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The circumstances of the succubus

“Ahh… haha… Whoops… .”

“Huh. won It was a pointless fight.”

On the sofa opposite the table where my gaze was directed, Sylvia turned to the side and stretched out with her limbs hanging.
Anyone who sees it would know that I was suicidal.
Well, he’s not dead because he’s breathing.

“… Were you still doing it?”

Maybe it was just passing by, Diana muttered as she approached.
For reference, I’ve already played a few games of poker, and the kids who watched me at first are now all back to spend their time.
Rather than playing poker together, I thought it would be more effective to do it together with Sylvia and maximize the chance of eye contact, but looking at these results, that thought may have been a failure.
Wouldn’t it have been better if everyone got together and enjoyed it at first?

“Of course. This game also ended with my overwhelming victory.”

“When did poker become a game of killing opponents?”

“no. That’s not what I did. Sylvia died alone.”

“Ah… I don’t live… .”

“Uh huh?”


It was Sylvia who once appealed that she was alive, but when I put my face close, she fluttered and tried to widen the distance.
Of course, it was blocked by the back of the sofa, so there was no distance at all, and Sylvia, who came out of close range and made eye contact with her, trembling and shaking her head… .

“Don’t kill me.”

Just before Sylvia died, Diana stepped in and slapped me lightly in the back.
Sheesh. He seems like a lucky guy. You saved your life.

“Well. However, the effect of special training is not as good as expected.”

“Isn’t that because it made you unable to focus on poker?”

“no. That said, but if you don’t become conscious of being with me at all, that’s not the effect of special training… Well… Is there any more effective way?”

Shall we all call and do it together?

“It looks like you are thinking about it properly. If that’s the case, I’ll bet something to focus on… Whoa! Oh no! Nothing!”

Diana, who had been muttering without much thought, froze as if she had realized something along the way, but Diana’s idea was already clearly captured by my ears.

“That’s it!”

“Ugh… .”

Diana. What’s with that broken expression of your own idea?
What is it. That’s a great idea.

“After all, Diana is smart. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Come on, Sylvia. stand up. From this edition on, let’s bet on something so that you can play poker more desperately. What would be good to hang? okay. It’s like a loser taking off their clothes… .”

When I declared that, Sylvia’s complexion turned pale blue.
And speaking of Diana, the creator of the idea.

“You! Are you stupid! Huh?! Is that the only thing on your mind?!”

“no. If it’s a bet gamble between men and women, after all… ok Okay, so calm down.”

Perhaps she was so sorry that this happened because of her, Diana desperately rushed to me and attacked me.

“If you can’t undress… I can’t help it. How about just granting a favor to the person who won normally? If that’s the case, is there any problem? What do you want me to ask you?”

“… I’m sorry. I’m really sorry… .”

Diana continued to apologize to Sylvia, unable to hide her pity.
no. So why are you apologizing?
This is all for Sylvia.

“If you’re so sorry, would you like to join Diana too?”

“What are you talking about! I hate it!”

“what. Diana. while saying sorry Are you really going to abandon Sylvia? Sylvia is really going to die if she goes on like this?”

“Now, shouldn’t you be restraining yourself?!”

“Ha ha. What a stupid sound. There is no way I can control myself.”

“You are the fool! You fool!”

“Yes. I was stupid. And the idiot today decided to use Diana’s ideas to make Sylvia happy.”

“Hey, can’t you stop?!”

“Then, Diana can join in and beat me. So there’s no problem? So you can save Sylvia’s life and give me orders?”

“Aren’t we supposed to listen to your orders?!”

“Is that such a problem?”

“It! now! One word!”

Maybe there was something on it, Diana vomited out anger and patted me.
That’s weird. why are you so disgusted I can’t remember why I was treated this way.

“Well, okay. Then Diana can leave. Me and Sylvia do it together.”

“Ugh… .”


So, in the end, a poker match involving Diana and Sylvia began.
On the surface, it’s one-on-one, but of course Diana and Sylvia will take sides, so it’s actually a two-on-one game.
Of course, it would be a very bad game for me, but I was confident enough to win.
There’s nothing you can do about it. Could Diana or Sylvia do something weird for me?

“Come on, let’s begin.”

Diana announced the start of the game with a serious expression, as if studying magic.
The first card I received was… Well. Even one pair is incomplete garbage.
But no problem.
I began to brainwash myself while staring at the heart of the card in my hand.
That heart is Sarah’s ass. That heart is Sarah’s ass.
heck. I felt a happy smile appear on my lips.

“How about Sylvia? What good did you come up with?”

“Yes, yes!”

“Miss Sylvia! No yes!”

“Sylvia. Are you saying you don’t want to make eye contact with me?”

“Oh, no… ! wow… .”

“Aww! Sylvia hey!”

Huh. If it goes like this, it seems that there will be no problem at all, even if it is 2 to 1.
I think Diana would be perfect with just a little wiggle.

“What are you going to do? okay. Diana… Shall I make you walk around without wearing underwear all day? Or something worse?”

“Come on, come on, come on, come on! Are you kidding me?! Are you kidding me?!”

I covered my mouth and muttered so that only Diana could hear it, as if Diana had already lost.

cried while crying.
I was a little worried because Diana was a reasonable opponent, but I think Diana can shake it without any problems.
After all, the best way to shake Diana is to stimulate the walls.

“Isn’t it okay if Diana wins? … I don’t think I will lose when I see the hand.”

“die! This body is a die!”

“What about Sylvia? Won’t you die and play with me more?”

“Wow… Boo… All, Dai… .”

“Sheesh. what. I’ve come up with a good card. This is no fun.”

In the end, one pair was not completed until all six copies were received.

“next! Next day!”

Diana put her hands together as if in prayer and began dispensing cards.
Are you praying to the Goddess right now?
Generally speaking, I think that Goddess is on the side of saints.

“Ugh… why… Why is this… .”

and results. Naturally, Sylvia went out first.
Diana, too, could not concentrate properly because she was trembling with anxiety that she might hear me, and the match ended in my victory.

“Huh. this overwhelming strength. His talent is terrifying.”

“This is a scam! Where do you go to ask your opponent what card he has in his hand?!”

“It’s okay if you don’t tell me. How can I ignore what you tell me?”

“I’m sanctified ah… .”

As I watched Diana in despair and Sylvia stretched out from the sofa, I began to sort out the cards.

“Anyway, a bet is a bet. Come to think of it, it was Diana’s turn tonight. Diana will give you an order later tonight, so look forward to tonight.”

“Woah, wow!”

Hey. don’t cry As old as I am… Anyway.

“And Sylvia… .”

“Hey… !”

“You’re going to call me brother all day long.”

“Eh… ? Oh, brother?”

“Well. Good. Perfect.”

“Something that! something that is! This body too! I will call this body my brother too!”

“no. That’s Okay. sister.”

“You dear! You’re welcome!”

From the beginning, I never promised Sylvia that I was going to do anything harsh.
It’s Diana’s fault, because I assumed I was going to give a strange order.

“Now, shall we go eat?”

“Yes, yes! Bake… Oh, brother… . wow… .”

big Because it’s cute too.
After putting all the cards together, I left the reception room with Sylvia on my side.

“awhile! Is this the end?! Are you really going to give this body an order at night?!”

Diana. stop telling me to give up It’s easy to give up.

“Oh, oh. This is ripe. How about you try it once? Now, this body will feed you by hand. Ah, ah… .”

Of course, Diana did not give up.
Throughout the meal, Diana clings to me and shows off her aegyo that I don’t normally do.

“Uh, how is it? Is it delicious? Seeing you eat well makes this body happy. awhile. Didn’t you get it on your cheek? wait and see Ah, uh… .”

He smiled softly to the point where he thought he might have a convulsions on his cheek, and even licked the sauce on my cheek with his own mouth.

amazing. How can a person change so much just by giving one command?
Is this the power of power?
It makes a little sense for a princess to have that kind of personality. no. Anyway, is it just heaven?
I was intoxicated with the power of overwhelming power, and I thoroughly enjoyed this situation, thinking that it would be good.

“… I think I know what Diana said to me during the day.”

And looking at Diana like that, even Sarah, who would normally be jealous, looked at her with an absurd expression and muttered quietly.

“Huh? What are you talking about?”

“Diana. Did you find any weakness in salvation?”

“Hey! Could it be?! Diana just says she loves me so much that she doesn’t know what to do with it! Right, Diana?”

“Well then! Not like that! I don’t know what to do with this body because I love you!”

Diana dyed her long ears completely red all the way to the tip, but still with a smile on her face, she desperately nodded her head.
say it again power is supreme

“… Salvation Mr. You can’t bother Diana too much.”

of course. Angel. How could I bother our cute Diana.

“Weren’t you with Sylvia in the first place today? Why is Diana… .”

Matilda tilted her head as if she didn’t understand.
It happened because of a long, long circumstance.

“Hey, that’s salvation… Oh, my brother and… .”


“Wow. Surprise. what, what Sarah.”

“Oh, nothing! this… Oh, brother.”


“Why, why, brother?”

“Hey. Even if you don’t feel so anxious, don’t worry because you are the youngest. Second to face value… no! It’s not that I look old! Just being an adult! awhile! hurt! really! Diana! stop it! Help!”

“Sara! I’ll chop it up! At least not tonight!”

“Hey! Diana!”

Chop it up! Is that an expression for a person?!
Damn it. Is this the end of those who have fallen in power… .

In conclusion, I’m not grounded.
Because there is an angel. that you saved me
Angel. Love it.

“Hey. Diana.”

“What, something? Oh no. What’s going on, my lord? Do you have any business for this body?”

At night, Diana, who was alone with me, threw away all of her aegyo without aegyo that was trying to somehow relieve my mood.
To be honest. Very cute.
It is an aegyo that seems to resolve any anger. All of my anger was quickly resolved.
Of course, that doesn’t mean I won’t give orders.
How can you let this great opportunity go by?

“Now, pretending to be cute again doesn’t work.”

“Wow… .”

“What kind of order do I have to give to get a good word… . awhile. rumor? okay. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to spread the word?”

“Come on, come on, come on, come on, you… !”

Hey. Vibration is Sylvia’s trademark, so don’t take it away.

“Hmm. Still, there is no need to make a decision too hastily.”

“Well! Well! That’s right! Don’t be like that! Well thought!”

“From now on, shall we decide what Diana is doing? Come on, Diana. Do your best.”

“Well! Leave it to me!”

Diana came straight up to me with a confident expression on her face.
With each step she took, Diana’s height began to grow and her body curves began to change noticeably.

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After waking up in the morning, I write and post it right away!
I was originally going to use betting poker later, but since many people want it, I have to write it right away.
If possible, I would try to describe how to play poker in detail, but I thought that some people might not know the rules of poker, so I skipped it.


The circumstances of the succubus

“Come on, lie down there and be still. Today, this older sister will be very cute.”

Through Polymorph, Diana transformed into an adult just like when we first met.
Diana whispered to me in a soft voice with a bewitching smile as if seducing.
His appearance was not as sexy as usual.
It’s not just the appearance that has changed. If it was Diana, she would have felt something awkward even if she acted like this.
But now Diana didn’t feel that way at all. Should I say I’m full of confidence?
As I thought about it, Diana crept up her arms and emphasized her breastbone.
After all, does having a chest make you more confident? I don’t really need to worry about it.

Diana approached me slowly, placed her hand on my chest and gently pushed me onto the bed.
Then, as if to cover my stomach as I lay on the bed, she came close to me and gently stroked my chest with one hand.

“Huhu. Our prince is dignified today.”

Diana gently kisses the back of her neck.
He gently stroked one of my breasts and pressed his voluptuous breasts against the other.
I felt a subtle sense of incongruity with that action.
I guess this isn’t just about gaining confidence?
His attitude was too different from usual for just gaining confidence.
Even though it was said that he was doing this to win my favor, I felt uncomfortable.
Of course, it’s an act that suits Diana’s appearance now, but it’s hard to explain whether it’s something Diana wouldn’t do in the first place.
Just because your appearance changes in the first place doesn’t mean that your personality changes too

“Uh huh. This one is already dignified. Are you looking forward to doing this with this body? Thank you. This body loves such a gentleman too.”

Diana puts her hand in my pants and gently grabs something, smiling like an all-embracing, loving-kindness.
Seeing that smile, I finally realized what the discomfort I had felt before.

“… Leia?”

“I, I, and my lord are also Cha-am. what are you talking about Whoops, whoops. Oh, did I mistake you because of your breasts? This body is Diana.”

Diana furrowed her eyebrows as if slightly angry.

While wriggling the corners of his mouth, he desperately tried to keep a smile and a soft voice.
Hey. Trying to break the smoke. My voice is very trembling.

“no. That’s not it. Can I get it wrong? It’s not like that, Diana. Are you impersonating Leia now?”

“Oh, what are you talking about, Genga-san? This body… .”


“Ha, but you don’t like this… .”

When I called my name again, Diana mumbled that with a slightly sullen expression.
Sigh. He’s also In fact, on a topic that is usually full of confidence. To a subject who knows so well how pretty she is. Because it’s like this in a strange place.

“Of course, I won’t deny that I like it. But Diana. I don’t necessarily like that. Leia has her own strengths, and Diana has her own strengths. There is no need to imitate Leia, and Diana is shining as Diana herself.”

“Come on, you… .”

“It’s like this too. Of course it’s pretty. It’s fantastic. Lovely. But if you compare Diana’s original appearance with this one and ask if she’s prettier now, it’s not. Both are equally lovely. What made me happy when using Polymorph was that I just liked seeing Diana’s other charms. It reminds me of the first time we met. It’s not like the polymorphed look is better than the original one, or anything like that.”

“Ha, but when your body used magic from a previous life… .”

“That was before you liked Diana, right? okay. Obviously, my taste before meeting you was the style of a big-breasted sister. But not now. My ideal type right now is Diana, you guys. There is no need to change your appearance. Do you know what I mean?”

“Wow… Huh… Huh… . to you This, this body… I’m so glad this body fell for a man like you.”

“In such a case, you should call me Mrs.

“Huh. Husband. I’m a nanny… .”

Diana, in a weeping voice, put her face on the nape of my neck and hugged me tightly.
Unlike before, it’s not like acting, it’s like I can’t help it because I’m truly lovable.

“okay. okay. If you know, let’s go out now.”

“Huh… uh… Yes? hey? out?”

“Huh. out. Why? What’s wrong?”

“Bar, what are you going to see outside?”

“Diana too. What did I say earlier?”

“Hey, I said that this body is lovely. This body is my ideal type… .”

Diana smiled mischievously as if she felt good just thinking about my words earlier, as if she couldn’t control her facial muscles.
okay. I’m happy because I like it so much.


“Lee, there’s no need to imitate Miss Leia?”



“I do not remember? Our smart Diana.”

“Gee, from now on, I’ll see what this body is doing and decide whether to give orders or not… .”

“Clap clap. answer. Also Diana. But unfortunately I just

Diana’s actions were out. It would have been enough if I just had confidence and did it as usual. Why do you have to pretend to be Leia?”

sorry. To be honest, that’s a lie.
No matter what Diana did, she would eventually take her out for whatever reason.
no. It’s not what I like. For our Diana.
Because our cute Diana loves nudity play.

“Come on, wait a minute. After making such a touching statement and making you feel like this, the outside… . Wow, how moved I was with this body… .”

“Diana. I have a saying.”

“Wow, what do you mean?”

“That’s it. This is this.”

I hugged Diana tightly with both arms and got up from the bed using only my back strength.

“Come on, wait a minute! I must say that this body really touched me! It was a very moving moment in my long life! I want to make love more relaxedly with you! Please! Huh?!”

But Diana desperately patted herself, struggling to somehow cling to the bed.
Having said this all the way, it’s hard for me to enforce.

“That’s right?”

“Huh! Huh! Today, this body will serve you abundantly! So. Huh?”

“I can’t help it when Diana says that. Shall we start in bed?”

“Hey, first?”

“Yeah, the night is long. You can’t predict the future, can you? I’ll do it by giving you one more chance.”

“Wow… Oh, I see. Let me go back to bed.”

Diana nodded, burning her eyes with determination, as if she was trying her best not to get out of bed.

“Sigh… It feels like my heart, which was so full, has already subsided.”

“OK. that’s enough.”

I said while rubbing Leia and Diana’s chest, which was the size of a dragon and squash.

“then! The problem! No! Anyway, this idiot… .”

Diana, who returned to her normal behavior, rolled her eyes and lightly patted my chest.
Even if you act like you normally do, if you look like this, your impression will be different.
It feels like the pounding attack has increased sexiness and aegyo.
It’s rare for an adult like this to hit a normal person like this, and every time he hits, his huge chest shakes.

“I love you. whatever it looks like. Diana is the best.”

Diana said she was half-cooled, but when I said it again, she immediately stopped patting.
And again, as before, he leaned on my body and kissed me.

“Oh. Well. side. I love this body too. Husband… .”

Without speaking to me like that, Diana moved her hand.
This time, instead of putting my hands inside my pants like before, I slowly untie the front.
Diana, who untied her toes with her relaxed hand movements, as if stroking my hardened things with the top of her pants, took her mouth off me, sat up, and took off my pants and underwear completely.
And for some reason, he tossed the clothes in the distance.

Hey. Anyway, isn’t it too blatant?
Do you think that throwing it like that will reduce the chances of me going out a bit?
Anyway, Diana is cute even when she becomes an adult.
… After all, fate is a determined corporation.

Diana, who didn’t even know what I was thinking, grabbed my item with a slightly relieved expression and gently stroked it up and down.

“Okay then, from now on, this body will be cute enough.”

Diana said so, then leaned over and brought her chest to the end of my object.
I’m a little surprised. It was right after I said that, so to be honest, I thought that Polymorph might be solved too.
Instead of unraveling the polymorph, you’re trying to do it with your chest.

“Huh? Whoops. Why are you making that face?”

Perhaps that thought was reflected on her face, Diana gave a slightly mischievous smile and lightly touched the tip of my nose with her fingertip.

“Is it surprising that this body still maintains this shape?”

“Huh. what… .”

“You are not the only one who cherishes the memories of the first time we met. Sometimes it wouldn’t be a bad idea to enjoy it like this. That’s what I said, but you’re actually pretty good, aren’t you?”

“I tell you… uhm.”

Diana put her finger down, which had been lightly resting on the tip of my nose, and covered my mouth.

“I know. I don’t have to say more. huh… .”

Then he grabbed my object with the other hand and gently rubbed it against his chest.
Place the end of the object on one side of your chest and turn it slowly in a circular motion.
Then, sometimes the nipples are stimulated as if rubbing them, and they gradually bury their soft breasts as if they were being squeezed.
It felt good, but to be honest, I felt sad because the stimulation was mediocre.
But even so, Diana still had only one chest touching my object.
… Does he not know what to do?
You only have the knowledge of doing something with your heart, don’t you know how to do it specifically?
There is a possibility. At first, Diana did not even know what to do with her hands or mouth.
What we do with our hearts, it is very likely that we are only inferring to some extent that there is such a thing through our conversations that pop up occasionally.

“Diana. I put it between my chest.”

“Oh, I know!”

you didn’t know either
As I pointed out, it was only then that Diana lowered the shoulder straps of the dress she was wearing, revealing half of her upper chest.
Come to think of it, I wasn’t explaining it, but Diana’s appearance now is no joke.
Before the polymorph, the one-piece dress that was light and airy, now it has become a very bewitching outfit that sticks to the body.
Anyway, Diana, who lowered the shoulder straps of such a dress to expose her upper breasts, tried to put my items between the exposed breastbones.

“Huh… This is pretty… .”

“Diana. I’m going to put it in from the bottom.”

“Ah, that’s right… .”

When I pointed it out again, Diana, with her face reddened, grabbed the end of her dress and took off her clothes with difficulty.
It was Diana who was dressed like that, but wearing her underwear was no joke.
I bet it would have exploded sooner if those underwear weren’t expensive.
Diana’s underwear looks like it’s about to burst

it was tense
The appearance of the underwear, which was eating all the flesh from the top and bottom, seemed to make Diana’s body look more sensational than the naked one.

But Diana didn’t take off her underwear, and tried to tuck my stuff between her chest that was about to explode.
Although Diana’s skin is said to be silky-soft, it is difficult to get in because the friction force is so strong that the clogging is so tight.
Diana, who was struggling, bowed her head as if she had no choice but to open the upper part of her chest with both hands.
Then he stuck out his tongue and let his own saliva drip between them, rubbing his chest a few times, causing the saliva to spread between the sternum.
And when I brought my item under my breastbone once more, my item slipped into the gap between the breasts that had become slippery with saliva.

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I’m so sleepy, the next episode will be tomorrow… .


The circumstances of the succubus

“Oooh! oh oh… .”

Unexpectedly, Diana made a cute sound and made a surprised expression when my items went in and popped out of her breastbone.

“Joe, you’re a little tight.”

By the way, I was in a situation where my underwear was about to burst, and my stuff got into it in the meantime.
To be honest, it was a strange situation for my underwear to hold up without bursting.
Maybe it’s expensive underwear with a magical treatment?

Well, that’s fine now.
Diana began to move her chest slowly as my object was completely inside her chest.
If you come all the way here, it seems like you can tell without telling me about that kind of behavior.
But I don’t even think about taking off my underwear until the end.
Do you think the pressure would be weak without underwear?
In the first place, doing something with the heart is an act where mental satisfaction plays a bigger role than direct pleasure.
Well, please don’t tell me what happened.
Diana’s saliva, which glided easily on my things, tightly adhered to the silky texture of my chest, creating a pleasant sensation.

“Well. side. how about Do you feel good?”

Diana asked, looking into my face, as she kissed the tip of my object as it appeared in and out over her breastbone.

“Huh. the best.”

As I gently stroked Diana’s hair, Diana pulled her neck out and rubbed her hair into my hands as if she was playing a fool in mine.
Seeing this kind of behavior, you can feel that Diana is Diana even if her appearance changes.
The destructive power caused by the gap was enormous when she did such a cute act with her innocent sister’s appearance.

“Huhu. If you like it that much, it’s worthwhile to do this for this body too. My chest hurts a little, but that’s okay.”

Oh, you’re sick too.
I stretched out the hand that was stroking Diana’s hair on my back and unhook her underwear.
Then, my chest jumped out as if it was overflowing, and my underwear bounced off as it was.
How tight were you?
On the exposed white chest, the bra

The marks remained red.


“I usually take my underwear off. If it was painful enough to leave a mark like this in the first place, I wouldn’t have to do it.”

“Uh huh. Still, you were fine.”

As I gently caressed the marks on my chest, Diana let out a slightly sweet moan and made a strange sound.

“okay. Then I’ll make Diana feel better this time.”

I flashed Diana and sat it on my thigh, slowly crawling her tongue along the mark on her chest.

“Ugh… Come on, you… It’s tickling… .”

Diana shivered slightly and gently stroked my hair.
As he moved his tongue slowly along the mark, his mouth naturally touched Diana’s breastbone, and Diana’s saliva was still there.

“Ugh huh… What are you doing?”

As I licked the saliva with my tongue, Diana crouched down a little bit, hugging my face and burying it in her chest.

“Huh… An indirect kiss?”

“You are too. If you’re going to kiss me, I’ll kiss you directly, not indirectly.”

After saying that, Diana forced me to lift my head slightly and kissed her.
It made me feel jealous of the chest that was being kissed by me, so I smiled slightly.

As she kisses Diana, she gently strokes her voluptuous breasts with one hand, while the other goes from her back through her buttocks towards her pubic hair.
The pubic area, where the undersized panties pierced like t-panties, was already feeling a little moist.

“Isn’t it difficult to maintain a polymorph if you don’t insert it slowly?”

“Ummm… haha… After all, does this look good?”

“no. It’s not like that… .”

“Or something like that? Can’t you just say that you wanted to insert it?”

“uh? how did you know?”

“What if I affirm that?! A little embarrassed!”

“no. What… .”

“Anyway, a man like you… No matter how much this body tries to play a prank, it doesn’t work.”

“It was a joke, too.”

“huh. Isn’t it natural After hearing such passionate remarks, how could you possibly doubt that this image would be any better?”

While Diana said something unusual, she quickly turned her head with a slightly sullen expression as she was sad that the joke didn’t work out.
I gently placed my hand on Diana’s cheek, made her look at me, and gently brought her face closer.

“Come on, come on. feel relieved Let’s kiss.”

“You don’t think this body is the kind of person who can feel good just by kissing, do you?”

“Huh? Wasn’t it?”

“this… uh… Hmm… .”

Diana was about to say something again as I joked around again, but when she covered her mouth, Diana stopped what she was going to say and fell in love with my kiss.
Anyway, I really like kissing.


As I kissed Diana, I barely took off those panties that seemed to explode, and I immediately inserted it inside Diana.
Diana’s body trembled violently at my belongings that had penetrated deep into my chest, and I could feel the splendid touch of those voluptuous breasts rippling through my chest.

“I made it to the end.”

“Yes… Sigh… Nah, I can feel it… .”

“Oh, I see.”

We were close to each other, hugging each other, but I hurriedly loosened Diana’s arm and made her upper body fall a little.

“Huh? But why?”

With her lower body connected to me, only her upper body leaned backwards, and Diana, who was in a position with her arms on the bed, looked at me with a puzzled face and asked.
But rather than answering the question, I focused my attention on Diana’s lower abdomen.
The seal of the apostle was engraved on it in a light color as if the skin had been slightly burned.
Even after using the Polymorph magic, the seal remains.
Then where… Because the end of my stuff reached here… .

“Yes… What are you doing?”

“Huh? Ah, the location of the seal of the apostle. Good. There is no need to adjust.”

As a result of the confirmation, even if I turned into an adult, the location of the seal of the apostle was exactly where the tip of my belongings touched.

“Hey, you idiot! Did you just confirm that?!”

“It’s only. It’s important.”

“Why is this body’s erogenous zones so important?!”

“You admit that it’s the erogenous zone.”

“Yeah… Ha ha!”

I poked her in the back and rubbed the innermost tip of Diana’s object, and Diana’s arms relaxed and she was in a position where she was resting on the bed with her elbow instead of her hand.

“More than that, Diana. how about mana? Do you think you can keep Polymorph?”

“Huh… heh… Come on, you… ha… When you ask a question, pause for a moment when you answer!”

“Oh sorry. Diana is so happy here.”

“Haha, haha, I, really… . How strong do you think your healing sex has become? Polymorph uses a lot of mana, but as long as he is receiving the effects of healing sex, it shouldn’t be a problem.

“okay? Then can you use other magic in that state?”

“Huh? That’s possible, but… Why?”

“Is that right? Then it’s okay to go outside, right?”

“Eh? Sleep, hey!”

I pulled Diana’s body, hugged her tightly, and stood up on the bed.

“Sleep, whoops! My, are you crazy?! But you… !”

“I thought I’d watch it, but it doesn’t seem like I’m doing nothing after making a bet. If it goes on like this, you will only feel sorry for Sylvia, who had to call me oppa all day, right?”

“That’s what… Whoa!”

Diana was trying to protest more, but the timing was just right when I had just moved and got out of bed.
As the shock struck the object strongly inside, Diana trembled and trembled, reaching its climax.
ugh It’s a little dangerous for me to tighten that much
no. I can’t eat here right now. Let’s hold on more.
I tightened my sphincter to withstand the ejaculation, and strode towards the door.

“Huh?! Whoops! Hey, Jane?! What do you mean?! Huh!”

“okay. So, use the magic you used before. Or just go like this.”

“Come on, huh… awhile… ji, higeum… hig… .”


When she put her hand on the doorknob and turned it, Diana began to tighten her pussy in embarrassment.
It’s already loosened up to the tongue.
Still, the situation had just reached its climax, and it seemed that he could not come to his senses when he stimulated the castle walls in addition to that.
But nonetheless, Diana is Diana. Like the supreme archmage, I somehow completed my magic while waving my hands in the air behind me.
Feeling the mana spreading around us, I immediately opened the door and walked out.

“Heh… I’m really coming out… .”

Diana muttered in a voice that melted so that it was hard to tell whether she was happy or sad.
Well, you must be happy to see your vagina tighten like this.
So, what shall we do from now on?
In the past, there was an unexpected encounter with a maid, so I just came out to the front of the door and ended, but today is different.
Wouldn’t it be possible to go a little further?
Anyway, because of Diana’s magic, we won’t be able to see or hear our faces.
I slowly walked down the hallway with pounding footsteps.

So, I walked all the way down the hallway, but surprisingly, I turned around the entire floor without encountering anyone.
Well, it’s not strange that there aren’t many people walking around in the middle of the night.
Rather, I think the last time I played exposed was bad luck.
But I was a little reluctant to go any further than this.

“Ugh… heh… ha… Whoops… .”

Even though I hadn’t run into anyone, every step I took, Diana was feeling almost half-naked.
The day that Diana loses her mind after going too far and even the magic dissipates is a catastrophe.
But it’s a bit disappointing to just go back to the room like this.
I stood still and pondered for a moment.

And after a while, an idea flashed in my head.
Oh yeah! There it was!
I hurriedly moved to the other side of the mansion, where the women’s room was.
Of course, I never meant to do anything crazy to get to Sara or Leia’s room.
It’s not our kids’ room that I’m dealing with, it’s the empty room nearby.

“Diana. I know that?”

As I walked, I spoke to Diana.

“Ugh… Well, ha… What do you mean… .”

“There is an empty room in this mansion where maids play with fire at night.”

“What? He, why are you saying that now? ?”

It seems that Diana didn’t know that either, but now, rather than being surprised by the fact, she seemed more curious as to why I was saying that.

“That’s right here.”

I said, standing at the door of the empty room where Vanessa had happened before.
If the maids are playing with fire like before, you can enjoy the exposure play properly, and even if it’s not, you can taste the immorality of doing it outside.
Besides, even if Diana faints, she can get back to her room safely after getting dressed up here, so it’s the best place to be in the current situation.

To be honest, there’s a much higher chance that there won’t be any maids.
Vanessa had previously promised to warn her.

“Maybe the maids are playing with fire here today.”

“Come on, wait… Wait a minute. You. to you… Stand, please… .”

“Shall I go in?”


As I opened the door without hesitation, Diana tightened herself and climaxed once more.
Diana too. because it’s ok
Because of magic, noise from a certain distance around us is completely blocked. Even if there were real maids inside, there was no way he could have noticed.
Well, if you’re looking at the door, you might get caught, but there’s no way the maids in the middle of playing with fire are looking at the door.
I gently opened the door.

“Yes… hah… heh… Whoops!”

Then, a low moan began to be heard from inside the room.
is it real I honestly thought there wouldn’t be. are you really there
The maids here… . Vanessa. It looks like you didn’t mind at all.

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The circumstances of the succubus

“Ugh… !”

Surprised to hear the real maid’s voice from inside, Diana hugged me tighter, giving her more strength to the legs wrapped around my waist.
Then he buried his mouth in the nape of my neck and moaned a little.
no. So you don’t even have to hear it.
I poked my head through the crack in the open door and looked around the room.

The room was dark because there were no lights on.
Thanks to this, I couldn’t see it properly, but I could guess where the maids were from the low groan that I could hear over and over again.
it’s in the bathtub
Maybe it’s not just lily play, but lily play in the bathtub
They seem to be a more skilled couple than the last maid couples.

Anyway, if you’re enjoying yourself in the bathtub, you’re not looking at the door.
I hurriedly went into the room and closed the door.
Then the low moan that had been heard before came to be heard more clearly.
But it’s weird.
I hear only one moan.
Could it be that?! It’s not just a gimmick, but a real lily couple with karate as well?!

no. It’s good, I mean
After all, the maids are nothing more than seasonings to add flavor to Diana’s and Me’s play.
I slowly approached the bathtub, tasting the touch of Diana’s vagina, which had been squeezed so hard that it hurts.
If you get too close, the maid couple will come into our magic range, but at least getting close enough to see the other person will make Diana more excited.

So, defenselessly approaching the bathtub without curtains, what I saw was our super butler, who was masturbating, putting his hands inside the half-opened butler’s clothes, caressing his chest and groin, respectively, unlike his usual neat appearance. was the look.

“Bar, Vanessa?!”

“Uhhhhhh! Eh?! huh?! Whoops! Oh no… Ha ha ha ha!”

I accidentally called the name of the butler who was masturbating in the bathtub, and Diana, who was only then aware of the situation, was startled and spurted a fountain, reaching the climax.

“Bah, huh! Vanessa is here… ha ha! Why are you here?!”

Moreover, despite the spitting and climaxing, Diana’s excitement never subsided.
no. Rather, with a more excited look than before, he began to shake his back vigorously.
Even though there was magic, I was a little perplexed by the violent waist movement that I thought could be heard by Vanessa.

“Ugh… haha… Oh no… For Vanessa… Whoa! Hey, this moss… !”

“Ugh! haha! Whoops! ha ha!”

But apart from the embarrassment, my body was enveloped in a great sense of pleasure.
Diana’s face, completely engrossed in pleasure, looked so sexy that her innocent face gave off a decadent look, which fueled my libido.
In addition, the stimulation given by the masterpiece that was completed to the extent of being ecstatic by the stimulation of the castle walls.
And, as an added bonus, Vanessa’s disorganized appearance in the bathtub with an expression she would never normally see.
This is the first time that Vanessa’s expression is like that. I don’t think he had that kind of expression when he was caressed by me here before.

“Bar, if Vanessa finds out about this… Then this body… This momeun… !”

Diana, while saying that to herself, was probably imagining herself being caught by Vanessa, as she leaned on me and turned around and kissed me.
This is dangerous Diana’s switch went in so perfectly.
At this rate, it is only a matter of time before Diana loses her mind.
I hurriedly tried to leave the room, but Diana wouldn’t let me.

“Ugh… !”

As they kissed and turned their backs, they rubbed even their big breasts against mine.
As Diana’s nipples, which had been hardened for a long time, rubbed against my chest and stimulated me, my legs that were about to back away loosened up and I fell to the floor.

“Ugh! I’m a nanny! I’m nanny! This body… Ha! This body!”

Then, Diana, who had climbed on top of me, was freed from the unnatural posture she had been in, and showed off her finesse to the fullest.
Seeing Diana lying flat on top of me, kissing me and shaking her lower body vigorously, it became difficult for me to maintain my reason any longer.

“Ugh! Husband! Ha! that, that! Whoops! good! Whoops! Ha ha ha!”

As I shook her back, Diana smiled with her eyes tinged with color and narrowed.

“So good?! Even if Vanessa is watching?!”

“Bar, Barnet, Ha! I don’t know! I don’t know anymore! This body… !”

Diana shook her head from side to side as if she liked it, but at the same time, tightened her pubic hair and shook her waist.
It was Diana who was kissing hard at the same time, but as soon as the strength in her upper body gradually lost, the mouth naturally fell out of my mouth.
Then, Diana, who put her face on my shoulder, moved only her waist with her upper body drooping.
Judging by the feeling of a damp touch near the shoulder, it appears that the saliva is dripping down the corner of his mouth.
No wonder Diana, who likes kisses, is limping with pleasure to the point that she can’t even kiss her.
From a while ago, Diana continued to tighten her pubic hair and spilled a lot of love juice to the point where she wondered if she was consuming all of the body’s moisture.

It was reaching its climax.
Not only was her exhibitionism properly stimulated by the fact that she might be seen by the person she could be best friends with, but also the fact that I’ve never been cheap, plus a layer of sex boost, Diana was so excited.
Maybe it’s the first time I’m witnessing Diana’s complete loss of reason.

“ね. Diana. I slowly… .”

“Huh… haha… Huh… heh… Whoa, whoa!”

At the same time as I ejaculated, Diana spit out a fountain again, feeling the greatest of the many climaxes she felt today. It wasn’t a cute feeling like babbling or fluttering, but trembling seriously enough to fit the expression ‘crabbling’.
Diana, who had been trembling for a while to the point of being a little scared, soon lost all the strength in her body and fell limp.

“after… Sigh… Whoa… .”

Diana, breathing heavily, gradually decreased in size and began to return to her original shape.
Have you completely fainted?
I hope it will be like this when you come into an empty room.
No matter how much the bet gave Diana an edge, she was so excited that she went out.
Indeed, I had no choice but to reflect a little today.
For now, unless you go back to your room and put Diana on the bed.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah ah ah ah… !”

But at that moment, I heard an unfamiliar voice in my ear.
Oops. Come to think of it… !
I lost my temper for a moment and completely forgot about it as I was concentrating on Diana.
It’s not just the two of us here right now!
Besides, the fact that Diana’s polymorph has been released means that the magic that hides her appearance is also solved… .

As she turned her gaze towards the source of the sound, Vanessa was looking at us with a blushing face.
The pupil, vibrating as if it had caused an earthquake, once headed towards the junction between me and Diana, then slowly turned upward and met my eyes.
And while my eyes met, Vanessa was completely turned to stone.

To be honest, so did I.
My mind went blank and I couldn’t think of anything.
Well, once you don’t say anything.

I took a blanket from my inventory, put it over Diana’s body, and went up to Vanessa, unbonding.
When she got up and looked up, Vanessa, who was still stiff in the bathtub, was still putting her hands inside her clothes and touching her chest and pussy.
Are you stuck in that state? How surprised are you?
no. It’s the same for me as well.
What do you say? What should I say?

“uh… Well… that… So… That… It is a coincidence that we met at this time like this.”

I tried a simple conversation for the first time, but the return was completely unresponsive.
yes it is I don’t even know what I was thinking when I said that.
But as Vanessa’s unresponsiveness continued, I panicked even more.

“That… How are you masturbating like this? If you can’t forget the memories of me… or… Hahaha… .”

I even threw a light joke to lighten the mood, but of course it didn’t work at all.
On the contrary, Vanessa’s face only became even more red.

“Yeah, yes! If your body is hot enough to masturbate, can I cool you down?”


I fell into a panic state, and in the end, I spit out words that I would not be able to say even if I was killed.
And after hearing my words, Vanessa slowly lowered her gaze.
Huh? Ah, ah! I’m naked!
Those eyes caught my object, which was still standing stiffly, then slowly came up again and met my eyes.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah… .”

So, Vanessa’s gaze moved back and forth between my object and her eyes several times, and then Vanessa started making strange noises again.

“Ugh, ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!”

Then he got up abruptly, let out an unsuitable, slightly cute cry, slammed the door and ran outside.
I didn’t even think about fixing the messy clothes I had while masturbating.

“uh? Hey! Hey?! awhile! Oh must! I’m not talking about having sex!”

Whether I heard the call or not, Vanessa disappeared in such an instant.
what to do maybe good How do you excuse this misunderstanding, or how you’ve been caught doing something with Diana before that?
Shall I chase you now? no. Then it will die right? I don’t even know where I went in the first place
Oh yeah. Then you can call it directly.
I immediately applauded.


… … .
Naturally, Vanessa did not appear.
Ah… Well… I do not know. Let’s go back to sleep with Diana.
My head became so complicated that it was impossible to organize it, so I decided to give up everything neatly and go to sleep.

and the next morning.
When I woke up, I felt so bad that it was one of the worst in my life.
no. The physical condition is very good.
Thanks to the healing sex, it’s hard to beat.
The problem is that my head hurts.
What the hell did I say yesterday?
No matter how panicked That’s not it.
What do we do? Yesterday, Vanessa was also in a panic state, so even so, if we meet today, he will be beaten to death, right?

“Ugh… to you?”

As I was clutching my head and drowning in despair, Diana, who was above me, opened her eyes with a bashful smile.
Diana, who kissed me lightly, looked at me with her still sleepy eyes and tilted her head.

“Why? Did something happen?”

Huh? What is he talking about now?

“Diana? Can’t you remember what happened last night?”

“Well? Be sure to tell me how much you like this body, share the love and go out there… Ah… .”

Damn it. I had a glimmer of hope. You remember it too.

“Come on, come on. Did something happen outside yesterday?”

Huh? this reaction. Could it be that you really don’t remember?

“Oh no! there wasn’t! not at all! I was making that face… okay! Still, you forced Diana to take away! I’m afraid I’m going to get mad now!”

Seeing Diana’s reaction, I immediately made an excuse.

👌👌👌👌 Of course not! You are a man! Going out in such a situation! Is it my mind?! no! I’m out of my mind! this pervert! Color light!”

Diana, who was completely awake, patted me with a blush in her face.

“Mi, sorry! Still, Diana is so good that she loses her mind… sorry! Wrong!”

“I can’t forgive you! I will never forgive you!”

“Ki, would you like to kiss me?”

“You say this body is a kiss… uh… ! Fuha… ! You… uh… Hmm… .”

“I love you.”

“I think you’ll forgive me for this… uh… .”

I kissed Diana several times, trying to calm the anger somehow.
At the same time, he kept his head tight.
Even if you can get past this for the first time, this is just first aid.
When Vanessa tells Diana the truth, it’s over.
Can’t we somehow convince Vanessa to keep Diana a secret?
If it’s a line that doesn’t die, I’m also determined to get it right.

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The circumstances of the succubus

It was incredibly complicated in his head, but that only makes him suspicious if he behaves differently than usual.
A miracle happened that Diana’s memories had been wiped clean, but she’s not stupid enough to take this opportunity by herself.
So, as usual, I decided to hang out with Diana until Vanessa came to call.

But no matter how much time passed, Vanessa did not come.
no. Even though it’s only 10 minutes past the usual time for Vanessa to come.
As Vanessa usually comes to sing on time, almost in seconds, 10 minutes was enough time to think about what was going on.
Well, I don’t know what else to say about it.

Anyway, thanks to you, I feel a little more relaxed.
When Vanessa came in the morning, I was wondering what to do if I started reporting to Diana right away.
I’m sorry to Vanessa, who must have been shocked by what happened yesterday, but it was really fortunate for me.

“this! This time!”

“Huh? I really am. Vanessa isn’t coming by this hour. What… .”

“Well, let’s wash up sooner than that. I will wait for the others.”

“Don’t be so hasty. Isn’t it enough to wash with magic?”

“no. It is better to wash properly.”


“that… Why. There it is.”

“Come on, what did you do yesterday?!”

To be honest, I couldn’t think of any excuses, so I just messed around with it, but our Diana also acted as I induced.
What were you thinking? The vagina has been tightened for a moment.

“I didn’t do anything. I didn’t do anything. I thought it might be better to wash it properly though.”

“But why are you avoiding your eyes?! Why is your voice trembling?!”

“Ah, anyway, I’ll wash with the spirits and go down first and talk to you. Diana, take it easy and wash up.”

Desperately calming Diana, who was attacking me, I summoned a water spirit to wash my body and exit the room.
Good. With this, the first stage of the mission has been completed.
I leave the room and go straight

I turned to the maid I saw nearby.
I don’t have much time.
I told Diana to take a leisurely shower, but that doesn’t mean Diana can’t really relax.
Our kids don’t know, because people like the Wizards’ Association will wait until Diana arrives without even touching a meal.


“Yeah. what… Whoa, what are you doing?!”

… Why do our maids still react like this when they see me?
no. On the contrary, I think I was treated more normally in the past. I feel like the reaction has become more intense these days.
I don’t remember doing anything to the maids.
At first, I almost didn’t have much opportunity to talk to the maid because Vanessa was closely marked.

“Did you not see Vanessa?”

“Yeah? Ah. four! Vanessa is in the room! It seems that he is in poor condition today, which is rare!”

“okay? Thanks.”

“Oh, no!”

Leaving behind the awkward maid’s reaction until the end, I headed to Vanessa’s room.
Vanessa’s room was not too far from mine, as you can tell by the proclamation of sanctuary alone before.

“Vanessa. Are you inside?”

When I reached the front door, I took a deep breath and then knocked on the door.
Kudang Tang!
Then there was a loud noise from inside.
But, contrary to the noise, Vanessa’s reply was not heard at all.
At this point, I’m really scared. That Vanessa reacts like this. How shocked are you?
But it was impossible to back off like this.
I put my hand on the doorknob and turned it slightly, and it went back without any resistance.
It’s not locked. Good. Then let’s go inside
When I made that promise, the door suddenly swung open.

“… what… uh… !”

To say it was natural, I grabbed the doorknob and walked right in as soon as the door opened.
If I went on like this, I was leaning enough to be sure that I would dive face-to-face on the floor, but surprisingly, my face was wrapped in a soft texture and I didn’t take any damage.
And the feeling I felt on my face was quite familiar to me.
no. To be precise, I’m not used to it, but

“… Hey. Let me tell you, I did that on purpose… .”

When she lifted her face that had been buried in Vanessa’s chest slightly, there was Vanessa’s face, which had not moved and had hardened.
Judging from the fact that his eyes are more subtle than usual, maybe he couldn’t even sleep?

“… Float, fall.”


As I watched Vanessa trembling in extreme anger, I nodded meekly.


Oh no! not now! I didn’t enjoy the feeling of the chest with my face! I was just nodding my head reflexively!
I hurriedly pulled back, but Vanessa’s gloomy expression didn’t improve at all.



no. It’s kind of scary just looking at it like that.
I usually ask why you came

Isn’t that right?
All our super butlers are good, but they don’t have much sociability.
I can’t help it. Here, I have no choice but to speak up first, as someone who prides himself on not being left behind by anyone who is sociable.

“uh… Well… That… Good morning?”

I felt like throwing a jab, so I decided to start with a light greeting.

“… Does it look like that?”

“no. Sorry.”

This is wrong. The other party doesn’t want to say hello at all.
I knew that she was an iron-clad woman, but it must have been like this.
Eight! But I don’t give in to that! If there is an iron wall in front of you, just go through it!

“That’s what I meant last night.”

Having been refused greetings, I decided to tell the original purpose of coming here.

“… 👌👌

“please! Keep it a secret from Diana! After all, it was like an accident, right? It’s good to forget each other!”

“… … What does that mean? Yesterday, Diana… .”

“I don’t remember him! so excited… Ah, anyway! I can’t remember! So please! Keep it a secret!”

“… Can’t you remember? Really, really?”


Upon hearing my answer, Vanessa’s complexion brightened a little… I felt like
no. I can’t tell. his face.

“… However.”

“please. I know your loyalty, but keep it a secret even for Diana! Diana will be happy to forget it like this too! How shocking must Diana have erased her from her memory?!”

I decided to use Vanessa’s loyalty to the contrary.
Well, to be honest, I think it was because I was so excited that I went crazy rather than shocked.
It’s not entirely a lie though. It is true that Diana would be happy to forget too. If I remember what happened last night, I’m sure I’m going to die of shame.

“… Is the savior okay?”

But at my request, Vanessa has asked an unexpected question.
He seemed to have loosened up a bit, but he still had a stiff, tense expression on his face.

“Yeah, I’m honestly ashamed too, but it’s because we showed each other shameful things. Let’s move on to yesterday’s work.”

“no. I don’t mean that.”

“uh? Huh? Don’t you mean that? So what does that mean?”

“… … Come on, I don’t know… no. it’s nothing. It’s okay if you don’t know.”

For some reason, Vanessa raised her eyebrows slightly, then shook her head slightly from side to side to answer that.

“Why? what is it? Are you curious?”

“I said you didn’t know.”


He sometimes tried to threaten me with a polite tone.
Is the butler okay?
Well, for this time, I have something I want, so I’ll let you go.

“so. Will you keep it a secret?”

“… good. I do that. Instead, the Savior, please make sure to keep my appearance yesterday a secret from Diana.”

Hearing Vanessa’s answer, I felt a sense of relief in my heart.
Oh, I see.
I didn’t want Diana to find out about yesterday, but Vanessa felt the same way.
From the beginning, there was no need to worry about Vanessa telling Diana.
Indeed. That’s right. Thinking about it, yes But then, the owner who respected me found out that he was masturbating alone. that would be a shame
Was it the shock of being locked up in the room like this today when Diana found out about masturbating?
I thought it was because I was so shocked by how we looked yesterday.
Whoa. thank God. I’m really happy.

“okay. I will.”

“… It is definitely.”

“Oh, I know.”

I knew it well without emphasizing it with such a scary face.

“Comrades who share secrets with Diana, let’s do our best in the future.”

“It was not what I wanted to share with the Savior, but… . It’s better to tell the truth… .”

“Hey, stop it! Because this is all for Diana!”

He’s talking about a big deal.
to catch someone

“But yesterday, I was so surprised that I couldn’t even say anything. Maybe Vanessa is masturbating like that.”

As my mind became lighter, I finally had time to joke around again.

“Is it because you can’t forget the caress I did before?”

“… 👌👌

But contrary to me, Vanessa didn’t seem in the mood to joke at all.
The moment I asked that question, Vanessa hardened her body as if she had been struck by an accidental blow.
But for a while. Soon after, he began to stare at me, exhaling so much flesh that his whole body trembled.

“… sorry. I was joking, so why don’t you look at me with those eyes?”

Wow. Even if you apologize, you keep staring at me. How much did you hate it?
To be honest, I wasn’t even joking at all.
Guess what, exactly the place I caressed you? I don’t know if it’s just a room by chance, but it’s in the bathtub, right? Maybe he’ll tell me… Can’t you help having such doubts?
So, to be honest, my previous joke was also meant to be half-joking and half-serious.

But when I saw Vanessa’s life, I realized how absurd I was.
Just that life was real. If it wasn’t for Diana’s man, I’d probably be on the verge of annihilation.
okay. There’s no way this loyal kid has feelings for me.
Vanessa is so devoted to Diana.
If I had such feelings, I would suppress it even by killing my own heart, so how can I not fall into masturbation thinking about me so openly?
Isn’t it because of your recent affair with Felicia, who can be called the worst in terms of sex difficulty, have you fallen into complacency again?
Save me to be careful. Even that Felicia doesn’t have feelings for me. I just want cum and pleasure.

Perhaps the same goes for Vanessa.
Masturbating in the bathtub last night was probably because it was the place where I felt the most pleasure recently.
There’s no sign of meeting another guy at all, so it’s probably the last time Vanessa has been touched by a guy.
So I didn’t have feelings, I was just trying to increase the efficiency of masturbation by simply remembering the pleasure.

“no. I’m sorry. If you are dissatisfied enough to masturbate like that, I think I might be able to help… no. I’m really sorry.”

Still don’t know

I tried to mutter like that to think about Vanessa for the last time, but all that came back was Vanessa’s angry gaze, which was dyed red.
Eventually, Vanessa would stand still and stare at me until I left the room and closed the door.

by the way he Are you going to be locked up in your room until the end of the day?
First of all, I think last night’s matter was settled through just a conversation.
no. What. It’s been resolved for now, but it would still be a shame to see Diana’s face.
I convinced myself that way and headed to the restaurant.

“What else are you doing today? It seems difficult to even go to the dungeon until things are completely resolved with the princess. The Tier 1 investigation continues to be delayed.”

Anyway, after that, after I finished eating, I sat back halfway in a chair and muttered
Oh, and by the way, Vanessa showed up just before Diana came down to the restaurant.
It seems that it took some time to prepare and come after the conversation with me.
Today, he was working as a butler with a perfectly neat appearance.
Diana and I looked a little awkward when talking to me, but that’s probably because I know everything. It was so subtle that people who didn’t know the situation couldn’t notice it.

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It was late after taking cold medicine and falling asleep.
I wasn’t like this in the first place, but these days I feel sleepy if I just take medicine.


Another find

“Well? Are you really going to wait for the video to be taken?”

“Huh. By the way?”

“What are you talking about? It will take quite a bit of preparation to shoot the video. I have to make a new magic orb, and above all, the princess seems to be convincing the denomination to supply it.”

“Huh? Do you really want to use it in the temple training ground? It is taboo among the clergy.”

“Not for direct viewing, even for educational purposes. Besides, it looks like they’re trying to negotiate on the premise that the goddess’s messenger is directly leading the business. Besides, the cost of supplying each temple was also supported by the royal family. Besides, if the educational video is distributed, the number of believers who donate will increase even more, so it’s not a bad thing for the denomination side.

indeed. At that time, somehow even Matilda was involved and they had a serious discussion. Were you talking like that?
As Sylvia… no. He wasn’t paying any attention to playing with Sylvia.
Anyway, after all, Felicia seems to have a good head.
Personally, I hope the negotiations go well.
Not only for the sake of dissemination, but also in terms of benefiting the denomination.
Leyana Matilda, High Priest Sofia, and there are many likeable people in this religious group.
This is true not only as a person, but also as a group.
Except for the living expenses of the priests, most of the money earned from the offerings seems to be returned to the socially underprivileged.
As long as there is a real God, no one has the guts to become corrupt in a religious organization.

“Anyway, so rather than waiting for filming preparations, go to the dungeon.

it would be nice I’m going to go to the 1st floor investigation anyway, so it won’t take too long, right?”

Well, that’s right.
I have hopes that it might continue all the way up to the 4th floor, but if that’s the case, I’m not going to go all the way to the 4th floor at once.

“Good. Shall we go then?”


It’s a bit improvised, but we’re basically improvising when we go to the dungeon.
After talking to Vanessa and preparing the necessary supplies, we decided to go to the dungeon after lunch.
And before going to the dungeon, it’s said that I stopped by Rachel’s sister to report party members… .

“Oh. Salvation Mr. Good morning.”

There were a few incidents after the meal, so I completely forgot about it.
Come to think of it, I had a bad breakup with Rachel.
Sister Rachel, who looked at me, was looking at me with a full sales smile.
What’s wrong? That’s the problem with the sales smile.
Look at that totally caring smile. It reminds me of when we first met.

“I’m sorry sir.”

“Oh. What?”


I apologized for once, but I couldn’t help but be embarrassed by my sister’s counterattack.
what is it Sorry. To be honest, I don’t know why my sister is angry.
no. Don’t panic. At times like this, I am more calm. Let’s think.
At that time, I was so flustered that I was out of my mind.
If I look back carefully at the past, I can definitely guess the reason why my sister was angry with my excellent reasoning skills… .

“As usual, the party members are 6 minutes including Goo Won. Did that happen? Yes. Has confirmed. Goodbye.”

But my sister saw my brief silence and realized that I still didn’t know why she was angry, and she said so with a somewhat cold commercial smile.

“no. sister.”


Sigh. Can’t help it. Shall I back off for now?
It’s true that you still don’t know why your sister is angry anyway. I can’t be dying here until I remember.
Behind me, there are other adventurers waiting for their turn, and above all, our children are waiting.
After returning from the dungeon later, think carefully, find out the reason, and apologize properly.
Perhaps, if you think carefully, you will soon find out why. It’s probably not unusual to see it’s still in this state even after a few days have passed.
I first put off my apology to Rachel sister and set off for the dungeon.

“This is the first floor teleport… It looks very narrow.”

So we first came to the last floor of the first floor using the teleport magic circle.
Actually, it was the last time I followed it when I installed it, and it was also the first time I came here since.
Unlike the other classes, where villages were built and clans were stationed to defend the magic circle, here the staff who managed the magic circle were alone and stood alone.
Well, even if monsters come anyway, only one can come through the passage, so there is no need for a defense force.
Besides, the maintenance cost is low, so the usage cost is also low. Enough for adventurers on the 1st floor to use it comfortably.

So you’re saying it’s not worth the money? That doesn’t mean it isn’t.
The vast majority of adventurers are staying on the first floor.
As you can see when I hunted wolfdogs, if it was just for a living, that alone would be enough to make a living.
That is, the number of users of the teleport magic circle is overwhelmingly higher than that of other classes, and it means that the amount of money that is the size of a mouse will increase if you collect it.
In other words, I can make a living with just the money that comes in here!
… Huh. Know. Still, living in a luxury mansion is impossible, so I have to earn more. ‘Cause I’m never a pillar west!

After bowing lightly to the guild staff, we headed straight to the pond where the seaweed was.
The monsters I met along the way were, to be honest, not even worth mentioning because they were at the level of squeaking and dying.
Arriving at the pond at almost the same speed as not fighting like that, we stood by the water and looked down at the clear water of the pond.

“It’s in the water… Obviously, it would be difficult to explore without equipment, and no one on the 1st floor would have thought of going in here.”

“Well. Besides, I never imagined that there would be a place like a dungeon in such a dungeon until I uncovered the anthill.”

“Good. Shall we go?”

I waited for a while in case the seaweed I had seen before would pop out again, but the pond was quiet.
We put on all the masks we used on the 4th floor and dived into the pond one by one.

“… It’s a lot smaller than I thought.”

Contrary to the appearance, there is an incredibly wide space under the pond, and there are new monsters… We expected the same development, but in reality, not everything worked out as easily as we thought.
Under the pond, there was only an apparent level of space.
The depth is about 4-5 meters. There were no creatures in sight, and only a few plants that looked like seaweed swayed on the floor.

“Let’s see if there is such a thing as a hole. Those seaweeds are probably monsters, so be careful.

Like the ant den, there may be a passage through the genitals here as well.
Among the monsters on the 1st floor, the secret passage using the orc’s penis has not been revealed yet.
We decided to separate ourselves from each other and examine the bottom and walls of the pond thoroughly.
It’s in the water, so visibility isn’t good, so it’s hard to spot a hole if you don’t get close.
Even though there are monsters, why do they act individually?
That’s no problem either. Just knowing that there are monsters is enough.
If the level is a thug, level 1 monster, it is now at a level that can be beaten with Diana’s pat attack.
As I got closer, the seaweed gnomes started their activities, but they disappeared leaving only a magic stone and a stem of seaweed with one light punch.

Anyway, while I was looking at the floor like that, someone suddenly tapped my shoulder from behind.
When I turned around, my angel approached me in a dog swim position and placed his hand on my shoulder.
And with a happy expression, he moved his mouth and said something.
lovely. The dog swimming posture emphasizes the chest, and the tail swaying from behind. Above all, just existence

lovely. He’s an angel too.

no. Now is not the time to be immersed in the angelic qualities of an angel.
When I summoned the wind spirit to speak with Leia, I heard an angelic voice that pleased my ears.

“Savior! I found it!”

“What? really!”

“Huhu. Yeah! This is it.”

While holding my hand with one hand, the angel swam hard in a dog swim position.
I want to get married.

“Here. here. how is it?”

“Oh oh. It really is.”

“Huhu. It is as expected of the Savior.”

As he spoke with his eyes lit up, I carelessly stroked his tail.
no. I don’t mean to touch your ass. Because the head is covered with a mask.
Besides, seeing him sway like this, he must have liked Leia too.

Anyway, I took an orc’s penis from my inventory and put it in the hole.
Then, along with the familiar sound of the ground, the hole gradually widened and changed its shape into a passage.
Good! There was too! Isn’t this really a direct passage to the 4th floor?
We entered the aisle one by one, feeling the vibration of the earth and sharing joy with everyone who had gathered.

But that joy was short-lived.
After a not-so-long passage, we got out of the water and back out again.
After all, was it a dream to have a direct passage to the 4th floor?
After that, Sylvia and Matilda won’t even be able to practice swimming.

“This place… Are you still on the 1st floor?”

After everyone came out of the passage, Sarah looked around and muttered something like that.
exactly. You must have reached the second floor by going through the passage from the last floor down, but the walls of this cave-like place were still dark, richly moistened with earth.

“It seems so. Like the anthill, there is a possibility that the difficulty level is about 1.5 levels. How are you anyway? Matilda. Can you stand it?”

“four? yes, yes You care so much about me… .”

“okay. okay. I’m a little bit nice.”

As I dealt with Matilda, who had once again turned into a pink atmosphere at the end of her words, I continued to think.
Even if swimming practice went over the water, it seemed that Matilda’s training to get used to the dungeon’s magic could continue.

“But I guess the secret passage in the water was just a fake.”

“Well, don’t be so discouraged. Even if it is not connected to the 4th floor, just finding a new passage is enough achievement.”

“Yeah, but… .”

Well, the ant den also has a difficulty level of about 2.5, and it seems that the 2nd tier is easy, but the 3rd tier is helping adventurers who are struggling.
This could be a helpful place for adventurers in that way too.
Clearly, results are achievements. Although the result was in a completely different direction from what I expected.

“But now that you’re here, how about looking around?”

“okay. Shall we do that at once?”

Although the result was different from what I expected, that doesn’t mean that I, as the party leader, should appear more droopy than necessary.
I forcibly suppressed the feeling of sagging and walked towards the cave.

Relying on the light of Diana’s magic, as we advanced through the cave, it wasn’t long before

“Kig. Kick.” A small monster appeared while making a cry similar to laughter.
indeed. Is it a kobold as much as a cave? It’s too obvious.

I raised my hand to stop Sarah, who was about to attack with a straight bow, then staggered over to them and slashed them one by one in the hands of the saint.
Anyway, it’s the first monster I’ve ever seen.
It would be better to secure at least one penis.

With such a light thought, I killed it myself using the saint skill, but my actions produced unexpected results.
no. It’s not that I couldn’t get it off
I did it properly by making it cheap, one person per room.
The problem is that it feels like it’s squeezing… .

“surely… it won’t be Someone please say no.”

“I didn’t drop the penis.”

“Aww! My boo boo! My soooo on! It’s dirty!”

“Why is Genga reacting more intensely than when dealing with males?”

… I think so.
no. sorry. For some reason, I couldn’t believe that they were all females.

“May I be saved… !”

“Oh, no! What is that expression?! Sarah, what absurd suspicions are you having about your man right now?!”

“It makes me more suspicious of being so bright.”

“Diana, you too?!”

“Oh, no. I… ! I’m like that… !”

“Oh, you know, so don’t rush into it so desperately. It was just a little joke, wasn’t it?”

“There are pranks that can be played and there are no jokes… !”
“… … Are you saying those words to this body now?”

… sorry. Last night I was a little rough.
It was Diana, who resented me enough for taking me outside, even though I can’t remember what she encountered Vanessa.
After all, asking Vanessa to keep it a secret was the right answer.

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There has been a lot of talk about the eyes of salvation, so I would like to explain a little bit.
First of all, the present state of salvation is a little different from being ignorant.
To be more precise, it’s not that I lost sight of it, but rather that I didn’t pay attention to other women that much.
In the past, salvation was hungry for sex and love.
But not at all now.
Satisfied with the current situation, Guo Won is no longer thinking as seriously about whether another woman likes him or not.
Therefore, in the past, when the opponent bounced, I constantly asked and struggled with the question, ‘Is it really?’, but now it has changed to just ‘I think it is.’
Eyes are still alive. Especially with their girls.
For example, even just a few episodes ago, when Diana pretended to be Leia, I immediately noticed it.
And as proof that she wasn’t blind, she suspected that Vanessa was masturbating at the place where she had an incident with her last time, and deliberately asked a question that sounded like sexual harassment to see her reaction.
But it wasn’t that Vanessa was ashamed, but when she saw that she was living, she thought it was not.
The same goes for other heroine candidates.
If you see behaviors or remarks that could be interpreted as not liking yourself, you’ve just moved on.
Alicia’s Violence. Rachel’s just a declaration between the adventurer and the guide. That’s what Felicia said directly.
The only thing he said at a meal with Rachel was destructive enough to make him doubt even such a salvation, but the salvation at that time was not in a situation that would pay any attention to Rachel’s heart.
Of course, the state of salvation will not always be fixed in this way.
I threw in a lot of rice cakes for him too, so it will change soon.


Another find

“… I’m kind of tired.”

After camp preparations and dinner, I lay down and muttered.
no. somehow what To be honest, I knew very well why I was so tired.
Of course, dungeon exploration is not difficult.
It’s no different from just walking around, so what’s hard about it?
This is probably at the level of level 1.5 or so, but for us, the level 1 monsters and monsters here are the same as if we hit them and die.
Physically, there was no problem at all.
To a level where there is no problem even if you go around more without camping.

The problem is that I am mentally exhausted.
No, how could there be no males?
I was acutely feeling the feelings I did not harbor even while dealing with orcs, which were mostly seen as males.
Since then, I have consistently used the saint skill to get the genitals that might be there.
Of course, no more direct attacks.
However, even indirect attacks were not without mental damage.
When I use Proclamation of Sanctuary and let Sarah finish, I see female kobolds in heat rushing towards me in that brief gap right before Sarah attacks.
However, if you finish it in one shot with the wave of the saint, the female kobolds will spout a fountain with a pleasant expression… Ugh, just thinking about it again makes my eyes rot.
If I could buy eyes and brains that I haven’t seen, I would buy them
This is going to make me think that male cubs are better.

“Are you okay?”

Perhaps he was worried about me with a tired expression, Leia gently stroked my back.
huh black. Yes. An angel is so worried about you, but of course it should be okay.
Just seeing the angel’s face makes my rotting eyes feel purified.

“Huh. It’s much better thanks to Leia. Thanks.”

“Huhu. What a relief.”

As I hugged Sylvia in front and felt Leia’s touch behind me, I felt my mind calming down quickly.
Leia and Sylvia. How can you not feel stable while tasting the healing comprehensive gift set at once?
Oh, what are you doing with Sylvia in the dungeon?
OK. Right now, even in a cave, the back, left and right, top and bottom are completely blocked.
Besides, Diana’s alarm magic is also placed in the front passage, so there is no need to worry about being attacked.
So, is it okay to heal before going to bed?
Sylvia doesn’t know that either, but she’s vibrating when the battle mode is released like this.

“Sigh… It is stable.”

“He, he, he, that’s right? .”

peace of mind

For the sake of it, today’s Sylvia didn’t even think of escaping, just holding it in and shaking.
Well, even if you ran away from inside the dungeon, you might be wondering where you would run away.

“Just take it easy and rest. Shouldn’t Miss Sylvia also rest well?

“What are you talking about. Sylvia is resting well. Isn’t that Sylvia?”

“Wow… yes, yes… !”

I grabbed Sylvia’s droopy arm and swung it around as she spoke, unable to contain the overwhelming emotion.
Well. Well. Well then. It is the party leader’s job to relieve the fatigue of party members.
… Why don’t you stop joking around and rest
And if Sylvia makes a mistake tomorrow, there’s nothing left to say.
Besides, come to think of it, I forgot to have sex with Sylvia again.
I’m sorry if I play too much and build up a sexual desire that I can’t even relieve myself like last time.
Well, as I said so clearly before, I think Sylvia will talk to me if she can’t stand it anymore.

In any case, while suffering mentally during the day and recovering the mind when resting at night, we explored the cave.
And as a result.

“… It’s on the second floor.”

“… Huh. That’s right.”

After defeating the kobold boss, we found a passage leading to the middle of the second floor, just like in the ant den.
It’s futile.
What makes me even more vain is that in the end I didn’t even get a penis.
Even the boss was female.
How am I going to compensate for my mental power that has been wasted?

“Hmm. Where is this location?”

I looked around the second-tier desert where it seemed to be there, and in the end, Diana asked me a question as if she had no idea where this place was.

“Huh? Wait a minute. … A second-tier orc garrison.”

And as a result of checking the map, an unexpected fact was revealed.
It was near the place where he had come down from the first floor by defeating the orc-type master.
no. Thinking about it, it’s not surprising.
In the first place, the pond itself was closer to the orc garrison, to say the least.

“That means it is closer to the village than the existing entrance.”

After we pioneered a new route through the orc garrison, other adventurers have since started attacking the orc garrison.
And it seems that there are quite a few adventurers entering the second floor through there.
If you go down to the 2nd floor from there, the enemies you meet right away are also desert orcs.
Although the Desert Orc is quite strong among the 2nd tier monsters, it seems that there are many adventurers who prefer it because the way it is dealt itself is no different from that of the 1st tier Orc.
Anyway, this map, which had not made much progress so far, was also actively filled, and as a result, it turned out that this route was closer to the second-tier village.
How do I know, Rachel’s older sister was excited to talk about it before.
Come to think of it, I also have to get rid of Rachel’s anger, but this expedition is so mentally exhausting that I haven’t had time to think about why she’s upset.

And the route we found today through the kobold caves is more connected to the village than through the orc garrison.

Huh. That’s right. Well, this is great information for new adventurers. this.
Except for the fact that the entrance to the kobold cave we passed through is underwater, it will be a piece of gold for adventurers who haven’t reached the 2nd floor yet.
Well, the obstacle that the entrance is under water is not really a problem.
We even wore masks to thoroughly scan the floor, but if we hold our breath properly and quickly open the passage and move, it’s not a distance we can’t move just by diving.

“But, is the information obtained through the hardships only for rookie adventurers?”

“Well, well, won’t fame build up?”

Perhaps it was because she had seen firsthand how much pain I had been through, and Sarah did not make fun of me this time, but honestly comforted me.
It’s fame… I mean, I’ve never seen anything good since I built it up.
Some idiots are rushing to save me.

“If you’re going to be so discouraged, why not investigate the cave further? You haven’t looked back yet, have you?”

As I was so futile, Matilda made such an offer.
Well, I certainly haven’t looked back.
no. Once the boss was there, it was the end.
But that cave, Diana, is quite large enough to describe it as a dungeon within a dungeon.
There were several forks in the middle, and we did not reveal the map while checking them all.
But we’ve already caught the boss, so if we came back and looked around… .

As I was about to turn down Matilda’s offer with that thought in mind, I suddenly noticed that Matilda’s expression looked slightly anxious.
Oh, yes. The purpose of this expedition was not necessarily to make new discoveries.
Of course, it would be nice to make new discoveries, but Sylvia and Matilda’s swimming practice. And Matilda’s acquaintance with the magic of the dungeon was also one of the important goals.
Even though swimming practice went over the water, getting Matilda used to the dungeon was paying off enough. At least in the cave, Matilda’s complexion never looked bad.
But looking at that face, the 2nd floor is still a little uneasy.
It’s stupid. If so, I’ll be honest with you.

“What, what is it?”

When I reached out and stroked her hair, Matilda was startled and tried to speak in a shrill tone, but her tail gradually drooped and her voice was loose.
no. So you say it’s too easy

“okay. What we’ve found, let’s look around a bit more.”

I stroked Matilda’s head more, and headed towards the kobold cave once more.

“But it’s really needlessly complicated and creepy. Is it possible that the ant burrow is this wide if we go somewhere else?”

As I dealt with the kobolds that attacked me in one shot, I made a complaint, not a complaint.
During battle, relax and gossip, don’t say anything.
It’s because you’re deliberately not concentrating like this in order to minimize visual terrorism.
Besides, the boss here was also one room after all.
Our level was too high to say that it is dangerous to be vigilant.

“Well. I would say so. Even there, although adventurers have pioneered quite a bit, they say that a perfect map has not yet been drawn up.”

That’s why Diana didn’t pay much attention to me this time around, and just joined my chatter.
But how did Diana… Ah. In the ant den, the people of the Wizards’ Association were investigating a giant manastone.
Did you hear it through those people?

“If it’s the same here as the ant den, it means that it’s impossible for us to light up the entire map alone.”

“I don’t have to reveal everything, so I’m going to do it in moderation, right?”

Perhaps because of him, he was aware that we were still traveling here more, Matilda said with a slightly apologetic expression.
You can’t make that face.
Anyway, once he gets used to the dungeon, it will be helpful later.
Now, it is right to see this as an investment for us rather than for Matilda.
After all, Matilda has no reason to go to the dungeon in the first place.

“Huh. OK. As a party leader, I’ll take care of that. It may be a little unreliable, but leave it to me.”

“Oh, no… That’s… .”

Matilda said with a slightly bewildered expression, as if she didn’t know if I would be able to speak kindly.
He’s also what’s that reaction He’s the kindest man I’ve ever known.
no. Well, I wouldn’t deny that Matilda usually has a bit of a huge sense of humor.

“But it’s really spacious… .”

Having said that, when I tried to zoom in on the map to see the entire map of Kobold Cave, I noticed one new thing.
In the other corner of the map, there is a place that has already been revealed.
no. I’ve confirmed that this cave is connected to the 2nd floor anyway, so it’s not that strange.
Still, that place is quite far from where the boss room was earlier, isn’t it?
Could it be that there is not one passage connecting to the second floor here?
With that thought in mind, I manipulated the map without much thought and dragged the map in the corner so that the illuminated area was located in the center.
And as a result, I realized that this might be a bigger discovery than I thought.
The place that had already been revealed in the corner of the map was not the second floor, but the ant den.

What does that mean?
In other words, these small dungeons, called dungeons within the dungeon, are not only connected to a large hierarchy, but are also connected to each other?
That means… !
Realizing the importance of this discovery, I even felt like my hard work was rewarded.

“Salvation? What is it? Suddenly your eyes light up.”

“indeed. buy it. Because you are looking at me well.”

“Bah, you idiot… Whoops! brother! み! So what’s going on?!”

Hey. If you’re going to call me an older brother, please call me with a little more aegyo.
Besides, why are you making such an angry face after singing?
Don’t show your face like that to others.
Contrasting with his usual cool expression, his desire to conquer… Well, anyway. First of all, I will praise you for keeping your promises faithfully.

“We may have made a bigger discovery than we thought.”


“I’m not quite sure yet. I’ll go check it out first and explain it to you.”


Without giving any further answers to the other kids, who suddenly made a strange expression on their faces, I hurriedly moved towards the side where the ant burrows could be seen in the corner of the map.
You probably know that too much excitement is not good, but you can’t help but have high expectations.

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Another find

“strange. I can’t do this.”

It took quite a while to get to the place adjacent to the ant den.
Even if we went straight, it would take several days, but we had to go round and round a maze-like cave.
But after a few days of camping, we finally reached the adjoining area of ​​the anthill.
Now, even if I didn’t have to enlarge the map, I could see an ant den in the corner.
However, at the point where it seems that we are going to lead to an ant den a little further, we were blocked by a wall and could not proceed any further.

“Salvation? What have you been doing?”

It wasn’t a particularly reproaching voice, it was just a question in the tone of pure curiosity, but Sarah’s question made me a little embarrassed.
Actually, I hadn’t told them yet to surprise them when the truth was revealed.
But after bringing me here so confidently, I’m sure the road will be blocked here.
Maybe this route is the wrong route, and I should have gone back a long time and went to another route, right?

I even thought that I would rather go through it, but there was still a little distance to that.
No matter how much you hunt monsters, as time passes, monsters respawn in their place, so the terrain of the dungeon also has a habit of trying to maintain its appearance.
Didn’t the monsters reproduce naturally?
Of course there is, but think of the queen ant being born from a giant manastone before.
The increase in monsters is probably not just natural reproduction.

In any case, this small class was much stronger than the general class to maintain its original appearance in that way.
You can tell from the fact that the resurrecting cycle of the queen ant in the ant den was shorter than that of the owners of other classes.
So, even if you try to break through, you will be buried in the ground faster than the speed of digging through the road.

“I feel like I’ve been going round and round in the same place since before.”

Even Diana, who once declared that she wasn’t a mapper and that she wasn’t confident in memorizing directions, said something like that, so you can imagine how much time we’ve delayed here.
Can’t help it. Even if you’re a little shy, be honest and ask for advice.

“Actually, if you go beyond this, it looks like there will be an ant den. But there is no way.”

“Well? What?! Is that for real?!”

The other kids didn’t react very violently, but Diana was surprised, as if she understood what it meant.

“okay. Are you sure. Although there is still a little distance.”

“indeed. Then again, to go beyond the 6th floor, you need a penis! Then it will probably be the same here!”


“Huh? However… .”

“there. Diana. I’m sorry, but can you explain so we can understand?”

When Diana and I had a conversation that only the two of us could have, Sarah said with a sullen face, as if it was not interesting.

“Ugh. That’s right. As you all know, the current dungeon has been pioneered up to the 6th floor by adventurers. The top clans, led by the Arachne Clan, are working hard to attack the 6th floor, but in fact, the monsters that are thought to be the owners of the 6th floor have already been identified.”

“Yeah? If so, are you in a situation where you can’t go further because you are blocked by the owner of the class?”

“no. It is not. Obviously, the master of the class was powerful, but it was too powerful to be dealt with by a single clan alone. But even the top clans aren’t stupid. If the power of one clan can’t work, the two can be combined. Previously, the most elite members of the top clans gathered together and conducted an operation to subdue the owner of the 6th floor. The result was wonderfully successful. Everyone was thrilled with the joy of victory and the joy of being able to move on to the next floor, but in fact, even after dealing with the owner of the hierarchy, no passageway to the seventh floor was found.”

“if so… .”

“Well. Because of this, most adventurers have the perception that the dungeon ends on the 6th floor. There are clans like Arachne who have not given up yet and ventured out, though. But by the last time this person had a conversation with the Goddess, didn’t it become clear that the 6th floor and later exist?”

“Oh, I see. So after that, adventurers suddenly became like that… .”

Leia nodded her head after hearing Diana’s words, as if she was guessing something.

“Well. However, no matter how much I searched, the passage leading to the 7th floor was nowhere to be found. But there was another hope for adventurers. This is the secret passage through the genitals announced by this person.”

“But Diana. Didn’t I say before that there are no monsters with the skill of salvation in the 6th floor?”

“Well. It did. That’s why Clan Arachne took this guy and collected the genitals of monsters on the 5th floor instead of the 6th floor. To be honest, I was skeptical that a passage to the 7th floor would be found with this body, but now the discovery has really opened the door to that possibility. Think about it. If a passage leading to the anthill is found here, it means that the small classes are connected to each other. Moreover, the smaller tiers are located in the middle of the larger tiers and are connected to both tiers. That is to say, from layer 5.5 to layer 6.5. And there is a possibility that there is a passage from the 6.5th floor to the 7th floor! What a great discovery!”

Diana was delighted with the explanation as I had envisioned it.
no. Not bluffing, you really thought so
In the first place, when I was collecting genitals on the 5th floor, I heard about the circumstances of the Arachne clan people.

“The problem is that we are stuck here. No matter how close the location is, there is no direct path leading to the ant burrow… .”

“So it’s a genitalia! The genitals are the key! Isn’t it impossible to enter this place, the ant burrow, and even if you don’t have a penis?! Even if you’re trying to come from the lower levels, the passage is hidden. It is impossible to find a place unless you know it beforehand.”

Indeed. The place leading to the 3rd floor from the ant den was covered with snow, and the place leading to the 2nd floor was also buried in the sand.

“Initially, this dungeon was designed to make it difficult to descend beyond the 6th floor without your help!”

Those words become a story that adds strength to the theory that the goddess created this dungeon.
our goddess. Are you a really bad person… no. Aren’t you a god?
You gave me this kind of power and threw it into such a wonderful world, and I want to keep believing in it if possible.
Thanks to you, I also met my kids.

“I mean, is this what Diana wants to say? The passage between the small classes will also be opened through the genitals.”

“Well! That’s it! It is a difficult place to enter without a penis in the first place, so wouldn’t it be reasonable to need a penis when going to another place?”

“But here, there are no monsters that drop genitals.”

Once they met, every kobold they met continued to use the saint skill.
Considering that my mental strength is being slashed.
But still, not a single one of the guys who dropped the penis had not been seen.
Come to think of it, there was not a single one of them who dropped their penis in the ant den.

“Hmm. But it doesn’t make sense that the sexes are biased to one side to reproduce. Even here, isn’t it a section where only one type of monster inhabits?”

“Is there a possibility that it is being created from a giant manastone, just like the queen ant did?”

For reference, even where the kobold boss was, there were giant manastones.
Again, after Diana’s brief investigation, it seemed to be almost identical to what was in the anthill.

“Huh. I don’t think this body is like that.”

“Does it look like that after examining the giant Manastone?”

“There is that, but to be honest, there is also the aspect that relied on intuition. The Goddess must have had a reason for telling you to go down deeper than the 6th floor.”

I hope that Diana would say something like intuition at a time like this.
no. I mean, that’s what makes me special.

“I agree with Diana. Surely it will.”

And Leia, who always considers me special, confirmed Diana’s words with her eyes shining.

“What, what… . If that’s the case, I’ll have to first find out where the male kobolt that will drop the penis is.

Facing the twinkling eyes in anticipation of me, I became a little shy and avoided my gaze and said that as if ignorantly.


Knowing that I was shy, Leia looked at me with a cute expression and chuckled.
Even in the cave, your smile is shining. Angel.

“Wow! Well then, let’s go! Everyone, open your eyes wide and search thoroughly! Come on, let’s go!”

“Wow… Whoa!”

As if to hide my embarrassment, I put my arm around Sylvia’s shoulder, where I could always have an absolute advantage, and pulled her out and shouted.
But it vibrates for a while. it’s sylvia Have you lost your concentration?
I was trying to get out of combat mode a bit now.
Just before the release, Sylvia slapped her hand on the cheek and went back to combat mode.
okay. No matter how weak the monsters here, let’s not be vigilant if it is us.

Since then, we’ve been wandering around quite a bit, exploring the cave, but again, no male kobolds have been found.

“Maybe there is none.”

“Hmm… . Maybe it’s not discovered by ordinary means.”

I was slowly giving up, but Diana seemed unwilling to give up her hypothesis.
no. Well, I’m in favor of staying here longer, including Matilda’s training.
Without such visible results, it was inevitable that his will would die.

“Good. Then let’s do it for a long time.”

“Huh? is that? Salvation. Aren’t you thinking of something strange again?”

no it’s not! What the hell do you think of me!
… What. It can’t be denied that if you just open your mouth, you’ll say something absurd.

“I’m sorry. tailing. Don’t you remember when we found a secret place on the first floor?”

Even then, I was able to find the secret place by following the werewolf.
Since then, there has been nothing like that, so I haven’t done anything like following a monster, but it seems like it’s time to show my skills after a long time.
If there are really males for breeding, I’m sure some of the females will go where the males are.

“But with so many? Anyway, won’t you notice it?”

“Huh. So I will go alone.”

“What?! no way!”

“It’s okay, because it’s okay. You know there are assassins in my profession, right? At least, monsters of this level will never find out.”

Because Sarah objected much more strongly than I expected, I was surprised and encouraged her.

“But if anything happens… .”

“Because it’s okay. Even if you run into a bunch of kids here, you can’t scratch me. Have you seen him fight the boss here before?”

The saint’s wave ended in one shot.
Huh. was in vain
And it was even more disgusting to feel the needlessly large size.
Ouch. I remember that I purposely sealed it… Healing, I need healing… .

“Hey hey!”

Whoo… I’m a little more stable now.
I regained my mental stability as I felt Sylvia’s vibrating touch in my arms.
no. It’s hard to feel because he’s wearing armor.
It’s okay though. Our Sylvia smells good and the vibration feels good.

“However… .”

“It’s really okay. I won’t do anything dangerous. I have no intention of leaving you alone and dying first. So be safe. Huh?”

“Then at least the two of us… .”

“It can’t be either. It’s comfortable to walk around using stealth on my own, and above all, what if the two of you get lost in the middle? Can you remember the way here?”

“Ugh… that, that… .”

Unless you have a map like me, it was not easy to remember all the routes of this maze-like cave.
Even if there was a map, it wouldn’t be easy.

“So, let’s all rest here together. I’ll be right back on my own.”

Other than Sarah, everyone else was against it, but I somehow managed to persuade everyone to try to follow the monster by myself.

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