Chapter 37 – 80

Chapter 37 – 80

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37 37

Ren was surprised to see this forest. He had thought that Khorne had burned it down when he had finished sucking up as much of Ren’s blood as he could. But it seems as if Ren had misunderstood what had really happened.

‘No. Not misunderstood. Khorne had lied to me. He has hidden away a piece of one of my souls! Haha. This is good. This is excellent.

I kept saying that I would put him in his place. I kept saying I would teach him a lesson. I was like one of those criminals who would threaten the hostage but would never hurt anyone. But this?

I swear Khorne. You will suffer for this. If you can hear me, you will suffer. I care not if you were a god. I will become a god slayer on the day I get you back!’

Ren walked along the path that he had walked so many times before. He had reached the tree that he always fed his blood. It no longer looked like it was dying but the tree was filled with life and vitality.

Ren placed his right hand on the tree and could feel even more life force coming off from it than he had first thought. He then placed his head on the tree to whisper his apology.

“I’m sorry for abandoning you all these years. Even if he had hidden it from me, it was still my responsibility to confirm the truth with my own eyes. I hope that you will forgive me.”

Ren had his eyes closed and could not see that someone had left the tree. A woman stood behind Ren with tears in her eyes.

“I have never blamed you, Master. It was all that other spirit’s fault!”

Ren was surprised to hear a voice come from behind him. He turned and saw a woman with green skin, green hair, and tree bark that formed a bra and panties. Even though it was his first time seeing her, Ren felt like he had known the spirit all of his life.

Ren kneeled before the spirit and gave his apology once more.

“I understand that you do not blame me but I shall apologize once more. I also must request something of yours. Alone, I am not confident enough to beat Khorne. Please! Please loan me your strength.”

The spirit helped Ren to stand before she kneeled before him just like he did to her.

“My strength is yours to use as you please. Please know my name. I am Dryae.”

Ren felt something awaken in him and a strong amount of energy filled him. The trees around him looked livelier, the sky bluer, and the wind seemed to truly be whispering to him.

“My ability surpasses most zanpakuto spirits. You do not need your blade to use either my shikai or bankai. As long as you stand, you will always be able to use me. As for what I am capable of…”


Ren spent hours talking with Dryae to catch up on missed times. He also used the time in his inner world to practice Dryae’s abilities without worrying about affecting the environment around him.

When he came out of the inner world, it was already late at night. Ren could hear arguing on the lower level so he decided to walk down and see what was going on.

Ren saw Suzuka Kenpachi, her lieutenant, the former lieutenant of the 8th division, and several officers of the 11th division trying to pick a fight with Tier, the Tres Bestias, Kyou, and Shin.

On the side, the 10th division and 9th division officers were watching from the side with interest. As long as neither side went too far, they were not planning to interfere.

When Ren arrived and saw what the situation was like, he frowned. Cyan saw Ren frown and nudged the main two provokers, Emilou and Shin, to calm down and let Ren handle the situation.

The others also saw Ren arrive and quieted down as they waited for him to say something.

“What are you guys doing? No need to argue with the former strongest division. We will settle this with a battle of strength.”

Ren turned to the current Kenpachi to explain what he was thinking.

“Our 5 strongest are missing their zanpakuto so I think the least you can do is not interfere yourself. You select any two of your officers while I select 2 of mine. We will also pick 5 shinigami who have not yet achieved shikai to join them. The battle will be 7 on 7.

The winner gets to officially be called the strongest division for the next 100 years. Do you accept?”

Suzuka let out a laugh when she heard Ren’s words.

‘He wants to take on 2 officers from my division with 1 officer who was a double-digit and another person who had only recently achieved shikai? He has grown too arrogant from being compared to me.’

“Fine. I accept. We will hold the battle tomorrow at noon in your training field. The winner will be decided by the referee. Who do you want to be the referee?”

“Same as when we earned our titles as captains. Captain Unohana can be the judge since she will be neutral.”

“Fine then. I hope you do not come up with an excuse tomorrow when my division proves why we are the strongest.”

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38 38

After the members of the 11th division left the doorstep, the officers of the 8th division returned inside the building and were prepared for a lecture from Ren. And a lecture they received.

“Why did you argue so much? Next time, just challenge them to a duel as I did. If they back down, they are cowards. If they accept, they are weaklings since my division will never lose.”

All the others were surprised by the answer but Shin and Emilou had smiles on their faces when they heard Ren’s words. They would have thought that they would get a lecture about picking fights but instead, their captain was upset that they did not pick one.

“You’re right, old man. Next time, I will kick their fucking asses!”

“Hell yeah! Anyone who messes with me deserves to get their ass kicked!”

Everyone looked at the pair with the worst attitudes and shook their heads. These two were so focused on fighting that they may have nothing in their brains besides muscles.

“What do you mean next time? You and Kyou will be the pair to compete tomorrow. Pick out whichever 5 members of the division that you want to use.”

Shin was surprised to hear that he was one of the two officers representing their faction because he was not prepared. Shin looked at the others for confirmation but when he saw them nod, Shin just felt stupefied.

“I’m really going to fight? Isn’t there someone stronger who can do it?”

“Nope. The 4 ladies are out and Kyou is already joining. You are the 7th strongest in the entire division. Congratulations.”

Shin felt giddy to know that he was the 7th strongest member of the division but also pressure. He knew that he had to get stronger if he wanted to maintain his rank and he also had to get stronger to uphold the honor it took to be in that position.

“Don’t worry, Taichou. I will definitely win tomorrow’s battle even if I have to take on all 7 of the enemies by myself.”

Kyou slapped Shin on the back of his head.

“I am stronger than you. If anyone would be taking on the entire team it would be me.”

“Damn you! So what if you are stronger than me? I am still stronger than everyone in that division. Except for their captain of course.”

“Whatever. Let’s just go pick out our members. Please excuse, Taichou.”

Kyou grabbed Shin by his collar and carried him out of the room. She wanted to pick the members that night to ensure that they were well rested for the next day and did not do anything like excessive drinking or going out to party.

The Tres Bestias also left to discuss something with Tier in the other room leaving Ren alone in the room. Seeing that there was nothing left for him to do, Ren went to the rooftop of his building with several bottles of wine.

It was a full moon that night with a clear sky so Ren decided to drink under the beautiful night sky as an early celebration. Ren poured himself a cup and raised it to the moon.

‘To victory in the duel tomorrow. To officially having my 4 new members join my squad. To putting Khorne in his place for daring to cross me.’

Ren took the shot of his drink as he looked at the beautiful night sky and the beautiful days that would come.


The next day at noon, Kyou and Shin were standing in the center of the training grounds with their 5 members behind them. All of the shinigami wore a red undershirt as well as a red headband to show their uniqueness.

On the other side was the former lieutenant of the 8th division and current of the 11th named Akito, 3rd seat of the 11th division called Isobu, and 5 other members of the division behind them.

Unohana had set up a barrier around the training ground to make sure that no one was injured during the battle. She also did not wish for anyone to interfere. Besides the officers or the 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th divisions there were also the officers of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th divisions there as well as many shinigami.

They were there not only to see which division would get the title of the strongest division as well as see the Arrancar who might join the Gotei 13. The rumor had spread about the 4 women that Ren had brought back from Hueco Mundo and many wanted to see. Especially the men.

The number of female shinigami was much smaller than the number of males so the men would take any chance they could to see beautiful women. When they saw the 4 beauties that became officers of the 8th division and the original officer who was standing valiantly in the arena, many shinigami thought about transferring over.

But when they remembered how many members were currently in the 8th division and how they had all died, most dropped the thought.

Unohana looked at both sides of the field before letting out a sigh. To most, her sigh sounded like, ‘I thought that we were getting more civilized but I have to keep getting involved in these fights where we try to kill each other.’

What her sigh actually meant was, ‘If only I did not swear to never use my blade again except for against him. These kids are so energetic and I wanna see what they are made of.’

Unohana raised her hand before bringing it down and signaling that the match had begun.

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39 39

“Shine, Seiken!” (Holy Sword)

“Begone with the thunderclap, Qilin!”

“Rearrange! Sourusutīrā!” (Soul Stealer)

“Let the fear within me become the fear my enemies feel themselves, Naitomeareiku!” (Nightmare Lake)

The 4 officers activated their shikai the moment that the match had begun. Kyou’s katana transformed into a long sword, Shin’s sword transformed into a guandao, Akito’s zanpakuto transformed into a short ax, and Isobu whose zanpakuto did not change but the man gained a dark aura around his body.

“Let’s fuck them up!”

Instead of the 11th division who were known for being vulgar and acting like thugs being the one who said it, it was Shin of the 8th division. Kyou wanted to smack Shin but since they were in the middle of a fight, she could only do so later.

The officers stood aside while they watched their division members charge ahead. Most thought that this was a suicide.

“The members of the 11th division are known for their close-range combat strength.”

“Yeah. If they wanted to win this, they should have stuck to something like kido to rain their attacks on the 11th division members.”

“Or at least appear to have actual battle tactics instead of straight of clashing with the others.”

But as soon as the two groups clashed, all the members of the 11th division were pushed back a couple of feet. When the 8th division members launched their second attacks, the members of the 11th division were pushed back even further. With the third, one had even stumbled and was about to fall over.

Seeing a piece of prey in front of them that was ready to be finished, the members of the 8th division made a silent agreement for a single member to strike down the member of the 11th division while the others covered him.

Seeing the blade approaching one of the members’ bodies, Isobu flash stepped to try and block it but before he had reached the group, Isobu himself was forced on the defensive when Shin had appeared out of nowhere.

Shin started to cackle a little as he said, “You thought that you could interfere? Your man and the rest of your weaklings are going down!”

Shin brought his guandao down from above with such speed that Isobu had no choice but to block it. But when the katana met with the guandao, Isobu felt like a hill was dropped on him as his knees began to shake and he could feel the force of the blow going through his entire body.

‘What is this kid made of? Lead?! I can barely even feel my hands!’

Shin twirled his weapon around and used the blunt side of the weapon to break Isobu’s guard before pointing the base of his guandao and Isobu’s face.

“Raitoningubōru! (Thunder Ball)”

A ball of blue electricity appeared at the end of the weapon and launched at a very fast rate. Before Isobu could even react, he was struck in the face by the move and knocked unconscious. During the short exchange with Isobu, the members of the 8th division were able to finish off the other members of the 11th division.

“3rd seat of the 11th division has lost consciousness. He is no longer allowed to attack or be attacked. The 5 division members of the 11th division have lost consciousness. They are no longer allowed to attack or be attacked.”

This meant that the only member of the 11th division that remained was the lieutenant, Akito. Shin did not think to let Kyou take the last enemy and charged ahead like a madman. Not wanting Shin to gain all the credit for the victory, Kyou also flash stepped to Akito.

This put Akito in a very sorry position. Akito’s weapon made him have a disadvantage against both other officers off the bat. If it was just Shin alone, he may have had a chance since he had more experience and combat power than Shin.

Kyou was another story. Their combat strength was about equal and she also had the weapon advantage. But with both of them teaming up with each other, Akito had no chance.

Whenever they struck, their attacks were coordinated. Whenever they defended, one would cover the one being attacked while the one being attacked would launch an otherwise suicidal attack.

Akito could not find an opening to exploit in their defense. But he could not retreat either. Even though the non-ranked shinigami knew that their combat strength was not enough to be able to enter the battle, their mere presence surrounding the trio helped.

It created an intimidating effect and if Akito wanted to leave, the time it would take to beat one of them would buy Kyou and Shin enough time to land a decisive blow.

After several more minutes of battling where neither Shin nor Kyou gave Akito any openings or even a chance to use his special moves, Unohana called the battle off. Akito had accumulated too many injuries and would die if they were left untreated.

“Enough! Akito, lieutenant of the 11th division is no longer fit for battle according to my expert opinion. I declare the winners of this match to be the 8th division. They have no taken the title of the strongest division.”

Hearing that they had won, the members of the 8th division outside the arena cheered while the 7 members inside lowered and sheathed their blades before they started to exit the arena.

But there was one person who was feeling extremely unwilling. And when he saw the defenseless back on the members of the 8th division, an evil thought occurred before the action followed.

“Supirittorībā!” (Spirit Reaver)

Akito swung his ax and an arc of energy giving off a cold feeling was shot toward the unprepared Kyou and Shin. The two saw that the attack was coming and had to make a quick decision.

If they moved, they could dodge it but their 5 members would definitely be killed. If they stayed, they might be able to block most of the attack but they would definitely suffer for it.

The pair did not seem to think much and both started to unsheath their blades. But before the blade beam got near them, a familiar figure stood in the middle of the arena.

Ren outstretched his right hand and caught the attack. The attack that seemed full of momentum was stopped with just hid hand. Ren then closed his hand and broke the arc into thousands of motes of light.

Ren had a small smile on his face as he looked at the other captains who were standing together, especially Suzuka.

“I hope that Captain Kenpachi will give a proper punishment for attempted murder. Otherwise, I don’t mind breaking the rule about captains not being allowed to punish members of other divisions!”


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40 40

Ren released a large amount of reiatsu and focused it on Akito. The amount of reiatsu forced Akito to his knees. The pressure on his body was so heavy that Akito could not even look at Ren due to how much pressure was being emitted.

Suzuka jumped in front of Akito and released her own reiatsu to counter Ren’s. Akito could finally feel the pressure ease off of him. He wiped his head and felt how much sweat had accumulated due to what Ren had done to him.

“Captain! Please seek justi…” but he was silenced when Suzuka turned her head at him and gave Akito a look that could kill.

“Be silent! You have already disgraced the 11th division enough. Whether it was losing or being a sore loser and attacking foes after the battle was over, you have lost all face for our division.

So I suggest that you remain silent before you have to worry about 3 instead of just two captains wanting your head.”

‘Two?’ Akito thought before he looked over and saw Captain Unohana with a fierce look on her face. He had completely forgotten about her.

Unohana was the referee and was supposed to keep the match fair. If someone committed such an act and end up killing or injuring the other party unfairly, then it would reflect badly on her.

Akito decided to take Suzuka’s advice and remain silent. That did not stop him from feeling fury in his heart at the humiliation.

Suzuka nodded her head before turning to Unohana. She wanted to put out the small fire that had yet to grow before focusing on the storm that was heading her way.

“Captain Unohana. I apologize for my lieutenant’s actions. He had acted out of line and endangered the members of the 11th division as well as assaulted your honor. I will make sure that I give him the appropriate punishment.”

Unohana gave one of those smiles that were obviously forced and fake as she replied to Suzuka.

“Oh. And what might that punishment be, Captain Suzuka?”

Suzuka did not expect Unohana to ask for the punishment in front of all the captains. If she had not brought it up, Suzuka could have given a much lighter punishment or none at all when they returned to the division. But now, this matter needed to be answered immediately.

“Please do not get ahead of me, Captain Unohana. It was my members whose lives were endangered due to her underqualified officer acting out of line.”

“Oh, of course, Captain Ren. This matter concerns not only my face and honor but also the face and honor of you, your division, and the health of your members. You must definitely want an answer for this.”

The pair of captains were agreeing with each other and making the matter bigger and bigger. Suzuka only had one chance to give a punishment that would satisfy both of the offended parties.

“Akito shall be removed from his position as the lieutenant and shall place him in the custody of the detention unit for 100 years. Is that satisfying for the both of you?”

Ren and Unohana looked at each other for 20 seconds as if they were having a silent conversation before they turned to Suzuka and nodded their heads. Suzuka let out a sigh of relief since she was unwilling to lose a valuable member of her squad for even longer.

Akito also thought that the punishment he got was light with what he had done. Although he was unwilling to be separated from his zanpakuto for 100 years, he knew that he should not try to fight it since this was his best option.

“Good. I shall call for the Onmitsukidō to take him to the nest and take away his zanpakuto if there is nothing else.”

Unohana but Ren held up his hand signaling for Suzuka to not leave yet.

“Is there anything that concerns you, Captain Ren?”

“There is one thing. I think that… the title of Kenpachi has been in the 11th division for too long. If the owner of the title was worthy, I would not have said anything.

But with the way that members are acting under her command after just half a year, I must say that it brings into question your ability to lead.”

The air was silent. No one could say anything because this was a direct provocation. To say that the current Kenpachi was unworthy of the title, was pretty much a declaration of war.

“Oh. And might I ask who do you think is more worthy of the title of Kenpachi?”

Although she asked the question calmly, anyone could hear the rage that was lying within every word. Ren acted as if he did not hear it though.

“Of course… it should be the captain of the strongest division. The strongest captain obviously leads the strongest division.”

Suzuka no longer held in her rage as her reiatsu began leaking out wildly while her killing intent was directed at Ren.

“You dare to challenge me for the title of Kenpachi!? You do not even have possession of your zanpakuto! But you think that you can kill me?! Haha. I have never heard of anything so funny!”

Ren tilted his head to the side as if he was puzzled by the question.

“Who said… I only have one zanpakuto?”

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41 41

Ren raised his right hand to show off his jade bead bracelet. This was his Dryae. Not only was she separate from his main sword but the Dryae was also permanently in her shikai form and had given Ren access to all of her abilities from the get go.

‘I say all but it is only two. But with those two, I am sure that I can take care of Suzuna.’

Suzuna let out a laugh and unsheathed her sword.

“Fine! I will show you just how strong a person with the title of Kenpachi is!”

Ren turned to Captain Unohana and made his request.

“Please serve as referee for this match and make sure that the former lieutenant of the 11th division does not sneak off anywhere while I handle this small matter.”

Unohana nodded in agreement before she flash stepped into the arena to grab Akito by his collar before she flash stepped outside and set up a barrier. This barrier was much sturdier and larger than the one she had set up for the sparring match between the divisions.

On the side, all the officers were talking about Ren’s zanpakuto.

“He has two?”

“I have never heard of anyone having two zanpakuto?”

“I thought they confiscated his? Does that mean they have separate bodies?”

Even the members of Ren’s 8th division were talking about it.

“Did you guys know he had a second one?” Emilou asked to no one in particular. She was just throwing the question out there.

“Not only have I never heard of him having one, but I have also never seen that bracelet on his wrist before. He either just unlocked it or he had no reason to use it before.”

“It should be the latter. If it was the former, it would be insane to take on another captain without being able to use bankai.”

If Ren heard what they were saying, he would have surely laughed. He had only been able to use Dryae’s abilities since the day before. What everyone thought was the impossibility was actually the truth.

“Reap the lives of dark beings, Botomuresureiku!” (Bottomless Lake)

Suzuka’s katana turned into the black scythe Ren had seen when she battled against Kojuro 6 months ago. Suzuka knew that Ren’s zanpakuto was an elemental or kido type by the shape of it so she decided to close the gap with a flash step.

But as soon as she appeared in front of Ren, a wall off wood rose from the ground and blocked her approach. Suzuka had no choice but to back up in order to cut through the wood wall. By the time she cut through it, Ren used the chance to create a large and thick tree to carry him into the air.

Ren also summoned trees all over to create a small forest of tall but thin trees. This was one of the special abilities of his shikai. With a thought, Ren could create, grow, and manipulate trees and tree branches in a variety of shapes and ways.

If he had to combat Suzuka directly, his trees would not last against her slashes. But by using the trees as cover, Suzuka was unable to swing her scythe as she pleased within the forest. She was now in Ren’s domain.

As Suzuka tried to make her way up the trees and reach Ren, Ren would have the tree branches grow to obstruct her path and also attack her from a variety of angles.

‘Shit! You think that a few trees can stop me?’

“Kusaru ōra!” (Rotting Aura)

A black mist appeared around Suzuka which started to make the trees die rapidly and rot. Anything that did not completely rot became so soft that they would no longer cause an obstruction to Suzuka and she could run through them as if they were no longer there.

‘Haha. got you now.’

Suzuka jumped above the tree branches that were obscuring her and cut towards Ren who seemed to be chanting a kido spell.

“Limit of the thousands hands, respectful hands, unable to touch the darkness. Shooting hands unable to reflect the blue sky. The road that basks in light, the wind that ignited the embers, time that gathers when both are together, there is no need to be hesitant, obey my orders.”


With a swing of her scythe, Ren was beheaded and his body started rotting.

‘Utsusemi.’ (Cast-Off Cicada Shell)

The body of Ren completely dispersed leaving only the hairband he used to keep his hair in a ponytail behind.

“Light bullets, eight bodies, nine items, book of heaven, diseased treasure, great wheel, grey fortress tower. Aim far away, scatter brightly and cleanly when fired.”

Ren appeared about 15 meters behind Suzuka standing on a tree branch. Ten pink energy points were floating around his body and aimed at Suzuka.

“Hadō #91: Senju Kōten Taihō!”

The 10 pink lights launched themselves at Suzuka. As she tried to use a tree branch as a landing pad to dodge with, Suzuka had noticed that all the branches and even the trees had shrunk.

‘Shit!’ was Suzuka’s last thought before a large explosion occurred. The explosion was so blinding that the other shinigami had to look away.

When they could see again, they could see Suzuka’s badly injured and burned body being held by tree branches around her wrists and ankles while her zanpakuto was on the ground far below.

Just as Unohana was going to declare Ren the winner to save Suzuka’s life, Ren beat her to it.

“I surrender.”

Once again, Ren was great at leaving everyone surprised. Suzuka who was barely conscious a moment ago seemed to awaken and looked furious.

“You! You dare to humiliate me like this? Either kill me or hold still so I can rip your head off?”

“I’m good. Why would I want to hold a title not meant for me? Not to mention ‘those 3’ there is still Yamamoto and ‘her’ who are stronger or at least have not been proven to be weaker.

It is way too embarrassing to hold the title of strongest without the proof to back it up. So you can keep it. I will just keep my title of ‘Captain of the Strongest Division.'”

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42 42

The matter was quickly settled after the battle had ended. With the detention of one officer and the heavy injuries of another, the bad blood between the two divisions was set in stone. This is exactly what Ren wanted.

With the bad blood between the two, the officers of the 11th division could not be trusted to watch over their division while they were under house arrest which meant that only the 9th and 10th divisions were the babysitters after that.

Ren decided to break out the liquor and made a feast to celebrate their victory and new title. Everyone was happy and partying but when Ren saw that Tier was unable to eat or drink, he put away his food and drinks as well.

Ren brought her to the roof of his dorm to have a moment alone while watching the members celebrate below and the sky above. Tier was looking at the members below, especially her fraccion who seemed happier than she had ever seen them.

“I never thought that there would be a day where I could see them relaxing and not worried about a predator hunting them down. Even under my protection, we were never this relaxed. Such an amazing sight.”

“Hmm. Indeed. One of the best sights ever.”

Ren was not looking at the people below but instead has his eyes on Tier. It would be a lie to say that he did not have a crush on her in Lawrence’s life but he had become truly attracted to the woman in the past 5 months.

He had gotten to know her so well over the past 5 months. The show had only shown her for 2 or 3 hours from what he remembered but Ren had gotten to know the real person.

‘They always said to never meet your heroes because the reality is more disappointing than a person could imagine but she is so much better than they had displayed of her.’

Ren looked at the remnants of Tier’s mask and thought that he wanted to think of a way to get rid of them without her resurrecion. He wanted to see the true face of the woman he was slowly starting to admire.

For the rest of the night, the pair sat in silence with the occasional small talk as they enjoyed the joyful atmosphere.

It took a week before Yamamoto returned and asked for Ren and the Arrancar to follow him along with the other captains. The group made their way to the first division where the rest of the captains and lieutenants were waiting for them.

Ren and his group stood in the center while all of the captains and lieutenants of the other divisions. Ren felt the burning gaze of one captain in particular but ignored it.

Yamamoto took his seat in the middle of the hall with Chojiro standing beside him. The old man slammed his cane on the ground 3 times to announce the beginning of the meeting.

“I have called this meeting in regards to the matters of the 8th division and what shall happen going forward regarding Arrancar.

After speaking with the Central 46, a decision has been made. Friendly Arrancar are to be treated like shinigami. If they dare to assault other shinigami, they are to be killed immediately.

The 8th division is currently the only division that is allowed to recruit Arrancar but they are also the division in command of dealing with any Arrancar threats. Depending on the actions of the Arrancar currently within the 8th division as well as any future Arrancar brought in, we will then decide on whether other divisions will be allowed to take in Arrancar members.

The laws regarding shinigami attempting to gain or actually acquiring hollow-like powers shall remain. If we are to find out that you have attempted to gain any of your Arrancar’s abilities or find a way to give them to your members, you shall be tried as a traitor and executed.

The Central 46 have also said that duels between captains are now forbidden. Anyone caught breaking this rule shall be tried as a traitor and executed.

The last new law that has been created involves the releasing of one’s zanpakuto. Captain’s are no longer allowed to unleash their bankai within Soul Society unless in times of wars.

Chojiro. Pass these 5 their zanpakutos.”

Chojiro walked towards the back of the room to retrieve the zanpakutos. Ren and the other Arrancar were given their zanpakutos back without any further fuss.

“Since all this turned out well and good, I have a couple of requests I would like to make.”

After hearing all of Ren’s request, Yamamoto felt as if he was going to have a heart attack. The old man yelled at Ren for a few minutes while a couple of the captains did their best to hold in their laughter.

They had heard how Ren had pissed off Yamamoto about the haori last week and was surprised that he would still have the nerve to try the old man’s patience after he was almost tried as a traitor by the Central 46 if not for Yamamoto speaking up on his behalf.

With no other important matters, the captains were dismissed from the meeting hall. Ren and the others left after greeting Unohana, Kyoraku, and the current captain of the 6th division, Kuchiki.

The Arrancar left towards the 8th division while Ren started making his way to the forest to see how much Yoruichi and Kisuke had improved since he had last seen them.


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43 43

Ren arrived at the forest and did not sense anyone in the area. Seeing that neither of the two was there, Ren decided to head inside of the cave and deal with the business that had been bothering him for the past week.

Ren set up several barriers around his body when he remembered what happened to Ichigo during his vizored training. He then sat in the lotus position and placed his blade across his lap and began performing Jinzen. Ren soon entered the inner world that he had done so for a long time that was filled with bone and brass.

“Khorne! Get your fucking ass out here!”

A loud rumbling was heard as the rivers began to overflow and the towers around the world began to shake.

“You dare to…”

But before Khorne could finish, Ren interrupted him.

“It is you that is daring! You dared to hide Dryae from me for over 100 years! I did not use kido to try and please you. To try and make concessions for you since I did not want you to feel like my slave.

But now! I will beat you into submission. Before, I was borrowing your power. I am here to claim it as my own!”

Khorne walked out of the fortress with his head held high. The god was 5 meters tall and covered from head to toe in armor so thick that a space marine would get wet seeing it.

“You wish to challenge me in combat? Fine. The winner shall possess all that the loser owned. If you are victorious, my powers are yours and will be as if they are only yours. If I am victorious, I shall be taking your body and that other spirit’s powers all for myself.

You can use anything except for my abilities while I will exclusively use my abilities. Do you accept this battle between us?”

Ren did not even need to think for a moment before he answered.

“That is exactly why I came here.”

As soon as he said that, a large amount of wood that was at least 8 meters in diameter rose out of the ground beneath Khorne and slammed him into his fort. 10s of smaller trees rose up and stabbed into Khorne’s body as well.

Ren tried to make them as sharp a possible but he was pretty sure that the trees would be unable to pierce Khorne’s armor. The trees were shattered and blown away in thousands of splinters.

“Haha. These can not pierce my armor but you were hoping that they would pierce both my armor and flesh? You forget that the gifts I give you are truly a part of me. You merely borrow their power. I am the source of it.”

4 ethereal weapons appeared behind Khorne. The greatsword and great ax, that Ren was only capable of wielding each one with both hands, were held casually in each of Khorne’s hands.

“I will show your the true power of these weapons.”

These were the two weapons Ren had the least control over due to how powerful they were. The ax had the ability to temporarily multiply Ren’s physical strength by up to 10 times but his body was barely able to handle 3 times even with the Gift of Flesh.

As for the sword, it allowed one access to several powerful warpfire abilities. This weapon could be considered a fire-element zanpakuto’s bankai if it was fully mastered. Khorne pointed the blade at Ren as a ball of white fire formed at the tip of the sword.

Knowing what Khorne was planning to use, Ren was very worried. Ren created hundreds of trees in between himself and Khorne of various sizes and thickness. He also added several kido barriers between certain layers to increase the blockade.

“Molten Beam!”

A pure white beam of concentrated flames left the tip of sword. The beam was so bright that it was blinding while its size was well over 10 meters in diameter. The beam tore through the various layers of defense and would have killed Ren if the layers had not slowed the beam by the slightest or margins and blinded Khorne from seeing Ren.

Ren looked at the hole that the beam had created and the trees that were supposed to be fire resistant burning easily.

‘Wow, that thing is dangerous! I never saw the old man’s bankai but I am pretty sure it would be something dangerous like that. With those flames, hoho, shikai, and hakuda are not all I can use.

I will need to use my bankai to buy time and use my most powerful spell to kill him’

Just as Ren was about to enter his bankai, he heard a growling sound that he was far too familiar with. Ren looked around and saw seven wolf-like creatures with powerful scaled bodies and mouths filled with sharp and dangerous teeth.

These were Fleshhounds that Ren could summon using his second gift, the gift of beasts. These creatures were naturally resistant to most reiatsu/kido based attacks and had incredibly powerful bodies. Most lieutenants would struggle against a single one of them.

The worst part was their sense of smell. Once one of the creatures had caught onto the scent, they all did. And they could track a target thousand of miles away.

Ren looked around but he could not find the hound he was most afraid of. Ren kept looking until he looked right beside Khorne. Standing next to him on all 4 legs was a 3 headed Fleshhound. This was Karanak. He was the most dangerous of the group.

Not just because he could fight a captain with his physical body alone but also with how he tracked others. The others tracked with just their noses in normal ways. Karanak could track targets through different dimensions, could track where they had been years in the past, and could track their target by thought.

With him by Khorne’s side, Ren could no longer plan out strategies since Karanak would be able to know them and tell them to Khorne. All he could do was fight by instinct and improvisation now.

‘Just when I thought this would not have gotten any more difficult. He is not only stronger, faster, more durable, and has an assortment of weapons but he also outnumbers me too.’

Ren stood on his tree branch and let out a chuckle as he pitied himself.

“Whatever. Bankai!”

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44 44

The jade beads on Ren’s right wrist seemed to melt before their shaped reformed and became an emerald-colored bracer with a leaf design carved into it. As soon as Ren had awakened his bankai, he cast one of the two abilities it had.

“Shizen no Ikari!” (Nature’s Wrath)

Dryae was a zanpakuto that embodied nature in its purest form. Its shikai was about growth and communication with nature. While its bankai was about its wrath and destructive abilities.

Shizen no Ikari had the special ability to allow Ren to change the weather to several different types of storms or natural phenomena which he could use to his advantage. Ren was immune to each storm’s effects but they would affect everyone else in the area which made his bankai unable to be used with allies around.

Against Khorne and the flesh hounds, Ren decided to use Shizen no Ikari to activate a sandstorm and summon several tornadoes all at once.

Since Khorne and the flesh hounds were bound to the ground, the tornadoes would blow away the flesh hounds and slow Khorne down while the sandstorm was useful at blinding Khorne.

Several yelps were heard by the common flesh hounds being tossed about but Karanak who stood by Khorne’s side seemed unaffected. Its sharp claws were digging into the ground and holding on tight.

“Haha. You think a little wind and sand will be enough to shield you from me?”

Khorne pointed his sword at Ren once more and let a white ball of flame appear on the tip. Another massive beam was fired at Ren but without being caught off guard by the ability and having a large gap between them, Ren was able to dodge fast but had to go towards the ground as he saw Khorne trying to follow him with the beam.

As Ren dodged, he heard a growling appear on his left. Ren hurried to raise a wall of wood but Karanak tore through it like it was paper. Ren used shunpo to flash step away and sent branches after the flesh hounds limbs but he was unable to truly restrain due to being unable to create the strongest bindings he could in a short amount of time.

As Ren was focused on Karanak, he could hear the faint singing of angels. Thinking it was odd to hear that, it took Ren a moment to understand what was truly going on. When he did, his face changed into a look of pure fear.

“You’re using that in here? You’ll burn down the fort! No! You’ll burn down this entire world!”

But Ren was met with no reply and just kept hearing the singing. He saw a bright sphere of light from where Khorne once stood.

Ren was afraid of what Khorne was doing. He created a large number of trees and focused on making them as strong as possible when he did. He then used Shizen no Ikari once again to change the weather to a blizzard and frozen rain to bring down the temperature and hopefully weaken Khorne’s next move.

Karanak who was attacking Ren slowed down by a large degree and the other flesh hounds stopped moving altogether.

‘Flesh hounds are weak to cold. Awesome to know. Now to deal with this before he kills me!’

Ren bound Karanak’s legs with trees while he could feel that the temperature was increasing no matter how much snow and freezing rain rained down. The voice of Khorne was getting louder and the louder the longer he sang.

‘I have about a minute and a half before he finishes that song. I need to break through his armor before then to end this!’


Inside the cave, Yoruichi had arrived and was about to greet Ren when she saw him but once she noticed the barriers she did not dare to interrupt afraid of disturbing her teacher during something important.

‘I wonder why he needs so many barriers. There are at least 7 that I can see and maybe even more if they are thinner.’

Yoruichi sat outside the barrier and watched her teacher’s face who had cold sweat appearing on it.


Ren had launched several different kido attacks that he could cast instantly but none of them managed to pierce through the light that was covering Khorne let alone his armor. As for ones that needed chanting, they would take too long and Ren was not sure that they would work. So he turned to his last resort.

“Mokushiroku!” (Apocalpyse)

This was Dryae’s most powerful technique but also the most dangerous. Ren looked into the sky and could see if it was coming but he could not see anything through the clouds.

Ren counted the time he had left in his head and was wondering what was taking so long. They were inside his personal world and the ability created it so it was not like he needed a real one.

Ren surrounded his body in several different kido barriers and created the most durable type of wood he could to surround his body. If his attack did not arrive in time, he was going to die. And even if it did, Ren might still die.

Inside the cocoon he made for himself, Ren could hear the singing get louder and even feel the temperature getting hotter. But then he heard it. A whistling and a rumbling.

Mokushiroku summoned nature’s tried and tested method for restarting life on a planet. The ability summoned one or several meteors to rain down and destroy everything. Not sure if he would survive summoning more than 1, Ren only summoned a single meteor.

If Ren knew the true size of the meteor, he would have surely regretted summoning even the one instead of risking it all on another ability.

Khorne kept singing as he looked above and saw the destruction that approached him. One word surfaced in his mind. He had seen it down many times in his past life against his daemons but never expected it would occur to him directly.

‘They told about the danger it held but I always ignored. Who thought a mortal would dare to use it on me. What was it called again? Ah, yes. Exterminatus…’

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45 45

—–30 seconds prior—–

Yoruichi had been watch Ren closely and noticed that he had a look of fear on his face.

‘For teacher to be afraid, I wonder what is going on with him. Maybe he is doing some zanpakuto training with that spirit of his and he has to live through some nightmares.’

Just as she was about to look away, Yoruichi was shocked to see Ren severely injured. His upper body was bare while many cuts and burns appeared over his entire body. There was an especially large wound on Ren’s chest like someone had ripped out a large amount of flesh with a claw.

‘What is going on? What is going on?!?!’

Yoruichi wanted to leave and get help but she was unsure of where to go. She was also unsure of when the barrier would lower and did not want to be too far away in case her teacher needed help immediately.

Without any other choice, Yoruichi took a long flute from between her breasts and blew into it. No noise was heard coming from it but Yoruichi seemed to relax after she had done it.

‘Let’s see if being the next clan head is worth it.’


Ren was coughing up blood and using emergency kaido on his body. He stopped Shizen no Ikari because his body was so weak that he could not resist the effects of his own technique anymore.

‘I am barely alive and I dropped it directly on him. He has to be dead, doesn’t he?’

But Ren’s hopes were soon dashed. When the dust dispersed, Khorne still stood there. His body that seemed to be almost completely destroyed was rapidly healing. The sight utterly terrified Ren.

The sight of Khorne’s body reforming was disgusting but it was his true appearance that threw Ren off.

Khorne looked like a humanoid canine with black, scaled skin. His skin was so black that when he was healing his burns, Ren could not tell which was a burn from the meteor and which was just how his skin looked.

Khorne looked at Ren with eyes full of rage as he felt his body slowly recover. Ren’s last move had truly put him in danger of losing his life.

If he had stopped casting ‘Sunburst’ which melted a small portion of the meteor and did not use the Great Axe of Khorne to strike at the meteor right moment to break part of it apart, Khorne was sure he would have lost.

“Haha. You were so close. You even used Exterminatus on me. You must be tired. Exhausted. Because without my gifts, you will surely die to those wounds.

But do not worry. I will not let you die like that. I will cut your head off, rip out your skull, and place it atop my throne while I hang your body above my entrance to let anyone who dares to attack me know the cost.”

Ren could not believe that Khorne had lived through that. He had dropped a meteor on the being.

‘Haha. He is really a god. But that just means that this will be even better when I kill him.’

Ren held his hand above his hand and pointed a finger at the sky. Dark energy formed around the entire area.

“Does not matter if the first one did not kill you. I will definitely kill you with this next move!”

The pressure got heavy around both of the combatants. Even Khorne could feel the danger of what Ren was doing. If he had his armor, he would not have worried but with the meteor having destroyed it and his body still recovering, Khorne was unsure if he could survive one more move like that.

Khorne tried to move forward but he fell before he could even take a single step. He looked down to see that both of his legs were more injured than he had initially thought.

Ren began to chant, “Seeping crest of turbidity. Arrogant vessel of lunacy! Boil forth and deny! Grow numb and flicker! Disrupt sleep!”

Hearing that Ren was using a spell unknown to him, Khorne could only summon Bloodhunger. With the black and red sword in his hand, he had it unleash a roar.

The roar caused Ren to be stunned and stop casting his spell. The dark energy and pressure in the area dispersed as Ren coughed up blood from being interrupted.

’20 seconds before it can be used again. Finish this!’

Ren raised his finger and pointed at the sky once again as the pressure and dark energy returned.

“You! Will! Die! Seeping crest of turbidity. Arrogant vessel of lunacy! Boil forth and deny! Grow numb and flicker! Disrupt sleep! Crawling queen of iron! Eternally self-destructing doll of mud! Unite! Repulse! Fill with soil and know your own powerlessness!”

Khorne felt himself being pushed to the ground as a large amount of gravity was suddenly weighing down on him. A large, black coffin of reiatsu covered Khorne before multiple smaller boxes of black energy appeared, each of them topped off with cross-shaped spears.

The smaller boxes fused with the larger box until it became incredibly large with all of the cross-shaped spears as the top.

“Hado #90: Kurohitsugi! (Black Coffin)”

The spears at the top of the coffin entered it and cut apart all that was within the coffin. This was one of Ren’s two most powerful kido spells alongside Hado #91.

After the black box disappeared, Ren saw the lacerated and mutilated body of Khorne. Ren would have thought that the blood god would have lived through the attack if not for the head that had fallen to the ground. With this, victory was Ren’s.

————Inside the cave. ———–

The elite guards of the Shihoin clan had arrived and just broken through the 6th barrier. Just as they were about to attempt the 7th, all the remaining barriers shattered.

Ren opened his eyes and saw all the unrecognizable individuals before he saw his student run up to him to check on him. Seeing that he was in no danger, Ren decided to give in to his body’s wishes and lose consciousness. ‘


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46 46

Tier came to the Shihion clan as soon as she heard about Ren. When Tier arrived, she could see several dark-skinned individuals which was the signature skin color of members of the clan. They led Tier inside until she reached a room where 4 individuals were standing or kneeling around a bed and looking down on the figure lying on it.

Kisuke and Yoruichi were on either side of the bed while a young kid who looked similar to Yoruichi was by the young woman’s side. The last person in the room was the current 5th seat of the 4th division who Yoruichi had kidnapped on the way there, Isane Kotetsu.

The woman had performed kaido on Ren but was surprised to see that most of the injuries were healing themselves and at a fast rate.

“How is he?” Tier asked as soon as she studied the room and made sure that Ren was not in danger. She ignored two people kneeling and talked to the only person wearing a shinigami uniform.

“His body was injured while he was training in his inner world. I am not sure what type of training he was doing since he had already achieved bankai but the damage he had received was quite extensive.

His body also seems to be undergoing some sort of change and I think it has something to do with his zanpakuto. The thing has slowly been changing from a custom zanpakuto into an asauchi.

This would usually mean that the shinigami is dying but his vitality is getting stronger and stronger with each moment. I am truly puzzled as to what exactly is going on with Lord 8th.”

Tier nodded and walked over to the bed before sitting down beside Kisuke. Everyone’s attention was on Ren.

Under Yoruichi’s order as the 22nd Head of the Shihion clan, no one was allowed the spread the news of Ren getting injured. So for the next week, only the officers of the 8th division, the few guards who brought Ren back to the compound, and the people in Ren’s recovery room knew of what happened.

During that week, Ren’s body had undergone several major changes while his zanpakuto had completely reverted into the standard katana most asauchi started off as.

——Inner World——-

A shirtless man was running through the forest within the inner world. Ren had only walked along the original path to Dryae’s tree before and had never explored the large place. The size of it was unbelievable.

Ren jumped from tree to tree using just his physical body and realized that he had gotten much stronger.

‘This is what he meant when he said that his power would be my own. It seems that my body has finally stopped changing after a week.’

During the past week, Ren was aware of the changes his body was going through outside because he was going through the same changes in his inner world. Ren could barely recognize himself anymore.

Ren had inherited most of Khorne’s abilities but several of them had a few modifications to them. He had inherited all the gifts and 2 of the bankai abilities.

Ren’s version of the Gift of Flesh was similar to the one Khorne had used when they battled and was always active. Ren’s was not as powerful as Khorne’s as well but it at least kept his appearance more normal by only increasing his height and the density of his body.

Ren was able to master the use of his body as it slowly increased over the week and was no longer afraid of damaging anything when he left his inner world.


Right after he shouted her name, Dryae appeared in front of Ren as if she had always been there. She looked over Ren’s body with a teasing look before she licked her lips.

“Ara, Ara. Your body looks so good after you took over that guy’s abilities.”

Ren shook his head at Dryae. He realized after being alone with her for several days that Dryae was a huge flirt and tease but he did not mind that since the spirit was very loyal and he would not have survived his fight with Khorne without her help.

“You’ve had me to yourself for a week now. I need to head out to make sure that my division has not collapsed in on itself without their great leader.”

Dryae nodded and tried to pat Ren on his head before realizing that he had grown too tall for her to do it. Dryae puffed out her cheeks as she pouted.

Ren chuckled seeing this and kneeled a bit so his spirit could do as she wanted. After patting Ren’s messy hair, Dryae felt satisfied and disappeared as if she was never there.

Ren was used to her disappearing act and let his conscious be pulled out of the inner world as he could not wait to eat something for the first time in a week.

——– Shihoin Compound ———

Ren sat up from the bed so fast that he scarred the 4 people looking after him. Before Ren could say anything, his stomach let out a loud growl.

Ren gave a sheepish laugh before asking “Any chance I can get something to eat real quick?”


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Ren was eating like a Shonen protagonist. His body was starving since he had not had a meal in the past week and his body grew by a great deal as well. Ren who was originally 178 centimeters tall had grown to 230 centimeters in height.

With such a large growth spurt, it was surprising that Ren did not starve to death. Tier, Kisuke, and Yoruichi watched in amazement as Ren ate all of the food placed before him in a short amount of time.

Isane was finally allowed to leave when Ren woke up so the woman hurried to take off and return to the 4th division while Yushiro, Yoruichi’s brother, had gotten tired of watching over Ren after the first day and had not been seen since then.

Ren set down his chopsticks and bowl with a satisfied look on his face. Seeing the 3 of them looking at him with concerned looks, he knew he could not put off answering their unasked questions.

“I was dealing with Khorne, my zanpakuto spirit. It not only hid my second zanpakuto spirit but also was very limiting of what I could do. He wouldn’t let me use kido and always complained about how I acted.

So I decided that I was tired. Long story short, I had a battle to the death with my zanpakuto spirit which was the reason for my wounds. And as you can see that I am still alive, you can tell who was the winner. I have absorbed some of the zanpakuto’s abilities but also lost some. That is also the reason for these physical changes.”

Kisuke and Yoruichi looked very interested in hearing about the zanpakuto spirit and inheriting its powers. Tier just seemed to relax when she heard that Ren was no longer in danger and would not be in danger anymore.

No longer worried about Ren, Tier stood up.

“Since you are fine, I will take my leave. I have been away from the division and unsure if Shin and Emilou have destroyed it.

We also need to do more administration work since we need more members and to filter through the graduates of the Academy.

I will await your return and have a large pile of paperwork waiting for your signature when you return.”

With that, Tier left without looking back. Ren felt a little upset with her leaving so quickly but when he remembered that she stayed by his side for an entire week, that cloud in his heart disappeared very fast.

Just when Ren was about to ask for more food, he saw Yoruichi and Kisuke each have a bowl in their hands that held some delicious looking and smelling food. Each of the pair had a friendly smile on their face but their eyes told a different story.

Ren sighed and took the bribes before motioning for them to ask whatever they wanted to ask.

“You have absorbed your zanpakuto? Does that mean you are partially a zanpakuto?”

“Did you absorb all the abilities as they are or did some of them change?”

“Do you still have bankai? Or are you always in bankai?”

“What about your second spirit? I only heard about the one ability when you battled Captain Kenpachi but nothing else?”

“Oh, yeah! Your second zanpakuto is in permanent shikai, right?”

Kisuke asked all the questions he had in mind without giving Ren a chance to answer one before he asked the next.

Kisuke was more interested in Ren’s zanpakutos while Yoruichi admired Ren’s body. She looked him up and down and was feeling up his body while she was eating. It was easy to tell that the woman had a bit of a muscle fetish.

“Not sure.

I think it is more like a permanent bankai.

Some of them changed.

I do have a second spirit and it is always in shikai.”

Ren held up the jade bead bracelet on his right hand for Kisuke to see. Kisuke grabbed Ren’s arm and began to closely examine Dryae since it seemed like she was not a true zanpakuto since she was not attached to the asauchi.

Yoruichi seemed to get her fill with feeling Ren up so she sat on the side and looked closely at Ren and Kisuke. Her mind could not help but wonder.

‘I wonder what Kisuke would look like with muscles.’

But as soon as she imagined the droopy looking man with large muscles, her mind vomited.

‘No, no. He is fine the way he is.’

“Teacher. The best way to get your body in perfect condition is to workout. And the best workout is a good spar!”

‘So that is what she wanted.’

Ren did not mind though. He agreed to the spar and passed Dryae to Kisuke so the man could study it as he pleased. He was not afraid of Kisuke doing anything dangerous with Dryae so he let him hold her while he sparred with Yoruichi.

The pair went out to the training grounds where the main clan members, guards, and a several members of the Feng clan were present. When they all saw their next clan head walking in with a man they did not recognize, they could not help but take a second look.

Ren jumped into the arena along with Yoruichi.

“We will do this one on one. I will not use any of my abilities except for this one that I can’t turn off. I will also use no kido and will be limited to hakuda and hoho.

You can use whatever you want to try your best to beat me. You will win if you land 3 solid hits on me.”

The people who were watching were offended by the man who looked down on the next clan head so much. None of them recognized Ren due to his physical and hairstyle change as well as his lack of shinigami robes.

Yoruichi was not offended but thought that her teacher was being even harsher. She had never landed a hit before when working with Kisuke but he expected her to land 3 with his new, more powerful frame?

‘At least he is not using his sword,’ were the only words of comfort she could give to herself.


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The pair stood across from each other and raised their hands. Ren towered over Yoruichi and would make many think of the David vs Goliath.

Figuring that she should use anything for her advantage, Yoruichi decided to make the first move to pressure Ren. Using shunpo, she was gone in a flash.

‘Her speed is not bad. She should soon break into the expert level.’

Ren casually dodged the heel drop that came from above. Yoruichi did not let that deter her before she attacked in a flurry with her fists and zanpakuto. Each move was aimed at a different part of Ren’s body to keep his rhythm off but she could not land a blow.

‘She has been training hard. She can compete with an officer even without her zanpakuto. But this is not enough. This is the woman who is supposed to be able to take on several captains at once. I will make sure that she gets there.’

Yoruichi slashed at Ren’s throat but he grabbed it with two fingers. Seeing her attack was caught, not dodged, blocked, or deflected, but caught left Yoruichi in a stunned state.

Ren decided to teach her a lesson about letting her mind wander in battle a delivered a heavy blow to her gut. Yoruichi was hit so hard that she was sent flying across the arena. Luckily for her, Ren controlled the power of the attack so the blow was more for effect than damage and Yoruichi was able to stand almost right after she landed.

After that, the spar was like all of Ren’s training sessions. Beating down Yoruichi with an overwhelming advantage a first before slowly weakening himself until he reached a level that was just outside their current limits.

This was Ren’s ‘Surpass your limits’ training style which had been very effective on the two. Ren estimated that he had increased their rate of growth by a large margin.

The people watching on the side were surprised by how one-sided the battle was. They knew that Yoruichi was a prodigy that only came around once every 1000 years and that the current her could take on officers of the Gotei 13 or captains of the Onmitsukidō.

Although they did not recognize Ren, after seeing how well he fought, they knew he had to be a lieutenant or higher. But none of them could recognize Ren at all.

Ren and Yoruichi continued their match for another hour until Yoruichi could no longer stand. She had been fighting at her full power from the get-go and was not given a moment to rest. Ren truly wanted to push the woman to her limits.

Once Yoruichi collapsed, Ren was about to catch the girl but saw several guards rush over. Shrugging his shoulders, he figured it was better to let them handle Yoruichi.

‘There is the difference between men and women after all. It would not be appropriate since they do not know that I am her teacher.’

Ren used shunpo to flash step in front of Kisuke and snatch Dryae. The blonde man looked shocked and looked up at Ren with a questioning gaze.

Ren showed him a friendly smile that did not reach his eyes before throwing Kisuke in the ring for his training session.

‘From the way his body is, he has not used Benehime in combat for at least 6 months because of the Nest. He must have focused on using kido because the rest of his muscles he would use in the Nest also seem to lack in development.

I heard that there were several riots and almost an escape but this guy was able to handle his part without resorting to using hakuda or hoho. He truly is a monster.’

Just like with Yoruichi, Ren sparred with Kisuke for an hour as well. Unlike Yoruichi though, he forbid Kisuke from using his kido level since he knew that his kido was only slightly behind Tessai’s.

Kisuke was battered, beaten, and blue when Ren was done with him. Seeing his precious student like that left Ren in a good mood. He always liked training them while he could before they had reached the levels they would in the future.

Ren did not realize that he had already surpassed them with his skills but because of what he saw Aizen do, Ren was always trying to increase his combat prowess.

After making sure that both of his students were alright and were properly in bed, Ren left the Shihoin clan after talking about owing them a favor.

Ren did not realize that two particular young people, one purple-haired boy and a black-haired girl, saw him leave in the distance with some admiration in their eyes.

Ren had beaten the one person both of them looked up to so easily that they could not help but have a good impression of him. They had also heard Yoruichi quietly address him as ‘Teacher’ before so both did not feel it was wrong for the man to beat her up.

The pair shared a look before silently vowing to take that man as their teacher as well.

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49 49

Ren returned to the 8th division but was denied entry by members stationed to watch the gate. He looked at the pair like they were idiots and swore to beat the… train them so that they would never forget his face once again.

Ren did not realize just how much his body had changed. Not only was he insanely larger, but his facial structure had also changed a bit and his hair was no longer its unique color but was now black. It would be surprising for anyone to recognize him.

Ren used Dryae to summon trees and tie up the two members while he made his way inside of the barracks and toward his officers’ building. When he walked in, he saw Kyou explaining the various duties that officers must perform for their division.

Even though their division was much smaller than all of the other divisions with the fewest members and fewest officers, there were still certain things that needed to be done such as logistics, training, interaction with other divisions, and a few other minor things.

As the only person beside Ren who was an officer prior, Kyou had to be the one to take over the lieutenant duties temporarily as she explained everyone’s jobs to them. Tier seemed to understand most of what she needed to do but still attended these meetings to learn as much s she could.

Kyou was just in the middle of telling them about how much extra supplies they should keep stashed per month when she noticed the large figure standing at the door. Just as she was about to ask who he was, she noticed the jade bead bracelet on his wrist.


The others turned around and saw the tall man but they did not recognize him as their captain. It was only after Ren held up his right hand and showed them the bracelet did they recognize him.

“Ren!” “Lord 8th!” Each of them shouted at once. Very few could believe that the man before them was truly their captain.

Ren nodded and looked towards Kyou.

“Please head to the logistics division and tell them that my new haoris will need to be a bit larger than expected.”

Kyou nodded in understanding.

“Thanks. I will be returning to my room. If there is anything I need to sign, just bring it to me there.”

The rest nodded in understanding before Ren walked away. As soon as he was out of sight, all of them could not help but gossip a little.

“Is that really the captain? He looks so…”

“I know. I can’t believe his body got so large. I wonder what he did to make it like that.”

“It just means that our captain is that much stronger and deserves the title of ‘Captain of the Strongest Division’.”

While most of the members were praising Ren, there were two battle-maniacs who had one thought on their minds.

‘He must have gotten some cool new abilities. I wanna fight him!’

Both Shin and Emilou did not feel intimidated at all by Ren’s large stature but thought that they wanted to try him out and see what he could do now. These pair only had fighting on their minds most of the time and would have been great members of the 11th division if they were not a part of the 8th.

Ren had gone to the logistic team of their division that Kyou had recently put together and gotten a uniform in a much larger size that would fit his frame before leaving for his dorm. When Ren returned to his room, he immediately went to his bed to lay down and think about his plans.

‘Kyou is learning how to be an excellent leader. She has the potential to be the captain of another division so I might as well let her train her leadership trait now before I assign her, her own squad within the division.

I also need to think about our ranks. Even if my men are stronger, I still need to make sure that our numbers are not too far behind the others. Strength cannot beat tactics unless it is overwhelming strength.

This is all for later. For now, let’s wait to see what they have for me.’

Ren waited two hours before he heard a knock on his door.

“One second!”

Ren walked out of the room and saw not only Kyou and Tier who he had expected but Shin and Emilou were present. Ren could tell what both of them wanted but he did not have the time for it at the moment.

The large amount of paperwork that they had brought him had killed all of his fighting spirit. Ren knew he would be missing a large amount due to his 6-month absence before the 1-week absence, but he figured since so many people died he could just write a mass-murder excuse.

It seemed he had to fill out the cause of death for each and every one of them as well as sign them off. There was also signing of salary amounts, payment toward the logistic division, and reviewing missions that were considered B-class or higher which required the captain’s permission to accept.

There was also the matter of looking over promising individuals who had just passed the shinigami exam and sending them invitations if he thought they were fitting for his division.

Ren was no longer a lieutenant of a pure combat division that ignored paperwork and had to now take his job seriously. As an officer, while he held an important role, he was not the pillar of the 10th or 11th division.

But as a captain, Ren had an example to set. So with acceptance of his fate, Ren went to his desk and began his work.


Wow. You guys made us number 1 again!

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50 50

Ren signed off on all the papers placed before him and made sure that he read through them carefully.

‘So many died when I did not even consider them my men. I kept calling them probationary members so I guess it still ended up being my responsibility.’

The first things he had to deal with were the death certificates of all the members who died in Hueco Mundo. Whenever he came across a name he did not recognize, he asked Kyou or Shin about them since they had led the main troop during the time in Hueco Mundo.

He patiently listened to them and learned about the person behind the man. Even if he did not like to admit it, Ren had been influenced by Khorne from all the years that had been together. While he still did not care for the shinigami who died as much as most others would, he still cared somewhat.

But Ren did not feel guilty for their deaths. He had told them about the risk of death beforehand and given them the choice to back out. His main concern was the waste of potential.

After signing about 300 death certificates, Ren was finally done with them. But just as he set his pen down, Kyou passed over the salary book.

Ren pulled it up and looked through it before signing a few things to decide the new salary that would be distributed.

‘We get this much per month? I need to calculate the logistic costs, maximum members need to be taken into account. If we take on bonus missions, we can make some more but I am not sure by how much.

Ugh. I’ll just write down this amount for members and pay the officers this. This is a bit over the standard salary most give off but since I do not plan on having 3,000 members at all times, I think that we will be fine.’

Ren quickly wrote in the amounts before passing the book over to Kyou. He was about to stand up once again before Kyou passed Ren the list of graduates from the academy.

The academy had two types of graduations. Fast track and standard. Fast track were those who graduated at random times due to their advanced skills. These people usually passed the shinigami exam while still in school so they had automatically graduated.

Standard was the people that Ren was currently looking at. These were individuals who had met the academy’s standards and would graduate with others at a standard time. Although none of these individuals had taken the shinigami exam yet each of them would most likely pass the shinigami exam.

Ren’s job was to look through them and find which ones had the most potential or were most suited for the 8th division.

Each division was given copies of the students’ performance during their time at the academy as well as teacher and psychological evaluations of each of them. When the graduates passed the shinigami exam, the divisions would get a copy of that as well.

Of the standard graduates, there were only 30 that year. None of the names stood out to Ren as someone who would be important in Canon.

There were two people who gained his attention. They were a married couple. 1 of them was a noble from one of the 4 Great Noble Families, Tokinada Tsunayashiro of the Tsunayashiro Clan. His wife was named Kakyō.

‘Hmm. Even though he is an outer member of the clan, he has excellent reiatsu. I would even say that he was comparable to Yoruichi at the time when she had graduated from the academy.

He has good potential but his personality is the issue. Although the Tsunayashiro Clan tried to sweep it under the rug, we as captains know what really happens in there. The guy bullied countless students and forced at least 10 to quit the academy before they disappeared.

As for his wife, this woman is truly pitiful. I can’t imagine how she suffers under him. That’s not my business though. The reason why this sucks is that it means that this woman is not willing to fight for herself.

Whether that is just because she is cowardly or for fear of the Tsunayashiro Clan, I am unsure. To recruit her or not? That is the question.’

Besides their potential, the main thing that gained Ren’s attention was the woman’s name. He kept thinking that it sounded familiar in the deepest echoes of his mind but after 100 something years and learning about the life of Ren before he left, most of the minor things that occurred in Bleach were forgotten by him.

‘She is not a main character so no matter what happens, it should not be something so major that I change the plot. Right?’

Ren decided to go with his gut and she was the only member of all the graduates who the 8th division had their eyes on. The battle for the members would be handled by his officers.

Lastly, Ren needed to go over missions. Missions were classified from E-S. E class missions required a single shinigami, D meant a squad of shinigami, C meant an officer, B was a lieutenant-level, A was Captain-level, and S required 2 Captain-level individuals.

Anything that required more than 2 captains would be handled by Yamamoto himself. Ren read through the various missions that were being requested by the divisions to do. He saw 3 that required them to visit the human world for some rogue shinigami so he had accepted those 3 without a second thought.

‘Although I can’t go, I can see how they all are able to handle themselves while dealing with other shinigami.’

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51 51

Each of the 3 missions was B-rank and expected someone of the lieutenant rank to take them on. All of the missions involved escapees from the Nest who had recently gotten out during one of the many riots that had been occurring recently.

1 of the missions involved hunting down a group of shinigami that were led by 2 officer ranked shinigami with at least 8 other shinigami in their midst. Luckily, none of them had their zanpakuto so there was one less thing to worry about.

The second mission involved a former member of the Kido Corps. This woman was very dangerous in her time and was arrested for using forbidden kido.

The last mission involved 3 officers ranked shinigami. All of the trio were in the single digits when they were members of the Gotei 13 and one of them had even managed to recover his zanpakuto before he escaped.

‘They escaped using a Senkaimon belonging to one of the lesser noble families. Whether that family had helped them escape or not, that is not within my jurisdiction.’

“Shin. Go take these papers to the 1st division so they know that I have accepted these missions. Hurry up about it!”

Shin nodded and took the papers before he rushed out the door. Not worried about crashing into anything once he was outside, Shin used Shunpo to hurry to the first division.

The missions came on a first come, first serve basis for whichever division accepted them. Luckily, these missions had only been requested that day so the 8th division had a pretty good chance of being the one to take it on.

‘I can send the Trio after the Kido Corps member. They need more practice against kido users and this is an excellent chance to see just how dangerous someone who uses it is.

I will leave the non-zanpakuto carrying officers to Shin. His wild nature would be more advantageous against a large group like that. Akira and Eiko can back him up.

Kyou can take on the zanpakuto group. I will leave Minori under her command. The pair should be able to handle them.

That will leave me, Tier, and Naoko here to handle any administrative work that needs to be done or send on any missions that need to be taken on.’

Ren was acting as if it was set in stone that his division would get the missions. When Shin returned, he came with good news as well as a couple of visitors. They had gotten the missions before anyone else did so their division was in charge of killing or capturing the fugitives.

Their visitors were the captain and lieutenant of the second division, Jun Kyoraku and Mei Ise. Both had embarrassed looks on their faces when they came to Ren.

“If it isn’t the captain and vice-captain of the 2nd division as well as cutest couple in Seireitei. What do we have the pleasure of you visiting our small division?”

Kyoraku let out a laugh to hide his embarrassment. Although most captains were not close and would only speak with each other during mandatory meetings, it was a bit absurd for both the captain and lieutenant to visit the division of someone they barely knew to ask for a favor.

“Ha. How do I say this?

Some of my men were careless when they were tracking a group of fullbringers and quincy working together. They are active in the area where we believe that those escaped shinigami are believed to be in.

If they all work separately or even kill each other, that would be a good day. But since all of them are being hunted by the Gotei 13….”

“Since they are all being hunted by us, they might work together. Which means we have the versitility of the quincy, the unpredictability of the fullbringers, and the raw power of shinigami.

Each one is bad enough on their own but with all of them working together, they would be able to kill a captain if one was careless.”

Kyoraku nodded his head. Although this was not the most likely scenario, it was still a possibility. Ren looked at Captain Kyoraku and asked with his eyes what the man had planned. Instead of Jun, it was Mei who answered.

“Yes. I was planning to take lead of a group of our men and 3 officers to head to the human world to deal with them. When we saw the missions being requested, we figured it was a chance to clean up our mistake without it being publicized.

Most ignore these type of missions so we thought that we would get to them first and kill 2 birds with a single stone. But it seems like we are too late.

So we are here for a cooperation between our divisions. We send in our original planned squad and you send the members you had planned.

We can tell the Captain-Commander that we are just trying to improve the relationship between our divisions and help each other out since we are both stretched thin.”

Ren thought it over before looking at Kyou and Tier. Tier was his lieutenant and Kyou was th eone with the most experience besides him so he valued their opinions.

Tier shrugged her shoulders since she did not care about who went. Kyou nodded thinking that using the extra members was safer after hearing about the new situation.

Ren looked at Kyoraku and held out his head. The other captain put his hand out as well as the two captains shook and came to an agreement.

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52 52

Even though in the future every division was could do whatever they wanted as long as they did not break any laws, the current era required permission from the 1st division before they could do anything.

After sending in the official request to work with another division, Ren and Captain Kyoraku got a reply almost immediately. The seal of approval from the lieutenant of the first division was given to the joint pursuit squad could start moving out at any moment.

Kyoraku and Ise left to get their men ready immediately while the 8th division had already given out their roles. Of the 11 officers of the division, 8 of them were going out on this mission. This was just how dangerous the task was when dealing with unknown variables such as trained shinigami.

Ren went left with the group to head to the main Senkaimon of Soul Society. Before they had gone there, the group made a pit stop at the main logistic division to pick up their new uniforms.

The other officers did not mind how they looked and wore the standard uniform but the former fraccion were given uniforms that were the black versions of their Espada clothes.

Cyan got a long dress with sleeves that extended past her hands. Franceska’s uniform was several separate pieces of clothing that were a shirt that was closer to a sleeveless halter top, black gauntlets, and a skirt. Emilou wore something that was closer to the shinigami uniform but had shorter sleeves.

Ren picked up his new haori and Tier’s new uniform as well. He wore his new emerald color haori with red edges over his body. Besides the color, the only difference from a standard captain’s haori was that it had a hood.

‘I must look so badass right now.’

Ren took his group and made their way toward the Senkaimon. When they arrived, the 2nd division was still not present so Ren decided to have the members open up the pathway for them now so they could leave the moment that the 2nd arrived.

Ren walked up and showed the 4 guards his paperwork that gave them permission to leave through the portal. While 3 did not look like they had an issue, the only woman in the group seemed like she had an issue.

“Is there a problem?”

The woman gave a small, fake smile before answering Ren.

“Only a slight one. We are supposed to protect the human world from hollows, not just send them directly there.”

The air suddenly got much colder. Emilou and Franceska seemed like they were ready to cut down the woman who spoke while Cyan had a cold smile on her face. The other officers of the 8th division did not have good looks on their faces either.

Ren did not wish to escalate the situation necessarily so he tried to solve it in the most peaceful way that he could.

“Here is the paperwork,” He said as he held up the approved mission papers.

“Here is a captain saying that his people are going on this mission,” he said as he turned around and pointed to the division number on the back of his haori.

“Here are his trusted officers,” he pointed at each member that he brought individually to emphasize the point.

“And here is someone who is getting in the way of them taking down enemies of Soul Society,” Ren said while pointing to the woman.

Feeling her cheeks flush the woman was in a dilemma. Ever since she had joined the Kido Corps, there had been few people that she could not talk to as she did. Even though she knew it was wrong to speak with a captain as she did, her pride would not let her back down.

“I am just saying this for your sake, Captain. You should not hang around such beings. It will bring down the reputation that you have worked so hard to earn.

You bringing such dirty creatures back here is not only a stain upon your division but all of Soul Society. I understand that the Central 46 has said their piece on this matter but they might just be giving you some face.”

Ren felt that what she said was so funny that he almost laughed. The anger inside of him was stopping him from doing so.

‘Dirty creatures? My officers? You actually said that to my face. Fine. Now we do this the way I prefer.’

All the others in the area, whether the Kido Corps members, officers of the 8th division, or people of the 2nd who had just arrived, had cold looks on their faces when they heard what the woman said. They were startled when Ren gave a small bow to the women.

“I did not know that you were the Soul King. My apologies. I mean Queen.”

The woman felt her cheeks go pale. Even though there was no law directly saying that impersonating the Soul King was illegal, only a fool would do so.

Shouting she said, “I never said such a thing. I am not the Soul King or Queen. Please watch your words.”

Ren raised his eyebrows in confusion.

“You are not? Then I am confused. Because not even the old bastard dares to talk to me that way so I figured that you have to be of higher status than him.”

Everyone sucked in their breaths. No one dared to call Yamamoto that yet Ren had done so in front of a large group. If anyone said anything about it, Ren would be in deep trouble but it seemed like he did not care.

“Now I suggest you open up the Senkaimon so that we can hunt down these criminals. Or I can show you how I became captain, survived in Hueco Mundo for 6 months, and beat the strongest captain beside Yamamoto.”

The woman nodded as she and the other Kido Corps members opened the doors and gave several butterflies to the group. Ren watched them all enter the light before the doors closed and his people were officially no longer in Soul Society.

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53 53

With his officers safely gone, Ren returned to the 8th division after taking about 20 steps through Soul Society. He went straight to Tier’s dorm to deliver her new and updated uniform.

Ren knocked on the door and waited for Tier to open it before he passed her, her uniform. This was the same uniform she would wear as an Espada (manga version).

It was a jacket with a collar so high that it covered the lower half of the woman’s face, including her hollow mask, and the base of the jacket ended just below her breasts. The sleeves on the jacket were long enough that she could hide her hands inside of them with little effort. As for her pants, she wore the same hakuma that all shinigami wore.

“Thank you,” she said before turning around to get changed and do whatever else she was doing.

“Is that all? Don’t you want to tell me how amazing and inspiring my haori looks?” Ren asked hoping to get complimented on his haori. When he asked the other members they remained silent. Both Shin and Emilou were about to speak up but they had their mouths covered by Kyou and Cyna before they could say anything.

‘Bah! They are probably just jealous because they can’t wear a haori as magnificent as mine. Maybe I should get some made for all my officers in the division like the 6th does with their elites.’

Tier saw Ren turn around a few times and pose with his haori so that she could see it in its fullness but her eyes held no trace of flattery in them.

“Stop trying to add color to it. Keep it the basic white or inverse the colors if you want. You look more like the division’s mascot than its leader. You look like you are trying to make others feel jolly,” Tier said ruthlessly.

Ren heard her words and visibly deflated. He looked as if he had just been betrayed.

‘I wanted a compliment, not these insults! What mascot? I thought this looked amazing.’

“Tsk. Come to the office when you’re done changing. And bring that other one too!”

Ren took off his haori and flung it on the ground in frustration before he went back to his office. Since he had agreed to work with the 2nd division, there was a large amount of paperwork to fill out.

He had only done the portion that allowed him to send his men in and requesting the aid of the 2nd division. Now he had to fill out many logistical parts to it.

Tier and Naoko entered the office in unison after 20 minutes. Ren looked over Tier and was amazed by how good she looked in black.

Nodding to himself for asking their opinions about the uniforms, Ren had both pull up their desks in front of his. He then passed them each several papers that they could sign off on or finish for him since they were officers.

Ren instructed them in the basics of writing reports before leaving them to their work. He would answer any questions that they had but he preferred for them to come up with the questions themselves than having to hold their hands through it.

‘Ugh! I can’t just have people who know how to fight. We have the title of ‘Strongest Division’ but I want the title of ‘Best Division’. That means we need to excel in all areas.

I was lucky that most of those who awakened their zanpakuto are smart otherwise I would have to miss out on people with great potential because they were too stupid.’

For the next several hours, the group worked in silence with occasional questions and answers in between.

Naoko felt pressured in this environment. The captain was large, intimidating, and scary while the lieutenant was sexy, cold, and scary. The silence they felt so comfortable in was suffocating to him.

‘Even if I know that I am safe around them, the pressure they give off is terrifying. ‘

A few minutes after he had this thought, Ren put down his pen and rubbed his temples. He had done all the work he was missing and had finally caught up.

“How are you two doing? Still need to finish?”

“I’m done over here, Boss.”

“I still need to finish a few more. I may need your help for some.”

Ren nodded towards Tier. He did not mind staying behind to help her. He had actually gone a bit slower just so he had an excuse to look at her for a bit longer.

“Naoko, you can head out then. I will file the work for you since I will be here for a while longer.”

Naoko jumped up and ran towards the door. It was only after he left did he remember that he was being a bit rude so he stuck his head through the door and said,

“Thanks, Lord 8. I’ll make sure to work hard tomorrow.”

Ren shook his head at his subordinate’s behavior and went to make himself some tea. At first, he found it awkward to eat and drink around Tier but after so many days, he had finally gotten used to it.

He sat at the desk across from her and looked at the woman diligently working while he drank his tea in silence. The atmosphere turned much warmer than when Naoko was present unknown to the man himself who was the third wheel.


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54 54

The next few days passed by peacefully. With most of the work done, Ren only needed to spend between 30 minutes and an hour on anything new that popped up. He used that as a chance to train more but he was very limited in what he could do.

With his large amount of reiatsu, he could not train his reiatsu anymore without endangering those around him. He was in a similar state to the Vasto Lorde in the palace of Hueco Mundo.

His kido was also very stagnant. Although he could use high-level spells, he could not do so consistently. Since Khorne had been suppressing his Kido abilities for over a hundred years, Ren had the technique down but none of the experience.

So what he focused on were his other 3 styles of combat: zanjutsu, hakuda, and hoho. These were the easiest to train for him since he knew what the next level looked like for him. This was not just due to watching the anime but because of his Gift of Will.

Since he already reached a high-rank among the expert level in these styles, his Gift of Will brought them up to the master level. So what Ren would do was activate his ability for a short amount of time and use his techniques to their fullest.

He would then deactivate it after he had gained some inspiration before training the technique in his normal form. While this was not the fastest training method out there, it was very suitable for Ren.

Ren continued to spend his days like this for the next few days and was not planning on doing anything major until the rest of his officers returned. He did not like having the division so empty in case anything happened.

‘This is one of the most lawless eras of Soul Society after all. I can already tell that something else major will happen but I just don’t know when. So until then, I will just act as if the sky is not falling down until the day it does.’

After 5 days, Ren got the news that Kyoka had passed the shinigami exam. With that, he could send the official invitation to the woman to join his division. Ren saw the potential in her from just her profile and knew the woman had what it took to become a captain-level figure one day.

2 days later, the woman showed up on the 8th Division’s doorstep. But she brought an unexpected guest with her.

Naoko showed the two to the division’s office area where Ren and Tier were waiting to meet Kyoka. Naoko was unable to notify the pair that the woman had brought an uninvited guest until it was too late.

Kyoka looked just like her picture. She was a very beautiful, traditional-looking Japanese woman with black hair so long it almost reached her waist. But Ren and Tier could only see half of her profile.

This was due to the uninvited man using his body to block half of Kyoka as he stood in front of her. This man had a kind smile on his face but a sinister look hidden in his eyes. The man seemed to be looking at Ren but if anyone paid close attention, they would know his eyes were roaming Tier’s body.

‘Tsk. I knew he would be troublesome but I did not think that he would just show up unannounced. And he wants to eye my woman?

Well, technically we aren’t anymore more the boss and subordinate but still! He wants to eye my woman?’

Ren did not even bother to put on a fake, friendly smile as he looked at Tokinada. He was barely holding back from not throwing the man out but he knew the rules of Soul Society and nobles.

“I am sorry, outer member of the Tsunayashiro Clan. I do not remember inviting you. In fact, I remember only inviting your wife. Can you explain why you have shown up here, unannounced?”

Tokinada let his embarrassment show on his face for a moment before he calmed down. He knew that he could not carelessly throw his weight around in front of Ren.

“Captain. I have heard that your division is the strongest and wanted to become a pillar of support for it. A division can only rely on commoners for so long after all.”

“I specifically did not invite you. I don’t want a pillar as faulty as you that may even cause my division to collapse in on itself. And I think that you are forgetting this captain here is a commoner. I have no need for nobles who only care about their nobility or those who have anger issues.”

Ren could feel two pairs of eyes roam over his body when he said that last bit.

‘Do not do that while he is here at least.’

“Or at least those who are not willing to take responsibility for their actions due to their anger. If you really wanna join a division with a large number of nobles, I suggest you join the 6th. Captain Kuchiki is one of your people after all.”

Tsunayashiro felt embarrassed being there so he pulled on Kyoka’s arm as he turned around to leave.

“I am sorry for disturbing you, Captain Ren. I shall apply to the 6th division as you have suggested.”

Before he could take 2 steps, Tokinada felt a large amount of reiatsu and killing intent focus on him. He subconsciousnessly let go of Kyoka’s hand. He heard the voice of a demon coming from behind him.

“You can leave. But the woman stays.”

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55 55

Ren wanted to curse aloud but he did not want to lose the imposing presence he was giving off. Ren looked toward Tier to see if her face showed any reaction but the lower half of her face was covered while her eyes were as calm as an undisturbed lake. Ren could not get a read on her.

‘Damn it! If it was not because of your zanpakuto, I would not be doing this. You better be worth it, Kakyo.’

Ren had noticed the woman’s zanpakuto that was on the left side of her waist. Ren usually looked at other zanpakutos to get an idea of what they could do but he was surprised to actually recognize this one.

The sword looked like a regular katana with an orange hilt. The tsuba had a teardrop shape, with the base of the drop arcing over the top of the blade, and the point of the drop pointing below the cutting edge. A row of several tiny teardrop-shaped holes decorated the bottom of the curve, and a small ring, approximately 2″ in diameter, dangled off the tip of the tear-drop.

This was not just any zanpakuto but the weapon of Ren’s favorite character in one of the first video games Lawrence had played, Bleach: Blade Battlers. The weapon would belong to Kaname Tosen, one of the men who joined Aizen in his betrayal against Soul Society after he picked it up from a woman that he admired.

‘This is the woman who Tosen admired and died for a mysterious reason. Putting this asshole into the equation, it makes sense why Tosen went all just crazy and betrayed Soul Society.

Tokinada most likely killed his wife and was not punished for it. When Kaname tried to get justice for the woman, he was denied. Or that is just the reason he used and Tosen is just a dangerous and twisted individual.’

Ren stopped trying to think about Tosen’s morals and motives. All he cared about at the moment was getting the woman to join his division since he knew how powerful her zanpakuto could become.

Toshinada and Kakyo turned around. Kakyo was surprised by what Ren said while Toshinada showed a frustrated and embarrassed look on his face.

“Captain Ren. You should not use your power to get another man’s woman, especially his wife. Your harem is already so large, why would you want my wife as well?”

Ren’s face which was about to go red from the awkward thing he said went black instead when he heard Tokinada’s words.

“My harem?”

Tokinada had an understanding smile on his face as before he explained to Ren what his words meant.

“All the nobles know you have these Arrancar around so that you can play with them and even gave them ranks so they would be more obedient. You also have the other woman who was the only one to stay in your division as an officer when the rest left.

No one blames you for wanting women but to have some…”

But Tokinada was not able to finish due to the increase in pressure on him. It was not just Ren who had unleashed his reiatsu and directed it at Tokinada but Tier had joined in as well. Ude the combined might of the pair, Tokinada could not say a word.

“Be silent. We are not recruiting you so we do not want to hear any more of the garbage you are spouting. Girl. Decide if you want to join us or not.”

Tier was much more direct than Ren was planning to be. Tokinada’s words had irked her so she wanted to finish up the conversation as soon as possible.

‘Why do I feel bothered when he says that? It’s most likely because he is disrespecting me and my division members. Yep. That is it.’

After convincing herself of the reason she felt upset, Tier turned her gaze to Ren to ask for his approval of her actions. Ren nodded and knew that they had to be more direct as well or else they would be there all day. The pair eased the amount of reiatsu they were releasing so Naoko and Kakyo were no longer under as much pressure even though it was not directed at them.

“Tier is right. You can either stay with the man who abuses his power to abuse you and others or you can come to the 8th division and break away from him. I will give you a minute to decide.”

Tokinada wanted to pull on Kakyo once more but when he saw the looks that Ren and Tier gave him, he gave up on the idea. He glared at the woman beside him, urging her to decline and leave with him.

Kakyo saw how Tokinada was rendered powerless by the members of the 8th division. She had been married to him for about 20 years and had suffered under him during most of it. Whenever she tried to escape her reality, his identity as a noble suppressed whatever resistance she would try. Then the abuse would only get worse.

Under her shinigami uniform, one would be able to see the scars and wounds that she had gained over the years. The woman who had always believed in justice had her belief shattered when she saw that no one would help her against the injustice she was facing.

The attitude of the two members of the 8th division changed her mind. Although their words were not kind, their attitudes and physical gestures showed their true personalities.

‘If it is here, I could finally be free. I want to be free!’

Kakyo knelled down on one knee and cupped her fists toward Ren and Tier.

“Kakyo greets her captain and lieutenant of the 8th division!”

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56 56

Toshinada appeared as if he had something to say but under the pressure that Ren and Tier were giving off, he did not dare. After shooting a glare at Kakyo, Toshinada left with a belly full of resentment and started going toward his clan compound to launch a complaint against Ren.

Ren’s mind did not have any thoughts of the man anymore. Instead, he was looking at the woman who was kneeling with an awkward expression on his face.

“You can stand up. There was no need for all of that. As long as you stay in the division and work hard, there is nothing he can say to make me forcefully expel you.”

Kakyo nodded her head and stood up. She looked between Tier and Ren with a questioning, wondering what she should do next.

Ren looked at Naoko who took the hint.

“I’ll show you towards the women’s dorm in the 8th division.”

Naoko began walking away with Kakyo following behind him. Ren could hear Naoko’s voice even after the door closed.

“We are currently short-staffed so I can’t talk with you for too long. In the dorms, the others will tell you about the training schedule, salary, and answer any other questions you have.”

Soon they were too far to hear anything. Ren and Tier finished up their paperwork for the day before each went their separate ways. Ren decided to go check on Yoruichi and Kisuke in the Onmitsukidō headquarters.

When he arrived, he saw that Yoruichi was currently in the arena with 3 members of the Onmitsukidō who had badges over their arms signaling their positions as vice-commanders of various corps.

Each corps in the Onmitsukidō would have 3-6 vice-commanders who would direct the various forces in their corps. A vice-commander had the same amount of authority as most officers in the Gotei 13.

Several people saw that Ren had arrived and noticed he was not a member of the Onmitsukidō. When a few of them were ready to kick Ren out, they were pulled back by their comrades who noticed Ren’s haori. His large figure also helped in intimidating them to not take action.

A person wearing a long gown over a standard patrol corps uniform and having an armband that had the kanji for ‘Corps Commander’ approached Ren with a smile on his face.

“If it isn’t the legendary captain of the 8th division. May I ask why you are gracing the Onmitsukidō with your presence today?”

Ren looked at the man and nodded toward him. Although he seemed to be asking in a sarcastic tone, Ren saw that the man was not intentionally doing it, or trying to be rude at least.

“I came to check on Yoruichi Shihoin and Kisuke Urahara.”

Hearing the names of the two prodigies of the Onmitsukidō, the man raised an eyebrow surprised that Ren was asking specifically for the both of them.

‘Does Captain Ren know both of them? The noble who does nothing but goof around and annoys anyone with authority and the lazy prodigy who could already be a corps commander?’

“May I ask if Captain Ren knows the both of them personally?”

“Hmm. You could say I am their teacher. Or their worst nightmare in case they piss me off. I also taught their friend Tessai as well.”

The Patrol Corps commander was shocked. He was beyond shocked. He was scared shitless.

‘This man is the teacher of those 3 prodigies? To have any one of them call him ‘Teacher’ means that he is very capable.

And the fact that he has beaten up the princess of the Shihoin clan without getting revenge from that old man who spoils his granddaughter is another matter altogether. That guy does not even allow princess Yoruichi’s parents to lay a hand on her.’

Ren was not paying attention to the man’s thoughts but was focusing on how Yoruichi was performing in the battle. Even against the 3 vice-commanders, she was not losing any ground but instead held the advantage.

“Why is she battling against 3 vice-commanders?”

When the Patrol Corps commander heard Ren’s question, an awkward look appeared on his face.

“This… the princess of the Shihoin clan had gotten into an argument with her grandfather. He wanted her to join the Executive Militia so that she could take over the Onmitsukidō from that position as every commander-in-chief had done before.

But the princess said that she preferred being in the Inner Court Troop. So the head of the Shihoin clan gave her an ultimatum. If she could beat 3 vice-commanders of the Inner Court Troop and become the Commander of the troop, he would no longer pressure her into joining the Executive Militia.

If she lost, she would have to join the Executive Militia and could never quit it. But the Shihoin Clan head never thought that the princess would accept the challenge. So here she is, fighting against 3 vice-commanders and holding her own. She may even have a chance at victory.”

Ren nodded and used shunpo to leave. He did not want to distract Yoruichi with his appearance in such an important match.

He also noticed that Kisuke was not there for such an important thing which meant that he was also busy and could not entertain Ren. With no other choice, Ren left to train on his own and pass the time until his officers returned.

2 weeks later, they were finally back.

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57 57

When the officers returned, Ren was angry and upset. Their worst fears had come true and were even worse. The quincy, shinigami, and full bringers had formed an alliance. But not only did they attack, but several Togabito from Hell had also arrived on the scene as well.

Kyou and the other officers knew that this was not a simple alliance of coincidence but a well-coordinated plan. The 8 officers of the 8th division and 10 officers of the 2nd division were caught off guard by the alliance of 30.

The officers were outnumbered, unprepared, and had less raw firepower. The group had first gone after the shinigami together when they sensed their reiatsu.

The group of 18 went towards the shinigami but were met with an ambush by the full bringers and quincy from both sides just as they had reached the shinigami after a week of searching. Sensing that they were going to have a hard time if they did not regroup to ensure that they were no longer ambushed on all sides, Kyou and Lieutenant Ise ordered a retreat.

Even under all the firepower from the various directions, the shinigami of the two divisions were barely able to escape their grasp and were finally about to escape the encirclement when the Togabito made their move.

The quincy with their spirit weapons, the shinigami with their kido, and the full bringers and Togabito with their diverse abilities. Each one of the groups brought their own firepower which could have dealt with a normal group of 5 or so officers by themselves.

With all 4 groups working together, they could most likely take on at least 40 officer-level shinigami or even 2-3 captains if they coordinated well enough.

Under the assault, 3 officers from the 8th division died and 5 from the 2nd. Their numbers were brought down to only 10 of their initial 18 in less than a minute. Their retaliation was only killing 2 shinigami making the numbers 10 shinigami against the alliance of the 28.

None of the officers hesitated to release their zanpakuto and enter their resurrecion/shikai. The only one who was unable to Lieutenant Ise due to her true zanpakuto being with her husband.

With their releases released, the officers were able to put up a better fight but were still heavily suppressed. They were just no longer losing ground.

The battle persisted as it did for a few minutes before one of the officers of the 2nd division died. With him, it was like a domino effect. After another 5 minutes, all but 3 of the officers of the 2nd division had died while all the other officers of both divisions were heavily injured.

They used this chance to push through the encirclement of the alliance and hurried to retreat. Their effort was successful but the remaining pair of officers besides Lieutenant Ise of the 2nd division died while Kyou and Shin were both heavily injured to the point they would have died if not for Ayon.

The Tres Bestias had each ripped off their arms before throwing them towards the middle of the encirclement. The arms meddled together in a bloody and gory fashion to form a large creature.

This creature had the legs of an antelope, the body of a man, the mane of a lion covering its head, and a tail that was a snake. On its head was a pair of deer antlers and a skull mask that was its face. Most of all, this creature was almost 8 meters tall and brought a sense of dread to the alliance members who saw it. This was Ayon.

Ayon let our bestial and savage roar that shook the hearts of everyone who heard it. After its roar, it charged at the various alliance members.

The Tres Bestias did not stay to watch but picked up Kyou and Shin as they left the area as fast as possible. With so individuals, they did not wish to get caught in the crossfire of the attacks.

The group retreated to a mountain several kilometers away but they could hear the battle even from there. The Tres Bestias took turns keeping watch and saw Ayon battle the group for hours.

When it was finally over, the entire area was devoid of life except for Ayon who kept roaring as if he was seeking battle. The already destroyed land kept getting destroyed by him until the trio unsummoned him and reattached their arms.

The group had to remain in the human realm for another week since none of them could open the portal back to Soul Society. One needed a shinigami’s zanpakuto to do so. The Tres Bestias were not shinigami while Ise did not have her zanpakuto.

Thus, they could only wait until either Shin or Kyou woke up. Under constant watch and healing, Kyou was the first to wake up with Shin waking up minutes after her. They were finally able to return to Soul Society after 2 weeks in the human realm.

When Ren heard the report, he was angry and shocked. This was not something that could just happen. To be able to have such an alliance and all 4 groups attack at once, this was obviously preplanned.

Ren sent his officers to the 4th division to ensure their injuries did not worsen while he went towards the first division.

‘There are too many things wrong for this to just be called a slight oversight!’

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58 58

Ren made his way into the first division’s barracks while releasing a large amount of bloodlust and killing intent.

The normal shinigami were unable to withstand the pressure of his mere angry presence without him releasing his reiatsu. Some of the weaker shinigami had even fainted under Ren’s pressure.

Chojiro confronted Ren when the man had walked halfway towards Yamamoto’s office. Chojiro did not have his usual indifferent and stoic look on his face but instead a small smile.

‘I had always thought that you were lazy during your time as an officer and lieutenant. Once you became a captain, I thought you had become heartless.

But when a few of your officers died under such circumstances, you have come here to get answers. You truly care for those who have died and are still alive.

Most others lose their rationality and would have gone on a rampage but you are far worse. Your anger has not become storm but a fine blade that seems like it can cut through anything that stands in your way, even me.’

Chojiro gave a slight bow before he stood up and spoke.

“The Captain-Commander is waiting for you. Not just him but several other important figures.”

Chojiro stopped speaking and turned around as he started walking. Ren followed him silently until Chojiro stopped his steps after about 10 feet.

Chojiro turned and aid with a sincere voice,

“Ren-Dono. I suggest you hold in that anger while in their presence. You can let it leak through your words but your current presence may have others believe you are trying to rebel.”

Ren was surprised by Chojiro’s words and actions. Every other time they had met, there were silent sparks between the pair. But it seemed like this time, Chojiro was on his side.

Ren suppressed his killing intent and bloodlust before giving Chojiro one of the cocky smiles he had on his face when he was not serious.

“Old aman Chojiro is worried about me? The sun is surely rising in the west today.”

Chojiro let out a small chuckle but did not comment as he continued toward Yamamoto’s office and Ren followed behind him silently.

It took the pair 20 minutes to reach the room. Chojiro entered without knocking so Ren followed him in as well.

Inside the room were 9 individuals besides Ren and Chojiro.

1 was the current head of the Kuchiki clan, Byakuya’s great grand father, and the current captain of the 6th division, Shikasu Kuchiki.

Across from him was the current head of the Shihoin clan, Yoruichi’s father, and the current leader of the Onmitsukido, Yorin Shohoin.

Besides each of them were the current clan heads of the other two major noble families of Tsunayashiro Clan and the Ishikawa Clan.

Further down was the current leader of the Kido Corps, Umenyiora. Sitting across from him was the captain of the 2nd division who had also suffered heavy losses and even almost lost his wife, Jun Kyoraku. He already had a meeting with Yamamoto that day and had only learned about what happened moments before Ren walked in the room.

The last sitting besides them were individuals that Ren did not personally recognize but knew who they were from their clothing.

‘The Central 46? Just how far up does this scheme go?!’

The last person and the one sitting in the center was Yamamoto.

“Good. Now that Ren and Chojiro are here, we can begin.

We have had suspicions that the recent riots in the Nest, the increase of quincy activity, and the release of several spirits from Hell, that several of the minor noble factions have joined together to try and topple the current hierarchy of Soul Society.

With the recent proof we have gotten from the Onmitsukido and the ambush of the members of the 2nd and 8th divisions, we are now sure that this plot is real.

We are now gathered to vote on a matter, the 11 people in this room.

We have all 4 clan heads with two holding high positions in the military so they will each have two votes.

Everyone else will have a single vote. Whichever decision gets the majority of votes is how we shall act.

The decision is, whether we should suppress the minor clans until they have no more thoughts of rebellion or if we should exterminate them.

Take your time and think over your decision.”

Ren was puzzled. This was supposed to be the more lawless Soul Society. Even if the offenders were nobles, they had attacked the military and at least 2 other noble clans.

“Which of the minor clans are rebelling?” asked Captain Kuchiki.

Several others nodded wanting to know the answer but Ren could not understand.

‘Why does it matter? If the Gotei 13, Kido Corps, and Onmitsukido all launch an attack on them, not even a division full of trained shinigami could survive.’

This could be Ren’s main weakness. Although he was smart and powerful, he did not understand politics.

The others were not asking out of fear of the power of the minor noble clans but fear of losing resources that only those clans could produce for them.

“They are the Inma, Cubaniro, and Leo clans.”

Hearing their names, the other nobles looked on in disdain.

“Just them? Then I vote for us to simply get rid of them.”

“Same here.”

“I agree as well.”

Soon out of the 13 votes, 6 had already gone to exterminating the minor clans once the 4 major nobles voted.

The others hesitated though. Even if the nobles were to vote, they would not face public backlash. At most, others would say they just supported the idea.

But the next person to vote for extermination would have to bear the title of ‘Mass Murderer ‘. No one wanted to bare that so no one else voted.

Seeing all of them being so squeamish, Ren was thoroughly disappointed in the people in the room.

With no one else voting, Ren raised his hand.

“I already hold the title of ‘Perverted’, ‘Cruel’, and ‘Merciless’. What is one more title for me.

Let’s kill those bastards who dared to lay a hand on my officers!”


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59 59

Yamamoto nodded when he heard Ren’s words. With the first 7 votes on one side, the others did not need to say anything.

“Good! We shall lead 3 execution squads who will carry out the order. Since you are the one who put forth the deciding vote, do you have any recommendations?”

Most of the others nodded as if asking for his suggestion. The only two who did not nod were Kyoruka and Chojiro. The former did not like what the others were trying to do while the latter was just neutral and did not care who did it.

Even if Ren was politically stupid, he still knew what they were doing. All of them wanted a scapegoat. Even Yamamoto.

‘The rest of them are just protecting their reputation since they wish to keep their holy appearance. At least the old man is doing it since the leader of the Gotei 13 needs to seem very neutral as do the Central 46. They are the highest-ranking political powers besides the king.

The rest are just doing it to save their asses. They have no real power or control besides the imaginary ones that the 46 and King give them.’

Ren let out a grunt as he gave those nobles a dirty look. He then turned towards Yamamoto.

“Just give me the order. My division has enough firepower to take down all 3 clans!”

The others were surprised by Ren’s words but also felt comfortable with them. Even if everything went right, the other nobles would want an answer for why the 3 clans were exterminated.

No matter the reason, everyone would still want to push the blame on someone. By having a single division take on all of the rebelling clans, the only people who would have to take the blame at the end would be Ren, or Ren and his division at most.

“Good! You have my order. In 3 days’ time after your officers have been given the chance to heal fully, you are to attack the 3 clans at once.”

Ren shook his head when he heard that.

“My people are ready to move out within the hour. Give me the word and by sunset, all 3 clans will be burned to the ground.”

Ren gave this answer confidently for 3 reasons. The first was his division’s strength With Dryae’s ability, he could build a barrier around the clan dwelling and handle an entire clan in a swift manner.

Tier, while not having the same level of control, was also a powerhouse herself. Even without her resurrecion, she could kill all the members of the clan. Ren was planning to send 50 shinigami and Naoko with her to make sure that none could escape.

The Tres Bestias could take on another. Although they were injured, their hollow nature had them healed and in almost peak condition after week. By having another 50 or so shinigami to help with crowd control like with Tier, Ren knew that they could take down the third.

The second reason for his confidence was speed. Those smaller clans would think that even if they were caught, the military would take days or even weeks to deploy forces. The clans were most likely still in the middle of setting up their evacuations.

The third reason for Ren’s confidence Yamamoto. The old man had been giving Ren an easy time and leeway no matter what Ren had been doing as long as Ren did not go too far. Even though Ren did not know why, he was sure that Yamamoto would not let him take on a task he did not believe that he was unable to accomplish.

Yamamoto nodded his head in approval

“Fine. Get your division prepared for combat. This is an official order from the Gotei 13 and the Central 46.

The 8th division is to exterminate the Inma, Cubaniro, and Leo clans by midnight tonight for crimes of treason, murder, attempted regicide, and many more. Go get your people ready.”

Ren nodded and left the room. As soon as he was outside, he used Shunpo to hurry towards the 8th division. When he arrived, he saw Tier with killing intent around her body while ger fraccion and Naoko stood on the side.

“Tier, Naoko, Emilou, Franceska, Cyan. We have orders. We are to get our men together and exterminate the 3 clans behind the attack that killed 3 of our officers and seriously wounder 5 more.”

Hearing that they were going after the ones who did this, the members of the 8th division who were around immediately perked up. Their battle intent intensified.

“Tier. Pick 100 members to join you. You will be taking out the Leo clan.

Cyan. You will be in charge of the other 3 officers and take the remaining members of the division to take out the Cubaniro clan.

I will deal with the last clan personally. We are to kill them all. From the oldest men to the youngest of girls.

No need to feel bad about killing them. They will either go to Hell or reincarnate in the human world depending on their karma. Our job is simply to hurry them along their journey.”

The other members nodded. Seeing that none of his members had any issues, Ren felt pleased. Ren could understand the villains in the world of bleach.

Unless one was a quincy, none of their enemies ever truly died. They just reincarnated. Although this raised an entire moral dilemma, it helped to ease Ren in when he first came to the world and was now the reason why he could still exterminate a clan so easily.

‘For those close to me, I shall value their lives. As for anyone else, they can be like machines people named. Their death has meaning but very little to me.’

“We move out in an hour! Get prepared!”

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60 60

—Around 3 in the afternoon, Inma Clan Compound—-

In the large compound, there were about 100 members of the Inma clan who were moving about. From the children to the elders, they were all working together to pack as many items as they could.

The clan leader, Kira Inma, knew that their ambush had failed on the officers of the 2nd and 8th divisions so the chances of them and the other 2 clans being found out were high.

Thinking himself smarter than the other pair of clan leaders, Kira had thrown out some evidence against his pair of coconspirators in hopes of buying his own clan more time. Out of all the members of their clan, only 5 were shinigami while 3 were retired shinigami who no longer had their zanpakuto.

Kira, the current head of the clan, was also a former shinigami. But even without his personal zanpakuto, he was able to use his clan’s zanpakuto to battle with.

Kira and the other shinigami were standing around the clan’s Senkaimon. This was their only means of escape and they knew that if it was damaged, no matter how much planning Kira had done, their small clan would be unable to withstand the might of the Gotei 13.

“Hurry up, everyone! Gather all the clothes, materials, and anything else of value. We will be meeting up with the others on the other side.”

Right after Kira said that a thunderstorm occurred. It came out of nowhere and began raining hard within minutes. The storm covered the entirety of Soul Society with lightning bolts falling down seemingly at random.

Kira thought this was weird since it rarely raining in Soul Society and the storm came very fast but he did not think too much of it. The only shinigami who had a zanpakuto with such a wide area of effect was Yamamoto but the man controlled fire, not water.

Ren had used his bankai to create this storm. He created it for a few reasons but the main one was to provide cover for his division. With the heavy rain and dark clouds, it would obstruct the view of others.

Just as Kira was about to order his family to hide the materials that could go bad in the rain, he felt pain in his legs.

When he looked down, Kira saw several spikes of wood piercing through his legs before tangling around them. He heard the cries of his other members and saw that all the shinigami had their legs pretty much destroyed.

Just when Kira was going to warn the other members, several more wood spikes shot out of the ground and aimed towards his chest.

Slashing with his sword, he thought he would be able to break the branches but did not realize just how strong they were. Kira was only able to block them for a moment before they curved around the blade and stabbed into Kira’s chest.

Without even knowing who had done it, Kira had died after having 7 tree branches go inside of his chest before they tore through and crushed his organs. It was not just Kira but all of the shinigami around him as well.

Once all of the shinigami were dead, Ren appeared out of nowhere and stood 20 meters above the Senkaimon, looking down on the clan compound. These portals were very expensive so destroying them would be too expensive.

Standing in the air, Ren looked down at the clan and a look of pity went through his eyes.

“Their leader was so arrogant and ambitious that he has gotten all of you killed without even know why.”

Tree branches began to rise out of the ground and started hunting down the various members in the division.

If Ren saw a building, he would make it collapse before calling several bolts of lightning to strike those collapsed buildings.

When he saw a person, he would send the branches through their body and killing them in a swift and painless manner.

Of all the members of the clan, very few had died knowing what had happened to them. This was Ren’s mercy to them.

Ren grabbed the yellow sword that Kira was holding. One of the tasks the Central 46 assigned him and his division was the recovery of the clans’ zanpakutos.

There items were very valuable and could be given to other shinigamj who had earned them and could become new nobles.

Ren looked at yellow sword in his hands with disdain.

“This little thing is what gives them the idea that they have power? Even if they are as weak as these guys were?”

Ren wanted to destroy the zanpakuto.

“True power does not lie in your title. Even if someone declares themselves a king, a commoner can cut them down if they do not have the power to back it up.”

Ren stepped outside of the compound before having several large trees emerge and surround the compound before bending forward and twisting around each other until they created a dome with a single entrance.

Aiming at the hold which was the entrance, Ren began to chant to himself while pointing his right hand at the entrance.

“Hadō #88: Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō.”

A ball of energy formed in his palm before a large beam of blue and white energy with electricity running though it was fired into the entrance.

Withing the tree dome, a large explosion was contained within it and destroyed all the remains of the Inma clan.

From that day forward, the Inma clan was forever erased.

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61 61

The other 2 attack groups of the 8th division also completed their tasks smoothly and without any casualties.

Tier was able to wipe out all of her targets more easily than before. Unknown to Ren, the high amount of water strengthened her body as well as provided excellent camouflage for her. Within the rain, Tier was practically invincible.

It took the woman barely a minute to kill all of the clan members and take back their clan’s zanpakuto.

The 3rd strike force also had an easy time. Although they had the largest number of shinigami under their control, numbering 23, the 8th division sent the most number of officers and shinigami.

Using a barrage of cero and kido spells before charging in, the Cubaniro clan was unable to put up a proper defense and were killed. Unfortunately, they were the only clan where the 8th division had destroyed the Senkaimon.

Even holding that against them, wiping out 3 clans, taking back all 3 zanpakuto, and keeping 2 of the Senkaimon in one piece while receiving zero casualties had earned the 8th division no small amount of praise from Yamamoto and the Central 46.

The 8th division’s move to exterminate the 3 clans was not found out by the general public until 2 days later but it caused many changes in Soul Society and the 8th division that would last for years to come.

—8th Division—

Ren was currently in his room and looking at the child in front of him. She appeared to be no more than 8 years old but in Soul Society, she had a chance of being 30 if her body aged weirdly.

The little girl had pink hair and was quite cute. She had a few things that made her different than other children though.

The first was her right arm. More accurately, the lack of one. Her long sleeve was blowing in random directions due to the open window. The girl also had a cut across her left eye and it remained shut. Ren tried to find a healer but they said that it had been too long since she had lost the eye to do anything about it.

Tier had picked up the girl during her assault on the Leo clan. She was found in a dungeon with several other children who were already dead. This one was barely alive by the time that Tier had arrived and needed immediate medical attention just to survive.

Ren felt a headache coming on. He was supposed to kill everyone in the clan, even any prisoners that they had taken. By taking in the little girl, there was a huge risk to him. But when he saw the desperate and lonely look in her eyes, he could not help but take pity on the girl.

“From now on, you’re my little sister. If anyone asks, I just recently found you after you came to Soul Society. Understood?”

The girl nodded eagerly as her eyes were sparkling.

‘I have never had a brother before. I was all alone but the other kids told me stories about siblings. They said that big siblings will watch over and protect the younger ones.

Some even cook for their siblings or buy them clothes too. They will also give us sweets and take care of us and even show us love.

If he does even one of those things, that would be the best thing ever.’

If anyone could hear the girl’s thoughts, they would feel heartbroken. Simple things such as being clothed and fed were luxuries to her.

From that day forward, the 8th division had gotten their youngest member and Ren had gotten himself a little sister. The new girl’s name was Baiken.

After the Storm Rebellion, the 8th division had gotten themselves a reputation. Depending on who you asked, it was either very positive or very negative.

The Central 46 and Gotei 13 greatly appreciated the 8th division. Since they were a division that was unafraid to offend nobles, dealing with any rebellions or issues that required more force than what Onmitsukido could handle, would simply be handed over to the 8th division.

So in addition to becoming the division that dealt with Arrancars, the 8th division was also placed in charge of incidents involving nobles. But with their new duties, also came hate from all sides.

The Noble houses themselves hated the 8th division. Since it was a division that specifically dealt with them, even if they were innocent, they did not like the idea of a specific task force against them. Even the Onmitsukido’s patrol corps was only in charge of investigations but not directly combating the nobles.

With the hate, they received from the nobles, less and less talented members were able to be recruited. Whether because they were nobles themselves or fear of what the nobles would one day do to the division, the number of recruits the 8th division could take in did not surpass 5 every year.

There was also the grudge that had been cemented with the 6th and 11th divisions as well. The 6th division had an issue since it was a division that was mainly noble so they had an obvious dislike for Ren.

The 11th division was more like a rivalry than a grudge if most were honest. With their title of the strongest and Ren’s defeat of Suzuka, the 11th division kept trying to prove themselves.

With each new Kenpachi, the Captain of the 11th division would challenge Ren to prove that they were stronger. But with each match, Ren had thoroughly defeated every Kenpachi from the 5th to the current 9th.

With each victory, Ren further cemented himself as the strongest of all the captains with rumors saying that he may have even surpassed Yamamoto.

—- 450 Years after the Storm Rebellion, 220 YBC (Years Before Canon) —-

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62 62

A large man and younger woman were sparring against one another in the training field of the 8th division. Their spar was fierce and drew the attention of so many members that a crowd had formed around them.

On one side was Baiken. The little girl had grown into a tall and proper young woman. She was 170 cm tall while her pink hair had grown so long and wild that even her ponytail could not keep it in place.

Baiken now wore the standard shinigami uniform along with a red kimono over her shoulders as well as a black eye patch that covered her left eye.

Baiken had grown up under the watch of most members of the 8th division so most thought of her as a daughter or sister of the division. But outside of the division, Baiken was known as one of the 10 greats. These were the 10 most beautiful shinigami in the Gotei 13.

But it was not her beauty which she was most famous for but her strength. Even compared to the Arrancar and the officers that had been around since Ren had taken over the 8th division, her strength ranked 7th amongst them all. Ren had trained her personally from a young age so the girl’s power would never have been ordinary even with her disabilities.

The man she was fighting against was Ren himself. He had shrunk from his previous 230-centimeter body when he had first defeated Khorne to 200 centimeters tall. Even with his decrease in size, his physical power had not decreased in the slightest but had improved over the years. And even with his age being over 600 years old, he barely looked older than Baiken.

The pair were clashing with their zanpakuto and using purely zanjutsu while they battled. Baiken’s zanpakuto took the form of a katana with a black hilt and a red blade. She was being forced on the defensive by Ren who was not letting her take any advantage.

Ren on the other hand was using a plain brown bokken. This was the new form Dryae took on when she fused with his asauchi. Even though it seemed like an ordinary wooden sword, it had taken strikes from several Kenpachi’s over the years without having even a splinter of wood break off from it.

Ren had Dryae fuse with the asauchi after he reached a bottleneck 200 years prior. No matter how much effort he put in, he could not feel himself getting more powerful. So he decided to trust the process and let his zanpakuto spirit truly fuse with the asauchi. And the moment he did, Ren realized just how powerful he had truly gotten.

He had always compared himself to Yamamoto and Aizen that he remembered from the show subconsciously. It was only when he felt just how much power Dryae’s new form granted him, did he realize that he had most likely surpassed them both.

Even though his zanpakuto was not a bokken, it was no longer simply just a permanent shikai. Dryae was now a permanent bankai. Ren had not done 1 or 2 things never done before but 3. He had fused with a zanpakuto, he had gotten an always-active shikai, and most recently, gotten an always-active bankai.

His new level of power made him unrivaled among all the current captains with only Yamamoto and the legendary Squad 0 members being his rivals now.

And that powerful man was now training his little sister by giving a swift offense with his word and leaving her no chance to strike back.

‘Every single time we spar, he ends up speeding up just as I think that I have caught up to him. How did Yourichi-Nee manage to actually land a hit on him before?’

Baiken kept fighting while making her blows swifter and faster until she was no longer on the defensive but was evenly clashing with Ren. Their blows were so strong that they were created powerful gusts of wind that could have injured other shinigami, had a barrier not been put up.

After 20 minutes, the winner was still not decided but there was a loud voice that came from nowhere.

“How many times have I said to train in the ‘Dungeon’ if you’re going to spar? We can’t have captain-level reiatsu being released and destroying the practice grounds that everyone else has to use!”

Ren and Baiken clicked their teeth before they stopped battling and put away their weapons.

As if they were the red sea, the shinigami who were watching the spar parted as Kyou made her way through them.

After the events in the human realm, Kyou and Shin had both focused on improving their strength by a large degree which they had successfully done. With their current abilities, they could both unleash bankai and match captains of other divisions.

“Let’s go, Baiken! I told you about the meeting we were having today a month ago. If you are not on time, I don’t mind breaking your legs and dragging you there.”

Baiken felt offended that she was the only one being threatened while Ren got away scot-free.

“What about him?” Baiken asked while pointing at her older brother.

Kyou gave her a look of disdain when she asked that question.

“I can’t beat him and a single hand can’t clap. If you don’t distract him, he is sure to come to the meeting on time.”

Baiken let out a grunt of frustration before she sheathed her sword and started making her way toward Kyou before following her to the officers’ building.

Seeing Baiken leave, Ren used shunpo and was gone in a flash.


Author’s Note:

-Power Levels-

Spirit Energy Power levels are, Basic, Average, High (Lieutenant), Great (Captain), Immense (Advanced Captain), and Immeasurable (Beyond Captain).

Ren: Immeasurable

Tier: Between Immense and Immeasurable

Kyou: Great

Shin: Great

Cyan: Great

Franceska: Great

Emilou: Great

Ayon: Immense

Baiken: Great (Immense Potential)

Kakyo (She has the most annoying name ever and I have to constantly check the wiki to make sure I type it right): Great

Naoko: Great

Kisuke: Immense

Yoruichi: Immense

Tessai: Great

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63 63 (Fixed)

Author’s Note: People could not see edits so I copied content of edited chapter and just pasted them on a new chapter. Everyone should be able to see it now.


Ren arrived in the meeting room and greeted the others who were already in the room with a head nod. He took a seat around the circular table. There was no particular seating order but it was whoever came first got to pick their seats.

Of the 10 seats, 7 were filled including Ren’s. Franceska, Cyan, and Emilou sat next to each other with Shin sitting right next to Emilou. The group’s looks had not changed at all. Sitting next to Ren, or who Ren chose to sit next to, was Tier. The last member in the room was Kakyo.

Over the past 400 or so years, all of the members had undergone minor changes. Kakyo had the most changes after she had divorced her husband due to her membership in the anti-noble division. Ever since then, she had cut her waist-length black hair into a bob cut.

The woman had also informed Ren about her relationship with Tosen during some casual conversations but Ren did not get involved with it. He figured it was better to let nature take its course rather than to worry about if Tosen would still become his evil self.

Ren turned his head and looked at Tier’s side profile. When the woman felt his eyes on her, she turned to look at him. Not minding getting caught looking at her, Ren decided to ask the question that was on his mind.

“Tier. Do you remember what this meeting is about?”

The division had received a major change over the past 400 years. Ren and the other officers in the room were barely taking over division management and focused on training or combat.

Kyou took over the position of lieutenant as she was the one most interested in managing the affairs. She had absolute authority over the weaker members and those who were qualified for an officer position. There were too many members who were qualified to be officers so Ren would just allow Kyou to assign them however she pleased.

Including Ren, the division had 10 captain-level individuals at the moment, 7 lieutenant-level individuals, 30 officer-level individuals, and the other 950ish members were all shinigami who had not achieved their shikai but could still beat most other standard shinigami except for monsters like Zaraki.

They had even managed to recruit 3 other Arrancar but all 3 were Gillian-class. They took up 3 of the lieutenant-level positions in the division and 1 even had the chance of breaking into a captain-class power level.

Of all the captain-level individuals in the division, most were not really active in managing the affairs of it. It was actually the officer and lieutenant-level people who handled most of the matters. The only person who was truly in charge of those 37 was Kyou who held the rank lieutenant.

Kyou would also be the one to call for most meetings since she knew about most of the affairs going on in the division, Soul Society, and beyond. Tier shook her head. She was also clueless about what was going on.

‘Hmm. Guess that means that this has something to do outside of the division if Tier knows nothing about it but it is also not confirmed to the point where the captains of the divisions would be informed of it.

Either another rebellion or some unusual activity that most would not take too seriously.’

Ren took Tier’s hand into his own under the table. The woman turned to look at him but Ren just looked ahead with a blank face. Unable to read Ren’s face, Tier gave up on trying to understand why he did it out of the blue and let her hand rest within his.

Ren and Tier had been a couple for the past 300 years. They had gotten together after one particular mission in Hell. Ever since then, they had been spending a lot of time together.

Ren looked at Tier’s mask as several thoughts went through his mind but his face remained the same. He had an idea of how to get her and the other Arrancar out of their masks but he needed permission from Yamamoto and the Central 46 before he could initiate it.

Kyou walked in with Baiken right behind her. She stopped at the door when she saw Ren arrived before her but just shook her head and took a seat. Baiken sat on the other side of Ren as the group waited for the last member to arrive.

Naoko rushed into the door and yelled,


When he looked up, he saw the mocking looks in several of the other members of the round table while Kyou had flames coming out of her eyes.

“Take a seat. Now.”

Naoko nodded and took the last available seat which was between Shin and Kakyo. With all the members seated and ready for the meeting, Kyou started.

“Now that the last member is here we can officially begin. The latest meeting of the 8th Division’s Upper Echelon, or as we are also known as Ren’s Harem and two Eunuchs, can now begin.”

“””Ugh””” several voices let out. This was a nickname given when someone noticed that all of the female officers of the division beautiful women that Ren had personally recruited. Shin and Naoko were caught in the crossfire since there were no rumors about them being in a relationship with any women os most thought of them as eunuchs or gay.

“Now that the mood is lightened a bit, I can get on to the more serious matters. We have 2 bigs things that are on the agenda.

The first is the Expedition. I met with Lieutenant Chojiro yesterday and he said that we will soon get word of Central 46 giving us approval for the expedition to the Beast Realm. Besides Ren, we can only send 2 more of our members here along with him.

I was thinking of sending Baiken and Shin. Even though they have had a large amount of officer training, you both are still our weakest with tactical or logistic duties. You two also work well with the fewest amount of people.”

The group looked around and nodded their heads. Everyone else could truly take up the position of any division besides the 1st or 4th. These two were pretty much only suited to take over the 11th division of combat maniacs.

“And the second reason you called us for?” asked Cyan Kyou let out a sigh before taking a moment to compose herself.

“There is talk. Nothing official yet but something that has a chance of happening. A good chance. The quincy have been gathering their forces in large numbers. They might be planning an invasion some time soon.”

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64 64

Most of those in the room were not surprised about hearing the possibility of a quincy invasion. There had been talk of it for half a century. It was just that no one was sure when it would happen.

Ever since the time that guns and muskets began to get more popular, it seemed like the quincy had their blood ignited and began going on a warpath against hollows, shinigami, and even full bringers which caused the shinigami to divert more attention toward them.

No one knew exactly why they got bolder, especially in the past 50 years, but it was only asking for their own defeat. The shinigami had been dealing with the quincy before the Gotei 13 was even formed. All the other shinigami and nobles of Soul Society thought that the quincy were not a threat.

The only one who knew better was Ren. He had looked down on the Quincy in the past as well and even after such a long time, he still thought of them as no major threat. It was because of his future knowledge that he felt uneasy. He had a stoic appearance at the moment but his thoughts were in turmoil

‘Only Yamamoto and Unohana are here!’

That was precisely it. While he had seen all of the Vizard, Biyakuya’s father, and many other future captains and lieutenants among the divisions but none of the future captains were currently in their position except for Yamamoto and Unohana.

This meant that the extermination of the Quincy was not as one-sided as the shinigami made it appear to be in the anime. It was so terrible that only 2-3 captains walked out alive depending on whether the current Kenpachi lived or not.

‘I remember Ishida nearly killing Mayuri but he was not a direct combat captain if I remember correctly nor did he use the number of tools he used against that Espada. What do the Quincy have that makes them able to not only kill at least 10 captains but also prevent Yamamoto from doing anything to stop it?’

“Shin and Baiken will come with me to the Beast Realm. All other members of the 8th division are to remain with Seireitei. No missions are to be accepted while anyone currently on a mission needs to check in every 6 hours.”

Kyou did not understand why but still nodded her head. Ren rarely gave her directions on how to run the division so for him to give such specific ones, meant that the threat of the invasion was very true.

“So the invasion will definitely happen?” Asked Kakyo

“Hmm. And when they do, our division will not make any major moves unless you hear from me or Tier to do so.

We will send Cyan, Franceska, and Emilou to the 4th division to help with their defense when the time comes so we have 4 captain-level beings there and 4 here in our barracks in case it begins before we return from the Beast Realm. (He is counting Ayon)”

Everyone nodded. They then looked back to Kyou who took back over the meeting to explain minor things going on within the division and around Seireitei. Ren’s thoughts were not with the meeting though but divided between the Beast Realm and the Quincy Invasion.

‘Should I stay here and wait till the invasion is over or should I just go ahead with my plan? We do have plenty of fighting power here but I am just not sure what is coming.

*sigh* I know why Aizen waited so long despite being so powerful. It never hurts to be cautious. But then again, Aizen was so much weaker than I am now.’

Ren made up his mind and decided to go to Beast Realm. After the meeting was done, Ren told Shin and Baiken that they were departing in 3 days time before everyone dispersed. Shin left with Emilou back to their room while Naoko left with Kakyo. The rumors about both not being interested in other women were partially true. The pair ‘Eunuchs’ had actually gotten together with other officers of the 8th division.

Tier returned with Ren back to the captain’s room that the pair had shared where they spent the rest of the day and night together. For the next few days, the members of the 8th division relaxed. After 3 days were up, Ren, Shin, and Baiken were in Yamamoto’s office. With them, were several members of the Central 46 as well as the old man himself and Chojio.

“I must ask again, why are you going to the Beast Realm? It is filled with those who are trying to redeem themselves for their sins and nothing else.”

Ren smiled in response but did not answer. Seeing that he was not going to get the answer he wished, Yamamoto opened up the barrier by tearing apart a talisman. He threw Ren a similar-looking talisman as well.

“I wish you the best of luck and hope that you return safely.”

The trio nodded their heads before they stepped through the portal and were some of the few shinigami to ever enter the Beast Realm.

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65 65

Ren and company had arrived in the outskirts of the Beast Realm. All around them was dirt and dust with a few trees on the horizon in some directions. Besides a few locations, this was what most of the Beast Realm looked like.

‘This was not in the anime but luckily with my high position, I could get some information on it.’

The Beast Realm was indeed not in the anime so Ren had never heard about it. In fact, even the manga and wiki had very little information about the place. But the reality is different than entertainment.

Using the library that only captains had access to, Ren was able to learn about the beast realm while he was researching other types of souls and realms. In total, there were 6 different realms in the universe, only 4 of which most shinigami knew about. These realms coincided with the realms of rebirth. God’s realm, human realm, demi-god realm, animal realm, hungry ghost realm, and hell realm.

The human realm is earth as well as the valley of the screams which lies on the outer edge of it. Soul Society is considered the demi-god realm and where most souls go when they die. Corrupted or kidnapped souls go to the hungry ghost realm or Hueco Mundo and end up as hollows.

Then there are the sinners. Most shinigami only know about Hell. But this is the place where sinners who have committed unforgivable crimes or cannot be redeemed. The animal realm, or Beast Realm as the shinigami call it, is where those sinners who have a chance for redemption go. This is a place that only captains or nobles have information about.

When a being enters the Beast Realm after death, it is given 2 choices. Those who go into the beast realm are tied there for 500 years. If they live for all 500 years, they are able to enter soul society in a beastman form as a permanent reminder of their sins. If they die, their soul is reborn as a savage beast the roams the realm and will never leave or recover their sanity. The other option is to simply go to Hell.

Surviving was much more difficult than it sounded. Reincarnated souls would have to battle the savage creatures in order to get food and survive but had none of the abilities that any other spiritually aware being had.

Within the beast realm, a person becomes one of the 4 types of beastmen but which were called the 4 major clans. The first are the werewolves. These guys have large frames that tower over most and incredible strength. Their most famous member became a shinigami captain within the anime.

There are also Kitsune. These are beings who have fox tails and ears. The more tails one is born with, the more spirit energy they have. Kitsune are mainly female with very few males among their members.

The Tanuki were similar to the Kitsune in their bodies’ appearances. Instead of fox parts, they had raccoon-like tails and ears on their bodies.

There were also the Tengu who were part crow/raven were the ones who had the fewest members. They would have the wings of birds on their backs with the heads of crows/ravens.

Most of the time, these species would no interact due to several betrayals on one another in the past. The Tanuki were the most hated due to their plot that ended up killing 20 members of the other clans who were less than 10 years away from reaching Soul Society.

Ren summoned tree branches from under his feet and had them raise himself and his two companions into the air to get a better view. The entire realm was covered in a weird type of energy that disrupted Ren’s ability to sense reiryoku.

Once they were high in the air, Ren got a better view of the place. He could not see all of the various bases of the other species from where he was at but he still knew about what to look for.

There was a mountain that seemed to have a large cave entrance behind several layers of walls outside of the cave in the south. There was also a city that was within the trees that was in the north.

In the east was a floating fortress that seemed to be composed of a large number of boats. They were on a huge lake that covered over a hundred kilometers.

Lastly was the western group. They had the strongest looking base out of all the others and appeared to be a city with 10s of walls around them on all sides. This was the only one Ren could actually see with his eyes.

Before starting on their journey, Ren decided to drop by the city and ask for advice from the natives before the group left for their task.

‘Better to ask a native who lives there every day than to believe in the words of a book that is at least 400 years old.’

The trio ran through the air and approached the city at the fastest speed they could.


Author’s Note: God’s realm is the Soul King’s Palace

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66 66

The trio ran in the air and stood above the first wall. They could have easily gone directly past the defenses of the city but figured it was too rude to simply do that. They stayed like that for a few minutes before a female(?) werewolf called out to them with a feminine voice (✔️).

“Hello, shinigami-dono. What honor do we have for you to visit our little city within this desolate realm?”

Ren did not put on airs as he dropped out of the air and landed on the wall. Baiken and Shin did as well. The pair of younger shinigami looked at the female werewolf with curious eyes. The number of beastmen who survived in the past several hundred years and were able to make it to Soul Society barely numbered 3.

As for those who were already in Soul Society, they were forced to the outskirts of it. Even among the peasants, the beastmen lived in the worst parts of Soul Society and were pretty much unable to become shinigami.

Ren had visited the various beastmen in hopes of recruiting a promising individual but was unable to find anyone besides Konamaru. But that man/beast was already a member of the 1st division.

“We are here to visit your leader. I wish to ask him about the Beast God’s Remnants.”

Hearing that they were here for the most feared location in all of the Beast Realm, the female werewolf shuddered and looked at the trio like they were insane. Ren knew exactly why she was giving them that look but he was not worried.

Out of the entire Beast Realm, most of it was dangerous. Savage Beasts roamed everywhere, there was little food, and water was scarce. None of this was as bad as the Beast God’s Remnants.

This location is where a large number of savage beasts were located. For as many beasts that roamed the rest of the Beast Realm, at least 3 times that many surrounded the area known as the Beast God’s Remnants. Not only did savage beasts surround the area but the place was also said to be cursed.

None of the beastmen dared to enter the place no matter what the legends said about a potion that would allow one to regain their human form or the ability to use soul energy.

The werewolf did not wish to talk to either of them in fear that she would end up having to escort the group. She pointed the trio in the right direction and gave them a few instructions before she ran off.

Baiken and Shin led the way as they looked at each of the werewolves with a large amount of interest in their eyes. They looked at all the different beings that towered over them. Each had its own fur color and also seemed like different breeds of dogs/wolves all over.

When they finally arrived at a large manor in the center of the city. The guards outside of the manor were going to block the way of the shinigami at first but when they saw the lack of animal features, the 6 guards stood down while 2 others ran inside to inform the members of the clan.

By the time the trio entered the main hall where all the major meetings would be held, there were 5 large werewolves waiting for them. Each of these figures was over 8 feet tall with the tallest even being 10 feet in height.

The grey wolf in the center stood up from his seat and greeted Ren’s entourage.

“Hello, shinigami. We have heard that you have visited us but are unsure why.”

Ren told him the same thing he told the female werewolf on the walls. All of the wolves inside the room were shocked and afraid by what Ren said. To them, the Beast God’s Remnants were the danger grounds that none of them dared to visit, even for the chance to be shinigami.

As soon as they heard the words, the leader gave them instructions on where the Remnants were located as well as all the details that he knew about it in hopes that Ren would not force any of his members to tag along. In fact, he had even tried to pawn the task off to the other 3 clans by saying that the werewolves were the least knowledgeable about the area.

Ren did not know whether he should laugh or cry about how obvious the old man was trying to pawn off the job of being guides but Ren did not need it. He already knew where he needed to go and could reach the area in moments at his speed. The trio left the city soon after under the relieved gazes of all the elders.

Ren and the others took about an hour to find the Remnants. The Remnants were a large skeleton in the shape of a colossal saber tooth tiger. All around them were countless savage beasts that were covering so much of the ground that it seemed like a moving black tide.

‘Now that we are here, we just need to get past ‘the curse’.’

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67 67

Shin and Baiken were about to attack the wave of beasts below but Ren held up his hand. Both were confused on why they were not allowed to attack but followed Ren’s lead. He slowly walked down from the sky until he was just above the beast tide.

The beasts that were originally beneath him seemed to form a landing zone for him and cleared out a few meter wide circle. Ren landed on the ground without suffering any attacks. Shin and Baiken landed on the ground as well. Both were looking at Ren and were asking questions with their eyes so Ren answered them.

“This is an ability of my zanpakuto. Most of the time, I keep it at its lowest value, which is off, since it overloads my mind with all the information I get. Every rock and tree and creature has a life, has a spirit, has a name.

I can literally sing with all the voices of the mountain and paint with all the colors of the wind. This is great for information gathering but terrible because no one ever listens to them so they all wish to talk with me.

Another great part of the ability is it passively makes creatures with low amounts of intelligence not hate me as long as they are not under the control of another or I don’t do anything to piss them off.”

The group walked through the tide until they reached the base of the skeleton. This is where the treasure was. Underneath the large skeleton was an altar that had a crimson marble on the center.

“Stay back. If you enter this altar, I may end up having to kill you. But stay close enough so that you do not end up getting attacked by the savage beasts.”

Shin and Baiken did not stand on the altar due to Ren’s warnings while he stepped onto the altar. The moment he did, his vision went black. Ren could see nothing but he heard a voice.

“You wish to take my final drop of blood? Are you worthy?”

Even though he was unable to see who was speaking, the power behind the voice was an obvious hint. This was the remaining spirit of the Beast God that dwelled in the drop of blood Ren was here for and also the ‘Curse’.

“Of course I think I am worthy. Otherwise, I would not be here. Or I would just be trying to commit suicide. Although I can think of a few other methods that are much better for that.”

‘Hmm. Then let us see how worthy you are.’

Ren felt his mind being pulled out of his body but he did not resist. He knew what was going and was prepared for it. In fact, he was excited. Not just for the reward but for the challenges that would occur once again.

It felt likes hours had passed by while the Remnant spirit read his mind when it was only seconds. But this made sense. Ren was a being that was over 600 years old. He had many memories to scan. When the process was finished, Ren felt a sense of relief. His mind was no longer feeling like it was literally being torn in two.

After the pain, came a sudden rush of memories. The time he battled both Kuruyashi and Azashiro before the latter took the former’s title.

The time he had challenged each of the 3 members of the Royal Guard in single combat to test his strength to the limits. Each one of them being a monster that could kill his entire division except for Tier individually.

The time he had battled Ichibe in a one-on-one duel in hopes of being able to see just how powerful was the man who had invented shikai, bankai, and many other things of Soul Society before they were even invented as well as the leader of the Royal Guards who were said to be strong enough to surpass all of the Gotei 13.

When he battled against Yamamoto in hopes of taking the title of the strongest shinigami as well as see how hot his flames were.

When he had first battled against a captain-level opponent. When he fought Kojuro in single combat and realized how high the beings known as captains stood above even officers and lieutenants.

‘My life has truly been wild. But the sad part is, I still haven’t beaten any of those 5 monsters. Yet.’

The Beast God’s spirit also saw all of Ren’s memories. With each battle he saw Ren partake in, he was impressed. No matter the opponent he faced, Ren did not back down and fought with his all until either him or his opponent lost.

‘This boy is truly a monster. I was killed by that monk so easily but this kid was able to withstand 5 strikes from him before he fell. This is truly impressive.’

“Fine, boy. You are indeed worthy of the last drop of my blood. I have already read through your memories and know what you plan to do with it and I approve.”

The red marble appeared in front of Ren’s face but he could not move yet. He was still stuck in darkness with the marble being the only thing he could see.

“Two more things,” the spirit’s voice said as it sounded weaker. “I shall give your zanpakuto the rest of my power. It seems to be a nature zanpakuto but only rules the elements and not beasts themselves.

I will also tell you a secret…”

The darkness faded from around Ren. He saw that the altar had collapsed while Shin and Baiken were standing around him with worried looks on their faces. Ren smiled at the pair.

“Let’s head home after I practice this new ability I learned.”


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68 68

‘Dryae. How does it feel?’ Ren asked his zanpakuto spirit. Even though he was sure that the Beast God’s Spirit did not mean any harm, he would still be careful about anyone interacting with her ever since he found out Khorne had suppressed her for over 100 years.

‘Hmm. Not only do I feel fine, I feel even better than ever. Like a part of me, I never knew was missing had finally come back.’

Ren felt assured after he heard that. He also sensed the change in Dryae’s power and knew just how much more powerful she had gotten even though the bokken in his hands had not gone through any noticeable change.

‘What is the new ability that spirit gave you?’

Dryae took a minute to think about how to explain the new ability.

‘It is not really a new ability directly but instead several different breathing techniques. There are 14 in total.

Each breathing technique focuses on a different combat style that resembles the aspect of nature they are named after with some even giving special abilities. They are really impressive if I say so myself.’

If the spirit knew that Dryae had gotten all 14 breathing styles, he would have been shocked. The spirit had only intended to grant her 4 styles: Beast, Insect, Serpent, and Flower. He knew his spirit was too weak to hold all the techniques and was barely able to transfer 4. How Dryae got all 14 would forever be a mystery.

Ren kept speaking with Dryae about all the 14 styles to get a better idea of them but the more he learned, the more interested he became. Any one of those styles would increase his combat power by a large margin but by having all 14, he turned into a demon.

‘Wait. Who said these are only for me? Dryae? Can I give these to others?’

‘Yes and no. You can teach them to others but you can’t just pass them on. Also, it comes with a risk. These techniques are meant for your body and yours alone. If they try to learn the wrong technique or use it without mastering them, they could end up crippling themselves.’

‘Got it! Even if they can each only learn one, one of these will make their swordsmanship rise up to a level that most other shinigami can’t touch.’

Ren spent the next 3 days training with the various styles and getting used to them. Even though they were in his zanpakuto and his mind, they were not one with his body. No matter how much he knew, it was meaningless without application.

‘A person can be the best hacker in the world but without a computer that can keep up with them, they would be too limited.’

During those 3 days, Shin and Baiken were taught the basics of a style that suited each of them.

Shin was taught the Thunder Breathing Style. This style focused on swift strikes and movements as well as using electricity to attack. This suited Shin’s nature perfectly.

Baiken was more difficult to pick a style for due to her disability. Ren eventually settled on the Mist Style since it dealt with putting the opponent at an advantage by obscuring their senses and the surroundings.

The pair were not even able to learn the first technique of their breathing styles during the 3 days but even without them, Ren was able to see how much of an improvement that the duo had gone through in terms of swordsmanship.

When the 3 days were over, Ren decided to leave. He was not sure when the Quincy would attack so he decided that it was best to return earlier in case anything happened.

Ren dropped a crystal on the ground that he had gotten from Kisuke. This was a special device that created a temporary gate between two locations that could be opened up by using another crystal.

Ren had requested this from Kisuke so that he could visit the Beast Realm without the knowledge of the Central 46. This place had dense spiritual energy and was empty for the most part which made it suitable for training his members.

After the crystal was in the ground, Ren summoned several large tree branches to form a large and thick dome around it. With the dome, he was not afraid of any savage creatures destroying the crystal while he was away.

Ren tore the talisman that Yamamoto had given before a portal appeared in front of him. The trio jumped through it and landed in the officer of Yamamoto. Except when they arrived, the old man was talking with the current lieutenant of the 12th division.

“Old man. Hikifune. Don’t mind us. We are just coming back from our picnic.”

Hikifune nodded back and smiled at Ren in greeting. The slim and busty woman who could take the title of most-endowed shinigami. She had long purple hair and swirling marks on her cheeks.

Ren got along well with the woman since she had a similar personality to Kisuke but also very different. Both were people who were obsessed with their research but the woman had a cheerful and bubbly personality while Kisuke was lazy and a loner.

Ren did not mind either since he knew that both were just being honest about themselves and did not feel the need to act differently in front of others.

Yamamoto nodded his head and waved the trio off as they left his office and returned toward the 8th division.


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69 69

When Ren returned to the 8th division, not only were all of the officers in the meeting room, they also had two guests. Baiken ran up and hugged one of them.


Yoruichi hugged Baiken back. Yoruichi had been in command of the Onmitsukido for the past 200 years and would hardly have time to visit due to the rise in Quincy activities. Even still, Baiken had gotten very close with her and the pair considered each other like sisters.

Sitting next to Yoruichi was Kisuke. The man still had his signature hat on his face that obscured most of his face. Kisuke nodded toward Ren in silent greeting before covering his entire face with his hat, most likely trying to take a nap.

“What do I owe the pleasure of the leader of the Onmitsukido visiting me along with her number 2 lackey?” Ren asked in a teasing tone.

Yoruichi rolled her eyes and ignored Ren’s taunt.

“No members of the 8th division have made a move for over a week besides Ren who decided to visit the Beast Realm that is supposed to have nothing there. Several of the noble houses have gotten suspicious and wanted us to investigate?”

“So you investigate by walking straight into our office and asking us?” Shin said with a puzzled expression. Yoruichi nodded with a proud look on her face.

“Hmm. I know that anything you are willing to tell me I can gain by just asking. As for anything else, no matter how much I try to hide it, Teacher would have surely made it impossible for me to get.”

Yoruichi picked up several documents from the table and waved them in front of her face to prove her point. She then kicked the chair from under Kisuke and caused the man to fall on his butt.

“Come on. We have to go write these in our own words and slowly distribute them over the course of a few years now.”

Kisuke stood up and followed Yoruichi outside the building before she waved at the officers of the 8th division. Soon, she was out of sight.

“Now that the nuisance is gone, let’s get back to the main topic. I have collected what I planned to. And with it, we can finally transform the Arrancar.”

Hearing the news, most in the room were excited yet anxious. This had never been done before so they did not know how it would react or end up. Luckily, they were prepared.

“Anyone who wants to watch can come to the Dungeon. Everyone else can relax around the base.”

Tier, Baiken, and Cyan were the only ones who decided to follow Ren. The rest did not want to visit the Dungeon since the process may not end up as they had expected.

The group of 4 left the officers’ building and walked towards Ren’s dorm. Above it, was a treehouse that looked like a child had built it. The group jumped into the air and stepped on the platform of the treehouse before entering it. Inside was a completely different sight.

Kisuke and Tessai had worked with Ren’s wood which had excellent durability and the unique ability to store reiatsu to build this. The Dungeon was a picket dimension where the powerful beings of the 8th division could train without destroying or breaking the rules of Soul Society.

Each of the noble clans had something similar but none were as large as the 8th divisions since it was the size of a small planet. It also had the ability to regenerate from any damage that those who entered it caused.

The 4 flash-stepped toward the southern part of their personal planet until they reached a large building made out of Ren’s special wood. The group entered and was immediately met with cursing.

“Fuck you! Release me before the King comes to rescue me and I can promise that you will have swift deaths!”

Cyan looked at the others with a chilling smile on her face.

“The new ones are so impatient. He could have lived for a while longer but he chose to die today. Maybe he wanted to volunteer for the experiment.”

Baiken nodded. She jumped up and cut through the cage that the person yelling was in. The trio heard several heavy blows meeting a body before she jumped out with a figure over her shoulders.

This was an Arrancar that the 8th division had captured. Using the Arrancar’s ability to travel freely to Hueco Mundo, Ren had been sending his members there for training, consistently. Every now and then, they would capture an Arrancar for experiments.

Ren had been trying to understand his Elixir of Life as well as doing other experiments to convert Arrancar into shinigami for years. But nothing worked.

But with each failure, Ren got closer and closer to the answer. He finally figured out, or thought he did, how to do it and the missing ingredient that would cause it to work.

The Arrancar standing in front of Ren had been beaten and was bloody. One of his arms had also been cut off at the elbow. But even with all the injuries that he was given earlier, the Arrancar still had the nerve to talk down on them when they entered which earned Baiken’s and Cyan’s wrath.

Ren did not mind the man. He summoned the Elixir of Life. It was a black chalice with light red liquid inside of it. Ren pulled out the blood-marble from within his robe and dropped it inside of the chalice. The marble melted while the color of the liquid went from light red to a bloody color.

Ren saw the color change and nodded. He then held the male Arrancar by his face and forced open his mouth before forcing down a mouthful of the elixir. Him and the others stood back and watched to see what would happen next.

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70 70

The Arrancar seemed fine at first even though he was unconscious. Then his body started writhing on the ground. His eyes shot open and he held onto his throat several moments later. The Arrancar seemed like he was unable to breathe. None of those watching made a move but just watched him with cold, indifferent eyes.

Soon, the mask fragments on the man’s lower jaw began to melt. Seeing this, everyone started to look on with interest. The mask melted into a white liquid that began to flow down his body.

The liquid traveled toward the hole in the Arrancar’s chest and filled it with the liquid. Once the hole in his chest was filled with white liquid, it came out of his chest and surrounded his entire body like personal body armor that was bleach { 😉 😉 } white that fit the man like a glove. It even covered the part of the man’s arm that had been cut off earlier so it seemed like the arm was still there.

Ren looked on with interest. He thought for a moment before he flashed away and a moment later he was back, carrying the zanpakuto of the Arrancar in his right hand and his crown in the left. Ren threw both on his body and saw the white liquid hungrily absorb the zanpakuto before putting it in the Arrancar’s hand.

The others saw that the liquid seemed to ignore them and only cared about anything related to the Arrancar. Ren was hoping that this meant that the process was a success. Every other time he had done this, the liquid always rejected the Arrancar. This was the first time that it did not.

‘So shinigami blood alone is not enough. It also needed the blood of a beast god to counter it.

The shinigami blood allows for the body and soul to stabilize while the beast god blood replaces the hollow’s animalistic raw power.

Even though it was successful before, the spiritual power and awareness were lost. Hopefully, this will finally keep the process stable and ensure no power is lost through it.’

The crown began to glow as the power within the Arrancar started to try to leak out before being forcibly suppressed and forced back inside of the Arrancar.

Soon the white armor cracked before breaking and disappearing into nowhere. All that remained was the Arrancar that was there before but with several differences. He no longer had a mask and his hole was now filled. His arm had also been regenerated.

The man was no longer an Arrancar but he could also not be said to be a pure shinigami either. The man now had 2 pairs of narrow, slit-like eyes on his face.

‘Hmm. I did not think that there would be so much change. I just thought that the mask itself would disappear.

I’m sure most of them won’t mind a few of these characteristics remaining though as long as they are not as obvious and obtrusive as the mask fragments.

Now let’s see how powerful he is and if his resurrecion is the same.’

Before Ren could even try to wake up the man, he shot up and towards Ren before swinging his blade at Ren. Baiken stepped forward and blocked the blow with a single hand but Ren could still sense the power behind the blow even with Baiken blocking for him.

‘This is just as much power as he had when he was an Arrancar! This works! Come on now. Let’s see your resurrecion.’

The man was blasted back by Baiken by about 20 meters before he was able to stand again. He saw the 4 people looking at him and knew that his chances of victory were slim. Ren said something which ignited his fighting spirit though.

“Good. You have proven to be a successful experiment. As your reward, if you are able to kill Baiken here, I will let you go free and will not chase you down. Do you accept?”

The former Arrancar seemed shocked that he was given the offer and scanned Ren’s face for a tell that he was lying. He then shook his head and realized that even if Ren was, this was his only chance at escape before the two monsters known as Ren and Tier.

“I accept!”

The man stabbed his blade through his right hand before shouting his release command.

“Kumo no Kuro!”

A large amount of reiatsu was released from the man that would match most mid-class captains. Soon the reiatsu faded and the man appeared in a form different but similar to his previous resurrecion.

He had a black exoskeleton covering most of his body leaving only his face uncovered, his mouth had turned into chelicerae, and 4 black and green spider legs emerged from his back. The beast part of this man’s nature had exceeded what it was when he was an Arrancar.

‘Perfect. Even though there was a chance, it was expected.’

Ren turned around and went to go get the other while he left Baiken to battle with the man. He already knew the results of the battle anyway.

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71 71

By the time that Ren had returned with Franceska, Emilou, and Shin as well as the 3 Gillian-class Arrancar, the former Arrancar’s body was starting to disperse as its dead body was releasing all the souls within its body back into the reincarnation cycle.

Baiken had several parts of her clothes torn but there was not a single injury on her body. Even though she was the youngest out of all the officers, the girl had come of the best combat potential that still being tapped into even after 400 years.

Ren put both his hands together before summoning many large tree branches that twisted and intertwined until they formed a hut with private. Since the last Arranacar lost all of his clothes in the transformation process, he wanted to give everyone a sense of privacy when they shifted. With the temporary building done, Ren turned toward the 7 Arrancar.

“You guys don’t have to do this if you do not wish to. This is just me being me.”

Tier shook her head.

“I trust your judgment. I also wish to see how I change after being the same for so long.”

Cyan and Franceska nodded at her words.

“We also believe in you. You have not once led us down the wrong path so you have our trust.”

“I agree with her as well.”

The pair turned to Emilou and shot a glare at the woman who did not seem to want to agree with them.

“I don’t really care about your reason. As long as I get rid of this horn, I will be fine with whatever happens.”

Both wanted to smack their friend on the head for still not being tactful after all these years but Ren was used to it. In a society that was as stagnant as theirs, the change did not happen for most.

They did the same thing for years and years with barely any changes in their routine. While many would mature, they would hide that maturity behind another persona. That was the only way one could keep themselves sane.

Ren and the Arrancar entered the building with each going into their own room and disrobing. He went from room to room with the chalice in his hand and letting each member drink a mouthful of the elixir and place a jewel from the crown on each of their heads before he went into the center room and waited for the process to be over.

‘Now that I think about it, what will their new abilities be? Shinigami have kido, hollows and Arrancar have cero and those other skills, fullbringers are weirdos, and Quincy shoot arrows. What will they do?

Hmm. Shinigami are Japanese, hollows are Spanish, fullbringers are English, and Quincy are German. What language is left? Korean? Russian? French?

I wave baguette in surrender since my white flag has been put in the air too many times. Haha. The French have such a funny reputation even though they have been in more wars than most other countries.

Their language is seriously fucked up though. I could never… oh! They’re done.’

The insane monologue going through Ren’s head had ended when he felt the first person emerging from their room. Rather than just emerge, she cut through the wood that served as a wall with a loud roar.

Franceska emerged from her room with a pair of lion ears sticking out from her hair and a tail swishing behind her back. Her mask remnants had completely disappeared leaving only a beautiful cat woman but Ren felt it was a pity.

‘She had a nice crown.’

“How are you feeling?” Ren asked

Franceska flexed her muscles and made a few kicks and punches with her body.

“Hmm. Feel perfect. Very comfortable in fact.”

The next to awaken was Emilou but before she had even broken out of her room, Franceska and Ren could hear her shout.

“Fuck this!”

Emilou punched through the wood wall without even getting dressed and appeared in front of the pair. Both did not have to ask why she angry when they saw her.

On top of the raging woman’s head was no longer the single white horn that made up the fragment of her hollow mask but instead two antelope horns that came out of her head.

“It was supposed to go away! Not double!”

Before Ren could even refute her, Franceska stepped forward first.

“Oh shut up. You knew this was about getting more animal traits. What else did you think you were going to get you, dumb deer? A fluffy little tail?”

Emilou was frustrated and flustered. She wanted to storm towards Franceska and fight her but she realized that she was naked. But she also could not retreat otherwise the woman would see that she did in fact also gain a little fluffy tail.

Luckily for her, all 3 of the Gillian-class Arrancar woke up and burst through their walls. Using the moment when Franceska was distracted, Emiloue retreated back into her room and got dressed.

All 3 of the Gillians came out without their masks as well with each having animal characteristics based on their resurrecion form. While Ren was still looking them over to see all the changes, Emilou emerged from her room dressed and began to argue with Franceska.

Deciding it was easier to ignore the pair, Ren waited for Cyan and Tier to emerge. Both did about the same time. When Cyan broke out of her room, she did it through raw physical strength. Tier on the other hand was able to cut through it and with a single cut.

Cyan did not have many obvious changes besides the mask fragment in her hair disappearing. Only when one took a close look, would they notice that along her collar were white snake scales.

Tier had also lost any noticeable changes while she was wearing clothes. Along both of her arms were Kakau or tribal tattoos that looked like shark teeth that formed a bracelet. On her chest were also a large shark lower shark jaw-looking tattoo that went along her collarbone.

With these two emerging from their cocoons(?) all of the Arrancar had officially finished their evolution and were now entirely new beings.


Author’s Note:

So gonna answer these two things in the author’s note. One is a question that several people asked in the comments and I’m sure a few are curious about while the other, only one asked but was a really good question.

1st: Why?

Why he did this is really only one major reason. Many think that he is just doing it to have sex with Tier but as long as it is within the Dungeon, the pair can get as freaky as they want in her release form.

No. The reason why is lack of trust. Ren has managed to piss off almost every noble clan and has built a large amount of fight power within his division. By using the excuse that he has hollows, they can try to kill Ren or at least the Arrancar with a poison targeted toward them.

By changing their bloodlines, he is able to get rid of that possibility from working. The whole arrow in the dark vs spear in the light thing.

2nd: Will they have bankai and are Quincy able to take their powers now?

No and No! They still have resurreccion and Quincy can’t take them.

This question is easy to answer and accept that answer if you are open-minded. The fact is the that shinigami zanpakuto has never been shown to weaken the shinigami when they fully convert the asauchi into a zanpakuto. This always made it seem like, to me at least, that a shinigami zanpakuto is borrowed power. And when a shinigami uses shikai or bankai, they are forcefully evolving that power.

Ressurrecion on the other hand is the release of a hollow’s true power. They are not borrowing anyone’s power but instead unleashing their’s to the limit. These new beings are similar and are unleashing their true power instead of borrowing it.

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72 72

The group returned to Soul Society soon after with each member heading in their own direction to do as they pleased. Ren left towards the first division to see Yamamoto since he needed something from the old man.

The division was as peaceful as always when he arrived at the gate to barracks and walked through them. All the members of the 1st division nodded or gave small bows toward Ren. Ever since they had heard about his battles against each Kenpachi, very few would dare to disrespect Ren, especially to his face.

By the time Ren had arrived at the old man’s office, Hikifune was long gone with Yamamoto and Chojiro discussing some matters of the division.

Chojiro and Yamamoto nodded toward Ren who had returned the greeting. He got right to the point of his visit since he did not like beating around the bush or making small talk.

“I need to see that damn monk. Can you let them know for me?”

The damn monk that Ren was referring to was Ichibe Hyosube, leader of the Royal Guards also known as the Zero Division. The man was millions of years old and had named many things in existence. Zanpakuto, shikai, bankai, shinigami. If it had a name, he was most likely the reason behind it.

Ren wanted to speak with the man because he wanted more information about the Arrancars’ new species. If they had been created before, Ichibe must have had some knowledge about the various abilities they possessed.

He also needed to speak with Ichibe and Oetsu about another matter that both were involved in in the past.

Yamamoto was used to Ren’s request and tossed him a red cube. Inside the cube was a bell that seemed to have been surrounded by glass and would never move.

“Pour your reiatsu into the cube and shake it. It will alert the Rotal Guard that you want to meet with them. If Ichibe wishes to speak with you, he will summon you to the Soul King’s palace. If not, you can do nothing else about it. You can also keep that. I have another for myself.”

Ren nodded and was about to leave when he thought of a question that had been bothering him for a long time.

“Why do you let me do as I please? You always seem so strict with the other captains or question everyone’s motives but for me, I am pretty much allowed to run rampant. ”

Chojiro raised his eye at the question that he had also been curious about. But the last time he had asked Yamamoto, the only reply he got was ‘He is unique’.

“You… are unique. Not just in your level of power but also in your motivation. You had killed another captain when you were barely 150 years old because your previous captain made a bet with you.

You have defeated every Kenpachi after that. Not out of anger or to humiliate them but because you just wanted to make sure that anyone who took that name knew that they were not the true Kenpachi until they beat her.

You have a strange sense of loyalty. Although I do not believe that you have any loyalty to Soul Society itself, you are loyal to the people and do what is best for them. You will ignore the rules for your people or for the greater good.

This is something that I do not believe in because I respect the laws laid down before me. If anyone else had such little respect for the rules, I would have put them in their place long ago. But you… you do not care about me or fear the consequences.

I know that my students or some other shinigami will eventually take over the position of Supreme Commander from me one day. That I can be assured. But I do not know if the one who succeeds me will have the power to protect Soul Society.

You will. You have the power that surpasses even Yachiru-chan and will be able to defeat me eventually. You also do not wish to be a member of the Zero Division which means that you will become Soul Society’s best line of defense, unlike the Royal Guard who only protects the Palace.

This is why I agree with your requests. Even though you are wild and care not for rules, you have sacrificed your division’s prosperity by agreeing to become a blade against nobles. You are willing to ignore the rules, both written and unwritten, to do what is right.”

Ren did not know how to respond. No matter how he thought of it, he only did those things because he truly did not mind. The first time, he was mainly going after revenge while later, he never truly cared about nobles. Those without true power would never be a threat to him.

“Whatever you say, Old Man. I need to speak with the mad monk so I will have to continue this discussion another time.”

Ren used shunpo to flash step out of the room. Within moments, he was on the outskirts of Rukongai. When he saw that there was no one around, Ren inserted his reiatsu in the cube and shook the bell.

Unable to hear a sound, Ren did not know if it had worked. His doubts were soon changed as he saw a portal appear in front of his eyes. Ren walked through it as he visited the Soul King’s palace for the 3rd time.

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73 73

When Ren stepped through the portal, the first thing he saw was not a large man with a smile on his face but instead, a large number of fabrics dangling around.

“Of course you were the one who answered my call. The other 3 are probably doing something ‘important’ like playing with their sword.”

Sitting on a throne in front of him was a beautiful young woman. She wore the standard shinigami uniform as well as a captain’s haori and some gold ornament in her hair. The most interesting part of her was that she did not appear to have any normal arms but instead had 6 skeletal, artificial arms on her back.

“Senjumaru Shutara, also known as 3rd officer of the Royal Guard and the Great Weave Guard. How have you been since we last met?”

Senjumaru flashed Rena a small smile. She had visited him several times in the past when she heard about the various variations to his haori that he had made over the years. He was the only captain to try and change the design of the haori once every few months.

But with his constant changes, she felt some admiration. The woman figured that she had found someone to be her test subject and try out her different prototypes of haori designs. She had been bored since no one dared to aim for the Soul King so she had nothing to do most of the time.

“If it is not my favorite captain. Little Ren, what are you here for? Trying to challenge each of us again?”

Ren let out a laugh. Although he was willing to battle against each of them again, he was only sure about his victory against Tenjiro. The Senjumaru and Oetsu were still unsure battles while Ichibe was in another league entirely.

“Not today. Maybe another day soon. I am here to meet with the Mad Monk. Is he busy?”

Hearing that Ren did not want to try out her latest haori design for him left Senjumaru a bit disappointed but after hearing his request, decided to follow Ren. If Ren was looking for Ichibe and did not insult him, it meant that he had most likely found something interesting.

“He is not busy at all. I can even guide you to where he is.”

“Thanks but I…”

“I can guide you to where he is,” Senjumaru said with a smile on her face that seemed a bit forceful.

“Once again, I am…”

“I. Will. Guide. You.” The woman said while releasing reiatsu and killing intent.

Both knew that she was not doing it to start a battle or threaten him but just so that Ren knew that she was coming along no matter what he said. Resigning to his fate, Ren accepted her help.

“Then I will thank you for your help.”

Hearing his reply, Senjumaru let out a light and girly giggle that one would expect from a woman of her appearance but not of her age. The woman grabbed Ren’s hand with one of her skeletal arms before lifting him into the air and using shunpo.

The pair appeared in front of a large staircase. Senjumaru wanted to let Ren get used to the dense spiritual energy coming from the dojo starting at the bottom of the stairs but when she saw that he did not seem to be affected, she changed her mind and appeared at the top of the stairs in a flash.

They were now outside of a large training dojo. This was the main building of Ichibe’s floating city and where most would find him. The duo entered the building and was greeted by a large man writing on an even large piece of paper with a brush that was larger than the man. He seemed to be practicing his calligraphy.

The strokes were beautiful but fierce and full of energy. When the piece was done, even an amateur could tell that Ichibe had done an amazing job.

Just as Ren was about to give some light praise, he saw that the paper began turning into reishi before it disappeared completely. Ren immediately knew that something else had just gained a name.

“Hohoho. It seems like you are here for a reason, Little Ren. Do you wish to be defeated with only 5 blows once again? Maybe you have gotten stronger and can survive 6 now?”

Ren could not say anything to that. It was true that the last time the pair had battled, Ren was only able to take 5 blows from the monk’s shikai before he was out of the fight.

‘This goddamn monster is taunting me now. Just let me get that as well as master my breathing styles and we can see just how many blows it will take before I cut off that fat head of yours.’

“I am not here for that. I came because you know the names of almost everything. What is a being that is a hybrid between a shinigami and a beast?”

Ichibe finally turned around and looked at Ren. Seeing the eyes of the ancient being on him, Ren could not help but feel uncomfortable. It was as if he could hide no secrets from those eyes.

Ren knew that the main weakness of his zanpakuto was its lack of raw offensive power compared to most others in high positions. While he could defeat those just a single step below his level with ease, anyone on his level was an uphill challenge for him without resorting to summoning a meteor.

“Hmm. I do remember naming such a thing a long time ago. There had only been 30 in existence before. I believe they were called…”

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74 74

“Hmm. I do remember naming such a thing a long time ago. There had only been 30 in existence before. I believe they were called… Asura. They are the fusion between the holy beings known as shinigami and the beasts of nature that have no control over themselves.”

Hearing that they had a name, Ren was ecstatic. He decided to press on.

“Then if they have names, do they also have common abilities? Such as the cero of Hollows or the hierro of the Arrancar.”

Ichibe gave Ren another soul-piercing look but he did not ask much. As long as whatever Ren was plotting did not involve the safety of the Soul King Ichibe would not care about anything. This was the true nature of the Mad Monk.

Even if all of Soul Society was going to burn down due to a rebellion and the Gotei 13 all died, Ichibe would stand by and watch as long their goal was not the Soul King’s Palace and just wished to rule over Seireitei.

“Indeed they do. They have several abilities which make them quite hard to catch or kill. Their offensive powers mainly rely on their secondary forms.

Asura have passive a defensive power similar to hierro called Cheol-Dong-Gong (Iron Body Technique). They can really be called the same thing in all honesty.

Then there is their movement skill Hwan Hwan Shin Bo (Foot Techniques) which is a set of footwork techniques that cover several movements. Jin, Tweh, Hweh, Gyuk, and Gwan (Advance, retreat, evade, attack, and confuse).

They also have the variation of desorrer called Bin (Void) which opens up a portal between dimensions. But unlike Descorrer, it allows free travel through all dimensions instead of just between their current location and Hueco Mundo or Hueco Mundo and the human realm.

Those are the only 3 ‘abilities’ most Asura possess in their base forms but there are still variations on what each can do based on their reiatsu and animal bloodline similar to how Vasto Lorde would have natural abilities the can use that Adjuchas and Gillian can’t.

Their resurrecion is pretty similar to an Arrancar’s and is called Gagseong (awakening). Unlike Arranacar, this is not an increase in power by 6 times like a low-level bankai but an increase of 10 times like a fully mastered bankai.

What makes them truly different from Arrancar is their ability to use kido due to their shinigami bloodline. It was just that so few ever had the patience for learning it, that no Expert-class or higher Asura had ever been seen before.

These Asura could have been the most dangerous threat to Soul Society if they were more numerous or decided to work together. Luckily, most were indifferent to ruling and only like to battle strong opponents to test their strength.”

Ichibe said a few other things that wer off topic so Ren decided to ignore them and focus on the information he had gathered.

‘So Asura are beings that are a true mix of Arrancar and Shinigami then. The increase in their power Gagseong forms will also be a warm welcome. I was unable to tell how strong that other Arrancar was due to how weak he was before me.

I should ask about that real quick before he goes off into another lecture. Maybe I shouldn’t actually. With how protective he is, if I tell him I am interested in that thing which tried to kill the Soul King before, he may take that as a sign of betrayl.’

After having his internal monologue, Ren decided that he was done speaking with Ichibe.

“Monk. Do you have any books or scrolls containing information on those techniques?”

Ichibe was startled that he was interrupted but when he remembered who did it, he knew it was to be expected. Ren had a personality that most people could not stand because he was too honest.

Ichibe held his fingers to his large chin to think for a moment. He then picked up his brush and began writing in the air. Once he wrote a kanji, a small, black hole appeared in the air next to him.

Ichibe reached his hand inside and messed around a little before he took out a scroll that looked as if it had seen better days. The monk tossed it to Ren before the latter gave a small nod of appreciation and left towards the exit.

Ren reached the center of the Soul King’s Palave and stood in front of a large number of stairs. This was the only way to get down from the palace at the moment and it would take between half a day to a week depending on the traveler’s speed.

‘Guess I am in the half a day category.’

Ren began to used shunpo and hurried down the steps with 4 pairs of eyes watching him. A man with a ganster hairstyle had a pipe in his mouth and was looking between Ichibe and Ren in confusion. Another man wearing sunglasses was also doing the same thing.

These were the last remaining members of the Royal Guard. The Hot Spring Demon, Tenjiro Kirinji. The other was The God of the Sword, Oetsu Nimaiya

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75 75

Ren finally descended from the Soul King’s Palace 5 hours later and landed in the center of Seireitei. Ren immediately returned to the 8th division and brought the manual to Tier and the others. He passed it to them before returning to his room to do work of his own.

Any administrative work that he needed to do was just signing his name of papers or forms that Kyou had already working on and just needed his signature. The reason he entered his office was to create copies of the different breathing styles. He wanted to make sure that each of his officers had a style that suited them so he wrote down 3 copies of each one.

Even though he knew which ones suited them best, it was still a matter of personal preference. Ren decided to give Shin and Baiken a chance to pick their own techniques. It took Ren 3 hours to finish all the copies. By the time he was done, it was already past midnight.

Wanted to see if anyone was awake, Ren went to visit his various officers but all of them were asleep except for Tier. When Ren entered the dungeon, the woman was practicing diligently like always. Tenderness flashed through the man’s eyes.

“Tier. Rest. You have been working hard ever since I got back.”

Tier looked over at Ren but did not answer. She continued to swing her blade in steady repeating movements.

Knowing that he could not convince her to do anything, Ren walked behind Tier and held her at her hips while whispering in her ears.

“Would you like some help with your sword training? Or perhaps do some other type of nightly training?”

Tier finally lost her cool expression for a moment before she rolled her eyes at Ren.

“So that is what you were after. And here I was thinking that you were concerned about me.”

Getting a response, Ren felt overjoyed. Tier would usually ignore anyone who was trying to interrupt her training, even him. The number of times he had been able to pull her out from her trance while training could not be counted to more than 100 times in 500 years.

“Haha. I am concerned about you but I also know that you will take care of yourself for the sake of me and the others. You wouldn’t let yourself become a burden since you believe in making sure everyone is fine.”

Tier looked back at Ren for a moment and felt that the man knew her personality well. She turned her eyes forward and continued training. Ren could only let out a sigh that he had fallen for this woman who was so stoic.

‘She had stolen my heart and I have stolen hers. I know that she is not doing this on purpose but I would prefer some more emotion at least.’

“So why did you come in here? You would usually just come in to check on me before going to sleep.”

“My darling. Do you think I only come to look for you when I need something?”

“Besides favors, sex, or missions? Yep. Only those 3 things.”

Her words were like an arrow going through his chest. Even though he had won her heart, it was still pretty frozen and the woman was a Kuudere with a strong emphasis on the Kuu.

‘I think I have only seen here cute side at night.’

Ren took out the 14 manuals from the sack on his pack and placed them before Tier. He then explained the purpose and specialty of each one.

Hearing all of the different breathing methods and their styles, Tier quickly looked through each one of them. Unsurprisingly she chose the water style.

“Thanks, Ren.”

Ren would not miss the opportunity the flirt with the blonde beauty.

“What thanks is there needed between couples? If you really want to thank me though, I would love to see all your new tattoos in a very close manner.”

Hearing him start to flirt, Tier rolled her eyes once more before pushing Ren away.

“Goodnight, Ren.”

‘Ah. Once again, this woman pushes me away once she is done with me. And she said I only look for her when I need something.’

“Night, Tier.”

With a flash, he was gone. Tier looked at the spot where he had disappeared from for a moment before she started practicing Hwan Hwan Shin Bo.


The next morning, Ren passed out the various breathing methods to each of his officers. They all chose the method that he had expected of them. The only exception was Baiken.

She had picked up the Sun Breathing Technique. Ren tried to convince her to change her mind but the girl was stubborn. He could only get her to compromise by having her practice the Mist and Sun styles so she could have a backup method.

All the members practiced their respective breathing techniques under the guide of Ren. For the few months, this continued until Cyan became sufficiently proficient in the Bin technique

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76 76

Bin was a very difficult technique to use. Unlike other abilities that opened similar dimensional gates, Bin did not have a set destination. It would require the user to have a higher sense of control and direction to open the portals in the correct destinations. This could even be failing to move 5 feet away when one was trying to move to a new dimension.

For Cyan to gain decent enough control over her skill in a month told about her aptitude with the technique.

Ren and Cyan were standing in the dungeon while the woman was focusing and trying to open up a portal to the Valley of Screams. This was a location where those who had accidentally escaped the cycle of reincarnation went. It was located between the Human Realm and Soul Society in the Dangai.

Ren wanted to go there for 2 reasons. The first was to see Blanks in person. He was not sure whether the movies were canon or not still so he decided to travel there and check them out himself.

The second reason was much more serious. This was the secret that the Beast God’s Spirit had passed on to him and Dryae.

Soon after, a light-blue portal opened in front of Ren and Cyan. On the other side, they could see a wasteland that had many valleys and canyons within it. If one looked closely, they could also see Shoji-type structures with white tassels sticking out of them on some cliffsides.

The duo jumped through the barrier and immediately started falling out of the air before they activated their movement techniques to stay within the air. Then the pair quickly walked through the air until they landed on the ground and within one of the valleys.

When they landed, there was nothing around them. The pair soon heard a rumbling sound. When they looked around to see what it was, it was a large number of Blanks.

‘So I guess they are real.’

Blanks were souls with memories that inhabited the Valley of Screams, All Souls migrate between the Human World and the Soul Society. From time to time, however, there were souls who, for some reason, became detached in the cycle of transmigration while in the Dangai.

These Souls wandered aimlessly from the Dangai and were slowly drawn together over a period of time. As the Souls came together, it caused a new dimension to open, creating The Valley of Screams. In the Valley of Screams, the souls separate into memory and energy before they return to the cycle of transmigration.

Blanks were large ghost-like beings that were pure white except for their heads that appeared to be pink pins.

Blanks were normally not very dangerous but within large groups, they could kill powerful shinigami with their abilities.

Seeing that the creatures were real, Ren decided that he had seen enough of them from just a quick view. Ever since he had come into being, he realized that Bleach was no longer just an anime and many things were much creepier in real life than in animated form.

Standing high in the air, the pair went from valley to valley trying to find what Ren was looking for. Unable to hide her curiosity anymore, Cyna decided to ask about it.

“What exactly are we looking for?”

Ren did not stop looking around in hopes of finding what he was looking for as he answered Cyan.

“A tree. And within that tree, is a sword that I want my sword to devour.”

Cyan did not really understand what Ren was talking about when he mentioned his sword devouring the other one but an idea crept into her mind once she heard that they were looking for a tree. She had heard about the incident in the Beast Realm from Baiken and Shin so she knew of Ren’s ability to communicate with nature.

“So, Boss. Quick question. And no need to feel bad about it or that you are very dumb if you did not think of this answer yourself.

Why are we searching? Can’t you… you know, ask the tree where it is? This place does not seem to have too many.”

Ren paused in mid-air and wanted to slap himself on the head when he heard Cyan’s idea. It was so simple yet so obvious given his powerset.

‘I need to start using Dryae’s abilities more like they are supposed to be used. I have been limiting myself too much.’

He immediately began to focus on listening to the world around him and winced right as he did. The moment he opened himself up, he heard countless screams coming from the very earth itself. As if it was in pain and terrified at the same time.

Ren had to tune out all of the screaming until he could find one particular voice. This voice was calling for him and asking for Ren to remove the pain that was coming from inside of it. Ren could instantly tell that this was a tree due to the aura the voice gave him and decided to follow the aura.

He soon arrived at a large tree that had half of a sword sticking out of it. This sword appeared to be a pure white broadsword from blade to hilt with the exception of 3 black dots on it.

Finding what he wanted, Ren unsheathed Dryae and slashed at the site sword with his bokken. The wooded sword did not break or bounce off but sank into the blade along with Ren’s consciousness.

‘Ikomikidomoe. Let’s have a little chat.’

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77 77 (Super Long)

Author’s Note: Someone asked for a long chapter so I thought I would try out a single long chapter and see the response from it.

Edit: Over 2.2 K words


Ren appeared in Hueco Mundo and looked around surprised. Even more surprising, Dryae was standing right next to him. It took a moment to remember what happened just before.

“Dryae. We are inside of the other sword’s inner world, aren’t we?”

The Zanpakuto Spirit nodded at Ren. She was looking at the desert with interest. Even with the lack of trees and life, the world was still an interesting environment that attracted Dryae’s attention.

“This place is so interesting. It even looks like the sky is always nighttime. I have never seen that before. What kind of things live here?”

Ren realized that Dryae had never been to Hueco Mundo. The first few times he went, she was being suppressed by Khorne. While later on, he never went there but let his officers go in his stead.

Due to still feeling guilty over the incident with Khorne, Ren made a silent vow to take Dryae to more places that way she could see as many places as she wanted.

“This is Hueco Mundo, land of the Hollows. Or at least this being’s interpretation on it. The night sky there is much prettier. I’ll make sure to take you there some other time.”

Dryae nodded enthusiastically. She could not wait to visit the various places. As a spirit of nature, what interested the Zanpakuto spirit most was new or unique environments. The pair were about to continue talking when they heard a loud roar that nearly made Ren’s ears bleed.

Large tornadoes began forming and sweeping through the land. The duo saw them and ignored those tornadoes since they were no threat but began looking for the being that summoned them. Ren was able to find it due to his reiatsu sensing while Dryae could use her ability to communicate with nature to find it.

Far off into the distance, a titan-sized being stood tall. This being was a Hollow. It had a pure white body and was over 50 meters tall. The giant, humanoid creature had a long torso and elongated arms which reach almost to the ground. Its forelimbs ended in large claws, while its legs were much shorter.

The Hollow did not have a visible neck; instead, its head is an extension of its body. Its forehead was covered in hexagonal markings, while a structure extended from its nose back across its cheeks, ending in large circles just beside the hexagonal markings. A long beard extended from beneath its small Hollow Mask

This was Ikomikidomoe, a legendary Hollow. The creature was an ancient being and had caused massive amounts of devastation. Ikomikidomoe had been able to defeat Yamamoto in his younger years, before the man got his zanpakuto, and was only able to be put down once the Royal Guard stepped in.

The duo of Ichibe and Oetsu sealed the Hollow in a zanpakuto which made it the first, and only, zanpakuto with a spirit that resided in the sword without a shinigami imprinting their own.

Ren and Dryae looked at the large creature with interest in each of their eyes. Ren because he had never seen a Hollow that could make two Royal Guard members step forward while Dryae was more interested in such a unique animal.

A loud voice was heard from all directions even though the pair knew where it was coming from.

” A shinigami and a woman dare yo enter my domain? You wish to die, I presume.”

Without letting the pair respond, Ikomikidomoe began charging a cero from his small mask and fired it toward Ren and Dryae.

Seeing the red beam of energy firing towards them, Dryae held up her left hand with countless, large, and thick tree branches that emerged and blocked its path. Before the cero could get too close, it detonated when it hit too many trees and causing a large crater.

Ren looked at the tree branches that remained and then the crater that was in the desert. He looked at Dryae with surprise in his eyes while the spirit flashed him a smile.

“You still have a lot of work to do, Ren. My trees aren’t as fragile as you have been using them for. ”

Ren nodded and agreed. With the durability that the tree branches had just displayed, Ren could tell that they were truly much more powerful than what he had been using before.

‘If I could use them to such a scale, I’m sure that I could beat Oetsu and Senjumaru. As for the monk, we can talk about it another day.’

“It seems like this guy will not agree to just let us take over his body. Do you want to take the lead while I back you up, Ren?”

Ren nodded in agreement. In the inner world, although Ren could use his nature powers, it was better to let Dryae do it. That way, he could focus on combat but could also see how the spirit used them to their fullest ability in hopes that he could get to her level one day.

A small choker appeared around Ren’s neck while a greatsword appeared in his right hand and a spear appeared in his left. A crown appeared on Ren’s head before it melted and turned into purple, heavy armor that covered all of his body except for his head.

While Ren was getting ready, Dryae lifted her hands and began changing the weather. The dryad changed the weather into a sandstorm and firestorm that covered the entire area. The powerful sand blocked the pair from being seen by Ikomikidomoe from a distance while the fire also did damage and block the line of sight as well.

“Let’s do!”

Ren stepped forward and began charging toward Ikomikidomoe. As he was planning on using his reishi to walk in the air, Ren felt a tree branch appear right under his feet. Smiling to himself, he ran forward step by step with each branch covering him.

Within moments, Ren appeared in front of Ikomikidomoe. After arriving in front of the Hollow, Ren attempted to cut off its entire left arm. Using his blade, he was able to leave a deep wound into it as he passed by but when he turned to look at the wound, it had already healed.

‘Healing so fast? This guy can heal like the 4th Espada.’

Ren began to turn around to try and attack but to his surprise, the massive figure disappeared for a moment. He then felt a large amount of wind pressure coming from behind him.

‘Shit!’ Ren slashed back with his greatsword to counter the blow coming toward him. The pair clashed with one another but unable to take the force of the blow, Ren was sent flying hundreds of meters away before he crashed into the ground.

When he landed in the desert, a large amount of sand was kicked up. Once the dust cleared, Ren could be seen laying in the sand with his right arm bent at a weird angle while the rest of his body seemed fine. Ren looked down at his arm and pulled on it until it was in place once more.

‘Fuck! That hurts. I need hierro or something. Even if I can heal, I prefer more defense.’

Just as Ren was about to begin his counterattack, he saw something terrifying through the sand and the flames. Ikomikidomoe began laying eggs out of his arms. The moment the eggs hit the ground, they turned into various Adjuchas-looking Hollows of various animals that were pure white.

‘What the fu…’

Before he could even finish his thought, Ikomikidomoe let out a roar. A bright light appeared around the giant hollow that pierced through the sand and flames. Once the light disappeared, Ikomikidomoe appeared once more but in a new form.

No longer a giant and monstrous beast, Ikomikidomoe now looked more humanoid and much smaller. It was still 3 times the size of Ren and looked pure white with angel wings. One could finally have a proper look at the mask that was on the hollow’s face and it looked surprisingly artistic.

The reiatsu it was giving off was monstrous. Before, it was on a level that was below Ren. The only thing it had going for it was its size and physical strength. But in this new form, Ren had no choice but to admit that Ikomikidomoe could rival him with just reiatsu alone.

Seeing that the battle was going to be a long one if Ren did not use some of his more powerful techniques, Ren decided to get serious since it seemed that Ikomikidomoe was as well.

‘Dryae. Buy me some time. I’ll send the 3 Tomb Stalkers in as well. You guys just need to get me 3 minutes of this guy not getting in my way.’

‘Got it! I can even get you 10 if you need it. And if your plan does not work out, we will use Plan E!’

When he heard that Dryae was ready to use Plan E, Ren swore to himself that he would not get it to that point. He still had nightmares about using the weakest and smallest meteor himself. If the master of the technique and person who did not know how to hold back used it, he was sure that he would die even all these years later and much stronger than back then.

Ren immediately used his Gift of Beast and summoned his 4 enormous Tomb Stalkers. The giant centipede-like creatures went under the ground and made their way towards the Hollow army.

Ren lifted his sword and began to quietly sing as white flames began to surround him. The temperature of the inner world instantly increased.

Feeling the danger that Ren was giving off, Ikomikidomoe let out a roar and sent his hollows forward. Before the Adjuchas-class hollows could move forward too much, the Tomb Stalkers raised out of the ground and began tearing into the Hollows.

The groups began a melee while also launching ceros and energy beams at one another. Both sides seemed evenly matched which meant that neither would come out victorious in a short amount of time.

Seeing that his forces were occupied, Ikomikidomoe decided to charge at Ren himself. Dryae jumped between the pair and summoned countless tree branches to strike at the Hollow.

“Tsk. You think that you can defeat me? A mere maid?”

Ikomikidomoe tore through the tree branches that got in his way but was surprised to see that some of them had actually managed to block his strikes.

“Who do you think is a mere maid? I am a pure force of nature!”

Dryae stood in front of the large Hollow without fear on her face. Tree branches grew all around her while she held a bokken in her left hand.

The Hollow and Zanpakuto Spirit stood facing each other. Neither was underestimating the other and knew just how dangerous that the other could get if they were careless.

The first to make a move was Ikomikidomoe. This was because he could hear the singing coming from behind Dryae as well as the increase in heat.

The tree branches around him began to constrict around Ikomikidomoe and Dryae, trapping both in a cage. No one could see what was happening within the large cage of tree branches but the sounds of the pair clashing over and over for the next few minutes.

‘Ren? You done? Cause I am kinda in trouble here.’

‘You can clear out now. It is too late for him to stop it but you also need to escape so you don’t get caught up in it.’

Dryae did not need to be told twice. The cage of trees constricted as more and more layered on top of it. Dryae faded outside of the branches while loud roars and the clashing of flesh and wood could be heard from inside of it.

When she emerged from the cage, Dryae appeared to be severely injured. Purple blood was flowing down from the wounds on her body while several pieces of her wood armor were broken off. The Zanpakuto spirit looked down at the injuries on her body before she began to use shunpo to get as far away as possible.

Ikomikidomoe kept roaring as he tore through the branches. Several explosions could be heard inside of the cage as Ikomikidomoe used cero without regard.

When he finally emerged from the cage, Ikomikidomoe appeared perfectly fine even though he was fighting Dryae so much and had used cero in such a confined space. Due to his powerful healing abilities, Ikomikidomoe was impossible to defeat without taking it down in one blow.

Seeing Ren surrounded by white flames, Ikomikidomoe began flying toward Ren while charging a black and red cero. This was Ikomikidomoe’s gran rey cero which should have only been able to be used by Espada.

Ikomikidomoe flew in front of Ren and felt his entire body burning. The heat around Ren was not something that ordinary beings could withstand. This was the heat that could match the sun but even Ikomikidomoe was able to be near it and survive.

The Hollow launched his cero at point-blank range but the moment he did, Ren had finally finished singing. With the singing over, Ren said one word before the world went white.


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78 78

The light was so bright that it blinded even Ren who used the technique. Once Sunburst ended, Ren was no longer in the inner world of Ikomikidomoe but back inside of the Valley of Screams.

He had to look around for a moment before he saw Cyan cutting on top of a tree branch and watching from above. Ren followed where her eyes were looking and saw several deep cuts cutting through the rocks where her eyes were going.

‘So she was protecting me from Blanks while I was capturing his spirit? I think I need to give my officers a raise. They are doing a pretty exceptional job. ‘

Knowing that he was safe, Ren looked down at Dryae and saw that her bankai had changed. Before, the bokken just had a plain light-brown blade and handle. After absorbing Ikomikidomoe, Dryae had gained a round tsuba. The background of it was black while it had a green lotus design on it.

Seeing the new guard that Dryae had gained, it was obvious that she had gotten some if not all of Ikomikidomoe’s abilities.

‘I should test this out to see if the abilities are really as powerful as that monster had used.’

Just as he thought of this, he saw a large number of Blanks approaching. Cyan stood up and wanted to get involved but Ren’s voice stopped her.

“No need. I need to test something.”

Ren charged forward and cut through all the Blanks with a single slash. Hundreds of blanks were destroyed in a single move. Each one released a mote of white light that entered Dryae.

‘Oh, yeah. I am above captain-level. Even without her upgrade, these blanks are no threat to me or even Cyan.’

Ren was going to ask Cyan to open her portal once more to return to Soul Society but Ren sensed 6 individuals with reiatsu much different than Blanks approaching so he decided to wait. The 6 who appeared were men and a woman wearing green versions of the shinigami uniform with some armor on their bodies.

Even though Ren could not remember their names, he knew who they were from a Bleach movie. And then by the clues from the memories, he could also remember their identities from Former Nobles List in Soul Society.

“So you 6 are the last members of the Ryodoji clan? Most people wondered where you all ran off to when you exiled. So it seems like you had run off to here.”

Ganryu, the current leader of the Fallen Ryodoji clan, looked shocked that they had been recognized so easily. He decided to reevaluate the man standing before them.

“We are not doing anything wrong? Have you come here to try and hunt us down?”

‘They think I am trying to hunt them down? Haha. If I wanted to hunt them down, I would have killed them already.’

“Nope. I just came to get something from this tree over here. As for all of you, I don’t care what you guys do. I don’t even remember why you got exiled. My only concern is to train. So unless you wish to have my sword pointed at you,” Ren said while unleashing some of his spiritual pressure. He could only release a small amount without being afraid of killing everyone in the vicinity, including Cyan.

Feeling the spiritual pressure weigh down on them, each of the members of the Fallen Ryodoji clan felt as if a mountain was pressing down on them.

‘What kind of monster is he? This is a power that could rival the captain-commander of the Gotei 13 but I have not heard of him at all. How did such a being come to be born within the past 100 years?’

Ganryu knew when he had no chance of victory. If Ren really wanted to exterminate his clan, he could have easily done so. There was no need to be afraid of being hunted down by the shinigami.

“I apologize for my rude remarks. If you are in need of anything, just let us know.”

Ren ignored him as he saw more Blanks approaching. Ren slashed the air in front of him and created a blade of wind that cut through all of those Blanks. A mote of light came from the body of each Blank and flew into the bokken like earlier.

‘Ren. We absorbed an ability from them,’ Ren heard Dryae say inside of his mind.

Ikomikidomoe had several powerful abilities as a Hollow and Zanpakuto but his most unique and powerful ability was limitless evolution. As a Hollow, that just meant an increase in size and power.

But as a zanpakuto, it would gain new abilities by killing beings and absorbing parts of their souls. The former was more useful if Ren got the power himself but the latter was much better for Dryae to get. These new abilities would be completely unique or transform existing abilities.

Hearing that he had gotten a new ability, Ren got the answer he wanted from wanting to know how long it took for a new power to be gained.

‘I had killed several hundred Blanks to get an ability which is not too bad. If I go to Hueco Mundo, I’m pretty I could get something nice from them. Anyway, I am done here now.’

“Cyan. Let’s head back. There is nothing else interesting here.”

The woman nodded and jumped down from her tree. A portal appeared in front of the pair and opened up. The duo walked through it.

‘Oh, yeah. Senna was a pretty interesting character. I should recruit her later but she won’t be around at least another 200 years.’

Before the portal close, the members of the Ryodoji clan saw Ren turn around and look at them with a sharp glint in his eyes. This was obviously a warning. As for what they were being warned about, they were all unsure.


Cyan and Ren appeared within the Dungeon once again. When they arrived, Baiken and Shin were battling against Yoruichi in a two-on-one battle. While it seemed that both were pressuring her, neither had gained a real advantage over the woman.

‘Really? Stop playing around and end it already.’

Cyan decided to stay and watch them while Ren went to the other side of the planet. It took him over an hour to finally reach that side but with this distance, Ren was not afraid of having anyone get hurt while he tried out his new abilities.

‘Dryae? What all can we do now?’

She told him of all the new powers that he gained and was surprised. He never expected his gains to be so fruitful.

Ren summoned several large tree branches before creating a spiral tree that went for over a kilometer in the sky. Once the tree was finished, Ren snapped his fingers. The entire tree detonated at once and caused a massive explosion.

‘Tha Blanks self-destruct power is very useful. That automatically made my fighting power much greater. I wonder if I can also…’

Ren created another tree branch and sent it forward before warping it around another branch. Ren snapped his finger once again but this time, just the end up the branch detonated instead of the whole branch. From the destroyed portion, another perfectly fine branch grew out of it.

‘So I don’t have to blow up everything from the base to the tip whenever I use these. That is also pretty good.’

He then began using the innate abilities that Ikomikidomoe had as a zanpakuto. When the other people in the Dungeon felt the energy being released by Ren’s new powers, they felt a primal fear in their bodies that none of them knew was there. Cyan had a certain glint in her eye.

‘This man has even more power than I ever thought. I wonder what other surprised he will bring us.’

For the next 6 months, Ren remained in this part of the Dungeon and trained by himself. He began practicing his Moon Breathing Style and the various abilities he had under his belt.

For the past 400ish years, Ren spent most of his time mastering his reiatsu and not his techniques. He decided to change that once he realized that he could not just rely on pure power against beings like Yamamoto and Ichibe, especially when he was at an elemental disadvantage.

So with his new techniques and abilities, Ren was planning to compensate for those disadvantages. But he had to stop when Franceska brought him some news. Kisuke had just founded the S.R.D.I.

If it was only this, Ren would have been unconcerned. But this meant two things. The first was that the division that should have been founded when Kisuke became a captain 100 years later was founded too early and the timeline had been messed up in the most obvious way since Ren had arrived.

The second was the release of Mayuri Kurotsuchi. If there was anyone in the world that Ren had truly feared, it would be Mayuri.

There were those who you were afraid of because of what they had done. Then those you were afraid of because of what they could do. Then those who were scared because of what they were willing to do.

But Mayuri… he fit into all 3 categories. Ren had seen just what the man was willing to do to allies and enemies as well as the experiments he conducted on the Quincy which made Ishida unable to even recognize a photo of his own grandfather.

‘I told Kisuke that this man was a monster but he still decided to release him even with my warning.’

Killing intent went through Ren’s eyes as he got dressed and prepared to go to the opening ceremony of the S.R.D.I.

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79 79: Naughty Student

The opening ceremony was a huge deal for Soul Society. Most researchers did so individually and without supervision. They would do whatever they pleased while putting those around them and themselves in danger.

Under the S.R.D.I., those individuals would be under the watch of the upper management while putting their minds to good use for the benefit of Soul Society. As for benefits for being members, the scientists could conduct their own projects and have better resources for them as long as they proved their worth.

Therefore, several captains of the Gotei 13 were present for the opening ceremony. Yoruichi was unable to make it due to a mission that she needed to lead for the Onmitsukido.

There was Captain Kuchiki who had both of his sons by his side, one with the position of vice-captain with the other having the position of 3rd seat of the 6th division. They were Sojun and Koga, one a son by blood and the other was a son by marriage

Sojun was the previous captain of the 6th division but due to his poor health, he retired from the position of captain and took the position of lieutenant. With no other replacement or choice, Ginrei Kuchiki came out of retirement and took back over the position of captain of the 6th division.

Another captain present was Captain Kenpachi of the 11th division. This was the latest and 9th generation of Kenpachi to lead the 11th division as well as the 6th Kenpachi to be defeated by Ren in single combat. Captain Kenpachi came with his lieutenant as well as his 13th seat, Gosuke Kiganjō and Tetsuzaemon Iba respectively.

The last captain present was Ren himself. He had been invited not just due to his position as the captain with strength only behind Yamamoto but also due to his close ties with Kisuke, the man who came up with the idea and the first president of the S.R.D.I.

Ren came with Kakyo and Naoko. The other shinigami were either training or just busy while Ren wanted to keep the Asura under wraps. There was no need to get them the attention of Mayuri, Aizen, or any other mad scientist that existed in Soul Society that Ren had no knowledge of.

The opening ceremony was nothing special. It was a few speeches by the main members and leaders of the Institute as well some of their future plans. Besides those, some of the projects that the members were currently working on were revealed.

The main 3 members who stole the attention were Kisuke, Mayuri, and Kirio Hikifune. Each of them had some achievements in the science field so to those who were in the know, they were very surprised to see this lineup ready.

Kisuke was the president and founder of the Institute. He had been working on an invention called Gigai which would allow shinigami to enter the world of the living without having to worry about their reiatsu affecting the humans or the environment.

Kirio was the vice-president and had been working on something that was related to the Gigai called the Gikon. These were artificial souls that could inhabit corpses for short amounts of time. If used in conjunction with the Gigai, it would allow a shinigami to be able to freely enter and exit their Gigai without having to worry about leaving a corpse in the middle of the street.

Lastly was Mayuri who got the position as Head of the Research Office. He had not been known for working on anything in particular but he was particularly feared in the Nest of Maggots despite his weak combat skills. He had even been put into isolation due to experiments he had been conducting on other prisoners.

The ceremony took 30 minutes to end before Ren and the other captains as well as their officers went inside of the institute’s main building to see the inside for themselves.

They toured through the various rooms that were filled with the latest gadgets and tools as well as some of the rooms that were filled with scientists who were already hard at work.

All the captains had apathetic and stoic looks on their faces. None of them were researchers so they were not interested in the various things going on inside the Institute. When the tour was finally over, the 6th and 11th division members left leaving only the members of the S.R.D.I. and the 8th division.

Without anyone else there, the atmosphere got much colder in an instant. Ren was staring at Mayuri and exerting a large amount of bloodthirst towards the man. Feeling the gaze of Ren, Mayuri was sweating bullets.

‘I have not experimented on anyone he knows. I have not even gotten the chance to get near those Arrancar yet.

Does he know that I am interested in his zanpakuto that is one of the rare instant-ability shikai? No! I have not even written down those notes yet and they have just been in my head.

What have I done to get his attention so soon? I need to stay off his radar for now while I research him and learn how to counter this man.’

Ren finally spoke while looking at Mayuri who had his head down.

“This is the only warning you shall receive. Step out of line… and your head will roll on the ground.

The Central 46 and Yamamoto believe that Kisuke can keep you under control and that you can be an asset to Soul Society. Kisuke has faith in your mind and your genius.

But I don’t. So I suggest you follow every order Kisuke gives you and do nothing else. Because if you step out of line even a single time, I will not give Kisuke, Yamamoto, or the Central 46 a chance to punish you. I will kill you there and then.”

Ren turned to Kisuke and let the man feel the same amount of danger as he did Mayuri. Even if he liked Kisuke when he first arrived and had even taken him in as a student, Ren had grown much older and wiser. He would not let his feelings towards the man influence his decision.

“And you. I warned you about this man but you decided to ignore my warnings. I can’t do anything about what you have already done but I can have my own feelings about it.

You are a smart man but you sometimes forget that even the most intelligent men can make mistakes. This will definitely be yours when you look back in the future. I just hope you don’t regret it as much as I think you will.”

After leaving those words, Ren and his officers turned around and left the Institute leaving a frustrated Kisuke behind.

The blonde man smashed his hand into the wall and broke off a good chunk of it.

‘Shit! I guess that he can still mess with my emotions even after all these years. This is the first time that I have shown my resolve and determination.

Even if he disagrees with my decision, this is still mine. Whether I regret it in the end, that is my concern and mine alone. You are a good teacher but you will never understand how far my plans go.

I know that I can never surpass you with raw power. But with this institute, I will create my own group that can rival your 8th division using our brains to surpass your strength!’

Kisuke looked up at the departing back of Ren with a determined look on his face. Even after all the spars that they had gone through and the numerous times that Kisuke lost to Ren, this was the first time that Kisuke truly felt like he wanted to defeat Ren.

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80 80: Legendary 3 Ninja Rebellion

— Several Hours Later: SRDI, Kisuke’s personal lab —

Kisuke was currently leaning over a table with a corpse on it. The man was cutting it up at various points before writing down notes in a journal. Just as he was about to make another incision…


Kisuke cut much deeper into the corpse than he had expected when he heard the cat screech in his ear. Looking at the ruined corpse, Kisuke was upset. He threw the body off his table before turning around and seeing Yoruichi in her skin-tight black outfit.

“What are you appearing out of nowhere and scaring me while I am working?”

Yoruichi did not answer his question but walked around the lab. She picked up and poked the various items and instruments inside the room. Once she had satiated her curiosity, she sat down in a seat and turned to Kisuke.

“I saw ‘That’ man on my way over here. I can’t believe you really went against our teacher’s words and brought him out of the Nest. You were serious about that plan?”

Kisuke looked back at his childhood friend and nodded. He had told her about the purpose of the Institute earlier but the woman was not sure if his plan would work and told him long ago. But once Kisuke got an idea in his head, he would follow through with it no matter what.

Hearing his answer, Yoruichi let out a sigh. She knew that Kisuke was the most stubborn person to exist when he put his mind to something.

‘It’s not like I don’t understand where he is coming from though. Teacher has been getting very strong lately so it is hard to beat him in a straight up battle.’

Yoruichi suddenly jumped off her chair when she realized something. She rushed over to Kisuke and held onto the man’s shoulders roughly as she looked him in the eyes.

“Hehe. I will support your decision to beat Teacher. But we need to work together. And not just us but Tessai too.

I lead the Onmitsukido, he leads the Kido Corps, and you are now the leader of the S.D.R.I. Your group still needs to grow but with all 3 organizations working together, I’m sure that we can take on that old man.”

Kisuke was surprised to hear Yoruichi’s words. She idolized their teacher and would usually do whatever he said. For her to rise up against him, it meant that she was ready to step out of his shadow as well.

“Good! We also have the element of surprise on our side. As long as we move carefully nad plan this out accordingly, I’m sure that we can bring him down a peg.”

The pair began discussing plans on how they would surpass Ren while also planning Tessai’s involvement in the plan even if he had yet to agree. Yoruichi had even mentioned something about ‘captains’ during their talks.

— 8th Division, Ren and Tier’s Dorm —

Tier had just finished her training and walked into the room to take a bath. When she emerged, she saw Ren laying in bed with an absent look on his face.

“Thinking about something?” she asked while putting on her robe.

Ren looked up and saw the woman changing. Seeing her body had not gotten old at all and had even gotten better since her mask fragments were no longer covering parts of her body. After looking for a few seconds, he remembered the question she had asked him.

“Mmm. I always thought I had a Team 7 but it is more like they are the Sannin but naughtier.”

Ren would bring up references that Tier did not understand all the time but after so many years with him, she understood the gist of what he was talking about from context clues.

“Your 3 students? What did they do this time?”

Ren explained how Kisuke went against his words and recruited someone that he did not approve of as well as how he suspected that Kisuke and the others were planning on rebeling against him.

Even if he did not outright state it, Ren was easily able to tell Kisuke’s thoughts and knew how the others would most likely support him.

After hearing what happened and his thoughts, Tier decided to give her honest opinion on the matter.

“Are you an idiot?” she asked with the most serious tone of voice.

Ren was caught off guard and did not know how to respond. Tier got into bed and pulled Ren’s arm down so that she could lay on it before giving an explanation of her words and why she thought Ren was an idiot.

“We are all very old. Even if they act childish sometimes, you forget that those 3 are well over 400 years old and have each shouldered a large amount of responsibility on their own. They have their own minds and are not children who have to obey everything you say.

As for rebeling, you are thinking about it wrong. If they are coming for you, that means that they now respect you. They had always looked up to you but now you are respected by them.”

Ren was very confused about this answer.

“I get the first part but what about the second? What is the difference between looking up to me and respecting me?”

“To look up to someone means that you put them above you and on a pedistal. It also means that you are admitting that you can never surpass them.

By changing their views from looking up to you, to now respecting you, they are saying that they now wish to surpass you but they still view you are their teacher and an important figure in their life.”

Ren wanted to ask more questions but Tier put her finger to his lips to silence him.

“No more questions tonight. Think it over yourself. I am going to bed.”

Ren thought that he would still have an opportunity to ask her for some clarifications but after 5 minutes, Tier was already out like a light.

‘Seems she really did leave me to my own thoughts. Is she right about this? Am I still treating them like children even after all these years?’

Although he did not want to admit it, Ren knew the answer in his heart. The environment of Soul Society itself led to stagnation or corruption. Ren always thought he was above both but it seemed that one of the two had crept into his mind, even partially.

‘Tsk. Those 3 want to challenge me? They are a few thousand years to early to try and do so.’

Thinking about how he was going to have to give those 3 a lesson once more like he did when they were younger, put a smile on Ren’s face.

He kissed Tier’s forehead before he soon drifted off to sleep with a content smile on his face.

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