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The circumstances of the succubus

As I looked at that face, the tree frog guts in my heart suddenly popped out.

“But I refuse.”

When I came to my senses, I was already rejecting Felicia’s offer.
Even though he thought it was an attractive proposal himself.

“Yes? magnetism?”

Felicia seemed to have lost a bit of leeway on her face, as if she never thought I would say no.

“But what about the salvation of people? Aren’t you in trouble?”

I don’t know. things will work out.
To be honest, I have no idea what’s going to happen.
Even Felicia, the most promiscuous woman I knew, refused at first.
There’s no way there’s a woman who can take pictures like that.
But Felicia also said that she covered her face, and if the other woman had the same condition… uh?

The moment I thought of that, possibilities that I had never thought of before came to my mind like a flood of water.
Why haven’t I thought of this until now?
So much so that I doubt it.

okay. If you cover your face anyway, no one will know who you are.
If that’s the case, there’s probably someone willing to take a video for you.
There is absolutely no reason to be obsessed with Felicia.

Until now, I had unconsciously thought that I could not cover my face.
I was caught up in the stereotype that a mosaic was necessary to cover my face.
And since there is no such technology in this world, I came to think that I could not cover my face.
But if you think about it, it wasn’t.
It’s okay if you just cover it with something like a mask.

Why the hell didn’t I think of this?
Of course, stereotypes also played a part, but I thought it was not the only one.
Before I thought like this, it felt like I had no choice but to accept Felicia’s proposal.
Was it because Felicia, who didn’t know how to say no, was embarrassed because she refused at first?
Did you fall for Felicia’s words?
Both must have had some impact.
However, it was strange that the scope of the accident had narrowed to this extent.

And I remembered.
I’ve only had this experience once in the past.
I acted as if I was my will, but in fact I acted as others wanted me to.
Even then, Felicia was the opponent.

surely… surely… .
I felt chicken flesh growing on my skin.
What if Felicia’s fascination wasn’t just her ability to make her want to have sex?
What if it was the ability to charm someone and make them behave the way they want?
If so, Felicia’s attitude, who was always confident, was understandable.
And maybe the fact that you were trying to be alone with me somehow prevented other people from making you enchanted?

no. But I was desperately resisting the lure of sex.
I mean, I was aware of the fascination.
But so far, nothing like that… Come to think of it, it was the same way when I first fell in love with sex.
I had no realization that I had been seduced.
I just had sex thinking that I had fallen for Felicia’s provocation.

maybe it’s like that
If you aren’t aware of it yourself, you won’t even feel that you’ve been charmed.
What kind of cheating skills do you have?
no. I don’t know if it’s a skill or what.


“you… no. done. In any case, the offer is rejected.”

After realizing everything, Felicia even felt a sense of fear.
Rather than questioning, I tried to get out of this situation.

“… Oh. regret. Have you been released?”

And when I turned down the offer again, Felicia said so as if she had grasped the situation.

“… Have you ever done something?”

“okay. right. But that’s great. Usually men do what I say without even realizing it. Truly a messenger of God.”

And Felicia said that without feeling sorry.

“you… ! What’s so shameless?!”

“Oh? Shameless? Are you saying that I did something bad?”

“Are you saying no?!”

“Of course. A man who suddenly comes to me and doesn’t want to keep his promise, and asks me to take a sex video and make it public. Did I just make that guy move a little bit my way? You said that you would even take a video, and that you would even help to release it to the general public? Did I do something bad? Aren’t you the one who did bad things?”

For the first time, Felicia, who had maintained her charming attitude, spoke with a tone of reproach to me.
And when I heard that, I had nothing to say.
I’ll know it rationally.
It’s not that Felicia isn’t at fault, but I was the one who made the mistake in the first place.
But at the end of the day, I almost felt like I was being manipulated.
I couldn’t help but be emotionally upset.

“… Anyway, I will decline the offer. I don’t have to take pictures with you. I also said that for the first time, I was afraid that you would be in trouble with the succession issue.”

“If you think so, you can accept my offer. I don’t think there’s anything bad about him.”


There is absolutely nothing bad about pretending to look.
Regular sex, and it’s done out of necessity, so there’s nothing our kids can blame.
If you think of it similar to what you’re doing with Matilda, that’s enough.
But I just realized it for sure.
Being alone with him is dangerous in itself.

“Sigh… . Why is it so twisted? I really think it’s a good suggestion for you. what happened Then keep your promise.”

“What, what?”

“It’s a promise. Appointment. I didn’t even have sex until I met him, so I endured it, so I won the bet, right?”

“Are you saying things like that even in a situation like this?!”

“Of course. That’s why I had problems with the succession to the throne. Besides, I think I’m going to get really weird because I’m so patient.

He’s really great in many ways.
I’ve thought about it several times since we first met, but I really think about it every time I see you.
What is this kid

there is?

“reject… !”

I was about to say a word of rejection right away, but I paused for a moment.
It was absolutely not because of the threats Felicia had made earlier.
Threatening to know what would happen to Diana as well as me if I turned down even the promise.
Now that he had been freed from his fascination, he could clearly see that it was nonsense.
okay. It is right that they have a justification to attack me, and if that happens, it may be right that Diana is headed for catastrophe as a result.
But there was a crucial contradiction in that statement.
It was that all of this presupposed the fall of this kingdom.
Knowing that the kingdom will fall, will the Queen try to attack me? You just broke your promise?
It can’t be.
At the point where I thought that was true, I was already half way over Felicia’s fascination.
At that time, Leia was also by my side.
Focusing too much on sex, I was thinking of limiting my ability to seduce.

Anyway, there was another reason why I didn’t readily refuse even though I thought so.
It was because I thought that it would be better to have sex once as promised and just cut the ties with nothing to do with it.
I had a foreboding that if he went on like this, he would keep sticking around with that as an excuse.
In fact, she’s a kid who insists on having sex without paying any attention to what she’s trying to manipulate with her fascination.
Maybe it’s because you’re fascinated by it, and you think so?
I turned my back to keep Felicia out of sight and thought about it several times.
It’s a dangerous technique to the point that if you’re not aware of it, you might have caught it, but from my experience so far, it seems like it can be resisted once you’re properly vigilant.
Good. I’m not in a state of fascination.

“Good. Because a promise is a promise. keep it.”

I’m sorry to keep Leia waiting outside, but if you do it once anyway, it won’t take too long.
If you can cut ties with him completely with this, you’d be better off keeping your promise.

“Oh. I’m glad. If I tried to refuse even this, this time I really wanted to control it.”

Felicia said playfully with a seductive smile.
Don’t be creepy! This is no joke!
After all, isn’t it a bad idea to try to have sex with him anyway?
You fell in love with me while having sex again… no. can’t that be
I was absurd even thinking about it myself, so I just erased that possibility.
How would you do that while having sex with me?
Even a succubus.

“Then take it off.”

“Oh. you’re in too much of a hurry Don’t be so fussy, it’s fun because it’s what you’re doing… .”

“Take off now, get on the bed and spread your legs.”

“Ugh… Sigh… Ah Okay.”

As I spoke in command, Felicia crossed her legs slightly and slowly headed towards the bed.
Is he moaning now?
Are you already looking forward to having sex?

Felicia sat on the edge of the bed with her hips slightly draped, and slowly began to take off the dress she was wearing, starting from her shoulders.

Each and every one of them was bewitching and sexy, I thought it was a succubus.
no. let’s not lose our mind
That’s a monster.
You just have sex once as promised, and that’s it.

“Ego… magnetism. Come quickly.”

Felicia, who was not at all shy, took off all her underwear and lifted one leg up and put her foot on the edge of the bed.
And with the other toe still on the ground, he slowly spread his legs apart.
Contrary to the sexy poses our kids sometimes show unconsciously, Felicia knew how to look sexy and felt like she was doing it.
Well, it sure is sexy.
The already wet and shiny pussy seemed to seduce me.
Is it possible to get wet like that just thinking about having sex from now on?
Is that also a characteristic of a succubus? Or is this sex-loving kid a reaction to his celibate life?
no. Well, I guess it’s good.

“That’s not it. Who told you to spread your legs like that? Lie on the bed, grab your own legs and spread them wide enough to hit.”

“Ugh… yes, yes… .”

Don’t be fooled by that sexy. With that in mind, when I commanded in a harsher tone than usual, Felicia blushed and slowly laid herself down on the bed.
Is he respectful to me now?
Surely from the first time I saw him, he acted aegyo while being himself, but have he never treated me with respect in that way?
Moreover, when she lay on the bed and held her thighs and spread her legs, more and more transparent liquid of love was leaking from that pussy, which was completely exposed without hiding.
Everyone looked more excited than before.

uh? After that, I heard a moaning sound earlier.
before and now. What they both have in common is that I gave the order.
When I realized that, I started to think that there were actions that gave off a smell like that in Felicia’s actions she had seen so far.
Boy please… .
It looks like it’s worth checking out.
I put my mana on something that stood firmly and made me die on purpose.
Why are you already standing there? I can’t help it.
First of all, he looks great.
Is that kind of girl lying naked with her legs wide open, looking at me with a seductive gaze with her pussy drenched?
As long as you’re a man, you can’t stand still.

“Felicia. Wake up.”

“Yes? what? Why are you like this?”

I wonder if it was strange to say that I was going to hit him right away and then ask him to get up again, so Felicia got up and sat down again with a puzzled expression.
I grabbed Felicia’s head like that with one hand and pulled it towards me slightly rough.
So that the face fits between my crotch.

“You do it because you want it, so you take it off yourself.”

As I spoke again in command, I could feel Felicia’s body trembling and trembling through her hands and objects.
I knew it. It was still like that.

“Heh… uh, uh… .”

Perhaps it had popped out before she knew it, Felicia didn’t use respectful words this time. But still, to see if the order had worked, I slowly reached out to my pants dance.

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There may or may not be one more uploaded around two o’clock.

Some people pointed out that the scene in the middle of salvation pretending to be for Felicia was strange.
But I don’t remember writing anything like that, so I read the last episode again.
There are certain parts that are only visible because of the dialogue without any explanation.
Sorry. Sometimes, as a habit, I think alone and forget to explain, but that’s the case again.
That scene was not pretending that salvation was for Felicia, it was a scene of doubting.
Felicia tempts me to have a business-like relationship without any emotional connection, but she only talks like that and actually likes to sleep, so I wondered what she was going to do in the future.
I added that psychological description to the last episode as well.


The circumstances of the succubus


But I restrained Felicia’s actions once again.

“Yes? Why?”

“Who said you could use your hands?”

“… eh? that, what… .”

“Why do you think I put your face like this?”

“Come on, babe… !”

“Don’t touch it.”


Felicia looked at me with bewildered eyes, and finally lowered her raised hand again and rested on the edge of the bed.
Then I leaned my upper body forward, and brought my mouth between my crotch and pressed it tight.

“Huh… 👌🏽 heh… .”

As if Felicia under the world had never done anything like this before, Felicia was struggling with her face in my crotch and moaning.
Because the front of the pants is tied with a string, not a zipper. like shoelaces.
It’s understandable that it’s a little difficult to unpack with your mouth.

“Heh… uh… Yes… .”

But even as she suffered so much, Felicia’s body seemed to heat up even more.
And looking at Felicia’s body like that, I, too, felt mentally satisfied.
It doesn’t feel good to see such a pretty girl rubbing her face on my crotch.
no. Of course, I would be lying if I said I didn’t have any of those feelings, but the reason I’m feeling better right now was bigger.
It was the satisfaction of getting revenge.
The fact that the kid I had heard of trying to manipulate me before is now burying his face in my crotch and struggling desperately to get things out gave me great psychological satisfaction.

If you are rational, what are you doing when you admit that you were the first to make a mistake?
what are you doing It’s garbage.
okay. I’m basically trash what anew
Still, Felicia seems to be quite happy too, isn’t it a win-win?

“Yes… Sigh… okay, done … on?”

And after struggling, Felicia, who finally untied the front of my pants, slipped the ends of her pants down with a happy face.
But that happy expression didn’t last long.
The moment she saw my object, which had not grown at all, Felicia stopped all movements as if she had seen something she could not understand.

“Uh, uh, why… Aren’t you getting bigger?”

Felicia, who was so embarrassed, may have seen it for the first time.
I don’t think I was so embarrassed when I found out about something fascinated by me earlier.
Is it so strange to have a man who looks at his naked body and doesn’t stand up?
… Huh. What do you think is weird? I don’t think there was anyone who didn’t build it.

“Come on, honey. Have you ever become an eunuch?”

“no it’s not!”

There is no sound that this really can’t do!
Even if you think about it, do you even think like that?!
I stopped getting angry at the remarks of the eunuch, but I soon made up my mind again.
let’s be calm calm down
Right now, I am completely in control.

“First of all, I have to do it because of the promise, but I don’t really want to do it with you.”

“What, what, what… !”

When I said that, Felicia put on a face of humiliation without any abnormality.
indeed. I mean, you can make a face like that.
Indeed. Since there must not have been a man who did not fall over in the meantime, Pride must have been in the sky.
I was hurt by such pride.
I can only imagine how humiliating Felicia must be.

“So, what you want to do, do it. Do you know how?”

“Ugh… ! haha… haha… haha… .”

But such a humiliating expression was also temporary.
Felicia’s eyes widened openly as I squeezed my hand over her head to rub her face against mine again.
His face turned red, and he took a deep breath every time his spiky nose rubbed against my object.

“Hey. I know you like mine, but how long are you going to stay like that? do not want to do it?”

“Sin, uh… I’m sorry babe. Right now… .”

Then he even apologized for my mischievous remarks, and slowly reached out his tongue at my object.

“Cul. Hmm. uhm. side. Shut up.”

Once he moved his tongue as if spreading his own saliva all over my object, he tilted his neck and kissed the tip of my object facing down.
Her hand was Felicia, who worked hard by moving her face after continuing to put her hand on the bed.

“Hmm… side. Sigh… . Whoops.”

And Felicia, who barely managed to put the tip of my object in her mouth, put it in her mouth and began to stimulate it while sucking.
I mean, you did well too.
Up until now, I thought it was just because I had a lot of experience, but maybe the fact that the race is a succubus is also heavily involved in this technique.
Even Leia, a nine-tailed fox, is a dragon and a tiger.
No, the level was much higher, so Felicia’s pleasure was still felt even greater.
Of course, it is only for physical pleasure, and if you include mental pleasure, our angel is much better.
And I don’t think I’ll lose the feeling of physical pleasure when our angel reaches his level.
Anyway, apart from my inner thoughts, my items were still not responding at all.

“Hey. do you really hate to Or is it only this much? Please do better. Wasn’t it special?”

“Ugh! uhm! Get it! Hmmm! Whoops!”

Felicia’s eyes frowned in humiliation, but at the same time, her face grew even redder and the breath tickling her belly grew stronger.
Excited, Felicia began to inhale my things more intensely than before.
ね. It’s no joke either.
Eventually I stopped the movement of mana and erected the object.

“Ugh! Whoops! Whoops!”

Then Felicia slowly took my object out of her mouth, looked up at me with a very happy expression, and kissed the tip of the object as if it were a kiss.
Damn it. Don’t look at me with such a pure smile that doesn’t suit me.

Regardless of what my heart was saying, Felicia smiled and kissed the tip of my object a few more times.
Then he slowly put my stuff back in his mouth and started sucking.
Fully erected my dick deep down to the roots.
It felt so good even when I wasn’t standing, but as things got bigger, the pleasure doubled in an instant.
It was such a great pleasure that I felt like I was stimulating my things by moving not only in my mouth, but also in my throat.
I ended up ejaculating in Felicia’s mouth.

“Ugh. Whoops. e. uhm. 👌👌👌 heh heh Sigh… .”

Felicia swallowed my object firmly to the root, and took my ejaculate with the tip of the object in her throat.
In that state, Felicia, who had swallowed all the semen without reflux, clenched her lips tightly and stimulated my object to the end, and slowly pulled the object out of her mouth.

“Haha… What do you think? Did you feel good?”

Perhaps it felt so good that I ejaculated, Felicia looked up at me with a happy smile.
But seeing that smile, I felt resentful for nothing.

“I’ll do it now, so get down.”

“Huh. side. It’s still healthy even if it’s cheap. Baby, that’s great.”

After regaining some time again, Felicia returned to her usual pace and said so, kissing the tip of my stuff and smiling.
I want to destroy that leisure. I want to make it a mess and make it completely succumb.
When I tried Felicia’s wall, the feeling and pleasure were combined, and that desire surged in my heart.
But I didn’t lose my temper.
I went out for a bit because I found an unexpected fortress wall, but this is just sex to keep a promise.
Just do it once and stop.
It’s probably not me, but Felicia’s climax.
I tried to calm myself by suppressing the rising desire.

“magnetism. come quickly I can’t stand it anymore.”

However, as Felicia’s relaxed attitude continued, it was not easy to make up her mind.
Felicia seduced me by lying on all fours on the bed as I said, raising her hips high and shaking it gently from side to side.
It was unbelievable that he had lived a life of debauchery, and his pussy was so clean that he was dripping love juice on the bed.

“Don’t shake it like that, make sure you know where you want to put it!”

As I said that, I lightly slapped Felicia’s ass.
Anyway, if Felicia’s feeling is the standard, it’s efficient to stimulate that wall to make her feel it.
So it doesn’t matter if you do it a little bit.
While repeating it as if it were being told to myself.

“Hey! Come on, wait. magnetism. Don’t be violent.”

But contrary to what I expected, Felicia said so in a voice that was brimming with excitement and only fear.

“Oh sorry.”

To the extent that I reflexively apologize.
what is he Wasn’t there a barrier to learning?

“Hmmm. But it’s bad that you shook your ass gently. Where would you like to put it? I don’t know if I have to express myself clearly. Come on, do it.”

“Ugh… Yes… .”

But when I said so in command line, Felicia twisted her body again and answered meekly.
If you look at this, there is also a wall of learning.
maybe that’s It’s not physical, but it’s a mental attack, right?

“Hey, like this?”

Felicia turned her hands on the bed behind her and spread her pubic hair to both sides.
Naturally, her upper body was pressed against the bed, and her buttocks were raised higher, resulting in a strange posture.
More love liquid flowed from the open vagina than before, and now the expression that it flows one after another has reached a suitable level.
But I wasn’t satisfied with that.

“It’s not enough. Be sure with words.”

“Bar, hit me.”

“Where, what?”

“Your stuff in my, my pussy… .”

Perhaps she was unfamiliar with this kind of situation, Felicia answered, looking back at me with excitement, although she was a little hesitant.

“Is that the attitude of the person making the request?”

“Heh! My, my pussy… Goo, savior’s stuff… Please hit me… .”

“Tell me more clearly. What are you pretending to be noble? This pervert.”

“Wow! on my pussy! Please drive that thick and hard cock of the Savior as hard as you can!”

Wow. Are you really saying Even that expression… .
I’ve never done it there before.
I was slightly perplexed by Felicia’s transformation, but without showing anything, I moved my waist forward.

“Good. I will do whatever you want.”

“Go, thank you… Whoops!”

Felicia, who even said thanks to herself at last, trembled and tightened her pussy as soon as my item was stuck in her pussy.
It was a reaction as if it had reached its climax, but I intuitively noticed it.
He’s forcing his orgasm right now.
His hand, who suddenly went down to the bed, is holding the bed sheet tightly rolled, and his toes are clasped tightly, giving him strength.
While giving her whole body strength and shaking, Felicia was holding back her orgasm.

Why does this lust man dare hold an orgasm? why?
I thought so for a moment, but the reason was obvious.
Maybe he knows too.
Once you feel it, it’s over.
indeed. That’s how it turns out
Good. okay. You must have that kind of stamina.
Let’s see how long we can hold on

I immediately put climax bondage on myself.
Then he shook his back vigorously back and forth.

okay. The last thing, after all, is a pleasure that is infinitely amplified with a sex boost.

Of course, it didn’t end there.
Putting the hand that had been covered with the saint’s hand between the bed and Felicia’s body, rubbing her voluminous breasts, I decided to continue the mental attack.

“You’re making me feel good as you wish. Don’t you have any words of thanks?”

“Yes! Whoops! Whoops! Go, ha! Thank you! Whoa!”

“what? What are you thankful for?”

“Hey, huh! on my pussy! cock… Whoops! Thanks for sticking your dick! ha ha ha! Thank you!”

Perhaps Felicia was excited by the sight of herself uttering humiliating words, or as she uttered every word, she clenched her vagina and trembled with pleasure.
If it hadn’t been for climax bondage, it might have been cheaper, so a great sense of pleasure has been transmitted through the object.

“okay. do you like it?”

“Heh! Good! this cock! Okay!”

“Then, with that favorite thing, feel it quickly, go!”

“Ah, ha ha ha ha!”

As I said that, I pushed my waist hard and slammed into Felicia’s inner side, but in the end, Felicia couldn’t stand it anymore and spurted out loudly, reaching a grand climax.

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The circumstances of the succubus

Seeing Felicia, who was feeling magnificently, I fell into trouble for a moment.
Is it better to take it off like this? Or should I buy it too?
Having achieved the condition of having sex once, in fact, it would be best to just pull it out mercilessly, but honestly, it’s hard to bear.
My current situation is in the state of forcing myself to endure ejaculation with climax bondage.
Perhaps the moment the climax bond is released, the situation will begin as it is.
If you take it out in this state, it will probably be in trouble in many ways.
But I think it would be better to just pull it out in a cool way… .

“Come on, wait!”

With that thought in mind, I slowly pulled my back back, and Felicia, who was trembling on the bed, shouted in an urgent voice, sticking out her butt and putting it back on my lower abdomen.

“ね… what. You felt it too, so you kept your promise to have sex with this.

“Ha, but honey, are you patient?”


I thought you were just asking for more, but I’m sure you’ll be able to say that.
I was embarrassed by the unexpected words and said it as if wondering, but Felicia seems to have taken it differently.
Felicia put her face back on the bed, which she had turned toward me for a moment, and gently shook her buttocks from side to side so that it swallowed my stuff to the root.

“Ugh… Pe, in Felicia’s pussy… loads… Please wrap… .”

Damn it! oh I don’t know!

“You want my semen so much?!”

“Huh! Whoops! I want it! That, so… Ha ha ha!”

I finally released the climax bondage and ejaculated inside Felicia as it was.
And maybe Felicia also felt the sensation of my stuff exploding inside, and at the same time it reached its climax once again.
Felicia, trembling as if convulsing, felt it to the extent that it might be a little dangerous.

Sigh… you did it eventually

Because this guy is really cool with one color.
But hey, it’s just a matter of my mood anyway, because cheap doesn’t change anything.
This time I took something out of Felicia’s pussy.


Then, as if a stopper had been removed, a mixture of love juice and semen burst out from the inside of Felicia’s vagina.
So now with the spirit… Huh?
But even in that situation, Felicia reached back with one arm and grabbed my hand that was holding her waist.

“what? Are you done?”

I could have easily shunned it if I wanted to, because I had no strength in my hands because I was jaded with pleasure.
Of course, if you ask me to do it again, I will reject it.

Instead of answering, Felicia slowly raised her upper body.
Then he slowly turned his body towards me, and fell down as if leaning on me.
As I reflexively held him in my arms, I felt a soft, squeezing sensation in my chest.
Felicia glided down and started licking my stuff with her mouth and licking it with her tongue.

“Hey. I don’t do it anymore.”

“Huh… haha… Sigh… Ah, I know… It’s just cleaning.”

I tried to say it in a harsher voice on purpose, but Felicia responded that way and just licked my stuff hard.
It really makes it hard to be polite.
In the end, I was able to summon the spirits only after Felicia, who cleaned things up, spoke up.
I washed my body with the spirit of water and, as an added bonus, washed Felicia’s body as well.
Well, he’ll wash thoroughly afterwards while attending the maids anyway, but for now.
It’s not like it’s because you kissed my stuff like it was lovely at the end.
I just cleaned mine in return for making my stuff clean.

“Yes… .”

Felicia, who reacted sensitively to the feeling of water enveloping her whole body, looked at me with a languid smile when she was completely clean.

“Thanks. It felt great.”

“That’s because you’re a pervert.”

“Huh. Ahh. I was surprised too. I wish I had a wall like that.”

“Are you admitting it?!”

“Huh? Well, isn’t it strange to feel that way and deny it? I called myself the savior and even said respectful things. ahaha. It might be the first time I’ve had that attitude toward a man.”

Really, what kind of kid do you have? Be a little shy
Why are you smiling more casually than usual while saying that?
no. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself after all?
Felicia’s face, smiling without adornment, seemed to still have a slight pink energy.

“Huh… But after all, it might be difficult to do with other men.”

“What? why?”

“Oh? i’m a princess The next queen. You can’t show that kind of figure to anyone, can’t you? No one would treat me like that in the first place. If I had, I would have known sooner. such a wall. But, huhu, if you’re the Savior, you don’t have to worry about that, right?

“Anyway, I don’t want to do it again with you anymore.”

“Really… Because he was in a good mood and he was also kind. Why don’t you think about it again? I’ve done that before, but I don’t think I’ve really put any conditions to my disadvantage.”

“Just having sex with you on a regular basis is uncomfortable enough for me.”

“But if you don’t do it with me, you’re going to find another woman and shoot a video, right? I think that side is more dangerous.”

“What? What are you talking about?”

“I guess so, didn’t even me like that look like that? If you have sex with her, all the other girls will be captured in one room. I can guess. If you keep sticking with a woman like that, don’t you think it’s going to be more troublesome?”

That’s for sure… . Although it seems like it would be much more difficult than a relationship that only had sex.

“But in that respect, I can be reassured. Without any such feelings, it can end with just a physical relationship.”

“no. I am not at all reassured.”

“Ahaha. Self too. ‘Cause I’m so full of confidence because it’s really good that i’m in love with you because there can’t be Of course, he fell in love with his stuff at first sight.”

no. If you say it like that, it’s a subtle feeling just like that.
Of course, I don’t mean to make you fall in love with me, though.

“So, huh? As I said earlier, I will appear in a video and will not spare any support.”

“If you say you don’t like me, why are you so obsessed with me? If you’re in your position, you can save more talented people than me, right?”

“That’s right, but he’s the best among them. I feel the most stable when I’m with you.”


“Yes. no. It’s just about my body.”

constitution? Could it be related to the succubus race?
Is it possible that a succubus, like a nine-tailed fox, is not supposed to engage in regular sexual activity?
Thinking about it that way, it reminds me of Leia when we just met, so I feel a little pity… Damn it. And it makes him think the way he wants.
I’m sure there’s no fascination. From before, I was constantly vigilant so that I wouldn’t get caught up in fascination.
After all, is the dialogue itself good without being fascinated?

“Sheesh. ok I’ll think about it first.”


“What are you surprised by what he said? And I didn’t mean to do it. We will discuss it with our children and decide.”

“Ahaha. He really is living in captivity.”

“Oh, no! At night, I win!”

“Huh. believe. believe.”

Ah-oh. I thought it was pitiful for a moment!
What a kid like that!

“Whew… Anyway, I’m going.”

“Oh, wait a minute. I will go with you.”

I changed all my clothes while talking, but Felicia was still naked.
Felicia sits on the bed and slowly begins to dress as if her legs are still not strong enough.
Obviously, they were just wearing clothes, but every move seemed to seduce people.
It’s also a monster.

“However, in the end, I would like to consult with my lover.

Well, it’s okay for the two of us to come to the room alone. Oh, it’s okay because I had sex.

While supporting Felicia, whose legs were slightly loosened, and headed for the room where Leia and Sylvia were waiting, Felicia, who was next to her, muttered like that.

“What? What are you talking about? Aren’t you the only two of us trying to control me?”

“Huh? Ahh. no no no That’s been successful since the time the beautician lover was next to him. Didn’t you notice too?”

“Yeah… Then why did you want to be alone with me like that?”

“Yeah, I did it because I wanted to get in trouble if my girlfriend heard her offer to have sex with me on a regular basis. What do you think? Aren’t I nice?”

“A good guy doesn’t try to control others in the first place, right?!”

“Ahaha. So is he.”

Felicia said so without showing any regret.
Really, what kind of kid do you have?

“Mr. Salvation!”

When I got to the room, Leia immediately handed me over.
Perhaps Felicia also read the atmosphere, she gently fell from me and headed towards Sylvia.

“sorry. Did it take a little while?”

No matter how much he said it was to keep his promise, he was sorry that he made Leia wait while having sex with Felicia.

“no. It’s okay.”

Maybe Leia also noticed that Felicia and I had sex.
Leia noticed the smell of dinner with Rachel’s sister.
No matter how much he washed with the spirit, there was no way he could not notice.
But Leia didn’t say anything, and quietly hugged me tightly.
I’ll have to explain the situation to the carriage later.

“So, how did the conversation go?”

“Huh. There was a break-up because of the conditions on the other side, but I think we should go back and talk with everyone.

“is that so… . So, are you going back today?”

“Huh. OK. Oh, and Sylvia… .”

this is silly
If you accept Felicia’s offer, it doesn’t matter because Felicia will probably use him to persuade the queen.
However, if Felicia’s offer is rejected, no one knows when the queen and Felicia’s relationship will be restored.
But I can’t keep Sylvia here… .

I stared at Sylvia’s face.
Sylvia took turns looking at Felicia’s and Me’s faces with concern.
As I peered into Felicia’s face as well as myself, I could feel how worried Sylvia was for Felicia.
Indeed. He seems to be the best friend, so he is.
I can’t help it.
Let’s hold off taking Aldan Sylvia with us.
You still don’t know if you’ll accept Felicia’s offer or not, and if you refuse, then you can take her away.

“Sylvia. Would you like to stay here a little longer until a decision is made?”

“Yes, yes!”

Sylvia nodded her head as if she wanted it rather.

“okay. Then suffer a little more. Let’s go, Leia.”


“Oh. Baby, won’t you even say goodbye to me?”

“You don’t have an accident again.”

“Because you are too much. Good bye.”

Felicia is doing it on purpose.

He had an exaggeratedly sad expression on his face, and then he smiled and waved his hand softly.
I also roughly waved my hand and left the castle with Leia.

“Savior. Explanation… Can you please?”

And as soon as I got into the carriage, Leia looked up at me and said so.
I didn’t say what he was asking me to explain, but of course I knew what he was talking about.

“sorry. First of all, the negotiation broke down, so the idea of ​​just passing on a promise just by filming a video didn’t work. I thought it would be neater to do this, so I ended up doing it once.”

“Whew… . is that so. I believed.”

When I answered, Leia exhaled a sigh of relief, then released her anxious expression and smiled softly.
Then he clung to me and rubbed his body against mine.
Leia, you’ve been doing this a lot these days.
Since nine-tailed foxes are also beasts, do they have a habit of marking like this?
Well, I like it because I can feel the soft, happy feeling all over my body.
I am confident that I will never get tired of doing this for the rest of my life.

“Thanks. I’ll go back and tell you where everyone is. Because I think it would be better to explain it at once.”


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The situation of the succubus

When I returned to the mansion, everyone was waiting for me to return.
Sara, Diana, even Matilda. Everyone seemed to be very curious about how things went.
Therefore, I was able to start explaining right away without even having to gather them, and I decided to explain what happened in the castle step by step.
First of all, Felicia’s proposal.
It also takes videos and supports the distribution of them. Instead, have sex with yourself regularly.

“No way!”

As soon as she said that, Sarah jumped up from her seat and drew an X with her arms in opposition.

“I can not believe it! You say that now?! Opposite! I am absolutely against it!”

Well, this kind of reaction was expected, so I wasn’t too embarrassed.
also can’t I didn’t think I would do it if even one person opposed it anyway.

“okay. then… .”

“Come on, come on. Please don’t be like that too much, Sara-san.”

But before I could say no to the offer, Diana calmed the angry Sarah by stroking her.

“What is it, Diana?! So Diana doesn’t care if Gu-gu hangs out with her regularly?!”

“It’s not like that. But think about it. This man is talking to these bodies without immediately rejecting such a thing. Isn’t there something wrong with it? It’s never too late to listen to the story to the end.”

Even as Diana said that, she gave me a strong gaze.
If you didn’t refuse for no reason, it’s like you’re not going to let it go.
Since you’re trusting me, I’d like you to completely trust me without making that kind of expression.


“okay. Diana is right. Because Felicia said it would take a while to say no right away. what is it. If I find another woman and do it, she will never get out of me and cling to me.”

Well. I’m a little embarrassed to say it again with my own mouth.

“Is that the same for that woman?”

“He said that he only had physical relationships with him, and there was no way he would ever like me mentally. You’ve never had that kind of feeling for someone else in the first place.”

“that… .”
“Hmm. indeed. That’s right. It was like that.”

“Diana?! Do you believe her words?!”

“Well. As I said before, this body once served as the princess’s teacher. But even though she was at an exciting age for a love affair, the princess had no interest in that. At the time, I thought puberty was a little late, but if there were such circumstances, I would understand.”

“Ha, but… .”

“And since Miss Sarah has seen the princess, you know, the princess is one of the world’s most famous beauties. Besides, his identity is perfect, so of course there are men who are courting him. Among them, there are several men who have a good family, fame, and appearance, which is one of the best in the world. But I’ve heard that the princess has rejected all the courtships of those guys up until now. First of all, this body believes in the princess’s story. Whether or not to accept the offer is aside.”

“Ugh… . Ha, but you’re talking about other guys, right? This time, your opponent is salvation?”

“That, that… .”

Diana, who seemed to judge the matter calmly by excluding personal feelings as much as possible, was at a loss for words at once with Sarah’s rebuttal.

“Huh? no. Thanks, but aren’t you overestimating me? Anyway, that’s what I… .”

“shut up! Don’t belittle the guy I like! This natural Casanova!”

Yep. be quiet… no. Wait a minute. That’s me… . I’m talking about… .

“Well! You lack awareness!”

After Sarah, Diana… .
Anyway, Diana can’t be sober when it comes to things related to me.

“And Mr. Salvation. If you accept the offer, the princess will film a video and even make it public, right? No matter how… You like pleasure, but did you make such a decision just by doing it?”

no. Isn’t it strange to continue saying “and” there?
Maybe even the angels agree?
How much do you guys value me?
no. Thank you, but that’s it.

“Ah, yes. That’s what I mean. He said he would take a video, but he would cover his face.”

“What is that?! If that’s the case, you don’t even have to be a princess! Nothing more to think about! I’ll take a picture!”

“no way.”

“… .”

Sarah objected again, but this time I stopped her.

“no way.”

“Ah, I see… Because I understood without having to say it twice… .”

Rarely did I get upset because I spoke with a very serious expression, Sarah murmured in a crawling voice that didn’t sound like it.

“You show your body to other people no matter how much you cover your face. no way. even if you die

I cannot tolerate it.”

“It sounds like you don’t mind showing the princess body… .”

Matilda, who had been listening quietly, muttered as if it was a bit ridiculous.

“What is that… I know… okay! I am selfish garbage! Not only Sarah, but all of you, you must never show your naked body to another person! I don’t know what other children’s bodies are! What are you complaining about?!”

“Hey, didn’t you say something like that?”

When I screamed in love, Matilda somehow blushed and avoided her gaze.
And as I realized once again that I had no feelings for Felicia through my remarks, both Sarah and Diana had calmer expressions than before.

“Hmm. But wouldn’t that not solve the really important issue of the throne?”

“Is that what you’re going to do on your own? Well, since you said you were supporting the supply, isn’t it a plot to appeal to the Queen after raising your reputation by spreading the word?”

It was meant to share my reputation for saving people, but to be honest, it didn’t really matter to me.
What do you know about fame? I just don’t want to bother people on the street.

“I think that alone is not enough to convince the queen… . I wonder if there is another plan that this body is not thinking about.”

Diana rested her hand on her chin as if something was caught on her.

“Savior. What would you like to do, Mr. Guwon?”

“To be honest, it’s half and half. Considering the situation similar to Leia makes me want to help, but it’s a little different when I think about how fascinated I was… .”

“Are you in a similar situation to me?”
“Are you fascinated?”

“Ah, yes. Actually, his race is a succubus.”


When I said that, even Diana tilted her head to see if it was a name she had never heard of.
Well, Diana doesn’t know.
It doesn’t look like a tribe name like mine, and when I explained it before, the people of the royal family only said that they had a strong sexual desire.

“I don’t know if the succubus here perfectly matches what is known in the world I was in, but it’s roughly similar to Leia’s race, the nine-tailed fox. If there is a difference, is it that they need semen rather than spirits, and that is the source of life?”

Well, if you dig deeper, there are a lot more differences, but that’s all I know about games and things like that.

“Well then… Does the princess die if she can’t have sex?!”

“What… Would it be? No, as long as it is known to the world I was in.”

“that’s… That’s too… .”

Perhaps because she was in a similar situation, Leia was the first to sympathize with Felicia.
Besides, at least Leia won’t die just because she doesn’t have sex.
But just because I don’t do it doesn’t mean that the princess can’t find a partner to have sex with, but rather, I think Leia’s situation is worse because she has limited sex partners.
Nevertheless, seeing the princess sympathize with her, only the words of an angel came to mind.
Even though she was pushed back by the princess in the castle, how can she be so kind?

“Hmm. indeed. Perhaps that is the most important thing for a princess.”



“I mean, it’s not just that I’m blinded by lust for making that offer. If it’s really life-related, it all makes sense. You can ejaculate indefinitely, so you’re the perfect match for a princess who needs semen. And convincing the queen may be possible based on a promise with you, not on the fame gained through video dissemination.”

Diana nodded her head with a satisfied smile, as if she had finally lost her mind.

“Sa, it’s a bad situation, but still, once a week… .”

“It is. Even if I go to the dungeon once, a week goes by… .”

“Hmm. That’s right… .”

“Ugh… .”

The four of them made a troubled voice with a difficult expression as if everything had been squeezed out.
no. Matilda. What are you naturally stuck with?

“Anyway, are you going to leave the judgment to these bodies?”

“Is that so? To be more precise, I wouldn’t do it if even one person objected. Well, like Felicia said, having sex with me doesn’t guarantee that girls will fall for me unconditionally. You just need to find another woman.”

When I said that, everyone looked like they absolutely hated it.
Why do you think the reaction is worse than Felicia’s?
Felicia, who has already done it once, and has her own circumstances that require sex, is that better?

“Ha ha… It doesn’t look like it’s going to come to an end anytime soon. How did I ever fall in love with a man like this? .”

“Hey. Sarah. Even so, that tone of voice hurts a little. Do you regret liking me?”

“Hey, it’s not like that! That, so… See… Fool!”

When I’m bored these days, he says I’m a fool.
You may need to change your speaking habits gradually.

“right. i’m stupid A fool who only knows you.”

I blew a line that was long out of fashion in the original world with a counter punch.

“This, this, this… !”

Then Sarah’s face turned red, and she hardened, unable to say that she was an idiot.
ha ha ha. How are you? Shall I die of shame?
Am I not ashamed? Of course not ashamed! But if I can see Sarah’s face, I’ll be patient!
That’s the tactic of giving away the flesh and breaking the bones!
Sarah, every time you call me a fool… .

“… Salvation?”

A quiet voice called to me next to me, exhilarated by Sarah’s reaction.

“Ugh! Oh no! Sarah as well as you! A fool who only knows you!”

strange. Obviously, the angel is smiling warmly as usual, but now I feel a little scared.

“Mr. Salvation is so… .”

Why did I feel that way? Today, the angel is such an angel.

“this… Fool!”

And Sarah, who was released from the stun, shouted that fool again, feeling a little forced.
that’s real… . When did you catch me… no. Come to think of it, it’s Sarah’s turn today.
Good. It seems that the time has come for Vanessa’s maid clothes to be active once again.

“Anyway, I don’t think it’s an easy decision to make, as Sarah said. You said you left these bodies to judge, so these bodies want to talk a little more.”

“Huh. Then do it. I will do as you decide.”


Despite my answer, everyone just looked at my face and didn’t say anything.
You want to talk? Why are you looking at me?

“there… Do you have to interrupt me?”


Hey. No matter what, aren’t you saying it so clearly?!

“Savior. There are some things that are a little difficult to talk about when there are men. Could you please leave your seat for a little bit?”

Look! like this! like an angel! do this!
My begging eyes! How good!


Then I’m going to walk away like this?!
As I stepped out of the door, only an empty cry resounded in my heart.

Sheesh. No thanks. I’m going to play with Barnett.
I immediately clapped.


“… savior. Don’t call me that way… .”

“Ah, yes. sorry. stop without knowing Anyway, Vanessa. I have an important request.”

“Yeah? What’s going on?”

“Finally, the time has come to get it back. Give it to me. That maid suit before.”

okay. I mean, I still haven’t gotten it back.

“… … Please wait a moment.”

Having said that, Vanessa disappeared somewhere as quickly as when she appeared.
Ah. I think I’ve read the expression on my face now.
Is it a face you don’t want to give?

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Since I can’t sleep, I’m going to surprise you!


The circumstances of the succubus

“… Here it is.”

And after a while, Vanessa reappeared and held out her hand with a maid outfit towards me.
A piece of white and black fabric so small that I wondered if it was the right one. But, as if claiming to be a maid outfit, the frills hanging here and there,
no doubt. Then it’s the maid outfit.
It’s finally back in my hands.
I reached out for a piece of clothing with a bit of excitement.

“… Hey. Vanessa.”


“I can’t take it with me if I hold it so tight.”

no. It’s not about losing by force.
I’m just doing this because I’m genuinely, genuinely, afraid that my clothes will tear if I force it.
Don’t you want to give it that way?
Well, when I think about how I’m going to use this, there’s nothing I can’t understand… no. But when I first gave it to him in the past, it wasn’t like this.
Even then, obviously, Vanessa had an attitude of predicting how I would use this outfit.
If there is a difference between then and now, it is… .

“Hey. because it’s ok Did you suck the liquid properly?”

I meant to be considerate, but as soon as I said that, Vanessa started staring at me.
no. I wasn’t scared.
To the extent that I even think that it is rather cute to look at him with his face blushing in a way that doesn’t look like it… what am i thinking right now

“Because it’s really good. Come on, look. Smell too… Wow! Are you really trying to hit me right now?!”

As I put my nose to the maid’s suit and try to convince him that it’s okay, Vanessa’s fists split the air between me and the maid.
If I had just sticked my head out, I’d definitely have been right.

“… I was just pretending.”

Do not lie! I could even hear the thumping of my fists and the ripping of the wind!

“Anyway, I want you to return it soon.”


I pulled on the maid’s suit again, but Vanessa still held her tight and wouldn’t let go.
Why are you doing this, really?

“Hey. What’s your reason for not giving it to me? Say something. Why are you masturbating while thinking about this?”

Since Vanessa is confined to every corner of the house every day, of course, she will never have a chance to meet a man, nor will she have a chance to have sex. So, I’ll just masturbate by myself. As long as he’s a human, he must have sexual desire.
I meant to say that as a half-joking thought, but Vanessa showed an unexpected reaction.

“… … I didn’t.”

Was the silence remarkably long before he answered now? Isn’t that my mistake?

“Are you really doing it?”

“I told you I didn’t.”

no. No matter how much you insist, it’s not convincing.
Your face is more red than before.
It’s a subtle level, so it’s hard to tell.
Anyway, it didn’t seem like I would be able to get my maid clothes back no matter how much time passed.
I can’t help it. It’s a gamble, but let’s say something a little risky.

“what is it. You are also in your prime. I won’t have a chance to meet a man because I’m working as a butler. There seems to be no vacation. I understand everything. It is very heartbreaking for me to take away even a masturbation tool from you, but I also have something to use today. If you feel like you can’t stand it because your sexual desire has exploded, I’ll do it again like the last time.”

Even after hearing these words, if you don’t hand over the maid’s clothes, you’re just admitting that. If not, Vanessa will let go now.
Now that I’m saying this, I thought if Vanessa could tell Diana it would be a big deal, but she probably wouldn’t.
Vanessa wouldn’t even tell Diana about it then.

“… … No need.”

And my gamble was so successful that Vanessa finally got out of maid clothes.
done! You are finally back in my arms! With this tonight, Sarah and… kut.
I hurriedly put the maid outfit into my inventory, as Vanessa would change her mind.

“… Then, if you have nothing else to do, I’ll leave.”

And Vanessa, who was staring at the disappearance of the maid’s suit from my hand, said that and tried to hide herself again.

“Wait a minute!”

“… What else?”

It’s Vanessa. Isn’t there a thorn in the way you speak?

“play with me. boring.”


“Hey, don’t look at me with those eyes! can’t help it

no! The other kids are all gathering and having a discussion, and there’s nothing to do alone here!”

“… … Sigh.”

Is he sighing now?!
Well, in the end, Vanessa ended up playing with me.
Whoops. Say no with your mouth, but honestly with your body… Is it different from that?

Anyway, that’s how me and Vanessa started playing poker.
okay. There was poker in this world too.
The card shape and detailed rules were different, though.
Still, the framework is almost identical to poker, so it wasn’t difficult to learn.

After a long time passed after me and Vanessa had a card battle, my kids came to my room as a group to see if the conversation was finally over.

“Salvation! Once we’re done talking… What are you doing?”

“Ah. everyone did a good job As you can see, it’s me, playing games to kill time. How did you go about that?”

“I decided to put it on hold for now. I think it would be better to talk with the princess a little more before making a decision. I think we need to hear more about the succubus race as well.”

“I’m sorry. If I did it better… .”

“It’s okay. It’s not Leia’s fault.”

sound. say no It’s really nice to see them getting along with each other.

“But it’s surprising. I honestly thought you’d be against it. Especially Sarah.”

“Yeah, I feel like I want to oppose it, but… .”

As Sarah said that, she glanced at Leia slightly.
Also that’s it Is it to say that Leia is in a similar situation, so it’s hard to let go of it?
Sylvia used to come to our party like that. Maybe Felicia will be like that too.
Truly a friend. They don’t look alike at all, but something in common comes out of a strange place.

“And it might have something to do with the mission the Goddess gave to salvation.”

Sarah mumbled that with a dissatisfied expression on her face.

“Huh? What are you talking about?”

“You don’t remember? You praised the goddess for appointing me and Leia as apostles before. Besides, we are both races from the age of the god of war. But are we the only races in the age of the god of war? Isn’t there a possibility that the succubus race is like that too?”

Oh, that’s the thing. I’ve had the thought that I might have to gather the races of the War God Era before, but I honestly didn’t have it in mind this time.
That’s right, because I thought that the succubus was a race created by the Goddess.
Is that so too? Just look at your abilities. Whoever sees it, the Goddess… no. Is that the same for the Gumiho?
Besides, come to think of it, a succubus is a demon.
It is a race that is extremely suitable for being subordinate to a demon.
Why didn’t I think of this?
He even ate the king in the world the Goddess made, so he didn’t even think about it that far.

“But even if it’s really a race from the war god era, I won’t forgive you if you try to immediately appoint an apostle.

“Yeah, of course. Are you saying that now?”

no. The princess doesn’t like me in the first place, so I shouldn’t even try.

“Mi, sorry. I have no doubts.”

Perhaps she was taken aback by the words that felt my will, Sarah blushed and apologized.
no. I can’t forgive you. After all, I’m going to put on a maid’s uniform tonight and give him some education.
After all, I had only thought about wearing a maid outfit, but I decided to do so once again.

“Anyway, that’s it, we’ll talk about it later, and let’s have dinner first.

“okay! OK!”

“Huhu. Did you market like that?”

no. sorry. Leia. Actually, I am more looking forward to what will happen after the meal than the meal.
As we chatted, only Vanessa, who was sorting out her cards by herself, was looking at me with subtle eyes, as if she knew why I liked her so much.

After dinner, it was finally night.
As soon as Sarah finished bathing and entered the room, I said in a strong tone.

“buy it! you today… .”

I was chewed by Sarah’s voice speaking in a tone stronger than mine.

“Uh, yes. Why?”

what? did i do something else?
Why is his face like this?

“Be honest. Did you do it with her today?”

“Ugh! Uh, how… What did Leia say?!”

surely! Our angel can’t do that?!
I was going to end the relationship with Felicia once, so it’s okay to be proud, but I was taken aback by Sarah speaking up at an unexpected time.

“no. that the woman said If you do it once as a savior, any woman will not be able to help but fall for it.”


“The last time salvation was forced by that woman was when the level was low, right? There was no way the princess would have said such a thing from her memory, so it is only possible to say that she said it one more time after the level of salvation was raised.”

indeed. Is it like that?
Angel. I believed.
But you can only deduce this far with those words.
I sometimes get scared of his insight.

“Anyway, is that what you did?”

“okay. right. I did it. Because it seemed difficult to void a bet with a pun.”

But I am a man who can turn crisis into opportunity. it is salvation
I said so with a proud attitude.

“… It’s pretty daring.”

Perhaps she didn’t know I was going to come out like this, Sarah wiggled her eyebrows and said with an expression “It’s not like this.

“Because there is nothing to be proud of. If you want, I can tell you in detail how you did it. no. Would it be better to show it with actions rather than words?”

And as if to push Sarah further, I made a statement that stimulated Sarah’s walls.

“… … try.”

Good. Good. I’m fishing with my judo.
No matter how insightful I may be, when it comes to night work, my hair will never win.
Besides, Sarah says no every time and actually enjoys it.
So you’re wondering how you and Felicia played?

“Good. Then put it on first.”

With a smile of conversion, I handed out the maid clothes I got back from Vanessa today.

“What is that… awhile. Why do you need it now?”

“If you want to reproduce Felicia’s actions in detail, it’s more effective to wear this.”

“Did you even dress her like that?!”

“Oh, no! I didn’t even have this when I first went to the castle… Oh, no! Try it on right now! I know when I wear it!”

Contrary to the plan, I was a little embarrassed, but I still forced Sarah to wear a maid outfit.

“… If you cheat, I won’t forgive you.”

In the end, Sarah said that and accepted the maid outfit with a face that something was wrong.
hahaha. Judging from the mention of Felicia’s work now, it seems she was trying to take control of the night work from me, but that’s not the case.
Are you thinking of following my head in this direction?
Back off. Buy it for a long time!
Be a little more diligent!

I succeeded in dressing Sarah in a maid outfit as originally planned, and I watched Sarah change clothes with a happy expression on my face.
Don’t you turn your eyes? why turn? Doesn’t Sarah say anything?

“… wore it So, what are you going to do from now on?”

Sarah, who had changed her clothes, still had a slightly dissatisfied expression on her face, but her appearance was very good.
because it suits you well
As I usually wrap my skin in long-sleeved T-shirts and long pants, I felt even more special when I wore these high-exposure clothes.
A little more exposure like this… no. Is it enough if only I can see this image?
You don’t have to go around like this on a regular basis to make other people’s eyes bright.
It’s best to wear it as usual.

“Then, from now on, I will tell Felicia what she did to her body. Right. Kneel down first.”

“What? what is that… .”

“Do what you say.”

“… .”

Perhaps she was suppressed by my force of speaking in a slightly coercive tone, unlike usual, Sara bit her lip and frowned as if she didn’t like it, but meekly knelt on the floor.

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The circumstances of the succubus

I smiled at Sarah like that and approached her slowly.
And after approaching right in front of her, she put her hand on her head and grabbed it, as she did for Felicia, so that her face was buried in her crotch.

“Then will you take it out? Oh, don’t use your hands. Do you know what I mean?”

“Ugh. awhile. Did you really do this? Did you mean that the woman who lived with her own good taste did this kind of thing?”

Sarah asked, raising her face buried in my crotch and looking at me suspiciously.
But because it was really like this, I was proud of myself without any fuss.
She even had time to enjoy the feel of her crotch created as she lifted her head.

“Really. He had such a fortress wall he didn’t think about. I do it once to keep my promise, so I’ll finish it as soon as possible

Wouldn’t that be nice? So we attacked our weaknesses thoroughly.”

“Ugh… Well then, really with that girl… .”

Sarah mumbled that with a slightly red face.
Although the reason was different from Felicia’s, Sara also seemed to be excited about this situation.

“okay. So do what you say Otherwise, won’t you tell me what you did with Felicia?”

“Ah Okay… .”

If it was Sarah who was completely rational, she would have just opened her eyes because she wasn’t so curious about what I said, but this time she nodded her head.
Well, I can understand why it is impossible to make a rational decision because it is a chaotic situation in many ways.
In addition to discovering that Felicia has a tendency to be docile, Sarah herself plays a submissive play. Besides, even the walls are being stimulated.

Well, I was quite excited to say this.
Every time Sarah moved her head, it felt as if she was rubbing her cheeks against my crotch and showing affection.
Unlike Felicia’s time, my things were already standing stiffly.

“… Ugh… this… It’s a lot harder than I thought… .”

“Yeah what. Even that Felicia struggled quite a bit.”

“awhile. What does that mean?”

“Huh? no. Felicia Technique… OK. Still, I feel better with Sarah.”

“Ugh… .”

I said so while stroking her hair, but Sarah didn’t like her complimenting Felicia, so she opened her eyes and looked at me.
However, his face was more excited than before, and his mouth was more active than before.
After all, even our Sara is a pervert.
I continued to caress Sarah’s soft hair, watching her struggle with her mouth on my crotch with a relaxed mind.

“Okay… Fuck! See! Hey! Salvation!”

And Sarah, who barely took off the front of my pants and took off my pants and panties with her mouth, was hit in the face by my erect object.
Sara, who was about to exclaim with joy at the sense of achievement at last, frowned and glared at me.
But Sarah. I’m not scared at all if I stare like that with my things on my face. It just gets more exciting.
With that kind of expression on your face, why don’t you clean things that are on your face?
What if I told you not to touch it? Aren’t you so special

Seeing Sarah’s innocent look, I felt like I could pass on the cool thing that I just said to me.
Well, of course I’m not going to let it go.
Come to think of it, the reason I wore a maid outfit like this today was to fix Sarah’s bad habits these days.
I had forgotten the purpose a little while replaying the play with Felicia, but Sarah reminded me of it again at the right time.
You dug your own grave, Sara.
But, for now, I’ll just keep doing what I’ve been doing
Let’s try to fix the habit by looking at the timing.

“Then make it bigger with your mouth now.”

I still rested my hands on Sarah’s head, and said without losing my composure.

“What? What are you talking about?! like this now… .”
“I didn’t grow up when I was with Felicia.”

“… … Huh… . uh… .”

Sara, who was in silence for a moment as if contemplating what I meant, nodded her head, avoiding her gaze as if indifferent to where the flaming eyes had gone.
no. So in this situation, if you nod your head like that, it’s like rubbing your face against my stuff.
Unlike before, I was even more excited by the soft touch of Sarah’s face directly touching the object.
Even if it wasn’t, the sight of Sarah putting my things on her face, who seems like she would never do anything like this, was also exciting.

Anyway, for that reason, it was my object that now became so big that it hurts, but Sara meekly moved her mouth to make my object bigger.

“Ummm… 👌🏽 heh… uh… Ha, uh, how are you?”

“Good. Huh… But Felicia could have done better. To the point where I can’t stand it and put it in my mouth.”

To Sarah, who asked while washing my belongings wholeheartedly, I deliberately sent a provocative message.

“Huh… uh… !”

Then, of course, Sarah gave strength to her eyes and glared at me, but the snoring that tickled her belly was getting stronger as if she was still excited.
The face moved further forward, desperately trying to get all of my stuff in my mouth.
As the stiff object entered her throat, tears welled up in her eyes, but Sarah desperately moved her tongue and mouth as if she could not lose to Felicia.
Even if you don’t do that, I’d rather do it with Sarah.
Well, it’s good to see you working hard, so I won’t say it out loud.

“Good. Then slowly… .”

“Ugh! Ouch!”

After enjoying Sarah’s mouth to some extent, I slowly moved on to the next step, but Sarah shook her head from side to side while biting my object up to the root in her mouth.

“Huh? What is it?”

“Ugh! Whoa!”

no. Because it doesn’t work even if you say
Of course, vibration is transmitted and it feels good.

“Oh, just like you did to Felicia?”

“Ugh! Oops!”

“Then if you don’t work harder.”

“Ugh… !”

Seeing Sarah nodded, I slowly started moving my hand on top of her head back and forth. And the lower back also started a piston movement in the opposite direction to the movement of the hand.
It was something I didn’t do when I was with Felicia, but Sarah, who was burning with a burning desire to win against Felicia, accepted my action with tears in her eyes.

“Put your lips tighter. The tongue is more entangled in my things.”

Sara’s eyes flashed as if she was a little humiliated at my instructions after a long time, but she meekly moved her tongue and mouth as I said.

“okay. Good. I think I’ll be able to eat it slowly. Felicia takes it deep down her throat, Sarah, what do you think?”

“Ugh! Whoa!”

Sara moved her head deep forward, her eyes burning with determination.
buy my stuff to the root,

I inhaled it strongly and made my object explode.


When she ejaculated in her throat, Sarah’s cheeks swelled up as if she couldn’t swallow it all as skillfully as Felicia.
I have to say I’m glad I didn’t have reflux through my nose
I thought it was a little harsh this time, so I tried to pull out my waist, but Sarah stretched out her arms and grabbed my thighs tightly and wouldn’t let me go.

“Ugh… Ugh… heh… haha… big… haha… haha… .”

After all, I hate losing to others.
Reluctantly, I gave up pulling my back and gently stroked her hair until Sarah swallowed all the semen left in her mouth.

“Haha… next?”

And Sarah, who barely swallowed all the semen in her mouth, wanted the next action right away.

“Felicia swallowed it all and then kissed my stuff as if it was lovely.”

“Ugh… That woman… ! This is mine!”

“okay. Then you know what to do?”

“Well… side. side.”

Sarah rained kisses all over my stuff as if she could never lose.
The sight of Sarah with a cool face kneeling down and kissing my things was a sight that I would never get tired of watching.
I mean, Sarah suits this kind of play so well.
It’s no joke to feel satisfied with the desire to conquer, as I’ve never been able to do this.

“stop. I wish I had stopped Now turn back.”

But I couldn’t stand the patience to keep watching the scene.
Gradually, I wanted to taste Sarah’s famous spirit.
Besides, today’s purpose isn’t just to reproduce what she did with Felicia.

At my command, Sarah obediently climbed onto the bed and lay down.
Then, the slender waist and well-developed pelvis showed off their perfect curves.
Felicia’s color was great, but Sarah is the best for this line.
Besides, like daytime Felicia, Sarah’s vagina was already soaked.
to be so excited
I lightly slapped the heart-shaped buttocks with the palm of my hand.

“I don’t know where I would like to put it. Open the space you want to put it in.”


I spoke in command, and after a moment’s hesitation, Sarah slowly extended her hands towards her hips, as Felicia had done.
What makes Felicia different from her is that Sarah didn’t just spread her pussy.
Sara, who gathered her index and middle fingers to hold her labia, and put her ring and little fingers together and stretched out toward her butt hole, opened both holes at once.

Perhaps what he hesitated earlier was hesitating about where to open up.
Obviously, I was told to open the place I wanted to put it in.
But isn’t it a reenactment of what you did with Felicia?
Isn’t it normal to just open up your pussy, Sara?
Besides, seeing that they spread themselves confidently like this, of course, they seem to have done it today.
I don’t need to clean it because I have my skills.
Still, it was Sarah who always took care of herself to see if there was any reluctance to do it.

It must have fallen, but is it ok?
Have you ever supplemented yourself?
I’ll have to follow along when I go back to buy it later.

With that thought in mind, I put the tip of my dick in Sarah’s pussy.
Then, while moving the object back and forth as if it were passing through the wet labia, I applied the love liquid to the entire object.

“Ugh… why, why… .”


“Mo, hehe, you ask because you don’t know?”

“Huh. Be specific. Where do you want me to do it?”

“Ugh… you put it in.”

When I said something I hadn’t said, she realized that this was also a reenactment of her actions with Felicia, and while her face turned red, she gently spit those words out.
Of course, I wasn’t satisfied with those words.
Instead of putting it in, I tightened the hand that was resting on Sarah’s ass, pinching her elastic buttocks.

“Ha… Go, bring the things of salvation… Put me in my lewd hole… .”

Perhaps it was because the reason for her excitement was different from that of Felicia, but she didn’t say vulgar words like Felicia, but I was satisfied enough that Sarah said this.
So I put my stuff in that naughty hole as Sarah wanted.
on the ass.

“Ugh! Now, whoops! hey there… !”

“Were you opening up here too?! Did you mean to put it in?!”

“Ha, but… The woman… !”

“It’s you, not Felicia, that I’m doing now!”

Huh. Know. If you say things like this now, it will become something of a play that you have played so far.
But it seems that these words were enough for Sarah who was excited.

“This lewd maid! Is it that good to put it in your ass!”

And I finally succeeded in changing direction and decided to carry out my original purpose from now on.
It’s about the discipline of Sarah, who has had a bad mouth these days.

“I, ha! I… !”

“Is that good?!”

“Yes… ! Joe, whoops! ok… !”

When I asked in a coercive tone while squeezing her lower abdomen as hard as she could to slam her lower abdomen into Sarah’s ass trying to answer her, Sarah meekly acknowledged the pleasure she felt through her butt.

“This perverted maid! I usually looked down on the owner and made fun of it! It got wet like this before putting it in!”

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The circumstances of the succubus

Shaking her back vigorously back and forth, I slid a hand on Sarah’s buttocks and slid it down, strongly stimulating her pussy.
At first glance, it was Sarah’s vagina that seemed to be tightly shut, but when she lightly pressed it with her finger, she felt the softness of her labia loosened enough to feel it soft.

“Come on, wait… ! that’s what… Whoops!”

Sarah was embarrassed by the sudden maid play, but I didn’t even explain it.
Instead, she wrapped her fingers in the sticky love fluid that was leaking from inside, and rubbed Sarah’s clitoris, which was bloodshot with excitement, like a tickle.
Then Sarah immediately put her face on the bed and groaned.
But I was not at all satisfied with the result.
You can’t cover your face like that.
I want you to show me the way your cool face is sapped with pleasure

“Raise your head properly!”

“Ugh… Whoops! Whoa!”

Sarah tried to turn her head as I commanded her, but her neck moved slightly, but that was all. She still had her face buried in the bed and just sobbed.
I can’t help it. Shall I help you a little?
I grabbed Sarah’s arm and pulled her straight up, causing her to stand up.
Then he slowly raised the hand that had been caressing her pussy upward.
Passing through the clitoris while deliberately rough, through the firm abdomen to the chest.
Gently caress the breasts of an appropriate size as if turning them once, pinching the nipples slightly, and then going up again.
A sexy collarbone, through a long and slender neck, to Sarah’s face.
Even after rubbing her skin like this, my hand that touched Sarah’s pussy was still wet with love juice.
I put my hand, glistening in the love ointment, on Sarah’s cheek, and turned my head to face me.

“Heh… ! Yes! Ha ha ha!”

Then, as expected, Sarah’s face, which finally caught my eye, was drenched in pleasure, and her usual cool expression was nowhere to be found.
I was trying to rebuke him a little more when he saw that, but when I saw Sarah sticking out her pretty tongue, I changed my mind.
I can’t help it. Shall we scold a little later?

“Heh… uh… whoops… !”

After lightly biting the protruding tongue with my front teeth, I kissed it as it was, and when I stretched out my tongue, Sara’s eyes immediately in front of me changed to slender.
okay. okay. I’m glad you like it so much.

“Even laughing so hard. Is it good to do it with your ass like that? Like this lewd maid!”

“Ugh! Sleep, something like that… Ha!”

Sara said that with her mouth, but when she moved her waist forward once, she could only moan again.
And I didn’t miss that opportunity and started training.

“You can’t get your mind off of my stuff I’ve been treating as a fool! This naughty maid! Now, apologize! I’m sorry for being stupid until now!”

“Heh… ! sleep, really… Ha! this, this… Whoops! with that girl… !”

what come now You know that wasn’t the case when we just kissed.
If we go further back, it is said that the reproduction of the play with Felicia had already ended at the time when she was called a maid, or at the time when it was inserted into her ass.
Instead of answering, I grabbed Sarah’s arms tightly with both hands and pushed her waist forward as hard as I could.
And aiming for the moment Sarah was about to feel, she put her climax in bondage.

“Ha ha ha! Eh?! Eh?! Sleep, whoops! what?! what is this?!”

“Come on, I apologize!”

“Ha ha! hey?! Whoops?! this, this… ! Hahaha!”

Sara was so embarrassed by the sensation of climax bondage she had felt in a really long time, she could not easily come to her senses.
And I shook my back as if to push Sarah like that.

“Come on!”

“Ugh! Mi, sorry! I’m sorry, Guan!”

And only then did Sarah honestly apologize to me.
Of course, I wasn’t satisfied with that.


What is the attitude of an apologetic person?! You’re wrong from the start! It’s like this unlearned maid!”

I spoke harshly on purpose, and once again slapped Sarah’s ass with my lower abdomen, pushing her back vigorously.
It was very nice to see Sarah’s bouncy butt waving along with the squeaking sound.

“Ugh! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

If you are caught in climax bondage, you may not reach the climax, but the pleasure you feel continues to accumulate.
Sara didn’t even think of resisting the feeling she had been feeling for a long time, and politely apologized to me with respect.

“what?! Be sure to tell me what you’re sorry for!”

As I slapped her on the back once more, Sarah now cried in a voice almost weeping.

“It’s stupid… Sorry for being stupid!”

“Good. Well done. I’ll give you a prize with a compliment. Let me know if you want anything.”

“Pooh, release it! this! Nana! Whoops! It’s going to be really weird… !”

Sara is so desperate as she shakes her head left and right.
But instead of releasing the climax bondage, I slapped Sarah’s ass with my back again.

“Ugh! Pooh, release it! Please! Whoa! Lord, you are my master!”

Well. After all, we can communicate even without words.
I was satisfied on the inside, but I didn’t show it on the outside.

“Do you want to feel that way, you naughty maid!”

“Yeah! yes! I want to feel it! please! My, ha ha ha!”

And at the right time for Sarah to beg once more, I let go of the climactic bondage.
Then Sarah arched her back and leaned against me, shaking her whole body.
Judging from the moist feel of his thighs, it was probably spouting a fountain from underneath.
But rather than paying attention to it, I concentrated on kissing Sarah’s mouth, who was slightly sticking out her tongue and making a relaxed expression.

“Huh… Huh… Whoops… .”

It’s a situation where she’s lost in the afterglow of the climax and her whole body doesn’t have enough energy, but nevertheless, Sarah wiggled her tongue and tried to accept my kiss somehow.

“Haha… haha… this bar… Ha ha ha!”

He is not yet educated.
When Sarah, who barely caught her breath, rolled her eyes softly at me and was about to say something, I moved my back again.
This time, even the hands of a saint are wrapped around the object.

“This bar… Ha! See… ! Bahah! Whoa!”

But still go At one point, he did not give in and persistently tried to call me an idiot.
Each time, I stopped by moving my waist once, and Sarah had no choice but to give up.

“Aaaaaaah! Whoops! Can’t this be done?!”

“Of course.”

“Chi… you… Whoops! Didn’t you do this with Felicia?!”

“It’s not natural. There’s no way I’m having fun or kissing her ass.

“bar… Ha! You know that’s not what he’s talking about, right?!”

“Well, the basic gist is the same. It made me feel quicker by harassing me in this way.”

“This change… Whoops! Seeing! Yay!”

“It’s Yaang. Sarah. Pretending to be cute with your looks… ok cute. our sarah is cute Don’t be pissed.”

“I’m not pissed

This change… Whoops! Hey! Salvation! This is an expression of affection, you idiot!”

To change Sarah’s habit of speaking, she moved her waist every time she said something, but in the end, Sarah couldn’t stand it and exploded.
When I saw Sarah screaming like a swarm with her face dyed bright red and her eyes closed, I thought she was a little cute.
no no no no There is no discipline like this.

“Still, there is enough. Think how many times you have wept now. Don’t you think you’ve become very bad with your brother these days?”

“Wow… that, that… Salvation is just stupid! Whoops… heh… heh… .”

Perhaps it was just that she was slowly reaching her limit again, Sarah turned her head down and trembled and tightened her pubic hair.

“Good. decided From now on, whenever you say harsh words to me, you call me oppa, and your aegyo will drop. Then I will think of it as an expression of affection.”

“Ba, you idiot, your voice sounds like that… Whoops… .”

Sarah, who once again called me an idiot, glanced at me slightly to see if she had noticed what she had said along the way.

“Wow… Oh oh… Oh oh oh oh oh!”

Eventually, I moved my back again, and Sarah, who was still pushed to the limit, climaxed with a strange groan.

“Oh, come on. Kkukkuk.”

“I, I, I, I, I, I.”

“uh? hey hey It’s a joke. It was cute. Do not cry.”

“Chi… From now on, I will never call you oppa, you fool!”

“Hey. really?”


“Hey. Don’t do that. If you don’t call me oppa at our party, who… Ah. Come to think of it, Sylvia was younger than me.”

She has a strong sense of pet, so I think it would be more appropriate to call Sylvia a master rather than an oppa, but… Well, come to think of it, Sylvia, who calls me oppa, isn’t bad either.

“Uh, huh?! Hey! Ah!”

When Sylvia’s name appeared, Sarah began to noticeably panic.
hahaha. Sarah. Wasn’t he being too careless because he was the youngest?
You’re not the only one who’s young.

“Is salvation really like that?”


“Sir, sir… I am another man… Whoops! Ha! sorry! Ha! Whoops! ha ha ha! I’m sorry!”

This time, it didn’t end with one waist movement, but continued to move until Sarah apologized several times.
As soon as I let go of her arm, Sarah’s exhausted body fell to the bed, over and over again.
Are you saying you’re not a complete scumbag while playing with other girls?
I’ll tell you how many times i’m trash
I slapped her on the waist one last time and at the same time slapped Sarah’s ass with my palms and grabbed her chewy ass.

“Did you repent?”

“Haha, haha, haha, huh… . this fool… brother… .”

While answering, he disappears, calling me a fool again, but at the end he realizes that it is a fight he has no choice but to lose, so he adds that he is an older brother at the end.
My condition wasn’t just to call me oppa, but to call me oppa and flirt with aegyo, but it seems to be difficult now, so let’s look at it like this.

“okay. okay. Well done.”

I stroked Sarah’s hair and gave her a satisfied smile.
But I think it’s a cool solution.
Sara can still express her affection by calling me a fool, and I am happy to hear that Sara calls me oppa.
It’s a perfect win-win relationship.
Mutual consideration is also important in human relationships.

“Good. then buy it Do you want to continue playing maid?”

“Haha… haha… What?! Are you going to keep doing that?!”

“Of course. I’ve been wearing clothes like that for a long time. Isn’t it worth it to end like this?”

“this… Hey! this fool… brother! Did you wear it with this in mind from the beginning?! Come to think of it, it has nothing to do with what you did with her!”

Did you just notice that?
But what about this? Now that I came to realize it, it was too late.

“So you don’t like it?”

“You say that… !”

“I want to have more fun with Sarah.”

“That, that… Come on, don’t make a squeaky voice all of a sudden. Aside from playing like that, there are other ways… .”


“Wow… .”

Sara said that it was a soft voice, and when she called out her name with that voice, her face turned red and she didn’t know what to do.

“Call me Master.”

“safflower… Sigh… this pervert… master.”

Sarah sighed as if the atmosphere had been broken in the subsequent lines, but in the end she lost to me as if there was nothing to be done.

“okay. After all, do you want to have more fun with your master? Like this lewd maid!”

“Ugh! awhile! The setting continues… Huh!”

“Set? What are you talking about?! character! This master will drive you as you please, so say thank you for every move you make!”

“Ugh! heh… ! Whoops! Go, thank you!”

After all, we enjoyed maid play all night long.
This time, I was more satisfied because Sarah didn’t counterattack as well as last time and I could continue to be the master from beginning to end.
After all, Sarah is a good fit for this role.
Because of his cool face, it makes it stand out more when he makes a humiliating expression while being one-sided like this, and it perfectly satisfies the desire for subjugation engraved in a man’s genes.
How could a kid like this look at me and even play like this? After all, this world is the best
I will solve everything that stands in my way, whether it be a demon or something, and I will enjoy this life forever.

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Today’s surprise practice!
There are probably many people who expected the broken part this time.


The circumstances of the succubus

And the next day.
We all came to the castle together as if we didn’t want to talk for a long time.
Oh, of course, Sarah came along too.
It’s something we can’t not bring just because we think we’re going to fight this time.
It’s not that you did that last night and you’re fine?
That’s not natural.
I got up in the morning and got one shot, but today too, Sara and I are very close.

“Come on then. Princess. I’ve heard about this body from Mr. Nang. Did you make an interesting offer? Where can I tell you more?”

First of all, after a light greeting, Diana started talking straight away.

“Now, how about more details?”

Felicia had never expected that we would come as a group like this, and, on rare occasions, a look of embarrassment was revealed on her face.
no. Is it just that Diana is her opponent?
Even this free-spirited princess is surprisingly polite to Diana.
It doesn’t look like she’s just being crushed by Diana’s power, does it have something to do with Diana’s tutoring as a child?

“But to be more specific, I told Gu Guo yesterday. What would you like to hear?”

look at that In front of Diana, she didn’t even say her.
I’ve been talking to myself since the first time we met, so it felt rather awkward to be called by my first name like that.
Is this the power of brainwashing education?

“It’s about your race. Of course, if you don’t want to say it, you don’t have to, but then your suggestion is a failure.”

Sarah, who had been staring at Felicia’s question with a dissatisfied look, spit it out in a stern tone.
At first glance, it seems that they just wanted to break down the negotiations quickly, but in fact, this is also an act of consideration for Diana.
Seeing that even Diana didn’t know the princess’s race, it seems that the royal family is keeping that race a secret, because if Diana asks about it, it will only look like she’s trying to dig it out by force.
So Sarah, who is relatively easy to deal with, came forward and gave her a choice.
Will you reveal your race and continue the negotiations, or will the negotiations break down while keeping secrets about your race?
Anyway, our Sara has a pretty heart.
I gently stroked Sarah’s ass, where the apostle’s seal was.
Then Sarah turned her sharp eyes on Felicia to me, but she wouldn’t move my hand away.

“tribe? how to… Ah, indeed… .”

Felicia showed a more bewildered expression at Sarah’s words, but she quickly turned her gaze to me and returned to her usual expression, not knowing what she was thinking.
I mean, I’m not expressionless, so I don’t know what you’re thinking. If that is a kind of talent, is it a talent?

“okay. I can see other people’s race names too. And depending on the characteristics of your race, it seems that you will decide whether to accept this offer or not.”

“Now, you are very talented. uh… . Yes.”

Felicia put her hand on her chin for a moment and gave her a thoughtful expression.
But it was literally just a moment’s time, and immediately Felicia looked at us with that characteristic alluring smile.

“Well, I didn’t say it first. It doesn’t matter because I heard it anyway. I see. I’ll tell you. Shall we go to our room then?”

If Diana didn’t know about it, wouldn’t it be a pretty important secret? Something very lighthearted.
Felicia beckoned us to a room.
All the maids who served there and the knights who were guarding them were bitten, and Felicia looked at us again.
oh, for reference

It is said that the knight was bitten, but of course Sylvia did not.
Sylvia is with us too.
It’s right in my arms.

“Uh uh uh uh… .”

“Huhu. So, what would you like to know about my race?”

Felicia looked at Sylvia in my arms and gave her an unaffected smile as if she was really happy, then looked around at everyone and said,

“It’s a race related to sex. Just tell me everything you know.”

“Oh, you even knew it had to do with sex. Didn’t you just know the name of the tribe?”

“In the world I was in, there was a race with the same name. I don’t know if the characteristics are exactly the same.”

“indeed. There’s really no point in hiding it. okay. ok That’s right. Where should I start? First of all, as you know, they are a race related to sex. Instinctively, I like sex, and I have more ability to rise from it than others. Well, speaking of it, it can be said that they are a race that has received the blessing of the Goddess in one body. Of course, there are penalties for that.”

And Felicia, who started explaining about the succubus, immediately broke one of our expectations.

“God’s blessing?”

“Huh? Is that surprising? I think it’s normal.”

At my reaction, Felicia tilted her head as if she was really puzzled.
what? Wasn’t it a race related to the god of war?

“Is there a myth or something like that that has been passed down about him?”

“Of course there is. When the Goddess created the world, the first and most painstaking race is our royal lineage.”

There was a story that had been passed down from the heroic family too, so I asked the question just in case, but the answer I got back was about a goddess.
Hearing Felicia’s answer, everyone, especially Sarah, Diana, and Leia, sighed in relief.
If Felicia was a race related to the God of War, she might have had to appoint an apostle by the order of the goddess.
After all, my children didn’t like the situation where I had to appoint another child as an apostle.
Well, it’s natural.
The reason why I was allowed to have sex with other women in the first place was probably possible because they had a place to lean on mentally that the appointment of an apostle was only for them.


Felicia, unaware that her words had given her no reason to accept the proposal she had just made, tilted her head as if puzzled by our children’s reactions.

“Well, anyway. You’re a race blessed by the Goddess, so why didn’t you tell others? Wouldn’t it be better to spread the word around and spread the word about it? If Diana didn’t know about it, it was hidden, right? Is there any reason?”

“It’s not as easy as you think. As I said before, there is a penalty. In other words, the weakness of our royal family. Because of that, I was forced to keep it a secret.”

“Can you tell us?”

“Are you just noticing? It’s sexuality. The more we don’t have sex, the more our libido grows to infinity. It’s fine when you’re young, but when you’re an adult, if you don’t have sex for a month or so, maybe you’ll go crazy? Well, to be precise, the condition is not sex.”

“What?! Hey. awhile. So what’s our bet?! How did you hold out?! Maybe you cheated on me?!”

“Oh. what do you see a person as I didn’t cheat. I mean, I really struggled because my body was hot. As I said before, the exact condition is not sex. The exact condition is semen. If you don’t let the semen get into your body by making you drink it or wrap it inside, you’ll eventually go crazy for sex. Well, if it’s not sex, it’s something you’ll never see in the first place, so in the end the condition is just like sex.

“Wait a minute. So while you bet with me… .”

“I drank. I didn’t even pick it myself out of fear that you wouldn’t like it, so I had to have someone else bring it. You did it at the risk of uncovering our royal family’s weaknesses. That’s why my mother was so angry. What do you think? Aren’t I special?”

“Wait. That’s weird. Front and back don’t match. But you say you don’t like salvation? If you don’t like it, why do you do it that way? To say that I don’t like salvation is a lie… .”

“Oh. That’s natural. Goo Won’s semen, that’s amazing. It’s the first time in my life that I’ve experienced that sexual desire completely disappears from my mind. When you taste something like that, don’t you think you’d want to experience it again anyway?”

“Hey, is that really true?”

“Ok. Actually, it’s because I look like the royal blood is thicker than anyone else’s. No matter how much semen I drank, my libido never completely disappeared. But what? I’ve had sex with you once and I’ve lost my libido. That’s the only reason I want to have sex with Goo Won.”

“Did you end up negotiating with the queen using that as an excuse?”

“Also, Diana. Yes. Yes. If I have sex with Goo Won on a regular basis, my state affairs will be much better than it is now.”

“… But in the end, even if there is no salvation, there is no problem in daily life, right? Then there seems to be no need for salvation to be saved. Leia, too… .”

In response to Felicia’s answer, Sarah made a cold decision.

“Come on, wait! Isn’t it too much to include all of this side’s weaknesses?”

And seeing Sarah’s reaction like that, Felicia immediately tackled it, as if she had understood how everything was going.

“Didn’t you say that you were going to listen to your judgment from the beginning?”

“Ha, but… I thought I could do it with Goo Won, so I said everything honestly. Now that I know that kind of sex, I can’t be satisfied with another man. If Goo Won doesn’t do it regularly, he’ll probably go crazy with sexual desire for the rest of his life and become a waste of having sex 24 hours a day. please. please. Can you think again?”

And suddenly such a sad reaction.
To be honest, it was an act that wouldn’t even work for Sarah, but the method of appealing to those feelings definitely worked for the other two.
For Diana and Leia.
Leia had feelings of communion in the first place, and she was even weak in affection, so I understand that Felicia’s emotional appeal works.
But Diana was a little surprised.
It was the same with Sylvia, and again, for a short time, because she served as a tutor.

Can’t we just be so cold-hearted?
no. In the first place, even a short time is the standard for Diana.
Diana’s age… No, anyway, there is a possibility that we’ve been together for quite a while longer than I thought.
When you think about it that way, it’s understandable that Felicia’s attitude is particularly polite to Diana.

“Can’t it?”

“Ugh. Wait, wait, I’m going to have a discussion with these bodies.”

In the end, Diana, unable to politely decline the cute old disciple’s request, said so.
Then Sarah, Diana, Leia, and Sylvia and Matilda gathered together and started arguing.
I? It’s because it seems like it would only cloud your judgment if I interrupted and commented on it for nothing.
I decided to just keep quiet and not intervene.
When I glanced at Felicia, their eyes met, and she gave me a bewitching smile.
Where did that mournful face of the past go?

“Did you just act?”

“Oh. No way. I’m always sincere Including the one that became really hard to bear without my own semen. But what can I do if I’m just too anxious? Life is what it will be.”

Don’t talk like you’re a sage on the subject of color passion
no. You said you would lose your sex drive if you do it with me.
Did you really come to sage time with me yesterday?

“If my semen is so good, will I have someone send it to me every time?”

“No. No. That’s way too weak. did you say He said he thought he was crazy even though he drank the semen that someone ordered during the bet. After all, unless you squeeze it yourself, the effect is weak.”

“Don’t talk human semen like milking cows.”

“Oh. Whoops. sorry.”

While me and Felicia were talking nonsense, everyone who had been debating raised their heads as if they had come to a conclusion.

“Princess. What do you want to clear your mind with the semen of salvation? Then I don’t think you need to do it once a week.”

“Yeah? But if you don’t do that… .”

“Aren’t you supposed to be able to survive for a week with this guy just once?”

“Yeah? What does that mean?”

“This person can continue ejaculation without restrictions.”

no. First of all, I use it regularly to recover.
It’s not completely wrong to say that you can recover that much during one meal with healing sex.

“Yeah eh?!”

Upon hearing Diana’s words, Felicia reacted the most violently she had ever seen.
And he looked at me with his twinkling eyes.

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The circumstances of the succubus

“Besides, this person is not satisfied with one or two circumstances at a time. It seems like I only did it once or twice when I was with you and then quit.”

“Are you… Gu Won-ssi, after receiving Goddess’ blessing, doesn’t he have a constant sexual desire?!”

no. men and horses. feel that kind of sympathy

don’t look into your eyes
If you think that you have the same level of sexual desire as a child who is forced to have sexual desire due to a racial characteristic, it makes you feel a little embarrassed.

“Anyway, if the princess’s purpose is to relieve the sexual desire caused by her racial characteristics, then it’s okay to reduce the frequency of her relationship with this person even more.”

“Yeah! If that’s the case, it doesn’t matter at all!”

Felicia nodded her head desperately, not pulling her twinkling eyes away from me.

“Hmm. how about From this body’s point of view, it seems that this person really has no heart.”

no wonder. When Felicia heard it, she turned on the lights and asked why she was so docile about the information she was about to rush, and it seems she was thinking of Felicia.

“of course. I also have enough judgment to not feel love for Diana-sama’s man.”

no. I don’t think love is a matter of rational judgment like that.
Seeing you say things like that, have you really never felt the love of the opposite sex even once in your life?

“Ugh… . Well, if it’s to the extent that I can tolerate sexual desire… .”

Perhaps Sarah felt the same sentiment as me, and then she spit it out as if she had no choice but to
Seeing that Diana and Leia didn’t say much, was it because Sarah was alone in opposing it?

“Oh, really?!”

Felicia looked surprised, as if she couldn’t believe what Sarah had given her.
For this time alone, I must completely agree with Felicia’s sentiments.
Before I said it clearly. I’m sure it’s fine, so we’ll follow your decision.
But there was also one condition. If even one person opposes it, I will make this work as if it never happened.
To be honest, I thought it would be something that was never going to happen because someone was definitely against it.
Hopefully even Sarah will agree.

“huh! It’s not because of you, so don’t get me wrong!”

If you just listen, you might think that the personality that Sarah showed me has been activated again, but that’s not the case.
Looking at Sarah’s expression, it was clear that it wasn’t really because of Felicia.
His gaze was on Leia.

“Did you care about Leia?”

“Until salvation… . Of course it is. what do you think of me I do care that much.”

then. know. Unlike what you looked like, you were kind and fell in love.
Still, I was a little surprised because I didn’t get along so well with Felicia.
Besides, there is no alternative.

“no. Even if the efficiency drops, I thought we would just compromise on the line of sending semen.”

“Fool. If that happens, the number of times you actually enjoy it with us will decrease.”

“Huh? no. As Diana said, it’s infinite anyway… .”

“Salvation. Can you cook by yourself?”


Ah. Huh. Then I saw that there was
Come to think of it, I don’t remember ever masturbating since Sarah and Diana had a relationship.
… Can I really masturbate, or can I feel it?
no. Even if you don’t feel it, it doesn’t really matter.

“Then you’re saying you have to pay when you’re with us, so every time salvation is cheap, you have to save up semen for that woman, right? I can’t focus on loving properly, and even the time I spend with Salvation becomes like it’s for that woman. That’s the worst. If that’s the case, I just thought it would be better to just borrow it from time to time.”

“Sara, you… big black. This brother was impressed. I’ll forgive you for calling me an idiot just this one time.”

It’s a big deal because he really likes me too.
I hugged Sarah tightly and was overwhelmed with emotion.

“there… I’m sorry while we’re in the world of our own, but what do you mean by taking care of Leia?”

And Felicia, who still cannot fully understand the situation, looked at us and asked such a question.

“Actually, I am in a similar situation. So I know how the princess feels. Was it very difficult?”

wow. Also Leia. How can you be like an angel like that?

“Yes, yes? Same situation? That’s right. I’m sorry yesterday. And thank you so much for showing me such generosity.”

“Oh, no. I’m sorry… then… .”

Perhaps even that Felicia was influenced by the angelicness of the angel, she was able to express her gratitude and apology.
He’s an angel too. Would you say that just being there purifies everyone?
At this point, Felicia, who did not recognize the angelic qualities of an angel as soon as I met him yesterday, is at a strange level.

“Sigh… . Besides, rescuing such people might be one of the missions the Goddess gave to salvation. Because I really like the saint and I only lose money.”

Sara, who pushed my chest away as if embarrassed, turned her eyes away as if a little embarrassed, and said.

“It’s God’s mission. Were you so devout?”

“Hey, of course you idiot! I met you, too, of a Goddess… !”

“Huh? Did you even meet me?”

“… Nothing.”

“What? Do you think it’s like fate that the Goddess led you? Our Sara is surprisingly girly… .”
“Oh, you said nothing, you idiot!”

‘Cause it’s cute anyway You must have thought it was fate.
okay. Sarah. I also think it was fate that I met you.
But hey, that’s it and it’s up to you to figure it out.

“Sara. You said twice now that you’re stupid.”

“Ah… .”

“I’ll take a look. Come on, come on.”

“Come on, wait. here?”

“Of course. If you postpone it until later, you can’t forget it.”

“… I’m sorry, brother… .”

Sarah looked around and desperately tried to resist, but her face eventually blushed at my constant coercion and her small voice trembled.

“… Miss Sarah. Has this person finally found a weakness?”

And Diana’s feelings when she saw it were like this.

“Hey. Diana. Aren’t you too much?”

“Khom. Anyway, princess. You may be able to grant the terms and conditions of a regular relationship with this person. But not once a week. I’ll give it a try later and let you know how long I can last with it. To be honest, I’ll be honest. That will adjust the period.”


Hey. don’t turn around

“Yes Yes! Okay! Thank you so much everyone!”

Felicia bowed deeply to thank her with a smile reminiscent of Sylvia when I offered to accept her as a party member.
It’s like they’re completely different, but they’re close friends.

“This time, don’t cheat and be honest.”

“Oh. That is unfair. When did you say I cheated?”

Because he allows it, I feel alive again, so I take off the shichimi.

“I heard you try to manipulate it with fascination.”

“That’s it… .”
“Wait a minute.”

As we were about to end in such a warm way, Sarah intervened once again.


“fascination? control? What are you talking about?”

“Now what? You said yesterday… Ah.”

Come to think of it, right after I said that, the topic of Felicia was a succubus, and there was no mention of it at all.

“After all, I am the opposite! Let’s pretend all of this didn’t happen!”

“Come on, wait! then!”


“… .”

Wow. Sarah is awesome. That Felicia’s spirit was suppressed.

“Hey, but Diana? Leia?”

Felicia looked at Diana and Leia as if asking for help, but neither of them had the same sympathy for Felicia as before.
Felicia felt the atmosphere and started making excuses with a bewildered face.

“Ha, but the fascination is… Due to the nature of the race, when I talk to the opposite sex, sometimes it happens naturally without me knowing… .”

because it’s like this It’s a characteristic of smart kids.
He tries to overcome the crisis by making excuses to the end.

“I don’t know if that’s true or not, but at least considering the way you spoke back then, it was intentional to me.”

“… .”

Our children’s eyes grew stronger at my words, and Felicia eventually had no choice but to stop making excuses and keep her mouth shut.

“beauty… .”

Felicia, who had lost her composure and did not know what to do, eventually bowed deeply again.

“Sorry. So please, please, please don’t let it happen. Unless it’s really this guy’s semen… . Please. I will never be enchanted again. So please, if it’s a little bit, please share

Felicia, who had completely abandoned her relaxed attitude, became more desperate than before.

“Princess. Is there anything left to hide from these bodies?”

If there was something wrong with that desperate attitude, Diana asked with a firm face.

“… .”

Felicia looked hesitant for a moment when she heard that, but then continued as if she was going to confess everything.

“As I said before, our members of the royal family have a stronger sex drive from childhood to adulthood. But maybe it’s because I have thick blood, and I’m still getting stronger. It is still at a level that I can suppress and endure with the opposite sex, but if my sexual desire continues to grow like this, I… . Please. please. It was just that I was so impatient that I was fascinated. I won’t do it again in the future

I promise I will. Other than that, if there’s anything else you want, I’ll do anything. So please… .”

Felicia, who had fully exposed her weaknesses, bowed her head deeply and asked us over and over again.

“… Such a thing… .”

“I was certainly fascinated, but the proposal itself was not a condition that was unfavorable to this person… .”

Perhaps their hearts were shaken by that desperate look again, and Leia and Diana became a little thoughtful.
But Sarah, who can be cool to people other than me, was different.

“Still, I can’t forgive you. Promise not to in the future. How can you believe that?”

“Black… Please, please. All I can do about that is just tell them to believe me.”

Felicia not only bowed her back, but also began to ask her by squatting herself on the floor.
When the princess came out like that, Sara was also embarrassed, her expression was dyed with bewilderment.

“From now on, I will spare no effort to support you as much as I can. Of course, since Diana-sama is here, you may not need it much now, but I too will become a queen. One day I’m sure I’ll be able to help. So please.”

To the level of licking her feet, Felicia has been earnestly asking for it.
It’s no joke because the bottom is completely exposed.
So, all you have been pretending to be relaxed so far has been acting.
it’s great just like that

“buy it. What do you do? If you don’t like it, I won’t.”

“Bah, this is for me… .”

Sarah, who suddenly became the final decision maker, said so with a face almost crying.
Since others are apologizing, please be more confident.
It’s different from how it looks.

Anyway, Sarah’s words were reasonable.
Isn’t it a bit odd to hand over this choice to Sarah?
I can’t help it.
I might get a little swearing later, but I’ll decide the last one.
Either way, the party is old.

“Felicia. wake up. ok I will have sex with you regularly.”


“sorry. I said I would obey you, and I made my own decisions Even so, it’s pitiful to leave such a child alone like this. I don’t think so. Sorry.”

“Oh, no. Apologizing for that… .”

no. I think it’s worth apologizing for this.
The reason is that you’re going to have sex with another woman on a regular basis anyway.

“So, Felicia. Stop getting up.”

“I, really?”

Felicia, who barely raised her head, was even crying unexpectedly.
Wow. is it real How desperate were you?
Something looks a little different.

“okay. I don’t know if the cycle will be once a month or once every two months.”

“Huh. Huh! That’s enough! Thank you! Thank you!”

Besides, respectful words.
It’s a strange feeling for a kid who wasn’t like this.

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Again, there were a lot of people who were looking forward to yesterday’s annual meeting.
But, did anyone expect a scheduled serialization at this time?
I even invested mana for a surprise attack.


The circumstances of the succubus

“Ugh. Anyway, one thing has been resolved, so let’s go back… .”

“Salvation. video?”

Oops. Suddenly, the topic of whether to save Felicia or not, I completely forgot about it.
This was originally a place to negotiate for a video.
Huh. Know. Don’t look at me with that kind of eyes, because you know that you have nothing to say even if you hear the sound of a fool.

As a result of talking after that, we decided to come back and shoot the video later.
Preparations were needed to shoot the video, and Felicia seemed to be laying the groundwork for supply in the meantime.
The reason I talk like someone else is because I wasn’t involved in the conversation.
Diana and I are preparing some tools and what we’re doing, so we need to be able to understand.
In the middle, for some reason, Matilda was also involved in a discussion, but I didn’t care.
Putting Felicia second, Diana and Matilda will take care of them well enough.
… Aren’t my remarks so much like a Western-style room?
no. it is not so. I’m not a pillar west First of all, I’m making good money.
… If you ask me if I’m earning enough to meet the lavish standard of living in a mansion, I have nothing to say.
Let’s do our best in the dungeon next time.
I hugged Sylvia’s body in my arms even tighter, as if to shake off the slightly strange thought.

“Ahhhh… .”

Sylvia, who was half-melted, nevertheless gave me a pleasant vibration while shaking her whole body.
Sigh. Vibration is good too. It feels like it seeps into your body.
At most, it had only been a few days, but it felt like it had been a long time since I couldn’t feel the texture I had always tasted once a day.
I wanted to not only hug her, but rub her cheeks on her head or give her all over her body, but I decided to put up with it for now.
no. I’m not doing this for fear that our kids will be jealous.
Is it because I’m used to treating Sylvia like this these days, or is it a special treatment for Sylvia herself?
So, even now, I can hug you like this.

“Anyway, then that’s it. See you later.”

“Yeah. This time, the favor was given. Once again, thank you very much.”


It’s hard to believe, but Felicia has been that way ever since I offered to have sex with her.




“Just say it as usual.”

“… tablet… Words?”

“okay. The kid who didn’t do it all of a sudden is so creepy, man.”

“Oh my, how can you still be creepy towards Lady? Isn’t that too much?”

See how you change your attitude right away when you tell me to do it as usual.
no. It’s better than this though.

“Sigh. Anyway we go And… .”

“Ahhh… .”

When I put Sylvia forward, half-corpse

Sylvia, who had grown numb, trembled with one eye out of focus.

“I’m taking him now. Can you handle your relationship with the Queen on your own?

Actually, this was a more important issue than the video.
It’s okay to shoot a video with someone else, but if the problem with the queen is not resolved, we will leave Sylvia in the castle.
Of course, Sylvia will come back if I order, but that probably won’t make her feel better.

“Huh. No problem. Sylvia. Thanks for your help.”

Felicia smiled softly as she looked at Sylvia in my arms.
As you can see from the appearance of Felicia, who has a slightly different attitude to Sylvia, the two seem really close.
Sylvia and Felicia could feel that they were completely open to each other.
Well, that Sylvia wasn’t in a position to answer Felicia’s thanks right now.

“Ugh… wow… .”

Just as I was intoxicated with Sylvia’s vibration that I had tasted after a few days, Sylvia also reacted more violently than usual, wondering if my arms that I was held in a few days felt more special.
He, no matter how much time passes with me, to a subject that doesn’t even show any signs of getting used to it, if you stay away from it, your tolerance will decrease again.
no. Here, if the tolerance drops further, it becomes a talk about what to do.
Anyway, we managed to recapture Sylvia safely and return to the mansion.

“Sigh… In the end, I let her do it. It feels kind of complicated.”

“It’s the same with this body. But the princess had such a problem… . Did Miss Sylvia know?”

“I, I, I, I am… !”

Of course, Sylvia could not properly answer Diana’s question.
Sheesh. Can’t help it. Can you set me free for a moment?

“Huh! haha! haha! Whoa! haha! Me, only me, whoops, maybe only me knew. Even now, the Queen probably doesn’t know that Felicia’s sexual desire is still increasing.”

“It is, too. If it were known, the queen’s place would have crossed the waters.”

“Sylvia-san, there are so many other people in the world who are suffering from sexual problems besides me. Then we will be saved… .”

“Lee, Leia!”

When Leia was about to say something with a complicated expression on her face, Sarah shouted Leia’s name in a bewildered voice.

“Ah, ah! Yes. Of course, I don’t like that either. It’s best not to have this happen in the future, but still… .”

Leia made a complicated expression while saying something unknown.

“… What are you talking about?”

“You don’t have to know about salvation! Come on, keep holding Sylvia here!”

“Hey hey!”

Perhaps she didn’t know she would be ambushed by Sarah, Sylvia let out the loudest scream today.

“Hey. Sarah. No matter how much you treat Sylvia… Sigh. Vibration is the best.”


“what. Those eyes. I envy you? I won’t lend it to you though.”

“… Do as you wish.”

Whoops. to pretend not to.
that would be embarrassing Silvia No. 1 automatic full body massager

because it’s the best
If this could be mass-produced, it would sell a lot.
Well, since there is only one in the world, it is more valuable than that.

“Sigh… You too… Sometimes, my head goes back and forth.”

Hey. When you say that, it’s like saying that your head doesn’t turn normally.
Well, I won’t deny that there are times when I don’t go back.

“It’s okay when you have sex and when you’re worried, it runs fast.”

“Is that okay?”

“If it works properly only when I’m worried about you, there’s no problem, right?”

“Yeah, that’s right… Wouldn’t it be nice to go back some other time?”

Whoops. to be ashamed.

“So you don’t like it?”

“Hey, it’s not that I don’t like it… .”

“Okay then. Usually, Diana does my hair instead of me. I don’t want to break up with Diana, so that’s what happened.”

“I feel like I’m being tricked by something sweet.”

With that said, Diana got so much better that she sat next to me so tight that her thighs were sticking and her head rested on my shoulder.
Sylvia It would be quite uncomfortable if you lean your head there because of the vibration. are you okay?

Anyway, in the midst of such a conversation, the carriage arrived at the mansion.
Felicia’s strong character is also combined, so it seems like we’ve spent an incredibly long time in the castle, but actually, the time we spent in the castle wasn’t long.
I went to the castle right after breakfast, so even when I returned to the mansion, it was broad daylight with the sun still above my head.

“Good. Sylvia.”

For the sake of smooth conversation with Sylvia, I separated Sylvia and said.

“Huh… yes… ?”

“Didn’t your immune system get worse after not seeing you for a while? No matter how special training was, there was no such thing as immunity.”

“Wow… Sin, I’m sorry… .”

“OK. Do not worry about it. Because I prepared a secret special training method for you.”

“How else are you going to torment Sylvia?”

“You are tormenting me! There’s no way I’m going to bother our cute Sylvia!”

“Wow… .”

Hey. it’s sylvia Anyway, stop trying to die happily without physical contact.
I can’t afford to live by being careful with each word.

“Look. Vanessa!”

“… … Yeah.”

This time, she didn’t even clap as she wanted, but for some reason, Vanessa appeared with an uncomfortable face.
Did you not like the fact that they sang right away as soon as you brought the carriage?
Oh, I wasn’t talking, but the carriage we used to go to the castle was driven by Vanessa.

“Prepare for poker.”

“… … ha?”

“Why why?”

no. I’m not scared. I just cared about Vanessa because she looked so bad.
Knowing how to understand the feelings of a butler is one of the virtues for being a good owner.

“You say… I’m not going to have someone tidy up, but I’ll go directly to the shop. If it’s a card, isn’t it in the reception room?”

“Huh? Oh yeah? Shall we go then?”

Leaving behind Vanessa, who looked particularly unpleasant, I took Sylvia to the reception room.
And everyone was following us, wondering how I would train Sylvia to play poker.

“So, what happened to poker?”

“Well. After observing Sylvia all this time, I realized one thing. Sylvia has a great concentration compared to others. That’s why I’m the type of person who only gets into my head when I’m preoccupied with something. That’s why he reacts particularly badly when he’s with me, but on the other hand, if there’s something else to focus on, it’s saying that you can be okay even with me.”


“what. That reaction.”

“No. Surprisingly, I made the right statement. This body again… .”

“What else? Huh? What else?”

“Ugh! ha ha ha! Ah ha ha! Sleep, surrender! Whoa! Surrender! Well, hehe! Wrong, this body is wrong!”

Diana immediately declared surrender when she laid her down on the sofa, tickled her side, armpits, thighs and soles with her hands, and even licked her neck while blowing air in her ear.
It’s just that you’re going to be captured by this tickling attack right away.

“Anyone else have something to say?”

As I looked around, everyone shook their heads.
After seeing Diana’s misery, no one had the courage to say anything to me.
In particular, Sylvia’s pale complexion was an expression of confidence that she would surely die if she suffered this.
no. Don’t be confident about that.

“Hmmm. Anyway, if I play poker with Sylvia like that, the happiness that Sylvia is also focused on poker will be relieved a little bit, and I can gradually make her get used to it.”

“But salvation. With that said, Sylvia is completely focused on poker and doesn’t care about salvation. Are you getting used to it?”

“It’s no problem. That’s why I chose poker. Well, look. Sylvia. Do you know the rules of poker?”

“Yes, yes. He, poetry, is actually a little strong.”

“Five? okay? I’m looking forward to that. Then let’s try it.”

So we all got together to kill time with poker.
At first Sylvia seemed to focus on poker, but as time went on, my tactics fell apart.
Speaking of poker, it’s a psychological battle.
In other words, reading other people’s facial expressions is a very important game.
Of course, Sylvia had no choice but to stare at my face, and I looked at the timing and smiled at Sylvia with a smile.

“Ugh… !”

Sylvia’s poker face, which had been completely focused, was broken in an instant.
The first time Sylvia said she was strong at poker, it probably wasn’t a lie.
Because Sylvia always keeps a blank expression when I’m not there.
There is nothing more advantageous in poker than not being able to reveal the psychology, so it must be strong.
However, once her concentration was broken like this, Sylvia did not have such weakness.

“Sigh. win again

threw it away Sylvia. Isn’t poker too weak?”

“Wow, uh… .”

“Salvation. Isn’t that just because you want to win against a weak kid?”

“Well. Totally annoying.”

“Well, wouldn’t the training be as good as Goon-san said?”

“no. Leia is too far away from that person.”

There was some noise in the outfield, but I didn’t mind at all.
no. Angels are the best. Love it.
Anyway, to be able to get Sylvia’s special training, enjoy the game, and keep sharing eye contact with this cute girl.
Also, I wasn’t wrong. Poker training is the best. Also, I guess I’m a genius.

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