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Another find

I’m not sure how likely they are to go to a male if I followed them in this wide cave, but I was a little confident.
If there are no males at all, I don’t know, if there are males, they must be around here.
Is that so too?
If the real clue to all this is the genitalia of the monster, that the Goddess created this dungeon, and that this is the reason why the Goddess wants to send me to the dungeon, it will almost become a fact.
Then, of course, wouldn’t you have created a dungeon by placing monsters that drop your penis near the passage where you would use it?
And this was the case with all the secret passages using the genitals until now.
So, in this area adjacent to the ant burrows, there is the greatest chance that male cobbles exist.

I started stealth and followed the movements of the nearby kobolds.
The fact that my assassin’s level is low is something that only comes out at the 3rd or 4th tier level, so it’s safe to say that there is no risk of being caught by monsters in this area.
If there is a problem, stealth is released by using all of the elemental energy, but if you are only using stealth, it won’t happen.
Before coming here, I also got mana replenishment from Diana.

Anyway, the tedious follow-up continued for a while.
They were looking around as if they were on guard, so it was really boring.
I don’t know when these guys have been living here, but it’s in a cave that even the guild did not know about their existence.
Even though we must have been the only forces that had invaded for a long time, they were so diligent in their vigilance.
Are these behaviors programmed by the Goddess to do the same?
It’s so boring that I think of all sorts of other things.
But looking around, I can’t see anything like this, so maybe there’s no such thing as a male kobold?
The time we promised with the kids is approaching, so should we stop giving up and go back?

As I was about to turn around with that thought in mind, I finally caught a kobold making some suspicious movements.
The kobold I was following was still roaming around, but I found a kobold rock climbing on one of the walls over there.
Seeing no response from other kobolds passing by, at least it was clear that the behavior was not unique to that individual.
but what? Climbing up that cave wall, nothing… .
As I thought so, the kobold that had climbed higher than my head suddenly disappeared from view.
May this be… !
Of course, Diana’s magic was not present, so the visibility in the dark cave was not good, but seeing that figure disappeared in an instant so unnaturally, I was able to be sure.
There’s definitely something there.

I immediately climbed up the wall where the rock climber had disappeared.
And when he arrived at the height near where he disappeared, his outstretched hand suddenly retracted and his body leaned forward and twisted.
Above the wall, there was a space leading to the other side.

To be honest, I felt completely blown away.
The height of the kobolds was at a level that, at best, only reached my waistline.
Of course, when we were all exploring together, we looked around the lower part more thoroughly, but I’m sure there is a place that leads to the upper part like that.
no. At this height, even if attention was paid to the upper part, it would not have been hidden by the shadows.
It’s a place I’ve passed several times while circling the same place before, but I didn’t notice it at all.
You use your hair quite a bit. On the subject of kobolds.

With that thought in mind, I brushed my knees and looked up when I met a pair of scorching eyes.
okay. our eyes met I just rolled over this way and the stealth was released.
The owner of the eyes was still a kobold.
However, its size was too large to be called a kobold.
The height that jumped over my height and was definitely more than 2 meters tall.
The muscles in his limbs were burning as if looking at an orc, or even thicker than that, and a menacing growl could be heard between his sharp teeth.

Seeing that figure, and feeling the life that stabbed my whole body, I could immediately grasp the man’s capabilities.
This guy is different from the normal kobolds.
no. Of course, it felt far stronger than the boss Kobold I had faced a few days ago.

is it. did that happen
There were times when I thought it was strange.
Unlike the general class, where huge manastones were hidden, in small classes like the ant den and here, gigantic manastones appeared brilliantly in the middle of the boss room and were embedded in them.
As if emphasizing that this is the boss room.
Besides, think about the first time you met the queen ant in the anthill.
The owner of the normal class never leaves his position.
But the queen ant broke through the wall and revealed itself to us.
It’s like inducing yourself.
okay. Until now, the guys we thought were the masters of the small class were all fake bosses.
Perhaps the real thing is the guy who drops the penis.
Just like this guy right in front of you.


It blew out a high-pitched high-pitched sound that was unsuitable for its size, and then grabbed the head of the kobold that was right next to it, not mine, and slammed it down to the floor.
Pussack! At the same time, the small kobold’s head split like a watermelon, and it couldn’t breathe any more.
Did you punish the person who brought the enemy up to this point?
It’s said that the hands are cruel.
Besides, looking at his movements, his physical strength also seemed to be great for his size.
I’m thinking about it again, but it’s definitely different from other kobolds.


It screamed again, still holding the kobold’s head, which had stopped breathing, then rushed to me and swung the kobold’s body in his hand.
Boo-woong! An unbelievably menacing sound echoed in my ears, unbelievably the sound of swinging the body of a living creature just before.

… What. So I’m talking about what to do.
I’m dirty with the blood splatter, so I purposely jumped to the side to avoid the attack, and I just punched it in my fist.

With the saint’s hand wrapped around him, he slapped his stomach.


… finished.
Huh. sorry. I was just bored, so I created a sense of crisis once.
no. Of course, it’s true that this guy looks stronger than the kobold boss. Maybe actually even stronger.
But that’s right. With common sense, I can’t be beaten by a guy who is only on the 1.5th floor.
To a premature baby who has such a needlessly powerful appearance.

I stumbled on the floor and trembled with my feet, fixed it with my feet, and roughly shoved my knife in to mine the magic stone.
Then, as his appearance rotted, he disappeared, leaving only the erected sheep.
Does this guy really exist just for this?
The other items just drop this and disappear.
Does that mean that there is a high probability that the passage leading to the ant den also exists somewhere in this room?
So, shall we do some research beforehand?
no. shall I go back at once?
It’s easier to find with a group of people rather than alone, with the light turned on with Diana’s magic.
Besides, we can’t leave our children who are worried about us forever.
I put my penis in my inventory and hurried back to the place where our kids were waiting.

“Guys. I’m here. Did you wait long?”

“Oh, oh. did you come I just came on time. sound. I will commend you.”

uh huh? Is your reaction different from what you expected?
I thought everyone would welcome my return with a look of concern.
what is this atmosphere
Everyone’s faces were blushing, giving off an awkward atmosphere.
In particular, Diana suddenly clings to me and strokes my hair, and it feels like it’s not just because I’m back on time. I don’t know if it’s because of my feelings.
That look… How should I express this? I feel ashamed, but somehow I feel proud of myself. It’s kind of a complicated look.

And Sarah was staring at me for some reason, and Leia and Matilda were looking at me in disbelief.
Sylvia was shaking as usual, but she didn’t even contact me, and it was strange that she was even doing this in the dungeon.

“what. What is this atmosphere? What happened?”

“… do not know. This pervert.”

“Again, to your brother… I’ll see you just once.”

I wanted to hear Sarah’s cute brother once again, but I had no choice but to back away from the sharp gaze that seemed to bleed when stabbed.

“… Hey. Diana. What did you do?”

“Hey, what does that mean all of a sudden? Hey, what did this body do?”

When I quietly asked Diana, Diana again began to noticeably panic.

“no. It’s clear just by looking at the atmosphere. Why are you smiling alone like that?”

“Hey, isn’t it pretty like this? Do you like it too?”

… Damn it. It’s true, so what can’t be refuted is decomposed.
By the way, it’s pretty. okay. I’m going to die because I’m pretty because I smile. this one

“Well, more than that. How’s your follow up? at the right time

Does it mean that you have failed after all?”

It was obvious that he was going to turn around, but I had no choice but to answer.
First of all, in the current situation, this is more important, and no matter how much I ask you right now, it doesn’t seem like an answer.
I’m curious, but I can’t help it. Let’s figure it out later, even in bed.

“no. got it right There are also males.”

“Well. It is too! The intuition of this body must have been correct!”

“awhile. brought it? Salvation You fought alone?!”

Sarah, who had been staring at me for a long time, ran towards me as if she had caught a number.
no. Why are you mad?
Looking at the atmosphere, did you and Diana even fight over my courtroom seat again after a long time?
So if Diana wins this time, Diana and Sarah’s reaction is understandable.
no. Then I don’t understand Leia, Sylvia, and Matilda’s reaction.
What the hell were you talking about?

“Oh, no. That’s it. It suddenly popped out, so I reflexively swung my fist once and it was dead.

I’m sorry. An unknown male kobold.
Still, what’s the similarity? It wasn’t an honorable death anyway, so look at it. A living person must live.

“Ugh… .”

“Really. really. I saw you catch the boss in one shot a few days ago. Ah, anyway, let’s go to where he was. I think there must be a passage there.”

As I appease Sarah’s unreasonable anger, I escorted everyone to the room where the male kobold had been.

“… How was this space hidden? How did you find it? Also, Guwon-san is amazing.”

Leia was looking at me with a look of disbelief until before, but soon, as usual, she made a warm expression and smiled at me.
But it’s Leia. Is it my fault that I feel like I’m one step farther away than usual?
no. Of course, that angel’s smile alone makes me happy, though.
If possible, stick a little closer to your chest… no. I want you to convey the warmth of a person.

“I found a guy coming here by accident. I was lucky.”

“Anyway, I just have to prove that this place leads to the ant den. Well then, let’s go find it!”

Diana still looked happy, though.
no. Sometimes I feel like I’m forcing myself to look good. … I want to tease you a little.
no. Well, since I did something like that last time, I should refrain from bullying you for a while.
Don’t bother for the rest of your life? a. That’s impossible. Don’t make promises you can’t keep.

Anyway, as a result of exploring the room, the place where the kobold’s penis was inserted was still there.
And as expected, it was the ant burrow that arrived through the passage.

“Wow! It’s an ant den! Also, Guwon… !”

This proves that my ability is essential to attack the dungeon.
As an added bonus, the goddess created a dungeon.
Well, I was more happy that my angel finally hugged me than that the hypothesis was true.

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Another find

“So, what are you going to do from now on? It’s almost certain that the small tiers are interconnected, so there’s a passageway that leads to tier 3.5 here too. Would you like to find it?”

Unlike the kobold cave, the ant den was quite well mapped.
From the entrance to the boss room where the queen ant was located, of course, many adventurers came and went in and out of the guild since it was released, and we were steadily completing the map to the parts we couldn’t fill.
The adventurers who come here are those with skills that are easy on the 2nd tier and a little tough on the 3rd tier.
Rather than go straight to the boss, he built his skills while walking around.

“Hmm. The present goal has been achieved. It will take some time to find the way to another tier. How about going back once? Or is there something you can guess on the way to another class?”

“Hey what… .”

As if she sensed something in my tone, Diana looked at me and asked that question.
Also Diana. ‘Cause you’re observing me
In fact, there was no place to guess at all.
Unlike the others, I’ve seen male kobolds in person.
There are three clues.
First of all, in this small class, those who settled in a place with a giant manastone were nothing more than fakes, and the males were the true bosses.
And probably, this ant den, like the kobold cave, the male room is hidden away from people.
And finally, the fact that in the past, the queen ant moved out of her seat and appealed to us about her existence.
Putting this together, the approximate location was guessed.

However… I looked at Matilda’s complexion.
It still looks fine, but it can’t be overkill.
As Diana said, it’s been quite a while since we entered the dungeon.
Besides, even if you can guess, it’s not certain.
It might be good to go back once in a while.

“Good. Shall we go back once?”

If you spend an entire day here, you will be able to reach the second-tier village.
There was a strong possibility that it would be an all-night march in time, but it would be better to lie down in bed and get a good rest, even if you suffer a little.

“Yeah! Yes!”

I didn’t express my feelings, but it must have been difficult, Matilda agreed with my decision, reflecting on it.
If you like me like this, I want to bully you again somehow.
Now, if I say let’s just keep exploring, I’m sure you’ll make a pretty face, right? … I want to see you a little
Desperately suppressing such a garbage desire, I returned to the second-tier village with everyone.

And it was still dawn when we arrived in the village.
no. Even if the day is bright, it doesn’t mean that the sun is visible because it’s in the dungeon.

“Whoah am… . Shall we go back soon then?”

Even in a country with superhuman stamina, staying up all night was quite tiring.
Besides, I didn’t just stay up all night, but because I came all the way here while fighting.
It’s annoying because ants swarm around weak subjects.

I mean.
If it is the route from the entrance to the boss room, it is fine as many adventurers have cleared it up to some extent, but it seems that the place connected to the kobold cave was a place where adventurers didn’t come and go.
Thanks to you, how annoying it was to swarm with ants.
Even the weakest ones felt that there was no answer if they flocked to them.
Well, that means even high-level Sylvia must have been hurt like that before.

Anyway, it wasn’t that we didn’t think about staying here at the inn, but we decided to get a little bit stronger and go home.
If possible, it’s best to rest in our bed.

“Then I’ll do the magic stone settlement… .”

“Uh… Whoa… Wait a minute.”

After returning to the guild via teleportation, Diana stopped me when I was about to go to Rachel Sister after sending everyone for the Manastone settlement.

“What is it?”

I turned my head back and asked.
Why are you turning back? It’s because Diana is on my back.
this guy As soon as I got out of the anthill, I used the right to be lifted up at any time, and so far I’ve been sleeping on my back. shameful guy.
Well, unlike us who roamed around comfortably, Diana was using light magic all the time in the Kobold Cave and the Ant Den. You must have been a little more tired than us.
Knowing that, I am also carrying Diana like this without saying anything.
Anyway, the kid who had been sleeping on my back until now suddenly woke up.

“The magic stone settlement… secretly… Afterwards… Whoa Am… .”

“What? Hey. What do you mean. properly… You fell asleep again.”

this guy… . Well, anyway, I know what you want to say.
We’re going to keep our visit to the kobold cave a secret, right?
I wondered what it meant in the yard that had already been announced that the genitals were the key and the existence of a small class like an ant den… Well, Diana must have said that because she was thinking too.
let’s go back

In the end, I decided to just report back to Rachel sister without paying for the magic stones.
Let me tell you, I never made this decision to avoid Rachel.
I didn’t think that I would have to spend an awkward time with Rachel sister again if I paid for the gemstones, naturally, the time I had to meet with Rachel sister would be longer.

“Good morning. Adventurer Mr. You’re back. Are you going to do the magic stone settlement?”

It’s just this attitude even when making a return report, so it must have been like that if you paid the Manastone.
You smile more broadly than usual, and say, “This time, it took longer than usual.” You would have said the same thing.
besides what You’re an adventurer’s salvation. It’s a reaction to someone you don’t know completely.

“no. I’m just here to report back. Good-bye.”

Slightly damaged by that clerical attitude, I just said that and walked away.

“Eh? Come on, wait!”

But this time, Rachel, perhaps embarrassed by my attitude, called me to turn around.


“Hey, aren’t you exchanging mana stones?”

“Yeah. I’m so tired.

I will do it later.”

“Ah… .”

But I just spit it out and started walking again.
Even so, I still haven’t figured out why my sister was angry.
In the beginning, there was no time for that in the dungeon, and now that I think of it, I am sleepy and my head is not spinning properly.
I’m sorry, Mr. I’ll come up with it later and apologize.
I apologized to my sister only in my heart and went back to the mansion.

By the time we got back to the mansion, we were all half asleep and out of our minds.
I couldn’t even remember how he got Diana to her room and got her back to mine.
If you receive the effect of healing sex, even if you have sex all night, you will be fine the next day.
It was a moment when I realized the greatness of healing sex.
Anyway, back to my room, I dived into the bed without washing, and immediately lost consciousness.

It was 6 o’clock when I woke up, as usual.
However, there was something strange about calling it the usual wake-up time.
Somehow… Isn’t it dark?
And as I gradually awakened, I remembered the situation before I fell asleep.
Then I fell asleep during the day. So maybe it’s 6pm now?

When I realized this and tried to get out of bed, I suddenly felt another sense of incongruity.
I’m sure I’d have passed out in bed as soon as I got back.
He didn’t even remember taking off his armor, let alone washing it.
However, my body was so fresh that I could not find any traces of dungeon exploration, and my body was covered with soft material rather than armor.
what is this. I don’t have clothes like this

no. There was something more important than that.
On my left side and half of my body, a soft, soft, cozy, and warm feeling was transmitted. Plus, it has a pleasant scent as well.
I knew this feeling well.
As I turned my head slightly to the side, the angelic sleeping face of an angel filled my vision.


“Uh, uh… .”

When I called my name, Leia slightly tossed and made a bewitching sound.
I couldn’t be more ecstatic to see the chest that was touching my arm changing shape and massaging my forearm as my body turned to and fro.
Is this paradise? no. Heaven is clear

“… Huh… Salvation?”

And Leia slowly opened her eyes.
Then, he looked at me with his still awake eyes and smiled bashfully, then hugged my face and buried it in his chest.

“Ehehe… Salvation man… Salvation… .”

great! Thank you! Thank you!
Even the angel who didn’t wake up was the best.
As I shed tears of emotion as I felt the soft touch of my entire face, it seems that Leia’s spirit was gradually awakening during that time.

“Uh, um… that… Fuck! Goo, Salvation?! Are you okay?!”


“What… You are crying!”

“Huh? no. OK. These are tears of emotion.”

“Yeah? … Goo, Goo Goo is also true You’re too mean. You were surprised.”

Leia, lost in thought for a moment at my answer, blushed as if she understood what I meant, turned her back and gently slapped my chest with her tail.
I hugged Leia from behind, brought my mouth to her ear, and whispered.

“But why is Leia here?”

“Yeah… Today is my turn.”

“uh? Yes it is, but… are you okay? I just fell asleep.”

I didn’t even realize that I slept with Leia, let alone a relationship.

“It’s okay. I am happy enough just to spend time alone in the same place as Goo Won.”

However, the angel’s answer was, as always, an angelic answer.
big black. Why were you being so kind?
If you live too kindly, you will only lose money. Sometimes not being selfish.

“Then this dress… Did Leia even do the washing for you?”

“Yes, yes… . that… Because he was asleep while wearing Guwon-san’s armor… .”

Leia blushed in response, and then pointed her hand to one side of the room.
There, my equipment was laid out neatly and neatly.
indeed. It must have been difficult I’m sorry.
no. Leia also has a level, and because she’s a nine-tailed fox, her strength level isn’t that bad. Wasn’t it that hard?
Surprisingly, it was easy to lift my body to every corner… Wait a minute.
okay. That means that Leia washed my sleeping body by touching every nook and cranny!
Why were you sleeping?! Why didn’t it happen?!
Like this idiot!
Damn it! Remember! Remember that feeling!
Of course, no matter how hard I tried, there was no way I could remember the feeling I felt when I was asleep.

I lost my mind after getting drunk at the night, and when I open my eyes, there is a very pretty woman lying next to me, and I don’t know how it feels to have sex.

No. Let’s not despair.
Lost time is irretrievable.
But it can be supplemented in the future.
Unlike the guy who sang the knight mentioned as an example, I have the power to continue my actions!

“Even if you wake up now, if you wake up like this, day and night will continue to be reversed. It can’t be. People have to wake up during the day and sleep at night. So, would it be better to return the body time to normal?”

“Yeah? what is that… .”

At my murmuring, Leia tilted her head as if she did not understand.

“I want you to stay like this from now until morning.”

“Ah… .”

As I spoke with a little more force in the arms that embraced Leia’s body, Leia let out a sweet sigh.

“Is Leia okay with that?”

“Yes… yes… .”

As I whispered a sigh into Leia’s ear, which was pointed above her head, Leia tapped her ear a few times as if tickled, then answered with a sweet voice.

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Another find

After hearing the answer, I

He immediately grabbed Leia’s two breasts with his hands.
The touch of Leia’s chest that was touched through her soft pajamas had a special taste.

“Yes… Whoops… Ahh… .”

Each time I rubbed her chest, the silk pajamas brushed against Leia’s chest, especially the bumps in the middle.
As if the soft touch was quite tickling and exciting, Leia let out a bewitching groan and smiled shyly.
Come to think of it, it felt like seeing Leia in pajamas for the first time while spending the night together.
Well, when you sleep with me, you basically sleep naked.
By the way, it’s been a long time since I’ve worn pajamas, or maybe it’s the first time I’ve had a relationship with my kids.
Where did you get my pajamas in the first place?
The pajamas I’m wearing now were made of soft silk, just like the one Leia was wearing.

“By the way, Leia. Where did you get my pajamas?”

“Yes… Yeah? That’s in Guwon-san’s closet… .”

“awhile. what. It’s my closet.”

Do I keep all my things in my inventory?

“Because Guwon doesn’t buy clothes. Sometimes I only buy cloth clothes and pants without any pattern every day. So, we sometimes bought and kept them together. With the mindset that one day, Guwon will make sure that he wears clothes other than cloth.”

Leia said while clenching her fists in a cute fighting pose.
what. That strange ambition. Did you all get together and plot something like that?

“I’ve never been told to wear a different outfit for something like that.”

“Yeah. that… I gave up.”

“Huh? never tried it? Why?”

“that’s… So… there… .”

Leia, who doesn’t lie to me, mumbled her words while smiling as if in trouble.
I smell a conspiracy.
Even if I try to pretend to be with that smile, I won’t fall for it.
You are very beautiful though. You’re so beautiful that I just want to let it go, but I won’t give in!

“what? What? Can’t you even tell me?”

“That, that… .”

“Sister Leia. Please tell me.”

Huh. know. Even a big guy like me knows that it doesn’t suit him at all if he does something like this.

“Hey! That, so.”

Still, it’s edible for our angels. So it happened.

“That’s because Guwon-san is so cool… .”

So I finally got an answer, but the content of the answer was far beyond my expectations.


“You say that if we decorate too much, we will be in trouble… Ah… I’m sorry for being a jealous woman… .”

Leia dyed her face bright red as if from embarrassment, then buried her face in the bed and couldn’t raise her head.
no. Anyway, aren’t you overestimating me?
Well, thank you for being so obsessed with me.

“no. If that’s the case, so am I. That’s why you did it before when you tried to wear clothes that showed the apostle’s seal.”


The main reason was because of Diana’s too revealing dress.
There must have been a reason why I didn’t want to make other people look good.

“Savior… .”

“More than that, Leia will buy my clothes with her own money.”

Leia is hesitant to even buy her own clothes because she spends all her money on helping the poor.
I couldn’t help but be impressed. He’s an angel too.

“That, that… Since the mana grass habitat was discovered, the people of the slums have improved greatly. The donation funds for the temple also increased significantly. So I thought it would be good to spend money to satisfy my greed a little… It’s all thanks to Guwon.”

Oh, yes. like that.
To be honest, I haven’t paid much attention to receiving money from the temple since then, but the temple seems to have helped quite a bit.
But to spend money to satisfy one’s own greed is to buy my clothes.
Angel. Should I say that I am not too greedy or that I love me too much?
Anyway, it’s an angel.

“By the way, is it the same color?”

Walking on the blanket and checking the pajamas Leia and I were wearing, I could see that they were not only made of the same material, but also of the same color.
Since Leia is wearing a negligee, it was a bit vague to call it a couple look.

“… Yes. It’s not like mine.”

“Huh? I wonder if Sarah and Diana usually sleep in the same clothes as Leia?!”

Sara says yes, but Diana wears this sexy negligee… no. I’m not disparaging Diana.
But, people have what suits each and what doesn’t.
Well, if it’s your older sister’s version of Diana, I think it’d look great.

“Savior. It’s disrespectful to you two for such a reaction.”

Perhaps that thought was reflected on her face, and Leia looked at me and smiled and supported the two of them.

“no. Excuse me. I thought they both look good together? Really. So please keep it a secret.”

“Huhu. I saw you doing it.”

… that ambassador. Reminds me of a line I gave to Diana a while ago.
If this is the flow, our angel will tell you two later… what’s wrong with that
Unlike trash like me, our angel is an angel.

“But Diana with this sheer negligee… .”

“Mr. Salvation is also true. Because you love Diana so much.”

As I mumbled that again, Leia spoke with a slightly sullen face.
this. Wouldn’t it be bad to keep bringing up another girl’s name in bed?
Since the opponent is an angel, I was a little careless.
Even an angel would be jealous of course.

“sorry. I’m only looking at Leia right now.”

“Yeah… .”

Even as she answered that, Leia’s expression did not soften.
no. It doesn’t look like he’s really jealous, though. He looks like he is thinking about something.
As she stared at her for a moment, Leia’s expression changed as if she was more and more worried.
Then he finally put his hands together and started to pray.

“Goddess. Sorry.”

“Lee, Leia?”

what? What were you suddenly thinking about to say sorry to Goddess?

“Mr. Salvation.”


Leia’s expression, looking at me again, was filled with determination.
With those unusually strong eyes, I even felt a little overwhelmed.

“After all, Guwon… That… So… .”

However, Leia, who opened her mouth, blushed from embarrassment when she tried to speak, and could not speak properly.
Without saying anything, I looked at Leia like that warmly and waited for Leia to speak properly.

“After all, Guwon-san! Do you like to show it to others? Well, then I… !”

And with her eyes closed, Leia’s words uttered with determination were words she hadn’t even imagined.
Wait a minute. Maybe that was the reason he apologized to the Goddess?
Were you making that determination with a serious face?!
no. Yes, it is very moving that you think of me more than the discipline of a priest

“Yes Yes?! I beg your pardon?”

“Also… !”

“Huh? Oh no! not this! I’m not saying yes, I’m asking a question! What are you talking about! You can’t love it! what suddenly! Why are you talking like that all of a sudden?!”

I was so flustered that I felt myself speaking faster.
Huh. It will look very suspicious to others.

“But Diana… !”

After Diana was talked about, I thought it suddenly became quiet, was it related to her?! What the hell did he say!
No wait. Come to think of it, the reaction of the children when they came to catch a male kobold… !
That scene flashed through my mind.
Angry Sarah. Diana with a shy expression on her face that she had won something. Leia and Matilda look in disbelief. Vibrating Sylvia.
Are you sure. It’s definitely something that happened back then.

“Leia. Calm down. Can you calm down and tell me a little bit more?”

“Yeah. So… .”

According to Leia, it was:
After I went to follow the monster, everyone was restless and worried about me.
But then, Diana, the oldest and most experienced in dungeons, went out to reassure the party members.

But Sarah, who was so anxious, said to Diana, “Aren’t you worried about Diana?! Diana’s answer to that was, “Isn’t it natural that I am more worried about this body, my original wife?”
Naturally, Sarah was drawn to the provocation by the word “home wife”, and the two started fighting over who was her.

Now that I think about it, it’s better to have a quarrel like that rather than trembling with anxiety, so I think Diana was deliberately provoking it, but anyway, the quarrel between the two of them grew more and more intense.
They even competed in bed to see how much demand I had of them.

Sara seemed to solidify her victory by revealing what she does with her butt in addition to playing various images, but the tide turned in an instant due to Diana’s rebuttal.
Diana said:

“Is that just that? When I’m with this body, I always bother to go out and do it. Maybe the way you make love with this body

It must be something that the world wants to show off. It’s the desire to show off. How much do you like this body… After all, he is also a difficult person.”

In the end, even after revealing that she did her ass, Sarah had no choice but to experience a thorough defeat, and Diana was able to gain a victory with only scars by revealing her exposed play.

“… Ah. Huh. like that. what to say… Did Leia not participate in the war?”

After hearing all of Leia’s words, I had no choice but to react.
Aren’t they really stupid? There’s nothing kids can’t say
no. What. I am also grateful that we became close enough to even talk to each other like that.

“That’s it… Because I believe that Goo Won loves us all equally.”

big black. Angel. I knew it!
Come to think of it, Leia’s question earlier wasn’t whether she liked Diana the most, but whether I like that kind of play.

“I tell you. because no Because I don’t like exposure play or anything like that. I can’t say I don’t have a desire to show off, but at least I don’t want to show off sex. in the first place If I had that kind of personality, I would have filmed the video with you instead of the princess. right?”

“Ah, that, that, that’s right… . Then you did something like that with the two of you… .”

When I protested like that, only then did Leia blush as if she realized that she had doubts.

“That’s not my wall, it’s their wall.”

I coolly exposed other people’s secrets without hiding anything.
no. It must have been known from the beginning that Sarah likes her buttocks with the seal of the apostles, so was it actually Diana who was the only one whose secrets were exposed?
But I didn’t do anything wrong.
It’s Diana’s fault for stating that in the first place.
Huh. I didn’t do anything wrong.

“… … Oh.”

Leia seemed quite surprised by my remarks, so she covered her mouth with her hand and muttered something like that.

“Well, people have different tastes. Please do not be prejudiced in the future and watch over me with warm eyes.”

“… Yes. Okay.”

At my words, Leia nodded her head with a sincere face.
Do you talk like this in bed?
Why did this come up in the first place?
I was obviously just trying to have a good time with Leia.
The conversation is no longer at the level of derailment

“Ah. This talk ends with this. Instead of talking about their walls, let’s keep doing something more constructive.”

“Ah! Whoops. Salvation is too. Is this constructive?”

“then. It will be Leia’s special training for controlling the nine tailed tail, and it will also be a practice for making children. It’s very constructive.”

“Huhu. Yes. Then again… .”

Leia said so, and slowly took off my pants.
It’s the same behavior as usual, but it’s wearing a negligee, so it’s fresh and powerful.

“He’s already healthy here.”

“Because I was with Leia.”

I was touching my chest.

“Huhu. Thank you.”

Leia said that and smiled brightly, then kissed the tip of my object and kissed it.
no. no. Thank you. Rather, I am grateful. Thank you very much. Love it.

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Another find

the next morning. I was able to open my eyes again with a refreshing feeling.
Sigh. Also, angels are the best.
I thought it would be so easy to restore the changed day and night.
I mean, it’s surprisingly difficult to change this by yourself.
There are ways to hold on to not sleeping again until the next night, but then there are also cases where you sleep too long and wake up with the day and night switched.
But if there is an angel, don’t worry.
He works hard at night, and receives the effect of healing sex and greets the morning with a strong sense of humor.
It really is the best feeling.
I spent a peaceful time stroking the hair of the angel sleeping softly above me until Vanessa arrived.

“Good morning!”

“… Good morning… . Salvation is exciting… .”

As I went down to the restaurant, I heard Sarah’s voice, which was less energetic than usual.
And somehow, Matilda was standing next to him, and it looked like he was trying to do something.

“What is it?”

“My head hurts from sleeping too much… .”

Sara also seems to have suffered a little because of the day and night switching.

“Would you like me to call you?”

“Aren’t you stupid?”

As Sarah said that, she tilted her head slightly toward me.
the fool is you On the topic that I announced in front of everyone that I also have anal sex. babo.
With that thought in mind, I breathed a generous breath into Sarah’s ear.

“Awkward! Bar, you idiot!”

“I said it twice.”

“Ugh… On the subject that he said strange first… . Brother, are you doing this on purpose? With Leia… Oh, then I saw… uh… .”

Not sure if I was in the same condition as usual, but Sarah called me oppa without much resistance in a slightly weak voice.
Good. Continue teaching like this… no. It is not a dream that the day will come when you will one day only call me oppa if you continue to educate.
But Sarah muttered as if she had remembered something else, and then started looking at me again.
It wasn’t as strong as usual, though.
no wonder. I didn’t look at it strangely. Even if it was not that I forgot such a shocking thing. I guess I forgot to get angry for a while because I wasn’t feeling well.
What are you talking about?
what are you talking about The incident with that argument with Diana yesterday.
You’ve been staring at me since we lost the fight, and just getting some sleep can’t fix it.
Most of all, I lost the fight that Sara, who loves me so much, was talking about.
Leia’s misunderstanding has already been resolved, but wouldn’t it be better to clear up her misunderstanding sooner?
But now the place was not too good to clear up the misunderstanding.
I don’t know if it’s the three of us, because I’m a little sorry for exposing the walls to other people, no matter how much I am.
no. It’s completely self-employed, though.
And best of all, one of the main actors of the misunderstanding had yet to show up.

“Alas… Mr. Matilda. That’s good… .”

no. Sarah. Don’t make noise when people think.
I was wondering what you were doing before, but was it because you slept too much and used healing magic on your sore head?
Does that work too?
Magic. no. Is this the divine power of the Goddess? Anyway, isn’t it too versatile?
Well, that’s not what I’m talking about as I’m fine with healing sex.

“But what about Diana?”

Anyway, yes. Diana hadn’t been seen in the restaurant yet.

“You are still sleeping.”

It was Vanessa, who was somewhere behind me, to answer my question.

“What? Diana overslept? It’s nothing.”

“Yeah. Perhaps he couldn’t sleep properly last night, and there were traces of sleep magic that he cast on himself.”

indeed. Diana is said to have rested a little while on my back, but still, it cannot be a sufficient rest.
So, Diana also brilliantly switched day and night.
But it’s a sleep magic to yourself. You’re using a pretty drastic method.

“Can Vanessa also use magic? Can’t you use some kind of waking magic?”

“No wizard can break Diana-sama’s sleep magic.”

is it real Still, she’s still at a lower level than Vanessa you.
Is it not the total amount of mana, but the complexity of the technique or something like that?
Anyway, that means no one can wake you up until you wake up on your own.
I want to solve a misunderstanding quickly, but I’m bothered… .

“By the way, are Sylvia and Matilda okay? Are you okay?”

Well, seeing what she’s doing to Sarah now, I can understand Matilda.

“Yeah. Because I healed myself with divine power. No problem.”

“I’m fine too. It’s training to become a knight, so I’m used to this.”

That’s unbelievably reassuring.
It would have felt more reassuring if they were talking near me instead of in the corner. it’s sylvia
But I’ve felt that before, Sylvia Zane’s knight training and everything else, she’s very adaptable.
Is it that hard? If you are a knight from a prestigious noble family, there is an image that it is easier to walk on the silk road than other knights.
In this world, isn’t there such a thing as skill level is clearly displayed?
Well, it seems that there was no swimming course during training.

“Anyway, then, shall we leave Diana alone and have dinner?”

If it’s just oversleeping, I’ll wait, but if there’s no way to wake me up, I can’t help it
We had to eat first.



Finally, until after dinner, Diana did not show up.
I wanted to come down late, so I drank tea after dinner and waited.
How strong was the spell? Did you make a mistake by falling asleep? no. It’s impossible for Diana to fail magic.
As I was thinking about it, Vanessa spoke to me from behind.

“While Salvation was on her way to the dungeon, I got a call from the castle. He said he was ready. Just like that to the savior

I said that I would find out if I delivered it, and I left.

“Ah, yes. Thanks.”

Is it already over?
It’s true we’ve been in the dungeon for a little while, but isn’t it too fast?
Are you preparing a magic ball? Even so, have you already persuaded the denomination?
Is it finally time to shoot a video?
The time has finally come to be freed from the robe.
no. Diana and I like the couple look. I just don’t like having something on my head.
Anyway, for that reason, I felt like a chimney to go to shoot a video right away, but I had to do something before that.

“buy it. Come along and let’s go.”

“Huh? Where?”

still a little squishy
So it’s not that I like Diana more. I’m going to clear up that misunderstanding.

“In Diana’s room.”

“Oh. Only Sarah and Diana?”

“no. Well, Leia doesn’t care if you follow me.”

‘Cause I know it all

“Then I will go with you.”

Leia, not knowing what I was going to talk about, smiled and put her into my arms.
Then Sara, who had a grumpy expression on her face, was also entangled in my arms as her competitive spirit was activated. The expression on his face is still fat.
‘Cause he’s a cute guy
Every time I see him like this, I realize that he is the youngest in our party.

“Diana. I will go in.”

“Uh, uh?! Uh, come on.”

Naturally, I thought he was still sleeping, so I just went in, but to my surprise, Diana was awake.
Even though I was still in bed.
Diana was lying on the bed, half covering her face with a blanket, and she couldn’t even look at it properly.
However, given the bright red tips of the long ears protruding above the blanket, it was self-evident that the face must also be red.
indeed. I mean that’s it.
I roughly figured out the situation.
What was the reason Diana, who broke up like that yesterday, suddenly had such an embarrassing reaction?
Now I’m embarrassed to come. It was revealed that he was playing exposed.

“What is it?”

Of course, kindly, I took off the shichimi and asked like that.

“Oh, nothing. I just slept a lot and my head… .”

Where have you heard this excuse?
Maybe Sarah?
I looked at Sarah, and she shook her head in denial.
In fact, everyone must have already noticed when the apostle’s seal was placed there. There is nothing to be ashamed of now.

“Oh. Then I will treat you.”

Anyway, Leia approached Diana, who was playing tricks, and gently stroked her hair.

“Uh, uh… Go, thank you… .”

Diana, who was able to stare right in front of her trembling chest whenever Leia moved her hand, mumbled that with an extremely bitter face.
is it real Do you still have that reaction in your chest?
I told you that you are pretty in any shape.
At this point, it’s just like having a trauma in Leia’s chest regardless of me.
Leia kept on Diana’s head saying it was warm on the 3rd floor.

Was it the problem of carrying around with your breasts on top?
Well, it doesn’t really matter since there was no reaction in her chest when she used Polymorph.

“More than that. I have something to say to you two fools.”

“… Well? Who are you talking about?”

“You two idiots?”

The two of us take shichimi together.

“You mean it! You two fools!”

As I alternately point my fingers at Sarah and Diana, they both look startled.

“What, what?!”

“Are you serious?! Fool?! are you?! To this body?!”

“what?! That reaction?! At least call me nanny?!”

“Are you serious?! Fool?! Nang-kun?! to this body?! Ah!”

no. Just don’t do it. I think you’re making fun of me more because I’m called Nang-gun.
In response to such a violent reaction, I reflexively slapped Diana’s forehead.

“Gee, I hit you now… Whoa!”

Then he grabbed his head and started spinning it around at random.

“mistake! Wrong! This body is wrong! Whoa!”

I’m struggling with the subject of surrender in the end.
By the time Diana’s eyes were spinning, I barely freed Diana’s head.
Diana, who was staggering, fell to the side as it was… He buried Leia’s chest and Saiyan’s face.

“Great… .”

Diana had a humiliating expression on her face, but was still buried as if she could not properly control her body.
Then Leia hugged Diana’s head again with a happy expression and stroked her soft hair.
Whoops. That’s what happens when you make fun of people.
Face the humiliation for a while. And when you can move your body, get out of the way and switch with me. To be buried between the chests of angels. Unbelievably envious… Hmmm. It doesn’t matter now.

“Anyway, I have something to tell you. i mean I like all three of you equally. I don’t like anyone more or anything like that.”

“What? Suddenly what… .”

“So! It doesn’t matter whether you and Sara play with your ass or Diana play with you in the nude! You idiots! What are you bragging about! Even Sylvia and Matilda are there!”

“Ahhh… .”


Suddenly, as if I didn’t know how to say these words, Sarah and Diana, both of whom had a piercing expression on their face, collapsed at the same time.
Sarah buried her face in the bed, and Diana buried her face in Leia’s chest and began to moan in pain.

“It’s tailored to your taste! Sarah, your ass is erogenous! Diana, you… .”

“Oh no!”

“No, not what! This pervert!”

“Uh, uh… .”

Hey. It is said that a woman’s tears are a weapon, but aren’t you using it too well in the right place?

“… Well, I can’t deny that I induced Diana in that way because I wanted to harass her.”

“Look! I admit it now! this pervert! Bitch!”

this is real… .

“I can’t believe you say that in front of others!”

“You did it in front of others first! The two of them splendidly self-destruct!

“Ha, but… But such a false name… ! 👌👌👌 After this, Leia’s castle walls… !”

When the exposure mania was exposed in front of others, Diana began to look at Leia with dangerous eyes, probably because she was too shy to completely lose her sanity.

“Hey. Don’t bring Leia in for nothing.”

“But didn’t you hear?!”

“still… .”

“Savior. It’s okay. Do you all share secrets? It’s nice to have a strong bond like this.”

“Hey, this body isn’t a flashlight, but it is!”

no. However, I was deliberately refraining from the expression “exposure light”.
Diana. you said it yourself now
How the hell have you lost your temper?
no. Prior to that… .

“Leia doesn’t have a wall to reveal.”

“Oh, that can’t be!”

“right! No way!”

no. I know you’re ashamed of your perverted walls being revealed, and I understand how desperate you are, but it’s really not. No matter how much you deny it

“It is not. see. I like to serve Gu Guo… .”

“Leia! I’m sorry!”

“Yes, yes?! Why?!”

Sigh. It seems that the misunderstanding has been resolved somehow, but looking at this situation, I don’t think this commotion will end easily.

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Another find

“then. I’m alone.”

“awhile. Where are you going to run away?”

I whispered quietly and tried to run away, but Sarah grabbed my neck and wouldn’t let me go.

“Why? We’re done talking. Misunderstanding cleared up, I like all of you. Isn’t it over?”

“How are you going to end up like this after exposing other people’s walls!”

“Ah, I admit I feel it with my ass… Whoops! surrender!”

“Say it.”

“What, what?!”

“Leia’s wall! Say it!”

“no. So, Leia is not like that… .”

“It can’t be! There must be something!”

no. So why are you so desperate?

“Calm down. Why. How are you? you’re cute to that extent. On the contrary, I think it’s good that those things are more fun when having sex… .”

“Isn’t it fun to play with me?”

“no. It’s great! Whoops! So surrender! Sara, hitting you really hurts!”

“this! body! Degree! time! Lee! Go! there! Yeah!”

Oh yes. You’re cute, so you can keep hitting me.
I felt happy for a moment as I looked at Diana, who was clinging to my chest and patting me.

“At first, Leia turned into a nine-tailed fox and lost her reason when inserted, so she said she didn’t know anything about the castle walls. Rather, you!”

“What, what?”

Sara and Diana flinched and trembled as I suddenly went out strong.
First of all, it seems that they are aware that they are using a herd.
Yes, if you use a swarm, you will be in trouble.
Now is the time for counterattack.

“I heard something more interesting than that.

Sara, when you’re fighting with my own body and all, you obviously brag about what you’re doing with your ass? And when Diana heard it and thought she couldn’t lose, she bragged about her exposed play.”

“That, that… .”

“That means you guys were jealous of each other’s play.”

“Oh, no! It’s not like that.”

“Good. If you’re so envious, I’ll do it right now. Leia. get out From now on, I’m going to put it in Diana’s ass and then go outside with Sara… .”

“It’s out! Crazy! Really crazy!”

“Oh, no! If you put something like that, it will rip!”

Also, this threat works. Again, it seems that they don’t want to play each other’s game even if they die.
Look. See what your partner hates and dislikes. Because you are such a wall.

“Kukkuk. If you don’t like it… .”

“… Salvation!”

“Yes Yes?”

As I continued to threaten with a mean smile, Leia suddenly called me in a sullen voice.
Leia held her hands in front of her chest and bowed her head slightly to pray, then raised her head again and looked at me with eyes determined to do something.
what. this feeling of embarrassment. It’s an action I remember seeing very recently.

“I don’t like being left alone forever. If you’re going to do it, I… !”

“What are you talking about, Gengaaa! It’s not natural, isn’t it?”

Even before Leia’s declaration was finished, Diana grabbed her head with both hands and shouted in shock.

“Yeah, yes! Leia! Calm down! The problem is that Leia accepts the foolishness of salvation to the point that sometimes she thinks it’s too much! You don’t have to listen to all this pervert! We won’t! I wouldn’t! Who wants to play exposed!”

“Who do you think will do it with ass! That’s the excretory organ! It’s not an institution for sex!”

Do you both get along well or diss each other, can you do one of the two? ‘Cause I’m confused
It’s good that we can get along while dissing each other.

“Then you think I can just leave?”

“Get out! This pervert!”

no. Sarah. won’t you go out This is Diana’s room.
Despite leaving such a question, I decided to leave the room as instructed.
Whoops. It looks like it’s been resolved somehow.

“Leia remains!”

“Ok! Let’s talk a little bit!”

“Yeah? Goo, Gukwon-san!”

“… cheer up.”

Well, it looks like Leia still has to suffer a little more.
No matter how much I ask, there is no such thing as Leia’s wall.

“I need to thoroughly educate people so that they don’t take too much of the foolishness of salvation in the future!”

What? Was it that?!
Oh, no! My only oasis in my heart! Don’t defile the angels!

“It’s okay. Salvation Mr. Anytime I… Okay!”

“That. r. you. How! that! That’s a problem! 👌👌👌 Bounce, don’t bounce! heh… .”

Leia said with a warm smile as if she had read my expression, but she was hit by Diana’s pats and gave off a cute scream.
Than Leia who was attacked, pat

Although the attack was deflected by the chest, Diana took much more damage.
Anyway, I had no choice but to be kicked out of the room, leaving Leia behind.

“Sigh. Sylvia. Comfort me.”

“Up, up, up? . uh, how, how… .”

After being kicked out of the room, I passed by. no. I caught Sylvia, who was hovering around me while pretending to be passing by, and hugged her.
Actually, there is nothing to do.
For example, video shooting. But I felt like I had put too much energy into something earlier, so now I don’t have the energy to take a picture like that.
In this case, animal therapy… no. The best way to enjoy Silvia Therapy is to calm your mind and body.
uhm. Today is a moderately good vibration.
Wouldn’t it be possible to use it as a massage chair if you make a space like a sofa and put Silvia in it?
no. Of course, I wouldn’t do such a cruel thing. it’s just that good

But as I hugged Sylvia like this, I felt like I was missing something.
I feel like I promised something before… Ah! Sylvia Sexuality Treatment!
I promised myself that I would do it right away so that the same thing didn’t happen again!
Dangerous. I almost forgot it again.


“Yes, yes, yes… .”

“Stand up.”

“Whoa! haha! haha! haha! Hey, I thought I was going to die this time… .”

As I released my arms and freed them, Sylvia mumbled, springing up like a spring, breathing heavily.
Maybe he was talking to himself, but because he was breathing heavily, his voice naturally grew louder and he could hear everything.
no. So I have to say a few times that people don’t die so easily… what happened

“Then, Sylvia. Take off your pants.”

“Yeah… Silkworm!”

Hey. Don’t harden like a stone. It’s not your first time having sex with me.

“Hey, you mean here?! From this broad daylight… me, me! Whoops!”

Oh, by the way, this was the drawing room.
Come to think of it, Sylvia must have heard that Diana was doing it outside too.
Does he also think I have a hobby like that?
Well, I guess that’s why he’s so surprised and even making such a determined expression.
Diana. did you see Like Sarah, the reaction of people who are usually forced to play exposed is like that.
It’s not like you’re getting excited and squeezing your pussy and shaking your back.

“no. Let’s go to the room first.”

“This, once… !?”

no. It’s just a word that doesn’t make any sense.
Without correcting Sylvia’s misunderstanding that I like exposed play, I grabbed her hand and headed for the room.
Of course it is. First of all, I think about the honor of our children.
Last night, too, because my partner was Leia, so I said it so easily, and today, we only called the three of us.
I have no intention of divulging Sara or Diana’s walls, even to the other kids.

“then. Can you take it off?”

“Wow… Now, wait, can you wait a minute… .”

Sylvia had such a determined expression before, but the moment she realized that I was going to play normally, it vibrated and weakened as usual.
Seeing Sylvia like that, I could intuit that my timing was incredibly good.

“Take it off.”

“Ugh… .”

I said it again, and Sylvia took off her clothes slowly, even though she was a little weeping.
first from the top. Sylvia’s white and slender body line was revealed when she took off her top, which seemed to emphasize activity rather than design.
I always feel it, but even as a knight, I can’t believe it.
On the outside, she looks as weak as Diana, and she has an incredibly white skin, even though she’s basically working outdoors.
If you look at the appearance alone, the word “young-ae of a noble family” comes out of nowhere.
no. Not only in appearance, but in reality as well.

Anyway, on the exposed upper body, something called a sports bra, which emphasized activity rather than design, was worn.
The pure white sports bra looks great on Sylvia’s white skin, but does it mean wearing her bra?
Oh, it hurts when your nipples are rubbed… no. Let’s stop thinking more than this. It should be pretty if you’re pretty

Sylvia took off her shirt, folded it neatly, and laid it down on the floor next to her feet, looking worried for a moment, and this time she put her hand on the bra.
Again, rather than revealing the lower body, I chose to take it all off from the top.
I thought so.

“Wow… . Whoa… .”

Sylvia, who took off her bra and completely exposed her upper body, took a deep breath as if preparing for something, and then lowered her pants at once.
no. Let’s fix it.
I grabbed my pants and panties and got them down at once.
Seeing your panties drenched will make it even worse.
Let’s say the try is good.
It would have been perfect if it wasn’t for a string of clear, gooey liquid running between your crotch-to-ankle pants.


Without even touching Sylvia’s pussy, I put one hand between Sylvia’s thighs.
She rested her hand on the spot for a moment with her palm facing up. At the same time, Sylvia’s thighs trembled, and at the same time, a transparent liquid of love dripped from Sylvia’s vagina and dripped onto her palms.


“Yes, Neet!”

When I called my name, Sylvia trembled without making eye contact with me, as if she was afraid of being scolded.

“Did I clearly tell you before? Come find me before this happens.”

“Wow… yes… .”

“Since when?”

“That, that… .”

“You mean you can’t answer my question, are you?”

“Seo, since returning from the castle… is… .”

“… What?”

It’s been a lot longer than expected!
I thought it would have been a few more days at most!
is it. Maybe it was the fact that he couldn’t concentrate in the dungeon than usual!
I thought it was just because I was wandering around a place with a lower difficulty than usual.
You must have been excited every time you touched me?!

“Why didn’t you tell me?!”

“Ha, but because of me, dungeon exploration… .”

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a day late for that!”

“Sorry, I’m sorry.”

“Sigh… . Come on.”

I pulled Sylvia’s body and hugged him tightly.
It was also my fault for not paying attention in the first place. It would be unfair to just be angry with Sylvia.

“I will say it again. Do I have to tell you next time?”

“Goo, I’m saved… wow… .”

I muttered softly as I stroked Sylvia’s frizzy hair, and Sylvia twisted her body, about to half-dead.

“Hey. Don’t try to die when people say nice things.”

“No, it’s a bunch, it’s a bunch… .”

no. unreasonable In that case, show me a little more patience.
When exploring dungeons, like a knight, the subject is overflowing with guts.

“But, if you say this again, Sylvia won’t listen to me.”

“… huh?”

Sylvia was getting closer to her happy life when she treated her kindly, but when I muttered like that, all of her actions stood tall and stopped in an instant.
And then, whatever the hell he was imagining, his body began to tremble again.
Yes, you. After all, either way vibrates the same.

“From now on, I will give special training so that Sylvia can express her feelings more honestly.”

“Ugh?! Eh?! frankness?!”

“okay. Why Sylvia can’t honestly ask me to have sex. That’s it! Because I am ashamed!”

“Ah, ah, no! I’m afraid I’ll die if I’m wrong! I’m afraid I’m going to die! My whole life is in crisis… !”

Sylvia has been starting to understand the seriousness of the situation more and more, and has been protesting in a desperate manner.
Did you not know what the dungeon did?
So you mean that was a lie? disappointed! I’m sorry Sylvia! I hope you will lie to me!

“So from now on, Sylvia will have a more embarrassing experience than asking for sex, and she will get over it!”

Full of disappointment, I completely ignored Sylvia’s objection and continued with my words.

“Oh, ah ah ah ah ah! Oh, my mother! Sylvia, come to the goddess first!”

Sylvia, who had an intuition for what she was going to face in the end, began to cry with a look of giving up on everything.
No matter how good it is, is it so good that you tremble like that and even shed tears?
If you’re so happy, I’ll be proud of myself as a body that came up with such a wonderful plan.

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Another find

“Are the prayers over?”

“Hey! Sah, live… .”

“What are you talking about. I can’t kill our cute Sylvia, can I?”

“Huh… Alas… Aww… .”

“I just want to show you heaven.”

“Hey! You must die to see heaven!”

Sylvia trembled and managed to make a final resistance, but I didn’t care.
haha. sounds stupid. can it be I’m watching heaven with an angel every day.

“Anyway, Sylvia. You want to die happy when you’re with me, but besides that, there’s a lot of shame. no it can’t be So, from now on, let’s do a live report.”

“Eh? city,

Report the facts… mean?”

Sylvia tilted her head as if she didn’t understand my order.
cute guy.


“there… A shameful experience… Oh no! it’s nothing! Yeah! I’ll do it!”

I thought I had done something shameful enough, but Sylvia strongly agreed, as if she could survive that much.
strange. Is my common sense wrong? Shame, right?
Well, should I try it first and see the reaction to decide whether to do something more or not?


I put my hand on Sylvia’s chest.
Unlike the other boys, who could only hold hands with concave hands, Sylvia’s chest was perfectly close to the palm of her hand even with her palms open.
Well, each person has their own charm.

“Sylvia. report.”

“Oh, my savior… Just caress me, my chest, my chest… Whoa… It’s a lot more embarrassing than I thought… .”

yes it is Idiot. Can’t you be ashamed?
Fortunately, my plan seems to have worked.
But, just that, Sylvia. I didn’t want that kind of report.

“Sylvia. then no Did I tell you to make a live report?”

“Yes, yes… ? Ha, but now… .”

When I spoke firmly, Sylvia, who was already vibrating more than usual, had a face that looked like she was about to cry.

“Sylvia. What is the purpose of the report?”

“I am passing information ah… .”

“okay. indeed a knight. I know you well.”

I tapped Sylvia’s chest as if it was a reward.
Even if you don’t have it, once you do this, you can feel it.

“Go, ha, go, thank you… Whoops… .”

Look at this. Sylvia is even more excited.
Well, the fact that I’m being touched more actively than the soft touch may be exciting in itself.

“by the way. Sylvia. Don’t you know that I’m touching your breasts myself right now?”

“after… eh? That, hey… .”

“Of course you know?”

“Yeah… .”

“Then there is no meaning in conveying information, is there?”

As I said that, Sylvia’s eyes widened, as if she finally understood what I was trying to say.
no. Is it just because your body is vibrating that way?

“Hey ah ah… .”

To confirm, she stretched out her hands on Sylvia’s head and grabbed her cheeks tightly and looked at her, and Sylvia’s whole body vibrated even more intensely.

“cadet… aww… wow… .”

Well. My eyes are trembling too.
I freed Sylvia’s face again and put my hand on her chest… Olga was already there with Silvia’s hand.

“Huh… huh… Whoa… Lord, die… really dying… .”

Because it’s really exaggerated.

“Anyway, Sylvia. Make sure to report in a form that can convey the meaning of information properly.”

“Hey, what… ?”

“Well. If you don’t give an example, you don’t know. So, for example, if I touch Sylvia’s chest like this… .”

“Uhhhh… .”

“Savior’s big, warm hand touched my heart, and the sweet feeling spread in my heart, and at the same time, my whole body began to heat up. In that way.”

“Wow, ah ah… Whoa, bunch! A bunch of people! It’s a bunch!”

“You mean you can’t hear my orders?”

“Ha, but! But but! Die! I really die!”

“I won’t die.”


“Hey. There’s nothing to cry out loud. You don’t like being known to me like that? I just want to hear Sylvia’s honest feelings.”

“Huh, huh… that, something like that… black… ok ah! These are tears of joy alas!”

Sylvia gave up everything to the point of almost being rebellious, but she gave an unkind answer.
okay. So that’s our Sylvia.

“Well then… .”

I reached out to Sylvia’s pubic hair, gently clasped the saint’s hand in her hand, and gently stroked it.



“Oh, the savior… The savior’s hand is on me, on my vagina, on my vagina… All, the places I reached are… .”

At my urging, Sylvia tried to keep talking in a crawling low voice, but it didn’t seem easy.
It’s shameful to be ashamed, but while explaining your situation with your own mouth, you may become more conscious than usual that I’m touching you.
With only a slight touch of her pussy, Sylvia was shedding much more love than usual, and the vibrations of her body became so strong that it almost seemed like she was shaking.

“It’s harder than this.”

“Huh… haha… Sigh… sin, sorry… Whoa… .”

Seeing that she apologizes so hard, Sylvia must have done her best.
But I’m so sorry it ended like this.
Is there any way to get more results somehow?
As they are doing the exact opposite this time, even the strategy of focusing attention elsewhere doesn’t seem to work.

“Ugh… Good. Then do this Sylvia.”

“Huh… Ugh… yes, yes?”

“If you do it right, I will give you a reward.”

“Po, the reward… mean?”

“okay. prize. I’ll give you anything you want.”

“What… all… ?”

“okay. whatever.”

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah… .”

I brought my face closer to Sylvia’s, whispered in a soft voice, and smiled.
Then Sylvia’s face turned red to the point where it was abnormally red, and the body that was standing still fell backwards despite the vibrations up to now.

“Wow! Sylvia?!”

Of course, before I completely fell to the floor, I was attached to the body.
But Sylvia slid right into my arms, hit her buttocks on the floor, then flopped her legs back into the corner of one wall of the room.
Following Sylvia’s path, the lines of love liquid left on the floor are like a snail’s past… no. That’s not important.

“Why are you running away all of a sudden? no. Why did you suddenly collapse before that?”

“Oh, no! nothing!”

Sylvia screamed desperately as she covered her face with one hand and fluttered the other forward.

“What were you thinking… .”

“Ahhh… ! It’s nothing!”

of mine

Perhaps her imagination once again exploded at the words, Sylvia let out a strange moan in a high-pitched tone that seemed to tear apart, and then fluttered her whole body again.
He reacts so violently to the words that he will grant only one wish, so it feels even ominous.
Are you okay? Sylvia, can I trust you?

“Anyway, Sylvia. will you do Aren’t you going to?”

“Ha, I will!”

are you doing On the subject of falling down just by imagining and twisting my whole body.
Sylvia slapped her cheeks with both hands and looked at me with determined eyes.
Those eyes were ready for even death.
What the hell is your wish that makes you like that?

“Good. If you’re prepared, you’ll be fine. Come on.”

“Yep, yes, yes!”

Sylvia calmed her trembling legs and approached me with a determined expression on her face.
And I got down on my knees and kissed Sylvia’s pussy lightly.

“You can’t drag your ass on the floor naked.”

Isn’t it dirty? No problem.
I trust our maids and Vanessa. The floor is clean enough to lick, so there’s no problem.


And maybe my action was an unexpected surprise for Sylvia, and Sylvia just lost her strength in her legs and broke her knees.
And Sylvia, who somehow managed to avoid falling by grabbing my head, shook her back and squirted water from her vagina.
Have you ever felt this climax? Well, because it was hot from the beginning.

“Sylvia. report.”

“Goo, old unnie… This, the mouth… my pussy… hey uh… W, it’s too much… .”

Sylvia was still trying to report in a trembling voice, perhaps because the climax wave was still raging through her body, but eventually gave up in a voice that looked like she was going to cry.

“Isn’t there a wish you wanted to hear?”

“That, that… ! Goo, old sister, uh… This, the mouth… My, my pussy… So, so very happy… I feel like I have the whole world… Whoa… Hey, it’s okay to die now… .”

no. don’t die To have more regrets in life. What are you trying to ascend to?
Come back. come back this
I shook Sylvia’s body over and over again, barely able to hold the consciousness.

“Whoa. I’ve had it for ten years Good. If it was that good, could you please make me feel the same this time?”

“Whoa? hot! Yes, yes!”

Sylvia, who still had a relaxed expression on her face, nodded as if she had come to her senses when I took off her pants and lifted things up.
And this time Sylvia knelt down and kissed my stuff lightly.
My body was still vibrating, but it seems that touching me myself rather than touching me would be more bearable.
Sylvia kept her sanity properly and gave me a naughty and constant bird kiss all over my stuff.

When I gently stroked her hair at the sight of such cute Sylvia, her body trembled and trembled.
Especially intense around the waist.
Is this just such a reaction?
Well, what can’t be done in this situation?

“Sylvia. report?”

“Yes, yes! Goo, the Savior’s… A kiss on the things of salvation… Heh heh heh… .”

Don’t laugh like that. I agree this
It’s really different from when we first met. It was a subject that was expressionless back then.
Is this the nature or is it the nature?

Anyway, with Sylvia’s kiss, my stuff was so bubbly that it hurt so much.
Slowly, Sylvia also seems to be able to breathe a little more, so let’s start right now.

“okay. He seems to be much more used to it than before. Are you that good?”

“Yeah! Joe, all right… .”

Sylvia, who was smiling, responded with a strong affirmation, then avoided her gaze as if she was a little shy, and then kissed my thing again.

“Then I’ll make it better.”

I slipped my hand between Sylvia’s armpits and lifted it up, pointed that pussy at the tip of mine, and got back down.

“Huh?! Eh! Whoa!”

“Sylvia. How do you feel?”

“Ki, donate, donate!”

Sylvia only said so, and tightened her pussy as if she had reached the climax again, then dropped her limbs and lowered her head, burying her face in my shoulder.
no. not dead that he didn’t die I can feel the heavy breathing on my shoulder
My back is also shaking.

“Sylvia? OK? Are you fine?”

“Oooh, my old sister-in-law… Filling me inside… My heart is full… Even touching the inside… Do it, it’s a move ah… .”

no. I didn’t hear the report, I was just checking to see if he was conscious.
Sylvia had been reporting so steadily in a half-savored tone.
I don’t know what you want, but is that wish so earnest?
If that’s the case, even if I don’t have to work so hard, if it’s something I can do, I’d listen.
Well, it’s cute, so you shouldn’t say anything.

“Are you that happy?”

“Yes, yes. My old sister… . Joa, Joahamnah… .”

“okay. I like it too.”


As I whispered, that alone brought Sylvia to climax once again.

“Goo, Guwon-nim’s voice… From ear to ear… from the heart… It spreads throughout the body… It’s a warm feeling… .”

“Hot? Are you happy with that?”

“Ne-hee… Now life is free… Ju, juga is also squeamish… .”

no. So don’t die.
What are you working so hard for?
At least my wish will come true… no. Don’t die even if you don’t know what it is.

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The lottery everyone was expecting


Another find

“Ugh! Ha! Whoa! Whoops! Goo, I’m saved!”


“I, I, I… I die!”

“no. So this… Sylvia?!”

I tried to take it as usual, but it seems that Sylvia’s words just had a different meaning than usual.
If the usual meaning of dying means that if you go on like this, you will die, it was just a report that you would die.
Sylvia, who reported to me, trembled all over, leaning against my body and drooping.
No matter how badly he felt, even in a droopy state, his back was trembling for quite some time, and water was gushing out of his vagina.

I’ll tell you. no. Needless to say, Sylvia was not dead.
Really? are you alive right?
I close my eyes, I don’t even buy… no. Even though his whole body is drooping, is he still alive?

“Is that Sylvia?”

“Huh… uhh… hey… ha ha… .”

Come on. You are breathing properly. Because people don’t die so easily.
… Healing sex is also activated during insertion like this.

By the way, I’m sure I’ll pass out. Is it up to here today?
Well, it’s because the purpose of cooling Sylvia’s body, which she couldn’t solve alone, was sufficiently accomplished.
I gently stroked Sylvia’s droopy hair in my arms.
But I’m sure I’ll be able to report properly until I pass out.
Well, there were some errors in the report, but it was at a level that could be seen as aegyo.
Why the hell did you work so hard for a favor?

“Huh? Huh?”

“Wow, whoops… .”

When I asked while pricking Sylvia’s droopy cheeks with her fingers, she made a cute sound and rubbed her cheek against my chest.
Isn’t this the strongest touch Sylvia has ever had with me, excluding sexual intercourse?
You can only do this kind of skinship after you have passed out. I have to say he’s not very lucky either.

Sylvia shaking was good, but Sylvia who was still like this was also wonderful to hug her.
The volume was a little lacking, but the slender body that felt feminine enough was soft and warm enough.

“Well… hot! uh, here… !”

After hugging Sylvia for a while, Sylvia suddenly raised her upper body leaning on me and looked around.

“Woke up?”

“… … eh?”

As I spoke softly, Sylvia turned her head and met my eyes, and she became as hard as a stone.

“Sylvia? OK?”

Even if she waved her hand in front of her, Sylvia didn’t even move her eyes, no. Before that, there was no reaction without a blink of an eye.
Sylvia, who had been hardened like a stone with her mouth wide open and her eyes wide open, held that position for a while, then lowered her head, trembling enough to hear a rustling sound like a rusty machine.
Then he reached out and pressed his hand against his stomach.
what is this? Are you still checking to see if it’s still there?
Whether he really touched my stuff or just did it, Sylvia giggled again and raised her head to meet my gaze.


As I smiled vaguely at the inexplicable action, Sylvia’s movements began to intensify.



“Hey ah ah ah ah ah… !”


Ultra-high-pitched sonic attack that sounds like the eardrum is torn.
I reflexively frowned and covered my ears.
And when I looked at Sylvia again, Sylvia had already fallen into my arms.
… Come to think of it, is this the first time you and Sylvia have been connected after sex like this?
… … aren’t you dead? sorry. I forgot to heal for a while.
It was only then that I disconnected from Sylvia and

I laid my body on the bed.

Now, what do you do?
It would be good to wait for Sylvia to wake up here, but I had a feeling close to certainty that it would be a repeat of the past.
It might be better for Sylvia’s mental health if I’m not there when she wakes up like this.
You won’t hear what Sylvia wants from me, but that’s what you’ll hear later.
Having judged that way, I covered Sylvia with a blanket and quietly left the room.

Well then. From now on… Shall we go see Matilda?
After cooling Sylvia’s body, Matilda came to mind naturally.
You need to have a regular relationship with Matilda in order to break the curse.
But if there’s one problem… If you go to Matilda right now, you’ll end up having sex all day today.
no. It’s not boring. How can you think that it is boring to take turns having sex with children who will not be lacking even if they are all called thrifty beauties?
However, no matter how much I am a saint, spending the whole day having sex is a bit… right?

I can’t help it. I’m sorry Matilda, but let’s change our relationship with Matilda a little later.
After all, it’s just after going to the dungeon, so it must be a time when Matilda wants to breathe a lot of air from the ground.
Then all that’s left is… Are they our kids too?
If this is the case, our kids will soon be able to talk too, right? Good. You have to go and grab someone to play with.

“You know! Just because you’re still safe doesn’t mean you’re safe! No matter what the prince of these bodies does, he will pervert whenever he sees a gap! You may even think that this event will open your eyes to a new fortress wall, even foolishly! What can I do to prevent that? Don’t be more foolish than necessary! Like you, every time you listen to such foolish people, my lord… .”

“I, I don’t care if I open my eyes to a new fortress wall… . Then I will let you all know, and there will be more bonding, and if Mr. Guwon wants it… .”

“no! Leia! Leia is so thought-provoking! I can’t say that because I haven’t been through the transformation of salvation yet! It’s beyond imagination! If you identify one weakness of a person, stick with it! To be honest, I always say I have to prepare my ass before I have sex with Gu Guo!”

“Yeah? It’s a weakness… Sarah didn’t have such a wall… .”

“Of course not! I don’t really care about doing it with my ass! But salvation thinks that’s my weakness! That’s the problem! If you think salvation is a weakness, that’s the end of it! How perverted you are while focusing on that… .”

“Yes! I try to take this body outside whenever I have time… .”

“Well, I miss Guo Guo who has become so radical… .”

“Don’t shout at me! We’re giving advice for Leia!”


… Are you still doing it?
Diana’s door opened slightly, and voices were still heard from inside.
They were talking so violently that even though the door was slightly opened and eavesdropped, the three of them didn’t seem to notice my presence.
There were a lot of places where I wanted to bet on Sarah and Diana’s words, but I decided to quietly back down without interfering.

If I get caught up in it, I think it will only bother me more.
sorry. Leia. suffer a little more
I gently closed the door and turned around.
And right in front of my eyes as I turned around, there was a pair of beautiful but emotionless eyes.

“Wow! It’s a surprise! Surprise. Vanessa. What are you doing here?”

Of course, it was Vanessa, not to mention the owner of those eyes.
In the first place, the only woman I could make eye contact with was Vanessa as far as I knew… no. Is Alicia going to get hit too tight? Anyway, that’s all there is to it.
Even Sarah, who is quite tall for a woman, can barely see her when I look down.

“That is what I want to ask. What are you doing here?”

“no. I was just bored and was looking for someone to play with, but the three of us seemed to be having a difficult conversation.”

“… Is that so.”

“If only Vanessa was watching, I would have just called her. Why were you standing quietly behind me? I’m afraid I’ll get in the way of their conversation. Ah. Could it be that you were careful about the last time?”


Instead of answering, Vanessa looked at me with a slight blush.

“Hey. Don’t be so angry. Last time was an accident. If something like that doesn’t happen, it won’t happen again.”

“… I am not angry.”

“okay? Well then, that’s good. Anyway, Vanessa.”

“… What is it?”

“It’s nice to meet you like this. Still, there was nothing to do, so my body was itching. So… .”

“… 👌

As I spoke with a smirk, Vanessa’s eyes glared at me more intensely, and on the contrary, her body took a step back.

“play with me.”

“… … What can I play with?”

Hey. What. That sad expression. Isn’t it that you look down on the master too much because you’re expressionless?
no. I’m more accurate in my position as the master’s husband, but he’s higher than you anyway!
No matter how expressionless you are, I’m not so dull that I can’t even notice your blatant gaze?!
no. On the contrary, you have such a sharp body that you feel like you can read your expressions more and more these days

“Isn’t there something to play in moderation? board games or something.”

“If that’s the case, there are a few in the drawing room.”

“Good. Go. Vanessa, don’t you have anything to do anyway? It’s like I’m just wandering around.”

“A lot of it.”

no. In this case, please say no. I mean, I’m sad.

“… Vanessa.”

“What else?”

he’s really speech. Hey. You don’t do this to other kids. Why are you only talking to me?
Don’t you think I’m the sweetest person in my heart?
I guess that’s what he thinks when he sees my usual appearance.
The only thing I lose to my kids is that I win at night, but if I try to win it all during the day, it’s because I’m sorry.
Really? Isn’t that a lie?
Well, okay. Because I don’t want to talk about it right now.
I looked at Vanessa and spoke in a soft but powerful voice, keeping the angle that made her look even better, looking at her handsome face that even she admired when she looked in the mirror these days.

“Work with me. Which one is more important?”

“… … work.”

“Call me me there! Your job is to take care of the master!”

“Because my master is Diana.”

ね. Damn it. This iron mask is like a butler.
I’ll definitely take off that iron mask someday.

“Sigh… . Anyway, that’s it. Follow.”


It was Vanessa who followed me on a topic that said that work was important, that she had a lot of work to do, and eventually followed me.
Wait a minute. Then this guy. Did you just make fun of me?
… I thought I was able to read Vanessa’s expression a little until now, but I lost my confidence again.
In the end, I spent time with Vanessa learning and playing with the rules of this world’s board games.
Even so, Vanessa continued to hang out with me until she went to prepare the meal.

Good. With this, the special training with Sylvia will also progress further.
Because the last poker was a failure.
There is so much eye contact that the goal of making you focus on the game has never been achieved.
But if it’s a board game… .

“Whoa… . haha… . hehe… .”

And when I got back to my room after finishing my game with Vanessa, Sylvia was lying on my bed with a duvet covered.

“… … Sylvia. What are you doing?”

“hot! Oh no! no!”

no. no what is it
It was obvious to anyone that I was going to die in my bed.
Well, okay. Look at it because it’s cute.

“More than that, Sylvia.”

“Yes, yes!”

When I called my name, Sylvia looked at me with a tense expression on her face.
no. I’ll see you, so don’t be afraid.

“Oh, you did well. I did a good job reporting to the end as instructed. As promised, if you want something, I’ll give it to you. Come on, tell me.”

“Yes, four?!”

Perhaps she knew she was going to get scolded, Sylvia, who had been hardened by tension, looked up at me blankly.

“no? what you want.”

“Ah, that’s what… Oh, oh… . Geez, if you do that now… .”

When I asked the question again, this time Sylvia turned red and started to hesitate.

“Huh? Is that so?”

“Sin, sorry! If you do that now, you will definitely die this time!”

no. So what the hell is that?
Leaving my doubts behind, Sylvia hurriedly got out of bed and escaped my room.

“Wow! Hey! At least get dressed! If other people see it, it won’t be misunderstood!”

It’s been suspicious since I was still in bed, but I guess you were still naked?!

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Another find

Fortunately, she managed to catch Sylvia and dress her before anyone found out.

Sylvia This guy is physically stronger than me, so I almost missed it.
It was really dangerous if my legs didn’t loosen in the middle and I didn’t fall.
I glanced at Sylvia’s side.

“Ugh… !”

Then Sylvia, who was still looking at me, was startled and hid behind the armor placed on the wall.
Even in the evening there and there again.
Sylvia, who was more shy than usual, was not even able to go to the corner of the table when it was time to eat, so she tried to hide under the table and eat.
Even though I had Vanessa put me on the chair somehow.

Besides, after dinner, it’s time for our party members to get together and drink tea, and they’re still doing that.
Well, not paying attention to her anymore today might be for Sylvia.

“Then, Diana. I have a question for you.”

Whether it’s breakfast or lunch, until now, after dinner, it was common for everyone to go straight back to their room.
Would you call it an unspoken rule? From this time on, I will be considerate of the person who is in my turn tonight.
But today, for a reason, the party members were gathering together and drinking tea.

“Uh huh? what, something? Don’t tell me, but I didn’t say anything strange!”

Diana, who had been wearing a badge since I asked everyone to gather, immediately overreacted.
Hey. There is a saying that thieves get numb in their feet, but aren’t they trying to stab themselves too much?
Well, if you think about what you overheard earlier, you might have a reaction like that.
Don’t worry. Because I am an infinitely warm man to my woman. forgive me
It seems that Leia was not persuaded after all.
Besides, thanks to your stories, new ideas came to mind.
When I looked at Leia next to me, Leia noticed my gaze and smiled softly. Sigh. He’s an angel too.

Oh, what’s the new idea? what is what The development of the fortress wall.
Come to think of it, I’ve only been stimulating our children’s innate tendencies until now.
However, I realized it after overhearing the three of them during the day.
okay! Even a child who doesn’t have a special wall like Leia, it’s enough to develop it!
no. That doesn’t mean I like special castle walls or anything like that.
For the sake of a variety of sex lives. Huh.
Well, even if Leia’s fortress walls were really developed, the priority would be to first be able to control Leia from the state of the nine tails.


“Oh, didn’t I say I didn’t get stabbed?!”

“Sigh… Our Diana secretly swears at Mrs. . I am sad.”

“Hey, that’s an insult! It’s an expression of love! Expression of love! Because this body loves you that much… !”

“What if I liked Leia more?”

“That, that… . uh, uh… What… .”

“do not worry. you said I like Diana a lot too.”

“Ugh… … .”

When I said that, Diana blushed red and cringed.

“Diana. The answer?”

“Hey, I like this body too… .”

When I put Diana in again, Diana finally answered honestly.
Seeing that scene, I remembered this feeling.
Diana. This is a numerical play like this.
Well, I won’t say it out loud, because if I say something like this, I’ll get hit.
no. The opponent is Diana. It’s not a bad way to get hit by a pat pat… .

“Wow! Salvation. Was that the question?”

Sarah asked such a sharp question whether she didn’t like the sudden sesame pouring between me and Diana during a meal.

“Ah, yes. Of course not.”

“Isn’t it?!”

wow. Surprise. Don’t shout like that all of a sudden.
I mean, grabbing your head with both hands.

“Why? Is it so embarrassing to say that you like me?”

“It’s not like that! It’s not like that!

Diana stared at me with a look of desperation to death.
Diana. Even if I stare at you with such a cute expression, I’m not afraid at all.
Rather, it only backfires.

“Okay then. Rather than that, what I wanted to ask is why you were told not to do the magic stone settlement.

“Ugh… . Was it just that? Isn’t that natural?”

“Of course?”

“If the assumptions of these bodies are correct, it means that the key to descending into the dungeon is entirely entrusted to you.”

“Well, yes.”

“Don’t you think there must be a reason why the Goddess created the dungeon like that?”


“So. I’m sure there must be a reason why it’s designed not to go down to the 6th floor without you. I can’t even imagine the reason for that, even with this body, though.”

indeed. Is it like that? Surely it might be.
Assume that the dungeon was created by the Goddess, and think about its intentions.
The dungeon blocks human entry from an environmental point of view, and places powerful monsters everywhere to deny human intrusion.
The further down you go, the stronger it gets. As if telling them not to come down below this level.
Maybe he didn’t want to approach people.
Well, the exception would be me, who the Goddess directly ordered me to go down.

“But you already figured it out. The fact that the penis acts as a secret passage, and that there is a small hierarchy in the dungeon. In addition, he also collected five-tiered penises to the Arachne clan. You think it’s only a matter of time before they find Layer 5.5?”

“I will. It can’t be helped that it has already been announced. However, you haven’t revealed the information that the small classes are connected to each other yet. Just don’t reveal it. Then, even if Clan Arachne finds Tier 5.5, there is no problem. Even the small class is guessed to be mostly made up of females. Without even thinking of getting a penis there, they find a path leading to the 6th floor, a fake exit, and that’s it.”

“indeed. So you’re saying it’s okay to reveal the existence of the kobold cave first?”

“Well. Well, as long as the existence of the ant den is revealed, it is thought that small groups will be discovered one after another, whether late or early.”

“Okay. Then, next time you pay for the Manastone, only reveal the existence of the Kobold Cave.”


“Then, do you plan to focus your future dungeon exploration on finding the connected path of a small tier rather than going to the 4th tier?”

When the conversation between me and Diana was finished, Matilda asked in a somewhat happy tone.
It looks like you really enjoyed your last visit.
The upper layer had a heterogeneous low mana concentration, but since the monsters are weak, it must have been a good environment in which you didn’t have to be too vigilant.

“Well, at least up to the 3.5th floor. From there, it would be better to level up on the 4th floor rather than go straight to the 4.5th floor.”

“i See!”

Matilda nodded her head several times, as if she was satisfied with that alone, and gave a satisfied smile.

“Maybe you better pray that the passage from the anthill to the 3.5th floor is not found soon.”

“Even so, I don’t think so selfishly. Excuse me to all of you who are exploring hard. Do I look so selfish?”

“Well, to be honest, if you look at her ticklish personality now.”

“What, what?!”

“Anyway, I don’t think I’m very selfish. On the contrary, I even thought that it might be better to be discovered later. You were fine this time, but after the 3rd floor, it’s still a little difficult, isn’t it?”

“Hey, are you worried?”

“It’s not natural. Well, if you get used to the dungeon, it will help us as well.”

“you… .”

no. Did you just forget about my personality? Why are your eyes turning pink?
Every time I see something like this, I wonder if it’s the original personality I’m really fond of or if it’s because of a curse.
If you see such a dramatic change like that, it’s definitely because of the curse, but according to Leia, it seems that other people don’t become like that.
Even if I’m curious about that, should I pay more attention to lifting the curse from him?
… Yes, from tomorrow.

“Better than that. It looks like the preparations for the video are over, did you hear that?”

“Yeah? Has the Pope been persuaded?!”

Matilda, who looked at me with eyes in love, shouted, startled by Diana’s words.

“I don’t even know the details of this body. Isn’t that what the call came in?”

“Maybe the Pope… .”

Judging from that reaction, you must have thought that Matilda was also having a hard time.
I was surprised too. Is it that Felicia is resourceful, or is the Pope a very progressive type? There is a preconceived notion that people in such positions are usually conservative.
Well, come to think of it, he was the one who recognized me as a messenger of the Goddess, who had no idea where the bones came from.
No matter how many times he summoned the goddess and talked to him, he didn’t even see it in person.
Was there no possibility in the first place that he had a clogged personality?

“But you don’t want to reveal that you are the one who appeared in the video as a princess, don’t you? How are you going to hide it? We had such negotiations with the Pope, and rumors would spread the moment we went to the castle, right? Can I just go ahead and take a video?”

“Yeah. That’s no problem. Just go.”

“Huh? okay? What does Sylvia know?”


Turning her head towards the sound of the answer, Sylvia hid behind the armor on the wall again.
Seeing the armor rattling, it must have been vibrating.
no. Sylvia. How far do you think you and I are now?
it’s still not getting better The operation to develop tolerance through more embarrassing experiences was ultimately a failure.
no. Rather, the more I train, the more I feel that my tolerance decreases.
If you let it go, it will lose its tolerance.
what the hell do you mean
I won’t give up though.

“Well, if it were Sylvia anyway, that would be it. Good. Shall we go tomorrow?”

“huh. That’s right. It’s better to sell first.”

At my murmuring, Sarah crossed her arms and muttered with a dissatisfied expression.
that proverb. it’s here too
no. than that.

“buy it. Will you please follow me?”

“Of course! Then you were going to go alone?! I will never leave her alone with her!”

Apparently, Sarah still doesn’t like Felicia.
Apart from admitting that he had a regular relationship with Felicia.

“Then, when will it be done regularly?”

“Of course!”

“… You’re just asking for your own sexual orientation… .”

“Bah, you idiot! You said no!”

“Huh? Miss Sarah. Except for the ass… .”

“Oh, it’s not like that! Diana is also a victim, so you know that! Not even an ass in the first place!”

“Uh, um. This body is also a victim. Don’t know.”

Diana, who seemed to be intrigued for a while, but immediately nodded her head in agreement with Sarah’s objection.
Hey. It seems that you both don’t trust each other while you’re talking like that. Is it my fault?
I really don’t know if they’re good or bad since they first met.

“Ah, anyway! Is this the end of what we’re talking about?”

“Huh? Ah, yes.”

“Then let’s go! It’s my turn today! Have a good night everyone!”

After saying that, Sarah dragged me out of the room in a hurry.
Hey. Wouldn’t this be counterproductive? Anyone who sees it can only see him running away.

“Wow! Hey. don’t drag good night everyone Well, the best night is when we… Whoops! Joe, what’s the matter with having a good night? .”

“Anyway, you were saying that with a mean thought!”

“Of course! What else is there other than that!”

“Now then, you’re saying what’s the problem?! This pervert!”

Sarah slapped me with her palm and dragged me out of the room.

“Huhu. Sometimes Sara is so friendly with Goo Won that I get jealous.”

no. Angel.
I’m the kind of person who unconditionally agrees with most of the angel’s words, but it’s good that we’re getting along like this… .
Does it really hurt to hit him with the palm of his hand? Not harsh, really.
Whoa! Follow me! Damn it. Sarah in your room

go and see

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Another find

bang bang!

A loud noise resounded in the room.
With the luxurious table and chairs knocked over on the floor, the neat room looked like a mess.
Well, the biggest factor that makes the room look like a mess is none other than me.

“Heh heh! Whoops! Whoops… big black… .”

I floated in the air and fell to the floor from my back, curled up and rolled on the floor, stroking my back with my hands.
pain. It is painful. As if desperately appealing to his situation like that.

What happened to this all of a sudden?
Simple. did you say I’ll see you when I go to my room.
it’s smoke Acting.
The moment Sarah dragged me into the room wildly, it was like being blown away by the power of Sarah’s arm, unfolding a Hollywood action.

“Wow! Whoops! Whoops!”

Don’t scold me for knocking over expensive tables and chairs just for that reason. Still, I was very careful not to break it.
Well, how are you? buy it. Don’t you feel guilty for treating me badly?
But no matter how much I rolled on the floor, Sarah didn’t even talk to me, let alone come to me.
Oh, was the acting too exaggerated?
Indeed. If you pull it a little and suddenly a person flies a few meters away, it’s a Hollywood action.
Sheesh. If I don’t do this, I’m just overdoing it a bit so that Sarah won’t feel guilty. is it a failure

I lifted my face that was rubbing on the floor slightly and looked at Sarah’s face.
Isn’t the floor dirty? Like I said before, but no problem. I love our maids and Vanessa’s cleaning skills… Well, what’s up with this?
Anyway, Sarah’s expression looking up was quite different from what I expected.
As usual, no. I thought you would be looking at me coldly as I rolled on the floor with a more cool and sober expression than usual. Sarah’s expression was tinged with astonishment.
The hand that had dragged me was held forward as if time had completely stopped in the same posture as I entered the room.
… what? Did this happen by any chance?
I decided to gamble one more time.

“Heh heh… .”

I stopped doing everything as it was, and fell to the floor as it was.

“Eh… ? Goo, rescue? No, are you kidding me? Don’t play weird. Are you really going to be mad?”

Sarah’s voice was a little shaky as she said that.
Good. Also, my acting was perfect. Over. Who is it?
Shall I pretend to faint a little more like this?

“Oh, salvation? there. really? Salvation? Salvation?”

Sara slowly approached me, placed her hand on my body and gently shook it.
But when I didn’t respond, Sarah’s voice began to mix with crying.

“Goo, goo… ?”

“Huh. Why?”

Of course, as I was joking, I had no intention of making tears flow from Sarah’s pretty eyes.
At this point, even Sarah would have had some regrets.
With that in mind, I jumped up and answered casually.


Oops. a little late
As she got up and looked at Sarah, tears were already welling up in her eyes.
And Sarah’s eyes, who had been weeping, began to grow more and more anger.

“Are you familiar with this? Sarah. Violence is… ah! hurt! Sarah!”

“You were really worried! you stupid! I really can’t believe it! How do you joke like that?! this fool! transformation!”

“You’re an idiot again… ah! Hey. real time! Okay! I’ll take a look this time, so hit me first… . hurt! Hey! Did you just feel anything with my acting? Should I stop beating now? .”

“I knew you were an idiot to be more right!”

“you? you now tell your brother… Ouch! sorry! Wrong! Just take a look!”

How did this happen?
You tried to scold Sarah, but I’m actually scolding you.

“You idiot! transformation!”

But it was impossible for me to push Sarah, who was really half-crying, as planned.

“Sigh… . My whole body aches.”

After Sarah calmed down, I lay down on the bed and muttered.

“Shut up. huh! It’s self-sufficient!”

“Well, I made fun of Sarah to the point of crying, so let’s play it a draw.”

“Oh, you didn’t cry?! This is it! Since Gu Gu-won is acting like a fool, I was just acting accordingly.”

no. you just sniffed Besides, when I hit you earlier, you said with your own mouth that you were really worried. Still, isn’t it too unreasonable to claim that you didn’t cry?
Even with that thought in mind, I didn’t even bother asking for it.
Anyway, for Sarah. I mean, I have a very broad mind.

“okay? So you mean that I was deceived, and I was even beaten?”

And what… It was also possible to take advantage of Sarah’s blunt attitude.
This is just a bonus, and it’s not a lie to pretend that you don’t know for Sarah’s sake. Really?

“Ah… . Now, wait, that’s… .”

“Aww! Sara’s hit hurts! My whole body hurts!”

“Come on, wait! Severe… !”

“Would you like to check if it’s serious or not?


“Good. Let me confirm.”

I jumped out of bed and hurriedly took off my clothes.
To be honest, I didn’t feel any pain at all. Because my natural resilience is uselessly good.
This is a gamble. Traces, please stay.
I hurriedly tossed off all my underwear, became naked, and looked at my own body.
Traces remain… There is, but it is very faint.
Is it enough to pinch the flesh a little and then peel it off? No, even fainter than that, Sara’s handprints remained all over her body.
Damn it. If that’s the case, I might question Sarah.

there is no

“Wow… .”

I couldn’t hide my disappointment, but Sarah seems to have the opposite sentiment.
Seeing the faint traces of her own palms still remain on my body, Sarah looked at my complexion with a terribly perplexed look on my face.
… uh? Do you think you can use it again?
Like it was before, Sarah. Are you too easy?
no. Was it so easy that he was always beating himself, and was he worried about whether it was okay to do this or not? It just went on and on because I smiled every time.

“buy it. Look at these grandchildren. What do you have to say to me after seeing this?”

“… Mi, sorry… .”

When I raised my voice and asked a question, Sarah could not make eye contact with me and apologized in a low voice.

“Only in words?”

“Well, then what should I do?”


“… … What?”

“Continue licking all the palm prints until they are gone.”

“Hey, this pervert is also trying to do that… !”

It’s too late to notice, Sarah.
Think about why you and I came to the room in the first place.
It’s only natural that it leads to sexual activity!
My thinking is always before riding… no. only at night only at night.

“So you won’t?”

“Ugh… Okay! I’ll do it! You can do it! This pervert!”

Hey. Don’t stare at me with that deceived expression.
Is it true that you were sick once? Well, there was a bit of exaggeration in the reaction, but that level can be seen as aegyo.

“Do you know how many times I have to tell you my brother?”

“It… Five… .”
“no. no need to do it now Lick it.”

“radish… ! Sigh… I’m really tired of being with this pervert.”

“okay? Then change it with another girl… no. sorry. Wrong. I want to be with Sarah tonight, so please stay with me.”

There’s no way you’ll look like you’re about to cry.

“Shut up. huh. I can’t help it.”

Sara pushed me on the bed, and she took off her clothes slowly and got on top of me.

“Oh, wait.”

Since everyone had come together and talked, it turned out that neither of them washed.
Sara, it doesn’t matter if I wash it later, it might be better to wash my body.
After I did it with Sylvia, I washed it with a spirit, but Sarah has to lick it from now on.
I summoned the water spirit and washed my body and Sarah’s body as a bonus.

“Pee. Fool. You don’t have to worry about it that much.”

Sara knew that I was paying attention, so she smiled and kissed my chest.

“You said you were an idiot again.”

“It’s okay if you lick and call me brother. isn’t it bro? uhm. side. clap. Can I do this?”

“Huh. okay. That’s it.”

As if tracing a now almost invisible handprint, Sarah stuck out her tongue and made it crawling over my chest.
The surface is soft, yet very elastic.

It didn’t hurt to feel the slippery tongue crawling over my chest.
Besides, Sarah, who seems so cool on the surface, raises her eyes and looks up at my face and licks it.
Not only the texture felt on the skin, but also the mental satisfaction from the sight was considerable.

“really… With such a stupid looking face. stupid brother… . Was everything you did from the moment you entered the room to get you to do something like this?”

“no. ‘Cause I was really sick In the sense of asking for some reflection.”

“I, it’s not that I don’t reflect. But bake… Because my brother does stupid things every day… .”

“Don’t take your tongue off.”

“Really… Well… side. Hmm… .”

While making a face of wanting to complain a little more, Sarah gently kissed my chest.
Then, slowly, slowly, he climbed up and started licking my clavicle.
no. I don’t remember being hit there.
Do you have grandchildren?

“buy it?”

“Well… side. Huh? Why brother?”

“Hehehe. never mind.”

Well, how are you? Our cute Sarah is licking it.
Sarah went back down slowly and poured a kiss on my chest, this time kissing my side.

“Haha, Sarah. It’s a bit ticklish there… .”

“turn around.”


“Isn’t it the back that has the most handprints?”

no. If you look back, the visual satisfaction will not be satisfied, so you don’t have to do your back… I wanted to say that, but then the person who asked me to lick like this again disappears.
I can’t. Shall we leave the back a bit as if we were getting a massage?
As I turned my back, Sarah sat down with her hips down on my side.

“Hey, like this… sorry… .”

Maybe the back had a little more handprints than the front.
He also has a very weak tear gland. It’s because of the cool-looking theme of Vanessa.
Well, that’s Sarah’s charm.
In the first place, I’m the only person with this attitude.

Sara, who had been stroking my back for a moment, leaned down again and kissed my neck softly first.
I don’t remember being hit in the neck at all, but I did it because it felt good.
After kissing my neck several times, Sarah barely moved her mouth to her back.
However, instead of licking back and forth as if licking breasts, it started moving steadily downwards from the neck as if going down the spine.
… uh? Hey. Wait a minute. hang on. You’ve already reached your waist. How far are you going to go down? Why don’t you stop? If you go lower than that… .

“Aww! Hey! awhile! What are you trying to do?!”

“Huh? just. It felt like I hit my ass.”

When I shouted in amazement, Sarah responded with a chuckle.
this guy… A topic that made me cry before. When you cry and laugh, it goes into your asshole… no. Then it’s me who’s in trouble.
Damn it! behave shamefully!

“I never got hit in the ass! I told you in the first place that you only need to lick where your handprints are!”

“Oh. Then I’m so sorry In order to properly apologize, even if there are no marks, as long as you don’t lick all the places you hit.”

“No thanks! So… Hey! because it’s done! You say I’m fine!”

“no. No matter how good my brother is, I don’t feel comfortable. So don’t avoid it and hit your ass quickly! I’ll take this opportunity to show you how embarrassed I was when I was usually attacked in the butt!”

“Hey! Your true feelings are flowing out now! I’m sorry what! Did you mean to turn around with that intention?! Hey! Really not off?! Hey! Get off your ass!”

“Give up and hit your ass quickly!”

“I have no hobbies! First of all, what kind of kid are you talking about… Don’t you think it’s dirty?!”

“OK. Bake… There are no dirty spots on your body!”

Sarah smiled brightly as if she had prepared herself and said so to me.
It’s something I’ve heard before.
Dangerous. It’s really dangerous. Sarah this guy. Your eyes are so serious
If it goes like this, my youth curtain… !

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Another find

“No, are you kidding me?”

“no. Isn’t that a joke?”

stop. Do you know what you are trying to do?
It’s an act of trampling on the dignity of a single man and exploding!
Why are you smiling so fresh?
Is it because of my mood that I look fresher than any smile I’ve seen while knowing you?

Damn it. I can’t do anything more than this
I didn’t want to do anything as violent as possible to the woman I love, but as long as my pride as a man is at stake, I can’t do anything.
I’ll give my whole body strength to get Sarah up on my legs… raise the body… Why can’t you hear me?
Hopefully this guy In the meantime, my strength was stronger than me… no. I can’t.
I wouldn’t bother opening the status window to check it, but I can’t.
Anyway, it can’t be.
I’m weaker than my girl. That can’t happen.
Vanessa is enough for a woman stronger than me in this mansion… no. I’m also losing Vanessa, though. It’s only natural to win if you put your best effort into it.
it still is I was going to do my best, but somewhere in my subconscious, there was a thought that I couldn’t hurt Sarah.
So it’s just that it’s not working properly. cancer. not like that

“Hey! Really not off! I’m really mad! You’ve never seen it, so I don’t know. If I’m really angry, I’m really scared!”

In the end, I couldn’t hurt Sarah, so I had no choice but to threaten her with words.

“What, what? resisting so badly. It’s just a little lick.”

It was a childish threat, but fortunately, it worked for Sarah.
thank God. I’m really glad he doesn’t have a very cool personality unlike how he looks.
Well, it hasn’t gotten out of my way yet.


“Of course not! Do you think that would be acceptable?!”

“On the subject of forcing my ass.”

“It’s nonsense! I’ve never been forced into it! You got the right consent the first time you did it, and since then, you’ve been dealing with it every day, so you’ve got tacit consent! no! Rather, that’s what you wanted!”

“Wow, I never wanted it!”

Saying that, Sarah slapped me on the back.
hurt! It hurts! What I’ve been licking and licking until now is completely useless!

“In the beginning, that is. I can’t lose here! Can’t you see out the window? That the moon is so beautiful! It’s all night!”

“Well, that’s what it is.”

Perhaps under the pressure of my momentum, Sarah protested in a slightly dazed voice.

“At night! I! win! Of course! That’s my character I’ve been building up so far! Lose during the day, but win at night! If I lose at night, what will I have left? The fight is also mediocre! It’s not even smart! It’s not even that high level! All other jobs are mediocre! My only strength was to win unconditionally at night, but if I take that away, what is the strength that I can appeal to as the main character?”

“… you’re the protagonist What do you mean?”

“It means that I am the protagonist of my life!”

“… … Yes?”

Sarah tilted her head as if she didn’t know what the hell he was talking about.
rest in peace Because it’s natural that I don’t understand. ‘Cause I don’t even know what I’m talking about

“Anyway, in that sense, I can never lose at night. no. You must not lose!”

“I don’t think you need to be so desperate. Salvation has a lot of good things besides sex.”

“For example… ?”

“… … Oh, there are plenty!”

“Didn’t you remember anything?! Huh?! Really only one?! Aren’t you doing too much?! You like me, right?!”

“Joe, of course you like it! I love you more than anyone in the world! With this feeling, I have the confidence not to lose to anyone, Diana or Leia!”

“Yes. Thanks. Then Sara, who loves me more than anyone else in the world. Won’t you come down from above me now?”


“What, what?”

“There is a saying in the world.”

… I was starting to have a bad feeling.
Somehow, the way I speak seems like a habit I use often.

“That’s it. This is this.”

It’s also my habit!
What are you talking about softly!
You don’t think that anything will be forgiven if you say it like that, right?!
You, who came up from the countryside to the big city and were so naive enough to not even know the price, why the hell did you become so corrupted! Who the hell are you drowning in… Ah. I go.

Anyway, Sarah’s tongue can’t pierce my youth curtain like this.
I never wanted to use this method as much as possible, but now is not the time to question such things as I am in the biggest crisis of my life.
A tactic of giving away the flesh and cutting the bones. I decided to use it as a last resort.


“what. Why don’t you just give up and spread your ass? You’ll feel good. maybe.”

So you’re saying you don’t want to feel good about that!

“I’ll never kiss you with your tongue in my ass.”

“Laugh… You are too much.”

“It’s too much I can’t help it. Because I’m not such a good-natured guy. So stop giving up on my ass and come down.”

Know. I wonder what you’re talking about on the subject of sucking what you put in Sarah’s ass every time!
okay! I know I’m trash! But I can’t help it! It was the only way to protect the youth curtain!
And even when I make Sarah do it, she doesn’t make me suck what I put in her ass right away!
At least from the moment you put it in your ass, you won’t be able to suck it anymore!
Just because you said you won’t kiss, it means you won’t kiss today, so it’s the same! There’s nothing ethically wrong with that!
If there is one ethical mistake I have. The only reason not to kiss is that you didn’t tell Sarah that it’s only for today!

“Ugh… .”

As Sarah, who had no choice but to kiss her so much, she had no choice but to come down on top of me.
Whoa. thank God. I was able to keep my dignity as a man unharmed.
Hey. Don’t look at my ass with those pitiful eyes.
no. Don’t try to defeat me even at night in the first place.

“Okay then, it’s punishment.”

“Bur, bee?! what did i do wrong… .”

“I told you to lick the wounds as punishment for beating me, but what if it wasn’t my fault that I was trying to spread my castle walls to me with a useless desire to compete?! You anal fanatic!”

“Hey, Anal and Aang?!”

“What should I do as punishment? After all, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and a wall-to-wall spread, I guess.”

“Well, what are you going to do?”

“Why? Are you afraid it’s your turn? But don’t worry. Unlike Sarah, who is a pervert, I don’t have any perverted tendencies.”

“phrase… Oh, the sound of a pervert to my brother… ugh… .”

Sarah glared at me, dyeing her cool face with humiliation.
However, in a situation where he did not know what punishment he would inflict on me, he did not take any action other than staring, as if he could not resist any further.

“Good. decided. Unfortunately, I do not have a wall like a pervert, so it is difficult to spread my wall. If that’s the case, you can spread the castle walls of other kids. Even Sarah was envious of it. That’s good. Let’s go.”

“Come on, wait! awhile! sorry! I’m sorry, brother! I passed! It’s a bit of a joke… Sleep, are you kidding me?! Hey, are you kidding me?! Eh?! really?! Are you really going to go out like this?! We’re both naked?! Crazy?! Crazy! Crazy! really?!”

… Hey. I know you’re upset, so stop hitting me
It was me who grabbed Sarah’s arm and tried to pretend to leave, but only increased the palm marks on my arm.

“Ugh… Whoops… Joe, okay. I can’t help it. It’s pitiful, so let’s put a hold on taking them outside.”

“Ha ha… thank God.”

It’s too early to be reassured. You said on hold.
Why are you making such a calm face?
In the first place, it wasn’t Sarah who thought I was pitiful, it was my arm that was cut for you.

“Right. then… First turn back. Stick your ass out.”

“Ugh… It’s going to hurt your ass again. this pervert. It’s a subject he hates so much.”



I slapped Sarah’s bouncy buttocks with the palm of my hand until it made a clicking sound.
Well. It has great elasticity when touched.
It had a strong repulsive force as if it would bounce off a finger just by squeezing it slightly, but never forgetting the feminine softness, it was an ideal hip.
I repeated clenching and extending my hand strongly as if doing a grip exercise with Sarah’s buttocks.

“Ugh… slumbers… It hurts a little.”

“Right. Would you like to build a wall that rejoices in feeling pain instead of exhibitionism?”

Originally, a girl with a rather weak personality like Sarah was actually carrying a castle wall… It is also a common subject.

“What, what?!”

“I’m kidding. You can’t do that to the Sarah I love, can you?”

“It is. It’s a joke. Huh. I love you brother.”

Only in this case are you my brother? Well, on the subject of attacking my ass.
Well, okay. Anyway, today, it seems that I will no longer rebel and act obediently.
I grabbed Sarah’s hips with both hands, one at a time, and spread them wide to the side.
The gap between the buttocks was exposed, and even the hidden pubic area and the hole in the buttocks were revealed.
A little bit of love fluid had already flowed out of her tightly closed vagina, and was running down Sarah’s healthy thighs.
Normally, I would have just hit him like this, but today, Sarah is obedient.
Let’s try some more different poses.

“buy it. Place your hands on the bed and lift your hips. As sexy as emphasized.”

“Hey, like this?”

“no. Then you’re just doing your hair. I told you to lift your ass. Lower your back, and take a posture that reveals your pubic area even more.”

“Hey, can I do this?”

Sara then took the stance as I said it.
It was a pose similar to the cat pose in yoga, although the legs were spread out and the feet were on the floor.
Then, as Sarah’s inverted heart-shaped hips and slender waistline were further emphasized, Sarah’s attractive hips seemed to radiate 120% of that charm.

“Good. just shake it as tempting. If you’re not sexy, I’ll take you outside.”

“safflower… Come on, come on! Did you do this?!”

Sara gave a slightly angry expression, but gently shook her hip from side to side.
It can’t be the buttocks that are truly sewn and coveted.
I want to shove it right now.
But don’t forgive too easily.
It’s because I think I’m forgiven for this kind of thing, and it’s also something that can target my youth.
Here, Sarah must be judged coldly.

“Hmm. It’s still not enough. Also… .”

“Ah, ah. brother I don’t want to hit Sarah

Will? Sah, Sara is your big brother’s big guss!”

Oops. I was training a little more and tried to hit it.
Sarah was acting aegyo that didn’t look like her, so I stopped pushing her without realizing it.

“Hey, I’m in… .”

“okay. put this Did Sarah want her big brother? Huh? Huh?”

“Yes! ha ha! 👌👌👌 That, too, in the ass… Whoops! slumbers! awhile! me, me today… !”

“OK. Because I wrote the skill. You already said it in the first place. There is no problem with the skill.”

“Well, that kind of problem… !”

“More than that. Don’t you have something to say to me now? Huh? Huh?”

“Ugh! When, don’t hit me. Idiot!”

I slapped Sarah in the ass once more, and Sarah snorted and looked at me.
By the way, it’s just making a loud noise and there’s no damage at all. It’s not about being violent.
Unlike anyone else, I am a person who knows how to properly control power.
Ignoring Sarah’s resistance, I continued to slap her on the ass.

“Ah Okay. you can say Speaking… . Oh, for putting in your brother’s big stuff… Mmm, it feels so good… . Thanks… .”

Well. Good job. Let it move more vigorously to the phase.
I moved my back violently.

“Yes! Huh! ha ha! Ha!”

“Give me strength in the ass! With the feeling of serving all of my stuff! The waist also moves in line with my waist properly!”

“Heh! Yes! Ha ha!”

Then Sarah obediently began to comply with my request without any further complaints.

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Another find

“okay. Are you in a good mood too?”

“Heh… Yes… .”

When I asked a question while clasping Sarah’s ass with both hands, Sarah turned her head back and looked at me in the face.
what? Is there still something you don’t like?
Were you overjoyed with the joy of regaining control?

“sorry. Were you a little violent?”

I lifted my hand from Sarah’s ass.
Then I saw Sarah’s buttocks dyed a pale pink color.
There must have been no pain, but no matter how weak it was, the slightest trace remained from hitting or grabbing it.
I gently caressed Sarah’s pale pink ass as if tickled with my fingertips.
Then Sarah’s ass trembled and tightened the object.

“Yes… Bar, you idiot… It’s not like that… .”

“Huh. okay? Then why are you making that face?”

“That, but… Even after talking like that, I ended up not kissing… .”

Sarah turned her head and looked straight ahead.
Thanks to her, I couldn’t see her expression, but just the way she spoke, I could imagine what kind of expression Sarah was making now.
It’s cute because it’s different from how it looks.
I grabbed Sarah’s one leg, lifted it up and draped it over her shoulder.
Sara’s flexible body seemed to have no problem even though her legs were spread 180 degrees.

One foot was still on the floor.
It’s quite anomalous, but it feels pretty good just like this.
Sara’s long, slender legs are also emphasized, and her upper body is turned to the side, and her chest shakes.
More importantly, things were buried deeper.
When my object was firmly entrenched in Sarah’s ass, Sarah tightened my object so tightly that it broke.
Unlike the overall tightening of the vagina, the buttocks had a special taste that was different from the pussy because the tightening was concentrated at the entrance and the inside felt cozy.

The desire to continue enjoying this pose arose, but let’s put it aside for another time.
Because now I have a different purpose.
I supported Sarah’s waist with one hand, and with the other lifted one of her legs, which was still on the ground, and put it over my shoulder.
With both legs draped over my shoulders, Sarah put her hands on my face with a happy expression on her face, flushed with excitement.
As if attracted to him, I bowed my upper body and brought my face to Sarah’s face, but when the distance between their lips was about 20 cm, I lifted my upper body again, turned my head to the side, and licked Sarah’s leg.
‘Cause I’m good too It seems like she only emphasizes her buttocks every time she’s with her, but I really liked her long, slender legs too.

“Wow woo woo… !”

Well, as if she didn’t like me licking her leg rather than kissing her, she bent her leg slightly and patted my chest with her foot.

“sorry. sorry. I’m kidding. joke.”

I smiled lightly at Sarah’s age-appropriate appearance, and this time, I bowed my upper body properly and kissed Sarah’s mouth.
I can’t believe that Sarah would take such a foolish attitude.
Maybe because of calling her brother, Sarah herself is acting with the awareness that she is younger.
okay. It’s because he’s so mature that it’s hard to believe he’s the youngest person in our party normally. Please enjoy it for a while.

“Yes… uh… Sigh… Salvation… brother… .”

After a long deep kiss, when we gently parted our lips, Sarah let out a sweet sigh and called my name.

“Shall we do it one more time?”


Seeing Sarah’s dazzling smile, I kissed her again.
And as she put her tongue into Sarah’s mouth, this time, her back began to move slowly as well.

“Yes! Whoops! Ha! uhm! Whoops!”

It’s a kiss with Sarah’s legs on my shoulders.
Of course, Sarah’s buttocks were raised greatly upwards, and I, who was inserting an object into her ass, also faced a different direction, but the ass was lifted as well.
It would be quite difficult to move the waist with the upper body bent enough to kiss in that state, but as a saint, I did it without much difficulty.

“hem… . Ugh… . Yep… .”

The more she moved her waist, the more Sarah’s eyes, who were facing each other from a close distance, became blurred.

“Ha! Whoops! Ha ha!”

Even when she opened her mouth gently, Sarah opened her pale pink lips just as she was kissing me, and let out a sweet moan full of excitement.
The red tongue protruding slightly out of the lips, as it was intertwined with my tongue, looked quite sexy.
Gently pinching the tongue with her thumb and forefinger, Sarah tangled her tongue in her fingers as if she was about to kiss mine if it didn’t work.
I enjoyed playing with Sarah’s tongue with my fingers for a while, but then I took my hand away from Sarah’s mouth and raised her upper body completely.

“Ah… !”

A sad sigh escaped Sarah’s mouth.
do not worry. It’s just to make you feel better.
Raising my upper body, I grabbed Sarah’s two legs that were draped over her shoulders and slowly pushed her toward the bed.
As she pushed her knees to the side of her face, Sarah’s buttocks, which were still lifted up, gradually turned upwards accordingly, and now she was in a position with her hips fully raised toward the ceiling.

“buy it. Hold on.”

“Yes… haha… Huh… .”

Excited, Sarah didn’t answer, but still, as instructed, she held her thighs with both hands and maintained her current posture.
From that position, I moved my waist as if from top to bottom and attacked Sarah’s ass.

“Huh! Ha! Whoops!”

Whether it was because she liked the feeling of something that digs deeper than usual, or whether she was ashamed of the way her vagina was visible, Sarah shook her head vigorously from side to side and let out a loud moan.
However, both hands were firmly holding his thighs and maintaining the posture.
okay. Hold on to that posture longer. It will make you feel a little better.
As I moved my back, I reached out the hand that had previously played with Sarah’s tongue towards her pussy.

“Huh?! Ha! Come on, sleep! That’s it! ha ha! Whoa!”

Then, as if Sara had noticed what I was going to do, the focus returned to her blankly open eyes, and she spoke as if embarrassed.
But I didn’t care and touched Sarah’s pussy.

“Ugh! Bar, you idiot! not though… ! Whoops! Ha! haha! Gee, really… Whoa!”

When he touched the clitoris, which had risen slightly and claimed his existence, with his fingertips as if he was turning it round and round, love juice leaked out from Sarah’s still wet vagina.

“Heh! 👌👌👌 Whoops!”

And when I wiped away the thick flesh on both sides of Sarah’s pubic area with my index and middle fingers, Sarah’s pussy and buttocks trembled.
When I brought my downward fingers to the center and gently stroked the opening of the hole in my pubic area, Sarah’s love liquid was stickyly sticking to my fingers, as if I was expecting it.
However, I betrayed that expectation, spread my fingers slightly apart again, and then, using my index and middle fingers, climbed up the thick pubic skin this time as if I was sweeping it up.

“Uhhhhhh! ha ha!”

Sarah’s pussy trembling again.
So top to bottom. from bottom to top again. While stroking Sarah’s pussy several times, Sarah’s vagina opened gently, revealing pink flesh like a flower blooming.

“Heh… Dude, hurry up… .”

“Huh? what?”

“Hey! Daddy,

Put it in quickly!”

In the end, Sara, who had a baby, had been inserting herself first before even letting her do it.

“Huh? What are you talking about? you already put it character.”

“Ugh! Ha! Bar, you idiot! Don’t do that!”

As if to emphasize the object being inserted in her buttocks, she slammed her back vigorously once again, while her eyes widened again and she shouted.

“What? So what? I only have one thing. Oh, you want it in your pussy? I can’t help it.”

“Oh, no, dear!”

When I tried to get the stuff out of my ass, Sarah squeezed the hole in my ass and stopped my stuff from falling out.
Most of the stuff had already come out, but the tip got caught in Sarah’s tight buttocks, so it didn’t come out completely.

“What? So what does that mean?”

“It… ! Ha! Uh, with it in your ass… Whoa! There too… Whoops! You idiot oppa to put your finger in there too!”

“You want both? Anyway, our Sarah is greedy for perverts.”

“this… ! Whoa!”

“Still, it’s a request from my dear Sarah. ok I’ll do whatever you want character!”

I shoved the almost pulled object back deep into her buttocks, while at the same time putting my index and middle fingers into Sarah’s pubic area, and shoved it deep down to the root of the third joint of my fingers.


And at the same time, it culminated when Sarah spewed a fountain.
Naturally, as the fountains spewed out due to her posture, the liquids poured down, and Sarah, unable to regain consciousness in excitement, had no choice but to receive the liquids in her face.
And I ejaculated in Sarah’s ass, feeling the touch of her vagina as her fingers were squeezed, and the texture of her ass being squeezed.

“Ahh… haha… ha ha… .”

“You can feel it as soon as you put it in. Was it so good to be attacked in both places at the same time?”

“Haha… Sigh… .”

Sara didn’t answer my sarcastic question.
Not only that, he didn’t even give his eyes strength and stare as usual.
He felt the lingering afterglow of the climax with his dazed eyes bowed to pleasure, and he was desperately holding his breath.
If there was anything that could be said as an answer, the only thing I had to do was tighten my ass and press the roots of my stuff.

“I love you. buy it. Pretty.”

As I said that, my tongue meticulously licked the love liquid that poured down Sarah’s face.

“Um… uh… . Well… .”

I didn’t lick it very thoroughly, though, as Sarah bit my tongue and didn’t let it go as it touched my lips across my forehead, eyes, nose, and cheeks.

“Whew… OK?”

“Well… side. Sigh… Sigh… Everything, of course.”

Perhaps she was able to escape from the afterglow of the climax, Sara said in a voice that was weaker than usual.

“Haha… Oh, today… Sigh… I’ll squeeze it until it doesn’t come out anymore… .”

“Huh? what is that… Ah. Maybe because of what you’re doing with Felicia tomorrow?”

no. It’s something I do because I need it, so it’s a little bit squeezing until it doesn’t come out .
Well, it’s impossible to squeeze it out until it doesn’t come out from the beginning

“That, so… Sarah’s

Pack a lot inside. brother.”

Instead of answering, Sarah turned her face red while avoiding her gaze, and said that with a tone of shame to death.
And at the same time, my ass has been tightening my dick.

“Sure! I’ll wrap you up until you don’t come out!”

Seeing that cute figure, I neatly denied the thought I had just had before.

“Ha! Whoops. Hey, are you going here this time?”

When I pulled something out of my ass and put it in my vagina this time, Sarah said that in a pleasant voice, as if she was playing aegyo unlike usual.

“do not worry. It won’t make your ass lonely either.”

I went through my inventory and found one thing.
It was the anal beads that first developed Sarah’s buttocks.

“Eh? awhile… I mean… ha ha! No, what I said… .”

When she saw the anal beads after a long time, she opened her eyes wide as if embarrassed and surprised, but as soon as she put it in her butt, her voice became sweet again.

“But do you feel good?”

“Ha! Whoops! Bar, you idiot… .”

When I asked a question by putting her finger on the hook on the tip of the anal beads, and poking her back and forth, Sarah rolled her eyes and, instead of answering, reached out and hugged me and kissed me.

The day ended up being all night long, attacking Sarah’s pussy and buttocks at the same time.
It was a night when I realized that if I could do it with my hips, I would expand not only my hips, but my overall play range.
Would it be better to try it to the extent that other kids do it for fun too?
Diana says she hates it. Leia is… No matter what I ask, it seems like he’ll listen.

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feast // This novel has never accumulated a stockpile since its inception. I write and post it every day. Lately, what I’ve been posting during the day is just posting something I wrote at night a little later.
I think it was because the one night with Sarah was the way to go, but I purposely gave her some strength. It seems like you haven’t paid much attention to Sarah these days.


The first in another world

“Then shall we go?”

“Wow… ! Uh, where are you talking about? .”

After breakfast, I ran straight to the corner and captured Sylvia.

“Where? Well, of course it’s a castle. Since then, I’m a steady person who never procrastinates on anything I need to do. Come on, let’s go!”

“You look excited.”

Even though they said they reaffirmed their love last night, Sarah muttered in an annoyed voice as if holding a princess wasn’t very desirable for me.
If you’re upset like that, I’d say don’t do it.
Because I said I wouldn’t do it if even one person objected.
Even so, Sarah was also pitiful for Felicia.
It’s because I have a weak heart unlike what I’ve been through.

“Of course. Finally, I can be freed from people who are entangled in saying that it is salvation.”

“Yeah, it’s not that solid at all… .”

Sarah muttered absurdly, but I didn’t care. Because it’s true.

“Well, did you say that Sarah would follow you anyway?”

“Ah, yes.”

“Then let’s go. Start! Vanessa! Prepare the carriage… .”

“Wait a minute.”

When I was excited to leave the room, Diana stopped me.

“Huh? what?”

“This body will go too.”

“Diana too?”

“Well. It is said that it was completed, but after all, you will have to go to the site and make adjustments yourself.”

Saying that, Diana took out the first magic tool she had ever seen from her arms.


“It’s a magic tool for filming.”

“uh? Why does Diana have it?”

“It’s natural, isn’t it? made here Although it is said that the existing magic is slightly modified and adjusted, it is still a new magic orb that has never existed before. Aren’t the wizards that can create the most accurate wizards here? What. Don’t worry. I was paid properly.”

Oh, yes. indeed. Was the filming device made here?
So, after hearing that Felicia had been contacted, Diana said that the negotiations with the temple seemed to be over. Because I already know what happened to the magic ball.

“Good. Then Diana too… .”

“Well, if that’s the case, then I should go with you. As a cardinal, I also care about how the negotiations with the temple went.”

When Diana’s accompaniment was decided, this time Matilda took off her shichimi and spoke with a sullen face.
no no no you can’t follow Wasn’t watching other people’s sexual acts taboo?
Are you that curious? our video shoot.
Well, seeing Diana talking about magic spheres, it seems that the concept of filming itself is not universal in this world. Well, I understand your question, but
Moreover, seeing the reasons to follow them one by one, it didn’t seem like an improvised statement.
Aren’t these guys just looking for reasons to follow them all night long?

“Ah, me, over there… . I am… .”

It seems that the only angel, the only one, was not thinking at all about why he would follow.
Perhaps Leia believed in me and was just waiting here.
However, he seemed a little embarrassed when he suddenly said that everyone but him would follow him.
Leia seemed to be trying to think of a reason for her to follow, but it seemed that it was not easy to come up with a reason so spontaneously.

“Let’s go with Leia.”

“Yeah? However… .”

“Everyone in the party is together, but if Leia is missing, it’s lonely, isn’t it? I want you to come with me to make the party more friendly.”

“Ah… Yeah!”

When I gave her a reason, Leia smiled brightly and nodded her head.
Well. Today, the angel is an angel.

Anyway, that’s how we all ended up going to the castle together.
But, they don’t mean to watch everything until the video is taken, right?
No matter how embarrassing it is, I want you to be patient.

“But, you also have interesting ideas.”


“Look at the video. video. Are you thinking of making a video for educational purposes? I feel it sometimes, but you have a really fresh idea. Even this body is not usually caught up in preconceived notions, and I’ve been thinking about using a single magic in many ways, but I never thought of using this kind of illuminating magic for anything other than long-distance communication. I may have been setting limits on my own without realizing it. Thinking like that makes me feel a little pathetic.”

“no. I think Diana is great. I was able to come up with this idea only because it was common in the original world.”

Well, to be honest, it is a combination of online lectures and AV.

“Besides, Diana. By realizing the wall you were making yourself, didn’t your thinking become even more free? Please be happy because there is still room for further development in the future.”

“Hmm. You might think that way.”

As I said that, I stroked Diana’s head, and Diana, who had a slightly haggard expression on her face, blushed in embarrassment and gave a bashful smile.

“okay. okay. Of course, it would be nice to level up and break through the limits, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get it up quickly just because you’re hungry anyway. In the meantime, let’s try to develop by broadening the scope of our thinking like this.”

“In order to do that, I will need to talk to you more often than not.”

“I think I’m talking enough with Diana.”

“It’s not enough. more. We need to talk more.”

While saying that, Diana came close enough to my thighs to stick next to me and hugged me tightly.
‘Cause it’s cute anyway

“It’s over there.”


“We are in the wagon, can you please stop flirting with only Diana?”

“I envy you?”

“Of course!”

Uh, yes. okay. I’m envious.
To admit it so coolly, I feel even more embarrassed.

“Sigh. How dare you disturb the good mood. Miss Sarah isn’t cool either.”

“Even if Diana continued trying to monopolize salvation in the future, she didn’t interfere this far.”

“Hmm. I don’t know what you mean. This body only speaks magic.”

“is that so? Salvation. I just want to be with Guwon, not for any pragmatic reasons.”

Yes. Sarah. Thanks.
But today, he is remarkably more active.
Do you still have some of the effect that you had on your brother last night?
Well, her face was a little red because she was ashamed to say such a thing.

“What?! awhile! What is that conversation?! Then this body is like… ! Cheers, Sarah! You. Don’t get me wrong! I like this body too, so I want to be with you!”

Alas. Even though Diana was talking about love with me, she looked like an adult.
Where the hell had the warm atmosphere gone before, Diana cried out urgently when she came back to normal.

“Then, after all, magic is an excuse.”

“It’s not an excuse, it’s just one stone, two pairs!”

Hey. Will you stop arguing over me?
I can’t get out of the carriage

there is no
Because I really don’t know if they’re good friends or bad guys.
no. Well, I thought I knew a little bit about Sarah’s intentions.
Diana is bitter when she sees her own limitations, so I think that’s what brought her back to her original attitude by fighting like this. maybe.

“Unlike Diana, who is half love and half magic, I am 100% in love.”

… Is that your intention? Sara?

“Hey, this body is also 99% love! Ah, magic is only about 1%… .”

“Oh, did you win 1%?”

“No, magic is really good! This body is 100% love!”

no. Diana. Thank you, but that’s it. Thank you so much, it’s lovely and the best. Anyway, you shouldn’t say that.
It’s something the Wizards Association sisters, or even wizards around the world, would cry and faint when they hear it. that.

“Huhu. I am 100% in love too. Even if Goo Won had nothing to do with Goddess, I must have thought that I wanted to be by her side.”

Seeing the fight between Sarah and Diana, Leia also smiled warmly and grabbed one of my hands as if they were overlapping each other.
Then he brought it to his chest and hugged him tightly.

“Hey, Leia! Interception in the middle is disgraceful!”

“Yeah, that’s right! Do not try to seduce with your chest!”

Are you really on good terms or bad?
Well, okay. It seems like it will be like this all the way. But if you intervene, it’s like rushing into a minefield.
Should I turn my eyes and ears away from the noise around me and do some healing?

“Ju, juga uh… I, uh… .”

no. So you don’t die
I hugged her from the dining room, buried my nose in Sylvia’s head, which she had been holding in her arms even in the carriage, and smelled it and felt the vibrations throughout her body.

“Sigh… .”

I felt as if I could hear someone sigh in the midst of the noise of Sarah, Diana, and Leia, but I didn’t pay much attention to it and enjoyed Silvia Therapy.

“Goo, bake, goo, goo, goo… .”

“Huh? What is it?”

“Come on, wait, whoa… Now, let’s free ourselves for a moment… .”

And just before reaching the castle, Sylvia, who had given up everything and was held in my arms with a face ready to die, suddenly struggled and demanded liberation.
What’s going on?
I let Sylvia’s body go, and Sylvia cleverly ran back to the corner even in the wagon and caught her breath.

“Huh… haha… haha… This time, I saw the face of the goddess for a moment… .”

no. it’s sylvia Will you stop muttering dangerous words with a cute voice?
No matter how much I am, I get a little worried when I hear such self-talk. … A hug doesn’t kill you, right?

“Ah, everyone. Please wear this before you go.”

When Sylvia had run out of breath, she put her hands in the pockets on her waist and pulled out something of a black cloth from inside.
Upon closer inspection, Sylvia was holding out a robe.
However, the robe was a little different from the usual robe, but it was large enough that even me could completely cover my whole body. In addition, there was something like a large mulberry on the shoulder, so after wearing it, the wearer’s body line was not exposed at all.
no. Wouldn’t it be impossible to tell if it was a man or a woman, let alone the body line?
… Well, Leia looks like her breasts will be puffy even if she wears this.


“It’s necessary to make sure that filming a video doesn’t make you a princess.”

indeed. Is it like that?
I had a rough idea of ​​what Felicia was trying to do.

“Then please do not reveal your identity to the guards when you pass through the gates of the castle. Then I’ll take a moment to pass through the gate.”

As we each put on one of our robes, Sylvia nodded and said so and moved to the carriage seat.

“Sylvia. I’m just saying this just in case, aren’t you trying to run away from me with the excuse of passing?”

“Ah, ah, ah, no!”

“Then, if you pass through the gate, will you come back this way?”

“Wow, uh… yes, yes… .”

“Do you look sad?”

“Gee, I’m so glad it is!”

“Salvation. I told you not to bully Sylvia!”

“no. to bother you How I love Sylvia hugging me. right?”

“… Yes. mortally.”

Hey. don’t speak rudely
Saying that doesn’t sound like a joke.

Anyway, as we passed through the gates, we put on our robes and sat still.
The gate guard looked at us a little suspiciously, but since it was none other than Sylvia on the driver’s seat, we had no choice but to pass through without even checking our identity.

“Oh. Sylvia welcome. Those adventurers he talked about before?”

And when we arrived at the castle, Felicia came out to meet us as if waiting.
no. It’s not like you’ve been waiting, it’s actually waiting.
By the way, they are adventurers. indeed. Is it also meant to be fooled in that way?

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The first in another world

“Two men and three women. Huh. That’s right. Good work. Sylvia.”

Felicia looked at us carefully one by one and nodded with satisfaction.
… Huh? two men?
I reflexively looked at our group slowly.
First of all, Diana is the tallest.
And Leia, who can’t hide all her voluptuous breasts even though her robe is floating with huge shoulder pads.
Although she is a little behind Leia, Matilda can still see her breasts bulging a little.
And… Huh. okay. Sarah is a little tall for a woman.
I don’t know the exact number, but I’m guessing it’s around the early 170s.
He was wearing a robe like this, so even a short man would have enough of it.


I was staring at him like that, and Sara seemed to realize that she was included among the two men.
Sarah was immediately furious and tried to say something to Felicia, but before that I could barely stop it by raising my hand.
Calm down. Sarah. It’s just to deceive other people’s eyes.

“I really hate him… .”

Perhaps they understood what I meant, Sarah swallowed up what she was going to say.
Instead, he just mumbled in a low voice that only me could hear.
As if to appease Sarah, I tapped the area with the seal of the apostle on the top of the robe.

“Then shall I go right away? Follow.”

Felicia said so and took the lead and led us.
And we arrived at a room with a large bed in the middle.
We were able to take off our robes only after we bit all the servants saying we had something to do there.

“I understand that the woman in the video is doing this to make sure they don’t know it’s you, but honestly, it’s not very useful, is it? Anyone in the know would have already noticed that we were?”

“OK. All you have to do is provide solid evidence for this. Even if someone doubts it, if you say no, it’s okay.”

Felicia said confidently, as if nothing had happened.
The way he knelt down in front of us before asking for a favor was an attitude that could not be found.

“so. Miss Diana. Are the things finished?”

“Well. no problem Can I install it right away?”

“Yeah. Please.”

Diana nodded and started pulling things out of the pockets tied around her waist.
It seems that the magic sphere shown before was only a small part of the whole.
Diana took out a lot of things from her subspace pocket and started assembling them one by one.

“Well, what about the Pope? Princess. Did you convince your Pope?”

“Yeah. There were some conditions attached, but they gladly accepted it.”

To Matilda’s question, Felicia answered in a relaxed voice.

“After all, this is what Goddess’ messengers do to help people. It seems that the Pope also understood the will of the Goddess.”

“so. What is that condition?”

“Huh… That’s right. Minor conditions are like a deal between us and the church, so you don’t have to worry about it. But if there is one thing that he should be concerned about, is it not to show his face when taking a video?”

Baby… . You’re talking openly in front of Diana now.
no. Even though I told you to speak whatever you are comfortable with.
Sarah made a dissatisfied expression, but didn’t say anything as if she had given up halfway knowing that she was originally like this.

“Huh? Not only you, but me too?”

“Huh. They’re both hiding their faces so they don’t know who they are. Anyway, he’ll have to explain it in words, so he’ll be caught right away. Still, it seems necessary to break the rule that priests don’t watch other people’s sex. In the name of a simple educational video that does not know who the man or woman is, and therefore has no inspiration. Isn’t that good? Because I thought I should cover my face anyway.”

“Huh? Why?”

“Are you really asking because you don’t know? Of course it is. This time, I agree with her.”

When I asked a question, Sarah interrupted from the side.
Come to think of it, Sarah had said something similar before.

“The law is that it must be men who watch the video.

Because there is none. Besides, even if a man sees him for education, there must be a female priest who watches with him. If such people see the deeds of Mr. Guo, it is clear… .”

Hearing Leia’s words, I could barely understand the situation.
like that. Up until now, I had thought that Felicia would be given a role like an AV actress.
But wrong. Unlike the world I was originally in, this world was completely equal for men and women in sex life.
In the original world, there are places where men are proud to sleep with several women, but women hear mops when they sleep with several men. However, there was no gender discrimination here.
Basically, it means that men and women are completely equal.
Unlike in the original world, there are more women in key positions.
To be honest, it is surprising that this is not a women-dominated society.
Come to think of it, there were still expressions and ideas that were strangely consistent with the original world, whether masculine or feminine. Does it have anything to do with that?
Well, that’s probably good now.
Anyway, what I want to say is that not only Felicia becomes an AV actress, but I also become an AV actress.
It’s not like a male AV actor in the world, but rather a role that isn’t as important as a female AV actor.


Could it be that the women who saw the video tried to sleep with me at least once?
In the original world, I remember hearing that there were quite a lot of AV actresses like that.
To be honest, it’s fine for my values, but for my kids, it’s not.

“Is it possible that you haven’t noticed what kind of situation you’ll be in until now?!”

“Sah, Sarah. calm down. Because Guwon has slightly different values ​​from us.”

“But Leia! I’m sure the women who saw the video would rush to try it out… After all, it’s better to stop now… .”

“It’s okay. I believe in Guwon.”

“I, I believe! I believe… Salvation! You know?!”

Sarah started looking at me with anxious eyes.
When I saw Sarah like that, I smiled and patted her head.
OK. It’s a slightly unexpected situation, but that doesn’t change anything.

“I’m going to have to cover my face and say it’s not me.”

“It’s like that. I’ve already figured out how to spread the word. The men and women in the video are both carefully selected adventurers. And after receiving guidance from salvation, the two of them started filming. And that the video is produced and distributed with my full support.”

“Didn’t you tell the Queen that you can convince the Queen by getting regular semen? He’s also trying to spread his reputation quite a bit in the video production side.”

“Yeah, of course. You’re filming in the castle. If you don’t organize it, you can’t explain why it was filmed here. And… In the end, it’s me who gets the picture, so I can earn that level of fame.”

“Well, yes, but it is. But if that’s the case, wouldn’t it be better to prepare a woman other than you and have her film it? Even if I say there is no substitute.”

“But in order to take a video with you, you have to be at a fairly high level, right? You must be at the level currently attacking the 6th floor to be able to survive. No matter what country I am, I cannot forcefully force such people to take a video. So I had no choice but to take a picture.”

“Is that so?”

“Huh. That’s it.”

It’s a pretty refreshing smile for something that can’t be helped.
what’s up It’s better for me to just finish it quickly than to waste time by asking me to come back and find another girl.

“Hmm. That’s it. Can this be done?”

And during the conversation, it seemed that Diana had finished installing the magic ball.
The magic ball was placed a little further away from the side of the bed, illuminating the entire bed.
How do you know that?
It looked like it was projecting a projector on the wall behind the magic sphere. The current magic sphere is shooting.

“Oh oh. Did you do it so that you can check the state of being filmed? Well done.”

“Well! Isn’t it natural What do you think of this body?”

Diana said proudly with her breasts wide open.

“Isn’t that what Diana did?”

“It was this body who instructed me to do this and created the magic recipe!”

“indeed. Also Diana. Even if I don’t have to tell you, it makes sense.”

Come to think of it, I didn’t tell Diana how to make the magic sphere for the photo shoot.
Diana said it was the first time something like this had happened, so I had to tell her properly.

“Well. Even if you don’t say anything about what you think, everything works.”

“Also! So, is there such a thing as an editing function?”

“… Open, edit?”

Hey. Wait a minute. What if I stutter there?
In a sense, that’s the most important thing.
no. It’s my fault for not telling you in advance, though.
please. please make it possible
If that’s impossible, I… .

“If you make a mistake while filming, you can erase it and start recording again.”

“That, that, that’s what… .”

“… There is none.”

Shouldn’t it be a long take from start to finish without a single mistake?

“It’s okay, it’s okay! Such a function! You can add them from now on! Now, wait a minute!”

As I muttered with a look of despair, Diana blushed and shouted hastily.
Even if I don’t have to say my thoughts, it seems quite embarrassing to say that everything is working or something like this.
And Diana hurriedly stuck to the magic ball and started to manipulate something.

“It looks like it will take some time. then baby In the meantime, shall we prepare? Sylvia. Did you bring it?”


Sylvia nodded, and this time began to pull out her armor from the pocket she had taken out her robes from.
What can I say, it was the armor that the warriors of reversal would wear.
It looks sturdy and good, but the frayed and worn appearance here and there made me feel the history.

“what is this?”

“What? It’s a disguise. to start wearing this

it’s getting started It even has a helmet, so you can cover your face with it. Isn’t it perfect?”

“Do you look kind of excited?”

“Oh. it is not so.”

Even with that said, Felicia gave a smile that looked rather happy, not her usual flamboyant smile.
Well, as a princess who is locked up in a castle every day, she rarely gets a chance to wear something like this.
It was a little fresh because she looked like an ordinary princess.

“Huhu. Then let’s get ready Sylvia. Help me.”

Saying that, Felicia threw off the gorgeous dress she was wearing.

“Are you taking it all off?!”

This guy isn’t even wearing underwear inside!

“Oh. any problem? I’d be naked right away anyway.”

“Yeah, but you… .”

After all, this guy is no ordinary princess.
If you try to look a little nicer, that’s it
Thinking like that, I stared at Felicia’s body.
What? It’s natural for a man to stare at a pretty woman’s naked body. what’s wrong?

“And other preparations are necessary. Don’t you need one too?”

“Are you ready for anything else? what?”

“It’s hair. hair. If I don’t push it, won’t it be detected by the color?”

Ah… . Certainly not.
People in this world all have different hair colors, so surprisingly, people can be distinguished from each other just by hair color.
Besides, Felicia’s hair was particularly rare among them, or, frankly, pink blonde that I had never seen other than her.
Of course, the color of the plot is the same. If I see it, I’ll definitely get it.

“Why didn’t you push it sooner when you cared so much?”

“Oh. My body is always washed by the attendants. It can’t be pushed that easily. Alas. If you push it, you won’t be able to take a relaxing bath for a while. For the time being, is it all about washing with magic?”

Felicia muttered like that and put on a depressed expression.
no. If you’re that depressed, you should just have another woman ready for you.

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The first in another world

“Then baby. Let’s go.”

“… Do I have to go too?”

“Oh, of course.”

Damn it. I was deliberately averting my eyes from that reality.
It’s so easy that you’re someone else’s business Oops… Don’t push him… . Damn it. Do I have to move away from my hair that has been with me all my life since puberty in this way?

“Huh? Why are you making that face? Are you afraid? do not worry. I’ll clean it up.”

isn’t it? Who’s scared?!
I tried to object that way, but after thinking about it, I got a little scared.
Does he push himself?

“… Hey. Do you have any experience with cutlery?”

“Huh? That’s only when eating… .”

“Neither can you!”

“Yes, salvation! I can’t leave it to a woman like that! do not worry. Leave it to me.”

Simultaneously with my cry, Sarah immediately hung on my arm and said so.


I had no choice but to remain silent at Sarah’s reaction like that.

“awhile! Why aren’t you answering there?!”

… no. That’s it. but you Are you going to put a knife to something important?
You still get sick from just a palm attack, but if your hand slips while holding a knife and brushing your hair… .
They have an iron penis and an indomitable sex drive, but neither is perfect.
It is unclear whether the iron penis will protect even the eggs, and the indomitable sexual desire only prevents damage that makes sexual activity impossible. In other words, it does not prevent sexual activity as long as it is possible.
Also not this It’s too dangerous.
Neither Felicia nor Sara are too dangerous to use knives on my things.
Leave it to other kids.
First of all, Diana is adjusting the magic ball, so it can’t be. In the first place, Diana’s skill with cutlery wouldn’t be much different from Felicia’s.
Then Leia… You can’t either! Even if it doesn’t turn into a nine-tailed fox, it’s clear that touching my stuff makes me a little excited.
Sylvia will definitely start oscillating, so it’s more dangerous, then Matilda… It’s dangerous because he gets excited and doesn’t know what he’ll do if he falls into that pink atmosphere.
Damn it. what to do maybe good? Is there really no way to get through this crisis safely?!

“Yeah, yes! Felicia you! Wouldn’t other people be suspicious if you suddenly stop taking a bath after pushing? I’d rather dye it… . Diana! Isn’t there some kind of magic?!”

I called Diana with a wish to beg, but before Diana could answer, Felicia answered first.

“And I think it’s good to push even for the sake of video. You look better that way, don’t you?”

… Damn it. Surely it is.
Felicia’s plot wasn’t very deep and well-groomed, but it was clear that what was missing was going to look better.

“Now, let’s stop and go to the bathroom, shall we?”

“… buy it. request.”

“Then why are you making that face?”

I had no choice but to ask Sarah, who was the most sane even after touching my things.
Please, I hope my precious child is safe even after work is over.

“Then baby. Can you clean it up with me first?”

As soon as I entered the en-suite bathroom, Felicia glamorously spread her legs and smiled as if seducing me.
It’s not that I’m trying to seduce you on purpose, it’s just that it seems like that kind of behavior is ingrained in my body. Can’t you just stop? You’re totally taunting Sarah.


“then. Who else would you entrust such a precious place to you?”

“Can I leave it to Sylvia? Salvation also needs to be organized. Come on, rescue. sit down.”

Sarah spit coldly at Felicia, then half-forced me to sit in the bathtub.

“I can’t help it. Sylvia. Please.”

It was Sarah’s eyes that almost everyone would be shocked to see, but Felicia wasn’t a small-minded girl who gave in to such things.
She sat right next to me with her ass clasped and called Silvia.

“awhile! you!”

“why? Is there any problem?”

Naturally, Sarah got angry again, but Felicia pretended not to know.
That’s great.
A little while ago, the girl who prayed to Sarah on her knees.
I’m sure she still has vivid memories of that time, but if Sarah reverses her words even now, why are she provoking like this?

“Aren’t you supposed to be proud of being a princess? If you keep climbing like that… !”

“Oh. What if you climb up?”

“Profit… !”

… Right. okay.
Felicia knows.
Sara wasn’t cold enough to overturn her previous decision even though she knew her pitiful plight.
indeed. As a person standing on top, you have eyes that see people.
It’s a problem to use that eye in this way, though.

“Oh! on… ? Gee, did you hit me now?!”

Seeing Felicia like that, I put honey chestnut on her head.
I felt it when I was playing SM before, but because he didn’t have the tolerance for physical attacks to the extent that he didn’t like being directly hit by the subject of masochism.
Felicia opened her eyes wide even on that weak, weak honey night and was bewildered.

“Don’t bother us too much, Sarah. I am not as good as Sarah.”

“Hey, what really bothered me… . ok Okay, so don’t stare at me like that. Self too. Your girl is the best.”

“Of course.”

“Sigh… . Yes. Yes. Sorry. It was a little mean. I apologize.”

Felicia eventually bowed her head to Sarah obediently and moved away from me a little.

“Salvation… .”

And Sarah looked at me with moved eyes and smiled brightly.
okay. okay. i am the best
… Well, the reason for stopping Felicia wasn’t entirely for Sarah.
Sure enough, Sarah, she’s holding a razor and putting her hand near my stuff.
Now that I’m talking about it, when Felicia provoked Sarah, I thought my liver was running out.

In any case, Sarah smiled brightly and lathered her hands with soap and began to caress my things.
Of course, I stood up straight on my stuff, but Sarah gave me a nice glance at my face and without a word she picked up a razor and started cleaning out my pubic hair.
There was something that stimulated a man’s heart as he put his face close to my object with a serious face.
In addition, the skill of handling a razor was quite good.
Come to think of it, he always carried a knife for self-defense.
There is a hunter by profession, and Sara is the one who helps me the most with mana stones.
Come to think of it, there wasn’t much to worry about.
I’m sorry for doubting you. Sarah. It was the right decision to leave to you.
I was instantly relieved of tension.

“Come on, wait! Don’t wiggle!”

“sorry. It is irresistible.”

“Really… .”

Sarah gripped my stuff tightly to keep it from moving, and started moving the razor again.
Now that the razor risk is almost gone, I’m excited because it feels like a different play. It might not be as bad as you think.

“Oh. You’re very excited Can’t it be cheap? From now on

You have to do a lot with me.”

“profit… !”

“Ahh! Hey!”

So don’t taunt when you’re holding a razor!

Felicia made it quite a thrilling experience, but I was still able to finish my hair removal safely.
bye. dear my hair
However, pushing like this wasn’t as bad as I thought.

“… Doesn’t it look bigger because it’s pushed for some reason?”

Sara said in a slightly tired voice as she pokes the tip of my object.
okay. it looks bigger
I was confident in the size of things from the beginning, but after all, men are creatures that build confidence in these things.
Anyway, is this the end? Now I have to make a video and finish it.
I was about to leave the bathroom with that in mind, but Felicia called me again.

“Are you done? then baby Me too, please.”

“What? Sylvia?”

“I’ve been shaking my hands since before, so I’m not in a situation where I can leave it to you.”

While saying that, where Felicia was pointing, Sylvia was trembling as she looked at me from the corner of the bathroom.
… I was so focused on my side that I didn’t pay much attention.

“OK. It will calm down when I leave.”

Having said that, I immediately left the bathroom behind.

“Hey! Goo, Gukwon-san!”

“Are you stupid! Get some clothes on!”

“Are you exhibitionist?!”

I heard the pin glasses from the kids right outside.
Oh yes. sorry. I’m not in a position to say anything to Felicia either.
I said as I put on the armor Sylvia had prepared for me.

“It’s exposure. that’s d… .”

“Quickly! clothes! Wear it!”

After the commotion subsided, I learned how to use the magic ball while Felicia came out of her hair.
Diana, who did a nice revamp in a short amount of time, did a great job with editing.
In addition, as long as it is magic, remote control is possible.
If this is the case, even a beginner in video shooting will be able to shoot videos easily.

“Whoa. Then let’s take a picture Then get some rest. I’ll call you when I’m done.”
I couldn’t go out because I was wearing a robe, but the room was connected to several other rooms besides the room with this bed.
Perhaps Felicia prepared this place on purpose.
That’s why I said that without thinking, but the answer I heard was unexpected.
no. I expected it to some extent, so it’s not surprising.

“Huh? Will you see me?”

When the other kids hesitated a bit, it was Sarah who answered that way.

“… … taking pictures?”

“Huh. Of course it is. Why did I follow you?”

“no. However… .”

“You’re not trying to do something you can’t see anyway, are you? What’s wrong?”

“It is, but… .”

“Sah, Sarah. Are we back?”

“Ok. Anyway, I think that’s a bit disrespectful.”

Perhaps the priests Leia and Matilda had no intention of watching, so they stopped Sarah from the side.

Sarah didn’t take a step back.

“But, that woman, she can use the skill of charm, right? It’s too dangerous to be left alone with salvation. Isn’t that why Leia followed you too?”

“That, that… .”

“Do not worry. I don’t want to see Leiana Matilda together. I will supervise as a representative.”

“Well, if that’s the case… Yes. Please.”

Leia eventually passed on to Sarah.
The real reason is that it has already been prepared.

“… Hey. You really are just your hobby… Whoops.”

“Hey, you said it wasn’t like that!”

ok ok so calm down

“Then see only Sarah… by monitoring. Leia and Matilda won’t see them because of the rules. Diana?”

“Of course you won’t see it. You look like you’re going to get angry.”

did you see Did you see Sara? That’s the general reaction.

“… what. Those eyes.”

“no. nothing.”

“Gee, it’s not real!”

“It’s disturbing. What happened?”

At that moment, Felicia finally appeared from the bathroom.
Of course, I don’t wear anything on my body.
Below is… It’s nice and fresh to have no hair like that.
Felicia’s lustful vagina is so clean, that unbalance… huh.
Sarah. let’s talk in words… .

“Then let’s start right away.”

Felicia also put on the armor she had prepared for her, and said with her eyes shining unbelievably.
Also this guy. Do you have any admiration for things like adventurer armor?

“Sigh… Is that so?”

is it just the beginning
Filming hasn’t even started yet, but I’m already exhausted.

“Then we will go to another room. If anything happens, call me.”

“Sara, please.”

When we finally started filming, Diana, Leia, Sylvia, and Matilda all moved to the next room.

“Oh? Aren’t you going there?”

“Of course it is. It’s surveillance. watch. Do you think I’ll leave a woman like you alone with me?”

“… Huh. Is that really the only reason?”

“What, what?!”

“Come on, come on. don’t fight Let’s get started.”

Felicia, you’re only arguing with Sarah for nothing, it feels like you’re trying to play with her.
After all, as much as the first meeting was, does it mean that Sarah isn’t the only one who hates her?
no. Still, Felicia’s feelings must have been greatly diluted by Sarah’s permission to have a relationship?
My evaluation of Felicia was that she was a princess with a selfish personality, but she wasn’t such a bad girl that she didn’t even know the grace.
So, is there another reason for doing this to Sarah?

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The first in another world

Anyway, right now, the priority is to finish filming the video sooner than that.

“First of all, before we begin, the Holy Son Guwon, who took charge of the overall content of the video. And thanks to Princess Felicia, who supported the production and distribution of the video, this wonderful video was made. Thank you very much.”

First of all, I took off my shichimi, lowered my voice a little, and started talking to myself and Felicia.
Well, our purpose is more than the salvation of people in the first place. In a sense, it’s the most important scene.

“First of all, the most important thing when having a relationship with a woman is the atmosphere. Unlike men, where direct pleasure is important to the extent that it is not an exaggeration to say that the pleasure felt by objects is all about sex, women eat half of the atmosphere. It is important to take care of creating an atmosphere where you can relax your body and focus on your pleasure in a relaxed state. The most important thing for this is to show affection. It’s important to look at someone with loving eyes, put your mouth in your ear to praise them, or whisper love. When you first start, let’s set the mood by talking only like that rather than direct caressing. This video is for a technique lecture, but the most important thing is the atmosphere. Please be aware that the technique is next and watch the video. So first, let me explain about kissing.”

“awhile! Are you kissing?!”

“no… .”

“It’s only natural that this video is meant to guide men who are not able to properly satisfy the woman they love, right?”

Before I answered, Felicia answered so.

“I thought about it a while ago, aren’t you misunderstanding something?”

“What, what?!”

“Everything we do for video shooting is for lectures. Neither your man nor I have any feelings for what you do there. You probably wouldn’t know that either, so why are you arguing like that before?”

“That, that… .”

“If you know, don’t disturb me and stay there watching, right? The more you do, the longer the shoot will be. Come on, baby. Let’s begin.”

Felicia shot at Sarah like that.
To be honest, Felicia’s words were reasonable, but I had no intention of kissing them either.

“do not worry. Sarah. Because I have no intention of kissing myself.”

“What? But baby… uhm.”

I gave Sara a try, and by manipulating the magic ball, I started recording again from the place where Sarah intervened.
Then, straightening two fingers, he placed them horizontally on Felicia’s lips.

“If you kiss directly, you won’t be able to see it properly in the video, so I’ll explain it by hand. Think of these two fingers as lips and listen to the explanation.”

To be honest, I knew it was right to show it properly, because I dared to shoot a video. Still, there is nothing I can do about this.
I didn’t even want to kiss Felicia, something I’d never done except with three of my kids, something even Sylvia never did.

“At first, the lips seem to touch and roll, keeping a subtle distance and gently touching the lips. This is also a very good action to create the atmosphere I talked about earlier. And when you get used to it a little bit, slowly put your lips together. However, do not suddenly insert your tongue or do it. While lightly biting the upper or lower lip with your own lips, first touch the surface. Sometimes it makes a noise

It’s even better if you give the impression that you’re kissing with your ears as well as your ears. However, in this case, let’s adjust it moderately so that it doesn’t sound too vulgar. So when the woman seems ready, now she puts her tongue in.”

I used to play with the surface of Felicia’s lips with two fingers, then removed my fingers and this time, I only raised my index finger and put it in Felicia’s mouth.

“But once again, you must not immediately entangle or entangle your tongue with your tongue. First, start by tapping with the tip of your tongue like a knock. The erogenous zone is basically in line with the place where you feel itchy. If you touch the inside of your mouth with your tongue, some areas are more sensitive than others. For example, the roof of the mouth or the inner gums of the upper teeth. It is effective if you tap it with the tip of your tongue.”

As I said that, I tapped the tip of my mouth or tongue with my finger, and Felicia opened her mouth slightly as if to show it properly.

“And if it seems hot enough, we finally get our tongues entangled. Now that we’ve been tormenting ourselves leisurely, let’s let our tongues entangle violently as our desires lead us without further ado.”

“Um… Hmm… side… Sigh… .”

As I moved my fingers around Felicia’s tongue and swirled it around her mouth, Felicia’s sweet snorting sound was just that.
The helmet was completely covered except for the mouth, so he couldn’t see his expression, but maybe he was making an ecstatic expression?

“Next, I will explain the full-fledged caressing. As I said before, it might help a bit to remember that the erogenous zone is basically where you feel itchy. First, the face. It may seem insignificant, but facial care is also quite important. In particular, it has a close relationship with the atmosphere creation I talked about in the beginning. First, start by stroking your hair. Then, gently caress the cheek or sweep it down with your finger as if drawing along the jaw line. While doing these movements, it is effective to give off an atmosphere that a woman is adorable and cannot help it. and ears. It is enough to gently pat the pinna with your finger or to whisper love while breathing in. like this… .”

“Hah… heh… Sigh… .”

As I breathed a little into Felicia’s ear, Felicia’s already excited groan grew louder than before.
When I saw her legs clenched slightly and her body trembling slightly, surprisingly, she seemed to feel it already.
I wrapped my hands around Felicia’s waist and made her sit on the bed, then slowly removed the armor from her upper body.

“Next, I will explain the upper body caress. Gently stroking areas such as the neck, shoulders, and collarbones from the face and lowering it down. A light kiss is also effective at this time.”

“Ugh… Whoops… hahaha… .”

As I kissed Felicia’s neck and slowly came down and licked her collarbone, Felicia’s trembling grew stronger.

“The erogenous zones of the upper body vary. Starting from the chest, which is the representative erogenous zone, the arms, abdomen, sides, back, and waist. Let’s find the other person’s erogenous zone and let them caress them.”

As I said that, I hugged Felicia’s nude upper body and started caressing her, gently stroking her with my hands here and there.

“Take your time and take it slow. If you are impatient, it will only have the effect of destroying the atmosphere you have created so far. What people often overlook is the fact that arms and hands can also become erogenous zones. This kind of stroking or clasping each other’s hands is also effective in creating an atmosphere.”


“Huh… ha… haha… .”

no. Felicia. Aren’t you feeling a bit too much?
He’s also at a higher level than me, so there’s no need to feel that way.

“Next is finally the chest. Rather than touching the nipples in a hurry, first gently stroke the breasts in a circular motion from the outside. And in this way, slowly and slowly draw a circle to approach the nipple. You must not be in a hurry. Move it slowly and caressingly so that the other person will also be aware that the hand is moving towards the nipple. And when I finally reach the nipples that I have been craving… .”


… Doesn’t he feel it now?
is it real A kid with a much higher level than me, did you say that you only climaxed with caressing?
You didn’t even use any skills?

“In this way, you can effectively bring out the pleasure of the other person. Lightly at first, as if turning round and round with your fingertips on the areola… .”

“Ugh… ha… !”

“And while controlling the force so that the nipples are not too strong… .”

“Ugh… ! Whoa!”

After thoroughly caressing her breasts, Felicia finally climaxed once more, this time back and lying on the bed.

“… In this way, if you work slowly and caress, you can make a woman feel enough. Next, I will explain the caressing of the lower body.”

Having said that, I stopped filming for once.

“Hey. Are you okay?”

“Huh… haha… haha… Come on, baby… Ho, maybe… Did you use any skills?”

Felicia’s voice wasn’t her usual relaxed voice, but she asked, panting to the point where it could be heard urgently.
Aren’t you feeling at the same level as when you stimulated the pedagogical wall before?

“no. I didn’t write it.”

“That, that… haha… Come on, wait. Can I take a break? I think it will be difficult to keep shooting like this.”

“okay. yes.”

“Huh. haha Well, then, let’s cool it down a bit.”

Felicia took off her helmet and fanned her face with her hands.
That face was a face that anyone could see was completely in heat.
Why can’t he afford to be like this? It’s as fresh as this.

Anyway, it’s time for a break.
Leaving behind such Felicia, I approached Sarah.

“buy it. OK?”

“Black… what… ?”

no. you are crying
If you don’t like it, you shouldn’t watch it. Because he has a very complicated personality.
Even Sarah started crying after stopping the video.
He must have been desperately holding out while filming.

“Sigh… . Sarah. Wouldn’t it be better for you to wait with the other kids too? look at him Can’t you see that you don’t even have the time to be fascinated Besides, if you’re aware of fascination, it’s not that easy. I will continue to be vigilant.”

“Ha, but… .”



I put my hand between Sarah’s pants.
Again, the place was already soggy.

“It’s hard to hold on here too. Huh? I’ll do it when it’s all over.”

I hate it so much that it’s wet here again.
Because it’s a really complicated wall.

“Well, that’s what… .”

“Don’t beg.”

Sara trembled once more as I lightly pressed her pussy over her panties.

“Ugh… ! Ah Okay… . with other people… You just have to wait.”

“okay. well thought out.”

I patted her on the head, washed her body lightly with the water spirit, and sent her to the room where the others were waiting.

“Hey! you! I won’t forgive you if you try to use something like charm again!”

Before leaving the room, Sarah shot Felicia one last time and moved to the next room.

“Oh. gone.”

Felicia, who was the real party, muttered like that, as if she didn’t really care.

“Aren’t you mad?”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“no. Because you only had an argument with Sarah. But this time, the reaction was weak.”

“What are you going to do when you get mad at someone who has already gone to another room? And you’re only arguing. I’m not very… .”

Upon hearing that answer, I felt that something Felicia was trying to hide.
Anyone can see that he was arguing more with Sarah, but are you trying to fake it?
If we put together the answer that said it would be no fun if there was no reaction from the previous time… .

“Ah. indeed. The reason you had an argument with Sarah was because you wanted to see the reaction of Sarah, who is very angry?”

“Come on, you too. Don’t say anything weird. Then I’m just a bad-tempered kid.”

Seeing that reaction, I was able to have confidence in my own reasoning.
It’s a common thing. On the one hand, it’s like, ‘You’re the first to do this to me.’
From the standpoint of being a princess, no matter how selfish Felicia was, there was probably no other friend her age who would be angry like Sarah.
Sylvia, who seems to be the only open-minded friend, has such a personality, so she probably wouldn’t have been angry.
In other words, Felicia provoked Sarah on purpose to see Sarah’s fresh reaction.

“no. It’s not that I have a bad personality. But, I wish I could just be honest and ask you to be my friend. You have a very twisted personality.”

“Come on, you too! It sounds even weirder! It’s not like that! Come on, come on! How about making a video again? Because it’s okay for me now.”

To say that, though, her face is still red.
Well, it’s red because of a different reason than before.

“Put on the helmet again and say something like that.”

Seeing Felicia’s reaction like that, I smiled and said.
There’s something about being excited about wearing armor, and there’s a cute side to it.
Felicia looked younger than me for the first time, the same age as Sylvia or Sarah.

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The first in another world

After Felicia put on the helmet again, we resumed filming.
Now it’s time to start caressing the lower body, both of them threw off everything they had on their body except for their helmets.
Felicia said she had calmed down, but her pussy was still wet, as if to tell you how awesome the climax was.

“Yes… .”

Besides, he makes a subtle moan when he takes off his underwear.
After all, I was embarrassed a while ago, so my body hasn’t cooled down yet, so I urged it.
Well, from now on, I’m going to do it lying down, so it doesn’t matter as long as I’m fainting.
I made her lie on her side on the bed so that Felicia’s back was on the screen, and I laid down so that she could face Felicia myself, and then I resumed caressing.

“Next to the butt. It starts with what is commonly referred to as the pelvic line. Likewise, take your time and caress slowly rather than impatiently. And then the butt. From a man’s point of view, the buttocks are easily mistaken for the main erogenous zone because it is a good place to touch. Rather, it is a place where the senses are dull.”

Well, in general. Because there are special cases like Sarah.

“But in terms of creating an atmosphere, it is a very effective place. As the pubic area is close, touching the buttocks makes women more conscious of their future actions. So, gently caress it. And behind the thigh.”

“Ha… .”

As a hand slipped from her hip to the back of her thigh, a sweet sigh began to escape from Felicia’s mouth again.

“It’s easy to overlook here too, but it’s quite sensitive. Let’s take the time to caress him calmly.”

As I gently caressed the back of Felicia’s thigh, new love fluid began to flow from Felicia’s vagina.
I changed my posture so that Felicia was lying on her stomach, and this time I stroked Felicia’s feet.

“The feet can also be surprisingly one of the erogenous zones. Of course, the soles of the feet are sensitive to itchiness, so you need to touch them a little more carefully.”

I put my fingers between Felicia’s toes as if they were interlaced and moved them back and forth gently.

“Yes! heh… haha… !”

Then, from her feet to her calves and thighs, she gently stroked Felicia’s legs.
Then Felicia’s legs trembled, and Felicia’s pitiful moan grew even louder.
When my hand came close to the pubic area, I didn’t move my hand any further, but groped the inside of Felicia’s thigh, making it even worse.
After struggling for a while, I let go of my hand, and this time, I slowly traced the triangle line from the pelvis to the pubic area. Of course, while being careful not to touch the pussy this time.

“Above all, we have learned about the general erogenous zones of women. Of course, there are individual differences in erogenous zones for each person, so it is important to get to know the other person calmly while overlapping the body with this ideal. Also, it doesn’t matter if you do the caresses in the order shown in this video, but it’s good to apply them once the atmosphere is created to some extent.

“Heh… Why… uh… .”

Felicia was trying to say something, probably because it was a pity that she kept moving her hands around her without touching her vagina while explaining.
Of course, before that, I had covered Felicia’s lips with my finger, so her voice was buried without being recorded.

“It’s good to caress while kissing so tenderly… .”

“Um… ha… heh… ah… .”

I put my finger in Felicia’s mouth and stir, and Felicia moved her tongue as though she was kissing my finger.

“Alas… .”

But I quickly pulled out the finger I had put in the mouth.
Felicia reflexively stretched out her tongue and made a sad voice, but I didn’t care and moved her hand to her chest.
One hand was still caressing the area around the pubic area, the other hand caressing the hard nipples in the center of that voluminous breast.

“It’s good to caress both places like this at the same time.”

I gently pulled the nipples with my thumb and index finger, and pressed them lightly as if pressing a button. Tickle it with your fingertips, or pick it up with your thumb and forefinger and spin it round and round.

“Wow! Whoops! ha ha! Whoops!”

Then Felicia’s reaction began to intensify again.
This time I continued to caress her breasts, putting the hand I had been playing around her pussy into Felicia’s mouth.
Once again Felicia intertwined her tongue as if kissing my fingers, and I quickly pulled my hand away again.

“Next is finally pussy caress. First from the clitoris. This place is well known, but often misunderstood how to touch it. A woman’s clitoris is a very sensitive place, and when touched blindly, most women feel pain rather than pleasure. Wet your fingers like this, and gently stroke them as if you were stroking them with your fingertips.”

“Ugh! Whoops! Whoa!”

When my hands finally caressed the clitoris, Felicia easily climaxed in the end.
I did not care about Felicia’s appearance like that, and continued explaining.
From now on, you will always feel it anyway.

“At this time, there are quite a few men who become more and more violent when they see how women feel, and they get excited about themselves. When that happens, women feel pain, and the atmosphere and pleasure they have built up until now disappears all at once. Please do not rush, and caress slowly and steadily. If it is difficult to control the strength of hand caress, or if a woman seems to be in pain, doing it with the tongue is also effective. Here is the caress on the inside of the vagina. There are three main areas that women feel inside the genitals.”


I opened Felicia’s vagina with one hand, overlapping the index and middle fingers of the other hand, and slowly inserted it into the vagina.

“In order not to injure the inside of the genitals, insert your fingers slowly and gently. Even if a woman’s vagina is wet enough, do not overdo it, and if possible, wet your hands with an oil or something and then put it in. And when the finger goes all the way to the root, in that state, bend the second joint at a right angle. Then your fingertips will touch the inner part of the clitoris, which is one of the three erogenous zones I was talking about.”

There is a well-known name of G-spot, but I don’t think I need to explain the name.

“In this state, lightly bend and straighten the second knuckle of your finger and repeat. then… .”

“Uhhhhhh! ha ha! Whoa!”

It wasn’t long before the climax of the past, but Felicia once again reached the climax in a ridiculously simple way.

“Once the caress of the first point is over, the next point is the second. From the position where you are caressing the first point, bend your wrists further and lower them down, and slightly straighten your fingers to advance a little deeper. About an inch and a half more. That’s the second point. Here, too, the finger moves back and forth to stimulate it as if it were vibrating.”

“Aww! ha ha! ha ha ha!”

Felicia was now shaking her head from side to side, holding the bed sheet rolled up, and giving strength to her toes, she moaned.
Looking at this image, could the fact that you are now filming a video have been erased from your mind? Well, it doesn’t matter.

“Finally, spread your fingers out and insert your fingers up to the roots at a high angle as if pricking the inside of the pubic area. This place, which exists far above the second point, can be harder to find than you think, so it takes patience. In terms of location, it’s about this place.”

I explained the position by gently pressing on Felicia’s pubic bone with a hand that was not placed in her vagina.

“The caress here does not move the fingers, but the entire hand back and forth, moving quickly and vibrates. Keep the shape of your fingers. then… .”


how many times already Felicia reached a climax once again, this time spouting a fountain.
Hey. Succubus. Anyway, don’t you feel too bad? Put on the honor of the succubus and hold on for a while.
I felt Felicia’s body tremble from the hand I put into her pussy, and I paused the shooting.

“Hey. are you okay? Shall we rest again?”

“Dog, Gan-chan… Because it’s cool… Dude, hurry up… .”

no. It doesn’t look very good.

“As you may know, this isn’t about sex. Are you sure you won’t say anything strange?”

Because if you say it’s you or say something that reminds you of me or Felicia during filming, you’ll have to shoot it again.

“Because it’s okay… hah… Quickly… .”

Sigh. Well, it’s good for me to finish quickly too. do i do it like this
In the end, I decided to continue filming as it is.

“Next, let me explain the direct sexual act.”

I put the object that had been deliberately killed before, and put it inside Felicia as it was.

“The important thing here is to keep in mind that the purpose of sex isn’t everything. After insertion, many men lose their temper in the pleasure and shake their waist only for ejaculation. The most important thing is to make you feel good not only for yourself, but also for others. With that in mind, please do not be impatient and move calmly. It feels like caressing the inside of a woman’s vagina with her own penis. Also, you don’t need to change your position often. Many men get excited about themselves and try to attack women by changing positions frequently, which is wrong. The purpose of changing the position is to change the point where the male genitals touch the female genitals. As you will know if you have watched the caress lessons so far, it is important to gently and steadily caress one place. Excessive changes in position will only make a woman less excited.”

“Ugh! Whoops! ha ha!”

As I said that, I slowly shook my back.
Felicia then wrapped her legs around my waist and let out a loud moan while still holding the bed sheet in her hand.

“And it varies from person to person, but the general idea that the faster the piston moves, the better it feels. It’s not friction that makes women feel good. If you press and attack the right place accurately… .”


Even though she moved her waist relatively slowly, Felicia reached her climax.
Since then, I have thoroughly explained which parts of women are attacked in various positions.
Indeed, Felicia’s level was high, so I couldn’t finish all the explanations without paying anything, but I never pulled out anything and continued to explain until the end.
And in the meantime, Felicia sobbed with climax several times.

“… This concludes the lecture.”

And finally, I was able to finish filming after all explanations.

“Ahh… haha… ha ha… off… off?”

Felicia flopped on the bed and looked up at me with her eyes wide open as she exhaled harshly.

“okay. Now relax your legs.”

After changing positions, I ended up returning to normal again, and in the process, Felicia’s legs wrapped around my waist again.

“Joe, more… .”

“What? Hey. Is the purpose of video shooting today?”

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha… Whoo… .”

Felicia was about to say something more, but it seemed like she was out of breath and couldn’t speak.
Felicia took a deep breath and seemed to try to calm herself down.
It was like that when I stimulated the pedagogical barrier before, but even after he has become so disorganized, he recovers subtly quickly. Is it really a succubus?
If possible, it would have been better if not only a quick recovery, but also moderation could be achieved.

“But you have a regular appointment with me anyway, right? Since it started like this, wouldn’t it be longer if you give a lot now?”

And Felicia, who barely caught her breath, said so calmly.
It’s a fairly subtle statement for asking for sex, but the logic itself was valid.
But I mean… .

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I took a cold medicine and slept for a long time, so it was a little late.

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