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They are making other children wait in another room.
Even if you come back later, it is the right decision to stop here.
When I was about to say that, Felicia spoke first again.

“Because in the first place, he thinks he attaches too much meaning to sex.”

“What? That’s natural. It’s weird to just do anything like you.”

“Of course it’s not bad. … If only he wasn’t a saint. Don’t you need to get used to unfeeling sex like you do with me?”

“… What are you talking about?”

“You too. Don’t you actually know? It literally means I don’t know the details because all I’ve heard from Sylvia, but I heard that she came to this world on a mission from the goddess. For that mission, shouldn’t we have more sex like this in the future? Besides those people he loves, sex without love. no?”


“But she attaches too much meaning to the act of sex itself.”

Being stabbed by Felicia’s words, I was momentarily at a loss for words.
Because it was a fact that I was also aware of implicitly.
The reason the Goddess gave me this ability and sent me to this world is obviously because of a reason.
Of course, he could have given this ability simply to make it easier to get the monster’s penis.
But I never thought so.
The given abilities were too diverse and numerous to think that they were given simply to get the penis easily.
This ability is obviously a given ability for sex.
That thought, which had unconsciously settled in the corner of her head, became more certain when the goddess praised her relationship with Sarah and Leia.
As Felicia said, I’ll probably have to have relationships with a lot of women in the future.
If my prediction is correct, maybe with the descendants of the War God Age race.

I knew it somewhere in my heart.
So, it may be that those thoughts were unconsciously reflected in their actions.
My kids hate talking to other men, so I just overlooked the contradiction of having sex all the time in addition to the three of them.
After all, I’m destined to continue having sex with other kids.
I deceive myself by saying that I am trash anyway.

However, there was still some sense of guilt, so he continued to refuse anything other than sex.
Sylvia for example.
I knew how much Sylvia liked me, and I couldn’t deny the fact that I was also attracted to Sylvia while we were together.
But I didn’t end up kissing Sylvia in the end.
It is only after being pointed out by others that you realize your own psychological state.

“You have no intention of making all the women you have sex with your own anyway, don’t you? I don’t think that’s even possible. So I’m here to help. Don’t give yourself too much meaning to sex. If you’re a woman like me who only craves pleasure without any emotions, isn’t she the perfect partner for practice?”

“… You mean you don’t care?”

“It doesn’t matter, there’s nothing else to do. Anyway, until now, I’ve had sex with several men just for pleasure and semen. If he doesn’t have sex with me, it’ll just happen with other guys. You will have to do a lot more to do it with another man than you do with him.”


“So it’s a win-win for each other. I can get pleasure and semen from him, and he can use me to practice emotionless sex. And I think Diana-sama would like it too.”

“Why are you talking about Diana again all of a sudden?”

“Well, this is entirely my guess. That Diana-sama is sharing her man with other women. That alone wasn’t enough, so he allowed him to have a relationship with other women like Sylvia and Cardinal Matilda. Whatever the reason, don’t you think it’s strange? Maybe Diana-sama is guessing something too? no. It’s not just Diana. Maybe that woman named Sarah, or that woman named Leia… .”

My own feelings aside, I never imagined my kids would think that way.
Sylvia, Matilda, and this time they allowed her to have a relationship with Felicia, is it possible that sympathy is not the only reason.

“Maybe that was the purpose of allowing me to have a relationship this time. It’s about letting me learn how not to attach too much meaning to sex.”


“So. Huh? lets do it. without any emotions. Sex that only seeks pleasure from each other.”

When I was quietly in my thoughts, I think I had succeeded in persuasion.
Felicia smiled bewitchingly, gave more strength to the legs that wrapped around my waist, and turned her back and forth.

“… exactly. You may be right. I have to have more sex with a lot of women in the future, and it might not be good to give meaning to each sex like I do now.”

“Huh… Whoops. glad to know Then, you also turn your back… .”

“So, from now on, you might really practice using your body. Good luck then.”

“… on? Come on, honey?”

Perhaps my answer was so unexpected, Felicia’s waist movement, which had been spinning in a bewitching circle, stood tall and stopped.

“That’s it and this is this. They said they were only filming videos in the first place, and they were making our kids wait, there’s nothing more we can do with you here.”

“Ha, but… Come on, baby. After all, what you do with me now is convenient because there is no need to come back later… .”

“It’s better to be cumbersome later than to do it secretly. As you might think, I’m the kind of guy who gives sex too much meaning You know that even though I have relationships with other women, the three of us are particularly concerned about it, right? I mean, I’m a bit of a naive purist. To do this openly for other reasons is cheating by my standards.”

“Ha, but… .”

Even if I said that, Felicia tried to protest something more, as if it was not easy to give up the things that were inside her.
That’s tenacious.

Well, as promised, I don’t seem to be using fascination, so let’s take a look.

“Take it out.”

“Ugh… .”

This time, as I exhaled coldly in command, Felicia groaned as she tightened her pussy.
I felt so much when I was filming, so I was worried that I might have misunderstood the fortress wall, but it seems that the fortress wall has not gone anywhere.
Felicia’s body was trembling and her eyes were slightly hazy, nevertheless, as I commanded, she relaxed her legs and slowly pulled back and removed my belongings.
In the future, it may be effective to use this command when dealing with it.

As soon as my items were completely removed, Felicia’s love juice came pouring out of Felicia’s vagina with the stopper removed.

“If you did this in the first place, that would be enough. How greedy are you? Didn’t you lose your libido after doing it with me?”

“Hah… haha… Ha, but… If you put something like this… Even if it’s not a physical problem… It’s only natural to be excited… .”

When I said it like it was ridiculous, Felicia mumbled something like that with a slightly resentful expression on her face.
Well, the video didn’t end at the same time as Felicia’s climax or my circumstances. There’s a feeling that it’s over when it’s halfway through.

“Sigh… uh… .”

Felicia, who slowly raised her upper body as if drowsy, leaned forward and put my things in her mouth.

“Hey. No matter what, I won’t do it.”

“I know. It’s just cleaning. Really. Since I ordered that earlier, shouldn’t I rather order him to clean up before I do this?”

“What is that? You just want orders.”

“huh… Sigh… It’s cool too.”

Felicia didn’t really deny that she wanted to be ordered, but she looked at my things with ecstasy and licked every nook and cranny with her tongue.

“At least when you say something like that, look at people’s faces… .”

“Huh? But this is the only thing I think is cool.”

It’s the same in the opposite sense to the real Sylvia.
Well, I didn’t feel like I was a hater like before, though.
When I realized that I had deliberately put a fight on Sarah, who was fighting me from the front, even this kind of behavior gave me a different impression than before.

“Sigh. Huh. done. It’s clean.”

It seems that Felicia was really just trying to clean up.
Instead of trying to make me ejaculate, I took my stuff out of my mouth while sucking.
Well, I did make a sad face, though.

“okay. Good work.”

“Sigh… If you can’t stand it, I’ll call you right away, so let me know.”

Hearing Felicia’s voice murmuring slightly resentful, I summoned the water spirit to wash my body and Felicia’s body.
In that case, it would be meaningless to do it with your mouth, but it was done because Felicia seemed to be satisfied with that.
I got dressed and went to call our kids who were waiting in the other room.

“Mr. Salvation!”

“Okay, are you done?!”

Leia, who was sitting facing the door, noticed me first, and then Sarah jumped up and looked at me.
Sara Yap’s face is still a little red. this later

Aren’t you asking for a video too?
no. It doesn’t really matter what you show me.

“It didn’t take as long as I thought.”

“Well, thanks for making the magic ball so well. It was easy to photograph.”

“Well. Isn’t it natural After all, this body was designed!”

When I praised Diana, she became arrogant and straightened her chest.
In front of me like this, Diana shows a figure that doesn’t suit her age at all, but she must be incredibly deep inside.
Like Felicia said, could I really have allowed my relationship with Felicia to ease my attaching meaning to sex?

“Then the business is over, shall we go back? What should I do with the magic ball? Felicia said they would supply it, so can I just leave it here?”

“no. take it all Ownership of the magic sphere belongs to this body. The Mana Stone with the recorded video will also be copied after slightly modifying the voice later. If you deliver the copied items here, the princess will supply them to each temple.”

“Huh? Diana? Didn’t you say you didn’t want to see me?”

“Even if you don’t see it, it is possible to alter or copy the sound by mana manipulation. Well, this body is not going to do it, but it will.”

Indeed. is it. Diana did only the design of this magic orb, and someone else did it.
Anyway, that’s all I have to do here.
After finishing like this, I felt refreshed, as if the burden had been lifted off my shoulders.
Now, I just hope that the video spreads and there are no people talking about salvation or anything else.

“then. Felicia. We are going.”

“Sigh… . Huh. okay. Good bye. Do I really have to do it right next time?”

Leaving behind the sad Felicia, we put on our robes and exited the castle as we did when we arrived.

“So how are you? Do you think it was taken right?”

After leaving the castle gate, Leia, who took off her robe, asked a question as if curiously.

“Huh. Well, it’s okay to say it with my own mouth, but to be honest, I’m a little more confident.”

To Leia’s question like that, I said with confidence.
I think a pretty good educational video was born.
I’m sure a lot of people will benefit from this.
Of course, in this world, even in the temples, education is already being taught, but in terms of rules and other things, men are taught by women and women by men.
It means that a man never had a chance to be taught by a man.
Considering that, I thought this video would have a huge impact.
Maybe this will become an opportunity for the average level of men in the world to rise, and in the distant future, to a situation where the average level of men and women becomes equal?
… Well, anyway, that went too far.

“Huhu. Yes. I believe too. It was none other than the salvation that Mr. Guwon thought.”

… Wouldn’t that be a joke right now?
no. It doesn’t matter if it’s an angel. Rather, if you’re joking around, it’s cute as it is.

Anyway, we were able to finally return to the mansion after filming the video.

I handed the magic stone with the video to Diana, and I went into the room alone and fell into thoughts.
On the spot, in order to be separated from Felicia, I passed it on as if it was nothing, but the conversation I had with Felicia in the end was a very important issue.
It is not an exaggeration to say that it is not an exaggeration to think that it will determine my future course.
Don’t give too much meaning to sex, just do it out of necessity… .
What should I do… .

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In general, I think what the princess is saying is right.
no. Even if it doesn’t matter whether it’s common or not, I think it’s right to do what the princess says, considering our children.
I didn’t know how many people I’d have sex with in the future, and I didn’t think I’d be able to love all of them.
Besides, it was true that we felt sorry for our children for carrying them all.
It was also thought that it would be better not to have special feelings for sex with anyone other than the current lovers.
logically that is.

But what about Sylvia? What should Sylvia do?
If it’s not a romantic relationship, is it possible that I don’t have any special feelings about having sex with Sylvia?
It was clear that Sylvia liked me, and it was undeniable that I was also attracted to Sylvia.
But the fact that sex with anyone other than the current lover shouldn’t have any special feelings means that even with Sylvia it should be.
There’s no way that’s possible now.

So, Sylvia is the only exception?
You only have feelings for Sylvia, and the rest of the sex you don’t have feelings, just a sense of duty?
Let’s say we’re going to give up a hundred steps and do that.
So what about Matilda?
If Matilda continues to love me after the curse is lifted, will I be able to reject it outright?

When this happened, his feelings for Matilda were also vaguely fading away.
Even now, whenever I have a relationship with Matilda, I am confused as to whether he really likes me or whether he likes me because of a curse.
If Matilda didn’t have any feelings, there’s no need to be confused in the first place.
Whether Matilda is serious or not, if I don’t have any feelings, that’s the end of the matter.

In other words, I have feelings for Matilda to some extent.
So if Matilda still likes me after the curse is lifted, then Matilda is an exception too?
I’m not kidding.
He knew very well that there would be no end to each exception.

To be clear, you have to choose between having no feelings for sex with anyone other than your current three, or accepting all of them.
… I can’t choose
How could I have been such an indecisive bastard?
I used to think of myself as the type of person who just lives without thinking.
no. From a logical point of view, it is correct to choose the former.
Sex without love in the first place.
it’s really right to do that

Even in this world that is far more tolerant of sex than the original world, sex is also an act based on love.
Even the temple encourages sex with love as much as possible.
no. Even if it wasn’t, it was clear that Goddess was recommending sex with love.
Because I even have the skill of appointing an apostle, where love with the other person is a condition.

Besides, this apostle appointment… okay. Now, let’s stop trying to deceive and fake ourselves again.
To be sure, I was half-confirmed that in the future I would have to make an apostleship in addition to our three children.
The evidence is also clear. The very day the goddess came down, she praised the relationship between Sarah and Leia. To be more precise, I praised them for their appointment as apostles.
okay. He clearly pointed out that he was appointed as an apostle and praised it.
In other words, my guess about having to have sex with the war gods is that even if it is true, it is only half correct.
To be more precise, it may be necessary to appoint apostles to the races of the war god era.
In fact, I had been guessing that way from the moment I talked to the goddess.
My children valued the apostleship so much that I was ignoring myself.
In other words, I am destined to have loving sex with other people in the future.
Well, do you really have to do that with the race of the War God Age, no? Although it is not yet clear whether there are other races from the War God era other than Sara and Leia.
So should we hold off judgment until that is certain?
I don’t think that’s a thing either… .


As I was lying on my bed and thinking in a complicated way, I heard someone knock on the door.

“Savior. The meal is ready.”

It was Vanessa.
I checked the time and it was already evening. Time had passed so much that he was surprised.
Have you been thinking alone for so long? That’s not the answer.
It is, of course, such an important concern.
Thinking the same to myself, I slowly got up from the bed.
Should I think about it later?
We are worrying about our children, but it would be foolish to just waste precious time with our children because of those worries.
I slapped myself on the cheek, cheered, and opened the door.


Vanessa was waiting quietly at the door of the room.
As usual, I would take the lead and guide you to the restaurant, but today, for some reason, he was just staring at my face.

“what? What is it?”

“… … no. it’s nothing.”

Vanessa hesitated for a while, as if she had something to say, and then turned around without saying anything.

“what? What? I’m curious. Tell me. or what You mean you can’t tell the master?”

What I was thinking about just before was like a lie, no. Even to hide the fact that I was worried, I acted more energetically and stuck to Vanessa for nothing.

“… My master is Diana. Then I will tell you.”

Vanessa is impressed even when she sees me like that

He answered that without a frown, and then he turned around and looked me in the eye.

“Don’t make that face. Unless you want to cause Diana to worry.”

“Yes? Am I making a strange face?”

“… Yes. You’re making a serious expression that doesn’t answer.”

“That’s not the answer! Do I get serious sometimes? Aren’t you really being too harsh on me these days?! Did I do something wrong?!”

“Then I will guide you to the restaurant.”

Ignoring my words, Vanessa turned around and trudged towards the dining room.
Are you really trying to make fun of me these days?
With an expressionless attitude, it’s hard to tell if it’s a joke or not
no. Well, this time, I think it was probably done in good faith, but the problem is that it continues to do that normally! Usual!
I glared hard at Vanessa’s wonderful back as she strode forward, but she didn’t look back and just walked forward.
Sigh… . okay. Well, this time with a worried expression on her face, I’ll think about it as worrying and move on. There is no next time! next!

Oh, I see, when it comes to worries… I had sex with Vanessa.
It’s not that the kid isn’t really related to the troubles he’s having right now.
Well, I don’t think he’ll ever love me or anything like that… no. Really?
I’ve been thinking about it before, but it’s still not clear why Vanessa was masturbating there at the time.
Exactly where I comforted him. It has nothing to do with me.
Then, it is a matter of whether he just recollected his pleasure and chose that place as a place to masturbate, or if he really had a heart for me… Whoa! Really! Because I was worrying about that, I even became conscious of Vanessa!
What Felicia was trying to persuade me to say is completely counterproductive.
Eight! I do not know! What are you even thinking about?!
You’re a man! You can check that out yourself!

“Hey! Vanessa!”

I grabbed Vanessa’s shoulder as she walked ahead and pushed me against the wall.
I didn’t even think I’d do something like that, and Vanessa’s body was drawn with a startling lightness and she leaned her back against the wall.
Placing my hand next to her face, I stared at Vanessa’s face.
haha. How are you? someday revenge
no. It’s not like I’m still paying attention to being hacked by Vanessa. … Really?

“… … What is it?”

Anyway, it was Vanessa who was easily ripped off, but the expression she looked at from a close distance was surprisingly expressionless. I thought you’d be a little surprised.
no. Upon closer inspection, it wasn’t just an expressionless expression.
His face was expressionless, but he felt that he was giving his whole body a lot of strength.
A huge force was felt in his body, as if he would swing a fist or a foot whenever I said anything.
But there is a man’s pride. I can’t back off like this.
I was determined to ask Vanessa a question.

“Are you sure you like me?”

“… … Are you crazy?”

And at the answer I heard, I fell from my knees to the floor.
this guy Didn’t you learn as a child not to answer a question with a question?
no. Wasn’t the word too harsh before that? Couldn’t you at least be a little more refined? “What do you mean?” or “Are you serious?” Just saying that would be enough.
After all, even if you ask a question, there is nothing to ask if you are sane.
no. As a person of great service to Diana, I can understand why Diana’s man gets angry when he asks him such a question.
It felt like I had been hit with the right punch.

“Is that the reason you were making a serious expression earlier?”

Vanessa looked down at me, who had collapsed on the floor, and said in a slightly raised tone than usual, perhaps angry.

“Is that possible?! Fool!”

“… Is that so. Good luck.”

After saying that, Vanessa walked back to the restaurant.
Damn it. It’s like that iron wall butler. I’ll definitely ring you someday
I had one more goal in life.

“Whoa… . Hmm. So, what did you hear from the princess?”

After eating and waiting in the room as usual, Diana, who had washed up, lay down on the bed and looked up at me.
And that was the first thing he said.

“What? What are you talking about all of a sudden?”

“Have you been making a serious expression since the video was shot? Say no to answer. What did you hear from the princess?”

Maybe even Diana… I hope the master is saying the same thing.
no. than that.

“Did you know?”

“Isn’t it natural? Who do you think this body is? no. Everyone must have known, not just this body.”

Is it like that? So you’re worried and waiting for me to tell you first?
I did something sorry

“so. What’s going on? You look like you’re worrying about something. Now, tell this body.”

When Diana became completely associative mode, she said that as if exhorting me.
Assuming that Felicia’s reasoning is correct, it means that Diana had been thinking about this issue for a long time in the first place.
Still, he doesn’t show anything, and he tries to listen to my concerns.
I was moved, but I was still wondering whether I should talk to Diana or not.

no. Surely it might be important to hear Diana’s opinion.
But after listening to Diana’s opinion, wouldn’t my heart be inclined to Diana’s opinion?
In other words, I give up on making my own choices and leave the choice to Diana.
I’ve had quite a few experiences leaving my kids to make decisions about important things, but I felt like this shouldn’t be the case this time around.
It even includes feelings for Sylvia and other kids.
It would be rude to make a decision like that.
This is an issue that should not be left to our children, no matter how much. It’s something you have to think about and decide for yourself.

“sorry. It’s a little hard to say.”

“Hmm. is it.”

to my answer,

Diana nodded her head with a warm smile.
To be honest, I was a little surprised. I thought he would say something like, ‘Is this a problem that is difficult to tell even to this body?’

“sorry. I think this is something I have to decide for myself.”

“Huhu. It’s okay.”

That’s why I said that as an excuse, but Diana got up and gently stroked my head as if she knew everything.
It’s like a grandmother looking at her grown grandson… no! Our Diana is green, but that’s it! After all, he is the youngest in physical age!

“But sometimes worries can be solved by emptying your mind. how about Emptying your head at night and thinking only about this body.”

“Ah, yes. That’s right! There’s no way we can’t waste the time we spend alone with Diana, worrying, right? I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to do today.”

As I thought before, you are worrying about our children, and it would be foolish to just waste precious time with our children because of those worries.
I immediately changed the mood and started talking about the play I had in mind.
And the more I listened to it, the more Diana’s expression, who had been watching me warmly at first, gradually changed to a look of tiredness.

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exposure play.
Now, it’s like a seasoning play that can’t be omitted from Diana’s actions.
Diana is also denying it in words, but she likes it so much that she loses her reason every time she plays exposed, and I also got excited every time I did it because I wanted to see Diana like that.
The only thing she doesn’t like is antagonism, and seeing that she doesn’t rebel violently, she actually enjoys it a lot.
Because of that kind of belief, I also started to play tightrope to a more and more dangerous realm.

However, I couldn’t help but reflect on my last act.
Because it was a play that completely crossed the line, far from being close.
Maybe someone else, even Vanessa, would find out.
It’s a pity that Diana lost her memories of that time, but honestly, even if they were slapped in the face and asked to break up, there was nothing to say.
While making excuses for Diana, I got too excited for myself, so my actions became too radical.

So, in the future, you should refrain.
Even in the sense of reflection, revealing play is prohibited.

That’s how I’ve been thinking since the last time I played.
However, there was a new way to enjoy exposure play through unexpected things.
Moreover, this time, 100% safe and without any risk, only pleasure can be delivered to Diana.

“So, if you use this magic ball for video shooting, don’t you think you will be able to enjoy similar exposure play? With no risk of being caught by anyone, I think Diana will be thrilled too! What do you think? Good idea, right?”

“You! Are you stupid!”

As I said that with a bright smile, Diana ran up to me with a blushing face and pounded her in the chest with her fists.

“What is the thrill?! What is Exposure Play?! this pervert! color light! I wondered if I was thinking about something, but I’ve been thinking about it until now

Was there Genga?!”

“Is that possible? My concern was that I was doing the right thing.”

I only thought about this play for a very short time.

“Are you okay anyway?”

“It’s not okay! What in the world do you believe in to be so confident?! Don’t smile like that when you say things like that!”

“It’s better than being serious like before.”

“But that’s too extreme, isn’t it?! Don’t you know that you’re in the middle?!”


“I’m not praising you!”

“a. Don’t do it. I think Diana will really like it if I do it.”

“Who, who, who, who likes you?! This, this body is… !”

I smiled and pushed, but again, Diana did not want to acknowledge her wall.
I can’t help it. So, let’s change the tactic a bit.

“Sigh… As Diana said, tonight, I want to clear my head and think only of Diana.”

“Gee, why are you saying that now?!”

“This magic orb, our image is reflected on the wall, isn’t it? I think only Diana will be able to see it more clearly.”

“Yeah, that’s right… ! no. Wait a minute!”

As I changed my strategy, Diana began to noticeably panic, perhaps instinctively feeling a sense of crisis.

“And I want to leave a pretty picture of Diana as well.”

“Ha, but if anyone ever sees it!”

“If I put it in my inventory anyway, no one will see it except me. You don’t have to worry about that at all. So, huh?”

It’s the complete opposite of the similar exposure play I mentioned earlier, but for once, I rolled Diana like that.

“However… However… !”

“Then let me know that you agreed.”

Diana still looked like she was trying to resist, but I quickly took the magic ball out of my inventory and placed it next to the bed.
Well, even if it were to be installed, it was brought as it was assembled from the castle, so it was just a matter of putting it down.
The only problem was the manastones for activating the magic orb, but now the inventory is exquisitely overflowing with manastones.
After returning from the dungeon last time, none other than Diana herself prevented the Manastone settlement.
As soon as I put in the magic stone and activated it, the entire bed was reflected as if the project was reflected on one side of the wall.

“Wow… !”

Diana, who could not stop the installation of the magic ball due to my quick action, looked at her reflection on the wall and put on a bewildered expression.

“Look. Diana’s pretty figure is so clear.”

“Ugh… It’s a compliment from the mouth. Only when you are like this… .”

In the end, Diana was prepared to be filmed with a magic orb, so she blushed slightly and looked at me with a resentful expression and just muttered that.

“It’s a word of praise. It’s only when I’m saddened to hear that. I always think Diana is pretty, and I think she doesn’t hesitate to express her affection, right? no?”

“That, that… .”

As I spoke with a serious face in my face, Diana mumbled, avoiding her gaze for something to say.


I lightly kissed Diana’s lips and slowly removed the clothes that were on her body.
Diana flinched and trembled momentarily, conscious that she was being filmed naked. But as soon as I bit her lips with my lips, she turned her consciousness to this side and kissed herself.
Diana has always liked kissing, but today she was a little more passionate than usual.
This probably didn’t stimulate exhibitionism, so it seemed that he was trying to forget the shame that he was being filmed by focusing his consciousness on the kiss.

First of all, it might be better not to be conscious of the magic orb.
With that in mind, I gently embraced Diana’s body, which was now only wearing underwear, and laid her softly on the bed.
Then, they put their upper body on top of each other and kissed again.
After this, Diana’s appearance would not be visible at all in the magic ball, but it didn’t matter.
I didn’t install that magic ball for the purpose of taking a video anyway.

“Uh… uh… Well… .”

Diana also seemed relieved when her figure was hidden.
Gradually, my body started to lose strength, and I began to softly match my lips as usual.
I gently stroked Diana’s head and laid down on her back on the side where Diana’s magic ball was installed.
One arm hugged Diana’s shoulder while giving her an arm pillow, and with the other hand she slowly took off Diana’s underwear.
This time, without being as nervous as before, Diana even turned her body slightly to make it easier to take it off.

“Diana. I love you.”

“Heh… Well… I love this body too.”

Diana’s body trembled as she muttered a little after kissing those long ears.
Seeing the body trembling like that just saying I love you, something suddenly came to my mind.
Looking back, I remembered the explanations I had given while filming the video, and the fact that I had never actually done them.

no. Of course love whispered. It’s not that I didn’t do it. I tend to express affection clearly.
To say I’ve never done it before means to caress the baby so slowly that it makes the body heat up.
That’s right, I have the chalice skill, and even if it’s not, I have charm and finesse.
Well, as the level of the saints increased, the knowledge of the saints naturally increased, so I had enough knowledge to make a video while explaining that.

Anyway, as soon as I thought about it, should I have a relationship with Diana right away?
Anyway, I need to make the magic orb completely disappear from Diana’s mind.

“Diana… .”

I kissed Diana again, stroking Diana’s cheek with one hand.
And while holding the kiss, he moved his hand gently. As if gliding gently on Diana’s silky skin.
He gently rubbed his earlobe, lowered his hand a little, and gently stroked her smooth neck.

“Yes… uh… .”

Then Diana flinched as if she had grown chicken flesh, and even more and pressed her lips against mine.
I fell in love with Diana like that, and gently stroked Diana’s head with the hand on the side that was giving her an arm pillow.

And the other hand steadily went down, gently touching the pretty collarbone this time.
I ran it once with my fingertips as if drawing along the line of the clavicle, and gently touched the hollow on the clavicle like a tickle.
Then Diana hugged me as if sadly.

The hand, which had been playing on the collarbone for a while, went down again.
Diana must have thought it was her breasts, but she can’t touch her breasts anymore.
I slipped my hand slightly to the side and made it to Diana’s armpit, gently stroking it with my fingertips.

“Huh… Whoops… Hmm… I’m a nanny… .”

Diana smiled softly as if it were tickling and parted her lips slightly, but as my face followed and kissed her, she didn’t say anything and entangled her tongue again.

I put my hand down and twirled my fingers around Diana’s belly button to tickle them, then lowered my hand slightly and touched Diana’s lower abdomen.
That is the very part where the seal of the apostle was engraved.

“Yes… ! Whoops!”

Diana, who was completely relaxed and droopy as if receiving a massage from my tickling caress, but when she touched the seal of the apostle, her body trembled and trembled once again.
This is a mark of Diana’s erogenous zone when inserted, but I don’t think touching it on the stomach is not an erogenous zone or anything.
Since she was conscious of the place where the seal of the apostle was engraved, it was Diana who showed a sensitive reaction when she touched this area.
Well, it’s not just Diana, though.
Even though Sara and Leia and Apostle’s seals are engraved in a slightly deviated area from the erogenous zone, they like it when you touch it.

“Yes… uh… haha… I’m Nangunnii… .”

I looked at Diana, who reacted sensitively to the Apostle Seal, with a happy heart, and slowly lowered my hand and this time touched Diana’s thigh. Of course, being careful not to touch the vagina.
As I caressed her inner thighs as if they were spinning round and round, Diana rubbed them between her thighs as if riding a baby.

“Huh? Why?”

“Haha… Yes… Today is… I’m very relaxed… Huh.”

However, it was a shame to ask directly, Diana, who indirectly conveyed her pity in that way.

“Well, sometimes it’s good. Relaxing and indulging in Diana’s pretty body.”

“Well, that’s nice… .”


“That, that… a little… .”

“what. Diana. If you want something, just tell me.

“Ugh… Don’t you know… .”

As I spoke in a slightly playful tone, Diana rolled her eyes softly and tapped my chest lightly.

“Ha ha. It’s a joke. Of course you know.”

I smiled at Diana like that, then loosened the arm pillow and raised her upper body.
Then she climbed back on Diana’s body and gently spread her legs apart.
Diana’s pussy was already fully prepared to accept my stuff, even though neither her breasts nor her pussy had been touched yet.

Diana’s body trembled as she gently pressed the tip of the object to her drenched pussy.
Were you expecting that? I haven’t put it in yet.
I gently stroked Diana’s hair once more, and then I applied pressure to her back to pull things at once.

inserted to the end.


That alone brought Diana to a light climax.
But my attack didn’t end there.

One hand stretched out toward her chest, which she had been caring for for a long time, and gently caressed her, and the other hand was directed toward the clitoris, which was slightly swollen above the place where the object was connected.

“Whoa! ha ha! Whoops!”

And when she moved her waist while touching the nipples and clitoris at the same time, Diana felt a multi-orgasm and moved her body like a fish stuck in a harpoon.

“Good mood?”

“Heh… ! Gee, feeling… Ha! I feel good… !”

Diana gave an honest answer to my petty question, whether it felt like I was rewarded for all the troubles I had in the past.

“Huh. I think you know. Diana is making a great expression right now. Come on, look over there.”

“… eh?”

Thinking of Diana like that in a strange way, I pointed in the direction of the magic orb, which I had not been consciously paying attention to until now.
On the wall on the side where the magic ball was, the image of the entire bed was still projected as it was.
Of course, Diana’s excited expression was also clearly visible.
Diana looked at the wall reflexively and tried to turn her eyes away embarrassedly, but I fired a chase before that.

“How could the supreme archmage make such an expression under a man? What would other people think if they saw it?”


Then Diana’s pussy came in and tightened my dick.

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“Ha, but, uh… ! But for others… Whoops!”

Contrary to the pussy, who responded immediately, Diana’s mouth was still disingenuous, though.

“Of course, I have no intention of showing it. But you don’t know what’s going to happen with human affairs, do you?”

The truth is that I have no intention of showing it.
If I had planned to show other people a video with Diana, I wouldn’t have worked so hard to find someone to film an educational video with in the first place.
It’s enough to just take pictures with our kids and distribute them.

“If you shoot another video later, it may be mixed with that video, and if not, you might accidentally take it out during the Mana Stone settlement.”

But, contrary to my feelings, I spoke even more mean things to Diana.

“lets think. The moment in which Diana’s plaque becomes visible to everyone in the guild if you accidentally take out the magic stone that contains that video during the magic stone settlement.”

“Ugh! ha ha! Oh no! I’m Nyangunni! Whoa! Hey, this Momeun!”

He seems to have vividly imagined it in his mind.
Diana exclaimed as she tightened her pussy and turned her half-opened eyes to the wall of the video.

“really? Isn’t that what you’re actually expecting? Come on, look. Diana’s here too… .”

Having said that, I changed my position. With one leg of Diana straightened on the bed, she sat slightly on it, and the other leg was hugged tightly.
This is a posture that is often called sideways or sideways.
Naturally, as a result, Diana’s body turned to the side, that is, in the direction of the magic sphere that was recording the video.
One leg is stretched out on the bed and the other leg is held by me.
Naturally, Diana’s crotch was wide open, and unlike the previous posture, Diana’s pussy was wide open and receiving my things in the video.
A pussy that is almost open to the limit and accepts my stuff.
Even though I couldn’t even see the inside of the inserted part, whenever my waist moved back and forth, I could clearly see how her pubic hair was clinging lewdly to the extent that I could even see the wrinkles that were sticky as if I didn’t want to miss my things.

“Ugh… ! Whoops! Oh no… Ha! nope! ha ha! This mommy! All this!”

Diana shook her head from side to side, desperately in denial, but her eyes were fixed on her pubic hair reflected on the wall, not thinking of falling.
It was obvious that he was so excited about his lewd appearance that he couldn’t even control himself.

“really? Are you so wet?”

“Ugh! Whoa! That’s it!”

When I deliberately caressed the area near Diana’s pubic area to make a loud gurgling sound, Diana exclaimed as she cleared her face, which had become so hot that nothing was wrong with her.
When I saw Diana like that, I changed my position slightly again.
This time, while keeping Diana’s posture the same, I changed the position of my body and went back to Diana’s back.
Previously, Diana’s vagina was slightly covered by my body whenever my waist moved, but now that it is no longer covered by anything, the video of my things moving in and out of the vagina is completely captured in the video.

“Now, imagine. Diana’s cute breasts, and her pussy sticking to me as if she didn’t want to miss my stuff. All these plaques are visible to everyone in the Adventurers’ Guild.”

After changing my posture, I gently kissed Diana’s long ears and muttered in a sweet voice as if breathing in a sigh.

“Ugh! Ha! Whoops!”

Diana sobbed with a clouded expression on her face, not even having the energy to deny it, and turned her head to kiss my lips.
Was it because he wanted to turn his gaze away from the screen on the wall?
Or just to keep my mouth shut from being mean?
Or is it just pure desire to kiss?
Well, it doesn’t matter either way.
The only thing that mattered was that Diana’s vagina was tightening to the point that it was not abnormal, and that Diana herself was shaking her waist in accordance with the movement of my waist.
I moved my waist as gently as I could, tasting the touch of Diana’s pussy down and the touch of Diana’s tongue above.

“Now then, shall we show you Diana spouting a fountain this time?”

“Ugh! Ha! Whoops! Whoops!”

And slowly, feeling that Diana’s climax was approaching again, I reached out to Diana’s vagina and opened it wide using my index and middle fingers.
Of course, thanks to my dick being inserted, my pussy was already wide open, and it doesn’t make any difference if I open it with my fingers.

It wasn’t.
But this is because directing is important.

“Hey! Whoops! Whoops! Whoa!”

Diana heard me and reflexively turned her gaze back to the wall, and when she saw her disorganized look, Diana’s excitement peaked, culminating in a shuddering twitch.
As I was told, while spewing the fountain loudly.
It was very pleasant to feel the touch of Diana’s vagina, which reached its climax and squirmed on its own, stimulating my things.
Of course, I was filled with ejaculation, but I deliberately put up with the ejaculation for a while to make it even more dramatic.

“Heh… Whoa… Whoa… ha… Whoa?! Whoops! Nya, nyangguuuuuuuuuuu!”

And, aiming for the moment when Diana’s body drooped after the fountain that was spewing out of her vagina had barely stopped, I shoved her back strongly and ejaculated inside Diana.
Diana, who had been drooping without even the afterglow of the climax, felt a multi-orgasm as she trembled again at the attack of my injustice.
Her eyes were completely opened, and water spewed intermittently from her vagina, as if the rest of her body was pouring out.

“Hey… nah, sweet… I’m Nyangguunni… .”

“okay. okay. Your lord is here.”

If I see that and bother Diana any more… no. I thought it would be dangerous to give Diana pleasure.
It’s a pity to pass out like this.
So, gently stroking Diana’s hair, I decided to let her immerse herself in the afterglow of the climax for a while.

“Ugh! I’m a nanny… .”

But surprisingly, it was Diana who moved first.
It was clear that the afterglow of the climax had not yet gone, and I was forced to move my completely relaxed body, pushing my back with my whole body.
Huh? what?
I was skeptical, but I hugged Diana as she wished, and laid her face up.
Then I lay down upright, and Diana was connected to me, lying on my body.
Diana slowly raised her upper body as it was, taking a back-riding position.
Then, with a relaxed body, he began to slowly move his waist up and down.

“Huh! Whoops! Whoops!”

Diana is moving her waist on her own, even though she doesn’t know what to do with excessive pleasure.
Seeing Diana like that, I couldn’t help but be a little perplexed.

“D, Diana?”

“Yes? retrograde. Nya, it’s Nyangunnii… .”

And Diana, who looked back slightly at my call, looked at me with a bewitching smile that made my heart pound unsuitably.
Then he turned his body half a turn and turned completely toward me, reached out and pulled me in with his hands on my cheek, and began to move his waist as he kissed me.

“I’m a nyan… I’m Nyangunnii… This, this body… This body looks like this… .”

… It’s completely switched in.
It was the appearance of Diana, who was so excited that she completely lost her sanity and craved only pleasure.
Diana now looked at her reflection on the wall herself, and was even excited.

“okay. Pretty.”

“Huh! Ha! Whoops!”

At my praise, Diana smiled bewitchingly and changed her waist movement even more violently.

And that night, I had to satisfy Diana over and over again until Diana passed out.

And the next morning, I woke up to the sensation of something pounding in my chest.
It’s a familiar feeling. Even if I didn’t have to open my eyes now, I could tell the identity of this pat.


When I applied force to the object to squirm without opening my eyes, I heard a cute voice from above, and at the same time, the pat on my chest stopped for a moment.

“Yes… Hey, hey! If you wake up! Open your eyes!”

“what. Why is that Diana? from morning.”

“now! that! I’m asking because I don’t know!”

Diana patted her hands alternately, then finally slammed both hands together with all her might and shouted out loud.
Of course, the sound effect is tok! as.

“Huh? Maybe because of the video?”

“surely?! Maybe?! You… !”

“a. Diana liked it too. Last night he climbed on top of me, so… Whoops.”

“Joe, Joe, you’re a humble enemy!”

As I tried to recount the details of what Diana did last night, she covered my mouth with both hands and muttered with a blushing face.
Hey. I’m very upset about it. ‘You’re a humble enemy!’ The pronunciation is strange.

“If I didn’t like the video so much, I would have destroyed it while I was sleeping. You woke up first, so that was possible, right?”

When I looked at the magic ball installed next to the bed, there were still magic stones embedded in it.
Of course, it is a manastone mined from the 1.5th floor.
While we were mixing bodies last night, it had already reached its capacity limit, so it had stopped working, but looking at it still embedded there, it was assumed that the video was not erased.

“That, that… If I’m connected to you like this… ha ha! He, so don’t move!”

It seems that Diana didn’t even touch the video.
But even if you make excuses, you’re making excuses like that. That magic orb can be operated remotely. There is no way that the designer Diana doesn’t know, and I am well aware of the fact that I filmed it yesterday.
Are you still calling it an excuse? ‘Cause he’s a cute guy

“really? Is that really the reason?”

“All right, isn’t it? this body… .”


It seems that Diana was trying to carry out that argument to the last, but when I lightly pinched her cheek and kissed her and called her name, Diana turned her face red and averted her gaze.

“Wow… And if you get rid of it at will, you… Pooh, grass might die… .”

“what. Did you take care of me?”

“It’s all natural, isn’t it! It started yesterday like that… .”

“okay. It was. Thanks.”

I gently kissed Diana’s lips, and Diana turned her face away with a sullen look.

“Well, did your head clear up a bit?”

“Huh. Well, I think I need to worry a little more, but thanks to you, my head feels lighter. Thanks. Diana is the best.”

“It’s okay to know. If you know.”

Although Diana was a little shy, she dared to open her chest and confidently said so.
Diana. It makes me want to torture you again

“The wisdom that comes from age… .”


“no. nothing.”

Even if you forgive me for everything else, it doesn’t seem like I should mention age.

“Then I will keep the video well.”

I broke the bond with Diana, approached the magic orb, and reached out to the magic stone where the image was stored.

“Ugh, whoops!”

Diana reached out to me and tried to say something, but as she wiggled her fingers, she made a look that she didn’t know what to say.

“Why? Do you care about the video?”

“Well, it’s not like that!”

“Then where should I check it?”

“So it’s not like that… Whoops!”

‘Wow! I’m Nyan! I’m Nyanggunnii!’

Diana was trying to deny it to the end, but as soon as the video was played, she shut her mouth and turned her whole body red.

“Oh oh. that back twitch. That loose face. It would definitely be dangerous to show it to others.”

“Uh, uh, hey, you… !”

“what? What is it? Were you excited?”

“That, that… Whoa!”

When I put my hand on her vagina, Diana couldn’t help but moan.

“Do you still have a little time until Vanessa comes?”

“Come on, you… .”

“No. Diana. In this case, it is not you.”

“I am a nanny… .”

Diana’s words were no different from the meaning of permission.
Eventually we ended up having morning sex until Vanessa came.

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“So, when will the video be released?”

“Hey, video?! public love?! Matilda! What are you talking about? Oh, I won’t show you!”

And tea time after breakfast.
It was Diana who immediately responded violently to Matilda’s question.
no. Diana. Anyway, aren’t you overly responsive?
Well, I understand the anxiety, but that’s it.

“Yes, four?! Wait. Aren’t you going to show me?”

“I also think it’s better not to see Matilda. The other clergy don’t know exactly who was filmed, and the Pope was convinced by the condition that it was viewed only as an educational material, right? Leia and Matilda have no education, and as long as they know for sure who was in the video, wouldn’t it be against the discipline of the priests to watch them?”

Of course, Matilda was startled by Diana’s sudden reaction, but I intervened in the middle and managed to fix it properly.
Diana. You owe me a debt.
I looked at Diana proudly with those eyes, but Diana only returned a glance that said, ‘Isn’t it because of you in the first place!’
Well, after all, it’s not like that.

“Oh, no. What are you talking about? You can’t see it, like that! I was just asking when it would be used for educational purposes!”

“Nose, co-home. Well. If that’s the case, it won’t take long. Even so, supplying it to all temples in the world is

It will take some time, but I think the supply will end in a few days for the temples here, which are supplied first. I’m already copying the manastone that has been converted to voice.”

Saying that, Diana took the Mana Stone from her arms.

“What is that? Maybe that video?”

“Well. Original video.”

“Did you have Diana?”

“Isn’t it natural? Then who are you going to entrust this to?”

“It is so. Then I will take care of it.”

I took the footage from Diana’s hand and put it in my inventory.
Since then, the assassin’s level has also been subtly raised.
Diana did not respond and the video was taken as it is.

“Oh! What, what are you doing?!”

“Huh? Why? It’s the safest thing in the world to keep in my inventory, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, that’s right… ! uh… nothing.”

Diana looked like she had something to say, but as she looked into the eyes of the other kids, she swallowed it.
What? What’s wrong?

“Anyway, if that’s the case, I can go outside without wearing a hood.”

As Sarah said that, she made a sad expression on her face.
Because our party has become quite famous, all the faces are known, and when I’m with you, everyone wears a hoodie.
It seems that it was quite frustrating for Sarah to continue to wear a hoodie.
Personally, I think Sarah suits the hood, though. The personal prejudice that archery is a hood is also added.

“Well. That’s right. By the time you go on your next dungeon expedition, you’ll probably be able to take it off. … And only this body will return to being under the hood.”

Diana, who is now known to quite a few people, but still wears a hoodie, muttered bitterly.
Well, the fact that one of our party members is Diana is still not widely spread among ordinary adventurers. It is an unavoidable choice in order to avoid the situation where every wizard you meet will run into you.
He’s suffering too.
I could not contain my sympathy when I fully realized how troublesome it is for so many people to just look at me and run after me.

“Huhu. Then will you go straight to the dungeon?”

Leia smiled softly and asked me if Diana’s expression was a little cute.

“Yes. There is still the task of finding male ants in the ant den, and immediately… Ah.”

“Huh? What is it?”

“no. just a little There is no rush though, so let’s take it easy After all, Goddess Advent’s cooldown is still long, isn’t it?”

I was about to say go straight to the dungeon, but I remembered that I still had work to do before that.
After the last return, Matilda hadn’t even lifted the curse even once, so I didn’t even think about why Rachel was angry.
Therefore, I tried to approach Matilda straight away as soon as the tea time was over.

“Go, savior!”

But before that, there was someone who called me.

“Huh? Sylvia? What’s up?”

It was Sylvia, who was in the corner all the time during mealtime and teatime.
Sylvia calls me like this

It’s really rare to build.

“I, that, that… Hey, promise!”

Sylvia clenched her fists in front of her chest, and desperately spit it out with a blushing face.

“Appointment? Ahhh! okay. A promise to grant wishes. Huh. I didn’t forgot I remember.”

However, I will always be with Sylvia anyway, so I can grant any wish at any time, so I just thought that it wasn’t something I had to deal with until I went to the dungeon.

“Have you decided what to ask for?”

“Yes, yes! That’s from the beginning… .”

Well, if you think about the reaction last time, yes.
Because I was terrified of dying if I got hit now.
What the hell did you even ask for something like that?

“okay. then what do you want make a wish However, keep in mind that I cannot listen to work beyond my ability.”

I said solemnly, looking at Sylvia, feeling like a god that popped out when I collected 7 marbles.

“That, that! So! That… !”

However, Sylvia did not care about my strange attitude and continued to speak desperately.
He doesn’t respond no matter how stupid I play, so he’s a little lonely.
no. what am i thinking now Such a desperate figure is cute too.
It’s much better than telling someone not to do something stupid.

Damn it. I’ve been hearing a lot of stupid things lately, so I’ve gotten used to it without realizing it.
I’ve been doing some stupid things on purpose recently to get Sarah used to calling me my brother, but if I don’t listen to a fool, I’ll end up feeling empty.
It’s not like I’m teaching Sarah, it’s like I’m being trained.
Scary Sarah is Magic. … Isn’t that what you were aiming for?

Even while I was thinking such stupid thoughts, Sylvia in front of her closed her eyes and desperately tried to get her wish out of her mouth.
It was good. Would you like to create an environment that is easier to speak?
Let’s make the atmosphere comfortable by saying something stupid.
As an added bonus, this time around, even if you don’t listen to stupid things, I won’t think you’re in vain.

“what. Don’t be shy and tell me If it’s your request, I’ll pick the stars in the sky… .”

“Uhhhhhhh… ! W, no way! Sorry! See you later!”

Sylvia grabbed her nose as if she’d spilled her nose, shouted, and ran away in an instant.
no no no it’s sylvia No matter how you say it, you can’t get it to work. how impatient are you
It was meant to be kind to me for the first time.
… Well, shall we go to Matilda as planned?

“come here!”

“Hey! What?! If you knock, at least hear the answer and come in!”

When I knocked and entered Matilda’s room, Matilda, who was half-naked, covered her chest with both hands and shot it like that.
Not as good as Leia, but still our party’s number two. It was a wonderful breast that could not be covered with both hands.
Without Leia, I would have been able to aim for the top. It’s really sad… Well, anyway.

“Oh sorry. I must have been changing clothes. I didn’t expect it because I was wearing that outfit in the morning as well.”

Judging by the fact that another cardinal robe was lying on the bed, Matilda was in the middle of changing clothes.
He also has several sets of the same clothes. no. Leia knew that, too.
The clothes he’s wearing are cardinals, so it’s a little more flashy. I don’t usually have the impression that there are going to be that many sets.

“I buried it a little while eating… awhile! Why do you keep coming to me saying you’re sorry?! Get out!”

“Huh? no. I’ll take it off anyway, so there’s no reason to go out and wait for a change.”

“Bur, take it off! What are you talking about all of a sudden?”

“Come on, sex!”

“It’s so sudden! Besides what?! That tone!”

“I have come to break your curse. Lady.”

I immediately knelt on one knee and reached out, in the typical posture of a man courting a Lady.

“Hey, if you come here and do something cool like that… .”

Even as he said that, Matilda’s expression had already loosened hazy.
Besides, I put my hand gently on my outstretched hand.
Thanks to that, the chest that had been covered with her hand fluttered and revealed it.
is it really cool … no. Thank you, though. Surely that’s because of the curse?

“Come on, go to bed with me.”

“… Yes. Salvation… .”

Now completely engulfed in a pink mood, Matilda has given me the look of love.
And seeing that, on the contrary, it became harder for me to do more stupid things.
Normally, I would have done stupid things all the time, but it was because I was thinking about it.
I care if he really likes me or not, and I don’t know how I should feel about having sex with him… Whoa! What are you doing now!
What are you thinking in front of such a pretty girl, and even a half-naked woman in front of you!
Look at that bouncing chest! Look at that nice curved waist and pelvis line! Look at the dazzling garter belt that accentuates her sleek legs!
Of course, the concerns you are dealing with now are important.
But until this time, I’m not going to ruin the mood by sticking to that.
First of all, sex! Getting rid of the curse comes first!
I let go of the clutter that creeped into my head, and decided to focus on sex for now.

“Alas… I am going to do it… .”

Matilda, lying on the bed, looked at me with a hazy expression and muttered like that.
It’s talking about something.
And seeing that he is steadily spreading his legs, it seems that he has enough of his heart to do it.

“okay. Is there any problem?”

I said, stroking Matilda’s panties gently.
A garter belt like this in a cardinal’s uniform that’s not modest and even looks solemn.
It’s an outfit that excites men too much.
And as I stroked my underwear, I realized something new.
Garter belt, you wear it under your panties. I first found out

“Yes… heh… no… No problem… just… .”



“Hah… Leia will be waiting for you… .”

At Matilda’s words that sounded like nothing, mixing with a sweet sigh, I had no choice but to stop and harden all my actions for a moment.

“… What? awhile. What are you talking about.”

“Haha… that… I want to talk a little bit with the Pope… heh… I decided to go to the temple with Leia… .”

“You have a lot of trouble! What’s wrong with that! Please tell me about that in advance!”

“Ugh! You made it all of a sudden, didn’t you?!”

When I shouted in surprise, Matilda also suddenly escaped the pink atmosphere and shot me.
… Well, it’s definitely my fault though.

“Ugh. I can’t help it. Then a little later… .”

“Come on, wait a minute.”

I decided to take my next shot and tried to get away from Matilda, but before that, Matilda grabbed my arm tightly.
Indeed, I am a paladin. Surprisingly powerful… strength… Wait a minute. That’s weird. why not release
no. Of course, it is true that he is a much higher level than me, but it is true that he has a record of protecting me with a shield on the 5th floor, but still, this is… .
… Am I losing to quite a few people by force? No. stop. A man’s pride… .

“What, what?”

“Ugh… Come on, you don’t want to stop doing this, are you?”

It was Matilda whose pink mode was released because the atmosphere was completely broken, but what she was saying was Matilda who was no different from when she was in pink mode.
Is he really doing this because of the curse? Isn’t it just her personality?

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“What? I’m serious? You said you were going to meet Leia?”

“It’s okay. Leia will understand. … It is an act to break the curse.”

“Yeah, but… . At least talk to me.”

“Hey, you mean like this?! As Diana said, you are… !”

no! What misunderstanding are you!
Anyway, Diana… Why are you talking like that? I’ll have to tease you again later.
Instead of revealing the walls to Matilda for Diana’s honor, I quietly promised to do so.

“Who wants to go out like that?! Get dressed and go!”

“Ha, but… I can’t wear this dress in this state… .”

Matilda said, shyly pointing to her already wet secrets.
Well, it’s definitely a little too much to wear a cardinal suit in that state.

“Alas! Really! Okay! I can go there! I!”

In the end, I had no choice but to say so.
You have to go tell your lover that you’re going to have sex with another woman from now on.
Of course, it would be much better than talking to Sara or Diana as the opponent was Leia, but it was inevitable that she would become depressed.

“Oh. Salvation Mr. Are you coming from such a place? Did you have any business for Cardinal Matilda?”

And as soon as she came out of Matilda’s room, she ran into Leia just in time.
Since it was just after we broke up for tea time, Leia seems to think that I did not visit Matilda for that purpose.

It felt as if those innocent eyes were stabbing my chest.
no. If you’re a little late, you’d have seen Matilda rollin’ in bed. Think of it as much better than that.

“Ah, yes. That’s it. That… Hey?”

Even if I tried to make up my mind like that, it was really hard to get the words out.
However, as if he had guessed something by seeing my attitude, Leia’s expression, who was smiling softly, became slightly blurred for an instant.
Of course, it was a very fleeting moment, and he immediately returned to his usual warm expression, but it hurt me more.

“Ah… Me, Salvation. Excuse me, can you tell Cardinal Matilda something?”

“Huh? what?”

“Actually, we decided to go to the temple together from now on. I don’t think I’ll be able to go right away because I’ve got some business to do. I’m sorry, next time… Heck!”

However, Leia did not say anything about having a relationship with Matilda from now on, but rather said something like that.
big black. Angel. Why are you so angelic?
I couldn’t take it any longer and hugged Leia tightly.

“Leia. Sorry. From now on, I intend to lift the curse of Matilda.”

“is that so. Whoops. It’s okay. What do you have to be sorry for Mr. It’s all for the world.”

When I stopped talking to Leia and told the truth, Leia reached out and hugged me with her hand on my back and muttered like that.
For the world… Are you going to be patient for that? .

“And… Anyway, it’s my turn tonight. As much as you messed up my schedule, should I love you enough at night?”

“okay. Sure. I’ll promise.”

“Huhu. Well… side. Then see you later.”

Leia slightly raised her claws and kissed my lips slightly, then turned around with a smile like that.
On the face of it, he had a really casual attitude, but Leia said it was all over.
It must be so, the tail is not fluttering, it is drooping and standing still.
Even though my heart ached at Leia’s kind heart, I went back to Matilda’s room.
To be honest, after seeing Leia like that, the feeling of being with Matilda completely disappeared, but it hurts my heart right now, so it’s funnier to do it later.

“Ah, boy, are you okay?”


Matilda was still waiting in bed, taking off her underwear.
Of course, the garter belt had already been removed.
Normally, I was in a situation where people would argue about why I took it off and put it back on, but now I don’t even feel like it, so I calmly took off my clothes.

“Ah, I’m not ready yet… . Well, then I… .”

“no. OK.”

Matilda looked at my object, which had not yet stood, and said it a little shyly, but I shook my head.
Anyway, things can be built with skills.
Receiving service was only for mental satisfaction.
But right now, I didn’t feel like it.
Of course, in order to increase the efficiency of removing Matilda’s curse, it is important for me to feel good, so I can’t see it as unnecessary… .
But in that case, it may be more efficient to insert it quickly than to receive a service.
Because pure physical pleasure is nothing better than insertion.

With that in mind, I immediately reached out to Matilda’s large breasts to wet Matilda’s pussy sufficiently.
Even with the hands of a saint used.

“Ugh! Go, all of a sudden… .”

Matilda said that, but her eyes gradually became hazy.
is it. I thought I felt something uncomfortable. It was because Matilda wasn’t in pink mode.
Usually, before we take off each other’s clothes like this, we enter this mode
I felt a sense of incongruity when I saw him being a little shy from before.
Well, I guess it’s good.
I rubbed Matilda’s chest with one hand, and digged the other hand into her pussy to check her condition.


Despite only checking how wet she was, Matilda trembled and sobbed with pleasure.
Well, it’s only natural that you’re using the hand of a saint.
Anyway, Matilda’s pussy was already wet enough.
I immediately used my skill to make the object stand up and inserted it into Matilda as it was.

“Ugh! Ha! Oh, today!”

Matilda looked like she was about to say something, but I didn’t care and shook her back.
For now, making me feel better is my top priority.
Normally, she would shake her back while stimulating Matilda’s sensitive areas, but not today.
After all, there is also a sex boost stack, and a skill is being used.
Even if you don’t stimulate Matilda’s sensitive parts, Matilda will feel good enough.
With that in mind, I shook my back to make myself feel better.

There was still a level difference, so Matilda’s inside felt so good that it’s hard to describe in words.
no. Even if there is no level difference, Matilda must be basically a mastermind.
So even if I didn’t have to shake my back, it would have felt good enough, but I rubbed Matilda’s inside of Matilda where I felt comfortable as if I was spurring from there.

“Wow! Ha!”

Matilda put her hand on my cheek and looked at me lovingly, but I purposely avoided her gaze and focused on the movement of the lower back.
I still have the feeling of kissing Leia on my lips, but it’s like they’re kissing each other like this.

Whether it was because the effort was worthwhile or for other reasons, the ejaculation came at a much faster time than usual.
Well, okay. Because the more it is cheap, the better.
Today’s goal is to reduce the traces of the curse by 10cm at the top and bottom.
With that mindset, I ejaculated inside Matilda over and over again.

“Heh… haha… ha… Hey, hey… All, you… .”

How much did you ejaculate like that? Matilda, sobbing with pleasure, painstakingly wrapped her leg around my waist, holding it tight to stop her movement.

“Huh? what? What is it?”

I, who was mechanically craving only pleasure, finally stopped my waist.
And looking at Matilda’s face, I realized that I had never looked at Matilda’s face until now.
Matilda’s expression was something different from when she usually lifted the curse.
Make a relaxed expression with pleasure

It was the same as usual, but something was different. Something.

“Heh… you… What’s wrong?”

… this talk. Isn’t it supposed to be a pink mode?! No way?! Didn’t I say that even if I tried to insert it, it would be in this mode and it would be difficult?

“What, what?”

“What is it? uh… It’s different from what anyone sees.”

“Uh, what’s the point? Didn’t you feel good?”

I felt embarrassed myself, but I asked such a question as if I was faking my own mind.

“no. That’s not it. It’s not… What should you say now… okay. I don’t feel love.”

But Matilda replied that way, as if she wouldn’t let me go.

“It’s love. That’s what you used to be… .”

Feeling somehow cornered, I even uttered those words to make up my mind.
I didn’t want to miss it until I took it out of my mouth, but it was already too late.


But, unexpectedly, Matilda didn’t look hurt at all.
no. Rather, he said that while smiling warmly as if he was wrapping me warmly.
Even though he was hugging me naked like this, to the extent that it felt sacred, the title of cardinal suited him so well.

“Really? You, I know, were not. Always think of the other person when you act, and you too… .”


The back words were not heard due to the babbling in a very low voice, but what Matilda was trying to say was conveyed enough.
Because I couldn’t give any answers.
Even thinking of myself, today’s act was a bit harsh.
Maybe that’s why Matilda’s pink mod was released.
Matilda’s pink mode, which can easily be passed on, is released. I couldn’t even imagine how badly he had done it.

“Are you having any troubles? this sex. not like you If it’s okay with me, I’ll tell you. Now, tell me.”

“I’m worried. something like that… .”

“no. I have it. Otherwise, there is no reason for you to have sex like this.”

Matilda looked at me with straight eyes, who was trying to pretend once more, in denial.
Ironically, the attitude of denying me had a lot of belief in me, and Matilda’s atmosphere, which felt divinely, was superimposed on top of that, so I felt like I was hiding in a mouse hole.

It’s a problem I haven’t even told my kids yet, can I tell Matilda about this?
no. It’s not our kids, so maybe I can say it instead?
Of course, it’s hard to say that Matilda is in a neutral position, but I felt that if it was Matilda now, she could give me the right advice.

“… The truth is.”

Feeling overwhelmed by Matilda’s mood, I confided my concerns as if I had just confessed to my actions.

“… i See. Sigh. Even the princess said something really stupid. I thought you were a very clever person, but again, you can’t be perfect in every way, do you? And, you are also the one who is thinking about those words.”

“What? Are you saying my concerns are wrong?”

“Of course! Whether to have sex without love or not

If you’re thinking about it, there’s no way you can do something like that, right? Even the Goddess wouldn’t want that.”

… … Is it?
Upon hearing Matilda’s answer, I honestly couldn’t hide my disappointment.
I thought I’d give you proper advice, but I’m just speaking in religious terms.
After all, it’s because you’re a cardinal.
But, as if unaware of my disappointment, Matilda continued.

“In the first place, the three of you were afraid that they would be sad. Don’t use the three as an excuse. It’s just that you’re not confident enough to please the three of you, right?”

“What? Hey! what is that… !”

“Is that right?! Even if you know me or another woman like this, if you give it meaning and hold it emotionally as you normally do, as long as you can give me the belief that you’ll love the three of them forever, it won’t be a problem. is not it?”

“That’s totally idealistic! Could such a thing be possible… !”

“The ideal story is impossible from the beginning, so are you giving up without even trying? The one chosen by the Goddess to become saints?”

“Ugh… ! what is a saint Yes, I’m just an ordinary… !”

“Are you an ordinary person? From what I’ve seen so far, I think you’re underestimating yourself a bit. It’s not bad. Being in such a position, having a sense of common people, and being able to live freely, honestly makes me feel good. But you need to be aware of your own uniqueness a little bit.”

“Yeah, I know I’m special. But still, I was originally… .”

“What kind of life you lived before you came to this world, I don’t know. But in this world, you are the angel of the goddess, the saint. In the first place, there is no way an ordinary person can make a hero and an archmage both lovers at the same time. no. It includes not only the Hero and the Archmage, but also the Saint. Are you making Leia into a saint?”

… Well, that’s right.
I was the one who had nothing to say when I fell over it.
If I had to make an excuse, when I first met Sarah, I didn’t know she was a hero.

“Originally, it is not unusual for all three of them to have several men on their own. You made those three people into lovers at the same time, but now that I’m just a normal person, you don’t have the confidence to maintain a relationship while having emotional sex with other women besides the three of you?”

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… Huh? no. Wait a minute.

“no. Hey. I thought you were right, so I listened quietly. Are you unable to maintain the relationship? Didn’t you say a word like that? I just said I didn’t want to see my kids sad faces. Don’t misrepresent the truth.”

“Oh, that’s it!”

As I calmly pointed it out, Matilda, who had just been the full cardinal’s face, blushed slightly in bewilderment.
Seeing that, I thought that something was out of the ordinary.

“… It smells.”

“… four? Si, I’m sorry! What is that all of a sudden!”

“It smells of conspiracy.”

“Yeah, but it doesn’t smell! Don’t make weird noises all of a sudden to fool you!”

Saying so, Matilda suddenly reached out to touch her pussy.

“… Huh? no. What are you talking about. Not that conspiracy.”

“… … Ah. Ahhh… .”

It was then that Matilda seemed to realize what she had misunderstood, and, holding her face with both hands, had an expression on her face that she wanted to hide in a mouse hole.
The hand you’re touching on your face, the hand you just reached out to your genitals, are you okay?
My face is like liquid… Well, don’t tell me, let’s just leave it as it is.
It’s also quite exciting to be a Cardinal who wets his face with his love liquid.

Anyway, after this happened, Matilda, who had looked divine until recently, started to look like her usual Matilda again.
Until recently, I must have been overwhelmed by the atmosphere, and my eyes got weird for a moment.
How did this Matilda look divine? It makes no sense to even think about it yourself.

“so. What were you thinking about distorting the facts?”

“Hey, what does that mean?”

“I was worried because I didn’t want to see my children sad. But there must have been a reason for changing the word to “maintaining the relationship, right?”

“That, that… Your worries are more important than that!”

Matilda seemed to switch the topic back to talking about my concerns, but I didn’t.

“Say it.”

“… .”

Normally, I wouldn’t get caught up in each and every single use of such trivial language.
But this time, I felt something.
There must be some important reason for Matilda’s change of words.
And seeing Matilda panic and try to change the subject, her premonition turned into certainty.

“Ha, but… However… .”

I looked at Matilda who was hesitant to say it over and over again, and I waited for Matilda to open her mouth.

“But if you deny your relationship with all the other women just because you don’t want to see their sad faces… There is absolutely no place for me to intervene.”

And after hesitating for a while, Matilda finally mumbled and avoided her gaze.
Matilda must have felt guilty for saying what she liked, but I didn’t think it was anything to feel guilty about.
In fact, even if it were a distortion, it was just a slightly altered statement of a fact that is difficult to face on your own.
I thought that anyone could do something like that with the desire to connect with the person they like.
Besides, it was also true that Matilda gave me appropriate advice for my troubles, except for distorting the facts with those last words.
This means that it is my judgment that Matilda didn’t just say everything that suited her taste.
In fact, he has such a sense of guilt because of his actions. I’m not the kind of person who can act so selfishly.
If he had been so selfish in the first place, he would have passed this curse on to someone and it would have ended.
I don’t know, but the status of a cardinal would have that much power.
Anyway, there was something I was more concerned about than Matilda’s slightly selfish behavior.

“What? You mean me… .”

“… Yes. I like.”

Before I could finish my question, Matilda gave me a loving glance and said in a sympathetic voice.
However, the problem was that the face was too ecstatic to the extent that it did not match the current situation.

“no. It’s all because of the curse.”

“hot! Oh no! Me, I really do! Come on, look! I love you so much even in this state… .”

… He’s not doing this on purpose right now, is he?
When I didn’t respond, Matilda started moaning as the pink mode was released again.

“Ugh… Well, if you have such doubts, you can lift the curse as soon as possible!”

Seeing him muttering with tears in his eyes, I’m sorry, but somehow I burst into laughter.
You said you were having such a serious conversation before, how to make you feel like this.

“Okay. Shall we focus on breaking the curse for now?”

Having said that, I started moving my back again.
Unlike before, while properly conscious of Matilda’s feelings.

“Heh… Go, so suddenly… !”

“Oh, it’s because I’m definitely sorry. In return, I’ll give you sex with a lot of emotion this time.”

I am not saying that Matilda’s previous advice has completely resolved her troubles.
However, it was also true that the weight, which had been tilted to one side little by little immediately after breaking up with Leia, was restored to its original state, or even felt like it had passed to the other side.
And since I haven’t decided either way, I thought it was definitely wrong to have such mechanical sex.

“Hah… uh… .”

“Even in the midst of such a good feeling, I was sensitively aware of it. do you like it? Sex with a lot of emotion.”

“Ugh… yes… Good… Huh… I like it… .”

no. Matilda. If you say it like that, you don’t know if you like sex or if you like me.
what’s up Either way.
As if to compensate for the previous act, I stimulated Matilda’s inner sensitive area with an object.

“Whew… Shall we do this today?”

“Heh heh… Yes, yes… .”

And after a few hours.
Previously, Matilda did not go into pink mode while I was ejaculating a few times, but rather stopped her actions and even preached, but this time she felt so weak that she could not speak properly.
This time, Matilda seems satisfied enough.

And thanks to my satisfaction, I was able to reduce the traces of the curse by about 10cm above and below the target I set for today.
Come to think of it, when I stopped for a while, the traces didn’t decrease that much compared to the amount I ejaculated.
After all, rather than having sex that just moves the waist mechanically, sex while enjoying it seems to be more efficient.

I summoned the water spirit and ordered that Matilda and I wash her body, and gently placed a blanket over Matilda’s body that had been cleansed.
And as I was about to get dressed and leave the door, I heard Matilda’s voice from behind.

“Hey, come on… Wait… .”

“Huh? What is it?”

“… I know it will be hard to believe even if you act like you’re taking advantage of your worries and say things like this… What I said to you was sincere. Aside from being a saint,

I think you are a vessel that can accommodate everyone. And that Goddess would want it. Aside from my feelings for you, I am so sure. Once again, even if you discuss your concerns, I will give you the same answer without hesitation.”

Matilda exhaled exhaled from the lingering aftertaste of climax, but as she struggled to get her upper body up from the bed, she looked at me and said so.

“Huh. I know. believe.”

I said so, and left Matilda’s room behind.
And returning to the room, I thought for a moment again.

Not all of Matilda’s words were persuaded.
Still thinking that Matilda’s words were idealistic, he wasn’t sure if he could do it on his own.
no. To be honest, no matter how good I was, my thoughts never changed that my kids would be hurt if I had such an emotional connection with another woman.
Even if the three of us accept it, it’s more like suppressing and accepting their feelings for me rather than doing it because they want to.

But nevertheless, I thought that it was the right choice to give meaning to sex and exchange emotions like now.
Even if it results in accepting other women more through him.
Just like when I first came to this world, I didn’t make that decision with the stupid idea that a harem is a man’s romance.

I realized it through Matilda’s words and through her actions with Matilda.
How futile sex is mechanically without any emotional exchange.
And I also realized that even if we care about our children’s moods and do that, we end up paying too much attention to our children’s feelings and not caring about other people’s feelings.
Of course, to me, our children’s feelings come first, but there’s no point in neglecting everyone else’s feelings for that.
The feelings of people who like me. And above all, my own feelings.

I suddenly remembered what Leia had said while refusing to make up for me to marry Leia at the temple.
Leia herself would be happy if she got married, but I probably wouldn’t be that happy as I felt guilty for Sarah and Diana. And when you see me like that, Leia herself said that she wouldn’t be happy in the end.
That is Leia’s true heart.
no. I’m sure not only Leia, but Sarah and Diana too.

If Sylvia hits me right, and refuses to do it, I’d be extremely guilty.
And if Matilda also bumps into me after the curse is lifted, it will be the same back then.
Be honest with yourself. I want to accept Sylvia and Matilda too.
It may be my own thoughts, but my kids will also think it’s better to just accept the two of them rather than see me living with guilt for them.
Of course, I think there will be some backlash. But, as Matilda said, if you convince me that I love the three more than anyone else, I think it will work out in the end.
Having decided so, I got up from my seat and left the room.

“… so. What’s going on? suddenly with that look. You’re not trying to do something like a strange pervert again, are you?”

As I left the room, I hurriedly gathered Sarah, Diana, and Leia together.
Of course, to tell everyone about the decision I made earlier.
I decided to do it myself, but shouldn’t I still get approval and do it?
To be honest, I was prepared to get a bite or two in the cheek.
This is very trembling. Perhaps because of her mood, Sara’s cool face even looked colder today.

“Guys. sorry. I… I will make a harem!”

“… ha? what?”

Sara was the first to react to my words after making up my mind.
The cold eyes felt like freezing my heart.

“You. I called these bodies and tried to say something with a serious face. Were you calling me to make a joke like that?”

Diana said in a nonsensical tone, as if taking my words as a joke.

“no. I’m sorry, I’m not kidding. I will make a harem in the future.”

Shaking my head to deny Diana’s words, I said with a serious expression.

“Savior. Can you explain what you mean?”

Just then, as if realizing that I was sincere, Leia took my hands together and said

“You know, I already have relationships with other women besides you. And probably in the future, I’ll have to have more relationships with women. But I’m not that clever at separating action from emotion. I’m sorry for those of you who allowed us to have a relationship, but I also have feelings for Sylvia and Matilda. It makes me want to accept them as my women too. I’m really sorry.”

Because of the Goddess’ mission, I must have relationships with other women in the future.
They may have to become close enough to meet the conditions to trigger the apostle appointment.
So whether you like it or not, you have to be prepared from now on.
I decided not to make any excuses like that.
Because in the first place, it was a conclusion that I did not care about at all about the mission of the goddess.
That’s why I proudly declared the same words as saying I’m going to have an affair with the three of them while bowing my head.

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“… What if we don’t like it?”

“Of course I knew you would hate it. However… .”

“okay. You want to make a harem like that. If you’re going to make a harem, what if I leave?”

“no. that… … What?”

At Sarah’s words, who had not even thought of the possibility of saying such a thing, I was at a loss for words.
Of course, I thought there would be a backlash.
I was prepared to be insulted, and I was prepared to be slapped in the cheek.
But nevertheless, we

I didn’t even think about the possibility that my kids might leave me.
Even so, we… .

“Why are you making a face like you’re about to cry? This is what I want to cry about.”

Apparently, I was making a pretty awkward expression.
Sarah glanced at me in the face, then, in a voice mixed with a slight weeping, spit it out like that.

“… You. These bodies have tolerated a lot of things so far, though, because I believed you’d love them the most in the end. But you have chosen such a path… .”

And Diana also said that with a heavy expression that felt old, not a cute expression that didn’t suit her age, which she often shows when she is with me.
His voice was calm, but he wasn’t angry at all.
Maybe it’s because I was so angry that I felt calmer.
It was something I had never seen before.

“Oh no! What are you talking about! I am and will always love you the most!”

“You said you were making a harem now! In other words, other women treat us the same… no. Are you saying that you are going to go ahead and actively make other women?!”

I meant to tell the truth, but Sarah felt my answer as an excuse, so she exclaimed in anger.

“… Salvation Mr. Sylvia and Cardinal Matilda. Aside from that, are you already making other girls to join the harem? The words you said to me… Was it all a lie?”

And even Leia looked at me with an expression that had completely lost the light from her eyes and murmured darkly.
Like Diana, Leia was something she had never seen before.
To be honest, I even thought it was scary to continue the conversation, but I opened my mouth to clear up the misunderstanding.

“Wait a minute. Just calm down and listen to me.”

“Come now and make an excuse… !”

“buy it. Just calm down and listen to me! you are misunderstood! I’m sure I made a harem, but I have no intention of treating other women the same as you! And no other girls made up! At best, Sylvia is thinking about it, and Matilda doesn’t know until the curse is lifted!”

When I shouted that with all my heart, everyone put on a slightly genuine expression.
Even so, the fact that all three were still angry had not changed.

“… Let me give you an explanation that even these bodies can understand. From why I came up with the stupid idea of ​​being a harem in the first place, to the reason I made that decision.”

Diana sighed heavily, trying to calm herself, and then said it as if she was going to give her a chance.

I nodded my head, and from Felicia’s remarks, which was the starting point, to my worries until now.
It is said that there is a possibility that through the mission of the Goddess, he may have to appoint an apostle with other women.
And I confessed everything that I came to this conclusion because it would be difficult to ignore the feelings of other children and myself.
I immediately broke the decision I had made earlier that I would not make any excuses.
What? what’s up Rather than such a little pride, we

My relationship with my children is much more important to me.

“And even if I get into deep relationships with other women, it doesn’t change that you are my number one priority. Rather, I will try my best to love more than I do now so that I don’t feel lonely just because I have more women.”

“… In other words, it was said that he would make a harem, but that could be the case for his mission as a saint. Can I interpret it that way?”

Leia, who heard everything I said, summarized the story like that, returning to her usual form little by little.
Alas. thank God. Leia is returning as an angel again.
Of course, even now, it was a lot different from her usual appearance, but at least there was a comeback around her eyes.

“Huh. That’s right.”

“What do you mean by putting these bodies first?”

“That’s it, like now, at night, I sleep with you and take care of myself the most… If you are your wife, do you feel that other women are concubines?”

“Then tell me that from the beginning, you idiot!”

As I nodded, Sarah exclaimed as she left a hook right in my chin.
Heh heh… ! sa, sarah You’re still counting, so the surprise attack… !
Of course, looking at Sarah’s expression, I couldn’t possibly complain like that.
After all, Sarah was crying. It also pops like a child.

“You knew I was going to get tired of us again and make another girl!”

“Oh, that can’t be! What kind of wrathful punishment!”

“Then don’t suddenly say harem or anything strange in the first place!”

“no. However, it is true that in the end there may be more women involved, so I was wondering if it would be better to go out with impact from the beginning with shock therapy… .”

“Aren’t you stupid?! Impact! Did you really think you would need something like that?!”

By the way, I’m still being beaten by Sarah in real time.
Sara, who doesn’t need an impact, was giving my whole body a huge shock.
Sah, Sara… For the atmosphere, I have a note… It’s getting harder and harder to bear, can’t you just stop?
I looked around once, but it seemed like no one was going to help me.
Leia, who was approaching me saying that I would normally cast healing magic, just looked at her with a slightly shriveled face, and when she got to Diana, she folded her arms and looked at me with an expression that she should rather be beaten.

“Ok. If it had been that we wanted to accept Sylvia, we wouldn’t have been so angry. This time, Guwon was totally at fault.”

“Well. Besides, it might be the case in the future, so I’m going to set up a harem. I’d like to tell you to do your own nonsense.”

“But it is very likely… .”

“I knew that before you even said it. That’s not the problem. It’s a matter of whether you’re active or passive in accepting other women.”

no. I was also thinking of doing it passively.
I had no intention of actively seducing women.
As in the case of Sylvia or Matilda, when you are forced to have sex, if such feelings arise, can you accept them? by level.
Well, since I said that I was making a harem, I have no words to interpret it as an active pursuit of women.
Yes. I was totally wrong.
So please stop Sara’s attack.

“Mr. Salvation is also true. It would have been nice to have consulted with us from the beginning.”

“no. Still, I think it’s better for me to make these decisions than to leave them to you.”

“It’s not wrong. It’s good to be proactive. But it’s not good to be a single fire general. Wasn’t it necessary to discuss these bodies?”

“So now I have called you to come to an agreement like this… ”

“So the words came out, ‘I’m going to make a harem.’ Are you?”

… … Angel. Sorry. I made a mistake, so please come back to your usual angel.
Since someone who doesn’t normally do this is attacking, the damage is too bloody.
The physical and mental damage overlapped, and now I really want to cry.

“Hmm. Anyway, is it a consensus? That’s right. First of all, I understand that you may have to have more relationships with other women for the mission the Goddess has given you, and that you may even have to appoint an apostle.”

“… That’s right. Having a relationship with another woman and appointing an apostle is something we have no choice but to concede.”

“Sigh. Well, I have no choice but to think that there is nothing I can do about it since I have a saint as my lord. but! To the last, it means that only acts based on necessity will be recognized. You never know what will happen in the future.”

“… sniff okay. Just because you gave me permission, I’ll grab you and tear you apart if you swing around like this.”

Sara, who barely stopped attacking, said that and grabbed my item by chin on top of her pants.
grabbing it If you say it, it doesn’t sound like a joke, so why don’t you tell me such scary things?
no. In the first place, I have no intention of swinging around.
Rather than answering Sarah like that, I hugged her tear-soaked face tightly to her chest.
Without any resistance, Sarah put her in my arms and wiped her tears from her chest.

Anyway, only when necessary, but in the end, everyone gave the nuance of allowing the appointment of apostles.
To permit the appointment of an apostle means to admit that you are in love with another woman.
He hated having other women so violently when he said he would set up a harem, but in the end he allowed it.
I couldn’t even imagine how concessions our kids had made.
But nevertheless, I couldn’t help but want them to make one more concession.
It was because Sylvia’s face, reluctant to say her wish, came to mind.

“… sorry. I want to accept Sylvia too. I don’t want to ignore my feelings or Sylvia’s feelings. I’ll promise. Even if you accept other women, I will never neglect you. like now… no. I will do better than I am now. So… .”

Maybe Sylvia wants to ask her to go further than I’ve ever done to her.
Looking at the reaction when he tried to make a wish, it was almost certain.
However, given that there is more progress here, there was not much left to do.
A kiss, an apostleship, or a lover. what would it be
Doing anything to Sylvia is enough to make her die happy.
The fact that Sylvia ran away saying that she might die is understandable if she wanted to do something like that.

no. Was Sylvia hesitating to ask because her life was so precious?
I’m sure that’s one of the reasons for that, but I thought that it wasn’t the only reason he hesitated.
Perhaps Sylvia felt she was not in a position to make such a request.
It’s because Sylvia was aware of her position better than anyone from the beginning.
That’s why our kids accepted Sylvia so easily.

So, even for Sylvia like that, I have to be brave.
Sylvia is the biggest reason why I decided to accept other women in the first place.
Of course, accepting Sylvia doesn’t fit into the essential situation our kids talked about earlier.
So, I’m sorry, but I had no choice but to hope that our children would make one more step forward.

“… That’s right.”
“If it’s Sylvia… .”
“But yes… .”

Indeed, it seemed that our children could not easily make decisions as they had become close with Sylvia.
If this was an issue only with Sylvia, he would have easily granted permission.
But what happens once, happens twice or thrice. If you create an exception like this once, there must be another exception in the future.
Everyone is thinking about it because they think so.

“Wait a minute.”

In the end, the three of them gathered together and started discussing, as if they were trying to come to an agreement.
They seemed to be reconciling their opinions by exchanging something violently with each other, but I deliberately did not listen to the conversation until a conclusion was reached and I fell into thoughts.
To be honest, I think I’ve given you enough trust in my appearance so far.
No matter this or that, I’ve always been looking at my kids.
That’s how I came to the conclusion that I wanted to accept another woman for the first time.
If my kids said they would leave me, I would have no choice but to give up, but if that wasn’t the case, I wanted to get permission.
So I closed my eyes and thought about how I would convince my kids if they decided no.

“Good. Salvation. It has been concluded.”

And after quite a while, the discussion of the three was finally over.

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