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Are there demons in the dungeon?

“I know you don’t have to say this, but I’ll tell you just in case. From now on, you must not go anywhere and never talk about it.”

After breakfast, I came to my room with only the party members.
Because there are other people’s eyes in the restaurant. It’s probably not suitable for talking about secrets.
So now, there were only our party members and Vanessa standing in front of the door as an added bonus.

Originally, I had only planned to consult with Diana and Leia, but I changed my mind along the way.
I’m sorry that I’m ostracizing the party members for nothing, and if that happens, I have to be careful when I’m with Sylvia or Matilda, and that’s annoying too.
Most of all, it’s because everyone was already talking about finding a giant manastone and saying that the dungeon might be a fragment of a demon.
I decided that it would be better to just be careful with my mouth so as not to spread rumors and to disclose everything.
Sylvia and Matilda aren’t the type to go anywhere and talk about anything.

“What are you talking about?”

Matilda looked at me nervously.
I swallowed one saliva with a serious face, glanced over the faces of everyone who was looking at me, and opened my mouth.

“Actually… Sarah is a warrior.”

“… Yes Yes?!”
“Well. I know.”
“Eh? eh eh?!”
“What, what?!”

Well. As expected, the reaction was intense. Although it seems that there was a reaction that was different from what I expected.

“there… Diana?”


“Did you know?”

“It’s as you say. Then, after going together for such a long time, did you think that this body would not even recognize the hero?”

Instead, Diana said in a tone of surprise that we were really hiding it.

“First of all, since you didn’t talk, this body didn’t even have to talk to me… I have finally revealed it.”

“Sorry. I should have revealed it sooner… .”

“no. I have nothing to apologize for. It would not have been an easy decision to reveal that I am a hero under such circumstances.”

“Is this the case?”

“Well? Are you sure you don’t know? It is said that there is only one hero left in the world right now. That’s why the royal family is trying to include the blood of a warrior in the royal family.”

“no. I know that, though.”

“If you knew that, wouldn’t it be a rough guess for you too? How annoying it would be to have another hero pop out in a situation like this now. It won’t end at the level of Sauron Auden. Well, I don’t think it’s too much of a concern if it’s Miss Sarah.”

When the name Sauron Auden came up, Sarah’s body flinched and trembled.
As expected, Diana also seemed to know about Sauron Auden.

“D, Diana, Sauron Auden?”

“A new hero who suddenly appeared like a comet about 20 years ago. Unlike the previous warriors, he had a lot of trouble because he looked good.”

“Are you in trouble?”

“… Hmm. Is it okay if I say this in front of Miss Sara?”

Diana was hesitant to answer my question, examining Sarah’s complexion.
Did you even notice that Sauron Auden and Sarah were related?
In addition to the fact that he is a new hero who suddenly popped up, Sarah’s reaction was just shown.
Is it strange that the smart Diana doesn’t notice?

“… It’s okay. Tell me please.”

“I tell you, it probably doesn’t sound much better than you think.”

“It’s really good.”

But Sarah said with a firm face as if she had made up her mind.
Until now, he had consciously avoided talking about his identity, but he seems to have thought that he could no longer ignore it.

“Hmm. is it. I see. What kind of trouble can a person with good ability and good looks have to suffer? Everyone was trying to get along with him somehow. All the ladies of the noble family ran after Sauron Auden. Thanks to this, the existing warrior clan, who was stimulated for nothing, tried forcibly to make an achievement, but all died except for Leon Flitus, who was still young. Sauron Auden himself was surrounded by many women and killed himself, so in a way, it can be said that he is the main cause of the fact that there is only one hero left in the world.”

Diana’s answer was quite far from what she expected.
Obviously, I didn’t feel that way from what I heard from Sarah.
Given the circumstances, Sauron Auden is almost certainly Sarah’s father.
Surely Sarah’s father didn’t say that he was harmed by someone who was jealous of his abilities or tried to use them?

“… … A fortune teller?”

Sara too, Diana’s answer was not expected at all, her voice became quite cold.

“Well. At first, it seems that Sauron Auden also escaped by pretending that he had a lover in his hometown, but in the end he fell and only enjoyed a life of debauchery… What is it?”

“… … hey… It’s garbage that can’t even control itself.”

Sarah. eyes are scary your voice is scary The prayer that flows around me is terrifying. Anyway, I’m very scared.

“Don’t do that too much. This body, too, had only had a few conversations with him when he first appeared, but from what this body remembers, he was an innocent young man with big dreams and a sense of justice. But he was just too naive. Existing warriors are jealous and hostile, and all the beauties from all over the world attacked only for their children, so I think it was inevitable that it would happen.”

Diana said that as if she was comforting Sarah, but it didn’t seem like she was very comforting.
Likewise, I wanted to comfort you, but I couldn’t think of any plausible words.

“So, in the end, was it that Sara was a hero when everyone got together like this? It was certainly surprising, but I don’t have to talk about it like this… .”

“Yeah, yes! That’s not what I was talking about! That Sarah is a hero is just an introduction!”

Nice Matilda! You are helpful in this way too!
If you can’t think of anything to comfort you, it’s best to change the topic so that Sarah doesn’t think about it any more.
I gave Matilda a look full of compliments.
Then, Matilda’s eyes looking at me became more and more hazy.

has changed
Hey. Does it just happen with something like this?

“Yeah. You should tell the story you heard from the warrior.”

“Well? What did you hear from that warrior? What does that mean?”

“Yeah? Yesterday, Guwon-san had a duel with the hero and talked… .”
“Oh. Leia. awhile.”

“Yeah? Shouldn’t we be talking? Anyway, if you want to talk about what I’m going to say from now on, you have to talk about this too… .”

no. that’s it though
I’d say the situation is a little bad for revealing that now.

“… You. Remember what this body told you not to do?”

look at that

“… Yes. Sure. I didn’t have an accident.”

“Then what is a duel?”

“Yu, a hot conversation between men through the body?”

“Are you kidding me with this body? He said he was punished for the wrongdoing of this body, and he even did such a thing?! A man like you!”

“You mean that?”

“… … no. nothing.”

Diana avoided Leia’s question, but her eyes lit up as she looked at me.
It’s like we’ll see each other the next time we’re alone.

“Whew… so. In the end, what did you say?”

But, as if thinking that the story was more important for the time being, Diana took a deep breath to catch her breath and spoke again in a calm tone.

“Ah, yes. Leon guy. The race is said to be a demon.”

“Well? if so… .”

Diana’s gaze naturally turned to Sarah.
Do you remember what I asked a moment ago? Anyway, the hair is good.

“okay. Same race as Sarah. Same hero, same magician. Don’t you think there’s something there? Besides, now that it is thought that the giant manastone that can be seen as the core of the dungeon may be a fragment of a demon, the name of the race is too plausible to ignore. That’s why we were trying to dig up information through the hero.”

“So it’s a duel… . I understand, but at least with this body… no. talk about that later So, to call them together like this means you have found something, right?”

“okay. It’s true… .”

I once again explained what I had heard from Leon and my guesses.
Come to think of it, I think Leon told me never to tell anyone about this, but there is nothing I can do about it.
It’s not like our kids are going to go and talk about it.

“… Hmm.”
“… That’s how it happened.”

I finished the long explanation, but the reaction was surprisingly less intense than I had expected.
In the case of an angel, I thought she would hug Sarah and comfort her.

“But Mr. Salvation. Wouldn’t anything happen to Sarah?”

Rather, he even said those words in the calm voice of an angel.

“Huh? But Leia. As I said before… .”

“Yeah. I’m sure it’s logically possible. But Mr. Salvation. Have you forgotten an important fact?”

“Is it important?”

“Yeah. The conversation I had with the Goddess before. Remember? The Goddess clearly said this. It was this that appointed the warrior as an apostle

has changed
Hey. Does it just happen with something like this?

“Yeah. You should tell the story you heard from the warrior.”

“Well? What did you hear from that warrior? What does that mean?”

“Yeah? Yesterday, Guwon-san had a duel with the hero and talked… .”
“Oh. Leia. awhile.”

“Yeah? Shouldn’t we be talking? Anyway, if you want to talk about what I’m going to say from now on, you have to talk about this too… .”

no. that’s it though
I’d say the situation is a little bad for revealing that now.

“… You. Remember what this body told you not to do?”

look at that

“… Yes. Sure. I didn’t have an accident.”

“Then what is a duel?”

“Yu, a hot conversation between men through the body?”

“Are you kidding me with this body? He said he was punished for the wrongdoing of this body, and he even did such a thing?! A man like you!”

“You mean that?”

“… … no. nothing.”

Diana avoided Leia’s question, but her eyes lit up as she looked at me.
It’s like we’ll see each other the next time we’re alone.

“Whew… so. In the end, what did you say?”

But, as if thinking that the story was more important for the time being, Diana took a deep breath to catch her breath and spoke again in a calm tone.

“Ah, yes. Leon guy. The race is said to be a demon.”

“Well? if so… .”

Diana’s gaze naturally turned to Sarah.
Do you remember what I asked a moment ago? Anyway, the hair is good.

“okay. Same race as Sarah. Same hero, same magician. Don’t you think there’s something there? Besides, now that it is thought that the giant manastone that can be seen as the core of the dungeon may be a fragment of a demon, the name of the race is too plausible to ignore. That’s why we were trying to dig up information through the hero.”

“So it’s a duel… . I understand, but at least with this body… no. talk about that later So, to call them together like this means you have found something, right?”

“okay. It’s true… .”

I once again explained what I had heard from Leon and my guesses.
Come to think of it, I think Leon told me never to tell anyone about this, but there is nothing I can do about it.
It’s not like our kids are going to go and talk about it.

“… Hmm.”
“… That’s how it happened.”

I finished the long explanation, but the reaction was surprisingly less intense than I had expected.
In the case of an angel, I thought she would hug Sarah and comfort her.

“But Mr. Salvation. Wouldn’t anything happen to Sarah?”

Rather, he even said those words in the calm voice of an angel.

“Huh? But Leia. As I said before… .”

“Yeah. I’m sure it’s logically possible. But Mr. Salvation. Have you forgotten an important fact?”

“Is it important?”

“Yeah. The conversation I had with the Goddess before. Remember? The Goddess clearly said this. It was this that appointed the warrior as an apostle

It’s an incredible achievement.”

“that’s… I’m sure I said that, but why… .”

“Think. If something happened to Sara-san’s body as Guwon-san predicted, then the Goddess couldn’t have said it so happily, right?”

“no. But what if that’s what God wants? In order to completely annihilate the demon, if it is necessary for the demon to descend into this world, the person who will become that vessel must also reach the inside of the dungeon with me. So maybe he was happy that the sketch was drawn for that… .”

“Hey! you!”

“Wait. Cardinal Matilda. I’ll talk to you. Salvation.”


“The Goddess is not such a bad person. The condition of the apostle appointment is that the person must love the Seed of Salvation, right? To play with someone else’s happiness, that is, love in such a way, by taking advantage of their feelings of love. God will never be like that.”

“It’s just as Leia says! What do you think of your replacement goddess?!”

Leia said so while giving me a straight look, and Matilda, who was next to me, seemed to be angry at my remarks.
After all, it wasn’t something to say in front of the priests who followed the goddess.

“Ah, sorry about that.”

Although I apologized like that at first, I couldn’t hide my suspicions no matter how much I thought about it.
In the end, the goddess sent me to this world because she had a purpose.
Is it really okay to just keep going through the dungeon without any countermeasures?

“Hmm. I understand what you are trying to say, but this time, this body also agrees with Miss Leia and Miss Matilda.”

Perhaps she noticed that I wasn’t completely convinced yet, so even Diana looked at me and said so.

“Think about it. I don’t think the Goddess who taught us the emotion of love would play with that emotion. The opponent is not a person, but a god.”

Is it like that? Indeed it is Maybe I was taking it too seriously.
It’s nothing else, and the goddess can’t play a prank on the field she is in control of.

“So, I don’t think you need to worry too much about Miss Sara. Wouldn’t being here in the first place mean that Miss Sarah’s ancestors also abandoned the demon? No matter how much you think about it, it would be too much of an overstatement to think that a demonic spirit descended on Miss Sarah’s body. So don’t worry too much about you and Miss Sarah. Rather than that… .”

Diana took turns looking at me and Sarah, reassuring them, then took a breath and continued speaking.

“The fact that the existence of the demon god has been confirmed is a bigger problem. Apparently, the speculation that you came to this world for something related to a demon is correct.”

okay. I had a feeling that I was relatively less concerned about Sarah, but the problem wasn’t all that Sarah might be in danger.

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Are there demons in the dungeon?

“But unless you know exactly what to do with the demon god, you can’t come up with any countermeasures.”

I was looking forward to it, but as expected, it was difficult for Diana to say anything in a situation where she had no clue.

“If I had to guess, it would be the purification of a giant manastone… .”

“Purification of the Giant Manastone?”

“Well. There is one fact that I learned that the existence of a demon has been confirmed. It was a mystery that had been piled up for a while, but the mana in the dungeon was actually different from the mana on the ground.”

“Huh? What does that mean?”

“As you know, there is mana in the atmosphere, in objects, and in everything in this world. Each person has their own wavelength and it is slightly different, but whether we should say that mana is a broad temperament or energy, anyway, the feeling was the same. However, the mana flowing in the dungeon was quite different from that energy. Because of this, the mana in the dungeon cannot be used directly by people in this world. Besides, because of the heterogeneous mana flowing in the air, the longer you stay in the dungeon, the more cramped and tired you become. Didn’t you feel it too? The further down you go, the more fatigue you get, and the recovery of mana is slower than on the ground.”

exactly… . In the game, basically, in the village, the recovery speed of life and mana was fast, so I didn’t think too deeply about it, but I heard it was.
Fatigue was definitely there.
As I leveled up, my stamina grew so much that it would be ridiculous to compare it with the general public, because no matter how much I fight, I feel tired even after just a few days in the dungeon.
Generally speaking, this is not possible.

“And the source of that mana is the huge Mana Stone. Since the existence of a demon has been confirmed, I also learned why the energy of mana is different. The mana on the ground is the mana of the goddess, and the mana in the dungeon is the mana of the devil. So, I guess, if this body purifies the energy of that giant magic stone with the goddess’ mana, maybe… “But did the Goddess just tell you to go downstairs?”

“Huh. I’ve been skeptical before too. I thought it would be better to deal with that huge manastone and go.”

We put our heads together and tried to guess the goddess’s intentions over and over, but in the end there was nothing to point out.
What do you find when you go down the alternate dungeon?

“Hmm… Perhaps, beneath the 6th floor, there is even an even larger manastone that controls that gigantic manastone… . No, after all, this is just a conjecture with no basis at all… . Whoa. Anyway, in the end, it seems that there is no way to confirm except to go beyond the 6th floor. As long as we don’t talk to Goddess once more.”

“I’m sorry. There is still time to use the skill… .”

“no. What’s wrong with Leia? It’s unavoidable.”

In the end, without taking any measures, we had no choice but to aim to go down beyond the 6th floor.
The good news is that, thanks to talking to everyone, we have come to the conclusion that Sarah is unlikely to be in any danger.
Of course, that wasn’t certain yet, but it was true that I felt much more comfortable.
okay. Could it be that the goddess has such a filthy personality?
From the experience I had with him before, he seemed like a very kind person.
Even if it’s not completely clearing the boundaries, let’s believe in Goddess for now.

“Anyway, that’s all for today.”

“Yeah. Don’t worry, Sarah. I’m sure you’ll be fine.”

“Leia… Thank you.”

“Sigh… Suddenly a new hero, besides, a demon. There are so many sudden stories that it’s hard to keep up.”

“Yeah… .”

Even Matilda and Sylvia had complicated expressions on their faces.
Do you have any regrets for getting involved?

“That… So, savior.”


“After all, Sara-sama is a hero… .”

“Ah… I don’t plan on revealing it. Let’s make it a secret known only to us.”

“Is that so… .”

As I said that, Sylvia made a complicated expression on her face.
Is it supposed to be a face that looks like he is enveloped in guilt?

“Huh? Why? Got a problem?”

“That… no. it’s nothing.”

Facial expressions are nothing.


“Yeah… hey hey hey!”

Sylvia, who had a complicated expression on her face, turned red as soon as I hugged her and trembled.
After all, he’s a troublesome kid. I really have to do this to tell you my true feelings.
I put my mouth to Sylvia’s ear and whispered softly as if breathing in.

“Sylvia… .”

“Yes, yes, yes… ?”

“Is it really nothing?”

“I really am! It really is!”

Sylvia closed her eyes tightly and nodded her head vigorously up and down.
strange. It certainly wasn’t an expression of nothing.
But there’s no way Sylvia in this state could lie to me.
Let me ask you one more time just in case.

“If it turns out to be a lie later, I won’t see your face for the rest of my life.”

“Wow… That’s a lie!”

Are you lying?
If it’s a lie you can tell so easily, don’t tell it in the first place.

“what? Say it.”

“That, so… I’m sorry Felicia… .”

“Huh? Why is the princess’s name suddenly appearing here?”

I couldn’t help but be a little perplexed by the answer I had never thought of.

“that… So, because there is only one hero in the world, Felicia is forced to get married, which she does not want to have, and there are situations in which she is forced to have children of people she does not want to have… . If Sarah reveals that she is a hero… .”

Ah… Is the story going to happen again? But I mean… . However, if Sarah reveals that she is a hero, she will be more troubled.
I’m sorry, but if I were to weigh the princess and Sarah, I would have no choice but to lean more towards Sarah.

“She was like that… .”

Sara, who had had a big fight with the princess before, also seems to have felt a little pity for Felicia after hearing Sylvia’s story.
I mumbled that with a complicated expression and fell into my thoughts.

“Salvation. Would you rather just tell me? Anyway, I… Never look like Sauron Auden

Because I am confident that I will not be.”


And in the end, Sarah, who became kind, even said that she felt pity for the princess, but was immediately stopped by Diana.


“Sara. Think about it. The fact that there is only one hero is just an excuse. The purpose of the royal family is to subordinate the blood of the warrior to the royal family. If you reveal that you are a hero, the next thing will be your blood. Besides, Miss Sarah is a better target because she doesn’t have to worry about her child’s appearance.”

“But I… .”

“By the way, there is no prince in the royal family now.”

“Yeah? what is that… .”

“Don’t you know? Of course, the princess and Miss Sarah cannot have children. So, how can the blood be subordinated to the royal family? The answer is simple. If the child’s father and the princess are married, that’s all it takes. In that case, without having to include the blood of the hero in the royal family, under the pretext of being the blood of the same saint, the descendants of the warrior will be able to follow the royal family from generation to generation.”

“I will never tell you.”

Did Felicia and I even dream of getting married? Sara answered immediately as the expression disappeared from her face.

“Ah… I, I, I, even that thought… .”

As the conversation progressed, it was Sylvia who became perplexed.
I read the atmosphere and let Sylvia go, and then Sylvia caught her breath and calmly continued her conversation.

“Haha, ha, I’m sorry… . I didn’t even think about it that far.”

“I know. Perhaps you simply wanted to free your friend from suffering. I understand.”

“But Sylvia. Sorry.”

“Yeah… . I know.”

Sylvia nodded her head as if she knew well that there was nothing she could do.
But he still couldn’t erase his sorry expression.
Since the princess and I have known each other since childhood, it seems that it is inevitable that I feel sorry for this situation where there are ways to help, but I have no choice but to turn away.

Come to think of it, I remembered that I was a princess, but when should I go to the princess and break my bet?
If you were talking about it now… Wouldn’t it just end up being scolded?
In particular, there was a great risk that Diana would finally explode.
After what I did last night, I even knew that I had a duel while I was away.
Besides, if I said that I even made such a bet with the princess… definitely die
This time, it might not be a pat, but a magic attack.
Even Sara next to her might hit her with mana in her fist.
Good. Let’s talk about this after the kids have calmed down a bit.
In the meantime, Leon will not be able to continue having sex, but… I’m sorry. Can not help it.

“Savior. Why are you all of a sudden?”

Recognizing that I was restless inside, Leia tilted her head as she looked at me.
He’s an angel too. you’re looking at me I just wanted you not to notice it now.

“Oh, no. So this is… .”

“It’s okay. Everything will be fine.”

But the angel must have misunderstood.

“Believe in the Goddess, and above all, believe in Mr. Guwon himself. If Gowon believes in herself and moves forward, Goddess will surely light the path for her. And we will always be by your side.”

“Angel… .”

My heart swelled and I hugged Leia tightly and rubbed my face.

“Yes! Whoops.”

Coincidentally, by chance, my mouth rubbed against the angel’s nipples, so there was a bit of a strange sound, but the angel did not care and gently stroked me.
Of course, not everyone who was watching didn’t care.

“This pervert! Are you even doing that in this situation?!”

“You have a heart! Your heart is so good!”

“It’s shameful!”


Sarah. It hurts when you throw a smash on the back with mana like that.
Diana. Are you still jealous of breasts for a kid who can use polymorphs now? Breasts made of polymorph are not real breasts, or something like that.
Matilda. It’s your brain, not me, that’s unscrupulous. What a child who falls in love just by looking at it.
And Sylvia. I like anything with a chest, so don’t beat your chest with such a gloomy expression.

“Oh, no! Not really! Did you guys see it too?! It was a very moving scene right now! There was only a very small amount of unscrupulousness!”

“There was very little Genga!”

“Of course it is! I’m a man too! How can I not feel that way when I am hugged by such a perfect chest! There is no other man like that in the world! Anyone can be hugged by Leia!”

“Wow, that’s perfect… Salvation is also… . Please float too much.”

At my words, the angel blushed and was ashamed.
let’s be pitiful An angel who descended on earth. No, this space where the angel resides is heaven itself.

“What are you shouting proudly, you pervert!”

Of course, it seems that people other than the angel did not understand it at all.
Damn it… . I’m just stating the truth as it is, and being treated like this.
As long as this is the case, I will continue to cling to Leia’s chest even if it comes.

“Aren’t you off?!”

So, what started with a heavy atmosphere, ended with a fairly light atmosphere.
To be honest, there was no such thing as anything special, and there was no guarantee that Sarah would be completely safe, but still, I felt much more at ease when I told everyone this.
Maybe Sarah feels the same way as me.
So, for now, let’s do something stupid like usual and keep a pleasant atmosphere.
Being in a gloomy atmosphere for nothing will only make you feel more depressed.
Aren’t people supposed to always be bright and positive?
Well, at least before we break through the 6th floor, we’ll get some more clues and come up with a countermeasure.
For now, I decided to eat comfortably.

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Are there demons in the dungeon?

So, what shall we do from now on?
Even if Sarah’s body was not in danger, the existence of the Demon God was confirmed.
Besides, the opponent is a god of war.
Only the brave who received that blessing

As you can see, his power must be beyond imagination.
Do you have to deal with a guy like that?
I am confident that I will not lose to anyone as long as my opponent is a living being, but it was hard to think that no matter how saintly skill it was, even the gods would eat it.
In the end, the only countermeasure we can take is to become as strong as possible.

In that sense, I want to go to the dungeon and train right now, but that’s okay.
Equipment was also upgraded and repaired before Diana went to the dungeon, and the time is still right for lunch, so it is a good time to go to the dungeon.

Just one thing. The problem is that Diana has just been to the dungeon.
If I tell Diana herself, she’ll probably say it’s okay, but as a party leader, she couldn’t make it so.
Besides, didn’t Diana say that earlier?
The magic flowing in the dungeon is different from the magic on the ground, so you get tired easily.
You’ll need at least a day off.

I stared at Diana, who was sitting on my thigh.
As soon as I left Leia, Diana, sitting on her thigh, was in the middle of relaxing while drinking hot tea.
It’s because you and I haven’t seen each other in days.
Last night too, I ended up doing a little bit more than usual and passed out. Well, I think the content itself was rich.
Anyway, that’s why Diana is now riding on my thighs and feeling my warmth to the fullest.

“Whoa… Well? You?”

When the hand stroking my hair stopped for a moment to think, Diana looked up at me with a relaxed expression.

“no. nothing.”

I continued to think, stroking Diana’s head again.
I wondered if I should come and finish the meal I had with Rachel during this free time, but seeing this, it might be better to hang out with Diana today.
Come to think of it, Rachel, it seems like she’s always working as a receptionist during the day, but could we have dinner together?
I saw you yesterday and it looks like you are late for work.



While I was thinking about it blankly, Matilda spoke to me.

“that… I have a request.”

“Huh? Ahhh. sorry. a little now… Let’s do it a little later.”

It’s not a terribly embarrassing thing, but it was a bit odd to say something like this while Diana was sitting on her thigh.
I reached behind Matilda’s neck, brought her face close to mine, and whispered softly.

“Ugh… ! Alas… yes… later… hot! Well, that’s not what I’m asking for! Well, I wish I could do that sooner, but… . Oh, it’s not like that now!”

Matilda tried to nod her head at my words with a hazy expression on her face for a moment, but then she came to her senses and cried out.
How did that Matilda get out of her signature pink atmosphere so quickly?
Do you have any important requests other than breaking the curse?

“okay? What?”

“that… I want to go to the temple for a bit.”

I knew it was a really important request, so I asked it without a joke, but the answer I got back was a surprisingly ordinary request.
No, the number of cardinals has already been around for days.

I couldn’t go to the temple, so I thought it was an important request for me.
But why are you asking me like this before Leia?
Matilda seems to have come to the realization that she can never go outside without me.
You almost fell in love with Leon, did you finally have a sense of crisis?

“Well… But the temple… Today it is.”

“If you care about this body, you don’t need to.”

He was going to reject Matilda’s request with Diana as an excuse, but Diana lost the player.


“Well. After all, shouldn’t you also be aware of the denomination’s trends? By now, rumors must have spread within the temple. Why don’t you come and find out what the denomination thinks of what you said before? As long as you spit it out yourself anyway, avoiding it doesn’t mean you can’t avoid it.”

Diana emptied her teacup and said so, then jumped down from my thigh.
I guess I was noticing the reason why I didn’t go to the temple on purpose these days.
Damn it. Are you blocking the escape route in advance? Can’t do anything more than this

So I was almost pushed to the temple with Leia and Matilda.
Oh, and Sylvia as a bonus.

“Wow woo woo… .”

He didn’t tell me to go with him, so he tried to stalk me secretly, so I just grabbed him and brought him along.
We came in our wagon. How the hell were you going to stalk?
Hey, if Sylvia runs at full speed, she can catch up with the wagon, but isn’t she already stalking?

Anyway, the whole time I went to the temple, I felt uncomfortable.
Measures against demons, ensuring Sarah’s safety, betting with the princess, and a promise with Rachel’s sister.
There are still so many things to worry about, but I have to worry about things like this.
Damn it. No matter how much I wanted to get out of the place, I didn’t mean to say that.
As an added bonus, Matilda has to be careful.

“Hey. Don’t fall off, just stick with it.”

“Oh, I know!”

“Anyway, I’m walking on the road, so you don’t look anywhere else, you’re only looking at me. got it?”

“Yeah… I will only look at you.”

When I said while hugging Matilda’s waist, Matilda answered, really staring at my face.
Even though you came in a carriage, the danger does not disappear until you get off the carriage and enter the temple.
I was walking right now with my arms around Matilda’s side and tight.

I’d rather it not be because of a curse, but if he just genuinely liked me… .
Seeing Matilda looking at me with hazy eyes, I had a thought.
In fact, out of all the things I was thinking about right now, there was only one way to completely resolve the suspicions about the demons and Sarah’s safety.
It is to appoint an apostle to Matilda and have her learn the skill of Advent of the Goddess.
If you do that, you can talk to the goddess right away without having to wait for the cooldown of Leia’s Goddess Advent.

But I mean… .
It took too much time to do that.
First of all, our children.
Now I’m in a situation where my kids are incredibly generous.
Although Sylvia and Matilda are said to have no choice but to have regular relationships in the end, they have given permission to have sex with other women if necessary.
And one of the biggest reasons why our children allow us this far is probably the appointment of an apostle.
I think that our children can be generous up to this point because they are the only ones receiving the apostle appointments.
But if I appoint more apostles than this, what will happen to our children? .

I was afraid that Sarah would be in danger, but more than that, I was afraid of our children’s affection growing cold.
Because of that, I deliberately did not say anything even though I noticed the solution.
i noticed Perhaps the other kids are also noticing this solution.
However, the fact that no one has mentioned him must be interpreted to mean that everyone does not want me to appoint other people as apostles anymore.

Moreover, even if our children understand, there is one more problem.
It’s that I don’t know the truth of Matilda.
If Matilda really likes me, then there’s no problem.
But what if you’re just liking me because of a curse?
If the curse has been lifted and the feeling of loving me has completely disappeared, and still subject to me as an apostle, there is nothing more painful than that.
I’ve also thought about listening to Matilda’s sincerity through other people, but even if Matilda says she likes me at that time, I’m not sure if that’s enough to make the Apostle appointment a success.

Anyway, for that reason, I was half giving up on talking to the goddess through Matilda.
There’s plenty of time to go beyond the 6th floor anyway, so before that, I convince myself that Leia’s Goddess Advent cooldown will run out.

“Oh. It’s been a long time.”

While we were thinking like that, we had come all the way to where the high priest was.

“Ah yes. Good morning. script… Sophia.”

“Then I heard it. You said you were going to save all the suffering men in the world? It is indeed an act like a messenger from the Goddess. At first, I felt it was a little underwhelming, but now it’s become so reliable… Whoops. Was it a little disrespectful to the goddess’ messenger?

And as soon as we said hello, a strong hook came in.
To bring up the story from the other side before even bringing it up from this side.
How much are you expecting?
No, the shrine even educates people like that in the first place, so it’s understandable to expect that.
In addition, the rumors were strangely inflated.
what. To save all the suffering men in the world. Aren’t you stupid? There’s no way that’s possible.
It would be impossible for me to go to lectures for the rest of my life.
no. If I had to watch other people’s poop for the rest of my life, I’d choose suicide in the first place.

“Hahaha. no. Could it be? It is all thanks to Sophia’s education that I have grown like this. I’m not doing well these days

I’m sorry. How are you?”

Of course, I did not show such feelings at all and answered with a smile.
In this case, it is best to change the direction of the conversation.

“Yeah. How are you. And I have no regrets. I’m listening to how busy you are. The Vatican also heard news a while ago, and it seems that the men who were cursed by Cardinal Matilda have been liberated once again. Come to think of it, it was said that men’s salvation was delayed in order to take priority over Cardinal Matilda’s curse. If it’s okay with Goo Won, how about proceeding with the liberation of men from time to time? It’s not like you’re hugging Cardinal Matilda every day, is it?”

Wrong. I thought how well I got over it, but the conversation came back to it again.
How much are you expecting?
It was conveyed with great pressure that High Priestess Sophia seemed to be elevated in an unusually high manner, and that she was really looking forward to my performances.

“Hahaha… that, that’s it. So… That’s right! I’m actually thinking about it! I declared that I would save everyone, but my body is one. It would be impossible to save everyone, even if you spend your whole life, if you lead each one in an ordinary way. So now, I’m working hard on how to save everyone. It seems like something comes to mind, but I can’t think of it.”

“Oh. is that so? If that’s the case, I’ll think about it as well. i See… . Ah! How about this? Guwon taught our priests one-on-one first, and then our priests… .”
“Great, High Priest!”

When High Priest Sophia said that, Leia stopped speaking in bewilderment.
Don’t worry, Leia. ’cause I won’t
More so, High Priest Sophia. Until now, I was thinking like my mother-in-law, but to say such a thing in front of Leia. how… .

“Oh. Leia. what? Are you jealous of education? Whoops. How could that Leia be able to express her self-centered emotions in that way?”

“Damn, the High Priest is also true! Not like that!”

When High Priest Sophia spoke like a little teasing, the angel was visibly embarrassed. let’s be pitiful

“Huhu. It’s okay. It’s praising. You’ve grown up, Leia. You need to be more self-centered that way. It’s been so altruistic so far.”

“The ambassador… .”

It was flowing like a good story as if something induced this kind of reaction, but the education to the priests I just talked about was probably sincere. The eyes weren’t joking at all.
But is that so? In High Priesthood, education and sex with love are two different things.
After all, the common sense of this world is strangely at odds with my common sense.
It’s okay because our kids have been with me for a long time, and they’re more accustomed to my common sense.

“I don’t think that’s an opinion either. Even if I educate the priests, it doesn’t seem to have the same effect as educating myself in the end. It seems impossible to save everyone in that way.”

“Oh. is that so.”

that reaction. Also, what I said earlier was true.


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NUMB3RS // Since this world is a monarchy after all, the warrior must follow the king.
Even so, the reason why I dared to put the blood of a warrior into the royal family was to prevent the hero from joining in a possible rebellion, or from transferring the hero to another country.
However, when the princess marries Gu Gu, the warriors and the royal family, who are descendants of Sarah, are both bound by the blood of salvation.
Then, of course, the hero’s family and the royal family will become closer, and the possibility of the hero moving to another country will disappear. The chance of causing a revolt is also greatly reduced.
It was meant to be.
I thought it would be strange for Diana to explain all of this while teaching them one by one, so I shortened the words a bit, but it seems that the message was not delivered well.


Are there demons in the dungeon?

In that way, the immediate crisis was overcome, but literally only the immediate crisis was overcome.
In the long run, I thought it was like putting my feet in a swamp from which I couldn’t get out on my own.
Damn it. It’s everyone’s salvation. Isn’t this what you really need to do?
Like Diana when we first met, will I ever fall asleep somewhere?
No, I know that it’s impossible to hide because you can’t know how the goddess will come out if you ignore the Goddess’ words to attack the dungeon and act like that.
You might really have to think about something.

“But even so, to save everyone… . Sylvia. What do you think? Can you do something good?”

“Ugh… Aww… Alas… wow… .”

I asked Sylvia in her arms, but Sylvia had melted and was only making strange noises.
We were now waiting for Matildana and Leia in this break room.
Matilda went to the chapel as if she had come to the temple to pray in the first place, and Leia also went to pray with Matilda.
Me and Sylvia prayed briefly at first, but they couldn’t really follow the endless prayers of the two priests.
In the first place, I had no religion before coming here, so there was also the point that I was not used to prayer.

That’s why I’m here alone with Sylvia right now… From before, the eyes around me were stinging, not a joke.
Celebrities are hard
In particular, the hot gaze of the men was very painful.
If only those eyes were directed towards Sylvia… no. Come to think of it, though, that would be annoying.
Either way, that look is incredibly burdensome.
Diana, unless she’s wearing a robe, she’s been stared at like this every day.
Respect for Diana rose again.
no. Diana eventually ran away, though.

“Sigh… Sylvia… .”

Anyway, the best way to get out of this burdensome situation is to focus your thinking on something else.
It would be best to get out of this place, but with Leia and Matilda, it’s impossible.
I decided to enjoy Silvia therapy while hugging Sylvia more strongly and rubbing her cheeks against her hair in order to forget the gaze that seemed to prick her skin.

“cadet… ah ah ah ah… .”

Sylvia reached out her hand in the empty air, and made strange noises as her fingers wiggled strangely like a broken machine.
Well. Sylvia is cute today. Just looking at this figure makes me feel healed.
I don’t know how Sylvia herself feels.
no. I’m sure it would be nice. In the first place, Ande stalks me every day that she likes me.

“Hey there!”

But the happy Silvia Therapy didn’t last long either.
Finally, a man didn’t just look at me, he spoke to me directly.


“Are you the savior, the saint of hope?”

“Hee, the saint of hope?”

“You don’t know?! The light of the world and the salt of the world, who will save all the men who are dying from the pressure of their wives like us! Salvation, the Son of Hope, who is hope itself!”

When I was puzzled, the man cried out as he raised a sling to the neck.
It looked like a complete fanaticism.
Moreover, despite the man’s violent reaction, the men around him nodded their heads like crazy, as if in sympathy.
what is this. I’m scared.

“Oh, no.”

“Yeah? Ha, but! If you are a handsome man with black hair and black eyes… .”

“What’s so rare with black hair and black eyes? But thank you for being handsome. You must be much more handsome than me.”

It seems that men do not even know about my appearance in detail, so I roamed around to avoid the crisis.

“That’s right… You’re handsome too, but Saint-sama probably isn’t at that level. Excuse me for this.”

If you are at this level, saint, you bastard. Don’t be ignorant if you don’t know
Of course I couldn’t say that, and I had no choice but to smile and let the man go.

“Savior. Prayer is over. Cardinal Matilda is there… .”

It would have been perfect if Leia hadn’t come at this time.
Of course, it is not absolutely against our angels.

“Hey, it’s also a saint!”
“Wow! You are a saint!”

“Leia! Sylvia! Let’s splash!”


“Huh?! wow… !”

I just put Leia and Sylvia by my sides and escaped to Matilda’s place.
Since Matilda was waiting in the district of Geumnam, fortunately, the saints were no longer chasing after them when they came here.
Why are the boys chasing after me like that? I’ve had a terrible experience.

“What, what are you guys? Why are you in such a hurry… .”

Matilda seemed to be startled by our sudden attack, but I couldn’t afford to worry about it.

“Let’s go to the carriage and talk.”

However, to get to the carriage from here, you must also pass through the area where the cultists are.
I can’t help it, should I disguise myself?
Of course, it’s not just me in disguise.
Because Leia and Sylvia were found out with me too.
Plus, they’re both remarkably pretty, so they’ll get attention right away when they leave.
So I gave each one a robe.

Of course, the other robes other than mine were Diana’s spare robes just in case, so they were a little small.

“Savior. This robe, the chest… .”

Truly an angel. it’s overwhelming
Diana, who had grown up, was also on the verge of bursting, but she was in the lead.


Sylvia, so don’t blow your chest. Because you have your own charm.
He wasn’t influenced by Diana either.
Anyway, Diana. If you get a chest attack, they go looking for Sylvia, so she didn’t become like this

“Then Matilda… .”

“What is it? It’s okay to just cover your face anyway, right?”

Matilda covered her chest as if she was embarrassed while shouting that, but the front that she saw through her hands was well taken care of.
With this, one thing has become clear.
Our party’s breast size is Sylvia < Diana before growing up < Sarah < Matilda < Diana after growing up < Leia.
no. Well, I knew it because I touched it in the first place.

Anyway, although there were a few things happening, we were able to get to the carriage safely with our robes on.
Even though I was in a cold sweat when I almost got caught because of Leia’s chest and tail in the middle.

“Sigh… so. What was it after all?”

As Matilda took off her robe as she rode back home in the wagon, said:

“no. It seems like a bunch of people are following me like some strange rumors.”

“Ah… does that mean From what the Pope said, it seems that this is not the case in this city.”

“What, what? What are you talking about?”

“It seems that rumors have spread even in the capital where the papal palace is located. Rumor has it that you will save all the men in the world. Inquiries about when we will be able to be saved have been constantly pouring in, so everyone seems to be in a lot of trouble.”

“Is it true… .”

So, was High Priest Sophia being that active?

“Yeah. Even the Pope asked me to ask when salvation would be possible.”

Really, the escape route is completely blocked.
I thought I had put my feet in a swamp that I couldn’t get out of through conversation with Sophia, but it seems that I was already in a swamp to my waist.

“What if? I had no intention of doing anything like salvation.”

“So you should have been careful. I also told the Pope that I was prioritizing the removal of my curse, but I wonder how long such excuses will be effective… .”

Oh, did Matilda even give an excuse?
If you look at him, he must be in the same position as the church.

“Really what? It’s absolutely impossible to do something like education while watching them one by one. I’d rather die than do something like that.”

“Oh no, Guwon-san!”

The angel was startled by my murmuring, and he embraced me as if not to do it and shook his head.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. It’s just that.”

“It’s not just a word to say something like that! I will think about how to do it together.”

went mad
but after that

Also, Leia, who gave me deep reading, was also an angel.

“sorry. sorry. But salvation… . Indeed, as High Priest Sophia said… Shall we leave it as a last resort?”

I could see Leia’s expression blurring as she was hugging me, so I had to change my words right away.
At first, I was skeptical about whether the education would be appropriate.
is that it? To educate the priests means to hold them and teach them, right?
Besides, the priests don’t want to show their actions to others, so they hug each and every one of them.
It was difficult to even give lectures while having sex, and it was questionable whether the priests could learn it properly.
Are you going to hug me? You can’t learn while staying sane.
Even in charge of education, low-level priests are in charge of preventing double-dealing.
Even if I reduced the level in a weak position, the skill level was low, so I could not reduce the level enough to withstand such low-level priests.
I mean, there is nothing to write about. weak posture. Once I learned, I learned.
All of my kids are very attractive, so even if there is a little level difference with me, I get through it easily.
But then the rest is… .

“I just gather them in a place like an auditorium and have sex as a group while giving lectures… .”
“I will never forgive such a shameless act! You are the messenger of the Goddess! It’s a group orgy of the goddess’s messenger! Do you think it makes sense?!”

“no. That, I’m sorry.”

Matilda seemed really upset, so I had no choice but to apologize immediately.
The image of an easy-going woman is strong, but after all, the cardinal is a cardinal. When I get angry over a Goddess-related thing, it’s pretty scary.
Originally, I could not have imagined that he was a paladin, but when I saw him, I finally realized a little bit.

“Savior. Don’t be in a hurry and think slowly. There must be some solution.”

Thanks to the angel who hugged me and comforted me, I calmed down a little.
Thanks to the terrible experience of being chased by fanatics with cocks, I guess I was a little impatient without realizing it.

“Huh. okay. Well, if it doesn’t work out, I’ll write a textbook for proper sexual behavior.

… uh? It was a word I spit out without much thought, but after thinking about it, isn’t this really good?
Apart from how to explain the sex technique in writing and turn it into a textbook.
Unless the writing has perfect communication power, it will not function properly as a textbook.
no. Wait a minute. If I could show it with a video rather than text… !
Ideas flashed in my head like lightning.

I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m sure there will be a technology that can record and play back video even in this world.
I don’t know if this world is thanks to strangers or magic, but it’s because the technology is strangely advanced for the Middle Ages.
Of course, that didn’t convince me that there would be video technology, but there was another reason to speculate that there would be video technology.
It was the crystal ball that had a video call with a person far away from the teleport magic circle.
It makes no sense to say that there is such a technology, but there is no simpler recording technology than that.

okay! You must have video recording skills!
If you use that technology to take a picture of me having sex, and make you learn through it… !
I was uplifted by my own genius idea.
Good! As soon as I get home… ! … Ah.

But for a while. I realized there was a major flaw in this plan.
Damn it! There is no actress to take pictures with!
our kids?
Even if I don’t know, show the naked body of our children to people all over the world! You can’t even die like that!

As much as I was excited, I was also very discouraged, and today I decided to stop thinking about him any more.

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Are there demons in the dungeon?

“Why are you like this, Mr. Guwon?”

“Yes? what?”

“radish… What is it not?”

Leia said that with a slightly shriveled expression on purpose.
But then, with a gentle smile, he reached out and grabbed my object, gently shaking it up and down.
this. While Leia was concentrating, I just had another thought for a moment, but it seems that Leia has finished concentrating.

Returning from the temple, the time is already night.
I and Leia were alone in the room, overlapping flesh.
Today, as before, he was receiving services from Leia under the pretext of controlling the power of the nine tailed fox.
And I had ejaculated on Leia’s skin once before, and Leia had closed her eyes for a moment to focus on the semen being absorbed.
I’ve been thinking about something else for a while.

“Are you still thinking about what happened during the day and how to do it?”

“no. It’s not what Leia thinks.”

Obviously, he had thoughts related to it, but it was probably a little different from what Leia was guessing.
Ever since I started thinking about video during the day, I’ve been stuck there.
If only a few conditions were cleared, it could not be a really perfect plan.
The most important thing is who you will be filming with.

I thought about doing it with a doll rather than a real person at all, but that didn’t seem to be the case in many ways.
Isn’t the biggest feature of the video vivid?
Even if it is a doll, the technology that can perfectly reproduce the characteristics of a woman’s body is… Well, in this world, it seems like there is, but for now, I don’t know.
And even if it was resolved, it seemed that the delivery power of the doll would also decrease.
Wouldn’t it be more effective if I explained it with a woman’s body and showed the woman’s feelings vividly? If you’re going to do it, you should do it right.
Above all else, it’s so miserable to groping, hugging, and waving your back with a doll. Even if it’s an educational video.

That said, I don’t want to show my kids naked.
no. rather than once

Our kids will refuse. No matter how good our kids are.
First of all, Leiana Matilda is not even considered for her position as a priest, and Sylvia is too inappropriate to appear in educational videos because she vibrates when I hug her.
That said, there’s no way Sarah, who hates men other than me, would want to appear in a video for other guys to watch.
Even the last remaining Diana has the pride of being the supreme archmage, and there’s no way she’ll try to film that. Besides, what will happen if you appear in such a video on the wall of exhibitionism? .
no. If Diana appeared in such a video in the first place, I might be beaten to death by the Sisters of the Wizard Association.
That’s why I haven’t even talked about the video to my kids yet.

“If there is no way… If you are really thinking of educating priests… .”

“Oh, no! Leia, do you think I’m the type of person who thinks like that while I’m with Leia?”

Since Leia’s hand holding my item was a little too tight, I made an excuse in a hurry.
Of course, my stuff with the iron penis activated is just added stimulation, but it’s scary if the angel gets angry on rare occasions.

“Oh, no, it’s not like that. I’m sorry.”

“no. what do you have to be sorry for I’d be very upset if I thought Leia was doing something like education. Do not worry about it. Rather… .”

“Yes… . Whoops. Yeah.”

I gently rubbed Leia’s chest, and Leia slowly lowered her torso and wrapped my stuff around her chest.
But even in that state, I did not take my hands off Leia’s chest.
Rather, even Leia’s other hand reached out to Leia’s chest, rubbing her chest with both hands, and pressing my own things.

“So, how are you? Do you feel like you’ve made some progress today?”

“Yes… . ha ha Ahh… If you pinch it… . uh… Huh… That’s right. any… .”

“uh? really?”

To be honest, I didn’t expect much, so Leia’s answer was a little surprising.

“Yes… Yes. It’s very slow to absorb into the skin, huh… uh… Maybe it’s my mood, but… Huh… I think I could have slowed it down a bit… ha ha.”

“Then we should test it properly with a large amount of absorption.”

I put my hand in Leia’s armpit and made her sit upright on my thigh.
Of course, I don’t mean to insert it.
No matter how much you try in a state where the amount of absorption is high, sudden insertion in skin absorption skips the progress too much.
I want to ask him to suck it with his mouth, but that’s why the actions I did last night take a hit.
Well, I don’t hate kissing Leia either.
no. Because it’s rather good.
I hugged Leia’s huge breasts so tightly that they pressed against my chest, and kissed them as they were.

“Hah… ha ha ha ha ha ha ha… uh… I wonder… Hmm… side.”

Then Leia also covered my face with both hands and wrapped her tongue around my tongue.
The feeling of being completely different from the ordinary human race is that the thin, smooth tongue unique to the beast race wraps around my tongue as if it were completely warm and moves it

I was amazed every time I tasted it.
Especially since the opponent is our angel.
But this kiss wasn’t just for enjoyment, so we couldn’t just enjoy it.
As I kissed Leia, I paid attention to her health gauge.
Well… I don’t think it’s much different from usual.

“Ugh. side… Hmm… uh… whoops… .”

Regardless of what I thought, Leia looked like she was preoccupied with kissing me.
maybe this
I put my head back and stopped kissing Leia for a while.

“Yes… Sigh… Salvation?”

Then Leia tilted her head and looked at me with a slightly hazy expression.

“Leia. Have you tried concentrating on absorbing the essence while kissing?”

“Ah… .”

At my question, Leia averted her gaze and blushed bright red.
let’s be pitiful
Perhaps it was quite embarrassing that he had forgotten his purpose and fell in love with only kissing, or the ears that were protruding above Leia’s head drooped down, and the tail on the back of her back was restless and swayed to and fro.

“OK. Let’s do it right this time.”

I put my hand on Leia’s head like that and gently stroked her hair as if to exhort her.
Normally, to stroke my hair, I had to put my hand between my ears and move my hand slightly, but this time, thanks to my ears drooping, I was able to stroke them wide left and right.
That being said, Leia’s ears are also quite nice to touch.
Unlike the human ear, it is so thin that it bends as easily as paper with a slight touch.
I’ll have to play with it properly later.

“Um… Salvation… Hmm… side.”

Anyway, kissing comes first.
I kissed Leia again, paying attention to the health gauge.
But this time, there was no significant change.
Still, his vitality continued to decrease at a constant rate as usual.
This time, Leia also seems to be concentrating.
Was it just a feeling?
Well, it can’t be that easy… no. awhile!
When I gave up and tried to speak, a change appeared in the diminishing health gauge.
There was still no change in the decrease, but the pace started to slow down little by little.
After that, the rate of decrease to a certain level slowed down, and after that, the rate of vitality continued to decrease at that rate without changing the rate.

“Leia! Success!”

“Uh… Sigh… Yes Yes?!”

“The speed at which life is given has been reduced!”

“Ah! That, then… .”

“okay. If you keep practicing like this, one day you will be able to fully control it. then… .”

“Ah… yes… .”

Leia smiled as if she was really happy as she covered her lower abdomen with one hand.
Just being able to make Leia smile like that made me happy too.

“then… Can you practice with kissing now?”

… … Huh? that, that… .

“… uh, uh… .”

I couldn’t lie to my angel, so I had no choice but to nod my head.
Damn it. I think so.
no. It’s not that I hate kissing Leia. Of course not. rather good It’s good, but… .


Leia started to laugh while looking at me, wondering if she was happy that they could still be kissing.
okay. Our angels love you so much.
Sometimes, it would be nice to have a time like this without giving in to desire.
… Well, not every now and then, but it might end up just kissing you until Leia is completely in control. I can’t help it.
As I tried to kiss Leia again, Leia raised her hand and gently covered my mouth.

“Huh? Leia?”

Then he slowly began to shake his back back and forth.
In the posture of hugging her tightly, Leia was sitting on top of my things.
In that state, when I shook my back and forth, of course, Leia’s vagina rubbed against my stuff, giving me a pleasant feeling.
The gooey sound that reverberates as the pubic area and the rod of my object rub against each other adds to the excitement.
By the way, Leia is also wet.
Well, it’s only natural that you touched your breasts like that earlier

“It was a joke. Gukwon-san’s here… Yes… It’s like this… Don’t you just hate kissing?”

“Oh, no. That’s… .”

“Savior. It’s okay to be honest.”

“no. It’s not that I really hate kissing. but. That… .”

“Huh… Whoops. I know.”

Leia said that, then dug through my crotch again as before, and wrapped my things with her chest.
Since you can practice even with skin absorption, is it your intention to practice until you can completely block skin absorption?

“If you practice with a kiss… Is this the same too? side.”

Leia blushed in embarrassment as she said that, and smiled slightly.
Perhaps it was because of his bright red face, his smile looked a little more sexy than his usual innocent and pitiful feeling.
And Leia kept her head down and kissed the tip of my thing.
this, this! Is that so!
Apparently, I was slightly underestimating Leia’s angelic qualities.
For Leia, she probably wanted to kiss her more than anything like this. To what extent are you an angel?

“Oh. Huh. How are you? Are you happy?”

wow. It feels so good to talk with that mouth.
Besides, looking up and smiling a little.
You know very well how to win a man’s heart.
In addition, whether he was paying attention even in the midst of this, the rate at which his vitality was decreasing was quite slow compared to when he usually gave it with his mouth.

Instead of answering, I grabbed Leia’s chest.
Because I can’t be the only one who feels good.

“Ugh! Whoops… uh… I want to know.”

Maybe Leia knew I was feeling good enough, and she started shaking her head up and down as she licked the tip of my stuff with her tongue.
Then, from the root to the middle, it was tightly wrapped around the huge breast and pressed firmly.
In the fantastic collaboration of chest and mouth, I could not hold on for long and a signal came slowly.
It’s more practice if you absorb it through semen anyway, so it doesn’t matter, right?


“on. Butt… uhm. e. oh… Hmmm! uh… .”

Leia didn’t take her mouth off of my stuff. No, rather more lips

It was tightly closed so that not a single drop of semen could leak out.
Then he swallowed the whole thing with a gulp and choke in his throat.

“Haha… Feeling… Did you like it?”

“Huh! That’s why, Leia!”

“Yes, four?!”

Perhaps Leia was startled by my momentum, and when she was startled, her eyes widened. let’s be cute

“If it’s this much, wouldn’t it be possible to not become a nine-tailed fox even when inserted?

“… Whoops. Isn’t that just what Guwon wants to do?”

“Yeah! Actually, I just want to do it!”

It’s only natural that our angels do this for us, so we want to insert them too!

“Goo, Guwon is so… good.”

Leia gave up on me even though she was shedding her eyes.
I love you angel!

“Then right away!”

“Oh, go-goo. Even if you’re not in such a hurry… Whoa!”

And at the same time as the insertion, Leia’s eyes lit up and her tail began to stretch.
Ah, was it still unreasonable to suppress the transformation?
Still, what can I do!

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Are there demons in the dungeon?

I woke up early today, embraced Leia in my arms and enjoyed the warm touch.
I mean, all of our kids have a taste for hugging each other.
Besides, even the whole feeling was wonderful in a different way.
In the case of Leia, it was infinitely soft and cozy, and when I hugged her like this, I felt a sense of calm.
In addition, this tender touch that gently presses on the chest gives a person an infinite sense of happiness.
Happy. Last night was great too.
Well, the training to handle the power of the nine tailed fox became fuzzy because I noticed too much on the way, but training is all about slowing down anyway.
And Leia must have been in a good mood as well.
You turned your back like that in a nine tailed fox state There’s no way I didn’t feel good.

“Uh… .”

As she was spending her time peacefully while wiping Leia’s long blonde hair, Leia immediately opened her eyes.

“… … Alas… .”

“Good morning?”

“Yes, yes… Good morning?”

Huh? Is there something wrong with the reaction?

“Leia? What is it?”

“Yeah? Ah, nothing… No, that’s… .”

Leia tried to falter, but then changed her mind to see if she had changed her mind again.
However, as if it was difficult to get the words out, he hesitated and did not open his mouth properly.

“Lee, Leia? Maybe I didn’t feel well last night… .”

“Yeah? Oh no! It’s not like that! It felt good! very… ! I really… Don’t make me say weird things. Salvation is also… .”

Leia blushed as she said that, then swung her tail up and down and gently slapped my thighs.
let’s be pitiful Well, that’s always the case though.
Anyway, I’m glad I was dazed to know that maybe I was the only one excited.
But what if it isn’t?
Apparently, we had sex with each other yesterday and fell asleep.
There must be no reason for Leia, who just woke up, to show such an attitude, right?

“that… Salvation Mr. Actually, to Mr. Salvation

I have something to say.”

“Huh? what to say? What do you mean?”

“that… Actually, after hearing Goo Won-ssi’s story yesterday, there is one thing that I can guess.”

“Are you talking about yesterday?”

“I heard from that warrior. It is said that demons ruled the world in the past.”

And the story Leia brought out was beyond my expectations.
Did Leia guess anything about that story?

“But that… Salvation Mr. I know it’s rude to ask such a favor before we even talk. But can you promise me? Even if you listen to me, please don’t hate me.”

Leia looked at me with a very frightened expression, as if she was afraid of being hated by me more than anything else in the world.

“do not worry. I don’t know what you’re talking about, but there will never be anything that makes me hate Leia.”

I gently stroked Leia’s cheek like that, loosening her face, and answered with sincerity.
Although I’m a bit fickle, I was confident that at least this heart would never change.
So is he. How can you hate our angel?

“… That’s it. Actually, when I’m in the state of a nine-tailed fox, absorbing the essence is not to satisfy my sexual desire. Rather the opposite. It’s a feeling that your sex drive is getting stronger as your body prepares to be in a good state for absorbing the essence.”

Well, I guess that’s it.
Thinking back to when I first turned into a nine-tailed fox, Leia was not just rushing to have sex, but was trying to absorb my energy.
Just a kiss or a fella.
If it was just an increase in sexual desire, I would have inserted it and watched it.

“And the reason for absorbing the spirit in the state of the nine tailed fox… It’s just to kill the opponent.”


“Please. Salvation Mr. please don’t hate me I, I… .”

“Come on, wait. There’s no way I’ll ever hate Leia. OK. It’s never going to happen. So please calm down and explain.”

At Leia’s frightened attitude, I hurriedly reassured Leia.

“that… So… In the past, thanks to Mr. Goo Won’s extensive reading, I had deliberately forgot about it… I was reminded of yesterday’s talk and last night’s deed. These days, I don’t feel that way at all… .”

Huh? Have I read everything before? when?
… Ah. Then it seems that there was One day, Leia suddenly turned pale after sex and told me it was okay.
Looking back, it was definitely… Was it when Leia’s memory remained for the first time even after turning into a nine-tailed fox?
So, that’s when Leia turned into a nine-tailed fox and realized that she had intentions of killing herself, so she died.
I didn’t know that, and because I read it hard, Leia was able to overcome it.

“awhile. So, regular absorption is not essential for a nine-tailed fox to survive… .”

“no. First of all, I think I need regular absorption to live. But you don’t need to absorb so much of the Spirit to simply live. The reason I absorbed the Spirit so much was to kill the opponent. It is not that I was satisfied with absorbing enough spirit when my nine-tailed state is released, but it is simply that I exceed the allowable absorption limit and cannot absorb it anymore and my nine-tailed state is released.

Hearing that, something was terrifying. You said you were absorbing the spirit to kill from the start.
no. Well, I’m never going to die, so it doesn’t matter.
okay. there’s nothing to be afraid of If it seems like I’m scared for nothing, only Leia will feel uncomfortable.
Rather, I decided to act as if nothing happened.

“It doesn’t really matter, because I will never die anyway. And even more so because Leia will only be dealing with me.”

“… Salvation… Thank you very much.”

As if Leia knew why I said that, she embraced me with a face full of emotion.

“What is this?”

“I truly love you… . So that’s why I brought this up. I think that my race, the nine-tailed fox, is also a race from that era of demons. I was wondering if that might be a clue to something like this… .”

Oh, yes. is that the way things are going?
He said that the era when the god of war ruled was definitely the era of leveling up by fighting.
In other words, just like in a normal game, you have to kill your opponent to gain experience and level up.
If that is the case, it is understandable that you want to kill your opponent when you turn into a nine-tailed fox.
In other words, does it mean that Leia is also a race from the war god era?
The ethnic nature of the nine-tailed fox fits so well with the world of Goddess, so I couldn’t think of that at all.
It’s a race about sex. How could you possibly think of something to do with the war god?

Uh, wait. That way, another question is solved.
Even though Leia was a virgin, that’s why she had a fairly high level from the first time I met her.
What if Sarah gains a lot of experience from battles, not a hero’s characteristic, but a racial characteristic?
That’s probably thanks to the ‘Blood of the Hero’ skill, but if the race itself in the War God era still raises its level a lot through battles.
If so, that explains why Leia was at that level from the beginning.
People who said they died trying to have sex before they met me. By killing those people, the level went up.
Obviously the ambassador was dead.
Then it is understandable that the level has risen so much at once.
I think it would be better not to talk about this to Leia.

Of course, there is absolutely no way to be sure that Leia will level up through battle with just one shot.
But I had another suspicion.
Suspicion that Leia wasn’t the only one who leveled up through battle.
Because Leia was the first among our kids to reach level 100.
I was a little puzzled back then, but I convinced myself that it was because I had sex a lot every time I had sex, but looking back now, it seems that wasn’t the case.
Leia was not usually directly involved in combat, but she was directly involved in combat only once.
Just when Sylvia was seriously injured in the anthill.
At that time, it was a situation where there was no rearguard or anything, so Leia also took the approach

He would have been directly involved in the battle while striking it.
If so, everything is well explained.
After all, Leia will also level up through battle.

Anyway, if you think about it that way, it becomes a story that there are two races of the War God era by my side.
The demon Sara and the nine tail fox Leia.
awhile. Come to think of it, the goddess must have been… .

“Leia. You said you don’t want to kill me these days.”

“Yeah. Really. Please believe me.”

“then. Believe it. So I mean. Did that feeling slowly disappear? Or did it suddenly disappear all of a sudden? If it’s the latter, can you tell when it happened?

“Yeah? So that’s… Obviously, after receiving the apostleship… .”

I knew it. It was only after he was appointed as an apostle when he completely kept his reason in the state of the nine tailed fox.
And the goddess certainly praised the hero and the nine tail foxes, namely Sarah and Leia, for appointing them as apostles. Diana said bluntly.
no. To be precise, I was praising what I did with Diana, but that was praising her for gaining infinite life.
From then on, I thought it was a bit strange to mention Sarah and Leia separately and praise the apostles, but now the reason is clear.
They both praised them because they were from the war god era.

After thinking that far, another hypothesis popped into my head.
It’s a common thing.
It is said that when representatives of all races gather together and pray, God will descend on the earth.
So, maybe my role is to find and gather the races of the War God era and take them to the deepest part of the dungeon, isn’t it?
There is even a possibility that the appointment of an apostle is an act of branding as a representative of the tribe or something like that.
By doing so, the demon wakes up, and I finish the demon.

Damn it. So it doesn’t mean that the situation could be worse than I expected yesterday.
Having to deal with the Demon God has not changed at all, and there is a possibility that not only Sarah but also Leia will be in danger.
Usually, if the scenario goes like this, the representatives of each race who awakened the demons are ruled by the demons and become hostile to us, or the demons lose their vitality as they are, it’s like a cliché.
damn it. Can I really believe in Goddess?

“Mr. Salvation?”

However, the angel in front of you will surely trust the goddess unconditionally.
If this happens, I have no choice but to keep my mind straight.
No matter what happens, I will stop putting Sarah and Leia in danger.

“Leia. do not worry. I will protect you no matter what.”

“Oh, thank you. Are you more forgiving than that? I’ve been hiding such important things until now… .”

“What can I do other than forgive? After all, Leia didn’t know at all that this story was related to the war god, didn’t she? Besides, I’m never going to die of sex anyway, so I didn’t need to say more. I don’t care at all.”

“Savior… Thank you very much. What a blessing it is to me to have met Mr. . It must be the guidance of the Goddess.”

“Huh. I also think that meeting Leia is a great blessing. I love you.”

Although it’s a problem because I’m starting to think that it might really be the guidance of the goddess.
no. Considering the goddess’s remarks back then, I think it was a coincidence that I met our children.
Now that the situation became like this, even the attitude of the goddess at that time was starting to become a little suspicious.
What if all those words and actions at that time were acting?
okay. Come to think of it, she looked too young for a goddess.
On the topic of Goddess, I get bored because I didn’t read the contract that came out when the game was installed or what.
Actually, there was no contract or something when installing the game, right?
To appoint an apostle, you must love.
And if you have to wake up the person you love as a sacrifice, there is no way you will come to this world unless you are a madman.

“Savior… . I love you too. uh… . side.”

Of course, I gently greeted Leia’s tongue as it entered her mouth, making sure that her complicated feelings were not revealed at all.

“Oh? It moved.”

hey don’t move
No matter how complicated your brain is, when you hug and kiss an angel naked like this, your lower body will react naturally.
Isn’t this weird for me? Is it normal for a man?

“That… If you can’t stand it, how about one more time before going to dinner?”

After that, there is no need to explain.
okay! did! I gave myself to desire while I was thinking seriously!
That’s how angels entice you! How do you reject it!
It’s all wrong that our angel requested too much!

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Ainlai // Huh… . Hope you have a good trip without getting hurt.


4 layers

After breakfast, I came to the guild to go to the dungeon today.
No matter how things go, you need strength first to respond.
And once I got to the 6th floor, I was sure that nothing would happen.
Seeing the Goddess praising her for gaining eternal life, I don’t think there’s any particular time limit.
First of all, let’s go through the dungeon until Leia’s skill cooldown comes back and increase your own strength.
I decided to do that.

Oh, by the way, I didn’t really tell the other kids about my suspicions.
From the last reaction, everyone seemed to believe in the Goddess and had no doubts.
Even Diana was like that, because I thought I didn’t need to say anything until I got some more clues.
In the first place, the fact that the Goddess might hit the back of the head is to the extent that you have to think about the possibility that it will happen, and I am also in a situation where I have only a heart attack without any evidence.

After reporting the party number as usual, we went straight into the dungeon.
I think Rachel older sister looked at me with anticipation for some reason, maybe it’s my mood?

“Are you here again?!”

And as soon as he entered the 3rd floor using the teleport magic circle, Matilda cried a little and said,
Well, I don’t know what that feels like.
Besides, Matilda isn’t used to dungeons.
After hearing Diana’s explanation that the dungeon and the energy of mana on the ground were different, I understood more about Matilda’s appearance.
But if it’s that hard, I guess I’ll just have to stop following her and rest in the mansion.
Maybe he didn’t like it, so every time he went to the dungeon, he followed him.

“I can’t help it. Because I haven’t registered the teleport point on the 4th floor on the adventurer card yet. Come on, let’s go. This time, the purpose is to hunt the 4th floor, so I will go faster than before.”

“Wow… .”

Matilda’s back was pushed against me, and she eventually walked limp like a cow being led to the slaughterhouse.

In any case, after several days of exploring, we arrived back at the room where the owner was on the 3rd floor.
Whether the timing was barely right, or the other adventurers party took care of it as soon as it was regenerated, there were no monsters in sight.
I thought it was time to slowly regenerate.
Well, even if it’s regenerated, it’s okay if you catch it again. Not a very difficult opponent.

“Uh, I can’t see it, a giant magic stone.

“Well? did you not know Dungeons have a tendency to keep their terrain intact. That’s why, once a map is created, it’s still useful. The giant manastone was also buried in the glacier according to the same principle.”

indeed. After all, it seems that the giant manastone is affecting the entire hierarchy.
How does terrain maintenance work with magic?

“Rather than… Now, that’s the passageway to the fourth floor.”

The place Diana was pointing to was the place where the original owner of the class had been.
Underneath the tree branches, probably the bed of the owner of the class, there was a passage opening downward as usual.

“… It’s clogged with water.”

And after walking along the passage for some time, I came to a place where the passage was blocked by water.
Do I have to dive in and get out of here?

“Well. Isn’t it natural? The 4th floor is all water. There must be a small bag of things Vanessa brought with you. Let me take it out.”

Turns out, I got that too.
As Diana instructed, I took out the bag I had left in my inventory and looked at its contents.

“what is this.”

“It’s the first thing I see. Where are you going to use it?”

Sara also glanced into the bag slightly, and tilted her head as if puzzled.
Well, I didn’t ask because I didn’t really know like Sarah.
When I said what, I didn’t mean because I didn’t really know where to write it, I meant to mean that I was really writing something like this.
Because inside the bag was something that looked like a gas mask that you only saw in the military.
The only difference was that there was no purification tank, that a magic stone was embedded in the middle of the forehead, and that the color was transparent.
Having said this, it might be more accurate to say that it is just a transparent mask rather than a gas mask.
After all, the military leaves people behind.
Anyway, I showed you what it looked like when you were in the water. Then you can roughly guess what it’s used for, right?

“I can breathe underwater

A magic tool that makes it happen. It’s possible that this body could do it for you with magic, but you never know what’s going to happen inside the dungeon. If possible, use tools. Although there is a downside to having to change the mana stones at regular intervals, if you are in a dungeon, that drawback is not a big problem.”

“Wait a minute. Diana.”

“Well? Something?”

“So, the fact that the 4th floor is water doesn’t mean it’s just covered with water, but it’s really underwater?

“It’s as you say. I think this body said that from the beginning.”

is it real Am I the only one who was mistaken?

“Anyway, let’s all wear this magic ball. Oh, by the way, it is difficult to talk to each other on the 4th floor due to its characteristics. Everyone, please be very careful.”

Hearing Diana’s explanation, each of us wore the magic ball.
It didn’t feel like it was tightening the face like the gas mask I used in the military, and when I put it on, it wasn’t too bad.
And most importantly, the transparent material does not hide the beauty of our children.
At first glance, it looked like a bare face and only jewels embedded in his forehead.
Also a fantasy world. I mean, technology is no joke.

“Is it possible to breathe underwater with this? Shall we go then?”


So everyone put on the magic ball, and we went into the water.
As I swam through the aisle, I was suddenly out into an open space.
How would you describe this scene?
It’s like scuba diving into the deep sea.
Everywhere I looked, front, back, left, right, up and down, it was endlessly filled with water.
However, like the other layers, this layer also had a light coming in from somewhere, so the surroundings were bright.
Well, anyway, the visibility wasn’t that good because I was lying in the water.

As I was looking around, someone tapped my shoulder.
I turned around and saw Sarah pouting and pointing her finger at something.
There were several shark-like monsters approaching this way quickly.

As soon as you get to the 4th floor, is this right?
Well, whatever it is, if our party’s skills are at the 4th floor, we won’t struggle against normal monsters.
I swam straight towards the shark without any tension.

And in the meantime, Sara fired arrows at the guys.
Because it was in the water, Sarah’s arrow, which was made of air waves, was more clearly visible. Is it because of my mood that it strangely seems less powerful than usual?
And, not surprisingly, the arrows made of air waves did not do much damage to the sharks.
no. To be precise, it did damage, but it was not at a satisfactory level.
Because it ended up scratching the shark’s skin.
Of course, Sarah didn’t put mana on the arrow, but it was just an ordinary attack, but this result was a bit shocking.
It’s Sara, who mercilessly slaughtered monsters on the 3rd floor with just plain hits.
Still, as we descended to the 4th floor, the monsters’ defense got stronger, but it seems that such a result was obtained by overlapping the fact that they were in water with strong resistance.

And the sharks that were attacked moved the target directly to Sarah, who was close to me.
this! if it goes like this!
I immediately tried to use the saint’s power and stretch out my limbs to touch the sharks passing by, but even that was not easy.
No matter how high the specifications are, this is in the water.
It was impossible to move freely as if moving on the ground.
One managed to manage to touch it, but that was all.
The rest of them slid past me and headed straight for Sarah.

buy it!
I shouted an inaudible cry and tried to follow them right away, but even that was not easy.
First of all, it was impossible to swim faster than the fish in the water, and the only shark that touched me persistently bothered me.
I quickly punched him to clean it up, but even that didn’t do much damage.
Of course, the low level of my martial arts doesn’t have an effect, but above all else, I’m not putting my feet on the ground, so I’m not getting enough power.

Damn it. There is nothing more can be done than this!
Now is not the time to think about our children getting involved or anything like that.
When I tried to use the Sanctuary Proclamation to feed on the rest of the gnomes’ aggro, all of a sudden there was a violent, round air around where they were.
It was Diana’s magic.
They were suddenly thrown into the air and fell down under the force of gravity, thanks to which they were able to delay their attack on Sarah once.

‘What are you doing! Focus!’

Perhaps it was magic, Diana’s cry came vividly in her mind.
is it. Is it possible to use wind magic in that way?
If I wanted to, I could have done that using the Spirit of Wind.
If I did that, I would have been able to turn off the aggro of all the monsters properly, and there was no way I would have had this trouble from the beginning.
It was too easy.

I felt guilty, but now was not the time.
The first priority is to deal with the enemies in front of you.
I activated it after calming my mind and properly adjusting the area of ​​the declaration of sanctuary so that only the sharks were within range.
Then the sharks flocked around me, but this time, I didn’t struggle because I couldn’t control myself properly like I did before.
As Diana just demonstrated, using the wind element to create air in their path.
I thought for a moment about wrapping everything around me with air, but like the sharks I’ve seen before, I just fall to the bottom and submerge again.
So, it was best to block their progress like this.

However, after interfering with their path a few times, they began to jump over the air-filled space as if they were jumping as if they were getting used to it.
Well, I’m still not used to dealing with wind spirits.
Plus, there’s the mana issue.
I think it deserves praise for just blocking the shark’s path in such an appropriate way.
Besides, the guys who jumped over the air space as if jumping like that and approached me had slowed down considerably, so they managed to dodge the attack even in the water that was difficult to control, so there was no problem.

Of course, in this state, I couldn’t even attack, but it wasn’t that important.
Because my role at parties these days is a tank.
Even if you only drag it with aggro like this, the rest will take care of it.

As if living up to my expectations, the arrows of Gipa, which were full of mana, flew and pierced the shark’s body.
And in the meantime, as if Diana had completed a great magic, the tides around the sharks changed rapidly.
The rapid, swirling stream of water ripped apart the bodies of the sharks within it.

is it finally over
How long has it been since you suffered so much against normal monsters?
It was a fight as if the dungeon had warned us not to underestimate us, who came in confidently by easily handling the owner of the third floor.

And as soon as the fight was over, Diana clapped her hands as if to gather.
As Sarah and I approached, Diana created a large airflow that only ran right around our heads.

“You. What was the first response? Miss Sara, you’ve been attacking the first monster you’ve ever seen before the vanguard gets attention. What are you thinking!”

“Sorry. Diana.”

After hearing Diana’s rebuke after a long time, we had nothing to say other than to apologize.

“Isn’t it too easy to deal with only easy monsters these days? Dungeon exploration is no joke.”

exactly. That could not be denied.
Almost all the monsters I’ve fought with these days were just one room away.
I just thought I didn’t know how long I’ve been struggling with normal monsters.
too loose

“sorry. I will be more careful in the future.”

“Me too. I was too lazy. I will be more careful in the future.”

“Well. Aren’t you and Miss Sarah the ones who can do it if they decide to do it? If you pay more attention, you won’t have much trouble against monsters on the 4th floor. The abilities of ordinary monsters themselves are similar to those of the 3rd tier transcendental species.”

big black. Our Grandma Diana, who rebukes and rebukes me… Tears are about to come to my eyes at my sister’s delicate feelings.

“Why don’t the others come? Ah.”


Looking where Diana’s gaze was directed, three beer bottles were sinking to the bottom while struggling hard.

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4 layers

So we were standing with our feet on the bottom of the 4th floor now.
For reference, Diana made the air around our heads like before, so we can talk now.

“No matter how much this body was expected, this situation was unexpected. I don’t know if half of the party members can’t swim… .”

As Diana said that, she glared at the three beer bottles with bitter eyes.
no. To be precise, I looked at Leia and Matilda with bitter eyes.
Diana This guy is definitely not mad because they’re beer bottles.
It’s clear to see that his eyes subtly soften each time he goes through Silvia in the middle.

well, definitely awesome

It’s a sight though.
Unlike Sylvia in metal armor and Sarah in leather armor, Leia and Matilda are dressed as nuns.
Even so, unfortunately, the clothes were coated with a waterproof coating, so I couldn’t see them getting wet and sticking to the body.
However, it floats by the force of buoyancy. specific area.
Even if it wasn’t wet, it’s cloth.
In particular, thanks to the fact that I had modified Leia’s nuns to fit snugly to the body, her breasts, which were gently swaying by buoyancy, were very conspicuous.

“Boo… Sorry.”

“Sorry, I’m sorry… . It’s actually the first time I’m in the water… .”

Sylvia bowed her head as if she was too ignorant of becoming a burden, and Leia apologized by waving her fingers in front of her stomach with her hands folded.
Angel, don’t do that. So the chest is more emphasized.
Of course, it’s fine for me to look, but Diana’s expression slowly changed as if she was about to cry.

“Yeah, yes! I can’t help it! You’ve never been near the sea before!”

And Matilda, who pretended to be strong like that, was also sorry, but she couldn’t properly look at us.

“How did you get out of the passage that was connected to the third floor?”

“Oh, that’s it… Pick up the wall like this… .”

At my words, Leia slightly bent her fingers as if she was grabbing something and waved her hands like she was climbing.
Wow, the dazzling movement of the chest… ! This is really dangerous!
I quickly hugged Diana before she was hurt anymore.


Then, Diana made a slightly cute sound and was drawn to me without any resistance.
Then, with his head bouncing, he fell into the water and buried his face in my chest.
Are you really hurt? Are you not crying? It’s in the water and I can’t feel it even though I’m wearing a mask.
I patted Diana on the back like that.

“By the way, I can’t even properly explore the 4th floor like this.”

Even if the healer Leiana Matilda is okay, Sylvia, who should be a strong shield, can’t swim.

“Ugh… Sorry.”

Perhaps because Sylvia knew that too, she lowered her head even more and couldn’t raise her face.

“no. I have nothing to apologize for, though. Then first… Shall we go walking like this?”

It will take more time and limited search scope than moving freely swimming in the water, but it does not mean that dungeon exploration is impossible once you do that.

“Ha, but… .”

“OK. It was a little difficult for me as I didn’t even set foot on the ground earlier. Until you get used to the monsters here, it might be safer to move like this.”

“Ugh… I’m a savior… Whoa!”

When I said that, Sylvia looked at me with emotion.
It vibrated as soon as I stroked her hair.
Even in the dungeon, it vibrates unless it is in battle mode
It was a little fun because I felt the waves around Sylvia every time it vibrated because it was in the water.

“Well. This body agrees. And the three of you practice swimming while moving around without a fight.”

Diana, who was resurrected after healing the wounds in her heart, said so and looked at Sylvia.

It seems that Leia and Matilda decided not to even look at them.

“That’s good. Let’s do that.”

So, we decided to start a basic swimming lesson on the spot.
Teaching the three beer bottles to swim was not as difficult as I thought.
I know this because I’ve been to swimming pools for a while, but when it comes to swimming lessons, I start with training to get rid of my fear of water by putting my face in the water.
But, looking at it, all three of them don’t seem to have a fear of water, so you can skip that step.
Even if you don’t have a fear of water, swimming lessons aren’t too difficult.

“First, let’s start with training to float. Everyone take a deep breath and relax your body. Your body will float slowly.”

For reference, Diana kept the air in a certain space about the height of my head, so conversations were possible and swimming lessons that were possible only on the ground were also possible.

“Huh. uh, uh?”

“… How amazing.”

Immediately, Leia and Matilda’s bodies slowly floated up.
Leia seemed to be quite happy that she was floating, and her hair was loosed one by one, and she shook her tail, which had been waving quietly in the water, from side to side.
Of course, I was not surprised by the results. Because it was all I expected.
I knew it. The reason Leia and Matilda can’t swim is simply because they’ve never done it before.
If you look at what comes to mind, they are the two with the most aptitude among the party members.
Conversely, when it comes to speed, the two have the lowest aptitude.
I nodded my head several times, looking down slightly.


On the other hand, the most important problem was Sylvia.
Sylvia was submerged in the water and could not float at all.
Sylvia tilted her head for a moment, then looked at Leia and Matilda to find the difference between her and herself.
Then his gaze stopped in one place, his eyes widened, and he had a shocked expression on his face.
Don’t beat your chest covered in armor with a sad expression!
Of course, the difference cannot be completely denied, but the biggest reason is the armor! If you touch it yourself, notice it!
So stop looking like that! After Diana, you too have a chest trauma, so what to do!

I hurriedly put my hand into Sylvia’s armpit and lifted Sylvia’s face to the air.
This guy, I’m touching it and it’s not vibrating.
Was it that much of a shock?

“Sylvia. take it off.”

“… uh huh? eh? hey? Whoa, whoa, whoa, you mean here?!”

Good. It’s finally vibrating.
Fortunately, Sylvia was able to rescue her before she suffered from chest trauma.

“What are you talking about now!”

Instead, I had to smash Sarah in the back.

“no. Armor! Take off your armor! Because of this, I can’t open!”

“you stupid! Then don’t confuse me! I thought you were doing something weird again!”

It is unfair… .

“Lani again! When did I… !”

“Then you don’t usually do that? Are you acting like a pervert?”

… I did.

“… Of course, I’m sorry that I hit you by mistake, but… . I want you to speak so that you won’t be misunderstood.”

Before I could even feel resentment, Sarah said that and gently stroked my back, which I had hit earlier.
Well. okay. I can’t help it. what i said misunderstood forgive me

“Anyway, so. Sylvia, take off your armor and try again.”

It was dangerous to take off the armor in the dungeon, but this time there was nothing I could do.
If you can’t swim anyway, it’s not going to help much as a power source.
Until I can swim, I have no choice but to let him live in the back with the healers.

“Yeah, hey… .”

When I get off again, Sylvia leans back… It was slow to say that it was underwater, but anyway, he got a little farther away from me and started taking off his armor.

“But these three are beer bottles. I mean, it’s surprising. Sylvia and Leia have pretty good athleticism, so I thought they could do it.”

Not to mention Sylvia, the avant-garde job, and Leia, perhaps thanks to the nine-tailed fox, because of the stats such as agility and stamina for a priestly class.

“Yes. I thought Sylvia could swim too.”

“On the other hand, it is surprising that Diana can swim. Sara was second to me, and Diana was an image that would never be able to swim.”

“awhile. I’m the second What does that mean?”

That’s the prejudice of a villager in Seoul toward rural children.
If I said that, would it be another smash on the back?

“no. Because Sara has good athleticism too. Anyway, so when did Diana learn to swim? After all, when you came to the 4th floor before?”

“Well? no. This body can’t swim like that.”

“… What? So now how… .”

“Isn’t that the power of magic!”

Diana looked at me like she was, with the brightest smile ever.
no. What is that… Isn’t it something to be proud of not being able to swim?
Of course, it’s great to be able to use magic so delicately, though.

“Oh, I’m sorry Diana.”

“Huhu. do you care It’s all thanks to the usual honing of magic.”

While showing her pride, Diana never tried to make eye contact with Leia.

“Would you like to learn with Diana too? It’s a good opportunity.”

“I don’t want to be caught between me!”

Is it because of that too?
Sylvia, whom you cherish so much, is sandwiched between them.

“Wow! Goo, savior! Float, Float!”

I looked at Sylvia with that thought in mind, and Sylvia had taken off her armor and had succeeded in surfacing, and her eyes were shining.
Huh. Huh. okay. okay. Sylvia, don’t suffer such strange traumas and live pure.
Well, Diana’s dislike of big tits is because of me.

Anyway, I succeeded in coming up like that, so the next thing I need to do is practice moving my hands and feet.
When you get to this stage, it’s like you’ve learned almost everything about swimming.
Moreover, thanks to the mask, there is no need to learn how to breathe, so the difficulty is even lowered.

All three of them learned the basics through simple lectures.
By the way, whenever I moved my limbs, I was freed from the influence of gravity, and the shaking of my chest was truly magnificent.
Just looking at it warms my heart and makes me feel happy again, even if I am fortunate to have come to this world.
After all, isn’t Goddess a good person without any plans?

Well, after all that basic swimming lesson, we started moving.
Of course, it will take some time for all three of them to swim properly, so for the time being, they moved while walking on land.
Even while they were moving on the ground like this, the three of them floated on the water as much as possible to practice moving through swimming.

“How long will it take to reach the 4th floor of Diana?”

“Well? Even if you go straight the shortest distance, it will take a week. But at this rate… . Besides, there are transcendental species in the path.”

is it. So, would it be better to give up going to the 4th tier village in this expedition?
no. But it’s quite cumbersome to go from 3rd to 4th floor every time.
Of course, every time I go through a hierarchy, I just stop by the village and feel that way, but it seems it’s common for other adventurers to explore that way.
Still, it’s cumbersome.

But if you don’t know anything else, it’s a transcendental species… .
In terms of abilities, it would not be much different from the owner of the 3rd tier, but the variable called underwater battle was a problem.
Well, there’s Diana, too, and I don’t think there’ll be much of a problem if I activate the saint skill with grass and hit it. uh… .

“What do you think Diana should do?”

“You mean going to the village? I recommend giving up this time. There are also monsters in this class that your skill won’t work. For example, a guy like that.”

Where Diana was pointing as she said that, plants were growing on the ground and swaying gently.

“Huh? Is that plant a monster?”

“Well. How about using your skills as a test?”

I followed Diana’s words and launched a wave of saints at the plants.
But the result is still unresponsive. The plant was swaying with the tide so quietly that it was doubtful whether it was a real monster.

“Is that really a monster?”

“Well. Then Sarah. This time, you will attack.”


As soon as Sarah fired her bow, the monster revealed its true form.
What used to wiggle and wiggle like a normal plant, suddenly became firm and stretched and attacked us.

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Ambush training!

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