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4 layers

Apparently she was very tired, and Matilda finally showed her face only when it was time for dinner.
Looking at the color of his face, he looked good enough, but still, it would be better to talk calmly later.

Anyway, that’s something that needs to be resolved until the next time you enter the dungeon.
Right now, Sarah, who is in front of me, takes priority.

“Gee, what are you going to do from now on?”

Sarah said in a trembling voice, strangely restless.
In fact, Sarah has been in this state since before.
Ever since returning from the dungeon.
Every time they make eye contact with me, it hardens and turns red, and when I turn my gaze, it’s only then that I breathe a sigh of relief. Something wasn’t right.
no. Looking back, it may have been a little strange from the dungeon.
From the time I immediately agreed with Matilda’s words when I returned from the 4th floor.

“buy it.”

“Uh, uh… ?”

“I’ve been curious about it for a while. What is it?”

“What, what?”

“no. you’re restless That… What day is it?”

The words ‘Is that day?’ almost came out of my mouth for a moment, but I could barely control myself just before.
thank God. If I had said it, I would have been right in one shot.

“That, but… Salvation, that… It’s cheap, is it piled up?”


“Because I have endured it ever since I was treated like that… .”

“Ah ah ah ah ah! Yes! then! Be prepared! I would have dared to do that! I will make you regret that you stimulated my libido!”

Oh! That was it!
I was perplexed, but I immediately made up my mind and put on a look on my face that was burning with sexual desire.
It didn’t work at all for Sarah, who was so sharp that I sometimes wondered if she could read my mind.

“… When did you do it?”

“Yes Yes?”

“when? come back? Did you miss it before dinner?”

“No, wait, Sarah. Calm… .”

“if not… Maybe in the dungeon?”

“That, that, that, can’t you?!”

“… whoops. You did it in a dungeon… .”

no. So how the hell do you know?!
Isn’t he really reading his mind?!

Where did Sarah, who had been voicing her shy expression and trembling voice before, disappeared?
Sara looked at me with her eyes getting colder and colder, and folded her arms as if looking back on her memories for a moment.
Then he raised his gaze again, looking at me coldly, muttering to see if he was guessing something.

“… … Diana?”

“Oh no! No way! Think! I’m crazy? I was crazy for Diana who was so strict in the dungeon… .”

“Salvation. Did you do it with Diana?”

“… Yeah.”

Diana. sorry!
I couldn’t lie any more at the respectful words of a cold voice I haven’t heard in a long time.

“Ugh. hey hey Diana and… . I thought it was somehow suspicious. But since the opponent was Diana, I thought it would be okay. is that so. Is that so?”

“Come on, wait a minute. Sarah. First of all, I’m saying this for Diana’s honor, but I, who was stimulated by you, got excited and forced… .”

“Don’t make excuses!”


“Then what? Even when you were talking to me, you two were still connected? While talking with me casually, are you saying that you were actually packing semen inside Diana?”


how did you know that
no. I was just angry, but I mean.
I was so terrified that I couldn’t even speak anymore.

“Even while people are vigilantly standing next to each other, the two continue to have sex… .”

“no. Anyway, I stopped then.”

“Then you mean it’s true that you quarreled with me?!”

oh, it’s ruined

“Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, you pervert… .”

Sarah’s face was now blushing and she was trembling.
It’s really dangerous. Anyway, these days, Sara’s attacks are starting to work again.
If he hits it with full power with mana… I’m not really going to die today.

“… … Take it off.”

“… Yeah?”

“I can not hear? Take it off.”

“Suddenly what… Ah, yes. I’ll take it off right now.”

I succumbed to Sarah’s cold eyes and hurriedly threw off the clothes I was wearing.
As soon as I took off my clothes, Sarah, who had been staring at him with cold eyes, opened her long and beautiful index finger and headed towards the floor.

“Kneel down.”

what is this. what the hell are you going to do
I’m scared, so why not just hit me like usual and finish it off?
I could feel my own heart beating loudly.
stop. I mean, it’s really scary. do as usual

As I knelt on the floor and looked at Sarah with fearful eyes, she contorted a little, her face still blushing with anger.
Then, as if proud of her beautiful legs, she gently folded her knees and raised her feet, then slammed it down to my object.
It was a reflexive move that made you flinch, but fortunately, there was no pain because you didn’t burn any mana.
Well, the fact that there was no pain at all may be influenced by the fact that the iron penis is currently being activated.

“Why are you growing up? Do you know what your situation is?”

Saying so, Sarah put my object between my big toe and my index toe and started tightening it with force.
no no. It’s rather strange not to sleep. Think about your outfit now.
I forgot to tell you, but Sarah is now naked.
I came here after taking a shower, and the timing of my anger was right before having sex with me, so it’s only natural if it’s natural.
Because of this, you can see the pretty voluminous and beautiful chest, the slender waist and strong figure 11 abs, the wide pelvis in contrast to the waist, the pubic area already overflowing with love, and the long and beautiful smooth legs that stretch out below it.
As a man, I have no choice but to stand reflexively… no. Wait a minute. A pussy overflowing with love?

I noticed Sarah’s pussy once again.
With one foot outstretched towards my object, I could see her pussy through the subtly spread legs.
A pussy that is closed in a straight line and barely reveals her pink flesh.
However, the clitoris above it seemed to have swelled more subtly than usual, as if excited, and a transparent liquid was flowing through the tightly closed gap.
It wasn’t even just a little wet, it was already soaking wet, and it was running down Sarah’s thigh to the middle.
It’s a total flood. How excited are you?

I lifted my head again and looked into Sarah’s face.
blushing face. rough breathing. The eyes are pretending to be cold, but they have intense heat inside them.
Previously, I thought it was just because I was angry, but now when I look back, I can’t seem to find an angry face.
Why did I think of this face as an angry face?

I inadvertently reached out to Sarah’s pussy and shoved my fingers into her.
At first glance, the vagina seemed to be tightly shut, but when I gently pushed my finger in, the soft pussy opened up as if waiting to welcome my finger.
Without any resistance, the fingers that slipped in, Sara’s Myonggi tightened and welcomed them.
Perhaps because of his mood, the wrinkles on the inside were more active than usual and seemed to stimulate his fingers.

“Ugh! what?! Can’t you take your hand?!”

As I put my hand into her pussy, Sarah let out a sweet groan, glaring at me and saying,
But, having already noticed the situation roughly, I no longer felt scared of Sarah.

“Are you excited to think you did it with me and Diana next to you?”

“Uh-huh! Who, who… Whoops!”

Sarah seemed to be trying to deny it, but when I lightly swung my finger into her pussy, she stopped talking and let out a sweet moan.

“Are you saying no? So what is this sweetheart? There was a complete flood.”

“Heh! That, heh heh, that… !”

Sarah’s upper body gradually leaned forward, and now she hugged my head as if she were embracing it and let out a moan of pleasure.

“This pervert. Just the thought of having sex with someone next to me makes me excited… Oh dear!”

I was going to try to reverse the air defense by riding on the atmosphere, but I had to stop talking when I felt a strong smash on my back.

“Ugh… heh… What are you talking about right now? Can’t you take your hand?”

“Yeah. I’ll take it off.”

Sara took a deep breath, adjusted her breathing, and looked down at me with a cold gaze as if she had made it on purpose again.
Since what I did wrong is an inexcusable fact, I decided to let go.
It seems that things are a lot better than before.
It’s not just that my fears have gone away a bit.
Sara also has a slightly different atmosphere from before.
Somehow, his tone of voice is back to half-speaking again.

“Whew… Whoo… Whoa… Hmmm. You dared to do that in a dungeon, right next to me?”

As Sarah said that, she pressed her toes in between my items again and gave it to me.

“Even if they make mistakes, they even build this way when they are not enough… .”

And this time, slowly moving my foot up and down, I started to run through my stuff between my toes.
The first movement seemed to be quite awkward, and it was an uneasy movement.
Sometimes I wondered if it was taking too much force, and the feet moving up and down did not move smoothly, but climbed up and down unnaturally as if something was caught.
However, I was able to feel pleasure by accepting even my items, which were strengthened with an iron penis, as simple sexual stimulation.

“I think a pervert like salvation will only be able to come to its senses once it stings.”

After saying that, Sarah took her feet off of my belongings, lifted them even more, and rested them against my chest.
At Sarah’s words, my heart pounded again.
Of course, it was running in a completely different sense than before, though.

As Sarah put her feet on my chest, I noticed that smooth legs were even more emphasized in my eyes.
Thanks for the great view, but what the hell am I doing with my feet on my chest?
Oh, maybe this… .
I immediately noticed Sarah’s intentions, and lowered my head and licked her legs.
If you’re playing the Queen, you’ll need something like this.
quick-witted man. Call me salvation.

“Hey! What are you doing?!”

But when I licked up my calf, Sarah took her foot off in surprise.
uh huh? Wasn’t that what you said?

“Come on, back, go ahead! this… Anyway, if it’s unnecessarily strong… .”

Sara rolled her eyes softly and put her feet on my chest again, gently pushing them with strength.
Oh, that’s what I meant. sorry.
I simply went backwards.
To be honest, if Sarah had given me strength, I would have swung back no matter how much I did, but I could see Sarah’s kindness in that she didn’t give me that much strength.

Anyway, as I lay on the floor like that, Sarah tapped my leg to the side with her foot, making me spread my legs apart.
Then he stood upright like a model in the meantime, looked down at me and put his feet on my stuff once more.
This time, instead of putting it between the toes, I brought the sole of the foot to the rod of the object as if I was stepping on it.

“It’s not going to get smaller until the very end. This pervert.”

Oh oh. Sarah. Right now, that cold voice and the lines go so well together.

“How the hell am I supposed to give my soul to this pervert to come to his senses… .”

Saying so, Sarah started moving her feet back and forth as if rubbing the soles of her feet against mine.
I’ve been winning every night so far, so sometimes it’s not bad.
Well, I had a counterattack from Sarah while playing maid before, but even then, I was the one who finally won.

👌👌👌👌 this pervert! Don’t shiver! I’m not trying to make you feel good!”


stop reflexively.
But Sarah. It would not be persuasive to say that I was not trying to make you feel better while I was spilling love liquid like that.
Now, rather than the thighs, the liquid was flowing down to the calves.
There are some things that fall to the floor in the middle.

“Whew… so. What did you do with Diana?”

“Ah, I’m curious too.”

“Oh, you said no! this, this… That’s right! If you know exactly what you did wrong, you can give them a proper punishment! okay! That’s all! That’s right, say it quickly!”

Sara shouting that with a bright red excited face, it seemed that she wanted to dig out the content of Diana and me’s play by any means.

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It’s broken. Sorry. I’m so sleepy that I can’t even write the next part.


4 layers

“So… heh… Did you really feel both by my side? haha… Sigh… Even while talking to me… .”

When I roughly told the situation at that time, Sarah’s breathing became more and more harsh.
The amount of love fluid leaking through the genitals also increased, and the amount that dripped directly from the genitals to the floor increased proportionally.
The end of the viscous, clear liquid that ran from her pubic area to the floor felt very strange.

“this… This pervert… .”

Sara made a squeaky-sounding bewitching voice, and the foot that was stepping on my object swung back and forth more quickly.

“Ugh… Why are you wriggling! Are you excited about what you did with Diana?!”

no. I was excited to see you.
It’s weird not to get excited while you’re stimulating yourself with your feet like this.

“Sara… .”

I grabbed Sarah’s ankles with my hands and moved them back and forth more quickly.

“Eh? Come on, wait! Whoops! This pervert! slumbers… Hey! Salvation! stop!”

“Is this bad for my brother… no. I will stop.”

Sarah was staring at me with a face almost crying, so I had no choice but to hurriedly stop moving.

“Whew… Whoo… Whoo… This pervert must be stingy. From now on, you will be punished.”

“bee? what?”

Sarah put my item between my big toe and my index toe again, lowered it all the way down to the root, and held it tight with my toes.

“From now on, ejaculation is prohibited.”

“What? really?”

“okay. Salvation is too impatient. You have to learn to be a little patient.”

no. I didn’t mean to ask like that… .
He’s so excited he can’t make normal judgments.
Well, it doesn’t matter. I don’t have anything bad at all.


“Huhu. Good”

Sara gave me a light smile that seemed to despise a person who was obviously doing this on purpose, and lightly stroked my hair.
Even if it’s a tee, it suits her because her face looks really cool.

By the way, she still intends to play Queen.
It may sound a little strange, but Sarah seems like a queen and doesn’t suit her.
The look is absolutely perfect, but the reaction.
I was a little embarrassed before, so I almost cried.
Well, for now, shall I let you do whatever you want?

“Well then first… priority… .”

Look. I can’t figure out what to do.

“Would you like to lick it?”

“Yeah, yes! Lick it!”

After I gave her a little help, Sarah nodded, as if she had meant to say that.
Without hesitation, I got up and put my face to Sarah’s pussy.
First, he licked the tightly closed vagina in a vertical line as if drawing a line, and lightly kissed the clitoris, which was slightly inflated on top of it, revealing its presence.

“Uhhhhhh! ji, what are you doing now… !”

Did you think you would lick your legs like before?
As I licked my pussy, Sarah’s very torso curled forward.
Well, since I’m holding on, I won’t completely fall over in the future.

“Why, heh, why all of a sudden… !”

With that said, Sarah put her hands on the back of my head and pushed her into her pussy as if asking for more.

“Huh? I’m just putting up with making Sarah feel good, right? Isn’t that what punishment means?”

“Oh no! right! more properly… heh… Be respectful!”

“Then without a specification.”


Sara twisted violently as I sucked it in with my lips pressed against the clitoris.
To explain Sarah’s posture now, it is a posture in which her upper body is bent at 90 degrees and her head is pressed to her pubic area with both hands.
Although it was not intentional, it was inconvenient to stimulate her vagina with her mouth as she was in a position with her buttocks sticking out, but when viewed from the back, Sarah’s attractive buttocks are emphasized and it must be quite spectacular.

I reached out towards Sarah’s butt, grabbing her bouncy butt and spread it out to the side.
Then, Sarah’s tightly closed vagina opened slightly, and the love liquid inside it dripped and poured out with more momentum than before.
Also, he’s very excited.
Of course, my stimulation like this also plays a part, but the final blow must have been what I and Diana had to say.

I put my hand from behind towards her pubic area and put my finger on Sarah’s pussy.
Then, I tried repeatedly putting the finger on it and then releasing it.
Then, the liquid of love, which was constantly flowing from the vagina, wet my fingers, and the sound of water rushing out resounded.

“Heh… Yes… uh… !”

As if sorry for my actions, Sarah shivered and pushed my head closer to her own vagina.

“Sara. Move your feet.”

As I tightened my neck and held out, I passed on the demands to Sarah.
It was Sarah’s toes still holding onto the root of my object, but it hadn’t moved at all since before.

“Ugh… Whoa, whoa! this is a bee… !”

“Before, I was stimulated and I couldn’t stand it, so I did something like that with Diana. In order to punish properly, shouldn’t we have to stimulate and persevere?”

“… If it’s cheap, I won’t forgive you.”

Perhaps she could not find a logical contradiction in my words, Sarah said so and began to move slowly.
If you think about it, it’s a strange thing to say that it’s a punishment itself, but it seems that Sara’s head is not spinning normally because of the pleasure.

Anyway, when I felt the pleasure of things again, I decided to stimulate Sara more as if to reciprocate.
Gather the two fingers that were hovering around the pubic area and make only the sound of love juice, put them in the pubic area as it is, rotate it half a turn and bend it slightly to find the sensitive area.

“Uhhhhhhh! Whoops! Whoops!”

And when she gently vibrated her hand, Sarah’s love liquid burst out between her fingers and her vagina.
But I wasn’t satisfied with that, this time putting my thumb through Sarah’s ass hole.
The other hand was still holding Sarah’s ass and spreading it out to the side, so her thumb could easily find the hole in her ass.

“Ugh… Alas… up to there… uhhhhh… !”

And as she slowly pushed her thumb into the hole in her ass, Sarah muttered in a sweet voice and made no resistance.
Have you been preparing for today? After all, Sarah is a pervert.


And when the thumbs went all the way to the roots, Sarah lifted her torso and culminated in an upright position.
It looked like it was difficult to even stand up with trembling legs, but I had no intention of delaying the offensive.
Even so, it would be like pushing your own pussy to my face more in a posture like this.
As I wished, I kissed the clitoris in front of me and licked it with the tip of my tongue.

“Wow! Whoa! Oh no… Whoops! More than this… Whoops!”

Sara could not stand it any longer, slapped me on the back and appealed to me to fall.
Perhaps because of the excessive pleasure, the power was not entering, the palm did no damage to my back at all.

“Huh? Why?”

“Come on, wait a minute… .”

“Where? way?”


Sara’s face softened as I put some pressure on the hands that were stabbing her pussy and buttocks.

“Or would you like me to touch your breasts instead of your ass?”

This time, he released the hand that had spread his hips to the side and reached out to touch his chest.
It’s a nice chest that fits snugly in one hand and wraps around it.

“Ugh… Burr, bee… in the herd… .”

Sarah put her hand on my hand that touched my chest and sobbed for a moment, then forced a voice out and slapped my hand on the back of my hand.
I can’t help it. what are you going to do this time

“Haha… haha… Baked… heh… What position are you in now? .”

“Huh. don’t know So, did you do what I was told?”

“Ugh… .”

Sarah had no objection to my brazen remarks.
He just rolled his eyes softly as if he was embarrassed.

“Let’s see how long it can be like that… .”

After saying that, Sarah finally stepped out of my belongings.
Then he grabbed my stuff and started dragging it.


It goes without saying that the place where Sarah grabbed her belongings and led her to the place where she got up and followed was the bed.

“lie down.”

As Sarah told me to lay down on the bed, Sarah crawled up on me like she was walking on all fours.
Sara crawled to the point where she could look down on my face, and reached down and grabbed the root of my object.

“Hey, I’ll do it from now on… Salvation is not cheap.”

I can’t stand it any longer.
It’s because from the moment I heard about Diana, the wall was stimulated and I was very excited.
It seems that he was not satisfied with his previous climax.
Sarah gripped the root of my object tightly, adjusting the angle, and began to lower her waist slowly.

“Ugh… uh… D, you’re in… .”

“Good mood?!”

“Ugh! Ooh, heh… Don’t move! Because I am doing this!”

I tried to provoke Sarah by raising her back slightly, but it was quickly stopped.

“really? It’s forbidden to wrap, but you can’t move?”

“All right, of course! This is a bee!”

Sara said sternly, forcing her facial muscles to relax in pleasure.

“So… Huh… While I feel… uh… enough… hah… to suffer… .”

However, as soon as he moved his waist, his face was released again with pleasure.

“However… Then at least set a deadline. How long do I have to be like this?”

“At least… Yes… At least until I feel… .”

Good. All you have to do is make the climax feel.
If so, it wouldn’t take that long. Sarah looks pretty dangerous already.

“Haha… Huh… heh… Whoops!”

At first, Sarah was slowly moving her waist while holding the root of my object, but it seems to have become difficult to sustain with just the strength of her back.
I put my hands on either side of my chest and began to move my waist vigorously while supporting my upper body with both arms.

“Haha… uh… ah… Whoa!”

Still, I couldn’t hold my head any longer, so I kept my head down.
The low-viscosity liquid dripping from the side of her face covered with hair seemed to show just how much Sarah was feeling.

“Ugh… uh… Whoa!”

And with a slight tremor, Sarah’s vagina tightened the thing.

“Oh, did you feel it now?”

“Oh, no… Ah, huh… I don’t feel it… .”

I can’t convince myself to say that since I’m completely tongue-in-cheek… .
What more can I leave you with?
I reached over to Sarah’s face and made her raise her head slightly.
Then, her eyes and mouth were half opened, revealing Sarah’s face full of pleasure.
I took my face and sucked the tongue that came out of the gaping mouth slightly, and Sara came right up to my lips and kissed me.
I can’t move the waist, but it seems to be a kiss.

“Yes… uh… uh… !”

And once again a light climax while kissing.
Can I move slowly now?

“Sigh… Sarah. now… .”

“Oh no, no… burle… Because I earn… .”

But nevertheless, Sarah shook her head once more and said so.
Good. That’s how it turns out
Yes, there is no chance for you to win. At the point where I put my dick in my pussy and not my ass.

“Ugh… ha ha! Whoops!”

The more she moved her waist, the faster Sarah’s climax cycle grew.
This was the reason why I didn’t need to use the skill.
After all, just being passive is enough.
Don’t look at me with my dick in my pussy and shaking.
Has he not been able to come to his senses even after he has been like that before
No, it’s not a state where normal thinking is possible just by looking at it.

“Ugh… Bake it… Bake it… It’s mine… Ugh… Salvation is mine… Whoops!”

“okay. okay. i’m yours So, can I move slowly now?”

“Yes… ? uh… Ah, ha… ! I can’t… .”

He looked like he didn’t know what he was talking about for a moment.
It’s already completely shattered, but it’s still the queen’s concept. If you forget it, don’t eat it.

“Isn’t it still okay?”

“Ajik… Ajik Burl… .”

No, I mean, shaking your back like that will only make you feel more.
It would be better if I wrap it up once and reset the skill effect.
I was the one who continued to endure as Sarah said while thinking about it.
To be honest, it doesn’t seem like Sarah won’t complain if I shake her back now.

“Bake it… Bake it… uhm… side.”

Well, let’s do what Sarah wants to the end today.

It was only after one fainting that Sarah eventually admitted that she had reached her climax.
After that, it’s a bonus to play with her ass unaffected by Sex Boost, as if teasing me.

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4 layers

and the next morning.
In the end, Sarah, who did not punish me properly, looked at me with tears in her eyes.
But I wasn’t afraid at all.

“What is it? You’ve been punished enough Thank you so much I’m so sorry I will be more careful in the future.”

“This sir… .”

When I spoke blatantly, Sarah stared at me like I was sarcastic.
But once I got punished.
The reason it didn’t go as Sarah originally intended was because she couldn’t stand it.
i’m not wrong I also told you about Sex Boost a long time ago.

“Cee… Ugh… Sigh… .”

Sarah stared at me for a moment, then looked at the clock on the wall and immediately got up and unplugged it.

“uh? Sarah?”

Is he really mad? Originally, it was an unspoken rule to flirt with Vanessa in the morning until Vanessa comes to call.
Also, I was being a little too silly. Even so, it was because Sarah enjoyed her voyeurism too.

“Wash it.”


“It’s my body. wash me with spirits Hurry up because it’s urgent.”

I’m in a hurry, what are you doing in the morning?
Even with such doubts, I summoned the spirit and washed Sarah’s body.
I mean, it’s perfectly mastered.
You’ve mastered the spirit art at the most, but you can only use it this way. It’s a waste of talent even if you think about it yourself.
Anyway, once she was clean, Sarah immediately picked up her clothes, put on her and went out of the room.

“Sa, Sara? Where are you going in the morning?”

“huh. you do not need to know.”

I also hurriedly washed my body and put on clothes and asked a question to Sarah, but the answer I got back was that.
However, Sarah did not immediately leave the room.
It’s like waiting for me to get dressed.
Are you trying to get me to follow you?
Well, I’ll go with you, though. what the hell is going on in the morning

As I was putting up my pants one last time and checking my fit, Sarah swung outside.
The place I hurriedly followed and arrived at was Diana’s room.
… uh? Wait a minute. May this be… .

“Sara. Wait a minute… .”

Before I could stop, Sarah called Diana’s name out loud, opened the door wide and went inside.
Damn it. The door isn’t locked either. Isn’t Diana too defenseless?

“Huh? eh? huh? hey?”

It seems that she was sleeping hard, or Diana was jumping out of the bed with a look of less awake, with a puzzled expression on her face.
And while Diana was doing that, Sarah had already approached Diana right next to her.
Sarah clenched her fists tightly, and, without even letting it dry, brought it to the side of Diana’s temple and started spinning it round and round.

“Ahhh… ! Something?! What is it?!”

Diana, bewildered by the sudden development, was a little too cute to say something like this.
Originally, I had planned to dry it out in a hurry, but when I saw the reaction, it seemed that Sarah was playing a joke without giving too much strength.
It’s cute, so should I watch a little more?

“Diana. While preaching like that how dangerous dungeons are to me, do you do things like that with salvation? Right next to me?”

“… … Whoa?!”

Ah, Diana hardened.
At this rate, it is unlikely that Diana will be released from the petrified state, so let me help you with a word.

“sorry. Diana. I got it.”

“No, no, no, no… .”

After talking to Diana with a heh heh, mischievous smile, Diana’s petrified state was finally relieved.
As an added bonus, Sarah, who was attacking Diana’s temple, somehow made an expression saying that this was not the case.

“What are you talking about, Gengaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa what are you talking about!”

Diana clasped her head with her hands and exclaimed as she opened her eyes in disbelief.

“Do you hear me? hey?! Are you crazy?! Why are you so casual?! Huh?! Huh?!”

no. That… The reaction is more intense than expected. sorry.
Maybe you’re excited again? I thought the same thing, but in this situation, it seems that embarrassment is greater than excitement.

“Diana. Do you have something more to say to me?”

Sara, who was making a face like this is not Terah, straightened her expression again and said as she turned her fists round and round.

“Ahhh… Sorry! However… don’t do it… !”

Diana looked at me with a resentful look, half crying.
No matter how cute she is, if she just looks at her any longer, she might be hated by Diana for the rest of her life.
Is it time for a hero to appear?

“buy it. stop! It’s all my fault! I forced it! To rebuke me… .”
“okay. then.”

Before I could finish my words, Sarah turned her attack target towards me as if she had been waiting.

“uh? awhile… Aww! Split! Split your head! Hey! Is this really painful?!”

“Because it hurts.”

“Aww! awhile! Last night I… !”
“It’s about salvation. Is Diana’s share of salvation being punished instead?

Whoops… ! Sarah boy! I thought something was strange, so I guess he was aiming for this! Poor guy!

“I can’t believe it! I can not believe it! This body said so, did you still not reflect on it?! You can’t even put it into words?! Like that?! Didn’t you say you didn’t hear it! How can this body look at Miss Sara’s face now?!”

And Diana joined the attack.
Perhaps Diana had turned all the shame of being caught into anger against me, so she ran fiercely and started hitting me with both fists.
thump thump thump.
Well. healed It feels like Sarah’s attack is a little halved with Diana’s pat.
If you do, though, you might get a magic attack this time around.

“no. After all, you were forced to do it, so even Sarah will understand… Aww.”

“Diana understands, but she doesn’t understand salvation?! You’d rather come to me because I provoked you, at least to Diana?!”

no. It’s simply because Diana prefers to play like that… .

“Uh huh? Does Miss Sarah stimulate you?”

And until then, Diana, who had not made eye contact with Sarah at all, was looking at me and attacked, but suddenly stopped attacking and raised her head.


“Oh no! What does that mean?!”

Come to think of it, I haven’t seen Diana.
I definitely made eye contact with Diana as Sarah was touching each other, but that means they were facing my mother Diana.
And, of course, Sarah, who was facing me, turned her back on Diana, and in that state, Sarah touched my things, so of course Diana didn’t see it like that.

“Gee, calm down, Diana. Just when Guwon touched me, my genitals were a little bit unknowingly… .”

“Did you even do that?! I don’t even know! What are you doing in the dungeon?!”

“Ah, still better than Diana! It used to be that I was forced to do it, but you had a relationship with Guo-won right next to me, right?! If Diana had refused properly, would this pervert have forced her to do so in the dungeon? Since Diana doesn’t say no… .”

“Come on, wait!”

Dangerous. If this is the case, the two will really fight.
A man sandwiched between two women who have a bad atmosphere for each other. I don’t want to be like that even if I die.
How hard it was for me to build a relationship that wasn’t as bad as it is now.

“It’s just that the two of you did something a little wrong. Wouldn’t it be better to just go with the teacher here? There’s nothing good about fighting, right?”

“What is the worst salvation to do?!”
“What is the most wrong thing to say?!”

Well. Awesome harmonies.
If this is the case, then there is no need to worry about the relationship between the two of them getting worse.

“okay. Diana. This is not the time for us to fight.”

“Well. Just like Sarah said. The opponent these bodies have to fight now… .”

“Hey, guys. Please don’t get sick as much as possible… Aww!”

Instead, I think my body will suffer a little.
In the end, I had to suffer from their offensive until Vanessa came to call Diana.
Well, the only physical damage was Sara’s attack.
But Diana’s pat attack wasn’t ineffective either.
I was happy, but I couldn’t be happy, and I had to hold my facial muscles firmly.
Thanks to that, the back that was hit by Sarah and the face that I had been holding on forcibly hurt a lot.

“Savior? Why are you? You look very tired in the morning.”

Even so, when we arrived at the restaurant, our angel immediately asked with a worried face.
He is also our angel. An oasis in my heart.
But normally, if you come in the morning with a face like this, you’d think last night was really intense.
Of course, it’s true that I’m not tired because of that, but is this reaction of not even thinking about the possibility really normal?
Well, thank you so much for believing in my stamina. no. Is this just believing in healing sex?

“Leia. You don’t have to be kind to Gu-gu today. no. This pervert should not be like that.”

“Well. That’s right. Miss Leia always asks if she comes or not, so this person is spoiling her habit.”

“Yeah? Salvation? Did you do anything else?”

again… Even angels… wow. I hate myself for being unable to refute it.

“that… .”
“Wow! No need to say! Anyway, that’s all you know! It’s forbidden to be kind today!”

“Uh… That’s right… ?”

Leia nodded her head as if she had no choice but to smile while smiling slightly troubled.
Damn it. my last bastion. You stole even the oasis of your heart! That is unfair!

“Something?! Do you have any complaints?!”

“When I was beaten, I liked him too… .”

Diana screamed loudly and attacked again.

“Miss Diana. Isn’t it forbidden to be kind?”

“Wow, what are you talking about! Where does this look kind?! I will punish you!”

“Oh? is that so? Then I… .”

The angel smiled kindly, put recovery magic on his hand, placed his fist on my chest, and twitched his wrists, tapping them like knocking.
Whoops! It is a shock as if beating the heart directly!

“Oh, okay! I won’t even do this! Stop it! Aren’t you even secretly healing!”

Diana. What are you so restless about?
Do you feel threatened in your place?
OK. Your pat attack is invincible.

“Oh. Sorry. Goo Won looks so tired, stop it.”

The angel lifted his hand from my chest like that, sticking out his tongue and winking playfully.
big Also, our angel is the best. More than just healing magic, the effect was definitely activated on my body.

“What are you laughing about?!”

“Salvation. If it’s that good, can I do it too?”

“no. Fine.”

Sarah. It’s okay because it’s a back. If you punch me in the chest, I really die.
Not with the palm of your hand, but with your fist.

“Since the morning, it’s like flirting in front of my eyes… Could you at least go into a room without human eyes and do it?!”

And then, as if she couldn’t take it any longer, Matilda shrugged.

“Ah… .”

Then, Sarah, Diana, and Leia looked around and sat down at their seats with an indifferent expression on their faces.
Well, not only our party members, but Vanessa’s maids, and people from the Wizards’ Association.
For reference, Sylvia was looking at her with her fingers in the corner as if envied.
In fact, it only vibrates when you get caught.

“jealousy… .”

“I beg your pardon?!”

“no. nothing.”

Matilda spoke lightly, thinking that if she made the woman in love with her, she would be easily relieved, but Matilda was strong enough to be overwhelmed before she even tried.
I think he’s really mad
In fact, it’s impossible to have a proper relationship with a man because of his curse, but if you keep seeing this in front of your eyes, you’ll get annoyed.
From now on, let’s be a little more careful in front of Matilda’s eyes.
Well, I can’t say I don’t do it at all.

So the morning commotion was over, and we were finally able to have breakfast.

So what are you going to do today?
Dinner with Rachel is tomorrow, so take it easy today… Oh right. Matilda.
Come to think of it, I was trying to talk to Matilda.

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4 layers

Therefore, as soon as I finished eating, I immediately called Matilda to stand up.


“Yeah? What?”

“Let’s talk to me for a second.”

“four? that, that… Joe, good.”

Hey. You can clearly see what you’re expecting, but you weren’t called to do that in the first place, did you?
Well, of course, after the conversation is over, we may have both.
After all, the curse must be lifted. It’s good to do it when you have free time.

“Well then… Shall I take it off?”

And as soon as I entered my room, Matilda looked around the room and said:
Come to think of it, is this the first time Matilda has entered my room?
Anyway, I don’t think it’s much different from Matilda’s room anyway.
I basically keep everything in my inventory.

“no. Before that, I have something to tell you.”

“What, what, what… ?”

When I spoke seriously, Matilda hardened her body, but her eyes were slightly blurred.
no. So it’s not like that.
Anyway, it’s hard to have a serious conversation with him.

“I mean going to dungeons. Do you plan to follow me in the future?”

“… Yeah? Come on, what are you talking about all of a sudden?”

Matilda, who had her eyes wide open, said, startled, as if she had never expected me to say these words.

“no. The more you go, the harder it gets in the dungeon. Honestly, you don’t even need to come to the dungeon… .”

It was. Come to think of it, there was no reason for Matilda to follow us.
In the first place, he is simply staying in our mansion to break the curse.
She didn’t belong to our clan like Sylvia did.
The reason I followed the dungeon was purely because Matilda insisted on doing it.
Maybe it was because it was frustrating that I couldn’t go out very often without this opportunity, but now it’s harder to be in a dungeon than to stay at home.

“Well, that means… Are you saying you don’t need me?”

Matilda looked at me with a very shocked expression and said, clasping her hands as if begging for something.
Can he really do that?
Matilda had gotten used to being a little rude, so I was able to swear I never thought of it that way, although my usual attitude was a bit like that.

“no. Wait a minute. I don’t mean that. I said something a little confusing. Of course we need you for our party. Just being with you behind the scenes is very reassuring. I don’t need it But I have no intention of forcibly carrying you with me when you are having a hard time. There’s no reason for you to go to the dungeon, right?”

“Ha, but the Goddess… .”

“That is my mission. You don’t have to push yourself.”

“… What if I still want to follow you?”


“I, me too… !”

Matilda looked like she wanted to say something, but as if she had changed her mind, she bit her lip and stopped speaking.

“Ever since then, I am grateful to you. Either way, you’re trying to free me from my curse.”

Hearing things like that from Matilda hurts my conscience.
When I do it with Matilda, I feel good too.
It was quite a strange feeling for me to do something pleasant and to be thanked in that way.

And, frankly, he said that he would lift the curse every time, but frankly, he didn’t try so desperately.
I didn’t do it very often with Matilda for such a thing.
It’s just an excuse to say that our kids are noticing.
So Matilda’s thanks made me feel even more uncomfortable.

“So… I want to repay you for this feeling. If you still need my help, I want to keep following you. Well, someday, when the curse is lifted, I will have to go back to the Holy See, but even then, I’ll keep going… . So… .”

However, I couldn’t just say that Matilda, who had been appealing with such eyes, did not need to be thankful, so there was no need to follow her in return.

“But it’s hard, isn’t it?”

“No. That’s not the problem. That’s not what I want to hear. Don’t you know?”

Not a voice that easily fell in love under the influence of a curse as usual, but a voice that really appeals and touches the heart.
Could this be Cardinal Matilda’s true form in the first place?
It was a figure that made a ripple in people’s minds enough to make them think like that.

“… I need Matilda’s help.”

So I had no choice but to say that even though I knew there was a problem.

“… Thank you.”

Matilda thanked me with a bright smile like a flower in full bloom.

“Just as you said, I can get over it.”

“But it’s actually dangerous, and in terms of psychology… .”

“no. According to Diana’s explanation, it’s a matter of whether you’re used to the mana of the dungeon or not. I can’t say for sure that it’s a problem that cannot be solved by mental strength alone.

That’s right. But that’s right.

“And next time you go, you’re going to start from the first floor, right? Even if it’s me, I don’t mind the 1st tier. You can get used to it from there.”

Oh, that’s how I see it.
I hadn’t thought of that. Visiting the pond on the first floor had such an added effect.

“Above all. I’m a cardinal. In the denomination, he is second to the Pope. My pride does not allow me to step back without being able to overcome such hardships as I am in a position to represent so many priests.”

And Matilda suddenly returned to her usual form and said so in a slightly arrogant tone.

“okay. Well, first of all, please. If it becomes a burden, I will throw it away immediately.”

Thanks to this, I was able to treat Matilda as I normally would.
Whoa. thank God. Just because Matilda was weird a while ago.
Truly a cardinal from the candidacy of a saint.
I can’t believe it was possible to create an atmosphere like that sucking people in.

“What, what?!”

“If you don’t want it to be like that, then it’s enough to overcome it. right? Is there any problem?”

“Ah, no matter what… !”
“More than that.”

“What is it? You suddenly set the mood so it doesn’t suit you.”

It doesn’t fit… Well it may be, but at least I don’t want to hear that from you.
You fall in love even if I do this.
Look. It’s snowing already.

“Since the serious talk is over, shall we do it now?”

“What do you mean?”

“What you expected in the first place.”

“Yeah… .”

Wow. look at him I don’t deny it at all.
It was Matilda who was completely obsessed with the pink atmosphere.

“then… .”

I gently grabbed Matilda’s clothes and took them off slowly.
Matilda twisted her body slightly to make it easier for me to take it off, and Matilda’s gorgeous body that was hidden in her puffy uniform was revealed.
The priests here are all pretty, but the basic priest’s uniforms are really poorly designed.
Matilda was once like Leia’s priestly uniform… no. No matter how much you excuse yourself for going to the dungeon, if you change your cardinal uniform like that, won’t it end in scolding?

Anyway, when I took off my clothes, leaving only my underwear behind, Matilda took my clothes off.
My clothes, still clinging to plain fabrics, came off in an instant, and Matilda reached out to my underwear as well.

“Ah… .”

And as I lowered my underwear and looked at my items exposed, Matilda sighed in admiration.
It is always a pleasant reaction.
Besides, my kids these days are so used to my stuff that they don’t show this kind of reaction.
Matilda patted my object for a moment, lovingly, and then put it in her mouth.

“Uh… Well… side. Huh?”

But as soon as the object grew completely in Matilda’s mouth, I pulled it back and pulled it out.


Matilda said as she gently stroked me, still holding my object with one hand.
I know it’s this kind of attitude because I’m under a curse, but I couldn’t help but feel like it was tickling my heart even though I knew it.
If such a pretty girl behaves like she’s lovable with all her might, then there’s nothing you can do about it as a man.

“Because I want to be connected with you rather than with my mouth.”

“Huhu. Have you already lost your patience?”

no. It’s only because this is the best way to break your curse.
I thought I’d say it rudely, but I thought I didn’t have to be mean until this point, so I swallowed the words that came out of my throat.

Besides, looking at Matilda’s face now, it was impossible to say such a rude thing to say.
Matilda wrapped her arms around my waist, walked slowly to the edge of the bed, and sat slightly on it.
Then he gently grabbed his underwear and pulled it down to near his knee, then pulled out only one leg.
And the legs, still covered with panties, were folded and their feet spread apart as if they were on the bed.
Then, the panties that had been draped around the knees slid back down and draped around the middle of Matilda’s thighs.
Then, the rest of the legs that came out of the panties stretched toward me, wrapped their toes around my waist, and slowly pulled them towards me.

“Then please come. I’m fine anytime.”

“Huh. Wait a minute. You’re still not wet.”

I also wanted to rush in and insert it right away, but I haven’t been able to.
Because Matilda wasn’t wet enough.
Maybe Matilda was expecting it too, there was a slightly moist feeling, but this alone is still not enough to accept my stuff. If you don’t release enough.
I put my hand on Matilda’s pubic hair and gently caressed it, even using the saint’s hand.

“Ugh! Whoops! I’m sorry. Whoops!”

“okay. Then next time, really, make sure you soak it up enough to be okay at any time.”

“Yeah, huh! yes… ! Whoops!”

Also, he’s very pretty.
If you usually have this attitude, no. This is because of the curse. Even if I wasn’t affected by the curse, if I could show you like this… .
awhile. what am i thinking
no pig no I have my kids. This is to break the curse.
Matilda doesn’t have any romantic feelings for me unless it’s a curse.
I repeated it over and over again in my mind as if I was telling myself.
And when I thought it was wet to some extent, I immediately inserted it into Matilda.

“Aww! Gukwon is in me… !”

So don’t be so happy.
I think you’ll stop mistaking it.
I moved my back, trying to be as businesslike as possible.

“Savior… Yes… suggestion… heh… Are you feeling good?”

Damn it. There’s no way you can be a business person doing this with such a pretty girl.
No. Let’s think differently.
okay. Thinking about Matilda’s curse. It is a proven fact that the system to solve this is similar to the level-up system.
If that’s the case, I can buy it a lot cheaper. Concentrate on buying… no. awhile. It’s been proven that the better I feel, the more efficient I am.
Then again, it is said that it is more important to act in a way that satisfies Matilda, rather than moving in an office-like manner so as not to fall for Matilda.
Damn it. I can’t help it. Sorry guys. It’s never the wind To break the curse.
I was convinced of my own conclusion and gave up turning away from Matilda.

“Ugh! ah! Whoops! Huh!”

Matilda sobbed with pleasure, but slowly reached out and gently stroked my chest.
Then he slowly lifted his hand up and brought it to my face, stroking my cheek as if he couldn’t help it with love.

“Yes! Whoops! Huh!”

As if responding to him, I gently wrapped my arms around Matilda’s voluptuous breasts.

“Matilda. Pretty.”

“Ah… Yes. All, you too… heh… Salvation… so cool… .”

okay. For now, don’t worry too much that this attitude is due to a curse, and it’s best to accept it as it is and feel better.

“Ugh, uh huh!”

And as they looked at each other and shook their backs, Matilda reached a light climax first.
And as Matilda’s high level inside tightened accordingly, a signal came to me too.

“Matilda. I also… .”

“Ugh! yes yes! Salvation… inside me… loads… !”

I didn’t have to put up with it anyway, or rather, who had to pay a lot to get rid of the curse, I did the first ejaculation in Matilda without even thinking of putting up with it.

“Ugh… continue… .”

“Because you have to do as much as you can when you can.”

And immediately after ejaculation, without stopping, I immediately shook my back again.

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