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4 layers

I was a little surprised that the plant that had been idle suddenly moved, but it was a surprise attack from the front anyway.
If it was floating in the water, I wouldn’t know, but there was no way I couldn’t react as I was properly stepping on the floor.

“Wow! It’s a surprise.”

I quickly grabbed the fast-approaching plant vine.
indeed. In the original world, I’ve heard of plants that live in water and eat insects and fish.
I’ve never heard of a guy that stretches vines like this, and even less of a guy that attacks humans.
Well, this kind of monster is a common setting in the fantasy world.
I’ve seen it a lot, mostly in sexually explicit stuff
As I grabbed the plant vines and looked at them, my body suddenly lifted up.

“Uh, huh?”

Oops. Even if you’re stepping on the ground, after all, you’re underwater.
As the plants lifted the vines lightly, my body floated in the water.
I moved my hands and feet for a while, but again, it didn’t work properly when I was in a state like this, and it seemed difficult to remove the plant that was tightly wrapped around me as I climbed from my hand to my arm.
Heh. But I’m no longer a guy whose only physical ability is everything.
Smartly taste my Spirit Cutter… .

“Wow! 👌👌 What is this! Hey! baby! Wherever you stretch your vines! Don’t let it go?!”

The moment I was about to summon the spirit, the sudden action of the man-eating plant disturbed my concentration.
this guy The vines stretched out on my crotch.
Not even on the armor, but by tucking the vines inside.
No, of course, it’s not like they’re trying to extort my semen or anything like that, of course, but it’s a shame!
As much as I was thinking of tentacles, more for nothing!

And in the meantime, it’s been infiltrating the vines more and more into my armor.
no. Now, it did not end enough to penetrate, and he had the momentum to take off the armor at all.

“Hey! What are you doing now! I’m a man! If it’s a tentacle, abuse a woman like a tentacle! You bastard who disgraces all these tentacles! Can’t you see there are five good-looking beauties over there? Is your eye color a knothole? okay! Because it’s a plant, it must be a knot hole! no. awhile. wait. You can’t really wear underwear. Hey. awhile. I apologize. I will apologize. You are the pride of your tentacles. So… Ahh! stop!”

Of course, regardless of the cry of my soul, it stretched out its vines more and more.
Now, both arms and legs were wrapped around the plants and it was impossible to move.
Damn it. Even the saint skill doesn’t work. what’s up

“Guys! What are you doing! Save me!”


But neither Sarah nor Diana responded to my voice, just staring blankly at me.

“Guys?! Why the hell?! Maybe because of what I said earlier? Aren’t you guys who can’t tell the difference between a joke and the truth? Of course it was a joke! What are those eyes?! Do you really think I am like that?! Whoa! Quickly! really! No joke! Quickly! Your Western-sama’s important things are being defiled by monsters! Sarah! Diana! Are you really looking at me like that?!”

I desperately struggled and shouted, and then Sarah turned into a hot expression and pointed a bow.
An arrow loaded with mana passed through the center of the plant, but the vine did not stop moving.
Damn it. Does the rule that a loner is stronger than a crowd of people apply to plants as well?
However, as soon as Sarah fired an arrow, Diana joined in as well, and the vines that barely wrapped around me lost their strength one after another and fell to the floor in the attack of Sarah and Diana.

Whoops. I’ve just been freed
To be honest, I didn’t expect the tentacle to appear at all, but I’m sure I’ll be the victim.
I was expecting a little bit more imaginative.

“By the way, aren’t you really too much? Leiana Matilda and Sylvia as well. Sarah and Diana, how do you keep watching until this happens?”

I protested vehemently to Sarah and Diana, showing the half-baked armor.
But nonetheless, everyone still had a subtle reaction to something.
Oops. is it. I’m the only one out of the air
I put my head in the air once more and repeated the same words as before.

“Nose, co-home. This person, this body, must have been a little careless. I hope they will attack you like that.”

Then Diana’s answer looked like this.
Is he calling that an excuse now?

“Do not lie! To the subject that he discovered first and even attacked him! You knew it was a monster!”

“That means… no. Well. it’s nothing Anyway, it was okay, wasn’t it?”

“What does the kid who told me not to be vigilant when fighting sharks mean now!”

“Oh, salvation. Don’t do that too much. We were all like that. After all, you weren’t hurt, right? You usually act tough even if you get hurt a little, but why are you like this today? Not manly.”

Sarah wraps Diana like this. This is even more suspicious.
No, of course, Sara and Diana are usually good friends too, but Sara and I were scolded by Diana before. And yet, Diana is covering her carelessness?
Besides… .

“… Why don’t you make eye contact with me?”

“My, me? Was it? Diana?”

“Hey, I don’t know about this body.”

These reactions are so suspicious. His face is also very red.
Why are you suddenly like this? .

“Mr. Salvation!”

Then Leia crossed the water and came to me.
Apparently, I was taught freestyle posture, but somehow the posture is dog swimming.
Since foxes are also canines, is that posture comfortable?
Anyway, every time I waved my arms, my heart trembled like crazy.

“Are you hurt anywhere?”

Leia, who approached me with a dog swim, looked at my face while holding her breath.
He was in such a hurry, his face turned slightly red.
He’s an angel too.
buy it! Diana! Did you see it?! Imitate you! He couldn’t save him because he had no power, but he came to heal him right away as soon as it was over!
You guys can save me, but you’re dazed

I think there is!
If you say that, you might not really save him in the next crisis, so I won’t spit it out directly.

“Huh. OK.”

“Really? That… There… If it’s because you’re shy, you don’t have to worry.”

As the angel said that, he blushed in embarrassment and looked at my groin.
It was pretty pitiful to see her shy, but there was something subtly looking at her… .

“no. Because there’s really no problem. Rather, it is because it is the strongest. Don’t you know iron penis? Iron penis!”

“Are you really going to be Genga?!”

“Oh, I didn’t! Anyway it’s ok! No problem!”

Now that I don’t know what it is, I’ve decided to just give up on the chase.
What the hell are these reactions?
… uh? Wait a minute. If I had said there was a problem, wouldn’t the angel have been able to deal with my things in this place?
Damn it! What the hell am I doing!

“awhile. Come to think of it, there is a problem with the thing, precisely the rod part… .”

“Do not lie.”

Sheesh. did you hear
At Sarah’s cold words, I had no choice but to give up this golden opportunity with tears in my eyes.

“Hmmm. Anyway, do you know? In this way, there are many enemies on the 4th floor for whom your skills do not work.”

“Damn it. At least on the 5th floor, there was no one whose skills didn’t work. Why is it only on the 4th floor… .”

“In the first place, your skill, which is extremely effective only on animals, is not special. Let me take this opportunity to raise the level of a profession other than a saint.”

Also, it has to be
If so, is the best job to be raised here as a Elementalist?
But it’s not a job suited to fighting in the vanguard… .
There are fighting styles like Rachel’s sister, but I’m not a dealer, I’m a tank.
And above all else, my spirit level is too low to deal with the monsters here.
Earlier, in embarrassment, I tried to cut a plant with a spirit, but when I think about it, it was impossible.
Because the job level and skill level are extremely low.
But then again, are the fighters and assassins left behind?
It doesn’t look very good due to the nature of the underwater battle, but it can’t be helped.
At least when dealing with plants, it’s better than a saint.

“But how many such guys exist? Are there so many plant-type monsters in this class?”

“Well, there are only a few types that this body knows. Besides, I don’t usually explore on the floor like this in this class. If you walk around on the floor like now, it might be that more unknown plant-type monsters appear.”

“Boo… Sorry… .”

“No. I’m not really blaming Miss Sylvia.”

After all, Diana is kind to Sylvia.
But it is. Are there so many plant-type monsters?
I’d die of annoyance just by having an underwater battle, but even a new type of monster.
If you look at the 6th floor as a standard, it’s broken in half.
Truly a dungeon… no. Wait a minute. A new type of monster?
Obviously, I must have had an experience with a monster like this once before… .


“What, what?! Why


When I suddenly screamed, Sarah hurriedly drew her bow and looked around.

“That seaweed guy from the first floor!”

“Well? Oh, oh! indeed! After all, it was there!”

She knew immediately what I was saying, and said as Diana put her fist down on the palm of her hand.
okay. Apparently, I’ve met a plant-eating man-eating creature once before.
The first time I went down the aisle using my penis on the 1st floor, the seaweed-like guy that came out of the pond.
A type of monster that only appears on the 4th floor appears on the 1st floor?
Then maybe the pond and the 4th floor are connected… .
It was quite possible.
Of course, that seaweed guy was weak enough to defeat even us who were on the 1st floor, so it was not likely that the pond and the 4th floor were connected directly.
Still, perhaps, it may be possible to reach this far beyond the small hierarchy like an anthill.
The ant den was small enough that it could be visited in one day, so maybe it would take less time than going from a 3-tier village to a 4-tier one.

Good. It’s been a while since I started feeling adventurous!
Wouldn’t it be better to constantly go to the 4th tier and raise the level rather than verifying uncertain information?
Of course, that’s important too, but there’s no time limit. There’s no rush.
Going beyond the 6th floor is enough after talking with the goddess once more. no. rather it should be
Plus, Diana, who likes to discover new things, is sure to be delighted.
And if the pond is on the first floor, swimming practice will be possible safely without any risk of life.
As a bonus, it’s a good place to get used to underwater battles.
what. It really is a place where there are only good things to go to.

“Guys! Now go upstairs and see the pond… !”

“Well. Before that, take care of those guys.”

another fish
But this time around, I’m not going to take it lightly.
It’s enough for the first two times to struggle with normal monsters.

“The one who strikes first dominates the fight!”

As I swam forward, I started using it from the proclamation of sanctuary.
And in the midst of the crowds, the power of a saint!
Whoops. It’s the perfect combo.


‘You! He didn’t wear armor, he didn’t even take a defensive posture, so what the hell are you doing!’

Diana’s telepathic magic reverberated in her mind.
Damn it… . It was a development in which the dead tentacles that I had hoped for hit the back of the head of the living salvation… .
The only comforting thing was that no matter how much the fish rushed into the armor of the crotch, they would not become eunuchs thanks to their indomitable sexual desire skill.
no. It’s not comforting at all though. Regardless of that, the groin hurts terribly.
It seems that the crotch part of the pants will gradually reach its limit because the fish are biting it.
huh black. Damn it… .
As I endured the pain I felt in the groin, I vigorously swung my fist wrapped around the saint’s power.

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4 layers

“Good! This time I am going to the pond!”

Disposing of the fish, I hurriedly put on my stripped armor and shouted.
Aren’t you just too healthy for the subject that you’ve just been raved about?
That’s healthy! Think about where I’ve been attacked!
Our angel gave us a lot of things, but who wouldn’t be healthy?
On the contrary, he was so healthy that he felt like he was going to pop out of his pants.

“Wait! what from before? Isn’t it a pond?”

Anyway, on a day full of motivation, Matilda stopped him this time.
Oh, yes. didn’t you explain
It was before Leia even joined the party at that time, so I should explain it once.
I briefly told what happened when I was in distress on the 1st floor, and in addition to that, I also told everyone my guess.

“What do you think?”

“Well. I think this body has a lot of potential. At that time, I didn’t even know about the existence of a special class like an anthill, so I didn’t really care about this body, but now that I think about it, that seems like a good possibility. But I remember things like that very well.”

“Huh. You can call me a genius.”

“Anyway, even if you compliment me a little bit, you’re going to be arrogant… .”

While saying that, Diana rolled her eyes softly as if she didn’t hate him.

“Anyway, is it for everyone to go to the pond to investigate?”

“Come on, wait a minute. You don’t want to go investigate now, are you?

“Huh? Why?”

“Why… Do you think it took you a few days to get here?! How long are you going to go around that street again, move to the first floor again, and stay in the alternate dungeon?!”

Oh, yes. I thought it wouldn’t be a problem because I was on the 1st floor, so it was too weak, but from Matilda’s point of view, that wasn’t the case.
Matilda, who is not used to the mana flowing in the dungeon, looks tired just by being in the dungeon like this.
And it is true that it takes quite a while to get here from the third-tier village.
It took me a few days to come all the way here, and it was too much of a waste of time to just look around the 4th floor like this.

“okay. ok So this time, let’s just explore the 4th floor, and let the 1st go on our next expedition.”

“Eh? Is it that easy?”

“Huh? Why? What’s wrong?”

“Oh, no. I was surprised that you bend your opinion so easily.”

“What do you think of me? As a party leader and as a clan leader, if there is a valid opinion, I will accept it.”

Well, if it’s a matter of usual behavior, there’s nothing to say.
I don’t have a particularly bad military feeling towards Matilda.

“And you’re having a hard time, aren’t you? You can’t force it.”

“Ah… All, you… . How come… .”

no. So you say you fall in love too quickly.

“Wow, huh! Hmmm! then

Are you going to explore the 4th floor this time?”

“Sara. The cough is so annoying. Why are you jealous?”

“Ouch! hurt! Don’t hit me! People say they use violence when they have nothing to say… Ouch!”

“It doesn’t hurt, and it’s tough!”

no. It’s half a joke, but half really hurts, right?
Did you level up again after doing some hunting? Look at the damage coming back slowly. Because being a real warrior is a job scam.
No, that’s not what I’m talking about, even though I won the one-on-one duel against the swindler hero.

“Good. So, shall we keep walking like this?”

“Well. do that Oh. You. Did you buy the 4th floor map from the guild before you came?”

“Ah, yes. By the way?”

“Then go ahead and pay attention to the map. I think this area won’t be a problem, but… .”

“Why? Is there anything wrong with going a little further?”

“Well. This class should also take care of the birds. Especially on our side, there are some who can’t swim.”

indeed. Is it a class that is differentiated from other classes in many ways?
Anyway, so we decided to explore the surroundings carefully.

Monsters were basically divided into fish-type and plant-type, and there was nothing special about that.
I wasn’t confident enough to fight on the water yet, but once I moved on the floor like this, it didn’t seem like there would be much of a problem.
In particular, fish-type monsters are more so because the Saint skill is eaten as it is.
The only annoying thing is that the response is delayed when the fish quickly attack from all sides. And except for Diana, is it that everyone still can’t tell the difference between ordinary plants and plant-type monsters?
just like right now.

“buy it! rear!”

👌👌👌👌 Heck!”

While I was dealing with the aggro of the fish that attacked from the front, a group of other fish suddenly attacked me from behind.
Now, our formation was moving to a formation called me, Diana, three beer bottles, and Sara to protect the three beer bottles.
Even if it walks on land, there is bound to be a difference in movement speed between those who can swim and those who cannot.

Besides, Sarah’s good hearing in the water didn’t help much, so she didn’t immediately notice the surprise from behind, as she was busy attacking the shoal I was pulling aggro.
Fortunately, he managed to avoid the body just before being attacked, but at the end of that movement, the tentacle plant he had met before was waiting.

Watching the vines wrap around Sarah’s body, I immediately activated the proclamation of sanctuary to its full extent.
The aggro of the plants may not be able to attract it, but the aggro of the fish that attacked from the rear can pull it all out.
This will put our children under the influence of the proclamation of sanctuary, but for a moment it will be fine.
Of course, unless I release it, the effect will continue to accumulate, so it’s a tactic that can’t be used often. In this situation right now, there is nothing you can do.
As soon as I thought I had attracted all the aggro of the fish, I immediately canceled the sanctuary declaration, and I hunted the monsters diligently.

With my hands and feet energized, and Sylvia from the beer bottle, Sylvia came up to me, and barely cleared the monsters with the sword she wielded, I hurriedly headed to Sarah.

“buy it!”

And there… There was a figure of Sara who was caught by a vine and struggled to escape somehow.

“Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Yes! Yes! That’s right! That’s it! I wanted this development! Well done! You are an exemplary tentacle worthy of a textbook! okay! Tentacles taste good only when they insult a beauty!

By the way, there was a reason why I was talking about without saving Sarah right away.
From what I’ve been through, I know, that tentacle plant’s vines didn’t do any damage.
At first, I thought it was because my defense was so high that I couldn’t feel it, but according to Diana, it seems that’s not the case.
It’s a monster that eats people whole with their skin completely peeled off, and it doesn’t take any damage until it’s eaten.
That’s why I can watch Sarah half-naked by the tentacles like this.
My fists and feet couldn’t save Sarah from those tentacles in the first place.
I tried hard to activate the power of the saint and attack the cannibals, but again, the seeds were not eaten.
Rather, I felt like I would be wrapped around the vines, so I took a step back and shouted.

“Oooh! chest! Are you attacking the chest? Wrapping the outside of the chest in a circle shape to make it protrude! You know what a fetish you are! okay! That’s it!”

And the reason why I can talk like this is because even if I talk like this in the water, my kids won’t hear it at all.
As long as you take a plausible reaction, there will be no problem.
I beckoned to Diana and Sylvia with a desperate look.
As if the only thing that could save Sarah was Diana’s magic or Sylvia’s sword.
Of course, the sound coming out of my mouth during that time was different.

“Hey! tentacle! By the way, Sarah’s charm point is her butt! Try making it a little more emphasized on the butt! Get the most out of that bouncy butt!”

“… From a while ago, I thought it was suspicious that the pants were bulging.”

“… … uh?”

Seeing Sarah wrapped around her tentacles, I felt hot and suddenly I heard a voice that seemed to be pouring cold water on me.
no. I slept with cold water, and I was already in the water with nothing to do.

“What did you say now?”

“Sa, save Sarah quickly!”

“I just heard something completely different in this body’s ears.”

My, damn it! How dare I make such a rudimentary mistake!
A guy who can control his erection at will make this mistake
Dangerous! It’s really dangerous! Salvation is the crisis of a lifetime!

“Oh, no. I just can’t hear it anyway, so I wondered if it would be okay if only a gesture would convey urgency… .”

“… hoo. So it’s an ass.”

“Well, more than that, Sarah… !”

“I already saved it.”


When she hurriedly turned to Sarah again, the tentacles that had been wrapped around her suddenly lost their strength and fell to the floor.
And Sara was gazing at me with her armor and clothes that had fallen on the floor, and she was staring at me with tears in her eyes and a bright red face.
And there was a long air bubble connected to that head and mine.
Dude, at some point… .

“Sah, Sara! Calm down! Think carefully! I praise you! Beautiful ass… .”
“Hey, hey, hey, pervert! uhh… !”

Sara, loosely dressed, quickly approached me and blew a slingshot.
It was not an impossible speed to block or avoid because of the resistance of the water, but I could intuitively know that blocking or avoiding that would cause more serious harm.
That’s why she graciously accepted the attack with her cheeks, but for some reason, Sarah immediately sat down on the spot.
I couldn’t hear it properly because my hair was falling out of the air bubble and the wind sank, but was that a moan now?
… uh? Oops! The saint’s power was not released!

“What did you do again?”

“no. Wait a minute! This time it’s really a mistake! It’s just that I didn’t release the saint’s power by mistake!”


“awhile. I know you’re angry, but first of all, what should I do with Sarah? He, so Diana, you and the other kids are looking at each other.”

“I’m going to do it here!”

“Oh, no! You won’t feel the climax though! Or what, then why not just leave it like this?! It will be over soon!”

“Who, who says it will be over soon!”

Suddenly, Sarah stood up and put her face in the air bubble.
Although he was trembling with his legs clenched and his face was blushing, he was brimming with tears.

“no. Sarah. Now is not the time to pretend to be strong. I’ll apologize later, so first… .”

“Savior? Why?”

At that moment, Leia from the back came up to her, put her face in the air bubble, and tilted her head.
It was also a dog swim, but he seemed to have gotten used to swimming the fastest among the three.
Well, the way the angel swims like that is also cute because it feels like there’s a gap… no! Now is not the time to think like that!

“no. Leia. So, I have something to see. I’ll finish it soon, so turn around… ..”
“Oh, it’s not that fast! I’m such an easy girl… !”

Why are you so pretentious in this situation?!
No, I mean, if someone calls me premature ejaculation, even in this kind of situation, it will come out like that!

“Ahhh! It’s getting complicated, Sarah, so be quiet!”

“Uh-huh… !”

Half-panic, I grabbed Sarah’s chest without hesitation.
I still hadn’t released the saint’s power, and Sarah, holding her chest in her hand, fell down again.

“character! You know what the situation is! Everyone’s back!”

“Eh? Eh?!”

“Gee, are you serious?! Are you really going to do such a thing here?!”

“Then what do you do? I can’t help it!”

“Wow, whoa! Whoa!”

Diana stared at me after for some reason she was blushing more than Sarah.

He turned back with a face that gave up as if he had no choice but to turn back.
Then, Leia, who was still embarrassed, turned back.
Then, he removed the air bubble that was connected to this side, and connected the heads of himself and Leia, Matilda and Sylvia, as if saying something.
Then Sylvia and Matilda, who were walking slowly towards this side, as if in slow motion, immediately turned back.

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4 layers

After I checked that everyone turned back, I quickly sat down and looked at Sarah.
Sara, who had touched the saint’s power twice, was glaring at her with tears in her eyes, but she couldn’t resist and just shivered.
It’s definitely not my fault that the hand that is holding the crotch looks like it’s wriggling subtly.

Anyway, if there’s one thing I’m fortunate to be doing here, unless we see it with our own eyes, whatever we do, it won’t be transmitted to others.
There is no sound and you can feel a little wave from our side, but it’s not an act, you can feel it just by moving it.
Well, from Sarah’s point of view, she’d be tempted to ask what the hell was it?

The only problem is that everyone is not looking at this side, so they are weak against attacks coming from this side.
But there is a workaround for that too.
After I adjusted it to the extent that it could barely reach everyone except Sarah, I immediately activated the proclamation of sanctuary.
If you do this, even if there is a surprise attack, the monsters will only attack you.
After making all the preparations like that, without hesitation, I immediately put my hand between Sarah’s pants.

Immediately, Sarah’s eyes opened slightly and her body trembled.
Since it was only the armor that had the waterproof coating, Sarah’s clothes were already completely wet.
It had been partially peeled off by that plant vine earlier, so even the underwear was completely gone.

That’s why it’s normal not to feel anything like this in the first place, but somehow I felt like I was touching Sarah’s love fluid.
Even in the water, only the area around the pubic area was slightly sticky and slippery.
You’re already so excited.
Well, saying that, I got excited just by touching Sarah’s pussy like this.

“ㅡㅡㅡ! ㅡㅡㅡ! ㅡㅡㅡ!”

The only disappointment is that Sarah’s lovely moans are not heard at all.
I even thought about using the Wind Spirit, but I quickly let go of that thought.
It’s not that I’m going to do something like that in earnest right now, I just get more excited when I hear a moan for nothing.
Now is the time to calmly guide Sarah to the climax and fall.

“Ah! ㅡㅡㅡ!”

It may not be easy to keep your cool and composure while looking at Sarah’s excited face.
why are you so pretty
Sarah wasn’t even looking at me anymore, she just glared at me with her eyes wide open with excitement.

He was staring at me and his mouth twitched.

I put my finger in Sarah’s pussy and slightly bent it to stimulate the inside.
And the other hand started to unravel the clothes she had worn before, groping Sarah’s top.
I felt it when I was wrapped in vines earlier, but because there is one overwhelming angel in our party, but even Sara has a secret heart.
As I gently softly touched Sarah’s shaky chest, she was now completely flabby, hanging from my arm and breathing heavily.


I still put my index and middle fingers inside my pubic area, and while gently stirring, I pressed my thumb on Sarah’s swollen clitoris and moved it slightly, vibrating, and then she flinched and trembled, then brought her face to my face as if she couldn’t stand it any longer.
The movement was meant to be a kiss, of course, but Sarah’s attempt was blocked by each other’s masks.
sorry. Sarah. If you get out of the dungeon, I’ll give you a kiss.

However, our Sarah was not a child who would give up with an obstacle the size of a mask.
Sarah took a few deep breaths, as if to clear her rough breath with excitement, then took one last deep breath and then suddenly took off the mask.

In times of crisis, people sometimes release strength they don’t even know they have.
I summoned the wind element faster than ever before and made the air wrap around Sarah’s face.

“buy it! What are you doing!”

As an added bonus, I made the bubble long enough to reach my face and scolded me, but Sarah didn’t even eat the seed.
Rather, he grinned with his characteristic cool-looking smile, then immediately took off my mask and kissed me.
Her eyes widened slightly from excitement, so she didn’t look as cool as usual, but instead, it was a sexy smile.

“Sigh… You’re dangerous here… !”

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha! In this place, hehe! The person who made me like this, huh! do you say that?”

no, what Even if I say that, I have nothing to say.
It’s that Sarah touched me, but it was because I did what I deserved in the first place.
Besides, it was my fault that I didn’t unlock the saint’s power.
Huh. i am a sinner

“So… Whoops! And, like this, yes! I need to hear your voice… Salvation is better, right?”

As Sarah said that, a hand, trembling with excitement, reached between my crotch.
Then, I exquisitely removed only that part of the armor, and slowly started stroking my things with the top of my pants.

uh, huh?
Hey. Anyway, isn’t this serious?
Sarah Has she really lost her temper in excitement?
Isn’t he the kind of kid that can do something like this?
You are not Diana! Why are you so excited about this situation?
Of course he didn’t say that.
Of course, right? If you touch it, I like it too.
I’m sorry for those who still look back, but… .
With that thought in mind, I glanced at the place where the rest of the kids were waiting, and my eyes met Diana.

“… Hey.”

I couldn’t hear it, but in such an absurd situation, I instantly spoke like that.
Then, Diana was startled and immediately turned her head again.

“Yes… Baked?”

“Yes?! no. never mind.”

“Heh! Quickly… get well soon… uhm. e. Hmm… .”

Sara mumbled so sexy, squeezing my hand over my pants and then releasing it.
Then he started stroking it slowly like before.

What the hell are you talking about? this situation. no. It’s all about me, though.
Sarah is so excited, as if she has had exhibitionism, and Diana is spying on us as if she has become a voyeur.
Did the two of you even change walls without me knowing?

“Ugh! Salvation! Bake! Whoops! side! Churp! Whoops! nah! Huh!”

And in the meantime, my hands, which had been working hard, were finally trying to bring Sarah to the climax.

“Ugh! Whoops! ugh! e. Whoops!”

And Sarah pressed her lips to mine, as if crushing them, and reached a climax.
The touch of Sarah’s chest and pubic hair felt in each hand.
Sara’s soft lips feel on the lips.
Sarah’s smooth tongue penetrates her mouth.
Sarah’s soft hand caressing her forehead.
And even the sexy nose that tickles your ears.
I also thoroughly enjoyed all of this.
Even if it wasn’t like rice.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha… I, I, in a place like this… Yes… I’m feeling better… .”

… Could it be that he is saying this on purpose to excite me?
It was such a sexy voice that I doubted it.

“okay. Sarah. Me too now… .”

“Huh… . Are you that excited?”

“Huh. Sarah is so sexy… .”

“Huhu. like that. then… .”

Sara muttered that, squeezing the hand that had been stroking my thing once more, then pulled it away.

“Sa, Sara?”

“Idiot. There’s nothing you can do here, can you?”

“What, what?! awhile! So what have you done so far?!”

“Fool. what is it earn it The punishment that made me do such perverted things in this place. Hold on until you return.”

What, what?!
I thought I had lost my temper to a strange degree, but did you do that on purpose to excite me?!

“awhile! Then Diana is also squeezed… !”

“Huh? What about Diana?”

Oh, it wasn’t.

“Anyway, please be patient until you rise to the top, Mr. Byun. Salvation needs to be a little bit confusing like this. Even in the dungeon, he’ll do perverts.”

After saying that, Sarah touched my lips once more and kissed me, and started putting on my clothes.

“Am I really going to end it like this?”

“Fufu. Be patient. If you go upstairs, I will do it for you.”

It seemed that it would be difficult to change Sarah’s heart.
no. I could do anything if I wanted to, but I decided not to.
Anyway, it’s my fault, in the sense of atonement.
And above all else, if it ends with this, it’s a cheap act.

Thinking back on what she did when she saw Sarah wrapped in vines earlier.
To be honest, I thought there would be one or two more fights after it was over, but Sarah didn’t say anything more because she was too embarrassed to be touched by me here too.
Even though he was making a face like he was making fun of me, his ears were extremely red.

“Okay, it’s over.”

“Uh, um. is it. Is it over?”

“Wow, you did a great job… .”

And it seems that Sarah wasn’t the only one who had a strong impression of what we did.
Everyone was muttering like that without making eye contact with us in strangely awkward tones.
When it came to Diana, it looked like she couldn’t even afford to rebuke me for what I had done during the battle.
Is this also because of that?


“Hey! What, something?!”

this surprising look. Are you sure. You’re paying attention to the fact that I made eye contact with you earlier.
But Sarah said she wasn’t with Diana.
So what the hell was Diana looking at us for?
There didn’t seem to be anything like voyeurism. A perverted castle wall is just exhibitionism… Wait a minute.
The actions of me and Sarah earlier were acts that could be called revealing play.
Boy please… Didn’t you look at me with envy?
if so… .
As I groaned and laughed unconsciously, Diana’s body twitched and trembled.

“Hey. Diana.”

“Wow, what, what?!”

I was just calling her name, but Diana cried out in half crying.

“How about having a meal around here?”


Perhaps my words were quite unexpected, Diana’s expression turned into a dove with a slingshot.
So, you thought I’d talk about your walls in all the kids’ ears?
If you thought so, you’d be surprised.
I think I’m really caring for you.
When I mention the perverted wall, it’s only when we’re alone.
And that’s because I’m doing it on purpose to get along with you.

“no. Even that Sarah… .”

I just felt that way, so I’m a little tired. in the sense of taking a break.
I was going to say that to give Sarah a little prank on me, but before I could even finish speaking, my angel joined the conversation.

“Oh, that makes me hungry! But how am I supposed to eat here?”

How the hell did you know that I was going to talk about that?
Anyway, the angel who was desperately trying to focus the conversation on food was so cute.
As a bonus, every time he gently stroked his stomach, the way his chest touched his arm swayed around was very sexy.
ugh I’ve endured it anyway, so I think I’ll stand again!

“Uh, um. That’s right. Usually, I make air bubbles near my face and solve it with jerky or freshly caught fish… .”

is it real Being an adventurer is an extreme job.
no. Well, in the first place, that’s normal.
With the deceitful abilities I received from the goddess, I can adventure comfortably without tension.

there is only
… If you think about it that way, isn’t Goddess a good person?
I began to think that it was wrong to doubt such a kind goddess.

“I’m on the floor for so long, so let’s solve it this way.”

Diana said that and created a large air space on the floor.
oh oh oh oh!
Now, why are you surprised by this magic all over again?
no! That’s not it!
The clothes that swayed in the sky and the sky became sticky to the body as soon as the water drained out!
Even if it’s waterproof, it seems like it couldn’t be helped to this point!
Thanks to you, everyone’s body is naked… !

“Aww! My bubbly!”

Let me tell you, my actions now don’t mean I saw something I couldn’t see.
It’s just purely a prick in the eye.

“Even so, this pervert… .”

I’m not doing this anymore because I made it so hot!
I’m sorry… .

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4 layers

“But you have to be like this every time you eat. Also when talking This class is highly dependent on wizards.”

“Uh, uh?! It sounds like the other classes don’t.”

Diana’s attitude was a little awkward, as if she was still concerned about the previous eye contact, but she said as if she couldn’t stand the disparagement of magic.
After all, pride in magic is skyrocketing. That’s cute though.

“no. It’s not like that, but this class is particularly harsh. To be honest, can you come without a wizard? here?”


Are you so proud? Open your chest and shout.

“like that. Is it necessary to have a wizard in the party? Isn’t there a magic orb that can work without a wizard? This mask also creates air. If there is a magic orb that affects the entire space, I think it would be possible without a wizard.”

“It’s not like there isn’t… It’s too big to take with you on an expedition. Manastone consumption is too extreme. Even wizards who only adjust their range when necessary can’t handle the mana consumption.”

“Oh, I see.”

Come to think of it. I also remember how much mana was consumed when I was holding air while kissing Sarah.
If it’s just making air, it’s quite difficult to keep it in shape and make it follow you near your head.
Well, I was so surprised that I was able to succeed unexpectedly.

“Well. So when exploring the 4th floor, it is an iron rule that wizards do not use mana for anything other than this kind of auxiliary work.”

“Is that so? Then tell me when you first come. Then I would have been more careful.”

“There is nothing to worry about with this body. You know how to control it.”

That’ll be enough mana.
I just told Sarah what I was excited about watching the tentacle play.
Of course, the fault lies with me, so I have no intention of arguing.

“Also, Diana.”


As I lightly complimented her, Diana stretched her chest out and proud, as if she had completely forgotten her awkwardness.
Don’t push your chest out like that. You just want to touch me
Of course, you can’t really touch it. Especially since it happened right after that happened.
I gently stroked Diana’s hair instead.

“Oh? But Diana.”


“Then what do you do when you sleep?”

“Well? What do you mean? Why do we need magic to sleep?”

“Yes Yes?”

Leia’s eyes widened at Diana’s remarks and her ears pricked up with a surprised expression on her face.
You look so innocent and beautiful even like that. He’s an angel too.
As an added bonus, my body shook slightly, and as a result, my heart fluctuated heavily.
It was a chest that showed a definite movement even if it did not float by the power of buoyancy.

“You know Leia from experience, right? The human body floats on its own when the power is removed. I mean, you don’t need a seat. The water temperature here is warm, so there is no need to cover with blankets, and if you are breathing, changing the magic stone on the mask before going to bed will be enough.”

“Well then… .”

“Well. Without any magic, it’s enough to tie the body up so that it doesn’t float away while you sleep.”

“What, what, what?! Oh, is that for real?!”

Leia also made a slightly troubled expression, but it was none other than Matilda who reacted more dramatically than that.
Matilda jumped up, as if she had heard something unbelievable, and looked at Diana, asking her to tell her a lie.

“Well. What is this body telling me to joke about?”

But the reality was cruel.

“That, that… whoops… I hate it now… .”

Matilda, who was still unable to adapt to the dungeon, seemed to have finally collapsed mentally as those words became a catalyst.

“Hey, hey. Are you okay?”

To the extent that I unintentionally comfort you.

“Ugh… you… .”

Then Matilda came close to me and buried her face in her arms.
Come on, wait. I didn’t mean to do it like this. I was just trying to comfort you… .
First of all, they raised their heads to make excuses for the sudden incident, but everyone encouraged Matilda without much reaction.

“After all, going through the dungeon might have been a little difficult for Matilda.”

“Huh? Is it too?”

“Priests are particularly sensitive to the dungeon’s heterogeneous mana. Unless you’re a person who has been adjusting step by step from the first class like Miss Leia, this is what happens when you’re seven or eight out of ten. no. Considering the speed at which these bodies descended the dungeon, it would not be unusual for Miss Leia to be like this. Still, Matilda had a record of surviving even on the 5th floor, so I thought it wouldn’t be a problem… .”

Oh, is that so? Perhaps the mana flowing here is the mana of the god of war.
And priests are more familiar with the power of the Goddess than anyone else.
On the 5th floor, to be honest, we were in a position where we were only being protected from the middle.

I didn’t even have a watch, and to be honest, it felt like I was on a picnic, except for a few crises.
At least I had to pay attention to using the saint skill effectively.
Because Matilda only treated her after the fight was over.
Maybe that’s why Matilda was able to survive on the 5th floor.
However, when I was exploring in earnest like this, I had to always be on the lookout for my surroundings and stay vigilant at night.

Well, given that I am used to the power of the Goddess, I am the same as the priests, but I am not a person here in the first place.
And the reason Leia is fine is probably because Leia is a race from the war god era.

“Then why don’t we just go back to the 4th floor this time? After all, our immediate goal is not here… .”

👌👌👌👌 Come on, wait!”

I said that to be considerate of Matilda, but for some reason, Matilda, who was involved, trembled, and suddenly stopped speaking.

“If it’s because of me, you don’t have to worry about it! I’m… !”

“However. Matilda. I mean, I’m worried about you.”

In order to easily persuade Matilda, I deliberately tried to use such kind words.
Then Matilda entered the woman in love mode as if she had been waiting.

“Ah, ah, ah… you… . Ha, but… I don’t want to be your burden. I don’t want to cause trouble. Please. please. Because I can stand it… . You’ll be fine with sleeping.”

But Matilda said so in a fervent tone, with an ecstatic expression on her face, as if she couldn’t help it because she loved me.
Even after switching to this mode, you insist on this. He didn’t like the fact that the party’s expedition was interrupted because of him.
It was hard for me to just cut it off and say no to it when I hung up on it like this.

“Okay. Instead, if you can’t stand it, you have to tell me right away. I will be right back.”

“Yeah… Thank you. you… .”

“Good for you. Matilda.”

“Yeah… Eh?! Come on, wait! Sarah! This is not like that!”

no what is it
Because you were making a face that was obsessed with me until just a moment ago.

Anyway, that’s how we decided to continue our exploration.
However, the speed of our exploration while walking in the water could not be fast, and the day passed by just looking around the area lightly.

“To sleep floating in the water with a rope tied around your waist… It feels like a fish caught by a fisherman… .”

Matilda, who has been following us diligently for so long without showing any hardships, really complained a little about whether she would be able to stand it when she really slept like this.
Well, I feel the same way, so I have no intention of reprimanding you.

“It’s a new feeling, but being an adventurer is an extreme job.”

“Isn’t there a reason why a good income is good?”

“I honestly don’t need any more money or anything like that.”

If it hadn’t been for the Goddess’ words, I even thought that I might stop going to the dungeon now.

“I can’t help but complain. character. you too

Hurry up and tie it around your waist.”

Matilda’s expression was so accurate that we each tied a string around our waist and connected it to each other.
They connect each other as if drawing a circle, and then secure each body to the floor with a rope so that no one is swept away by the current.
Sleeping in the water in this state really feels like a fish.
I saw one kid over there who still couldn’t open properly.


“Yes, Neet!”

Sylvia was vigorously swinging her arms and legs, but showed no sign of floating on the water.
Is it because your body doesn’t have any useless fat?
no. I’m not saying other kids have useless fat!
Especially angels! There’s a lot of fat in the chest area, but I don’t think it’s useless at all! Rather, think of it as a treasure of mankind!

“Would you like to come on board my boat?”

“French, fret, fret, all right!”

“Are you still awake during the day? This is a dungeon!”

“no. I meant to put it on the boat purely… . Like a sea otter with its young on its belly. Because Sylvia doesn’t seem to be able to come out.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay! It’s really good!”

“really? If you sleep on the floor, where will you be?”

It’s in the water, so you can’t even put blankets on it.
I suggested one more time, but Sylvia shook her head and shouted that it was okay.
Well, it seems like it would be difficult for me and Sylvia to fall asleep properly if I put it on top of me.
In the end, after several attempts, Sylvia seemed to give up and sleep on the floor.
You don’t have to be stubborn.
Anyway, we spent the night experiencing the unique sleeping method on the 4th floor for the first time.

tuk tuk.

I woke up slowly to the sensation of someone tapping on my shoulder.
I woke up again not long after falling asleep, so my head was dazed, but it is impossible not to wake up.
When I slowly opened my eyes, Diana, who was my first time, was floating next to me.

Is it shift time?
Slowly looking around, everyone floated in the water properly and fell asleep without floating anywhere.
Even Sylvia, who had a hard time waking up, was floating properly when she fell asleep.

Especially impressive was Leia, who fell asleep with her arms and legs hanging down.
The pose with her buttocks extended to me was still sexy, but in addition to that, the hem of the priest’s uniform was lifted up and the panties swayed in a narrow position, almost invisible.
In addition to that, the tail swaying softly in the waves added to the cuteness, which was the best.
Our angel is an angel even when he is sleeping.

Then something tapped my chest.
I looked down and saw Diana stroking my chest with both hands.
He must have noticed where I was looking.
But it’s Diana. Don’t lose your strength
It’s still patting, but it’s even slower in the water, so it doesn’t seem like anyone is hitting it anymore
Well, being jealous is cute and nice.

Then I remembered because I was jealous.
He made eye contact with me earlier in the day when he made me feel like Sarah.
I didn’t notice it at that moment, but maybe that gaze was burning with envy.
Because our Archmage is a pervert who likes exhibitionism.
And now, Diana can play whatever she wants without being noticed by anyone.
Of course, even if our Diana is a pervert, she will get angry if she tries to do such a thing in earnest, but wouldn’t it be okay if it was just a little joke?

I had just woken up and desperately rolled my less aroused head, thinking about how to play.
It shouldn’t take too long, though.
Diana has to sleep from now on.
So how do you effectively… uh? awhile. slumbers?
Come to think of it… Didn’t I say he can’t swim?
It was said that moving freely in the water like this is magic.
Then how do you sleep?

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4 layers

Of course, like Sylvia, Diana is not without the possibility of floating up when she sleeps.
Come to think of it, it was Diana who intervened when I suggested that Sylvia sleep on me.
What if it was because you wanted him to say the same thing to you?
There’s a possibility. This is quite possible.

I immediately hugged Diana tightly.
Since the ropes connecting each other are long enough, this does not affect other children.
Diana fluttered for a moment as if she was surprised when she suddenly hugged me, but then calmed down and created air bubbles.

“Go, suddenly something?!”

“no. Thinking about it, I mean Diana, it’s magic that you’re floating like this. What are you going to do when you sleep?”

“Uh huh? Something. That’s what Genga was worried about. It’s like calling a spirit. If you leave it to the spirits, you can keep the magic while you sleep.”

Diana responded with a strangely slightly regretful expression on her face.
I have no regrets. It will do what you expect.

“But then, isn’t that a lot of mana consumption?”

“If it’s like this, it’s fine. Doesn’t mana recover faster while sleeping? If it is enough to float one body of this body, the consumption will barely exceed the recovery rate.”

“Is that so?”

“Well. like that.”

“I’m sorry. I was trying to convince Diana to sleep on me if she couldn’t wake up. But then, tomorrow’s exploration will be okay, right?”

When I deliberately threw a rice cake like that, Diana shook her head and listened.

“… That! Come to think of it, mana hasn’t been fully restored yet! For tomorrow’s expedition, we need to fully restore it!”

There’s no way Diana didn’t know that I threw rice cakes on purpose, but she caught me right away.
Maybe Diana just wanted something to happen.

“Then don’t use magic while you sleep.


“Uh, um! That’s how it happens!”

“Would you like to cut on me?”

“Uh, uh… . Oh, I can’t help it.”

Diana, who intentionally fishes like this while giving out all the tea, was really cute.

“Come on then, Diana.”


Anyway, thanks to the alarm magic, there is no need to be on the alert.
All you need to do is stay awake so that you can react immediately when the alarm magic goes off.
So I looked up without any worries, lay down again and floated.
And Diana lay flat on my body.
Then immediately our body fell down.
Even if I could float, it seemed difficult to make Diana float as long as I didn’t swim.
But I can’t give up like this.

“Diana. slowly. Don’t be nervous, just breathe slowly and comfortably.”

As I said, stroking Diana’s back slowly, our bodies rose again.
To be honest, I thought Diana would be able to float even if it wasn’t on my stomach, but neither I nor Diana said anything about it.

After all, it feels good to hug Diana like this.
Especially since the posture is the one he always did when he woke up together, it almost felt like a conditioned reflex and his son started to expand.

“Hey, why is this place like this?!”

And Diana, who was close to me, seemed to be able to feel it too.

“I can’t help it. This is a conditional reflex. It’s a hypothesis proven by a scholar named Pavlov of the world I was in. It is possible to make a neutral stimulus into a conditioned stimulus through a process called conditioning. As a result, the conditioned response… .”

“Don’t make excuses!”

It’s true… .
what good Because that’s exactly what I meant to do anyway.

“By the way, Diana.”

“Well, something suddenly.”

Diana’s voice trembled softly, perhaps instinctively feeling anxious at the sudden change in tone.

“We were watching when I released the skill that was on Sarah the other day.”

“What?! that, that… ! So… !”

“Don’t try to make excuses. Because Diana herself knows well that I made eye contact. So, Diana. Why were you watching? I must have told you to look back, didn’t you?”

“Mom, if everyone is looking back, isn’t it defenseless to attack from your side? So this body can’t help it… !”
“Ugh… .”

“I was vigilant by activating the proclamation of sanctuary to the extent that it could not reach you. And Diana wouldn’t have known I’d do it either? There’s no way our smart Diana wouldn’t know.”

“Hey, this body… !”
“More than anything. Most of all, you made eye contact with me. It’s not about looking into the distance.”

“Ugh… ! Khuh… .”

As I said that, I gently stroked Diana’s thigh, and Diana made a cute sound and moistened the corners of her eyes.

“Are you really envious? Sara touches me like that, when other people don’t know when.”


“Yes… ! uh, something like that… ! This, this body… !”

“Diana, be honest. Then you will feel much better. Come on, enjoy. In this situation, if someone wakes up, they might see Diana. Doesn’t it feel so good to have a hand stroking your thigh?”

“Ugh! Whoops! Oh no! This body… This body!”

Diana burried her face into my chest and slammed, but she placed her pussy on top of mine and began to shake her back and forth slightly.
Even though they were wearing each other’s clothes, the stimulation gave me enough pleasure to my things that had grown bigger.
Even more so because the hem of the skirt gradually pushed back while the waist was moving, and in the end it was like rubbing the pussy over the panties.
Of course, Diana’s panties weren’t waterproof, and my pants and panties weren’t waterproof either, so the shape of Diana’s vagina has been transmitted more and more clearly.
Even if my pants were thick leather pants for exploration, that was no obstacle for us now.

This is a bit dangerous. To be honest, getting to the end of the dungeon was a bit long, so I was just joking around a bit.
Diana is in denial, but it seems that it is true that Sarah was envious.
So, with such a simple induction, it was easily triggered.

“really? Are you really not feeling well? like this… .”

“Ugh! Whoops! Hahaha!”

As I gently lifted my hand and brought it to Diana’s ass, her ass twitching and trembling as she struggled back and forth rubbing her pussy against mine.

“Hey, this is… you… hey… Because you touch… with others… .”

That’s how you come to the end.
Well, I don’t mean to make you admit it either.
The beneficial effect that Diana didn’t approve of also tasted enough the last time we slept together.

“It’s good to feel good.”

“That, huh… that’s… That… .”

“If you feel good, you can make a louder sound. After all, I can only hear it now.”

“Ha, but… But if others… Yes… When you wake up… .”

“OK. because it’s okay Huh?”

Without saying specifically what’s okay, I reassured Diana by muttering so softly once.

“Uh… Whoa… Whoops… uhhh… heh… Whoa!”

But for Diana, who was gradually losing her reason, that alone seemed to be enough.
Diana started making a louder noise than before as her tongue intertwined with me.
And the movement of rubbing his pussy on mine also started to get bigger.
But I stopped holding Diana’s ass tightly with both hands, and softly parted my lips.
sorry. Diana. I was only going to be joking, but for now, I think I can’t stand it.


“Whoa… haha… uh, huh?”

“If you want to recover mana quickly, wouldn’t it be better to receive the effect of healing sex as well?”

“Come on, you… that’s… that’s… Yes!”

Diana looked around to hear a snapping sound and said in a bewildered way.
But despite Diana’s reaction, I loosened the front of my pants so that I could barely take out things.

“OK. you won’t be caught If you do this… .”

“Ha, but… Don’t do it!”

Then, while still hesitant, Diana’s panties were slightly twisted to the side, and the thing was inserted into the pussy.

“Ugh! really… Gengaa really put… like this… So other people… Whoops!”

“Are you more concerned about what other people might see than in the dungeon?”

“Ugh! Whoops! Hey! Ha ha!”

I tried to provoke Diana with a slightly teasing tone, but Diana didn’t seem to be able to afford any more excuses.
In line with the slow movement of my waist, or faster and more violently than that, I began to move my waist and become disorganized.

“Even in the water, if you move so violently, other kids might notice.”

This wasn’t just to provoke Diana, it was said with a bit of sincerity.
Because when something moves violently, you can feel the wave itself.

“Ugh! Oh no… that’s… Yes… That’s right… !”

But even as he said that, Diana’s waist movement could not stop.
It seemed that this situation perfectly stimulated our Archmage-sama’s slightly perverted castle wall.
Maybe he was strict about not to do that in the dungeon, so maybe he hit the player in advance because he was afraid it would be like this?
It was so completely messed up that it made me think.

“Ugh… Huh… to you… to you… .”

“At a time like this, why don’t you call me Mrs.

“I’m nanny… My goon nigga!”

Anyway, why are you so cute?
Diana was slowly reaching the limit, holding my chest tightly with both hands, and her face was also immersed in my chest, making the movement of her waist even faster.
And perhaps we couldn’t keep our concentration any longer, the air bubbles near our faces disappeared.
But it wasn’t much of a problem.
The voice was still vividly heard through the body, thanks to the tightness of the body, and the fact that Diana was rubbing her face against my chest.

As the vagina tightened more and more and put pressure on my things, I too was slowly approaching my limit.
There were things that Sarah stimulated during the day, even more so.

“Husband… ! this body… this body… .”

“okay. Diana. I also… .”

As I slowly prepared for the ejaculation, I unconsciously checked the time in the corner of my field of vision without much thought.
And at that moment, I felt chills.
Soon, it was time for a night shift.
Sara next.
And Sara, who has a strong sense of responsibility, gets up just in time for whatever she does.

After realizing that, my actions were swift.
He hurriedly lowered the hem of Diana’s skirt, which had been rolled up, and grabbed Diana’s body tightly with both arms to stop her movement.
Immediately after that, I looked at Sarah, and just in time, Sarah was slowly opening her eyes.


Sarah muttered an unheard word.
Then he tilted his head as if puzzled that Diana and I were embracing, and came to us.
I looked around and saw Sarah and my face.

made air bubbles.

“Salvation? What are you doing now?”

“Oh, yes, Sarah.”


Diana, who understood the situation only then, started to tremble while moaning in my arms.
Fortunately, Diana’s face was underwater, so Sarah couldn’t hear her voice, but it’s dangerous to tremble too much.
I grabbed Diana’s body even tighter and said.

“no. As you know, Diana can’t swim. So I’m afraid I’ll sink to the floor when I sleep… This is what you are doing.”

As she spoke as casually as possible, Diana reached a climax as if she could not stand it any longer.
this… If I tighten it like that, I… !

“Is that so?”

“Yeah, yes. Whoo… . What he said when he proposed to Sylvia was actually because he was anxious. Is not it cute?”

“Idiot. No matter how much we understand and live like this, we are not openly saying that other girls are cute.”

“Ah, that’s right. sorry. sorry. Sarah is cute too.”

“really… . Anyway, is it time for a night shift? Salvation is also slow.”

“Ah, yes. I will do that.”

“… Are you going to sleep like that?”

“I can’t help it. This is the class with the highest dependence on wizards. We need to let our wizard sleep comfortably.”

“Uh uh… .”

“Don’t be jealous. Don’t be jealous.”

“I will not. Idiot.”

After saying that, Sarah quickly turned her head and went back to her seat.
thank God. didn’t you hear

“Diana, are you okay?”

Even if it’s not connected by air bubbles, you can hear it if you stick to it like this, so I started talking to you.
But Diana didn’t respond.
Have you fainted from extreme pleasure?
Well, in a way, how lucky are you?
Had I been awake, it would have been even more chaotic.
So now the problem is… This is still inserted. how to solve

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4 layers

If you release the insert immediately, the contents you poured into your vagina will come out.
Anyway, our joint was double covered by Diana’s skirt and robe, so I decided to go to sleep and get up to think.

And in conclusion, I did it.
He summoned the water spirit and pulled out the inserted object.

There were several difficulties.
First of all, I had to close my eyes and pretend to be sleeping so as not to be noticed by others, and I was afraid that the object might be hurt.
I had to release my erection to release the insertion, so the iron sex was not triggered.

However, it was fortunate out of the misfortune that I could try it through the most frequently summoned water spirit.
And the fact that the healing sex continued to activate until the insertion was completely released.
Thanks to that, after persistent attempts without worrying about mana consumption, I was finally able to unlock the insert.

Although the front of his pants was still untied and he was taking things out, luckily he was still covered by Diana’s skirt and robe.

was not seen
Now when Diana wakes up, it’s perfect to pretend she’s grooming herself.

“… uhm.”

And that time came surprisingly quickly.
Diana, who opened her eyes, looked at me with a blank expression for a moment, then suddenly started clenching her fists and swinging them.

“awhile! Calm down! The other kids will see it! We haven’t even worn our underwear yet!”


When I hurriedly made an air bubble and shouted, Diana trembled and stopped the attack and looked around.
Fortunately, the last vigil was not over yet, so everyone had not woken up.
And Matilda, who was standing vigilantly, wasn’t looking at us either.
Good. Hurry up during this time… .
I hurriedly reached out where our lower body was attached.

“Huh… ! Come on, you really!”

“Oh, no! Wait a minute!”

As an excuse to Diana, who was staring at me, I properly put on the panties that had been turned sideways, and put my own things inside to tidy up the front.

“… so. Do you have any excuses?”

“You, aren’t you good too?”

“I, this, this, this body, when did you say that you liked what?!”

These were words prepared to be right, but surprisingly, Diana took a big reaction.
Five? Maybe this will work?

“no. But Diana just shook her back as she wanted… .”

“He, he, he never did! Don’t make it up! Even with this body’s excellent memory, I can’t remember anything at all!”

“No, but… .”

“Ah ah ah ah ah! I can’t hear you! Are you calling that an excuse now? So you think your sins will disappear!”

Diana covered her ears and yelled like a child, then stared at me with a sting.
Sheesh, I thought I could make it through.
I can’t help it. I’m going to cry if I say more than this, so let’s stop.
It’s also true that I was wrong.

“Well then… okay. After seeing the healing sex effect all night, our wizard is in perfect condition… .”

“No, wait! Overnight?! Did I say all night now?!”

“It’s okay, it’s okay. I didn’t hear it.”

“now! that! Important! Isn’t it?”

Diana is cuddly! He got angry and patted my chest.
no. It’s very important.
If you find out, it’s going to be a really big deal. Mainly in the sense that my life is in danger to Sarah.
Well, I think it will only make you more angry, so I’ll be quiet.
Rather, if you go wild like this, Matilda finds out for nothing… Oh, I already noticed.

“You two are already awake. Good morning. There is neither morning nor night in the dungeon. By the way, what do you do as soon as you wake up?”

It must have been quite boring to be alone.
Besides, I really hate being in a dungeon.
Maybe Matilda came closer than usual and spoke to us witty.

“… … Yes, it’s a private day. you’re out for a while No. I’m trying to prepare a meal before the others wake up, can you help me?”

Diana tried to force Matilda to step down and keep scolding me, but when she saw Matilda’s gloomy expression, she finally said so, probably because she felt weak.


It’s Matilda. Whenever you are helpful… no. Come to think of it, these days, it seems like there are a lot of times when it’s really helpful.
Maybe because there were times when she was desperate to avoid being cursed, Matilda became huge for nothing. let’s reflect a little

‘Don’t think it’s over.’

Of course, that didn’t mean it was going to end like this, and Diana looked at me with a piercing telepathy like that.
Wouldn’t it have been better to just hit a few more pats and finish it than to drag it out like this?
Well, I don’t think our Diana would do such a bad thing to my dear friend by procrastinating, but… won’t you? Believe.

Anyway, my first underwater sex in my life passed without any problems.
Of course, just because you’ve been lucky this time, there’s no guarantee that it will happen again.
no. The more you do this kind of behavior, the greater the risk of being caught.
Because of that, I didn’t have the guts to try something similar again, and I haven’t done anything particularly noticeable since then.
I just went on an adventure more actively and seriously than usual in order to look good to our angry Archmage.
Until Matilda started crying.

“Now the crowd… I’m sorry… . Can’t we go back?”

“It is. It’s been a few days since I’ve already entered the 4th floor. Salvation. How about going up slowly?”

Sarah looked into my eyes for some reason and said that.
It’s a very heartwarming sight to say that because you’re thinking of Matilda, but why are you looking at me?
It bothered me a little, but I nodded without thinking.

“okay. then is it It takes time to get back to the third-tier village.”

“Huh. OK.”

Then Sarah smiled slightly embarrassedly.
no. So why?
Anyway, Sarah has changed a lot.
In the old days, I acted like I was desperate to hunt longer somehow.
Yes, the purpose of revenge for my grandfather had been achieved, but it seemed that that was not the only reason.
Like… uh? Wait a minute. Leia told me that since I was appointed as an apostle, there was no intention to kill in the state of the nine tail fox.
Maybe Sarah?
Instinctively, I was relieving that desire through monster hunting, but through the appointment of an apostle, wouldn’t that desire itself have disappeared?
awhile. This looks like a possibility. if so… .

“Come on, wait. Okay, so don’t stare at me like that.”

Then Sarah blushed slightly and lightly beat my chest.
no. Did you know what?
But Sarah turned around, as if she didn’t want to say any more.

Naturally, the passage leading to the third floor was located on the ceiling of the fourth floor.
The length from the ceiling to the floor was also quite long on this floor, so it seemed that it would be quite difficult just to go up.

Of course, our two bottles of beer

He wasn’t used to swimming enough to go up there on his own.
Leia quickly got used to swimming with dog swimming, and then gradually got used to other types of swimming.
Matilda looked like she couldn’t concentrate on her swimming practice because of the dungeon’s magic stress, and Sylvia… It just seemed like he had no talent.
no. I’m not dissing that I don’t have chest fat, really.
Maybe it would be better for Sylvia to just buy some flippers from above.
Even if I could swim, it would be difficult to move while wearing armor.
I’ve heard that adventurers, especially vanguard, don’t like it very well, because a kid who can’t even swim trusts only flippers and gets attacked there, so it’s a fatal blow. We have no choice but to cover well.

Anyway, so we decided to go upstairs with one beer bottle each.
There was also a way for Diana to raise all the beer bottles by magic, but that was not to be done in case of an emergency.
Diana’s magic has always been a last resort for us.

So we had to choose a bottle of beer for each one, but unfortunately I didn’t have a choice.
Sylvia vibrates when I’m attached and becomes useless, and Matilda becomes useless as she becomes a woman in love when I’m attached to it.
Even if both are impossible to fight underwater, at least they shouldn’t be a burden.

“Then this body will carry Miss Sylvia!”

“Oh? Ok? Still, considering the formation, I prefer to take Sylvia with me… .”

“Miss Sylvia likes this body! no. I’m not saying I hate Matilda, but I mean! Anyway, Miss Sylvia is good!”

Diana… . Aren’t you too blatant?
For reference, when Leia said that she thought she could swim alone, Diana was the first to breathe a big sigh of relief.
So there’s no need to have such a complex. He’s also

“It’s okay. Miss Diana. Then, please take good care of me, Sarah.”

Matilda also nodded her head with an expression of understanding, whether she was well acquainted with Diana’s chest complex while staying with us.
Now, it’s rare that Matilda has grown up like a real cardinal.
no. It’s a real cardinal, but that’s it. Besides, he’s a genuine person with a kind heart, even carrying the curse on his own. Because of the way he usually talks, he has an image.

Anyway, that’s how I took the lead on my own.
However, no matter how much our angel’s swimming skills have increased rapidly in the meantime, I’m still worried.
Because of this, I continued to keep an eye on Leia while moving, and my concerns were met.
After a few more battles on the way up, Leia’s stamina eventually ran out.
No matter how good Leia was for a priest, she had no choice but to be inferior compared to Nana and Sarah.
The fact that we have more energy than we do when swimming will also play a part.

“Sorry, I’m sorry… Salvation… .”

So, naturally, I, who was the only one with an empty hand, grabbed Leia and moved it.

“no. sorry

none at all Rather, I want to thank you.”

“Really… Salvation is also… .”

Leia looked at me with a grateful expression, as if she thought I was joking.
I meant it with all my heart.
Look at that chest about to explode!
Can you feel the touch because of the leather armor?
It’s good just looking at this.
There is also a study that men look at women’s breasts to increase their lifespan.
I’d probably have lived a long time if I hadn’t kissed Diana.

Even now, if I didn’t give my facial muscles a lot of strength, it seemed like a pointless smile would come out of me.
But the reason I couldn’t laugh as much as I wanted was because there, our Archmage was staring at me with his eyes turned on.
Dangerous. Dangerous. At any other time, it’s dangerous now.
Anyway, I’ve been doing serious exploration lately to avoid getting caught by Diana.
If you laugh now, the tower you worked hard on will collapse at once.

let’s be calm Keep calm and count the primes… Aww… You and our angel are so close together, how can you stay calm?
The feeling of the hand wrapped around her slender waist is unbearable as it is strangely supporting her chest.

“Are you having a hard time with me? My face is red. Would you like some healing magic?”

And even the sweet voice whispering between the mask and the mask.
what is this. Is it a new method of torture?
I’m happy, but I can’t make happy tea.
ahhh Please don’t be bitter with those soft hands. Please do not wrap your back with your tail.

By enduring the sweet attack of our angel like that, I was able to somehow succeed in swimming through the passageway connected to the third floor.
You’ve come this far, aren’t you going to go up and get scolded by Diana?
Then I might really cry.

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Aria Kanzaki // By the way, I remember hearing that a liquid is better than a gas as a medium for transmitting sound.
I guess I misunderstood for a while as I was writing because I was from the Department of Literature.
However, there are a lot of parts that are difficult to change now, so just think of the liquid filling the 4th layer as a kind of difficult to convey sound.


4 layers

Anyway, we passed the passage safely and climbed up to the third floor, but as soon as we exited the passage, we saw the back of a huge monster.
In the meantime, it seems that the owner of the 3rd floor has been resurrected.
However, the owner of the 3rd floor was in the middle of a battle with someone right now.

“Leader! So it’s still too much for us!”

“Call me Instructor! And don’t give up before you do it!”

“no! No matter how much I do it, the result is too obvious… !”
“shut up! If you have the energy to make noise, go quickly!”

“Wow! Guild executives are guild members!”

For a serious battle, it seemed a bit noisy.
Even the voice he heard was familiar.
May this be… .

I got a rough picture of what was going on, but it would be better to keep the manners as an adventurer first.
If you rush out, you may be mistaken for a monster steel.
I put my kids in the aisle and decided to go out by myself and check the situation.

“Me too! Not even a knife! Alicia great self!”

“You idiot! Don’t use any skills against the owner of the class and don’t whine after swinging your sword once! Use your skills! skills!”

I knew it.
It was a trio of Alicia and Arachne.
Apparently the trio originally said that there were more party members.
Did I even look hateful to Alicia? I’m rolling very hard these days.

Anyway, the situation looked pretty dangerous.
Two warriors and one priest. Although the number is small, the balance itself is not bad.
While the two warriors spread aggro and alternate between tank and dealer roles, the priest replenishes the health of the dangerous side.
The tactic itself wasn’t bad, but the problem was skill.
It seemed that the damage of the two warriors was insufficient to defeat the master of the class, and the mana of the priest seemed insufficient to lead them to a long-term battle.

Well, since Alicia is there, I don’t think there will be any danger.
In fact, Alicia had her arms crossed behind her, and one leg was fluttering, making an anxious expression on her face.

Anyway, what about this?
They were blocking the exit, so I couldn’t see any way through.
Do I have to wait like this without fail?


When I thought about it, finally, a change appeared in the boring confrontation.
Kanna stepped back while blocking the attack of the master of the class with her sword, and then she slipped in the snow and fell.
Completely defenseless.
It was a dangerous situation at first glance, but Alicia over there anyway… uh? Hey! What’re you doing?!
Of course, I looked at her, thinking that Alicia would save her, but in reality, for some reason, Alicia had her eyes fixed on Kanna, not on Kanna, and was absorbed.

Just before the hierarchical master attacked Kanna, I hurriedly threw a wave of a saint at him.
It’s completely turned into steel, but it’s okay because you saved me. Not even kids I don’t know.

“Uh, huh? Salvation?!”

“Hey, don’t be idle and attack… !”


Without even saying that, the head of the hierarchy’s owner suddenly flew away, and his body crumbled as it was.
Needless to say, it was Alicia.
Ah, did I just go out for nothing?

“canna! Don’t get your mind right!”

Alicia sullenly and gracefully swung her sword and sprayed blood on the floor, then turned to Kanna and scoffed.

“sorry! Leader! Still, it’s wonderful in front of salvation… Aww! It hurts! Tap! Tap!”

And despite this, Kanna, who was trying to climb, was immediately met by Alicia and suffered an iron claw.
It’s something I’ve been thinking for a long time, but it seems like I’m living without thinking.

“Ah, what is that? Sorry Alicia. I came out knowing it was dangerous again.”

“Yes? No, well, okay. It’s true that it looked a little dangerous, and even if I let it go anyway, they wouldn’t have been able to catch each other.”

Alicia still gives Kanna an iron claw.

While holding it, he swung his opposite hand and made a gesture saying it was okay.
thank God. It seems that he still has a cool personality.
But Alicia. Slowly, Kanna is about to die.
The hand that used to tap your arm hard has lost its strength and is limp.

“It’s been a while since then. Did you go to the 4th floor?”

“okay. right.”

“You’re going really well. So, how do you feel about visiting?”

“It was difficult. I think I will suffer for a while.”

I felt uncomfortable asking someone from another clan this question, but I decided to just answer it.
Alicia seems like she doesn’t really care about such details, or maybe she’s trying to give some advice as an adventurer senior.

“Ha ha. Are you saying that? that’s good… Hmmm. Well, there’s nothing I can do about it because it’s so special. Literally, it takes a while to get used to it. do it slowly slowly. At first, it was going to and from the third-tier village.”

However, the unexpectedly expected advice was limited to a fairly standard level.
As Alicia said that, whenever she smiled wildly, it was very impressive to see Kanna swaying while holding her face in her hand.
I mean, I was playing with this kid.
Have you ever looked at him in his own way when you hit him before?
I had a slight chill.

“How long will salvation last, oh my, you… .”

“Ugh! buy it! Back off! Close to Alicia… .”

“So you said no, you bastard!”

“Ah Okay. Calm down.”

They’ll think you’re not a lesbian. Don’t threaten Kanna by pushing her body.
By the way, I never gave in to threats.
Actually, Alicia didn’t even give Sarah a glance, so she’s just trying to believe it. cancer. not like that

“Everyone. Long time no see.”
“It’s been a while.”

And when my kids all came up the aisle, Serena and Amy, who were behind me, greeted me.
Although it was said that he was digging up magic stones from the owner of the class, the timing was too exquisite.
As if it were in stock.

“Well. is it you you’re already here I am quite ambitious.”

“All right, of course. Seeing you guys who became adventurers later than them and are already ahead of them, our clan is also not good enough.”

And now the shocking truth is revealed!
The reason they roll is because of us!
like that. So, while being dragged by Alicia before, they looked at us with resentment… .
I’m so sorry about this. no. I haven’t done anything wrong, though.
Besides, if it was a clan as big as Clan Arachne, there wouldn’t have been one or two guys at the same level as us.
If you dare to take pictures of them, it’s just that the trio are just out of luck.

“Hey. Is that the reason? So, even you, an executive, come forward?”

“Well then! Arachne is also proud to be the best clan. I can’t see my kids falling behind others! And since then, these guys are the most anticipated guys among the guys of the same level in our clan!”

“uh? Is that so?”

“… Yes. It’s a shame, but first… .”
“Ah, that’s too much. Can’t you believe that expression?”

no. I just wondered if I had done something wrong with Alicia again.
In fact, Kanna just took her life… .

“Ah, anyway, are you all going back to the third-tier village? So let’s go, how about we go together?”

“Are you going back too? Then will it?”

I was not so cold-hearted that I could refuse even if I saw the expressions on Serena and Amy’s faces brightening behind them when I said they were going back.
Alicia Hey, you’ve got some hair. Still, if you try to extend the lily magic to our children, I won’t let you go.

“Come on, save me!”

“Huh? Is Sarah the opposite? But Matilda is having a hard time with us too, wouldn’t it be easier to go with Alicia? OK. I will protect your chastity no matter what.”

“Bah, you idiot. Something like that… Whoa. Okay.”

Sarah seemed to have something more to say, but when she saw Matilda’s complexion behind her, she felt it was difficult to object anymore, so she agreed lightly.

“Good! Then let’s go!”

Alicia exclaimed coolly, finally letting Kanna’s face go, and trying to put her arm around my shoulder.
Alas. How could you fall and be buried in the snow like that? canna. You’re a thoughtless, girly guy who doesn’t feel like sex, but I pray for your well-being nonetheless. Looking back, he was a cheerful and quite funny guy.

“Yeah. Ok!”

And Leia came in between me and Alicia, and she clung to me in my arms.

“Hey, Leia. Now that we’re out of the 4th floor, there’s no need to stick around like this… You must also have a formation.”

“Oh? is that so? I’m sorry.”

Leia blushed lightly and walked away from me as if it was a little pity.
big black. Don’t make that face. I just want to stick to you more.
But if we did, our Archmage finally exploded… uh? Diana, why is she smiling happily?

Anyway, so we went to the third-tier village with the Arachne children.
Oh, by the way, Kanna was alive.
Although the three priests had to gather and pour heels.
I guarantee that, but the damage I suffered from Alicia must have been greater than the damage I suffered from the owner of the class.

“By the way, there are a lot of avant-garde, so it’s comfortable.”

So, our group now consists of five front-ends and four rear-guards.
As a result, the proclamation of the sanctuary was not easily used, but even considering that, the process was much more comfortable.
Because the avant-garde kids don’t need to be concerned about it.
The rear-end kids are anxious and anxious at the thought that even if they get one right hit by a monster, they might have a lot of trouble, but just not having such worries gave them a feeling of being more relaxed.

“Boo… Sorry… Not very helpful… .”

“Oh, no. Well, on the 4th floor, you have to work a little harder, but Sylvia is doing well enough. I just thought that because the vanguard is like this, I can safely protect the rearguard.”

“That, right? The more potentials, the better! That’s right! If you have any thoughts, please tell our clan. It’s between you and us. The degree of dispatch of the vanguard… .”

Hearing such a conversation between me and Sylvia, Alicia next to me joined in the conversation with a look of anticipation.

“no. OK.”

But I flatly rejected the offer.
The reason was simple. Because if there are other kids besides our kids for nothing, you might get a headache while using the saint skill.
Sara was the one who was affected by my skills a while ago, so it’s a shame, considering that she was a woman who had nothing to do with me… Just imagining it made me feel tired.

“Is that so… Well, you don’t know what’s going to happen in the future?! Let me know if you need it!”

“okay. okay. Thank you for your concern.”

“Oh, oh. Well, are you and me between you?”

“What is the relationship between you and me? .”

“what? You bastard, what made you a man… Oops!”

I hastily covered Alicia’s mouth.
Anyway, I’m in a situation where I have to keep an eye on Diana, so please don’t say that!
Every time you say that, our kids just feel bad for nothing!

“Ha, indeed! They even signed an agreement between the clans! How do you see it? Did you find any new secret passages?”

Although I would inform you through regular correspondence anyway, I dared to ask such a question.
Even if you think of yourself, it’s a nice play What an amazing topic change.

“Uh, uh… I don’t know. These days, I’ve been locked up on the third floor with them.”

Alicia licked her lips with my hands covered in her mouth, then turned her head to open her mouth and spoke without making eye contact with me.

“… Is that so… .”

Kanna, Serena, Amy. You must have suffered really hard. And in the future… .
All I could do was pray for the rest.
Can’t we just slow down the dungeon progress?
That and this are different things.
Well, I’m sure I’ve been thinking about going a little slower these days, but I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to keep pace with them.
haha. Being too talented is also a problem.

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Thanks to everyone who gave advice.
I’m glad I didn’t have to fix it.


4 layers

“then. see you later! Don’t get hurt in a hurry, just take it easy!”

“You are 100 times right! please! please slow down… .”

“I didn’t tell you to be the captain! At least call me Instructor!”


Do you want to be like that until the end?
And sorry. I can’t predict.
Well, I’m going to investigate the 1st floor pond first, so there will be no progress on the 4th floor for a while.
cheer up.

Immediately after returning to the 3rd tier village, he went up to the guild and parted with Arachne’s children.
The trio were thrilled with how happy they were to be on the ground after a long time, almost crying.
Let’s hear it, it’s the first time we’ve been on the ground since we met on the 3rd floor or something.
like that

Maybe they’re more used to the mana of the dungeon than on the ground.

“Ahhh… Why is the air on earth so delicious? I can feel the grace of the Goddess through my whole body.”

And there was another kid who came to the ground and was thrilled, at our party.
Well, my guess is that Goddess’s grace is not a very wrong thing to say.
Anyway, seeing him so happy, I felt sorry for taking him to the dungeon.
Even if it was something he wanted to follow.
Maybe we should talk to Matilda properly later.
But for now, the priority is to exchange the Manastone first.

“… … there. Diana?”

“Well? Something?”

“All the other kids are going. Aren’t you going?”

“Isn’t Miss Sylvia there too? Why are you doing this only to this body? Is there any trouble with this body?”

no. Sylvia is a girl who follows me around when nothing happens… Huh. okay. It’s actually a little difficult.
After all, you’re still here to scold me.

“Oh, no. I want it to be a big deal.”

“Because I feel like talking to you today.”

“Yeah, that’s right. Then I’ll exchange the Manastone and come.”

“Well. Come quickly.”

Damn it. Is it also fate that can only be beaten?
No, that’s right, having sex in the dungeon was a bit harsh on me.
‘Cause I’m repenting Since then, you’ve been sincere.
It was just that I became a little dissatisfied with Sarah’s stimulation. Please forgive.
If I said that, I’d be even more angry if I even did something like that with Sarah.
Apparently, being scolded by Diana is unavoidable.

“Sister Rachel. I’m here Please exchange the magic stones here.”

“Good morning. Salvation Mr. Yes. got a gem. How was the 4th floor? Were you surprised that it was so different from other classes?”

“Yeah. After all, being an adventurer is an extreme job.”

“Huhu. He is such a dark horse that even among adventurers right now comes to mind.”

“Is that so?”

“of course. You showed me a new path that no one had been able to uncover. Actually, it’s a little bit awesome. Isn’t this the first time that someone who has just entered the 4th floor gets such a high rating? You are the one who will make the legend of the saint. As a person in charge, I have a high nose.”

Seeing Rachel rejoice as if she was her own job, I was rewarded for my hard work.
no. Well, you know how to drill a path with your penis just by playing the game.

“Okay then, here’s the settlement money.”

“Thank you. Oh. And Rachel.”


Ugh, why are your eyes so bright all of a sudden?
I was trying to make you look forward to it, but it’s kind of embarrassing to say that.

“Oh, no. that… Maybe we’ll make new discoveries again on our next expedition. Please look forward to it.”

“… … is that so.”

Wow. In an instant, I lost a lot of energy.
What? What the hell did you expect from me? Other than this, I want to tell Rachel sister… Oh. Maybe, maybe… .
no. it’s not messed up then. I’ll forget my promise to a beauty

is there lee

“He and my sister. As I said before, when is the meal available? You are always… .”


It looks like you were expecting this.
Are you so glad you dine with me?
But, Rachel, when we first met, even if I flirted with you, you politely refused, didn’t you?
Well, compared to back then, I’m doing better, but I’m not a weak person enough to discriminate against people based on that.
Neither the personality I’ve known until now, nor the identity I’ve known in the first place.
They say she’s a guide, but she’s the guild leader’s daughter.
And the guild leader is talking to Diana.
Considering that she is doing well, it means that she is not the older sister who will ever fall for me.
In fact, when we first met, there were so many people who bumped into me and said that I was tired.

Have you come to like me now?
no. can’t that be There was absolutely no such thing.
Well, there have been times when I overlapped my body for unavoidable circumstances, and although I boasted of my great technique, I don’t see her as a lewd older sister that makes me fall in love with people like that.

Then that’s it. Is it simply because we became friends?
In the sense of delighting in dining with friends.
… Sadly, this was the most likely one.

“Anytime… Every time I see you, you’re working right? Even the last time I saw you, you were working late into the night.”

“On the day you make an appointment with Guwon, you can take a vacation!”

“Yeah? Are you okay? On vacation just to have a meal with me… .”

“It’s okay! It’s piled up a lot! But I rarely have a chance to write… .”

Is it like that? I thought I was strangely happy.
Apparently, my sister was happy to be able to use her vacation.
Sheesh. Then yes.
no. Well, I’m not aiming for you, though.
then. How dare I leave my pretty boys behind to think like that.

“Then, please choose a day that is convenient for you. I can do it anytime.”

“is that so? Then tomorrow… no. Wait. I have nothing to go out these days, so my clothes are… Huh! Day after tomorrow! How about the day after tomorrow?”

sister… A woman in her prime has no clothes to wear outside… How addicted are you?
At the same time as I was sad, I felt a little sad because I felt that the image of my intelligent and kind sister was being shattered little by little.

“Yeah. Then tomorrow the day after tomorrow. Where will we meet?”

“Oh. i See. Because we can’t meet in the guild… Please wait.”

After saying that, Rachel sister took out a small notepad, wrote something down, and handed it to her.
It was truly a sight to see my heart flutter when I took the pen out of my chest pocket.
Even though she is smaller than Leia, this older sister also boasts considerable attack power.
The vest of the tight guide uniform looked like it was about to burst.

“Can you come pick me up here?”

“Yeah? here is… Come on, my sister’s… .”

“Huhu. Unfortunately, it’s not the hometown. I live alone in a dormitory where the guides of the guild gather.”

“no. If you live alone… Ah, anyway. Is it okay if you let me know?”

“It’s okay? Is it between me and Guwon-san?”

I heard the same thing from Alicia a while ago.
When a beautiful woman like Rachel said while winking like this, it felt quite different.
no. Alicia is also a beautiful woman, but she is. … If you keep your mouth shut.

“Are you between us?”

“Yeah. Right away… .”

Sister Rachel said so, then beckoned me slightly.
When I took the ear as if possessed, she put her hand next to her mouth as if she was telling a secret, and whispered in a small whisper.

“It is between the person who will write the legend of the saint and the guide who will watch it right next to you.”

After saying that, the older sister gave a slight wink while sticking out her tongue.
Damn it! right! That’s right!
I was an idiot for waiting for a while knowing that!
no! Aren’t you sorry?!
Even if my sister says she likes me, I’m in a position to say no!
Rather fortunate! then! I’m glad you’re not! Damn it!

“Then I’ll go see you tomorrow… .”

“Huhu. Yes. Oh. Salvation Mr. Sorry.”

“Yeah? what?”

“… You guys look so happy.”

“Ugh! awhile! Diana! wait! Calm down! This… !”

“You can’t possibly guess why your body is still here, do you?”

“of course! Could it be? I’m really reflecting!”

“Are you saying you were still flirting?”

“awhile! Here’s why… !”

“Noisy! You’re going to have to get it right once in a while! Follow me! Turn it off… . Seeing… .”

Diana jumped up, grabbed my ear, and tried to drag me away, but no matter how hard she tried, I couldn’t be dragged away.

“Aww! Diana! hurt! Please forgive!”

And after reading the atmosphere, I immediately pretended to be sick and bowed and dragged myself.
Diana. am i the only one

“Hmmm. Come on, follow me!”

In conclusion, thanks to my whole acting performance, fortunately, Diana didn’t get too scolded.
Having sex in the dungeon was not noticed by anyone in the end, and as time passed, Diana was relieved of her anger, and the conversation with Rachel sister was a problem in the first place because Diana was the problem.
If Diana hadn’t been so late without telling me, Rachel wouldn’t have been able to help me.
When I excused myself for saying thank you for that, Diana convinced me as if it had nothing to do with it.

… Well, I didn’t say that I had a meal plan with my sister in return.
no. I’m not cheating, I don’t have anything to like, but somehow.
If you talk in this kind of atmosphere, you’re more likely to get scolded, don’t you?

Anyway, I was finally freed from the one-on-one interview with Diana, so I made up my mind and decided to start working as a party leader again.
I left the dungeon, what kind of luck is the party leader?
Even if it’s not in the dungeon, there are things that need to be dealt with.
Talking with party members like Matilda, for example.
Seeing how difficult it is to go to the dungeon, it seemed like a lot of counseling was needed.
Maybe I should tell him not to follow me anymore.

Well, Matilda’s fall was a blow to us as well.
First of all, one reliable healer is missing.
I have Leia as a healer, and I have my healing sex if I’m really young, so some people will think what’s the problem.
In particular, Healing Sex is a skill that can be healed indefinitely without consumption cost once it is activated, so I think it is even more so.
But Healing Sex cannot be used during combat.
It’s rare now, but there will come a time when you’ll need to heal consistently during combat.
In that case, if there is a situation where the amount of healing or mana is insufficient with only Leia, the stability is stronger with two healers.

And above all, if Matilda was there, the rearguard was more reliable.
In the first place, Matilda’s stats are not the stats of the high priest, but the stats of the paladin.
If the system of this world is the same as that of other Great Earths, Matilda’s stats will be the same as those of the Paladin now.
Jobs that can be changed in the same job can be switched between each other at a specific location.
Just as high priests and paladins who can change jobs from priests can change jobs in the temple.
However, even if you change each other, only the available skills change, and the stats remain the same.
If you change from a paladin to a high priest, the paladin’s skills become unusable and you can use the high priest’s skills, but the stats are still the paladin’s stats.
Therefore, Matilda had been serving as the last shield of the rear line thanks to her stats, even though she was in the rear.

For that reason, it was a great loss for us to ask Matilda not to follow him in the dungeon any longer.
I wish it wasn’t like that as well as me, but that doesn’t mean I can’t force myself to take a child who is struggling.

So I went to Matilda’s room and knocked on the door, but there was no answer from inside.
That’s weird. maybe not here


“What is going on?”

“Wow! It really came out!”

I was just joking around and calling it into the air. what is he I’m scared.

“… … If you don’t have a business, I’ll… .”

“Oh, no. awhile. Do you know where Matilda is?”

That’s what I asked, but I’m afraid because I really know.

“You are in the room.”

Look, you know.
Also, I didn’t vaguely say ‘I think you are,’ but I said with certainty, ‘You are there’.
what is he really No, more than that, what the hell is a butler in this world? Isn’t the butler the strongest class?

“I knocked and there was no answer?”

“… Maybe you’re sleeping? You look pretty tired.”

“Oh, that’s right. Huh. okay. Thanks.”

“Yeah. Then I will.”

… … I think it would be better to give up talking with Matilda today.

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