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The Saint’s Dungeon Affair MTL Chapter 409-416

Meal with Rachel

Of course, just because the sound of footsteps has gone away, you cannot be relieved.
They just came into the restaurant.
It just went to another place.
Besides, because of Rachel’s words a while ago, it’s possible that I’ll take a closer look at this for nothing.
Damn it. So how am I supposed to get out of here?

Anyway, I’m in a position where I can’t understand the situation outside of this tablecloth. Hasty actions are not allowed.
I decided to wait here quietly for Rachel’s signal.
Just wait and see, Rachel’s sister will let you know when the time is right.


But no matter how much he waited, Rachel did not move.
It didn’t mean it just didn’t signal me, it really wasn’t even moving at all.
Could it be that this older sister fell asleep or passed out?
Should I call my side?
I stared at the beautiful bridge in front of me and thought.
By the way, the underwear is no longer visible.
With your legs together, you are pressing your hand firmly in the middle of the skirt again.
Seeing that, it seems like you’re still thinking that I’m down there.
I tapped Rachel’s leg with the back of a knocking hand to avoid misunderstanding as much as possible.


But even that was enough to startle Rachel’s sister, she screamed and trembled with her legs.
ugh sister. And if you make a sound like that, you get attention.

“Gu, Guwon?”

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooing What if you call my name like that?
Sarah says she has a lot better ears than she looks.
I’m sure you’ve just been paying attention again with a scream!

“Ah, that’s right… I can come out.”

But regardless of my anxiety, Rachel did not lower her voice and said that to me.
me to come out? What, what? Did the three of you go to another restaurant? No, I can’t.
Then that’s it. I’ve heard of it anyway, so I’m telling you to come out.
When I leave the tablecloth, it’s the three of us staring at me, right?
Damn it. If I had known it would be like this, I wouldn’t be hiding here.
If I’d rather pretended to know first and explained why I’m here with Rachel, I would have just ended up with a bit of humiliation.
But it is already too late to regret.
The moment I hid as soon as I saw my children, I crossed a river of no return.

okay. I’m going to die here today.
Whoops. To die at the hands of a loved one. If you’re going to die, that kind of death is fine.
Good. desired sea.
Come on. Sara or Diana or Leia!
I gave up everything, and as soon as I stepped out onto the tablecloth, I stood with my arms wide open.

“Gu, Guwon?”

However, the scene unfolding before my eyes was a bit different from what I expected.
Rachel is looking at me with bewildered faces, and the others who suddenly jump out and stand with their arms outstretched and don’t even look at me.
And no matter how much I looked around, I couldn’t see our children.

“Hey, I cast my curtains down with magic. Others cannot see us or hear our voices.”

And to me, when I was bewildered, Rachel sister told me that.
… … sell out
I hurriedly lowered my arms and sat down in my seat.

“Lee, Rachel knew how to use this kind of magic.”

If so, please tell me sooner rather than later.
I was scared, so I squatted under the tablecloth.

“Oh, no… . We have a device for that.”

Saying that, Rachel’s sister pointed to the corner above the table.
There was a small device emitting light.
Oh, yes. It was such a device. I thought it was just decoration.
Truly an upscale restaurant. there’s everything
But if there was such a thing, it would have been better to just write it from the beginning.

“Wow. There was also this. I’m sorry. I didn’t even know there was such a thing, so I kept hiding.”

“That’s right… .”

I said so while looking at Sister Rachel with a bit of resentment, but Sister Rachel said so without making eye contact with me properly.
What? Oh, yes. As much as Rachel’s older sister who respects Diana, did she suddenly feel guilty after being caught by Diana?

“It’s okay. sister. After all, it’s a meal you pay for helping find Diana. You won’t feel sorry for Diana.”

“Yes Yes?”

Sister Rachel looked at me like she was talking about that.
If you’re pretending not to do that for me, you don’t have to. it’s not all

“But aren’t you too embarrassed? No matter how much you want to send Diana, why are you making such an excuse? If you make excuses like that, you’ll be more dangerous when I’m caught. Unsurprisingly, you are very weak in crisis.”

“Yes, yes?!”

Rachel, who had a puzzled expression on her face, opened her eyes this time and looked at me with a serious expression.

“Why, why?”

I couldn’t help but be surprised by the violent reaction.

“Mr. Guwon, sincere words now… How much is the rescue scene? ha ha… .”

Sister Rachel mumbled in disbelief, then sighed heavily, feeling a sudden loss of strength in her shoulders.

“Who, who?”

“no. No. Yes. I was just so embarrassed to suddenly meet Diana-sama. I just spit out sounds that I didn’t want to get rid of.”

The older sister mumbled that with a look of immense tiredness.
I knew it, but even if it was, it hurts a little to hear that it is a sound that I absolutely do not like.

“I’m sorry. It’s a place to treat you to a meal in return, but I was surprised.

“no. It was a coincidence that I met other people. The restaurant selection was also good. Goo Won is not going to apologize. Rather than that, Guwon, do you think of a way to survive here? Let me tell you, this magic veil only works near the table. When you go out, you will be seen by others.”

“That’s right! Uh, what if… .”

“Sigh… It looks like the three of you sat down at the table over there and cast a magic veil like us.

If you use this pillar to get out of the square, you probably won’t be noticed.”

While saying that, Rachel’s sister pointed to a place where the space was awkwardly empty.
indeed. That’s how it looks when you put on a magic curtain.
That’s why we need a table guide for the employees.

“Go, thank you. sister!”

“no. Shall we go soon then?”

“Yes Yes? But the food… .”

“I am full enough. I don’t think Goo Won will be able to eat comfortably in a situation like this.”

“If you care about me, that’s fine. Today is a place to treat you as a reward… .”

“I’m full.”


I have decided to honor Rachel’s favor.
If it’s normal, it would be right for me to finish the calculations nicely and go out together, but the probability of getting caught is too high.
I handed my sister the cost of the meal and asked her to calculate it, and first started using stealth.
The level is low, so it’s not hard to see or use this, but if you move quickly, it will have an effect that makes it difficult to recognize who you are.
And just before Rachel’s sister left the magic barrier, she ran out of the dining room first in a staggered fashion.

Success! You did it!
It wasn’t until I stepped outside the restaurant that I barely felt alive.

“Good for you. Seeing that there was no response, the three of them didn’t seem to notice.”

And Rachel’s sister, who came out of the restaurant after paying the bills after me, even confirmed that.
But is it my mood? Come to think of it, I had a feeling that Rachel’s voice was subtly cold.

“sister. Thank you!”

“no. Then we will break up.”

Huh. It’s not about feeling either.

“Yes Yes?!”

“Did you achieve the purpose of repaying you for helping me find Diana? Besides, you can’t stay with me any longer, can you?”

“Yeah, but… .”

no. You said yes, but why do you seem to feel worse

“Who, who? Did I do anything wrong?”

“no. Guwon did nothing wrong. If I’ve done anything wrong, it’s mine.”

“no. So, I fully understand what you said earlier. I was so embarrassed that I hid under the table, so my sister was so embarrassed… .”

sister. those eyes. It reminds me of when we first met.
Even then, with that kind of sales smile, he refused me to hunt.

“Oh. Thank you so much for your understanding. then goodbye Today was a lot of fun. … halfway through.”

“Oh, yes, yes! Goodbye!”

Sister Rachel greeted her gracefully with a smile like that, then turned her back and left.
However, unlike the graceful movement, the footsteps were heavily loaded with strength.
what the hell Could I have spoken in the middle?
Let’s think about it. It must have been that Rachel sister suddenly became like that, coming out from under the table… no. A little later than that?
uh… . I do not know. no guessing at all
But Rachel would do that for no reason.

Not even a minute?
Can I follow you now?
no. I don’t even know why I’m angry, but if I follow you now, there’s no way I’m going to get angry
Let’s just meet later when our anger is relieved, apologize and ask why.

With that thought in mind, I trudged back to the mansion.
And as soon as I got to the mansion, I started washing.
throb the whole body. How many times.

As long as Rachel has said that, you mustn’t find out that I was with Rachel in any way.
The most dangerous thing is Leia’s sense of smell.
My nose doesn’t smell at all, but I tried desperately to get rid of Rachel’s body odor that might still be there.

It’s been about two hours since I started washing my body, but I still feel anxious.
are you okay? While washing, I summoned the spirits of water and even the spirits of wind to do all sorts of things on my body.
The opportunity to check it came much earlier than I expected.

“Chief Salvation!”

Leia, who suddenly opened the door and broke in, ran towards me while I was washing in the bathtub.

“Wow! Le, Leia!”

I was startled and stiffened my body.
But Leia didn’t care about my reaction, and hugged my face tightly to her voluptuous breasts.
Then he put his nose in my head and took a deep breath.
What, what? Have you already heard of it?!

“Savior. Where have you been?”

However, it seems that Leia did not notice the smell of Rachel’s sister, whether it was worth washing her body for over two hours.
I felt the tension release.
And when the tension was relieved, I was able to enjoy the situation a little bit.

For some reason, Leia is currently wearing a bathrobe.
And still boasting a forward-looking sense of volume to the extent that it felt too revealing in a bathrobe.
Thanks to her, when I hugged her like this, my face was buried in the exposed breastbone, and Leia’s sweet scent from just washing her nose spread out.
In addition to that, I was very happy with the soft touch on my cheek.

“What is it? Leia, what’s wrong?”

“Mr. Salvation is also true. What’s going on? it’s not Like yesterday, I thought that I would not be able to see Mr. Guwon today.”

“Yes? yesterday”

Come to think of it, I don’t remember seeing Leia except for dinner for some reason yesterday.
no. Come to think of it, it’s not just Leia. So did Sara and Diana.

“Yeah. Sara and Diana do it too much. I said that if I was with Goo Won, I would treat him with kindness unconditionally.

Huh? what is that… Ahhh! Come to think of it, that’s what I said yesterday morning.
It’s forbidden to be kind to me today.
For some reason, I thought I couldn’t see all three, but was it?
sorry. I had no idea because I was hanging out with Matilda or Sylvia today.

like that. Then, Leia was happy in the morning, and she was gloomy because I was going to meet friends.
The reason Sarah and Diana comforted Leia in the restaurant was because they were holding her all day yesterday, so they were sorry.
The reason the three of them came to such a high-end restaurant must have been to appease Leia.
Because Leia likes to eat unexpectedly.
It seems that all the nutrients are concentrated in a specific area.
Anyway, this solved all the riddles!

“However, I can finally be with Goo Won.”

Leia smiled warmly and hugged my face tightly, rubbing her cheek near my top of the head as if animals were marking their scent.
The feel of her chest all over her face and the touch of Leia’s soft cheeks on the top of her head.
Surrounded by Leia’s happy feeling all over her body and the relief that she hadn’t been caught eating with Rachel’s sister, I felt like my whole body was relaxed and I was fading away.
I think this alone can make you happy.

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Meal with Rachel

I thought I could understand a little bit of Sylvia’s feeling that she was so happy that she was hugged by me.
Huh. I’m sure this is happy enough to die.
Well, that doesn’t mean I won’t treat Sylvia in moderation in the future.
Rather, I will work harder and more actively to make you enjoy this happy feeling.

I made up my mind to do so, and for now I decided to enjoy this happiness with Leia to the fullest.
Perhaps it was because of the thrilling experience I had before, the feeling I am feeling now made me feel happier.

“Leia, how about that outfit?”

“Yes, yes… I washed up.”

Can I interpret that as saying that you will be with me all night from now on?
After all, it’s Leia’s turn today.
Looking at Leia’s slightly blushed cheeks as if embarrassed, it seemed to be the case.
An angel who descended on earth. let’s be pitiful
But from now on. You’re going to skip dinner and keep monopolizing me

“Sarah and Diana didn’t stop well.”

Even if it’s because they want it on their own, it’s the same with Sarah and Diana haven’t seen me since yesterday, except for dinner.
Was he really sorry that he was holding Leia forcibly?

“Huhu. It’s okay. You two washed together.”

Leia said with a smile, as if reassured by my murmuring.
Like I apologized at the restaurant earlier, they must have been really sorry.
no. That’s how much our angel was dead. Because you can’t spend time with me even though you’re at the mansion.
He’s an angel too.

But while I was wiping myself in the bathtub like this, we all washed together.
I also wanted to wash with you.
I was still not allowed to wash together in that big bathroom.
To be honest, there’s nothing we can do about washing together.
in front of everyone

There’s no way they’d make a novel suicide attempt by playing sexual pranks on someone else, and if you wash them together anyway, you’ll probably just be happy to see the scene with your own eyes.
Still, there is no other reason why I want to wash together like this.
It is the event that gives off the most harem-like atmosphere, so I just want to try it at least once.
Yet you are so against it.
I’m not going to ask everyone to have sex, so at least it’s okay to wash together… .
When will the day come when you will be able to engrave that heavenly scene in your eyes?
no. Of course, it’s still heaven enough.
Heaven is the place where the angel resides.

I lifted my head up slightly and looked into Leia’s face.
Even during the conversation, Leia was still holding my face tightly to her chest.
As if trying to fully compensate for the two days we didn’t see their faces properly.

Looking at that happy face, I moved my hand and groped around the waist of the bathrobe Leia was wearing.
And as soon as he gently untied the knot at the end of his hand, the front of the bathrobe opened with great force.
The breastbone, which was still more than half exposed, was completely exposed, and the smooth navel leading down to it and the pubic area below it were clearly revealed.
Truly an angel. It’s a huge attack power. Wasn’t it harsh?

Then, when the bathrobe that was draped over Leia’s shoulders was slightly tilted to the side, the bathrobe fell to the floor as it was.
Leia smiled shyly at her cheeks that were getting redder, but nevertheless made no resistance while taking off her bathrobe.
I placed both hands on Leia’s waist, which was so thin that it was amazing that it was supporting her huge breasts, and I lifted Leia’s body and made her enter the bathtub.

“Oh? Whoops. Can I wash it off?”

“no. I washed everything too. It’s just a waste of time to wipe off the water.”

As I said that, I made Leia sit on my thighs, facing each other.
And this time, I hugged Leia tightly from my side.
The feeling of the chest felt on the face was excellent, but the feeling of the chest pressing down on the chest as if it was about to burst while hugged like this was also wonderful.

“Savior… .”

Leia seemed to be moved by my words and hugged me tightly with an overflowing expression.
Then, he buried his face near the nape of my neck and began to breathe heavily.

“Ha ha… .”

The voice that flowed out like that was so happy to be heard, and it was a sound that made the listener feel better.
I’m sorry for making you so happy. sorry. Leia.
Actually, there was some calculation that the smell of soap would get rid of Rachel’s smell while I was here.
In fact, just having Leia sniff me like this made my heart tremble a little.
don’t call me a coward When something like that happens, everyone becomes like this.
Think about what Rachel Sister said.
That means you never know what’s going to happen the moment you get caught.
It’s a big event that my angel could put on a face that truly despises me.

“Huhu. Salvation Mr. My heart is pounding.”

“Yeah, because Leia is so pretty.”

“Oh, Guwon is also true.”

Leia rolled her eyes softly as if trying to hide her embarrassment and fell to me.

“Why? Are you satisfied? Are you finished holding me now?”

When I asked with a slightly mischievous expression, Leia blushed slightly and then lightly slapped my chest with her tail, as if saying no.
The wet tail was scratched and whipped like a whip, but of course it didn’t hurt.

“Not at all. I still lack a lot. Please fill in the gaps overnight.”

it’s all night It’s not even dinner yet.

“okay. Even if I fill it all up, I will fill it up enough to overflow.”

“Huhu. Yeah.”

Leia smiled happy and brought it back to me.
First, kiss lightly.
After kissing did not turn into a nine-tailed fox, Leia also became very fond of kissing me.
Seeing that Sarah and Diana like kissing, everyone realizes that kissing in this world has a more special meaning than in the original world.
Especially since the hurdles of sex are much lower than the original world.

We were stuck together for a long time, entangled tongue-to-tongue like that.
If you think that it has fallen off a little, it will stick again, and your tongue and tongue will touch again.
Sometimes they stimulate each other by tapping the inside of their mouth with the tip of their tongue, while moving their tongues violently as if mixing each other’s saliva.

“Sigh… Leia. Don’t think about special training today and just do it.”

For some reason, I just wanted to mix my body today, so I made such a suggestion.

“haha… uh… It’s an attractive proposition, but… .”

However, Leia gently shook her head while making an ecstatic expression from the afterglow of the kiss.

“Can’t we just do it the way it is? I want to become a body that can have Guwon-san’s child as soon as possible. And again… .”

Having said that, Leia’s face flushed bright red in embarrassment.
What? Why are you reacting like that?
I think it’s pretty shameful to say that I want to become a body that can have children.
Are you going to say anything more shameful than that?

“When you become a nine-tailed fox, your desires become too strong. Of course, there is reason, but I can’t concentrate on feeling the happiness of being with Goo Won… He, that is, me, I don’t hate doing that to Mr. Guwon.”

Leia said that, and as if embarrassed, she folded her ears, which were pointed above her head, with both hands, and lowered her head.
what. This cute creature. You are mature, innocent, and cute. it’s a foul


I couldn’t stand it and hugged Leia tightly.
Then, holding the stiff object tightly to Leia’s abdomen, he looked at Leia and said.

“Then that Leia likes to act. can you do it right now? I can’t stand it any longer.”

“Yes, yes… .”

Leia nodded slightly with her face buried in my chest.
And immediately, I felt a warm, soft, yet powerful touch in my chest.
It was Leia’s tongue.
Leia buried her face in my chest and started licking my chest little by little.
And moving my face little by little, my tongue moved slowly towards my nipples as if crawling over my chest.
Both hands, which had folded their ears, were lowered and rested on my stomach, but instead their tail moved and began to gently wrap around my already enlarged object.
wow. what is this.
At that unfamiliar touch, I instantly flinched and trembled.

Although mine is large, Leia’s tail was originally quite thick, surrounded by fluffy fur, just like a fox’s tail.
However, the tail, which had become wet and the hairs were all attached to it, had become very slim, and it had been rolled up a few times while riding on my things.

Besides, it didn’t end there.
Now it’s not just water that’s wet its tail, it’s soapy water.
So, using the reduced friction, Leia’s tail started to move.
It doesn’t even move up and down, but it feels like the tail is moving forward and backward.
How can I explain this?
After winding the string in the shape of a spring on the pole, if you pull the ends alternately, wouldn’t it be curled up and then rolled up and down?
The tail was moving with that feeling.

“Ugh… .”

Whether you’re doing it yourself, served by your mouth, or inserted, the basic feel of an object is a back and forth reciprocating motion.
It was the first time in my life that I was stimulated like this, so I couldn’t stop the sound coming out of my mouth.

“Huhu. Are you feeling that good?”

Hearing my voice, Leia seemed to feel better.
Leia, who had been licking her nipples lightly, raised her gaze slightly and looked at me, then narrowed her eyes and smiled.
Still, the tail wrapped around the object and the tongue that stimulated the nipples did not stop moving.

“Huh… Leia… the best… .”

“Huh… uh… side… uh… .”

As if pleased with my compliment, Leia’s ears protruding above her head moved prickly.
The object was pulled slightly as it reflexively tried to shake the tail from side to side, but it resumed the same movement as before.

“Huhu. Now I’m waking up and moving. Well… side. Do you feel like rice?”

“a little… It might be dangerous… .”

“You have no patience. It’s always good, so please feel free to give it to me.”

Leia’s meltingly sweet voice, like an angel, embraced and tickled my heart.
This person seems to be able to accept everything no matter what I do, just like the Virgin Mary.

“Oh, but please tell me in advance. that… For special training, I think it would be better to receive it by mouth.”

Besides, even in such an atmosphere, he sometimes shows the cuteness that is hidden in that shy gesture.
It is perfect. How could a woman like this stick to me and serve me?

Leia felt the twitching object in her tail, and perhaps she decided to accelerate her excitement even more, and even the hand that was resting on my body began to move.
Then, of course, Leia’s upper body came closer to my body, and her chest was crushed, so her back

It was enough to show the side chest that was pressed as if it was about to burst.

I was happy with that alone, but Leia’s two hands pushed me further.
First, one hand went to the nipple opposite to the nipple being stimulated with the tongue and stimulated the nipple round and round with the fingertip.

And the other hand reached out towards my object.
The tail is tightly wrapped around the object, so what are you going to do with your hand down towards the object?
Instantly, I had such a question.
But that thought itself only meant that I was underestimating Leia.

The hand extended toward the object went down to the testicles and gently wrapped the pouch.
It was a sensitive area that felt pain even with a little force, but Leia’s power control was perfect.
Gently caress the two eggs as if rolling them in your hand, and occasionally apply a little force to the extent that it does not hurt.
The smelt-like fingers sometimes extended to the perineum and tapped, and I had no choice but to reflexively shake my body.

And when my stuff, completely ready for ejaculation, swelled up, I raised my hand slightly upward again.
With the tip of my thing slightly exposed over the tail that was curled up like a pretzel.
I put my hand, which had become slippery with soapy water, and turned it round and round, and I couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Ugh! Leia!”

When I shouted that, Leia quickly got down and filled my mouth with my things.
At the same time, I ejaculated in Leia’s mouth as if peeing coolly.

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It’s not because it’s annoying to never rethink the scene.
I’m posting this because people who haven’t seen it are so sad.
no. What’s the problem with uploading in the wrong order and then uploading the deleted one again?
After all, even those who saw it could only see the part where the tail touched!
It’s not even clingy! I also modified it to suit the situation!

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Meal with Rachel

“Yes… Well… Ugh… .”

Even thinking about it herself, the amount of ejaculation was no joke, but Leia did not take her mouth off of my things.
no. Rather, he lowered his head more and more.
To make sure that the root of my object goes into my mouth.

Because she was washing herself before Leia came, the water level in the bathtub was very low, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t there at all.
Even though my belongings were filled with water to the point where they were a little submerged, Leia didn’t care and swallowed the semen with a firm bite to the root.
His mouth was completely submerged, but his nose was barely above the surface of the water, so it didn’t seem difficult to breathe.
It was an act called periscope pella.
Is it possible to use even such advanced techniques? What is a Gumiho? .
I trembled at the excitement that came with pleasure.

Leia, who eventually swallowed every drop of my semen, closed her eyes while still biting my dick.

I shut up and went into meditation.
It seemed that he was contemplating the regular absorption occurring in his body.
You’re just doing this in this position… .
Originally, this was the purpose, but it would be okay to change the posture comfortably.
no. I’m good though.
The image of an angel lying flat between my legs and biting my object with water underneath his face. it’s awesome
The pretty back line that stretches straight out, the side chest that is clearly visible from the side of the back because it is so big, the heart-shaped line that extends to the waist and hips, and the wet tail in the center.
everything is perfect

Seeing this scene, even after I had just ejaculated, I did not think that things would shrink at all.
no. On the contrary, it even made her dream more vigorously.


I woke up from my meditation as my object squirmed, Leia opened her eyes and I looked up.

“Oh sorry. Was it a hindrance?”


Leia smiled at my apology and shook her head.
ね. Angel. If you stir it with the door… .
And Leia tightened her round lips and raised her head.
As my lips moved up and down, completely adhering to the whole thing, I felt the semen squeezing out the remaining semen.
In addition, while climbing, he moved his tongue to lick the semen on the surface of the object cleanly.
When it goes up to the point where your lips are caught on the glans, relax your lips slightly and lower your head again.
When it goes down to the roots, apply strength to the lips again and upward.
By repeating the motion several times, Leia completely disposes of the semen remaining in the object.

But isn’t this too serious to be called a cleaning pella?
no. It’s good because I feel good.
Besides, Leia’s actions did not stop there.

“Cul. churn. uhm. Ugh… .”

After her lips went up to the point where it caught on the glans, it was Leia who perfectly handled the semen that might remain inside by sucking it sideways as if sucking a drink with a straw.

“Well… side. ha ha… . Whoops. so much… How did you feel?”

Leia, who barely opened her mouth from my belongings, said with a happy smile looking at me as she slowly stroked her up and down while holding one of her hands.
The face he remembered so much nevertheless looked so innocent, it was hard to believe he was someone who had acted like that before.
The truth is, even now, I’m still hitting my stuff with my hands.

“Huh. very. How is Leia? Special training, do you think things are going well?”

Actually, it would be better to talk about this first.
When I first asked if I was in a good mood, I could tell how much of an angel Leia was.
no. I already knew enough, though.

“Yes. It seems that the absorption rate can be slowed down a bit more… Oh, but.”


“I still don’t know. Should I try more?”

Saying that, Leia gave her hand holding my object a little force, and moved it up and down a little more strongly than before.
That face, which seemed infinitely innocent at first glance, paradoxically looked so sexy.


I couldn’t stand it anymore and hugged Leia tightly.

“Hey! Goo, Salvation… !”

Leia was slightly startled, but did not resist at all.
no. On the contrary, it naturally climbed back on me as if it were being embraced by myself.
This time higher than before. I put Leia on top of my body, feeling like it was riding on my belly instead of my thighs, and I kissed Leia as it was.

“Yes… Salvation… .”

Leia kissed me and once again wrapped my stuff around her tail.
This time, unlike before, it seemed that the length of the tail was longer than before, perhaps because my belongings were just below his buttocks.
The tail, which started wrapped around the end of the object and went down to the root, gently tickled the testicles with the remaining end.
And this time, from the beginning, I put my palm on the tip of the object and started spinning it round and round.

Ouch! Leia! If you do that while kissing!
Of course, it feels good, but the energy is absorbed twice, so the time you can enjoy like this is reduced.
With that thought in mind, I looked at my health gauge.
uh? Isn’t the speed of giving so fast?
It seemed like I could enjoy it enough like last time.
Besides, I didn’t pay much attention to it because it felt so good, but the amount of vitality lost was less than I expected even though I had absorbed the essence through my mouth.
I guess Leia has been concentrating on practicing since the time she stimulated me with her tail.
I opened my eyes wide in surprise and looked at Leia.
Seeing me like that, I wondered what he was thinking, and Leia’s eyes in the nearest distance narrowed and smiled.
ね. you’re beautiful too

So, I was able to taste the new experience of Tail Job with Leia overnight.
Of course, it was inserted along the way, but it was still impossible to not turn into a nine-tailed fox.
Still need a little more effort?
If Leia was able to completely control the state of the nine tails, nine tails… .
It was a night where the motivation for special training was burning again.

“Uh… side… Hmm… Whoops. Why?”

and the next morning.
I kissed Leia as soon as she opened her eyes.
Actually, I wanted to do it before I woke up, but I desperately put up with it because I was afraid I would wake up from sleeping.
Leia immediately accepted my tongue without any resistance and gave me a warm gaze as if looking at a cute little child.

“no. It’s just because she’s so pretty.”

“Mr. Salvation is so… Please float too much.”

“It’s not floating. It’s true! I can do anything for your smile!”

“Huhu. Really?”

“then! Sure!”

“then… I have a little question. Can you answer me if it’s okay with you?”

“Huh? Any questions? then! Ask anything!”

I said proudly.
I don’t know what you’re curious about, but I have nothing to hide from Leia.

“Why did you go to the restaurant with Rachel yesterday?

Are you?”

But the moment I heard Leia’s question, I felt my heart freeze.
He knew well that unpleasant sweat was welling up his whole body.

“Ah, no, that, what, no, so… .”

I reflexively tried to deny it, but I could barely swallow it.
Now, Leia didn’t ask if she went to a restaurant. I asked him why he went.
In other words, he was already convinced that he had gone.
Denying it here will only have the opposite effect.
Suddenly, a thought came to my mind if I hadn’t hid on the tablecloth yesterday.
okay. A lie only sells my grave.
Let’s be honest.

“If you can’t answer that, you don’t have to answer. It’s not that I’m trying to dig up Guo Won’s private life. Just a little curious… .”

Besides, looking at Leia’s reaction, she didn’t seem angry at all.
Of course, it could be acting, but I was convinced that our angel couldn’t do such a foolish thing.
In other words, I’m not really angry.
That fact reassured me even more.

I tried to calm my beating heart as much as possible, and explained step by step.
When I went to find Diana, who didn’t come back from the dungeon, Rachel’s sister came back to help while she was at work.
And in return, he decided to serve a meal.
Rachel’s sister said that in the restaurant, even that she was gibberish out of embarrassment when three of my lovers appeared at the same time.
And lastly, I put a lot of emphasis on the fact that there was no such thing as being stabbed.

“Huhu. indeed. That’s how it happened.”

And Leia, who heard all I said, said with a warm smile still.
And he gently stroked my chest as if trying to calm my pounding heart.

“Mi, do you believe me?”

“of course. There’s no way I can’t believe what Guwon said.

To be honest, if the position had been the other way around, I couldn’t believe it so purely.
Still, Leia… big black.
I couldn’t help but be moved again by the angelicness of the angel.

“There wasn’t really a smell to it or the lips… .”


“Yes. no. Whoops. it’s nothing.”

Leia smiled like that, and this time she looked at me with tears in her eyes that made it look like she was making that kind of expression on purpose.

“But if that’s the case, I wish you would have told me in advance.”

“Mi, sorry. No matter what the reason, it’s hard to say that you’re going out to eat with another woman.”

“Huhu. It’s okay. Are you friends? I’m not so narrow-minded that I can’t understand going out to eat with friends. Of course, I get a little jealous, and it’s difficult if the number of times increases, but… . I’m sorry. After all, even my friends are jealous.”

Leia emphasized that she was trying to tell her several times that she was a friend, but at the end, she had a dark expression on her face as if it was too hard to bear.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. Because yesterday, I was only treated in the sense of reciprocation. rather jealous

more happy that you love me that much If it were the other way around, I wouldn’t have admitted that even friends would ever go out together.”

I said that while reading Leia like that.

“Huhu. Thank you.”

Leia said so and buried her face in my chest slightly.
thank God. I’m really glad that the angel is an angel.
Even after listening to Rachel’s words yesterday, you still understand me like this.
If it was someone other than the angel who was caught… .

“Ha, but how did you know?”

“Yeah? That’s what it smelled like. Oh, but it’s fine now. I am no longer.”

Saying that, Leia rubbed her cheek against one side of my chest.
As if animals mark themselves.
Then I saw there… The one where Rachel was holding her arms yesterday… .
It was the moment when I promised myself that I would never lie to an angel again in the future.

“But, again, I think it would be better not to tell the other two.”


“Two minutes. I was particularly interested in the fact that Diana-sama is Rachel’s boyfriend. If you find out that it was Mr. Guwon… .”

“Angel! Please keep it a secret!”

“Huhu. Yes. Okay. Oh, if you do, please tell me. I will also clear up the misunderstanding.”

“My wife, my angel!”

I jumped right into Leia’s chest and buried her face.

“Oh my, whoops. Salvation is too. In this case, you are like a child.”

Saying that, Leia kissed me on the top of my head and then gently stroked my hair.
After all, burying your face in this chest will calm you down.
It feels like all the strength in my body is being released.
Certain parts are rather powerful, though.

“Yes! Whoops. You are such an adult here.”

Leia said so, slowly turning her waist in a circle.

“Ugh… Huh… before meals… Will you do it one more time?”

There was no way a man could refuse that sweet, enticing voice.
I nodded vigorously with my face buried in my chubby chest, and moved my waist up and down.

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The circumstances of the succubus

Having had a good time with Leia since morning, I came down with an empty mind.
It was said that there was only one Leia, but after the lie was discovered, I couldn’t be bothered like that.
Besides, Sarah and Diana had confirmed that they didn’t know, so I walked down to the restaurant with light steps.
There, as usual, everyone had arrived before us.
Sarah, Diana and Matilda. And to Sylvia.

“Oh, savior! All, I’ve been there!”

Sylvia was not in the corner as usual, but came up to me and bowed 90 degrees to greet me.
Come to think of it, Sylvia was supposed to come back yesterday.
My dealings with Leia were so hot that I forgot about it.

“Uh, yes. Sylvia. How have you been? how was it? Did things go well?”

“Oh, no. no. Yep. It went well. Just work… .”

Sylvia hesitated for something as she said that.

“Huh? What is it?”

“That, that… .”

But Sylvia kept her head down, reluctant to answer.
When I saw that, I was puzzled and turned my gaze to Sarah and Diana, but they both shook their heads.

“It was always like that when we asked. It must be a difficult thing to say.”

“Apart from Sarah, is it difficult to even tell Diana? Oh, Sarah. Now these words are just pure… .”

“I know, you idiot.”

Sarah said that with a cool expression, as if it wasn’t anything particularly bad.
I think it’s an expression that would have made you feel bad enough even if you knew it.
I sat down, thanking Sarah for passing me by.

“Sylvia, if it’s hard to say, it’s okay if you don’t tell me. But, it’s not like there’s something wrong with you or something like that, right? If that’s the case, you must tell me.”

“Yeah, hey! It’s okay!”

Even though I hadn’t seen him for a day, it felt like it had been a long time since I saw him answering the trembling, desperately.
After all, it’s empty if he’s not in sight.

“And coming back like this means that everything is over, right?”

“Ah, that’s… .”

“Huh? no?”

“Yeah. Actually that… I’m here to report. I thought it would be nice to be back in the castle for a while… .”

“is it. What the hell is going on… no. Do you think it will take a long time?”

“… That, I don’t know.”

Sylvia said as she looked at me with eyes that seemed to want something.
Huh? What? I don’t think I’ll see you for a few days, so you want me to pet you?

“Hey hey!”

I tapped Sylvia on the head, and Sylvia sprinted to the other end of the table.
Looking at it, at least he doesn’t seem to have been hurt anywhere.

“Can we still eat and go? Let’s eat rice first.”

“Well, that means, are you going to allow me to go to the castle?”

Maybe it was a little more stable because she moved away from me, Sylvia said, calming her breathing.

“Huh. Can’t you just leave your friend in trouble? If there’s something that worries me, I won’t be able to concentrate even in the dungeon. OK. If it takes too long, they are only playing near the first floor.”

No matter what secret the pond holds, it won’t pose a big threat to us as long as it’s near the 1st floor.
Even without Sylvia, that would be enough.
I thought so, and decided to eat.

I was a little curious about what was going on in the castle, but that doesn’t seem to be my concern.
It’s all about the princess anyway. It’s sure to be an awkward day.
Something I don’t have to worry about at all.

However, after dinner, Sylvia’s remark that she wanted to talk with me before going to the castle turned out to be a mistake.
The first thing Sylvia said when they were alone in my room was,

Because it was talk.

“Well, actually… It is not something that has nothing to do with the Savior.”

Unlike in the restaurant, Sylvia said so with a very serious face.
It’s Silvia Mod, who is preoccupied with something other than me.

“Huh? what?”

“It’s about the princess. In fact, the fact that the princess is refusing to have a relationship with the hero seems to have reached her ears.”


I couldn’t help but be surprised at the remarks I had not really expected.
It’s not that it’s completely unrelated, it’s all about me!
That’s why Sylvia was hesitant to say that earlier. My kids still don’t know what bets me and the princess made!
Sylvia! great!

“That, so?”

“Of course, it seems that the queen questioned the princess. The princess seems to have lost her foot for now, but of course, the Queen’s ears also came to be related to the Savior… .”

Damn it. yes it is
Felicia, because I heard her so openly trying to fuck with me.
Rumors must have been spread among the people in the castle. There’s no way I can’t get it

“But rest assured. The Queen probably won’t even protest to the Savior.”

“Huh? Why?”

“Because the church recognizes Salvation as the messenger of the Goddess. I heard that the Pope also officially recognized it not long ago.”

What?! Suddenly?! When did this happen without me knowing?!
Maybe when I went to the temple with Matilda before?!

“It’s hard to touch on the fact that she’s a messenger from the Goddess, but besides that, there’s even Diana-sama. The current salvation is in a position where it is difficult to touch not only the queen, but anyone else.”

Is it like that? To be honest, I don’t really feel that way because I’m an outsider, but I’m saying that I’ve become a much higher person than I thought.
It was like carrying the Goddess Church and the Magic Association on their backs. That’s right.

“Anyway, so what then?”

“Yeah. The Queen has decided to thoroughly investigate only the Princess. In the first place, the bet itself stems from the princess’s desire to have more pleasant sex.”

Huh… . Well, that’s right.
It was definitely me who suggested the bet, but it would end if the princess didn’t accept it in the first place.

“So the unbearable Queen finally exploded. I purposely made him learn administration in a place where there are many adventurers, but he was doing so while violating the order to have a child of a hero while leaving the adventurers scattered around the world.

“… Huh? Wait a minute. You deliberately put them in a place where there are many adventurers? That means that the queen is the same as the princess… Are you acknowledging that?”

“… Yes. In fact, from time immemorial, all of the royal bloodline… They have a stronger sex drive than others… . Among them, the princess has a strong sexual desire, but… Still, even the Queen understood.”

Is that so?
Somehow something was strange.
After all, it’s been like that before.
The princess’s sexual desire was so strong, but Diana’s reaction was lukewarm, and so did the people in the castle.
No matter how in a world like this, if an ordinary princess is so promiscuous, it’s normal to have a little resistance.
all the royal people

Is that so?
Isn’t the real race a succubus or something?
Anyway, I was able to find out the race through the analysis, I’ll have to check it out next time I see it.
no. It’s best not to meet at all.

“Originally, the princess, who took famous adventurers to release her sexual desire, couldn’t even do that after the order to have a hero’s child, so I thought there was nothing I could not understand… The Queen must have been different. It seems that the princess was very scolded.

What, what do you use to relieve your sexual desire?
I am now listening to the story with a feeling that it is probably good.
Is that something I really need to hear?
It just seems like the conclusion is that the princess is dull after being scolded. Why don’t you go and comfort her for a while?

“But it seems that the princess was also angry and protested… .”

Really?! Isn’t the conversation over?! Is it still going on?!

“To be specific… .”

no. done! Now, I don’t want to hear anything about other people’s fights between mothers and daughters anymore!

“When the Queen scolds the Princess for any benefit for doing so, why does the Princess also think that there is no benefit? Goon-nim is the most handsome man in the world right now, and he protested why it wouldn’t benefit the royal family to entice him… .”

“What?! He said he was really thinking about that and seduced me?!”

Sometimes I thought he was a smart kid, but he was a really dangerous kid!

“no. He probably said it out of anger during a fight, and I think he was just tempting God to make him feel better.”

But Sylvia cut off my question and denied it.
Hey. Felicia. Even your best friend thinks of you this way. Reflect a little

“Anyway, that’s why the Queen seems even more angry when the princess is harassed.

yes it is I think so too The queen who has never seen her face. I fully understand.

“I laughed at how you seduced Diana’s man in love… .”

Oops… .

“The princess insisted she could do it… .”


“In the end, the quarrel intensified, and it is said that the princess would not inherit the throne if she could not persuade Guwon-nim.”

“… I tell you, I have no intention of marrying the princess.”

“No, of course! I have no intention of making such a request!”

“Then why did you tell me?”

“Well, I just thought it would be good to know… .”

no… . Sylvia… . Thank you for your concern, but I just wanted to live without knowing… .

“no. In the first place, the princess insisted on what kind of confidence she could entice me.”

“… Next time we meet, we can have sex, so I said that I would melt it down with technique.”

Has he come to his senses yet?
I felt that way when I wasn’t even level 100, so what?
If I’m the one who’s mastered the deadly combo, I can even make a boss fight if I want to.
no. I’m not going to die because of healing sex.

“so. What are you going to do with something like that?”

“I will somehow mediate between the Queen and the Princess. Thankfully, the Queen treats me as pretty as her own daughter, so if I try, I will somehow… .”

Is it something that can be solved so easily?
I don’t know about it, but seeing that he even said that he would not inherit the throne, didn’t he really fight and beat him?

“… Ah… Huh. okay. I’ll think about what to do first.”

“Hey, would you like that?!”

“Huh. I’m in trouble if Sylvia stays in the castle forever.

“Goo, goo, goo, goo… .”

He’s back on serious mode.

“okay. okay.”

When I put my hand on Sylvia’s vibrating head, Sylvia’s vibration grew stronger.
I held Sylvia like that in my arms and felt the vibrations with my whole body and fell into thoughts.
I said I’d think about it for now, but honestly, I don’t think it’s a problem I can do anything about.
That doesn’t mean I can’t help but talk to other kids.

Sara and Leia, of course, can’t help in this way, and Diana has nothing to do with this.
From what I’ve heard from Diana before, it seems that Diana doesn’t interfere in that kind of politics at all.
Even high-ranking people in the country treat Diana with respect and respect, but that doesn’t mean Diana gets involved in politics.
Would you call it the treatment of an elder who has stepped down from the front line?
Because if Diana goes out, no one has the courage to oppose it. It felt like it was being pushed by force, so Diana doesn’t seem to be involved in that way at all.
And although the last remaining Matilda is also a high person, religion and politics don’t seem to interfere with each other.
After hearing the story, it seems like he has become a high person, but it is because he has the power of the Order and Diana behind him.
In other words, Sylvia is the only one among us who can mediate between the queen and the princess.

Is there no way to use your hands at all?
To put it bluntly, I could just fall for Felicia’s tricks, but I have no intention of even doing that.

“I can’t help it. Let’s go to Sylvia… Sylvia. Sylvia?!”

“Oh, I don’t know, ah… .”

no. I didn’t say I’m still dead today.
I hurriedly freed Sylvia, who was melting in her arms.

“Anyway, I hope you are doing well in the castle. I’ll be thinking about how to respond to this one.”

After saying that, there was no other way than to send Sylvia back to the castle.

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The circumstances of the succubus

After sending Sylvia to the castle, I fell in thought.
Is it okay to tell my kids what I just heard from Sylvia?

Originally, I was going to confess to Diana about the bet and nullify the accompaniment to the last name.
Now, I have a feeling that the conversation has grown too big for that.
Things have gotten this far, but now it’s time to say, ‘I’m sorry. You said you were just thinking, didn’t you say you were going to have sex?’ say it Perhaps the angry princess will not stand still.
Diana or whatever

There was also the possibility of a runaway without being seen.

And when it becomes impossible to void a bet, it was obvious what our kids would react when they found out.
Although our kids allowed sex with other women, there was a precondition attached that they could do it if it was absolutely necessary.
By the way, I provoked you to bet with Felicia that you don’t really need to do it at all, if you find out… .
Damn it. Felicia boy. If you’re doing things uselessly.

No matter how much I thought about it, I came to the conclusion that it would be better not to be noticed by our children.
The only thing that bothers me is that I just learned this morning that it’s best not to make as many secrets as possible.
uh… To be honest, I don’t like it, but is it okay to talk about it?
If I find out about it later, I think I’ll get more insulted.
okay. let’s say

After making that decision, my actions were quick from then on.
There is a saying that it is better to sell first.
I immediately clapped my hands and shouted out loud.


“… … What’s going on?”

“Uh, huh? Vanessa? You look kind of bad today. What’s going on?”

To be honest, Vanessa’s expression is still hard to read, but more than usual, before speaking, ‘It felt like it was long.
So I took a picture of it, but Vanessa who heard my question answered that she had no choice but to be caught.

“I’m not a dog, so please stop clapping and calling your name.”

I felt bad because of me.

“sorry. sorry. Isn’t that good though? puppy. cute.”

“… … What did you call me for?”

I tried to lighten my mood by secretly saying it was cute, but again, my super butler didn’t even get the seeds.

“Ah, yes. sorry. I’m not kidding Why don’t you call everyone here? Sarah, Diana, Leia, Matilda.”

“Okay. However, Leia-sama just went out.”

“What? already? ok Then call the rest of them. I’ll bring Leia.”

I heard that you were going to the temple for breakfast earlier, but it must have already departed.
I hurriedly left the mansion to catch up with Leia.
Vanessa said she just left, so catch up with my legs in no time.
With that in mind, I quickly ran towards the temple.

“Stand, you are a saint!”

And not long after I ran, I heard someone looking at me and shouting loudly.
uh? Oops! Damn it! I was in a rush and forgot to put on my robe!
And no matter where I was hiding like this, in an instant, men sweating around me began to surround me.

“Come on, my lord! When will we ever be saved?!”

“After the curse was lifted! Do we not know the specific schedule?!”

Whoa! We have to follow our angel, but don’t block the road! I’m dying of boredom!

“Everyone be quiet!”

I gave up going through the crowd, stopped in my seat and shouted loudly.

I can’t take it anymore. It sounds like salvation. Tell me to fuck you!
Let me tell you, this is not an insult to yourself.

“As long as I have one body, it is no easy task to save everyone!”

“Come on, my lord! then… !”

A wave of agitation spread among the people in my words.
okay. cubs. There is no such thing as free salvation in the world. call me a dog
But if I say that here, I probably won’t be able to get out of it easily.
Of course, you will be able to get through it by force.
Most of the people who want my salvation are low-level guys.
However, the Pope even admitted that I was a messenger of the goddess, but I couldn’t do that.
In this world, it’s not a joke, it’s a real punishment.

“so! Right now, while I’m breaking the curse, I’m still thinking about it from time to time! How can I save everyone on my own! And, I finally figured out a way!”

it’s not a lie
You’ve been thinking about filming sex education videos before.

“Oh, oh oh oh! Truly a saint! That, then!”

“However, there is still much that is needed to implement this scheme. There are so many things to prepare. The time is not yet.”

Mainly being an actress or something like an actress is lacking.

“Well, if that’s the case! Is there anything we can do to help?!”

Someone asked such a question, but I shook my head.
How much do bastards who can’t satisfy a single woman get a woman to appear in a sex education video?
Besides, it doesn’t mean that every woman can do it. That said, there are quite a few conditions.
And among those conditions, there was a condition that the level would be high.
Of course, high-level women also have high pride.
There’s no way people like you could save a woman like that.

“I promise that one day salvation will surely come. But now you have to trust me and wait for me. Think that the more you stand in my way, the later the time of salvation will be.”

“Ugh, ooh! Sin, sorry!”

I turned around and told him to turn it off, and then people started hurriedly paving the way.
okay. It would be nice if it was like this from the beginning.
Although it was significantly slower than the crowd, the street soon returned to its original shape.
However, everyone didn’t come toward me, but they all put their hands together and prayed towards me.
Stop it. What do you do when you pray to a living person?
That does not mean that the speed at which you are saved will increase.
no. It is doubtful whether salvation is really possible in the first place.
It’s impossible to find a woman with such perfect conditions… uh? Wait a minute. no. However… .

“Mr. Salvation!”

When something flashed in my head, Leia suddenly ran towards me from the front.
He must have noticed that I was there due to the commotion earlier.
Leia ran to me and immediately grabbed my arm and wrapped her arms around me.

“What are you doing here?”

“Ah, that’s right, I have something to tell you, because Leia left the house. I followed you.”

“Yeah? What are you talking about?”

“Huh. Everyone will be gathered in the mansion, so I’ll go back and talk.”

He talked while savoring the happy feeling he felt on his arm.
It makes me depressed when I think about breaking up after a while, but still being happy is being happy.
It’s okay to enjoy a moment of happiness, right?

When I returned to the mansion, everyone was still there.
Leia also fell from my arms and stood in a position facing me, and my heart felt like it was pounding.
From now on, I have to tell you that I bet on sex with Felicia.
can i survive?

“I heard you all called, but what’s going on?”

“Huh. That’s it. I heard about Sylvia. I think it would be good to gather everyone’s wisdom on how to do it.”

“Huh? Sylvia, did you finally talk to Guwon? When we asked, he didn’t answer like that… .”

“Hey Sylvia likes me so much… sorry. I climbed a bit.”

It has to be broken from now on, but this guy’s mouth is already in line.
So, how should we talk about it?
I made up my mind to speak, but if possible, I want to speak as naturally as possible.

“Sylvia, did you go back to the castle? Did something so important happen?”

“okay. In conclusion, what Diana said before was almost correct. It is said that the queen is angry because the princess is having trouble again. Sylvia went to mediate because the two of them had a big fight while the Queen even mentioned that she would not inherit the throne.”

“You don’t want to inherit the throne. is that really If it’s true, it’s usually not a problem. What are you mad about? Have you heard about that too?”

“okay. As Diana knows, of course, the queen has ordered the princess to bear the hero’s child. But when it was discovered that the princess had no relationship with the hero at all these days.”

“Hey. Did that happen? But I don’t think the princess is one who will not obey the queen’s orders for no reason.”

Even though she knew that the princess had a semi-forced relationship with me before, Diana’s evaluation of the princess was still quite high.
You said that you once played the role of a teacher when you were young, so are you acknowledging the ability itself, aside from sexual desire?

“there… That’s it… Actually… .”

The time has finally come
Sara’s eyes gleamed sharply as I was speechless, not knowing what to say.

“… Salvation. Did you do something else? Say it.”

Sarah. Why are you always feeling so good?

“Can you promise not to get angry?”

“Did we do anything mad?!”

Don’t answer a question with a question… no. Sorry.

“Well… there… So… That’s it. Don’t get me wrong, listen. What you should know in advance is that I had no intention of doing that.

“Speak quickly.”

As I continued to steam, I was starting to get annoyed, Diana was also urging me.

“… Felicia is so

He said he’d think about doing it once if he’s not having sex with anyone until the next time he sees my face again.”


As soon as I spoke in a quick tone, there was silence in the room.
The eve of the storm is exactly that.

“Hey, you idiot! It’s all because of you!”

“You! Are you stupid! Huh? Are you stupid! no! stupid! Fool!”

“Savior… .”

“Aren’t you really stupid?!”

I thought you would know if I didn’t say it, but it was Sara Diana Leia Matilda’s reaction in order.
Sarah. you to my brother
Diana. Isn’t it too much to conclude that Mrs.
Angel. I understand the feeling, but looking at you with such sad eyes, the damage is too great.
Matilda. Even you call me an idiot.
There were so many things I wanted to say, but I held them down so they wouldn’t come out of my throat.

“Ha, don’t… .”

“Wait a minute. So, isn’t that saying that the reason the Queen is so angry isn’t just that the Princess didn’t have a relationship with the Hero?! I thought it was kind of weird. A queen that this body knows, there is no way to even mention the issue of succession to the throne just like that!”

As I tried to make an excuse, Diana shouted as if she had realized something.
ugh Also Diana. Sharp.

“Actually, the princess ignores orders and prioritizes having a relationship with a guy like me, so the Queen said what good is that? The princess insisted that it was helpful, the queen said that she couldn’t even seduce him, what help? Sorry.”

Guys. face is scary
You have the scariest face I’ve ever seen.
Even Leia has a slightly angry face.
what is this. I’m scared.

“So what? Are you saying that girl is going to hit Gu-Woo now?”

“So Sylvia intervenes between the queen and the princess to stop it… .”

“Do you think it will?”

“… no.”

“In the first place! you! Isn’t it a problem to propose a strange bet?

“Oh no! Be honest! Who knew the princess wouldn’t have been with a man for so long… no. Rather, I said I was just thinking about it. I didn’t mean to have sex, just thought… .”

“Do you think such an excuse would work in this situation now!”

“Ji, calm down. Take a deep breath. hey! hey! Whoo! D, Diana?! awhile! My magic is really weak… Whoops!”

I felt an intense pain in my stomach, and I just lost consciousness.

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who? // Thanks for pointing it out. It’s corrected.
Sylvia is a woman with a slender build and average height.
But salvation is great.

gold24k // Just below the sentence saying that you put your hands on your head, it says that you were held in your arms.


The circumstances of the succubus

“It is a well-known ceiling.”

That’s right. Of course. it’s my room
When I opened my eyes, I stretched out on the floor.
And when I looked up slightly, everyone was still staring at me with scary faces.
Leia was the only one kneeling next to me and treating me.
Angel… It’s also the oasis of my life… .

However, as soon as I confirmed that I had opened my eyes, the angel quickly turned his head and got up from his seat.
His angry figure is also pretty and beautiful, but now it’s hurt his mental health a bit, no, a lot.
How could an angel show such an attitude? Good. let’s die People like me don’t deserve to live.

“So, what are you going to do from now on?”


“It’s a princess. As long as Sylvia is over there, you’re not going to leave it that way, right?”

It’s still the same, but how much cooldown did I get while I was stunned?
Sarah said as she folded her arms and looked at me with cold eyes.

“Are you going to help?”

“This idiot is real! Then you thought you wouldn’t help?!”

“Huh. I feel completely hated… .”

“this… ! You’re mad because you like it! you stupid!”

“Ok. Salvation Mr. You’re going to hate Mr. It cannot be.”

Sara yells in anger, and Leia helps with that.
Leia’s expression was stiffer than before, so it seemed to be telling that Leia was more upset about being misunderstood that she hated me than she did with the princess.
Seeing the two of them like that, I felt my heart warmed unsuitably for the situation.
And naturally, his gaze shifted to Diana.

When our eyes met, Diana’s body froze and trembled.
Seeing that Diana’s face, which looked scared at first, was shaking like that for a moment, it was strange that she suddenly looked cute.

“This, this body, this body, if it wasn’t you in the first place, it wouldn’t use magic because it was angry.”

As I continued to stare, Diana said so while she turned her head as if she couldn’t help it.
is it. Indeed. Contrary to how it looks, it’s because Diana is quite strong.
He likes me for casting magic, so should I say that he was angry that much?
When I think of it that way, it’s magic… no. Still, I don’t like being sick, so I like to attack pats.
Let’s get angry in moderation so that the string of reason doesn’t break in the future.
If I hadn’t said something like the llamaz breathing technique before, I wouldn’t have been hit by magic.

In the end, it’s a good thing, though.
If I hadn’t been stunned by the magic, I think Sarah would have hit me better, and while I was knocked out, everyone seemed to have regained their composure a little.
Plus, I didn’t feel any pain.
Leia treated me properly, and now I’m not sick anywhere.

“Anyway, so. What are you going to do from now on?”

As if to break the warm atmosphere, Sarah once again asked me a question.
okay. It did. Now that’s a priority.

“Of course, but I have no intention of falling for the princess’s enticements. The three of you are enough for me.”

“Ah… .”

Among them, Matilda, the only one with a slightly lower anger level, shed a voice that sounded sad.
That expression looked at us as if envy.
Matildani, who can’t even love properly because of the curse, am I envious of the three who hear these words?
Otherwise, Matilda also… no. If that’s the case, isn’t it because even that feeling could be due to a curse?

“Are there any alternatives?”

“sorry. Originally, the princess said she would only think about it even if she wasn’t with someone else, so she said she wouldn’t do it and was going to move on. I hope things get this big… .”


sa, sara? Are you tongue-tied now?

“Other things are a problem, but what is the content of the bet in the first place? Salvation. Maybe it’s because I have a desire for monopoly, isn’t it?”

“Oh, no! They say I don’t want to sleep with someone who sleeps with anyone like a princess, so they say that I can’t sleep with other people… Ah, anyway.”

I decided to change the topic because I thought that making more excuses like this would only make me feel worse.

“sorry. There is no solution. Can’t you all lend me a little bit of wisdom?”

“Ahhh… . Even if it’s wisdom. I can only think of expecting Miss Sylvia to mediate between the queen and the princess.”

When I politely bowed my head and asked, Diana said in a voice that couldn’t be helped.

“Can’t Diana be the mediator?”

“I don’t know if it’s a fight between individuals, but if the issue of succession to the throne is also involved, I can’t even touch this body. This body has a policy of not interfering in politics. It is for this reason that this body can live comfortably without being guarded by anyone even though it is in this position. … There was only one coup d’état and all that commotion, though.”

As Diana said that, she looked at me humblely and said,

“But if Diana doesn’t work, there is no way for us to do it. Oh, Matilda. Matilda is a cardinal… .”

“I, I can’t. It is our policy not to interfere in the politics of our church. And just to explain to the former pope why this man can’t save others… .”


“Hey! What, what!”

“Oh, no. sorry. I forgot about it. there is! Remedy! Only one!”

No matter how faint you are, you forgot this important thing.
I honestly don’t know if this will work or not, but it’s an idea worth talking about!

“As I said before, the quarrel started when the Queen scolded the Princess for being obsessed with me for not being of any help. Then why don’t we just prove it to the Queen? That there is a benefit to the princess waiting for me to have sex like that.”


“no. It’s not like getting married or anything like that, so don’t make a scary face. listen. Even now, men on the streets are so longing for salvation that when they see me, they turn on their lights and run for salvation, right? But what if the princess could save them all? The princess’s fame will soar high in the sky, and the royal family will benefit enough.

Can’t we just admit that there was?”

“If it were possible, it would be, but how is it possible?”

“I’ve been thinking about it before. How can I save everyone on my own? And the answer that came out was to make a textbook. Of course, making it into a book would be useless. It won’t be delivered, and there will be people who can’t read.”

okay. Another problem with the book was illiteracy.
In the world I lived in, especially in Korea, the illiteracy rate was strangely low, which is not usually the case.
In particular, the illiteracy rate will increase as you go towards the low-level commoners, that is, those who need my help.
So I came to the conclusion that the book wasn’t very helpful either.

“But I mean. How about a video?”


When I spoke with a smile of conversion, everyone remained silent for a while.
Then Diana walked over to me and reached out with a hand to my head.
okay. Diana. Even in my opinion, your own ideas are unique.



Hey. Don’t hit yourself and hurt yourself

“Hey. hoo. That’s not to say that you’re going to make a video with the princess!”

Diana clasped her fists and blew out loudly, with tears streaming down her eyes.

“Yeah, but… That, why, is it unavoidable. Because wagering with the princess cannot be avoided anyway, it is better to have a purpose if possible, and the fight between the princess and the queen can also be stopped.

“If this doesn’t really make sense… Hey. You’re not doing this because you want to be with a real princess!”

Sarah. Yarani. it’s you to my brother… no. I haven’t said anything yet.

“Not really. You know how much I overcame the princess’s temptation. I mean, he’s mastered any special skill, so when he makes eye contact, he even uses something like charm. that he won too There’s no way I can do that now that I want to come here. I have enough of you But I mean. No matter how much I think about it, the only way to save everyone by myself is by shooting an educational video. Oh, maybe watching videos like this is taboo on the church side?”

“That, that… It’s a taboo among our clergy to see someone else’s love affair from the beginning. Of course, even if you’re not a priest, it’s not right to live such a debauched life… But if it’s for education… .”

Leia turned her gaze to Matilda as if she had never even imagined such a story, and Matilda, too, had an ambiguous expression on her face.

“Okay then. By making educational videos. It’s annoying out there for that one time… Can you save everyone who wants to be saved?”

“But if that’s the case, even if you’re not a princess… .”

“You can never do it! Showing your naked body to other people! Even if I die, I will not tolerate it! no. I will kill anyone I see.”

“Ji, calm down. It’s not like that.”

“Besides, since it’s for education, you need a level. It wouldn’t be an education at all if I took a picture with a woman who gets wet with just a slight touch. You need a level as much as me, no more than me. Truly a princess

Are you suitable?”

“That, so it’s not… . I’m also saying that I don’t like showing my saved body to others, you idiot… .”

“Ugh. that, that… But on the men’s side, there’s no one who can replace me. I have no choice but me. Hmmm. So, how about Diana? my plan. Do you think it makes sense?”

To be honest, I only believed in the possibility and said it, and I didn’t know if this was a plan that really made sense considering the social sentiments of this world or other things.
So I’m asking Diana for the final review like this.
If it was Diana, I’m sure she would make the perfect judgment.

“Ugh… . You are so shameless. No matter how much these bodies needed, they said they could have sex… whoops. That’s right. Except for one problem, it seems possible for now.”

“Problem? What?”

“What would it be? Of course she’s not a princess. I don’t know if even a princess would really want to film something like that. Revealing your body to the whole world… exposure… Sigh… I’m going to do it… . that, like that… .”

Hey. Until this time, exhibitionism doesn’t need to be stimulated.
Why. Can I take a picture of you later? For permanent collection that only I can see.

“Well… I think it’s possible if you say it well. If you can’t inherit the throne anyway, it’s difficult for a princess too. What do you think about the Queen’s side? Will the princess admit that it was profitable to build a reputation like that?”

okay. It wasn’t the princess I was worried about, but rather the queen.
No matter how famous your daughter is, she reveals her naked body to everyone.

“Well, that will be fine. It will be noted that the Queen has gained a greater reputation than a slight shame. He’s that kind of person.”

Diana said, raising her thighs slightly.
Diana is awesome Still, I can suppress my excitement just by imagining it to that extent.

“How about the video? Can you make it?”

“Genga spoke up without even knowing it. yes of course you can make it However, I don’t know if there will be a price that can be supplied to everyone. Even if it’s a simple video output device, it’s a magic ball. Besides, it will require more mana to play.”

Oops. Is that the problem?
Well, you don’t need to make a video because you’re worried about illiteracy.
no. A world without copiers. It takes a lot of effort to make a book, so taking that into consideration, is the video a little better?
However, if we do not solve the problem of dissemination, it is useless to make a video at most.

okay! How about working with the shrine?
After all, the temple is still educating people.
If we spread the video only there and make it possible for people who come to receive education to learn based on the content… .
Damn it. The priests said it was taboo to watch.
who the hell made it such taboo. God wouldn’t have said that.
In fact, even though I had hugged Sarah and Diana at the same time, I didn’t say anything.
Also, things don’t come easy.
Anyway, there’s no use in doing this.
I decided to take action, whether it works or not.

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The circumstances of the succubus

“Guwon, are you really going to shoot?”

“Huh. I’m sorry I got to do it with the princess. However… .”

“It’s not like that. But, hey, if you take a picture like that, you’re going to show Guwon-san’s naked body to people all over the world, right?”

Leia shook her head from side to side as if the princess wasn’t the problem now, her eyes wide open, and said so.

“It’s a bit embarrassing, but I’m going to convince the princess to show it too, but I can’t be the only one who can’t see it. OK. And I am a man.”

“I don’t think it matters at all to be a man… .”

Diana also agreed with Leia because she didn’t want my body exposed.
After all, they really like me too. Same with Sarah.

“Thanks. But it’s really okay. And how long can we not live while avoiding people’s gaze like this? Then Leia, let’s go.”

“… Yeah.”

Leia sighed heavily as if she had no choice but to follow.
In the end, it seems that all three of them don’t like it very much.
However, since there was no other alternative, it didn’t seem like he was going to stop me from going to negotiate with the princess.
no. Maybe I know I can’t change my mind, and I’m expecting the princess to say no.

Anyway, so I went to the castle first, but it was Leia who went with me this time.
First of all, I can’t take Sarah in the first place, because just looking at the princess’s face makes it seem like a fight will start.
Sarah made a lot of effort to follow her, but in the end, she decided that she couldn’t stop fighting, so she finally gave up.
And Diana refused to follow herself.
If you do, it might look like you are forcing the princess to take a picture.
The work related to me was Diana loosening up a bit in that regard, but this time it seemed difficult as it was a matter.
However, he said that he couldn’t let me go alone, and in the end, it was Leia who caught up with me.
I’m really what do you see a person as And if you go to the castle, there’s Sylvia.

Arriving at the castle and meeting the princess went smoothly.
No matter how much I rode Diana’s wagon, I was a little surprised that it passed so smoothly and was guided along the way.
Haven’t you been waiting for it? I had such suspicions.

“Oh my, honey! Sylvia. what When I said I didn’t want to. Was it deliberately hidden to surprise you?”

And when I saw Felicia approaching me with a happy face, my suspicions turned to certainty.
It was a nice smile that seemed to be very happy, but it wasn’t a surprised face. As if I knew I was coming.
Rather, Sylvia, behind the princess, was looking at us with a startled expression on her face.
Considering what the princess said to Sylvia at the end, did she ever ask her to convince me when she came? that

Sylvia refused.
Anyway, it was pretty cute to see Sylvia shaking her head desperately while taking turns looking at the princess and me.

“… magnetism?”

Well, now is not the time to worry about it.

“Oh, no. Leia. That’s just her way of talking. Calm down.”

“… is that so.”

The angel said that, and as if he would not lose it, he pressed his chest closer to my arm and hugged me tightly.

“Oh. Honey, who is that?”

Seeing this, Felicia raised her eyebrows slightly and said.
But what I’m afraid of is making Leia angry, not because of you.

“She is my woman. Someone who will become a saint in the future.”

“indeed. That person is Leia. As I heard… Nice to meet you. Do I need to introduce myself?”

“Yeah. Princess.”

Felicia looked at Leia’s chest slightly, and first asked for a handshake.
Leia must have been a little surprised at the sight, so she opened her eyes wide and shook hands with me politely.
After all, that attitude of the princess was not a characteristic of this world, it was just that the princess was easygoing.
The princess smiled and waved her hand lightly, and said with a bewitching smile toward me.

“Then baby. shall we do it first?”

As I said it as if it was natural for me to do it with myself from now on, I was momentarily shaken again.
Damn it. That guy’s fascination.
If you look at that too, it’s not a charm-related skill.
How high is my charm, but I can’t resist properly.
no. By the way, my charm is high, so am I enduring this much?
When we first met, I was beaten up.

👌👌👌👌 what are you saying This is hot shit.”

I could barely hold myself back, shaking hands with the princess and reminding myself of Leia’s touch again on my arm.
Then, he spoke more harshly than usual, shaking off the fascination.

“Ugh… .”

“Goo, Guwon-san!”

OK. Leia. I already know from experience that this is okay.
look at that Felicia She also gives me her characteristic seductive gaze and doesn’t say much.

“I came here because I have something to suggest.”

“no. magnetism. This time I’m first. I don’t think you can remember what I said before, do you?”

Felicia looked at me with seductive eyes, like a spider watching its prey caught in a trap, and smiled triumphantly.

“You really never did?”


The princess spoke confidently, as if she could provide evidence.
Sigh. By the way, I haven’t checked it yet. Let’s check it out once in a while.
I used analyze towards the princess.

Level: 194
Occupation: Princess, Politician
Race: Succubus

Damn it. After all, if you see that the level is the same as before, is it true that you haven’t had sex since then?
no. Wait a minute. More race! He’s really a succubus!
I also thought it was kind of weird!



“Uh, huh. no. Anyway, I have something to say about that.”

“Sigh. Really. I’m in a hurry because I’ve been patient for so long. ok Still, it’s our own words, so let’s listen to it. What?”

“Actually, I was trying to figure out a way to save the poor people who can’t even satisfy women these days.”

“Ah, yes. Know. As a saint, right? Whoops.”

Felicia replied with a chuckle as to what was so funny.
Damn it. He’s cute and funny with his colorful face.
Oh no. Don’t fall for the fascination. I have an angel an angel to me
I continued speaking, desperately concentrating on the feeling of my chest in my arms.

“okay. Anyway, one thing I came up with was to make an educational video myself. However, several conditions are not satisfactory. So I mean. How about you, don’t you want to take a video with me?”

“Huh? Do I have that educational video? with you?”


“… Are you taking pictures of them having sex?”

“Oh my gosh, too. Sorry. I hate it no matter how much I ask for it. So, is that the end of the story? Now let’s go have the sex we promised.”

Felicia was far more blunt than I expected, trying to take me somewhere as if the conversation was over.

“Hey, hey! awhile! Just listen to me for a second.”

“Sigh. Self too. I’m really in a hurry. What else?”

“I heard from Sylvia that she had a fight with your mother, so things are not going well right now?”

“Oh. Are you worried? If that’s the case, talk quickly. I’ll tell you straight up. Don’t you want to marry me?”

“no. this one.”

“a. Self too. Don’t do that. Think carefully. It’s not uncommon for a princess of a country, even a pretty girl like me, to ask her to marry me, right? Because it’s okay after Diana-sama. Huh?”

ね. where do you love So, don’t mix charms while pretending to be charming! Aren’t you passive?!
Come on, wait. girl, angel. strength in your arms… It doesn’t hurt, but it hurts. Not the arm, but the heart. mainly out of fear.

“Oh, no! Anyway, don’t stop talking and listen to the end! I’m not going to marry you, so I’ll never win a bet between you and your mother. But if you don’t inherit the throne, you’re in trouble, right? So I’m going to help out a little. The reason we got into a fight in the first place is that you’re doing it even though there’s no benefit in having sex with me like that. Then you just have to convince them that having sex with me is beneficial. That is, through the production of educational videos. Anyway, I told people about that a while ago. They say that they are unable to save because the necessary conditions are not met. But let’s say that a talented person like you just appeared and met the conditions. What would the countless men who were saved by it, and the many women who were finally able to get pleasure from them, think? Your approval rating among the general public will skyrocket. Your fame will soar without knowing it, and you will be able to proudly show off to your mother. What do you think? I thought so much for you.”

Once again, the princess stopped talking, and I immediately spit out what I had in mind.
Contrary to my concern, the princess this time quietly listened to my words, with a thoughtful expression on her face.
what. You just put on a sexy face every day. You can make a face like that.
But as I was afraid to think so, Felicia looked at me with seductive eyes again, with a sultry, sexy smile.


“okay. If you know… .”

“But I’m sorry. I hate it too.”

“What?! Why?!”

“Oh my, why? Are you asking because you really don’t know that? That’s because I don’t want people I don’t know to see me naked.”

“Ha, but… .”

If there’s a rumor that you’re good at sex, you’re going to sleep with anyone
Hearing only rumors that I’m good at sex, I called out and rushed to the invitation page to have sex right away.
What kind of kid is that now… .
Such a thought naturally came to my mind, but no matter how much I was there, I didn’t say it out loud.

“Huhu. what? He said it was for me. Are you having trouble with rejection? or what? Do you really want to make a video like that with me?”

“That, that… that, yes… .”

Leia. no. because no do you know my heart you know it’s not
Please don’t put any force on your arm. It’s nice to have my chest pressed down, but beyond that, my heart is pounding.

“Uh huh. I think it’s going to be a little over the top since he said so. Yes. But I can’t either. I’m sorry babe. After all, I am a shy person.”

Do not lie!
This is a lie that can’t be done anywhere!

“Hey. Then what are you going to do with the throne?”

“That’s it, wouldn’t it be okay if I seduced myself hard? Do you really want to be with me too? I do not remember? lets think. That night. We felt so good. Huh? Don’t you want to taste it one more time?”

Every time Felicia whispered that, it felt like a voice echoing directly into her brain.
I hate to admit it, but she’s really pretty. In terms of sexiness, she is by far the best among the women I’ve ever seen.
Of course, overall, I think our kids are the best, but when it comes to sexy… big black. Damn it. Even thinking like this is proof that you are already being seduced. That guy’s fascination.

“Huhu. Also. You are already like this.”

Felicia slowly approached me and gently stroked my items on top of my pants.
wow. Damn it. Why do you feel good with just this?
No. For me… For me… .

“What, what are you doing?!”

The first time I heard the angel’s sharp voice, I was awakened.
Whoops. Ugh.

It was dangerous. This time, I really couldn’t resist.
I’m so glad that Leia was there.
Damn succubus race.
If you look at the race name, it’s completely devil, but maybe that’s a race blessed by the Goddess?

“Oh. regret.”

Leia glared at her without any hesitation, and Felicia took a few steps back again.
It looks like a princess is a princess too. Can you ignore Leia’s eyes?
It was the first time I’d ever seen Leia stare at someone like that.
If those eyes had turned to me, I would have been very scared.

“But that… Did I say Leia? I have a pre-order. Even if you are the lover of salvation, you have no right to stop it, do you?”

“I have a right! Salvation is… Salvation is… You said it was mine!”

Having said that, Leia looked at me as if asking for consent.
then. I’m always yours
I nodded desperately.

“Ugh. But it’s hard not to keep promises. Baby, no matter how much I do, if I break my promise, will you be angry?”

“no. So the video… .”

“Sigh… talk about it again. Whoa. Good. So, shall we just talk for a while? It looks like they don’t want to back down, so would you like to have a serious conversation?

“Come on, wait a minute. Are you alone?”

“Ok. They take pictures of each other’s naked bodies and show them to other people. You don’t think there’s room for anyone else?”

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Rublitz // Thanks for pointing out. It’s corrected.

What to do with Nick // The level of this world is corrected in every part as the level rises.
It’s not just the numbers that look like stats, it’s literally every part of the person.
Of course, the same goes for smell.
As Leia’s level is much higher now than it was back then, her sense of smell has also improved.
And even when your sense of smell is as good as it is now, you have to put your nose close to the body of salvation to smell it.
But with Kate, she had not yet confessed, so Leia’s skinship wasn’t at that level.
If you look closely, there is always a depiction of Leia holding her nose close to salvation whenever she smells.
Even this time, I wasn’t caught in a restaurant.


The circumstances of the succubus

“That, that… .”

At Felicia’s sensible words, Leia hesitated, unable to refute.
If it was Sarah, I would have pushed her no matter what.
It seemed that it was too much to handle Felicia as Leia.

“Hey. Don’t bully our Leia.”

“Oh. to bother you Am I just saying that I want to have a conversation with you alone?”

“You can just do it here.”

“No. Talking about making sex videos in front of other people. shame on you If you and I don’t like talking to you alone, let’s just say we didn’t talk about it and go back. Of course, I have to keep my promise before I go.”

The expression on his face is not shy at all, but he is shameless.
Anyway, seeing Felicia pushing our Leia, I

I thought I couldn’t just suffer like this.
To be honest, I had a sense of self-awareness that I was only trying to do what I liked, so I originally tried not to say this as much as possible, but now that I am, there is nothing I can do.

“Do you remember the promise you made with me?”

“Huh? What do you mean all of a sudden?”

“I said I’d consider having sex if you didn’t sleep with another guy, but I didn’t say I’d definitely have sex.”

“… … Huh?”

Felicia was silent for a moment after hearing my words, but, contrary to what I expected, she smiled.

“Do you really think that a pun like that would work?”

“What? What are you talking about?”

“As you may have heard from Sylvia, he was interfering with the important political issue of subjugating the blood of a hero to the royal family with such a pun. Don’t you think it’s just because your mother doesn’t say anything to you and only scolds me, because it’s really in a position that she can’t touch?”

“That, that… .”

“It is definitely a position that is difficult to touch. But it is difficult to think of it as an inviolable existence that no one can touch. If your mother didn’t say anything to you, she was taking care of her once. But on top of that, the bet that thwarted the Hero Bloodline subjugation plan was just a pun on words? No matter how much Diana’s man, no. Even Diana-sama herself can’t go out that far. Okay? We have a cause. A cause to attack you, Diana-sama.”

“But if Diana is sincere… .”

“okay. If Diana-sama is truly sincere, she could overthrow this country. After all, the heads of each school are gathering now. But baby. What do you think will happen if that happens? The whole world will be wary of wizards including Diana-sama. The persecution of wizards that was said to have begun in the past begins again. Besides, as long as a country has been overthrown, this time around, Diana-sama splits the wizards apart as before. At least it won’t end unless Diana-sama dies. Do you really want such a future? Don’t you think that’s a great price for just playing with puns?”

If Felicia’s words were to be followed, her death would be almost certain, but Felicia said with a relaxed smile as if she had no fear at all.
is it. So, I was wondering if Diana at the mansion earlier thought such a pun like that would work?
I simply took it to mean that you shouldn’t do garbage like that.
To be honest, I’m not familiar with this kind of thing, so I couldn’t figure out if what Felicia was talking about was nonsense. Maybe it’s just bluff.
But I’m also a guy who ate college stuff.
I was brought into this world and couldn’t graduate, but based on the stories I heard, I had enough brains to imagine whether that was really possible.
And, at least, I have come to the conclusion that it is not a story that is not impossible at all.

“you… .”

“Sigh… . Don’t make such a scary face. That’s scary. For me, I was being kind to him. You told me in advance so that it wouldn’t happen. Rather, I feel like I want to be thankful.

Felicia said with an exaggerated frightened expression.

“So, why don’t you just talk to me, who is so kind? don’t you know? If we talk alone, I might change my mind and convince him.”

“… Good.”

I slowly nodded while looking at such a clever Felicia.
Seeing that she wants to be alone with me somehow, it seems that Felicia has a different purpose.
Of course, maybe he just wants to have sex, but somehow I thought it wasn’t the only thing.

“Goo, Guwon-san?!”

“sorry. Leia. Would you like to wait here with Sylvia? I’ll come talk to you for a moment.”

“Ha, but!”

“OK. trust me. If he tries to do something strange, I will knock him out by force and get out.”

“Oh. magnetism. You beat the princess down.”

“shut up! you’re out of it! So, Leia. wait here got it?”

“… … Yeah.”

Leia nodded her head with a sad expression on her face, as if resenting her helplessness.

“Did you talk about it? Then let’s go.”

Felicia came up to me again, took my hand, and took me to another room.
The situation was completely alone without even the maids attending.

“Now, shall we talk about the video?”

There, Felicia turned to me and said so.


I was taken aback by the action and had no choice but to panic for a moment.

“Oh my, why?”

“no. I thought they would rush to have sex first.”

I followed him because I thought he might have a different plan, but that’s it, and I thought he’d want to have sex first.

“Oh, if you want to, is it okay? what? After all, did you actually want to do it too?”

Saying so, Felicia slowly stroked my stuff over her pants.

“Oh, no! away!”

“Aha. what? That cute reaction. what’s good So let’s talk about the video first. I will tell you from the conclusion. It’s okay if you include the conditions I’m talking about.

Oh, it’s just this attitude to say you hate it so much I also had a plan for something.


“okay. Condition. I’ll tell you straight up. My condition is that he comes to have sex with me on a regular basis in the future.”

“What?! Did you mean to be alone to say something like that?!”

“okay. Oh, of course, you don’t have to come that often. I won’t be too greedy either. That’s right… Would once a week be enough? What do you think? Is it a very good condition for you?”

“Where is that good condition?!”

“Oh? Just having regular, good-natured sex with a beauty like me can achieve what you want. Are you on good terms?”

“You want it! I’m in trouble if you don’t succeed to the throne… !”

“a. baby do it again If you don’t save people, you’re in trouble, right? Right now, people just run away and it ends, but the delayed the salvation, the harder it will be, right? Desperate people don’t know what to do? Since the Pope has officially recognized him as a messenger of the Goddess, the denomination will also pressure him to keep her name from being defiled. You’re not even that much, aren’t you?”

“That, that… .”

“But I don’t want to show my naked body if I’m filming a video with my lover. That’s why you thought you were going to use me for profanity, didn’t you?”

“Well, you know that… .”

“magnetism. Is she a princess who is recognized for her abilities even more than me? Of course I know the order.”

“… Knowing that, if you just have sex, you’re going to shoot a video?”

“okay. I really liked sex with her. Oh, of course, I’ll cover my face when I’m filming. Of course, not even revealing who I am is one of the conditions.”

“What? Then you quarreled with the queen? If you don’t reveal that the main character of the video is you, it’s fame and what… .”

“Ahaha. I guess I’m really thinking too? but it’s ok ’cause I’ll figure it out You just have to accept my terms and conditions. Have sex with me regularly. Then I will take a video as you wish. Well… Good. wrote heartily. Plus, I’ll take care of the supply issue. Aren’t video magic balls pretty expensive? Perhaps even if it was taken, it would be impossible to sell it for education to the general public at this rate. What do you think? Is it a condition that is very beneficial to you?”

It’s definitely attractive. It’s an incredibly attractive proposition.
Truly a succubus. The art of seducing people is no joke.
But I was not ready to answer.
Anyway, you come here to have sex regularly.
no. I understand that Felicia has made a lot of concessions. I think it’s a really attractive proposition.
But, anyway… .

“Are you still thinking about this? why?”

Perhaps she didn’t know that I would be troubled like this, Felicia made an expression of surprise for the first time today.

“Why? You know that. I have three lovers I love. You can’t easily agree to the terms of having sex with another woman on a regular basis.”

“Are you an adventurer anyway? Just think easy. Having sex with me is just out of necessity. It’s not an expression of love. There’s nothing to be sorry about. After all, you’re still in a relationship with Sylvia and Cardinal Matilda, right? I’m just adding one more.”

“… I say yes, are you really going for it?”

“Huh? what?”

“So. No affection at all, just obligatory sex. Do you like me?”

okay. The princess probably likes me.
That’s why I couldn’t readily agree with the princess’s words.
Isn’t it a trick to reassure me by first telling me that it’s just a physical relationship without a mental connection like that for now, and then try to entice me as I develop more and more relationships?
I couldn’t help but have such doubts.

“Huh. Baby it’s great here I fell in love at first sight.”

“Then don’t touch them! I’m not joking! It’s not about stuff!”

“Huh? What are you talking about? The only thing I like is your stuff, right?”

“… What, what?!”

“Ahaha. what? Baby, did you think I even loved you? no. no. I’d love to see you in person for hours. love at first sight? I don’t believe in that. So don’t worry if you think I’m pitiful or anything like that if you only have mandatory sex I just like having sex with him.”

“Well, well, you said you wanted to marry me earlier… !”

“Ah, yes. It was sincere, though. Huh… what should i say To be honest, I’ve never had love or anything like that. It’s good to have sex with a man, but it’s only a physical relationship. I mean, I never felt like I wanted to be connected mentally. Even if I had that kind of feeling, it wouldn’t happen anyway because of my status. So, if you’re going to get married right now, it’s better to have a person with a good body match, right? In that respect, he is the best. The body is the best, and as an added bonus, it is a position where an arranged marriage can be established enough. So the marriage was serious. But, well, if you don’t like it. You can just have sex with me.”

What, what’s with all these kids?
The princess’s answer was satisfactory enough for me.
But nevertheless, I did not speak out of absurdity.
Is this normal in this world? no. I can’t.
No matter how common sense in this world is different from the original world, it is not in order. he’s just weird

“A beautiful woman who doesn’t have an affair mentally and just needs regular sex. What do you think? Are you still not willing to do this?”

“Come on, wait. Time to think… .”

“Sigh. Really. Normally, it’s normal to get past this. He’s also very sincere. What is the world you used to live in?”

no. are you sincere I’ve been thinking of myself as a free spirit all my life.
Certainly Felicia’s suggestion is good.
Besides, even regular sex itself, to be honest, I thought it was okay to consent.
It’s because I gave my kids permission to do it when they needed it anyway.
In this case, it may be a little vague to judge, but it is true that sex is done out of necessity.
However… .

“What is the deadline? Isn’t that supposed to mean having sex regularly for the rest of your life?”

“Huh? That’s right… . ok then Until I get married. How about this?”

“Then if you don’t get married, it means you’re for life.”

“It’s not going to happen. Am I a princess? Are you going to become a king in the future? I have an heir problem, so I have to get married anyway.”

“Ugh… .”

“Where are you going to worry? Isn’t that cheating? Huh? magnetism. It’s okay to just do things that make you feel good with me on a regular basis.”

Saying that, Felicia gave her bewitching eyes again.
ね! I don’t want this to be alone, but I’m fascinated again… !

“Ugh! Don’t you remove those eyes?! Let’s think!”

“Oh. A pretty girl like me looks at me like this, isn’t it rude to say that?”

“Because you’re pretty, you’re going crazy!”

Now that there is no Leia beside me, it is even more dangerous.
In order to escape the fascination, I even uttered words that could be heard as flattering.
Well, it’s not even wrong.

“Oh my gosh, too. If that’s the case.”

Felicia looked away from me, as if to give her enough thought.
I barely escaped the influence of fascination and stared at Felicia for a moment.
A very relaxed face.
It was a face that no doubt believed that I would accept his offer.

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