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Reversed relationship

In conclusion, our operation went pretty well.
Sara first detects the penguins from afar, and I approach the assassin.
Defeat one with an attack on the vital point, and immediately activate the declaration of sanctuary.
In the meantime, Sara also takes care of one, and Sarah and Diana take care of the rest while I block the attack.

The same avant-garde, Sylvia, was once again ineffective at all, but it’s still fine.
Sylvia and Matilda aren’t even at the level of raising their job level just because they catch monsters like this.

Anyway, penguins don’t go around in large groups, the basics are two or three. Because there were so many of them, there were about four of us, so we managed to get through the penguins so easily that we struggled against one at first.

Except I’m a little sick.
no. These guys, like Diana said, they really put all their stats all in on the attack.
Hopefully, damage will come in through my defense.
In terms of attack power alone, wouldn’t it be similar to the level 5 monsters beyond level 4?
Of course, the defense was weak that much, so if you hit one, you would die.
Besides, these guys, I didn’t know when I was blindly evading, but not only their beaks but also their wings had lethal power.
The short wings spread out sideways cut through the body like a blade.

“Savior. Are you okay?”

After every battle, Leia hurriedly came to me, stroked me, and gave me treatment.
It was satisfying to see him running desperately while keeping his stride short so as not to fall on the slippery floor.

“… Won’t you stop doing that with this body in between?”

Besides, even more so because she’s holding Diana in her arms.
Diana, who did not escape from Leia’s arms while talking, was also cute.
Perhaps he was holding on to the thought that Leia might become dull again.
Well, his expression wasn’t that good.
cheer up. Diana. That kind of consideration like the oldest, because I am cleverly engraving it in my heart.

“OK? If you are very sick, why not write a proclamation of sanctuary? I’m pretty used to the penguins’ speed now, and even if they come this way, I think I’ll be able to deal with them before they come.”

“no. Still, there is no need to take any risks.”

Yeah, I’d rather be a little ill than put my kids in any danger.
First of all, being a tank is such a role.
… Right now, my stats only have high defense, so it should be helpful even in times like these.
Oh, it’s dangerous. Just thinking about it makes me depressed again.
In order not to show my feeling of being depressed, I purposely trembled in a gentle manner.

“OK. Sarah, it hurts less than hitting you.”


“Sorry. just joke.”

“… He was so sick?”

I reflexively apologized, but Sarah, rather than angry, muttered with an apologetic expression and confidently.
okay. do it Even Sarah doesn’t particularly enjoy hitting me.
It’s natural to worry if I say I’m in so much pain
Good. This could rather be an opportunity.

“Huh. It hurts a lot. very. So… .”

“Okay. Next time, I’ll hit you a little softer.”

Before I could finish speaking, Sarah grinned and tapped the tip of my nose with her fingertips.
no. In that case, isn’t it normal to say that I won’t hit you next time?!
Damn it. Have you acted so conspicuously?

“Sheesh. Shall we go back then?”

“Sigh… But after all, the movement speed is too slow. When will the road leading to the 3rd floor be discovered?”

Matilda, who has been struggling with the magic of the dungeon again since she saw the penguin split in two, sighed and said.

“do not worry. I don’t think it will be that far.”

At least on the map.
As was the case with kobold caves and ant dens, the path from the large class to the small class was not that long compared to the road leading to the other classes.
In other words, there is a high possibility that there is a passage in the closest location to the 3rd floor shown on the map.
Actually, rather than finding the passage, I was more concerned about the other thing.

That’s the key.
When crossing the small tier and the next tier, that is, between the 1.5th and 2nd floors, 2.5th and 3rd floors, there was a passageway where there was a huge manastone, so it was enough to just defeat the boss and pass.
However, a key was needed to move from the small tier to the previous tiers: tiers 1.5 and 1, and between tiers 2.5 and 2.

In other words, you need a key to get to the 3rd floor here.
It is also a genital organ that cannot be obtained here, dropped by 3rd tier monsters.
First of all, I have all the genitals I got when I went to the 3rd floor, but if the genitals of a monster I don’t have are the key, there’s no way we can get to the 3rd floor from here.
Besides, actually, among the genitals of the 3rd tier monsters in my hand… no. surely. No way.
Anyway, I thought that there was no need to worry about it, so I hadn’t talked about it to other people yet, but it was a possible story.

Of course, even if that’s the case, you can catch the fake boss here and go to the 4th floor.
Fortunately, there is enough food.
But I wondered if Matilda would be able to stand it.
no. Even if it’s not Matilda, it would be tiring to continue exploring like this with uneasy feet.
If possible, I would like to go out to the 3rd floor and reorganize and explore, but what will happen?

I hid my uneasiness and searched thoroughly from the moment I saw the 3rd floor close on the map.
Of course, while dealing with penguins that pop out in the middle.

“Look here! Isn’t it this?!”

And two days later, we, who were still searching for the hole, gathered at Matilda’s euphoric voice.

“Oh oh! hole! Isn’t this the penguin’s hole?!”

“I will! Surely it will!”

What do you mean?
no. That’s it. Sometimes when you dodge the penguins’ attacks, their beaks turn to the ground.

Sometimes it gets stuck in the wall.
Of course, there was no doubt that there were holes in the walls and floors, even in the ceiling, but it was not easy to remember the locations when you were distracted by battle.
no. Even if I remember everything, what if the penguin’s beak happened to be stuck in the original hole?
We couldn’t abandon that possibility, and that means that we poked the genitals of 3rd-tier monsters in all visible holes, including the holes drilled by the penguins.
Slowly, the act of shoving the monster’s penis into a hole in the wall was about to get neurotic.

I carefully observed the hole Matilda had discovered.
It was about the same size as the penguins pierced.
If this is enough, the genitals of a Lizardman would be appropriate.
I took the Lizardman’s penis from my inventory and shoved it into the hole with my trembling hands.

“… … Damn it… Damn it!”

again! Do I still have to shove my penis into another hole?
I hate to even touch the monster’s penis!
If it’s a level 3 monster’s penis, you can tell what kind of monster’s penis it is just by touching it! Damn it!

“Po, you can’t give up! Let’s try something else first!”

Matilda didn’t seem to have given up on her regrets yet, but I had a gut feeling that I was wrong this time too.

“Wrong! Look at this size! It’s a size that won’t even fit a Yeti’s penis or even a polar bear’s penis! Even so, the owl is too small!”

While I said that, I first took out every penis from my inventory and put them all in the hole.
Of course, no matter what I put in, the hole did not show any reaction.

“Come on, please calm down. obviously ok… Goo, Goo Won-ssi?!”

“okay! It was still there!”

Falling in despair, I started paying more attention to the staff in her hands than to Leia, who came to read me more.
As if taking the staff from Leia’s hand, I muttered with a bitter smile.

“It’s also made of genitals. If this is obviously… .”

“Ji, calm down. You. My heart understands… .”

Kugugugu Palace.

“… Oh, it’s open.”

When I shoved the tip of the staff into the hole, the ice wall in front of me cracked and a passage appeared with a tremor.

“Open! It’s open!”

“Aww! you! Well done!”

Rather than escaping the passage, Matilda and I hugged each other and smiled broadly.
I was also half insane, but Matilda must have been mentally preoccupied as well.
They hugged me and did not change to pink mode, they just shared pure joy.

“It’s the third floor ah!”

“The floor is not slippery! The mana concentration is much higher than before… !”

“okay! Now you don’t even have to touch the monster’s penis! Ha ha ha ha ha!”

Even after coming out to the 3rd floor, Matilda and I were so happy that we hugged each other that we couldn’t help it.
It felt like the reasons for rejoicing were slightly different, but if you pay attention, you lose.

“But I don’t know what happened. Something that couldn’t be opened with other genitals could be opened with Miss Leia’s staff. Of course, it’s an item that was made with a penis and strengthened with a penis, but isn’t it all reinforced with the things you had?”

“… … That’s it.”


“You know something.”

“It’s easy to understand anyway.”

I tried the shichimi once, but I couldn’t deceive the sharp gazes of Diana and Sarah.
Eight. Why did you get caught? It must have been a perfect performance?!

“… That’s what it is. There are monsters on the 3rd floor that we can only catch a male once, right?”

“… A harp seal.”

“okay. I couldn’t catch you because you were all so cute… Anyway. I mean her genitals. After going down to the 4th floor, I thought that there would be nothing to see on the 3rd floor anyway… .”

“I think it was used as a material for strengthening Leia’s staff.”

“Neah?! That kid’s penis on my staff?!”

… Angel. Please, please don’t make such a shocked expression.
No matter how cute they look, they’re still monsters.
Well, thanks to the fact that he didn’t attack any monsters, I felt sorry for him when he caught me too.
damn. That’s why I didn’t want to talk about it.

“… Well, it turned out well, so let’s move on to that. As an added bonus, I made a new discovery that even the staff could pave the way.”

In the meantime, I’ve been trying to insert the penises of 3rd-tier monsters one by one, and I’m talking about what the hell is going on, but thinking about it makes me sad. that it’s all over

“Sigh… But I was really lucky. If it wasn’t for that hole that really opened the passage, I would have had to go all the way to the fourth floor without knowing it.”

“… It’s just as he said.”

“Oh, no. I’m not blaming you. I would not have known that salvation would be like this.”

Seeing my pale face, I wondered if it had reminded me of myself, who had been half-conscious before escaping, Sara panicked and comforted me.
Sheesh. Now that I’m here, it’s too late. My broken heart cannot be healed.
I decided to heal Sylvia by hugging her.

“Hey! Goo, savior… ?!”

Even though her resistance to me has decreased these days, Sylvia was still much more calm than usual in battle.
Thanks to this, there was no vibration except for a brief shiver when hugged, so it was boring, but nevertheless, Sylvia Therapy was very effective in stabilizing the mind and body.

“Whoa. was healed Good. Then, shall we go back?”

“… I don’t even know where to start from now.”

“Ha ha. What come now?”

“Do not laugh! It’s not a compliment, you idiot?!”

In any case, it was Sarah who was happy to escape from the ice cave, and she was more accepting of my foolishness than usual.

The road from the entrance of the ice cave to the third-tier village was not far.
After camping for one more day along the way, we were able to return to the ground through a three-tier village.

“sister! I’m back! The mosquito genitals I promised you here.”

“Oh! Salvation! Did you come back much faster than usual this time? Whoops. Are you in a hurry to keep your promise to me quickly?”

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asfdgads // Thank you. I reduced the number of penguins in the middle of writing, but I missed it when I was fixing it. It’s corrected.


Reversed relationship

… Rachel is in a very good mood today.
What to say now… ‘I’m ready to receive your confession at any time, so hurry up! hurry!’ It was as if he was speaking with his whole body.
Sister, did you have such a high affinity for me?
After noticing it once, it’s so blatant, why haven’t I noticed it all this time?
Come to think of it, shopping before going out to eat was a complete date.
You don’t notice that… How much I didn’t think of anything other than my kids as a romantic target, and even thinking about it myself, I got goosebumps.
no. Even now, I don’t think of it as a dating object other than our kids.
In that sense, I had no choice but to give an ambiguous answer to Rachel’s excited attitude.

“Ha, ha ha. What, is it?”

“… It’s not like that either. Ah, ah. Really? I know. That can’t be.”

Oh, I heard it. Sister Rachel made a slightly lonely expression as if passing by, then smiled again and said so.
a little… No, I felt a lot of guilt as if my heart was constricted, but now I have no means or qualifications to appease Rachel like that.

“Actually, I came back early because the progress was a little stuck. It looks like the equipment needs to be serviced.”

“Yeah? But Gukwon… Ah, maybe… !”

“Yeah. what… . I’ll see you later though. I was the first to find it, so I want to enjoy some privilege.

“Ah yes. Please.”

“what? It’s surprisingly easy to accept. Are you okay as a guild?”

In response to Rachel’s futilely simple consent, I reflexively asked such a question.
As a guild, it would be better for us to open the ice cave as soon as possible to further provide a foothold for the growth of many adventurers.
Of course, the guild did not have enough authority to force the disclosure, but I thought it would at least persuade.
If not… .

“Yeah. From the guild’s point of view, of course, it is better to reveal it sooner rather than later.”

If not, at least, I thought I would have the same reaction as before.
‘At first, I had to persuade, but… Whoops. Since you’re Gukwon, I’ll give you a special one. Did you owe me once?’ in that way.
However, contrary to my expectations, Rachel did not even have that kind of atmosphere at all and easily affirmed it.
… this reaction. Did you notice that I don’t want to do that?
Indeed. That’s because I was so blatantly teased. It’s not like you’re a blind person.

no. Maybe you haven’t noticed it now.
The first greeting before, when I think about it, it was too blatant.
Maybe Rachel older sister took that kind of attitude for the last time to confirm?
Come to think of it, as soon as I gave an ambiguous answer, I used the expression “Yes.”
if so… .
It was something I had caused myself, but when I thought that my sister noticed it, I felt lonely.
what is this doing

“Then I’ll just leave for today. I’ll do the magic stone settlement later at once.”

“Yeah. Bye


In the end, it was me who had a slightly awkward greeting until I parted with Rachel.
How long has it been since you resolved your sister’s anger? Well, it wasn’t as cold a reaction as when I was angry.
no. In the long run, this might be even worse.
Because there is a possibility that I will continue to be this awkward attitude forever.

Somehow, it’s not easy.
I’d rather not feel this way if my sister hadn’t liked me.
I left the guild with a bitter feeling to the extent that I didn’t even think that this was the woe of a popular man.

When you’re feeling like this, it might be better to just focus on what you’re supposed to do.
After leaving the guild, I headed straight to Hannah’s smithy.
Of course, it was to establish a countermeasure for the ice cave.

“come here.”

“Yeah. welcome… Wow! Come on, saint?!”

And as soon as I went inside, I immediately found out about it.
That stupid John. Who the hell am I wearing this robe for?

“Hey! Are you really coming or not?”

“Oh, no! Not like that!”

“No, not what! It’s not uncommon for me to come! Did you just deliberately call me a saint?!”

“Oh, that’s not it! It’s all right now!”

“What?! what’s okay… Oh, please.”

I hurriedly looked around the state.
Surely, when they heard that I was a saint, everyone turned their gazes to this side and chattered, but no one tried to approach me.
no. Most of the guests here are adventurers.
In fact, all the guests present were women except for me.
So maybe it’s not rushing, but… But then, it was strange to show interest in me so far.
As I gently took off my robe, the eyes of those who looked at me began to twinkle.
no. It’s not a bad feeling, though.
Feeling a fear of the unknown, I hurriedly turned my gaze to John.

“I was just in the dungeon and came back. Can you explain? no. Hide it before then.”

“Oh, yes, four! This is it!”

John took me and led me to the workshop.

“… so. What happened?”

“The temple is starting a new video training this time. It’s so popular that it’s spreading rapidly among people right now… .”

“In other words, it worked.”

“Yeah! I haven’t seen it in person, but the people who have seen it praised the saint constantly!

“Huhu. That’s right. That’s right! … Huh? Then what are those eyes?”

“that… Rumors are circulating not only among men but also among women… .”

“rumor? What rumors?”

“That, so… Rumor has it that the saint is incredibly awesome.”

Saying so, John lowered his gaze.
Exactly towards my crotch.

“… no no no When did the rumors say I saw you?! I’m not the one in the video?!”

Why did I even shave my hair?
It’s starting to sting again these days

That’s right!

“Yeah?! Isn’t it the saint himself?!”

“Of course! It’s in the first video! An adventurer who listened to the saint’s advice would be heartbroken!”

“no. I haven’t seen it myself, so far… Ha, but everyone said that size would be impossible without a saint… .”


“There were a few people who argued that neither the man in the video was nor the saint because the woman I took with him had a different body type than the women next to Saint.”

“That’s right! Why are their claims buried?!”

“Because they are an ugly crowd who are jealous of the great saint.”

… is it real no. Respect is yes Huh. Well, it’s not bad.
You’ve gone too far in the wrong direction.

“So, the women out there, coveted my object and dazzled their eyes, right? no. I am not the one in the video.”

“Yeah. Ah, maybe… Would it be?”

That’s why I felt an unknown fear in those twinkling eyes.
Was the gaze of an AV actress in the original world like this?
no. Since this world is a much more sexually open world, it may feel a little different.
Do you feel closer to the ideal man that female adventurers dream of, that is, a popular star?
Maybe Rachel’s attitude towards me was a little strange… no. Is that too hopeful observation?
Well, you must have known once you heard the news.

Anyway, you can’t show your face in a different way from this point on.
So, what does it mean to take a video? no. If I cover my face, is it rather like the man in the video is calling me me?
Rather be bold You’re arguing with an iron plate on your face. I’m not the one in the video.
If that’s the case, then, surely, one day, the eyes that are drawn towards me will gradually decrease.
… will it decrease?

“… Well, okay. Anyway, I came here today because I had something else to see. Call Hannah.”

I eventually gave up thinking more deeply and decided to finish my original business.

“indeed. With that kind of structure… .”

“okay. What do you think? Can you make it?”

My request to Hannah is not different.
That’s why I asked him to make crampons, one of the world’s mountain climbing supplies.
I just thought of putting sharp iron into the sole of the shoe, but then again, there is a risk that it will be difficult to walk out of the ice cave and walk on flat ground.
That’s why I came up with Aizen.

“Of course, but even if the structure is simple, it would be quite expensive. You have to make it strong so that it won’t be damaged even in the middle of a fierce battle on the 3rd floor, right? If that’s the case, unless you make it as strong as the armor worn by adventurers on the 3rd floor… .”

“no. If possible, make it stronger based on the armor used on the 4th floor.”

“What? I heard that the 4th floor is all covered with water. Do you need this kind of equipment?”

“That’s it. Well, it’s a trade secret.”

“indeed. Every time you go out on an adventure, you are a saint who discovers new things one after another. ok If that’s the case, I won’t ask any more useless questions.”

“thank you. So, how long will it take to make two of each, or 12?”

“Right. Once you use good materials, the structure itself is simple… The day after tomorrow, no. It will be over tomorrow night.”

“Good. Then I’ll come find you after that. please.”


Hanna, who has been improving since I helped her, readily accepted the creation of the crampons.
I also liked that it wouldn’t take too long to make.
This time, since I haven’t been in the dungeon for a few days, I want to go to the next dungeon a little faster.
I also wanted to quickly explore the ice cave.

Anyway, I was annoyed at the time I helped, but after helping like this once, it was Hanna who became a reliable helper.
After all, people have to live by accumulating virtue.

As I left the smithy with a satisfied heart, I immediately felt a myriad of gazes.
This gaze… A lot more eyes than when the men on the street were begging for help.
To be honest, it’s very embarrassing.

no. Actually, even before the rumors of helping John and Hannah spread, there were a lot of eyes on me.
As the attractiveness level rises, I am now handsome enough to call myself a slim handsome man.
Thanks to this, I thought I was quite used to people’s gaze, but even me, burdensome gazes flew in from all directions.

Fortunately, no one is approaching me like before.
no. Rather than approaching him, he felt a sense of avoidance.
In particular, I felt the atmosphere that men did not want to even go near me.
The women were looking at them with their eyes shining as if they were not like that.

indeed. The situation was roughly understood.
The woman is looking at me with the eyes of a hawk looking for prey, and the man is respectful and reverent, but on the other hand, he avoids it because he does not want to be compared.

How long has it been since you filmed the video, the effect is already killing it.
And if the rumors of the video spread like this, won’t there be women who rush to sleep with me once in a while?
no. I am not the man in the video.
I decided to put an iron plate on my face and act confidently as I had already decided.

“… tired.”

Well, by the time I finally returned to the mansion, I was completely exhausted.
no. Every time I passed, every single one of them looked at me.
Even during puberty, when I became overly self-conscious, I never thought that other people’s gazes were drawn on me like this.

“Isn’t it nice that dirty guys don’t stick around?”

“I’m home. Who else have you heard of me saying things like that?”

no. Do you use mind-reading more than that?
Don’t read people’s minds.
How can you read people’s minds so much with just one word of being tired?
Is it something like Super Butler’s passive?

“Have you been?”

no. to answer Say hello first before I say hello.
Why are you greeted at the front of the gate and greeted at the back?
Vanessa’s attitude towards me seems to be getting more and more twisted.
Well, the feeling of being so close

I hear it, but

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Tarbag // Thank you. It’s corrected.

who? // If you look closely, it says job level, not level. The most basic level is raised through sexual intercourse, but the job level is raised through actions related to the job. Sylvia and Matilda once came out that not only the level but also the job level was high.

Demodex // Layer 3 is correct. The 1.5th floor had an entrance on the 1st floor, and the 2.5th floor had an entrance on the 2nd floor. The party wasn’t looking for the exit to the next layer guarded by the fake boss, but rather the entrance connected to the previous layer. You came in through the hidden route from the 2.5th floor, not the 3rd floor, which can be considered the official route, and the 3rd floor will be much closer and faster than going down to the boss and grabbing the boss and going to the 4th floor. So the process of opening the passage with the penis was sometimes necessary.


Ripple effect

“I went… Ouch!”

And as soon as I entered the mansion, I was attacked by a surprise tackle.
no. It wasn’t strong enough to be called an attack, but I was surprised because I didn’t expect anyone to attack.

“What, what? Aren’t you sick?”

Surprisingly, it was Sarah who rushed into my arms.
It would make more sense if Diana or Leia was in her arms. Sarah is.

“That’s it, but… Why are you mad?”

“Woah, I’m not mad! Why are you later than that?! It took an unusually long time to settle the magic stones.”

What the hell are you so restless about?

“I’ve been to the blacksmith for a while.”

“really? Are you not lying? Are you okay?”

“Are you okay? What is it?”

“That, so… Were you hit or not?”

… Alas. Huh. indeed.
Apparently, they also heard rumors on the way.
So, Vanessa noticed right away with just the words I said I was tired. Maybe that’s why he was even greeted at the gate?
If so, then say so. no. Before that, please be kind to me a little more.
Sadly, I could never have imagined that Vanessa would be so kind to me.

“It was fine. In the first place, the man in the video is not me. Rather, it was comfortable because dirty guys didn’t stick to it, right? I feel like I am finally free.”

I answered Sarah with a grin.
no. Vanessa. Don’t make that face again.
You seem to think that you won’t be caught no matter what you think because you’re expressionless, but it’s all obvious?

“But I understand Miss Sarah’s anxiety. It’s very rumored.”

“Really. It seems that we conducted video training for the first time yesterday, but already… .”

yesterday?! no. No matter how far a footless word goes, isn’t this rumored too quickly?
People here only talk like that when they get together

“Well, if I keep insisting that I’m not, I’ll be quiet someday. These kinds of topics are usually quiet if the person concerned is quiet anyway.”

“Is that so?”

… In theory, I mean.

“Are you okay with that? Were you not misunderstood or misunderstood that you were the one in the video?”

Well, considering the story of John, it seems that no one has any misunderstanding.
By the way, if we make that kind of mistake and we see a guy who looks at our children strangely or hits them, we plan to pluck out our eyes and tongue.

“That was fine.”

Well, that’s it too. Because everyone’s body shape is so different.
Sarah is tall and her chest… Diana is short and busty… Sylvia is also heartbroken… Leia has a bigger chest… .
Of all our party members, if I had to pick a body shape most similar to Felicia, Matilda would be, but Matilda’s body is not revealed unless she takes it off because of the unique, flattering clothes of the priest’s uniform.
no. Before that, everyone would know that there was no way a priest could make such a video.
In any case, it seems that there was no such thing as a misunderstanding.

“But it might be best not to show you as much as you can until the rumors are quiet.”

“Are you going to wear a hood again? But wouldn’t it be more like admitting that the man in the video is me if I hide it like that?”

“Then how about going to the dungeon? After all, it didn’t last long this time… Oh, but… .”

Leia clapped once, as if she had a good idea, and offered suggestions, but as she spoke, she gradually lost power in her words.
And his gaze was on Matilda.

“If it were me, I wouldn’t worry. No matter how cute they are, they are dangerous monsters that attack this place. I can fight properly.”

But Matilda said she didn’t want to be a burden, and spoke confidently enough to look a little pretentious.

“no. The penguin isn’t the problem, is the magic of the dungeon okay?”

“That too… I can stand it. It hurts my heart to see the penguins suffer, but there is no time to worry… Anyway.”

no. You suffered so much because of it. take a little care
He seems to like him very much because he’s cute and different from how he looks.
Come to think of it, Matilda was the one who took the most initiative in harp seals.

“Good. So anyway, let’s go back to the dungeon in the near future. I also want to investigate the ice cave quickly.”

In fact, if the stress of finding the entrance and the slippery floor were resolved, the ice dungeon was a pretty good hunting ground.
The penguin’s defense was low, so the hunting time was short, and the experience was also very good.
Above all, it was quite good to raise the level of the assassin as he opened the battle with assassination differently than before.
The assassin’s level, to be precise, the stealth skill’s level, once raised, is useful.
Not just in a sexual sense, but in many ways.

“Well, first, we need to fix the ice floor problem, but that’s it.”

“If that’s the case, that’s fine. Like I said before, I’ve been to the blacksmith. I have ordered anti-slip equipment. You said it would be finished by tomorrow night? I think we should go get it the day after tomorrow.”

“Hey. Things are fast.”

“Huh haha. Praise a little more!”

“Good job. Well done.”

no. If I compliment you while stroking your hair so frankly, it’s embarrassing.
But you can’t be shy in front of Diana.
If I catch the number of cases, I will smile again, stroking my hair when I have a chance, and trying to tease you.
And in this case, in order not to show shame, it is most effective to focus attention elsewhere.


So I grabbed Sylvia’s arm, who was trying to sneak out into the corner, and held it in my arms.
okay. It’s this vibration.
In the dungeon, even when I hugged him, there was no reaction, so he even felt a little lonely.
Sylvia needs to vibrate for its true value to come out.
After all, there is no need for special training, it might be better for Sylvia to stay like this.
Oh, but would that make it impossible to appoint an apostle?
Because if you do it in the current state, you’re likely to die happily in ten out of ten.
Well. It’s a difficult problem.

“Everyone. The meal is ready.”

As we were spending some time with our kids, she suddenly disappeared, and Vanessa came back and informed her that the meal was ready.

After all, it’s evening time, which is good timing.
This expedition has accumulated a lot of mental fatigue compared to what had happened in a few days. It was nice to see the time passed so quickly.
Well, of course, it’s not quite right.
no. That’s it. It is said that if you sleep right after a meal, you will gain weight and it is not good for your health.

“Then I was saved.”

After dinner, it was night.
After taking a shower, Sarah said that as soon as she entered my room.


As I lay on the bed and tilted my head, Sarah hesitated a bit, as if it was difficult to speak.

“What? What is it?”

“That, that… Did you have the video?”

“… Would you like to see it?”

Hey. Do you remember crying when you saw it in person?
Of course, it was wet at the same time, but it
would be less shocking to see it on video than to see it in person.
But even taking that into account, aren’t you being too honest with your desires?
I’m not even an estrous teenage kid.
no. Yes, of course, I know very well that I’m never going to say that.

“That, that! So! After hearing those words during the day, you must be concerned?!”

“… Is it really for that reason?”

“Everyone, what other reason is there?! Anyway, I am the woman of salvation! I have the right and duty to check the contents of the video!”

Then, isn’t it normal to have to check the revised version used for education in the temple rather than the original I have?
Well, it doesn’t matter.
Sarah’s words that she had rights and obligations were not completely wrong, and above all, she was ready to show them whenever they wanted to see them, so I immediately took out the magic stone with the video from my inventory.
Aren’t you ashamed? Now, what is there to be ashamed of? After all, the video is watched by people all over the world.

“Is there a video there?”

“okay. right… no. Wait a minute.”


I checked the item description once more before handing the Manastone to Sarah.
Good. No problem.

“… what?”

“no. Nothing.”

I was just checking to see if it was reversed with Diana’s video.
Well, if you put it in your inventory, the name will automatically show up, so you can tell it apart properly. When I took it out like this, I felt like I could do it again, so I just checked it again.


Sara gave a suspicious look for a brief moment, but as soon as she was handed the magic stone, she immediately fell in love with it.

“If you point that part at a wall and energize it, it will regenerate.”

“Oh, I know!”

no. I was just staring at you, so I thought you didn’t know

“Whoa… 👌👌 Good.”

After having a snowball fight with Mana Seok for a while, Sarah took a deep breath as if she had finally made up her mind and started playing the video.
When I put magical power on the small table next to the bed, the image started to appear on the wall in front of the bed.

“Ugh… .”

Of course, the video started by saying thank you to the saint and princess who helped me make the video.
Sarah must have known because she had seen the filming herself.
But Sarah had already burned her eyes and let out a low voice.
Should I still say it?
The sexual activity hasn’t even started yet, but I’m already venting my jealousy like this.
I sat with my back against the headboard of the bed, wrapped my arms around Sarah’s side and hugged her close to the side.

“Hey! What, what suddenly? You were surprised.”

“You don’t have to be so jealous of the video. You are by my side right now.”

“I know that, but… .”

Even as Sarah said that, she couldn’t take her eyes off the video.
In the video, I started the lecture right away, put my finger on Felicia’s mouth, and was playing with her tongue.
If you look at it objectively, something is very naughty.
Felicia covered her face and could only see her mouth, but her glamor was transmitted through the screen.
You roll your tongue like that on my finger and suck it.

“Ugh! Me and me too… !”

Even Sara, who had seen that scene in person, seemed to feel a sense of crisis anew when she saw it on video.
no. It’s more like that because I saw it on video.
If you see it in person, it may be that you are swept away by the atmosphere of the place, and you look blankly.
At any rate, Sarah grabbed my hand that was around her waist and pulled me up, and then immediately landed her tongue on my finger.

“Ugh. side. haha Come on, come on! Salvation too! I’m better than that girl… !”

Hey. I’m already so excited, so what are you doing?
no. Of course, she felt a lot of jealousy, but Sarah’s blushing face also showed that she was excited.

“no. I wouldn’t move my fingers like that.”

Sarah wanted me to do the same to her as I treated Felicia in the video, but I dared to shake my head and refused.

“… Eh, what, what?”

I can’t even imagine that I’ll be rejected

Perhaps it wasn’t possible, I could clearly see Sarah’s pupils trembling as if they were vibrating.
do not worry. I can do it for Felicia, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do it for you.
Can’t it be?
rather the opposite.

“I can kiss you, but what are you playing with your fingers?”

I used my thumb and index finger to pinch the tip of Sarah’s tongue, who was looking at me with trembling eyes, and then kissed her instead of taking my finger out of her mouth.

“Ugh… Bake it… .”

As my tongue slipped into her mouth and tickled the tip of her tongue, Sarah’s face, which had hardened with tension, loosened up and her name came out with a sweet sigh from her mouth.

“Uh… uh… W, better than Jerger… uh… .”

But, nevertheless, Sarah did not take her eyes off the video and demanded that the technique I explain in the video be the same, or even more profoundly than that.
On the one hand, he moved his tongue bewitchingly as if he could not lose to Felicia in the video.

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Ripple effect

And as my explanation in the video progressed, the real me also gently caressed Sarah’s body with soft touches.

“Heh… ah… Ugh… !”

At the much softer stimulation than usual, Sarah trembled as if she was sorry.
yes it is Seeing it again like this, it was a very stimulating video, but this video was made for educational purposes only.
At the same time as the explanation, the demonstration was carried out slowly so that the viewer could understand it, so of course the speed was extremely slow.
Even though time had passed, when I would normally have inserted it earlier, my hand had not yet reached Sarah’s secret area.

no. Even the nipples, let alone the pussy, have not been touched yet.
Even now, even though I am still touching Sarah’s chest like this
I slowly and slowly massaged Sarah’s chest, which boasts a moderate volume, as if drawing a circle from the outside.
Never too strong, as gentle as a massage.

“Hah! Yes! Bake it… ! Baked… !”

Sarah was feeling the pleasure, but she had not reached her climax.
Judging by such a sad struggle, it seems that both the body and the mind are ready to feel the climax at any time, but unfortunately, the climax is barely reached because the stimulation I give is too weak.
Such sadness pushed Sarah further into a corner, and Sarah’s face, who was stimulated by the wall while watching the video, almost changed to cry.

Besides, that wasn’t the only reason that made Sarah sad.
What I am explaining in the video is to increase each other’s excitement more and more before insertion.
In other words, there is no need to do anything with Sarah, who is already burning hot while watching the video.
As evidence of that, Sarah was sobbing and lost in her caress, but her gaze was still fixed on the video.

“Goo, goo… . Bake it… .”

Well, sometimes when he called my name, his sad gaze turned towards me.
But no matter how desperately I call you, I will do what is shown in the video.
It’s what Sarah started in the first place, so I’m not at all wrong. then. not like that

“Huh. I love you too. It’s really pretty. buy it.”

I lightly ignored Sarah’s plea and put my mouth to her ear and muttered softly.
Then, as she slightly bit her earlobe with her lips, Sarah’s sadly trembling body began to writhe more and more.
Now Sarah moved her long, slender legs sadly, rubbing her thighs on her own, trying to figure out what to do.
If I leave it like this for a while, won’t I start masturbating alone?
Sarah was so hot right now that I could think of it like that.

Of course, if Sarah starts masturbating, I will stop her.
Masturbating while I’m caressing you so hard. No way. 👌👌👌👌
Well, I’m still not going to touch the lower part of my body.
I in the video haven’t touched it yet.
Instead, I stretched out my tongue and gently licked the inside of Sarah’s pinna.

“buy it. cute. Pretty. I love you.”

“Ugh… Bake it… better… ok… .”

Since she has good hearing, her ears must be more sensitive than others, but as she licked her ears while whispering these words in her ear, Sarah gave a hazy expression as if it had melted.
His expression and voice were so cool that he couldn’t even find his usual cool look.

“Whoa… .”

“Hey hey… ! Whoops… !”

I blew a deep breath into Sarah’s ear.
When I just licked and blown into the wet ear, it worked much better than just blowing.
Sarah trembled as she let out a cute moan, but this time too, she didn’t seem to reach the climax.
Well. it’s me too Exquisite pleasure control… no. this isn’t it
After all, caressing as shown in the video is unavoidable because the stimulation is weak.
But, well, I can’t help it because it’s what Sarah wanted.

And then, I finally touched Felicia’s nipples in the video.
Perhaps right after that, Felicia felt her climax and the filming stopped once?
And then, Sarah gave up watching herself and left the room.

Anyway, seeing me caressing my nipples in the video, Sarah sent me a look full of anticipation.
okay. okay. Even if you don’t see it, I’ll do it for you.

Reluctantly, I reached for Sarah’s nipples.
But much weaker than he did to Felicia.
As if it was almost impossible to reach, he took Yudyu with his thumb and forefinger and rubbed it gently.

“Uhhhh… ! Goo, goo… Why… ! Why darling… !”

In the end, Sarah, who could not reach the climax again, looked at me half-crying.

“Huh? what?”

“I, that woman… That girl… !”

Where Sarah pointed her finger, Felicia was feeling her climax as she touched her nipples.
It seemed that he was strongly appealing to him to do the same.

“Oh, well, he’s a color maniac. It felt good because I was sensitive.”

Of course I won’t.
I drop the shichimi

Then Sarah’s desperate expression… In any case, he usually shows a cute reaction to a topic that is energetic and cool.
Because this is why I can’t stop playing with Sarah.
no. Right now, I’m not joking, I’m just doing what the video says. Huh.

In any case, when Sarah was so weakly stimulating her nipples that she could not reach her climax, the video changed soon and Felicia and I, who were completely naked except for the helmet, appeared.
And immediately in the video, the explanation of the caressing of the lower body followed.

First from the pelvis.
I lowered the hand that was caressing my chest, pulling it down as if stimulating my armpits and flanks, and caressing my pelvis.
It’s always a great line.
A slender waist, a well-developed pelvis, and even straight legs.
Sarah, who has a model body, said that this line is really cool.
It’s an enchanting line that makes me feel like I’ll lose control and run if I’m vigilant.

I stroked Sarah’s pelvis area slowly and widely in a circular motion, then, using my hands, lifted her body.
In the video, Felicia and I were lying on their sides, but that was to show how they caress for educational purposes.
You don’t have to follow things like that.
With that in mind, I laid myself down on the bed and put Sarah’s body on top of mine.
It’s like taking a ride.

And in that pose, I slowly caressed Sarah’s butt, just like I in the video.
In the video, my ass is surprisingly dull, so I was talking about not having a strong erogenous zone, but my Sara also has sensitive buttocks.
Even if you use Sex Analysis, the area around the buttocks looks the brightest.
In that sense, I stroked Sarah’s ass, being careful not to climax.

“Hah… heh… Whoops… ! Salvation is real… !”

Perhaps Sarah had great expectations this time around.
Because Sarah herself knows that her best erogenous zone is the buttocks.
But this time too, when I gave my butt a pitiful level of stimulation, it seemed like I couldn’t stand it.
She turned her gaze fixed on the video to me and stared at her as much as she could, and Sarah started moving her waist back and forth as it was.

I said earlier that it was a riding position, but of course he hadn’t inserted it yet.
It wasn’t the insertion, nor did I let Sarah’s pussy sit on top of mine.
I’ve teased you so much, but you can’t stimulate your vagina already, can you?
In that sense, I had Sarah seated on my lower abdomen, and my penis was erected at right angles and left behind Sarah’s buttocks.
Of course, as my items grew as they grew, they stood up facing up, so they were buried in Sarah’s buttocks, but this was within the acceptable range.
okay. If only Sarah hadn’t moved.

As Sarah moved her waist forward, my items naturally adhered to her stomach, and Sarah tried to pull her back back without missing the gap.
If you’re lucky, you’ll be staring at the insertion, and even if that’s not the case, you want to be in a position where you can sit with your pussy on my stuff.

“Hey! stop

I can’t let it go!”

No! How much effort have I put in so far.
Embarrassed, I slightly lifted the hand that was rubbing my buttocks and slammed it lightly.

“Uhhhhh… !”

Sara’s body trembled and trembled as she felt the touch of Sarah’s smooth buttocks in her palms.
In the end, Sarah felt the climax in the shock of being hit in the ass.

“… Hey. Sarah. No matter how right… .”

“Oh, no, whoa, no!”

Uh, yes. Well, I know, but
It’s like you don’t have a wall like that. I don’t even know how many times I’ve been wallowing with you.
Now it’s just a coincidence that the timing is right.
Sara’s body, which was ready to feel the climax immediately when there was even a strong stimulus, reached its climax when more than a certain amount of stimulation was applied to the buttocks, the highest erogenous zone.
Well, I know, but I can’t help but take advantage of this opportunity.

“How could our Sarah be so perverted? No wonder he usually called me a stupid pervert to hide his pervertedness… .”

“Heh… Oh no… So no… haha… .”

Sara, who had just reached her climax, let out a sweet sigh, trying to deny it somehow.
It was the climax that I tasted after being so passionate about it, so it would have been difficult to put it into words. That effort is virtual… Huh?
That’s what I thought, but then I realized something strange.
Sara was trying to move her waist once again while denying her suspicion of masculinity with her mouth.
indeed. Was it like that?
okay. In the end, for Sarah, who had no such thing as a pedantic barrier, the stimulation of hitting her ass was not enough.
The body, which was ready to feel the climax at some point, felt the climax right away, but it was a climax that was too weak compared to what it had been craving until now.
Of course, Sarah could not be satisfied with that, and she was trying to pursue pleasure again like this.
Of course, this time I grabbed Sarah’s ass and stopped her from moving.

“Can you see the video? I haven’t even touched her pussy yet.”

“Ugh… !”

In the video I turned my head to, I was thoroughly attacking the surroundings while avoiding only Felicia’s vagina.
I’m looking forward to this Our Sara is as pretty as her pelvic line and her leg lines are falling out all the time.
It’s definitely worth attacking.
While playing with Sarah, the video went by a bit, but it’s no problem.
I slid the hand holding her hips forward, gently stroking the inside of Sarah’s thigh.
Of course not to touch the pussy. But as I occasionally pass by the narrow streets as if I could barely reach them.

“Haha… heh… Goo, goo… better… Really… .”

“buy it. kiss.”

“Ugh… uh… side. Baked… Bake it… .”

Ignoring Sarah who was trying to beg, I spoke briefly, and as if she couldn’t help it, she bowed her upper body and kissed my lips.
But Sarah likes kissing as well, so when they kissed, they sucked my lips with great force.
It’s as if you’re going to make up for what you’re feeling right now, even with a kiss.
One hand still touched Sarah’s inner thigh, the other turned back and gently rubbed her ass.
And finally, I in the video put my finger inside Felicia’s pussy.

“It’s fine. buy it. with this… .”

“Haha… Sigh… Cow, your fingers are ready.”


Instead of answering, Sarah lifted her hips high while still keeping her upper body close to me.
What that attitude meant was clear.
Well, did you do this?
Anyway, Sarah seems to have reached her limit, and even if she does it with her fingers, it will feel the same anyway, so there’s no point in worrying about it.
I’m trying to make you feel the perfect climax Also, this one is better than the finger.
I adjusted the position of the object, placed its tip against Sarah’s pussy, and lifted her back as hard as I could.


And as soon as my item was inserted all the way, Sarah spit out a fountain and reached its climax.
Sarah is feeling the climax as her whole body jumps like a fish with a harpoon.
His cool face was completely unraveled, and his tongue was slightly leaking out of his mouth.
When I licked the tip of her tongue and kissed her lips as it was, the saliva that had completely changed like water was about to fall from the tip of her tongue. Sara continued to entangle her tongue with mine, even though her whole body was weak.

“Sigh… haha… Old, spoken language… W, as expected… Better than that girl… .”

“Sounds natural.”


After I smiled at the sound of Sara’s utterance, who was barely able to speak, I slammed my back.
After all, he can’t even dry the walls.

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There seems to be a lot of people who are worried these days, so if I had to say one thing, you don’t have to worry about Rachel.
This part is Rachel’s part.

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Ripple effect

“… there. Salvation. That’s what I thought after watching the video.”


the next morning. Sara opened her eyes and muttered something like that with a complicated expression on her face.

“… Somehow. The salvation explained in the video is more than when you were with me… what to say… .”

“Is it the feeling of caring for a woman?”

“okay! that! That’s right! When you’re with me, you joke around every day! what is that! Isn’t it called whispering love? Aren’t you telling me to touch you gently, not too hard?”

“no. You touched me like that yesterday, so I was so sorry that I couldn’t come to my senses. If I left it alone, I would even masturbate on my own.”

“Hey, isn’t that what salvation played with on purpose?!”

… Well, I’m not going to deny it.

“okay. So Sara doesn’t get the feeling that I care or love you when she’s with me? If so, tell me right. If you felt that way I… .”

I first asked Sarah with a serious expression.
no. First of all, it’s a really serious issue.
The things I’ve been playing with Sarah so far, of course, is that I like to play with her.
But I thought that Sarah would be enjoying it too, so I’ve been doing it all along.
If Sarah wanted to do something more affectionate, she was willing to do so from now on.


You didn’t say that… . I’m feeling right… That… love… .”

But maybe she was taken aback by my surprisingly serious attitude, Sarah blushed slightly and muttered.

“Is that so? Because I always do it with love. Whoa. thank God. Can I keep joking around?”

“awhile! What’s that attitude?! Just smoke that?! Are you cheating?!”

“What do you mean?”

“You idiot really!”

As I giggled and laughed, Sarah slapped me in the chest with a look of disgust and death.
But Sarah also knows that I’ve just been sincere, but her hand was not strong at all.
After all, Sarah is just joking around with me.

“Huh haha. The way I play with you and the things I sometimes tease you at night are all out of love… Whoops! Wait a minute, Sarah. Why all of a sudden… .”

“Everything I hit is because I hit it out of love. you stupid.”

no. Anyway, this is too much love.
I’m not wearing anything right now, so bare skin really hurts. Live a little… Eight!

“Ah! Eight! Hey! Come on, wait! Don’t make sudden moves! You made a strange noise!”

“OK. It was cute.”

“I’m fine… Ha! Really… idiot… .”

I’d say I’m an idiot again.
I would have told you to call me oppa whenever you called me stupid
They seem to be faithfully guarding them a few times, but from a certain moment they secretly stop protecting them again.
I covered my mouth with my mouth to keep Sarah from complaining any more and shook my back.

So, as always, after a good morning until Vanessa came to call, we went to eat.
And after I finished eating, I realized that I was alone in the restaurant.
no. To be precise, Sylvia was spying on me in the corner over there.
Anyway. Do you all have anything to see today?
Somehow, they all went back to their room.

Leiana Matilda makes sense. Even before I went to the dungeon last time, I had put off going to the temple.
Videos have started to spread, and you will want to visit the temple right away.
But what about Sara or Diana?
… It won’t be a big deal though.

With that in mind, I folded my arms alone in the dining room and fell into thoughts.
I didn’t think of that when I was with my kids, but after all, because I’m alone like this, I remember Rachel’s lonely expression again.
Why do you make your sister look like that because of me?
But that didn’t mean I couldn’t do anything about it.
It’s been awhile since we reaffirmed our children’s affection, so I made another girl so quickly.
No matter how I thought about it, it didn’t seem like that.
But if that’s the case, then Rachel… Whoa! Really! I don’t like my temper to think that it’s complicated like this!

Good. Let’s focus on something else.
All I can think of is Rachel’s older sister, who can’t continue to solve it even if I’m alone in my thoughts like this.
Then you don’t have to be alone.

I turned to Sylvia, who was still staring at me in the corner.
okay. Is it time to think of another woman?
There’s also Sylvia, who has been by my side all the time but hasn’t made progress in the relationship yet.
Wouldn’t it be normal to make some progress with Sylvia rather than Rachel’s sister?
What was the reason for getting such permission from our children in the first place?!
Well, if you make progress with Sylvia, there’s a huge risk she’ll die of happiness, but you can get over that with some training! For sure!


As I jumped up from my seat, Sylvia, who had been trembling since the moment my eyes met, screamed cutely.
Apparently, he instinctively knew what was going to happen to him from now on.

“Heh heh… Sylvia… .”

“cadet… Ahhh… that, that… that… Sin, sorry! It’s a bunch!”

“uh? Hey! awhile!”

As I approached with a smirk, Sylvia was startled and ran away.
no. You haven’t said anything yet. What the hell is wrong?
Sheesh. can’t do it
It was impossible to follow Sylvia, who suddenly disappeared from sight.
Eventually I saw him play with Sylvia and decided to find another target.
You have to have someone by your side to stop thinking about Rachel.


I immediately applauded and called for Vanessa.
no. I don’t mean to play with Barnett.
But if our kids are somewhere in the mansion, Vanessa knows best where it is.
By the way, if I’m alone like this, I’m going to start thinking about miscellaneous things again, so I can keep my kids with me until I see them.


But for some reason our super butler didn’t show up at my call.
strange. Can’t you?
I clapped once more and called for Vanessa, but still there was silence around me.
Nonsense. Vanessa? where again… oh, this is it
As I saw my hands about to clap again, an assumption came to my mind.

“Vanessa… .”

As a test, I whispered Vanessa’s name without clapping.

“… Did you call?”

Then I heard Vanessa’s voice right behind me.

“Wow! It’s a surprise! You were nearby too! Why aren’t you answering?!”

“It’s because I decided that if I didn’t do this, no matter how much I said to salvation, he wouldn’t understand.

no no no You are the owner of the house. okay?
Don’t let the butler make a habit of his master. What are you trying to teach naturally?
Well, it’s my fault for clapping and singing every time, though.

“Sigh… what happened More than that, Vanessa. Do you know where Sarah or Diana is?”

Leiana Matilda is probably going to the temple.
With that in mind, I decided to check the location of Sarah or Diana.

“The two of you are now in Diana’s room.”

“… Huh? Are you two together?”

“Yeah. Leia-sama is also with you.”

Yes? three together? Didn’t Leia go to the temple?
no. What the hell is it that the three of you are together?

“That’s right… .”


“Huh? Why?”

“Spying is a crime, no matter how intimate the relationship.”

“… You sound like I’m spying on someone from now on?”

“… I’m sorry if it was a little meddling.

“okay! I thought it was some kind of meddling! Anyway, then I’m done!”

I ran straight to Diana’s room.
Of course, he didn’t forget to use stealth from the start.
What did you just say? what are you doing
He didn’t say a word that he wasn’t spying.
I was just arguing that we were so close that a crime could not be established even if we peek.

“Well then, what are the three of you talking about? .”


Arriving in front of Diana’s door, I immediately tried to open the door, but before that, I realized that someone was beside me.

“Wow! Surprise! Why are you here before me?!”

“… Is that all you have to say?”

“Joe, it’s okay for a little bit! I wonder what you’re talking about when I’m not there!”

“… Then I don’t know if I’ll ever be hated.”

“OK. Because we are much more closely connected than you think.”

They’re the ones who even let other women in.
To be honest, I didn’t think my kids would lose their love for me no matter what I did.
Of course, I have no intention of doing whatever I want with that as an excuse, even if I die.
So, even Rachel… Alas! Damn it! You just thought of me again!
I glared at Vanessa, but instead of being frightened by my eyes, she said with a slight wrinkle of her eyebrows.

“… 👌🏽 Is that so. But last time with Diana… .”

“Hey! Forget about it then!”

Why is he so persistent today?

“At that time, I really thought that no one was there! Why were you there in the first place?!”

“… ! that, that… ! … If there’s no business, I’ll just leave!”

Having said that, Vanessa disappeared in an instant.
It disappeared so quickly that I didn’t look closely, but did he just turn red?
Besides, even the things that disappeared as if they were running away.
After all, it seems that he was embarrassed to be caught masturbating to me.
… Even when I asked him if he liked him, he answered if he was sane.

… Well, okay.
I stopped thinking about Vanessa and decided to listen to what our kids had to say, as originally planned.

“Leia. What’s going on? If it’s such a difficult thing to say, you don’t even have to say it… .”

As she opened the door using stealth magic, she heard Sarah’s voice from inside.

“Oh, no! I’ll tell you! Let me tell you! Because I promised!”


“I, I, I actually… That’s it, so… Guiding what you like to lead… I do not know… .”

“Yes? Miss Leia. What are you talking about?”

“So there… That… Stand, the wall… I mean… .”

What do you hear at such an exquisite timing?
okay. today

The reason the three of them are gathered like this is that Leia had summoned them to confess the fortress wall.
You have made a difficult decision! great! Leia!
To see firsthand the scene where our children share a perverted wall and the bond grows stronger.
It was truly mind-boggling.

“… ha? Wait. Leia. Likes to lead… That’s what you mean, right?”

“Oh, maybe… Could that be the meaning?”

“… Your opponent is, of course, the savior, right?”

“All right, of course! Sarah! No matter how mad I am!”

“Mi, I’m sorry. But there. I don’t mean that… did you win? At night? salvation?”

“Leia ya ah ah!”

As soon as Sarah’s question was finished, Diana suddenly ran towards Leia.

“How did you do that!? Please teach this body to me! Miss Leia! No, Leia-sensei!”

… no. Diana, why are you so desperate? Well, I usually play with it a bit, though.
Besides, he’s a teacher. Considering that you bought it first, you are so… Well, anyway.

“Hey, that kind of teaching… I’m not very… .”

“ね! No matter how much Leia, you can’t give out such valuable information, right?!”

“Leia. me too please Please tell me how you did it.”

no. After Diana, Sarah, why are you like that?
Didn’t we just agree to keep playing around in the morning?

“You two, calm down. I’m like that… .”

Of course, Leia was only embarrassed by their reaction.
That’s right. That’s right. They made a shameful confession because they liked other things, but the two of them are paying attention to completely different things.

“み! If this happens!”

Diana made a firm expression as if she had made up her mind on something, and then suddenly sat down on Leia’s lap.
Then, after taking a deep breath, he slowly leaned his back against Leia.
Naturally, Leia’s explosive chest was pressed against Diana’s back and neck.

“Ouch… Leah, Leia Yaang. Can you tell me?”

Diana frowned as if in pain for a moment, but then forced a smile and spoke to Leia in a cute tone.
okay. Diana is showing affection to Leia right now.
To overcome chest trauma and endure such humiliation while trying to learn the secrets.
Diana, how desperate are you.

I couldn’t see anymore, so I slowly closed the door.
I knew what was going on, and watching more than this would be a violation of manners, as Vanessa said earlier.
Even for Diana’s honor, let’s not look beyond this.
With that in mind, I slowly took a step back.
making one firm decision.
No matter what Diana does at night, never give up.

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Ripple effect

And I headed straight to Matilda’s room.
To say that Leia is over there means that Matilda isn’t going anywhere.
I can’t believe Matilda went out alone.

“Matilda enters.”

So I knock

I immediately went into the room.
Then oh my god. Matilda was again changing into half-naked clothes.
It must have been difficult because it was just after returning from the dungeon yesterday, because in the morning I was wearing relatively simple clothes.
I understand that cardinal uniforms are more cumbersome to wear because they have more decorations than regular priest uniforms.
It’s respectful to be walking around a dungeon wearing that outfit.

“Hey! Are you again?! So if you knock, you’ll hear an answer and come in?! What are you knocking for?!”

“… To pretend to be polite?”

“Be polite, not pretend! You can’t even pretend to be like this in the first place… So why do you keep coming in?!”

“Why? … The content is the same as before.”

“Do not omit! Say it right! And I won’t!”

“What? You don’t break the curse? I’m afraid that if the curse is lifted, the feeling of liking me will disappear too, so I decided not to lift the curse at all… .”

“Oh, isn’t it?! What are you talking about?! It can’t be! Even now, millions of people, including me, are suffering from this curse!”

“Ah, yes. That’s right. sorry. What you just said was a bit harsh.”

“Sigh… really. what are you up to? It’s always weird, but today it’s especially weird, right?”

sorry. Actually, I was a little disturbed by Rachel’s sister, so I forced myself to pretend to be bright… There was no way we could say the same thing.

“sorry. I’m bored yeah Let’s play.”

“How old are you… . Sigh. Not now.”

“Come to think of it, you said you didn’t even break the curse. I am also changing clothes. Where are you going alone?”

“Is that possible? I decided to go to the temple with Leia.”

Since Leia is with Sarah and Diana, my first prediction, which I thought was obviously wrong, must have been exactly right.

“… With Leia?”

“Yeah. Why?”

… uhm. Perhaps Leia thought it wouldn’t be long before she confessed the wall to Sarah and Diana.
So, he was probably thinking of making a confession and getting ready to go to the temple with Matilda.
Leia isn’t the type of person who wastes promises to other people.
But looking at Sara and Diana before, I didn’t think they would let Leia go easily.
As long as he didn’t dig up a secret that didn’t exist from Leia, he looked like he would hold onto it all day long.
Good. Then, as Leia’s man, I’ll have to take care of my woman’s business.
Well, if even Matilda doesn’t work, I have to really spend time alone.

“no. It seems that Leia suddenly had something to see.”

“Yeah? is that so?”

“Huh. So I’ll go instead. Anyway, I wanted to hear a little bit about the video.”

“i See. I know. then… .”

“Huh. Get ready quickly.”


After I finished talking, I waited, satisfied with her bold act of helping Leia, but Matilda continued to stare at me without thinking of putting on her clothes.
I looked at her face just in case, but it wasn’t that she was looking pink.

“What are you doing? not wearing it.”

“… Are you going out?”

“It looks difficult to wear, can you help me?”

“I. end. city. Joe! Really! Are you sure you didn’t intentionally come in just to get me to change clothes?”

“if so?”

To Matilda, who was staring at me with her eyes drooping, I approached her confidently and said.
Had it been against the other kids, I would have desperately denied it, but there’s no need to do that against Matilda.
Rather, it would be more cumbersome to deny it.

“Yes, four? What, what?”

“Yeah. What if you want to see a pretty body? Hate?”

“I don’t like it… I don’t like it… .”

“Are you a pig if I stay here?”

“Yeah… .”

did you see Because this one solves it faster.
Besides, it’s not a lie, except that I came here on purpose for timing.
It is true that I am doing this because I want to see Matilda’s beautiful body.
That’s why I’m still not going out, and I’m carefully observing Matilda’s clothes like this.

But every time I look at it, my body looks amazing.
Compared to the other boys, there is nothing distinctive about it, but it has a well-balanced body.
To the extent that it feels like a sin to cover such a body with a cardinal suit.
Well, no matter what, I don’t have the guts to customize a cardinal’s suit.

“… You. Can you please stop using my curse?”

After quite some time had passed after getting on the carriage going to the temple, Matilda, who had finally unlocked the pink mode, wrapped her head around her head as if in pain.

“Huh? What are you talking about? Have you never used it?”

“Are you taking away the shichimi?! Anyway, how shameless are you?! It just happened! Just before!”

“no. I’ve never really used it. Curse.”

“A curse? What does that mean?”

“no. I will too. Even if you’re not a curse, that you like me. no?”

okay. So that’s how it behaved.
No matter how much I am, I am not garbage enough to use Matilda’s curse to see naked.
But if Matilda likes me, it’s a different story.
I didn’t use Matilda’s curse, I used Matilda’s love for me!
… Saying this makes me feel more like garbage.
no. because no Because that’s not what it means.
I mean, if Matilda really likes me anyway, then I’ll probably love Matilda… .
I intend to refrain from having such a relationship with another woman unless it is really necessary for the sake of loyalty to my children, but Sylvia and Matilda thought that there was nothing they could do about it because it had already become such a relationship.
So that’s it. If so, is it okay to look naked? it means
Besides, I’ve seen everything I can’t see anyway.

“That, that… yes… I like… .”

… I was going to convince her logically, but Matilda had gone into pink mode by herself again.
Well, I think I understand.

“Then I will speak with the Pope and let him come.

Are you going to be with High Priest Sophia?”

After arriving at the temple, Matilda tried to take a different path alone, presumably starting with a conversation with the Pope.

“Huh. But is it okay if I don’t go with you?”

“It’s okay. The communication magic circle is installed in the deepest part of the temple. Other men won’t be there. Oh, but the Pope… .”

“Then I’ll be waiting for you at the high priest Sofia.”

I broke up with Matilda in a hurry as if to run away.
no. It’s not that the Pope doesn’t like it. Rather, I think he is a good person.
Although it’s all I’ve seen through communication magic once, he was a very warm-hearted person, and I think he’s a good person who doesn’t even harden his head when he gave permission for the video.

However, as the location is the location, it is unavoidable that it is a little burdensome.
Even Princess Felicia, the world’s greatest wizard, Diana, may say what she’s talking about now, but it’s a completely different story from the two of them.
Guess what, you look like a total grandma?
It was the first time I’d ever seen a person with a high level in this world who looked really old.
Maybe that’s why, I felt a strange sense of intimidation that comes from my age.

Besides, they said that they recognized me as a messenger of the goddess.
When I have a conversation with the Pope in such a position, I feel like I have become a high person in the denomination, so I get restless.
no. First of all, a tall person was right.
As Matilda said before, I have a feeling that I acted without being fully aware of my position.
And to be honest, even now, when I say that I am a person of such high rank, I don’t really feel it.
Someday, I may act or take responsibility for my position, but at least for now, I was a little lacking in mental preparation.

Anyway, after breaking up with Matilda for that reason, I went straight to Sophia the High Priest… I stopped walking.
As I said earlier, I was going to ask Sofia the high priest about his evaluation of the video, but before that, how about I see the atmosphere of the scene first?
With that in mind, I turned around and decided to go to the chapel.
According to what I’ve experienced before, believers go to the training ground after having a service.

And the moment I entered the hallway leading to the chapel, I naturally realized just how powerful the video was.
Needless to say, there were a huge number of believers who came to worship.
The temple was always crowded, but today was especially awesome.
From the hallway, there was a stream of people flowing so tightly that it reminded me of a crowded subway on the way to and from work.
Thanks to that, as soon as I stepped into the hallway, I was swept away by the waves of people.

“I, there… Ho, maybe… Are you a saint?”

As I was getting tired of the constant rushing crowd, a man who was swept away by the crowd with me next to me spoke to me.
He probably knew about the great appearance, but it seemed he wasn’t sure because the clothes were plain cloth clothes.

“Yeah. By the way.”

If it was the same as before, I would have broken the shichimi, but today I acquiesced once.
I also care about what to say.

“Stand, you are a saint!”

And at that moment, within a radius of 2 meters around me, a person disappeared.
The men around me stood on tiptoe and pressed their backs desperately to get away from me even a little bit.
Probably because it was packed with people, it ended up being about 2 meters, and if it wasn’t for that, it would have been about 10 meters away.

“Thank you! Thank you very much!”

“Thanks to the saint, I saw that wife for the first time last night… ! Thank you very much!”

And the men who were as far away from me as possible bowed their heads and desperately thanked me.
Aside from the fact that he moved away because he didn’t want to be compared to me, he seems to be thankful for it.

“no. I’m glad it was helpful. haha. And thanks should be given to Goddess. I am only using the power he has given me.”

It was incredibly subtle to see people saying thanks from afar, but I raised my hand like a politician and accepted it as a thank-you note.
Is it correct to say this? First of all, I tried to say something plausible because of my position as a saint, but it was awkward as if I was wearing clothes that did not fit my body.
Also, I don’t like this kind of thing.
… Well, anyway, I confirmed the effect of the video with this. Let’s go to High Priest Sophia.
I slowly turned back the way I had come with a fake smile on my face.
And with every step I took, the densely packed wave of people broke apart.
That’s Moses… no. miracle of salvation.
If I had a stick in my hand, I wanted to shout ‘Cut it apart!’ while hitting the ground.
Well, I left a saintly image for a long time, but it would be better not to do it because if I did that, I would end up with nothing.

Even when I exited the hallway leading to the chapel and entered the space where the priests were staying, my gaze on me did not disappear.
Of course, I felt a little more attention than before, but there are still many.
Everywhere I went, the priests looked at me, and something was quivering.


As I turned my gaze to the priests who were talking to each other, I heard a shriek from the priest’s mouth, who met my eyes.
It was the reaction of making eye contact with a male celebrity that I completely liked.
Apparently, the video is popular among priests.
Well, that’s right. Playing it at the training ground means that the priests also watch it together.
Well, it wasn’t a bad look.
On the contrary, it was a look that would have been shrugged if it had been normal.
The priests here are especially beautiful, though.
However, the timing was not good.
I’m still upset because of Rachel, and I think that so many women are doing me a favor… .
Let’s go to High Priest Sophia.

“High Priest Sophia. I came… Wow.”

“Sin, sorry!”

As I knocked on the door, a priest from within hurriedly jumped out, bowed his head and slipped away.
… what is that?

“Oh. welcome. saint.”

And inside, High Priest Sophia greeted me with a warm smile.
When I think of the strict impression I had when I first saw it, it was a smile of heaven and earth.

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Could it be that you didn’t expect 3 years?
I said it was actually Rachel’s part, but if I don’t do this, I think Rachel’s appearance will be too late, so I’ll write another one… .


Ripple effect

After exchanging greetings with High Priest Sophia, whom I had not seen in a long time, I finally got to the point and asked if the video worked.

“Yeah. You may have expected it by looking at people outside, but people’s evaluations are very good. It will take a little more time to determine how effective it is in practice, but that video will definitely give you enough results.”

High Priest Sophia answered that question with a truly satisfied expression on her face.
thank God. Even if the Pope gave the full permission, the other clergy were worried about what would happen if the priests at the temple were reluctant to watch such a video with others.
As for the previous priests’ reactions, it seems that all religious people here are broad-minded.

“But should I really call him a saint? What we couldn’t do even after training like that, I hope you can solve it that way.”

“no. no. then. I think that video also worked because I had already received all the basic education at the temple. Besides, there is something more relatable to what a man tells me than what a woman tells me, so it just created a synergistic effect.”

“You will not be humble. It was a really great lecture. Besides, the part where you keep whispering love so directly and over and over is really admiring. Embarrassingly, our education only told us to act properly with our emotions, and most of it was about practical technique. I felt like I had realized something.”

At my humility, High Priest Sophia looked at me with delighted eyes and smiled with the eyes of a truly extraordinary son-in-law.
However, rather than the praise of Sophia, I became more focused on other aspects.

“… Yeah? Have you seen High Priest Sophia too?”

Of course, I thought that the video would only be seen by the lower priests in charge of education.
Sophia’s ambassador system education?!
no. can’t it be If it’s someone who needs education, the moment you’re with Sophia the Great Priest, you’re sure to be the boss
Then, why did High Priest Sophia change the content of the video… .

“Oh, hey! That’s right. First of all, as the general manager of this temple, I have to check what kind of video will be played inside the temple.”

High Priest Sophia answered with a slight blush on her face.
is it real How did someone who thought she was the same as her mother-in-law saw such a video?
no. I am not the man in the video.

“But are you okay? It’s like rules… .”

“It’s okay. I don’t even know who the two people in the video are, because it was an educational video, not a sex video. Above all, there is no reason for the angel of the goddess to act directly against the will of the goddess.”

… Is that so? Well, if it’s High Priest Sophia, that’s it.
After that, I talked with Sophia the High Priest whom I met after a long time, and I also talked more with Matilda, who came back after talking with the Pope.

After sharing, we went back to the mansion.

“But maybe… . Is it completely what you want? From now on, I will be comfortable with you.”

“Aren’t you sarcastic?”

“of course. Sure.”

And in the carriage on the way back, Matilda smiled and said, as if she remembered what had happened before.
Whatever it is, on the way back from the temple.
Maybe it was rumors that I was in the temple, or a group of people split up every time I passed the road.
Thanks to this, there was not a single man approaching me, so I was able to get to the carriage comfortably without having to be wary of who was approaching Matilda.

“Well, don’t hit me like that. So, did you have a good conversation with the Pope?”

“Yes, four?! yes… what… .”

“Huh? what? That reaction.”

Did I ask any weird questions?
no. You think it was an extremely ordinary conversation?

“no. The pope seemed to be very satisfied with the results of the video as well.”

“What? If so, I’m glad.”

Obviously that wasn’t important.
If I think about the reaction I had before, I think there must be something more.
I wondered if he had shared something important with the Pope.
But even so, it’s probably a conversation among high-ranking people in the denomination.
It’s definitely not something you should be talking about.
Of course, as a messenger of the Goddess, I might be able to figure it out somehow if I insisted on hearing the story, but I didn’t intend to brazenly do so now about the topic I didn’t even go with because the conversation with the Pope was difficult.

I’m a little worried, but there’s nothing I can do about it.
I’m sure Matilda will do just fine.
I trusted Matilda that much.
At first it was not very reliable because of her image of an arrogant aristocrat, but now I know that Matilda is a very good cardinal.

“I went.”

We returned to the mansion like that, but for some reason there was no one to welcome us back home.
no. Well, of course, the maids said hello, but not the maids.
To be honest, I thought Leia would meet Matilda instead, thanking me for going to the temple.
Leia, let alone Vanessa, who always met her when she returned home, was nowhere to be seen.
I wonder if Vanessa is still in a tightrope.
I don’t think I’m the type of person who takes it to heart.

“Then I will.”

“Huh. Oh wait. Are you going to start working on lifting the curse from now on? There is plenty of time until evening.”

“Yeah? Oh no. It’s okay. It was pleasant thanks to you, but I’m still a little tired after passing through a busy place. And I have some issues to think about in conversation with the Pope… .”

Now that we’ve spent half a day together, I can’t even lift the curse… I thought so, but unexpectedly, Matilda refused.
It seems that he and the Pope had something important to say.
It felt as if the two were making excuses for something, but once the content itself was valid, I decided to just skip it.

“okay? Then there’s nothing you can do but maybe tomorrow

I think I’m going to a dungeon. So this time, you won’t be able to do it at all, are you okay?”

“Yes, yes. I can’t help it. Going to the dungeon is a precious mission given by the Goddess. Then come on.”

“Huh. Get some rest.”

After breaking up with Matilda, I was alone again.
I didn’t want to be alone, so I was with Matilda.
I can’t do anything more than this Should I use it as a last resort?

“Sylvia! Sylvia with me! hurry!”

“Yeah, hey!”

When I called Sylvia into the air with a slightly coercive tone, Sylvia came out of nowhere.
There was still Well, I knew it because I felt the gaze.
Anyway, if you’re going to peek, you’ll do it right. It’s only when you look at it that intensely that it’s all known.

“Sylvia. If you know I’m back, come out and say hello.”

“Everyone, have you been there!”

“OK. I went.”

“Well then… !”

“We haven’t finished talking yet.”

I grabbed Sylvia’s arm, who was about to turn and run away.

“Hey uh… !”

Of course, Sylvia would have been able to get rid of it if she wanted to, but of course Sylvia couldn’t.
Rather, as if the power was taken away from the part my hand touched, my body slowly lost strength and collapsed.

no. So these days, you’ve lost your tolerance.
Is it because of your wish? Are you doing this because of your wish?
On a topic that I haven’t told you to do yet
Just imagining what I’m going to ask of you makes me so insensitive.
Originally, I was going to wait for Sylvia to speak to herself, but then I realized that I would never be able to hear what she was asking me for the rest of my life.
Maybe it would be better to catch me sometime and ask me properly.

“Sylvia. Have you seen Sara, Diana, Leia?”

“Three, three minutes? Mo, I didn’t see it! I know nothing!”

no. I’m not interrogating criminals, so there’s no need to deny it so desperately.

“okay? So what about Vanessa?”

“Mom, I don’t know! I have nothing… !”

“okay. Okay.”

When I let go of my arm, Sylvia staggered and stood up.
Then he nodded at me 90 degrees and then ran back and forth… He poked out half his face from the corner and started observing me again.
… There are so many things I want to bet on in many ways.
The point of saying good-bye while running away, or the point of observing me without going far to the subject I ran away from.

Anyway, nobody saw it.
Vanessa aside, are the three still talking in Diana’s room?
Certainly, considering Sara and Diana’s attitude, it was a situation that was expected to be persistent.
Seeing you’ve been there for so long, maybe you’re really finding out something about Leia.
Well, there really is no such thing as a secret recipe.
To put it bluntly, it’s an atmosphere, but it’s not something that can be imitated just by imitating the angelic atmosphere of an angel.

I decided to ask a passing maid if I had seen Seth and Vanessa.
Sylvia, who was watching me from afar, gave me a shocked expression, but decided to ignore it.
Don’t make that face. It was not in vain to ask you.
… In the sense that I was delighted.

Anyway, after checking with the maid again, it was clear that the three of us were really still gathered in Diana’s room.
For reference, it is said that Vanessa has not been seen since daytime.
It’s all because of me.
I hope you’ll be shocked that much.
Well, definitely. No matter how strong the image of a butler of iron, Vanessa is, first of all, a woman.
It would be embarrassing if another man accused me of masturbating.
It might be better to apologize a little later.

But when this happens, it becomes like I have to be alone until the evening.
I can’t help it. Should I do special training with Sylvia?

“Sylvia… !”


But when I tried to approach Sylvia, she desperately ran away as if she had become the protagonist of a zombie movie.
But this time it’s different.
It’s really a situation where there’s no one to play with but Sylvia.
Therefore, I did not give up and pursued to the end.
And as a result… .

“How! Whoa, whoa… wow… .”

Sylvia, who was running away, began to panic when she realized I was chasing her. Eventually, she went into a complete panic and fell to the floor.
Even in that state, it seemed pathetic to turn around, flapping legs and shuffling ass to escape.
no. Sylvia. So, it’s overreacting.

“… Are you okay?”

“It’s okay, it’s okay… !”

It’s probably true that it’s fine.
She was at the level of Sylvia and barely fell on the floor, so there was no way her body would get hurt.

“no. It doesn’t look good. It might be better to get treatment. But right now, there is no such thing as a potion in hand… I can’t help it. Should I treat it with healing sex?”

But I politely ignored Sylvia’s words and continued what I wanted to say.


“Why? Hate?”


Again, this is an immediate answer.

“Then put on a more happy face. Then it sounds like you don’t like it. No matter how much I keep doing it, it will hurt me a little?”

“Wow… uh… . Heh heh heh heh… .”

As I said with a deliberately bitter expression on her face, Sylvia put on a shocked expression.
Then he slapped his cheeks with both hands and looked at me with a bashful smile.
However, it seems that he cannot do anything by himself until his body trembles, so when he smiles while trembling like that, I feel like I have become a total waste… .

“… no. sorry. there’s no rush It was a lie to get hurt. Just do what you normally do.”

In the end, I decided to only appreciate Sylvia’s will.
If you’ve lost your tolerance like this, don’t you want to be happy just by having sex with me before that wish or something?
no. Well, of course, there is healing sex, so it’s okay… .
Sigh. can’t help it


“Sylvia. sex is over Let’s just play together today.”

I decided to spend some time playing poker with Sylvia.
Of course, I don’t make bets like I used to, but purely for gaming purposes.

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I passed out after 3 years of suffering, and now I am up.


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