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The Saint’s Dungeon Affair MTL Chapter 474-476

Ripple effect

“Hey… hey… Whoa… .”

Well, Sylvia, whose tolerance has weakened, has become like this just by playing poker.
This time, even though I didn’t intentionally make eye contact or smile a lot like before, it ended up like this.
He looked at me blankly by himself and said, ‘Hot!’ Then he came to his senses and looked at his face blankly again. Then, breathing becomes more and more difficult, and the body gradually lies down as if buried in a sofa.
So, in the end, it was finished.
So, how did you survive in the dungeon?

“… The meal is ready.”

As I was observing Sylvia, who seemed to have no strength left to hold the card any more, I heard a hard voice next to me.
Needless to say, it was Vanessa.
Vanessa was taking turns looking at me and Sylvia, her expression as usual… no. It was stiffer than usual.

“I told you, I didn’t do anything.

“I didn’t say anything.”

no. You just didn’t open your mouth, but you looked at him with intense contempt.
Well, okay. I have work to do first.
I grabbed Vanessa’s arm.
Sylvia is said to be in that state, but just in case you don’t know. It’s not something I can tell anyone else.

“Suck… !”

I dragged Vanessa to a place where no one is nearby.
Contrary to how she stiffened her body while being vigilant, Vanessa was surprisingly easily drawn to me.
And after making sure no one was around, I turned to Vanessa.


“… … What is it?”

“sorry. I was a little overdone.”

“… … Yeah?”

As I bowed my head slightly to apologize, Vanessa tilted her head.
Even if it wasn’t for anyone else, that was a pretty big reaction for Vanessa.
But why does he look like he doesn’t know what he’s talking about?
Because I was shy, I didn’t see him for half a day.

“no. Come to think of it, I think it was a bit harsh to say something like that to a girl.”

“… girl… .”

“Oh yeah. okay. Sorry again. then… Lady?”


“Vanessa? Vanessa?”

Why is he stopping again? Oh, are you shy? Is that so?
As I was able to read Vanessa’s expression a little, it seemed that Vanessa was shy.
Well, not sure though.
After all, it’s Vanessa who is locked up in the mansion every day. Besides, this mansion is a place where, except for me, there are only women. You never had a chance to hear the word Lady.
That is, there is no resistance.
This iron-clad woman has a weak tolerance, so in terms of the game, there was something like a weakness attribute.

“Write. Whoo… I don’t think you need to apologize at all. The first thing that came to mind was the thing I was going to forget. To put the master’s plaque in your mouth in such a place. Apologizing a few times is not enough. I am really sorry.”

But Vanessa paused for a brief moment, and then she bowed 90 degrees and apologized to me.

“Ah, yes. okay. OK. There was no one around. I will forgive you.”

I was rather embarrassed by the extreme action, and I did not even think of making fun of the shy Vanessa, and I reflexively accepted the apology.

“… Thank you. Then let’s go The meal will be cold.”

As soon as I answered, Vanessa bowed her back and turned her body half a turn to get out of the room.
It was an act that showed intentions too openly, unlike Vanessa.
But Vanessa. Even if you don’t show your face like that, you’re tidying up your hair, so the slightly reddened ears are clearly visible from behind, right?
Satisfied with the fresh attitude of Vanessa, I headed to the restaurant.

By the time we got to the restaurant, Vanessa’s ears were completely back to their original color.
And only then did I realize one grave mistake I had made.
… uh? Maybe just… Wasn’t it a great chance to make Vanessa cry?
Damn it! You’re just missing out on that great opportunity that may never come again!

“Huh! Are you here!”

And Diana, who was more confident than usual, greeted me at the restaurant.
Of course, in addition to Diana, Sarah and Leia were sitting properly.
Judging by that reaction, it seems that Leia said something.
What did you say? There would be no such thing as a trick anyway.

“Oh, salvation. You said you went to the temple with Matilda-san instead of me? thank you so much.”

“no. Because I had something to see anyway. I’m not going to say thank you.”

“Huhu. Still.”

Leia said while waving her tail softly, as if in a good mood.
Judging from that reaction, it seems that Sara or Diana didn’t do anything bad.
no. In fact, it even made me feel better than usual.
I’m quite concerned about what the hell he did, but if you ask me, you’ll find out that I overheard.
It doesn’t matter if it’s caught, but if possible, why don’t we just let it go tonight?
Because Diana thinks I don’t know anything.
I can’t wait to see Diana’s expression slowly changing to despair… Hmmm. Anyway.

“But what about Sylvia? Weren’t we together?”

Maybe it was because her turn had just passed yesterday, but Sarah seemed to be the same as usual.

“We were together, but I don’t think we can eat.”


“no. This time, I just played pure poker. I’m not doing anything weird. But these days, his tolerance is too low. It might be a good idea to try shock therapy once in a while.”

“stop. What are you going to do when Sylvia dies?”

They seemed to know that Sylvia was always crossing the border between life and death.
Sylvia. As a vanguard of the party, your evaluation, who always acts as a reliable shield, is getting more and more pitiful.
Doesn’t it seem like a certain amount of resistance should be added to restore honor?

Anyway, while we were talking nonsense like that, we finished our meal without Sylvia.
For reference, it seems that Sylvia moved me to the room after Vanessa guided me to the restaurant, and prepared meals separately.
After all, our super butler is talented.
It’s perfect, except that the way he treats me sometimes gets weird.

“Uh-huh. I made you wait.”

After eating and waiting in my bed in my room, Diana, who had just showered in the big bathroom as usual, appeared.
However, the outfit was a little different from usual, and Diana came to the room wearing a bathrobe as it was.
Is this the only thing Leia taught you?
Thinking like that, Diana’s appearance was quite destructive.

Diana had turned into an adult version and was wearing a bathrobe.
In addition, the size of the bathrobe he wore when he was in his original appearance was quite tight.
The upper part was not closed properly due to the large breasts, so half of the breasts were still visible.

At the bottom, the hem of the bathrobe came down only to the point where it really barely covered Diana’s pussy.
If you just walk quietly, you won’t look close, but if you run even a little, you can see your underwear right away.

To be honest, it’s awesome. Diana sister.
It was understandable that he was overflowing with such confidence at dinner.
You have to be confident about this.
What man in the world wouldn’t be able to pass that image

… Except for me.
no. Of course, I’m too pretty to pass up. Normally, I would have just done whatever Diana told me to do.
it’s just that I mean, I made up my mind today.
No matter what Diana does at night, let’s never give up.
No matter how many promises I make to myself, I am a man who keeps his promises.
You can’t just roll around like this.
I decided to harden my heart and overcome Diana’s temptation.

“Diana. what. what’s that outfit? Maybe you’re more exposed… .”

“Oh, no! What do you mean! This body is not exhibitionism in the first place!”

With my words, Diana’s alluring expression collapsed in an instant.
Well. After all, Diana is not like this.
No matter how much she looks like her older sister, in the end, Diana is Diana.

“Cohome. By the way, you… Oh, right. You. Shy Geroguman? You are doing this on purpose to hide your shame.”


But Diana didn’t seem to want to give up yet.
Rather than giving up, he even interpreted my words to his own taste.
In fact, trying to hide my shame was half the answer, so I couldn’t say anything.
Besides, his cheeky and playful smile even looks more bewitching than usual.
After all, it’s against the law to wear that look.

“Huhu. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Come on, I’ll entrust my whole body to this sister tonight. This sister will send you to heaven.”

When I was speechless, Diana smiled as if she knew it.
Then, looking at me with a cute expression, he slowly approached me step by step, knelt on the bed and climbed up on all fours.
Diana crawled up to the point where her face touched my chest, gently placed her hand on my chest, and then gently pushed me to the bed.

… This might be a bit dangerous. I decided not to give up no matter what I do today.
If you go like this, you will be completely caught up in Diana’s face.
But there was no way to break this atmosphere.
Shall we bet on what we call a sister?
you are noona you are grandma… Huh. No. this is not Anyway, this is not
It’s better to lose than to say something like that.

Damn it. But if so, how should I do it?
Miss Leia. You taught the secret method so perfectly.
I can’t believe that Diana could perfectly digest the angelic atmosphere like this… Huh? Like an angel? okay! That’s it!

“Diana. awhile.”

I put my hands on the bed and grabbed Diana’s shoulder, which was completely on top of me, and I held it firmly with both hands to prevent Diana from continuing.

“Well? Whoops. But why?”

But Diana didn’t panic and gently stroked my cheek with her hand, giving her a cute, dying look.

“Did I clearly tell you before?”

“Well? What do you mean?”

“I like Diana on her own. Why are you trying to impersonate Leia like this?”

“Well? Mimicry of Miss Leia? I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

But my attempts didn’t work for Diana.
yes it is Is there any way to work in a situation where you are taking the initiative like this?
Still, I had no choice but to walk here.
If you do this, you will really lose to Diana. That’s not to say!
This is an invisible fight between me and Diana.

“You don’t have to take the shichimi. Isn’t Diana like this?”

“What are you talking about? This body is originally like this. Without this kind of tolerance, all wizards… .”

“Yes, of course, in front of other people. But not when you’re with me, right? Sometimes she’s shy and emotional, and I thought that Diana’s appearance when she was with me was a special side that only I could see? Wasn’t it?”

“Laugh… .”

As I spoke passionately, Diana was speechless.
Good. Eaten!
Seeing this, I groaned inwardly.
hahaha. Diana. Still 10 years since you beat me tonight… no. You can’t win even if you eat close to 3,000 years old, so 3,000 years is too early!
You are destined to lose to me at night forever!

“Sigh. That’s right. As you say. The reason this body shows such a figure is because it is in front of you.”

In the end, Diana seemed to have given up on acting like Leia.

“Huh. Huh. right. Because our Diana is the cutest.”

“Huhu. Thank you. Oh, I see you are sleeping.”


“It’s time to put the contraceptive spell back on.”

“okay? Is that so?”

“Well. Wait. This body will walk you again.”

Diana nodded once, then lowered one hand and gently stroked my object.

“… there. Diana. Did the contraceptive magic really need to be touched like that?”

I’ve experienced it a few times so far, but it seems like every time I just touch it and cast a spell, it’s over?

“Isn’t it natural? You just have to entrust everything to this sister.”

But Diana also looked down at me with a slightly more seductive smile than usual.
Let me correct what I said earlier. This guy never gave up.

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Ripple effect

“no. Diana. So, pretending to be Leia… .”

“Well? Has this body never imitated Miss Leia?”

“Hey. Don’t take the shichimi Now that I’m going to sleep again… .”

“Hey, I don’t think you’re trying to say that Miss Leia is your sister and this body isn’t your sister, are you?”

Diana’s eyes sharpened!

“… no. Of course it’s Diana’s sister.”

“Well. so. Whose body was it said to imitate?”

“You’re just your usual older Diana sister.”


Diana nodded her head once with a satisfied expression on her face.
As a result, the appearance of a big boob swaying once in a while… Anyway. Damn it. It really looks like you’re losing control.

“Still, Diana. Dare… Oops.”

It’s also strange that you’re doing this to cast contraceptive magic.
Diana’s soft lips covered my lips as I was about to say that.
Even after becoming an adult version, lips that remain soft and elastic are the same.
This guy is horribly… . You can’t say that if you kiss me, you’ll fall off.
It was obvious that if I forced my mouth to open, I would take the initiative even more with a hurt expression on my face.
Don’t shamefully use that fine hair like this.

However, since this happened, I had no choice but to follow Diana’s actions.
Then there is only one way I can take the initiative.

All you have to do is act as if Diana is leading the play, as if I had the lead.

“Uh… ?! uhh… side.”

I wrapped my arms around Diana’s back and hugged her tightly, but rather, I wrapped my tongue around Diana’s tongue more actively.
Diana looked surprised for a moment, but then she narrowed her eyes and smiled in response to my actions.
Maybe he thinks I’ve given up.
For the first time in bed, I was exalted because I thought he might beat me, or I could feel Diana’s chubby chest pounding against my chest, and the sound of her heart getting louder.
I’m sorry, but haven’t you given up yet?

“Fuha… Hmm… okay. So you should leave it to this sister. Then where… .”

Diana leaned back a bit, holding my object in her hand.
From a prone position on me, to a prone position between my crotch.

“Well… side. After, after. Hmm. side.”

And Diana stared at my thing for a moment, then with a reddened face, leaned over my thing and kissed it.

“Wait a minute. No matter how much I use contraceptive magic, I don’t need anything like that, right?”

“Who said you were doing this for the sake of contraceptive magic?”

“What, what?”

“Hey, are you doing this because you like this body?”

As if she was a little shy this time around, Diana’s face, which was still a little red, quickly turned bright red.
And I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity.

“Ugh… Diana likes this kind of behavior.”

“Yeah, that’s right! Don’t you know that this body likes to kiss?”

“But aren’t those my lips?”

“Oh, it doesn’t matter where you are! It’s a part of Mr. Nang, what’s the problem?!”

Seeing Diana’s reaction becoming more and more sluggish, I had a gut feeling that I had almost taken the initiative.
okay. Diana. No matter what, it won’t work for me at night.

“no. You didn’t even have a problem? is it. Is it good for Diana to kiss a place like that?”

“What, something?! If you have something to say, do it right! Do you hate Genga?! It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to!”

“no. good. Please. Please.”

Oops! Without realizing it, I stopped seeing it!

“Huh huh. Isn’t that good too… . I will do it if you want.”

Without any regrets, Diana regained her composure again.
this. Diana took the initiative again.
… Well, it doesn’t matter. It’s true that it feels good.
Besides, honestly, I can take the initiative whenever I want to.
Giving Diana the initiative like this, and ultimately making me unable to win, will be able to draw out Diana’s desperate expression more effectively… Hmmm. no. I don’t really want to see Diana’s desperate expression, though.
It’s just that it’s a bit annoying to try to win somehow. Huh.
I first pushed the object out and rubbed it as if rubbing the surface of Diana’s lips.

“Oh, whoops… Look. You. Even if you don’t look like that, I’ll take care of you. Calm down a little.”

I rubbed Diana’s soft lips with the tip of the object, and Diana said, stroking my thigh lightly.

“Yeah. sister.”

“Well! uhm! Leave it to this sister!”

Diana must have been very happy with her sister’s voice.
I always liked it when I called her older sister, but now she looks more happy than that.
After all, it seems so happy to be able to beat me at night.
I like it that much, so I feel like it’s okay to lose a little… no. Let’s eat heartily. You can’t break a promise to yourself.
I won’t lose to Diana no matter what happens today.

“Ugh. side. Hmm. yup. side. side.”

While I was making those promises, Diana started kissing again, poking her face on the surface of my stuff.

“Huh. how about sister’s kiss. Do you feel good?”

“Yeah. Of course, it feels good, but I want Diana to feel better as well.”

“Huhu. Don’t worry. This body feels good enough just to see you put on a happy face.”

… Diana. That’s totally… no. I’m really sorry to think like this at a time like this.
Grandma who is completely satisfied just looking at her grandchildren eating… Hmmm.

“okay. So, can you make me feel a little better?”

I shook my head once, as if to shake off my thoughts, put my hand on Diana’s head, and said.

“Well. A little more?”

“okay. Now that I’ve become like that, I’m writing my heart out.”

“Use your chest… That’s right. Well. Leave it to this sister.”

Diana looked a little bewildered at my words, but then, as if nothing had happened, she smiled again with a seductive smile and slowly put my thing between her chest.

“Ugh huh. how about Does your sister’s chest feel good?”

“Huh. very. Diana is the best.”


It was Diana who asked the question with a provocative expression, but as soon as I patted her head and complimented her, she smiled bashfully and moved her head as if rubbing her hair with my hands.
Even if it looks like this, Diana is Diana. cute i’m dying

“hot! Geez, this is what this body is doing to you! You just leave yourself alone!”

Even so, he immediately came to his senses and cried out.
But it was like Diana that she didn’t put my hand on top of my head.
Well, that means you always lose to me at night.

“okay. okay. But Diana. Didn’t you say you like kissing?”

“Well? I like it, but… .”

“Come on, look. Even if you cover it with your chest, there are still areas where you can kiss.”

“… 👌👌👌 Now, are you really… !”

“Did you like Diana?”

“Uh, uh. This body really likes kissing yours!”


“Well. That’s right… . uh… Whoops.”

Anyway, it was Diana who got caught up in my pace.
However, this time, Diana also seemed to have a strong heart, so she began to inhale the tip of the object protruding above her chest.
As if something is getting twisted up, but still, as if claiming to be the only one who drives the action.
And to be honest, it felt really good.


“Well… side. Whoops. how about Do you feel good? My expression is relaxed. If it’s that good, you can always buy it cheap. This sister will take it all.”

After a brief drool, Diana, feeling better again, said as she gently rubbed my stuff with her chest.
Seeing the smirk on his face made me want to cry, but apart from that, it felt really good.

no. Seeing that, it’s strange
It was so natural that I just skipped it, but when I thought about it, I was strangely good at doing it with my heart.
I wonder if this guy, Leia, even taught him the technique.
Where the hell did you push Leia?
no. Leia also had a satisfied expression on her face. What the hell did you do to Leia, and you dig up things like that?
Well, how are you? For now, let’s focus on Diana in front of us.

When I saw Diana’s sullen face, I thought it might be okay to make her cry.
Now, from now on, I’m going to try to use the saint’s skill.

When I tried to focus my mana to put a saint’s touch on an object, suddenly there was a change in the feel of the object.
The area that covered more than half of the object began to decrease gradually, and the texture also changed from the soft and warm touch of a ripe woman to a more youthful and greenish touch.
okay. Diana’s polymorph has been released.

“Ah! this, this! Come on, wait! Wait a minute! this is… !”

Perhaps Diana herself was unexpected in this situation, and Diana began to panic as she flapped her arms and legs.
I think it’s probably because I ran out of mana, so the magic was broken, but I guess Diana miscalculates the timing of her mana loss.
It seems that Diana was much more absorbed in her own actions than I thought.

“Joe, I’m going to concentrate a little bit and collect mana! It won’t take long… Whoa!”

“no. You don’t have to.”

I hugged Diana’s bewildered body tightly and calmed it, then turned around and changed Diana’s position with me.
Let Diana lie on the bed, and I’ll come over it.

“There’s no need to stop acting like that. Because Diana is pretty in any form.”

I crept over Diana and sat down, then pulled Diana’s chest and wrapped it around mine.
To be honest, it was so pathetic that it was hard to say that I was covering my things with my chest.
It’s because my breasts, which aren’t very chubby, have disappeared as I lay down.
Even if I pulled it together like this, I couldn’t even cover half of my stuff.
But I moved my waist back and forth as if it didn’t matter at all.

“Diana, sister. I think I’m going to eat slowly. Can’t I kiss you?”

“Uh, uh! Well! side. Hmm… .”

Diana gave her a blank expression for a moment, then nodded her head once and licked the tip of my thing and sucked it.
It was true that the situation got closer to what I had done before.

So, without hesitation, I put the tip of an object in Diana’s mouth and ejaculated as it was.

“Yes… ! Well… Ugh… haha… .”

Although it would be difficult to drink because of the lying position, Diana did not take her mouth off the tip of my object until the ejaculation was over and drank the whole thing until the end.

“Sigh… I’m Nyangunnii… .”

And as my stuff fell into my mouth, Diana looked at me and muttered.
And with a very impressed expression.
He didn’t know what he would have been like if the polymorph had been released a little late, and he was so moved… .
Not knowing the truth is sometimes blissful.

“Whew… It felt good. Diana’s sister.”

“Huh… . I liked this body… .”

“I haven’t done anything with Diana yet, was it good?”

“This body is happy just being with you.”

“okay? Then I should make you a little happier.”

“Well. This little sister is more… .”

Diana still seemed to be taking the initiative and trying to do more for me.
Well, looking at that expression, it wasn’t that he was trying to defeat me somehow, like before, it was just an expression that he wanted to do something more for me.

“no. From now on, I will do it.”

But I just cut it off and turned it down.

“… eh?”

Then Diana tilted her head cutely, as her facial muscles stiffened just as her expression was moved.

“no. but you this body… It felt good to do what this sister did… .”

“Huh. It was good. But that’s it and this is this. From now on, I want to do it.”

Having said that, I brought the object to the entrance to Diana’s vagina.
A pussy that was wet enough and slick, it looked like it could accept my stuff at any time.

“Hey?! slumbers… ! What this body has yet to prepare… Whoops!”

Diana looked like she was about to say something more, but as I pushed her back forward, the words behind her were buried in her own moan.
It took a little bit of force to take the initiative, but still Diana. I’ve seen you a lot since then.
After all, you didn’t use the skill, right?

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476===================== A
step forward

the next morning.
When I woke up, I heard a small voice in my ear.
Is it Diana? I mean, a lot of my kids wake up earlier than me these days.
The time I wake up doesn’t change.
This means that our kids have also gotten used to my wake-up time.
I was a little happy to realize just how deep my relationship with them has been over such trivial things.

Anyway, it looks like Diana was muttering something, and even if she didn’t listen to it, I could guess what she was talking about.
Maybe it’s because you couldn’t defeat me last night, so you’re depressed.
I’m sorry, so can you help me a little?

“… Isn’t there a possibility? Well. Are you sure. This is a possibility!”

no. Let’s listen to what they mumble a little more and then act.

“If the polymorph had not been released at the same time last night, it is a clear fact that this body would have been victorious.”

no. Diana.

If you hadn’t unlocked the polymorph back then, you’d have messed up with me a lot more.

“It was worthwhile to learn the secret recipe from Miss Leia while enduring such humiliation.”

such a humiliation no. What the hell did you do?

“okay. If you think about it, it’s strange what this body has been going through until now. What did the saint mean? If this body shows a little bit of the charm of an adult, there’s no way my nanny won’t fall over! My lord is in love with this body!”

… no. Well, yes it is, but it is.
You gained so much confidence yesterday that you almost won.
I was an idiot who thought I would have died.
Does this kind of trial and error mean nothing to our Archmage?

Besides, when I think about it, there was no particular reason for Diana to die yesterday.
In the end, even if I had taken the initiative, I was literally just moving purely on the initiative.
I didn’t play with something like exhibitionism, and I didn’t bother him at all.

Originally, I was going to lift it all the way up and throw it into complete despair… .
No matter how much they say they want to defeat me, Diana has seduced me so beautifully.
Indeed, I couldn’t do anything too serious.
So I just enjoyed it normally for a long time.
The reason Diana tried to beat me in the first place was that I was just joking around whenever I had time, so there was no reason to die.
On the contrary, can it be said that the purpose has been achieved halfway?

“Next time, I’ll adjust the polymorph time properly… no. There is no need to take such a risk. All you have to do is show the charm of an adult. My niece is obsessed with this body even if it doesn’t have to do polymorph, so I’d rather just leave it like this… .”

Well, Diana isn’t satisfied with that, and it seems like she’s trying to beat me next time.
okay. Diana. you’re all right
I’m obsessed with you no matter what you look like, and I’ll probably never stand it if you really seduce me.

… If only I hadn’t heard all of your plans!

Diana. Why are you so unlucky?
no. If you were going to make such a plan in the first place, you would just think for yourself, why are you muttering like that?
Is it something like the habit of studying magic?
No matter how small your voice is, if you put it in my ear and chatter like that, you have no choice but to listen to it even if you don’t want to hear it.
Aren’t you too vigilant that I’m sleeping?
At this point, it started to feel like destiny for Diana to be hurt by me.
Isn’t it just that the sky is manipulating fate or something so that you won’t win against me for the rest of your life?
Well, anyway, let’s let them dream for a while.

“Ugh… Diana… ?”

I opened my eyes softly, calling out Diana’s name in a locked voice, pretending to have just come.

“Oooh! Now, when did you wake up?!”

“When… That’s right now… .”

“Uh, um! Ha, that’s right! Did you sleep well?”

“Huh. Diana too. Good morning?”


okay. From what I said earlier, it seemed like he slept well without dying.
I started talking to Diana, pretending not to hear anything I said earlier.
But in the future, I feel that I can’t lose to Diana even more… .

“Yes! Whoops. You’re always like this. Come on, we’ve got some time to spare until Vanessa arrives.”

Diana, who was in a good mood in the morning, for some reason brought it up before I even spoke.
Naturally, my belongings were still inside Diana’s.
Come to think of it, the reason Diana whispered in my ear like that was because she didn’t want to take it out.
Aside from the habit of muttering thoughts, if I had been away from the insert, at least I wouldn’t have muttered in my ear.
Thinking like that, Diana had a strange feeling.

Well, it might be okay to lose on purpose once in a while.
With that thought in my mind, I slowly shook my back.


“Is this anti-slip equipment?”

“okay. You can just remove it when walking on flat ground, so it’s more convenient than dealing with the equipment yourself, right?”

“exactly… .”

And after breakfast, we went straight to Hannah’s smithy.
Looking at the crampons that she ordered, Sarah gave an admiring expression.

“After all, Guwon is amazing. If this is the case, isn’t it possible to mass-produce and sell it?”

“no. At least not here. There is too little demand.”

“Yeah? But it looks very useful on the 3rd floor, doesn’t it?”

exactly. Even if it wasn’t as much as the ice cave, the third floor was covered in snow, so the feet were slippery.
Well, we just walked around without measures, but the
3rd floor was not slippery if we were a little careful, and above all, our level was so high that we just wiped out the 3rd floor monsters.

“Among the adventurers who go to the 3rd floor, those who need anti-slip equipment directly install it on their shoe equipment. There are few adventurers who cross the hierarchy as quickly as you.”

indeed. Indeed it is
If you’re going to be on the 3rd floor all the time, it’d be more convenient to just put it in your shoes than to wear crampons every time.

“Anyway, wearing this means that you can truly explore this time. Good. Go.”

I paid Hannah a remuneration and headed straight for the guild.
Well, there was still another hurdle to overcome before going to the dungeon.

“Good morning. Salvation Mr. You just came back, are you already going to the dungeon again?”

“Good morning. sister. Yes. what… .”

Rachel, who came to greet me and greeted me, looked no different than usual to Chuck.
But I realized more than anyone that my sister was not the same as usual.
You go into the dungeon and come out in a few days, and then you go back to the dungeon in a few days.
In other words, it means that the guild is going back and forth tremendously.
If it was Rachel’s older sister not so long ago, it would definitely be “Huhu. Aren’t you deliberately coming in and out of my face to see my face often?”

That’s enough of a situation to say the same thing.
But even though I was vaguely blurry, Rachel didn’t say anything and just stared at me.

“That’s because I want to quickly explore new discoveries and report them to the guild.”

“is that so. For the sake of the guild on purpose. Thank you. On behalf of the guild, I would like to thank you.”

… I also feel the distance.
And when I added the fact that it was all because of me, I felt something prick my chest.

“Then I will go.”

“Yeah. The party is always a member. Bye.”

I couldn’t even see Rachel’s face as she greeted me with a warm, business smile, so I bowed my head and headed to the dungeon.

Depressed. Will there ever come a day when I will get used to being in contact with Rachel like this, and nothing will happen?
I was so depressed that I thought of it like that.

“Look at this. Salvation! So stable on ice… !”

“I am finally freed from my heart!”

“D, Diana. It’s a chest… .”

But even inside the dungeon, it was impossible to act depressingly.
I am also the party leader, and above all else, because I am a shield at the forefront. If I am vigilant, everyone is in danger.
I made up my mind and decided to focus on exploring the ice cave first.

“Huh. If it’s like this, there’s no problem with running a little. How about Sylvia or Matilda? Do you think it’s okay?”

If I had to pick the three that have to move the most when I was driving at our party, it would be me, Sylvia, and Matilda.
Me and Sylvia in the vanguard, Matilda as the last shield to protect the rearguard.
Even Sara sometimes shoots arrows while avoiding her if she’s in a hurry, but basically, it’s a role that only shoots the bow while safely sitting in the rear.
Because of this, I was the one to confirm with Sylvia and Matilda once more.

“Yeah, hey!”


Sylvia gave an energetic answer, even if she chewed her tongue a little, but for some reason Matilda didn’t answer.

“Matilda? What’s wrong? Ah, maybe it’s hard because the cycle you’ve been to the dungeon is short… .”

“Yes, four?! Oh no! It’s okay! Sorry! I have something to think about. It’s okay. There is no problem under the feet. uh, worry… Thanks for doing it. you… .”

I spoke a little worriedly, and then Matilda came to her senses and answered.
It seems that it is not difficult to withstand the magic of the dungeon already. In the end, it even became a little pinkish mode. Probably no problem.
But Matilda. I mean, since I came back from the temple yesterday, I’ve often been quietly contemplating.
Judging from that figure, he must have talked about something important with the Pope, but unless I know whether it is okay to ask questions, there is no way I can do anything about it… .
Did you just pretend you didn’t know yesterday and ask?

“You seem to have some trouble, but please don’t think about anything else in the dungeon as much as possible.”

I myself, having a complicated head with Rachel’s sister, said that as if I was telling it to myself.

“Yeah. Sorry. I’ll be careful.”

“And if that problem is something you need my help with, tell me. It will give you strength.”


“you… Thank you… . I always have your power… .”

“no. So, stop being in that state in the dungeon.”

I flicked my finger lightly over Matilda’s forehead, who was about to enter pink mode again.
With that alone, Matilda’s pink gaze quickly returned to normal.
These days, I treat him more and more… That being said, I’m getting used to the treatment of curses.

“Ah! Well, you know that’s not the way I want it to be. Anyway, it’s ok. It’s just that I’ve been thinking a little bit about things inside the church. More than that, one has already appeared.”

Matilda gently wrapped her forehead around her forehead, and after saying that, she tightened her eyes as if to calm herself and turned her gaze forward.
Well, I’m glad it’s not a big deal.

Anyway, even if it’s a big deal, there’s nothing I can do here.
As I said before, I decided to focus on the dungeon for now.

“It’s really convenient. this. As long as the floor isn’t slippery, it’s a fairly easy monster to deal with.”

“That’s right. If you only pay attention to the attack power that exceeds the monsters on the 4th floor, the hunting speed is fast. When this place is revealed, many of the adventurers who have been stuck on the 3rd floor will be able to advance to the 4th floor.”

“I wish you It’s comfortable.”

“Well? What do you mean? Aren’t you pretty comfortable too?”

“That’s right, but I’m sure the assassination won’t work… .”

okay. Thanks to the crampons, I felt more stable in navigating the ice cave, and the battle became more comfortable.
However, as before, the method of approaching in stealth and dealing with one animal is no longer usable.
Even so, shoes with crampons are so noisy that even if you use stealth, the penguins will find out.

“Raising the level of an assassin was pretty fun too… .”

“That’s unavoidable, isn’t it? In the first place, your assassin level is a little too low to deal with the monsters here.”

“Sigh… It was weird at first. How the level of assassins in this world rises. If you assassinate, it’s normal to climb up, right? In the meantime, we’ve always treated monsters as assassinations.”

“Yeah?! uh, what do you mean by that? Did we deal with assassinations?”

Leia asked with a shocked expression as if it was the first time she had heard it.
Indeed. The word assassination itself is not a very good word.
It seems that the angel was worried that he was doing something much worse than just hunting against monsters without his knowledge.

“Listen. There is a saying in the world I lived in. Killing all the witnesses is the best assassination ever. We’ve caught all the monsters we’ve seen so far, right? But why the assassin level… .”

“what. Those stupid words… .”

As I sighed, Sarah muttered absurdly.

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