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The Saint’s Dungeon Affair MTL Chapter 459-466


“… Didn’t this body say earlier that it would only allow actions based on necessity?”

“Huh. It did.”

“… As long as you feel that suppressing your emotions is painful, I will admit that, too, is an act of necessity.”

Diana, who was a little restless, said so while looking at me with an expression that was not really her intentions, but she couldn’t help it.

“… What?”

“Sigh… . Is that the case with Miss Sylvia? Even in this kind of situation, seeing you say such a thing.”

“But that… really?”

Diana’s answer was more than the ideal answer I was looking for.
But nevertheless, no. So I had no choice but to check again.

“Of course, we don’t like that kind of situation. But still, if that time comes… Our conclusion is that it is better to give permission than to see Mr. Goo suppressing his emotions and suffering.”

And Leia gave me an answer that reminded me of something I had heard once.

“you… .”

After hearing that answer, I had no choice but to realize how much they liked me.
Before the day and night problems, all I could think of was living with them for the rest of my life.

“Then why is salvation crying? This is the one I want to cry, you fool.”

Saying that, Sarah gently hugged my face.

“I’ll tell you, I won’t forgive you if you just reach out to any woman in the same way that you like this woman and that woman just because you got permission. Because I believe that salvation is not like that, I allowed it on such a condition. Can we never betray our faith?”

“okay. Of course. How can I do that?”

Ironically, I had no idea that getting permission like that would make other women feel that way.
Would you think I’m crazy about them?
If they allowed this to happen, they are really great bookmakers.

“And if that is the case, even if you accept other women, as you said before, the positions of the other women are concubines. This place will belong to this body. I can never concede that much.”

And on top of that, Diana double-checked what I said earlier.
That’s natural. In the first place, I didn’t feel like creating the position of concubine other than Sylvia.

“okay. of course… .”

“Wait. Diana! Now, secretly, you said that your home was yours?!”

As I nodded to answer, Sarah suddenly spoke to Diana and fell.

“Is that so? It seems that this body was called these bodies… .”

“Don’t try to pretend! I definitely said this body!”

It was Diana who tried to pretend to be the first, but of course, the seeds didn’t work for Sarah.

“Ah, Eight! Isn’t that good enough! Genga, you have no desire to treat the elders a little bit!”

Then, Diana seemed to have changed her route to be honest this time and claim the place of her husband.
Diana… You usually hate talking about your age so much… .
no. Well, I’m really grateful and I think I’m happy that I’m desperately wanting to be my real wife.

“There are some things that seniors can do and some things they don’t! I will never give up this much!”

In the end, as usual, the quarrel between Sarah and Diana started again.
Even when they are like this… Thanks to you, the tears that had been flowing unsightly just before went in.

“You two are really good friends.”

And while Sarah and Diana were arguing, Leia, who quietly approached me, muttered something like that.
Come to think of it, Leia always said this whenever the two of them were fighting.
I didn’t agree at all before, but now I feel like I understand.
The more we fight, the better we get along.
no. Was he really fighting in the first place?
Words say they fight each other fiercely, but there doesn’t seem to be anything to do with fists.
Maybe he’s doing this on purpose to give me time to calm down when he sees me cry?
That’s what I was thinking.
In fact, the tears stopped.

“Savior. I will really believe it.”

While watching the two of them arguing with a little bit of heart, Leia quietly muttered and grabbed my hand tightly with both hands.
Looking at this again, unlike usual, it seems that Leia also had a decision that was difficult to make as easily as this one.
There’s still a little bit of anxiety, so I guess I’ll have to double-check it like this.

“okay. It may not be believable to say something like a harem, but believe me. I will never do anything to make you sad.”

“It’s not reliable… No. I always believe in Guwon.”

Leia gave the hand that was holding my hand tighter, and gently embraced it as if burying it in her breastbone.
It’s something that Leia usually does as a habit, but I could feel my own heart beating.
Was it because I was moved by their feelings earlier and even cried?
Once again, Leia looked incredibly beautiful.
no. She was really pretty in the first place, though.

“Ha ha. For that kind of thing, the reaction I had before was great. Are there any other women besides Sylvia Matilda?”

So I said it playfully on purpose, as if hiding the sound of my own pulsating thump.
I’m laughing like this now, but I was really scared.
Leia, whose eyes have lost their vitality. It’s the first time I’ve seen such a face.
It was a look I never wanted to see again.
no. It was because of me that it happened. I’ll try my best to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

“That, that… I can’t help it. There was someone who had a little guess… .”

Leia’s face was blushing lightly as if she was embarrassed, but she rolled her eyes softly as if there was something wrong with me.

“What? who?”

“Yes, there is a princess who will continue the relationship from now on… .”

“Felicia? no no no Anyway, it’s not never

There is no such thing.”

My own feelings and Felicia also have no feelings for me.
Unless anyone else knows, there’s no way I’d have a relationship with Felicia.

“There’s Rachel… .”

I laughed and denied it, and Leia mentioned Rachel’s sister’s name.
… Huh? Who is Rachel? Oh, indeed. It’s in the restaurant. Of course, only Leia knew what happened back then.
But still, Rachel can’t have a relationship like that with me.
First of all, Rachel is very angry with me right now… uh? what? uh? no. Wait a minute.
When exactly did Rachel become angry?
It’s been a while so I wasn’t sure if my memory was clear, but maybe… no. But is that Rachel sister me? Do I even have a record of being teased once?

Something started to get confusing.
As we keep talking about relationships with other women, is it that the accident continues to be related to that or is it really Rachel’s sister?

“… Salvation?”

“Uh, huh? Huh? no. Nothing. I’ll have to dry them out sooner than that.”

I shook my head once, as if to shake off the possibility I had come up with, then approached Sarah and Diana.

“Guys. you are no kid What are you fighting with like that? Just the two of us getting along… .”

“Salvation is missing. Because you were just squeezing like a kid.”

It probably didn’t start like this, but it must have been that he overheated in the middle of an argument.
Sarah glanced at me with a slightly excited look and spit it out.
Thanks to that, when I approached for mediation, I couldn’t find the real thing and had no choice but to crumple again.
Sarah. You sometimes stick to words too heavily. Maybe it’s the strength of a warrior?
Wasn’t a hero good at fighting not only physically, but also verbally?
Diana, who was arguing with Sarah like that, felt great again.
indeed. Archmage. I can’t put it into words, is this

“That, so this body… ! This body too… !”

Oh, now that I see you, I’m about to cry.
You can’t even be an archmage. Huh. I understand enough. No one can beat that Sara.
Apparently, when we first met, Diana always played with it, so Sarah disassembled it.
Someday I grew up like this… Aren’t the fights getting stronger as the level of a real hero has risen?
Maybe it was because I was in a corner like I am now that I exposed the exposed play before?

no. Anyway, you don’t feel too bad today, do you?
I’ve seen the two of them arguing a lot, but I think it’s the first time I’ve seen Sarah so aggressive.

“Stop it. Both are mine. I’m with you two… No, I’m going to marry the three of you at the same time.”

Anyway, seeing Diana crying, I couldn’t keep squatting.
I mustered up the courage once more and dug between them.

“Cheap, Grain, Resolve… !”

“Come on, you… !”

When I even talked about marriage, Sarah, who was totally fighter-ready,

It hardened in an instant.
By the way, it was Sarah who shot me like that, but in the end, the reason I was fighting Diana was because I was fighting to have a higher weight in me.
There’s no way my words won’t work.

“okay. So stop fighting.”

I said, stroking Diana’s back as she rushed into my arms and rubbed her face against her clothes.
Diana, she’s moved by the word marriage and pretends to hug her, but didn’t she just hug her for that reason?
The clothes on the part where his face touched are getting a little damp.

“… D, Diana. Sorry. And salvation.”

And Sarah, who was completely cool, apologized as if she realized just how sharp she had been.
Looking at that figure, it seems that it was right that I was a little more aggressive today than usual.
And if that’s the case, then it must be because of me.

“no. I have nothing to apologize for. Was it because of me in the first place because of you? I understand.”

“Hey, this body is fine. As an elder, I will understand you with a broad heart. Huh, hmm! In that sense, as expected, this body is the best fit for my home location!”

Diana, who barely took her face off of my clothes, said so while her eyes were a little red and her chest was straight.
He’s trying not to lose even when he’s been hurt like that. Truly a sorcerer. Don’t just admit your patience.

“Stop it.”

Well, that’s it and this is this.
Before the fight started again, I placed my hand on Diana’s head and shook it vigorously from side to side.

“Aww! Stop it, stop it! It’s dizzy!”

As I watched Diana swaying from side to side, I fell into a heartfelt sentiment.
In the end, as always, it ended like this, but I will probably never forget the way they spend their lives today. It can’t be forgotten either.
I will truly cherish you for the rest of my life.
… It may be a little playful at night, but please see it as aegyo.
Even with other women, I will never have feelings for you just because you got permission.
Such a warm feeling, I conveyed it to them over and over again with thanks in my heart.
Sarana Leia looking into my eyes, and Diana holding my head in my hand, I think this feeling must have been conveyed.

“that… Salvation?”

Leia, who was exchanging warm glances with me, quietly called my name.
That atmosphere, as if hesitating something. Are you going to say that I love you again?
Then you can’t let me tell you first.

“Huh. Leia. I really love you.”

I told Leia with the utmost sincerity.
It was very sad that I could only convey this feeling in such short words.

“Yeah… I love you too. Ha, but there, it’s not… .”

Leia blushed slightly and answered, but immediately shook her head and looked at me with hesitant eyes again.

“Huh? What? Don’t hesitate to tell me.”

I don’t know what to say, but if Leia is saying… no. I was willing to listen to anything these three had to say.
These are the kids who listened to me like that, but I can’t listen to what I’m saying.

“That… Wouldn’t Diana be in danger if you don’t let her go?”

“… … Ah.”

sorry. stop without knowing

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Reversed relationship

I was given permission to have sex with another woman on almost non-existent conditions, but that didn’t mean I didn’t tell Sylvia right away.
There were several reasons.
First of all, the main reason is that I thought that it would be a bit unfair to go straight to Sylvia and tell him the news.
Rather, I decided that it was more desirable to spend time with my children.
Other than that, there was a reason that even if I tell her now, I can only see a future where Sylvia will die happily.

Anyway, for that reason, even after the conversation was over, we did not disband and we spent time together after a long time.
Come to think of it, I thought that it had been a long time since the four of us had spent time together like this for no reason.
Well, Diana has been cutting my thighs and stretching all the time.
First of all, for Diana’s honor, she didn’t vomit.
Rather, Leia immediately cast healing magic, so it was not a strange situation.
Could it have been that he was a fool? no. Even if it was a gimmick, it doesn’t matter.

“Then guys, we’re going to the dungeon again tomorrow, but does anyone have any plans?”

and evening time.
After eating, I conveyed my schedule for tomorrow in advance.

“Huh? tomorrow? Isn’t it different from this morning?”

“Hey, that’s what… .”

It’s because I’ve done all the things I need to do before going to the dungeon.
I also worked with Matilda to lift the curse, and the reason Rachel was angry… I’m not sure, but I figured out why.
no. No matter how much I think about it, I can only come to the conclusion that Rachel is so mad because she likes me.
After one thought has set in that direction, maybe it’s just that he can’t think of other possibilities.

Anyway, the reason I delayed going to the dungeon in the morning was that I had solved everything, so there was no reason to postpone it anymore.
To undo Matilda’s curse. And to think about why Rachel sister was upset, she put off going to the dungeon for a while.
I can’t say that to Sarah, even if I die.
Ignoring Sarah’s sharp question, I glanced at Matilda’s face, and Matilda seems to have guessed why I delayed the dungeon in the morning.
He was trying not to show off, but his face was slightly red.


“Yes, yes… ?”

no. Beyond the red, it turned into a half-pink mode.
Hey. Anyway, isn’t that a bit too fast for you?
Don’t even fall for it like that.
I can’t remember how I moved mechanically when I started.

“Is it okay to go to the dungeon tomorrow? I said I had something to talk to the Pope, but after all, today

You didn’t go to the temple.”

“Ah, huh. yes, four. It’s okay. It’s not urgent, so I don’t mind talking about it next time.”

It’s okay if you’ve paid attention to my question or if you answered it properly.

“I’m glad. Is Sylvia okay?”

“Huh?! Yes, yes!”

Sylvia, who was sipping tea in the corner, was startled, and answered as if she had not expected to ask her one-on-one question as well.
Oh yes. sorry. Keep drinking tea.
… Wouldn’t he really die if he found out what we were talking about today?
I don’t know if I’ll die just by kissing him, let alone appointing an apostle.

Whether she knew I was thinking like that or not, Sylvia was constantly vibrating her body without even thinking of drinking tea.
I kept making eye contact with these.

“Well, anyway, let’s go to the dungeon tomorrow. Vanessa. I’m sorry, but I’ll ask you to prepare beforehand.

“Yeah. Okay.”

So we decided to go to the dungeon and we dug our seats.
Then, today’s turn, Leia, hung on my arm.
Leia usually washes in my room on the days she spends the night with me.

“Then are you looking for the 3.5th floor?

And he put his mouth to my ear and whispered in a small voice.
Since the information about the small class was a secret between our party members, it seemed that they didn’t want others to hear it.
Thanks to this, the sweet scent of Leia filled my nostrils, and my arms were heavy and crushed.

“okay. The entrance is just a guess. It probably won’t take long.”

“Oh? is that so?”

“Huh. So maybe this expedition will take longer to explore inside the 3.5th floor than to find the 3.5th floor.”

“Oh. Then it will be cold again.”

Oh, yes.
The environment itself was almost the same as that of the kobold cave on the 1st floor and the ant den on the 2nd floor.
In other words, does it mean that the 3.5th floor will be cold?
Truly an angel. Be smart.
Diana is going to have a hard time with this again.
I was trying to look at Diana with that in mind, but before that, I realized that Leia was already staring at Diana.
And that expression already seemed to be full of thoughts about hugging Diana.
… Angel. As you may know, Diana isn’t like a living stove.
Well, it’s not something I’m going to say about hugging and playing with each other all the time.

“What, something?!”

And maybe something like a crisis instinct was triggered by Leia’s gaze, Diana suddenly looked at us in surprise.

“no. I just thought it would be cold to go to the dungeon this time.”

“Ah… !”

Was it really Diana, or was it Leia, the exclamation that was just before? Is it both?

“Oh, that’s right! This body cannot think of it! Vanessa! Vanessa!”

And with an expression of realization, Diana hurriedly called for Vanessa and ran out.
And next to me, Leia was looking at me with a slightly sullen face.


Too much.”

“sorry. Instead, I’ll let you hug me all night long.”

“But Guwon-san isn’t cute… .”

“Lee, Leia?!”

“No, I’m joking! really! It’s really a joke! Goo Won is great! So don’t make that face.”

“no. Even if it’s a joke, if you listen to Leia like that, you will really lose the will to live. Be careful going forward.”

“Mr. Salvation is also true. Another joke… .”

Perhaps you thought I was joking, Leia rolled her eyes softly and lightly tapped my back with her tail.
no. I wasn’t kidding.

But Leia telling me such a mean joke.
It’s something you wouldn’t normally imagine.
After all, was Leia stressed because of what happened during the day?
Sarah released her stress by fully demonstrating her aggression, and Diana continued to heal by cutting my thighs, but Leia just endured it.

Still, if Leia’s stress was relieved by playing pranks on me like this, wouldn’t it be surprisingly okay?
Well, I have to accept Leia’s pranks… It will be very painful though.
Leia doesn’t normally do that at all, so she doesn’t have the tolerance, so the damage is doubled.
But for the sake of my beloved Leia!

“Then Leia. Should I do it without worrying about special training today?”

And when we returned to the room, after showering, we lay naked on the bed and looked at each other.

“Huhu. Is it as part of what you said during the day that you will love me more than ever?”

Leia cut off my arm, put her finger on my chest and twirled it, smiling softly.

“Well, there is no reason for that, but more than that, today, I feel like I want to love Leia without thinking.”

“Savior… .”

“So today, Leia, if you have any requests, please don’t hesitate to tell me.”

“Requirements? Huh… That’s right… then… okay. Please lie down like this.”

Leia lightly pinched my nipples with her twirling fingers above my chest, then smiled and slowly lowered her hands.
Then, he laid his chest on my chest as if he was lying on half of my body, and slowly moved his upper body round and round. Like rubbing his chest against mine.
Then, with his lowered hand, he grabbed my object and began to gently stroke it up and down.

“What? But as usual… .”

Of course I’m fine. I feel like I’m already in heaven.
But, I decided to enjoy it without thinking about special training, so maybe Leia isn’t that interesting?
Sometimes you can do whatever you want.
But Leia shook her head slowly.

“no. It’s totally different. Normally, I did my best to make Mr. Goo feel good, but today I will do what I really want to do.”

Leia said that, and smiled a smile that felt somewhat different from usual.

“Is that okay?”

“Yes. okay. Sure. I will be still.”

“Huhu. Well… side.”

When Leia heard my answer, she smiled and kissed my lips.
It was a deep kiss with a feeling of being pressed against the lips, but nevertheless, without using the tongue, only the lips were in contact and then the lips were separated.
And Leia slowly moved her body down as it was.
do what you want to do what the hell are you going to do

“Huhu. cute.”

And Leia, who was sitting between my legs and putting her face close to the object as if trying to do it with her mouth, immediately poured out remarks that caused enormous damage to my mind.
And in a direction I never expected.

“Lee, Leia?! Ears, cute… ?!”

My, my stuff is cute?!
Wait a minute. no. I can’t. My Super Ultra Great Magnum King God Emperor… Anyway, if you were to say which part of your body you are most confident in, you say that the part you can say without hesitation is cute?!

“Huhu. Yes. It’s a little cute because it’s so manly.”

And Leia said so while pointing to my bare hair.
Ahhh! indeed! what! In that sense, I said it was cute. you were surprised

“Hey, doesn’t it feel more intimidating than cute? He looks bigger because he has no hair.”

“It is. It looks a little bigger. Whoops. But it’s also cute.”

Even after finding out why, I didn’t like the word cute, so I desperately said it, but Leia pokes the tip of my thing with her finger and says it again.
Dude, angel… .
This is Leia who looks at my complexion so well. You know I hate to call things cute, right?
Are you deliberately joking around this time like before?
Or are you saying that I put on a shocked expression when I said I wasn’t cute?

While I was thinking about it, Leia continued to play with my stuff.
First, the urethra part was pressed firmly with the finger that had pricked the tip of the object, and then released and repeated.
Then, the smelt-like fingertips gradually got sticky cooper fluid, and when the cooper fluid got enough on my fingers, I moved my fingers and started to spread the cooper fluid on my things.
First, apply it on the surface of the glans by rotating your fingers, then touch the urethra again, and this time, draw a straight line on the bar.

It wasn’t a move to make me feel good as usual, it was really just like playing with my stuff.
Of course, I wasn’t in a bad mood either, but when I stimulated such a small area with just one finger, I felt more sad than pleasant.
In my mind, I wanted to ask him to stimulate me more properly, but it was right after I said that.
I have to be patient today.

“Huhu. It’s cute too.”

Leia said it again, looking at my object, reflexively twitching at the sad stimulus, and then extended her tongue a little longer than a normal person and brought the tip of her tongue to the root of my object.
Then, one at a time, he licked the object all the way up.
It was a stronger stimulus than before, but I was still satisfied.

It was a tough level.
Leia, who licked an object like that, lightly kissed the tip of my object as if it were a kiss, then opened her mouth with a smile.

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Reversed relationship

“Sleep, is that over?!”

I was determined to stay still as Leia was doing, but this time, I had no choice but to reflexively complain.
To make it so desperately and just say it at the moment when you just wanted to do it right.

“Yes? Whoops. Do you have any problems?”

But Leia, as if she didn’t know what the problem was, grabbed my object again in her hand and started moving it up and down slowly.
My Cooper’s fluid and Leia’s saliva became a lubricant, so the smooth movement of my hand felt better than when I first skimmed it.
However, that was only to say that compared to before, the fact that the child was riding has not changed because the movement of the hands was very slow.

“no. It’s not a problem, but… .”

“Oh my, whoops. Was it like that?”

Leia looked at my object again reflexively twitching in her hand, and with a bewitching smile, she placed my glans between her thumb and index finger as they circled and gently rubbed it.
Something… Now I’m thinking about it. Isn’t Leia’s attitude now the same as when she became a nine-tailed fox?
no. Obviously, I haven’t become a nine-tailed fox yet.
There was no light from his eyes, and there was only one tail on his heart-shaped buttocks visible beyond his face.
If I had to point out the similarities to the state of the nine-tailed fox, it was only to the extent that the face looked somehow bewitching like it did when it became a nine-tailed fox.
Nevertheless, such an attitude like a nine-tailed fox. Maybe Leia… .

“It’s okay. I’ll make you feel better in no time.”

Whether or not she knew I was thinking like that, Leia raised her upper body in a relaxed manner as she said that.
Then he took his hand off my object and climbed onto my body like crawling on all fours.
Because Leia was supporting her upper body with her own two arms, it wasn’t completely close to my body, but Leia’s large, downward-facing breasts barely touched my chest.
The touch of Leia’s nipples rubbing against my chest like an epilepsy made me sad again.
no. This time, I don’t think Leia did it on purpose either.
… Are you really not doing this on purpose?

Anyway, if this happens, Leia’s nipples will be stimulated as well.
Leia dyed her face, which had been dyed red with excitement, even more red, and slowly lowered her waist and raised her hips.
Then I reached down with one hand and started to adjust the position of my object.
Thanks to this, one side of Leia’s chest was pressed against mine even more, but I was able to focus my attention on the lower part of it.

“Are you putting it in already?!”

Even when I spoke to myself, I felt that my voice was full of joy, so I was a little embarrassed.
no. I think it’s unavoidable because I’m so passionate about it as a human being.

“Huhu. Yes. normally

Because I was so concerned about special training, I couldn’t put it in or do it right away.”

Leia smiled and said that as if I was cute.
After all, Leia is Leia.

“Ah, but there… .”


“that… After adding it, it may become a little more cluttered than usual. Do you still hate it or can’t you do it?”

“Huh? That’s natural. To become a nine-tailed fox. There’s no way I’d hate Leia in the first place.”

“no. Not like that. So, more than usual… . That’s because today is the day I do whatever I want… it can not?”

Huh? So, does that mean that it’s more chaotic than the usual nine tailed fox state?
Oh, indeed. Is it like that?
Usually, Leia tries to be as restrained as possible even if she becomes a nine-tailed fox.
Even in the past when he completely lost his reason, he seemed to have tried to somehow restrain himself with the faint remaining reason, and now that he can hold on to his reason, he is much less disturbed than before.
But today, I am not saying that I will not restrain myself at all.

indeed. Is it Leia who surrenders herself to lust as the nine tailed fox state leads?
… Rather, you may want to see a little.
In fact, Leia had never gone to the end as her instinct wanted while she was a nine-tailed fox.
By the time Leia completely lost her mind, her life was in danger, so before the nine-tailed fox could do anything, I hit her with my skill and pressed her to her mind.
After Leia was able to maintain her rationality to a certain extent, Leia tried to restrain herself as much as possible.
But now, I wouldn’t do anything that would put my life in danger, and I felt like I wanted to see a little bit of what I wanted to do in the state of a nine-tailed fox.
Besides, if it can relieve Leia’s stress with that kind of thing, it’s a one stone two pair.

“It’s not going to happen. Huh. OK. No problem.”

“Uh, why are you looking so happy… Salvation is also… .”

Leia, who heard my answer, gave a look of disapproval, averted her gaze, and lightly tapped my thigh with her tail.
But nevertheless, Leia adjusted the position of my object so that its tip was against the entrance to her vagina.
Nevertheless, she did not insert, and Leia did not move in that state for a while.
At first I thought it was going to be troublesome again, but on closer inspection, it wasn’t.
Leia had a somewhat hesitant expression on her face.
It was a look of hesitation as to whether this was really possible.

“Leia. because it’s okay You can do whatever you want today. I’ll take it all.”

“Savior… yes… . Yes… Then, Mr. Salvation… Can’t you move?”

“uh? what?! Can’t move even after inserting it… !”

“Ugh… !”

Before I could even finish my question, Leia lowered her back and crammed my stuff inside to the end, shaking her body.
is it real can’t you move?
… no. you won’t be disappointed This is where a positive mindset is important.
As long as it’s inserted anyway, there’s no way the baby will ride like before.
It’s because it’s an excellent machine that feels great just by putting the inside of Leia in and just sitting still.
Think of it as a good opportunity to observe Leia’s movements at a leisurely pace.
Good. Thinking like that, I started to look forward to it.
Looking at Leia’s chest, shaking her waist from above. It is sure to be a magnificent scenery.

Leia, who had inserted my things, put her upper body close to my body, and fell down, trembling as if savoring it for a while.
There wasn’t much movement, but that alone made me feel good.
The pleasant feeling of Leia’s famous sword enveloping the whole thing, and the feeling of the large chest being pressed against her chest, was amazing.
It wasn’t that I didn’t feel a little lacking as I had a child like that before, but this alone was enough to satisfy me to some extent.

And finally, Leia, whose body had stopped shaking, opened her eyes while slowly raising her upper body.
And again, those eyes were radiating a beautiful purple glow.

“Heh heh, heh heh! ha ha! Huh!”

And contrary to the previous act of tantrums, this time, he immediately started moving his waist.
Instead of moving up and down, back and forth.
The upper body was almost fixed and only the waist moved like a mollusk, although it was a little different from what I expected, but it provided a satisfactory enough sight.
Above all, the feel of the object was no joke.
It’s also a Gumiho.

“Huhu. From the inside like this… Yes… ! Trembling and trembling… . Whoops! cute. Ha, but… Can’t you move?”

With a bewitching smile that you can’t normally imagine, Leia looked down at me and said so.
The way you say things like that while suffering from pleasure is so cute.
It’s cute and it’s edgy. it’s a scam
no. More than that, didn’t he talk to me now?
Is that Leia? no. Of course you are my sister. Even if you talk nonsense, there is nothing wrong with you.
I feel something strange.

“Sister say… heh… Can you hear me?”

“Yeah. sister.”

… What? He said it was a strange feeling, but he didn’t say a word that he didn’t like it.

“Huh… . ha… .”

Perhaps my answer was satisfactory, Leia gently stroked my lower abdomen with both hands.
Then both hands slid upwards, past my abdomen, chest, and neck, and wrapped around my cheeks.
Leia lowered her upper body again, pressed her chest to my chest, and pushed her face closer to my face.
The bewitching gazes they met from a close distance even felt as if they were about to be sucked in.
Besides, in the midst of that, the only thing I could think of was that from the waist down, it moved up and down like any other creature.

“Hah… heh… ha… uh, how are you? heh… Feeling… I feel good… ?”

I was a little confused as to whether he was in a good mood or if he was asking me if he was in a good mood because of the way he spoke, but he must have asked a question because he added the word “how are you” in front of it?

“Huh. very.”

When I answered me obediently, Leia accelerated the movement of her waist a little more with a happy expression.
Seeing this figure, I realized that Leia was still Leia even when she was a nine-tailed fox.

“Huhu. Huh… me, uh… me too… .”

Saying so in a hazy voice, Leia stuck out her tongue and licked my lips.
Oh oh. Is there a kiss like this? something fresh

As I tried to retaliate by sticking out my tongue, suddenly Leia’s tail slapped my thigh.

“Yes… If you move… I can’t… .”

“Ah yes.”

Even when kissing, I can’t seem to move.
To be honest, when I was getting anxious earlier, I doubted that Leia’s hidden wall was a sadist, but now looking at it again, I feel like it’s a little different from that.
This isn’t meant to annoy me, but… Do you want to take the lead?
okay. I got the impression that I was satisfied with the situation in which I was taking the initiative.
Come to think of it, Leia, in conversations with the kids before, you said that you liked to serve.
In a way, volunteering is a situation where you take the initiative and move.

And now, Leia is moving, giving up reason and surrendering herself to her desires.
In other words, it means that you are fully revealing your sexual orientation.
okay! Leia’s castle wall was something I couldn’t have imagined from her normal personality, but it was that she liked to play the queen!
Not the queen in SM play, but the queen in the sense that she likes to take the initiative and act.

Even while I was realizing that fact, Leia’s movements continued.
He licked my lips, which was still closed, and bit them with his own lips, and put his tongue inside and forced his mouth to come in.
Leia, who had kissed my lips as if they were playing with them, licked her lips with her tongue once with a satisfied expression, and slowly raised her upper body again.
Since the waist has been moving up and down since the time I lowered my upper body, the scene I had been waiting for for the first time finally unfolded in front of my eyes.
I was able to look up at Leia’s large breasts, shaking violently up and down.
big It is also superb.

“Whew… Yes… haha… Go, chest… You can touch it.”

And, perhaps noticing my gaze, Leia still spoke in a different tone than usual.
permission, not a request. No, it’s more like a command than that.
how are you The important thing is that you can touch your chest.
I immediately reached out and rubbed Leia’s chest.
It felt like it was overflowing between my fingers, the feeling of this chest that I couldn’t grasp with one hand. it’s the best too


As I rubbed my chest violently, Leia raised her eyebrows slightly and let out a snort.
this. In the meantime, the recoil, which had no choice but to remain still, may have weakened a little.
Before I let go of my hand, Leia’s tail moved first and slapped my thigh once more.

“a little… uh… A little more kindly!”


I’m mad.
But I think Leia, who doesn’t usually speak like this, gets scolded in this way, that’s it… no. I’m not like that, though.
To be honest, I prefer to be bullied rather than bullied.

“Heh… Yes… ha… Huh… !”

And in the meantime, Leia’s waist moved in round and round, back and forth, left and right, up and down, and it seemed that Leia was approaching her limit.

“Leia. slowly? Then at the same time… .”

up to there

As he spoke, suddenly something wrapped around the egg part.
It was Leia’s tail.
Can you accurately catch an egg with that fluffy tail? Leia, you’re good.
The egg was caught so suddenly that I began to think about it calmly.

“Ugh… Whoops. I’m sorry… .”

“What, what?”

“Yes… Salvation is… heh… It is forbidden to buy… .”

Confused, Leia answered with a seductive smile with a slightly mischievous feel.
… is it real It’s forbidden to buy.
Earlier, I thought that Leia was not a sadist but a queen, but she may also have a bit of a sadist temperament.
Well, it doesn’t matter.

“Hah… heh… Whoa… Whoops!”

And while holding my egg firmly with her tail, Leia felt the climax in a loud voice on her own.
And in response, I pinched Leia’s nipples slightly strongly.

“Ugh… Gee, I’m feeling it right now… .”

“Can I touch your chest?”

“Haha… heh… .”

Leia, who was in the midst of her climax, could not give me any orders, so she trembled and slapped my thighs with only her tail.
It’s clear that the egg is being caught by its tail, but it’s a strange feeling because it hits the thigh.
How can you use a multi-tailed thing like this?

Well, anyway, today is a day to do whatever you want, Leia.
Should I stop bothering you too much?
Besides, if you don’t keep buying it anyway, you’ll end up with stacks of sex boosts… .
Leia, who succumbs to pleasure in Queen Mode, might be a little more interesting.
With that in mind, as the tail beating my thighs told me to, I gently removed my hand from my chest.

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Reversed relationship

After that, I won’t have to say whether or not Leia was able to maintain her queen-like attitude until the end.
Just tell me it happened just the way you imagined it.
Its own ability to defeat a nine-tailed fox attacking with all its might, even if it doesn’t move at all, is very frightening.
How could the heavens give me such formidable power… ! Well, I’ll give it to you because I have work to do.

Anyway, when I woke up from a good sleep, I was enveloped in a tremendous sense of discomfort even before I opened my eyes.
nothing on the body
Could it be?! Does that make sense? Besides, you slept with Leia last night?!
Can’t you feel the two huge hills being crushed on your chest! This is nonsense!
I quickly ran away from sleep, and hurriedly opened my eyes and got up.


And only after I got up, I realized that pleasure was being transmitted through my crotch.
A feeling of being wrapped around the whole thing. This touch is undoubtedly Leia’s.
Then I noticed that the blanket between my legs was sticking out.
As I slowly walked on the blanket, there was, of course, Leia.
Turning your back to me, crouching between my legs.
Of course, my ass was pressed against my crotch, so my dick was properly tucked into that pussy.

“… Over there, Leia? What are you doing right now?”

Indeed, my head couldn’t keep up with this situation that was happening right after I woke up, so I put a question to Leia’s butt.


But all that came back was silence.
Can you sleep in that position? no. I can’t. You just moaned when I woke up.
As a test, I poked Leia’s ass with my finger.
Well. It’s soft and feels good. It’s like your fingers are buried… no. this isn’t it
As I poked my ass, Leia’s tail reflexively trembled.
You’re awake too.

“Leia. What are you doing?”

“Hey! Oh, no! You can’t look at your face now!”

When I grabbed Leia’s arm and tried to force her to stand up, Leia screamed and crashed.
When she had no choice but to let go of her arm, Leia crouched down again, as before, and covered her face with her hands.
The tail was drooping helplessly, and upon closer inspection, the ears were also folded forward.
He seemed to be appealing that he had no energy right now with his whole body.

“… Is it because you’re ashamed of yourself now?”

When I asked that question, Leia’s tail pounded my stomach and hit me a few times, and then it flopped back on the floor.
It seems to be the correct answer.

“a. what come now Yesterday, even after the state of the nine-tailed fox was relieved… Oops.”

“Aww! Aww!”

As I spoke eloquently, Leia screamed and jumped to her feet.
Then he turned half a turn to face me, desperately covering my mouth with both hands.
Still, it couldn’t have been so cute to see her blushing face and not even making eye contact with me.
As an added bonus, the two peaks that show the ecstatic movement attracted by the intense movement were also amazing.

“Finally seeing this.”

I grabbed Leia’s wrists with both hands, pulled them out of my mouth, and turned them behind my back to prevent Leia from turning them back.
Leia naturally hugged me and hugged me closely, and the distance between their faces became much closer than before.

“Heh… .”

Well, as if Leia did not want to face me until the end, she bowed her head and buried her face in my chest.
I grabbed Leia’s cheek with both hands, made her gently lift her head, and gently kissed her on the lips.

“Ahhh… . me, over there… yesterday… .”

“OK. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Yesterday I was good too. Sometimes it’s nice to play that way because it’s fresh, right?”

“Is that so… .”

Leia smiled bashfully as if a little reassured, but trembled a little as if she had not yet overcome her shame.

“Besides, that was Leia’s wall yesterday, wasn’t it?”

“Yes, Neet?! My, my wall?!”

“Huh. I told him to do what he wanted to do, so that’s what he did. no? I

I thought so.”

“That, that, that, that! Something like that!”

“OK. ‘Cause I can understand everything Anyway, no matter what I do every time, I have no problem.”

“I, I… !”

“But I don’t think Leia will like that kind of play. Maybe it was because he said he liked volunteering because he could take the initiative? Wasn’t it actually meant to be playing with something instead of serving?”

“Ah, ah, ah, no! No, it’s not like that!”

“Ha ha. because it’s ok That’s right. I understand… .”

“Hey, Maal Jeong! Please listen to me! As Sara and Diana say, Guwon is… !”

Even if it was the right time for Sara or Diana to launch an attack, Leia, unaware of violence, simply patted her whole body in desperate denial.
let’s be cute You are an angel too.

“Ah, Sara and Diana reminded me of it.”

“What, what?”

“Are you going to tell them the real wall? Leia told me if there was a castle wall before… .”

“Ah, ah, ah… ah ah ah… !”

Leia had a look of despair that she had never seen before.
You don’t have to make a face like that. I think it doesn’t really matter if you like to take the lead.
That’s what I thought, but it didn’t seem like that from Leia’s point of view.

“Ahhh… Oh, Goddess… ! I maybe… ! Sarah… Miss Diana… Sorry for taking it lightly… . I’m sure you’ll feel like this… .”

is it real Were you desperate enough to even find the Goddess?
It was Leia who even started confession to Sarah and Diana from the middle.
Good. If so, I’ll have to help out here like a man.

“Well, but yesterday it wasn’t even a fortress wall, I don’t need to say much.

“… on? Ahhh! Alas… .”

The moment I said that, Leia’s face lit up and brightened, then darkened again.

“What, what? What is it?”

“Ugh… . But you can’t lie… .”

Despite my advice, Leia, who had become so kind, couldn’t seem to lie to herself.
You wouldn’t have to live like that.
If you live like that, will you ever lose money?
Well, that’s Leia’s good point, though.

“It’s a lie… . Oh, you said it wasn’t like that, but in the end you admit that it’s such a fortress wall.”

“Hah… .”

As I mumbled that, Leia grabbed her chest as if she had taken damage and just turned back and fell.
He was probably grabbing his heart, but would he feel the pulsation in his palm? It’s completely blocked in my chest.

“Well, then there’s nothing I can do about it. I just have to speak properly. My preference is to play the queen.”

“Ugh… !”

When I said that while looking at Leia’s back, Leia’s tail pounded my chest.
I was a little happy to see Leia like that.
no. It’s not that I’m happy to be right. Anyway, I’m not that perverted.
When I say I’m happy, I’m glad that Leia is taunting me in this way.
Until now, I have always been holding

Because it was an impression.
Couldn’t it be interpreted that making a grudge against me in this way means that the relationship has deepened that much?
What I told you to do as much as you want yesterday will have such a result.
Come to think of it, the reason I played like that started from the fact that I started talking about harems and other things if I go back to the cause in the first place.
To say that the ground hardens after the rain is really referring to this kind of situation.
I nodded happily, and slowly moved my waist back and forth.

“Hah! Goo, Goo Won-ssi?!”

“no. I think it would be better to spend time doing something pleasant than to suffer so much.”

“Wow… Really?”

I made excuses for once, but even I thought it was an absurd excuse.
No matter how much Leia believed in me, it seemed hard to believe this time, so she turned her head back and shed a few tears.

“sorry. Actually, I can’t stand it.”

no. Anyway, think about it.
It’s still Leia’s inside, where it’s nice to just put it in there, but Leia turned from a back-facing person to front, then hugged me and fell back from there.
Just imagine how excited my stuff must have been in the meantime.
It’s weird being able to stand it.

“really… Salvation is also… . Whoops. Because I can’t dry it.”

To be honest, Leia grinned as if she couldn’t dry it, and eventually moved her waist a little by herself.
He’s an angel too. Love it.

“Hehehe. Thank you. sister. … Queen?”


It was Leia who blushed at my mischievous words and then pounded my chest with her tail again, but in the end, we enjoyed the act once more until Vanessa came.

And time passed, and after breakfast, we walked slowly to the guild to cool off our digestion.
As I said in advance yesterday, this time for the dungeon, the preparations had already been made, so we were able to start a little earlier than usual.
Oh, and by the way, Leia’s Wall hasn’t talked to Sarah and Diana yet.
Because we didn’t have time to be alone with the three of us.
Well, Leia will take care of it.
Since it wasn’t a matter for me to intervene, I decided to turn it off.

“… Good morning. Salvation.”

And when I went straight to Rachel’s sister as always to inform the members who would go into the dungeon, she greeted me.
It wasn’t as angry as the last time, maybe because a lot of time had passed, but he had an attitude that was unfamiliar in some way.

“Good morning. sister.”

In fact, it was the same for me to eat and drink.
no. I really don’t know how to deal with it.
No matter how much I think about it, I can only come to the conclusion that this older sister liked me.
I can’t even ask that directly.
if not what kind of asshole is that
Besides, there has already been a case of failure once, so it was true that I was afraid to ask.
Vanessa Guy… Anyway, are you sane?

“there… sister.”

But that doesn’t mean you can’t keep living like this.
Like before, I want to play silly pranks and chat with you.
So I decided to throw a change ball.

“Yes Yes? Why?”

“I’m sorry last time. To be honest, I was just making excuses by stabbing myself a bit. Actually, regardless of the reward, it was just purely fun to go with my sister, and if there is an opportunity like that, I definitely want to do it again. Especially since I ruined my meal like that last time.”

Now, how are you?! My conversion sphere!
He didn’t say a word of a lie. I was just saying it to be a little misunderstood.
Because when you hear those words, it sounds as if I like you as the opposite sex.
If my sister has a crush on me, I will be very fond of it, and if not, I will put on a slightly puzzled expression.
But don’t worry if you make a troubled face. It’s okay to just say that I just want to do it as a friend.

“Alas… !”

However, the older sister was trying not to show off as much as possible, but she certainly had a happy expression on her face.
… is it real Isn’t this a lie? Aren’t you shooting a hidden camera somewhere? really? Does this sister really like me?

no. Of course I don’t hate it.
As a man, how can I hate that such a pretty older sister likes me?
On the contrary, I felt a little happy.
I also like this older sister.
but… It wasn’t just about being happy.
Besides, the feeling of liking me was closer to liking as a friend rather than liking as the opposite sex.

no. It’s not that I don’t have a crush on me as a person of the opposite sex.
I mean, there was a time when I bumped into my sister and got kicked.
Of course, I was looking at it as the opposite sex.
But since then, I’ve also met my kids, because I’ve always been close friends with my sister.

And above all, right after I had that conversation with my kids a while ago.
How long has it been since you said that, I have a conscience.
Just because another woman likes me doesn’t mean I can’t like her.

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Reversed relationship

It would have been better if my sister didn’t like me.
If that was the case, I would have been able to get along and live as close friends as before.
I’m sorry to my sister who likes me, but my head is so confused that I can’t stop thinking about it.

what about this
I had already thought about what to do when my sister didn’t like me, but I wasn’t prepared for what to do if my sister really liked me.
Maybe I was subconsciously convinced that my sister wouldn’t like me.
no. Rather than being sure, is it more accurate to say that he might have been hoping for that?

“Ah, huh. something that. Salvation Mr. Are you flirting with me now? Are you going to tell Diana?”

But before I could show any reaction, my sister Rachel coughed first and then said that.
Maybe this reaction… !

“Yes, four?!”

“Sigh… . Still, I know that Guo Guo had some concerns. I can’t be stuck with something like that forever. I will forgive you especially this time. Are you really special? Should I be more careful next time?”

Just like Rachel’s sister before she got mad, she said so with a charming smile and a slight wink.

“Yep. sister. Thank you. I’ll be more careful next time.”

And understanding my sister’s intentions, I asked for the rice cake.
Maybe, really, it’s just my guess, but maybe your sister is flirting with me right now.
If you accept my apology right here and now, you’ll end up acknowledging that you like me.
So, in that way, he subtly avoided the answer.
Waiting for me to push harder first.

“Yes, four?! yes… That’s right.”

As proof of that, when I immediately agreed, my sister seemed to be a little perplexed.
He didn’t even tell me what made him angry, he went on like that, and I just agreed right away without asking about it.

To be honest, I felt sorry for my sister.
To act in this way even though you know your sister’s intentions roughly is like taking advantage of your sister’s heart. no. It’s like that, exactly as it is.
But for me, it was a choice.
Besides, it’s not like my sister told me that she really likes me, but it’s strange to say no just because she’s noticed in advance.
In the end, I had no choice but to do this.

I’m sorry. sister. I have no intention of increasing the number of women needlessly any more. Even for our kids.
Since I got permission, I even feel that my notion of chastity has gotten stronger, so I never thought of increasing the number of women anymore.

Anyway, for now, with this, my sister and I will be close friends like before. At least on the surface.

“Then, sir. I only… .”

“Oh, come on, wait a minute!”


“Ah, that, that, so… Yes… Oh yeah. I have a few questions.”

What, what? Maybe because I’m not responding, I’m rather anxious and my sister is trying to hit me?!
If so, you may need to be prepared. I am determined to reject my sister.
A guy like me was also lucky. Do you have to wear such a beautiful sister?
But we can’t betray our children already.
Damn it. It’s the older sister I’ve been friends with.
I’ll have to look for another guide next time.

“In your last expedition, you used the 1st tier teleport and returned to the 2nd tier teleport, is there any reason?”

But, contrary to what I was prepared for, my sister had been talking about very business-like things.
He caught me reflexively, but I felt like I had said something like that because I couldn’t remember what to say.
thank God. I’m really happy.
At first, thinking that my relationship with my sister would not break down, I let out a deep sigh of relief.

But apart from that, the question that my sister posed now was also a pretty sharp one.
Truly the ace of the guild guides. You’re hitting the core.

“Oh, actually. In the past, there was something that bothered me a little on the 1st floor. After a long time, I did research

I went to do it, and I found it.”

“Yeah? discovery? Come on, maybe?!”

“Yeah. A small class with a similar feel to the ant den on the second floor.”

Anyway, the existence of the small class had already been revealed, and it was a situation in which we had already said that we would disclose it so far.
As long as you don’t reveal the fact that small classes are interconnected, there’s no problem, so I proudly revealed the truth.

“Wow! Be great! I hope I told you to look forward to what I said before… !”

“Ah yes. Well, yes.”

Seeing my older sister rejoicing as she stretched out from the information desk and grabbed my hand, I answered, trying not to show my perplexed expression as much as possible.
If it were me, I would have been excited about this posture that emphasized that big breast, but now that I know that my sister likes me, I’m sorry to think that way.
If my sister confesses to me, I’m thinking of rejecting it, how can I have such an unscrupulous thought?

“Huhu. From the first day of becoming an adventurer, he seems to have been confident in showing the legend of the saint.”

“Ha, ha ha. Well, that’s right. Please look forward to it in the future. I will show you how far my saint legend goes.”

But if you’re too embarrassed, you’ll only get suspicious.
I tried to act as stupid as before on the outside as much as possible.

“But coming out of the second floor… Has the small class already been interviewed?”

“Yeah. What. I didn’t go all the way around perfectly, but I knew the way from the first floor to the second floor.”

“Even the upper tier would have been quite long… You’ve worked hard. Then can you draw a map for me?”

“Yeah. Sure.”

“Then please wait a moment.”

While serving as my guide, my sister already knew that I didn’t draw a map in the dungeon like other adventurers, but just memorize it in my head and draw it when I report it.
So now, needless to say, he prepared a paper and pen on which to draw a map.
After all, Rachel’s sister is the best as the guide.
I want to keep this relationship as long as possible. Are you overly greedy?

“But what about the entrance? Doesn’t it need a penis like an ant den?”

While I was drawing the map, the older sister who had been staring intently at the map with her head raised slightly raised her head and looked up at me and asked such a question.
… Damn it. I reflexively thought it was cute.
no no no I have my kids! Calm down, salvation!

“Ah yes. Orc genitals are the key.”

“Ah, that’s good. This is a key you can find often. The entrance to the anthill is difficult because the key is the same… .”

… Huh? what?
Hearing what my sister said, I felt a subtle sense of incongruity.
Come to think of it, the key to the ant den is the mosquito’s genitals.
No matter how hard other adventurers try, it’s something that anyone but me will never be able to get.
no. Come to think of it, I still haven’t seen how other adventurers get monster penises.
Meeting other adventurers in the dungeon is rare.
Still, it’s hard to think that you’ll ever get an ordinary mosquito’s penis, right?

But then it doesn’t make sense.
These days, the ant den is a hot place for adventurers who find it easy to get to the 2nd tier but the 3rd tier is difficult.
Without mosquito genitals, it was impossible for so many adventurers to roam the anthills.

“By the way, how are other adventurers doing in the anthill? You can’t save the mosquito’s penis, right?”

“Oh, Guwon-san, you don’t know. Actually, that’s not the case either. Of course, it is very difficult, but there is a way to save it.”

“Yeah? How… ?”

“That, that… Well, you can attack it while mating.”

Rachel’s older sister seemed a little embarrassed to say it, and answered with a slight blush on her face.
I’m sorry to Rachel like that, but I had no choice but to ask a question again.
no. Am I right?

“… Yeah?”

“I mean, if you aim for when they are mating… .”

“… Are you a mosquito?”

“… Mosquito.”

… is it real so what They run after you unnoticed by mosquito swarms, and when they start mating, they attack you at that moment?
no. There are too many things to point out.
Even though the second-tier mosquitoes are incomparably larger than normal mosquitoes, maybe a male is one of them?
How on earth do you see one of the many mosquitoes mating?
It also spreads the distance and chases after the mosquito swarms.
Is that how you get the mosquito’s genitals?
As I always feel, it’s a completely extreme job. being an adventurer.
Every time this happens, you feel once again how comfortable you are to explore dungeons in a blessed environment.

And apart from that, I felt like my dream had been shattered.
The way adventurers get the monster’s penis is, of course, by suppressing it and forcing it to grow… I was thinking the same evil thoughts.
Reality is such a cruel law, without dreams or hopes.

“Yeah, but mosquitoes are a special case. There is an easier way to get the penis of other monsters.”

Perhaps my expression was full of compassion, Rachel’s older sister gave me such comforting words.
no. Is it a little subtle to express it as a word of consolation?
Rather than comfort… A spokesperson for other adventurers?

“right! Yes too! I knew it!”

Well, it was definitely comforting for me.
A world overflowing with dreams and hopes created by our Goddess!
I believed it without a single doubt!

“Here you go. It’s all done.”

Anyway, during those conversations, I drew all the maps.
Naturally, I didn’t draw the place where the male kobolds were.
Instead, he kindly marked the place where the giant manastones and fake bosses used to be where there was a small class owner.

“Ah, thank you. As always, I’ll pass the payoff to you next time.”

“Yep. Oh, and my sister.”


“If the adventurers are suffering so much, shall I go and get more mosquito genitals?”

“Yeah? Of course I’d appreciate it if you could, but that’s… .”

“It’s okay. In fact, it has become like this, a small class that continues from the third floor

I’m thinking of looking for it. After all, the anthill is also connected to three levels, and I think it’s going to go around a bit.”

I said that and gave a fresh smile.
Actually, this is not purely of goodwill.
Of course it is. I’ll even do that for adventurers who don’t even know what I’m talking about.
… Are you a saint? If you think that a saint will help others unconditionally, you are mistaken!

Anyway, what I actually said to my sister was a smoke screen operation.
Come to think of it, since the last time I crossed over from the kobold cave to the anthill, I just came out through the anthill entrance.
I can only say that I was really lucky that the other adventurers didn’t notice it.
Unlike the broad dungeon hierarchy, the small tier is relatively small in size, so the chance of meeting other adventurers will increase.

And if there was a rumor that we came out of the anthill.
The guild must have noticed something strange.
Are the kids who said they found a kobold cave on the first floor popping out of the anthill? That said.
So, it’s a smoke screen operation.

With this, no one will suspect that we will start on the second floor or enter the anthill.
Even if there is a case of reporting a small dungeon that continues on the 3rd floor after returning from the dungeon.
Seriously, how can I be so smart?
Sarah. are you watching This is the true face of your brother, whom you often call an idiot.
Look at this smart operation.

“Savior… Whoops. If you’re doing this with the intention of showing off your cool to entice me, it’s useless, right?”

… It seemed like he was too smart, so he raised Rachel’s favorability even more.
is it real no. Of course, it’s nice to see your sister making a happy expression.
I hope the day will come when I feel like this because this beautiful older sister likes me… .

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Reversed relationship

Anyway, after a little bit of Rachel, who showed me a pleasant smile after a long time, I joined my kids.

“… It took quite a long time.”

From behind, it must have looked like he had been flirting with Rachel and chatting.
Especially, before entering the dungeon, I usually simply report the number of people before leaving.
That’s why Sara spoke bluntly with a slightly anxious expression on her face.
Normally, I would have felt resentful that I was misunderstood, but this time, I fully understood Sarah’s feelings.
After all, it was immediately after giving such permission.
I can’t help but get nervous when I’m talking to another woman.
I smiled as I tapped the area near the seal of Sarah’s apostle.

“I came here to report about the kobold cave. As a bonus, we made up an excuse for going to the second floor.”

I roughly summarized the conversation I had with Rachel and gave it to my kids.
Except, of course, for apologizing for what happened during the meal.

“Hey. indeed. Why did you wear your hair?”

Diana, who heard me, raised her claws and stroked my hair with a curious expression.

told me
When you look at your appearance, you are rather unique.
And don’t bother putting your hand on the hood and petting it. What do you do when you see your face?

“Hey. Isn’t it too much for some reason? You paid attention to things you didn’t even care about.”

no. As a party leader, it’s true that I should be concerned from the start, though.

“What do you mean? There’s no way this body didn’t care?”

“… What?”

“When I got out of the ant den, I was using magic to make it invisible to others. In the end, it was in vain.”

“… Is it real?”

“Ahem. This body is doing more than you think!”

Diana stretched her chest and exclaimed proudly.
Well, anyway, because she was wearing a robe, her still passive breasts couldn’t claim her presence at all.

“okay. okay. Our Archmage is the best.”

“Well. You did a good job making excuses too. Using magic spells is also a job.”

Delighted by my compliment, Diana said as she stroked my hair more and more.

Anyway, we teleported to the second floor and moved straight to the anthill.
I was able to reach the anthill at the same speed as walking, except that I stopped halfway through an appointment with Rachel to catch a swarm of mosquitoes.
Well, it’s because it takes more time to dismantle the mosquitoes than to catch the ones that are stopped by mosquitoes.

And arriving at the ant den, we headed straight to the room where the queen ant was.
As I said before, I can only guess where the male ants are.
A hidden place that staggers people.
And the existence of a fake boss who boasted of his presence by openly revealing huge manastones.
Considering the queen ants attacked even before we even entered the boss room… .

“The male ant is right here. Near the queen ant… I thought so.”

Arriving in front of the queen ant’s room, I could feel myself losing strength in my voice as I spoke.
Oh, by the way, there was no queen ant in the boss room that looked over the passage.
Because this is the place where the people of the Wizard’s Association investigate the giant manastones.
Some wizards still wearing robes engraved with the seal of the Wizards Association were still investigating the giant manastone.
None of them knew a face.
Even so, the chapters of each school cannot continue to be here.
The older sisters all returned to our mansion a long time ago, and these are wizards of moderate skill.
From what I’ve heard roughly, it seems that several groups are taking turns conducting research.
Well, I guess that’s a good thing.

“Even if it’s around here… There doesn’t seem to be a passage upstairs like in the kobolds.”

Sarah, the brightest of us, glanced at the ceiling, but there seemed to be no passage.

“Well, I guess I’m not going to use the same method every time. Actually, I thought I was hiding among the ant eggs… .”

what is this The ant eggs that were filling the wall so tightly that I thought it would be impossible to get rid of them all had completely hidden their traces.
no. I knew this queen ant’s room because it had already been taken care of when I came to investigate.
Not only here, but all the way to here, almost every room had eggs processed.
Anyway, you were too stingy. Alternative adventurers are… no. I am an adventurer too.

“Hmm. Still, I think it’s reasonable for you to think you’ll be around here.”

“But wouldn’t other adventurers take a closer look at this place?”

“Yeah, that’s right… Oh, maybe.”

As we put our heads together and pondered for a moment, an idea flashed into my head.
If it’s a place that stumbles, maybe… I thought that

“Do you have any other guesses?”

“Huh. Not sure, but it might be worth checking out. Well, let’s go If not, you just have to look all over the place.”

Having said that, the place where I led the party was the passage leading to the third floor.
This was a structure with a small path on the left and right with a giant magic stone as the center, and a passage going down to the third floor in the middle of the point where the two paths meet if you turn around along the path.
Without going down the aisle leading to the third floor, I looked at the ceiling and circled the narrow passage.
And… .


And fortunately, as I was walking down the aisle, I saw a hole at the top that seemed to lead to another place.
okay. People are most vigilant when they have what they are looking for.
The goal of adventurers who come here. That’s the way to the next level.
I mean, I thought it was kind of weird.
Elsewhere, even in the kobold caves, the road leading to the next level was just plain open, because only here was it made like a secret passage.
In the past, I passed by without thinking about it, but when I found out the truth this way, it was also a trick to avoid finding out the location of the male ant.

“Wow! It’s also Gukwon! Awesome!”

“Hehehe. You can compliment me a little more. Angel.”

“Huhu. Well done. Well done.”

Despite my brazen remarks, Leia smiled and stroked my hair.

“Somehow, you look happier than when this body caressed you.”

“Well, can it be?”

It’s just that every time your hand moves, a huge chest makes a pendulum motion in front of you… no. Nothing.
I think Diana’s breasts are nice enough. cancer. not like that

“Leia shouldn’t be pampered like that. Because this idiot is endlessly arrogant.”

“no. Sarah, you are the one who praises you sometimes. Because you are too stingy with compliments.”

“Nothing like that… .”

“I did well this time, right?”

“Yeah, but… .”

“But Sarah, what did you just say to me? Did you praise me?”

“Wow… Mi, sorry.”

Sara apologized in a slightly muffled voice, probably embarrassed when I suddenly reacted like this, who was usually accepted every day.
Well, Sarah is also malicious.

No, I know it was meant to play with me like that.
Still, I had no intention of forgiving him this time.
because… .

“no. can’t forgive to me, ‘Brother. Sarah was so, so, so, so wrong.’ Until you say it.”

“brother… ha?”

Sara was reflexively trying to follow what I said, but unfortunately, Sara also seems to have noticed it at a fairly early time.
The fact that I’m joking while pretending to be honest.

“Gee, aren’t you really stupid?!

“I’m serious. I won’t really forgive you until you tell me.”

“Who… !”

“Then you did well?”

Sara was trying to calm the situation by pretending to be angry, but I’m not the one to fall for it.
I held on to my cheek muscles, which was about to smile slightly, and kept my honest expression.

“Well, it’s not… Whoops… Gee, really?”

“Huh. really.”

“Ha, but this isn’t a dungeon, so let’s explore… .”

“This is a place where no monsters appear. As I said, it doesn’t take long to apologize.”

Sara, who had failed to turn the topic into exploration, looked around with bewildered eyes.
No matter how you look at it, your side is not here right now.
You’re giving Sara, the pronoun of cool beauty, those lines. Rather, they were all looking at this with anticipation in their eyes.
In particular, Diana smirked and even looked at Sarah with her hand as if telling her to do it quickly.
I’m totally enjoying myself. Have you ever had it stored in what you lost in a fight with Sarah before?

“Ugh… .”

Realizing that she wasn’t here with her, Sarah let out a groan and suddenly grabbed my arm and began to separate from the party a little.

“Something. Why don’t you do it here? If possible, even for these bodies… .”

“D, Diana is noisy!”

Sara, who was blushing at the teasing Diana, looked at my face and muttered with a look of shame to death.

“Oh, brother… Four, four, Sarah, come on, wrong… Do it, do it… ね.”

Well. That expression of embarrassment that you’re about to die is great, Sara.
But it’s still a long way off.


“What, what… ?!”

“Speak straight again.”

“Hey, this is really… !”


“Ugh… Oh, brother… Sarah… I’m doing it wrong… .”

Unable to overcome my coercive tone, Sara eventually grated her teeth once and spoke in a very cute voice that didn’t suit her.
no. To be honest, I’m not sure if it’s a cute voice or not, objectively.
It’s because I forcefully squeezed out a cute voice with a cool husky voice.
At least to me, it was cute, so there was no problem.
Anyway, Sara did my request properly.
But I’m a little sad that it ended like this. It’s been a while, so let’s play around a little more

“Even your face… Cuckoo!”

“Really… ! really this is… ! Really this idiot… !”

But before I could even tease him, Sarah slapped me on the back with a look of embarrassment and death.

“Ouch! hurt! It hurts Sarah! Dungeon here!”

“Aren’t monsters coming out?!

This fool is real!”

Ah, yes. Sorry.
I had no choice but to hurriedly rejoin my kids, avoiding Sarah’s back smash.

“How is it? Did you apologize properly? This body also heard Sarah’s cute voice once… .”

“Ugh. Diana! stop! Stop playing!”

If you make fun of me, Sarah hits me that much.
no. How the hell did the palm pierce my armor and do damage?
Do you ever use something like footstalk?

“Sah, Sara! You too, calm down! OK! It was cute! cute… Whoops!”

In the end, I had no choice but to hold her tight and dry her until she calmed down.

“Whoa. No wonder the dungeon feels threatened to life by the same side that is not even a monster.”

And only after Sarah calmed down, I mumbled as I was healed by the angel’s hand.

“huh. Severe.”

no. Well, to say it’s life-threatening is harsh, but I’m not joking, it really hurts, right?
Well, let’s use it as a lesson to be teasing in moderation.
Don’t make fun of me at all? That’s not a pig. It’s the mark of my life.

Anyway, once the commotion calmed down, we finally rock-climbed towards the hole above.
By the way, Diana was carried by me.
There was no doubt that it was a hole in the form of a narrow passageway, and beyond that, another huge cavity appeared.
And in the middle of it, there was an ant one step bigger than the queen ant.

I had already experienced it once when I was a kobold, so I expected the male to be stronger than the fake boss, but it’s still not that size.
Big doesn’t necessarily mean tall. It’s okay if it’s a little small.
It’s still bigger than the ignorantly big queen ant.

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In fact, what happened to Rachel was almost perfect.
Some of you may already be expecting a combination of rice cakes.


Reversed relationship

“If you fight with that, won’t it make a sound?”

We started the countermeasure meeting by looking down at the male ant from above without going through the passage.
no. That’s right, it’s a level 2.5 monster.
Just catching it shouldn’t be a problem, but the problem is that you have to catch it without letting others know about it.

When I came here, I had already confirmed that there were no adventurers around, but the problem was the people of the Wizards Association, who were researching giant manastones in the queen ant’s room.
It should be possible for Diana to come forward and keep her mouth shut, but she didn’t want to let others know about the male’s existence.

“Hmm. The sound can be blocked by this body’s magic, but the problem is the earth rumble.”

“right. When a guy like that starts to move, it will ring.”

He also has wings like the queen ant.
On days when even jumping attacks like the queen ant… I hate to even think

“Good. Then it seems that the time has finally come for me to do my best.”

I muttered in a hoarse voice and relaxed slowly.

“What are you going to do?”

“Huh? it’s obvious Can’t we just kill him without even having time to move? That is, assassination.”

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Looks like the time has finally come to put my assassin class to use in battle.
It’s a job I’ve only used to do lewd things up until now, but if it’s a monster of this level, my assassin level can do its job well enough.
Besides, I’m not just an assassin.
I show you how horrific an assassin, a fighter, and a saint can be when combined.

The plan was simple.
First, he puts the hand of the saint who has not controlled his strength on his body.
And after using stealth to approach quietly without being noticed, it also strikes a vital point in parallel with the fighter’s skill.
The assassin class has a passive skill that increases the damage multiplier when attacking vital points.
In addition to that, I have one more skill that increases the damage multiplier of the vital points that I acquired while neutering wolfdogs.
When these two come together, my attack on my vitals will have literally unimaginable results.
A fighter with a saint’s hand on it attacks with a skill.
More than a fantastic cola. It’s so terrifying to say.

Of course, I wasn’t sure if I could catch such a size in one shot.
That’s why I even decided to link up with Sarah, using stealth and sneaking back behind the ant.
Hit your penis… It’s an act that I feel sorry for as a man, but the opponent is insects. Since the basic appearance itself was different from that of mammals, I was able to relieve some of my sorry feelings.
And as I approached the still ant from behind, I picked up a stone from the floor and dropped it to the ground.
And at the same time as the stone fell to the ground, the saint’s hand wrapped around his feet and jumped, turning over and kicking his legs.
The sound of the stone falling to the floor was so small that even the ant’s aggro couldn’t pull it off, but it was probably heard by Sarah’s ears.
This is a fantastic cooperative play that can only be done with Sarah.
I cried out loudly, convinced of success before my feet even touched his vital point.

“Summer Salt Kick!”

How are you? Are you going crazy for pleasure? Or is it shock from writhing in pain?
Either way is fine.
I looked upwards in case he ejaculated.
Although the body is in a state of upside down in the air, it is not for nothing that you level up!
If it’s my current physical ability, it’s about avoiding it… .


… Something. Now I heard something like an explosion from my feet. Maybe it’s my mood?
no. Of course, there was also a groan. The male ant’s terrible flurry.
But that’s not what’s important to me now.
it exploded the part my feet touched.
No matter how strong my attack was, it was kind of strange to explode like a firecracker like this.
Come to think of it, I’ve heard that male ants die immediately after mating.
How did you say you were going to die?
caught and eaten? no. It was about spiders.

Obviously the ants… The genitals exploded at the same time as ejaculation… .

“Salvation! Success!”

… Huh. Know. There was no need to beat him, he just ejaculated and he would die. This guy.

“Huh. The magic stone is in my head, so can you dig it for me?”

I pretended to be as cool as possible and told Sarah.
I’m probably covered by the ants, so they won’t see me.
While the ant body disappears by digging up manastones, try to calm your mood as much as possible.
Even if he made up his mind, he couldn’t stop a single tear from flowing down his cheek.
Damn it. Why do I always go out like this… .

So we were able to get the ant’s genitals safely.
I will omit the detailed explanation of the process from mining manastones to recovering my mentality.
To put it bluntly, I’ll just say that Leia’s breasts were soft.

Oh, by the way, the dropped penis had a perfect shape.
I’ve had this happen a few times before, but even if the penis was damaged before catching, the drop was still intact.

Anyway, we put our penis in the hole that was nearby and headed to the 3.5th floor, but as soon as we set foot on the 3.5th floor, we immediately faced another problem.

“Wow! Whoa! Whoa!”

“Hey! It hurts… .”

It was. The 3.5th floor was an ice cave made of ice.
Not only the walls and ceiling, but also the floor.
In the end, the topography suddenly changed from the middle of the down passage, so we were careless, hitting our buttocks as if we were riding a slide and sliding down as it was.

“Hmm. indeed. What kind of terrain is this? indeed. Exploring this place must be quite difficult. Still, I like the fact that there is light unlike the kobold cave or the ant cave.”

Diana, the only one who didn’t hit the butt wheel, looked around and observed the situation calmly.
How did that body not hit her ass? Simple. it’s flying that naughty guy.

“If possible, can’t we help too?”

“I wish I could do it with this body, but I am not in a position to gather enough mana to float all these people.”

… exactly. understand Even the Archmage was unprepared and suddenly slipped and used magic momentarily. It would be great just to take care of your own body.
It’s understandable enough, but when I’m floating in the air by myself, looking down at people, and talking, something gets annoying.

“But how? I wouldn’t be able to walk properly like this.”

“Yes. Once back up… .”

Damn it. you can’t go up
In a sense, we slipped down a fairly long road.
The floor is so slippery that it is difficult to even stand on flat ground.
It might be possible to climb while holding manastone knives in both hands and inserting them into the ice wall, but they didn’t have enough knives to climb up with two each.

“Diana. Is it possible to raise all of us to the upper tier with magic?”

“Well? no. Impossible. I’ll run out of mana before then.”

“That, that… Then we… . What should I do… .”

Leia fell and kicked

He muttered as he cleaned up the raised skirt.
Nevertheless, the remodeled priest uniform has a deep slit on the side, so the beautiful legs are intact… no. Now is not the time for this.

“OK. I have an idea.”

I can’t help it. It’s such an emergency. Shall I make some sacrifices?
I took a bunch of my clothes out of my inventory. okay. An undecorated, crude cloth garment

“dress? What are you going to do with it all of a sudden?”

“Well, look.”

I stacked the clothes I took out in several layers and tied them around my feet, then slowly got up from my seat.

“Good. I think it will work out somehow.”

It was a rough cloth garment that did nothing to decorate the body and was not even very comfortable to wear, but that crudeness helped this time.
Since it is laid on the sole of the foot like this, it creates friction so that it does not slip properly.
Well, I thought I would fall over if I was a little careless, but it was quite useful as a temporary measure.

“Oh. Awesome.”

“Hehehe. right. right?”

“Uh, uh… That’s great. Wow. Salvation is smart.”


“What, what? That gaze.”

“… no. Nothing.”

“Chi, did you praise me for comforting me?!”

Perhaps she knew the meaning of my silence, and Sarah blushed red and protested against me.

“Uh, yes. Thanks. It was cute.”

“Ear, cute… ?! Why are you suddenly saying I’m cute?!”

no. It was cute how he tried hard to praise him with his awkward appearance.
I’m not going to say anything because if I say something out of my mouth, I might be embarrassed and hit you again.

“Come on, come on. Don’t do that, everyone, put this on your feet.”

“Ugh… .”

Sara glared at me slightly, as if she didn’t like the way I was trying to fake it, but she still took the clothes and put them around my feet like me.
Leia, Sylvia, and Matilda were all able to stand up with clothes on their feet.

“Hey! I’m sorry.”

And just when I was about to leave, suddenly Leia clung to my arm.
Thanks to you, it fell on my side in this way, and my big breasts were crushed randomly on me.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t feel it because of the armor, but just seeing the crushed shape with my own eyes made me feel grateful enough.

“no. Rather, thank you. thank… Cuckoo.”

“Anyway, this fool… .”

In the end, after speaking my true intentions, I got a smash on the back by Sarah once again, and Leia immediately fell off my arm and balanced herself, probably because she had been careless for a while.

“Wow, huh! You! Give this body clothes as well.”

And seeing Leia like that, Diana reached out to me.
It was obvious what he was thinking, but I decided to ask a question first.

“What? Why? Can Diana float?”

“Isn’t it something that can’t be used to consume mana forever.”

Well, that’s right. I don’t think it’s just for that reason.
As proof… .

“Wow! Wow, this is really pretty hard to balance… .”

As soon as Diana put the clothes on her feet, she immediately grabbed me.
However, it wasn’t acting, I almost fell.
‘Cause it’s a body

“Anyway, this is the 3.5th floor. I tell you, you can’t carry it.”

I don’t know what kind of monsters are coming out yet, but if you look at the level, it’s probably the right layer for our level.
Well, our party is a lot stronger than our level, so it won’t be that hard. Still, it’s not to the point where I’m being too careless.

“I know.”

Diana answered and hung on my arm, balancing slowly.

“I’d rather stay with Leia, wouldn’t it?”

“What are you talking about? You don’t have to! Isn’t it cold?!”

exactly. Despite being on the 3rd floor, it wasn’t as cold as I thought it would be.
Is it because the wind doesn’t blow unlike the 3rd floor?
I just thought it was a bit chilly.
Well, even if it was cold, Diana would have prepared something for her.
As soon as I knew I was going to a cold place, I desperately searched for Vanessa.

“no. That’s not the problem. Is it hard to balance? I can’t keep hanging on to me because I have to be in front. Sylvia is also a vanguard. Sarah has to shoot the bow, and Matilda is the escort of the rear guard. All that’s left is Leia.”

“It is! Yeah! Ok! Come on, Diana. Come this way!”

Leia. I like it very much.
Well, I fully understand the feeling.
Diana, she’s warm and soft and smells good, and it feels good to hold her.

“Sir, I don’t like it! the chest… the chest… !”

In conclusion, Diana had no choice but to be held in Leia’s arms again.
Because I can’t delay any longer than this.
Diana’s expression, with Leia’s big breasts on her head, couldn’t look so pitiful.
Well, if you ask the cause, it’s because of me.

“Then shall we go? First, the goal is to find the passage that leads to the third floor. First of all, let’s get out of here and rearrange it so that we can walk properly.”

And finally, our exploration of the 3.5th floor began.

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Late night after a long time!


Reversed relationship

“Look, Matilda. What do you think? can you stand it? We talked about getting used to it for a while in the anthill, but I found my way too quickly than I thought.”

Before taking the lead, I first checked Matilda’s condition.
Well, even if it’s hard anyway, it’s not a situation you can go back to right away.
are you okay? From here on, Matilda will soon have to join the battle as well.

“Yes, yes? It’s okay, it’s okay. To this extent… Ah… .”

But to my question, Matilda answered unexpectedly well.
As if the air in the dungeon was okay. No, as if he was distracted by something else.

“Huh? What is it?”

“Hey, it’s cute… .”

no. Why is he suddenly like this?
Are you looking at me like that?
Well, since you confessed that you like me a while ago,

The way I looked at it seemed to have changed a bit.
If you don’t fall into the pink mode, you can say that not only your tone but also your eyes feel a little arrogant, it was a stingy feeling, but after the confession, I was also feeling the subtle soft gaze mixed in.
As if there was nothing more to hide.
but anyway it is I don’t know if you’re saying it’s cool, but it’s cute.
Like Leia, maybe the religious people here have a slightly different standard of cuteness?


Besides, Matilda didn’t just stop saying she was cute, she even screamed.
Then I realized that something was strange, and I realized that Matilda’s gaze was not subtly directed at me.
Following that gaze, I turned my head, and there was a penguin walking in this direction.

Oh yes. I knew it.
But Matilda. It seems like you have a lot of room to spare when you see that monsters are cute enough.
It seems that Matilda is getting used to the atmosphere of the dungeon as well.
… Well, maybe it’s just that he’s completely engrossed in the charms of penguins and forgets the pressure of dungeon magic.

I decided to turn off Matilda and focus on the penguin for now.
It sure does look cute.
The animal-type monsters of this world basically had an appearance that gave off a more ferocious atmosphere than the animals of the original world.
Even the rabbits that appear at the beginning of the first floor.
However, no matter how you look at it, this penguin did not look very different from the penguins of the original world.

But no matter how cute it is, an abnormal monster that appears here.
I straightened my posture and stood in front of the group to face the penguins.
But seeing the penguins walking back and forth, there is no hostility.
Was it really a monster?
The movement speed is very slow, and if you attack with that body, you can only do a peck attack, right?

As the hostility gradually disappeared, a change appeared in the penguin’s behavior.
The guys who came to a certain distance suddenly laid their boats on the floor and started sliding.
Then, unlike before, their speed increased significantly.
However, no matter how fast you speed up, the attack will still… .

“Aww! What is that?!”

no. So let’s focus a bit.
I understand it’s cute, but
Damn it. monster guy. Trying to charm our kids with their cute looks.
If even the country doesn’t make up its mind.

The penguin, which had been gliding fast, suddenly started flapping its wings when it was about 3 meters away from us.
Then, somehow, their bodies floated into the air.
Without losing any of the speed he had been sliding before.
okay. They were the type that attacked by sticking out their pointed beaks and launching their bodies like missiles.

“this! damage!”

Of course, my defense would have been enough to block it.
However, if you receive such an attack while the floor is slippery, your posture will definitely collapse.
no. It would be better if my posture collapsed.
But that’s not all.
Even if I block it, that penguin missile is only in orbit

It will change, but it will definitely be shot somewhere.
Then it becomes even more dangerous.
Rather, there is a possibility that our children will not react and will be beaten as they are.
It might be better not to touch the trajectory to make it predictable.
Thinking like that, I gave up on blocking with my body and hurriedly avoided it to the side.
Fortunately, the penguin’s attack did not hit anyone.
But the problem was not solved at all.
The penguin landed on the floor and did not slow down at all, this time slipped from the floor to the wall and then up to near the ceiling, this time attacking from the air.
It was an attack that took advantage of the topography of the ice cave, where the floor, walls, and ceiling were round rather than angled.
Moreover, if we attack from all fronts like this, our formation divided into front and rear will be completely useless.
Besides, he wasn’t smart enough to only target one person at a time.
Picking a route where there are more than two people in a straight line and rushing forward, he completely destroyed our formation.


He managed to dodge it again this time, but he just casually slid off the floor again, changed direction and attacked.
Sheesh. As long as you avoid it like this, there will be no end.
In addition, as time passed, its body seemed to be accelerating and getting faster and faster.

“Sarah, Diana! Attack!”

“Oh, even if I tell you to attack, this is… !”

However, Sarah was in a hurry to dodge the penguin’s attack, so she looked frantic.
He tried to shoot the bow from time to time, but Gipa’s arrows pierced the spot where the penguin had passed.
Balancing on the slippery ice floor, dodging the penguin’s attack, and even hitting its fast body was not an easy task for even Sarah.

Diana was in the same situation.
At first, Diana used a shield to defend against the gnome’s attack, but after seeing the gnome riding the shield and changing trajectory to launch a surprise attack on others, she immediately stopped using the shield.
Then he wrapped the wind around his body, and whenever it attacked, he blew it away in a direction where nobody was there.
Perhaps he was using such a flashy method to protect not only himself but also Leia.
Thanks to this, Diana also did not seem to have the time to attack further.
Damn it. if so!

“I’ll make him target me! Predict and attack!”

I decided to make that free-spirited bastard attack only me.
That way, everyone will be able to focus on the attack.
Also, since the route it moves will naturally be limited, the accuracy of the attack will also increase significantly.
With that in mind, I immediately used the proclamation of ministry.
I didn’t want to use it as much as possible because it’s a technique that my kids also get involved in, but it has to be done.
Of course, it was impossible to hit the wave of the saint, and frankly, it seemed difficult to reach the hand that covered the saint’s hand.
It was because it was a situation where the limit was just not to fall while dodging his attack.

And the moment I activated the proclamation of sanctuary, the randomly moving guy grabbed me as a target and started moving.
Good. If this is the case, Sara and Diana’s attack… !
As I was thinking about that, I suddenly heard a loud, crackling sound of ice next to me.
It was the sound of Sylvia, who came up to me one day, and put her shield on the floor.
Sylvia put her feet on the shield, fixing her body, and holding her sword horizontally as it was, drawing vigorously to the side in time for the penguin to charge.


With a cool sound, the penguin’s body was neatly halved. Indeed Sylvia. This is the skill of a level 180 knight.
no. I think I heard something other than a cooler sound than that.

“Are you okay?”

Sylvia, who parted the penguin with a casual expression, looked at me with a slightly embarrassed expression and said:
Ah, even in a battle situation, it’s not his characteristic blank expression.
Just like Matilda, whose attitude has changed a bit since the confession, Sylvia also felt like her tolerance for me got weaker after the story of her wish came out.
Originally, I never made that kind of expression in a battle situation.
no. From what I’ve seen before, it doesn’t matter because it looks like she’s focused on combat.

“Uh, yes. okay. Say it’s okay.”

I felt something strange looking at it, and reflexively placed my hand on Sylvia’s head.
no. Is that so too? The kid who cut the penguin in half neatly from head to toe, is soaked in blood and looking at me with a shameful expression. That’s a subtle feeling.
By the way, my hands are also covered in blood. Is it okay to touch my hair carelessly?
… Seeing him trembling, he seems to be fine.
no. Of course, the blood will disappear if you dig up the manastone.
The knight is tough.
Sylvia often says it’s okay because she’s used to training as a knight, but is this the case?
If so, how did you do it? I was starting to get a little curious.
Of course, I never wanted to do it myself.

I blankly thought about that, and turned my gaze to the direction I heard the scream earlier.
There was a figure of Matilda collapsed with a completely mental expression on her face.
As Matilda who even made a fuss about how cute she was when she first saw her, this appearance seemed quite shocking.
Normally, I would have said what I would do in the future if I had just killed a monster and made that kind of expression, but this time, I didn’t like it.
Watching the penguin split in two from the front, as it is with a body covered in blood and intestines.

“Matilda. OK? Can you stand it?”

I pulled out the magic stone from the penguin’s wreckage and approached Matilda after she cleaned herself up.

“Yes, yes… . I will do my best.”

“okay. Let’s find a way to the third floor as soon as possible.”

The answer was completely different from before, but I agreed to understand.

“Hmm. But it’s only one horse that struggles like this. I think it would be better to take some measures and go. If we go on like this, the moment three or four of them jump out at the same time, anyone will be seriously injured.”

“Whew… That’s right. At least I would have done it if my feet weren’t slippery. Is there any way?”

“Well… It must be difficult to come up with a countermeasure here.”

“Why don’t we make a surprise attack first? When I first saw you, you were walking back and forth. That’s what we’re aiming for.”

“Well. exactly. It looks like a monster specialized in attack power and speed. He didn’t seem to have much defense, so it might be possible to kill him with a single blow by surprise. How about Miss Sylvia? My own experience.”

“Yeah. I think Diana-sama and Sara-sama’s attacks can be dealt with in one hit.”

“Then maybe I can? Because I caught a male ant in one shot too. I think an assassination is possible.”

Well, the male ant was a bit of a special case.
Anyway, the male ant must have been a stronger enemy than the 2.5th floor fake boss.
It can be said that it is stronger than normal monsters on the 3.5th floor.
If so, my assassination combo will work well enough.
Well, even the owner of the 3rd floor stretched out in vain to the touch of my saint.

“Hmm. Then do it. The magic of this body is not suitable for sneak attacks. If there is only one opponent, you. If there are two, including Miss Sarah, if there are more, we will quickly get rid of them and deal with them.

“okay. OK. And if I’m on the road to assassination, I’ll be able to write a sanctuary declaration so you don’t get involved. If three or more appear, it will be much easier to deal with than before.”

Previously, the distance between me and the other kids was also a problem.
If you’re pulling aggro from a distance by yourself, you don’t need to worry about ricocheting and avoiding their attacks.
So, we decided to regroup and move forward.
But before that.

“Leia? What is it?”

“… I’m sorry. I can’t be of any help… .”

Looking at Leia, who had been silent for a while, Leia had a rare expression on her face.

“What are you talking about. It doesn’t help.”

“But without me, Diana-sama would have been… .”

Oh, indeed. Indeed. Certainly, if Diana hadn’t focused on defense, she might not have been so fussy before.
Besides, Leia may have grown more guilty as she was half-forced to hug Diana.

“But without Leia, if someone gets hurt, there’s no one to take care of, right? Matilda’s healing magic is less effective than Leia. do not worry. From now on, I’ll take the lead. There will be a lot of things that will help.”

“Mr. Salvation is so… If Guwon gets hurt, I’d rather be a burden like this… .”

When I trembled like that in order to thoroughly read Leia, Leia looked at me with a slightly relaxed expression and gently patted me with her tail.

“okay. That’s right. After all, it’s good for everyone that Leia has nothing to do. Don’t let it die.”

“Well. Just as Isa says.”

And then Diana slowly flew towards us, went in front of Leia and gently turned her back.

“D, Diana?”

“… It’s hard for me to keep my balance and walk on my own.”

Anyway, Diana.
In the end, Leia was so engrossed in the subject that she hated so much, so she took the initiative and did that to Leia.
By the way, why are all our kids so nice?

“D, Diana!”

“Wow! So don’t put your chest on your head! At least bring it to the back of your head! There’s nothing to post, right?! Ugh… Putting it on the back and the back of the head is humiliating like this… .”

… Well, it seems that Leia’s heart still doesn’t like it no matter what.
Well, you have to suffer.
Looking at Leia who had regained her smile, we smiled once again, and we resumed exploring.

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