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Another hero

This time, no matter what Sarah does, her heart will never be shaken.
I was so entrenched in my heart.
After lowering Sarah’s legs that had been draped over her shoulders to create a back position, she grabbed her well-developed wide pelvis with both hands and violently moved her waist.
Overall, like a model, the pelvis is developed like this in a theme that is slender and immersive.
Anytime you look at it, you have a deceitful body.

“Ugh! Sleep, whoops! Whoops! Without rest?! Ha ha!”

As soon as I wrapped it up, I was surprised when I started moving right away without resting. Sarah shouted like that, but immediately gave me strength and accepted it.
As I spread my bouncy buttocks from side to side while looking at that strange figure, Sarah turned her head and looked at me with a slightly embarrassed expression.
But he just stared at me and didn’t say that he was trying to cover his butt or not.
Sara must have gotten used to it now.
no. Rather, you may be expecting On days like this, he always comes prepared by himself.

“Did you prepare properly today?”

As I said that, I put a finger in the ass hole before Sarah could answer.

“Ugh! transformation! What if I didn’t prepare… !”

“But have you done it? Even Sarah is a pervert.”

“Uh-huh! Who is a pervert!”

“so. Aren’t you ready?”

“Hey! That’s it… ”

“Did you?”

“Oh, I want salvation… .”


After making my lower back vibrate rapidly to superimpose the effects of the sex boost, I stopped moving the lower back and asked a question.

“Ugh! All, of course! Otherwise, why am I… .”

“really? Actually, you don’t want Sarah to come here too, do you? Are you feeling good? hip.”

“I, I don’t… It’s enough to do this now… Whoa!”

Even Sarah admits that her butt feels good, or does not deny that it is not pleasant.
But I wasn’t satisfied with that answer.
I didn’t move my back at all. no. Rather, she gripped her buttocks with one hand so that even Sarah could not move, holding her back, and violently moving her fingers through her ass.

“I don’t think Sarah’s ass is talking like that? You bite so hard that your fingers break. Even though the waist is not moving, the water is dripping from the pubic area. Do you really want me to do it here?”

“Hah! awhile! this! Whoops! Strange… Whoa!”

yes it is Because I just stacked a lot of sex boosts.

“I didn’t even use a skill like the touch of a saint, but just touching it makes me feel this way. Even Sarah is perverted enough.”

“no… Aaaah! Whoa! Whoa!”

“okay? Shall we stop then?”


Sara reached her climax at that moment when she roughly pulled her finger out of her ass.
Even though it wasn’t moving, the vagina that moved and stimulated things was very pleasant.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha, pervert… If you want to… Whoops… You can do whatever you want… .”

Sarah said so with a sense of reluctance.
Sarah. Actually, I can clearly see what you want me to do with your ass too.

“no. I won’t.”

But I coldly declined the offer.

“… on?”

Perhaps it was quite surprising that I cut it off like that, Sara became a little vigilant and looked at me blankly.
no. I will too. If you pull it out now, Sex Boost will be released again I built up overlapping like this.
I’ve decided I’m going to melt you with this today.

“Don’t be so disappointed. It’ll make you feel good even if it’s not your ass.”

“Who is disappointed… Whoops! transformation! ha ha! Did you use the skill too?!”

“No, I really didn’t. I feel sensitive because Sarah is naughty.”

I really didn’t write it. At least for Sarah. Even though I wrote a climactic bondage to myself.
sex boost? It’s a passive skill, so it’s automatically activated when you insert it.

“Who is it… uh… uh… I wonder… Hmm… uh… .”

I covered the mouth of Sarah, who continued to protest loudly, with my mouth.
As soon as I opened my mouth, I wondered if there was any intention of protesting again, and when my mouth was blocked, Sarah quietly wrapped her tongue around my tongue.

“Ugh… uh… Whoa!”

And Sarah’s body began to sink gradually into the bed.
Of course, there may be a reason that her posture became unstable because she kissed me, but that’s definitely not the only reason.
As evidence of that, whenever I pressed my waist to the buttocks, I could feel the trembling of the buttocks, and the pubic area also stimulated my things more and more.
And Sarah’s snorting, which reached her throat, became harsh, and more than anything else, the fact that Sarah was about to moan was transmitted through her mouth.
Maybe if you open your mouth now, you can hear a huge sound?
Perhaps it was difficult to move the tongue, but the tongue that had been so entangled before now just drooped in the mouth and only trembled occasionally.

“Fuha… hey… Sigh… ha ha… .”

When he opened his mouth slightly and looked at his face, his eyes opened slightly and he was dazed.

“Ugh! Alas… No… now… no more… Aww!”

The peak period also began to get shorter and shorter.
Now, the arm that was supporting the upper body has completely collapsed, and the chest and face are tightly pressed to the bed, and only the buttocks are barely lifted.
Even the hips were at the level of my belongings inserted and my trembling knees were barely lifting up as a support.
It’s probably going to break right away when you pull it out
It would be fun to keep attacking from behind like this, but I decided to change my posture.
In this position, the face becomes invisible.
Today, I’m going to give you a really thorough bullying.
As much as Sarah usually has a strong atmosphere of being a literally cool beauty, seeing how she has been thoroughly treated and released, her sense of immorality is doubled.

I turned Sarah over and made her lie face up.
And I myself knelt down and grabbed Sara’s pelvis so that her pussy was snugly against my crotch.
Sara, who was completely exhausted and dazed, was dragged along as I led it without any resistance.
While lying on the bed, the shoulder blades

As she floated in the air from the waist down, Sarah’s unique slender waist and well-developed pelvis were further emphasized.
And the figure 11 abs that were more clearly revealed were so sexy.

“Ugh! ha ha ha! Whoops! Whoops! ahhh! Whoops! Whoa!”

While admiring Sarah’s body like that of a work of art, I pushed her back roughly.
As the pleasure was amplified without end, the time for Sarah to reach her climax became shorter and shorter.
Sara, who had reached a climax with each movement of her waist, screamed out loud and lost her mind.
But I shook my back once more without mercy even with Sarah like that.


Then, from the extreme pleasure she felt, Sarah immediately woke up and screamed again.

“No… . Now the crowd… Salvation… ah… now… better… .”

“No. I won’t stop. Am I a pervert?”

“Alas… Ahhh… .”

When I answered with a smile, Sarah’s complexion turned slightly blue and her mouth began to quiver.

“If the pervert is sincere, I will thoroughly show you how far you can go.”

“Wait a minute! I’m really sorry… Whoa!”

“It’s already too late.”

“Ha ha! Really… Whoops! No! I can’t do this! No way, dear!”

But even that voice began to fade away as I moved my back, and I couldn’t utter it except in a faint groan of the feeling that the sound was leaking out of my throat.

“Ahhh… Alas… ahh… .”

The normally cool face is relaxed like this.
I let go and put my finger on Sarah’s tongue, which was slightly protruding out of her mouth.
Then, as if to kiss her, she twisted her fingers around her tongue, but Sarah barely responded.

Did you overdo it?
Even now, the sound had only gotten weaker, but the lower back was shaking as if something had broken.
Now, every time I move my back, it seems to go several times.
The momentum of the love liquid, which was spewing out like a fountain, faded a little, but there was a strong feeling that it was not coming out because there was nothing more to spit out.

“buy it. Now you know what happens when you provoke a pervert, right?”

“Yes… Ugh… .”

“Answer me straight. If you apologize, you can look at it from here today.”

“Jesus… I’m fine… . ahh… So stop… .”

Are you even saying respect?
It’s something I’ve been trying to do since yesterday, but when I saw that all of my facial muscles were relaxed and droopy, I felt sorry.

“okay. Well done. If you knew, you should be careful in the future.”

Having said that, I shook my back once more.

“Ugh… Why… uh… Apple… I did it!”

It’s because I haven’t bought it yet.

“okay. So I’ll make you sleep soundly. character!”


As I ejaculated while shoving my back roughly, Sarah arched her back as if squeezing out her last strength, reaching a climax, and then she lost consciousness and drooped.

“Joe, good morning”

and the next morning.
Sarah greeted her with an awkward feeling like never before.

“okay. Good morning. Did you sleep well last night?”

“More, thanks.”


“That’s fine. Then, will you do it that way every time?”

“no! no way!”

“Huh? Did you feel bad? I wasn’t satisfied with that… .”

“Ah, ah, ah, no! Because it’s not like that! It felt good! Okay, I thought I was going to die!”

When I deliberately mumbled audibly, Sarah hurriedly waved her hand and shouted.
It looked like he had learned a lot from yesterday.

“Is it that good?”

“Yes! very!”

“okay? Then I’ll make you feel good again. I still want to do it again, can I shake your back?”

“Yes! Come on, wait!”

As I felt my object regaining its solidity within herself, Sarah hurriedly stopped me.

“Would you like me to do this with your mouth?”

“Huh? Didn’t you do that today?”

“Hey, that was yesterday! Actually, I also wanted to make salvation feel better, but I had to put up with it.”

“Is that right? Then will you give it to me?”

“Huh! Huh! wait. I’ll make you feel better soon. Whoops! Ha ha ha ha ha ha… uhm. side.”

Sarah hurriedly uncoupled from me, went through my crotch, put the thing in her mouth, and started sucking.

“You want to do it with your mouth like this. Even Sarah is a pervert.”

“Yes… I must be a pervert.”

Even if I said something like a joke, Sarah answered with a slightly stiff smile.
Dangerous. maybe a little fun

“Finally admit it. Sarah is a pervert who likes sex very much. Actually, your butt feels really good too, right?”

“Yeah… ! Ummm… . good. Of course, as long as you do it with Guwon, it’s all good.”

It seems that Sara was about to get angry at the moment, but it seems that she somehow managed to suppress herself.

“Good. Good. Good. Then our pretty Byun Taeyang. ‘I want the savior’s semen. Please fill my mouth.’ I beg… .”

“Hey, this is real! Do not climb!”

“Hey! awhile! Taking an egg hostage is cowardly!”

“Who is the coward, you pervert!”

“I would have called you a pervert again! Even if I suffered like that yesterday!”

I got Sarah up and put an object on her ass.

“Come on, wait! Do it again?!”

“It seems that the lesson was lacking, so I have to punish him.”

“Salvation keeps sounding strange… Aaaah! I really did!”

“Then are you going to fake it? This time, I will make you pure.”

“Ugh! Ah!”

“character! character! character! You were actually lonely because you didn’t do it with your butt?!

“then… Yes! Aaaah! Ha ha ha!”

Eventually, we woke up in the morning and immediately resumed the activity.
In conclusion, Sarah was not broken in the end.

“Alas… this pervert… ah… transformation… .”

Perhaps it was because I knew my purpose through my words, but rather, when an omission occurred, I just felt a continuous orgasm while singing a pervert until the end.
I felt a little sad, but I can’t help it. Shall we do this today?
This unbreakable part is also Sarah’s charm.

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Another hero

“Oh right. Vanessa.”

After breakfast, I followed and called Vanessa as she quietly left the restaurant.

“Yeah. If it’s a maid outfit… .”

Then Vanessa brought it up right away.
Are you reflexively saying this? I guess I don’t look like a guy who wears maid clothes every day in his eyes, right?
If so, I can say that I saw it very accurately.

“no. I don’t mean to talk about that. Well, I wish I could return the maid clothes as soon as possible. Did you already wash it in the first place? Why don’t you bring it?”

“… It was because the Savior was always with someone else.”

that, that’s it… I don’t know.

“Wow, huh. Anyway! I don’t mean to talk like that now. A guest will come today. Please know in advance.”

“customer… mean?”

“What? That gaze?”

“no. it’s nothing.”

this guy It must have been that he just had an ignorant thought.
‘Did the Savior have any friends to invite to his house?’ same idea

“Hmmm. Anyway, the hero will come today.”

“… May I ask what he is coming for?”

“not a big deal. I have something to ask you. He said he would let me know if I duel with him and if I win, so I said yes.”

“… I don’t think it’s a big deal though. Are others aware of that? And don’t you remember Diana’s words? Before you go, I told you not to have an accident… .”

I spoke as casually as possible, but Vanessa’s eyes shone sharply and pointed out.
Talking about it makes me a little weaker.
But it is unavoidable. This is only my prediction, but the fact that Diana isn’t in the mansion right now is probably one of the reasons why the trash so proudly applied for a duel.
Because when Diana went to the dungeon, she rode a carriage and went without hiding it at all.
Since she has a noble name, she must be aware that Diana is absent right now.

“Because it’s okay. It’ll be over really quickly. My skills are proportional to my charm. Even a pretty girl like you was so distracted after being hit by one of my skills, do you think the hero will be able to withstand it?”

“… 👌👌

When she brought up the story of the last time, Vanessa let out a sigh and hurriedly looked to see if there was anyone around.
If you look closely, your face appears to have turned slightly red.
After all, no matter how blunt they seem, they seem to be ashamed of what happened that day.
OK. who will be here If there is, it’s like Sylvia, who always stalks me, but she’s melted down on the dining room chair now thanks to enough tormenting me while I was just eating.
Thanks to that craving yesterday, it seems that even if I bothered you, you don’t feel it again, but the vibration still doesn’t change even if you touch it a little.
I feel the need for special training.
well now

It’s not that important, though.

“Besides, Vanessa is there when you are in the car. If you think my life is in danger during the duel, please break in and stop it. Anyway, that’s how you know. Please.”

Before Vanessa could say anything more, I said just that and hurriedly left the room.
Vanessa was even more embarrassed than I thought about that night’s conversation, and she didn’t even think to catch me, just stood there and watched me get out.

“How can you get out without running away? I will commend you for your courage! … He didn’t do anything disgraceful with his mansion, did he? Borrowing the power of the supreme archmage… .”

And the trash arrived much earlier than expected.
He came to me with an expression that his hands were itching because he wanted to get rid of me as soon as possible, and then he made another seemingly insignificant remark.

“It’s because I didn’t. You don’t even know that Diana isn’t here right now. Besides, does Diana look like that? Don’t you also believe in Diana’s fairness? So you’re asking me to duel? If you hurt me in a fair duel, I’m sure Diana won’t say anything.”

“Ugh… . that, that… !”

Garbage did not respond to what I said and squatted.
Was it like that too? Indeed. Somehow, as soon as he realized that I had a question, he immediately brought up the story of a duel as if he had been waiting for it.

“I’m a warrior… .”

Sarah looked at the trash with a slightly complicated expression.
I know that heart well. A guy like that is of the same race with the same special job as himself. At first I thought it wouldn’t be, but if you think that there might even be a blood relationship, that must be a complicated situation.

“Bird, you are a lot more individual than I thought.”

Besides, Leia was also making a subtle expression.
angel too. How can you speak so beautifully?
It’s okay to just be honest and say that I’m a lot uglier than I thought and I’m a stinky guy.

“But Mr. Salvation. Are you really okay? Are you strong?”

And Leia looked at me with a worried expression.
After talking to Vanessa, he had already told Leia that he would fight the hero.
As Sarah has not yet revealed that she is a hero, I was only talking about the fact that there is something to learn about the race called Majin.

“then. do not worry. Oh, but in case you don’t know, can you prepare a recovery magic for me?”

“It is, of course… . Can’t you get hurt anyway? I will be sad.”

“That’s a big deal. Our angel is sad I will never get hurt.”

“really… Isn’t that a joke?”

“Huh. Okay.”

“This profit! your guy! How long are you going to make me wait?! Can’t you prepare quickly?! What are those beauties in the first place?”

I was having a conversation like that with Leia, and he got angry and said:
boy. to be envious. Well, it’s natural to be envious of men.
Because there are now Sarah and Leia, Sylvia, Matilda, and, as a bonus, Vanessa.

“These are my girls.”


His eyes turned red and he shook his head as if he wanted to kill me right away.

Still, it was strangely funny that he couldn’t run because he was afraid of Matilda.

“The bastard is jealous. ugly men and horses.”

“Everyone, shut up!”

I’m not saying I’m not jealous though.
This guy is sloppy, but he’s surprisingly honest.
He is afraid of people who are higher than him, and he expresses his feelings outwardly.

Anyway, I took him to a spacious room in the basement.
It is said that this is the place where Diana learns and tries new magic.
That’s why Diana poured all her magic into her heyday and made it incredibly strong.
No matter how much the trash and me ran wild, it wouldn’t hurt the wall, so I said it all.

“Good. then let’s do it duel. how about the rules? First, if you shout surrender or become incapacitated, it’s over. What do you think?”

“… No problem. Do you remember the saying that if I win, I will grant you anything you want?”

did you say that I can’t remember properly. Well, it doesn’t matter because I’m going to win anyway.

“okay. Don’t forget that you’re the one who will answer the question if I win.”

“You’re still thinking of defeating me. Is it the arrogance that comes from the ignorance of a stranger who has never seen the dignity of a hero? Didn’t the women around you give you a big warning? If you look at that, those women who are your girls like you more than you think… .”

“Hey. I thought about it before.”


“You must have raised your level through battle. Then you didn’t go to the dungeon, did you?”

“Huh, I know you well. Come to think of it, he said that you also went to dungeons. I don’t know how far I went alone, but I’m a strong person who went up to the 5th floor alone. What do you think? Are you a little scared now? If I get down on my knees and cry and pray, I can just pretend I won and forgive me… .”

“When was the last time you went to a guild?”

“This profit! 2 years ago! What?!”

Angry as I continued to interrupt, he answered, grinding his teeth.
Was it two years ago? Does this mean you really don’t know what I’ve been doing in the dungeon?

“no. Then let’s get started.”

Having said that, I drew Sylvia’s sword from my inventory.

“The sword of the Babeth family… . Surely you don’t believe in such equipment and think that you can defeat me, right? what good.”

He looked at my sword and muttered, then drew out one of the two swords that hung around his waist.
At first glance, I could tell that the sword emitting a brilliant light was a great sword.
Literally, a sword of a warrior is a suitable object.
But he took the sword in reverse and tried to shove it straight down to the floor… .

“profit! Whoa!”

That guy ain’t stupid
It’s a room that Diana built so strong that it wouldn’t break even with her magic.
Would it stick to the floor just because you used a dragon?


The guy eventually gave up and put the sword back into its sheath, this time pulling out the other sword.
That sword, unlike the previous sword, was an ordinary iron sword with no features.

“As you can see, I can also wield a famous sword to fight against it, but let me take care of it. Because I am a fair warrior. I will fight you with this iron sword.”

It’s too late to come here and catch the shit, you bastard.
besides that

“I don’t think it’s fair to ask for a duel with an opponent who is a far lower level than you in the first place.”

“Hey, hey! noisy! Go!”

Maybe he just realized that he couldn’t defeat me with words, and he rushed forward.
fast. To be honest, I had a heart that even underestimated his abilities because of that sloppy attitude.
But still, a warrior is a warrior.
It was rushing at me at a speed I couldn’t keep up with.
Perhaps even Arachne’s clan leader Miriael said that he would fold it a few times and it wasn’t a lie.
Although he must have been of a lower level than Miriel, his movement felt even faster than the Miriel I saw on the 5th floor.
The only reason I was able to react was because he was careless and ran towards me in a straight line.
Embarrassed, I immediately threw a wave of the saint at him.
And immediately regretted it.
Oops, I didn’t control the power! What do you do with that bastard?
But there was absolutely no need to worry about that.
Surprisingly, it was because he blocked the wave of my saint with his sword.
Perhaps he was also bewildered by the wave of the saint, so he jumped back and retreated once.

“What, what? this strange aura. is it. Is it that you have learned a lesson from the supreme archmage? You just have to be yourself. But I am a warrior! I have no intention of losing to a guy with a lower level than me in battle!”

It seems he thought it was just magic, but it was surprising anyway.
I hope you can read the wave of the saint.
It’s a technique that even Diana admired, saying that if she didn’t feel mana, she wouldn’t even know it was flying.
Well, when I showed it to Diana, there was a point that I couldn’t concentrate completely because I was in action, and there was a point that Diana was at a lower level than me.
Anyway, I had to admit that the garbage in front of me was a bigger guy than I thought.
Come to think of it, this guy only leveled up by fighting.
Just like every time I raise my level through sex, the saint’s level also rises, so he’ll just be at the same level as the hero.
In addition, a wealth of combat experience.
This might make the battle harder than you think.
Well, fortunately, a workaround has been put in place.

“I am perplexed. Did you think that secret magic was just a secret weapon? Once caught, it doesn’t work anymore. This is it!”

He shouted that and ran to me once more.
Once again, the saint’s wave was blown away, but he lightly dodged it and came up to me and swung his sword.
I raised my sword and somehow managed to thwart his attack once, but that was all.
Unable to overcome the power, the arm holding the sword was pushed back all the way, and it slashed my body as if waiting.
At least I avoided fatal injuries thanks to the armor that was reinforced with materials of the 5th layer and my durability, which was much stronger than my level, but blood gushed out of my body.
not holding a sword

I put the saint’s hand around my hand and swung it around, but the guy diddge the attack effortlessly and then backed away again.

“Bake it!”

“Ahhh! Salvation!”


I could hear a voice worrying about me from afar.
In particular, Vanessa, who even asked me to break in when I was in danger, took a stance that seemed to come in at any moment, but I raised my hand and stopped Vanessa.

“By showing mercy, the vital points were avoided. Do you have any plans to forgive me if I cry and pray right now?”

With a mean-looking smile, he said that as if he was being sympathetic.
I like mercy. It is obvious that he is trying to play with it while harassing him slowly.

“I have the intention to forgive you if you ask me right now.”

“Kuk. The mouth is still alive. Then, will you tear that mouth open this time?

“No matter how ugly you are and I am handsome, you are trying to hurt your face. That kind of jealousy just seems like an ignorant thing.”

“Hey, this guy is still there!”

When he got caught in a taunt and tried to run at me again, I threw the sword in my hand to the floor.

“… What is that? Are you saying you’re going to come here and surrender horribly?”

“What nonsense. I just thought, simply, that you don’t even need a sword to fight something like you.”

“Kukkuk. OK. That’s right.”

He smirked and frowned like a ghost, then threw his sword to the floor as if he was really angry.

“Then I’ll treat you the same way.”

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Another hero

stupid bastard I hope you will really get caught.
What was the reason I was holding a sword in the first place, not even a swordsman?
Are duels like this usually done sword-to-sword?
can it be Give me such a pretentious dog.
I mean, I’m not the type to be obsessed with things like that.
Well, in the first place, the garbage in front of me might not even know if I was actually using a sword or fighting with my fists.
Anyway, I’m glad it’s working properly.
Still, if you don’t know, let’s prepare more thoroughly.

“Don’t try to roll your hair clumsily, just fight with your sword. In the meantime, if you’re at a disadvantage, you’re trying to fight with the sword on your waist, right? Aren’t you being too blunt? I can see what a stupid bastard like you is thinking.”

“Huh. I? Against you, who can’t even respond to attacks properly?”

But he said that as if laughing at me, and with the rest of the sword he was wearing in his sheath, he loosened it from his waist and threw it on the floor.

“You don’t even know you’ve dug a hole yourself, and you talk about it. It would have been shorter if it was hit with a sword. From the looks of it, he seems to be quite confident in his stamina, but I will beat him thoroughly until nothing but screams come out of his talkative mouth.”

Who the hell is he in the trap now?
I almost burst out of laughter, but I was able to endure it somehow by tightening my facial muscles.

The frown seemed quite painful, so the tail of the garbage’s mouth went up even more.

“If you think about me just before, you will get a big nose injury. I said I wasn’t serious. As proof… From now on, I will show you the truth.”

As I said that, I activated the sincerity of the saint.
This time, I adjusted the power properly and weakened it. Because you can’t do it because you can’t.
I am the one showing mercy. I don’t know if that guy knows.

“indeed. Is it reinforcement magic? really… Do you really think that such a shallow number will work for this hero?!”

Apparently, he even recognized that my whole body was surrounded by mana.
But what do you do when you know Not knowing the identity of the really important skill.
You must have heard rumors that Saint’s Night’s skill was amazing in the first place, but you don’t know the skill.
Well, since the first time I saw you in a restaurant, I was told not to even talk about me.
Are you the type of person who blocks your ears and doesn’t listen to the things you don’t want to hear?


After saying that, he ran back quickly.
okay. come.
After all, it’s a game that I will unconditionally win as long as I don’t pass out in one shot.
I raised my arms to guard my face thoroughly and waited for him to come.
Is he really jealous of my face? Even though his stomach is empty, he put his fists into the face where the guard was raised.

“Wow! hey! Hey!”

With a disgusting sound, he hurriedly stepped back.
Then, with his legs clenched and his crotch gripped, he shivered and looked at me.

“What, what! what is this! What happened! What is this?!”

It seemed that such a situation was not expected at all, and he was completely in a state of panic.
I wanted to make fun of him like he did before, but I didn’t have the time to do that either.
Damn it. Did you adjust the power too weakly?
I adjusted it as weakly as possible as it was expected that his charm level would be the lowest, but he was able to stand like that without fainting or having his legs loose because of the level.
I did not respond to him, but after activating the sincerity of the saint with a little more force than before, I rushed in.
This time it’s truly stunning.
Swallow in the sea of ​​pleasure!

“Ugh, ooh! Whoa!”

As I rushed in, whether he had just grasped the situation, or an instinctive act based on a sense of crisis, he immediately threw himself at the place where he had thrown his sword.
No way!
I desperately tried to restrain him, but he was a little faster.
He hurriedly pulled out his sword, and, while forcing his shaky legs, he held the sword firmly with both hands.

“Everyone, don’t come near me! If you come, I will kill you!”

Those eyes were like the eyes of a victim looking at a rape horse.
He couldn’t look so pitiful that the front of his pants was already wet.
Don’t resist a bastard with that expression and that voice.
It just makes me feel dirty.

By the way, this is a bit dangerous.
The sword he took out was, at least, that dazzling, famous sword.
Moreover, his current mental state was not stable enough to be touched.
In that state, even if it was a ship, there was no confidence that the country would be safe.
Then there is only one number left for me.

“Hey. Finally, a warning When you say something nice, you simply lower your sword and surrender.”

“Who is going to do something like surrender?! A warrior never… !”

“If you don’t want to be hurt worse than getting tired of your pants, get off.”

“I will never do that!”

“okay. That’s right.”

I can’t help it.
I didn’t want to use this anyway.
you are bad I’ve done enough.
I immediately used the proclamation of sanctuary.

“Hey! Alas! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!”

Then it immediately twisted and began to howl in an unsightly voice.
Even though the basic power of sanctuary declaration is low, the level of sanctuary declaration has risen quite a bit.
Of course, the power is stronger than the power of the saint who suppressed the power as much as possible.
That’s the power that goes in per second.
Garbage, who is experiencing a greater pleasure than the pleasure he felt before hitting me, once per second, trembled as if he was going to die right now.
The sword fell out of his hand, and all he had to do was lie on the floor and tremble like an epilepsy.
The reaction would be so dramatic.
In fact, it would have been nice if the sanctuary declaration was a little less powerful, but unfortunately, the sanctuary declaration has not been that way yet.
Since it’s the only wide-area skill, it’s pretty difficult to deal with with mana.
So, if possible, I tried to finish this without writing it.

“Hey huh! Whoa! Whoa!”

It was wriggling around in a really dirty shape as it rolled around on the floor.
Don’t react too dramatically.
He said he didn’t show that much reaction even when he was playing against the Orcs on the 2nd floor. Is your charm less than an orc?
Well, compared to that time, my level, charm, skill level, etc., many things have risen, but anyway.
If you leave it alone anyway, you’ll be stunned sooner or later, but it’s probably the least amount of mercy to stun you right away.
And most of all, I want to stop hearing those disgusting sounds.
I approached him, activated the hand of the saint who suppressed the power on his foot, and slapped him with one blow.

“Hey hey hey!”

Then, he trembled violently once, and then it became quiet.
At that moment, I turned off all the skills and looked back slowly.

“… won.”

“… congratulations. Aren’t you dead?”

Sara asked such a question with a slightly tired face at the very miserable appearance of the garbage.

“Oh, maybe it is?”

“More than that, Mr. Come on, show me your wounds.”

And my angel had not seen anything else and was only looking at my wounds, so as soon as the duel was over, he quickly approached me and cast a healing magic on me.
Angel. Isn’t it a bit pitiful to say that no matter how much garbage it is, it’s more than that?
Hey. Garbage. You said that even our angels treated you like that.
Well, there is a point that I am the one who hurt me, and that the angel likes me that much.

although it also means

“Then, Vanessa. that guy… no. Just leave it alone. I’ll do it later.”

While receiving treatment, I tried to ask Vanessa to move him, but now that I think about it, his pants are wet.
No matter how much Vanessa is the Butler of Steel, for the first time, she’s never married.
I was a little sorry to ask you to touch such filth.

“… Thank you.”

Wow. I even got a thank you note. How the hell did you hate to be touched?
Vanessa You can even do magic washes.
So, having been healed of such a wound, I summoned a spirit and asked him to wash his body.
However, something unexpected happened, so even the spirits refused to dislike it.
When I asked what could be done, the spirits desperately refused to do so, to the point of returning as it was.

“Hey. Vanessa. I’m sorry, but could you wash him with magic?”

“… … Yeah.”

On a very rare occasion, Vanessa used her magic to wash the body of the bastard, with a slight hint of displeasure on her face.
This guy, again for women, no. Spirits don’t seem to have any gender at all, so is it just that he’s hated by everyone?
At this point, it’s a little pitiful… To be honest, I don’t have much sympathy.
In any case, I grabbed the back of the man so that it did not touch the washed body as much as possible, dragged him, and threw him on the bed in the empty room.

“Savior. He seems to have come to his senses.”

After eating and relaxing with our kids, Vanessa let me know.
He hated being touched, but he seemed to be watching when he would wake up.
Also pro. Even if you don’t like it, you do your best.

“okay? then… Oh, it’s okay. I will go alone.”

For some reason everyone was trying to get up after me, so I raised my hand and stopped it.
First of all, I explained that I would ask about mine, but in case I need to dig deeper into the hero as well.
It was difficult to bring anyone other than Sarah, even to protect Sarah’s secret.
But if you really take Sarah away, our angel will be sad.
In the end, I have to go alone.

“But Guwon is in danger.”

“no. It’s not me who’s at risk, it’s me. Did you see what happens to him just by proclaiming a sanctuary?”

“Yeah, but… ”

“I don’t want to show him your pretty face. It feels dirty.”

“Goo, Gu Gu-won… Anyway, that’s a bit harsh.”

“That’s right?”

Considering Leia’s reaction earlier, I thought it would be okay.
Also, it seems that his remarks were a little too radical to write in front of our angel.

“Then you have to deal with it carefully, right? Don’t be too provocative.”

However, Leia seemed to have given up on following those remarks.
Angel. Also, don’t you like him?
To the extent that our angel, who is kind to everyone, reacts like this. What the heck… .

“Salvation… .”


Sara seemed a bit anxious, but I gave Tyler a look in her eyes as if reassuring.
do not worry. No matter what the magician’s identity is

i never leave you
After exchanging eyes like that and having a silent conversation, I headed to the room where he was.
The time has finally come to reveal the true identity of the demon.

“Did you have a good dream?”

“Yeah, your girl, you know!”

“It’s noisy. What?”

“During a duel, cowardly means… !”

“What else is cowardice? Just as you fought to the fullest of the strength of a hero, I also fought with the power of a saint to the fullest.”

“This duel is void! no one admits… !”

“What about this? I’ve already been bragging that there’s a duel with you in all directions. What excuse are you going to give to those who wonder what the outcome was? With one shot of the saint’s skill, he grunted like a pig, smashed his face and passed out while dripping semen! excuse me? If an ugly guy appeals that he has premature ejaculation, people will take pity on him and call him invalid. baby Even a horned orc endures more than that. How to declare a sanctuary and wrap it up in one shot… .”


Oh, oh my. Anyway, it was a bit harsh.

“Hey, hey. But there’s nothing to cry A grown-up bastard.”

“It’s my country… hype. I like it because it’s me… Wow! It’s a dog! Shibaaal!”

“Hey. Calm down. Sorry. I’m sorry.”

“Me too, heh. I have sex with you too… Hi! I met a lot of pretty girls… woo woo… Aww!”

Apparently, the feeling of inferiority he had accumulated had exploded.
No matter how much he tried to soothe him, it didn’t seem like he would calm down easily.

“I also… I mean, I want fucking sex too… .”

At that word, which resounded so desperately, I was at a loss for words and had no choice but to watch him until the crying ceased.

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Are there demons in the dungeon?

give up It’s easy to give up. It was an atmosphere that no country could do to joke about.
If you throw a joke like that in this situation, you have nothing to say even if you get hit.

“Ah Okay. What you can’t do is because the princess doesn’t want to do it, right? I’ll go and cancel that weird bet and come back… .”

If the princess is really not having sex with other men at all, it is impossible to avoid her forever.
Even the queen’s order to include the blood of warriors in the royal family seems to be having an effect, so if you leave it as it is, things will get much bigger than you think.
Of course, that doesn’t mean I’ll admit that I lost the bet and do it with the princess.
I’m sure I said, ‘If you don’t do it with another man, I’ll think about doing it with you.’
I’ve been thinking about it, but I can’t say it’s not.
Well, of course the princess wouldn’t admit it, but wouldn’t it be okay if I went with Diana?
Doing so will expose Diana to the strange bet, but that’s out of the question. In the first place, I made such a bet without thinking too much. I can’t help but swear
I had made up my mind to do that by myself, but he still snorted and spit it out as if to quit.

“I do not need! Anyway, if I had to do it with the princess again, I’d wrap it up and finish it! Just as you said, the joy of making a woman feel is a fate that you will never experience in your lifetime!”

this. Have you touched on a deeper psychological problem than just being unable to have sex?
Still, he looked at me with subtle anticipation.
Hey. Don’t look at me with those eyes.
When I heard the rumors, my sense of inferiority exploded, but I was expecting it in my heart.
Especially since I just tasted my power with my own body, I must have been looking forward to it even more.
But this time, there was nothing I could do.
Even if you train like Johann, the basic charm stats are so lacking. No matter how much you sharpen your technique, it will probably never get better.

“Hey. That… cheer up.”

“Cheong. don’t sympathize I don’t need your sympathy. … If you win, I’ll ask you something. sniff Just ask me quickly.”

As I said my words of consolation, he lost strength in his shoulders and snorted as he looked at me and said so.
In this case, clumsy consolation only arouses anger.
I decided to just ask a question as he said.

“Well… Then first. name is?”

“Yeah, you bastard! Until now, my name… ! ugh The world’s only warrior. It’s Leon Flittus! Remember to be smart!”

He seemed to have raised his blood pressure again at my question, but he exclaimed with a look of giving up as if he didn’t expect anything from me anymore.
sorry. I’ve been calling you trash all this time.
Anyway, by confirming his name, I was able to breathe a sigh of relief.
Sarah and her last name are different.
They weren’t of the same bloodline either.
Aside from being sympathetic, it was fortunate that this guy and our Sara were not of the same bloodline.

“okay. Leon. So now I’m going to ask a serious question. Do you know what your race is?”


When I asked my question, he suddenly looked at me as if he were saying what kind of bullshit.

“no. One of the abilities I received from the Goddess is being able to know the races of others. your tribe. Mine is a race. I’ve seen a lot of people so far, but I’ve never seen anyone with a race with a similar name. In addition, the name of the tribe called Majin. The name seems to have a lot to do with the mission I received from the Goddess. What are you talking about?”

“He, he, what does that mean? Nothing to point out at all! I also knew for the first time now that I am a race called Majin!”

He said in a tone of considerable embarrassment, desperately trying not to make eye contact with me.
no. So it’s obvious
Seeing this reaction,

I think we can get some clues about Mine today.

“Hey. Be honest. Keep your promise.”

“Ugh… However… Anyway, this is… .”

“It’s not a joke, it’s that Goddess really sent me a mission. The reaction seems to have something to do with it. If you make a mistake, the whole world could turn into an enemy?”

“Wow, what are you talking about! We will never forsake the Goddess… ! Rather the opposite!”

“Then please speak boldly.”

“Ugh… I tell you in advance. This is absolutely no lie.”

“Okay. Trust me, so tell me.”

“And one more. I want you to never go anywhere and utter these words. Whatever it is, I’ll take it to the grave. If you can’t… .”

“Because I knew. i’m a saint saint. Do you not believe in the angel of the goddess? Even with those eyes, I’m not scared at all, so tell me right away. By the way, if you do harm to me, you will be punished by Goddess.”

“… I actually heard the name of the tribe for the first time today, but there is a story that has been passed down from generation to generation. Perhaps this story has something to do with the race called Demon.”


He hesitated for a moment after saying that, but at my prompting he continued to speak.

“A long time ago. This world was not the Goddess’ world. It was a world of cruel war gods who decided everything by fighting alone.”

From the first words he uttered, I knew it was true.
That’s probably because there was something to point out to the word god of war.
That’s the description of Sarah’s passive skill.

Bloodline of a Hero MAX
Passive Skill A
warrior born under the protection of the war god. They grow faster than anyone through battle.
Significantly increases the growth rate for all abilities that can be grown through combat.

There was certainly a mention of the war god there too.
Besides, the angler fits.
Sara’s leveling up through battle is particularly fast.
If this world was originally a world ruled by the Goddess of War, the way to level up would of course be different.
okay. In a world ruled by the god of war, the level must have risen through battle.
Just like ordinary games in the original world.
If Sarah’s leveling up was a trace of that, then Maw would fit perfectly.

“And our clan was a clan that got the job of a warrior thanks to the blessing of the war god. It is said that our clan was like royalty in today’s terms, who reigned supreme in the world through the power of a hero. But one day. A new god has appeared in this world. She is the Goddess of today.”

The scale suddenly grew enormously, but I started to guess what it was about.

“So our Goddess and the God of War had a fight, and you said you were on your side at that time?”

“What stupid are you talking about? There is no way that mere human beings can intervene in the battles of the gods.”

uh huh? no?

“According to the story, the power of the god of war was gradually weakening, and the world was gradually becoming the world of the goddess.

do. And our clan started to contemplate whether to continue worshiping the war god that we have worshiped so far, or whether to worship a new Goddess. Most of them agreed to continue worshiping the god of war, but my ancestors, who were tired of the constant battle, had a different opinion. He has decided to leave a clan with whom he disagrees and live alone in the world the Goddess recreates. And… .”

He said it all and started crying again.
Why is he suddenly like this again?

“A shameful, petty, filthy bastard of war has cursed his ancestors! From generation to generation, the worst curse to make you look ugly! The dog will take the ability to fight fucking … . Whispering like a dog trying to feel how fucking an ugly, good-natured guy can be in the realm of the Earth God… .”

After saying that, he started to cry again.
indeed. did that happen
I thought it was kind of weird. Obviously, every time a hero level up, all stats go up by 1. Even if he had 0 charm from birth, if he was at level 198, his charm should be at least 198.
Was it all because of God’s curse?

Anyway, I learned a lot from this guy’s remarks.
There is no contradiction with the description of the skill of the hero I saw through Sarah, so it’s probably all true.
As it is a story that has been passed down, even if there are parts that are a little exaggerated or exaggerated.
At least the fact that there was a war god would be certain.

But after hearing this, my head gets complicated.
The biggest harvest that I could learn from his story was that I was able to know that the devil’s luck is not just my prediction, it’s real.
you really drank So you’re saying I’m really sending you to put an end to the demon?
no. As I said earlier, how can a mere human fight a god?
From what I’ve heard, it seems to have weakened considerably, and if my prediction that the dungeon consists of a demon body is correct, it seems that the power is scattered everywhere.
Even taking that into account, it’s a fact I don’t want to believe.

Moreover, the question of Sarah’s birth, which she thought could be solved, deepened even more.
no. To be precise, I knew what kind of bloodline Sarah was.
To the hero, to the demons, but they are not being cursed.
In other words, unlike his ancestors, he is a descendant of the warrior clan who decided to serve the demon god until the end.
But then how the hell are you in this world?
Wasn’t it when the god of war was sealed up or something, they all died together? In general, do you think so?

surely. no. I want to believe that it’s absolutely not like that, but it’s not like Sarah is the final boss or something like that, right?
A descendant of the last remaining pure warrior.
Borrowing Sarah’s body, the god of war descended, and we reached the end of the dungeon and fought against her… It’s even more creepy because it’s something I could even think of.
Damn it. So what should I do from now on… .

The fact that demon gods exist, and that Sarah may become really dangerous.
I didn’t want to believe that the two were true, so I tried to investigate through this guy, but the more I listened, the more disturbing facts seemed to come closer and closer to reality.
Even though I knew that such a thought was not rational at all, I became resentful of this guy for talking about it for nothing.

“Ouch… 👅… 👅… .”

However, as soon as I saw the grown-up boy crying and crying with a runny nose, my resentment disappeared immediately.
okay. What did this poor bastard do wrong? done. Now let’s just send it.
I’ve heard everything he had to say anyway.
I decided to calm him down and send him back.

“Hey. what is it. that curse. What did God not do for you?”

“Ouch. According to the literature, the filthy war god poured his last power into a curse, so even the goddess… He said that all he did was bless me not to die from sex… But what good is that! Uh-huh!”

Ah, for some reason, a guy with a very low charm didn’t die with a princess.

“Calm down. that, yes How about talking to the other kids now? What do you have to hide in the talk you just talked about? Rather, it might be supported by the denomination… .”

“Are you serious?! You think we’ve been hiding this story until now because we’re stupid?!

“Uh, huh?”

“Birth is a pagan! Besides, go ahead and say you were royalty! okay. Being a pagan would be forgiven for being in the arms of the Goddess. But if you gossip about being royalty, you’ll immediately buy a sense of caution for the royal family! Besides… Besides, talking about this will expose the curse above all else! The curse that my family’s children will unconditionally become ugly men and ugly women is being caught! The reason why the royal family and the princess are trying to have a child is because they do not know this curse, if this curse is found… Our family will be completely cut off! Who wants to get married!”

“no. Even so, if they had been ugly men and ugly women for generations, they would have been caught even if they didn’t know it was a curse… .”

“okay. Everyone was starting to think that way. From generation to generation, warriors are unconditionally chubby and ugly. But with his existence… .”

“That guy?”

“Another warrior! Cyron Auden!”

What?! Auden?! Then maybe that… !

“I wonder if we were the only heroes! Are all these stories that have been passed down from generation to generation a lie?! What the hell was that guy! What a handsome warrior! Does it make sense!”

“Hey. tell me in detail That Sairon Auden is now… .”

“You know what! Like a guy who has been in trouble for a long time!”

Damn it! He’s dead too!
It was a chance to get to know Sarah’s birth better.
Anyway, it seemed impossible to ask this guy any more questions.
Anyway, Diana should know about that Sairon Auden, too, so let’s really get it back now.

“Hey. Calm down. I don’t know if you’ve heard it, but I already had the Goddess descend and we even talked to him once. Next time I have another chance, I’ll call you. Then you too to God… .”
“I, really?!”

Don’t let the bastard touch your face. Because I want to hit you with one hit.

“okay. So, do this today and go back. I asked all the questions I had.”

“You, you were a surprisingly good guy?!”

what is surprising

From start to finish, for nothing, you were the first to argue. I was originally a good guy.

“okay. So go now Let me organize my thoughts.”

“Ah, I got it. Keep the promise that the Goddess will come… .”
“I know.”

“He, and… .”

“What else?”

“Oh, what happened in the duel today… .”

“I will not. I’m not such a naive person to talk about things like that.”

“That, then. well know The real Goddess’ messenger has a wide bowl. Also, Goddess… .”

“Go away.”

“Yeah, yes. See you later. exactly! exactly!”

Is that really the guy who was arguing with me a while ago?
what’s so simple

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Are there demons in the dungeon?

Anyway, even after I let him go, I sat quietly in my room for a while to organize my thoughts.
A demon who presides over war. A demon warrior who follows him.
Although it was a simple content, it was something that could not be considered as simple as that.
how would you It’s about our Sarah.
However… As much as this, no matter how much I squeezed my head, it didn’t seem like a solution would come out.
In the first place, borrowing Sarah’s body and saying anything like the descending of a demon is just my imagination.
Since it is impossible to predict what will happen in the future, it is even more impossible to take measures.

Wouldn’t it be nice to talk to everyone about this too, especially Diana, the experienced and smart one?
But in order to do that, it must be revealed that Sarah is a hero.
In the first place, even Sarah said she was just hiding it because she didn’t see the right time to say it, so if you tell her, she’ll agree with her right away.
In other words, it won’t be a problem not only for our children, but also for all around the world to talk about being a hero. Because we have a strong defense called the Supreme Archmage.
I mean, if it was like the past, I would have thought it so simple.
Knowing the circumstances of the hero, I don’t think it’s going to be that simple again.
The only warrior left in the world. And the royal family who wants the blood of that warrior.
Can another hero appear at a time like this?

Well, let’s put that thought aside for later.
Anyway, there’s no problem in revealing it only to our kids.
I left the room to ask Sarah’s consent.

“Savior! Are you done talking? I saw that hero leaving first… .”

“Ah, yes.”

When I left the door, everyone was gathered right in front of me.

“So, have all your questions been answered?”

“Well, first of all. I found out a lot more than I thought.”

“is that so?”

“Huh. However… .”

He knew what Leia’s eyes meant, but he couldn’t talk right now.
I made eye contact with Sarah, who was looking at me with a slightly worried expression, and then looked at Leia again.

“Can I talk to Sarah first? I’ll tell Leia later when Diana comes over. Because it includes Sarah’s personal story.”

“is that so… . Then promise me. Be sure to let us know too. Can’t you hold me alone?”

Looking at my expression, I could have guessed what kind of atmosphere I was talking about, Leia wrapped my hands around my hands and hugged them tightly to her chest and said so.
Also, because I can’t be defeated by an angel.

“Okay. I’ll promise.”


After reassuring me or giving a smile to Leia, who smiled brightly, I headed to the room with Sarah.

“story. Did it not work out the way you thought it would?”

Sara was also guessing, as soon as she entered the room, she said so with a slightly dark expression.

“no. Rather the opposite. It’s just as much as I thought.”

“that’s… .”

“okay. Sarah. First of all, before we talk, I want you to know that I will never leave you no matter what. So, don’t worry and listen.”

Knowing that these words would only add to the confusion, I had no choice but to say this first.

“… ok Talk to me.”

Sara hardened her face even more at my words, but nodded her head as if she was prepared.
I held Sarah’s hands tightly, and told Leon what I had heard earlier and my guesses based on that story.
As the conversation progressed, I could feel Sarah’s soft hand trembling more and more violently in my hand.

“So in the end I… .”

“no. It hasn’t been confirmed yet. Sarah’s ancestors may have abandoned the god of war after that. Nothing has been confirmed yet.”

“However… .”

“That’s why, Sara. Why don’t you just stop saying you’re a hero? At least for Diana and Leia.”

“It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter… .”

“do not worry. If everyone puts their heads together and thinks, something will surely happen. Besides, we have the world’s greatest archmage, Diana. And above all, no matter what happens, I will never leave you. So nothing to worry about.”

“Huh… .”

“What is that face? Can’t you trust me now?”

When I said that with a deliberately angry expression on her face, Sarah smiled slightly.

“But… Guo Guo had been making an ugly face ever since.”

“What?! Where is the ugly expression on this face? Look Carefully! Those burning eyes!”

“Oh. It’s true. I’m burning with lust.”

“This is real!”

I immediately ran to Sarah and hugged her tightly.
Of course, I have no intention of doing anything really naughty until this time.
I just hugged him and stayed still.

“Salvation… i’m a little scared… . What would I do if I was really ruled by that demon without realizing it? If it’s the devil’s plan for me to be saved like this right now… .”

Sara, who had been holding me still, muttered in a weak voice that I could hardly hear.
I hugged her trembling body tighter and said in a confident voice.

“Then you should rather thank the demon. I made you meet So don’t worry. If you get distracted by the demon, I’ll hit you in the ass and bring you back.”

“exactly… Are you sure?”


“Salvation… .”

It’s been a while since I made eye contact with Sarah, who looked up at me with watery eyes.
We kissed each other’s lips and coveted each other’s tongues, no matter who came first.

“Well, it’s best to make it not like that. Anyway, Diana said she’s coming back today, so let’s have a meeting right away when she comes back.”

After opening my mouth after a deep kiss, I looked at Sarah and said seriously.

“Fool. In this case, I don’t mean to bring up another girl’s name.”

Sarah said so and kissed me again.
After that, I hugged and comforted Sarah for a while.
Until Sarah’s body, which had been trembling, pretending to be strong, completely calmed down.

“Thanks. Salvation. It is now.”

“Really? What about healing sex? .”

“Fool. Do you think I don’t know that healing sex doesn’t have a mental stabilizing effect? It’s just what salvation wants to do.”

Sarah laughed at my joke and lightly slapped my chest.

“If you can react this much to a joke, you really do feel a little better.”

“joke? really?”

“what? If I say it’s not a joke, will you let me do it?”

“… What do you think?”

“I wasn’t kidding!”

“Fool. I won’t do it.”


“It’s the bee that brought up Diana’s name earlier. maybe you don’t know Next time you set the mood, if you don’t bring up another girl’s name… .”

“Damn it. This guy’s mouth is square.”

“Huhu. So let’s get out now.”

“okay. Leia will be waiting anxiously too. Until Diana arrives, let’s make it a little more reassuring.”

I and Sarah confirmed that there was no problem with each other’s expressions, and went out to visit.

“When Diana arrives, you must tell her story.”

Of course, it didn’t work for our angel at all.
The angel looked at us with a firm expression as if he would definitely listen to the situation and said so.
Even if he had a hard expression on purpose, he only showed off a different charm than usual and looked pretty, but it would be better not to talk about that.
How else do you not? Nana and Sara had perfectly bright expressions.
Besides, it wasn’t just that.

“Oh, savior… .”



Eight! Oh, oh oh… .”

It’s really rare that even Sylvia came up to me first and hugged me all of a sudden.
what. boy Are you going to give me some consolation?
That would be very comforting.
To say that it is comforting, or to be more precise, it is a feeling of peace of mind.
what. This cute creature. I understand the feelings of people who have pets.
animal therapy. No, the Silvia Therapy effect is amazing.

“It’s not that I’m making a face that doesn’t suit me. You’re just smiling as usual without thinking… .”


“What, what?”

“What do you think of me?”

“I love you… .”

When I asked a question with the best expression on my face, Matilda caught on to it again.
Who the hell is not thinking?
But what… Thank you for trying to encourage me.

And some Sanga Vanessa crept up to her and left her teacup on the table.
Vanessa followed the steaming car, as if it had just stopped, and quietly backed away again.
I wasn’t well-informed enough to remember every single name of the car, but I could barely tell what effect this car had just by smelling its scent.
It is a good tea to calm the mind.

“Thanks to Vanessa too.”

“… I just did what I had to do.”

To be blunt anyway.
When I was surrounded by everyone like this, my attitude became really positive.
okay. What can’t you do with them?
Whatever it is, it will definitely work out somehow.

While trying to think positively like that, I decided to calmly wait for Diana.
And no matter how much time passed, Diana did not return.

“… Vanessa. Surely Diana said she would be here today, didn’t she?”

“… Yeah.”

“It’s past 12 o’clock, isn’t it?”

“… Yeah.”

“Is it night, not day?”

“… Yeah.”

“It’s too late!”

“Ji, calm down. Salvation.”

“Are you going to calm down now?! What do we do. Did something happen to our Diana?”

“a. Everyone in the association went together, but I guess… .”

“In the world I lived in, there is a saying that no one can catch people! Ahhh. I can’t. in the guild… okay! If you go to the guild, you’ll learn something! Guys, I’m going to the guild for a while!”

“Savior. Please wait.”

“what?! There is no use in drying it!”

“no. That’s not it. I will go with you.”

“… What?”

I stared at Vanessa’s face.
It was difficult to read his thoughts because he was still expressionless, but he could tell that he was somehow worried about Diana.

“Good. Go.”


“Well, then we… .”

“no. you are here If Diana comes back while we’re out, explain what’s going on.”

I stopped Sarah from following.
If Sarah is fast moving, it will be fine if she is alone, but if she goes with her, they will all end up going together. yeah it’s too late I’m sorry, but I want to go to the guild as soon as possible.

I decided to head to the guild only with Vanessa.

If it’s just the two of us, it’s faster to run at full speed than to ride a wagon.
It is said that she can use magic, but in the end, Vanessa is also a physical file.
no. Considering its strength, it would be difficult otherwise.
So we left the mansion and sprinted straight towards the guild.

“It’s Rachel’s sister!”

“Yes, four?! Goo, Salvation?! What are you doing at this hour?!”

Perhaps Rachel was just about to leave work, and she was trying to get out of the receptionist seat in plain clothes with a small bag next to her.
I thought of Rachel, who was very stylish in plain clothes, that she was also beautiful, and that she had to work as a receptionist at this time, but now was not the time to say that.

“Please check Diana’s guild card!”

“Yes Yes?! what suddenly… .”

“There is still no news from Diana, who was supposed to come back today! So, please check your guild card!”

“Joe, calm down. Diana will be fine. And no matter how much, personal information, that is Diana-sama’s information… .”

“As the clan leader of the Saviours Clan, I ask you to confirm the survival of the clan member Diana!”

“So, calm down. If that’s the case, we have an obligation to confirm, but if it’s Diana-sama, you’ll be fine. If Diana-sama’s card is destroyed in the first place, the entire guild will be in turmoil at that moment.”


It certainly was.
Even as a guild, you have decided on the number of people to keep an eye on.
If it’s Diana’s guild card, he’ll be watching more closely than anyone else.
And now, the guild staff, as usual, are just busy, and they don’t seem to be particularly upset.
Rather, I drew attention with my ignorant actions, so there were even people who stopped working and looked at me.

“Isn’t that the saint of rumors?”
“Black hair and black eyes. great handsome man. Are you sure.”
“Oh. what can I do. I saw the real thing for the first time.”
“Due to rumors of a milk road maker and various information that the saint had discovered, I wondered what kind of pervert he was. Even if my taste is a little weird… .”

Even the other adventurers around me began to hear gossips.
But, as usual, I couldn’t afford to worry about that at all.

“Then can I just tell you where Diana last went?”

“Yeah. Please wait. I’ll check it out now. Diana’s information cannot be read except by the guild leader. It will take some time.”

Teleporting is also done using a guild card, so I asked a question out of curiosity, but Leia noona smiled and said so as if reassuring me.

“Yeah. Guild Master. Yes. So Diana… .”

Even while my sister was contacting me with some kind of magic tool, I looked at her with restless feet, rolling my feet.
Then I saw the plain clothes… You must have been going to work, but I’m sorry.
But this time it can’t be helped. I can’t help but be selfish.
Let’s make a separate apology for this incident later.

After waiting for a while, as if it was finally confirmed, she put down the magic tool she was holding in her ear, looked at me and said with a smile.

“Yeah. It’s confirmed. Apparently, Diana-sama finally moved to the 4th floor teleport magic circle. Of course, there is no problem in life or death.”

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Are there demons in the dungeon?

Even hearing Rachel’s words like that, I couldn’t be relieved at all.
Even so, the only thing that can be checked on the guild card is whether it is alive or not.
If it was a fight between adventurers, you could know if there was damage, but if not, you can only check life or death.
There’s still a good chance that something’s wrong with Diana.
Besides, what about the 4th floor? Obviously, Diana would have said that she only came to investigate the 1st and 2nd floor giant manastones, right?
No wonder Diana, I was so motivated that I went up to the 4th floor and then there was a problem, right?
After hearing Rachel’s words, my anxiety was only amplified, and I hurriedly decided to head to the teleport magic circle.

“Go! Vanessa! Oh. Sister Rachel!”

“Yes, four?!”

Perhaps I was startled when I suddenly turned around and called my name instead of turning around, but Rachel’s sister responded with a shiver.

“I think you were on your way home from work, but because of me, you only have to work more, thank you very much.”

“Huhu. No. But it is. If you really appreciate it, buy some rice anytime.”

“Yeah. Okay.”

“Uh, um. really?”

“Yeah. Whenever I get a chance, I will definitely live. Then I will.”

Having said that, I hurriedly headed towards the teleport magic circle with Vanessa.
And when I arrived at the teleport magic circle, I ran into another obstacle.

“Why not! Our clan member is there… !”

“Sah, I understand the situation, but it’s not okay. You cannot move to an area that is not registered on the Adventurer Card.”

okay. The problem was that I had never been to a village on the 4th floor.

“Well, the clan members may be in crisis now!”

I was aware that what I was doing was simply the truth, but I couldn’t stand it without doing this.
What might have happened to our Diana! What’s wrong with being serious now?
Damn it, I’ll do whatever it takes to save Diana.

“Still not. If someone who hasn’t been registered goes and goes to that place for nothing… .”

“Damn it! I don’t get along with you. Who’s in charge here? Call the person in charge!”

In the end, I had no choice but to cast the call of the person in charge, the king of the end of the truth.

“Chae, you’re in charge. then… .”

“… The savior is here. Even if it’s just me, I’ll go and check it out.”

As I couldn’t use the teleport like that, I couldn’t wait any longer, so Vanessa said so.

“Uh, what? Can you go to the 4th floor?”



“How can a kid who is locked up in a mansion every day… .”

“During my probationary period, I did a little bit of training… . Then I will go alone.”

There is a certain butler in the world who beats monsters for training.
You can even go to the 4th floor of the dungeon. how overspecified

“Damn it. I can’t help it. Then Vanessa. Even you… .”

When I was about to make that decision, the teleport magic circle lit up, and a relatively short person appeared from within.
He was wearing a robe and a magic hat, so his face could not be confirmed, but there was no way I could misunderstand him.


“Well? Something? Why are you here? Besides, even you, Vanessa. Maybe the two of you secretly… .”

“Are you saying that right now?!”

“What, something? Why are you so angry?”

As I got a little more serious, Diana looked at my face with a slightly puzzled expression to see if she had read the mood too.

“You said you would come back by your turn!”

“Well. It’s tight, but it fits right… .”

“It’s past 12!”

“Ah! Joe, you must be a little late.”

I put my hand on Diana’s head and said, Diana, slightly avoiding my eyes.


“Joe, a little too much… ?”

Diana looked up at me with a frightened expression and said, but I withstood the aegyo attack with an iron will.
Pretending to be so cute this time won’t work!

“At the beginning, you said that you only come to see the 1st and 2nd floors! Why did you go to the 4th floor!”

“Hey, how did you know that?”


“That, that… When this body tells us to hurry, everyone is so motivated. After looking around the 1st and 2nd floors, there is still quite a bit of time left, so the talk of going to the 4th floor at all… wow Mi, I’m sorry. I’m sorry, stop it… .”

Without further ado, I tightened the hand that rested on Diana’s head, gripping the tiny head tightly and rocking it from side to side.
As my head shook aimlessly along my hands, Diana struggled with her arms to resist.

“You. What are you doing to Diana-sama now!”

And seeing us like that, the sisters of the Magic Association, who came riding a teleport magic circle, tried to stop us right away.

“This is a private matter between us, so sisters, please don’t interfere!”

“I can’t! No matter how much you say you are, Diana-sama… .”


“Uh, ooh… Come on, don’t interfere.”

Diana must be in the mood to ask for help.
But even though her eyes were spinning in dizziness, Diana said it according to my will.

“But Diana… .”

“Wow! Don’t interfere! A private day!”

“Ugh… . Yes. Okay.”

Diana like that was amazing, so I decided to stop shaking my head for now.

“Diana. What are you going to say to me or us?”

“Hey, sorry for being late. I worried you.”

“A kid who knows that is late?! At least you should have contacted me


“Well, that’s why you say you’re sorry.”

“I will tell you this for sure. Diana. What do you like better with magic and me?!”

“Laugh… ! Do I have to choose just one? It’s just that I like them both… .”


“Come on, you are good! you!”

I put my chin on Diana’s head again and put my hand on it, and Diana answered hastily.
I feel like I was forced to answer, so I’m not happy, but I’ll forgive you for this.
In the first place, because of magic, he didn’t die and he continued to live. You should be satisfied with just answering me.

“Then let me fall in love with magic and don’t make me worry!”

“I see. I’m really sorry.”

Diana said so and patted my head.

“But how can you be so upset? Whoops. Did you care so much about this body?”

“Hey, this is… I’m not out of anger yet, am I? Let’s go home and see you.”

Suddenly grandma… I was a little embarrassed by Diana’s attitude when the sister mode was activated, so I spit it out and turned my back.
Damn it. Now that I think about it, I made a lot of fuss over nothing.
In the first place, there’s no way Diana would get hurt at the point where those Wizard Association sisters were together.
I apologized to the guild member who manages the teleport magic circle for making a fuss, and immediately left the place.

“so. Did you finally find all the giant manastones?”

“Well. no problem After all, there must be one in the place where the owner of the class is. Besides, they were all emitting the exact same wave of mana. Like you said, the possibility that it is a fragment of a demon must be kept in mind.”

“That’s what I mean.”


“no. I will go and tell you.”

That’s not what I’m talking about here.
I took Diana and headed to the mansion.

“Savior! thank God. It seems that Diana is also okay.”

“Uh, uh. Genga, you were all awake. I’m sorry. This body is unharmed. It was only a little late because this body leaked the other way. I made a fuss. It’s late at night, so everyone should go and rest.

Diana said with a puzzled expression that she must have been very sorry that everyone was up until this time because of her.

“no. Diana. I have something to tell you from now on.”

“Well? Come to think of it, this guy also had something to say about it. Is it the same thing?”

“Ah. That’s what I mean. Let’s take a break and talk tomorrow. As Diana said, it was late at night. It’s not urgent enough to talk about right now. Most of all, it is said that not sleeping at night is bad for your skin. I can’t hurt your skin.”

It looks like Sarah was going to talk to Diana right away, but I decided to put it off for a bit.
It’s not going to be exactly what happens to Sarah anyway.
Considering what the Goddess said, it was only after breaking through at least the 6th floor that it became related to the Demon God.

“Idiot. Now that’s important… .”

“What is more important than that? If you want to live with me for the rest of your life, do you have to pay a lot of attention to your beauty? Otherwise, the gap with me, who is becoming more and more handsome, will widen and you will hear that it doesn’t suit you? don’t you like that So. Get a good night’s sleep today, and let’s talk properly tomorrow. It’s not that urgent anyway. let’s not rush everything will be alright.”

“… Okay.”

When I said that with a smile, Sarah seemed to have finally understood my intentions.
Sarah looked at me with tender eyes and nodded slowly.

“okay. well thought If not, I have to punish him from now on.”

“Come on, wait! You! Oh, doesn’t that sound like an important thing to say? I’d rather talk right now… !”

“Diana, you don’t have a say tonight.”

“Wow, whoops… .”

“This pervert is real! Was that for that reason?!”

no. Maybe it’s because of the reason you originally thought it was.
But, well, in this case, it is a true gentleman to keep the atmosphere from sacrificing even at the expense of one’s image.

“Are you a pervert? What are you talking about all of a sudden? What on earth did Miss Sarah think when she heard the word “bee”, so that the word “pervert” came up right away? Huh?”

“Hey, Mr. Lee! I don’t know, you idiot!”

Saying so, Sarah turned around angrily and strode back to her room.
Looking around the back and the rest of the kids, I opened my mouth.

“Therefore, guys. Let’s talk tomorrow. sleep soundly Change the feeling of being heavy. Let’s talk with a smile. When people have to be positive, good ideas come out.”

As I said that, the sound of Sarah’s footsteps became a little lighter than before.
Sarah. You have become a very easy woman.

“Yeah. Salvation Mr. Let’s talk together tomorrow.”

The angel, who had not said a word, nodded his head once as if he knew my sincerity and went back to the room.
And only after seeing Sylvia and Matilda go back to the room, I grabbed Diana’s clothes by the nape of her neck, lifted them, and dragged them into the room.

“Hey, is this body a cat? Don’t lift it by the nape!”

Diana said so, but didn’t struggle too hard to see if she was sure she was wrong.
Therefore, I brought Diana to the room with ease, and quietly looked down at Diana.
So, what shall we do from now on?
They said they would punish me, but honestly, I had no idea how to punish them.

“I, really? Are you serious about punishing this body?”

Diana asked if it was because she was very afraid of my contemplation, but in a weak voice, unable to make eye contact.
So it’s no use pretending to be cute.
Of course I’m not mad, but you know I can’t miss an opportunity like this, right?

“I’m really serious. or what? Does Diana think she did nothing wrong? Are you making me so worried?”

“Well, it’s not… .”

“Then you should be punished.”

“Ugh… .”

“Well. Then take it off.”


“A man like you! Is that kind of punishment too!”

“If you want another punishment, I can punish you in a different way without hugging you all night.”

As I said with a twinkle in her eyes, Diana gave her a slightly frightened expression.
It’s an expression that goes well with what she looks like, but it was surprisingly hard to see Diana’s expression like this.
True to his nickname of the Supreme Archmage, he usually has a relaxed attitude and is never afraid of anything.

“Oh, no. Just punish me like that.”

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Are there demons in the dungeon?

oh oh I would have said that
Diana. You made a rash remark out of fear.
I haven’t decided yet how to punish, so I decided to fully enjoy the situation.
It is a precious opportunity that will rarely be the case in the future to have such a perfect edge.
Now I can do whatever I want.

“Is that like that?”

“That, so what you want… .”

“Tell me specifically.”

“… … Talk in a dirty way.”

Diana’s face turned red and tears welled up a bit, but in the end she answered meekly.

“In a dirty way? do i want that? I never wanted something like that Diana wants you to chastise you in a dirty way, right?”

“Oh, no! This body… !”

“Is it Diana?”

“Ugh… Yes! This body!”


“That, I want you to chastise me in a lewd way… .”

“Diana. Smart Diana would know. what I want to say.”

“Woah, ooh ooh! Oh, this body! I want you to scold me in a naughty way! Come on, okay!”

“Huh. done. Then take it off now.”

Diana was about to die of embarrassment, blushing, but I was very satisfied.
Just making Diana to say such a thing made me feel like it was enough for today.
Of course, I have no intention of ending it with just this.

“Uh, how far?”

Perhaps Diana was seriously uneasy about this situation, and even hesitated to take it off in front of me.

“Huh? that’s all… no. awhile. no. Yes, take it all off.”

But Diana’s reaction only gave me new ideas.

“Anyway, what?!”

“Because it’s okay. Take it off. Or should I take it off?”

“Oh, no! I will take it off myself!”

I meant to peel it off with pure intentions.
Diana was startled by how she had taken my words and began to take it off.
As I stared at Diana’s costume show unfolding before my eyes, I didn’t take off my own clothes at all.

“Boo… Burr, it’s off.”

Huh. see you know
Diana took off her underwear to reveal her pure white and pretty skin, covering only her breasts and pubic area with her hands, raising her eyes and looking at me.

“Then, Diana. Can you please make me feel better first?”

“Uh, uh?”

“I want to make you feel as comfortable as possible with an apology. If you do, I will forgive you for that alone.”

I said so to Diana with a soft smile.

“That’s right! I see. This body will make you feel better!”

Diana, who was initially bewildered by what she had expected, reached out to my pants with a smile on her face.
You have a good head, and you’re hooked on something like this. Diana is really cute.
I really can’t see you like this.
As I looked down at Diana as she undid the front of my pants and pulled out things, I put myself in climactic bondage.

“Huhu. Hasn’t it grown already? You pretended not to be you and expected this body to make you feel better?

Diana was completely relieved because she believed that I had no intention of harassing her.
Instead of answering, I lightly stroked Diana’s head and smiled.

“Huhu. uhm. side. ahh… .”

Diana closed her eyes for a moment and rubbed her head in my hands, enjoying her touch, then opened her eyes again and, smiling brightly, kissed the tip of my thing.
Then he slowly opened his mouth and began to put my stuff in his mouth little by little.

“Ugh. e. Hmm. ugh.”

Still, that little mouth couldn’t fully accept my stuff, but Diana’s technique had improved significantly.
Instead of being unable to put it in his throat, he licked the object he put in his mouth while moving his tongue around as if he was going to fully utilize the stimulation with his tongue.
Diana, who did not even know the act of sucking at first, has grown to this level.
All of this is the result of education so far.
I was enveloped in a feeling that is difficult to describe in words, with the pleasure and emotion of the object combined.
Of course, I don’t have any intention of buying it.

“Ugh. all the way. Hmm. squat uhm. I want to know.”

Diana, who had been working hard while washing my things for a while, looked up at me and smiled. Tears began to form in her eyes.
As I was sticking to my complete non-response, it seems that I started to feel a bit strange.

“Whoa. haha haha Whoa, why, why don’t you buy it?”

And in the end, Diana spoke up and wept.

“What if you ask me that? Diana needs to work harder. or what Does Diana want to be punished, too?”

“Oh, it’s not like that!”

“Stand up.”

“Uh huh? Oh, you still… .”

“Stand up.”

I said it again, and Diana stood up slowly, looking at me anxiously.
As he pretended to release him once and made him anxious again, he looked more anxious than before.
And when Diana got up, her buttocks were slightly pulled back and her thighs were closed.
I stood like that in a relatively natural position so that I wouldn’t be noticed, but in the first place I was made to stand up to see the pussy. There was no way she could not have noticed that Diana was deliberately taking such a pose so that it was difficult to see her own vagina when viewed from the front.
I shoved my hands between Diana’s thighs, forcing them to spread apart, and then pointed my fingertips into her pussy.


“What is this? Do you want to be punished too?”

I said, deliberately rubbing Diana’s pussy with my fingers so that there was a lewd gurgling sound.

“Ugh! Oh no… Khufu… No!”

“No, not what! Good! I’ll give you whatever you want! Turn your ass this way!”

I lifted my hands from Diana’s vagina and cried out like a rebuke.

“I really am… .”


“Boo… Whoa… .”

Diana eventually turned her hips to this side while tears welled up in her eyes.
I grabbed Diana’s ass and shoved the thing straight into her pussy.


Diana’s body trembled, as if she felt the climax of the touch of things that came in all at once, as if hitting the inside.

“It feels good to the end even when you punish me! This pervert!”

“That, uh, that’s not… Whoa!”

“No, not what! I can’t! I really need corporal punishment! From now on, every time I get hit, I say sorry again! … There is no price to beat.”

Of course, in the first place, I didn’t really intend to hit him in pain, I just wanted to make a loud sound and hit him without hurting.
Even so, Diana’s body was nowhere to be found.
Where’s the slap on this little pretty ass?
If I hit this chubby ass, I thought I would only feel guilty for nothing.
I was the one who cut off the pulse of play for such a stupid reason, even though I had the opportunity.
And Diana seemed to have taken the word that there was no place to beat him differently.

“Hey, you mean this body is so poor!”

“Yes? no… That means… .”

“Hey, hey… Watch!”

Diana turned her head back and looked at me for a moment, then shouted and suddenly began to memorize a spell.
And Diana’s body suddenly began to change.
I wondered if I would grow taller little by little, and while I kept it as it was when I went in, it started coming out more and more when I came out.
And the feeling of wrapping the stuff inside Diana began to change subtly.
this, this… .

“Whew, whoops. Now, how about it!”

Diana’s proud smile as she turned to me was the same as when she first met Diana.
Seeing the round shape I would never expect to see next to her clean back, I unconsciously stretched out my hand there.


Then I felt a tingling sensation in my hand.

“D, D, Diana. This… .”

Agitating to the point where I didn’t notice my own voice trembling, I asked Diana a question.
Of course, he didn’t forget to keep rubbing Diana’s busty breasts.

“Yes. Whoops. Don’t you know too well? of this body… ugh… Huh… That’s what it looks like when you grow up.”

“Uh, how?”

“There is a magic in the world called Polymorph. It became usable after reaching level 100. I don’t have enough mana to maintain this state on a regular basis, but now that I am connected to you and receiving the effect of healing sex… whoops. a little

Knead more gently.”

As Diana said that, she lightly slapped my hand as it touched her chest as if to slap me.
Thanks to the sudden appearance of a super grown-up, even that figure looked super sexy.

“Huhu. Why are you so quiet? Isn’t it so beautiful to see this body grown after a long time? He seems to be at a loss for words.”

As Diana said that, she suddenly smiled relaxedly and pressed her back against my body.
Then she gently placed her hand on my cheek, turned her head toward me, and kissed me softly.

“Ugh. hmmm. side. Whoops.”

Perhaps because of his mood, even that kiss felt much more mature and sexy than usual.
Just because you look like a grown-up, suddenly your actions become more mature.
Obviously, you’ve been scolding me up until now… Oh yes! what am i doing now!
I’m scolding Diana right now! What are you going to do about losing control?
Diana, this is a request! You’re deliberately pretending to be a grown-up to avoid getting scolded any more!
I made eye contact with Diana who was biting her lips and gave her a relaxed gaze, smiling softly, swiping her hand underneath her, and slapped Diana’s buttocks loudly.

“Aww! Go, what suddenly… !”

Of course, it was just beaten loudly so that there was no pain at all.
But whether that alone was enough to disturb Diana’s mind, Diana said in amazement.

“Suddenly what! You were in the middle of being scolded! Gotta get it right! Even the ass is in such a good shape to hit! You changed on purpose to hit you!”

“That, that… Whoops!”

It seems Diana was trying to say no, but as soon as I slapped and slapped her in the ass again, she dropped her head and trembled.

“From now on, every time I get hit, I’ll properly express my feelings and say I’m sorry!”

“Ugh! Ouch!”

“Answer if you know!”

“Ugh! Mi, I’m sorry! Whoops! this… Your body is wrong!”

Dangerous. The older sister’s version of Diana blushes like this and makes a bewitching sound and apologizes, so what can I say… Anyway, it’s extremely dangerous.
I really feel like I’m about to open my eyes to that kind of taste.

It was dangerous just looking at Diana like that, but every time she slapped her ass, her vagina tightened, so even the pleasure was dangerous.
Of course, Diana doesn’t seem to have any hobbies she likes while being hit, although it seems like she’s just getting her pussy tightened out of sheer surprise.
Even so, the fact that this pleasure was dangerous did not change.
I decided to wrap it up once and calm my mind a bit.
It’s been a long time since Diana went into sister mode, but it’s a pity that her eyes are turned to desire and she can’t taste it properly.

“Cheap! When you receive it inside, express your regrets and gratitude for me for forgiveness properly!

As I shouted, I grabbed Diana’s waist and shook her vigorously to create a climax in the object.

“Ugh! Whoops! Whoops! Ha ha ha!”

And at the same time as my ejaculation, Diana also reached a climax once again with a burning sensation.

“Wow… I’m sorry… hah… Thank you… .”

And in the meantime, Diana did exactly what I told her.
Dangerous. I hear you say thank you for wrapping it inside.
The sweet sigh mixed in the middle is so sexy it’s so dangerous.
It was cheap to cool off a bit, but I didn’t think it would sink at all.
Rather, the desire was constantly inflated, and it only accelerated its speed.
Sister Mod Diana is too dangerous.
I decided to give up on being sober and give myself to my lusts to bother Diana even more.

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Well… It’s broken. Sorry.


Are there demons in the dungeon?

With that in mind, my eyes began to move busily.
How are you going to bully Diana this time?
My eyes, which had been rushing over Diana’s body, stopped in one place.
Right on Diana’s pure white ass.
There was a faint but pink maple leaf pattern on it.
He said he hit it without pain, but as he hit the same spot over and over again, a faint handprint was left.


As I lightly raised my hand and stroked it softly, feeling as if it would touch the mark, Diana let out a bewitching sound as her ass trembled.

“There are a few marks.”


Diana turned her head slightly and looked at her ass, then turned her gaze away as if embarrassed.
But Diana, are you really going to be shy from now on?

“Diana. It’s a sign of punishment. If you’re really reflecting, shouldn’t you face it properly instead of avoiding your gaze?”

“Ugh… That’s right, but… .”

“Or is it still not enough punishment?”

“Ugh… that’s… No, but… .”

Diana said that, but did not strongly deny it, and bowed her head while twitching her ass a little.
Does not denying mean asking for more?
Well, until now, I was just playing with a bit of a SM feel, but in the end, objectively, it was just like having sex as usual. It is understandable that Diana does not strongly deny it.

“It looks like we need more punishment. But Diana, in the world I lived in, there was a punishment called joridolim.”

“… uh?”

When I got so lucky, Diana suddenly tilted her head and looked at me as if she were talking about something.

“It’s a punishment for writing down the criminal’s crimes and making them wander around the streets to be seen by people, and to shame them.

“Come on, sleep for a second… surely… .”

Our clever Archmage knew what I was going to say just by that, shaking his body and not forgetting what he said.
Is this trembling caused by fear or excitement?
Diana’s vagina has just been tightening my things until it hurts again, and the amount of love juice has started to increase even more.
Just in case, I’m not shaking my back at all right now.

“Of course, I have no intention of doing anything so harsh to our Diana.”

“Ah… .”

As I smiled and continued stroking her ass gently, Diana sighed in relief.
I don’t know if I just want to think that way, but to me, that sigh sounded like a sigh of regret.
do not worry. Diana. I’m still sorry.

“How can you do such a cruel thing if you write a crime?”

“… … on?”

As Diana’s ass trembled and swelled up, her pussy was tight and tight once again.

“So, without revealing the crime, you just walk around showing these palm prints… .”
“Ugh! Ah, ah, ah, no! Absolutely not! What are you thinking!”

As I squeezed Diana’s voluptuous buttocks with strength in the hand that was gently stroking her ass, Diana let out a bewitching moan and desperately shook her head from side to side.


“Oh no!”

“Whatever happens?”

“No, no matter what!”

Diana was weeping and desperately opposed.
But I felt the will to do something in my voice, and it sounded like half resignation, even a slight expectation.
Since before, the vagina has been tightened with a dangerous feeling, and if you stay still, it seems like you can take a step without moving your back.
It’s hard to say which one is better, both are specified, but since I’m not used to the adult version of Diana’s vagina, I felt even more intolerable.
Dangerous. At this rate, I can’t stand it anymore and I think I’m going to shake my back.
Before I couldn’t stand it on my own, I pulled something out of Diana’s pussy.


“Then there is nothing you can do.”

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha… Oh, are you going to stop today?”

Diana said this time, not only slightly, but with a feeling of complete disappointment.
Is it because it is an ambiguous word? If you ask me if I want to be punished more, I will pretend that I just want to be hugged more.

“no. It can’t be.”

Having said that, I picked up Diana’s robe, which had been folded finely, and laid it on Diana’s body.

“If you don’t want to see the marks on Jung’s ass, I’ll allow you to wear this. This is how you leave.”

“What, what, what, what… ! I can’t! Are you crazy!”


“What, something?!”

“I told you before. Diana doesn’t have a say tonight. You’ve seen this a lot.”

“Ha, but this is… !”

Diana looked down at her body as she said that.
The robe worn on Diana’s body was sized to fit Diana’s usual figure.
Of course, Diana, who became the older sister’s version, was a bit small for wearing.
Even if the front part was barely seen, the chest, which had grown incomparably larger in size, was pushing the robes away as if they were going to pop out.
Despite the fact that the robe was made of a fairly thick cloth to wear while exploring the dungeon, the scars of the nipples hardened with excitement were clearly visible because of the tightness of the chest as if it would burst.
Besides, the length was the same.
Usually, it goes down to Diana’s knee.

It was a long robe, but now it only reached about the middle of the thigh. Thanks to this, I was able to get a glimpse of Diana’s beautiful legs, which were pure white and smooth.
It was worn in the name of covering up the marks on the buttocks, but at this length, even if the wind blew, the handprints left on the buttocks could be seen as soon as the hem of the robe was lifted a little.

“Hey, are you telling me to go outside like this?!”

“okay. I’ll wipe anything off your legs.”

As I said that, I took a towel from my inventory and wiped the liquid running down Diana’s leg.

“You can’t keep wiping while you’re on the move, so can’t you spill it now? It’s not like I’m inserting anything, and there’s absolutely nothing that makes me feel sexually aroused, so of course I won’t spill anything.”

“All, all, of course, isn’t it! Who… !”

As Diana said that, she was in a crowd until she almost burst into tears.
Even with that, he doesn’t admit that he’s exhibitionism until the very end.
I never thought that Diana’s attitude would be helpful in this way.
I’m really glad I didn’t force you to admit it.

“Okay then. Oh, just in case, if you go back to your original form, you will think that you are not reflecting.”

“Ugh… ! Ha, but… . However!”


“Gee, if you keep doing this… that, yes Not enough mana! You don’t know, but Polymorph magic costs a lot of mana. If you are under the effects of healing sex… .”

“so. You want me to go out with it inserted?”

“Oh, that’s not what you mean! What nonsense are you talking about!”

“Then you just have to go. Even if you run out of mana, you can hold on for a bit, right? Come on, let’s go.”

“Come on, come on, wait… ! really?! Heartily?!”

“Really sincerely. Now, this is also a punishment.”

With that said, I finally opened the door.


Diana had resisted desperately until just before opening the door, but as soon as she opened the door, she closed her legs and became quiet in an instant.
Diana clenched the front of her robe, which was about to explode, and looked around with anxious eyes.
To be honest, I was also incredibly nervous right now.
If you find out that I’m nervous too, this play will ruin it, so I’m pretending to be calm for now.
By the way, Diana’s only wearing a robe. She’s completely naked on the inside?
He wasn’t wearing any clothes or underwear, but also shoes.
Even though he was wearing a robe, his bare feet were exposed underneath.
Besides, he was even clutching the front hem like that, so anyone could tell that he wasn’t wearing anything under his robe.
If you show it to anyone, it’s over.

“Come on, let’s go, Diana.”

“Come on, come on, come on, wait! Wait a minute! Wait a minute!”

I pushed Diana’s back and tried to leave the room, but Diana slammed the door shut as if she couldn’t take it any longer.

“what. Diana. be punished now

Are you saying you can’t take it?”

“Well, it’s not like that. However. But this… . At least, at least let me use magic so that other people don’t find out. Well, if you do that, you’ll be fine… .”

At Diana’s suggestion, I breathed a sigh of relief.
To be honest, I pushed on because I thought I couldn’t miss this opportunity, but it was too difficult for me to play.
It would be perfect if you could enjoy playing safely with magic.
Isn’t that a true exposure play? do you know In the first place, unlike the pervert here, I don’t have any kind of exhibitionism.
But if you ask me if I will accept Diana’s offer, it’s not. That’s it and this is it.

“Hey. Aren’t you trying to solve the polymorph state by consuming mana quickly?”

“Oh, no! really… .”

“Then, as soon as the polymorph is released, the robes will be removed as well. I’m going to cast a spell so you don’t get caught, so it doesn’t matter, right?”

“Ugh… . Ha, but once the polymorph is released, other magic… .”

“Anyway, Polymorph consumes more mana, so even if Polymorph is released first, it can last for a while, right? So when you come back to your room, you come naked. If you like it, you can use magic.”

“Ugh… .”

Between Diana’s closed legs, a clear liquid dripped down to the floor.
did you imagine Even the face that seemed to have calmed down a bit comes to mind again, because the real Diana is a pervert.

“Come on, choose. What do you do?”

“Haha, heh heh, don’t let me use magic… .”

And I have to say it again. Diana chose to use magic, even if she was completely stripped at the end.

“Good. use it.”

As soon as my permission was granted, Diana began to memorize the incantations while desperately suppressing her rough breathing.
And after memorizing the spell, Diana looked at me quietly.

“it’s over?”

“Uh, uh… .”

If it’s a magic that goes unnoticed, it must be magic that blocks the sound and makes it invisible.
When Diana became completely transparent, she was going to just hold hands and go around the inside of the mansion, but it seems that Diana cast magic on the space around her, not herself.
So that I am also within the scope.
Thanks to that, I could still see Diana properly in my eyes.
If you use magic like this, your mana will be consumed quickly, so the polymorph will be released quickly.
He’s also Still, there is a pretext of being punished, so are you trying to do it right?
After all, he is also a very loyal person.

“Good. Then let’s go this time.”

I opened the door, shoved Diana’s back and walked out the door together.

“Ugh… . Huh… .”

Gradually, the amount of liquid dripping between Diana’s legs began to increase more and more.

“let’s hurry. If you stay here, Vanessa will find you right away.”

It’s Vanessa, who before, as soon as I used stealth, jumped out and broke my wrist.
I don’t know, but I’m sure you can get a glimpse of what’s going on inside the mansion.
Well, seeing that I didn’t know that the person who used the stealth technique was me, it doesn’t seem to be completely clear.

“rule… Huh… it’s ok The magic of this body is so weak… Yes.”

But contrary to my concern, Diana said so with a sweet snort.
He’s extremely excited about the exposure play, yet he doesn’t forget his pride in his magic. Also the supreme archmage.

“okay. Then shall we begin the parade of the great supreme archmage naked?”

“Ugh… !”

At my words, Diana eventually climaxed with trembling.
Can you feel the climax without touching it at all?
Our Diana is such a cute pervert.
no. Right now, the expression “beautiful” rather than “cute” seems more appropriate.

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Are there demons in the dungeon?

“what? Has it already happened?”

“Yes… Huh… heh… .”

Until now, I had deliberately not mentioned it, but I couldn’t pass it by just watching the climax.

“I didn’t even touch it at all, but why did you feel it? Also, Diana… .”

“Hey, didn’t you say it wasn’t like that!”

“really? So what is this?”

“Ugh! This… So… Whoops!”

I slipped my hand inside the robe and touched Diana’s pussy directly, and Diana immediately let out a strange moan and clung to my arm.
Aggressive busty as if coming out of a robe gives a fantastic sensation as it is crushed by the arm.
But without me being immersed in that sentiment, Diana suddenly panicked and covered her mouth with both hands.
Then he stared back at me with trembling eyes.
Maybe this reaction… .

When I followed Diana’s gaze and looked back, as expected, a maid was slowly approaching this way.
I don’t think there’s any need to keep your mouth shut because you’ve cast magic
Even though I knew that I couldn’t hear the sound, it was embarrassing to be embarrassed.

“Ugh… Yes… heh… .”

Desperately suppressing the leak, Diana grabbed my clothes and tried to drag me against the wall.
Since I used magic in a certain space centered on Diana, if I stood in the middle of the hallway like this, the maid would also be under the influence of magic.
Then, of course, Diana would look like me.
That’s probably why Diana is so desperate.


I can’t help but take advantage of this situation.
As I followed Diana’s guidance, I leaned against the wall, mercilessly waving my finger, which was still touching Diana’s pussy.

“Ugh! ha ha! Whoa!”

And Diana eventually couldn’t stand the sound, took her hand from her mouth, and climaxed with a loud noise.
Diana’s body trembled and trembled as it spewed fountains on the floor, and Diana’s body slowly lost its strength.
Oh shit! Was this too bad?!
I put my arms around Diana before she fell, and I hugged her and hurriedly leaned against the wall.

If you turn your back against the wall like this, at least you will only see me, right?!

“Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh… .”

But as they hugged her like that, Diana’s harsh breathing let her know she wasn’t stunned yet.
Whoops. This time around, the chatter was really cool.
Because if Diana loses her mind, it’s magic and everything will be released.
I thought I fainted because I was about to fall.
So, I did this to at least hide Diana’s appearance with my body, but fortunately, it doesn’t seem like it was necessary.

“Huh? What? This water… .”

And while we were standing against the wall, the maid, who had come close enough, tilted her head while looking at the floor.
The place the maid was looking at was the very spot where Diana was spraying the fountain earlier.
Thanks to our relocation, that love liquid is out of the magic range and becomes visible to the maid.
The maid in her hand bowed down, lit the puddle of water with a magic tool such as a lantern in her hand, and stared intently.
Seeing such a maid, Diana’s body in my arms started to tremble again.

“It doesn’t smell… Did someone spill any water? Ah… But it’s a little sticky. What?”

The curious maid, without thinking of wiping it right away, put her finger in the puddle of water and even touched it, and began to guess.
It didn’t seem like he was going to leave this place right away.

“Ugh… uh… .”

And as an added bonus, our pervert-san was also starting to see the maid’s appearance, and his body started to heat up again.
Isn’t it quick to rekindle the subject you just felt?
Well, I’m more than happy with it.
I just undid the front of my pants, took the thing out again, and inserted it right into Diana’s pussy.

“Yes?! Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

And that alone brought Diana to climax once again.

“Come on, come on! Whoops! you sane… Whoops! Whoa!”

Diana was startled, patted me and whispered in my ear.
no. So there’s no need to whisper.
Besides, the way he hits him doesn’t change even when he’s in that form.
When my older sister, who looked older than me, patted me cutely, the gap burned me even more.

“Aren’t you in trouble if your magic is cut off due to lack of mana in this situation? That’s why I’m just trying to restore mana through healing sex like this.”

I began to move my back while making such excuses.
Of course, if you’re just trying to get the passive effect of healing sex, you don’t need to move, but that’s fine. Anyway, I’m not in a situation where Diana is going to listen to it right now.

“Ugh! haha! Whoops! Whoa!”

Our beautiful exhibitionist pervert seems to be very busy with multiple orgasms right now.
Good. If you’re in such a disorganized state, wouldn’t you resist even if you went out a little more boldly?
I grabbed Diana’s leg and turned it around to change her position to a junior.
Then, from that state, Diana stood up, had her back leaned against me, and immediately grabbed her legs and lifted her into the air.
Lifting it up like a baby pee pose, I took Diana’s

I turned so that the maid came to the front.

“Ugh! ha ha ha! ha ha! Whoa!”

And all the time, Diana didn’t resist at all.
no. In this case, would it be more accurate to say that I did not resist?
It seems that there is no such spirit left.
Diana couldn’t resist at all, but rather, as if her excitement was at its peak in the pose, she tightened her pubic hair and shook herself.
Now, seeing that he was preoccupied with feeling pleasure without even trying to kill the sound, it seemed that the pleasure of exhibitionism had finally overcome reason.
In addition to my movements, Diana herself shook her waist violently, so the movement naturally became much more intense than before, and Diana’s robe, which was still pushing out as if her big breasts were protruding, eventually opened up with a ripping sound to see if she could stand it any longer. it started.

“Ugh! Whoops! Whoops! Ha ha ha ha!”

As she lowered one of Diana’s legs and put her hand between her open robes to rub her chest, Diana reached her climax once more.
And at the same time, I ejaculated inside Diana while tasting the texture of her tight vagina.


Diana began to spit the fountain again, how happy she was, how long it had been since she squirted it.
this! danger!
I tried to stop it in embarrassment, but my reaction was a little late because I was also in pleasure.
It seemed in slow motion that some of the fountains Diana spewed out with great momentum flying towards the maid.

“Whoa. what am i doing In the end, I don’t even know what this water is. I just need to get a mop quickly.”

However, just before Diana’s love liquid touched the maid’s body, the maid miraculously got up and turned back.

fight. thump.

And immediately after that, I heard the sound of Diana’s love liquid falling to the floor.
Besides, it seemed that we weren’t the only ones hearing this this time.


The maid, who had turned back, tilted her head while looking at Diana’s lover again.

“I think I just heard something… . Is it because of your mood?”

The maid looked around and turned back again with an expression that she did not understand the English language.

“Let’s talk to Vanessa for now… .”

Mumbling like that, the maid slowly turned back over the hallway she had come from.

“Ugh… 👌🏽 Whoops… .”

When the maid’s appearance became invisible like that, the power finally drained from Diana’s body.
And at the same time, Diana’s body began to shrink again.
Did he lose consciousness completely and the magic was released?
It seems that he was holding onto his fading consciousness only with his mental strength.
Truly a sorcerer. Seeing this image reminds me of the past when I refused to kiss until the end, no matter how disturbed it was.

different. This is not the time to be immersed in emotions.
Diana gave her a lot of energy, but she can’t be caught by the maid who came back after being idle.
Besides, it looks like Vanessa is going to show up too.
Shall we go back to our room after doing this?
To be honest, I left some regrets about not being able to play the game I was thinking of, such as taking off my robe and walking around, or going out to the garden if not outside the front door, but I can’t help it.
That’s it for today.
I pulled things out of Diana and hugged them, hurriedly to get out of the place and go back to the room.
Oh, before that. Wouldn’t it be better to clean up the love liquid sprayed all over the place?
Even if the puddle the maid found is unavoidable, let’s clean up the rest.
I summoned the spirits of water and cleaned all the love liquids on the walls and floors except for the puddles, and I came out and washed Diana’s body as a bonus, and then headed to the room.

and the next morning.
I woke up to the sensation of something light bouncing on my chest.
I just opened my eyes and looked down at my blurry vision and looked at her own chest, and found Diana clenching her fists and putting them on my chest, clasping them vigorously.
Diana, who was vigorously raising and lowering her shoulders, took a deep breath, then raised her fists once more and started stroking her.
Judging from his appearance, it must have been a long time before I got up and attacked.
Just by not getting up, I would have known that there was no damage at all.
Do I have to be very persistent?
no. Thank you so much for not attacking me with magic.

“A man like you! A man like you!”

“Gee, calm down, Diana.”

“Calm?! Ginger?! now! this body! Calm down! looks like it! how! You! man! Thinking! to be there! Han Genga! Huh?! thinking! to do! What are you doing?!”

Diana puts all her strength into her fists every time she says a word, then hits it down with a full swing and pats it! pat! and attacked
I’m really sorry for the really angry Diana, but honestly, it’s really cute.
Thanks to that, a smile naturally started to come out, so I was exhausted just by suppressing it.
Hey, aren’t you doing this to make me laugh so you can get more out of it?

“What are you going to do? Huh?! How are you going to do it! In the future, what kind of expression should I look at her with this body?! Yes?! Yes?!”

“I think it’s okay to laugh… joke! I’m kidding!”

“now! joke! come out! this! this! Pervert! You bastard!”

“So Diana enjoyed it a lot too… no. right. i’m a pervert Wrong. Please forgive.”

Diana’s eyes were so frightening that I had no choice but to answer that way.

“never! Forgiveness! I won’t do it! ”

“Okay. Then this time I go out naked with you… .”

“What’s different Gengaaaa!”

Diana is waaaaaaaaaaaaah! ‘ I slammed both hands on my chest at once, enraged enough to see behind me the vision of a howling tiger.
pat! and.

“sorry. Really sorry!”

No matter how hard I was, I couldn’t play anymore, and since then, I have sincerely apologized to Diana.
When I bowed my head and apologized hard, Diana, who had been pounding hard, barely forgave whether the stress had been relieved.

“Whoa. Whoa. okay. This time, there was also the punishment of this body, so I will forgive you at this point. But there is no next time. From now on, never do this again! Do you know?!”


sorry. That might be a little hard to promise.

“Why?! Why is there no answer?! Why are you avoiding your eyes?! Why?! hey… .”

Maybe Diana had an intuition about her future fate, and in the end she burst into tears.

“Hey, hey. Do not cry.”

“I didn’t cry! More than that! Tell me not to do it in the future!”


“Whoa. hey hey… .”

I gently stroked Diana’s hair.
Diana, who sniffled but didn’t try to put her hand away from her hair, was also cute.

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