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4 layers

The system to remove the curse is the same as the level up system.
That’s also how Matilda’s level rises.
So, of course, I had to ejaculate a lot, and I needed to feel better, not Matilda.
So, I did what I wanted to do so that I could be satisfied with myself as much as possible.

I thought for a while that it might be more efficient to use the weak posture because it makes me feel good, but after careful thought, it wasn’t.
The Weak Stance is a skill that literally makes you judge that your level has been lowered in all areas.
It is judged that the level of sensitivity during sexual activity has been lowered, but there is no convenient function such as raising the experience value to the same as when it was at my original level.
Well, if it is, of course it is.
If that’s possible, that’s too scam.
If I had a bed with a low-level woman after using the weak stance, I would have been able to raise my level by 10 or more with one ejaculation.

Anyway, if I lower my level to about 90 in a weak position and then have sex, the other person will also get experience points for having sex with level 90.
The system for removing the curse is the same as leveling up, so this part is probably the same.
In that case, it is better to just do it this way than to use the weak posture.
Anyway, I’m at a lower level than Matilda right now, so I can get it cheap if I decide to buy it, but there’s no need to lower the level here to lower the efficiency.
As the level is lowered, the pleasure is amplified, but the fact that the level is lower than that acts as a demerit in raising the experience value.

Therefore, I enjoyed acting with Matilda as much as I liked without using anything like the underdog stance.
And the results were dazzling.

“Oh oh. Matilda look at this. Signs of the curse have been greatly reduced.”

I said, grabbing Matilda’s left arm and pushing her in so that I could see the trail.
When we first met, the black marks on his wrist were now reduced to about half of Matilda’s forearm.
And when I looked at my left leg, which was draped over my shoulder, the scar that had also reached my ankle had shrunk down to the middle of my shin.
Did you reduce the scars on your limbs by 5cm each just today?
Human, you can do it.
I’m sure Matilda would be happy too.

“Ugh… hey…  hehe… .”

… Well, it looks like he doesn’t have the spirit to be happy now, but when he comes to his senses later.
did you have so much fun

Come to think of it, today was the first time I did anything purely to lift the curse without thinking about verifying the system.
Since I was only pursuing my own pleasure, I didn’t feel like I was running too loose.
But thanks to this, such a splendid result has been achieved.
I’m not wrong.

But with Matilda’s condition, it seemed impossible to do any more today.
I summoned the water spirit, washed Matilda and myself, put a blanket over Matilda’s body lying on the bed, and then went out of the room.

So, what are you going to do from now on?
The time is around 3pm.
I’ve done it so far without breakfast and lunch, so it’s a great deal, but nevertheless, there was still plenty of time left for the day to pass.

Of course, my meal plan with Rachel is still tomorrow, and I have nothing to do today… Uh, wait.
meal appointments. It was also the promise I made to treat it with gratitude.
It’s not like a date, so I thought I could go there comfortably without having to prepare or do anything, but there was one important problem.
It’s a place I treat myself to, so of course I don’t have to choose a restaurant and escort it.
I don’t know of any plausible restaurant.

Of course, it’s not that I didn’t even know the location of the restaurant when I came to this world.
I just don’t know of a suitable restaurant.
All the restaurants I know of are too extreme.
Most of them are like bustling bars and restaurants where adventurers gather, of course, there was no way I could take Rachel’s sister to such a place.
In the original world, it’s like taking them to a snack shop saying they’re serving a meal.

So, do you go to the restaurant you went to with Diana?
But on the contrary, it’s a luxury restaurant too seriously.
Imagine that a man suddenly takes you to a place like that, even if you’re not really in a relationship. It’s normal for a normal woman to feel burdened.
For nothing, I’d be suspicious of whether this guy has a dark heart for me.

there is no middle middle one.
I hurriedly unfolded the map, but, unfortunately, the map did not show such a place.
Well, in the first place, only the places I entered were recorded, so I wasn’t expecting it.
Then what? Shall we go out and look for it now?
Time is a bit tight, but if I use my physical abilities to the full and wander around like crazy, wouldn’t I be able to find one somewhere suitable?

no. Come to think of it, there’s no need for that.
There is one more sure way.
You just have to ask who.

Of course, I would never ask Sarah, Diana, or Leia.
I’m trying to serve a meal to another woman, is there any good place?
Huh. It’s not about rushing into a minefield, that’s what it’s doing.
no. It’s not like it’s particularly poignant to treat Rachel’s sister with a meal, though.
It’s not that I’m having an affair, the cause is Dianago in the first place.
But I don’t think the kids are going to like it anyway.

If that’s the case, I’d have to ask it secretly, but it wasn’t easy either.
All three of them are very quick-witted.
Sarah and Diana, as well as Leia, seem to be quick to notice things related to me these days.

Then all that’s left is… .
Good. Also, that’s all that’s left.
It seems like it would be easy to find out by stumbling around.
It was good. Shall I go
I headed straight to Sylvia’s room.

“Kkeke! Sylvia! I came… There is none.”

I opened the door on purpose to surprise them, and they rushed in, but Sylvia wasn’t there.
Instead, I could only see the surprised maid while cleaning the room.

To be honest, it’s incredibly frustrating.

“there… Do you know where Sylvia is?”

“Yeah. If it’s Sylvia… .”

The maid answered my question with a gentle smile as if nothing had happened.
I’d rather just laugh. Laugh at what Kkeke is mimicking.
That kindness hurts more.

I asked an unknown maid for the location and arrived at a large open space in the garden.
Sylvia is practicing swordsmanship there.
I didn’t know he was stalking only me every time, but he does things like that when I’m not there.
After all, the reason why he rose to the Royal Guard at that age was not only because of his rapid leveling up due to insensitivity.

As I approached the vacant lot, I saw Sylvia sitting on the ground and staring blankly at the sky.
It’s an expressionless expression that makes you think of the first time we met.
Perhaps this is Sylvia’s original personality, but I saw her blushing and trembling every day, so it was very refreshing to see her like this.
It’s easy to ask about the restaurant’s location anyway, so let’s keep an eye on it for a bit.
I have a little interest in what I do when I’m not there.


no. How long are you going to be like that?
Isn’t he sleeping like that?
no. Once your eyes are open

Thirty minutes had passed, and Sylvia was still staring blankly at the sky.
It’s cute like a doll, but if it’s like this, it’s going to be dinner time.
I have a purpose today, so let’s go out soon.

“Savior… .”

With that determination, I was about to appear in front of Sylvia, when I heard Sylvia muttering my name.


“Hey ah ah ah ah!”

So I jumped out in response, but as soon as Sylvia heard my answer, she jumped up like a spring and screamed.
OK. don’t hurt

“Goo, goo, goo, goo!”

are you a dove

“What is the savior doing here?!”

“no. I’m here to talk. busy?”

“Ah, I’m not busy!”

Sylvia hurriedly hid the wooden sword next to her behind her back and shouted.
No, I know you’re not busy even if you don’t hide it. I saw you blankly

“I have a few questions for you… .”

Saying that, I looked at the clock in the corner of my field of vision.
Come to think of it, I skipped lunch, and I have some time until dinner.
Good. it’s ok It would be more natural to do this.
I immediately came up with a new plan, and stopped talking about the restaurant.

“If it’s free, let’s go out with me.”

“Yes Yes? Where do you mean?”

“I don’t really know where I want to go. I just want to train you.”

“Huh, huh, training? Well, if that’s the case, I’m working hard right now… .”

of mine

Perhaps there was something to be said for training, Sylvia said while showing the sword behind her back.
no. To hide it, hide it till the end. It’s not that I didn’t like it in the first place.
I like it so much that’s the problem.

“okay. I’m excited today too, but it’s time to get used to it.”


Sylvia made a face that said yes, and began to shake her body.

“Why do you hate it?”


“okay. I like it too.”

“Hey huh… .”

Hey. Don’t melt it already even though it hasn’t arrived yet.

“I don’t tremble like that. Sylvia. I also came to the conclusion that it is not good to just be with you through training.”

“Yeah? That, then… .”

“okay. I was thinking about everything. First, let’s find out how far away you need to be to find peace of mind. Come on, get away from it to a distance where your body won’t tremble.”

“Hey, what are you talking about here?”

“Huh? Huh. It’s our garden. Why?”

“You are too narrow.”

“… What? Hey. What about when you follow me from far away?”

“Yeah, even then, I’m trembling!”

Oh, yes.
This is a lot more serious than I thought.
However, it was only then that I gradually got used to it and the training to narrow the distance did not seem to work at all.
I can’t help it. Today, I just have to do it as usual.

I had been thinking about how to train just before, so I could jump right out, but it was impossible to come up with a way more than this right away.
We need to find out the restaurant’s location too, so let’s give up today.

“Then there is nothing I can do.”

“Ahhh… .”

“Let’s do it as usual today. Come on, let’s go!”

“Ugh, sleep… At least the clothes… Bar, Jira, who was swinging the sword until now, is sweating… .”

“OK. I will wash you with the spirit of water. Okay, okay. Go.”

“Uh, uh… .”

In the end, Sylvia gave up everything, clinging to my arm and starting to tremble.
Even if you don’t tell me to take this pose.
After all, Sylvia herself is enjoying it.

We went out to the street, and decided to walk a little along the road.
It’s too much for me to go out to dinner without thinking.
I pretended to just look around… .


“Oh, savior. Are you in the market?”

Sylvia said trembling, with a worried expression on her face, as if my body had priority.

“Yeah, that’s… .”

Because I skipped lunch and worked hard against Matilda until now.

“Well, I guess you didn’t even have lunch today. By the way, rather than taking special training like me, why don’t you stop by and get a quick meal?”

Sylvia… . How do you choose only to do pretty things like this?
Because I look difficult, I stop trembling and worry, and of course asks me to go to a restaurant.
Well, there was a little bit of self-interest that I wanted to get over this crisis of special training by sticking with me, but that level is cute enough to pass.
So I put my hand on Sylvia’s head and stroked it.

“Ahhh… .”

Perhaps because I was worried, Sylvia started shaking again.
‘Cause he’s a cute guy

“Then then. I don’t know, do you know any good restaurants?”

If it’s just to fill up a meal, you can take it to a place like a dessert shop.
That’s why I dared to designate it as a restaurant and ask Sylvia a question.

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4 layers

“Yes, yes! We will guide you!”

And our cute Sylvia was hooked on my horse and grabbed my arm and started leading the way.
The place where Sylvia was guided and followed was… It was an upscale restaurant that looked incredibly luxurious.
It was a different place from the two places Diana and I went to, but even here, it was so luxurious that I never lost it.

Somehow, he didn’t fall into other places and kept walking only in the aristocratic family. I should have noticed then.
Then I forgot He was a noble girl.
It is also of such a high status that the princess and childhood friend eat it.

“Why? Don’t like it? Sorry. Thinking that you are going to market, stop and go to the nearest place… I will guide you again. A little further and a better place… .”

“No no no. Like it. I like it. money… .”

It’s a better place than here, are you going to visit the royal chef in the castle?
Is there really such a place?

“Do not worry if it is money! I will!”

reliable. it’s sylvia it’s so reassuring
I’m sorry to say this, but even in the dungeon, I’ve never thought of you so confidently… .

“no. That’s not it. I’m going to eat dinner at home anyway, so there’s no need to settle for a quick meal at a high-end restaurant like this. Where can I get some more?”

I’m looking for a place to treat Rachel’s sister with a meal, so I can’t say that it’s a cheap and suitable place.
I am now convinced of this incident.
A cheap and affordable place for Sylvia is exactly what I was looking for.

“… Is that so… . if so… .”

Sylvia had a look on her face that she didn’t care if she paid, but after thinking for a bit if she still respected my opinion, she guided me again.

And the place we arrived at was a moderately luxurious looking restaurant.
It was quite luxurious for what it was brought from, saying it was cheap and suitable, but the standards of nobility must be a little different from mine.
Nobility is also nobility.

Come to think of it, even though Diana is a very tall person, she never wore a tee like that.
Is the life of ordinary people familiar with the long run away from home?
Or is it just that Sylvia doesn’t know much about the world?
Somehow, some weight is being put on this side.
Assuming you were always with the princess until you met me, it’s possible.
no. It was the Royal Guard. He must have been in the castle just close to the princess.

I am different from Sylvia again

As I saw it, I entered the restaurant in front of me.
When we ordered some simple food and looked around, we definitely felt a more relaxed atmosphere than the places we went with Diana.
I often see people eating casually, and I can hear them talking.
In terms of the original world, it feels a bit more upscale among family restaurants.

“It’s a good place.”

“He, he, is that so… .”

And as soon as the guide to the restaurant was over, Sylvia stiffened again.
Now that he was sitting in front of me and facing me, it was not easy to look away.
Sylvia looked at my face with a blushing face, and was shivering, exhaling harshly, ha ha ha.

“How did Sylvia find out about this place?”

If it was the restaurant I was introduced to earlier, it was a street where I could go to the castle as if I was eating out occasionally, but this is not it.
The location of this place was located on the outskirts of the aristocratic family, and it was a place that would have been difficult to come if only in the castle.

“All right, I heard from other knights. Occasionally on patrol, there is a good restaurant to eat if you are hungry.”

indeed. After all, it’s the first time Sylvia herself has been there.
But how do you treat a restaurant like this like that?
Those other knight companions also seem to have the same concept of price as Sylvia.

“Ha, but are you really okay? The tables here aren’t that big either… .”

“Thanks to you, you can see Sylvia at such a close distance, right?”

“Ugh… !”

“Hey, hey. Do not make strange noises in the store. you are misunderstood … I’m just asking, don’t you feel it right now?”

“Oh, I didn’t feel it! I didn’t feel it!”

this is suspicious But it is impossible to check it here.
There are too many eyes to see.
Because Sylvia’s shy sound has already paid enough attention.

“Sir Babette! Isn’t it Sir Babett?!”

And among the people who got our attention like that, it seems that there was someone who happened to know Sylvia.
Sylvia wasn’t fully armed like she was when she went to the dungeon, but a woman dressed in knight armor came up to us.

“Ha ha ha… No, Sir Miler?”

And Sylvia, too, seemed to recognize the article.
Maybe it’s the fellow knight who told me this way, or something like that?
What a coincidence… .

“You are also Sir Babett! Long time no see! But what about that expression… no. Rather, why is Sir Babet here? .”

As the knight said that, his voice gradually became lower and he suddenly looked at me as if he had noticed something.

“Well, then this person… Oops!”

Hey. Why do you think people are wearing robes like this?
Anyway, these days, every time I go out, I’m tired of having to wear this.
Before the knight shouted that he was a saint, I could barely keep the knight’s mouth shut.

“Shhhh. quietly. You know?”

I put my face to the knight’s face and whispered that quietly, and the knight nodded his head as if he knew it.
The slight redness of that face was never mine

It’s not about feeling.
big Now, my appearance has risen to a level that even aristocrats can eat.
Also, handsome is the best

“No, no… Whoa… Sir Miler, what are you doing here?”

And Sylvia, who saw it, was a little restless, and then pushed herself between me and the knight and shouted.
Thanks to this, I got closer to me and trembled for a while, but it seems like I’m willing to sacrifice myself to get another woman away from me.

Sylvia didn’t show any signs of jealousy no matter how much my kids and I flirted with each other, but as long as she’s a human, there’s no way she can’t help feeling that way.
Seeing Sylvia’s jealous face for the first time, I was a little happy.
Let’s make it cute later as a prize.
Well, it’s a prize that Sylvia might want to die if she gets it.

“I got a little break from patrolling… Hmmm. Rather, Sir Babett. Did you hear me?”

The knight tried to say that he was casually joking, but when he saw my eyes, he coughed in vain and changed his words.

“story… mean?”

“Yeah. The queen finally tells the princess… Hmmm.”

no. So don’t look at me and tell me to the end I’m curious. What?

“no. It’s not a good place to talk about this. I’ve heard a bit about Sir Babett’s situation, but if you have time, please stop by the castle. The princess may need the help of Sir Babett.”

“… Is it important?”

Hearing the knight’s words, Silvia’s face, which had been half-fluttered until then, became serious in an instant.
It’s something I’ve felt every time, but it’s because I’m really focused
Just like when I was guiding a restaurant earlier, when I had something else to focus on, I quickly forget what melted into me.
Well, because of that great concentration, I don’t know if it’s because I’m just concentrating on happy emotions when I’m alone with the two of them, so I melt so badly

“Yeah. It’s not an urgent matter to quarrel with, but in terms of importance, it’s quite.”

“Ugh… Okay. Thanks for the advice.”

“no. Sorry to disturb you. Then I’m alone. Have a good time you two. It was an honor to meet you as well.”

The knight greeted me a little, and went back to his seat.
I heard that it was an honor to meet a knight who looked like a nobleman. I’ve been pretty good too.

“Felicia… What the hell is going on… .”

And Sylvia, who heard the article’s story, continued to be restless and troubled after that.
Even when they are facing each other from such a close distance, they do not vibrate.


Just when I saw the driver leaving the store, I decided that I couldn’t leave Sylvia like this any longer.
It seems like it’s not the time to do special training or anything else that I’m used to.

“Yeah? Ah yes. What’s going on?”


“Yes Yes? However… .”

“Are you concerned?”

“Oh, no. Since Lord Miler said it wasn’t about arguing over time, that’s about it… Savior?”

Even though he grabbed Silvia’s hand, which was waving violently and denying it, still Silvia didn’t vibrate.

“You’re holding my hand like this without trembling and you don’t care?”

“Ah, oh… .”

Then Sylvia showed her shy side, but her reaction was different from usual.
It’s not that I’m ashamed to hold hands like this, I think it’s a reaction that I’m ashamed of being caught lying.

“It’s okay, so let’s go. You are a precious friend. I don’t know what’s going on, but when I need help, I’ll be there for you.”

“Ha, but then the dungeon… .”

“What is that urgent? The Goddess didn’t set a deadline, you just have to go a little later. I won’t go without you, so go. We need to figure out what’s going on first.”

“… Yes. Then I’m sorry… .”

“no. ’cause I’m not sorry Come on.”

“Yep! For now, I’ll just go and see what’s going on. Even if it’s a little overkill today, I’ll definitely be back by tomorrow.”

“OK. You can do it slowly without rushing.”

“Yeah. Thank you very much, Lord.”

“okay. If you need our help, let me know.”

“Yep! Then I will go.”

After saying that, Sylvia nodded her head and hurriedly left the restaurant.
After all, he denied it verbally, but it seems that his friend was very worried on the inside.

Having sent Sylvia like that, I lifted the fork again, praising myself for having sent Sylvia well.
Now, the rest of the steak… awhile.
And only then, I noticed my own grave mistake.

A large man in the middle of a family restaurant, wearing a robe and eating a steak alone.

Oh no! not this! Don’t look at me like that! You saw it too! Originally, I was eating with a great beauty!
Some of you may have just come and haven’t seen me, but look at my appearance.
I can’t find anyone to eat with this look… Damn Rob!
If you take it off, a huge handsome man will come out! It’s real!

Of course, I couldn’t make that excuse, and I had no choice but to put the steak in my mouth while tasting the humiliation.
Can’t I just go out too?
I’m not the kind of rude person to leave what I ate and just walk away.
It leaves meat too! It’s going to be punished!

By the way, the steak was delicious.
To the extent that I think it’s okay to come here again tomorrow with Rachel.
Sigh… Do I have to come here again tomorrow?
Shall I buy another lobra in a different color? no. This was a match made with Diana.

no. Let’s think differently.
Rather, they come in wearing the same robe and brag about it.
Bring Rachel with you. I will let everyone know that I am the type of person who can dine with such a beautiful woman.
no. If we tell the whole world, it will even enter our children’s ears… Whoa! Anyway!

Anyway, in that way, I was able to safely complete the search for a restaurant to go with Rachel.
There was another event on the way, so we separated from Sylvia, but he said he would be back by tomorrow, so I guess we should go to dinner with Rachel and listen to the situation.

I achieved my goal and, as a bonus, my stomach was moderately filled, and I was light.

I walked back to the mansion.
I never went back in a hurry to forget the humiliation of being alone. It’s a light step

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4 layers

“Well? What happened to the princess?”

and evening time.
Diana tilted her head when she explained why Sylvia wasn’t there.

“Vanessa. Did you hear anything while these bodies were in the dungeon?”

“I wonder if Vanessa has heard anything.”

“Well? Why are you making such an assertion? you know too Vanessa is capable.”

“Thank you.”

“But boy, if you can, you don’t go out of the house. I don’t think I know.”

“You speak. that’s… Isn’t that a butler? It’s only natural to stay at home and take care of it. Anyway, Vanessa. So, have you heard anything?”

Diana glanced at Vanessa with a slightly puzzled expression, then gave me a strong look and said so.
what’s that reaction I was just trying to make fun of Vanessa a little.
Is there any other reason that I don’t know about and don’t go out often?
If that’s the case, I’m sorry. Even if you didn’t know the circumstances.

“There is not. Sorry.”

“No. Don’t blame yourself. He said that he was hiding the news that he gave information, so it is probably a story that only a small part of the castle knows.”

Diana said so as if exhorting Vanessa, then gave me a scolding look.
no. So it’s because I didn’t know. I don’t know what’s going on.

“Anyway, if it’s a serious story about the country, even if it’s a secret, a little bit of rumor has spread. There were no such rumors on the streets while we were coming. It’s not going to be very important. At best, the princess must have been rebuked for having had another accident.”

“If that’s the case, then you need Sylvia’s power and there’s nothing to do, right?”

“Even a princess like that will die if she gets scolded. In times like these, what you need the most is a friend who is by your side and comforts you.”

indeed. Is it like that? If that’s the case, the anglerfish will hit you.
The article who gave me the information also said that it was not a matter of arguing over a poem.
Don’t do it, Diana. such a princess Well, I agree with that expression, but you are too merciless.

“I don’t think the woman who lives with her good taste is going to die just because she’s been scolded.”

Besides, Sarah had one more drink.
It seems that the princess’ evaluation is still the worst among Sarah.

“okay? He certainly has a free-spirited personality, but he never had the impression that he lived by his own good taste.”

Wasn’t it rather easy-going for a princess?
I think that if she was a normal princess, she wouldn’t have flirted with me in that way, even though I had a much lower status than her.
When I said that, Sarah glared at me with a sting.

“Salvation is being deceived. What you’re doing is completely foxy. that talk. that attitude. Your body is overflowing with unfounded confidence that there is no man you can’t get over by flirting.”

Ah… Then it might be

If you think about it that way, you can think of it as living on your own flair.
But I don’t think that’s unfounded confidence.
Above all else, she is a woman whose fascination seems to be activated passively.
To be honest, I would have passed right away without you.

I gently stroked Leia’s back, who was sitting next to me, and only lightly retorted in my mind.
Note that this is not just a touch.
For some reason our angel was surprised when Sarah just cursed the princess.
Did you react to the fact that what you are doing is a fox? Because even a nine-tailed fox is a fox.
Well, even so, our angels don’t do the usual foxy things at all.
Rather, it is the opposite.
pure and natural. That’s the word that refers to our angel.
After all, our angels are cute.

“Well, anyway, there’s no need for this body to know what’s going on. When Miss Sylvia comes back tomorrow, let me hear it.”

Diana said so and drank the tea as if this was the end of the story.
Sara didn’t want to keep talking about the princess, so she never talked about him after that, and Leia, who had never met the princess in the first place, didn’t even get involved in the story.

Come to think of it, Matilda is also a high cardinal, so maybe she’s met the princess at least once or twice?
But he doesn’t even bother to talk, and he’s strangely quiet today.

When I turned to Matilda, Matilda was staring at me slightly for some reason.
One hand was holding the smooth belly, and the other hand was chewing the food in front of him.
Why are you here again? I don’t know if I’d hear a thank you, but I didn’t do anything to be stared at.
Check your wrist or something. Today, the curse was greatly lifted.

Anyway, Sylvia, who always stared at me in the corner, disappeared, and after dinner, which was a bit lonely, I immediately caught up with Vanessa.


“Yeah. What’s going on?”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“… What do you mean?”

“no. You said earlier that you don’t go out of the house. I was just trying to make fun of you, but when I think back on it, something seems to be happening.”


When I apologized, Vanessa looked me in the eye and stood still for a while.
what, what Why are you in this mood? you apologized to hit one?

“… no. If you are a savior, it is fine.

But after saying that, Vanessa turned around again and continued on her way.

“Yes? Hey. awhile. What do you mean if it’s me, it’s okay?”

Even if I hold onto it like that, without turning her face toward me again.
what is that you care
There is a saying that women are more beautiful when they have secrets, but our Super Butler has too many secrets.

Well, I wish I hadn’t told you.
First of all, the apology was properly accepted, and now there is something more important than digging into the truth of what Vanessa said.
Just the important thing to have a happy night with our Diana!

“Ugh… .”

Unlike me, who was just excited, Diana had a difficult expression on her face.
Diana, who came after taking a shower, had been looking like this since before.
He stared at me as he sat on the bed with his arms crossed.

“Diana, why?”

“I’m thinking about how I should treat you today.”

“Huh? What are you talking about?”

“What?! Have you already forgotten! Today is not a day to be kind to you!”

Oh, you’re still doing that.
sorry. I completely forgot
Come to think of it, I haven’t seen Sarah, Diana, and Leia since this morning.
I’ve been playing with Matildana and Sylvia all day… I feel a little bit sorry.
No, both of them weren’t just playing, they were doing what they had to do, and I had a good time as well, so there’s nothing to be sorry about.

“Diana, though, it’s just the two of us now. You don’t have to… .”

“You don’t have to! Rather, there are only two, so it should be more so! You have to get your soul on it! Why the hell did Miss Sarah find out? Do you know how ashamed this body was! I couldn’t even look at Miss Sara’s face!”

“Still, looking at the cause, it was because Sarah was messing with my things in the dungeon. You don’t have to be so shy. Diana wasn’t the only one doing that with me in the dungeon.”

“What kind of logic does that happen?! Rather shameful!”

“Diana too. I can’t help it. So what are you going to do in the end?”

“It’s you who can’t help it!! Earn! bee!”

“What? Did Sarah get enough punishment yesterday?”

Well, it was a bit too much fun for me to call it a punishment.
In the end, I also won.

“That’s it! this is this one! First of all! I don’t think you can’t remember what you did to this body the last time you were a punishment!”

Oh, indeed. Then I saw that
Maybe he was just looking for a chance to punish me. This is dangerous.
Well, to be honest, it’s not scary at all.
I had the confidence that I would never lose no matter what punishment I received in bed.
Long live the saint. Long live the Goddess.

“like that. So today, I’m going to take my clothes off and take a walk around the mansion?”

“Oh, ah, ah, I won’t! You idiot!”

Whatever she was thinking, Diana shouted with her face blushing.
Truly a sorcerer. If you do that, you seem to have a very good idea of ​​what will unfold.

“What then? Doesn’t it make me feel better today?”

“Of course not! That’s pretty much the norm!”

“Even if I make you feel good, do you make a distasteful expression?”

“Everyone, of course not!”

Diana’s voice trembled slightly as she answered.
It seems that Diana herself knows. that it won’t be easy

yes it is I don’t think the country is confident either.
It’s like saying Sara, Diana, or Leia are doing something they don’t like.
Well. Thinking about it that way, it’s not that I’m not confident, it’s that it’s not possible at all.
How are you as a person?
But now Diana has declared that she will try it. if so… .

“Aren’t you going to kiss me all day today?”

“Everything, everything, everything, of course not! hey!”

Hey. Don’t try to cry after answering yourself.
Well, I think I asked a bit of a mean question too.
Well, I’m sorry, so let’s show you the right reaction first.

“What! You are too much!”

I said with a shocked expression as much as possible.
As a side note, if Diana was really going to do what she said, she would have been really shocked, not acting.
But, no matter how much you think about it, there’s no way it’ll ever end.
That’s right, Diana will try hard at least for the first time.

“Huh, hmm! It’s a punishment, so it’s only natural!

Gently wiping the tears from her eyes, Diana exclaimed as if it was going to be okay.

“is it… Is it normal… . So, what kind of punishment are you going to give, other than those obvious things?”

“… … I’m not going to do anything.”


“Aren’t you a pervert who will love what this body does! So I won’t do anything! No matter what you do, nothing will happen! Do it yourself!”

“Are you serious?”

“Huh, huh. It seems like you never thought of such a response. It would be better to regret and reflect.”

“Are you really saying that I can do whatever I want?”

“Why! Why are your eyes shining? I can’t! Earn! Let me think! I won’t forgive you if you try or take me out!”


“Sheesh?! Cheet?! You were planning on taking me outside?!”

“Hey, I didn’t think of that.”

“lie! Don’t! Don’t! You pervert!”

Diana patted me as she said that.
Diana, weren’t you being kind today?
Oh, this isn’t a massage, it’s an attack.

“What, what? Calm down. Let’s lie down.”

I stopped the pats before I could smile and led Diana to bed.
No matter what, I can’t help but smile in this situation. At the very least, it should fit.

“I’m going to check it again, but do I just have to do it myself? Is Diana not going to get along at all?”

“Well. Have the funniest sex ever and make yourself reflect on what you’ve done. For a pervert like you, this is probably the most effective medicine.”

Diana nodded her head as if saying that, even if she thought it was a bright eye.
It is certainly logically correct.
As Diana said, if you have the most boring sex ever, then I will do my best to prevent this from happening next time.
However, there was one error in the operation.
That’s what I mean. Sex with Diana can’t be fun

there is no

Aren’t you underestimating Diana’s sleep?
no. That wouldn’t be it. Diana is a person who knows that she is pretty.
So do you think sex without love would be no fun?
It certainly may be, but I was sure.
The conviction that Diana would not be able to carry through the attitude of sex without love until the end.
If you ask me if I am confident in my technique, of course, I cannot deny that.
But that’s not all.
Technique is also technique, but before that, Diana likes me so much.

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The content has been completely revised from the middle.
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4 layers

caution. From the middle of episode 404, the content has completely changed.
If you have already seen episode 404, please read it again from the middle.


My technique is also technique, but before that, Diana likes me so much.
In the first place, I was doing something that would have killed me if possible.
Still, the fact that Diana was trying to be punished like this was proof that she liked me that much.
It’s not like Diana’s only means of attacking is pounding.
With just one shot of Diana’s explosion magic, I’m confident that it will melt without leaving any bones.

Anyway, because of that, I think it’s near impossible to keep a dislike attitude throughout Diana’s sex.
Even if Diana tries to stick with that attitude with her fortitude, I won’t let her do that.

Good. Diana. As long as it’s done like this, it’s a win.
Will you stick with your attitude, or will I melt that attitude?

Burning with a burning desire to win, I climbed up as if to cover Diana’s body, who was lying down and looking up at me.

“Key, the kiss… !”

“Know. do not worry.”

When I brought my face close to that little face, Diana ripped me apart with a slight weeping.
It seems that telling him not to kiss is damaging himself.
If it makes you cry, you should just enjoy it without paying any punishment.
First of all, am I really reflecting?

I thought so, but without really kissing, I lowered my face a little and kissed Diana’s pure white nape.

“Yes… 👌🏽 ! huh!”

Diana, who shrugged her neck as if it was tickling and sighed a little sweetly, immediately turned to face as if she was not feeling well at all.
Well, I didn’t think I could break Diana’s attitude like this.

After showering, Diana’s outfit is a one-piece that can be put on and taken off easily.
I touched her chubby chest in a gentle circular motion over Diana’s dress.
The volume is lacking compared to other kids, but still, the soft feel that clearly shows that you have breasts.
Being the youngest in her body age, her skin is also plump, so her breasts really taste good to the touch.

Come to think of it, I’m not changing today.
In an atmosphere like this, he probably won’t transform even if you ask him.
Besides, it’s not that I want you to change.
Diana in this form is just as attractive as she is.

I pulled the shoulder straps of Diana’s dress to the side slightly, and slowly lowered her face down.
The mouth that used to fit on the nape of the neck gradually went down and kissed the white collarbone that was exposed shyly.

“Yes… 👌🏽 ! Ugh… 👌🏽 .”

As she continued to gently caress Diana’s chest with her hands, it seemed that Diana became unbearable again.
After letting out an excited moan, he brought his hand to his mouth, folded his index finger, and bit the folded joint with his mouth, beginning to withstand the sound.

But of course I didn’t let him do that.
I put my finger through the gap between my biting finger and mouth, and waving my fingers as if kissing, playing with that soft tongue.

“OMG… Alas… ah… .”

Then, as Diana’s mouth gradually opened, Diana’s expression became more and more hazy as she had her tongue intertwined with my fingers.
As much as I can’t kiss, am I surrogate satisfaction with this?
To be honest, I wanted to keep kissing and annoy you, so if the original plan goes as planned, you shouldn’t even give me such surrogacy. Well, I can’t help it this time.

“Diana. No matter how unbearable you are, you can’t bite your finger. What if I leave scars on my pretty hands?”

Saying that, she took her finger out of Diana’s mouth, and Diana’s cute tongue came out of her mouth as if it was a pity that it fell like this.

“Aww… I wonder… Sigh… uh… I’m sorry… It’s not hard to bear!”

Diana, who was about to apologize to me with a hazy expression, but she bluffed as if she had come to her senses.
Anyway, Diana is cute.

“Then you won’t put your finger in your mouth anymore, are you? It’s said that I’m being punished right now, but that doesn’t change the fact that your body is mine. You must not hurt me.”

“Hey, this body… This body is yours… .”

When I said that with a serious face, Diana protested with a blushing face.

“Is it mine?”

“Come on, your body belongs to this body too… .”

But after pushing harder, Diana finally spit it out without denying it.


“Oh, don’t laugh! Do you know that you are being punished?”

“then. It’s so sad that Diana didn’t respond.”

“Huh, hmm! It would be better to suffer a little more and reflect on it!”

“Then I will do that.”

“Ugh… !”

I immediately kissed Diana’s collarbone again.
Then, with his hands, he slowly began to pull Diana’s dress down.
He said he pretended not to like it, so I wondered if he wouldn’t cooperate with this, but Diana was surprisingly docile tossing and turning and making it easier to pull the dress down.
After pulling the dress completely down, I completely took off the underwear I was wearing, and then I put another hand of Diana’s hand towards Diana’s chest.

“Yes… Uh, how long have you been licking places like that… hehe… !”

At the same time as Diana complained, I raised my face up slightly again.
kiss the collarbone

The mouth I used to use on the back of my neck
But this time it doesn’t end at the nape of the neck.
Even after passing the neck, it keeps going up, with those long ears.
Diana’s body trembled as she gently breathed in her ear.
Then, after licking the long pinna with his tongue, he finally bit the earlobe with his lips.

“Ugh… uh… Yes… .”

Diana shivered with a creepy and ecstatic expression and enjoyed the touch.
Elf again. It really suits the way you feel with your ears.
Well, Diana’s ears aren’t as sensitive or particularly sensitive as Rachel’s.

I chewed Diana’s earlobe gently using only my lips, then moved her face to the side.
When my lips touched those soft cheeks, Diana, who had an ecstatic expression on her face, hardened her body.
But, little by little, my lips moved to the side, but nothing restraining came out.
And when my lips finally reached right next to those cute lips, I finally lifted my head and opened my mouth.

“Ahhh… .”

A sad voice escaped Diana’s mouth, which anyone could tell that she was definitely disappointed.
But when I heard that voice, I smiled and pretended not to know

“do not worry. I will keep my promise. Are you earning?”

“Uh, uh… .”

Hey. So don’t try to cry what he said… No, to be precise, I was caught up in my words.
I gently kissed Diana’s eye area as if idly, then moved her hand again.
While one hand was still enjoying the feel of her tight chest, the other hand slowly glided down Diana’s body.
The place the hand was headed was Diana’s lower abdomen. It was the place where the seal of the apostle was painted.
As if deliberately evading the heart mark drawn on her lower abdomen, she gently stroked the area around it in a circle.

“Yes… uh… heh… .”

Diana’s face, looking down, had an expression full of excitement and regret, as if she had already forgotten that she had to pay her hatred.
Because Diana loves me so much.
I said that because I was embarrassed that I was found out by Sarah, but in reality, I may not have had much desire to punish.
If Diana was really determined, her will couldn’t be shaken just like this.
Diana, who had a history of refusing kisses to the end, even when she was completely smitten by exhibitionism in the past.

I finally moved my hand to the heart of the apostle’s seal to relieve Diana’s pity.
Exactly the part with this heart mark is the part where my object touches the tip when inserted.

“Ugh… !”

Using my fingertips to gently press the part with the heart mark, Diana trembled and trembled, reaching a light climax.
Originally, it was not at the level that it would have reached the climax easily like this, but it seems that the persistent effort so far has paid off.

But this is still just the beginning.
I grabbed Diana’s legs as she was trembling at the climax and spread them sideways.

spread out
Diana’s legs, wriggling while rubbing between their thighs, had quite a bit of strength in them, but they couldn’t overcome my strength and simply spread them sideways.
And Diana’s pussy revealed like that was already completely ready to accept my stuff.
The pubic area as well as between the thighs he was rubbing were wet with the liquid, and when the legs were spread apart, a string of the liquid was connected between the thighs for a while.
I put the tip of the thing in Diana’s vagina like that and inserted it all the way to the end at once.

“Heh heh heh!”

And Diana, who had not yet lost the lingering aftertaste of a light climax, reached the climax properly this time with the insertion.

“Alas… uh… Ahhh… .”

Diana trembles while her back is arched and holding the bed sheet with both hands.
But even then I didn’t stop.
As much as I’ve been so anxious up until now, I definitely need to finish it all at once.
After grabbing Diana’s waist, which was still shaking with one hand, I quickly moved her back.

“Ugh… ! Whoa! Whoops! hey! Whoops!”

In addition to that, the attack of the Apostle Seal that I did earlier does not stop.
Once again, when she placed her fingertip on the heart mark and lightly pressed it, Diana shook her head violently from side to side and struggled with her legs, feeling a multi-orgasm.

“Yes! I’m a nanny! ha ha! heh… Me, ha! I’m nanny!”

Huh? Husband? No matter how unwilling to do that now, what do you mean by a kid who said he would be consistent and unresponsive for now?
If that’s the case, then it’s just flirting
Ah, maybe this… .

“You remember? What I said before.”

Come to think of it, I remember saying that the last time I hugged Diana.
In such a case, call me tidy nanny.

“Yes! Whoops! Whoops!”

Diana didn’t answer, but there must be no other reason why she suddenly called her during sex.
My will to pretend I didn’t like it had already flew away, but I remembered and told it properly.
How can I choose only beautiful things like this?
I finally couldn’t take it anymore and kissed Diana’s lips.
Originally, I was going to tease him until he choked me first.
The problem with all of this is that Diana is so cute.

“Ugh. hmmm. e. Hmm… .”

And I have to say it again. Diana didn’t refuse my kiss either.
Rather, as if he had waited for a long time, he welcomed my tongue, which was finally penetrating into his mouth.

“Sigh… sorry. I can’t even kiss… uhm.”

Besides, when I opened my mouth for a moment and tried to apologize, he pressed his lips to my mouth again, as if it was okay now.

“Isn’t it okay to kiss?”

“Ugh… heh… Hey, hey! This is where I got paid! If you do too much… Yes… you are so… laugh… How pitiful you are!”

Diana, who pretended to be so strong, finally reached a climax in the middle of speaking once again.
Feeling the vagina tightening things strongly, I also started ejaculating inside Diana after moving my waist vigorously.
When I finally stopped moving my waist, Diana opened her mouth again.

“… haha… Shah, when Sharam mahs… Joe, stop… Ugh… this, this… Fool… Nyan-kun… Ah.”

Diana said so in a completely tongue-in-cheek tone, then wrapped her arms around my neck tightly and kissed me as if to never open her lips again.

To be honest, it wasn’t that I didn’t want to tease him more.
Diana has a cute reaction when teased, so she wants to stop teasing her.
It went so far that I even started doing things like that in the dungeon.
But, what am I going to do with this today?
First of all, it is right after being punished, and sometimes it is necessary to have sex with affection like this rather than teasing.

I felt the touch of Diana’s tongue digging into my mouth, and slowly moved my waist again.

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It was Diana’s turn, but there was a catastrophe that mistakenly made Leia’s turn.
I don’t understand myself, but I think I was mistaken because I did it once with Diana in the dungeon.
So, from the middle of episode 404, the contents were completely changed.
If you are reading this, I think you have already read episode 404 again after reading the foreword.
Sorry for making it complicated.
And thanks hendell for pointing it out.


Meal with Rachel

“Wow… .”

“Huh? What is it?”

“… You… ! Sigh… All right.”

Diana, who was staring at me as soon as I woke up, tried to say something, finally sighed, shook her head and didn’t answer.

“What? I’m curious. Tell me.”

“safflower… ! Are you really asking because you don’t know?! You… ! When you get punished, I’ll give you some!”

But nevertheless, when I persisted in asking, Diana cried out with a blushing face and patted my head.
Of course, even if it is, pat. No matter how much the head was attacked, there was no damage at all.

But it is. Diana knew she was going to lose, but because she was a punishment, she thought I would lose, so she gave me that punishment.
Seriously, Diana isn’t stupid, and she didn’t even mix her body with me once or twice, so there’s no way I’d never know that if I’m serious, I’ll get this kind of result.
Huh? Then maybe Sarah?
I guess I didn’t give up, so Diana baited me in the morning?
haha. cute guys. There’s no way I can lose by night, right?
Sometimes it’s fun to lose in the feeling of playing, but basically, I like to take the lead.

“a. What is it. Diana’s sister. Instead of doing it at night, you always lose during the day.”

“Baby, don’t be aegyo! Oh, you think that kind of thing will work for this body?!”

Huh. very. you’re shaking right now
But this looks like it’s just scratched and made a crumb.
I’ll skip it when Diana just didn’t want to talk.
Anyway, if you look at what she was just trying to pass on, Diana was just doing this because she remembered me more because I asked her, and I don’t think she’s really upset.
In such a case, it is best to slurp.

“More than that, Diana. Now is

Aren’t you going to call me nanny?”

“huh. If you want to be called like that, be more like that!”

“Ouch. hurt. Don’t hit me.”

When Diana moved her waist slightly in time for what she said, she reflexively moaned and patted my chest without saying a word.

Anyway, Sarah and Diana were both punished for this.
Is this the solution?
I’m glad you both simply forgiven me.
To be honest, I was really scared of how Diana would scold me after playing in the dungeon.
I finally did one more act with Diana in the morning, and then went to eat.

“Mr. Salvation!”

When I went down to eat, the first person to greet me with such a bright voice was the angel.

“Good morning?”

Leia always has a warm smile, but today her smile was particularly dazzling.
Did something good happen?
The tail swaying violently from side to side clearly showed how happy Leia was now.

“Huh. Good morning. How are you feeling today?”

“Huhu. Yeah.”

Leia said that and hugged my arm who was sitting next to me tightly.
Well. It still feels great.
But until last night, it was obviously normal, or rather, it looked a little less energetic than usual.
What kind of change of heart happened overnight?

I stared at Leia’s face, but Leia only smiled softly as she looked into my face.
let’s be pure no. this isn’t it
Apparently, Leia had no intention of answering why she was in a good mood.


As Leia and I were so close together, staring at each other and smiling, we heard a clear, intentional cough from the side.
Oops. Diana’s chest trauma again… !

“But, it’s a little empty because Miss Sylvia isn’t there in the corner.”

But for some reason, Diana and Leia did not touch what they were doing.
Because you were with me all night, did you feel a little more relaxed?
Even mentioning Sylvia.
Well, I don’t know why Diana is empty.
Maybe it’s because the support of the heart is gone and it’s empty? Mainly in the sense of breast size.

“It’s in the corner… . Just tell me it’s empty because I can’t see your face. Well, of course it’s always in the corner.”

Sylvia also needs to get the results of her special training quickly.
Of course, it’s cute to tremble, but at least it doesn’t interfere with your daily life.
The most ideal thing is to not tremble when it is not necessary to tremble, and to tremble when it is okay to fall.
Well, there’s no way I can change my circumstances like that.

Anyway, we had a meal without Sylvia like that.
Sylvia usually doesn’t speak well in corners, but still, it’s lonely without it.
Still, I’ll probably be back today, so there’s nothing to be lonely about.
For now, let’s focus on what’s right in front of us.

“Oh. I’ll go out a little later and come back.”


After I finished, I got up from my seat, saying so naturally as if nothing had happened.

“Yeah? Uh, where are you?”

However, the first person who reacted and summoned me when I saw that day was unexpectedly Leia.
I’d rather have Sara or Diana called them, but I thought Leia would just smile and say, ‘Come on.’
Still, it was an unexpected situation that Leia caught on, and it was even more embarrassing that Leia was making a sad expression on her face.
Fortunately, however, the question itself was exactly what Sara or Diana expected to ask.
Thanks to this, I was able to pretend to be Taeyeon and bring out the words I had prepared in advance.

“Huh? Oh, I just decided to meet up with a friend for a while.

“What? Where is the salvation friend?”

“There is! That much! Do you see me as such an unsociable bastard?”

“But salvation, when you see a man, you always say what a dirty bastard is doing.”

Oh no. That’s against the evil guys who want to extend their magic to you… Well, sometimes, very occasionally, I say things like that to people I don’t know, but… .
Besides, he said he was a friend, he didn’t even say a word that he was a man.
I’m not going to tell you, because if you find out that you’re going to dinner with Rachel, who’s a woman, especially since she’s a pretty girl, she’ll explode.
no. no stabbing
It’s purely to repay you for helping find Diana.
It’s not even a lie when it comes to being friends.
But I just don’t say anything because I don’t want to be misunderstood.

“no. I’m also surprisingly good with other guys… .”

“An adventurer who was a beast of the good people who saved me from the 3rd floor before. What is your name?”


Hey. Isn’t it rude to ask such a question?

“It’s Greg. As you know, I, who hate men, remember that order. But what about salvation that you can’t even remember? Do you get along well with other men?”

“Hey, he’s the one I don’t like, so he just doesn’t remember! I get along well with other guys. For that reason, Brin… .”

“Who is that?”

who are you The guy who pretended to be close to me on the 2nd floor and suffered a lot.
After learning about the rules among male adventurers, he apologized and said he was doing well.
Besides, it is not that there are no conversations with male adventurers other than Bryn.
Surprisingly, they exchange information and say hello. ever since
After exchanging manastones by myself, inside the guild, or sometimes when we meet on the street
In fact, among men in this world, adventurers are the easiest to deal with.
Especially in times like these days.

“Ah, anyway, I’m going to play with my friends.”

If you go on like this, you will have no choice but to lie.
And when it comes to lies, the longer you speak, the more loopholes you have.
Knowing that fact well, I hurried out of the mansion after saying that.

Damn it. I was embarrassed and left the mansion already.
My promise with Rachel is… The promise is… By the way, you didn’t make an appointment.
Shall we just go right now?
no. Anyway, is it too early now?
It doesn’t look like she hasn’t woken up yet, looking at her work, but it’s still a vacation, so it’s possible that she’s having a leisurely meal.
Besides, I’m right after I’ve finished eating.
Even if I go to serve dinner from now on, I don’t even eat the food and just watch Rachel’s sister eat.
It’s also very rude.

In the end, I decided to visit Rachel’s sister around lunchtime and take a little walk.
Even if it’s for a walk, I feel like I’m going to die of frustration because of this guy’s robe.
In the end, the place my footsteps headed was none other than the guild.

The guild is a sanctuary that rarely enters except for adventurers or people related to them.
Of course, there are a lot of people who come to ask for it, but such people are receiving applications in a separate area from where adventurers come and go.
And even if not, it is basically forbidden to make a big fuss in the guild.
First of all, it is a place that surrounds and manages dangerous dungeons.
That’s why the poor men who couldn’t take care of women in that bed before were surrounded outside the guild.
It can’t be accumulated inside.

Anyway, for those reasons, you can take off this robe if you go inside the guild.
Diana, with the matching rug, looked pretty happy with the look of my robe, but unfortunately I didn’t like it very much.
no. I am happy to match the rug with Diana.
It’s just that it’s cumbersome because I’m not used to it.
In particular, the hood must be fully pressed.
The field of view is also quite narrow.

And when I finally arrived at the guild, I quickly took off the cumbersome hood.
And habitually, I always looked at the receptionist seat where Rachel was, but it was still empty today as I was on vacation.

And while I was watching, there were already two male adventurers who went to Rachel’s desk and went elsewhere with a disappointed expression.
You’re popular too.
All of the guides here are pretty, but Rachel’s sister stands out the most.
When I first came, I went looking for the prettiest guide.

Anyway, well then. It’s good that you’ve come this far, but what do you spend your time doing now?
Shall we take a look and see if there are any good quests?

“uh? Come on, savior?!”

As I was about to move to the bulletin board with the request, I suddenly heard a voice like that from behind.
I call my name with Nim, and besides, it’s a male voice.
Damn it! I mean, even in the guild, there’s someone trying to cling to me?!

“Oh, long time no see! How have you been?”

I looked back in amazement, but fortunately I wasn’t the kind of person who asked me to do my own sex technique.

“You bastard Krang! Nice to meet you! You dare spread my rumors?!”

but in a different sense

he was an annoying guy
That very good-looking bard who appeared briefly in the conversation with Sarah earlier. it was crang
Along with that legal little boy in the blacksmith, he was the one who created the strange rumor that I was going to save the men.

“Come on, wait a minute. Salvation! Aren’t you mistaken for other good people? I’m Greg! The Savior saved me from the 3rd floor… .”

“Yeah, you bastard! you are right! Nice to meet you! The saint who will save everyone?! Do you know how much I suffered because of you?!”

“Yeah?! Sin, sorry!”

He had a face that he didn’t understand English, but he bowed his head and apologized first.

“I’m sorry, my adventurer life is over… Whoa. no. done.”

Damn it. It’s coming out like this, so I can’t go too far again.
Just because I went to this guy in the first place doesn’t mean the situation will change now

“If it’s okay with you, may I ask what’s going on?”

Baby, when you say that, it’s like you’ve already asked a question.
what if it’s okay

“You really don’t know? Rumor has it all over the street? Besides, you say you’re a bard? Rumors won’t be quick.”

“Sorry. Actually, I’ve been out of my mind lately… .”

“What? What a bard… Come to think of it, where have all your colleagues before you gone?”

“that… Actually, the party was disbanded. The two of them seem to have been traumatized… .”

Crank… crack? oh well it’s good
Anyway, the good man smiled bitterly as he said that.
Oh, come to think of it, a few died before we were rescued.
You must have seen a close friend die right in front of your eyes, so the adventurer’s life is also worth hitting.

Come to think of it, the paper this guy was holding in his hand, looking closely, it was a letter to recruit party members.
The party has been disbanded, so is it that they are recruiting for a highly praised party?
Is this guy going to continue exploring the dungeon even though he’s been through something like that?
In a way, he’s a great guy.

“Is that so? Goodbye.”

Of course, it’s not something I care about at all.
Did you think that it was the beginning of a common event that finally added male party members? I’m sorry about that.
Our party is an envoy except for the beauty.
Even if I get a male party member, it’s not this guy.
Whatever the intention, this guy who spread my rumors and harmed me.

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Meal with Rachel

Of course, even if I pretend to be going like this, I don’t have anywhere to go now.
I mean, I have to stay here until lunchtime.

“Come on, wait a minute!”

Because of that, there was no way to get rid of the Hoin clan even if it was stuck like this.

“You have nothing to do. You’re busy looking for a party. go away.”

“Hey, one day is fine. Rather, I would like to talk a little more with the Savior.”

what is this. Are you not gay?
no. Still, if you’re at a level enough to go to the 3rd floor, you can do it with a girl.
with a girl

Because the level doesn’t go up even if you do it with your butt, there’s no way you can raise the level with men.
… What. done. there’s nothing to do anyway

I just gave up dropping him and decided to chat to kill time.
This guy has a bit of an annoyance, but he’s a little better than the others as he doesn’t rush to save him.
Because adventurers are basically the ones who can satisfy women.
It’s easy to deal with in this respect.

“Ugh. So the reason you keep going to the dungeon is because you want to see the secrets of the dungeon with your own eyes and make that song?”

I said that as if I wasn’t interested.
no. not really interested Now this conversation is completely killing time.
but this guy. Get some personality.
That’s why, in the fantasy world, the bards, who are the main characters’ companions, are always talking about it.
Like watching a hero’s biography from the side and wanting to make a song. It’s too obvious.
Well, to the extent of continuing to be an adventurer even after going through such a thing, it must be a precious dream for me.
no. Wait a minute. The main character’s companion?

“Yeah! And I believe that God is the one who will uncover the secrets of the dungeon.”

The Hoin people said so and sent a warm look to me.
I knew it. That’s why you say you don’t accept male bastards as colleagues
Other beauties refused to have a party because they found it difficult to activate healing sex when they were too young. Do you think I will receive a party like a boy?
This heart of mine will not change until the moment I die.
Thanks to Diana, her life span is infinite.

“Oh, it’s time. Then I go.”

Thoroughly ignoring the guy who openly asked to join the party, I decided to go cool.
I heard a bewildered greeting from behind, but I ignored it.
A meal with a beautiful woman is just around the corner, so there’s no need to keep worrying about a guy like that.
It’s still a bit early for lunch, but it will take some time to find the place written on the note that Rachel sister gave me.
And it’s better to arrive a little early than to be late.

So, it is saying that I have only reached the place written on the note that Rachel sister gave me, but I have already run into difficulties.
Finding the way wasn’t difficult.
It was also a dormitory for guild staff, so the distance from the guild was not that far.
The problem is that this is a dormitory.
Naturally, Rachel’s older sister lived in a building where only women lived.
And, of course, there were managers.

In a word, it is the district of Geumnam.
How are you going to get in there and call Rachel?
I looked at the note again, but there was definitely a room number written on it.
If you see that the room number is also written on it, it must mean that you have to come to the front door to meet you.
no. Even in a female dormitory, there is a possibility that this world is not a male-dominated area, contrary to my common sense.
Shall we overcome

“Hey! what are you?! Men are not allowed in this place!”

I tried to break through casually and confidently, but I was stopped by someone who looked like a manager.

“I came here for a business. I have a promise.”

“Appointment? with whom?”

“This is Rachel, the guide. Living in Room 307… .”

“hot! nonsense! right now! Get it off! This stalker! How the hell do you know the room lake?!”

As soon as the caretaker heard Rachel’s sister’s name, she snorted and waved her hand.
It was a familiar attitude, as if he had seen a lot of people like me.
I wanted to hit him with that attitude, but I desperately suppressed myself.
Be grateful to be born a woman.

“Can you go to your room and check it out? If you say salvation, you will understand.”

Even if he secretly tried to appeal that he was a saint, the manager waved his hand as if it was annoying.
Don’t you know! It’s obviously a stranger’s name! Because there are no strangers these days! Why the hell are you not noticing?!

“Hey. I don’t know saint salvation. God sent… .”

“You sound like a saint. All strangers are sent by the Goddess. Do you not know that strangers in this world have common sense?”

You know such common sense, but why don’t you know that a real saint has appeared these days?
Were you locked up in the dormitory alone?

Slowly, I began to run out of patience.
what to do Are you going to just go through it like this?
no. It may seem sloppy on the surface, but it must be well-defended.
It seems that there were quite a few people following Rachel, and there must have been many adventurers among them.
If you look at the attitude of this caretaker, it means that it will be enough to repel all such adventurers.
Then use the assassin’s skill to infiltrate… no. With my assassin level, that can’t be possible.
Then all that’s left is… .
I was forced to take advantage of my own best qualities.


Calling the caretaker, he pulled back the hood of the robe to reveal his face.
And approached him with a serious expression on his face.

“It’s so tenacious… Ah… .”

The janitor, who had turned his gaze back to me with an annoyed expression, looked at my face and was unable to speak for a moment.
okay. My job is this.
Best advantage. A handsome guy who took advantage of the incredibly high attractiveness level!
By the way, this is my first time doing this with my hair.
This is pretty tense.
If it doesn’t work, my pride will be shattered.

“Alas… Ahhh… .”

Without saying anything, I slowly approached the caretaker.
Then the caretaker also suppressed his trembling legs and slowly retreated back.
But his back soon hit the wall, and I put my elbows over the manager’s head and leaned against the wall.
Now, looking at it from the street, the manager’s face began to turn red in an instant.
His eyes moved here and there, as if he didn’t know where to put his eyes.
I put my finger on the janitor’s chin and made him lift his head slightly.
Still, there was no resistance from the manager.

Good. Got it! Eat it!
Did you see it, guys! I’m like this!
If you do, you can do it!


Lady, I… .”
“… … Salvation Mr. What are you doing there now?”

As I was about to speak with a soft voice, I suddenly heard a familiar voice next to me.

“Ugh! Rachel’s sister?!”

There was my sister Rachel, who was looking at me with sullen eyes.
The attire is plain clothes, not the usual guide uniform.
I’ve seen plain clothes for a while before, but today’s outfit felt more powerful than before.
The sky and sky dress that exudes the feeling of a young lady gives a pure feeling, but her attractive body definitely adds to the sexiness.
The exposure wasn’t severe, but the smooth calves exposed under the skirt and the white shoulders exposed without sleeves were dazzling.
Well, in a word, it’s pretty.
You’ve always been pretty, but today it’s even more so.

“Oh, no, no. that… Yes, you are beautiful.”

“Oh. Thank you. So what are you doing there now?”

“Come on, wait a minute. This is it. That’s because no matter what this person said, he wouldn’t let me in.

“Uh, um. I’m sorry. Come to think of it, I forgot to say it. I’m so excited… Stop being crazy.”

Perhaps she had guessed the situation after hearing my words, Rachel’s sister immediately apologized.

“Oh, no. Until you apologize.”

Surprisingly, Rachel noona politely apologized, so I was a little surprised too.
But thinking about it, it made sense.
It’s not like Rachel has any feelings for me, and there’s no way she can be jealous like our kids.
It must have been because the way he spoke earlier was literally absurd.
It must have looked like the guy serving the meal was flirting with a woman.
In the first place, seducing a woman is a misunderstanding, so there is no need for me to panic.
Hey, it’s a little bit difficult when Rachel sister tells our kids this, but… won’t you talk?

“Then, Mr. Shall we go?”

Sister Rachel grabbed my arm, still standing close to the caretaker, and pulled me in with a little force.

“Ah, yes, yes.”

I was surprised to suddenly fold my arms, but I was dragged away without saying anything at the wonderful feel of my arms.

And when we got out, without saying where we were going, we slowly started walking down the street.
Maybe there is a restaurant that Rachel sister also thought of?
no. This is not the feeling of going down the road under Rachel’s initiative, it’s the feeling of just walking aimlessly.
So should I sneak a step towards the restaurant?

“But you’re thinking of tricking the janitor to infiltrate the dormitory… . Goo Won-ssi is quicker than he looks, right? Even Diana-sama is there, but the number of party members is increasing.”

“Oh, no. It’s actually the first time I’ve ever tried to seduce a woman in that way. I couldn’t think of a way to get in, so I thought I’d try something first, whether it works or not… .”

“Huh? Really?”

Saying that, Rachel older sister smiled as if teasing me.
Seeing that smile, I could barely feel the tension relieved a little.
Actually, it was my first time having a meal with a woman like this, so I was a little nervous.
Of course with our kids.

There have been times when we went on a date like this, but it was only after we got to know each other clearly.
Before that, even when we went out, we were basically all together.
But it is. You just have to treat it like a friend.
Maybe it was because the other person was a pretty older sister, so she had too much energy.

“of course. In the beginning, there were only women around me, including Rachel, who would never be good at things like handsome men.”

“Huhu. Then I will do that.”

Rachel’s older sister who smiled like that also looked like she was just joking around with her friend.
Well, it was hard to recognize that we were just friends because of the feel of his chest touching his arm.
OK. I can do it. You’ve tasted a touch greater than this.
Remember the touch of our angel. Then this ordeal… Ah, this is counterproductive.
I hurriedly suppressed the thing that was about to grow by turning mana.

“Then, do you have any restaurants that you know of?”

“Oh? Wasn’t Gu Guwon escorting you today?”

I asked the question straight-forward, thinking that I would treat him comfortably without worrying too much, but the answer he received was still negative.
So where the hell are we walking now?
If you go this way, you will find a shopping mall. The restaurant I was thinking of was over there.

“Sure. Leave it to me.”

I said confidently, trying to take a step back.
But Rachel held my arm tightly and still walked towards the front.
Because of the soft touch on my arm, I couldn’t give much strength, so I was just being dragged by Rachel-sister.

“Who, who? Is that the restaurant I was thinking of over there?”

“Yeah? Oh? Are you going already?”

it’s already Well, since we made an appointment for a meal, it is natural to go as soon as we meet.
Well, it’s still a bit early for lunch time, though.

“Do you not want to be with me? Do you want to break up with just the meal you promised?”

“Oh, no! Could it be! I’m so glad I’m doing this with my sister! I want to keep doing this!”

Seeing Rachel’s disappointing expression on her face, I reflexively made a slightly dangerous remark.

“Oh? Whoops. Thank you. Aren’t you going to do that to any woman? Are you going to tell Diana?”

“No, my sister… .”

Please, that’s all… This time, I’m really going to be completely roasted by magic.

“Huhu. It’s a joke. If it’s not that I don’t like it, can you hang out for a little bit? As I said before, it’s been a long time since I’ve taken a vacation. I feel like I want to wander around like this a little bit.”

Attracted by the mischievous smile of the older sister, we headed to the shopping street.

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I’m mentally exhausted from rewriting the scene on New Year’s Day.
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Meal with Rachel

And we enjoyed shopping for a while, walking around the shops.
I was basically kid shopping, but Rachel was different.
As it was a long vacation, I was very ambitious, as if I was going to buy a lot of things I couldn’t buy before.
Especially since there are porters in my country.
Without worrying about weight due to inventory, my sister enjoyed shopping to her heart’s content.

To be honest, walking around like this with arms crossed, it just felt like a date.
no. Am I the only one who feels that way, is this normal when I go out with my girlfriend?
I don’t know because I’ve never had a girlfriend.
okay. Damn it. I am the man who remains of the legend and has been in the military engineering tech.
He said that the only female number on his cell phone was his family number.

Because of this, my common sense is unreliable in this regard.
If that’s the case, then you have to trust Rachel’s common sense.
I looked at Rachel’s sister’s face.
You’re smiling happily while shopping, but you’re still squeezing those voluptuous breasts in my arms, but I don’t think I have any romantic feelings. maybe.
Although it was an unavoidable situation, her attitude did not change even after having sex, and above all, this older sister is well aware that I have lovers.
Among them, Diana seemed to have known each other for quite some time, and even seemed to respect each other.
You can’t do anything like a date with me.
If so, is it normal to do this with a girlfriend?

“Huh? Salvation? Why?”

Had I been staring at you too much?
Sister Rachel looked into my eyes, tilting her head slightly, still smiling.

“Yeah? Oh no. nothing.”

“Yes? Whoops. It’s not an expression of nothing, is it? Shall I guess?”

“Yes Yes?”

“Are you hungry now? Sorry. I am so excited by myself.”

“no. I had fun too. My sister is pretty, so her eyes are strong.”

We are currently in a clothing store.
My sister asked me how I felt while changing clothes one after another, so I answered that way.
Well, of course, it sounds like this because I haven’t worn a few clothes yet, but if it lasts for hours, I’m sure I’ll get tired of it too.
This cannot be overcome even with love.
Even with my kids, I get tired of spending hours at a clothing store.

“Huhu. Thank you. But you can’t make your sister flutter like that. Are you going to tell Diana?”

Sister Rachel said so, handed me the clothes she had bought, and put her arms around her again.

“Then shall we go? Can I look forward to it?”

“of course.”

For that reason, the preliminary investigation is definitely… awhile.
I glanced at the clothes in my hand before putting them into my inventory.
I don’t know anything about women’s clothes, but they looked expensive to me.
When I looked around the store, I could see that there were many customers in fancy clothes among the customers that had a subtly luxurious feeling.

Then I saw this guy. She was the guild leader’s daughter.
I don’t know what the social status of the guild leader is, but he seemed close to Diana.

Considering that, it could be assumed that it was a considerable location. probably nobility.
That is, the high one.

Maybe Rachel’s senses are on the same level as Sylvia’s, right?
If so, you may feel that the place you found out yesterday is not enough.
no. Living in a dormitory or shopping, I don’t think it’s as serious as Sylvia, but looking forward to seeing you like this… .

okay. It is a change of operation.
Let’s go to a better place first, and if the reaction is a little off, then go to the place we originally planned.
It would be better than going to a place that fell further, then checking the reaction and going to a better place.
And there were many places where I could guess if there was a better place.
There are two places that Diana and I went to, and there are also places that Sylvia showed us at the beginning.
okay. Shall we go to the place Sylvia first showed us yesterday?
It’s a little bit like throwing away yesterday’s preliminary research.
And there are other reasons.
no. That’s it. Of course, he’s wearing a robe right now. But still, the restaurant Diana and I went to… . kinda like that?
So naturally, I headed to the restaurant that Sylvia first showed me to.

“Oh? Did you know about a place like this?”

“No, no. How do you see me… .”

“Huhu. Sorry. Goon-san has a slightly bubbly image.”

Sister Rachel said so, winking slightly and sticking her tongue out.
You can’t say anything when you put on such a cute face.
Because this older sister uses her appearance so well.
In particular, he looked very intelligent in his appearance and work, so it felt like the gap was maximized when he behaved like that.

“But are you okay? This is a pretty expensive place.”

And this time, he said that with a slightly worried expression.
It seems that your sister has also eaten here before.

“of course. say it’s okay You know roughly how much I earn. Come in.”

However, the expression on his face seemed to be purely concerned about my wallet situation, and he did not show much emotion such as a sense of burden.
So I confidently entered the restaurant.
Well, it’s true that you don’t have to worry about money.

Because my hobby is gaming, I rarely spend money in this world.
My personal money is all I spend on occasional play with my kids to give presents or eat.
Besides, I didn’t even spend a penny on my previous shopping.
I wanted to give Rachel a present, but Rachel’s sister gently refused it.
So, you can eat at this place.
Somehow, they treat it as a reward.

“Huhu. long time no see. These days, I rarely have the opportunity to come because of work.”

Rachel, who was still holding arms with me, whispered that with a happy face.
Seeing you happy makes me happy too.
It was the correct answer to come here with a change of schedule.

The restaurant looks like a high-end restaurant.
We didn’t show it, but as soon as we walked in, the waitress glanced at us, so it looked like they were even doing an identity check.

As soon as I saw Rachel’s face, I immediately bowed down and guided her to her seat.
Maybe my sister is a taller person than I thought.
Indeed. The head of the guild that is the center of this city. It’s her daughter, is this normal?

Anyway, the meal went smoothly.
There were still many things that I was not used to and made mistakes, but I was able to keep the table manners I learned from Diana the other day, albeit clumsily.
Looking back, it was really good back then.
The table in this restaurant was also long enough to cover the feet with the tablecloths, so the memories with Diana came back even more.

“Oh. You have good table manners. When I first saw him, he looked so unfamiliar with this world that I wondered if it was okay to leave it as it is.

Rachel’s sister seemed a little surprised, but she said that as if she was missing something.

“Ha ha. This is the result of hard work.”

“Huhu. I know. I was always watching.”

sister. I’m not the only one to point it out, but your sister is also a problem.
You unconsciously spit out words that will make a man fall for you.
When a beautiful woman like your sister says something like that, most men get it wrong.
Well, I don’t! Sara, Diana, Leia, I’m such a man.

“But this time it was wrong. The knife that cuts the meat is this one, not that one.”

“Yeah? Ah?!”

Confused, I dropped the knife.
What is this deja vu? It’s a scene I’ve seen once.
Of course, we cannot expect the same development as last time.

I reflexively tried to pick up the knife that fell to the ground, but I stopped and looked up to call the waiter.
And like that, my eyes turned towards the front door of the restaurant by accident, and I saw people just entering the restaurant.
Sarah, Diana, and Leia.
Not one person, but three of them were walking into the restaurant friendly.
The three come in while talking to each other, but if you look closely, it looks like Sara and Diana are comforting Leia, who has become a little pale.
Why does the angel make such a face?
Of course, I was curious, but unfortunately, I was not in a situation to find out about that now.

If caught, you die.
Not a metaphor, but a real death.

When I woke up, my body was moving faster than I thought.
He bent his slightly bent body to pick up the knife and went into the table.

“Hey! Goo, bake… .”

Of course, Rachel was surprised, but now was not the time to be concerned.
Sorry. Miss Rachel! But please be patient! If caught, I will die!
I longed for that while looking at Rachel’s sister’s legs in front of me.
It’s very sexy to press the part with one hand to cover the center and tuck the legs… no. Now is not the time to think like that!

“Well? Oh oh. Isn’t that Miss Rachel? What a coincidence. Did you take a vacation today?”

And perhaps hearing Rachel’s sister’s scream again, Diana approached.
no. It’s not just Diana’s footsteps. Both Sara and Leia are approaching.
Dangerous. Die. get killed

“Good morning. Rachel.”

And again, as I expected, I heard the greetings of Sarah and Leia.
Hearing that voice, I suppressed the sound of my own breathing right where I was.
If Sarah catches my breath, that day is my memorial day.

“Yeah?! D, Diana? him and everyone! Oh hello! Hey, it’s a coincidence that we met in a place like this! Yes. vacation! It’s vacation!”

And Rachel must have been quite surprised when she saw Diana, so she spoke in a much faster tone than usual.

“Well. well thought Your mother is also very concerned Work is good, but sometimes you need a break like that.”

“But in this place… Have you come alone? If it’s okay with you… .”

Sarah! Why are you asking such a question!
With a cool face, pretend you’re not interested! Why are you interested in other people?! Why are you being kind?!

“Oh, no. That’s a date. It’s a date!”

Leh, Sister Rachel! Wait! It’s an answer that makes it even more dangerous if it gets caught?!
No joke, I’m really dying!
Seeing her legs fluttering in front of her eyes, I can understand how embarrassed she was, but that’s not the answer!
They’re my lover!

“Hey. are you dating Have you finally found a good man?”

“Oh. Who are you? Rachel’s date. He must have been a very good person.”

ruined! Even Leia asked for rice cakes!
Leia is the most dangerous!
If on the day you smell me… !
no! I believe in the power of food here! You can even get rid of my smell!
My body odor isn’t that strong, is it?! please!

“That, that, that, actually, that, uh, is still a secret from my mother! Please! Please don’t ignore me and move on!”

Rachel’s sister shouted as if she didn’t know what to do.
Each time, the skirt lifts up a little and the panties inside… black… It runs up to a gorgeous race, and there are places where you can see through it transparently… You’re wearing something that’s surprisingly sexy. Obviously before… . no. So now’s not the time to see things like that!

“Huhu. You are too old to think of such things, so there is nothing to hide.”

“Yeah, that’s it! that! You are a person who sincerely thinks about marriage and meets him! Tae, this is the first time I’ve felt like this since I was born! Uh, I guess I’m still a little shy to tell my mother!”

It’s Rachel’s sister!
Actually, you don’t want to kill me?!
Just hire an assassin instead! If I’m going to die, I want to die comfortably!
I began to think that death might be the only way out of this situation.
okay. Would you rather choose death? I think dying by biting your tongue can be a little less painful than being caught right now.

“How can Miss Rachel turn so red? It looks like you’re in love with this. I’m even more curious… I see. I see. Don’t make that face. These bodies will retreat Have a good time.”

“See you next time, Rachel.”

“Enjoy your meal.”

When I put my tongue out and put it between my upper and lower teeth and began to seriously think about it, I finally heard the sound of footsteps moving away from everyone.

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