, the job with the highest job level affected the person’s stat growth.
It can be seen as a kind of system that divides the main job and the secondary job. If the job with the highest job level is a warrior class, stats such as strength and durability will increase easily, and on the other hand, stats such as intelligence and mental will become difficult to rise.
And if two or more jobs are at the same level, the job that reached that level first becomes the main job.

So, the factors of innate talent and acquired talent combine to determine the probability that the stat will rise when the job level rises.
Not only that. This talent is not only the probability that the stat will rise when the job level rises, but also the probability that the stat will rise through training is also involved.
Let’s take Diana as an example.
Diana’s main occupation is a wizard.
Because of this, stats such as strength and durability are difficult to climb, and stats such as intellect and spirit become easier to climb.
I don’t know much about it, but my innate talent would be similar.
He will almost certainly have no talent for strength or endurance. And his intellect, his spirit, and as a bonus, his talent for charm is probably at the highest level.
That’s why Diana’s stats were like that.
A child who lived for nearly 3,000 years still had no strength or endurance to exceed 50 degrees, while his intellect and mental charm were reaching the limit.

Well, the explanation is long, but in other words, it is very difficult to develop a versatile character.
Once you get the stats opposite to the main job, even if you get a related job, it’s almost impossible to raise it.
Although Arachne’s clan leader Miriel is a magic swordsman, that’s probably why he fought only with swordsmanship.
Looking at Miriel’s fighting style, magic was only used to strengthen the sword by giving it attributes, and the fighting style was almost like that of a swordsman.
Perhaps the stats are not enough to use magic in a normal way.

Of course, it doesn’t make much sense to raise jobs with similar stats.
If you think about how to solve the level-up limit, you can figure it out, but even if you raise only one job, the related stats can reach the highest possible level.
The related stats have already reached the highest level, and it is meaningless to develop other jobs related to them.
Of course, you will receive some sort of behavioral correction based on your job level, but rather than doing the hard work for that, it’s better to go to the main job level.

Better to raise more
It is because it is difficult to properly raise even one job in the first place.
In particular, this is not a game, but reality.
Mastering even one job is extremely difficult.
look at miriel It looks like you’re already at level 250, but it seems like the level limit isn’t being lifted.
Even though it looks like you’re going through the dungeon so hard.

Of course, all of this has nothing to do with the player.
All of the things we’ve talked about so far were things to think about when nurturing your teammates while playing the game.
If we look only at the player’s alter ego character, these things are almost irrelevant.
Basically every game in Great Earth was an adult game, and the player was given a job about it from the start.
The player is unconditionally doing that job as the main job. As if my main occupation was a saint.
But that doesn’t mean you can’t make it impossible to play the other way.
Even if a saint is the main job, there will be users who want to play a wizard or a warrior.
Therefore, it can be said that basically the player has above-average talent in all stats.
The stats of the fighters and assassins were also rising moderately whenever the level went up.

It’s been a long conversation, but in a nutshell, I can expect a certain level of affinity for my spirits as well.
No, if I get the job of a spirit sergeant, I can raise my intellect and mental stats, which is the weakest in me, so it would be better.
It’s not like I had any intention of mastering the profession of a spiritist anyway.

“So, how do I do that affinity check?”

After eating, I immediately asked Diana.
By the way, Sarah, who has the best eyes, took care of the surroundings, and Sylvia and Rachel were gathering food together so they could be washed by magic.
Leia and Matilda took the patients to rest in a tent.

“Hmm. wait and see First of all, I will check only the affinity with the four elemental spirits. Are you okay with that?”


After all, what you want is the spirit of water.
As I nodded, Diana took out some magic stones and held them in her hand.
Then, he held out his hand and opened it slowly while chanting a spell, and the magic stones in his hand turned into powder and fell, creating a magic circle on the floor.

“Whoa. That’s right. Then stand here.”

As I stood on the circle, Diana placed her finger on my chest and moved slowly, as if drawing a picture on her body.

“As you follow the hand of this body and use your mana, look at the spirits you feel around you… Fast.”

Without doing what Diana said, as soon as I got to the magic circle, a system window appeared in front of me asking if I would like to make a contract with the spirit.
Without any hesitation, I immediately agreed, and was able to finish the contract with all of the four elemental spirits.

“Hey. Can you handle all the four elemental spirits?”

Seeing me like that, Diana muttered as if it was a good deal.

“Yeah?! All the 4 Spirits?! That’s awesome. be envious.”

And unlike Diana, who was simply admiring, Rachel, who was watching with me, looked at me with envy and said,
Something seems to be dramatically different from Diana’s reaction.
Oh, yes. Diana said she could handle spirits too. And he’ll probably be able to handle all the four spirits too.
The difference in this reaction can be seen as the difference between those who can already do it and those who can’t.

“Hehehe. is that so? I do have a bit of talent.”

“ハギ. And because I got embarrassed so quickly. Then do you not need any more guidance from this body?”

“Huh. sure… .”

I was able to handle the spirits much more easily than I thought.
I immediately summoned the spirit and tried to wash Sylvia as a test.
Why Sylvia? no reason just come into sight.
However, I had to realize the serious problem of summoning spirits using the game system.
I open the skill window, but I only see skills that use spirits to fight.
What should I do in this case? Do you want to understand in words?

“Hey! government ordinance! Wash Sylvia! Wash!”

“Eh? Whoa!”

Sylvia, who was cleaning out the dishes at my voice, made a strange noise, closed her eyes tightly and stiffened as if she was trying to endure something, but the water spirit the size of a palm flickered and looked at me, but there was no response.

“… What are you guys doing now? And again, why are you bothering Miss Sylvia, who is still still?

Diana straightened her feet and reached out to feed my head with honey chestnut.
Like Sarah, Diana loves Sylvia quite a bit.
In the case of Diana who was bitten, I felt like it wasn’t all that she was just treating me like.
Hey. Stop being nice to Sylvia just because she doesn’t have a heart.
Such a bond produces nothing.
In the first place, when he grows up, he will betray Sylvia.

“Hmmm. it’s not annoying I was going to tell Sylvia to wash the dishes she was organizing. Stop talking in vain Anyway, Diana. Teach me how to deal with spirits.”

“Well? Where did that arrogant attitude from earlier go? Why not try it yourself?”

“Yeah? Wow? Who? Maybe I did?”

“It seems that your abilities aren’t perfect either.”

Diana muttered as if it was obvious even without seeing it.
Also, Diana. Sharp.

“Whoa. I can’t help it. Then listen carefully to this body.

But Diana nevertheless taught me how to handle the spirits.
Spirits generally do not communicate with humans.
Therefore, in order to communicate, it was necessary to communicate with mana, but this was not as easy as I thought.
The difficulty of learning is high enough to make you feel as if you are learning a new language, and the difficulty has increased because you have to manage your mana in detail.
Even this is the basic process for dealing with spirits.
After you have mastered this, you need to increase your affinity by building bonds through conversations with the spirits and mana.
Being a Elementalist is a really tough job.
Diana is useless

He seemed to understand the reason for not calling the spirit.
It’s not that I can’t use magic, but I’m sure it’ll be a sequel to just using your own spells rather than using the spirits.
Still, I’ll do it.
For the day when you will be able to wash your body with spirits.

“So… like this?”

It is impossible to learn enough to be able to communicate using mana in one day, so I learned a few simple conversations first.
First of all, the greeting of the basics of language.
When I greeted him with mana, the water spirit wiggled and bowed his head.
To be honest, it’s so small that I can’t even see the features properly, but maybe this is a greeting?
It might be surprisingly cute to poke around on the palm of your hand.
is it. Are the spirit lords dealing with spirits for fun like this?

“cute. If that’s the case, I don’t even need Sylvia anymore… .”

“Yes, yes?”

When I deliberately mumbled that, our cute Sylvia was caught right away again and let out an anxious voice.

“Sylvia runs away if I try to hug her. A spirit might be better. It’s cute anyway. Don’t you think so?”

“Ah, ah, no!”

Sylvia grabbed my arm with both hands and cried out desperately.

“what. You want to say you’re cuter?”

“Ugh? Oh no. It’s not like that, but… .”

“Good. Then I’ll admit it when Sylvia brings her into my arms.”


“Come on, what are you doing? hurry.”

I opened my arms and faced Sylvia.
Sylvia had a hardened body at the sudden development, and it looked like she didn’t know what to do.

“You won’t? Also, I’m with the spirit… .”

“Ha, I will. haha! Ha, whoo, whoo, whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa .”

Sylvia desperately clings to my arms and melts away.
Whoops. To catch it so easily. it’s sylvia So you are my pet… .

“This idiot is real! Aren’t you good enough?!”

In the end, Sarah, who didn’t see me, was vigilant and hit me once, but I had no regrets for my actions.

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Forgive me for being late.
I fell asleep while writing, and the time… .


Rescue request

“Salvation. Isn’t it time for a shift?”

While the watch was standing, Sarah, the next vigilant, came out of the tent.
To wake up before I even wake up first, should I say he’s too sincere?

“Ah, the time has come. You woke up early, didn’t you?”

“OK. slept enough Aren’t you tired because salvation has been like that for a long time? Come on, rest.”

Despite my worrying remarks, Sarah said so with an apologetic expression on my face.
Of course, she always stands there, so there’s no reason for Sarah to make such a face in the first place.
The reason Sarah makes that kind of expression is literally because I’ve been like this for a long time.


When I was teasing Sylvia and got a smash in the back from Sarah, I became wary of my surroundings instead.
And that means that it will stand still until the night of the night.

Still, there would be nothing for Sarah to feel sorry for.
After all, even if you say it’s a boundary, you don’t have to stand still and look around.
Even if I had to look around anyway, it was difficult to see because of the narrow field of view because of the eyes, and Diana even installed an alarm magic so that the monster could know before the attack.
So all you have to do is stay awake so you can react immediately to the alarm magic.

And I took the opportunity to summon a spirit, put it on the palm of my hand, and review the spirit language.
Even if it is a language made of mana, he said that he continued to speak under the belief that the shortcut to language acquisition is to talk as much as possible.
Mana was consumed to maintain elemental summons, and mana was also used for conversation, so mana consumption was high, but the time passed quite well.
It was so close that he forgot to wake Sarah up even when it was time for his night shift.

“I am not tired at all. As long as Sarah wants to keep doing it.”

“Idiot. If so, what are you going to do tomorrow? Tomorrow I have to go to the village and protect those people. You have to be more alert than usual.”

“That’s it, if you let Sarah activate the healing sex all night, no problem… .”
“Ugh! This pervert!”

But as Sarah said that, she just playfully pinched my cheek and squatted next to me.
Normally, it’s not unusual to hit a smash on the back again.
It seems that I am very sorry that I have to keep doing this.

“no. lets think. After all, you passed it on to Diana, right? So, if you don’t do this when you have free time, you won’t be able to be with me for a very long time?”

Using Sarah’s gentle demeanor, I tried to seduce her once more.

“… ok, it’s ok No, it’s because I did it because I was wrong. If you do it with salvation in the meantime, you won’t have any regrets. I will be patient.”

Sara didn’t respond right away as if she was a little worried at first, but she didn’t seem to be tempted by temptation because of her diligent personality.
Then, as if turning a fire, I looked at the spirit on the palm of my hand.

“Are you used to that spirit conversation now?”

“Huh. First of all, I have mastered telling him where to wash.”

“Why do you have to do that again… .”

I put my finger on the head of the water spirit in the palm of my hand and caressed it round and round as I spoke, and Sarah muttered absurdly.

“Because it has a lot to do with it. in many ways.”

“Anyway. This pervert… .”

“Huh? Are you perverted? What are you talking about? Why does washing lead to that? What on earth was our Miss Sarah thinking, did she say that she had mastered washing and that the word “pervert” came out right away? Huh?”

“This, that, that… You started practicing like that with the intention of doing the same, right?!”

Sara blushed slightly and panicked, then immediately counterattacked with a red flag.
Well, as Sarah said, it’s true that I started practicing like this with the intention of doing so.
But it was impossible to admit that.

“Huh? I don’t know what you’re talking about? What was Sarah thinking? Why don’t you just let me know once in a while? Our pervert Miss Sarah?”

“Hey, Mr. Lee! Really! Pervert is salvation!”

“I don’t want to hear that from Byun Taeyang, who can’t even properly explain what he was thinking about washing. Oh no. Indeed. That might be it. Huh. ok I will admit it.”

“What, what? suddenly?”

When I suddenly stopped making fun of myself anymore, Sarah asked with a rather anxious face.
what is it Kneeling for a moment to gain momentum.
I had no doubts that you would ask.

“Because Sarah likes me so much. If you get drunk and be honest, you’ll attack someone’s bed at night. So, when you’re talking to me like this, it’s inevitable that your thoughts keep moving in that direction. it is not so? Sarah aaaa.”

I called out Sarah’s name in a saggy tone, just as she called my name when she was drunk.

“Hey, ba, you said it wasn’t like that?!”

“Shh. don’t shout I will wake them up.”

“Ugh! Bar, you idiot really… It’s not like that.”

When I put my hand to my lips and spoke, Sarah lowered her voice, staring at me and protesting.

“Huh. ok I’ll hit it Sara aaa.”

“This, this, this… Seeing… .”

In the end, all Sara could do was glare at me with water around her eyes.

“It’s a joke, it’s a joke. Don’t be pissed.”

“Beep, it’s not beep.”

Saying that, Sarah quickly turned her head.
But when I kissed her after putting her hand on her cheek and making her look at me again, she accepted the kiss without any resistance.

“However, as the days go by, I only get used to how to deal with a woman’s heart like a serpent.”

And when she opened her mouth, Sarah muttered something like that, as if she was a little angry.
No, I think it’s too easy for you to get angry with this.
Of course, Sara is a woman who is only easy for me, unlike Cardinals elsewhere.
‘Cause it’s cute anyway

“Did you get rid of the sprain?”

“It hasn’t been released yet.”

As I spoke softly, Sarah pouted her lips as if to squeal.
But I spoke softly as I put my face close enough to touch her again.

“But Sarah.”


Sara answered quietly, unraveling her sullen expression as if drawn to my voice.

“Didn’t you say it wasn’t sloppy?”

“Hey, Mr. Lee! Hurry up and go to sleep!”

Eventually I got another smash in the back and had to go back to the tent.
But I saw the cute Sarah face, and there was no damage from the smash on the back. Totally beneficial.
Because I feel the reward of raising my defense because of Sarah.

and the next morning.
The adventurers who finally rescued them came to their senses.
In the first place, the two of us priests used all of their divine powers and finished healing their bodies, so it’s only natural to wake up.

“is it. We are… Did you survive… .”

But it didn’t seem like he was just happy.
Indeed. Four out of seven said they were already dead. You wouldn’t be as happy as I am.
In particular, this good man is the only man in the party.
Even if they weren’t all in love like we did, they would all have been friends by mixing bodies.
Perhaps the women were quite close, too, and the Toin and Tow people hugged each other and cried profusely.

“no. You sounded disrespectful in front of the benefactor. Sorry. And thank you so much for your help. My name is Greg.”

But soon after, the Hoin shook their heads and asked me to shake hands while saying that.
Adventurer men are usually friendly like friends, but this good-looking people thought of me as a benefactor, so the tone was polite.
When I accepted the handshake, I felt quite heavy power.
Didn’t I say you’re a minstrel? Is this also a racial trait?
After all, he’s bigger than me. I’m not the type to go anywhere.

“If you want to say thanks, give it to Rachel over there. We wouldn’t have been able to save you if that sister had not found you first.”

“Huh? Oh oh. Guide Wonyang. Thank you very much.”

“Oh, no. I haven’t done anything. Rather, I am in a position to be saved… .”

Sister Rachel smiled a little shyly, spread her hands out in front of her chest, and stirred them side to side.
He didn’t look very friendly, considering that he had gone desperately to save him.
Huh? We’re not very close, but you went to the rescue so desperately? Then maybe… .
No, I don’t care who Rachel likes, but it has nothing to do with me.

Anyway, now that everyone has come to their senses, we are in a position to return to the third-tier village while protecting them.
The way back was peaceful, with nothing particularly noteworthy.
How peaceful it was, to the point of being able to listen to Diana’s lectures in the spirit language from time to time while traveling.
Of course, it was peaceful, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t a battle. It just ended so quickly that it didn’t make much sense.

“That’s great. I heard that he was active on the 2nd floor, but I had never seen it on the 3rd floor. Level 3 monsters so easily… .”

And the Hoin people were greatly admiring us when they saw us like that.
He looked at us with bright eyes that did not match our size, and I was quite dissatisfied with his appearance.
How dare you look at a woman like that?
Anyway, I know it’s pretty.
do you know kyle Can you make me sing while tapping on a wooden table instead of a harp?
And in the end, that gaze of the Hoin caused an incident.

“Everyone is so strong and beautiful. You are amazing.”

“Oh, how beautiful… .”

That’s how Matilda reacted to the Hoin’s words.
He wasn’t really trying to entice him, it seems he was just genuinely admiring him.
Our Cardinal

That doesn’t seem to matter at all.

“Well? Maybe you’re not used to this word? No way. You are so beautiful… .”
“Stop there!”

I hurriedly intervened and grabbed Matilda’s jaw first.

“Matilda. look straight in my eyes Who do you like?”

“Ah… .”

Fortunately, Matilda’s expression turned hazy as her gaze turned toward me.
Whoops. First of all, did this save another guy?

“Hey. There’s a good man there.”

“Oh, if you call me Greg… .”

“What do I know about the boy’s name? Anyway, please don’t gossip and be still. This is Cardinal Matilda.”

“… Yeah?”

“Cardinal Matilda of the Order. He is famous for the curse that makes eunuchs. If you don’t want to be an eunuch, just shut up.”

Fortunately, the good people had heard of Matilda’s name, so they immediately shut their mouths and nodded.
And somehow, this time, he started looking at me with envy.
No, I’m not asking you to look at me. Please get rid of those dazzling eyes!
Why are you looking at me as a man with those eyes? Get it right now! What if our children misunderstand?

“Ah… That… That’s it… .”

And Matilda, who got out of the pink atmosphere, muttered as she looked down at the floor, embarrassed to see my face.

“done. Even if you don’t make excuses. It’s not that I don’t know that you’re that kind of person.”

“Ah… .”

When I said that, Matilda seemed to be relieved, but on the other hand, as if sadly, she tried to mumble something and gave up.
I was also aware that I was angry and harsh with my words, but it didn’t seem like an apology again, so I didn’t say anything and walked again.

Even after such a small commotion, the infinitely favorable gaze towards the day of the good people was quite burdensome, but anyway, the good people didn’t open their mouths.
And we were able to get to the village without any problems.

“Thank you so much for saving me.”

The Hoin people said that as a representative, and the Toin people and the Tow people also bowed their heads accordingly.
Perhaps the two behind them were quite shocked by this incident, and they couldn’t see them talking much all the way to the village.
okay. go quickly Go and comfort your depressed women.
I waved my hand and waved my greetings, and then quickly moved away from the guys, no, from those burdensome people.

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The best unrequited love // ​​Actually, I hadn’t intentionally explained it until now, but I thought some of you might be curious, so I decided to write it.

Hextech Marine // I try not to describe it like that on purpose, because it would not be good for both the reader and the writer to pay attention to such details.
For the same reason, I thought about whether or not I should describe the enema when I did it with the buttocks.
I’m not sure if I can use it if I come up with an idea, but I’m sure heroines won’t see menstruation in the future.
If you are concerned, just think of it as having your period on a day when you did not stand up for salvation or on a day that is not described in the novel.
Even if you take turns doing it once every three days, there are hardly any novels in the novel that depict more than two rotations in a row anyway.

jiho27 // Actually, I once tried to build up a stockpile by writing two articles a day and uploading only one.
But if I do that, I just don’t use it the next day and play.
And on the next day after rest, I don’t want to write any more.
I seemed to know the feelings of writers who spend the whole year as it is when they say they are on hiatus.
So from now on, I’ll just diligently publish every day.


The identity of the Giant Manastone

“Then I will go too. Thanks again for your help. If you come to the guild, you will receive the reward.”

Then, Rachel sister also came out of our party as if she was going to go to a party with a good man.
Maybe it’s because there are other things to deal with, such as the remuneration issue of the rescue request, but I couldn’t shake the suspicion that Rachel Sister liked that kind of people.
no. So, I’ve only been mixing bodies with my sister Rachel once for treatment, and I’m not arguing about that.

“Then shall we go back to see the master of the class?”

After breaking up with the adventurer party like that, I looked at the party again with fewer people and said:

“Yeah? Are you sure you want to go right now?!”

Then Matilda said, startled.
I’ve been there without any problems, but as soon as I help everyone else, I don’t want to be in the labyrinth again.

“Huh. Of course. It’s still midday.”

no. In a labyrinth where the brightness is always constant, these words may not be appropriate.
In any case, it was still a good time to say that it was noon.
It was broad daylight when he rescued those adventurers in the first place.
But I stayed there for one day and came back here at the same speed. It was natural to come back in broad daylight.

“Ha, but… Why don’t you take a break today and start again tomorrow?”

But Matilda said in a voice full of regrets.
Rather than spending a day here and leaving like this, I think it would be better to catch the owner of the class as soon as possible and come back to rest.

“Do as Matilda said. No matter how comfortable the journey was, he had been wandering around the dungeon for several days. Get a good rest today and start again tomorrow.”

But maybe it was because Matilda was taken care of, Diana said so.
It is Diana who wants to meet the owner of the dungeon the most in our party right now.
I was thinking that there might be another giant manastone there.
Even though Diana was saying this, I couldn’t just insist on leaving right away.
So I ended up going back to the inn to stay for one night.
And there was an unexpected person waiting for us.

“Huh? Hey, rescue! What a coincidence!”

One of Arachne’s officers and the woman who stole my virginity. It was Alicia.
Alicia waved her hand as if she was quite happy to see me.


And as soon as I saw that face, I started screaming.

“What, what is this bastard?! As soon as you see a person’s face, it’s rude!”

“Think of what you did to me! It doesn’t look like it’s screaming!”

“Ugh… Come on, it’s self-sufficient, kid!”

“Anyway, the fact that you beat me to death doesn’t change! go away! Don’t come near me!”

I immediately hid behind Sarah’s back and cried.
And Sarah also pretended to be in front of me with a wretched expression and blocked me.
Still, it seems that Alicia is wary.
Alicia, for some reason, couldn’t be rude to Sarah, so she just stared at him with a dissatisfied expression on her face.
Did you instinctively feel the power of a warrior?
Anyway, having Sarah is so reassuring.
After having a snowball fight with Sarah for a long time, Alicia finally muttered reluctantly.

“Ugh… that, yes I guess I was a little harsh. I’m sorry.”

To be honest, I’m not in a position to receive an apology, so it’s understandable to say it reluctantly, but if you don’t want to apologize like that, then why not just stop talking to me?
Or do you have anything else to see me?
No, it was a coincidence that we met here in the first place. It’s something to see and nothing to do.
Anyway, when Alicia came out like that, I couldn’t help but eat it.

“I don’t feel sincere in my apology.”

“This bird… Then what do you mean?”

“In a voice as cute as possible, ‘Wow! I’m so sorry Alicia!’ When she shouts, admit it… .”
“Isn’t this bastard not hit yet?!”

“Sarah Shield!”

“No such thing. This time, salvation was wrong.”

I tried to hide behind Sarah once more, but she swung to the side and avoided.
I hope Sarah will betray her!
Then there is nothing you can do

“Alicia! Offer to negotiate!”

Before Alicia’s fist flew, I hit the player first.

“What other nonsense is this bastard trying to say!”

“I’ll forgive you for hitting me before, so forgive me for what I just said! What do you think? Isn’t it fair?”

Alicia had a wary expression on her face, but I didn’t care and just uttered what she had to say.


“What’s wrong?! Isn’t that fair?!”

“Oh, no… What… then… end?”

Alicia was pressed by my momentum and affirmed it, but muttered with an unfamiliar expression on her face.
yes what is it You are completely at a loss.

“Anyway, so. Alicia. What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to go to the 5th or 6th floor?”

Before Alicia could ponder further, I immediately turned the subject.

“That’s what other guys are working on. Because I am in charge of education from the beginning. This time, I came here for their education.”

Saying so, Alicia pointed to the table in the dining room.
There, a trio of Arachne named Kanna Serena Amy was lying face down on the table, looking like they were going to die.


“Aren’t they the ones who had a hard time even on the 2nd floor a while ago?”

“When are you talking about the enemy? And people say that when you roll, you grow as much as you roll.”

Hearing those words, I suddenly felt sympathy for the trio.
You guys must have suffered to death because you met the wrong boss… .
It was understandable that each of them had their noses stuck on the table like that.
But there was nothing I could do about it.
Other than just cheering me on in my heart to live strong.

“More than that, seeing that you have arrived in this village, are you planning on taking a seat on the 3rd floor and looking around properly? So how are you? with us… .”

“no. I’m thinking of moving to the 4th floor.”

“What, what?!”

As I said that, Alicia suddenly showed a visibly bewildered look.
Besides, Alicia wasn’t the only one who had such a reaction.
Even if I was lying face down, I was probably listening to the story, and the three of them suddenly raised their heads and looked at me with a look of not to do that.
what? What? Why are you doing that?!

“How long has it been since you came to the 3rd floor? !”

“Oh, but we are a little older. Besides, after strengthening the equipment with the items from the 5th floor, it was so easy that I couldn’t even speak. Actually, I was going to go straight to the 4th floor without coming here again, but I just came back for a short time to rescue an adventurer in distress.”

When I said that, the Arachne trio looked at me with a look of despair on their faces as if resenting me.
no. So, we’re going to the 4th floor, so why are you making such a face?

“Is that so… .”

Alicia, who mumbled like that, had an annoyed expression on her face as if things were not going her way.

“Salvation. When we’re done talking, let’s go.”

“Well. This body also wants to eat quickly.”

“Savior. This is it.”

And as soon as I knew I was done talking to Alicia, my kids clinged to me and pushed me towards the restaurant.
Also, toward the table farthest from the table where the three of Arachne were sitting.

“Hey, hey! awhile! Then let’s eat together… !”
“sorry but. I have something to talk about with the party members. I’m going to catch the owner of the class, so there’s a lot to talk about tactics and other things. Please understand.”

Alicia tried to hold on to us as if she had regrets, but Sarah refused with a cold voice.

“Well, if that’s the case, I’ll help too! If you are the owner of the 3rd floor, no matter how many times… !”

“Are you daring to give advice to this body?”

“Ugh! uh… !”

You can’t see her face because she’s wearing a wizard’s hat, but Arachne’s executives already know that Diana is in our party.
Alicia must have immediately recognized who she was talking to.
Alicia eventually grunted, unable to hold on to us any longer.
no. I don’t know why Alicia was so entangled with us in the first place.
If you look at her attitude, she looks like a man trying to seduce a woman he likes, but there’s no way that Alicia likes me… no. awhile. By the way, Alicia. There were also suspicions of reds play.
Hopefully someone at our party likes it?!
Come to think of it, I also lost a snowball fight to Sarah!
Maybe you’re looking into Sarah!


“What, what?”

When I called out my name, Alicia answered, her face brightening again.
I still like it i knew i would don’t like it I don’t mean to say let’s eat together.

“Our Sarah can’t give it! You lesbian!”

“… … What the hell are you doing?!”

Alicia stood still for a while, as if she didn’t know what to say, then ran towards me like a wild beast.
Then, this time, Sarah tried to stand in front of me.
But I dared to step in front of such Sarah.

“buy it! Dangerous! If he is like that, he knows how to stop it and is just messing around!”

“Hey, you said no, you bastard!”

Alicia slapped me once, and she swung her feet like she was going crazy in frustration, and eventually went outside with a smirk.

“Goo, are you okay?”

“I am satisfied that I was able to protect Sarah.”

then. Because I was able to defeat the evil lesbian who was trying to wield a spell on my girl in one shot.
If that’s the case, I’d say it’s a cheap price.

“It looks like you’re misunderstanding something with this body.”

“Uh-huh. what you don’t know I’m sure she’s a lesbian. Everyone, be careful going forward.”

“Hmm. Well, I see.”

Diana looked like she wanted to say something more, but then she nodded as if she understood something.

“And Leia.”


“Please treat me. After all, what kind of woman is strong enough.”

“Huhu. Yes. Come this way.”

“After all, that’s it again!”

Diana has once again sparked her jealousy, but I have a solid cause for healing.
I was able to receive healing by being held in the arms of an angel.

“so. What is the tactic against the master of the class?”

As we ate, I remembered what Sarah had said to Alicia earlier and asked.
All of the 3rd tier monsters were so easy that I tried to go without much thought, but it was dangerous to go that way.
Being the master of the 3rd tier means being strong on the same level as the 4th tier Transcendental Servant.

“Once you start, use the Holy Pulse as soon as you start.”

“Huh. And?”

“If you get enough attention and avoid it, this body and Miss Sara will end.”


“Well? That’s all. Normally, it would be normal to know the attack patterns and fight them properly, but if Miss Sara and this body attack together, it will be over before such various attack patterns appear. Is that all? If you don’t plan on raising Miss Sarah’s level, you might be able to finish it with just your saint skill.”

“no. Didn’t you tell Alicia earlier that you were going to have a big meeting?”

“This body never said anything like that.”

Then I saw that
When I look at Sarah naturally, she takes off her shichimi.


“I thought I had to prepare something more, but it seems I didn’t need it.”

“Sara is very careful, too.”

“It’s basic for adventurers who go to dungeons.”

“Well. That’s a good attitude.”

The two of us play drums and janggu and play very well.
If that’s the case, even if I didn’t shun Alicia like that… no. I don’t know what’s going to happen if that lesbian gets to eat dinner with our kids.
Maybe it was because Sarah was wary of Alicia, who stole my virginity, but in the end it turned out to be a good thing.

By the way, there’s another kid that Sarah would be really jealous of.
Watch Alicia Beat Me Is that the way you treat the person you like?
As for Alicia, I could be sure that she never liked me.
Didn’t even Sarah hit me?
Totally different. Sara hits you with affection, but Alicia hits you with nothing but violence.

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The identity of the giant manastone

After we finished eating, we suddenly had nothing to do.
It’s still noon. It is too early to be confined to the inn.
I even thought about going up and coming up using the teleport, but I gave up on that.
I mean, once you go up, you’ll have a hard time coming down again.
I could say with certainty that I would not come to the dungeon for a few more days because it was bothersome, and that I would have a good rest on top.
I’ve been in the dungeon for quite some time.
If it hadn’t been for the goal of breaking through to the 4th floor, I would have gone up already.
Then again, our good Diana will try to suppress the desire to investigate the Giant Manastone and wait until we are ready to enter the dungeon.
So it doesn’t go back.
But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do.

“I’m bored.”


“So, stop harassing Sylvia because you’re bored.”

Sarah said that with a look of tiredness of repeating the same thing now.
As I always say, I’m not harassing you.
Sylvia likes it too.
I looked at Sylvia, who was in my arms and was struggling with her arms and legs outstretched in front of her to try to escape somehow.
Huh. Look at this loose expression on his face.
Seeing this expression, I can tell you how to bully me.

“I’m going to take a day off. Why don’t you try to do something and just take it easy.”

Diana said with a relaxed expression while sipping a cup of hot tea.
Obviously, it’s normal for him to be the most anxious. From the outside, he seemed to be the most relaxed.
Really grandma… The more experience you have, the more relaxed your mind is.

“Yes, sir. Take it easy.”

Saying that, Leia brought the chair close to the fireplace and spread her palms to warm the fire.
It’s not cold here because of the magic, but Leia seems to like it quite warm.
The tail is also fluffy, so just by looking at its appearance, it seems like it won’t be the coldest among us.
Well, you have a warm heart.

Because you’re a man, maybe you don’t like the cold that much.
That angel, who seemed to never do anything that other people dislike, carried Diana, whom he hated, holding tight to the end all the way through the dungeon.
Well, in the middle, Diana gave up and wiggled Leia’s tail to heal herself, so maybe she didn’t hate it that much.

Anyway, except for me, everyone seemed to like the time they were relaxing at the inn.
no. It’s not that I don’t like it either, but I’d say it’s a bit sore.
I’ve just been walking around in the dungeon, and even thinking of myself, I think he’s full of stamina.

“First… Would you like to see the bulletin board?”

Just as there were quests on the guild wall, there were quests that could only be done on the 3rd floor on the bulletin board in the town square.
I’ve only seen rescue quests before, but I don’t know if there are more quests to do on the way to the owner of the class.
Huh. OK. I think that’s better than sitting here quietly.
With that in mind, to get up from his seat, he released the arm that was holding Sylvia, but for some reason, Sylvia, who was in her arms, didn’t think about escaping.
Come to think of it, the vibration stops at some point.


I looked down at Sylvia and called out her name, but there was no answer.
Not only his limbs were struggling, but his whole body was drooping and leaning completely against me.
He doesn’t make any strange moans at all.
this, this… .

“Lord, he’s dead… .”

“So I told you to do it in moderation.”

As I looked down at Sylvia, who was sleeping with a happy expression, and muttered bitterly, Sarah next to me calmly tackled me.
no. That’s not the part you need to tackle.
Ask him to tackle the part where he didn’t die first. … aren’t you dead?
I put my ear to Sylvia’s chest, just in case.
Huh. The heart is beating properly.

“Besides, secretly touching the chest of a person who has fainted.”

no. This is for anyone who wants to hear the heartbeat.
I stared at Sarah as she continued to tackle.
Ahh. I hope you take care of yourself too, right? this cute thing

“no. Because I don’t even have breasts to touch in the first place. But it is. Isn’t it okay for a child to faint? Then can I touch your chest?”

“What’s wrong with small breasts!”

Then, suddenly, Diana, who was relaxing next to her, exploded.

“Ji, calm down. That’s not to say it’s bad.”

“Then that’s fine!”

“Huh! I love small breasts that I can’t even touch!”

“This body still has enough to touch!”

“I didn’t say that I like only breasts that I don’t have! If it’s a chest, it’s all good! Big breasts like Leia! A chest the size of which fits snugly in your hand like Sarah! Just like Diana, the chest is big enough to leave a little space in your hand! A perfectly flat chest like Sylvia! all… !”

“Okay, calm down! You pervert!”

When I got up from my seat and vomited hot, Sarah slapped me on the back and ripped it apart.
I looked around and noticed that most of the people in the Sanga restaurant were focused on me.
Hmmm. As the story of the chest came out, I stopped without even knowing it.

“What you looking at?! First time seeing a guy who likes breasts?!”

But if you are shy, you will lose.
I decided to go out more confidently.

“Sit down! you stupid!”

Yes, but I only got one more shot from Sarah.

“Anyway, a man like you… .”

“It’s because Diana doubts her love for my heart for nothing. I also like Diana’s breasts.”

“Oh, I see. this body is wrong So stop it now.”

When I said that out loud, it seems that Diana was also embarrassed to talk about her breasts anymore.
If that’s the case, then don’t talk about breasts in the first place.

“If you know I’m wrong, let me touch your chest.”

“Hey, you mean here?”

“Then it’s okay if it’s not here?!”

“So, calm down. this pervert Didn’t I say you were coming to see the bulletin board? Let’s go.”

Sara finally decided to go out as a conciliatory measure rather than a hard line, so she grabbed my arm and dragged me towards the door.
Well, yes. Shall we do this as a joke?

“Are you going with Sara too?”

“Huh? Do you think so? Why?”

“no. nothing. Then what are you going to do?”

“Ugh. Come on.”

As I looked around the other kids and said, Diana picked up the tea again and sipped it again.
At first glance, it seems that he has regained his composure, but when he subtly turned his upper body to the side, he knew it wasn’t.
You must be thinking that you might be able to touch your breasts outside after following me for nothing.

“I’m sorry. I’ll be here too. We need someone to look after Sylvia, who has passed out.”

Saying that, Leia put Sylvia, who had fainted, into a chair, brought her next to her, and lit the fireplace again.
It looks like you really liked the fireplace.
I feel like I’ve lost my angel by the fireplace. I can’t help it if I get jealous of things.
Anyway, Diana and Leia say they will stay here, and Sylvia is in a state of fainting. So now all that’s left is… .

“is it. Then with Sarah… And Matilda. You too.”

“Yes, four?! Me too?”

When I said that, Matilda, who had been exceptionally quiet these days, responded with a trembling tremor.

“Of course. What if another man talks to you when I’m not there?”

“Ah… .”

Matilda rose again, with a congratulatory and sagging expression.
Ever since she showed that kind of appearance to the good people, Matilda has always been kind to me for some reason.
If there is an exception, it was about when I rebutted that I would go straight to the dungeon without resting in the village.
Even then, there was something weaker in self-assertion than usual.

“Oh, come to think of it, I had something to say with Diana and Leia.”

And as Matilda got up, suddenly Sarah fell from my arms and sat back down.

“Huh? What are you talking about?”

“You don’t have to know about salvation. Because it’s something women talk about. So, look at the bulletin board together with Matilda-san.


I’m not an idiot either, so Sarah’s intentions were clearly visible.
Matilda is so desperate after the incident that she almost fell in love with the friendly people, so I asked her to release her and come.
In any case, he’s really nice and falls out.
Because you have such an attitude, women around me may keep getting tangled up.
Well, anyway, the biggest problem is with me.

Anyway, I couldn’t refuse Sarah’s favor, so I left the inn with Matilda.
But even if I ask you to release me, is it still a good thing?
I glanced over at Matilda’s shaggy face.
The fact that he’s so dead in the first place means that it’s okay to think that his love for me is more sincere than other guys?
To be honest, when I fell in love with Matilda, I just used her personality like an idiot to force me to do it, so I don’t think I’m the only one who’s special.
no. But since I’m breaking the curse, can I make it a little special?
so easy… Well, although she’s an easy girl by nature.
The brain is complicated.
Besides, I was aware that I had a little bit of anger myself when Matilda showed a favor to the good man, so it made me feel even more that it wasn’t something that just made Matilda feel better.

“Ah… that that… Sorry.”

It seems that Matilda can no longer stand the staring at me.
I was restless, and in the end, I apologized helplessly.


“Yes, four?”

“Why are you sorry?”

I was genuinely curious, so I asked why.
We’re not even dating, and if you’re going to blame the curse, it’s the same as saying that you like me.
But why do you feel sorry for me for doing that to the good people?
Well, from that point of view, it’s unfair that I was angry with Matilda, but let’s put it second.

“So, I don’t want to do this either. However… But after being cursed, I couldn’t control my emotions… .”

However, my question as to why you are sorry seemed to sound like a mere interrogation to Matilda.
Matilda said so, almost crying.


“Yes Yes?”

“Yes, you. Do you really like me?”

“Yeah… I really like it.”

I asked because I really wanted to know Matilda’s sincerity.
But Matilda gave a simple answer as her face loosened hazy.
So I don’t know if he’s serious or not because he’s reacting like this

“no. I’m not trying to trick you, I’m serious.

“Yeah. I really like it.”

Even speaking in such a sweet voice is not convincing.
Oh, I can’t really talk about it.
something went awry It’s all about being angry with him and being so sorry for him.
So I scratched my head and said.

“done. Hey. you won’t be sorry for me Is it because of the curse?”

👌👌👌👌 That’s right. Because of the curse… Because of the curse.”

As the sweet mood broke, Matilda slumped again and said so.
Actually, considering the explanation Leia gave,

The effect of the curse didn’t seem to be that great, though.
Matilda seemed to want to claim that it was because of the Hansako curse.

“Then don’t make that face. there’s nothing to be sorry about I’m sorry that I got angry too. So, just do it as usual. Don’t sag.”

I said with a moderate apology to Matilda.
To be honest, I had a strong feeling that we ended up apologizing for each other rather than saying that we read it thoroughly, but for now, this was the limit of what I could do.
Unless there’s a way to know Matilda’s true feelings, there’s nothing you can do.
Seriously, if you ask me, I will say that I love you.

“Who, who… uh… ! This is not this!”

No, it’s not what the hell it is.
How can he really be bothered to deal with each other like this even if he’s not affected by the curse?
At this point, it’s a talent. Talent.

“You’re not like this by nature, but like a goddess, you are kind to anyone, is it absolutely a lie?”

“Hey, what else is that?!”

Oh, come to think of it, Matilda never said that she was like that.
Because that’s all I’ve heard from Leia.

“I don’t know if he’s friendly, but at least he’s not like this.”

“Then you can act normally. I can’t be cursed, so there’s no need to do that to me, right?”

“Well, so this is… .”


“So… I’ve been like this for so long, now it’s a habit… Ah, anyway, I’m not originally like this!”

“Originally, anyway, so now it’s half-realistic.”

“Ugh… !”

Matilda was at a loss for words to argue.

“He’s a cardinal who falls in love with each other and even rants. What kind of woman… .”

“Wow, I thought it was because someone liked it… !”

Matilda looked at me as if she hated her so much.

“So you hate me? I like you… .”

“I like you too… .”

Aren’t you really kidding me?
By the way, I didn’t tell Matilda that I liked her. Our children are not betrayed.

Anyway, I continued to play with Matilda like that and moved to the bulletin board.
Huh. There are no quests to attract.
If it was a reasonable quest, there was a quest to get materials available from monsters, but I didn’t feel the need to do it consciously.
It’s annoying to go around looking for only certain monsters for nothing.
If you just hunt in moderation and collect as many materials as the number of quests, you can take it and solve it.

I looked around the bulletin board moderately and went back to the inn without taking any requests.
Only then will we be able to just talk to Matilda and go back.
It’s not that it’s bad though.

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Myo of the Gods // Although the defense of salvation has increased, Alicia is a strong enough to go to the 5th and 6th floors occasionally.
The position is also tricky. Of course, the defense of salvation is also pierced effortlessly.


The identity of the giant manastone

“Leia. The curse of Matilda. You said it made it easier for the host to fall in love.”

“Yeah? Yeah.”

After spending some time chatting roughly, and having dinner, it was nighttime, and now we each went into our rooms.
I came into the room with Leia and asked that question.
Although it was said that I was forcibly relieved, I was still concerned about the conversation I had with Matilda during the day.
It can be annoying even if you are not in front of me. In a sense, he’s a really great kid.

“How effective is that? Did you say Matilda was unusual?”

“Yeah… . Perhaps the Cardinal… That… I’ve heard that the dominant opinion is that maybe that’s the original personality. Others seem to have just ended up liking it a little bit.”

Leia was a little perplexed by my sudden question. He seems hesitant to talk about it because he seems to be talking behind the scenes.
But I guess he thought he needed to know Matilda properly anyway, so he looked at me again and gave me a proper answer.

“But usually. If you’re that kind of person, isn’t it normal to have a sense of something before being cursed? No one knew it was so serious before the curse, right?”

“Yeah. But even so, the cursed Cardinal Matilda is too serious… . After all, he loved others even before he was cursed, so I heard that most people say that his heart was amplified by the curse.”

indeed. But I think that kind of love and that kind of love between a man and a woman are different kinds of love. How does that matter?
no. Even if we say that it is love in the first place, it can be divided into several types.
With love for family, love for friends, love for the opposite sex, etc.
Could it be that the condition for triggering the curse is not to love as a reason, but just to have a loving heart?
no. Even if that were the case, Matilda’s appearance was the image of love as the opposite sex without fail.
If so, maybe… ahhh It feels like something is twisting my head.

“Why? Haven’t you made peace with Cardinal Matilda?”

“no. I would say that we reconciled, but in the first place, we never really had a fight. First of all, I told him not to be sorry. uh… . Eight!”

I finally gave up thinking and rushed to Leia’s chest.
okay. I’m the only two of you in the same room with my angel right now, so why are you worrying about another woman?
Also, worrying about a child who is not even sure if he really likes me or not.

Thinking too complicated is also not in my temper.
Let’s just keep it simple.
As long as Matilda fully lifts the curse, you must give it to me.
I don’t like the girl I hold being involved with another guy.
So, while the curse is lifted, I treat her like my own woman, and thoroughly prevent any association with other people.
Regardless of whether Matilda really likes me or if it’s just because of her personality that she fell for me.
Good. Let’s just think about it that way.
Rather than worrying about nothing for nothing, it is more beneficial to just receive healing from our angel at that time.
With that in mind, I decided to focus only on the angel in front of me.

“Huhu. Have you cleared your mind a little?”

Maybe I had a pretty cool expression on my face.
Leia smiled softly and hugged my head.

“Huh. Thanks to Leia. After all, being hugged by Leia will calm you down.”

“Huhu. So from now on, do you have to look at only me?”

Saying that, Leia wrapped her fluffy tail around my waist and kissed me.


“It’s been a long time just for the two of us, but Guwon seems to have been thinking only of Cardinal Matilda since before.”

Saying that, Leia gave a slightly shriveled expression, which was rare.
However, the corner of the mouth is slightly raised, so it seems that he is making that expression on purpose.
Anyway, how can our angel be so attractive?

“Are you jealous? Our Leia is also doing things like jealousy.”

“Really. What do you think of me, Mr. Guwon?”

“Well… Angel?”


Leia gently pushed me into bed and climbed onto me.
Then he gently pressed that voluptuous, soft breast against my face.

“If you overestimate me like that, I have no choice but to work harder.”

“no. Leia is just an angel in her own right, even if she doesn’t have to work hard.”

“You can’t praise me too much!”

As I spoke honestly about my thoughts while tasting the happy sensations that filled my face, Leia hugged my head tightly.
I could feel Leia’s beating sound getting louder and pounding over her chubby chest.

“Are you shy?”

Is it because I am desperately holding my face like this to hide my shy expression?
Instead of answering, Leia lightly slapped my thigh with her tail.

“If you tease me too much, I have an idea.”

Leia said so in a voice with a distinct thorn that was trying to forcefully speak.
And at the same time, my stuff was wrapped in something.
At first, I applied force to wrap it, but as soon as my object flinched and trembled, it lost a bit of strength and started to control the force.
It was such a careful move that clearly showed that he was worried that he had done it too hard, even if he didn’t even have to look at his face.
Leia, who can’t even pretend to be angry because she’s so kind, is also an angel.
But where the hell are you touching this touch?
It’s a little stiff, and there are parts that are soft and fluffy.
uhm. My eyes are covered with my chest, so I can’t figure it out.

“What do you think?”

Fortunately, the face was buried in the chest, so there was no need to take care of the expression.
And I seem to have gained confidence in my slightly hardened voice. Leia answered in a slightly more mischievous voice than usual.

“I will make you feel the same shame. You’re just sucking on my breasts like a child without moving and ejaculating with your feet. Even Guwon-san, are you ashamed of this?”

Saying that, Leia held up my hand.

I grabbed it and shoved it between the bed and my back, immobilizing it.
Of course, I could remove my hand and move it again if I wanted to, but now was not the time.
is it! Are you touching this with your feet right now? Our angel is kicking!
It was called a footjob.
To be honest, I wasn’t usually interested in the game of footjob at all, but I was a little excited to think that our angel-like Leia-sama was acting out of place.
Leia might be doing this to make me feel ashamed, but from my point of view, it was an act of gratitude that I should be grateful for.
You come with new plays like this every day! more please! Angel!
Of course, to be honest with this, Leia, who tried to embarrass me, would be ashamed and quit footjob. So I decided to just shut up.

“Huhu. Are you already embarrassed?”

Leia seemed to think that I couldn’t answer because I was embarrassed.
Saying that, Leia began to move her feet more and more actively.
No, Leia. Think soberly. In the end, it’s just where you do it that doesn’t change the fact that you make my stuff feel good

“Wow, whoops! Even if I can’t move my hands!”

Of course, instead of saying that, I said so in a stern voice and lightly bit the bump on the tip of Leia’s chest with my lips.
Maybe Leia got a little excited while stroking my things, and the bumps were slightly hardened.
I licked it with my lips to hold it in place, then licked it lightly with the tip of my tongue like a cat would drink water from a plate.
Then, the bumps between the lips became hard enough to be clearly recognized, and they were asserting themselves.

“Ugh! No! Stay still!”

Leia said so in a voice that sounded like a child being scolded, and once again slapped my thigh with her tail.
Then I got my upper body up and sat down with my hips on my chest.
No! The chest! You used to suck on your breasts like a child earlier and wrap them with your feet! So give me back the chest!
Whether my heart’s cry didn’t reach me or I just ignored it, Leia smiled a little and turned her face away.
Since I was sitting on my chest with my back turned, all I could see was Leia’s back.
A smooth and beautiful back with no blemishes, a voluptuous butt, and a tail that gently glides under it.

Obviously, Leia’s tail was also in the erogenous zone. Should I bite the tail instead of the chest?
When I thought about it, the feel of the object changed.
I immediately gave up the thought of biting my tail and decided to stay still so Leia could focus on the movement of her feet.

Earlier, I was a little clumsy because I was touching my face with my breasts on my face, but after sitting like this and looking at my things properly, I seem to be able to do it properly. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Leia reached out with her feet as if to put the soles of her feet on my belly, put my object between them, and started moving her feet back and forth alternately.
It’s like grabbing the root of an object and turning it round and round.
But then he took his foot off, this time the thumb and index finger of one foot

Trying to put something in between… It failed because my stuff was too big.
However, Leia did not panic at all and took the next step.
This time, he put his foot on the edge of a stiff object and started spinning.
The rest of the foot leaned like it was supporting my object with the instep, so that the object did not fall over.
I’m proud of the strength that won’t let my things fall down that much, but if I dare point it out here, even Leia will know that I’m not ashamed of it and will quit because I’m not ashamed of it.” . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
I can’t help it. this humiliation. have to accept

“There is something slippery at the end. Were you embarrassed and excited even when you touched me with your feet?”

Leia’s voice, who spoke like that, was also mixed with a sweet sigh in the middle due to excitement.


I pretended to put up with my shame by acting with all my might.

“Huhu. Goo Won should look so shy sometimes.”

Then Leia thought that things were going well, but she turned her head back and looked down at me and smiled softly.
It was an angel-like smile that was no different than usual, but because of her posture, it somehow looked like a queen’s smile.

And Leia thought it was time for a last-minute spurt, spread her legs apart, grabbed my object with the soles of her two feet, and started shaking it up and down.
Leia’s sweet sigh tickling her ears, as well as the feel of the object, Leia’s voluptuous butt swaying over her chest. All of that felt good.
Truly a Gumiho. How can you play this game perfectly?

“Wow! Leia!”

Without any patience, I ejaculated as soon as the signal came.


Leia, who received the liquid spewing out of my object with her whole body, seemed startled for a moment, but then slowly moved her feet as if trying to drain all the liquid remaining inside.
And after squeezing every last drop, Leia completely turned her upper body and looked down at me.

“how is it? With this, Guwon-san knows how I feel, right?

“Huh. I feel very good… It was embarrassing.”

After the ejaculation, I forgot to stop acting and almost said my true intentions, but I managed to change my words just before.
But it seems it was too late.

“Yeah? feel good… Ugh, ooh!”

Leia’s face, who was smiling while looking down at me, hardened slightly, and then suddenly started to turn red.

“no. Leia. Wait a minute.”


Leia covered her face with both hands and collapsed in front of her.
Then I crouched down between my legs and trembled as if I was going to die of shame.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. it was sexy Our Leia also suits the queen’s play well… awhile! Calm down!”

I tried to cover it, but it ended up only amplifying Leia’s shyness.
Leia slapped me with only her tail in a crouched position.
stop! You’re going to slap me in the chest, but think about where the first thing you’ll hit if the kid crouching between my legs moves his tail!
Of course, if I say these words, Leia might die of shame.
I had no choice but to read through the tail attack until Leia finally recovered.

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The identity of the giant manastone

“Ugh… Wow! Whoa! die… i die… .”

the next morning. When I went out to deal with the owner of the 3rd floor, there were three corpses lying in the square.
no. When you first see him wriggling while vomiting, it seems that he is alive, but it is not strange to see him die soon.

“female! Salvation! Are you starting again?”

And in front of him, Alicia came to me, waving her hand with a cool smile reminiscent of a wild beast.
It’s something I feel every time I meet him, but he’s definitely the type of person I’m sure to get along with.
Even though we broke up like that yesterday, today we greet each other with a refreshing smile.
Indeed. Come to think of it, I said goodbye to the topic of breaking up after being beaten up like that last time, as if nothing had happened when we just met yesterday.
No, it’s not that important right now.

“uh… what by the way… Are the first three okay?”

Originally, I should have been wary of Alicia, who is suspected of being a lesbian, coming to our party, but the appearance of the trio was so serious that I forgot to say hello first.

“Huh? Alas. tt Because kids these days have no guts. toughness. Don’t be shy and get up! He, who became an adventurer later than you, is now heading to the 4th floor, how long will he be blaming him for only hunting on the 3rd floor for a day!”

Obviously I asked if I was okay, but Alicia started to tease the trio.
Alicia She’s far more ruthless than she looks.
no. Of course, it’s already ruthless to look at, but I mean much more than the image you see.
This isn’t the level of a ghost instructor.
Besides, when I listened to what I said, I think it was because of me that they were rolling like this, so even though I did nothing wrong, I felt even more sorry.
Was it because of that reason they looked at me with resentful eyes yesterday?
By the way, he wasn’t looking at me like that right now.
At first he didn’t even have the strength to look at him like that. It looks like the eyes aren’t even focused.

“Hey. Anyway, it’s a bit harsh to compare me I am not a saint saint.”

Alicia, who can be seen as the first person in this world to taste the power of a saint, thought that this would work, but Alicia didn’t seem to think so.

“What! Humans can do anything if they want to!”

“Ah yes… .”

Kanna, Serena, Amy. I’ve done enough.
All I can do now is pray for your well-being. Forgive me for my helplessness

“By the way, are you going to catch the owner of the third floor now?”

“Ah, yes. By the way?”

“Then why don’t we go together halfway through?”

“With you?”

“Don’t make that face. It’s not like we’re going to follow you to the end. I don’t think they’re at the level to deal with third-tier owners

I know that. We just have to go out to train them anyway, so we’re going to go with them all the way through.”

no. How can you look at my face and say that?
My expression wasn’t that they were disturbing me.
Of course, at their level, it’s only a disturbance, but before that, look at their condition.
Are you ready to go to the dungeon? give me some rest

“no. done. I knew what would happen if I went out with these kids.”

“Sheesh. Is it too? Unless you train more thoroughly… .”

Alicia clicked her tongue as if she wasn’t expecting it, and then murmured a small, frightening sound.
It must not have been my mistake that the bodies of the trio stretched out on the floor were shaking and trembling.
Kanna’s face, facing this way, lying on the floor, looks like she’s resentful.

“Ah, I’m going anyway!”

I had a strong feeling that if I talked with Alicia more than this, I would only get more resentment from the trio, so I hurriedly finished the conversation and set out on the road.

“Oh, yes. See you later.”

later when?! Maybe on the 4th floor?! Aren’t you supposed to bring a corpse with you?!
I quietly prayed for the rest of the three of us.

The way to meet the owner of the 3rd floor was much more pleasant than the last time.
Last time, we had to go with caution to see if there were any adventurers in distress, so we had to slow down a bit, but without even those restrictions, we swam through the labyrinth to the extent that the term “quick advance” was appropriate.
In addition, the fact that it was a road that I had already traveled once to the middle also helped.
The road I’ve only been on once is not at the level of speeding up for some reason.
In the case of me, the road I passed once is recorded in the map system.
Being able to move forward without having to open the map and check each one was just as advantageous.

And finally, it was also effective that although we were easily catching 3rd tier monsters, the level itself was rather lower than the level of monsters.
Sara and I were able to raise the job level at a fairly rapid rate, and the growth rate of Sarah, who could even raise the level through hunting, was terrifying.
I even had a strange sense of crisis that, if I grew up like that, there might come a day when I will have to suffer from Sarah’s attack again in the near future.
Anyway, thanks to this, not only the movement speed but also the hunting speed became faster, and we were able to get to the place where the owner of the 3rd floor was in a few days.

“Is that the owner of the third floor?”

“Well. He’s a pesky guy who uses his gigantic size to unleash powerful range attacks. Of course, this has nothing to do with these bodies, but anyway. It is also a place where you can get a preview before you face the large monsters on the 5th floor.”

“Huh? here? What about the 4th floor?”

“The 4th floor is a particularly heterogeneous place among the dungeons. It’s hard to expect such an experience.”

It’s a special place… It sounds like something else would be bothering you.
Well, that’s for later, but I’ll have to deal with that guy in front of me first.
As Diana said, it was so huge that it could be clearly seen from a distance even though it was curled up. Moreover, the silhouette is also humanoid.

Seeing that he was covered in pure white fur, he must have been a Yeti.
I met a few Yeti before coming here, but their size is incomparable to them.
It really looked like giant humanoid monsters like the ogres we saw on the 5th floor.

“Then, as I said before, should I take the aggro first, then Sara and Diana attack?”

“Well. Do that.”

Only after Diana agreed, I approached the owner of the class.
Even if you use only the wave of the saint, you can turn it off with aggro, but because of its size, all attacks will be range attacks.
It’d be best to get away from our kids and then start the fight.
Besides, he is the owner of the class, but the Yeti is a Yeti. The way you fight normal monsters isn’t going to be much different.
And as a result of dealing with general Yeti, I found that I have a very good match against Yeti.
Because the Yeti attack with bare hands, no weapons.
Even all attacks are physical attacks.
For me, there is no better opponent than this.


As I got closer to a certain extent, the owner of the class noticed me and screamed and got up from my seat.
I used the power of the saint while looking at the Yeti with ease.


When she raised her arms and blocked the massive fist approaching with her arms, Yeti let out a strange scream at the subject she was attacking.
Then he swung his fists and feet even harder.
After all, the only thing that is similar is the size, but it is different from the 5th tier guys.
Each attack was large and slow to match its size.
It was an attack that could be avoided if you wanted to avoid it, but I didn’t have to dodge it, I defended it with my body.
What would I use the saint’s power to do?
Every time he attacked me, he twitched and trembled, then crawled to his feet at an unknown number of attacks.

“Journey! Are you tired already?”

“Uh uh… .”

I even released the guard and provoked with my arms outstretched, but he didn’t seem to be able to afford to worry about me.
The one who hits it takes damage. This is the magic of the reflection dealer.
Well, I didn’t do any damage, though.
And while he squatted and trembled, an arrow of the wind flew in from a distance and bore a hole in his body.
True to the name of the class, even Sarah couldn’t catch it with a single arrow, but at this level, it would be only a matter of time before he fell.
Maybe Diana thought so too, and while she memorized the spell in a flashy way, she canceled the attack magic she had prepared.
I guess he was thinking of driving experience points to Sarah and me.
Not only that, Diana had her eyes closed and stood still, as if meditating.
What is that doing?
Even so, there was no way Diana could be so vigilant against the owner of the class.
He seems to be doing something… Well, it doesn’t matter.
I turned my head to the owner of the class again and swung my fists and feet.


In the end, thanks to the joint efforts of me and Sarah, he was able to catch him without even trying to resist.
The last thing he did before he died was to thump and run wild, causing the ground around him to be dented, but our children were not particularly harmed because they were far away.


And when he collapsed, Diana, who had been keeping her eyes closed until then, opened her eyes and ran over quickly.


Oh, I fell.
It’s because I’m trying to run on the snow on the subject of body.

“Diana. OK?!”

“Ugh… You! Carry this body!”

It didn’t hurt that much because I fell on the fluffy snow, and I guess that’s part of the reason why I was shy.
Diana jumped up and wiped the eyes off her robes, then glared at me slightly and shouted.
Why are you looking at me like that when I fell alone?

“Yes. yes Where to, sir?”

I pretended to be Diana’s master, Diana reached over my shoulder and pointed to the place where the owner of the class had been crouching before the battle.

“there! Go over there!”

As the Archmage commanded, he went to the place his finger was pointing, but it was just a place blocked by a white ice wall.


“Ugh… .”

Diana groaned lowly as she stared at the ice wall instead of answering.

“Oh, that’s right. You. I’m sorry, but would you like to retrieve the Mana Stone first?”

Diana said so, came down from my back, closed her eyes again, and began to concentrate.
How could Diana come down so easily on my back
Seeing her completely focused on the clues that might be right in front of her, I felt a sense of loneliness.
I’ll hug Sylvia later to make up for this lonely heart.
After making a promise like that, I went back to the owner of the class and mined the magic stone.
Then Diana opened her eyes again and smiled an angry, bright smile.
cute. Is this the feeling that working women are cool?
No, is it a little different?

Anyway, Diana nodded her head once as if convinced by now, then created an unprecedentedly huge fireball and melted the ice.
However, the ice wall quickly melted before the fireball could reach, but Diana carefully advanced the fireball.
It’s like you don’t accidentally injure something inside.
Well, even if I said something, it was obvious what was inside.
After delicate work, as expected, a huge manastone that I had ever seen inside an ice wall appeared.

“After all, this body’s prediction was correct!”

okay. I’m happy to see you like me too.
Well, I’m not someone else’s business either.
Although the purpose was different from Diana, who was researching purely for magic research, I was curious about the secret of that manastone as well.
To be precise, I’m more curious about the secret of the dungeon than the giant manastone.
What the hell did the goddess send me here for?
Maybe the clue lies in that giant magic stone.
Anyway, that’s just my guess, though.

“You! You! Help me a little!”

Diana exclaimed as she stretched out her hand whether she wanted to touch the giant manastone directly.
the height is a little high
I put my hands up

It’s just tall enough to reach.
I lifted Diana’s body and burned the radish.


After stroking my hair as if satisfied, Diana reached out with a giant magic stone.
I am satisfied too. Her soft thighs touched her cheeks.

“Uh… Well?! this, this… ! Unbelievable! No, but it can’t be… !”

As I was enjoying the touch of my cheeks, Diana, who had stood still for a while with her hands on the giant magic stone and her eyes closed, suddenly let out a bewildered voice.

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The identity of the Giant Manastone

“Diana? What is it?”

Judging from Diana’s unusual reaction, it seems that she had figured out something from this gigantic manastone.
Could it be a clue directly related to the purpose of the dungeon?
While I was looking forward to it, I said, trying not to show my feelings of being a little anxious.

“Uh… .”

But Diana was silent, frowned, as if she didn’t want to believe what she had noticed.
Don’t make that face. Get wrinkles on your pretty face
When I pressed my index finger to Diana’s forehead, Diana was startled for a moment, then smiled bashfully and stroked my hair.

“Right. Do you remember what this body said about the giant manastone in the ant den?”

“Oh, most likely? What specifically do you mean?”

“The giant manastone was created by a person with magical knowledge that surpasses this body, using a lump of mana that surpasses that of a dragon heart that is now only in legend.”

“Ah, yes. I remember. I said that. So, are you surprised that this is also the case?”

It was because Diana couldn’t believe that there was someone with more magical knowledge than her.
Did I say that it was as if God had created it?
To be honest, I was focusing on the hypothesis that the goddess created this dungeon.
Then, another question arose as to why he had to bring me from another world and make this dungeon run by him.

“no. It’s not like that. In the beginning, I expected that the same thing would be similar at the time it existed. It is believed that this manastone was also made by the same person who made the one found in the anthill. It has been treated with a high degree of magic that infinitely surpasses the magical knowledge of this body. Also, the magic contained in it even surpasses that seen in the ant den. This is only a hypothesis anyway. If the one I saw before is a manastone that forms the basis of the entire ant den, this manastone seems to be the basis of all three tiers. As the scale is large, the magical power contained in the Mana Stone must be large.”

“Ah, then you were surprised that the magical power contained in the Manastone was so huge?”

But even at those words, Diana slowly shook her head.

“no. Not that either. Of course, it’s surprising what these massive mana objects are, but that’s not the problem. What surprised me the most was the nature of the mana contained in this mana stone.

It seems to perfectly match the mana properties of the mana stones I saw in the anthill.”

“Huh? What does that mean?”

“Perhaps the manastone we saw in the ant den and this manastone may have been extracted from the same creature. Believe it? The amount of mana is so overwhelming that even the dragons that existed in those days cannot compete. Even with this magic stone Hundreds of dragon hearts if you don’t know. No, it contains enough magical power that only tens of thousands of them can be collected. But even this manastone may be only a part of some living being. Do you really think this makes sense? I can’t believe this body. This is impossible!”

Upon hearing Diana’s words, a hypothesis popped into my head.

“… As long as we don’t split the body of God into pieces, right?”

“Yeah… Hey guys… !”

Diana seems to know what I’m talking about.
okay. It is a story that comes out quite like a regular in mythology.
It is said that the body of God makes up the earth.
Twisting that obvious myth, what if this dungeon consists of a body of a god?
Of course, it won’t be at the level of a god who just fell and his body became the earth like Shinhwa.
Because Diana said that the manastones were treated with great magic.

That is, it is like this.
The goddess created a dungeon using the body of another god.
That god is probably the god that the goddess of this world opposes, in other words, a demon.
But a god wouldn’t die so easily.
The goddess divided the demon body into several parts and sealed each one separately.
That means each level of the dungeon.

If this hypothesis is correct, why did the goddess call me to this world?
it’s obvious
This demon is not to stop at sealing it, but to annihilate it altogether.
Well, this hypothesis raises a number of questions.
The first question that comes to mind is, if it is possible to annihilate a demon in the first place, why would a goddess like me do it instead of doing it directly?

And another one. If the purpose is really to annihilate the demon, what is the method?
If I just reach the end of the dungeon, is that the end?
I never thought it would end so easily.
Besides, if this huge manastone exists in each tier, shouldn’t it be dealt with somehow?
If you just catch the owner of the class, you will be resurrected as many times as you want.
But the goddess I met before seemed to be quite satisfied with my actions so far.
Even the 2nd tier went to the 3rd tier through the anthill without meeting the owner of the tier.
In other words, there is no need to do anything with this giant manastone.

There must be something like a demon core in the last layer, so it doesn’t mean we have to get rid of it, right?
As far as the Demon Lord, I think I can’t help it and accept it, but anyway, I’m not a Demon God. drank.

All sorts of thoughts ran through my mind.
To be honest, I was expecting a similar development to some extent, but when the evidence to support him appeared in front of me, my heart felt heavy.

What makes my heart even heavier is that I have to obey the Goddess’ orders unconditionally.
What if I refused what the goddess said and then took away all the abilities like this game system and the saint job that were given to me?
No, it would be better if it was just that.
The Goddess said that I came to this world after signing a contract.
Of course, it is unlikely that this is the case due to the nature of the Goddess I met before, but it is possible that she will demand a price for breaking the contract. For example, the cost of life.

Even if it’s not, it’s possible to put everything away and return me to the original world.
There are so many children who came to this world and loved them, and now I may have to come back.
It’s funny that I said this, who didn’t have much mental damage when I came to this world from the original world, but what I fear the most right now is to return to the original world.
When such a thing happens, it must be avoided at all costs.

“Children, the reason why Goddess sent me to this world… .”
“I see what you are thinking. But I don’t think this body will.”

Maybe I was making a pretty serious expression that didn’t suit me.
Diana said as she put her hand on her head and stroked it softly, as if to comfort me.

“You don’t think so? What does that mean?”

“Think about it. Didn’t the Goddess give you the profession of a saint and send it to this world?

“Huh. By the way?”

“If you were called to fight, don’t you think he would have given you the job of a warrior rather than a saint?”

As Diana said that, Sara, who was approaching me and staring at me with an anxious expression on my face, flinched and trembled.
is it. can you think so

“Then Diana thinks there must be another reason why the Goddess sent me here as a saint?”

“Well. These days, they have completely disappeared, but in the original world, there were quite a lot of strangers besides you. This body has also met quite a few strangers so far, but no one has ever given me a special job by the Goddess. However, he sent you specially given the profession of a saint. There must be something special about it.”

Maybe Diana just said that to appease me.
But hearing those words gave me some comfort.
okay. Certainly, in terms of combat ability, the profession of a warrior was overwhelmingly better than that of a saint.
In terms of leveling up alone, it is said that the saint is faster, but as the warrior can raise the level through hunting, it was not considered to be so advantageous.

“okay. Don’t make an inappropriately serious expression. And what if it’s for a fight? Whether the opponent becomes a Demon King or a Demon God, I will always be by the side of salvation.”


Sarah said as she took my arm.
The reason I laughed a little mischievously while giving strength to the word “Demon King” was probably because I remembered a misunderstanding I had made in the past.
It was the illusion that we were going to exterminate the demon king together for Sarah’s sake.
Hopefully the position will be the other way around.

“Yes, sir. Even if it is not a mission given by the goddess, I will always be with you wherever you go.”

Leia also said that while holding the arm opposite Sarah.
To be honest, if I had to fight a demon, I never wanted my children to be present in such a dangerous place, but anyways, my heart was strong enough to support me.

“okay. Thanks. Well, I don’t even know if he really called me to fight the demon in the first place. Next time you meet the goddess, ask him and if it’s true, then you can go and think about it.”

I tried to speak out in a bright voice, as if not thinking so much.
To be honest, the thought that I was going to fight a demon did not come out of my head, but you really don’t know, right?
I was forced to eat my heart out.

“First… Shall we go back to town?”

Even so, I didn’t feel like exploring the dungeon any more now.
It’s been quite a while since we entered the dungeon anyway.
Excluding the time of hunting while staying in the second-tier village, it may have broken the longest record ever.

“Now that you’ve come all the way here, I thought you would definitely want to see the 4th floor and go. Surprisingly.”

Diana also recognized my feelings and tried to speak as usual as possible, she said in a tone that seemed a little teasing.

“Ah, so it is. Is there a long way down?”

“no. It’s incomparably short compared to moving between different layers.”

“okay? Then where do we want to go?”

To be honest, I hated going down the dungeon a little bit because I thought I might face a demon, but it was unavoidable.
No, if the demon is your opponent, you have to go down and get stronger.
After all, it is impossible to deny God’s request.

“If you dare to go, I won’t stop you, but I don’t recommend it for now.”

“Huh? Why?”

“You wouldn’t want your equipment to rust either.”

“Wait a minute. What do you mean all of a sudden?”

“On the 4th floor, the entire level is filled with water.”

Diana said very casually.

“What? Then hidden?”

“So from the 4th floor onwards, it is essential that the party have a wizard or a spiritist. Unless you have an expensive magic item that allows you to breathe underwater.”


Diana’s carefree words left me at a loss for words.
I’ve been thinking about it since I was on the 2nd floor. In this dungeon, don’t monsters bother people more with the harshness of the environment rather than their ferocity?
If the goddess really made this dungeon, it seems she really wanted to keep people from approaching it.
no. If the assumption that the dungeon is a part of the demon is correct, in this case, it is said that the goddess made it that way on purpose.

Rather than thinking, should I think that the demon that became the material is the problem?

“no. But then, we can go. Equipment rusts? What can I do?”

“It has to be coated with a special material to make it waterproof. That should be enough for the forge above.”

After all, do I have to go to Hannah’s blacksmith again?
It’s just that I’m not embarrassed to see their faces since the last incident.
Well, I will go as far as the purpose of not losing my regular shop is.

So we decided to give up looking around the 4th floor and return to the village for now.
I did a lot of strengthening, but I can’t make the equipment rust.
On the 4th floor, let’s go after all the equipment has been waterproofed.

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