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The identity of the giant manastone

“What do you think? Have you calmed down a bit?”

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha… .”

I gently removed my hand from Vanessa’s body and asked, but Vanessa just looked up at me with a blank expression without saying a word.
No matter how tight I was holding it, there was a clear palm print on one chest.
And because he had been biting hard to hold back the sound earlier, vivid red blood was leaking from his lower lip. It gave a creepy feeling, but at the same time, it looked strangely colorful.

“… Yes. thank… I do… .”

And after holding her breath for a while, Vanessa barely spoke those words.
Then, in a very drowsy motion, he slowly raised his hand and brought it in front of him.
Then he wiggled his eyebrows slightly, cleared his breath, and began to slowly return to his original form.
The long horns above the head disappeared, the pupils returned to the original human pupils, the scales that had sprouted all over the body disappeared, and the sharp nails entered.
And finally, the tail gradually decreased and disappeared without a trace.
I don’t remember seeing other beast races change like this.
Leia is still wearing ears and tails.
Is the Yongin tribe unique?
After she had completely transformed, Vanessa got up slowly.
Vanessa’s face, who stood up like that, returned to her usual expressionless expression.

“Once again. Thank you very much.”

“done. If I had done it anyway, I would be scolded as well.

I got embarrassed for nothing, so I said that and got up.
It seems to have been solved, so tell Sara right away… Oh, your clothes are torn.
As I threw off the rags I was wearing to change clothes in my inventory, I noticed that my whole body was sore.
There were cuts in Vanessa’s nails.
If you go to Sarah’s room like this, you’ll be questioned about what happened.
I haven’t done anything particularly poignant, but it’s not a good thing to say anyway.
Reluctantly, I decided to wait for the wound to heal itself.
Anyway, I’m pretty good at natural healing, so it won’t take long.

“It hurts, I’m sorry.”

“no. It’s not like that on purpose anyway. Do not worry about it.”

Vanessa also bowed 90 degrees and apologized, wondering if my wounds had caught her eye.
Also, thanks to her clothes ripped out, I could see her large chest bouncing down and swaying.
Damn it. don’t show me that You may be resolved, but I’m still holding on

“Do you have any clothes left?”

“There is not.”

Don’t answer neatly.
Aren’t you embarrassed?

“Then you can’t leave the room, can you? What are you going to do?”

“… that’s… .”

“Sigh… . Your maid clothes that you wear in that hot region that you gave me before. I have it now, would you like to wear it?”

“… Please.”

Vanessa wiggled her eyebrows slightly, but then nodded as if nothing had happened.
As I took the maid outfit out of the inventory, Vanessa held it in her hand for a moment and stared at it.
Don’t make that face when someone gave it to you as a favor.
no. It’s expressionless, but that’s it. I feel like I don’t know.
‘Did you wear this and do that… ‘ That’s what you think.

But soon, Vanessa took off the clothes she was wearing casually.
Then, using the magic of water, he washed himself clean, and washed mine as well.
Then he slowly put on the clothes he was holding in his hands.
Since it was originally from Vanessa, the size was not a problem at all.
I hope we’ll see Vanessa wear this outfit like this.
I felt it when Sarah wore it, but it’s still very revealing.
I really want to go to a place in the province where I wear that casually.

“Oh. And you have to return it later. Since you said you would give it, you wouldn’t give it away and take it back, would you?”

“… … … Yeah.”

The silence is long.
Vanessa had changed all her clothes, but she wasn’t even thinking of going out.
Damn it. If you wear it, go out immediately. Being in front of you dressed like that makes me even more excited.
There is also a limit to patience. This is how I will become a real saint. Not my professional saint, but the saint used in its original meaning.
Confucius, Shakyamuni, Socrates, Jesus, Salvation. Well. I didn’t feel nauseous.

“Can I ask you one question?”

Vanessa asked without leaving, whether she didn’t notice my gaze telling me to leave, or whether she was just ignoring me.

“I already did one.”

“… How could you be patient?”

Vanessa completely ignored me and asked the question as she looked down.
If you’re going to ignore it, don’t ask in the first place.
At the end of that gaze, my object, which still maintains its rigid shape, exists.

“How are you? yeah… .”

I endured it with the power of love. How can I endure it?
I should answer, but I hesitated.
How can I say that with my bare mind? Not to our kids, but to third parties.

“Also… Have you lost your desire to see my true self?”


As I hesitated to answer, Vanessa said something unexpected.
what is this again
To be sure, he looked quite unreasonable to be called an ordinary human, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t pretty.
In the beginning, this world is a world where all kinds of races are mixed.
Of course, there are the most humanoid races, but that’s not all.
For example, the tow-legged wizard that rescued me last time was also a completely bipedal dog.
In other words, this is not a world where the standards of beauty are limited to human standards.
Of course, I came from a world where there are only humans, but there is no way he knew about it and asked him in the first place.
By the way, I had no problem with it because I’ve experienced a lot of different races that are worse than him in all kinds of games.
In a virtual reality game in the world I live in, my senses may be limited, but what I see is completely real.
So when I first came to this world, the game and

couldn’t tell the difference
Besides, from the beginning, Vanessa had a pretty appearance even by human standards.
Even if scales, horns, or tails sprouted, it would have been nice if it had given it a unique charm, but there was no negative factor.
Unless he’s an idiot, he must know that he’s pretty, right?
no. Are you doing this on purpose to hear that you are pretty?

“Now that. ‘How can there be a sick person who can’t eat even a pretty day like this? Isn’t that what you meant by surprise?”

“Yes, four?”

“I tell you, though. It’s not that I couldn’t eat even if I gave it to you because I was sick. that I endured with the power of love. If it weren’t for Sarah, Diana, and Leia… .”

“Oh, hey, hey. Is that so. Is it the power of love?”

“I don’t have to say it again!”

Because this is also a twisted personality!
I’ve felt it for a while, but this guy secretly pokes someone’s pain at the expressionless subject.

“If you know, don’t get excited about wearing lewd clothes for nothing!

“… … What is the savior going to do?”

“If you get hurt, I’ll take care of it.”

“Is that so. Then I’ll go out and get some potions.”

“done. What is the potion for a wound like this? Never mind.”

After saying that, I waved and waved my hands like a dog was being driven out.

“Okay. Then I’ll just go. I’m really sorry to bother you today.”

“OK. Good luck going forward.”

Vanessa said goodbye, picked up the remains of me and her clothes that had fallen on the floor, gathered them up, hugged them, and went outside.
I couldn’t take my eyes off the exposed breastbone when I picked up clothes and the sexy back I saw when I went out, but after Vanessa left, I looked at my son with a lot of sadness.
My son was holding his head up and looking straight into my face, crying sadly.

“I’m sorry daddy… . Be patient. I will make sure my son is strong.”

As I said that, I stroked my son’s hand as if comforting him.
By the way, I’m not talking about a daughter.
I’ve endured this much, but I’m too sorry for my son to unravel this by hand.
I’m going to go to Sarah to pick this up later.


After a while, after confirming that the wound had healed, I quickly got dressed and ran to Sarah’s room.

“Huh?! Eh?! what?! what?!”

Apparently, Sarah fell asleep while comforting herself.
Sara, who was still lying on her bed without a single quilt on, jumped up in surprise when I suddenly opened the door and walked in.

“What is it! You are my dear friend!”

I closed the door and hurriedly threw off all my clothes.
Then he dived right into Sarah’s bed, caressing her body.

“Sleep, huh?! Whoa! Eh?!”

Sara, who woke up from her sleep, cried out as if she couldn’t understand the situation, but her body, apart from her head, was responding to my hand movements properly.
I put my hand on Sarah’s pussy first.
On the surface, it looks like it’s just dry, but it’s straight-closed pussy.

When he opened it wide with two fingers, the liquid that had accumulated inside flowed out with a squeaking sound.
It seems that he just fell asleep while masturbating.

👌👌👌👌 Salvation… Whoops! Why… ?!”

“Why? Do you hate me coming here?”

“That… whoops… That’s not it… Ahh… awhile… Whoops!”

“I came to see the face of our beloved Sarah.”

As I said that, I kissed Sarah’s lips once.
Actually, I mean, I’ve been holding on to kissing since a while ago.
How bewitching was Vanessa’s bloody lower lip.
There were even moments when I almost unconsciously stuck out my tongue and licked it.
If it wasn’t for the power of love, it would have been really bad.

“Yes… e. Hmm… Yes… .”

Sara also seems to have changed her mind to put out the fire first, rather than answering questions, when her lips met.
He happily greeted my tongue as it rubbed my lips and started to entangle my tongues together.
After stroking her hair in gratitude for that, I slipped through her legs.
And as soon as he shoved his hips forward in the place where he was already prepared to greet me, his son exploded as if he had been waiting.

“Ugh! 👌👌👌 Huh? What, what?”

Sara, who trembled at the moment of insertion, looked at me with a surprised expression.
yes it is As soon as I put it in, I’ve never been cheap before.

“Mi, sorry. I don’t even know that I think I’m finally putting it in Sarah.”

When I exploded the pleasure I had been holding back and the aftertaste passed, I felt miserable for some reason.
is it. Did you feel like this? That’s why those people who gathered in front of the guild were so desperate.

“… unpack.”

Sara, who had a look on her face that she did not understand what she was saying, suddenly burst into laughter when she saw my face.

“Huhu. Did you miss me that much?”

“Of course. How much I wanted to hold you, you will never know.”

“Is that so?”

As I spoke with a very serious face, Sarah, who spoke as if teasing, stuttered, overwhelmed by the spirit.

“okay. So, it moves again.”

“Huh? Huh?!”

I’ve been so patient
A lot of tee guides are right, I thought it was really crazy.
But you can’t be satisfied with just one time.
It’s not like Vanessa’s substitute to relieve her sexual desire, or anything like that.
Because I endured the thought of doing it with Sarah from start to finish.
All she wants to do is release her sexual desire that she had endured for her.

“Sara. I really love you.”

“Huh! Whoops! Yes!”

Sarah kissed my lips desperately, letting out a moan or an answer.
Sigh. Also our kids are the best.
Realizing that fact again, I grabbed Sarah’s waist and shook her vigorously.

Sara seems to have completely forgotten why I came to her on the way, and in the end we really didn’t sleep and we got tangled up all night.
I’m not going to the dungeon tomorrow anyway. This is fine.

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As everyone must have noticed, the sarah scene I was originally going to write wasn’t like this.
It’s hard because the contents of one night are too long. I’ll just write about it next time I get a chance.


The identity of the giant manastone

“Ugh… i’m stupid… .”

After daylight had calmed down to some extent, Sarah, who was lying on my stomach and drooping with her cheek to her chest, muttered in a desperate voice.

“Fool. Ouch. hurt. Sarah.”

“Mr. Really. How strong are you?”

Seeing me sulking, she rolled her eyes softly as if she hated Sarah.
He said he was an idiot, so he just affirmed it. Attacking and even staring at you for such nonsensical reasons. It is unfair.

“so. Why are you doing this all of a sudden after doing a good job?”

“Wow… I told you before. As a reflection, I really don’t do it until Diana does.”

Did it really mean that? I understood what Sarah was saying, but I purposely played a prank on her.

“do not worry. I came here with Diana.”

“You know I didn’t mean it that way, right?! What did you do for salvation? Even doing it in the morning… What do you say to Diana? .”

Then again, not knowing what to do, Sarah grabbed her face with one hand and shouted in frustration.

“Did the kid who knew about it fall into temptation and wallow with him all night?”

“Salvation tempted you! Salvation!”

Sara exclaimed and slapped me in the chest.
He seems to be mentally exhausted from worrying about the future.
When it comes to the subject of being casually opposed to the Archmage-sama, if you think you’ve done something wrong, you’re weak.

“Calm down. I’m kidding.”

“Are you kidding me now?!”

“no. That’s not it. I came here with permission from Diana.”

“Ha? eh?”

“What else is Haet? Why are you suddenly pretending to be cute? Oh dear!”

“Don’t be silly, explain properly!”

Hey, this guy… I put mana in my palm.
Until recently, though, I just hit him.
Did you feel so bad about pretending to be cute?
Do you want me to tell you that I’m actually cute?


Of course, I didn’t try it because I thought I’d be really angry if I joked more than this.
I meekly told Sarah what Diana had said last night.

“okay… Diana… .”

Sarah mumbled that with a complex expression mixed with emotions.

“So, let Sarah thank our Diana. As a bonus, to me.”

“Of course I thank Diana, but… What else is salvation trying to put on top of?”

“Looking up. Even if Diana had told Sarah to go, it would have been over if I had refused. Besides, I was also disturbed. I tried to do my best for one person as much as each person took turns doing it for that time every day.”

“On the topic that it felt good to hold me and Diana at the same time… .”


Sarah mumbled that in a dishonest manner, but when I put on an exaggeratedly stern expression on my face, it immediately turned into a look of dismay.


“Um, I’m sorry… . I’m really reflecting. Thanks.”

“Do you love me?”

“Sah, I love you… .”

Even Sara, who was so honest, was very cute.
Good. You can’t miss this opportunity.
Would you like to hear something more?
What would you like to try?
When I try to do it, nothing comes to mind.
Shall I tell Sarah to say that she will die of shame?

“It’s still not enough. ‘After all, there is only salvation for me. Finding salvation is the greatest luck of my life. Say, ‘I love you more than anything else in this world.’”

“This idiot is real! Let’s see you!”

Sarah slapped my chest and slapped me.
This time I didn’t put mana in my palm.

“It’s like… Even if I don’t have to say it, that’s what I was thinking from the beginning… . I know a little bit. Fool.”

Then, as if not wanting to show his face, he bowed his head and put his forehead to my chest, and muttered in a small voice.
ね. what. This cute creature.

“Wow, huh. I didn’t say it directly, but I’ll admit it to that extent.”

“Fufu. Look at how fast the beating sound was made by him.”

“shut up! It’s because Sarah suddenly tightens her son!”

“Ah, that was a joke! Are you saying that in this atmosphere?! This pervert is real! Whoops! Don’t move!”

It was Sara who made it easy to move properly despite the words she said.
I didn’t mean to say that it would create an inappropriately sweet atmosphere.
After all, I was ambushed and almost lost the initiative I took for granted.
Finally, after doing one more time, we were able to go down to the restaurant.

“Diana. there… .”

“Okay. Miss Sarah seems to have repented, so don’t say anything.”

As soon as they got down to the restaurant, Sarah was the first to say thank you to Diana.
Even though our grown-up Diana accepted it as if nothing had happened.
After all, in the relationship with Sarah, it seems that the initiative was just a word. When it comes to being nice.

“Why are you stroking the head of this body as soon as you arrive?”

“Is it cute?”

“Why is it questionable? Just make it cute.”

“Diana is cute.”


Then Diana nodded as if satisfied.
Are you satisfied with that?
Besides, I don’t even think about getting my hands stroking my hair.
no. Rather, he sat me in the chair he was sitting in, and he flopped on my lap.
Sara also thought that Diana’s attitude had broken the atmosphere to say thanks, so she just bowed her head to say thanks and sat down.

“Then what shall we do today?”

After eating, I leaned back in my chair and muttered.
As soon as Sarah finished eating, she went to her room because she hadn’t slept last night, and Leia also went away saying she had something to see at the temple.
If it was going to an orphanage, I thought I would go too, but after the last incident, I was reluctant to go to the temple for some reason.
High Priest Sophia was able to convince her, but she could not assert that Sophia was the only High Priest to come up with the idea of ​​the marriage of a saint and a saint.
Besides yesterday’s guild

It is impossible to know how the events that occurred before were transmitted to the shrine side.
Not going to the temple doesn’t solve all the problems, but at least not going to the temple was definitely less likely to happen than not going.
I wonder if Leia also understood my feelings, and she smiled and said it was okay.

Diana was still having an after-dinner tea time elegantly on my lap, but I have nothing to do now.
Shall we play with Sylvia over there in the corner?
Today, maybe it’s because I haven’t played a prank yet, so I feel a little lonely looking at me. Am I just feeling that way because I want to play Sylvia?

“Sylvia. come here.”

“Ah, ow… .”

Sylvia slowly approached me, dragging her feet like a cow being led to the slaughter.

“Sylvia. Stick close behind me.”

“Yeah, hey. Whoa… .”

You can’t hug Diana because she’s on her lap.
So today, I changed my taste a little and made Sylvia hug me from behind.
Sylvia clung to my back over the chair and immediately started vibrating.
As I peered into the face on my shoulder, I felt as if I was desperately holding back with my eyes closed.
Shall we play a little more?
I turned my head and pressed my lips to her soft cheek.

“Hey? eh? cadet… ah ah ah… .”

Then Sylvia made a strange sound as if her legs had lost strength and drooped.
Still, the vibration doesn’t stop. have to say it’s awesome.

“You. Don’t tremble.”

And the vibration seemed to interfere with Diana, who was drinking tea elegantly on my lap.
Sheesh. Can’t help it.

“Sylvia. You can leave.”

“Wow! hey hey… .”

Sylvia relaxed the arm that was holding me and slid down.
Then, with no strength in his legs, he crawled towards the corner with a desperate feeling.
is that much If the background was changed to a place like a battlefield, it would look like a gentleman who was desperately struggling to survive.

Sylvia can’t even play with it, so what now?
When Diana’s chair role is over, should I just go to sleep like Sarah?
Healing sex doesn’t make the body tired, but as expected, sleeping and not sleeping felt different mentally.
Especially since a lot of things happened last night.
I glanced at Vanessa, who was quietly standing in the corner of the dining room.
perfect expressionlessness. What happened last night is expressionless like a lie.
After all, I have to get my maid clothes back.

“Hey there!”

Then Matilda called me.
Come to think of it, he didn’t follow Leia either.
Did he finally realize that he was a nuisance when he went out?


“That, that… . So… If there’s nothing to do… .”

Matilda hesitated to speak, as if it were quite difficult to speak on the subject she had sang.
Well, at the point I said up to that point, I also noticed what Matilda was trying to say.
Can’t we at least ask for that in the absence of our children? take care
It was good. I won’t say things like that in the future, can I make fun of you?

“I shouted ‘Sex with me!’ If you shout out, you might think about it.”

“Wave, wave, wave, unscrupulous… ! Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?!”

“why me? You are the one to be ashamed of from now on. Now, leave the mansion, loudly… .”
“Are you stupid!”

Before I could finish my words, Diana, sitting on my lap, reacted first and patted me.
I was trying to discipline you not to speak like that in front of you in the future It is unfair.

“Diana, it hurts.”

“Don’t lie!”

Diana patted me in the chest and clasped her fists as if in pain.

“Anyway, Matilda, this person is today… .”
“Uh, uh, uh… Me, please have sex with me! ugh unscrupulous… Why, why do I say this… .”

Are you really doing that?

“… This man has something to see today.”

But despite Matilda’s cry, Diana spoke calmly in a tone of tiredness.

“uh? Did I have anything to do?”

“Well. Shouldn’t you go to the blacksmith? If you want to go to the 4th floor in the future, waterproof coating is essential.”

Oh, I see, I said something like that.
Besides, the blacksmith had something to see even if it wasn’t for that.
Those guys… . I’m sure I’ll be good to go.
Dare to repay my kindness? let’s see

How would you like to do it?
Are you going to turn it into a goon?
Even if you don’t crush the eggs like the guy at the orphanage, there are infinite ways to make them into eunuchs.
Just keep making it cheaper. until just before death.
Then you won’t be able to stand for a while.
And if you go to the dungeon and do it every time you go to the blacksmith… A lifelong high magnetization project will be completed.
No, anyway, as a man, that’s too cruel.
It’s not like I’ve committed a felony for touching my girl.
if so… okay. So, will you make it so that we can do better with Hannah as we wish?
Weakly affixed the saint skill, and it keeps him in estrus.
You have a good partner by your side, it’s just going to keep you going all day.
this is fine

“You. what are you thinking Your face is ugly.”

“no. never mind. Are you ready? When you’re ready, let’s go to the blacksmith.”

I felt like I wanted to run to the blacksmith at any moment.

“Come on, wait! Then I… ?!”

“Huh? hey you see the house Were you planning to go out?”

“Well, it’s not… ! Did you shout properly?!”

“Ah, that. sorry. I can’t do it today. Next.”

“Uh, uh, how… ! Then what do I… ?!”

Matilda blushed red and trembled.
sorry. I mean, I really didn’t know what to do.
what a little sorry
I will see the opportunity later and do it as soon as possible
Even though I thought like that, I was the first to think that going to the blacksmith was my top priority.

“Are you going to go with Diana too?”

“Well. Of course.”

I don’t know what it is, of course, but it looks like Diana will go to the smithy too.

“Then Sylvia… Vanessa. Can you lay him down in the room?”

Sylvia was lying on the floor with a happy face, apparently exhausted before she even reached the corner.

“… Yeah.”

So Diana and I went to the smithy alone.
Is Diana getting as lucky as she did the good deed last night?

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The identity of the giant manastone

“Then sleep. I’ll wear this first.”

After teatime and before heading to the forge, Diana grabbed something and handed it to me.

“This… Rob?”

“Well. Think about what happened in the guild. Now, if you go out, you’re a celebrity that most people will recognize. You’ll be tired if you walk around with your face exposed, so I had Vanessa get you a pair.”

Diana said that, ahem and spread her chest.
exactly. I didn’t even think about it until there. Is it really Diana?
I decided to accept Rob with a grateful heart.

“But you look strangely happy?”

“Uh huh? is it? Hmm. Isn’t that what it’s like to go out alone with you?”

Diana gave me another bizarre answer to this, but based on the reaction, I don’t think it’s the only one.
Maybe I’m not happy because I’m in the same situation as you?
He also usually wears a robe when he goes out.
Anyway, I immediately put on the robe I received and pressed it down to the hood.
Only then did I realize why Diana looked strangely excited.

“this… .”

“Do you know?”

Just by murmuring like that, Diana’s face lit up and lit up and stuck to her.
It seems that I just broke the shichimi earlier because I wanted to find out first.
how do you not know It’s exactly the same as what you’re wearing right now.
Diana’s robe was a robe that had no function, which I bought it for the first time, and strengthened and strengthened it, so it was quite a colorful robe with patterns and decorations.
But where the hell did you get something that looked just like it in one day?
Of course, it was just an ordinary robe with no effect as a piece of equipment.
If you look closely, you can see that the color is the same, but the texture is definitely different.

“I was able to get this in one day.”

“Well. Vanessa is also good at sewing.”

Did our super butler know how to do something like this?
So what? Could it be that you and I were making my robes just before that happened yesterday?
I looked at Vanessa in surprise.
Well. You still have a great expressionless look. I can’t read emotions at all.

“Well, anyway. Shall we go then?”


I went out in couple outfits with Diana.
As the blacksmith is located quite far inside the shopping district, I heard various stories naturally as I walked in a place with a lot of people.
I’m talking anyway

All of them were just nonsensical stories, but there were some stories that tickled my ears.

“Your popularity is over.”

Perhaps Diana’s ears could hear that too, Diana said in a calm voice.
It’s a topic that is being talked about in Jangan right now.
It is said that the saint is saving all eunuchs in the world by healing the cursed cardinal, and if he rescues all eunuchs, he will now save men who cannot satisfy women properly.

“It’s going to be a topic of discussion. After Matilda’s treatment is over, the church might really ask you for a favor.”

“… Matilda, why don’t you just release the curse?”

“You say… .”

“Know. I’m kidding. joke.”

But no matter how much I was, the whole town was buzzing with rumors like that, so it was a little burdensome.
what to do I don’t even have the eyebrows to save you. There is no way to do it in the first place.
okay. First, let’s go to the blacksmith’s shop and start kicking the kites who made the rumors.
I hurried my steps further.

“welcome… Hey!”

As soon as I entered the smithy, I rushed forward with a terrifying force to the little boy who greeted me as usual.
Then he got frightened and fell while kicking his butt.

“I asked you to come, so I went quickly. What was the reaction? The customer service here is bad!”

“Oh, that voice… Bake… Oops!”

This bastard is wearing a robe so I can’t see anyone’s face right now. Are you trying to shout your name out loud?

“Where is Hannah? Take him along and lead him to an empty place.”

As I quietly threatened to do so, the little boy nodded with tears in his eyes.
And it was the workshop where he took us.
With good timing, Hannah, as if she had just finished her job, put down her big hammer and took off her thick apron with a bunch of tools.

“John? What’s up?”

“What’s going on is what I want to do. Why do you want to hear the reason why suddenly rumors spread throughout the village that I could save a bastard who could not satisfy even a single woman?”

“Ahh… .”

As I said as I took off my robe, Hannah looked at me with an apologetic look.
It’s too late to come here and make a face like that.

“First, let me apologize. So, why don’t you listen to the details, starting with John by the collar?”

“If you run away, they will turn you into an eunuch.”

Quietly threatening me like that, I let Johann by the neck first.

“Well then, let me explain. what happened.”

“… At first, there were people who were curious to see John’s change.”

“hem? What have you changed?”

“You mean you didn’t notice?!”

I looked at John and asked, and Hannah exclaimed, as if how could that be.


“Are you so cute?! You mean you don’t see this change?”

“I don’t know. What do I know about the face of a boy? Say you look better than me.”

“Wow… .”

As if he had suffered a lot of damage from my words, John almost cried as he was held in Hannah’s arms.
You bastard, you’re just a kid by the looks of it. Don’t be fooled by a guy who eats his age.

“Anyway, he’s not as good as my claws, but let’s say he’s handsome. what is that?”

“… Everyone was curious how John suddenly leveled up, so I was just telling the truth. I hope it will be such a commotion… I am sorry about that.”

While angry at my ignoring John, Hannah has apologized, knowing that she was doing something wrong.

“Look. When it’s all over, the police in this world… No need for guards! how… !”
“Come on, come on, calm down a little. After all, the past is unavoidable.”

At that time, Diana, who was just watching, exhorted me.

“How about solving the purpose of coming here first?”


“I am going to the 4th floor this time, so I need a waterproof coating all over the equipment. Can you do that?”

“… Sure. is it. Then, as an apology, I’ll give you everything for free.”

This time, she seemed to cry because her blacksmith’s skills were ignored, but Hannah managed to suppress her and said so.

“I wish I could do it as soon as possible. Can you do it by tomorrow?”

Diana, as if she had a business, asked Hannah to do that.
As usual, I don’t plan on going to the dungeon for the next few days. This time, I was in the dungeon for quite a long time.
What are you doing that for? I’ll ask later.

“Is it okay to coat the equipment of all your party members? Right. If you focus on it from now on, you can do it by lunch tomorrow. I will make it a priority.”

“is it. I beg you Salvation. Hurry up and hand me the equipment.”

“Uh, uh. Huh.”

I accidentally handed the equipment, and Hannah took them and sat back down as if to get to work immediately.
Something suddenly interrupted Diana and the conversation ended in an instant.
my revenge? Where should I release this hopeless anger?
Well, honestly, it’s not that I’m not that angry, but if I don’t punish them once and for all, they’ll keep climbing.
I looked at Diana with such a meaning, but Diana shook her head as if telling her to stop.
Because you’ve become so kind, the wizards’ association kids don’t bother you because they cling to you like that.
No, well, that’s the good thing about Diana, though.
Also, I don’t think I’ll ever be that good. At least I have to threaten him.

“Hey. kid.”

“Hey. It’s fine to say something, but if that’s the case, don’t do it to our John, but to me… .”

“Noisy. Don’t just wrap around a grown man like that. He’s also a man. take responsibility for your own actions You say you pay for your equipment for free, but you’re not? You’re always so cheap, so it doesn’t mean that he can’t pray normally and doesn’t have that much energy at night.”

As I said that, I grabbed Hannah’s shoulder, which was about to wrap her arms around John, and put her back on her seat.
Then he turned his body to look at the workbench, and gave him a little force and tapped him on the shoulder.

“If you know, you work

do it We have something to talk about as man-to-man.”

Perhaps the saying that it was because of the lack of energy at night worked effectively.
Hannah started working as if she had no choice.

“Then wait, Diana, you too.”

There’s no need to listen to dirty threats to Diana’s pretty ears.
I grabbed John, dragged him into a corner, prepared to threaten him.
It’s the atmosphere that matters.
Optimized attitude to crave the guy below.
Yes, I am a soldier from now on.
You will become a soldier longing for a successor.
When I thought of that, my hands naturally went into my pockets, and my legs were on my opposite legs.
Then, with an expression of no-nonsense as much as possible, I opened my mouth.

“Does this bastard dare avenge his favor? Well, if I let you know that I helped you, will you look at me and watch other people go from door to door and give a lecture? Is it rude to do it for you?”

“Sorry, I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry, my military life is over… Excuse me? hem? Are you crazy? What do you mean by thinking? When you make a normal judgment, do you think it is the right decision to reveal the identity of the person who bestowed you grace?”

“Wow… Uh, how can I apologize… .”

“Do I have to think about that too? I hate to think, so think about what you’re going to do?”

“Oh, no… Something like that… .”

“okay. OK. I’ll think about it. How would you like to be punished? okay. Then, will you make the things you helped me out of nowhere? It seems that she and Hannah are sleeping well these days, can you make them goza?”

“Oh, please, that’s all… !”

His complexion turned pale and he clings to me.
Don’t let the bastard touch you.

“What don’t you like? You weren’t an eunuch before I helped? Then you just have to make Hannah feel uncomfortable, right? Good. I’ll fuck Hannah once right now. So, Hannah’s level will rise and she won’t be able to feel it again? Well, no matter how you reset the level, as long as you experience the pleasure I give you, you may no longer be able to feel it for someone like you… Hey. awhile. Why are you growing?”

“Wow… Whoa… . I, please… Please, that’s all… .”

The guy was inflating things as if it was going to pierce his pants, while shedding tears.

“You bastard… !”

“You. I don’t know what you said, but that’s it.”

Maybe I heard John’s cry, so Diana came up to me.

“At that point, he wouldn’t have understood enough. Isn’t it?”

At Diana’s gentle voice, John desperately nodded, wiping away tears.

“okay. I will. This should be enough.”

As if I had waited, I immediately agreed to Diana’s words.
To be honest, I thought that what I thought I was helping might not have helped at all.
If that’s the case, haven’t you just done something apologetic?
Instead of retaliating for kindness, are you going to avenge your foes?
No, although I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong that makes it an enemy.

“Hmmm. anyway what is that The point is forward

Think about it and act with caution. I also felt a little bit angry because it was like being hit in the back of the head for helping me. Don’t worry too much.”

Before he opened his mouth, I first hit the player, so I was dumbfounded.
The sergeant longing for his successor was possessed so badly that the words came out harsher than expected.
In particular, Unun who eats Hannah will definitely be very angry if Diana finds out.

“Hey… Yeah… Sorry… .”

Perhaps my threat worked too well, he muttered in complete embarrassment.
It’s good to be nervous, but why do things keep getting bigger?
This bastard also woke up to the strange wall at that time… ! Don’t do that. I’m sorry for nothing

“OK. Things like that happen, too. The grown bastard stops crying. Would you like to go buy me a drink?”

“Wow… I’m 30… .”


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Another hero

“Even if you’re a dwarf, isn’t that face a scam? Wherever I look, I’m 30.”

After leaving the equipment at the smithy, Diana and I went out together, so we decided to walk around together.

“Are you still talking about it? Well, there was definitely a childish side of her attitude.”

Diana said as if with something like that.
Well, to you, he or I may look the same age, but… no. Let’s stop thinking like this.
Our Diana is the cutest and cutest child in charge of the youngest body age at the party.
I decided to just stop thinking about the little boy, as Diana said.
What am I going to do with my bastard thinking?
In such a time, let us think more usefully and soundly.

“I see, Diana. Why did I ask if the equipment upgrade ends by tomorrow?”

“Well. I didn’t talk about that. This body is going to go to the dungeon starting tomorrow.”

“What?! Wait a minute. alone?!”

“Is that possible? I plan to go with the children of the Wizard Society.”

“What the hell is going on?”

“Didn’t you tell me last time? They say that there is probably a giant manastone where the owner of each class is located. If that’s the case, shouldn’t we also check the 1st and 2nd tier manastones? Even if you postpone the 4th and 5th floors, you can check them later when I go with you. Besides, the distance from the first floor to the owner of the first floor through the secret location discovered by these bodies is short, so it will be easier to investigate the giant manastone than ever before. Now, the children are doing research while still living in the area where the queen ant comes from.”

“If that’s the case, then there’s no need for Diana to go… .”

“Without this body, it would be quite difficult to spot the location of the giant manastone. I mean, even this body hasn’t been paying attention. That minute wave of mana has no choice but to go and check this body.”

“Anyway, do you still need to go now? How long has it been since you went to a dungeon? Diana needs to rest.”

“Huhu. it’s ok This body doesn’t consider it a job to study magic. Besides, being with you like this isn’t a break, is it?”

Diana held up her claws and patted my hair, looking at me with a curious expression.
The strange sound is what he said.
And why do you have to put your hand inside the hood to stroke your hair?
I’m just wearing a hood to cover my face.

“And the same goes for only Diana going to the party. No, of course, if the sisters of the association go together, there would be no danger on the 1st or 2nd floors, but no matter how… Shall I go with you too?”

“Huhu. It’s not that you’re worried about this body, aren’t you insecure if this body isn’t out of sight?”

“Well, whatever it is, it doesn’t matter. So I will go with you.”

“no. it’s ok Will you stay here?”

“What? Why?”

“I have no intention of getting everyone involved in the personal affairs of this body. If you return from the dungeon at the most and you go back to the dungeon right away, how will Miss Leia feel, who hasn’t spent the night together? Don’t worry. It’s really just a brief visit, so it won’t be long. If we leave tomorrow, we’ll be able to get there at the very least until the next turn of this body.”

what kind are you It’s not like I’m beheading Hwa-Woong before the drink has cooled down.
Anyway, since the other kids were mentioned, I couldn’t even insist on going with them blindly.
As Diana said, I feel very sorry for Leia.

“… ugh ok You have to be careful though. I’m in a rush to get there quickly, and I’m just going to get hurt.”

“Huhu. But what if you get hurt?”

“This body is mine! If you get hurt, really don’t leave me alone!”

“I see. I see.”

Even if I said that, Diana patted my hair cutely.
If you look at it from the side, you look much cuter and more delightful when you look at me with your crutches and your arms stretched out and barely stroking my hair.
Besides, he’s a quirky guy who even tries to take his turn while going to study magic… awhile. if so?

“Then, is it Diana’s turn to leave tomorrow? Are you trying to come back by the next turn to push for equipment upgrades by tomorrow?”

When I finally understood Diana’s intentions and shouted that, Diana’s body froze and trembled.

“Huh, hmm. Aren’t you the one who said you’re doing the best tonight?”

Diana said it as if it was nothing, but her face turned red as if she was ashamed of being caught.

“Ugh. While doing cute things, he pretends to be an adult.”

I put my hand inside Diana’s hood and put it on top of her head. Then he stroked his silver hair that was dazzlingly dazzling as the sunlight reflected through the gaps in his hood, as if messing around.

“Hey, can’t you stop?! Don’t touch a woman’s hair carelessly And this body is an adult!”

I’m sure Diana was shy, so she tried to put my hand away while shouting.
On the subject of being still, as if it would feel good to touch your head.

“then. Our Diana sister is an adult.”

“Something about that tone… .”


They patted my chest like they were angry, but when I didn’t remove the hand that was caressing my head, I finally gave up and stood there as if to do whatever I wanted.

“Well, after all, I’ve seen all the business, so where do we go and eat together?”

“Well. Escort.”

“Yeah. miss. Let’s do it as a squad. Anywhere you want?”

“It is enough for you and me to eat alone.”

Diana’s words were overjoyed, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t take them to any restaurant.
It’s a rare opportunity, so you want to eat at a decent place
So, after returning to the aristocratic family, I moved to a high-end restaurant that I had never been to.
As it is a restaurant in an aristocratic family, the identity check was thorough, but Diana could easily pass by just flipping the hood and revealing her identity.

“But surprisingly. I mean, you know this place too.”

Diana looked at me curiously.
If it wasn’t for sitting with a table in between, I’m sure he would have tried to stroke my hair again.

“Huhu. A man like me is always ready.”

Actually, I just accidentally remembered what I saw when I was wandering around with nothing to do, but I decided to pretend for the time being.

“But did Diana ever come here?”

“It’s a store famous enough to be located in an aristocratic family. Well, I’ve been here once or twice.”

Saying so, Diana gestured as if to look around.
Of course, even considering it’s lunchtime, the fact that it’s filled with people this much means that it’s a famous restaurant. Even the guests seem to be all aristocrats.

“But you are a saint… Rumor has it that he turned a man who couldn’t satisfy a woman properly into a woman who can do it all in an instant. What do you think of the rumor?”

And even in such a place where there were only nobles, my story was still being heard.

“Ah, is that what you are talking about? It’s just something I’ve heard, but they say it’s true. There are even rumors that it is a messenger of the Goddess. There has been no particular denial from the Vatican, and there are even rumors that the Cardinal Matilda has really disappeared from the Vatican.”

“Hoo… Is it really possible that this is true?”

“Then maybe the Goddess is trying to bless us again for the age of men.”

The men in aristocratic clothes exchanged conversations like that and toasted as if they were holding a toast.
I like our men’s era.
I don’t even care about that. I will eat well and live well by myself.

“huh! You sound like a saint! Where did the swindler come from?”

While the two of them were toasting, a man sitting at the same table with a chewing expression on his face murmured.
His attire, like the previous two, was certainly aristocratic, but his face was seriously plain.
The other two had decent faces that looked like aristocrats, and compared to them, their ordinary appearance even looked ugly.

“Ha ha. What are you so angry about? If the rumors are true, who should be most delighted

Isn’t it you? Isn’t it?”


“haha. you’ll be patient This person, now that the princess is not dealing with him, seems to have sharpened his nerves with dissatisfaction.”

“Ha ha. Is that so? But am I not wrong? Where would you like to visit? do you know Perhaps the saint will have pity on you and give you priority over the cardinal’s curse. ha ha ha.”

“This, this… Shut up! I don’t believe in those scammers! Where did you get such a scumbag… !”

While he was trembling in anger, he started swearing at me, wondering if he could not curse the nobleman who made fun of him.
Then, seeing it, Diana sighed deeply and got up quietly.
Then, after quietly apologizing to me, I headed to the table where the men were sitting.

“Can I talk like that? Then whoever hears it, the saint might not be able to save you? Besides, isn’t there a rumor that even that supreme archmage acknowledged that he was Mrs. To vaguely call him a scammer… .”

“Fuck! What is the supreme archmage… !”

“Did you call this body?”
“What else are you… Ouch! Come on, maybe?!”

The provoked ordinary man tried to curse again, but when Diana pulled the hood back, he was startled and stopped talking.

“I think I heard this body calling, but do you have anything to say?”

“Oh, no… that… So… .”

He seemed to be quite embarrassed, and he was restless for where his arrogant attitude had gone.

“And I think I heard the swearing of this lady, too, but if you are so dissatisfied, how about talking to yourself directly?”

Diana looked at me as she said that.
Did you mean this when you said you were sorry?
How can I be sorry for something like this?
I immediately took off my hood and lightly raised my hand to say hello.

“Anything to say to me?”


He looked at my face, for some reason his face was stained with anger, and then he stared at me like he was going to kill me.
I was completely ignoring her because of her normal face, but living is no joke.
Isn’t this guy surprisingly high-level?
So you mean a face like this with a high level? Then the attraction is… .
Rather than being angry with him, I felt pity for him.
okay. That’s enough to just hate the world without any other reason.

“Ugh… Oh no. I have nothing to say. I’m sorry for making a fuss.”

He received my gaze full of compassion and gritted his teeth even more, but he muttered like that.

“is it? Then this body must have heard it wrong.”

Diana said so, but returned to her seat without a word of apology.
It was an attitude that Diana would not normally have.

“I can’t even eat comfortably in a noisy place like this. Go.”

Then he left the store holding my arm.
After leaving the store, Diana looked up at me and muttered apologetically.

“You escorted me with a lot of effort, but this body ruined it. I’m sorry.”

“no. Well done. If Diana hadn’t come forward, I would have come forward and only got into a fight. What?”

To be honest, I wasn’t even mad at a guy like that, but I comforted Diana by saying that.

“Besides, are you mad for me? ugh Did our Diana hate it so much when she curses?”

“It’s all natural, isn’t it?”

Diana clenched her fists as if not to tease me and lightly slapped my chest with her palm.

“Anyway, that person is famous for that kind of thing. So, you don’t have to worry about what he’s saying.”

“Huh? Do you know each other?”

“They aren’t close enough to say they know each other, but they know their names and faces. Because he’s such a famous person, in a good way or in a bad way.”

“Huh? Famous in a good or bad sense?”

“Well. No matter how much you have such a personality, you are the only Aren’t you known as a warrior?”

Diana was about to say that she was the only one, but she looked at me and changed her words.
But I was so moved that I couldn’t even notice Diana’s attitude.
What? Warrior? Same as Sarah? Wait, then… !

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Another hero

As soon as I heard Diana’s words, I suddenly remembered the name of the hero’s passive skill that Sarah had.
Warrior’s bloodline. The name of this morale skill, which has the effect of significantly increasing the growth rate of all abilities that can be grown through battle, tells that the profession of a warrior is inherited by lineage no matter how you look at it.
No, but didn’t you tell Sarah that she doesn’t have a family anymore?
My grandfather passed away, and my father must have… Surely the fact that his father is dead is nothing more than Kadera, so it’s not like that guy is Sarah’s father or something like that, right?

no. There’s no way I could have a child like Sarah with a face like that.
Even if this is a fantasy world, you are completely ignoring the laws of heredity.
I just abandoned that possibility.

Come to think of it, there was no possibility that he was Sarah’s father in the first place.
He just looked older than me.
It is said that when you level up, you usually look younger, but that’s just because the level correction is added to your attractiveness.
Judging from his life, his level seems to be quite high, but even with that level correction, there is no way a guy with low attractiveness can look young.
He’s just about the same age as me.

It wasn’t that there was no possibility like a half-brother, but no matter how different the mother’s genes are. .
I really didn’t want to admit it.
Wasn’t it just built to look like a warrior’s bloodline skill?
In fact, a hero has nothing to do with blood, right?
No, but I think I heard that Sarah’s father was also a hero… .

“Why? Hopefully the saint is a warrior

Is it that strange?”

At that time, Diana looked at my face and spoke with a playful smile as if she could not even think of it.
okay. What good is it if I have to think on my own?
Diana, our wisdom bag, who can answer most of the questions you ask here.
But you have to be careful. Whatever the reason, unless Sarah has revealed that she is a hero, I cannot tell her before she reveals herself.

“That… Diana. I have a few questions.”

“Well? Something?”

“Is that the only hero in the world? Then there were no other warriors before?”

okay. If Sarah’s words are true, it means that Sarah’s father did not hide his job and was proud of his activities.
Then there’s no way Diana doesn’t know about it.

“Why not? That man’s family has been a warrior from generation to generation. So was that one’s mother, and she continued to be a hero all the way up.”

Diana didn’t give me the answer I wanted, but she did give me one hopeful answer.
Surely you just said your mother, not your father, is a hero?
If so, there is a possibility that it has nothing to do with Sarah.

“Is it a family of warriors… Then there were no other heroes?”

“It was only once. So you can rest assured.”

“What, what do you mean?”

“… He seemed quite worried that such a person was the only hero. Did you suddenly realize that you were a messenger of the Goddess?”

“Ahhh! Well, yes!”

Huh. Surprise. I was surprised to learn that you were talking about Sarah.

“Then, can we talk about the hero now?”


“You are alone with this body for a long time, but you are only talking about other people. In times like these, isn’t it polite to focus completely on this body?”

“Eh, ah. I was just curious. Diana too. What kind of bastard are you jealous of?”

“Are you talking about the man?”

“then. Were you a warrior man? Then maybe it was a woman with that face?”

“Ugh… huh!”

I smirked, but Diana glanced at me slightly and gave a cute sound as if she was really pouting and turned her head.
this. Maybe the timing was too bad.
Normally, Diana would have kindly informed me about this kind of thing, but today, it seems like the two of us are going on a date, so I guess he didn’t like my questioning.

“Okay. Sorry. It’s my fault. calm down.”

“huh! Yes!”

“a. Don’t do that.”

I looked at Diana, but Diana shook her head without looking at me until the end.

“Ah, it’s a date like this, are you really going to be like this? Even like this?”

“Hey! Now, are you stupid! Where are you going to touch outside?”

But when I tickled the place where the apostle’s seal was engraved on her lower abdomen, Diana was startled and patted me.

“okay. I didn’t pay attention because I was stupid. Now, without asking any other questions, I’ll just be looking at Diana. Let’s go eat somewhere else.”

“Anyway, you… .”

When I said that, Diana looked at me properly, as if it was difficult for her to be more pompous.

“I won’t be able to see you for a few days from tomorrow, escort me properly.”

“of course. wife.”


“Oh, I don’t mean to be an older lady. I mean my wife… .”
“Well! Come on, let’s go!”

It was Diana who felt better in an instant. cute guy.

“Huhu. That’s not it. That fork is for slicing meat. I use this for fish dishes.”

Fortunately, the two of us were able to have a leisurely meal this time.
Even with both me and Diana taking off their hoods, no one interfered.
In the meantime, lunch time had passed, and there were some people missing, and there were no noisy people like before.
Well, in the first place, those guys who made a lot of noise in a high-school restaurant where only nobles came and went were unusual cases.

Anyway, I ended up eating at a restaurant like this, so I tried to eat it formally, but the table manners were much more complicated than I thought.
Because at Diana’s mansion, I didn’t care about that and just ate it.
Even Diana, who was well versed in table manners, sometimes fed me or even ate while I was feeding her. It is fortunate that our Diana is a person who does not care about pretentiousness.
Anyway, that’s why I’m studying table manners, which is highly praised by Diana.
Unlike when she taught me information about the hero earlier, Diana smiled like she was really happy and taught me one by one kindly.
Table manners are annoying, but just seeing Diana’s smile is satisfying.

“So this is for fish dishes, and this is… .”

“Hey, it’s against manners to hold a knife and fork in one hand.”

“Oh yeah? Ah, this… .”

Then eventually I dropped a fork to the floor.
As I hurriedly leaned over to pick it up, Diana stopped me.

“Don’t pick it up. In this case, call the employee.”

Diana shook the bell on the table, called the waiter, and exchanged forks.

“Are you doing this to someone else? I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it.”

“Huhu. Did such a person try to enter the bathroom with these bodies? These bodies leave all the washing to the maid.”

“If that’s the case, don’t worry! no problem! Because I can entrust my whole body to the maids… !”

“no. it’s nothing.”

Diana tried to furrow her eyebrows again, so I had to stop talking in a hurry.
To be rude to the topic he brought up first… .

“But it is. You can’t even pick up a fork that has fallen to the ground. I don’t know what’s under the table.”

This restaurant was covered with long tablecloths under the table, so you couldn’t see inside at all.

“What stupid things are you talking about. There could be nothing.”

“Obviously there is nothing, but what could happen?”

“What… Whoa!”

Diana was about to tilt her head as if puzzled, then hastily covered her mouth with both hands.
Because under the table, I took off my shoes and stretched my legs out and put my toes through Diana’s crotch.

“What, what, what, what are you doing, huh… .”

“Look. No one around you notices. Table manners are also dangerous. Even when three or more eat together instead of two, don’t you notice if two of them are doing this?”

“Who, who is such a pervert… Whoops. Oh, I know, I’ll take it off right now.”

Diana, desperately suppressing her groan, spoke urgently about who she was afraid to see.
The way the pupils move quickly from side to side seems to be quite tense.
But our cute and sweet Diana is a girl whose tension comes with excitement.

“Huh? I think it’s a little wet?”

“Hey, huh! Could that be?! Get it off!”

“really? No, I think it’s wet. Aren’t you wet with this right now?”

“I, absolutely not!”

“Then it means you were already wet before then. Oh, by any chance, when I touched you here outside?”

As I said that, I lifted my feet up and pressed my toes against Diana’s lower abdomen, where the Apostle’s seal would be.


Then Diana covered her mouth with both hands again.

“Haha, come on, a man like you is really… !”

As Diana said that, she stared at me with tears in her eyes.

“Shh. Diana. table manners. Don’t try to scream like that when you’re eating. Let’s continue eating.”

As I said that, I lowered my foot again and brought it to Diana’s pussy.
He didn’t try to provoke it, he literally just brought it to him.

“Ha ha ha ha. Oh, are you not going to clean it up?”

“But I want to stay in touch with Diana. It’s not something anyone can see, isn’t it?”

“Come on, you have this body… Heh, do you know I’m stupid? Sweet words… Don’t try to fool around. be ok… Hout.”

“Now that’s not me. know?”

“Wow, whoops… .”

Diana covered her mouth and looked at me like she was just resentful.
But it’s true.
I really just held it on and didn’t move at all.
Diana wiggled her legs alone while rubbing my feet with her thighs, and the stimulation was transmitted to her pubic area.

“Come on, Diana. let’s eat I’ll keep doing this until I’m done.”

“Ugh… !”

Diana grabbed the fork with the other, with one hand still covering her mouth.
How could you eat with your mouth shut like that?
But this was not the time to worry about that.
This is because the food that had been picked up with a fork in the first place was never moved near the mouth.

“Ugh… !”

With a click, the fork Diana was holding fell to the floor.

“this… Ah!”

I tried to bow down, and then again with an exaggerated movement.


“I almost forgot table manners. In that case, I was calling an employee.”

“Ugh! Oops! Oops!”

Diana shook her head desperately from side to side, covering her mouth with her hand as if to tell her not to.
But to me, those bulging eyes felt that it wasn’t because I absolutely hated this situation.
No, rather… .
I grabbed the little bell on the table and shook it right away to call the waiter.

“Did you call?”

“Huh… !”



Diana, who trembled as soon as the employee arrived and groaned unknowingly, took her hand away from her mouth with a forced smile when the employee made a puzzled face.
His face was bright red with tears forming around his eyes, and the corners of his mouth were trembling.
It’s very unnatural But our Diana is incredibly pretty.
The employee seemed more embarrassed by the fact that a pretty girl like Diana smiled at her rather than Diana’s unnatural smile.
His face turned red and he hurriedly turned his gaze to me.
If you are an employee of a restaurant frequented by nobles, you must be quite familiar with beautiful women, but it’s our Diana.

“Ha ha. Sorry for this. I dropped the fork again.”

I said it on behalf of Diana, who was unable to speak.

“Oh, no. I’m sorry. It doesn’t even make sense. Please wait a moment.”

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Another hero

After saying that, the waiter put a new fork on the table, bent his knees, and tried to pick up the fork that had fallen on the floor.
The fork was also properly half-tucked inside the tablecloth, so the employee’s hand naturally turned into the tablecloth.
If you roll up the tablecloth like that, you’ll see my feet tucked between Diana’s crotch right in front of the waitress.
And maybe Diana was thinking the same thing as me.
The thighs, which had been squeezing tight as if they were holding my feet in between, began to tremble with more and more strength.
Even so, he raised the corners of his mouth and maintained a smile, and didn’t groan once.
Also, the spirit of the Archmage was great.

Of course, it didn’t happen that the employee rolled up the tablecloth and checked the inside.
The employee picked up the fork and stood up immediately, as if he had not noticed anything.
That doesn’t mean that Diana’s thighs are trembling with my feet tight between them, though.

“Then excuse me. If anything happens, call me again.”

The waiter bowed deeply and walked away from our table.

“Uhhhhhh… !”

And as soon as she saw that the employee had disappeared, Diana reached its climax as she covered her mouth with both hands and let out a silent moan.
with my feet in between

while rubbing the thighs sharply.
The tip of her toes, which had been getting wetter and wetter, were wet enough to say that she was soaked in love juice.

Diana, who experienced such a silent climax, put her head on the table and tried to fall over.
Ouch. That’s not okay.
I got up quickly and grabbed Diana’s shoulder and supported her before she fell.
It’s very uncomfortable to wear shoes with wet feet. Well, I’m not in a position to complain because it’s completely self-sufficient.

“Diana, are you okay?”

“Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… .”

Diana didn’t answer.
But those eyes were speaking to me with certainty.
‘Does this look good to you?’
But even as she said that with her eyes, it seemed that Diana was still feeling the afterglow of the climax around her body. Shaking her body from time to time, Diana let out only rough breaths.
I summoned the water spirit and made it immediately drain the moisture from my feet and Diana’s lower body.
I don’t think the day will come when learning the spirits will be helpful.
Once I got rid of the moisture, I got up and hugged Diana and called the waitress.

“Did you call?”

When the waitress came, Diana reflexively flinched and trembled.
Still, it was pretty cute to see her hugging my neck with both arms and burying her face in my chest.
It was because of me that I became like this in the first place, but why are you still relying on me like this?

“Your companion seems to be feeling a bit unwell, but is there no place to rest?”

“Ah, then I will guide you to the break room.”

As I followed the waiter, I was immediately led to a room with a sofa long enough to lay Diana on.
The room itself didn’t look very spacious, but it’s great to have such a space in the restaurant where you can properly relax.
Besides, as expected, there was no one in the break room.

“Then please rest in peace.”

As soon as the waitress left, I got on top of Diana, who was lying on the sofa.

“Again, haha… what else to do… .”

“a. knowing Did Diana actually lack a bit too?”

“Oh no!”

“Then you don’t want to be with me?!”

“It’s not like that, the time and place… ! Whoa!”

“Saying that, loudly clamoring to put it in from below? Now listen.”

I leaned aside the jade, which had already lost its function, and put my finger on Diana’s vagina, stinging it slightly.
Then, an obscene gurgling sound reverberated from Diana’s vagina to the entire room.

“Ugh! Hey, if someone comes along… !”

“Then let me show you. I have nothing to hide You have a relationship with such a pretty girl, what can you hide?”

“Oh, whoa! such a problem… ! Whoa!”

Even in this situation, Diana kept her sane and protested, but as soon as she added another finger into her vagina, she stopped protesting and sobbed.
I grabbed Diana and headed right next to the hinge of the door.
Due to the structure of the door opening to the inside of the room, if you stay here, even if the door opens, you will have room to straighten up your posture even a little.
Then I summoned the wind spirit and asked him to block out the surrounding noise.
Summoning spirits and making them use magic was a heavy mana burden, but I was able to cover that with the healing sex that will be activated from now on.
From the looks of it, it seems that there is no need to use the saint skill on Diana.

“Then, Diana. I will put it in.”

“Well, you really are in a place like this… Whoops!”

I untied only the front of my pants to take things out, and then I unbuckled the underwear inside Diana’s skirt and started inserting it right away.

“Uh-huh! who comes… !”

“It’s okay as long as Diana is quiet.”

To Diana, who was anxious, I answered that with a slightly gambled feeling.

“Go, it might be possible… ha ha! I can’t! Whoops! really! Whoa!”

And my gamble seemed to have been successful.
Calling out spirits and using magic is all done with mana.
I thought there was a good chance Diana would figure it out, but luckily she didn’t seem to notice that she had blocked the sound.
Even if she maintains her sanity and appears to protest, in the end, Diana is also excited about the situation and is not in her state.
That means you can enjoy this outdoor play more dramatically.

“Do you think you might hear it when you say it like that? Actually, does Diana also want to brag to other people? Is Diana, who is respected by everyone as the supreme archmage, showing everyone how she is panting while being hugged by a man like this?”

“Ugh! Oh no! hey! Ha ha!”

Diana widened her eyes and shook her head desperately from side to side.
But the pussy was getting tighter and tighter on my things, and the waist was moving like pleasure.

“You’re moaning like that so people can hear you saying no.”

“Hey, this is… heh… Intentionally… Yes! Whoops! Oh!”

As Diana continued to moan while talking, she finally pulled my face and kissed me as if she was trying to stop it somehow.

“what. After all, Diana also wanted to do it.”

“Ugh. Hmm. side. Whoops!”

Even if I opened my mouth slightly and teased, Diana, who had kissed her once, didn’t care anymore.
He immediately kissed her again, put her tongue in her, gave her a deep kiss, and just turned her back and forth.

“Diana, are you okay?”

“Good… better because… .”

“Isn’t it better to do it outside?”

“Ugh! Come with you, hey! It’s good to be with you! Whoops! So more… more… !”

Anyway, Diana always avoids the answers I want in this way.
Besides, it is an answer that accurately penetrates the human mind.
It wasn’t the answer I wanted, but since it’s a cute and unique answer, I’m satisfied with it.
The Archmage-sama’s brain is so over-excited that it works even when it’s insane.
How can we make it a little more chaotic, and make it beyond normal judgment?
I tried using the saint’s power.

“Hey uh huh! Ah, ah, ah! Yes! Whoops!”

Then Diana moaned without even protesting properly at me.
He was so excited that Diana, who loved the kiss, sobbed in pleasure and took her mouth off me.
Good. If this… !

“Ugh! hey! Whoops! Whoops! Ha ha!”

As I shook her back violently back and forth, Diana just clinged to me and sobbed, never thinking of kissing again.
Diana’s tongue was droopy and didn’t think to respond, even when she kissed her open mouth and put her tongue in to stimulate it.
But when I saw that the arm around my neck gave me strength and hugged me tightly, it was like telling me to keep kissing.
At the same time, I gave strength to the legs that were wrapped around my waist and hugged me, so I don’t know if it’s just because I feel it too much.
Well, the interpretation is up to me.

“Heh! Whoops! Whoa!”

And not long after, Diana’s body trembled and reached its climax.
The pussy, which had been holding my things tight, has stimulated my things by wrinkling and wriggling lewdly as if telling you to stop wrapping it too.
Even as Diana reached her climax, I didn’t stop moving my lower back.
No, he worked even harder to get Diana’s spirit out.

“Diana. I’m slowly… .”

“Ugh! Yes! Huh!”

Diana nodded her head as if she could do it anytime.
Even in the midst of reaching the climax, he must have been out of his mind because he stabbed himself in the back, and I am so grateful.
But I was not satisfied with that.

“If I wrap it up like this here, wouldn’t it be possible to run down my skirt when I go back?”

“Huh? Huh?”

Diana looked at me with blank eyes.

“So, so that there are no traces left, won’t you take it with your mouth?”

“Heh! Yes! Whoops!”

Diana couldn’t answer properly because she was sobbing, but I decided to go, believing that Diana would do it.

“Then Diana!”


When I finally poked Diana inside and pulled her out, Diana climaxed once again.
And Diana, who had no support, slid down with her back against the wall and fell to the floor.
I brought the tip of the object to Diana’s mouth and grabbed Diana’s hand to make her scan the object.


And when the ejaculation began, Diana’s cheeks immediately began to swell, perhaps too much to fit in Diana’s tiny mouth.
Diana, insane from outdoor play and continuous orgasms, seemed to be unable to keep up with her thoughts as her mouth filled with semen.
Unable to swallow the liquid in his mouth, he inflated his cheeks and held them in his mouth, looking up at me with a blank expression.

“Diana. please. Swallow it.”

“Ugh. gulp, gulp. pu ha. haha haha.”

And Diana, without a word, gulped the liquid in her mouth and passed it down her throat.
Even after swallowing the whole thing, Diana remained seated for a while with a blank expression on her face.
Good. In the meantime, let’s do some tidying up.
I summoned the water spirits and asked them to wipe out any traces of the stinky liquid on the floor where we were.
As an added bonus, I asked the Wind Spirit to stop blocking the sound and get rid of the smell.
The mana was a little tight due to the continuous use of the spirit of the wind and the use of the saint’s power, but he was able to succeed in completing the post-processing somehow.

And just as I had just finished cleaning up, I heard footsteps through the door.
Oh, please!
I hurriedly got Diana to her feet, wrapped her arms around her waist, and held her by my side.

“customer. If your condition doesn’t seem to be improving, even this potion… .”

Again, the owner of the footsteps was an employee.
Even for a high-end restaurant, the service is too much, isn’t it?
Did you fall for this because Diana laughed at her earlier?

“no. Fine. I think it’s okay. Right, Diana?”

I asked Diana, who grabbed her shichimi and hugged her next to her.
Diana didn’t open her mouth, just smiled softly and nodded.
thank God. You’re responding properly.

“Is that so… .”

The employee blushed when Diana smiled, but muttered as if something was missing.
Whoops. are you jealous? this girl is my girl

“Then let’s go back to our seats.”

I took Diana and went back to my seat.
However, Diana made a gesture to leave with only a gesture, as if she had no intention of continuing her meal.
Guided by him, I took Diana out of the restaurant, and Diana first looked around to make sure there was no one there.
And when it was confirmed that no one was there, he opened his mouth that had been shut.

“You! Think! is there! Isn’t there? Are you stupid! no! Definitely stupid! Fool! transformation!”

Along with his unique pounding attack.

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