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The Saint’s Dungeon Affair MTL Chapter 360-372

Another hero

“Ouch. Diana. hurt. Stop hitting.”

“Don’t lie! Fool! transformation!”

I shrugged as I was hit with the pat, but the action seemed to only fuel Diana’s anger.
Diana swung her arm even stronger, stopped attacking for a moment as her fist hurt, and clapped her hands.
So I said stop beating.

“Wow… Also smells… .”

Diana, who was blowing her hand, muttered like that, and then looked at me again.
Huh? smell?

“Besides, in your mouth at the end! You even make me drink! Why is this so good?!”

“Huh. To be honest, it was really good. By the way, was that why you didn’t open your mouth? Ouch. hurt. Diana.”

“What are you going to do with this smell? Huh?! how… Oops.”

I kissed Diana’s mouth, who was crying and stroking.
After intertwining my tongue and letting the saliva flow through each other’s mouths, I opened my mouth.

“Is this the same for me? Is this okay?”

There was also a way to make you rinse your mouth with magic, but if you put it in your mouth and rinse it off as soon as you wrap it, it’s a bit disappointing.
like a pervert? i’m pervert Again, what’s wrong with a man because he’s a pervert!

“Well, isn’t that a problem… !”

As Diana said that, powerlessly tapped my chest once and bowed her head.

“It was a long-awaited date, but… .”

Oh, yes.
Of course, she would be angry that she suddenly did something lewd in such a place, but not only that, but Diana is even more angry that it ends like this, since it is a date that they have been dating for a long time.
that’s… a little. No, I’m very sorry.

“Really sorry! I thought it was short. Still, we have plenty of time, so we can start dating properly from now on. Where shall we go to eat again?”

“Okay. I’m full.”

“Huh? That’ll be it… Ah… .”

“Wow, what are you thinking! Not like that!”

“no. I haven’t said anything yet.”

“Anyway, it’s not like that!”

“okay. I knew I wasn’t full from semen, so let’s go on a date again.”

“Didn’t you say no!”

Diana screamed, blushing red, but she followed me.
It seems like he still wants to go on a date more.

“Well. It’s getting late in the evening.”

Diana murmured as if lonely as she looked at the setting sunset.
We’ve been together all day, is it still not enough?

“Would you like to play some more?”

The streets of this city do not get very dark even at night.
Because adventurers who go in and out of the dungeon almost never have day or night.
Some shops are only open during the day, while others are only open at night. There are even stores that are open 24 hours a day.
Thanks to the surprisingly developed technology and the abundance of mana stones that adventurers brought from the dungeon, this street was bright and lively enough even at night than in the world I was originally in.
So I offered Diana that way, but Diana slowly shook her head.

“no. just go back Still, you can’t monopolize others so they can’t even see your face.”

In any case, be nice and have it.
Well, it’s Diana’s turn tonight too, so if you play like this, you’ll be stuck with Diana without seeing the other kids’ faces.
Still, Diana is going to the dungeon tomorrow.

“Are you okay? Are you satisfied enough? Diana won’t see me for several days starting tomorrow. Can I be more selfish?”

“It’s okay. Anyway, at night… Is it the best thing you can do?”

“then! Sure!”

“Don’t try to work in a strange direction again, just do it normally.”

Perhaps my lively reply was unsettling, Diana reassured her.

“Because only trust me.”

“Isn’t it because you seldom show reliable behavior?”

Well, definitely. It is a word that cannot be denied conscientiously.
Anyway, Diana’s intentions were the same, so we decided to return to the mansion at this point.

“Oh. Salvation? Diana?”

And just as we were about to go to the mansion, we heard an angelic voice calling our name.
Without even checking my face, I immediately recognized who the owner of the voice was.

“Leia! Is Leia on her way back now?”

“Huhu. Yes. It is a coincidence that we met in a place like this.”

Leia smiled softly and naturally came to my side and folded her arms.
A warm, soft touch wrapped around my arm.

“What are you two doing in the shopping district?”

“Ah, I came here to put the waterproof coating on the equipment, and I was just looking around. Right, Diana?”

I looked at Diana as I said that, but Diana didn’t answer.


Have you ever been upset that your date was interrupted no matter how much you were going back?
With that in mind, I glanced at Diana’s face, but Diana’s face hidden behind the hood didn’t have that expression on her face.
Rather, as if anxious about something, his eyes trembled slightly and his mouth was tightly shut.

“Diana? What is it?”

“Savior. Did you do anything wrong to Diana?”

wow. Why is such a question popping up?
Even the angels think so. There are things I usually do, so I’ll see the karma, but surprisingly, the damage to my fragile heart was quite large.

“Oh, no! I didn’t do anything wrong this time!”


But Leia said with a slightly playful face, bringing her face closer to mine as if she had guessed something.
And I could see that pretty nostrils moving a little bit, but moving cutely.
uh? could this be? Ah! So Diana!

“Well then! Not really!”

Having said that, I hurriedly turned my head away from Leia.
Dangerous. Ever since then, I haven’t rinsed my mouth.
It’s been a while, but the smell isn’t there, right?
I suddenly started getting anxious because my partner was Leia, who has a good sense of smell.
we are smart

As soon as Diana saw Leia’s face, she knew it and shut her mouth.

“Huhu. is that so?”

Leia chuckled at what was so fun.
But, as if he had no intention of questioning me any more, I moved while pulling my arm in my arms.
Oh, didn’t you hear that? Or did you pretend you didn’t notice?

“Can I look forward to tomorrow?”

As if answering my question, Leia gently raised her head and muttered quietly in her ear so that only me could hear it.
You got it too! After all, like an angel, he didn’t seem to have any intention of being jealous or teasing, but after all, it’s embarrassing to be found out like this.

“Well then… .”


wow. That pitiful smile is the angel itself, but it’s hard to look straight at that face right now.
You may not have heard the angel’s voice, but Diana was secretly pinching her side so that Leia wouldn’t be noticed.
While apologizing diligently to Diana like that, I returned to the mansion with flowers in both hands.

“Then, Mr. I’ll change a little and come.”

After returning to the mansion, Leia said so and went back to her room.
And as soon as Leia became out of sight, Diana immediately attacked me.

“What to do! that reaction! Isn’t that the reaction that you noticed!”

“It’s okay, it’s okay. I did that with Leia as well.”

“Now that’s what Genga is saying! that! The problem! Isn’t it?”

Damn it. How did you do it so well that we even went on a date happily?
At the end of the day, such a variable will appear.
no. It’s not really our angel’s fault, but rather, our angel knew and didn’t say anything to Diana, but there was no way we could not have known that our clever Diana noticed Leia’s reaction.

“Ji, calm down. Let’s eat rice. When you eat, the smell in your mouth will disappear.”

“Does it smell too?! hey… .”

Hey. Are you trying to cry because a child who has grown old is a little embarrassed?

“Oh, no! I didn’t mean it that way! Diana only smells good!”

I had no choice but to stop attacking and desperately read Diana, who was about to die of shame.

As a result of my desperate reading, Diana managed to calm down and come down to eat.
Although it was still embarrassing that he couldn’t make eye contact with Leia.

“uh? By the way, what about Sylvia?”

Everyone came down to eat, but Sylvia was nowhere to be seen.
Usually, he always comes at the same time because he’s doing my stalking, and on days when he can’t stalk me because he’s away from me, he’s the first to arrive at the restaurant.

“I haven’t seen him come out since morning. I didn’t call you on purpose because I thought you might be sleeping, but shall I go and call you?”

Vanessa, who was standing behind Diana with an expressionless expression, answered my question.
Come to think of it, it seems that he is seeing through everything in the mansion.
Yesterday, when I wrote stealth, he ran straight to me.
by chance

The timing was too good to think.
Isn’t it possible that there are surveillance cameras all over the hallway and they’re always watching?

“no. You don’t have to. I’ll go pick it up myself.”

If it’s after morning, I’m talking about after I passed out.
I don’t think I’ve passed out yet, but… .
Feeling a little responsible, I moved to bring Sylvia myself.


I knocked on the door and called for his name, but there was no answer from the room.
When I opened the door slightly and peered into the room, I saw Sylvia lying on the bed and sleeping softly.
I guess I haven’t really passed out since morning until now, have I?
What if they stretched out that much for one surprise kiss on the cheek?

“Hey. Sylvia. Hey. Stop getting up.”

I approached the edge of the bed and shook Sylvia’s body lightly.

“Yes… . Eh?!”

Sylvia slowly opened her eyes, saw my face, and hurriedly got up.

“Ah, ah… Why, why is the savior here… Besides, night… hot! dream?!”

Sylvia looked around and saw that this was her room, then looked at me again and panicked.
And after I looked out the window and confirmed that the time was going down, I wondered if I would fall into a panic state even more… Suddenly, as if realizing something, he cried out.
I was convinced of at least one thing by looking at it.
It will definitely be fun from now on.

“Huh. Sylvia, what are you talking about? It’s Sylvia’s turn today.”

I deliberately muttered in such a soft voice, and gently placed my hand behind Sylvia’s head.
I thought it would definitely start to vibrate, but as expected, Sylvia didn’t tremble.

“Salvation… Salvation… .”

Rather, he looked at my face with an ecstatic expression and muttered like that, then slowly tried to kiss my lips.
Hey, this guy… I thought it was a dream and became bold.
It wasn’t the idea of ​​a teenage boy trying to do something he couldn’t even dream of.
But sorry. Still, a little kiss… .
I think Sylvia would allow our kids to kiss as well, but of course I want to, but it doesn’t seem like I’m doing it this way right now.
Besides, if you kiss me now and reveal that this is real, you won’t faint again.


So I gave Sylvia a lovely look and muttered her name.

“Yes, Guwon-san… .”

“This is not a dream.”

“… … Huh?!”

After a long silence, as if she didn’t know what I was saying, Sylvia’s body began to tremble.

“Ugh… Ahhh… I, what did I do… It’s not like that… there… OMG… Alas… .”

Sylvia’s face reddened to the limit, and eventually, as if a fuse had blown, it flopped inside my arm and fell again.
Isn’t it the same as passing out in the end even if you don’t kiss?
I had no choice but to go back to the restaurant by myself.

“Salvation? Didn’t you say you’d bring Sylvia?”

“Ah, yes. he was still sleeping So I just left him to sleep.”

“Is it this long? It’s not good for your body to sleep too long.”

“That’s it. Was going to the dungeon harder than you thought? haha.”

it’s sylvia I’m sorry.

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Another hero

“Then I will go.”

After reaching the guild’s main gate, Diana turned to me and said,

“Huh. be careful. don’t get hurt anywhere. Have you got everything you need?”

“It’s okay. Is this body a child?”

Diana said that, but she didn’t hate that I was taking care of her like this.
After all, last night went well as promised.
Without falling into any perverted acts, Diana thoroughly did what she wanted.
If I did that during the day and tried to do something strange until night, I might have gotten really angry, and I couldn’t see you for a few days from the next day, and I didn’t even think about playing with it any more.
Anyway, as a result of satisfying them enough, Diana is feeling very good now.

“You must not have an accident while this body is away.”

“a. what is thinking I’ll stay at home and be quiet with my kids.”

“Ugh. … Do it in moderation.”

“Huh. As soon as Diana comes back, I’ll put them together so I can hug them right away.”

“Hey, it’s not like that!”

Diana said so, covering my mouth and looking around to see if anyone could have heard it.
What’s the use of shutting your mouth now?

“Ah, anyway, stay calm! Be quiet!”

Diana shouted only those words as if she was embarrassed, and ran to the guild.
And the older sisters of the Wizards Association followed them, looking at them happily.

Now, shall I go home quietly as Diana said?
In fact, the reason I came this far was to carry the equipment.
In order to go to the dungeon, Diana, of course, had to stop by the smithy where she left her equipment.
I was planning to head straight from the blacksmith to the dungeon, so of course it was difficult to get other kids’ equipment, so I followed to move it.
And it means that I came to see off him by following him all the way to the front of the guild.
Actually, I came in a wagon pulled by Vanessa, so it was a matter of leaving Vanessa to carry the equipment, but it’s lonely to think that we won’t be able to see Diana’s face for a few days.

“Good. Then Vanessa. Where do you want to go first?”


“No, it’s a joke. Don’t look at me with that face.”

no. It’s expressionless, but that’s it.
Stop staring at me without a word.

“Is that so?”

Hey. Was it really a joke? What do I do when I go out to play with a boy like you.
Plus I’m all over the city now. No, maybe it’s because he’s a saint who is getting attention all over the world.
Even now, people’s eyes are very stingy.
It’s like being caught while riding Diana’s carriage anyway, so I just came without a robe, but this is beyond my imagination.
It would be better if this gaze was the gaze of women

It would have felt good.
It couldn’t have been so painful to see the young boys from all directions staring with eager eyes.

“Come on, let’s go.”

I hurried to Vanessa as I got into the lavish carriage.
If it wasn’t for all of the Wizards Association sisters, I would have come in a small carriage, but I couldn’t come by myself, so today I rode the largest and most luxurious carriage in Diana’s mansion.

“… Why are you sitting there?”

Seeing me sitting in the driver’s seat, Vanessa asked again, with a lot of vigilant lights on.
Has he already forgotten how I endured to the end even when he bumped into me the last time?
What are you limiting yourself to?

“Huh? Oh, I want to see you driving a carriage in person. looks like fun Why? No?”

“… no.”

After saying that, Vanessa lightly jumped up next to me just by jumping.
But Vanessa stood still, looking down at me, not thinking of sitting down.
No matter how big the carriage, the carriage itself was not that big, so maybe you don’t want to sit right next to me?
Indeed, if even the country is rejected like this, it hurts a little.
You say you’re weaker than I look.


“Yeah. I will leave.”

But when I called my name, Vanessa put her ass down next to me as if she had made up her mind.
Since Vanessa is rather bulky for a woman, it fits perfectly from her hip to one thigh.
indeed. This is a little embarrassing.
Of course I’m not ashamed of it at all. Rather, it is rather enjoyable.

“By the way, Vanessa.”

“… Yeah.”

“What about clothes?”

“… … Yeah?”

“Maid clothes, maid clothes. When are you going to give it back? I don’t know when I’ll be using it, so I want to get it back as soon as possible.”

“… … I’ll go back and give it to you.”

Ah, the expression on her face now seemed to be able to read emotions somehow.
It is an expression that tells you not to say that it is something to write, but at least say something to wear.

“Well. let me do that… .”
“Kaaaah! ㅤ!”

As I nodded satisfactorily in the imitation of Diana, suddenly I heard such a vulgar noise nearby.
When I turned my head to the place where the sound was coming from, an ordinary man was staring at me with a thick expression.
It was the hero I met yesterday.
From yesterday to today
He’s been swearing at me like that, isn’t he actually stalking me?
I don’t know if it’s a cute stalker like Sylvia, but I can’t guarantee how I’ll turn out to be myself if that bastard does.
Maybe it’s something related to Sarah, but considering what Diana said yesterday, it didn’t seem like that.
Come to think of it, I didn’t ask about the warrior in detail.
I could have asked him on the way to the guild.
The thought of not seeing Diana for a few days made me flirt and forgot to focus on it.

Anyway, that’s something you can ask later, why did that guy suddenly pop out like that

Are you making a face?
I don’t like this?
He certainly cursed at me yesterday, but he was an idiot who couldn’t even swear properly when he met me face to face.
Oh, yes. Yesterday I had Diana so I couldn’t curse properly
First of all, I decided to accept his argument.
All complaints received are accepted without ignoring them. this is my theory
I beckoned Vanessa to stop the carriage, then looked down at him with contempt.

“Hey. the ugly guy there. Are you looking at me now?”

“Ugly bastard?! Are you looking at me like that?!”

simple cub. The taunt effect works well.
After all, he seems to be quite complex in appearance.
Is it possible that you’re arguing with me like that because you’re jealous of a handsome me?
Well, I don’t mean to look down on the guy who quarreled with me.

“Then, is there another ugly person here besides you? I asked first. Are you spitting at me now?”

Even if the carriage was moving slowly because it was on the street, you could do something like that while holding onto a passing carriage. This is beyond imagination.

“profit… ! So what will you do?!”

“I’m going to ask you, when did you argue that you saw me?”

“Yeah, you bastard! I’m not saying you don’t remember me!”

“How do I remember a guy who looks like you? Who are you?”

“Hey, hey, hey, hey!”

His face was flushed red as if he didn’t know what to do with anger and ran away.
Huh? I wonder if that’s not all we met at the restaurant yesterday?
That reaction is not a reaction that is hostile to me just because of yesterday.
When the hell did you see me?
No matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t imagine anything.
I don’t even want to remember every single boy’s face in the first place.
After coolly giving up on remembering when I met him, I decided to settle this fight.

“Hey. But you mean Can’t you see the seal on the carriage I’m on?”

“What? what does it matter… Whoa!”

It was only then that he checked the seal that symbolized Diana, and his complexion turned a little blue.
Isn’t this really stupid than you think?

“Diana. A guy who doesn’t know who you are is suddenly arguing with our carriage.

“Ugh… Ji, the supreme archmage. Sorry… .”

I said while looking into the empty wagon, and he lowered his head and said.
He also looked like a typical small boy who was weak against the strong.

“Remember it. ugly bastard The difference between you and me right now is the difference between you and me. Not just in looks, but in every way. If you know, be careful about your actions in the future. If you’re ugly, you should at least be kind.”


Whether or not he grinds his teeth with his head bowed, I just said what I had to say and made Vanessa move the wagon again.
Watching the horses move slowly, I gave him one more word.

“Hey. By the way, there is currently no Diana. You just bowed your head to me.”

“This dog… !”

As soon as I said that, he got angry and tried to run into the wagon, but the next word he said stopped immediately.

“Since the carriage belongs to Diana, if it breaks, it will be very difficult.”

“Aaaah! Let’s see!”

Such a guy is a warrior. No, it’s true that even Diana was called a hero.
The more I looked at it, the more unbelievable it was to act like a small boy.
I’d like to try an analysis first.
I tilted my head to the side of the carriage and tried to analyze it on him.

Level: 198
Occupation: Hero Warrior
Race: Magic

Then, at a good timing, whether the level of the analyzer had risen, in addition to the level and occupation that had been shown so far, one additional piece of information was displayed.
uh? Wait a minute. Is the race a mage?
Same with Sarah… .
As soon as I thought of that, the carriage turned around the corner and the figure disappeared from sight.

it’s mine
Obviously, considering Diana’s words yesterday, it seemed as if there was no blood relationship between Sarah and the guy.
It seems that there were other heroes besides that guy’s family line.
It’s hard to think that a guy like that and Sarah are of the same bloodline, unless it’s genetics.
Besides, if you think about it, it is absurd to secretly raise the daughter of a famous warrior family as a country girl.
Even more so in a situation where there was only one hero left.

But the race is the same.
Could it be such a coincidence?
Same hero, same magician. It’s too weird to be a coincidence.
I ran an analysis randomly on a human-looking person as I passed by in a wagon.
However, there was not even a single Mine in sight.
Even if they were not of the same bloodline as Sarah, suspicions that the heroic family and Sarah had something to do with each other grew more and more.

Previously, Diana had said that Maine was just one of many races that Goddess brought from another world.
I wondered if that was the case back then, but now I have changed my mind.
Maybe the race called Majin has something to do with the lineage of the warrior?

As I thought about it, my mind became more complicated.
After all, the dungeon was right after suspicions arose that it might have been made with the body of a demon.
demons and demons. You look incredibly related.
What the hell kind of race is a demon?

Of course, I was curious that it might have something to do with the demon, but more importantly, our Sara is a demon.
Of course, even if the demon is a race related to the demon, my love for Sarah does not change.
But the fear was unavoidable.
The tragic story development caused by the race is the royal road to this fantasy world.
In order to prevent such a tragedy, it seemed necessary to investigate Mine in more detail.

But how?
Even Diana, who must have lived longer than anyone else, doesn’t seem to know about the race called Majin.
If it’s a clue… Come to think of it, I mentioned earlier that his family was a family of warriors from generation to generation.

In other words, isn’t there a possibility that they were demons from generation to generation?
Could it be that information about him has been passed down from generation to generation?
Although I didn’t hear from Diana in detail, it is possible that that family of warriors has been passed down since before Diana was born.
Then it would be reasonable to say that there is some kind of tradition that Diana doesn’t know about.
After all, it looks like we need to meet that guy again.


As I was organizing my thoughts, Vanessa next to me called my name.


“It’s off topic, but I will tell you something. That person is known for being the most rude and vulgar personality among the aristocrats famous for that direction. If you face each other, you will only fall to the same level as you. Salvation-sama’s actions will soon lead to Diana-sama’s face, so wouldn’t it be better to refrain from the same actions as before? no. In the future, I think it would be best not to meet as much as possible.”

“Ah, yes. I will be more careful in the future.”

what is it It’s a subtle feeling to hear the story cut out like this.
To be honest, I have a realization that I was similarly childish before.
Should I explain that it was an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth?
no. Still, Vanessa was considerate and didn’t cut it down to say that they were the same level, so would it be rude if I made excuses instead?
Was it right to take care in the first place?
I stared at Vanessa’s face, but her facial muscles still didn’t move.
no. Even if it’s for the purpose of what you just said, and the feelings aren’t revealed, isn’t it normal for a kid with a high level of attractiveness like me to be right next to you and be a little shy when you stare at him like this?
I have absolutely no intention of flirting with Vanessa, but I feel like I’ve lost something.

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Another hero

Anyway, taking Vanessa’s advice, I decided to postpone my visit to the trash hero a bit.
Of course, we will meet. For none other than Sarah.
However, even if we do meet, I thought that it would be better to consult and meet after Diana returns.
Diana even told her not to make an accident while she was away, and since the trash is weak to the strong, she crawled when she saw Diana, so it would be easy to deal with.
Diana said that she would be able to come on her next turn, so just wait 3 days.
With that in mind, I went back to the mansion.

“… You are following me here.”

After arriving at the mansion, as she was about to get off the carriage, Vanessa suddenly murmured.

“Yes? what?”

“He just kept chasing after him.”

Vanessa only said so, but I could definitely understand what she meant.

“uh? really?”



“Shall we deal with it?”

“Oh, no. Just leave it alone.”

After all, the only reason I was riding was Diana’s carriage was an attack.

He’s a nerd who never did.
But there’s no way I could infiltrate Diana’s mansion.
Attacking the wagon that Diana was not riding in and infiltrating the mansion that Diana might or may not be in are clearly different in weight.
No matter how stupid you are, you know that.
He must have followed me to check if I was actually entering Diana’s mansion.

What surprised me more wasn’t that he followed us.
I was just surprised by Vanessa.
How the hell do you know they’re after us?
gee? Or do you feel some sort of spiritual pressure from that garbage?
It’s not some kind of boy manga.
I hope he understands everything that happened in the mansion… .

Besides, this guy, I just asked if you’d like to deal with it casually.
Even though the opponent is a warrior.
That level was pretty high.
Besides, if you are a hero, your status will be incomparably high compared to other people of the same level.
Looking at her face, I can’t be sure of that, but hey, it’s a shame that she’s ugly, but her charms and other stats aren’t as good as Sara?
Anyway, is our super butler confident enough to defeat such a hero?

I looked at her with indescribable emotion, but she still didn’t wriggle a muscle in her face.
… okay. done. I even started to think that I would lose if I thought about anything related to him.

I stopped thinking any more and went inside the mansion.
Then, in the corner of his field of vision, he saw something running back and forth.
Even if he ran away, he wasn’t far away, and he could see who he was through his head sticking out of the corner.

“Sylvia? come on It doesn’t hurt.”

I tried beckoning with a smile as gentle as possible, but as soon as Sylvia realized that I had been caught, she disappeared with a knocking sound.
Perhaps because of that incident yesterday, he was more shy to meet me than usual.
Still, it was enough to come when I called.
Are you too shy to give priority to running away over my orders?
Well, I can’t help it. I can only hope that it will recover over time.

But you can’t play with Sylvia.
I still can’t go out comfortably, but there is one more thing to play with.
I can’t help it. Perhaps Sarah and Leia will be in the mansion properly today.
I wandered around the mansion at random, and decided to play with the first one I saw.

“What? Is he still hanging out outside?”

Time passed and it was early evening.
I asked back with a serious expression on the sudden report of Vanessa.

“… Yeah.”

Vanessa looked down at me and answered, still expressionless.

“Hmm… What do you mean?”

Are you waiting for the night to come?
No, he has a brain enough to be scared of Diana’s prestige.
You know this isn’t about raiding at night or ending with a joke.
Then what is it?
For what purpose are you still lingering outside the mansion?
I crossed my arms and thought with a serious face.

“Uhhhhhh… .”

oh oh oh
But then, as the soft breath tickled my ears, my facial muscles automatically loosened and my body trembled.

“Oh my, whoops. Come on, Salvation. This is it. Next is the left.”

“Hehehe. Huh.”

After hearing our angel’s voice, I smiled and turned around.
My wife, the angel’s crotch is right in front of my eyes… !
Of course, it was covered with clothes, but the scent seemed to fill the entire nose.

“Oh, go-goo. It’s embarrassing to smell like that.”

“sorry. because I like it so much.”

“Huhu. Salvation is also… .”

What are you doing?
that’s obvious Our angel is digging our ears.
I was lying with my head on the angel’s thigh, looking outward, and I just turned to the angel.

“… savior. How would you like him to respond?”

Vanessa, who was still watching us flirt, asked me a question again.
I don’t know if it was because of my mood, but that voice seemed to have a little more power than usual.

“Ah, yes. Wait a minute. I will think about it. uh… .”

I thought about it, enjoying the sensation of the angel gently digging into my ear with an earpick.
Damn it. that trash guy. Trying to interfere with the precious time of me and the angel. never forgive
What the hell are you waiting for outside the mansion?
He’s a timid and timid guy anyway, so if I can’t do anything until I get out on my own… uh? awhile. Are you really aiming for that?
Are you trying to get me out on my own without Diana?
There was a possibility. No, other than that, there was no reason to wait outside.
He’s got nothing to do.

“Oh, I think I know what he’s trying to do. Vanessa. just ignore it… No.”

I was going to tell them to ignore it as it is, but thinking about it, I didn’t have a chance like this.
Anyway, I had to meet him one more time in order to uncover the secrets of mine.
But how can we not take advantage of this situation where the guy comes to our house on his own feet and waits?
He’s trying to harm me right now, so he’s going to divulge information about mine?
Whoops. That kind of thing, at the point where I had already done that in the daytime, I couldn’t go back.
Besides, he has been strangely hostile to me since the first time I met him.

Anyway, whenever I meet him, he will be hostile to me.
So, there was only one way to get him to release information about mine.
That is, pressure through force.
It would be most convenient for Diana, who has already been verified, but she won’t show up if she and I are together.
But he said that I have other cards that I can use besides Diana.
That’s Matilda


Not to mention Matilda.
I’m a little overweight, but that’s what I call a cardinal.
Besides, this world worships Goddess as the only god, and the authority of the denomination is so strong that everyone is like a believer.
It is a cardinal of such a world. Is there nothing more to say?
Sylvia is also a childhood friend of the princess, so it must be a fairly high family, but I can’t be sure that she is stronger than the heroic family.
Let’s definitely go with cardinal power here.

“Wait a minute, don’t respond as it is, wait. I will take care of it myself.”

“… Okay. Then I will.”

what? allow one time
Vanessa also heard me and Diana talking before we broke up, so I thought you’d be against it by telling me to stay calm and not get into trouble.
However, contrary to expectations, Vanessa gave a brief consent and immediately left the room.
Well, that’s good for me, though.
So, before confronting the trash hero… .

“Savior. You can’t move. You have to stay still.”

“Hehehe. Huh.”

You should enjoy this time with our angel.
No matter how necessary it is, the thought of seeing that ugly face is painful.
First, let’s replenish our angelic ingredients as much as possible.
I reached for the tail that drooped in front of my body and enjoyed its fluffy texture.

“Hey! Goo, Goo Goo is also true You’re surprised. Then what are you going to do if you get hurt?”

Leia hurriedly pulled the earpick out of my ear, waving her tail up and down and lightly stroking my body.
I feel it every time though. A slap with the tail like this has no effect at all, is it?
On the contrary, I think it will only have the opposite effect.
Well, if you ask me, it’s the same with Diana’s pat.

“Really… Please stay still.”

Leia said that, and this time, she lowered her upper body as if she was going to press my body to fix it.
From above, a heavy chest pressed against the side of her face.
Fixing your face with your chest and digging your ears. So this is a complete reward.
I focused all my attention on the touch I felt on my face.


Thanks to that, I was relieved when my hand stopped touching my tail, so Leia smiled softly and put her tail on my body and gently waved it as if stroking it.

“You have to stay still.”

Only the sound of her ears digging and Leia’s quiet breathing filled the room.
Sigh. healed I want to stay like this forever.
But that happy time came to an end with the breath of an angel.

“Uhhhhhh… Well, it’s all over. Whoops. Are you that ticklish?”

“Would you like to try Leia too? Come on, woohoo… .”

“Oh! Whoops. No.”

As I tried to get up and put my mouth to my ears, Leia immediately reached out to her head and folded her ears completely forward.
The angel who folds her ears with both hands and makes a triumphant expression is also cute.
I want to keep hanging out with the angels like this, but if I do what I want, I feel like I’ll be up all night.
No, as it is the angel’s turn today, it must be so.

it will be
Surely that garbage won’t stay in front of our house all night long, so let’s go soon.

“Then Leia. I’ll go out and do some work.”

“Shall I go with you?”

“no. OK. I’ll be right back.”

He’s been hostile to me since the first time I met him.
After much thought, I concluded that it was because of jealousy.
Even though he’s a hero, he can’t even meet women because of his looks, so I guess I’ve heard rumors that I’m hanging out with several people who are thin.
Of course, we plan to press it with cardinal power, but there is no need to go out with our angel for nothing to cause more jealousy.
Even if it rots, it’s Junchi, but once you’re a hero, you don’t know what you’ll do if you turn around.
I decided to meet the hero alone with Matilda.

“Matilda? Are you in the room?”

“Yes, four?! What?! No, wait! You can’t come in!”

When I knocked on Matilda’s door, there was a fierce reaction from within.
Hearing things like that made me want to go inside for nothing.
But today I came to seek cooperation.
I decided not to get angry for nothing and just wait.
And after a while, Matilda opened the door and appeared in the room.

“Uh huh. Hmm. Hmm. What is it? this time?”

Matilda touched her as if she was checking her clothes, and asked questions like that.
But it was very annoying that his eyes were shining with anticipation.
I’m a little sorry for this.
I know what you’re expecting, but it’s not like that.
Last time I made him cry out for sex, and in the end, I felt even more sorry as I had never done it before.
Come to think of it, today was a good opportunity, but I was completely engrossed in flirting because I met our angel for the first time.
I’ll have to look into it later and really do it.

“Well, I have a request, is it okay?”

“… Please?”

At my words, Matilda’s expression visibly darkened.
Hey. I’m sorry. Don’t be so outspoken.

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Muku 914 // Vanessa’s race is Yongin. Shortly after we met, there was a brief mention.

Master Column // Thank you. It’s corrected.

14C2A58H2 // 21. Note that the number after the race name is the age.


Another hero

“To use the cardinal’s position to oppress others… . I absolutely hate it.”

Hearing my request, Matilda refused as if she had nothing to think about.
And he stared at me as if to never say that again.

“no. I don’t mean to oppress. There’s something I want to ask you, because that’s the situation where you’re being hostile to me.”

“So you’re saying you’re going to use my power to force me to open my mouth?”

That’s it, but… .
Hopefully, you will have a hard time at this stage. Did you underestimate Matilda too much?
Once I create a plausible atmosphere and make Matilda fall for me again, I should be able to make her do what she wants me to do, but I was a little reluctant to do that until this was really the case.
Using someone else’s personality to force you to do something you don’t want to do. Anyway, I’m not that bad at all.
I decided to go in the direction of persuasion as much as possible.

“But this information may also be related to the mission the Goddess gave me.”

“… What does that mean?”

Again, a devout cardinal.
When I brought out the name of the goddess, I immediately showed interest.

“sorry. It’s not certain yet, so I can’t say for sure. But I swear It really has to do with why the Goddess sent me.”

It’s a demon and a demon. Your name sounds so plausible.
Well, even though the name of the demon itself is only in the realm of my conjecture.

“So please. Help me. you can do nothing You just have to stand still. Then I’ll take care of everything.”

“But anyway, in this way… .”

“I’m just going to ask a question and I’ll be done. Huh?”

“Is it a promise?”

“okay. I’ll promise.”

I managed to persuade Matilda in that way, and I left the mansion with Matilda.
And when I got out of the mansion and didn’t even walk a few steps, I immediately heard the voice of garbage.

“Kah ha ha! stupid bastard! You were distracted!”

Who the hell is stupid?

“Huh. okay. Nice to meet you.”

“The guy who was hiding behind the Supreme Archmage is pretending to be quite relaxed. In fact, do you think you’ll get tired of even peeing?”

Is it really true that this guy is a nobleman?
What is the pee talk in front of the lady? The pee talk.
He’s a really ignorant bastard.

“It’s all good. Can’t you see the person next to me?”


At first, I thought he would know the cardinal’s face as he was a nobleman, but apparently he had no interest in him.

“This is Cardinal Matilda, who fought alone and alone against the ancient curse. Have you heard the name?”

As soon as I said that, Garbage’s body twitched and trembled.
After all, the strong and weak garbage. I get a response right away.

“Hey, hot! No lie!”

Your voice is shaking, boy.

“Dirty bastard! He must have caught a woman who was open to anyone, dressed in a sacred cardinal’s attire, and enjoying dirty play!”

You just told the holy cardinal that you’re an open-minded woman, can you handle that?
I was curious about how far it would fall, so I decided to just keep an eye on it.
Besides, if you open your mouth right now, it seems like you’re going to respond at the same level.
As long as you’ve made an appointment with Matilda, you can’t do that.
As I stood still, he began to believe that what he was saying was true, and he strode closer to look at Matilda.

“ね. If you look closely, you have a pretty face. Hey. Rather than a coward who only hides behind such a woman, how about receiving the grace of this hero? I love you a lot.”

“Sa, do you love me?”

It was like garbage by anyone looking at it, but Matilda reacted to that word of love again.
Are you really not tired of it?
Seeing Matilda like that, I know but I am also angry.
As it was before, even a guy like me is a guy who can’t really grow.

“Matilda. It is me that you love.”

I said, hugging Matilda’s waist and making her look at me.

“Yeah. Salvation Mr. I love you… .”

Matilda then whispered love to me again.

“What, what is that woman!”

“So you said you were a cursed Cardinal. Listen to what people say. Aren’t you an eunuch?”

“Uh huh! Really?!”

The man was so cold that he hurriedly lowered his pants.
I’m not as interested in the boys’ stuff, but I reflexively turned my gaze to it.
He let out a sigh of relief as he touched his own object.
no. you didn’t stand You became an eunuch, what are you reassuring about?
Uh, wait. Maybe it’s me?!
It was only then that I realized his true identity.

“Ahhh! its small size! You are that premature baby who was with the princess back then!”

“Hey, hey, hey, you mean you didn’t know that until now ah ah ah ah!”

“sorry. Because I can’t remember the boy’s face. Still, I remember seeing it. It’s the first time I’ve seen something so small.”

“This, this, I am ah!”

He screamed and tried to run to me, but when he saw Matilda next to me, his eyes met, so he hurriedly withdrew again.
Do you still have that kind of reason?
Well, no matter how small and useless you are, you wouldn’t want to be an eunuch as long as you’re a man.

“To the person who saved me from the danger of becoming an eunuch, you bastard. No matter how ugly your face and small things are, your heart must be beautiful and rich.”

“Ugh! Two, let’s see!”

While grinding his teeth at my words, he hurriedly tried to leave.

“Hey, wait! wait! I’ll ask… !”

I tried to catch him, but he quickly disappeared from his seat with his quick movements that he was still a hero.
Damn it. is it a failure trash guy. As much as I did, I was generously patient with it. I’m going to explode on my own
I can’t help it.
I was waiting over there anyway, so I was just trying to deal with it comfortably.
Let’s see the opportunity later and contact us again.
Besides, because of the recent incident, I realized why he was so hostile to me from the beginning.

It must have been the guy who was eating with the princess.
Because when I went to see the princess, I was always eating with him.
Thanks to that, the princess always told me to stop and go, and that’s probably why she became hostile to me.
If so, it’s easy to get rid of.
I’m not going to meet the princess in the future, so it’s enough if I tell them to take care of themselves and do well.
Regardless of whether premature ejaculation can satisfy that succubus princess with that little thing.

“Ugh. sorry. I tried my best to help but failed… Matilda?”

When I lost it and returned to Matilda, Matilda was bowing her head with a depressed expression.

“… Do it.”



“… sex… do it I’ll tell you as many times as you want. whoops please… Please release this curse… .”

Matilda mumbled with tears in her eyes.
The way he spoke was somewhat different from the usual.
Not just because of the sad atmosphere, but how can I express this?
okay. There was a strong feeling that Matilda usually wanted to lift the curse for the sake of men who are still suffering because of this curse.
As Leia said, Matilda is by nature proving that she is a kind person who cares for others.
But now… It felt as if he was asking him to lift the curse for himself.
It may all be my mood, but at least that’s how I felt.

“Oh, hey. what makes it so serious It’s because of the curse, so it’s necessary… .”

“You may be taken lightly, but I am not! Just because of that curse, to such a man… !”

“Yeah, yes. then. know. That’s what I meant too. It’s not because of your true intentions, it’s because of the curse. It’s force majeure, so don’t worry too much.”

“How can you not care?! How do I feel every time this happens… !”

“Huh. Come to think of it, I was thinking too short. I don’t even care how you feel. Sorry. Stop crying because I will do it until evening.”

Normally, anyone other than you would have made fun of me for not getting this serious because of the curse.
A woman’s tears are a weapon, it’s not a lie. If you really look at it, you’re weak.
In that serious atmosphere, I hugged Matilda’s shoulder and wiped the tears away.

“Do you really believe me? It just wasn’t really my intention. All, all because of the curse.”

“Huh. okay. believe.”

“My truth is… My truth is… .”

“okay. I’m the one you really like, right?”

As I said that, Matilda grabbed my hand that wiped away her tears and gave me a sweet gaze.

“Heh. Ok… . I like you Salvation… .”

Wow. Even at this time, does that pink atmosphere activate?
It was said as a light joke to change the atmosphere.
Thanks to you, the words I really like didn’t feel like the truth at all.
If I hadn’t heard that other kids weren’t like this, I would have thought it was because of the curse.
no. No matter how well you fall in love, this is strange.
Could it really be that this curse is only acting more powerfully on Matilda for some reason?
Well, first of all, it is more urgent to do it with Matilda than to do such a review.

“Have you been? work… .”

“Ah, I got kicked out. He probably won’t show up for a while. And I’ll be in the room with Matilda, so call me for dinner.

I said so to Vanessa, who was standing at the entrance, and hurried to the room.

“… … Yeah.”

what is it Are you replying one beat late like that?
You’re not just leaving without Diana! He’s trying to cure the curse! Diana admitted it too!
I’m not going to make any excuses, but I’m not going to make excuses.

“Come on, Matilda. Then right away… .”

“Yeah… Salvation… .”

Matilda was still looking at me with pink eyes, and without a sign of shame, she slid out of her clothes one by one.
And then Matilda, now completely naked, clings to me and tucks her hand into my pants.
Then he gently stroked my object to stand it up.
Even so, my belongings, which had been standing halfway through Matilda’s dressing scene, grew to their maximum size in an instant at the touch of her hand.
Matilda let out a short exclamation of my object, which had grown so large that my fingers couldn’t even touch it in her hand.

“Ah… You are so great… .”

“Thanks. Matilda is pretty too.”

I didn’t say anything empty-handed.
Because of the curse, I have become a secretly gag character, and although there is a sense that I have neglected it because of my children, Matilda was a cardinal who had the highest position among priests with only pretty people, except for the Pope and Saints.
Her beauty was so wonderful that it hurts her mouth if I have to explain it.
So, even though I told you earlier that that trash is also a cursed cardinal, you must have stalked me like a hot dog.

“Savior… .”

Matilda let out a voice mixed with a sweet sigh as if she was thrilled, and pressed her body closer to mine.
Then, the chest, which had been freed from the wretched iron wall of the priest’s uniform and boasted of its presence, was crushed by my body and changed shape here and there.
Compared to Leia, her size may be a little small, but she has a great chest.
Compared to Leia in the first place, most women are small.

Come to think of it, even though Sophia was wrapped in a priest’s uniform, it was quite large.
Could it be that, as a female priest grows, breast size is also affected?
The goddess here is the Earth God in charge of abundance. Besides, as a goddess who recommends sex while talking about the possibility of life, it was not a story that was not without possibility.
If that’s the case, what if our angels level up here… no. Let’s focus on Matilda for now.
No matter how good my kids are to me, it’s disrespectful to Matilda to only think about them until this point.

Even with that thought, when I focused on Matilda again, Matilda suddenly fell on her knees in front of me.
Maybe it was because my stuff that was rising up like it was going to pierce my pants looked stuffy, so I quickly loosened the front of my pants and released the thing.
Then he gently stroked my belongings with a gentle face as if to say, ‘Are you very frustrated?’

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Sorry. I wrote it until 12 o’clock, but writing up to this point was the limit.

Happy new year to all readers.


Another hero

Normally, I would have enjoyed the feeling of touching things in a relaxed way, but this time, I couldn’t keep doing it as there was a purpose and there was also a time limit.

“Matil… Ooooh.”

“Yes… ?”

As I was about to call Matilda to get her up, all of a sudden, Matilda grabbed my stuff.
Then, with the thing in her mouth, her pink eyes turned upwards.

He looked up at my face as if what was going on.
Seeing that, the angel and demon inside me started fighting each other because of the texture I felt on the object.

I like him, so what do you think? Let’s have some more fun.
no. Are you doing this to break the curse? Quickly stand up and insert.

Even when two thoughts were fighting fiercely inside me, Matilda sucked my stuff like she was adorable.
Regardless of whether it was due to a curse or her nature, the figure of Matilda, who looked up at me while washing things and smiled at me, couldn’t seem so attractive.
Seeing that smile made it even more difficult for me to give up on this situation.
And as a result of rolling my head as much as possible, I was able to arrive at one answer.
okay. i was thinking wrong
Serving by mouth and inserting are not mutually exclusive.

“Ah… .”

I put my hand on Matilda’s head to fix it, then pulled it back and pulled the object out of her mouth.
Then Matilda looked at me with a slightly anxious look, as if in a bad mood.
Don’t worry. Because it’s not like that.
I got Matilda up and went to bed together.
Then I laid down on it first, and then made Matilda lie down on me.
My head is facing the opposite way.
This is the so-called six-nine posture.

okay. Since Matilda has a high level, it is impossible to insert it directly anyway.
You need to put a little effort into getting it wet.
So I prepare by stroking Matilda’s pussy, while Matilda, who is bored, lets her mouth play with my stuff.
Perfect. That’s the perfect conclusion, I think.
I couldn’t help but marvel at my own judgment.

As if Matilda knew what I meant, she lowered her buttocks so that her pussy was near my mouth, and she put my things in her mouth and started serving.
I looked between Matilda’s crotch, enjoying the soft touch of Matilda’s lips on the tip of the object.
I was lying on my stomach with my knees on either side of my large body.
Of course, Matilda’s legs had to be spread wide, which made her pussy and buttocks clearly visible in front of her eyes.
Despite this, the pubic area was tightly closed, and it did not appear to have been bitten yet.
Good. You can enjoy this for a while
With that in mind, I kissed her, sticking out my tongue, and trying to attack the inside of the vagina, as if taking a bite of a fruit filled with juice, the love juice flowed into my mouth from the inside of the vagina.
It wasn’t that it wasn’t wet, but it was just that it was clogged with a tightly closed vagina and the love fluid was not leaking out.
As I savored the liquid that entered my mouth, I reflexively slapped Matilda’s ass lightly.
It looks like this lewd thing! I haven’t done anything, so why are you already wet?
Does it get wet just by sucking it?!

“Hey! Why, why?”

There was little impact, just a loud sound, but Matilda seemed surprised.

He lifted his upper body and looked at my face under his butt.

“Well, is there something you don’t like?”

Matilda said so with an anxious expression on her face, but her face was definitely red with excitement.
Damn it. Earlier, I thought it was just that my face was red because of the unique pink atmosphere.
Was it sexual excitement?

I didn’t even enjoy it very much, but I wanted to rebuke Matilda for being wet already, but if you look at it, you’ll want to know what she’s talking about right now.
I can’t help it. Since I have no more excuses, shall I insert it properly?

“Child. uhh… .”

“Hah! This, open your mouth and speak… .”

Oops, I said it with my mouth on my pussy

“no. I’ll put it in now, so come down.”

Having said that, before Matilda could come down, I grabbed her by the waist and pushed Matilda forward to get herself up.
Then, I still inserted it in the dorsal position.


It was a pity that I couldn’t enjoy the mouth any more until before, but after inserting it, the regret disappeared.
Matilda’s pussy gripped my stuff as if it was sucking it in, and stimulated it like it was chewing.
I slowly shook my back as if tasting that ecstatic sensation.
As there is a difference in level, it seemed like it could be done quickly by moving slowly as if having fun like this.

“Ugh! Yes!”

However, it seems that Matilda’s child was riding on that leisurely movement.
Matilda turned her head back and looked at me as if begging her to push harder as she moved her hips from side to side.

“What, isn’t this enough?”

“Well, it’s not like that… .”

Matilda said shyly.
As usual, it wasn’t that he was unclean with an overbearing tone that seemed arrogant at first glance.
Because Matilda is still looking at me pink.
It was as if he were saying, ‘I am a woman who is satisfied enough just to be with you like this.’
It’s a cute reaction, but that’s not funny.
No, aside from the fun, the curse can only be lifted when you feel better.

“It’s not. If you want to move, move.”

“I, uh… really like that… .”

That seems right, but it’s stubborn.
I can’t help it. I’m sorry for using that character intentionally, but since it’s also meant to break the curse, would this be okay?

“I want you to move violently on your own. Can I do a favor?”

“Yeah… Salvation… Huh. Whoops! ha ha! ha ha ha!”

As I leaned over and whispered, Matilda immediately began to shake herself.
As soon as she shook her back, she immediately let out a groan filled with pleasure, so anyone could tell that she wanted this from the beginning.
Good. Now that I’ve seen what I want to see, shall I shake my back even harder?
It’s good to enjoy in moderation, but don’t forget the purpose.
Even in order to break the curse, the more cheap it is, the better it is.

Just as I was about to move my back, I had a question.
Come to think of it, I found out that the curse was lifted by sex, but I couldn’t figure out the specific conditions.
Does it just get released when Matilda reaches a lot of climax? Or do I have to ejaculate to get it out?
I think the latter is more likely, but you won’t know unless you try it.
In order to break the curse more effectively, it looks like it’s necessary to experiment.

I immediately put climax bondage on myself.
Why would you do it to yourself when you said that ejaculation seemed more likely?
Well, I’m a real gentleman who doesn’t want to see women suffering.
Rather than seeing Matilda in climactic bondage and suffering without even reaching the climax, he is saying that he will make sure by putting himself in climax bondage.
Because of my indomitable sexual desire, I never go crazy with climax, and if I only bet on one of them and the other continues to climax, I can confirm it.

Anyway, in that sense, from now on, even for experiments, Matilda will have to go to hell.
I immediately activated all the skills, and sharply increased the movement speed of the piston in the waist.

“Yes! Whoops! ha ha! Salvation… ! Whoops!”

Apparently, Matilda has a level, so she didn’t reach the peak right away like the other kids, but it’s just a matter of time anyway.
By acquiring the skill of indomitable sexual desire, through skill synergy, I became a body that can send any woman to the climax.
A sex boost that increases the pleasure that you and your partner receive with each piston movement, and the amplification increases indefinitely until you ejaculate.
And the climax bondage that prevents me from ejaculating.
Last but not least, the indomitable sexual desire that keeps the mind intact without even reaching the excruciating pleasure.
I haven’t tested it thoroughly yet, but just thinking about the synergy of these three skills was amazing.
Perhaps now, even if I have sex with Diana from my previous life, if I take the time, can I not have a climax without final pride?
It was such a terrifying skill synergy effect.
And I decided to taste the skill synergy against Matilda for the first time.

“Yes! Whoops! Yes! ha ha! Whoa!”

As I did the piston movement at high speed while activating all the skills, Matilda reached the climax with her bowed head tilted back and looking forward.
But so far, it’s just a normal sex climax.
If the skill synergy is properly demonstrated, it will not end like this.
As I endured the rush of pleasure, I slammed my back against Matilda’s ass harder.
He moved his waist so strongly that it made a sound with a squeak, and whenever the waist collided, his soft buttocks swayed and danced as if drawing ripples.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah… Whoa!”

And as my hips took all the shock of my lower back, Matilda climaxed once more. It felt like the cycle was definitely shorter than when it reached its peak.
However, it was quite difficult to demonstrate the synergy of this skill.
Matilda at the climax

It was because Matilda’s vagina, which had always stimulated my things like chewing and chewing on them, gave me great pleasure every time I reached them, gripped my things more and more.
It is said that there is no reason to go crazy for pleasure due to indomitable sexual desire, or to be beaten up by terrifying pleasure, but that does not mean that the pleasure does not go away.
The pleasure is felt intact, but should it be said that it is the feeling of being protected from death or madness?
Thanks to this, moving the waist of the reference book was quite laborious.
I wanted to release the climax bondage right away and ejaculate inside Matilda coolly.
But not even for the sake of experimentation.


I grabbed Matilda’s soft buttocks with both hands, as if to make up my mind.
Thanks to this, the buttocks became wider and the hole in between was exposed, and Matilda tried to cover her buttocks with one hand as if embarrassed.
I mean, I still have the spirit.
I had a problem, so I did the piston movement even faster.
However, until before, it felt like only moving things quickly while moving things back and forth for a long time, but this time it’s as fast as cutting it short.
It was a movement focused solely on obtaining the effect of a sex boost.
Because it moved too short, it was almost a vibration rather than a piston movement, but this was enough to get the effect of a sex boost.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh good feeling

Every time I moved my back, I could feel the pleasure amplified at a frightening speed.
Since it wasn’t a big move, Matilda’s reaction didn’t seem stronger than before, but I could tell.
It’s because it’s put in Matilda’s vagina, which gives pleasure even if it’s still.
I could feel that pleasure amplifying at a frightening speed.
And when I thought I had amplified the sex boost enough, I grabbed Matilda’s ass, pulled her out long before the thing was pulled out, and pushed her back in one blow, as if slamming the inside of her pubic area.


And in one move, Matilda, who was much higher in level than me, reached a climax right away.
Besides, it wasn’t just that.

“Uh-huh! eh? within… Ha ha ha ha! Whoa, what is this? Ha ha ha!”

Every time I bumped my back, Matilda was climaxed.
Matilda’s arm, which had been holding her firmly on the bed, was gradually torn down.
And in the end, it was completely droopy, and the chest and face were pressed tightly to the bed, arms drooping, and only the buttocks were lifted up.

“Uh-huh! Oh, hey hey hey! This, uh-huh!”

In that position, Matilda fell into a climax hell of one climax per piston and began to sob frantically.

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I can’t see it.


Another hero

After moving Matilda to the climax by moving my waist a few more times, I finally stopped moving my waist when I thought that doing it any more would be dangerous.
Matilda, exhausted from the continuous orgasm, drooped on the bed and stopped moving, so only Matilda’s harsh breathing could be heard in the room.

was it too bad
The synergy effect of the skills was more effective than I had imagined.
I’m sure I’ll be able to make a kid who’s a lot higher level than me reach the climax as if they’re dealing with a kid with a much lower level.
From the middle, it seems that Matilda fainted from excessive pleasure and then woke up repeatedly.
But thanks to that, I was able to make Matilda feel great without having to ejaculate.
If Matilda really needs to climax, there’s a way to get rid of the curse in an instant.
In order to check immediately, I first pulled back the waist to release the insertion.

“Uh huh… .”

Because I haven’t ejaculated yet, the effect of the sex boost is being maintained.
Because of that alone, Matilda reached its climax once again.
I haven’t ejaculated yet, so I’ve had a lot of pleasure, but now I just have to be patient. You can’t sprinkle ashes on cooked rice.

When I took the thing out, the love fluids that were clogged with my stuff and couldn’t come out of my vagina started to flow out like I was peeing.
And Matilda’s butt, which had no support, slowly lost strength and fell onto the bed.
From the outside, it looks like what it looks like after being raped, but it’s because I just lost my strength because I liked it so much.

I grabbed Matilda’s body and turned it half a turn, looking up and lying flat.
Matilda, who had lost her strength, turned around without any resistance.
Then, traces of the black curse covering the left side of Matilda’s body caught my eye.
Let’s see… length… .
Obviously, the number of fingers that used to reach the wrist has decreased by two fingers… Damn it! It didn’t go down at all!
After all, does the condition become the word that I ejaculated?
okay. Things can’t be that easy.
If Matilda felt the condition, holding on to me for a few days and working hard would have lifted the curse right away.
I was an idiot for expecting anything.
Damn it… . What have I endured so far for what?
I had never ejaculated, and still angry, I put the object right back into Matilda’s.

“Yes… .”

Matilda’s reaction wasn’t as intense as before, because once the insertion was released, the sex boost’s overlap was gone.
Of course, the pleasure given now has only decreased, but the afterglow of the climax that I felt earlier will still remain, so it may not be that there is no emotion at all.
Anyway, that doesn’t matter now. Now it’s more important for me to ejaculate.
There is no reason to be patient anymore, so there is a reason that I want to buy it right away, and there is a point that my purchase is a condition for removing the curse.


“Savior. Dinner is ready.”

As I was about to move my back to ejaculate, Vanessa’s voice came along with a knock on the door.
wow. It’s time. Damn it. The timing is terribly bad too.
But I couldn’t go straight to eating like this.
I should buy it at least once.
Even though they are protected by their indomitable sexual desire, they will turn away if they don’t wrap it up like this.
I ignored Vanessa’s call and moved my waist for a moment.

“Yes… uh… Whoops!”

Then Matilda, who was lying helplessly, started to let out a small moan again.
soon now, soon now

bang! bang!

“Savior. Dinner is ready.”

When I didn’t answer, Vanessa’s voice came from outside the door again.
Maybe he thought I didn’t hear it, but his voice was the same as usual, but the knock on the door was noticeably louder than before.

“Hang in there!”

After answering nervously, I slammed Matilda on the back.


Matilda, who was still sensitive to the afterglow of a series of climaxes, reached the climax once again.
And I also ejaculated while tasting the sensation of tightness in the vagina that had reached its climax.
Perhaps it was a reaction he had endured for so long, a tremendous sense of pleasure swept through his body.

“Yes… Salvation… .”

Matilda reached out and caressed my cheek as if she couldn’t be lovable.
And I noticed that the traces of the curse on that arm were a little shorter than before.
What? Previously, it had only decreased to the extent that it was impossible to confirm it with the naked eye for one reason.
I looked at it properly again, but it was definitely less than one finger from before.
Surely I only got it once, didn’t I? The other thing is that the pleasure was as great as never before… Oh, maybe that’s the case.
Maybe the method of lifting this curse works the same way as leveling up.
Leveling up is also because the greater the pleasure the other person gets, the greater the amount of experience gained.
The more I feel pleasure, the more I feel, the faster the curse is lifted.

But even these things are derived from the level-up system.
The more you think about it, the more you feel as if you are directly opposed to the system of this world.
Could it be that the person who made this curse, who doesn’t know who it is, hates the Goddess so much?
But it was clearly said that it was an ancient curse.
Isn’t ancient times when the influence of the gods was more powerful?
It may be a prejudice, but when I say ancient times, I have a strong impression of being in close contact with the gods.
In such an era, he has created a curse that seems to oppose the Goddess head-on.

“Savior. dinner. meal. Ready. it’s over.”

As I was lost in thought as I looked down at Matilda, I heard Vanessa’s voice from outside again.
His voice was calm and indifferent as usual, but it sounded quite angry, perhaps because of his mood.
Even more thanks to the knocking on the door every time I stopped talking.

“Eh?! hey?! Now, wait a minute! Whoops!”

And it seems that Matilda finally got out of the pink atmosphere and heard Vanessa’s voice.
I was quite embarrassed, so I shouted and tried to get my stuff out.
But maybe my body wasn’t strong enough, or when I tried to shake my body, only a strange moan came out, but I couldn’t get my things out.
Matilda covered her mouth in embarrassment when a moan came out of her mouth, looked at the door, and then looked at me again and said.

“Everyone, don’t stay still and get out of here!”

What are you so upset about? Is it that Vanessa’s angry is that scary? I don’t feel that way.

“Father, hurry up! What are you going to do when you come in?!”

Oh, yes. After all, he is also a priest. Do you not want to show this to others?

“Take it off?”

“Well, what are you asking? Of course! Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!”

I spoke to Matilda on purpose, and the moment I answered, I pulled out the object.
And as expected, Matilda let out a loud moan without even covering her mouth.

“What, what are you doing?!”

“Huh? I was told to take it out.”

“This, this, this… ! Hurry up and get dressed.”

It was a joke that would have hit me once if it was Sara or Diana, but Matilda just stared at me like she hated me.
The reaction was a little funny, so I wanted to tease him more, but is it really dangerous to upset Vanessa any more?

“If you wear it as is, the smell will go away. Can you make me clean with a spirit?”

“… uh… . This time, please don’t make a sound.”

Matilda stared at me for a moment, pondering, then nodded, thinking that she couldn’t go on like this.

“You can be patient. As you know, I’ve only recently dealt with spirits, so I’m not used to it.”

After saying that, I summoned the water spirit.
Then he asked me and Matilda to clean up their bodies.

“Ugh! All, you… !”

“Hey. awhile. wait. This time I just washed it. It’s just that it’s purely because your body is sensitive… .”

“phrase. won. sir. expression. four. Jun. ratio. end.”

“Aww! ok I’ll be leaving soon!”

An unintentional incident almost caused Matilda to argue with Matilda once again, but Vanessa’s voice immediately heard her and Matilda hurriedly dressed and went out the door.

“Looks like you had a lot of fun.”

And as soon as I got out, Vanessa said the word sex very hard.
strange. Usually a woman would get excited when she said the word sex.
Listening to Vanessa’s words made my heart beat in a different way. Mainly out of fear.

“Oh, no. This is to break the curse to the end… Are you mad?”

Vanessa’s appearance was so powerful that I couldn’t even ask why I was making excuses for him.

“I’m not mad.”

Do not lie. I’m scared to death, this one.

“Wouldn’t it be better if you cared more about Leia-sama than me?”

“Yes? what is that… .”

“Come on, let’s go. Sara-sama and Leia-sama are waiting for you.”

“Hey. What does that mean?!”

Vanessa didn’t reply to the end, but when I got to the restaurant, I naturally understood why she said so.

“Savior… . that… I was waiting… .”

It was because our angel looked at me while muttering like that with a very grassy look.
Her ears, which normally protrude above her head, were drooping to the side, and her pitiful face stained with sadness was pathetic enough to make her heart ache just by looking at it.
He, then I saw… After hanging out with Leia and saying that he was coming to work for a while, he went to meet the trash hero.

“Hey, Leia. That’s a long one to explain, so how did this happen… !”


When I tried to explain in embarrassment, the angel who had a depressed expression covered his mouth with his hand and suddenly laughed softly.

“Lee, Leia?”

“Huhu. It was a joke. Are you upset?”

“uh? Now, are you kidding me?”

“Yeah. I also know roughly what the situation is. Did you come to heal Cardinal Matilda’s curse?”

“Uh, yes. So, while I was chasing out the guy who was walking around the house earlier, Matilda suffered again from the curse effect, and the mood turned to trying to lift the curse. sorry!”

“no. It’s okay. Do you have anything to apologize for, Mr. I’ve heard a lot about Cardinal Matilda’s hardships, so I’m well aware of it.”

Saying that, Leia tapped the chair next to her with her hand as if to sit next to her.
uh? Are you really angry or sad?
no. So what did Vanessa say earlier?
I hurriedly turned my head to look at Vanessa.
But Vanessa looked at me quietly, still holding her expressionless expression, as if she knew nothing.
My, damn it! You cheated!

“Anything to say?”

“no. never mind.”

okay. I’m also guilty of making you wait too long just before, so I’ll count it as a draw with this.
It’s not because Vanessa, who has never looked angry before, is afraid.
Consider yourself lucky to have a good guy like me who knows how to admit his mistakes!
I won’t forgive you the next time you play like this again!
I sat down next to Leia, only thinking about it to myself.

“However… Do I need to talk to you next time? What I’ve been waiting for is for real.”

“Ah, yes. sorry. I will be careful in the future.”

wow. Why is our angel so kind?

“But salvation.”

As I was immersed in the angelicness of the angel, Sarah, who had been silently observing the situation until then, opened her mouth.


“Vanessa went to call someday, so why are you coming now? Was it that good?”

“Uh, ah, no. that… You can’t come out right away when you call. that, you know I have to wash… .”

“Salvation, now you can deal with spirits.”

“No, but… .”

“How was it? Vanessa.”

“It looks like you had a lot of fun. Even when I called you, you did not stop acting for a while.”

awhile! Hey! Are you saying that again?!

“Uh-huh… .”

“awhile. Sarah. Calm down.”

“What? Did I do anything that wouldn’t calm me down?”

In the end, Leia passed safely, but I had to be thoroughly punished by Sarah, an unexpected ambush.
Damn it. By the way, Vanessa guy. You told Leia that you should be concerned when you came.
Couldn’t that have been a trap?

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Another hero

“Whoa. I thought I was going to die.”

It was only after I confessed that I was insane because of a brief experiment, I was finally able to calm Sarah’s anger.
Sarah was skeptical when she first heard my story, but when I said that I would experience the effect of skill synergy directly on Sarah’s body tomorrow, she immediately lowered her tail.
But Sarah. it’s already too late I’ve already made up my mind
Tomorrow, no matter what happens, I will definitely let Sarah experience the effects of skill synergy.
I can’t wait to see how far that cool face will go! Ha ha ha ha ha!
Well, apart from Sarah, Leia is the problem.

“Mr. Salvation?”

As I was thinking about that, I heard Leia’s voice as if I had come back to the room before I knew it.
Maybe it was because I was laughing alone, so I suddenly looked very gloomy again.
Leia tilted her head and brought her face closer to mine and looked at me silently.
Leia’s charming face, which had just finished taking a bath, was suddenly close-up, and I was a little nervous.

“Ah, yes. no. nothing.”

Well, even if we say we will get revenge on Sarah tomorrow, we should focus on Leia for now.
Leia usually washes with me, but today, after eating, I came to wash with Sarah in the large bathroom in the mansion.
Naturally, I wondered if we would wash together today, leaving only one word: “Guwon doesn’t need to wash, right?”
no. Well, it’s because I washed up before eating, though.
I pretended to be joking, but maybe Leia was really angry?
It was enough attitude for me to worry about that.

But looking at this face, I didn’t think he was angry after all.
Gentle, gentle, pitiful and warm, Leia was just like her usual angelic figure.
The only difference from usual was that after taking a bath, the above-mentioned skin and wet hair looked bewitching.

That’s daring by the way.
When I was relieved that Leia’s face was the same as usual, my gaze naturally went down.
There, the defenseless exposed breastbone was showing off so much power that you could hear the pounding sound effect.
It was. Leia wasn’t wearing a priest’s uniform now.
From the bathroom to this point, she had only been wearing a bathrobe.
Of course, if you think you’ll take off your clothes again anyway after taking a bath, it’s more efficient not to wear them again, and there’s nothing to be ashamed of as there are only women in this mansion except for me.

Although, in the first place, a bathrobe is not as revealing as I thought.
Still, I couldn’t shake the thought of being bold.
This is because, as if representing Leia’s broad mind, the two peaks of her well-developed breasts were aggressively pressing and forcibly opening the center of the bathrobe, which would have been less exposed.
Looking at this figure, who the hell can say that the bathrobe is less exposed than expected?
If Diana witnesses it, that alone will make her lose her temper… no. Anyway, it was a great sight.

“Mr. Salvation is so… .”

Perhaps Leia noticed my gaze, she placed one hand near her breastbone and gently covered it.
no. Because your chest can’t be covered with just one tiny hand.
Of course, I couldn’t bring those thoughts out of my mouth, so I decided to make an excuse.

“no. I was delighted to see the seal of the apostle.”

“Huhu. Really?”

Leia grinned as if my absurd excuse was funny, and gently pushed me to bed.
Then, with a gentle hand, I took off my pants.
Oh oh. Is today starting all of a sudden like this?
Leia is also very bold.

Leia grabbed my pants and underwear and took them off at once, grabbing my stuff, which had just started looking at my breasts, and then gently touched my face… He sniffed and cutely moved his nostrils and smelled it.
… Huh? Ji, what are you doing now?
I thought I was going to do it with my mouth, but I was completely ambushed and I stopped blankly and stared at it.

“Huhu. You got rid of the smell.”

That’s because it’s kind of disgusting to wash only with spirits. While you were bathing, I lathered once again and washed properly.
no. than that. Angel. You’re really not mad, are you?
I was starting to get a little anxious.
Anyway, it’s true that I cheated after telling Leia to wait.
This time… okay. Say something that Leia will like.

“Leia. I’ve been thinking about it.”


“For our future, how about practicing today?”

“Yeah? Future?”

Leia said while tilting her head, as if she didn’t understand what my sudden words meant.
good, that Holding my stuff and tilting my face like that, I felt something sexy and stupid.

“okay. Because I also want to have children with Leia someday.”

“Ah… Salvation… .”

Having said that, Leia muttered my name with a face full of emotion, as if she had finally realized what I was talking about.
As it was originally said by Leia first, even if I didn’t have to say it, I’d be familiar with it.
Nevertheless, we believed that our angel would be moved.

“Um… side… Hmm… .”

Leia immediately raised her upper body, put her arms around my neck, hugged me, and sucked my lips.

“Uh… So I thought about it.”

“Sigh… Yeah.”

As much as the essence is absorbed in kissing, Leia, who opens her mouth and answers, has a different face than before.

was recalled
Even if it’s not enough to turn into a nine-tailed fox, it looks like it’s going to be exciting if you absorb the essence.

“I think the first step is to focus on controlling the regular absorption ability. Ultimately, it would be ideal to fully control the power of the nine tailed fox, but first of all, if you know how to properly control the energy absorption ability, you will be able to have children. And it will be easier to practice if you properly deal with the ability to absorb Elemental in order.”

“Can you explain in more detail?”

Leia didn’t even question my words, and pushed forward as if she was really curious.

“If I insert it, Leia will also become a nine tailed fox, and although she doesn’t lose her sanity anymore, she’s extremely excited, so she won’t be able to calmly observe the flow of mana, right?”

“That, that… Yeah.”

Leia responded with a blushing red face as if she was embarrassed, as if she remembered herself being extremely excited and even taking the lead on her own when inserted.
How long has it been since you overlapped with me?
I think that the angel who always shows a fresh reaction like when he was a virgin is also an angel.

“So, first of all, let’s start with what we can do without inserting. Leia can absorb the essence by giving it by mouth, right? Even if it touches the skin, it is slow, but it can absorb the essence.”

“Ah… That’s it. Well, then today… ?”

Leia said with her face blushing as if she had guessed what she was going to play today.

“okay. Tonight, we kiss all night, trying to control the absorption of the regular.”

“Yeah, too… Yeah? Kiss?”

It’s because I threw the rice cakes like that in the first place.
Maybe he thought he was going to ask him to do it with his mouth, or he would play with his body.
However, I mentioned another regular absorption method that I did not deliberately mention earlier.

“Huh. kiss. Why? What was Leia thinking?”

“Oh, nothing!”

“I saw the reaction and it was nothing, right? Why? What?”

“I, really! I do not know!”

Leia covered her face with both hands as if she was going to die of shame, turned around and slapped me with her tail.
Leia. I’m just saying this just in case, but don’t do it to others.
It only looks like seduction.

“Why are you looking back? Then you can’t kiss.”

“Guwon-san, you are so mean… uhm. uhm. side. Hmm.”

Leia tried to protest with a blushing face, but as soon as I kissed her after putting her hand on her slender, white neck and pointing her head toward me, she responded by moving her tongue.

“Leia. Don’t just focus on kissing, you know that you should also focus on regular absorption, right?”

“Um… That’s right… .”

After kissing for a while, when I noticed, Leia answered with a blush.
Could it be that I fell in love with the kiss and forgot about it?
Of course, it’s not as much as insertion, but every act of absorbing the essence seems to awaken the latent instinct of the nine-tailed fox and excite it.

“Yes… uh… side… Hmm… .”

Leia’s eyes were slightly opened from the sweet kiss, and she frowned slightly and moved her tongue as if trying to focus on something, it felt very sexy.

“What do you think? Can you feel the essence being absorbed?”

“That, that… I can feel it though… It’s a little difficult for me to handle this on my own.”

“Well, it’s not going to go well anytime soon. There’s plenty of time anyway. Don’t be in a hurry, just take it slow.”

“Yeah… Hmm… .”

I wrapped my arms around Leia’s smooth back, stroking her softly, and kissing again.
It’s not as luscious and passionate as sex, but it felt pretty good in its own way.
Not only did Leia’s soft and soft lips feel the touch, but Leia’s soft breasts pressed against my chest, giving me an ecstatic sensation.
But the practice through kissing didn’t last that long.
This is because there was one big problem with regular absorption control practice through this kiss.

“Whew… .”

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha… Salvation?”

As I suddenly opened my mouth, Leia let out a sweet sigh and called out my name in amazement.

“sorry. Slowly, life is in danger.”

okay. The point was that if you kiss, your vitality would decrease rapidly.
Comparing the rate of decrease in vitality, insertion was the fastest, followed by mouth service, followed by kissing, but it was not an act that could be done for so long without healing sex.

“Ah… All right, are you okay?”

“OK. As I said before, I can see my own life force. There is still a little bit of leeway, but I think it will be difficult if we keep going like this.”

“Ah… .”

Rather than saying it was a pity that I couldn’t practice, Leia shed a voice that felt like reprimanding herself for not thinking that I was losing my vitality.
I gently stroked her smooth back as if telling Leia it was okay, and continued her conversation.

“But if you have sex to fill your vitality like this, today’s practice will end as it is… .”

“It doesn’t matter to me at all. Uh, you can insert it anytime… .”

“no. Because I also want to have a child with Leia. I want to work harder. That’s why, Leia.”

“Savior… Yes. Please speak.”

“How about practicing with absorption through the skin?”

“Yes, four?”

It may be a little more difficult to practice than a kiss because the regular absorption is slow, but if that’s the case, there’s no reason for my vitality to decrease.

“Ah… That’s right… Then first… .”

“Huh. No inserts or blowjobs, just make me cheap.”

To Leia who answered with blushing, I said it as if I had waited.
Are you really waiting?
You were able to do this from the beginning, but you refused to do it and you were awarded a kiss from the beginning?
Didn’t you suggest kissing with this plan from the beginning?
Whoops. Don’t leave it to your imagination.
The only thing I can tell you is that I am a genius.
Especially when this one is involved!

“Then Leia. Can you do it with your chest first?”

I looked at her breasts protruding as if through Leia’s bathrobe and spoke softly,

Leia’s face flushed in embarrassment.
But, as if he had made up his mind, he slowly took off his bathrobe.

“Yeah. Then savior. Excuse me.”

Then, I put my object between those large breasts, and held both sides of my own chest with both hands and pressed the object.
no. Excuse me what. Please feel free to play with it.

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Calderalin // It’s hard to notice because the novel’s progression is casually throwing important information into the story during sexual acts or flirting, but the stories related to the main story keep coming out. In fact, in the last episode… .


Another hero

“Whew, whoops. How are you? Are you feeling good?”

Obviously, Leia showed a shy expression at the beginning, but when she started to stimulate my things with her chest, she seemed excited too.
His face, which was bright red and smiling as usual, was paradoxically more bizarre.

“It feels good… Hmmm. Because Leia’s practice is more important than I feel good. What do you think? Can you feel the essence being absorbed?”

I said while deliberately pressing the tip of the object between Leia’s chest.
Like kissing and insertion, the condition for the essence to be absorbed in the end is that my body fluids reach Leia.
Of all body fluids, semen has the best absorption efficiency, but with this cooper fluid alone, it will be absorbed regularly.
If that happens, my life force will also be drained, but the skin does not become dangerous as the regular absorption rate is slow.
This is enough to cover it with my natural healing power.

“However… If possible, I hope Goo Won will feel better. Do you have to tell me whenever you want something?”

wow. Why are our angels so angelic?

“Well then, put the tip that sticks out over your chest with your mouth… no. Then your life will go faster. uh… .”

I made up my mind to be foolish with the infinitely broad mind of the angel and tried to ask for something, but when the condition that I couldn’t do it with my mouth was attached, I couldn’t think of anything in this situation.
And it’s good enough just to do it with your chest like this.
Not only did the warm and soft feel of wrapping things feel good, but it was even better because I realized that Leia really wanted to do something for me.
Of course, licking the tip would be perfect, but I can’t be too greedy.

“It is. Because I can’t breathe… Then how about this?”

Leia fully folded her arms and squeezed them tightly as if her chest was sandwiched between them.
Then he folded his wrist and placed his finger on the tip of my object protruding above his sternum.
First, I put my index finger on the part where the Cooper fluid was leaking from the tip of the object, and then I put the Cooper fluid on the tip of my finger.
Then, he stroked the tip of the object with his slippery fingertips, showing a movement as if he was licking with his tongue.

“How is it? Feeling… Are you okay?”

“Yes. very… .”

“Huhu. What a relief.”

Leia smiled at my words.

Then, he cutely sticks out his tongue and licks the tip of the thing his fingers are holding on to.


“Ah, ah! I’m sorry! Stop without knowing… .”

“no. OK. Just because I don’t die like that. It made me feel good.”

I put my hand on Leia’s confused head and gently stroked her to calm her down.
Leia patted her ears, which were protruding above her head, once as if she was happy, and then, as if she would never make a mistake again, she held up her expression and worked hard to stimulate my object.
Tightening and loosening the arm and pressing the chest with the chest also controls the strength and weakness, and the fingers that used to rotate the part where the cooper fluid flows from the end of the object go down a bit and start to caress the cap part.
As if to thoroughly wash every nook and cranny, I slowly received a signal from that gesture of caressing him.


“Haha, yes, Neet. like this… You can buy it.”

At my call, Leia tightened her chest with her arms, but still shook her chest violently up and down.
Then, when my object gave a wriggling signal, I gently closed my eyes and prepared.

“Ugh… .”

“Sigh… Whoops, whoops. A lot has come Did you feel good?”


Originally, I planned to just put it on my chest, but thanks to the powerful wrapping, Leia’s face as well as the top of her chest were covered in cloudy liquid.
It was a strange appearance, feeling guilty about something because it had polluted the angel, but on the other hand, he was excited with a sense of immorality.

“Hey, how about that? Can you feel the essence being absorbed?”

“Yeah. It’s weaker than before, so it’s easier to understand. I think this exercise will be more effective than kissing. He is also Mr. Salvation.”

Without even thinking about wiping the semen off his face, the angel answered with a smile with his eyes closed.
To be honest, I got halfway through it, but I’m glad it’s effective.

“I’m sorry. I think it will take some time to absorb it all. In the meantime, I’d like to focus on dealing with periodic absorption… I’m really sorry, but could you please wait a minute?”

“Huh. then. Sure. Any way… Ooh.”

“I’m sorry. In the meantime, please bear with this for a moment.”

Leia lifted both her breasts with one arm to prevent the semen on her chest from dripping down, while the other hand stretched out toward mine and grabbed the object, and then began to slowly squeeze it from the bottom up.
It is a movement as if trying to get all the semen remaining inside out.
And when all the semen inside had flowed out, this time I moved my hand upward and headed towards the end of the object.
Then, I spread the semen there evenly on my things.
After applying it all over the object, I grabbed the object again this time and started shaking it up and down.

be patient with this On the contrary, I think it can be done just by playing this game.
Even with my eyes closed, how can I stimulate my object while picking up a point with such precision? It really is a great trick.
Even now, Leia’s mind is concentrating on absorbing the element, right?
Are you saying that all of this is something you do without being conscious?
After all, the instinct of a nine-tailed fox to catch people with its sexual skill It’s scary enough.
Maybe other women feel this way when they are with me?

Anyway, with one arm supporting her chest, closing her eyes and stroking her daughter like this, it felt as if Leia was saying, “Please wrap me here.”
It wasn’t that the signal didn’t come again, but this time I decided to put up with it.
If I wrap it up like this again, it will take a long time for Leia to concentrate on absorbing the elemental like that.
Of course, this is exciting, too, but if possible, you want to enjoy various games with Leia, right?
When I applied force to hold it in, my items flickered, and Leia seems to have taken it as a signal right before wrapping.
I raised the arm that supported the chest a little more, making the chest rise even more, and moved in the direction as if aiming at the tip of my object in the middle.
And then he moved his hands faster than before.

“no. it’s not rice Leia only concentrates on her elemental absorption.”

“really? You don’t have to be patient.”

“no. OK.”

As I pressed Leia’s ears forward and caressed her hair, Leia nodded her head as if she knew it, and then slowly returned her hand movements as before.
And as I looked at Leia quietly, feeling Leia’s touch, the semen on Leia’s chest and face gradually disappeared as if absorbed under her skin.
And when there was no trace of semen left, Leia slowly opened her eyes.

“What do you think? Do you think it will be?”

“Well… Whoo… Yes. I can definitely feel the essence being absorbed, but I can’t handle it my way.”

Perhaps Leia was more excited by absorbing the spirit, and while exhaling an exhilarating sigh, she made an apologetic expression to me and said that.

“OK. I never thought that it would be possible all at once. If it doesn’t work, you just have to try it several times until it works. Because I can do anything.”

“Mr. Salvation is so… .”

Leia blushed in embarrassment as I jokingly spoke and deliberately applied force to the object to move it.
But, as if he didn’t like it, or rather, it wasn’t cheap and he patted my things with a gentle hand as if he had endured it well.

“Then shall we do it again with the chest?

“no. If you keep doing that, Leia will get tired too. This time I will move.”

Having said that, I gently laid Leia on the bed.
Then he went down under Leia, grabbed Leia’s two legs and gathered them neatly in the middle.
In that state, I grabbed the popliteal side of both legs with one hand and lifted it slightly, revealing the pubic hair between the crotch.
Still, it looked quite lewd that the thick parts were tightly gathered to make them stand out more.
As much as I got excited while absorbing the spirit, it’s even more thanks to the fact that it’s soaked in love juice.

“Goo, Gu Gu-won… It’s a little embarrassing if you stare at me like that.”

As Leia said that, she moved her tail to cover her pubic hair, but there was no other resistance as I grabbed the tail with the rest of my hand to calm it down.

After confirming that the tail had calmed down, I slapped my hand from the tail and moved it to the pubic area, which was wet with love juice.
When I tapped it with my fingertips as if lightly touching the tip of the vagina, the sticky love liquid formed a bridge between the vagina and my fingers, and it fell apart.

“This should be enough.”

“Yes… Whoa, what are you talking about?”

“I’m going to play this time because I need lubricant.”

Having said that, I shoved the object directly above the pubic area, into the triangle where the legs and pubic interlocked.
The gap was too narrow for my belongings to fit in, but Leia’s soft flesh was pressed to change its shape, and the slippery love liqueur acted as a lubricant, so I was able to somehow put things in the gap all the way to the root.

“I will do this this time. Leia can be so excited that she doesn’t become a nine-tailed fox, right?”

Instead of holding Leia’s legs with my hands, I hugged her with my arms to make it tighter, and shook her back vigorously.
Whenever an object brushed past the clitoris above her pubic area, Leia responded by twitching her body.

“Yes! Whoops! Huh… . Goo, Salvation… If you do it too hard… .”

“OK. even if you feel it No, rather, the more you feel the climax once, the calmer your mind will be, so you can observe the absorption of the regular period more calmly after being cheap, right?”

“Heh… that, like that… I will… Would you?”

“Huh. I’m sure it will. So, let’s feel Leia for once.”

Having said that, I stretched out the arm that was not holding my leg and grabbed Leia’s chest tightly.
As I grabbed my chest, which felt like it was going to slip out of my fingers, and moved it around as if it was changing shape, I could feel the hard nipples rubbing all over my palms.
Come to think of it, I haven’t even touched this chest today.
It was nice to receive service with my heart, but I feel happy to be touched like this.
It is a feeling I want to touch forever.

“Ugh! Salvation… Yes! Whoops! Whoops! Whoa!”

Leia was extremely excited when she touched her chest while still excited, and it seemed that the pleasure soared almost immediately to climax.
Leia reached its climax with her head tilted upward and her back arched as she trembled with the legs held by me and clutched the bed sheet with both hands.

And that vibration was a good stimulus for me, so the thing that had been waiting for a long time and ready to ejaculate at any time immediately sent a signal.
I loosened Leia’s legs and spread them out to the side, lifted my body slightly and aimed the tip of the object at Leia’s hollow belly button.

“Eh? Yes!”

Leia seemed startled, but hastily brought her hands together near her navel.

“Whew… What do you think? Did you feel good?”

“Yes, yes… . But that… Why in this place… .”

“Because it seemed too difficult for Leia to support her chest with her arms earlier. If you wrap it in a recess like this, you don’t have to work hard, right?”

“Mr. Salvation is so… . The amount is so large that my navel can’t fit it all.”

that, that’s for sure.
Leia put her four fingers together and put her hands together as if drawing a triangle with her thumb and four fingers.

He was carrying it on his boat.
This is so that the semen does not flow to the side.
But somehow, the pose seemed to emphasize the place, so it looked strange.

“Then wait a minute like before… Goo, salvation?”

Leia seemed startled when I suddenly put my legs back together and put something between them.

“Ah, yes. Leia is focused. I will be preparing myself like this again.”

Having said that, I moved the thing I put between Leia’s thighs back and forth.
This time, it was my own consideration to put it in the thigh instead of in the triangle so as not to touch the pubic area.
Because it will be difficult to concentrate if the vagina is stimulated.

“Yes… Well, if you move like that, it’s hard to concentrate… .”

That doesn’t mean that Leia isn’t irritable at all, though.

“Let’s do our best for the sake of our children who will be born in the future.”

“Boo… Be mean.”

Even as Leia said that, she closed her eyes and began to concentrate.

“What do you think? Do you think something went well this time?”

“That, that… I’m sorry.”

“no. I have nothing to be sorry about.”

First of all, this time I’m bad.
No matter how much I rubbed it between my thighs so as not to touch my pubic hair, it must have been difficult to concentrate.

“Even so, preparations are all over. Ejaculation again… .”

I tried to say that I could ejaculate my skin again, but Leia interrupted me and opened her mouth hesitantly.

“Yes… that… Salvation?”


“I’m sorry. That… now… I want to have it here.”

Then she spread her legs wide and gently spread her wet pussy with both hands, enough to describe the flood.

“I’m sorry! Thank you!”

Seeing that scene, I immediately put things into Leia’s vagina without thinking.

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Another hero

“Good morning… It’s Sylvia.”

After a happy night with Leia, I went down to the restaurant feeling refreshed, and I couldn’t forget what to say when I saw Sylvia sitting in the corner.
He didn’t even know he was locked in a corner, so now he dragged a chair to the corner and hid himself in the backrest.
Of course, even in that state, she was sticking her head out and spying on me, so she could immediately notice that Sylvia was there.
no. Well, even if you can’t see her, you’d think it was Sylvia if there was a chair in the corner.
Anyway, I thought it would get better with time, but it was my last dream. It was Sylvia whose symptoms got worse as time went on.

“Yes, yes?!”

“Come here.”

“Wow… !”

Despite my orders, Sylvia steadfastly refused to come.

“Uh-huh. hurry!”

I felt like I was taunting a dog who didn’t listen, so I deliberately put on a harsh expression on my face.

“Ugh… .”

But Sylvia only grunted and didn’t try to come closer.
No, if you’re going to groan like that, just come.
It’s really serious. Was it that shameful?
You just called me Mr. Guwon, and that’s all I tried to kiss you.
I knew Sylvia had a crush on me in the first place, so I don’t think there’s anything to be ashamed of.
It’s normal as a human being.
Aside from my thoughts, Sylvia, the party involved, had an expression that wanted to go into a mouse hole and bury her nose in the water of the dish.
Still, he came to the restaurant every now and then and looked at my face, and he had a lot of trouble.

“If you don’t come by the count of three, I’ll go. one… two… .”

“Savior. It’s just that you don’t do that to Sylvia… .”

Leia, who couldn’t see me, tried to stop me, but my will was firm.

“no. Don’t make it too pampered. In times like these, we need to grow stronger.”

I had a conversation with Leia like a couple raising an immature child, then looked at Sylvia again.

“Sylvia. I’ve counted to two now. If I go to you when I count to three, you better be prepared.”


And he made a threat that wasn’t that threatening, but it worked for Sylvia again.
Sylvia closed her eyes and rushed to me as if she had made up her mind.
Sylvia, who was running with great momentum, suddenly slowed down just before it collided with me, and as if it had touched a feather, she fell into my arms and began to tremble.

“Well done.”

I stroked Sylvia’s head with a prize, but that only made Sylvia’s vibrations stronger.
Sylvia put her arms around my body and started to slide down as if her legs had lost strength.

“Sylvia’s reaction seems to be worse than usual. Did you do anything to Sylvia again?”

“no! How the hell do you look at me! Do I look like someone who would do that?!”

“okay. see. You idiot pervert.”

ね… that guy… . let’s see it tonight
I’ll make you realize what will happen if the fool and the pervert are sincere in their perverts

“Wow, woo woo… The savior is, ah, nothing, he doesn’t do anything… .”

And it was Sylvia in her arms who gave my defense to the suspicious Sarah.
Sylvia was in my arms and melted away, and she argued without even looking at Sarah.
it’s sylvia Thank you for your support. But what the hell have you already done to loosen your tongue?

“Well then. It’s all because Sylvia loves me so much. right?”

“Ne-hee… .”

👌👌👌👌 Huh, huh! I like salvation, too!”

Sarah. Usually the line is ‘Hey! I don’t like things like you!’ Shouldn’t it be written as
No, thank you for telling me that you like me.

“Then, when will Sarah want to hug me and melt me ​​like this?”

“Hey, I won’t do it here, you idiot!”

here it is I remembered those words carefully.
I’ll use it later when I want to see Sarah’s cute face.

“Anyway, Sylvia. You’re so serious these days. The results of the special training you did in the past are not showing up at all. Today, as punishment, I am sentenced to eating on my lap.”

“Ugh… That, uh… !”

Sylvia has turned into a face of despair, but it’s not because she doesn’t like it.

“Aww… wow… .”

“Sylvia. Do not spill.”

“No, you’re aiming… .”

And throughout the meal, Sylvia trembled over me.
Even though I had been having so much fun with Leia, when Sylvia fell from above, my tireless object reacted again.
And the spiral of wealth continued, saying that Sylvia, who felt my hardened object touching her ass, made her body vibrate even more.
That alone is a big deal, even these days, because I just love it so much that I don’t tremble like this.
They are in a state of not being able to make eye contact with Sarah and Leia, as if they have no respect for them, with a face that they are ashamed of their words and actions, which they mistook for a dream.
Sylvia probably doesn’t know if the rice is going through her mouth or her nose.
I don’t think this is the level where we can wait for natural healing like this
I felt that I needed counseling once for Sylvia’s stability.

“Sylvia. Let’s eat and talk to me.”

“Wow… yes, yes… .”

At my words, Sylvia shriveled up and answered helplessly.
What else did he misunderstand?

After finishing the meal after many twists and turns, I came to the room with Sylvia.
Sylvia was bowing her head helplessly as the grass died, like a child to be scolded from now on.
But at the same time, as if happy to be alone with me, I could see the corners of my mouth fluttering uncontrollably.


“Yes, yes!”

“You seem to be still paying attention to what I mistook for a dream before.”


“No need to worry at all. No, it’s a natural reaction as a human being. I want to call the name of the person I like, I want to kiss, and so on. It’s natural. Do not worry about it.”

“Wow… ! wow… !”

I was obviously speaking a lot, but Silvia covered her face with her hands and collapsed on the spot.
What, what is this reaction? It’s as if even the teeth were pointed out… Oh yes
From Sylvia’s point of view, is it going to be a situation where the person who is the target of the delusion finds out about her delusion and then tells it to herself?
that’s… I’d be a little embarrassed.


“Oh, no, ah… . Thank you!”

I’m saying thank you while I’m about to die of shame.
Do you have that kind of taste? I would have joked about it normally, but no matter how much I was, I couldn’t do that.

“Anyway, don’t worry about it. From now on, just call me Guwon. How are you?”

“… … ! That can’t be… !”

If not, what was the rigidity in front of you?

“How long have you been here, and you’re still too hard on me. Let’s be more comfortable.”

“Ugh… However… .”

Sylvia had a lot of ups and downs before joining our party, so it was hard to change her attitude so easily.

“Good. If you can’t do it, I have an idea.”



As I spoke with an evil smile, Sylvia’s body trembled with fear.
But was it because of my mood that the light of hope seemed to shine, even if slightly, in those eyes?
After all, maybe he also enjoys playing with me?
But what if this betrays expectations? I don’t mean to play with you today.

“From now on, this is special training. Follow.”

I took Sylvia and left the mansion anyway.

“Oh, savior? wherever… ?”

Sylvia asked in a voice that was half anxiety and anticipation, shaking the arm that was held by me.

“What? Are you really asking because you don’t know?”

“Yes, yes… .”

“A man and a woman went out on the street together. What do you think you will do from now on?”

“… … Stand, please… .”

“okay. It’s a date.”

“Ah, ah, ah, I don’t… oh! is! Sara-sama and Leia-sama are also in the mansion, how could I… !”

Sylvia, in a state of panic, shouted as she turned her eyes to and fro and chewed her tongue.

“As you say that, the corners of your mouth are smiling.”

“hot… ! Khhh, Lord, please kill me… .”

“I’m kidding. Anyway, follow me, even if you don’t like it, I’ll have to force you on a date no. Be honest. Hate? By the way, if you don’t like it, you’ll get hurt. You know how to answer it.”

“Ah, ah… that, that… All, of course… I don’t like it… not… .”

Sylvia confessed that while making a slightly guilty face.
It’s just that I feel guilty about this. Maybe it’s Sara, Diana, and Leia. you’re so sincere
Well, I guess our kids are also caring for Sylvia.

“You just don’t like it?”

“Ugh… Joe, good… !”


“Good savior… hot! Aww… .”

Sylvia eventually squatted down, clasping her face with her hands.
haha. it’s sylvia Isn’t it too easy to fish?

“Why do you keep talking? or what? no?”

“Ugh… Salvation is good!”

It was Sylvia who answered it properly even though it was a game of pun.

“Good. Then make up your mind and go on a date right now… .”
“found! Bake it!”

Then I heard a voice calling my name from afar.
It was also the male voice.
Who are you at this time?
no. body doesn’t matter ‘Cause he’s a boy anyway You’re trying to interrupt my date. kill it once
I looked towards the sound and saw an ordinary man running towards me with a terrifying force.
That face… You mean that guy came to see me again after being like that yesterday? Isn’t there a real body organ called the brain?

“Ha ha! It seems that neither the Supreme Sorceress nor the Cursed Cardinals accompany you this time! You’ve been vigilant, salvation!”

This guy is calling me whatever name he wants, even when he and I have a common name. I don’t even know the name of a guy like you Well, in my heart, I call it trash, though.

“Where else did you seduce such a slender woman… Poetry, Sylvia Babett?!”

Garbage confirmed the identity of the woman next to me, and took a step back with a sudden frightened face.
what? How do you react when you see our cute Sylvia?
I reflexively turned my head to look at Sylvia.
… … Huh. okay. I understand.
Sylvia There are times when she gets angry too. Well, it’s only natural because you’re human.
The first time I saw it, it was surprisingly powerful.

With a slender body and an innocent face, I thought it wouldn’t be that scary to be angry.
Those eyes staring at the trash with expressionless expression had a force to almost kill people.

“Well, I was on a special mission for the princess… ?”

“I am doing it.”

“Is that so?”

At Sylvia’s dry voice, Garbage immediately lowered its tail.
Long time no see, that voice.
It was that kind of voice when I first came here saying that he was dragging me for suspicion of rebellion.

“Oh, hey! Yes, your boy! Always hiding behind girls! Aren’t you ashamed?”

no. I’ve never really been hiding.
Talking about the subject of being scared and exploding by himself.

“What is there to be ashamed of? These are all abilities. Are you actually envious of me?”

“Wow! noisy! You mean bastard!”

Still, it was garbage to say that it was not enviable.
Surprisingly, that garbage might be honest garbage.

“If it’s a man, treat him fairly and fairly as a man to man!”

No, I mean, in this world, women have the upper hand.
Although it is a world without gender discrimination, most of the key positions in the level-up system are occupied by women.
Even so, the men here often speak like the men of the world I lived in.
Come to think of it, Alicia was told to act feminine as well.
I don’t know the meaning.
Well, I have to say it went well. Anyway, this garbage has something to do with it.

“Good. What do you want me to do?”

“Go, savior!”


I stroked Sylvia’s head, who gave her worried eyes.
From the start of the date to the cost of ruining it, I will take it well.

“Whoa… .”

Sylvia’s face immediately loosened up and she started flailing again.

“What, what… Nonsense… That Miss Sylvia Babett… Big, big! Anyway, your boy! I will face you one-on-one with this! It looks like you’ve lost your cowardice, but I’ll tell you that I’ll admit it for just one gut!”

What are you talking about this garbage? Even if you don’t have guts in the first place, you’re not scared.

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Another hero

Those words came up to my throat, but with extreme patience I was able to suppress them.
After all, after all, this guy might have important information.
It’s better to stay friendly if you’re going to dig up information.
So, I decided to start with the words I had previously thought about.

“Huh haha. Then be prepared… .”
“awhile. Before that, I have something to tell you.”

“What? Aren’t you scared now?”

no. In the beginning, I said I would talk to you one-on-one, or something like a duel.

I didn’t do it.
Why do you keep saying things like that? What are you misunderstanding?

“You’ve been hostile to me since the first time we met. After a lot of thought, I think it must be a princess-related problem. I’ve heard that he’s a hero, but I don’t think he’s a sleazy guy who is so hostile to him just out of jealousy for no reason.”

“All, of course!”

… This guy’s reaction is suspicious.
Are you sure you’re not just arguing because of jealousy?

“So I mean. If that’s the case, I want to show you that there is absolutely no reason to be hostile to me.”

“Hey, what do you mean by that?!”

“I will too. I’m not interested in the princess. If you have eyes, you’ll know by seeing it, but in the first place, I was forced by the princess. From now on, I will never go to the castle, nor will I have anything to do with the princess. So, don’t worry about me and take care of yourself and the princess.”

I told him exactly what I was thinking.
He didn’t even tell me if he could satisfy a princess like a succubus with that little thing, though. Why is a guy like me so kind?

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, your daughter!”

But even with my kindness, the trash wrinkled more and became more red and screamed.

“Are you insulting me?”

“What, what? suddenly.”

“Do you think that I will never know that I told the princess and Princess Felicia that I would hug you if you don’t sleep with anyone until we meet again?”

… … Huh?
Hearing his angry cry, I had no choice but to stop the accident for a moment.

“Yes, yes, because of you, I… My dear!”

As if he was going to die of injustice, his voice trembled and screamed almost like a scream.
Seeing this makes me feel a little bit sorry… .
no. Is this right to be sorry?
sorry. Until you told me, I had completely forgotten what I had to say with the princess.
If I said this, surely it would only be provocation, wouldn’t it?
no. wait a minute To say that this guy is screaming like this right here… .

“awhile. Did the princess tell you that? No, more than that, is the princess really protecting it?”

He didn’t answer, he just looked at me with furious eyes.
That alone was the answer.
Nonsense. That the sex-crazed princess, who is having sex every time she goes, is putting up with sex?
How long has it been since I met him!
Princess Felicia. How the hell are you trying to figure out how much you want to be with me?
I felt a cold sweat running down my back.

“But when you disappear, the princess will no longer have to keep her promise… .”

And he mumbled that in a hoarse voice.
Now I see that my eyes are completely savored with anger.
I roughly figured out the situation.
those eyes have sex

It’s the eyes of a starving male.
no. If you’re that hungry, eat your servant. Since you’re a noble, shouldn’t there be a maid in your house?
It’s not like everyone had sex with the princess or anything like that… no. Then I found it strange.
This guy is definitely not the type to have sex with, regardless of his looks or penis size.
But the hedonistic princess is having sex with this guy. It wasn’t even once.
Is there some reason I don’t know?
Anyway, I decided to calm this guy down for now.
If you leave it alone, it will run right away.

“Hey. Calm down. who do you think i am Diana is a gentleman, a gentleman, and a person who I can’t help but love. Haven’t you heard the rumors from the castle too? Are you still going to attack me? The guy who didn’t attack properly for fear of hurting Diana’s carriage? Do you really think that Diana will stand still?”

“Ugh… ! Hiding behind a woman, you mean bastard… !”

I knew it. No matter how angry she gets, it seems that Diana’s fear does not change.
In a sense, he was the same guy.

“no. I wasn’t mean, I was telling the truth. And I don’t know if you know, but I’m a messenger of the Goddess, and I’m half-approved by the church. Even talking directly to the Pope. Why do you think the cardinal is attached to me? If you touched me, wouldn’t the church be silent?”

“Ugh… .”

He clenched his teeth and glared at me as if he were an enemy of his parents.
I gave up on raising his favor.
Without knowing the details, there was nothing else I could do.
If it’s Sylvia who’s next to you, there’s a good chance she’ll know what’s going on, but you can’t ask that in front of yourself again.
I can’t help it. more than this. Do you want to solve it by force?

“Anyway, I had something to see with you. As a messenger of the Goddess, it is an important story related to the fate of the world. As a saint, I ask you to cooperate with the hero.”

“… What? Cooperation?”

“okay. I want to ask you a little… .”

“Heh heh heh heh heh!”

Is this guy finally out of his mind?

“Good! Good! Is there something you want me to tell you?!”

“okay. As a messenger of the Goddess… .”

“It’s probably like that… It’s not good, but the messenger of the goddess wouldn’t force her to open her mouth, would she? I believe that the denomination will not apply external pressure or do such violent things.”

I’d rather just say it’s good. this fucking bastard
no, what In a world like this, it’s obvious what will happen if you say something about Goddess is good.
Still, isn’t the hero too clumsy?

“Anyway, that’s it, it’s a duel!”

“… What?”

“If your guy wins me, I’ll give him that information! But if I win… !”

“Ah. okay. yes I’ll give you anything you want. So when are you going to do it? Shall we do it now?”

“… uh? awhile. really? You don’t seem to know very well, but I am the only warrior in the world. Even the clan leader of the Arachne clan, who is the strongest adventurer, is a fold when it comes to battles… .”

“Okay, so let’s do it. When are you going to do it?”

As soon as I agreed, he was visibly embarrassed and laid out his profile.
Miriel’s level is estimated to be 250, so it was a little surprising that this guy, who was only level 198, would win. No, considering Sarah, it’s at a level that makes sense.
Anyway, I didn’t feel like losing to this guy at all.

“Hey, hey! Sylvia Babett! Oh, can I not dry it?!”

“Whoa? hot. Hmmm. I believe in the Savior aaaaaaaaaa .”

Sylvia came to her senses for a moment and changed her expression to a blank expression, but when I gave strength to the arm that was holding her waist, her expression relaxed again.
okay. okay. Sylvia is cute.

“what. you said do it Are you afraid of coming now?”

“Who, who… ! By the way, what I’m suggesting is a fair one-on-one duel. Without anyone’s intrusion in the middle, it’s purely a battle between you and your own abilities.”

“That’s a lot of talk. Hey. No matter how much I come from another world, I know that much. Okay, so when are you going to do it? Right Now… no. awhile. I can’t now. I have to go on a date. Let’s do it tomorrow, tomorrow. You don’t have much to do anyway, do you?”

“I, I have been very busy ever since! But good. I would say tomorrow Where?”

“Come to my house anytime tomorrow. Do you know where it is?”

“hot! i thought i would Come into your nigga’s den with my own feet, do you mean this?!”

He’s like, ‘You’re like that.’ He looked at me like he was saying.
no. It’s just that I’m too lazy to go out.

“Ah. Then you decide the place. Where do you like it?”

“… uh… castle… No, there’s the princess… uhhh… Well, that’s what I do at my mansion… .”

“You are the same after all. I don’t know where your mansion is. Also you just come or what You don’t think our Diana is digging a trap in the mansion, do you? Are you insulting our Diana now?”

“Wow! Joe, that’s good. There is no way the supreme archmage would use such a mean means. I would say tomorrow Wash his neck clean and wait.”

“Unlike you, I have a lot of work to do with women, so don’t worry because I’m always clean. A guy like you who has nothing to do with a woman doesn’t care about his appearance like that.”

As long as you have promised that you will be able to obtain information through confrontation, there is no problem in provoking this guy as many times as you want.
I decided to tell you what I had been holding back for so long.

“I, too, wash properly!”

“Oh, was that a wash? sorry. I thought I hadn’t washed it because I was so scruffy. It was just the way it was.”

“Yes, your boy! Until today, I can make fun of my mouth like that!”

“okay. okay. Okay, so go now. I have to go on a date with my Sylvia.”

“Wow, our Sylvie… Oh, oh… .”

“Wow! Lord, I will kill you… .”

“Because it’s okay. do it tomorrow Do you have nothing to do?”

It seemed like there would be no end to dealing with this any longer, so I decided to leave it that way and head back to the shopping street with Sylvia.
No matter how trashy it was, as long as he had a duel appointment, he had no intention of attacking behind him, so he stood there, trembling with anger.

Anyway, in the end, things worked out.
From now on, you will be able to get information about mine tomorrow.
It worked very well for me, but one question remained.
With what kind of guts did that guy challenge me to a duel?

If my prediction is correct, that guy is probably going to the dungeon too.
Looking at those looks and things, I couldn’t imagine raising the level through sex, so I probably raised the level by using the fact that the level up was quick even with a battle unique to a hero.
And if you want to level up through battles in this city, the best thing to do is to go to the dungeon.
In other words, he must be going to the dungeon.
If so, you must have heard my rumors.
The topic that is heating up the guild recently is the discovery of a secret passage through the genitals.
It was hard to think that I would not have heard of my rumors at all.
Unless you haven’t been to a dungeon lately.

Is there any workaround?
no. It’s hard to even think of.
Even that Diana still doesn’t know exactly how my skill works.
But does that guy have a countermeasure for my skills?
I hope it is.

But then what?
If you get hit by my skills with that look, I don’t think it’ll end with just giving up.
To be honest, the thing that worries me the most in the duel tomorrow is that I have to be careful not to kill him.
No matter how much the level difference is, the charm of this guy must be good for a teenager. No. Considering that the appearance was a level-corrected appearance, there was a possibility that it was a single-digit number.
I don’t know how it’s possible for a hero whose stats go up every time he level up.
Accidentally, the hand of a saint. No, maybe even the weakest sanctuary proclamation could be dangerous.
… no. Anyway, it’s not that bad. First of all, he’s a guy who didn’t get beaten up even after working with the princess.
Surely something will work out
What’s important to me right now is not thinking about how to keep such garbage alive.


“… Sylvia. I hope you didn’t feel it?”

“Ah, ha, ha, ha… Oh no!”

Tongue and legs are loose.
Really? It’s not like I’ve done anything naughty, but just walking the streets with me alone for mental pleasure makes me feel the climax?
From that point on, there seemed to be a long way to go.
Dating, can we end it properly?

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Another hero

“Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… .”

Anyway, today is a date with Sylvia’s special training.
In that sense, I was half-forced to take Sylvia to the downtown area, but Sylvia’s condition only got worse.
Not content to have climaxed once, Sylvia climaxed once more.
He didn’t make a loud noise as if he had somehow tolerated it, but his appearance was not normal to anyone looking at it.
My face was red and I was breathing heavily, and my legs were so shaky that I couldn’t even walk properly, and I was trembling.

anyway it’s weird
Of course, it’s always been the case that Sylvia overreacts when she’s with me, but it wasn’t to this level anyway.
If that’s the case, everyday life is really impossible.
At this rate, there was no way I could do anything like a date.
It’s a bit reluctant to say it’s a date and do it as soon as it starts, but it’s because I’m not bad. Can’t help it.
I took Sylvia and headed to the nearby inn.

“Sylvia. Take off your pants.”

And as soon as I entered the inn room, I immediately ordered Sylvia.
As I unwrapped the arms around her waist, Sylvia, who had lost her support, leaned her back against the door and barely managed to stand.
Then, he was half-cryed, and he only made an expressionless expression, and he didn’t try to take off his pants right away.
Sylvia seems to know that her date plans have gone awry because of her.
You don’t have to be so ignorant, though.
Because I don’t hate doing it with you either. No, I’m rather grateful. It is not enough to say thank you.
But I told Sylvia again, without showing any of those feelings.

“Take it off.”

“Ugh… .”

Sylvia made one cute sound at my words, and then slowly lowered her pants with trembling hands.
Come to think of it, she often wears trousers as her name is a noble young girl.
It’s not that I don’t always wear skirts, but I do wear pants overwhelmingly.
I always wear pants inside when I wear armor, so are the pants more comfortable?

Anyway, Sylvia seems to have grabbed her underwear when she lowered her pants and took them down at once.
Sylvia’s bare skin, not her underwear, was revealed in the pants that were slowly lowered.
Sylvia lowered her pants to about mid-thigh, then pressed her back to the door again, barely holding on with her trembling legs.
Our insensitivity knight-sama’s vagina, which was revealed in this way, was already soggy and soggy, and there were several long legs of sticky love juice between the pussy and pants.

I’m really glad Sylvia’s pants are leather pants that are worn under the armor.
If it wasn’t for that, everyone who passed by would have noticed that the crotch of his pants was soaked.
Well, even if that wasn’t the case, the inn aunt made a strange expression thanks to Sylvia’s strange condition.
Still, Sylvia was keeping her head down, and I was wearing a robe, so there shouldn’t be any strange rumors.
Come to think of it, the trash hero recognized me very well even wearing robes.
Surely you didn’t follow him from the mansion?
Well, that doesn’t really matter anyway.
For now, I have to deal with Sylvia in front of me.

“It’s just that we hung out together and wandered around a bit. Why are you so wet?”

“Ugh… Sin, I’m sorry… .”

“no. I’m not blaming you, I’m asking because I’m really curious. Really, why are you doing this? Anyway, it wasn’t like this normally, was it? Is there any reason?”

“Wow… that, that… Oh, it’s been a while since I’ve been with the Savior… Hey, I’m happy… .”

When I asked a serious question, Sylvia replied, teasing her with a look of embarrassment and death.
Don’t twist your body. Do you know what posture you are in right now?
I see nothing but seduction.

“Thank you for that, but… Anyway, this is serious. This.”


Sylvia leaned forward and twisted her torso as I placed her hand lightly on her squishy pussy, squeezing my hand with her thigh.
It’s because he’s the one with the most insensitivity to reactions.

“Tell me honestly. Is there something more? what?”

“Hey… I really… Huh… Long time no see… Ira… Yes… All, just… .”


“I’m… uh… I’m alone… Huh… I can’t do it ah… .”

Huh? can’t you do it alone? What?
I couldn’t understand Sylvia’s words right away.
But looking at my hand caressing Sylvia’s pussy, I could understand what she was saying.

“Ahhh! I can’t masturbate!”

“Ugh… .”

Oh sorry. The thought of it came out of my mouth.
Sylvia heard those words directly and made an expression that she wanted to go into a mouse hole, but it was because she was constantly touching her vagina like this.
Even if you want to run away because your legs are weak, you won’t be able to.

But it is. Is it like that?
Come to think of it, it’s been a long time since I’ve been with Sylvia.
maybe… Haven’t you done it once since you went to Arachne’s quest?
It’s been quite a while I think.
Then it’s not because I didn’t pay attention to all of this.
I’m sorry about this.

“I told you before. If you want to do it, don’t hold back and say it anytime. Why are you holding up?”

“Ugh… Sorry… Ha, but… .”

“no. sorry. I have no right to say this. I should have paid more attention.”

Feeling sorry, he stopped and spoke as if rebuking Sylvia.

“Oh, no… Salvation is… .”

After all, he’s good too.
But it is. Sylvia is insensitivity, so she can’t even comfort herself by masturbating, so should I pay more attention?
It was because I hugged him several times every night for the sake of leveling up until just before I stopped doing it.
If you hug me like that and then suddenly stop holding it, then your body will get hot.
I hadn’t paid attention to it until now.

But do you really not feel like masturbating?
Although there are no erogenous zones on the body, he is a child who can feel mental orgasm.
If you imagine doing it with me, wouldn’t it be possible to masturbate?
no. Of course, as long as you don’t create a situation where you have to masturbate in the future, that’s okay. You don’t know what people do, do you?

“Sylvia. Do you really not feel like masturbating?”

“Ugh… That’s right… .”

“really? Can you imagine doing it with me?”

“That, that… Yes… That, so… .”

“Huh? what? Be sure to tell me.”

“S, when you do it yourself… Whoops… Always thinking of the Savior… Whoa… !”

Ah Okay. Okay, so don’t cry.
I don’t know if it’s tears from excessive pleasure or tears from shame.
Anyway, this made me realize why Sylvia was more sensitive than usual.
I don’t know if it’s just to the extent of trembling in shame, because even if we just walk together and feel it in a sexual way, our daily life will be difficult.
I’m really glad I was able to find a solution.

“Good. then… .”

I pulled out my hand that had been playing with Sylvia’s pussy for a long time.
It was a little difficult because Sylvia’s thighs were holding it tightly from both sides, but it was possible to pull it out somehow with strength.

“Ugh… Whoa, whoa?”

When I suddenly pulled out my hand, Sylvia’s eyes widened as if she was doing this, and made a cute sound.
Don’t worry. Because you’re trying to do it right.
I grabbed Sylvia’s waist and hugged her.


When I tried to move my body to the bed with her body tightly pressed, Sylvia wrapped her arms around my body and dangled tightly to the climax.
Really? I haven’t even inserted it yet.
My object was pressed against Sylvia’s navel and held tightly between me and Sylvia’s belly.
Well, it was at its peak while I was here, so it’s no wonder.

“Good. I can’t help it. Special training is postponed until later. I’ll stick with you until your hot body cools down today. Be prepared.”

“Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… .”


“Huh… Go, I promise… I’m so happy… .”

“Well done.”

I gave Sylvia a light kiss on the top of her head as a compliment.
Originally, she would have stroked her hair, but now her hands are holding Sylvia’s waist and holding her.


And with that crown kiss, Sylvia climaxed once more.
I couldn’t see it because she was holding her body close, but I could feel Sylvia’s love juice splashing on my thighs.
I went straight ahead, laid Sylvia on the bed, and immediately put the thing inside her.


And Sylvia, who had just reached a climax with a kiss on the top of the head, and was dazed, felt a multi-orgasm during the insertion, trembling and drooping.

“Hey… haha… Aww… .”

Her eyes were completely opened and saliva was dripping from her mouth, but Sylvia had not lost her mind yet.

“Hey. Do not faint.”

“Ugh… Sigh… No, huh! make an effort… Whoa!”

It’s because it’s very difficult to wake you up when you pass out.

no. In addition to the synergy effect of the skill that Matilda had experimented with with Matilda’s body, if she uses a skill that gives pleasure directly, it might be possible to wake up fainted Sylvia with pleasure.
Well, Matilda was half-dead last time too, so it’s best not to do that.

“Ugh! Whoops!”

“Sylvia. cute. Lovely. Her face that turned red with excitement is so pretty.”

“Whew! Oh, I don’t… Huh… that, so… Aaaaah!”

To make Sylvia feel more efficient, I put my mouth to my ear and poured out compliments.
The verbal attack was so effective that Sylvia put her legs around my waist and climaxed over and over again with a wild wiggle back and forth.

“It feels so easy. How hot was it?”

“Ugh! That, ha ha!”

“Until the feeling cycle gets longer again, I’m going to make you feel thoroughly today.”

“That, that… Yes! Go on… Whoops! Ahn darling!”

“what? What’s wrong?”

“Gye, hehe! If you continue… Whoops! I can’t wait… heh… No… .”

“Then there is nothing you can do. I have to keep doing this until I die.”

“Wow… wow… ah ah ah… .”

Sylvia couldn’t speak, with a look of half fear and half anticipation, perhaps even imagining it until she died.
I understand the fear, but what are your expectations? Then he really dies, not a joke.
I’m not afraid of a kid who’s about to die if I just hug him.
As for the subject that continues to experience multiple orgasms even now.

“Good mood?”

“Gee, the feeling… Yes… ok… .”

“I like it too. But I mean… .”


I used the saint’s touch and pinched Sylvia’s clitoris, which was cutely protruding after I used the saint’s touch, shoveling things into Sylvia’s insides.
Although Sylvia says she doesn’t have erogenous zones, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel pain.
If an area that is not normally touched, such as the clitoris, is suddenly pinched, it will react sensitively.
In addition to the sudden pain that approached the sensitive area, she suddenly felt a physical pleasure she had never felt before, and Sylvia held her back in the air as if she was taking a bridge position, shivering and squeezing the inside of her vagina.

“okay. You can make me feel better like this. Tighten it more with that feeling.”

“Ugh! No, I’ll try… Whoa!”

Sylvia was desperately trying to tighten her pussy, but it seemed that she had a hard time concentrating on excessive pleasure.

“Focus. I’m giving you strength here. Here.”


When I lightly pressed on her belly, Sylvia spit out her love fluid once more, reaching a climax.
I didn’t mean to hurt you.
He was about to faint because he felt too climax, so the purpose was to divert his attention so as not to pass out.
It’s because I’ve already proven that the mental pleasure slightly diminishes when one’s attention is diverted.
But in such a state of pleasure, it seemed unlikely that he could divert his attention.
I can’t help it.
I was trying to catch two rabbits at once, diverting attention and increasing skill if possible.
Should I just use the skill like last time to distract attention with physical pleasure?
I used the saint’s power and grabbed Sylvia’s waist with both hands and slammed it hard against her waist.

“Hah! Yes! Yes! Whoops!”

Sylvia’s moans continued to tickle my ears as if singing incessantly.

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Another hero

“How are you, Sylvia? Are you satisfied with this? Sylvia?”

“Ha ha ha ha, out… yes, yes… .”

Sylvia, who had reached its climax several times, threw herself down on the bed and answered in a tongue-tied voice, but with firmness.

“really? Are you confident that you won’t feel it even if I hug you now?”

“Wow… that, that… yes, yes… .”

“Answer me for sure.”

“Hey! Yes, yes!”

I tapped my back one more time, and Sylvia squirmed in reply.
Sylvia, who used to be that insensitivity, now shows such a sensitive reaction with just one swipe. I was feeling a little numb.
Anyway, it made me feel a little bit too serious, but maybe this is just the right thing for me.
If you don’t do this, he’ll never ask for a hug by himself.
Obviously, at first, he was a kid who came to hug me because it was good only when he wanted to. Now I’m hesitant to ask for a hug.
If you think about it this way, it must have been a very strange change.

“Is this enough for you to feel? The next time something like this happens, it won’t end like this. Next time, I’m really going to make you go down. Okay?”

“Ugh… yes… .”

no. So, why is there so little hope in your eyes? It’s just pure fear.
Wouldn’t this have the opposite effect?
I became a little anxious, but I decided not to ask any more questions.
It’s also a problem that can be solved enough if I pay attention and make time to hold Sylvia from time to time.

“Good. Then finally, a real date… Too much time has passed to do it. Sheesh. Sylvia’s special training will be done later.”

“Whoa, whoa… Is that so… .”

“Hey. Don’t you have a more regretful face? Why are you resting?”

“Ah! Oh, I’m sorry! However, if you even go on a date in such a situation, your life will be really damaged… .”


“Oh, nothing. It’s just sad.”

“… … Whoa. okay. Put on some clothes.”

The desire to rebuke me a little more swelled up, but I suppressed it.
At least it should be in the evening.
They say our kids are strangely kind to Sylvia, but if they go out alone in the morning and don’t come back after dinner, they’ll be jealous.
no. You might be jealous when the two of you came out already, but that’s because it’s already too late, so I can’t help it.

“By the way, Sylvia. I have a question.”

“G, G, G, G, you mean the question?”

The way back.
Sylvia, who was holding me in my arms and vibrating hard

He became even more nervous at my words and hardened his body.
For reference, this guy. Maybe it was because his body was really hot, but now he doesn’t seem to feel it in a sexual sense.
Even so, the vibrating thing doesn’t change, though.

“okay. that trash… It’s a warrior guy. You seem to be obsessed with the princess. Do you know any reason?”

If I win the match tomorrow, I can ask a question about mine, so I don’t really care anymore, but I asked Sylvia like that.
There is no need to suppress your curiosity.

“Ah, is that a question… Whoo… .”

So what kind of question were you expecting, kid?

“It’s a bit of a complicated relationship to explain briefly.”

“Then let me explain it in a long way. You and I will have plenty of time in the future.”

“Ah, ow… .”

I meant to be bullshit, but it worked.
it’s sylvia Because of his personality, Yongke didn’t even like a single man until now.
I thought so. If Sylvia had had a crush on a man before she met me, frigidity would have been cured sooner.

“that… The princess and her are fiances… It’s a similar relationship.”

“If you’re fiancée, what kind of relationship do you have with your fiance?”

“To explain that, you have to start with the hero’s pedigree. Because of the peculiarity that the warrior family inherits its profession through blood, in order not to break the line, until now, children have been born so that there must be at least two warriors in the same generation. But this time… His father passed away due to an unfortunate accident, leaving only the current hero.”

“An accident?”

“Yes, yes… Well, that’s not really important. At least in this story. Anyway, when there was only one hero left, the Queen became worried. The reason why this country has an overwhelming influence on the world is that the title of a country that traditionally has a warrior also had a lot of influence. The Queen, who was worried, ordered the princess to marry a hero. If the two of you have a child, the lineage of the warrior will not be cut off unless the lineage of the royal family is cut off.”

indeed… . So that scumbag reacted to me like that… .
okay. If you see your fiance throwing you away while you’re with him and trying to hug me somehow while flirting with you, you’d be mad.
For me, I want to tell the princess to be angry, not me, but I know that human emotions are not that logical.
They say that if your wife cheats on you, it’s a common reaction to get angry with the person you cheated on first rather than your wife.

“Huh? Then you can’t just take it off or put it on, and you’re engaged?

“no. that… The princess refused to do so. You may think it is a surprise to God, but Princess Felicia is well aware of the responsibilities of being a princess. It’s the first time a princess has rebelled like that… Even the Queen can’t push it recklessly.”

“Oh, I see. By the way, why was the princess so rebellious? Sylvia is close with the princess, you know?”

“That, that… As a princess, I was prepared for an arranged marriage, but I don’t want to be with a guy like that… .”


Then yes.
Just like Sylvia, Felicia was, in a sense, a consistent woman until the very end.

“But every time I went, the two of them were eating together?”

“That… The princess asked me to cancel the marriage order because she would just give birth to a hero and include her in the royal bloodline.”

Did you hate it that much?
What are you going to do? I’m trying to pity that trash a little.

“So the Queen has given the order. Then, until the child is born, the two of them will only have a relationship with each other.”

what. Then that garbage. Were you really in a state where you could only be with the princess right now?
Besides, did I even block that?
No! do not do that! You’re trying to be really sorry!

“… … Huh? Then me?”

“… … The princess, who had been in a relationship with him for almost a year and had continued complaints of desire, turned around when she heard the news of the Savior… Hmmm. You are interested.”

“no. As the Queen ordered. The hero doesn’t protest? So, would she be able to hold any other woman besides the princess?”

“It’s a little complicated. The fact that the hero was left alone in the family, as well as the past events overlapped, the position of the family of warriors now is much weaker than before. Originally, even if it was the queen’s order, the idea of ​​absorbing the heroic family into the royal family would have raised a backlash. However, the heroic family is now in a state of weakness to the point of not being able to protest. Besides, the last one left… As the savior saw, that… Because I am a very weak person to take and press with power… .”

“… Are you saying that the princess is so depressed that you can’t even protest in a humble way?”

“Yeah. That’s right. Besides… No, no.”

you’re a really stinky guy
Whoops. thank God. Thanks to you, all my feelings of regret have gone away.

Anyway, this made everything clear.
The reason why the trash rushed at me so desperately, and, as a bonus, why the princess was having sex with him every time I went to the castle.
And finally, why the princess was so confident on the terms I had before.

That guy must have cheated!
After all, you can only have sex with trash, but if you do with trash, you only get more dissatisfied.
From the princess’s point of view, it’s better not to do it.
So you were so confident!
But just because I didn’t know it didn’t mean I could void the bet.
I know well that that’s just a lame excuse.
Damn it. Now that this is the case, I will not face the princess at any cost.
After all, the condition is that you don’t have sex with another man until you see your face next time.
Let’s see who will laugh at the end.

Anyway, once my curiosity was relieved to some extent, I felt like my head was being organized.
I thought I wouldn’t be able to satisfy my curiosity until Diana came back, but Sylvia also explained more than I thought… Huh? Come to think of it, I didn’t even tremble in the middle and explained it well.
Any vibrations are gone.
I stared at Sylvia’s face.

“Any more questions?”

Then Sylvia tilted her head cutely.
There was no feeling of shame on his face.
It is rather refreshing to see him not being shy at all.
There is always an image of me turning red and shaking.
But why? Ah, maybe… Does it mean that if you divert your mind, that was eaten during the act, your sense of being out is weakened by concentrating on it?

“Huh. I have one more.”

“Yeah. Please tell me.”

I tightened my arms around Sylvia’s waist and hugged her even tighter, and whispered in Sylvia’s ear.

“You’re so close, but now you’re not floating?”

“Wow… ! Ah, ah, ah, wow… !”

Upon hearing those words, Sylvia immediately began to tremble as if a switch had been turned on.
Seeing that, I was a little relieved. After all, Sylvia is not like this.
I took them around in the name of making them familiar, but when Sylvia showed a reaction that seemed to get used to it, she became a little lonely.
I’m also a really bad guy.
But you can’t help it. Because the vibrating Sylvia is cute.
It’s the best because it seems to have a cute, warm and soft theme and even a massage function when you hold it like this.

“Aren’t you used to it?”

“Ears, breaths in your ears… I’m dying… .”

So, I’m not going to die like this.
After all, you don’t die and survive all the time you have sex today, right?

“Huh. It’s cute. Then go home and… .”
“Hello, how are you?”

As soon as she pointed to the front door of the mansion to tease Sylvia, suddenly Vanessa came out and greeted her with a blunt voice.

“Uh, uh, yeah. I’ve been It’s a big deal. They meet you at the front door.”

“Since Salvation has quarreled with the hero, I have felt the gaze of an uneasy group watching over the mansion. We were very vigilant.”

that garbage. He also followed me from the mansion.
Somehow, even though he was wearing a robe, he recognized me well.

“Oh yeah? It’s a lot of trouble.”

“no. than me… .”

Vanessa looked at Sylvia, slurringly speaking.
Hey. What does that look mean?
These days, this guy seems oddly rebellious to me.
Even though my face and voice are so blunt, it feels like my nervousness.
Maybe I need to double check?

“Sylvia. Then see you in the evening.”


As soon as I unwrapped the arms around her waist, Sylvia suppressed her trembling legs and hurried into the mansion… He began to peek at me through the crack in the door.
Are you not going to run away until the end?
I left Sylvia who started stalking and looked at Vanessa.

“Then, Vanessa.”


She looked straight into her eyes and stared at her, but Vanessa was still expressionless.
Am I really just feeling victimized? Isn’t it the usual way?
As I looked into those eyes, I started thinking like that.
uhhh… .

“… 👌

After making eye contact for a long time and staring intently, suddenly Vanessa let out a sigh and looked away first.
Also! My feelings weren’t wrong! Then yes!

“Hey. Do you have anything against me?”

“… What are you talking about?”

“Don’t take the shichimi. there won’t be Did you do something bad to me? Otherwise, why do you look away in the first place? Be honest.”

“… I avoided it because I felt a strange look for a maid outfit with a lot of exposure.”

I spoke triumphantly, but the answer that came back was unexpected.

“Hey! what are you Isn’t that what?! No, come to think of it, you haven’t returned it before and after all! When are you going to give it to me?!”


Vanessa said, ‘Look. I’m right, too.’ He looked at me with that expression.
no. It’s expressionless, but that’s it. somehow I don’t know.
But I didn’t give in.

“okay! I want a maid outfit with a lot of exposure! how about that! I’m only going to wear it on my kids, so don’t worry about it!”

“… … I’ll give it to you right away.”

When I shouted out in a proud voice, Vanessa finally broke down first and answered that way.
Whoops. won
It wasn’t that I didn’t feel like things were getting blurry, but I’ve decided to enjoy this victory for now.

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Another hero

“But salvation. Did you come on a date with Sylvia today?”

Immediately after eating and washing the body thoroughly.
Sara entered the room and suddenly asked that question before she could even take off her clothes.

“Huh. By the way?”

“Uh huh… .”

“what? Are you jealous?”

“I would call it jealousy… .”

It was a joke, but Sarah answered it surprisingly seriously.

“I spent yesterday with Diana and yesterday with Leia. But it’s my turn today and I’m going on a date with Sylvia.”

uh?! is that so? Come on, wait.
Yesterday I obviously spent time with Leia, but in the middle, as you know, Matilda… .
I wasn’t in the mood to say that.

“May I be saved. Are you avoiding me these days? Did I do something wrong?”

Sarah gave me an anxious look while making a remark I had never expected.

“Oh, no! There is no such thing!”

Sarah came out weakly unexpectedly, so I shouted in embarrassment.
I mean, it’s embarrassing because he has a cool face and he doesn’t really have a personality like that.
But even as she shouted that, in her heart, she thought, in fact, she might have subconsciously avoided Sarah.
Of course, there is absolutely no reason why Sarah did something wrong to me or hated me.
It’s only because I’m digging for a hero right now.
Because if she finds out about it, it might make Sarah worry more about herself and worry about herself.
Maybe the name “Main” is just a little weird, and it’s probably not a really big race.
But it is.
After all, the trash will come to the mansion tomorrow anyway, so Sarah will know.
It might be better to tell you in advance.

“Sara. Actually, I have something to tell you.”

“… What?”

“Actually it is. Not long ago, I met a guy who was the only hero in the world.”

“… !”

“Ah, worry

hemp. After gathering up the rumors, it didn’t seem like you and I were brothers or anything like that. but… .”

“… What?”

“The race was like yours. mine. I went around the village and checked all the people passing by, but after all, the only race called Demons was you and the two warriors. That’s not to say that we might end up fighting demons in the future, right? By the way, the race called Demon seems to have something to do with demons from its name, so I did some research. It is said that the family of the hero has been a family of heroes from generation to generation for a very long time, so I was wondering if there was any information.”

“So you avoided me?”

“okay. If Sarah finds out first, I’m afraid she’ll be uneasy.”

“unrest? what? If it turns out that demons and demons are related, will salvation abandon me?”

“Fool! Could it be! never give up! If there is a relationship, it will be easier to respond if you know beforehand, so we’re investigating! who threw it away! Even if you don’t like it, I’ll force you to live with me for the rest of my life!”

“… Whoops, bastard. Then you can be honest like that. I mean, avoiding it for nothing will hurt you more and make you feel more anxious.”

“sorry. I was wrong.”

“So, did you find out anything?”

“no. But you’ll find out tomorrow. If we win a duel, we will answer the question.”

“What, what?! Idiot! Your opponent is a warrior! Salvation can see my power! You can’t even see how dangerous a hero is?!”

“Of course I know. In fact, even if you don’t even look at the ability window, every time you get a smash in the back, it hurts your bones… .”

“you stupid! I am not joking now!”

I’m not joking either… .
Your back smash really hurts. Fortunately, there is no damage these days, but if you level up like this, you will get sick again.

“What level is that person called the hero?!”

“Is it 198?”

“What?! Really crazy!”

“Uh-huh. Are you crazy about your brother?”

“Crazy! Tell them to cancel the duel right now! What are you thinking… !”

“no. What are you thinking so confused… Oh, yes. You don’t know.”


“Even though he’s level 198, his face looks normal.”


“I don’t know, maybe, but maybe it’s a single digit charm, maybe a teenager at best? So don’t worry. A saint’s touch with just one shot… .”

“Bah, you idiot! You can’t kill it! and what? Use the saint skill for a duel?!”

“Then I am a saint, should I use the saint skill or another skill?”

“Your opponent is aristocrat, right? Is it really okay to use something like that in a noble duel?”

Let me be confident, Sarah seems a bit genuine.
But this time, the other part seemed to be uneasy, so I asked such a question.

“do not worry. Did I just spit it out without even thinking about it? If you ask me, I can just accuse you of blaspheming the divine skill the Goddess has given you.”

“Ha, by the way, the fine hair… .”

“Uh-huh. bald hair I want you to call me a brain sex man.”

“Brain sex man? What is it?”

“do not know? It’s an abbreviation… .”

“A man whose brain is full of sex?”

“The brain is a sexy man. This!”

“I think the former is more suitable for salvation. Whoops. Saving a man whose brain is full of sex.”

“Don’t ever call me a crazy man in the future.”

“Huhu. I’ll think about it.”

“Really? If you keep calling me like that, I have an idea.”


“okay. Like this!”


“You can act like your real brain is full of sex.”

“Ah! Yes! transformation! Whoops! uh… Yes… ohhh.”

It was Sarah who said she was an idiot, but immediately wrapped her tongue around her tongue when they kissed her.

“If you tell me I’m a pervert and you kiss me, I respond right away. A subject that had been trembling with anxiety until recently.”

“Oh, it was. I’m in a position where I can be angry with the salvation.”


“Apologizing doesn’t change the fact that you didn’t stay with me in the end. I can’t forgive you.”

Saying that, Sarah gave a slightly playful expression.
Damn it. Did I just scrape it and make a crumb?
At least, seeing her mischievous smile, even Sarah didn’t seem to be completely sincere.

“So what are you going to do in the end?”

Even if you say you can’t forgive, looking at that mischievous smile doesn’t mean it’s a big deal anyway.
Being able to afford it, I answered indifferently.

“I am today. No, I kept thinking about it.”

Sara clings to me with a slightly bewitching smile, then puts the tip of her index finger on my chest and spins around.

“Besides inserting salvation, you really like other perverted acts. For example… .”

With that said, Sarah slowly lowered her twirling fingers from my chest and tucked them into my pants.
Then I slowly started stroking my stuff that wasn’t firm yet inside my pants.

“You do it by hand. Or do it by mouth.”

“It’s like a pervert. Any man… .”

“Yeah. Yes. Because it’s an excuse. So I mean.”

Sarah smiled brightly and widened, then suddenly pulled her hand out of her pants.

“Today, I won’t do anything like that as a punishment.”

“What?! Sarah! awhile! Are you kidding me?!”

“Huhu. This is a response beyond expectations. It’s not a joke.”

“… Really?”

“Yeah. Really.”

When I saw Sarah’s smile, I realized that her determination was unwavering.
That’s right. okay. Then there is nothing you can do
Actually, I didn’t want to do it even if I was sorry for the conversation, but I had no choice but to put the play into action as I had previously decided.

“… Okay.”

“Yes? Surprisingly, it is accepted I thought it would take a little more.”

“How the hell do you see me?”

“Huh? Brain sex.”

“you really!”


I hugged Sarah tightly and took off her clothes.

“I’ll make you regret calling me a crazy man!”

“Oh, I want you to call me that… .”


“Ugh! bar, stupid. you’re violent Yes! a little softer… . uh… uh Fool.

It’s not just about kissing softly… Yes!”

Sarah protested with words like that, but her body reacted sensitively and moaned.
Good. Is this enough?
The hands that were already caressing her pubic hair were wet with Sarah’s love juice.
With both index and middle fingers, I pressed the flesh of the pubic area and spread it out to the side, and from Sarah’s pubic area, a thick, viscous liquid of love dripped down and slowly fell to the floor.

“Ugh! Fool! Don’t spread like that!”

Sara slapped my chest with both hands as if embarrassed, but it wasn’t a proper resistance, either with the force she put in or with her striking posture.

“It’s pouring down like this. I think you need a stopper.”

“Ugh! Fool! because of whom… .”

“Is it because Sarah’s body is naughty?”

“Hey, uh! Not naughty!”

“Then what is this? Huh? Why are you getting so wet just by touching it a little?”

“Hey, this is… Yes… Because of the level difference… Fool! How many times did you hang out with Matilda yesterday?! Didn’t you do it with Sylvia today?!”

I threw a punch with the intention of attacking from this side, but a counter punch flew straight to my face.
I hope you can bring up the level.

“Uh, huh? Huh?”

“… You did.”

Sarah’s tone of voice suddenly lowered.
Dangerous. Dangerous. Dangerous.
It is said that he admitted that he was doing it with Sylvia, but that and not being jealous of it are two different things.
In addition, it is natural to have this kind of reaction when it is known that you have done it to the extent that you feel like you have leveled up.
Feeling a sense of crisis, I hurriedly inserted the object into Sarah’s body as they stood hugging each other.

“Uh huh! you stupid! Answer correctly… Whoops! Yes! uh… side. Whoops!”

“Why? Would you be more excited if I told you I was with another woman?”

“That, huh! It’s not like that… !”

“Saying that, I think Sarah’s here is tighter than usual?”


As I press down on Sarah’s lower abdomen, Sarah trembles in her legs and climaxes.
Whoa. Did you somehow get past the crisis?
By the way, Sarah. How do you get to the climax so quickly?
What should I do if the sex boosts overlap like this?
Of course, that doesn’t mean I won’t do it.
I immediately put climax bondage on myself.

“Have you already felt it? you can’t It starts now.”

I touched the surface of Sarah’s trembling buttocks, feeling the afterglow of climax, and kissed her slightly open lips.

“Ugh! Whoops! ah! Whoops! Whoops! Whoops!”

Then I walked slowly to the bed, and with each step Sarah wrapped her arms around me and clung to me, shaking her body.
Sarah. You haven’t been able to shake your back properly yet?
As I approached the bed, I grabbed Sara’s leg and swung it around and draped it over my shoulder.
It’s a tough posture if you’re not very flexible, but Sarah didn’t seem to have any problems.
We, who were in the positioning posture in such a standing state, began to shake our backs in earnest.

“Ah! Oh, no! Whoops! this, this

The posture is… Whoops! Shame… .”

“Now, what are you talking about? You showed me your ass.”

“Ugh! Idiot! oh! Huh!”

“Besides, Sarah seems to be in a good mood. How many times do you feel it? How do you feel?”

“Ugh! ha… That, hey! What about salvation?”


“Salvation is… Yes! not good? While I feel like this, whoops, why, huh! never cheap? I… Whoops! Salvation as well… Huh!”

Hey. Don’t say cute things all of a sudden.
I almost forgot my purpose and almost wrapped it up after I released my climax.

“If you want that, beg.”

Of course, I said so in a tone that seemed relaxed to the end, without expressing my inner feelings at all.


“I beg you. Do you know what I mean?”

If I say this, even Sarah will have a lot of pride, so she won’t say much, right?

“Yes! Goo, baby of salvation… Yes! inside me… Whoops! cheap… .”

uh hey awhile. Why are you here today?!
It was a joke, but were you really worried?
If you listen to these words, you can’t help it.

“Uh-huh! haha! haha! I feel… in… Yes… .”

In the end, I had no choice but to untie the climax once.
I can’t help it. In a situation like this, I can’t be a bad guy enough to not be cheap and do what I want.
and it’s ok It’s a sex boost stack. ‘Cause it’s still night
Even without having to build up a sex boost, Sarah has already felt it several times. You will definitely have fun while building it up again.

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I was sure that it would break in the middle, so I thought about whether to use it or not, but I just wrote it.
high lore.

The posture is… Whoops! Shame… .”

“Now, what are you talking about? You showed me your ass.”

“Ugh! Idiot! oh! Huh!”

“Besides, Sarah seems to be in a good mood. How many times do you feel it? How do you feel?”

“Ugh! ha… That, hey! What about salvation?”


“Salvation is… Yes! not good? While I feel like this, whoops, why, huh! never cheap? I… Whoops! Salvation as well… Huh!”

Hey. Don’t say cute things all of a sudden.
I almost forgot my purpose and almost wrapped it up after I released my climax.

“If you want that, beg.”

Of course, I said so in a tone that seemed relaxed to the end, without expressing my inner feelings at all.


“I beg you. Do you know what I mean?”

If I say this, even Sarah will have a lot of pride, so she won’t say much, right?

“Yes! Goo, baby of salvation… Yes! inside me… Whoops! cheap… .”

uh hey awhile. Why are you here today?!
It was a joke, but were you really worried?
If you listen to these words, you can’t help it.

“Uh-huh! haha! haha! I feel… in… Yes… .”

In the end, I had no choice but to untie the climax once.
I can’t help it. In a situation like this, I can’t be a bad guy enough to not be cheap and do what I want.
and it’s ok It’s a sex boost stack. ‘Cause it’s still night
Even without having to build up a sex boost, Sarah has already felt it several times. You will definitely have fun while building it up again.

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I was sure that it would break in the middle, so I thought about whether to use it or not, but I just wrote it.
high lore.


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