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The identity of the giant manastone

On the way back to the third-tier village, I suddenly remembered a certain fact.

“Diana. Come to think of it, this giant manastone didn’t even properly research it and just came. sorry. I didn’t think of that. Would you like to go back?”

In the first place, Diana had come here to interpret the magical treatment engraved on the giant manastone and study more magic.
You forgot it and just walked away.
Although he was determined to think positively, it seems that he was not completely cold-hearted.

“no. It’s okay.”

But Diana shook her head as if nothing had happened.

“Are you okay? Diana came to investigate that.”

Perhaps he cares about my condition and takes care of it.
Thinking so, I checked again, but Diana’s face was really okay.

“The magical treatment applied to the manastones here seemed to be largely similar to those applied to the manastones found in the ant den. After all, it is not something that can be interpreted just by looking at the details for a moment, so this time, I can only be satisfied with this.”

After saying that, Diana grabbed Leia’s tail with her arms, rubbed her cheek, and began to focus again on enjoying the soft touch.
It was like that throughout the expedition on the 3rd floor, but Diana was still in Leia’s arms.
After all, humans are animals of adaptation.
Now Leia’s chest is starting to stop responding.
No, are you deliberately focusing on the tail to forget that?
Either way, I’m envious I also want to hug Leia and touch her fluffy tail with her breasts on her head.

Anyway, that’s what Diana is saying.
I don’t know if that’s sincere or if they’re just trying to be considerate of me, but for now, let’s go back with gratitude.

“Hey, I can barely see the sun! Whoops!”

Returning to the village after a few days of marching, we teleported straight back to the ground.
Matilda raised her head and closed her eyes while exclaiming in a voice full of emotion how much she had missed the sunlight.
Isn’t that stupid? No matter how much I miss you, where’s the idiot who faces the sun?

“Then I’ll settle the magic stone, and get the rescue request fee and go back. Everyone goes first.”

I said that as always, and then headed to my sister Rachel.
To be honest, today I felt like lying in bed right away and resting, but I still have to do my job.
If we act differently than usual, we will only be worried about our children.

“I will go too.”

But it seems I wasn’t the only one who was different from usual.
After saying that, Sarah put my arms around me.
“Huh? Why? Anything to see?”

“no. I just want to be with you. Why? No?”

Why is he doing this all of a sudden? Oh, are you worried about me?
After all, he is considerate and doesn’t give tea. That’s a losing role.

“No, it can’t be. okay. Then let’s go together.”

I put my hand near the seal of the apostle on Sarah’s hip and answered.
Sara rolled her eyes softly, but instead of putting my hand away, she pulled me aside and made me wrap her arms around her waist.

“Hey, this body… Whoops! Eight! fall off! It’s not cold anymore, is it?”

When Diana saw us, she tried to run, but she struggled as she hugged Leia.
Don’t do that to our angels now that you’ve been touching your tail so far.

“Can’t you stay like this a little longer?”


“I’m sorry… .”

When Leia let Diana go with a really sad look on her face, Diana ran up to me and put her in my opposite arm.
Maybe Leia, wasn’t it just that she was holding Diana because it was cold?
Come to think of it, I have a personality that likes children, so maybe that’s why I chose Diana, the smallest of us, as a substitute… Leia. If Diana finds out about that, she’ll be very upset.

“Come with this body.”

“Then let’s all go together today.”

Even Leia said that, today, after a long time, we decided to go together to settle the magic stones.
Even so, it’s impossible to rush into the desks where the guide’s sisters are densely lined up.
Everyone was waiting behind me, and I was alone, as always, talking to Rachel.

“Good morning! Sister Rachel!”

“Ah, hello. Salvation Mr. You are very energetic.”

When I intentionally greeted you with a bright voice, Rachel answered with a slightly tired voice.

“That little sister is a little out of energy. what are you up to? What else has happened since then?!”

“Huhu. No. What are you talking about taking me to the third-tier village? What’s wrong with getting here from there? If you teleport, it’s an instant.”


“Yeah. Thank you it arrived well. Did you come to settle the magic stone? Please come.”

“uh? Are we going straight to the point today? It’s kind of cold, sir.”

“I am doing this for the sake of Salvation. If you keep chatting like this, you’re the one who gets scolded later by those who are staring at you with fearful eyes from behind.”

After hearing Rachel’s words, I almost unconsciously looked back.
But before my upper body turned, I could barely stop.
Good. Well done. If I had looked back, I would have been more suspicious.
I quickly took out the Mana Stones from my inventory.
Then my sister received the magic stone, put it in the payment machine, and started spinning it.
And while the machine was running, I started chatting again.

“Did all those adventurers return properly?”

“Yeah. He asked Koo Won to say thank you once again. In particular, Mr. Greg is calling for a new religion, right?”

“Is that Greg?”

“I mean, the gangster minstrel at the party I rescued. Can’t you remember?”

“Ahhh! That’s him. Ah yes.”

Of course I don’t remember. I think I’ve said it before, but what am I going to do by remembering the name of a boy I’ll never see again. I don’t lie like that.

“I see, sir. How are you with that party? I changed my complexion like that and went to the rescue, so I don’t think it was normal.”

“Huhu. why? Are you curious?”

“Hey what… little bit.”

“Is it just a little bit?”

“Joe, a little too much?”

“Something that.”

Sister Rachel chuckled as if my answer was funny.
I didn’t mean to be funny. Maybe my image in you is a gag character?

“So what is it?”

“It’s just a party that always pays me for magic stones. It’s like Goo Won’s party.”

“You went to save a party like that because your complexion changed like that?”

“Well? Do you doubt? But it’s true. No matter how long you do this, it’s hard to get used to seeing familiar faces one day invisible.

Sister Rachel smiled a little bitterly as she said that.
Did I touch a line that shouldn’t be touched?
To change the mood, I deliberately decided to turn around.

“Do more than that. sister. Like our party, it’s just a party where we always pay for magic stones. Wasn’t that the only thing between me and your sister?”

“Yes, four? What do you mean by that?”

Perhaps my words were so out of the blue, Rachel’s sister said in surprise.

“It’s the person who will write the legend of the saint in the future, and the guide sister who will pass on the legend while watching it right next to you.”

“… You would.”

Rachel’s eyes grew cold again.
uh huh? This sister, didn’t you laugh when you said this every time?

“Yeah. The chat ends here. The settlement is over. And here, including the cost of a rescue request. And… .”

My sister handed me the money and then suddenly bowed down. It looks like he’s trying to pull something out of the drawer next to the table.
Because I’m leaning like this, my big breasts look bigger.
I mean, this guy is also big.
The last time I did it for healing sex, I only had to take off my lower body and it makes me sad.
At that time, I’d like to see you with bare breasts for a moment… no! What am I thinking now! Wake! Don’t fall for the temptation of your heart!
Think of our kids watching me with warm eyes from behind!

“Come here!”

As I was battling my defilements, my sister Rachel pulled something out of a drawer and handed it to me.
This… Towel?

“I washed it properly as promised. Then I will return it to you.”

As I said that, I unconsciously stared at Rachel’s older sister’s face as she handed me the towel.

“Goo, Gukwon? Why?”

“Oh, no. nothing.”

There’s no way I can talk. ‘Isn’t this the towel I gave you before?’
My sister doesn’t know anything about my game system.
I mean, when I receive the item, I see a brief description.
The one I gave to Rachel before was just a towel, but now what I got was an elf towel.
In the item description, it was written that the elf made each stitch with a delicate touch to absorb moisture better.
Anyone can see it’s something else By elf, you mean Rachel’s sister, right?
So this is Rachel’s handmade towel? So where did my original towel go?

Of course, it would be beneficial to me if I just exchanged a plain towel for a towel that my sister made herself.
No matter how much he washed it, was it a sign of his intention to not return the towel that had his love liquid on to another man?
Of course, Rachel sister didn’t say it herself, but she is subtly hurt.
no. Wouldn’t that be hurt? As usual, is this normal?

“uh… Well… Then I’ll just go. Hello dear.”

I gave up thinking any further and just shoved a towel and purse into my inventory.

“Yeah. Goodbye. Oh, and Salvation.”


“I’m rooting for you.”

“Ah yes.”

suffer? What?
It was kind of strange, but anyway, I answered and went back to my kids.
Then again, Sarah and Diana were looking at me suspiciously.

“What was so much fun?”

“The smile on my lips will never disappear.”

“no. I was just asking if the kids we rescued were doing well. Rachel said thank you once again. That’s it.”

I fell into the temptation of my heart for a while in the middle, but it’s okay because I’m finally free from defilements. look at that

“Let’s go back sooner than that. I want to lie down in bed and rest.”

“Anyway, you always talk like that.”

“Ugh… .”

no. I didn’t say that, I meant that I genuinely wanted to lie down in bed.
Besides, Diana, you look good too.
Sarah, who lost her turn, cried a little, though.

Anyway, as soon as I left the guild while talking like that, I immediately realized why Rachel sister had to struggle with the breakup.
By the way, that’s also why Rachel had such a tired expression on her face in the first place.

“He has come!”

“Wow! I am a saint!”

“It’s a saint aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

This city is basically a city that revolves around a dungeon.
Naturally, the most crowded place is the guild that is built around the dungeon, and for that reason, the wide road around the guild building is well maintained.
However, the wide, well-maintained road was filled with a large number of people.
Even most of them were men.

“Saint Niii! Save us, oh oh oh!”

What’s this all of a sudden?
Could it be that Matilda’s treatment spread the word that I am an apostle of God?
no. Even so, it’s weird.
Even if it had spread, it would be strange to suddenly cry out for salvation in such a fanatical manner.
I don’t know if all the guys here are eunuchs because of Matilda.
At any rate, there was no way.
In the first place, Matilda didn’t originally live in this city.
Originally, he lived in the Vatican far away from here, and of course, many men who became eunuchs must also live nearby.
Unless all the eunuchs were tall enough to use the teleport magic circle, it was difficult to think that these people here were eunuchs due to Matilda’s curse.
So what the hell do these guys mean?
I couldn’t even guess, but I decided to shout out this one word first.

“Who is that bastard playing with my name now!”

I’m the only one who can play with words in the name of salvation!
I can not forgive other cubs!

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The identity of the giant manastone

However, even my cry of anger simply disappeared silently in front of the cries of the fanatics who were crying out for salvation.

“Diana. Do you have any magic to increase your voice?”

“Uh, um. Is it necessary?”

Diana also looked at the wave of these fanatics and said with a tired expression.
It’s not just Diana.
Leia and Matilda were so startled that they hid behind me, terrified by the wave of cultists.
And Sarah, who hates men other than me, was showing such a terrible death that her whole body seemed to be enveloped in a black aura.
Fortunately, Sarah is exhaling life like this, so she can’t come to me easily, so she’s just screaming like that from afar.
Because these fanatics are not adventurers, they just look like ordinary people.
Even Sylvia went into battle mode, drew her sword, and was on alert, so it must have been even more difficult to approach.

“Huh. Walk.”

After confirming that Diana had cast her voice-amplification magic, I exclaimed, taking a deep breath, tightening my stomach, and exhaling in one breath.

“Shut up everyone!”

The voice came out much louder than I expected, and the surrounding area became quiet as if dead in an instant.

“Hmmm. Then you there.”

“Yeah. Ah, four!”

Slightly embarrassed, I pointed to a fanatic in front of me.

“Explain what’s going on right now with you as the representative.”

“That, so… Everyone, I have heard that you are a saint sent by the Goddess.”

The man who was pointed out looked a little embarrassed, but he began to explain diligently as if he had a chance.

“To whom?”

“Well, there are a lot of rumors… The priests say the same thing, and some bards say that even the Cardinal, who is cursed with a curse that no one can heal, is healing… .”

Good. First of all, the first cub whose name is written in the killing book is the cub. what was that kid’s name


“Yes, four?”

“So, what are you all gathering in a swarm like this and asking me to save you?”

“I heard that if a saint can pass on that great skill, even a man with no ability can make a woman feel good.”

“What kind of dog is that… Ah, maybe… Hey. From whom did you hear that?”

“I, I don’t know the details… There is definitely one couple who has been saved… .”

John, Hannah these bastards… .
So is that good-natured bastard, why are these bastards so talkative?
Did you know that those actions will repay your favor?

“So, that’s what it means. All of these niggas can’t please women, save me

Are you hoping?”

“Yeah, yes! Please save us poor, saint!”

“Please save me!”

As the man shouted that, the others began to accuse themselves of salvation again, perhaps at this time.

“So you’re playing with my name… ! Ah-oh! Whoa!”

I tried to get angry, but seeing the men desperately kneeling down and shouting for salvation, I couldn’t do it.
That’s right, it’s because I wanted to do it like this, as desperately as it could be.
Those who have never satisfies a woman properly are now clinging to me with the feeling of catching straw.
Of course, I’ve never had that experience, so it would be a lie to say I fully understand, but as a man with the same dick, I understand a little how these guys feel.

Of course, even if it’s pitiful, this isn’t something I can do for you.
How do you lecture these many, not just one or two?
Do you gather in groups and give lectures while having a group orgy? And you go around and point out the clumsy guys? You can’t even die like that.
I decided to send them back to Tyler for now.

“Everyone, be quiet and listen to me!”

I spread my arms outstretched and lowered my voice as if I had truly become a saint, speaking as solemnly as I could.
no. He’s really a saint, but not that saint.
Hearing my cry, the men who had been crying out for salvation became silent as their eyes lit up in an instant.
Don’t look at me like that in a group of black bastards. Because I just want to hit you.

“I understand your plight! If I can be of any strength, I want to help no matter what! But sadly, I’m working on something more important than saving you guys right now!”

When I shouted that, all the eyes that had been filled with anticipation until recently were all dyed with anger.
In a nutshell, because I said that what you’re suffering from your sex life right now is nothing compared to what I’m doing right now.
But let’s see how long you can look at me like that.
I wrapped my arms around Matilda’s waist, which was right behind her back, and hugged her to the side.

“You will see this poor woman! This beautiful woman is the cursed Cardinal from whom she was named, Cardinal Matilda! A wonderful man who fell in love with every man he could see and struggled alone with the terrible curse that made them all impotent!”

“Hey, hey, hey!”

As soon as I said that, in an instant, a 20-meter radius around us became an empty lot.
It was so urgent that they were pushed, tripped, and even wounded.
But despite that, the men quickly moved away from me.
Even if it’s something that doesn’t satisfy women, it’s scary that it doesn’t work at all.
I was also trying to get Matilda in for this in the first place, but are you guys overreacting anyway? i’m gonna cry

“Poor woman… . beautiful woman… .”

Huh. He doesn’t seem to care at all.
Matilda hugged me

He was immersed in his own world with hazy eyes, staring at only my face.
Anyway, it seems like things are going as planned, so I decided to continue.

“Thousands of men in the world are still suffering from curses that prevent them from standing properly! You have only one situation, but unfortunately I only have one! As a saint, I must put my work first and act! And I think it’s the right thing to do to help those who can’t even build things first! Am I wrong?!”

When I said that while looking around the crowd, the men kept their heads down without saying anything.
There was also a feeling that he was doing it halfway to avoid seeing Matilda face to face.
Do not overdo it. No matter how much Matilda made eye contact with guys like you… don’t you like it?

“Well, then, saint! If we clear his curse, will it be our turn next?!”

Then a brave young man raised his head and cried:
It seems like he wants to please a woman.

“of course! So, all gods who serve the goddess, please leave your seat in peace now. The curse continues to strike. If you block my way in this way, the treatment of the curse will be delayed that much, the time for men who are suffering from not standing still at this moment will be longer, and the improvement of your sex life will be delayed that much. It will!”

I clenched my fists together, raised them vigorously to the sides of my head, and cried out to the world in a tone that could not be more convincing than this.
Perhaps he agreed to that persuasive tone, or the wave of men who were shouting for salvation was churning in a different meaning than before.
Good. I got it.

“Then I will go straight to cure the curse!”

I walked forward through the crowd with Matilda in the lead.
Then, like the miracle of Moses, a wave of men sweating around Matilda swelled and the road was opened.
I hope the day will come when Matilda’s curse will help. It’s a long time to live in the world.
As I made my way through the road, my kids hurriedly followed me, apparently noticing the situation.

“Whoa. I was surprised. what is that Did you know when I was going to come out and so many people were encamping in front of the guild?”

And only after entering the uninhabited high-end residential area, I could barely breathe a sigh of relief.
As nobles mainly live here, it will be difficult for the men who seemed to be mostly ordinary people to come in.

“It must have been that desperate. By the way, why did you say that?”

“Huh? what?”

“You are talking about saving me later. Are you serious?”

“no. Of course it’s a lie. That’s right. From now on, why don’t you just hide in your robe so you don’t get caught?”

“You seem to be taking too hard on the obsession of people.”

Diana said as she shook her head.
Come to think of it, Diana was my senior in this direction.
Do you think that I will never be able to avoid people’s eyes until the end?

“Besides, if you say that and do nothing until the end, you can leave the temple.”

“Huh? in the temple? Why?”

“Didn’t you say something like a messenger of the Goddess? Imagine that such a person does not keep his promise. What will happen? Don’t you ever think that the temple might press you down so that the goddess’s name isn’t tarnished? No matter how much this body is, it is difficult to stop the pressure on the temple that is going out for the dignity of the goddess.”

“Eh, ah, maybe… really?”

I looked at Matilda, who at our party might know the meaning of the temple best.
Then Matilda, who had come out of her own world, averted her gaze with a slightly sorry face.

“Well, it will be okay! After all, I’m a body that might fight a demon! Where can you afford to worry about that?! Think about it later, let’s go back and get some rest!”

I gave up everything and shouted in a way that I would go to the mansion.

“Have you been… What happened?”

Back in the mansion, as usual, Vanessa was meeting her at the front door and asked:
From Vanessa’s point of view, our expressions seemed to be quite tired.

“Vanessa, you… Don’t you know what happened outside?”

There were so many people there.
In addition, in a situation where I did not know when I was going to come out, the crowd that was always waiting for me was that much.
It must have been that rumors about me had been circulating throughout the city for these days.

“… What happened?”

But Vanessa had a look on her face that she had no idea what he was talking about.
I’ve finally discovered one of this super butler’s weaknesses.
This guy, unless it’s something special, he’s always staying at home, so the rumors are so slow.
Well, if you ask me how it was, I have nothing to say.

“no. never mind. I want to rest for now, can you prepare me?”

“Yeah. I will prepare the bathroom first.”

“You mean that big bathroom? Good. I want to soak myself in the big bath. So, shall we all go shower together?”

“Don’t try to satisfy your self-interest in a sneaky way!”

Sheesh. It was a perfect job. why did you hear it

“Why not?! We’ll just wash together! Can the maids who serve you be bitten? We all get along well… .”

“Salvation. Have you ever washed with me and just washed once? What are you going to do in a place where everyone is naked?”

“Savior… Anyway, wherever everyone is… .”

“Yeah, yes! There is a degree of shamelessness!”

Not only Sarah, but even the angels didn’t seem to believe that I was going to do anything.
Moreover, since Leia is not the only priest now, the backlash grew stronger.
Matilda, you were the target in the first place… No, well, the body… Huh. okay. I’ll admit it. wow.

“… I will calmly wash in my room.”

You’re attacking with facts… .
In the end, I had no choice but to say that, after failing to incite

“Well. to wait This body will be gone soon.”

“Wow… .”

When Diana spoke pleasantly, Sarah, who was attacking me with facts, burst into tears.
Hehe. ugly

Sarah. That’s what self-employment is all about. If you hadn’t objected, at least you would have had a good thing with me in the bathroom.
I smiled once at Sarah like that, and then went back to the room alone.
What. this sense of defeat.
no. If you wait for a moment, a bright future awaits me, a happy time with Diana!
After taking a leisurely soak in the bathtub and enjoying my time alone, I decided to lay back on the bed and wait for Diana.

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The identity of the giant manastone

It seems that I fell asleep.
I woke up slowly to the sensation of something pricking my cheek.

“Well. this. Did you wake up?”

When I opened my eyes, Diana’s pretty face was staring at me right in front of me.
As if he had no intention of waking him up, he was looking at me with a slightly sorry expression.
In the midst of that, perhaps unconsciously, the finger pricking my cheek continued to move, giving me a light stimulus.
I decided to hug the cute creature in front of me first, before my brain just woke up and started working properly.

“Wow! What?! Are you mad at me for waking you up?!”

“Diana is cute.”

“Don’t confuse me!”

Ignoring the pricking hand, I rubbed the opposite cheek against Diana’s, rubbing it against Diana’s cheek.
Then Diana lightly pinched my cheek with the hand that was poking my cheek as if it was ridiculous.

“what? Were you afraid of being angry?”

“Then you will do strange things to this body with that excuse.”

Ah, in that sense. Why does my image seem to get weirder as it goes on?
Well, as soon as I heard Diana’s words, the first thing that came to my mind was, ‘I’m going to pretend I’m angry. I missed a good opportunity,’ though I couldn’t deny what Diana said.

“Is that weird? For example?”

“Even with this body, it is impossible to predict what strange things you will do.”

I asked a question with the intention of making fun of it even a little more, but it didn’t work for Diana, who was in a cold state.

“Isn’t the supreme Archmage each too humble?”

“That’s how creative you are.”

“Isn’t that a compliment?”

“Think of something good.”

“Good. I think you insulted me and I will take revenge.”

“Ugh! awhile! Whoops! Don’t touch anything strange!”

As I tickled Diana’s body here and there, Diana squirmed and wiggled her limbs.
I tickled her for a while, then stopped moving her fingers when she really felt like she was running out of breath.
Then Diana drooped over my body and took a deep breath.

“Huh. haha Whoa. haha me, really You can’t be vigilant even though you’ve just woken up.”

The harsh breath sounded strangely colorful.
Since I had just finished taking a shower, my whole body was reminded of it, and my hair was slightly damp, even more.
Seeing this, it’s not like I slept that long

it looks like

“It’s Diana’s fault for touching the sleeping lion’s nose hair.”

“You, who fell asleep even though I originally said that this body would come soon, is the problem. Are you that tired? Or are you also worried about it?”

It seemed like they were criticizing me based on what they said, but Diana’s expression was full of concern.
After all, if you see this kind of figure, you’re a no-brainer… because you’re older

“no. Diana knows I’m not that complicated, right?”

As I said that, I wrapped my hands around Diana’s cheeks and kissed her lightly.
I’m not really lying to reassure Diana.
It is true that I was scared and worried at first, but several days have already passed since I investigated the 3rd floor giant magic stone.
Now I had a strong feeling that it would just be as it should be.
Going to the dungeon in the first place is already risking your life.
No matter how much we live on a lower level than the level of the party right now.
But now that the threat increases, wouldn’t it make a big difference?
And if the Goddess has an idea, she will give me instructions at a level that I can do.
Would you have brought me into this world to do something that was never even possible?
Maybe it’s just self-consolation, but I’ve already made up my mind to think so.

“Diana’s naked body in front of you is far more important than not knowing when you will do it or whether you need to do it for sure.”

Diana, who had a worried expression on her face, shook her head with a look of disappointment at my words.

“Your gloomy side is in a way respectable.”

“I’m glad I have a gentleman I can respect.”

“Not a compliment!”

As Diana shouted, she didn’t avoid my kiss.
No, on the contrary, he also embraced my cheeks with both hands and actively intertwined his tongue.
Our Archmage really likes kissing.
Gently caressing Diana’s ear, which was much longer than that of Rachel’s sister, Diana narrowed her eyes as if in a good mood, and let out a soft and cute nostril.
I reached over Diana’s buttocks, who was lying face down with my whole body pressed against mine.
Even after passing through the cute buttocks, he continued to reach into it without stopping, and he felt the touch of a vagina that was not yet ready.

When my fingertips touched my pussy, Diana lightly bit my tongue with her front teeth as if to tell her to focus on the kiss.
Why is he doing this? They were naked to overlap each other anyway, but it was like they were strangely reluctant to overlap their bodies.
Is it good to kiss like that? do not worry. I won’t neglect kissing either.
I bit Diana’s tongue lightly as if to answer that, then gently caressed her not yet wet pussy.

Diana’s skin was soft and soft everywhere, but especially, the soft texture of her flesh was felt on her fingertips and her shape changed here and there.
However, while the shape was changing like that, the vagina kept its mouth shut in a straight line.
When I gently caressed the entrance to the vagina like that, Diana’s body trembled, and her vagina reacted with a twitch.
Yet it is still not enough.
I put my hand on the convex button below the straight line and pressed it while vibrating my hand.


Then came the reaction I was expecting.
From Diana’s tightly closed pubic area, love liquid was pouring out and moistening the area around it.
Diana’s rough breath tickling the crowd was telling how good Diana was.
Since Diana has 500 charms, it wouldn’t be as simple as getting wet as usual.
Even though I didn’t use any skills, the reason I got wet like this is probably because Diana is also full of heart to accept me.

“Whoa… . Huh… . Are you doing it?”

I put my hands on Diana’s waist and gently lifted it up to touch the mouth of her moist puss, and Diana opened her mouth and said so, and slightly turned her gaze to the side.
Huh? Is there something beside you?
I looked back to the direction Diana was looking, but again, there was nothing there.
As always, only the furniture adorning the room was placed quietly.

“Diana? What is it?”

“no. nothing.”

Diana answered and lowered herself to insert my item slowly.

“Ugh! Whoops, whoops, whoa, then I will move.”

Diana said that and started moving her waist slowly.
But it’s also weird.
Even Diana couldn’t shake the feeling that the movement of her back was controlling something.
Do you mean the feeling of being controlled in moderation, but not too much?
Of course, Diana’s charm of 500 was good enough for that alone, but it’s better to be as comfortable as possible if possible.

“Ugh! I can’t! Today, this body will move, so you stay still!”

Even when I tried to move my back, it even stopped me like that.
this is never something
I intuitively noticed that.


“Well. This body is specially designed for you who are trembling with anxiety!”

Once he answered gently, he induces Diana’s vigilance, and, aiming for the perfect gap, raises her waist in an instant.
As I suddenly activated all kinds of skills and moved my waist, Diana, who was struck by a surprise, raised her head up and shook her body with her waist upright on my body.
Still, the charm level is high and it seems that it hasn’t reached its peak yet, but it was a surprise enough for me to take the initiative.

“Huh! Sleep, huh! stop! Hey! This mommy!”

Again, it seems like there is something.
Even in this situation, Diana tried to resist while spitting those words to the end.
Yes, it’s useless anyway.
Diana. No matter how attractive you are, there is no way you can defeat a saint who has become sincere in bed. If your level is higher than me, you might not know, because it’s still a lot lower.

“Diana. What are you up to?”

“Heh! That, hey! what is that… !”

I asked that while slamming her back violently, but Diana didn’t seem to want to answer.
That’s how you cut shichimi, isn’t it?
I hug Diana’s upper body

They turned around half a turn and exchanged positions with each other.
Holding Diana’s waist, who was lying on the bed, she quickly reciprocated her waist while thoroughly attacking the comfortable place.

“Hey! Oh no! This! Whoa!”

“what? What’s wrong?”

I asked that question, but Diana didn’t seem to be able to afford an answer.
He was just shaking his head and clasping the bed sheet with both hands, trying to resist the pleasure.
Is it still not enough?
While holding Diana’s waist with both hands, I stretched out my thumb and pressed Diana’s lower abdomen, where the apostle’s seal was engraved.
As an added bonus, the saint’s touch is also used.

“Answer me. Diana. What’s wrong?”


But instead of answering, Diana climaxed with a loud squirt.

“Hmm. e. Hmm. hmmm. ャ!”

When I lightly kissed Diana’s lips, who was gasping for breath with a blank face, Diana accepted the kiss while embracing her weak arm around my neck.
The subtly hesitant attitude that I had seen before has completely disappeared, and now my vagina has been squeezing my things as if begging for more.
If our Archmage wants it that way, we should do it.
As I kissed Diana, I shook my back violently again.

“Ugh! Whoops! Whoops! Whoops! Oops!”

Diana has been kissing hard, feeling her eyes open, desperately trying not to fall off my lips.


But that didn’t last long either.
When I ejaculated inside Diana, Diana, who had reached a climax at the same time, drooped back on the bed as it was, struggling with the afterglow of the climax.
In the end, why did you show such a hesitant reaction before? .
I wanted to ask why, but it didn’t seem like I could give an answer at this point.
I’ll ask the question later, and for now I’m just going to continue enjoying my love affair with Diana.

“Are you okay?”

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha… uhm. side.”

And only after having sex with each other to a certain degree of satisfaction, we finally stopped our violent lust for each other.
When I asked Diana a question with an arm pillow, Diana kissed me like an aegyo instead of answering.

“So, after all, what was that in the first place?”

“Well? What do you mean?”

“At first, you moved awkwardly, as if you were restraining yourself. What was that?”

“hot! oh… .”

When I asked that question, Diana tried to get her upper body up as if she had a sudden thought, but her body lost her strength and she buried herself in bed again.
But not yielding to him, Diana put her head on my body and turned around, looking to the side.
After all, I looked to the side before. What are you?
I turned my head to where Diana’s gaze was directed.
Also nothing… Oh, did you see the clock on the wall?

“Ugh… A lot more time has passed than I thought. Originally I was only going to do it once, but… .”

Diana said that and looked at me with resentment as if it was because of me.


“Huh? What were you going to do?”

“That… Originally, it wasn’t Sarah’s turn today. I was going to do it once and send you to Miss Sarah.”

“Huh? But that’s… .”

“Of course, Miss Sarah did something wrong, but this body is not that narrow-minded. After all, it seems that Miss Sarah was only with you once that day, and in the end, did you not spend the night properly with this body? If I had done this, Sarah would have reflected enough, and I thought the punishment was enough… .”

As Diana said so, she slapped and slapped my object, which was still standing stiffly.
Anyway, don’t say anything to him. while enjoying yourself

“So, if you do it right, you mean that you deliberately made it lukewarm because you felt it was too much to lose your mind?”

this cute guy He’s too old… Anyway, why is she so cute?

“Hey, it’s not that this body is like that, it’s that I’m afraid you’ll lose your mind and not listen!”

Who said that?
If you overreact, you will only have to confess.

“Is Diana really okay with that?”

Diana’s cuteness was also cute, but her manners were also admirable.
I checked with Diana again, but Diana nodded as if she had already made up her mind.

“We both like each other’s flirts. I don’t know about you, but these bodies are living by each other’s tacit rules. Of course, Sara’s actions are terrifying, but I don’t think it’s enough to take away a whole night.”

Diana’s appearance as she said that looked more mature than ever.
After all, when you look at it like this, you can feel that Diana is the oldest.

“If you know, now go to Miss Sarah.”

“Diana… Aren’t you too kind?”

“What, what… And if I do this, wouldn’t this body definitely have the upper hand in the future relationship with Miss Sarah?”

Diana said so while blushing, as if slightly embarrassed.
He had no intention of doing so, but he had an obscure attitude to say that on purpose.

“okay. Tomorrow night I’ll do my best.”

“I can only feel anxiety when you say that you are doing well… Well, I look forward to it.”

I was moved by Diana’s kind heart, and I picked up the clothes and put them on.

“awhile. Before you go… uhm.”

Not to mention Diana, I kissed Diana’s lips deeply.
But no matter how much favors they have shown, it will be lonely for Diana to be left alone like this.
I’m sorry too.



“What do you want Diana to go with?”

“Until you really are like this! Are you stupid! Go away!”

It was said as a favor, but in the end, Diana was patted and kicked out.
Well, it would be a lie if I said that there was no 1% of erotic feelings, but it is true that I said it as a favor.

I was kicked out of the room and walked straight to Sarah’s room.
Since it’s very late, Sarah is probably sleeping.
If you go like this, where are you going to surprise me?

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The identity of the giant manastone

I immediately activated the stealth technique.
Then he began to sneak into Sarah’s room.
Well, even if you do this, if Sarah is awake, you will definitely be caught.
Assassin’s level has risen quite a bit, but his skill level is still very low.
Besides, the opponent is that human Radar Sara.
To be honest, I was confident that even if I woke up from my sleep and detected me, I would not be surprised at all.
It’s never too late to try it once and if it doesn’t work, then go ahead and give up.
Why is a guy like me so enterprising?
While praising my own personality, I gently placed my hand on Sarah’s doorknob.

“Ugh! Bake! Hey! Bake it!”

I carefully opened the door and peered into the room, being careful not to make a sound.
Sarah was not sleeping.

“Hey! Whoops! ha ha! Bake it! Ouch!”

He was in the midst of comforting himself in the midst of his loneliness.
Besides, the side dishes are probably mine.
Should I say that this came at a good time or that it came at a bad time?
Anyway, Sarah was so engrossed in her own actions that she couldn’t afford to worry about anything else.
I was peeking through the cracks in the door, but I didn’t seem to notice at all.

“Uhhhhhh! Whoops! Yes! Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Since the bed was located diagonally from the door, I could see Sarah’s profile.
Perhaps the act was approaching its climax, Sarah’s waist was lifted slightly above the bed.
It didn’t look like he was used to masturbation, as he gripped his chest of the right size with one hand and moved quickly with the other hand on his vagina.
yes it is Every time I’m so satisfied, would you have thought of masturbating?
Today is a special case.
But it is. Who knows if this will ever happen again. I need you to thoroughly teach me how to masturbate later, even for Sarah.
No wonder you masturbate without touching your ass, which is your highest erogenous zone. Even if it’s wrong, you’ve been wrong for a long time!
no. Shouldn’t it be later, would you go ahead and tell me right now?

I started thinking about what to do.
It would be fun to sneak up on Sarah and give a surprise masturbation lecture, but I also wanted to enjoy this rare sight more.
I first activated the saint’s hand in my hand and watched Sarah closely.
Are you going to attack me like this and help Sarah masturbate with the help of a saint?
Sara, who is caught masturbating, tries to die of shame, but she can’t control her body, which is getting hot as she heats up, and it’s going to flow like I do.
Or do you want to enjoy the beautiful sight in front of you until Sarah’s masturbation is over, and attack when Sarah is drooping in the afterglow of her climax?
As I was peeking through the crack in front of Sarah’s door, my arm suddenly snapped backwards.

“Don’t move. If you see something suspicious… Yes!”

The assassin, who had suddenly attacked me from behind, said so quietly in a blunt and husky voice so as not to be heard by Sarah, and then he broke my arm more and more and slowly pressed his body to mine… I let my hand touch his body.
My hand that is activating the hand of a saint.
She immediately pulled herself away from me with a short moan, but it was already too late.
Once I understood the situation, I quietly closed the door again.
And he spoke to the assassin with the frustration of not being able to enjoy the really rare sight beyond the door any more, and the confusion of not knowing what to do next.

“What are you doing. Vanessa.”

I turned around slowly, calling out the name that I could recognize without even looking back.
Strong enough to break my arm in this mansion like that.
Besides, my characteristic blunt and husky voice.
It was strange not knowing.
As I turned around, Vanessa gave a momentary expression of anger.
That iron mask’s expression changes slightly. It seems quite unfortunate.

“… What is the Savior doing here, even hiding?”

“I did it to surprise Sarah. But Vanessa can’t even recognize my face, what is she doing?”

Huh. I know it well. A man who hides in the middle of the night and secretly peers through the door of his wife’s door. It’s worth winning
Vanessa deserves to be misunderstood.
Besides, no matter how low the level was, he was hiding for once.
It must have been difficult to recognize his face because it was such a dark night.
But I decided to go out boldly.


Vanessa seemed momentarily at a loss for words at my brazen attitude.
But soon after taking a deep breath, she made up her mind, and Vanessa asked the question again.

“… Then why did you use the skill on your hand?”

“That’s because I was going to enjoy it from now on.”


Vanessa once again forgot what to say.

“What do you mean by that? Then I just… .”

“… Please wait. That… With this alone… Just like last time… Will it be?”

Vanessa asked me so intermittently, as if it was quite difficult to say, and also wishing it wasn’t so.

“That’s it, if I don’t know the extent, I can say anything… What’s the situation now? Good mood?”

“… a little… .”

yes it is
Sylvia and Matilda, who are at a high level, and Diana, who has 500 charm, can feel it well enough for my skills.
Vanessa’s level was just 200, as if she had matched it correctly.
Compared to Sylvia and Matilda, the level is not that high.
Well, looking back on the last time I was with you, it was a natural thing to say.
Standing up like this is just a reflection of Vanessa’s great mental power.
Will it end up like this?

“Hey. That… No matter what, I can’t stand being in that state, right?”


Vanessa had a wary look on her face as if she knew what I was trying to say, but eventually nodded, judging that it was difficult to bear.
Don’t be so limited. what am i trying to eat you

did you make this This time it really was just an accident.
No, of course it was an accident last time too.

“Sigh… I have to say I’m happy though. Thanks to my level up, I won’t have to have sex like I did last time.”

When I said that, Vanessa’s expression softened a little… I felt like
In the beginning, I thought I was used to reading Poker Face because of Sarah.
These days, Sarah is not a poker face at all in front of me.
Have I lost my senses again? I can’t read Vanessa’s expression at all.

“what is it. It will be difficult for you too. I’ll release you soon. Would you like to go to my room first?”

“… no. Follow me.”

Perhaps she was relieved that I didn’t react at all, Vanessa said so and walked quietly.
Vanessa was walking as if nothing had happened, but from behind she saw her legs trembling subtly.
indeed. Vanessa is just expressionless just looking at it, so it’s quite unbearable.
My room was located quite far from our children’s room, as Vanessa intentionally placed it that way.
To be precise, it was away from all the girls’ rooms, not just our kids.
Anyway, that’s why I refused to go to my room.
After walking a little along Vanessa, we arrived at an empty room.

“here is?”

“This is an empty room. If you’re here, no one will find out. … What should I do now?”

“What if… You have to touch it and release it. I’m going to touch you a little bit, okay?”

“… Do it.”

After saying that, Vanessa stood still with her arms hanging in her place.

“then… .”

To be honest, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited at all.
I can do whatever I want with this attractive body.
It was all the more so to the extent that I fully knew how attractive the body hidden in that butler’s suit was through my last experience.
However, this is an act to unleash the skill to the end. Besides, now I have other urgent work to do.
It’s about having to appease Sarah, who is struggling with loneliness.
So, let’s get rid of this excitement later with Sarah’s body, and let’s end it as soon as possible for now.

“Ugh… !”

I activated the saint’s hand and put both hands into Vanessa’s top and bottom, respectively.
Vanessa clenched her teeth and forcibly suppressed a moan that was about to burst, as if she would not make a sound even if she came.

“After all, no one is coming here, is it? How about just moaning?”

As I said that, I moved my hand tucked into my shirt from below and let it penetrate into my bra.
He’s also dressed more calmly than the other maids, so it’s just that he doesn’t get much attention, but his chest is quite large.
I also wanted to see a little bit of the maid clothes I wore to Sarah the other day, and Vanessa, the original owner.

“Yes… It’s okay, it’s okay… み… It is.”

Even as Vanessa answered that, she flinched and trembled as she pinched her nipples with the hands I had penetrated into her bra.

“no. It’s okay and it’s not a matter of sleeping. I’m telling you to speak out. Did your tone sound like a suggestion?”

“Ugh… that, what… Ugh… Are you talking?”

“If you silence the sound like that, even if it makes you feel good enough, it doesn’t mean that the feeling will be halved. Of course, you don’t want me to touch you either, but I want to finish it quickly and go to Sarah. So, even in order to finish it quickly, enjoy it while moaning. It’s a bit embarrassing, isn’t it beneficial to shorten this time? So… !”


A moan finally erupted from Vanessa’s mouth as I pressed and vibrated Vanessa’s pussy with my hand tucked into her pants.

“Heh! Yes! Whoops! ha ha! Whoops!”

Whether he was persuaded by my words, or whether it was impossible to stop after one burst, Vanessa’s mouth erupted in continuous moans.

“okay. That’s it. It’s a good feeling, it’s a short and clean ending.”


As I praised her, I gently patted her breast and pubic surfaces with her palms, and Vanessa’s legs relaxed slightly.
Of course, that didn’t mean Vanessa fell.
It was because I put my hand that touched my pubic hair deeper and supported her body.
Then, Vanessa’s upper body leaned toward me, and Vanessa hugged me and sobbed as if it was unbearable.
Vanessa sobbing as she hugged me tightly with her arms, her face buried on my shoulders, her legs straight and her hips back.
Now, the expressionless expression that was like an iron wall has collapsed, and it has become a woman’s face.

I hope you will see Vanessa’s face like this.
I felt something was missing.
In the past, she ended up sending her to the climax with her last pride, and Vanessa only briefly collapsed during her climax.
There will come a day when I will be able to break down Vanessa, who was like an iron wall, with just caressing like this.
After all, being a saint is the best job.

“Wow! Whoops! Yes! Whoops!”

Regardless of my ignorance, Vanessa was on her way to her climax.
As my hips pulled back and trembled, I could feel the moisture in my hands caressing my pubic hair growing.

this is hard I was thinking of all sorts of things and trying to suppress my excitement somehow, but after all, seeing Vanessa like this in front of my eyes, I couldn’t help but get excited.
My item also protruded as if it was going to pierce my pants, and the tip of it was rubbing lightly against Vanessa’s stomach, which had her upper body in close contact.
please end it soon I’m not practicing becoming a Buddha, but what am I doing now?
But Vanessa seemed to feel it, but secretly dragged the time in that state.
After all, since the level is the level, does it take time to make the climax feel only with the touch of a saint without sexual activity?

“Hey. Are you still?”

“Yes! soon… Whoops! Soon… . soon… Whoa!”

As I said that, Vanessa tightened her grip on my arm, and the door suddenly swung open.

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If I wrote two episodes yesterday, it would have been cut off in the middle.
But as I was writing it today, Vanessa came out of nowhere… .

Even if I continue writing like this, the sara scene seems to be cut off in the middle, but I don’t know what to do.


The identity of the Giant Manastone

When humans are in extreme situations, they sometimes exert unknown powers that cannot be explained theoretically.
I am more aware of that fact now than ever before.

At the same time as I heard the doorknob turn, my body moved before my brain.
Gather them neatly and insert the middle and ring fingers that were gently stroking the surface of the pubic area, grabbing Vanessa’s lower body properly, and grabbing her upper body properly by squeezing her hand that used to gently caress the chest surface.
I grabbed Vanessa’s upper and lower body properly so I applied force to the hand that was squeezing her vagina, lifted her up, and quickly rushed to the bathtub in the room, silencing the sound of her footsteps.
This room, like mine, had a bathtub in one corner and of course curtains properly.
If you go inside that curtain, you can hide your figure for now.
Since I got the job of an assassin, wouldn’t I have moved more secretly and quickly than this?
With a movement so great that I admired myself, I was able to get inside the curtain almost instantly as the door opened.

“Ugh… !”

I went into the bathtub almost lying down so that the silhouette could not be seen through the opaque curtains, and I pulled Vanessa’s chest, which was holding her, so that Vanessa also fell flat on my body.
From the beginning, the bathtub attached to the room in this mansion was large enough for me to stretch out my feet. Because of that, there was enough space for me, who was tall for a man, and Vanessa, who was tall for a woman, to enter.

It seemed that Vanessa, who had been gathering up to the climax, was unable to come to her senses at the sudden, enormous stimulus.
His face turned red as if it was about to explode, and his eyes even turned upward.
It was such an expression as if the whole brain had been dyed with pleasure.
But even in the midst of that, Vanessa seems to have thought that she should not make a sound.
He tightened his body hard enough to feel the muscles in his body swell, and he bit his lower lip tight enough to bleed out, and somehow endured without making a sound.

Because of this, my whole body aches.
Vanessa was holding my body tight.
As if my high endurance was useless, my tight ribs and spine screamed, and as a bonus, my fingers embedded in my pubic hair were tightened in all directions to the point where blood could not flow through them.
Of course, despite the pain, I too could not make a sound.

Besides, now was not the time to be concerned.
The most important thing right now is who the hell entered the room.
Quietly holding my breath, I listened to what the sudden visitor might make.
Who the hell are you? Is it Sarah? Have you ever heard of it before?
no. If it had been discovered earlier, Sarah would have known the situation roughly, right?
Isn’t this just hidden? Wouldn’t you rather be standing upright?
Come to think of it, where are you going to get stabbed

it wasn’t there
They didn’t have sex, they were just mechanically touching them while suppressing their excitement to release the skill that they accidentally put on.
It was a level of action that could be convincing if it was explained properly.
Of course, the option of convincing people by explaining them properly by hiding them like this is gone, though.
Even if I come back and explain it again, it will only look like an excuse.
Damn it. For now, I resent my excellent reflexes.

Various thoughts ran through my mind.
What will happen if I get caught like this?
I’ll be beaten by Sara for the first time, and I’ll go into someone else’s ear… awhile. Didn’t Diana say that if you love Barnett one more time, you’ll cut it off?
Of course, after that, she cried cutely again in bed and said nuance that she didn’t mean to cut her off, but I have no doubts that Diana is not the woman who will cut off her one and only thing.
okay. And Diana told me that now I can do it with another girl if I need to… no. What am I going to do now by relying on those words?
Because the kids said they could do it, I promised myself that I had to put my heart into it even more.
As I was drowning in despair, I could hear conversations through the curtains.

“Are you really okay?”

“It’s okay because This is how everyone uses it. Do not worry about it.”

It wasn’t Sarah. It was the first voice I had ever heard. Even two people entered the room.
First of all, the fact that they weren’t our kids, I felt my body relax.
Even if the opponent is not our children, it is the same as not being able to find out now, but the weight was definitely different.

After I relaxed, my next thought was curiosity.
Who the hell are you? And what are you trying to do here? Does everyone use it like this?
Considering the content of the conversation, first of all, those two are people living in this mansion. You can think of them as people and maids from the Wizards’ Association.
But what the hell are you doing in this room… .

“So… uh… side, um.”
“Ugh. yup. Hmm… .”

I’m just saying I want to.
Both voices heard were women.
And through the curtains, a watery sound began to be heard, which no matter how many times I heard it, it was only a kiss.
what is this. no. Obviously, I have heard at first glance that homosexuals are more likely to occur in places where only same-sex people live.
So, the fact that everyone uses this room before. Did you mean it that way?
Did such a wonderful place exist in our mansion?!
What the hell have I been doing while living in the mansion?

Anger and reproach against himself swept through his body.
I’ve been very indifferent to the mansion all this time.
If you had been a little more careful, even though there was a great place nearby where you can watch the tweezers live at any time!
no. Wait a minute. So, does Vanessa know that it’s used that way?

I looked at Vanessa.
And I couldn’t help but be surprised.
Vanessa had been straining her whole body to hold back her moan.
But it seems that he endured it until the climax.
I was still holding my body tight, and desperately giving strength to my waist, which was trying to move reflexively, was holding it in.
Her face was still full of excitement, her eyes were half open, and her mouth was buried in my chest, so I couldn’t see it, but I could feel the moisture through her clothes, so she was drooling.
And the nose seemed not to make as much noise as possible, but nevertheless, he was breathing heavily with a rough feeling.
And the pussy was still so tight that my fingers couldn’t get blood through, and it wiggled inside me as if I wanted to feel it a little bit.
The way her waist was desperately pressed to keep her from moving while moving as if she couldn’t control the inside of her pubic area was so bizarre that just one word, lewd, would not be enough to describe it.

But it wasn’t Vanessa’s lewd appearance that surprised me.
Like the eyes of reptiles, the black eyes of the pupils were torn vertically long and there were two huge horns on their head.
And there were scales all over the body.
The breasts and pubic areas I was touching were still soft, but parts such as arms and legs were completely covered with scales.
Besides, this sharp feeling piercing the back… do you have nails?
By the way, was it the Yongin people?
Its appearance is just like a human being, so I completely forgot about it until now.

In any case, Vanessa, who had changed into a figure suitable for the name of the Yongin tribe, was still shaking her body as she tried to suppress it even though her body wanted to reach its peak.
Come to think of it, I was startled, too, and I kept my hands off Vanessa’s body.
Her chest was still being crushed so intensely that she thought it might explode in her hand, and her two fingers in her pubic area were completely inside.
Would it be better to remove Vanessa to make it a little more bearable?
With that thought in mind, she slowly tried to take her hands off her pussy and chest, but Vanessa hurriedly shook her head, as if please don’t do it.
If you move even a little in this state, it seems to be more unbearable.

“Hmm… Yes… heh… Ah, good… .”

“Ugh. side. Whoop. Whoops!”

And in the meantime, the sweet voices of the two women coming through the curtains were getting richer.
The moans of two women could be heard through the curtains, and a woman with a wonderful body was lying close to her body, and even touching her breasts and pubic hair.
But I can’t do anything and I just have to sit still. what is this. Is this a new torture?
The only moving part of my body right now was the stick underneath. Even that is not voluntary.
Excited, he just wriggles on his own and pokes Vanessa’s firm abdomen.

Damn it. How long do you have to be like this?
Do I have to stay like this until they’re done scissoring?
Why didn’t I go into Sarah’s room right away and peeked through this pain… .

“Hah… Whoo… good… .”

“Yes… Whoops. I also… Look. Has no one come?”

“Huh… .”

How much time has passed in that state?
Finally, a voice came through the curtain.
are you done? Is it finally over? please get out
Really clean too

No. I’m going crazy.
As if my wish had been fulfilled, after hearing the sound of getting dressed, the two of them hurriedly left the room.
finally! Finally free!
Even after the door closed, me and Vanessa stood still for a while.
And now after I thought they were clearly separated, I looked at Vanessa.

“Barnet… !”

Before I could even call her name, Vanessa let out a scream like a horned beast, shaking her whole body.
Vanessa reached its climax as my body moved so violently that it shook me up.
Besides, that wasn’t the end.
Vanessa, who reached her climax with her face buried in my chest, was still not satisfied.
Vanessa suddenly lifted her upper body.
As I was touching Vanessa’s chest, I suddenly lifted my upper body, and Vanessa’s top ripped open on my arm.
But Vanessa didn’t care and started tearing my clothes apart with her sharp claws.

“uh?! Hey! Hey! Calm down!”

No matter how much I tried, it was of no use.
Vanessa’s eyes were completely gone.
Well, I must have been excited because I was so caressed by a saint’s hand and then endured it along the way.
It must have been much more painful than mine. It’s so crazy that it’s not even weird.
I understand, but if things go on like this, think about what will happen later!
It’s not like I’m holding out because I’m an eunuch!

Of course, such persuasion did not work at all for Vanessa today.
Vanessa ripped all the fronts of my top and bottom to shreds, then grabbed hold of the standing object.
Then he lifted his back and straight into his own vagina… couldn’t put
Because my fingers were covering the vagina.
I said as I desperately lifted the lower body by squeezing the arm supporting the vagina.

“Hey! Calm down! Are you going to betray Diana?!”

Vanessa, who had not been able to get any seeds no matter how persuaded, stood tall and stopped moving when Diana’s name appeared.

“okay. Think of Diana. How sad Diana would be if she did it again. Calm down, I will satisfy you enough.”

Having said that, I used the saint’s hand to move the hands that touched Vanessa’s breasts and pussy again.
okay. How could I ever touch Vanessa without any guilt like this?


Vanessa flinched and trembled, and in the intervening time, I switched seats and made her come down.

“Well, are you feeling good? Huh? What do you think? Huh?”

“Ugh! Good… Whoops! Whoops!”

Vanessa, with her eyes open and her mouth wide open, shouted that out with a disorganized look that she couldn’t even imagine in her normal form.

“Ha! haha! haha! Ha ha ha ha!”

Then, she spewed love juice from her vagina again and reached a grand climax.

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Smuz // Huh. is that so? I guess I got confused from the beginning while writing it. I think Vanessa is more pronounced than Vanessa, so I’ll correct everything I wrote later in Vanessa.

Me too // I’m old. Diana’s Reincarnation Magic is a magic that returns her physical age to the past, not a magic that intentionally lowers her level. The level is just lowered with the feeling of being a side effect of going back in body age.

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