Chapter 81 – 96

Chapter 81 – 96

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81 81: Starting it off right!

Ren woke up the next day with new determination on his face. Wearing his new, black haori that had just been delivered that morning, Ren was about to enter the dungeon when he sensed a change in the atmosphere.

‘Hmm. The day after the S.R.D.I. opens it happens? These guys sure are crazy. But it seems that they at least did a bit of research.’

Ren grew a tree branch that took him over 100 meters in the air. From above, he saw a few fires occurring in Rokungai that were spreading in several directions. There was also a large dome that was formed around the 1st Division’s barracks.

‘So that is how they managed to get away with killing so many captains. They trapped the old man inside a barrier so that he could not interfere. If he does try to escape, the first division is pretty much exterminated.

Most of the Quincy seemed to still be outside of Seireitei but they have already broken through two of the gates so it is only a matter of time before they swarm here.’

A few arrows shot toward Ren but he smacked them away with his bare hand. Ren lowered the branch from the air until it retreated fully into the ground.

“Officers of the 8th division!”

With Ren’s shout, the 9 captain level figures arrived in an instant with all the other officer and lieutenant level members officers arriving a bit later.

“Soul Society is currently under attack. It seems that the Quincy have finally lost their minds. Let us show them the cost of that.

Baiken, Shin, Tier. Head to the 1st division and try to break the barrier. They will surely have their most powerful members there to make sure that we can’t get the captain-commander free.

Cyan, Franceska, and Emilou. Head to the 4th division. They have the lowest combat strength but also have to worry about protecting the injured shinigami. Try not to use Ayon if you don’t need to.

Kyou. I need you to go to the S.R.D.I. Most of the members will be in their divisions while the Quincy might not know about them since they had just become official yesterday, we should still be cautious. You are the only member who can battle and not kill everyone within a mile radius.

Kakyo and Naoko. Stay here and make sure that no one burns down anything in our division. The rest of the officers can stay here as well. The enemy will come and try to meet us here anyway. ”

“Understood Ren/Lord 8th/Captain!” all of the members shouted at once before they took off in various directions to follow the orders that Ren had assigned them.

Ren had thought of each assignment and knew that he had to put the members where they were needed most and with who they had the most chemistry.

As for Ren himself… with the use of shunpo, he was gone without anyone being able to tell where he went. Soon after he left, the courtyard of the 8th division was filled with its various members who had killing intent oozing off of them.

— 1st Division Barracks —

Standing outside the barracks were 30 Quincy who were maintaining the barrier and 5 of the most powerful Quincy. These were known as the 5 Lockes who were one of the groups that served directly under the General.

The General had managed to gather all the Quincy clans under a single flag and were the most powerful after him. Using just their skills and spirit weapons, they could match a captain or 2 while working together.

Frederick, the leader of the 5 Lockes, was currently on was standing above the corpses of 5 shinigami who had gotten the closest while many other shinigami had died much further away under the barrage of arrows.

“The shinigami are this weak? I thought we were coming for war and not to just slaughter weaklings,” the youngest member of the Lockes said. This young woman had never battled against a shinigami before but her power was currently ranked 2nd among the Lockes and top ten within the Quincy alliance.

“Do not let these few cloud your judgment, Lily. These were ordinary members and were not even officers. Do not forget that we are currently sealing their most powerful member because he is so powerful that even the General can not neat him without sufficient backup and conditions” Frederick reprimanded Lily.

The man was over 50 years old and had battled many shinigami, fullbringers, and hollows. He knew that to underestimate his enemies, was just giving others a reason to kill him easily. He was a veteran that could not be underestimated.

Feeling someone approaching from the east and the dangerous feeling they were giving off, Frederick looked up and gave orders to the Lockes.

“To the east! Full auto!”

He immediately summoned his spirit bow and started shooting arrows of reishi toward the approaching figures. The other members of the Lockes also pulled out their bows and crossbows before firing on the group.

All of the spirit arrows fired by the Quincy were struck down by the approaching shinigami with their zanpakuto. Seeing that they were easily able to keep up with their attacks, the Lockes felt some pressure.

‘3 captains all at once? What are those other squads doing?!?’

The General had dispatched the Quincy in a systematic manner. He sent his 4 most powerful squads to various points around Seireitei to hold back the most powerful captains while weaker Quincy used their numbers to overwhelm and kill weaker captains.

‘For 3 captain level individuals to break out of the encirclement, it means that at least 5 squads have been wiped out in order for the 3 of them to break out of their encirclement and make their way over.’

Seeing that the enemy was closing in, Frederick made a decision.

“Han, Sol, Lorne. Set up Sprenger. Me and Lily will buy you guys some time.”

Frederick pulled out a thin, silver-colored sword hilt. After inserting some energy into it, a blue blade made out of reishi emerged. The Quincy put the sword inside of his bow and fired it at the approaching foes.

This was a Seele Schneider, the only Quincy weapon that was a blade. It was a weapon much like a chainsaw, with Reishi making 3 million round trips per second around the edge of the blade. The vibrations of the Seele Schneider were not just for cutting.

Through its vibrations, the Seele Schneider loosened the bonds between the reishi of whatever it cut in order to make them easier to capture.

The Quincy fought by gathering the surrounding Reishi and using them as their own personal weapon and the most powerful manifestation of that was the Seele Schneider. The Seele Schneider was not a sword, but an arrow.

The arrow launched at Tier was moving at a fast speed and was such a powerful weapon that Tier even felt cautious by how dangerous the blade was. Even though she felt danger, with her superior body and skills, she was able to knock the arrow aside after exerting a bit of force.

While Tier was dealing with the arrow, Shin and Baiken continued to charge forward. They were met with Lily how was dual-wielding a pair of Seele Schneider.

Just as Shin was about to clash with the blonde woman, Baiken charged forward and used her zanpakuto to block both blades.

“Go deal with those 3 who are setting something up. Me and Tier can handle these two!”

Shin nodded and used shunpo to move instantly. Sol, who was focused on setting up the pentagram of Sprenger, did not see Shin approach or even realize that he had died when his head was sent flying through the air.

“1 down!”

Seeing that Sol had died so quickly, Frederick wanted to help but Tier appeared in front of his face. Without another choice, he had to pull out a Seele blade to block the woman’s zanpakuto and leave his men to fend for themselves.



Within moments, Han and Lorne had been killed. Lily was also not doing much better against Baiken and had lost her left eye though she was barely hanging on.

Under the information that they had gathered over the years and Ren’s warnings, the members of the 8th division knew that the best way to deal with Quincy was using physical abilities since the race were similar to parasites who would get stronger, the more reiatsu that they used.

With the 3 other members of the Lockes dead, Shin decided to kill off all the Quincy who were maintaining the barrier around the 1st division.

Seeing Shin about to kill a member of the barrier team, Frederick raised both of his hands above his head and let Tier cut into his chest. The wound was deep but it would not kill him.

Using this chance, he broke off part of his glove and said the words,

“Letzt Stil!”

An explosion occurred around Frederick and forced Tier to step back. When the light cleared, he appeared without a shirt and with a single wing made out of reishi appearing behind the left side of his body.

He stood proud as motes of reishi gathered within his wings as they were drawn from the very buildings around himself and destroying them.

Letzt Stil was a Quincy’s last resort. Using it raised the Quincy’s battle prowess and reishi manipulation by a large margin for 30 seconds but at the cost of the Quincy losing all their powers.

Moving as fast as he could, Frederick jumped into the air as he summoned an arrow in his right hand before putting it in his drawing his bow and aiming it at Baiken and firing.

Caught off guard, Baiken hurried to try and block the arrow using her shikai.

“San no kata: Kasan no Shibuk (Third Form: Scattering Mist Splash)! Tsubame Gaeshi (Secret Sword: Swallow Return)!”

Slashing her sword toward the arrow, the blade clashed with the tip of the arrow, the side of the arrow, and striking the arrow from above. With all 3 strikes at once, the blade that should have pierced through Baiken and killed her was pushed to the side by an impossible sword strike.

San no kata: Kasan no Shibuk was a technique of the Mist Breathing Style that was sued to blow away projectiles while Tsubame Gaeshi was Baiken’s shikai ability.

It was one of the rare instant active abilities and created 3 simultaneous attacks that trapped an enemy in a move that was impossible to dodge or survive.

By combining both techniques, Baiken was able to live through a move that for all intents and purposes, should have killed her.

Seeing Baiken Live, Frederick was surprised but did not let it get to him. The wound on his chest was painful while Shin and Tier had begun to attack him together. But since he had gathered all of their attention, he gave this message to Lily.

“Escape! You are now the last of Lockes. Make sure to not disgrace us!”

Lily wanted to say something but once she saw that all 3 cpatains were attacking him and that Frederick had already used the ‘Last Resort’, she let out silent tears as she ran away.

‘I will definitely kill all of you shinigami!’

Frederick saw Lily’s fading back as he held off Shin, Baiken, and Tier for the last 23 seconds of his technique.

‘Lily Ishida. Please survive this.’

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82 82: Let the bodies hit the floor!

Frederick barely lasted the remaining 20 or so seconds before his Letzt Stil ended. The moment it did, he was disarmed, beheaded, and bisected in an instant by the attacks of the 3. The Quincy who were holding up the barrier had their full focus on maintaining the barrier so they did not notice that the Lockes had already all been killed with the exception of the one who fled. The Quincy were killed in seconds from the swift attacks of the group.

Even with all the Quincy dead, the barrier still remained but it was visibly no longer as stable. Seeing the state of the barrier, Tier decided not to do anything more than just guard the area.

“We don’t know if this thing is booby-trapped. Without the support of the Quincy, it will eventually break by itself, or if the 1st division breaks it on its own, we at least won’t be responsible for any trap that activates.

Let’s just stay here and watch over the place so no new Quincy can come and stabilize the seal/barrier.”

Just as Tier said this, a loud clap of thunder was heard. Heavy amounts of rain began pouring down from the sky with mist forming on the ground.

‘This rain is advantageous to the Shinigami. The Quincy have weapons and attacks made of pure light which will make them much easier targets in this storm than us,’ Tier thought as she felt the water touch her skin.

Just like nearly 500 years ago, the skies of Soul Society were crying as the 8th division made their move.

— 4th Division Barracks—

There were many different dead shinigami and Quincy lying around the area. The shinigami were filled with arrow and bullet wounds while the Quincy had very cuts and slashes across their bodies.

Unohana was healing as many shinigami as she could while her lieutenant, Seinosuke Yamada, was in charge of leading the defense. Under his command, hundreds of Quincy had already died while plenty of shinigami were still alive.

But this was not without a cost. He had constantly been forced to retreat further and further until they were in the center of the 4th division barracks and could no longer retreat.

They were now stuck under the fire of the Quincy and unable to fight back to their fullest due to the Quincy’s ability to absorb reishi and reiatsu.

If it was only the Quincy launching an attack, Lieutenant Yamada would have been able to hold the line for much longer and not have received as many casualties. The Quincy were not alone in their attack though.

In order to compensate for their lack of more powerful members compared to the Gotei 13, the Quincy recruited 5 Bounts to help their cause.

Of the 5 Bounts, 3 were sent to different important headquarters of the shinigami: The Onmitsukido, the Kido Corps, and the 4th division.

These Bounts were backup plans in case the war was lost. They would at least be able to cripple the infrastructure of Soul Society’s military force.

The other 2 Bounts were by the General’s side and were going to assist him when he engaged in battle.

The Bount who was attacking the 4th division was Fynn. He and his doll, Maximus, were pressing the shinigami of the 4th division hard. Maximus was a doll that took the form of a metallic unicorn.

With no captain-level opponents able to battle, Yamada was forced to face the Bount and give orders himself. This caused the man to lose one of his arms and have severe injuries all over his body.

“Haha!” Fynn yelled with his hand around Yamada’s throat. The members of the 4th division and those who were helping with fighting back the invaders saw that Yamada was in danger and wanted to rush over but before anyone could make a move, the lieutenant of the 4th division had his throat crushed in front of all those shinigami.

Seeing their leader die, many lost their fighting spirit that very moment. The only reason they had survived so long was because of Yamada so with his death, many knew that they would soon follow after.

Just as they were all about to give up hope, a figure landed from the rain-filled sky and crashed down on top of Maximus, breaking its body in half.

Fynn saw his doll broken so quickly and wanted to repair it with his reishi but before he could, he felt a pain coming from his chest and saw one long blade and two short blades horizontally coming out of his chest.

“Aww. You two took out the main enemies. Now, all that’s left are the cannon fodder Quincy.”

Franceska fell from the sky and into the middle of the Quincy lines where she swung her broadsword with wild grace as she cut through all the Quincy around her. The commander of the Quincy leading the attack on the 4th division was surprised when he saw the 3 women.

‘3 captains? What are those other divisions doing?!?! And they even took out our Bount from the get-go!’

Seeing that his forces would not last a long time, Gunter retreated without giving his men any further orders. He planned to use them as a distraction. After he left, he did not see Cyan and Emilou joined the fray with Franceska and began cutting down the various Quincy.

Ren had originally planned on concealing the existence of the Asura but after going self-reflection, he knew it was better to just let them out instead of holding them back for silly reasons.

Moments after Gunter left, Fynn stood up with Maximus by his side. One of the advantages of being a Bount in Seireitei was that they could constantly heal using the excess Reishi and were practically invincible.

‘These 3 will stand in our way! I just sent the message and I’m sure I can hold them back for long enough until one of the other Bounts arrives on the scene. If it is Jurgen, we can definitely wipe them out using that move.’

Cyan was keeping an eye on Fynn since the beginning of the battle and saw him get up.

‘So he is not a Quincy then. What is this guy?’

“Franceska. The big guy and his pony are back up. You hold them back while we finish off the Quincy before we help you out!”


The lioness Asura immediately disengaged from battling the Quincy and clashed with Maximus.


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83 83: You two!

It took a few minutes to wipe out all the Quincy but with their natural defenses and training in their breathing styles, none of the members were injured. The Asura then clashed with Fynn for several minutes.

Under their assault, even one of them was able to kill Fynn under normal circumstances. But due to being in Soul Society, he kept healing and was able to repair Maximus whenever his doll was damaged.

But the longer Fynn fought, the more desperate he got. Even after so long, no other Bount had come to back him up.

‘Damn. Did we really underestimate the shinigami so much?’

Knowing that he would eventually run out of buildings to absorb reishi from, Fynn decided to lash out with all he had by fusing with his doll in hopes that he would be able to kill one of the 3 captains fighting him so that he would have a better chance of escaping.

Franceska and Emilou were enjoying their battle with the Bount since this was one of the few chances that they had to fight seriously, even though they could not use their resurrecion. Cyan was thinking of the bigger picture.

‘Even if we can contain him a bit, our battle is causing destruction. We are in the center of the 4th division with a bunch of injured shinigami around. I’m sure that Ren would blame me if I let these pair continue their antics.

I need to stop this guy from absorbing reishi though. That is how he is healing. The question is how am I supposed to do that.’

Cyan took a few moments to think of a solution before he finally thought of something that could work as long as they did it well. Disengaging from the battle, Cyan began to focus for a few moments before a blue portal opened.

“Throw him through here!”

Not understanding why but knowing that Cyan would never steer them wrong, Franceska slashed down on Fynn from above, forcing the Bount to block the attack while Emilou appeared behind him at that moment and delivered a strong kick which launched him through the portal.

Once he appeared on the other side, Fynn could tell that the reishi in the air was much weaker than it was in Soul Society before realizing that he had been forced to return to the human realm.

The power he felt within his body was reduced to less than 10% in an instant and he became even weaker than he had been in Soul Society. With such a weakened state, Fynn was killed after being beheaded by Franceska’s broadsword.

— East Gate of Seireitei —

All over Soul Society, battles between shinigami and Quincy were occurring with thousands of lives on both sides being lost. Even with the unexpected battle prowess of the various members of the 8th division, the Quincy still held the advantage due to sealing Yamamoto, their ambush, and the lack of movements from the members of the 8th division.

The General was not concerned with this, however. He did not understand what was happening all over Soul Society due to having to deal with a threat before his eyes.

Surrounding the general were 100 elite Quincy, 2 powerful Bounts, and 3 reishi cannons that the Quincy had brought for the invasion. But even with all those things around him, Alexi did not feel safe when facing the person in front of them.

Standing in front of all the Quincy was a man who was 2 meters tall with a muscular frame. He had long black hair that was flowing down wildly until it reached his shoulders. He wore the standard shinigami uniform and captain’s haori except his was black in color. On the man’s waist was a brown bokken with a black tsuba.

Seeing him, most would feel intimidated by his size or aura. But for that man, neither of those was very scary. His bokken made his strength feel useless without a real weapon while his nature-related reiatsu made one feel… accepting? Calm? Like his presence was natural and there was nothing disturbing about it.

Even with his size and aura not being threatening, Alexi was still off-put by the man before him.

The way that he stood before all the people pointing their weapons and powers at him, not having his weapon drawn.

The calm while Seireitei literally burned around him but he walked through it as if it was not his own home or friends fighting with their lives on the line.

The fact that he could not understand the man’s thoughts or actions because he showed nothing to Alexi, truly frightened him.

‘Just who is he?’

Unable to hold back the silent stand-off, Alexi was finally about to speak when Ren opened his mouth first.

“You two… look familiar,” Ren commented while pointing at both of the Bounts. One had white hair and a scar along his chin while the other appeared as a woman with green hair who stood beside him. The man was unarmed while the woman had a jian in one hand and a fan in the other.

‘Who were they again? I think they were called… Bounts? Ugh. Half a millennium will do that to a person. Yeah, that should be it, though. I remember the article about their creation.

I was thinking that they had all been destroyed in the past few hundred years and would not resurface until Ichigo showed up. Makes sense they would help the Quincy though.

These two are pretty similar in their abilities if I am remembering correctly.’

While Ren was thinking about what he knew of the Bounts from the show and the Bounts and Quincy were surprised that was the first thing the man said. Standing before an entire army, all he mentioned was how he might have recognized two of them.



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84 84: Soul Crushing

Alexi saw that Ren’s purple eyes did not land on him for more than a moment before he took notice of both of the Bounts. This caused anger and fear to well up within him. Anger due to being ignored but fear because he had a primal fear envelope him during that split moment Ren’s eyes landed on him.

‘I am the man who has gathered all the Quincy under a single banner for a noble cause and am being ignored by a single captain? Who does he think he is?

I lead the Quincy not just with charisma but also my power. I have been the only Quincy in the past 500 years to awaken a Schrift yet he ignores me?’

As much as he cursed Ren in his mind, he knew that a direct confrontation between the pair would most likely end in his death. Thinking better of it, Alexi decided to try and buy time while he recalled his elite forces to retreat and encircle Ren.

“You have ignored all that is going on around Soul Society and come to find me all by yourself. I wonder if you are being arrogant and foolish or are just that confident in your strength.”

Ren turned his eyes and they stared into Alexi’s black eyes. Ren let a small smile appear on his face after he studied his face.

“Let me ask. Are you related to anyone named Ishida or Kurosaki?”

Even though he felt that the question was weird, Alexi decided to answer since he still needed more time.

“No. Why are you bringing up both of those names?”

“Cause I have seen the father in the Shiba clan so that meant the name Kurosaki had to come from either thin air or be her surname.”

Ren spoke his true thoughts but to all those who had heard him, he was sounding like a madman. Even though he spoke like this, Alexi did not let down his guard or allow the others to do so either. The feeling of danger he got from Ren had increased.

‘5 more minutes and one of the other groups will arrive.’

“Anybody here has that surname?”

“No. The Ishida clan has only sent their princess but she is on another battlefield while I have never heard of a Kurosaki.”

Hearing Alexi say that, Ren was both relieved and upset. If one of the others accidentally killed the princess of the Ishida clan, that could ruin the future. Thinking about this, Ren unconsciously started making it rain all over Soul Society.

‘Oh. This might actually be useful for our people to use as cover. Guess I will just keep it.’

A large amount of killing intent emerged from Ren’s body and spread wildly over the Quincy in front of him. Even the veterans who had gone through many battles fell to their knees.

But this was not the end of it. Even knowing about their ability to absorb reishi and reiatsu using their tools and natural abilities, Ren unleashed his in a wild fashion around himself. All of the Quincy around began to cough up blood and feel pain in their chests before they were killed and reduced to ashes.

This was a technique that the most powerful of beings could use, Soul Crushing. Using one’s reiatsu, a being could literally destroy another being’s soul. Most would do this passively while not actively releasing reiatsu or when their reiatsu was released actively.

Ren was a special case of needed to train his reiatsu to do so since its element was nature and very soothing to most souls in its base state. But with the technique, not to mention ordinary shinigami and hollows, any being that did not have reiatsu comparable to a 5th seat or higher officer could not survive being in Ren’s presence for more than a second when he used the technique.

When Ren finally controlled his reiatsu again, the only people left alive in the area were Ren, Alexi, and the two Bounts. All the other Quincy had been turned to ash and washed away by the rain.

‘Hmm. It seems like I am a terrible shinigami. Maybe even the worst. All their souls have been completely destroyed this time. Old man Yama is going to give me a hell of a scolding later.’

(Just realized the shinigami are lead by someone called Yama lol. Yama isis a Hindu and Buddhist deity of death, dharma, the south direction, and the underworld for those who aren’t mythology or chinese/hindu/bhuddist nerds)

While Ren was thinking about how to explain himself to Yamamoto if the old man ever found out, the Bounts and Alexi were scared shitless. They had each seen shinigami battle before and knew that they were basically battles of reiatsu but they had never seen such powerful and raw reiatsu.

This time, Alexi no longer thought it but asked the question that had been on his mind for a long time.

“You… just who are you?”

Ren saw that Alexi could still speak even after being under such a powerful and lethal amount of reiatsu. He reevaluated his opinion of the man before flashing a smile to him and answering his question.

“I am the captain of the 8th division, Ren Igarashi (had most upvotes in paragraph comments). Ren as in Lotus while Igarashi is spelled like Fifty Storms.

I am also known as Ren of the Blood Forest (second most voted, besides Clorox) though. You know, like Teresa of the Faint Smile or Kakashi the Copycat Ninja or Kimblee the Crimson Alchemist.”

As he said that, tree branches emerged from the ground to spell out his name in the air in both English and Kanji just for extra effect.

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85 85: For the Glory!

Hearing the name of Ren, Alexi thought back to his family’s history. One of his ancestors was ridiculed for a long time due to his fear and admiration for the shinigami. One particular shinigami in particular.

That member was on a mission with several others when they had ended up traveling to Hueco Mundo. The group met a large force of shinigami that greatly outnumbered them and were about to battle them before the leader of those forces arrived.

Under his command, the Quincy who were supposed to be the enemies of shinigami were allowed to leave with no casualties on either side. No one had ever believed his words due to the other members of the group denying his words and saying it was only a single shinigami that they had scared off.

The only one who did not deny his claim was the leader of the Ishida family but he also never admitted to the claims either.

Alexi always liked to hear stories about the old day from his family, even the ones that sounded crazy and insane. This was one of his favorites because even in a world where humans killed giant monsters and fought with demi-gods, someone could still come up with a story so unbelievable that it sounded like a fantasy.

‘It was never just a story then. If that person had even a tenth of this level of power, then his story was very reasonable and might have even been underplayed.

The division that the captain was the leader of was the 8th and his name was also Ren. Unless they are like the 8th, that means this man has kept his position for 500 years. What kind of power does a shinigami need to do that?’

Knowing that it was too late to back out now, Alexi had no choice but to engage Ren in battle and go out from the start.

Summoning his spirit weapon into his hand, Alexi summoned what would be a modern handgun in the future but for those of the current time, it looked very sleek and sophisticated.

“You two! We are in the same boat. If you don’t help me now, you will end up dying as well.”

Ren countered what he said right at that moment because he really did not want to do any more work than necessary.

“No thanks. If you two wanna wait right over there on the side, you can leave safely. The Bounts are no threats to my members even if the Quincy help them so you all can leave safely. Plus, I am sure that only you two are alive anyway.”

Ren did not really want to let them live but figured it was best to. Even if they were filler, this was a chance for several captains to get further live-combat training with beings around their levels. Ren was not planning to handhold the Gotei 13 but he would also not abandon them like the Royal Guard would do.

‘I need to make sure that I don’t have to do everything after all.’

Hearing that they did not have to battle with the monster that just killed a hundred people with his raw reiatsu, the pair felt relieved when they heard him say that. Immediately, they backed off and indicated that they wanted nothing to do with the battle.

Seeing the Bounts switch sides so easily, Alexi cursed them silently in his mind but he knew that he needed to go all out immediately if he wanted a chance of making it out of this battle alive.

Alexi immediately fired several condensed Heilig Pfeils at Ren but they were blocked with his bokken and knocked away. The Quincy tried to use that as a chance to use Hirenkyaku to jump into the air and gain some ground away from Ren.

Before he could make it too far away, several thick tree branches rose from the ground and made a huge dome out of the thick and powerful enhanced wood before he added layers on top of it. With this, Alexi was limited by how far he would be able to get a distance with.

‘Do I really have to use it so soon? Fine! Let’s see how you can handle [Jaeger]!’

A runic symbol appeared on Alexi’s chest before it dispersed into a sphere of light around himself. The sphere expanded until it covered the entire interior of the wood dome. This was Alexi’s Schrift.

A Schrift was an innate ability all Quincy possessed but could only be awakened by drinking the blood of the progenitor all Quincy and receiving his blessing.

The progenitor was believed to be dead and no Quincy had been able to awaken a Schrift ever since he died. The only reason Alexi had one was due to finding a secret chamber that belonged to the first Quincy and had a drop of his blood within it. Using that drop of blood and all the stories of his family, Alexi managed to carve a symbol onto his Soul which granted him powers.

The Schrift he got was Jaeger. This ability allowed Alexi to create his own personal hunting domain. Within the domain, Alexi was invisible and immune to all forms of tracking. He could also put marks on opponents with special symbols that would cause his Heilig Pfeil to track whoever was marked and would home on them.

This is why Alexi was the General. Out of all the Quincy, none could boast better accuracy than him while he was using Jaeger/The Hunter. And Ren now had to face the most powerful hunter of the Quincy.


Author’s Note: Calling the ability Jaeger because it sounds better than just having English names since all the Quincy were supposed to be german themed

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86 86: Man vs Nature!

The battle between the two was about to officially commence. Ren was already in bankai form using Dryae and he was sure that he did not need any of his various gifts, besides the passive gift of flesh, to take down Alexi. He had already created his dome of wood branches that could be used to create attacks from almost any angle.

Alexi on the other hand was now had his weapon out and had activated his Schrift. With both of these, he was able to exert his Quincy talents and abilities to their fullest within the forest dome that Ren had created.

Both of them were opposites in not only their races and fighting styles but the very core of their abilities both complimented and overpowered the other person if they were beings on the same level. Sadly for Alexi, he was far below Ren’s level.

Alexi placed a mark on Ren’s chest while he was within his domain and fired his Heilig Pfeils at random angles. At first, Ren thought it was weird but when he saw the bullets begin to curve, it was easy to tell what his ability was.

‘He thinks that shots from random angles can take me down? Too stupid!’

Ren stood in place as he summoned tree branches from the ground at various speeds that sprung up and blocked some of the bullets. All the bullets tried to curve around the tree branches but only those with slower tree branches were able to do so.

‘So these things are only able to move so fast. That makes this even easier.’

All the bullets were destroyed by the swinging of Dryae casually. With his skill in zanjutsu, blocking bullets of this speed were a piece of cake for him. Rushing forward, Ren used shunpo to appear in front of Alexi who used his own flash-step technique to dodge the attack as much as he could.

A light wound went across his chest but the injury he would have sustained if he was even half a second slower would have been fatal. Alexi decided to use his Jaeger ability to its fullest and became invisible while hiding anything that Ren could use to find him, even his sound.

Knowing that he was unable to find Alexi at the moment, Ren stood in the center of the dome and waited. He who made the first move would usually make the first mistake. Ren felt something hit his back after it pierced through his haori and uniform.

When he looked over his shoulder, he saw a small bullet-sized hole in his clothes but only felt a stinging sensation on his skin. The skin had already healed by the time he looked back at it.

‘Even if you concentrate your reishi as much as you can, you can only harm my skin at most thanks to my gift..’

Even while thinking that, Ren did not want to get wounds for no reason so he decided to get a bit more serious. Holding Dryae with both of his hands, Ren held the bokken in front of his body.

“Jū Shi no kata: Kyōhen – Tenman Sengetsu. (Fourteenth Form: Catastrophe – Tenman Crescent Moon)”

He swung his sword and created a chaotic vortex of powerful Omni-directional slashes that destroyed whatever got caught up within its attack radius. The 20 meters around Ren was cut to pieces, even the air itself.

From the vortex of slashes, several crescent-shaped blades of air shot out from within the vortex and cut up random areas within the dome until they clashed with the walls of wood and disipitated. With all these attacks, Ren was not able to see a drop of blood on the ground.

‘So either I have terrible aim or even injuries he sustains after his ability activates can not be seen.’

It was the latter. Alexi was caught in the outer edge of the vortex before getting several injuries from the crescent-shaped blades that shot out from it. Alexi had lost his left arm in the vortex and gained several deep cuts all over his body.

Sitting at the edge of the dome, Alexi was trying to calm down as he took deep breathes to endure the pain. A single move from Ren had put him in such a desperate situation while the shot that should have pierced Ren’s heart had not even pierced his skin.

‘What the fuck kind of monster is this? I need to kill him. We have already come so far. If he is able to live then the Quincy will be killed off for what we have done today.

This is my sacrifice for all of you. Make sure that you do not let my death be in vain.’

Alexi used his remaining hand to remove his glove and activated Letzt Stil. Ren could not see the changes that Alexi was going through but could feel the change in the air. He could also see that his trees were dying rapidly.

‘Guess he used his last resort.’

Right as he thought that, Ren’s right arm was completely destroyed. Ren was surprised that even with the increase in power, he still could not sense the attack.

‘So he is more powerful, has tracking bullets, and I can’t even sense his attacks with the instincts I have developed over the years. This is so annoying. ‘

Even with the loss of his arm, Ren was not worried about the battle. He had enough tools under his belt that would end the battle in an instant if he ignored the rest of Soul Society, even if he was limited to physical attacks.

Using his ability to communicate with nature, Ren listened with the wind. Even though it was unable to tell him exactly where Alexi was, it could still feel ‘pain’ in the area Alexi was in due to being an unnatural presence that had forcefully fused with it.

‘So that is where you were hiding.’

Just as Ren was about to launch his attack, he hurried to block the next bullet but was forced back by a large margin. Even knowing the direction they were coming from, the bullets were fired at weird intervals and at high speeds. The wind could also only speak so fast.

“Tsui no kata: Higan Shugan. (Final Form: Equinoctial Vermilion Eye )”

Veins appeared around Ren’s eyes while the whites of his eyes turned red as if he was a demon. This was the most powerful technique of the Flower Breathing style. It increased their user’s kinetic vision and mental processing speed to the maximum with the risk of causing its user to go blind.

With this, Ren parried two bullets with a single-arm due to being able to calculate their speed and angle at a much faster rate. Both bullets slid off his bokken and crashed into the tree dome behind him and caused huge explosions.

‘Enough of this. You can die now. Shichi no kata: Yakkyō – Dzukibae. (Seventh Form: Mirror of Misfortune – Moonlit)’

Ren slashed his blade horizontally in a powerful frontal slash that then created a multi-directional frontal assault. It was powerful enough to create several deep gouges in the ground that reached the spot where the wind felt ‘pain.’

Ren was unsure of how much damage the figure had received but knew that Alexi was still alive due to the wind being in pain from a different direction. Using flash step, Ren followed the figure.

Alexi would run away and fire bullets at random angles while Ren would follow and parry those bullets while using a few moon-style techniques to try and kill Alexi. This continued for 3 minutes before Alexi came out of his invisibility and fell to his knees.

The man was a sorry figure now. He was missing an arm, half of his face had cuts all over it, and deep injuries all over his body. One of his legs’ flesh was barely holding on to the bone.

Ren stood in front of the Quincy who had lost his powers with a frown on his face. The person who had managed to destroy one of his arms was now powerless.

‘It will heal but it still hurt to have that happen.’

Ren stabbed his bokken into Alexi’s head and caused it to explode into countless pieces. No one who knew Alexi would be able to recognize him in such a state.

‘Now for the rest of Soul Society.’

Ren retracted his dome of wooden branches before using shunpo to travel to his next stop to watch some of the fights as well as assassinate several captains. He knew that many had to die that day if the future generation would be able to take over.

‘I did screw with the timeline after all.’

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87 87: Oh boy, here I go killing again!

Aizen, Light, Pain, and Char. These are 4 characters that one could say had a point in their motives or that their objectives were, or at least started off, noble. One would have to be very careful when they said it though and only under the right circumstances but they could still say that they were right.

Ren never thought he would ever admit to one of them being right. But here, Ren was saying to himself.

‘Aizen was right.’

Ren decided that under the confusion of an invasion was the best time to eliminate other captains. This was not just for canon but also another more official reason. Soul Society had been getting more and more corrupt just as Aizen had said it had been doing. The difference is, Aizen could see the corruption with only a 300-year life while Ren had been around for twice that amount of time.

The Central 46 allowed captains and noble families to get away with many crimes with no punishment handed out to them. Ren even knew of 3 minor noble families and 3 captains who helped plan the invasion, he just did not know when it would occur.

His division’s members had not been sitting around ideal all this time. The only group who had more intel of Soul Society was the Onmitsukido but theirs was limited to what the Central 46 and Gotei 13 allowed them to investigate.

The first place that Ren stopped was outside of the minor clan, the Naraki Clan, compound. He walked into the gates as he saw no guards until he approached the central courtyard. Inside, he saw the heads and the 3 minor noble families, the 3 captains, and the rest of the members of the three clans.

All were shocked to see Ren appear before them during this time. Anyone would have thought that he would have been busy defending his own division.

“Why, hello Captain Ren. What brings you here?” asked the current captain of the 5th division, Himoya Ken.

Ren lifted his bokken with his left hand and pointed it at the group. His right arm was still regenerating at the moment so he could only carry out his plans with a single arm.

‘That should be enough of a handicap with me though.’

“3 captains are sitting here and drinking tea while Soul Society has been invaded. But this is not what you asked. You are asking me what I am doing here.

Well… I am here to kill 3 captains and wipe out 3 clans who helped our enemies invade us as well as abandon helping us to combat the invaders while they sit in their homes and hide.”

Hearing that Ren was coming to battle them, the 3 captains decided that they should no longer play dumb. They had to go all our or risk being killed.




The captains of the 5th, 12th, and 13th division used their bankai immediately. This was a battle where delaying it would mean their death. But before they could even finish their transformation, the captain of the 13th division was killed by a blow to the head.

‘Why do people always wait for the transformation to end?’

Himoya and Jerald both were shocked to see their comrade die so fast. Among all the shinigami, Ren most likely had one of the fastest shunpo at the moment.

After a moment of their reiatsu being released, the duo revealed their bankai states. Jerald was in a large, jelly-like, humanoid armor. Himoya on the other hand had a bat’leth in his hands.

The duo charged toward Ren with Jerald taking point. The figure smashed down his fist toward Ren but the captain of the 8th division was able to block it with his sword.

Himoya appeared behind Ren and was about to strike at his head when he felt pain in both of his arms and legs. He looked down and saw 7 tree branches piercing through his limbs while another branch had just curled around his throat.

“Art is an explosion.”

The tips of the branches detonated inside of Himoya while the one around his throat exploded as well. The former captain’s body was blown to bits in a single move.

The clan members saw that 2 of the captains they were relying on had already died so they decided to try and leave. Once they looked outside of their compound, they saw a giant wall of branches. With this, they were unable to escape now.

The group was about to start launching attacks on the wall to try and break free but they then heard a voice behind them.

“No point. Just accept that you have lost this game and will have to play better next time.”

They turned around and saw that Ren was carrying the bloodied haoris of 3 captains with one having several burn marks and another one being sliced in half. To them, this scene looked like the devil was carrying back his spoils from hunting.

“Please! Plea…” But Ren did not give them a chance to start begging. He summoned countless tree branches that pierced through and killed every member of the 3 clans. Ren walked around and collected the 3 clan zanpakuto that remained before feeding them to Dryae.

‘How full are you?’

‘Hmm. I can eat a few more. I’m not sure what we will get from eating these though.’

‘Neither do I but we can worry about that later.’

With all the members dead, Ren summoned a forest of trees within the compound. The branches wrapped around all the buildings and covered the dead bodies of the people.

Using shunpo to escape from the gates, Ren pulled out a sheet of paper as he detonated the forest of trees. The entire compound was blown to bits with almost nothing remaining.

‘Let’s see. So we have these 6 already off the list. We need to deal with the 3rd as well if they are not already dead. The Central 46 could also use some restructuring. Gosh. I am such a humanitarian for doing all of this.’

Ren mentally pat himself on the back as he went towards his next destination to find his next target. He had to act fast before the invasion ended.

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88 88: Voting for Captains

Over the next hour, Ren spent his time traveling around and purging Soul Society. With each swing of his blade, someone was bound to die. With each release of a technique, even more died.

The only Ren stopped after an hour was the fact that Yamamoto had broken through the barrier around the first division and made his move. Ren was unable to kill everyone he wanted to but he had at least gotten rid of all the corrupt captains and had even managed to assassinate every member of the Central 46 without leaving a trace behind.

For the next few hours, the members of the first division poured out with their full strength and backed up all the divisions who were still battling.

By dawn the next day, the invasion was over with all the surviving Quincy having retreated to the human realm. But this battle was not without a cost. Yamamoto sat in his office and looked at the officers in front of him before reading the report to confirm all the major deaths.

” We have lost 8 captains, 5 lieutenants, 28 officers, over 5,000 shinigami, 4 minor noble clans, and all the members of the Central 46. This has been such a tragic loss.”

The only captains who had survived the attack were Yamamoto, Unohana, the current Kuchiki, the current Kenpachi, and Ren. Although Ren had killed 3 captains, the other 5 died from the Quincy and the Bounts.

With such severe losses… this was the first time that anything of this scale had happened before. If it was normal Quincy, it would have been fine. But at least 15 Quincy had used their Letzt Stil as a last resort for suicide attacks against other captains.

The only 2 divisions that were, relatively, unharmed were the 1st and 8th. The first since they had been sealed up for half of the battle while the 8th left their top officers to do most of the work while the rest defended the division.

All the captains kept silent in that situation. None of them knew what to say. It was Ren who first spoke up.

“I get we are sad and everything but we can’t dwell on that. We have other things to worry about. 4 minor noble clans died but their zanpakuto are missing.

We also need to replace the other captains and officers ASAP in case the hollows or fullbringers become a threat. We also need to replace the Central 46 members as soon as possible.”

None of the other 4 had anything to say to that. They knew that it was the truth and they needed to consolidate their forces as soon as they could.

“I agree,” Unohana said. “Since we are the 5 remaining members, let us each nominate a person or two to take over the positions of other seats.”

Everyone took a few minutes to decide how many votes each person got. As the oldest and most powerful 3, Unohana, Yamamoto, and Ren each got two spots while the remaining pair each got one person that they could recommend. If the person was found unqualified by at least 3 other members, that original voter would need to choose another person.

Yamamoto went first. Unsurprising to Ren or Unohana, Yamamoto recommended both of his students, Ukitake and Shunsui. He said that both had already achieved bankai and were fit for duty.

No one had an issue with either of the pair becoming captains. They had been under Yamamoto’s care for almost 2,000 years. They were also rare dual-wielding zanpakuto users. Ukitake was given the position of captain of the 13th division while Shunsui was put in command of the 7th.

Next was Unohana since she had the most seniority after Yamamoto. Her recommendations were Rōjūrō Ōtoribashi and Shinji Hirako. Both were very competent lieutenants who had severed under other captains. Although she did not know if either of them had achieved bankai, both had the potential to achieve it so they were given their positions. Rojuro was made captain of the 3rd division while Shinji was made captain of the 5th.

Ren passed and allowed for Kuchiki and Kenpachi to go first. Each of the captains recommended the remaining two members of the Vizard who would become captains of the 10th and 9th divisions.

The last two captain positions were for the 2nd and 12th divisions and for Ren to pick who he wanted. After taking a few minutes to think it over, Ren made his decision.

He decided to be petty.

“I recommend Yoruichi Shihoin for the position of captain of the 2nd division while we give the position of captain of the 12th division to Kirio Hikifune.

Both have shown great performance in the past and have each mastered bankai.”

The others were surprised to hear that Ren had recommended Kirio instead of Kisuke as the captain of the 12th division. They could understand Yorouchi being recommended for the position of captain but they were unsure of why he recommended Kirio.

“Why not Kisuke? He has shown great potential,” questioned Unohana.

‘Because that brat wants to rebel against me? Cause I am petty? Can’t give either of those as answers.’

“Because Kisuke has just started the SRDI. Putting him in charge of a division and the research institute would be too tiring. While Yoruichi is also in charge of another organization, it is an older one and has strong roots. There is no need to worry about her ability to manage both or even combine the two to make up for numbers we lost during the invasion.

The SRDI is still too small and underdeveloped to full incorporate with a division. But with Kirio being the Vice-president of the Institute and captain of the 12th division, she could slowly bring the two together while it grows. In a hundred years or so, we should have the institute fully combine with the 12th division. ”

His answer was remarkable and no one could find a flaw in it. Yoruichi had been trained from a young age to be a leader while Kisuke had not. Her ability to multi-task was surely greater than his.

Soon, the news spread across Seireitei about the appointment of the new captains. When Kisuke heard the news, he knew the real reason why Ren had not chosen him instead of the official one.

“Fuck you!” he shouted in his laboratory with only Tessai and Yoruichi able to hear his curses. Ren had truly dealt a low blow this time.

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89 89: *Wink*

With everyone being informed, the division barracks and much of Seireitei had to be repaired while all of the new captains and officers needed to be briefed on their duties. This fell on Captain Kuchiki and Captain Unohana as well as their officers to do so.

Kenpachi was a fighting maniac and was useless in such regards while Yamamoto had to take over the duties of the Central 46 and therefore could not be bothered to do so.

Ren was the only exception of someone who was qualified but was not busy. The reason he gave was the excuse of taking care of his own division members but the truth was that he just did not want to do it. His methods were unorthodox so he would just end up fighting with the other division captains over the right way to teach. It was better to let them do as they pleased while he did so as well.

Even under his ‘busy schedule’, Ren still made sure to drop by one of the classes being taught to the officers. Kisuke was made 3rd seat of the 12th division since the previous lieutenant was still alive.

Ren walked into the classroom right when it began and stood at the front. The two officers thought of telling the man that he could not be present but with his power and personality, they knew it would be useless so let him do as he pleased.

Ren only stayed for a minute. He walked in, waved, and winked at Kisuke before saying some words of encouragement for all the new officers and left. Kisuke ground his teeth and glared at the door where Ren had disappeared into.

‘So childish! How can an old man like yourself be so freaking childish?’

Even though Ren was teasing Kisuke, he did not mean any harm. After his talk with Tier, he realized that she was right. The students need to surpass the teacher eventually, or at least hope to. And what was better motivation than annoying someone to death than to motivate them to beat another person up.

Ren also made sure to stop by the captain and lieutenant training rooms as well. The captain training room was to see all the captains in person. He had met most of them before, with the exception of Ukitake. He mainly visited this one since Ginrei was in charge of their class and the pair had clashed several times before.

The reason he stopped by the lieutenant classroom was much more important. Ren walked in and greeted Unohana who was surprised to see the man. She knew that Ren was just looking for an excuse not to teach when he said he had to take care of the 8th division but did not know that he was so shameless to show up after he lied.

“Hello, Captain Igarashi. How can I help you?”

Ren gave a small bow in response to the woman. As the best healer in Seireitei and the first Kenpachi, she had earned his respect.

“I have come to check on the future lieutenants. When we have had some of my caliber or Rose’s, I have to worry about the future of Soul Society.”

This was half the reason. The other reason he could not say was because of the presence of a brown-haired man who was sitting quietly in the corner of the room. The man had glasses on his face and looked at Ren with interest but the latter was just sizing him up and having an internal debate.

‘He has risen to the position of lieutenant much faster than I expected. Do I really need to let this guy live or should I just kill him?’

Unable to make a decision immediately, Ren greeted all the lieutenants before he left. Even if he lied at first, a matter had come up that needed his attention.

Ren went toward Yamamoto’s office and walked in without even knocking. The old man was about to shout and cuss at Ren but when he saw who it was, he immediately gave up. The captain of the 8th division would never listen to him.

“Sit. I need a favor from you.”

Ren was truly surprised when he heard this. The old man had given orders and requested for him to do things but he had never actually asked Ren for a favor. Sitting down in the chair, Ren was prepared for the worst.

Both stared at each other in silence for a few minutes. Yamamoto finally gathered himself and made his difficult request.

“I would like you to hand over the position of captain of the 8th division to Shunsui.”

Ren did not comment. He knew the old man would not just ask that of him and hope that Ren would understand.

And just as he thought, Yamamoto continued speaking.

“I don’t just wish for you to give up the position of captain but the entire 8th division needs to be ‘disbanded’ as well.

While I always knew the members of your division were powerful, what they have displayed during this invasion proves that they are all captain-level existences. Normally, I would not mind. But we are in dire circumstances.

The Central 46 is dead and most of the captains had been killed. While we have replacements, they are not as strong as the old ones yet.

You on the other hand, have managed to keep your division almost completely intact and have a force that can match the Gotei 13 at full power not to mention at this moment.

The nobles have also heard of this. I am afraid that the nobles will try a preemptive assault on your division and I know that you will retaliate in full force if they do.

In order to ensure peace, I want to ‘exile’ the members of the 8th division to Hueco Mundo before replacing them.

I know this is wronging you. Your division lessened the number of casualties and had done their best for the sake of Soul Society but I hope that you can understand my position.”

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90 90: People Die When They Are Killed. (Except in Bleach)

Author’s Note: So I did not respond to any comments on the last chapter for 2 reasons.

The 1st: I was going to and am making another chapter that would be posted the same day.

The 2nd: I am a sadistic/asshole author who loves to torture my readers


Ren looked at Yamamoto without responding. After so many years, he could say that he knew the man well. Although they could not be called friends both had been war comrades for years and had good understandings of each other.

“You wish for me to give up my seat of captain but you also plan to send me to Hueco Mundo with my entire force and not put us in the Nest or even Muken due to my level of power?

I understand you not wanting a fight but this sounds too fishy. What do you really want?”

Yamamoto knew his intentions had been understood but Ren wanted him to spell it out directly and lay out all his cards.

“I need a division that is loyal to Soul Society. I… I have deep ties to it but as the leader of the Gotei 13, I can’t always just protect Soul Society. I have to consider a bigger picture. But I need someone who does not need to do so. Someone I can call on and deal with anything without thinking about the consequences.

I need you to lead a group that will be that group. Let the Gotei 13 be the light that people look for safety in while you will be the dark that they fear. Your existence would only be known to the captain-commander of the Gotei 13 with the Royal Guard and Central 46 not even being let in on the knowledge.

You have shown your ability to survive in Hueco Mundo with only 800 average shinigami. With the way your division is now, I am sure that you can do even better.”

Ren had to think about it. He did not really care about leaving but had instead was considering what would happen if he was not there. Yamamoto said he wanted Ren to only deal with the big issues but that meant Ren could not come back too often. He would have to fake invasions or plots for being excuses while he came.

‘To agree or not to agree? That is the question. No! That is not the question!’

Ren looked at Yamamoto.

“I agree. I have a plan on how to make my exile look more like a self-exile or escape for what I have done. All I need is 24 hours to get all my division members out and to carry out my plan.”

Hearing that Ren had agreed, Yamamoto let out a sigh of relief and nodded to Ren to show his agreement. He did not even ask about Ren’s plan because he knew that he was no longer the leader of the group.

— 8th Division Barracks —

Ren had gathered all the members. The 9 high-officers stood at the front with the other officers behind them and lastly were the standard members. Ren looked at Kyou and Kakyo who both nodded and summoned a barrier around the barracks.

When the barrier was formed, the pair shook their heads at Ren. Seeing this, Ren finally began to speak.

“Good. Now that I know that we are all alone, I can tell you guys freely. We are being kicked out of the Gotei 13 and forming our own private forces in Hueco Mundo. Our job is to be the bad guys from now on. Does anyone have an issue with that? You can walk away now if you want.”

None of the members said a word. All of them were either orphans or looked down on by their families for their weak aptitude or for joining the 8th division. Their only loyalty was toward the other members of the 8th division as well as Ren who have given them this chance.

With no one saying anything, Ren felt proud of himself. Even if he was an old man, he still knew that he was not perfect. The fact that all of the members of his division would follow him in a certainly uncertain and dangerous future filled him with glee. He would not show it though.

“Good! All of you get ready to leave. I want the 7 of you to start forming portals so that we can get out of here and into Hueco Mundo ASAP. Shin, Kakyo, Baiken, and Naoko will be the landing squad.

Then the other officers will follow, followed by the members. The rest of the high-officers will enter after. Tier will keep her portal open from the other side but all the others will close theirs. Now get moving!”

All the members immediately started moving. Tier and the other Asura opened up the portal to Hueco Mundo as the members began taking everything they could carry. Blankets, food, clothes. If it was possible to lift it, the 8th division looted it.

By the next morning, the only left of the 8th division’s barracks was the buildings themselves. Even the windows and doors had not been spared.

Being the last person in the barracks, Ren was surprised to see how much his members had looted and he was also very embarrassed. This would reflect badly on him after all.

‘I can make buildings! I control wood! Why would you all steal stuff we do not need?!’

Ren left feeling aggrieved and made his way to the new officer training class. His black haori fluttered in the wind with the spiked choker around his neck making him look very rogue-like. When he landed in front of the shinigami academy, the innocent younger girls could not help but blush when they saw him.

He walked in on the lieutenant class and greeted Unohana like he had done the day before. Surprised that he showed up once more, Unohana also greeted him before ignoring the man and continue waiting for her class.

After 20 minutes, the class had officially begun and all the members were in the class. They were all diligently taking notes as they listened to Unohana speak about various matters that they had to take into account. 30 minutes into the class, Ren began walking to the door.

Everyone was curious why he had come in the first place but ignored him as Unohana did not stop speaking even as Ren left. To the few who were paying attention to him, they were surprised to see Ren disappear.

Before anyone realized it, many of them were covered in blood. They turned to look and saw that the man who had brown hair and glasses was no longer recognizable. His entire head was destroyed while the rest of his body was broken into several pieces.

Ren stood at the window without a drop of blood on him. He smiled and bowed before jumping out the window and making his way to the 8th division barracks.

‘Fuck Canon!’

Ren made his way back swiftly to the 8th division without anyone being able to stop him. Most did not even know what he had done by the time he was in Hueco Mundo. Ren looked at all the members of the former 8th division who was curious about what he had to do.

“Remember: Violence is never the answer. It is the question. And the answer is, yes. From now on, we will be the Tsuki Butai with our main base in Hueco Mundo. If we decide to expand in the future, eh. We will leave that for then.”

The other members cheered. Having their own official base and unique force made all the members cheer. Ren decided to pour some cold water on them though.

“So who was it that decided to make us look like beggers when they wanted to loot everything?” Ren asked with killing intent in his voice

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91 91: Recruiting

After scolding and beating up a few of his men as an example, Ren began to have them get to work. The first thing he did was begin constructing a large and complex palace/fort for them to call home.

By large, the outer walls were 200 meters high and had a 20-kilometer radius that was white and black in color. The inner building stretched over a kilometer in every direction.

Within the empty area around the building, plenty of it was filled with large and thick trees that had leaves of various colors to add scenery to the place.

It would take Ren some time to finish creating all the rooms, creating doors and bathrooms, smoothing out the wood, and all the other small details. While he did that, he had tasked all of his high-officers (I need a new name for these people) and lower officers to form groups and go exploring.

Ren gave them descriptions of specific types of Hollows that might be around and wanted the others to recruit them. Even though the description of half every Menos-class hollow of the Espada was given, Ren was unsure of which had reached their peak hollow power or had even been born/created yet but still sent them to search for those members.

Tier was to go after the most powerful of the future Espada, Coyote Stark. Even traveling solo through Hueco Mundo, Ren was not worried. But to be on the safe side, he had Kakyo accompany her along with a few officers.

Naoko and Kyou were tasked with finding Grimmjow and Nelliel. Nelliel was the easier one to try and come to an agreement with while Grimmjow had his stubborn pride and his fraccion as well. It might take both of them to bring him in… alive at least. They had the most officers out of everyone.

While Ren did not want to force anyone to join, he knew that Grimmjow was a special case that needed to be dealt with using force.

Baiken and Shin were to go after Ulquiorra. Ren did not remember whether this person was a Vasto Lorde or an Adjuchas but still felt it was better to send two captains after the only member of the original Espada who could double release. This duo worked much better without worrying about allies around so Ren sent them out alone.

Lastly was the Tres Bestias. They were also given no officers but for a different reason than the previous group. Their task was to find the ancient and natural-born Arrancar, Arturo Plateado. This was someone that Ren had remembered from the old world but never acted on finding due to his location and Ren’s position.

Arturo was sealed beneath the Sokyoku in Soul Society. These 3 were the best to sneak in there while Soul Society was at its weakest, bring the man back, break his seal, and try to convince him to join their side with either force or words. Cyan was the words, Ayon was the force.

When they all received their orders, the people formed their groups before taking off. The Tres Bestias formed their portal and left first while the others made sure their groups were organized and took off.

The most dangerous part of Hueco Mundo was the various Hollows who had made their domains or kingdoms within the place such as Baraggan who made himself God-King of his domain. Ren planned to bring as many of the Hollows as he could under one banner. Before he could worry about that, he had to get his banner up and running first.

— Kyou and Naoko group —

The pair were the first to find one of their targets after 3 weeks of searching. The first they met up with was not Nelliel but Grimmjow. The Adjuchas hollow was in his panther form just as he was described to be by Ren. He also had all the same members following him that Ren had told them about as well.

Kyou put on her best diplomatic smile as she walked forward and held out her right hand.

“Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez? I am here on behalf of my… I need to ask him what his new title is now that he is no longer a captain. (Also need to think of a name for this as well.) Anyway. We are here to recruit you to our cause. Are you interested in joining?”

The white panther with sky blue eyes stared at the hand offered toward him before letting out a growl of warning.

“I do not serve anyone! Especially those weaker than me! If your boss wishes for me to work for him, he better send someone strong enough to defeat me first.”

Kyou retracted her hand as the smile on her face faded. She unsheathed her zanpakuto and pointed it at Grimmjow.

“He said you would say something like that. Luckily, he sent me here. Holy Moonlight Sword, Bankai.”

Neon green reiatsu surrounded Kyou as she entered her bankai state. Seeing that the fight was about to happen, a savage smile appeared on Grimmjow’s face as he charged toward Kyou.

— Shin and Baiken —

These two were the next to find their target. Ulquiorra had turned out to be a Vasto Lorde to the surprise of the pair. Neither spoke a word but immediately unsheathed their zanpakuto when they first saw him.

Remembering that their goal was recruitment, Baiken let out an embarrassed cough and put on an apologetic smile.

“Sorry about that. You just have a strong aura that makes me wanna battle you. We are supposed to be recruiting you though.

Wanna join up with us? We can make you no longer have to eat just to not regress and can give you some nice clothes as well as a building to live in. We also have strong people that you can fight if that’s your thing. Oh! We also have good food.”

The girl kept rattling on and on thinking about all the reasons that a person might join a group instead of being solo. After prattling on for 5 minutes she finally stopped speaking. The Vasto Lorde noticed that the pinkish-red-haired woman had finally finished speaking.

“I agree. Let’s go,” Ulquiorra said before walking in the same direction the pair came from. The duo was surprised to hear that he was willing to come along so easily and did not manage to get out of their stupor until Ulquiorra had already walked quite some distance away from them.

— 1 year later —

Ren stood at the head of a table with Tier sitting to his right and Shin sitting to his left. Down the table were the various members that he had managed to recruit. Ren called of them his Espada. All were dressed in white just like the originals as well. The only person who wore black was Ren.

‘Since Aizen is dead, I can steal his name and clothes.’

Starting from Tier, there was Baiken, Kyou, Kakyo, Cyan, Franceska, Emilou, and Nelliel. On the other side of the table was Shin, Naoko, Stark, Grimmjow, Ulquiorra, and Arturo.

Standing in the room were the former officers of the 8th division and the fraccion of all the Arrancar that he had recruited. These would be the Lanza. The spears that would allow the swords to cut down their enemies.

Seeing all the new members, Ren was excited. These were some of the most powerful Arrancar that would ever exist and they were all working for him.

“Now that everyone is finally here and has completed their process for turning into Arrancar, we can begin the first official meeting. First things first: who here is comfortable with regicide?”

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92 92: *Non-Sexy Growl*

A lich-like figure wearing decorative purple and black robes sat on his throne with a crown atop his head and looked at the various Hollows that had gathered under him. For the past year, the activity around Hueco Mundo had been growing and causing unrest.

This made many Menos-class hollows who were sitting on the fence or lone wolves before join under the various powers around Hueco Mundo. Being one of the largest factions, Baraggan had grown the most out of all the various groups. In fact, it could be said that most hollows had joined his group. But this did not make him feel happy.

Anything that caused so much chaos around Hueco Mundo must have been something powerful. He had even sent some Hollows to scout out the reason why and they had found the large fort with its walls.

Any time he had his forces try to approach, they were killed by either cero, kido, or large thick wood branches. None of Baraggan’s forces had the ability to even see the trees that were inside of the fort.

Baraggan looked at the latest scouts, better to say scout, that had returned from the fort but they were unable to find anything. Looking at the Hollow who had several holes in his chest, Baraggan felt anger.

‘You come into my domain and harm my people but don’t dare to even show your face?! Fine! Then we shall come for you.’

The skull figure raised his right hand and revealed that it was also made out of pure bone without an ounce of flesh on it. Clattering sounds could be heard from his jaw as spoke.

“We have been invaded. I let them do as they have pleased for too long. Now, we shall lead an attack on them and bring them to their knees!

They are cowards who hide behind walls! The walls of our kingdom extend as far as I can see. They take shelter under a roof of wood. Our ceiling is the sky above. These are beings that fear Hueco Mundo itself while we rule over it!”

The various Hollows began to clap and cheer when they heard that. The Hollows were prideful beings who had a strong amount of bloodlust. If not for Baraggan’s overwhelming power, they would not have obeyed him so easily.

Baraggan looked into the sky above him as he thought about how he was going to tear the walls down of the fort that Ren had created. Just as he thought this, he felt a powerful wave of reiatsu wash over him. All the other Hollows felt it too. Then they saw it.

In the sky was a colossal creature. This was a Hollow that none of them had ever seen and surpassed the size of anything that they had ever seen before. And it was approaching them fast.

Before they knew it, it landed in front of them. The creature giving off the aura of a powerful Hollow landed in front of Baraggan’s ‘palace’. It gave off not just the aura or ‘scent’ of a Hollow but also of a shinigami and something that the others had never sensed before.

The creature appeared to be a dragon carved out of the most beautiful tree. Every limb and curve of it was smooth. It had two horns atop its head that kept a purple flame between them that matched the purple eyes of the creature. Its wings did not look like normal wings capable of flight but each was its own tree with branches growing in a single direction with a large number of green, vibrant leaves on them. (Reminder to self to add a picture to paragraph comments.)

Standing on the creature’s head and beneath its flame was a man who wore all black and appeared to be a shinigami. On the back of the creature were, 14 other individuals. These were all the members of the Espada present and accounted for.

The entire group jumped down from the dragon and stood together. Their matching uniforms and dangerous aura gave off an imposing feeling that was increased by the presence of a dragon behind them.

The dragon was Dryae. When she absorbed Ikomikidomoe, she had absorbed all the abilities that the Hollow-zanpakuto had. One of them was the ability to transform from a sword into an Adjuchas-looking form that was colossal. While Ikomikidomoe appeared as he did when he was a Hollow, Dryae took on this draconic form.

Sitting atop Dryae’s head, Ren looked down at the army of Hollows around Barragan. There were at least several thousand of them. And from within, there were many familiar figures among them. Even if they were currently Adjuchas-class Hollows and not Arrancar, Ren could recognize them for the most part.

But it was not about them that day. That day was between the leader of the two forces, Ren and Baraggan. One wanted to rule over all of Hueco Mundo and the other wanted something similar.

The reason Ren left Soul Society was not due to agreeing with Yamamoto but by agreeing with the old man, his life became easier. He could now do as he pleased without having to worry about being spied on or being told no.

‘Better to let him think he has me under his control for now while I build up my forces as much as I can. The day will not save them, for we own the night.

He gave me an army without even knowing it. What I do with that army, well, I have plenty of time to decide on that. For now, I need to control this Lich without killing him. He could prove useful.’

This was Ren’s first true test as the leader of the Tsukibutai instead of the former commander of the 8th division. And he would not fail it.

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93 93: Overwhelm

There was silence between both groups as they stared each other down. Baraggan’s forces had a higher quantity but the forces of Tsuki Butai had better quality, especially with Dryae right behind them.

Baraggan’s forces were no longer as eager to fight, most of them at least. There were a few who still believed that they could win the battle easily or at least win the battle and survive themselves.

One of those was Nnoitra, an Espada in another lifetime. Seeing that over half of Ren’s forces were women, made him sure that Ren was just a pushover that they could take down in a moment.

‘Hehe. With so few capable fighters, we can take these guys down in a second. Although the big one is a bit intimidating, We can always try to win it over to our side.

Why hasn’t Baraggan given the order to attack?’

Many of the members on Baraggan’s side also thought similarly. Even if they did not look down on the women, they looked down on their numbers. They also believed that their king who had everything could offer whatever Ren was offering Dryae and more.

Baraggan’s focus was not on Dryae. It was instead on Ren. And only one thought was going through his head.

‘I can’t sense his reiatsu at all!’

Baraggan had never heard of the concept of stronger beings unable to have their reiatsu sensed so he thought that it must have been a secret technique of Ren’s. Any being should have been able to have their reiatsu measured due to them always releasing a small amount. But Baraggan was unable to sense a glimmer. Still, he felt some danger.

‘I need to capture him alive. Whether it is a technique or a special item, it will be useful for my plans later on.’

“Who are you?” the skeletal figure asked while pointing at Ren. The shinigami smiled back and introduced himself in the best way he knew how.

“I am the new ruler of Hueco Mundo, Ren Igarashi. I am in command of the elite Moon Corps as well. You can call me boss if you submit.”

(So tired of trying to use Japanese. English will do unless the name is already translated for whatever work I am using.)

Baraggan would have snorted at the answer if he did not sense something was off about Ren. Baraggan summoned his large axe to his left hand before pointing it at Ren.

“You dare to claim my domain? Speak! Why should I not use your head to decorate my throne?”

Ren summoned Slaupnir in his right hand and the Firestorm blade in his left when he saw Baraggan’s actions. He did not mind a fight between leaders but wanted to keep Baraggan alive. The old man had his uses.

‘Like being the leader for any idiots that might rebel in the future. I don’t wanna have to find out who the next rebel leader is if I keep the obvious one alive.’

“I don’t mind killing you but I am trying to keep as many of the Hollows alive as possible. I was hoping that you could surrender to me.”

Baraggan actually laughed at this. There was no one who could truly make this prideful Hollow surrender. He was the God-king of Hueco Mundo after all.

“Ha. Do you think you can make me and my kingdom a subordinate of yours? I shall give you a chance then. Do these 2 things, my kingdom shall be yours. If you fail, your kingdom shall be mine.”

Already knowing that Baraggan was up to some tricks, Ren nodded and gestured for the old lich to go on.

“First, you must make it rain within Hueco Mundo. Then you must defeat me and my strongest 4 members all at once and by yourself. That means that Hollow of yours is not allowed to help. You have 1 week to complete the first task, shinigami.”

Hearing these conditions, all the former officers of the 8th division wanted to laugh out loud. 2 of them actually did. The other members of the Espada were not sure why they were laughing and had grave looks on their faces.

All of them had come to respect Ren over the past year. Whether it was through how he treated them, his power, or the way he carried himself, Ren was the ideal leader for the Espada. None of them wanted to see him, or themselves, under the rule of Baraggan.

They knew that Hueco Mundo had never rained since the beginning of time. It was always a clear night sky, no matter the day or time of year. If he truly wanted to make it rain, that would be impossible.

Ren did not even move his body before the crackle of thunder was heard. Clouds formed overhead with lightning streaking between them. 6 bolts fell from the clouds and crashed into granite-like trees that populated Hueco Mundo.

‘Are you not entertained!’ Ren said to himself. Soon, large amounts of rain began to pour down over the entirety of Hueco Mundo. Not just the spoke where they were standing but the entire realm.

All the Hollows in the realm rose up from underground or wherever they were to see the first rain to ever occur in Hueco Mundo. It only lasted a minute but left everyone stupefied. Baraggan was the most surprised.

He gave Ren the most impossible task that he could think of but the man had completed it in a moment. With no effort.

‘No! This must have just been his special ability. Even if he can make it rain, what does that matter? This person must be so weak and wanted to try and scare me away by that display.’

“Nnoitra, Findorr, Yammy, Szayelaporro!”

4 Hollows appeared behind Baraggan. 2 were Adjuchas class Hollows while 2 more were Vasto Lorde. Surprisingly, Szayelaporro was one of the 2 Vasto Lorde.

‘He is a Vasto Lorde? But he was ranked 8th or 9th. What kind of fucked up timeline have I walked into?’


Author’s Note: For those who don’t know, according to the official books, Szayelaporro was actually a Vasto Lorde and was the original rank 0 Espada. But he decided that he had too many violent impulses as so he split himself in two, one of those two being the ‘older brother’ who was Grimmjow’s fraccion. He was then demoted to Privarion Espada until he got stronger again and became the 8th Espada.

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94 94: Epic Fight Music

The 4 Hollows that Baraggan called out were mostly familiar to Ren. Nnoitra looked very similar to his original resurrecion with a white and yellow body along with 3 arms on each side of it. His face was covered in a mantis-like mask while the tips of his arms had saw-like blades on them.

Of all the other Espada, this was the one Ren liked the least. His misogynistic views clouded his judgment and nearly killed an ally who had saved his life before.

The familiar name was Szayelaporro. This man would become the alchemist or scientist of the Espada in another life. But the current him was much different than what he would be like in the future. He had a look that reminded Ren of a Kenpachi or other members of the 11th division.

This Szayelaporro was similar to his resurrecion form except this form seemed wilder. He had two pink wings on his back that each had 4 eyes on them. His lower body was made up entirely of a large number of tentacles.

Then there was Yammy. The Hollow form of Yammy was very similar to his initial resurrecion form. The Hollow had half the size of Dryae but instead of a brown, wooden body, Yammy’s entire body was covered in white bone and brown fur. He had 8 huge legs that carried the giant’s body as well as a large tail with a hard club-like tail. Just his massive size alone was enough to intimidate normal people.

The last member was someone that Ren was unfamiliar with. It appeared to be a human crab. Standing beside the lich, manti-man, eldritch abomination, and giant monster, the crab Hollow seemed a bit boring and lame.

Even still, Ren did not think too much of it and readied both of the weapons by his sides as he was going to let the others make their move first. He wanted to see just how powerful 3 Vasto Lorde and 2 Adjuchas were when they worked together.

Baraggan lifted his axe and pointed it at Ren before he gave the order.


The fastest to charge forward was Nnoitra. He appeared right in front of Ren before clashing down with all 6 of his arms at once. The blades were stopped by the firestorm blade’s massive body. Nnoitra aimed all his attacks at Ren’s face so it was quite easy to block.

‘He can die, right? Honestly, all of them can die except Baraggan. I need a puppet.’

Using his brute strength, Ren rebelled all of Nnoitra’s arms before cutting downward with his Slaupnir spear. The blade of the weapon cut cleanly through Nnoitra’s head until it reached his pelvis. Ren’s eyes and mouth were filled with white flames but he stopped before the flames shot out his mouth and retracted the flames back into his body.

NNoitra, a Vasto Lorde was killed in a single strike. They all knew the second blow was unnecessary and would be more than for show but that still did not calm down the fear in their hearts. The Psy-fire was not just disturbing to the Hollows but also to Ren himself.

This was because of the very nature of the fire. It was not normal but made from going through a realm of chaos and destruction, pain and misery, nothing but suffering, before arriving in the realm when Ren used it. This was practically true Hell-fire.

The presence of these flames disturbed nature itself. Even when Ren had turned his ability to communicate with nature down to zero, he could still hear the cries of the very spirits of nature.

‘Chaos is all corrupting? Everything eventually falls to Chaos, huh? Those damn space marines were right. Even just using these weapons is nothing but trouble to me even after I got rid of that damn Khorne.’

His thoughts about how he had almost used Psy-fire and the corrupting nature of the firestorm blade, the crab hollow appeared behind Ren. Ren turned around and sliced through the entire body of the Hollow.

As the blade cut through him, the delicious smell of cooked crab filled the air around Ren for a moment before it was overshadowed by the smell of burnt crab.

‘Can’t think about other things during battle. I need to keep moving forward!’

No longer letting the others make the first move, Ren used shunpo and ran towards Yammy. No, he ran through Yammy. With his spear pointed forward, Ren ended up on the other side of Yammy with a hole going through the giant’s head.

Large tree branches rose from the ground and surrounded Szayelaporro’s tentacle legs and wings before detonating and destroying them. As Szayelaporro fell from the sky, Ren made his move.

Dispersing the firestorm blade, the Kage (maybe title) turned around and charged toward Szayelaporro and destroyed his entire upper body after taking a single step. All that remained of the Hollow was his head.

Baraggan saw that his entire elite force was decimated in moments, he could not help but feel angry. Those 4 were supposed to be his strongest but none of them survived a single attack. This was a great embarrassment on his honor.

Letting out a loud and skeletal (However that works) roar, Baraggan charged forward. And wanted to cut down Ren but his first strike was knocked away with Slaupnir. The two exchanged several blows but the Lich was unable to land an attack.

‘Hmm. It seems that he does not have access to his anti-speed field or touch of old age abilities while he is just a Vasto Lorde. This makes my job even easier then.’

Ren knocked away the axe once more before he stabbed toward Baraggan’s left arm. The lich used the chain attached to his arm to bring his axe back to him in order to defend him but the Slaupnir went right through it and cut off his arm.

Following that, Baraggan was slowly dismembered until he was only a body and a head. Ren stripped off Baraggan’s robes and crown before holding the skeletal figure by his neck and held him up before the crowd.

“Is this your king?! This skeleton is the one who leads you? He can’t lay a blow on me not to mention defend himself. Serve the Moon Corps and I will show you true power!”


Author’s Note:

Releasing a second chapter but don’t get too happy. This is just an updated chapter with his various powers as well as me listing out all the members of the Espada and a brief description of each.

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95 94.5/Auxiliary Chapter

Updated Chapter that will cover all of Ren’s abilities as well as a short description of all the members of the Espada since I know there are a lot and it might be a bit confusing.


Dryae: Zanpakuto spirit that Ren was originally going to get before he had fused with Lawrence.

It is in a permanent state of bankai in the form of a wooden brown bokken. After absorbing Ikomikidomoe, it gained a black tsuba with a green flower pattern.

Evolution: Dryae is now capable of constantly evolving by eating other races. By eating blanks, she gains the ability to detonate trees. By eating zanpakuto spirits, she may gain the ability of one of those zanpakuto or create new ones all her own. The only limit of this ability is that she can only gain one evolution from each species.

Forest: Ren can create, grow, and manipulate tree branches in a variety of shapes and ways. Growth is rapid. Trees are resistant to fire, lightning, cutting, and blunt force making them much more powerful than normal trees. Due to absorbing blanks, the trees can now detonate themselves.

Nature Speak: Ren has the capability to communicate with nature, gaining information about their surroundings, attaining a deeper connection to them. This applies to plants, animals, the elements themselves, and even more.

Nature’s Wrath: Ren can create a variety of storms and control them to a degree but can only create up to 2 at the same time. Blizzards, Firestorm, Hurricane, Rain, Sub-Zero Rain, Sandstorm, Thunderstorm, Tornado, earthquakes, tidal waves

Apocalpyse: Ren summons meteors that rain down destruction. Sizes range from small buildings to large islands.

Breathing Styles: Ren has innate knowledge of 14 breathing styles that each come with several techniques that can be used with those particular styles. This increases his already impressive physical abilities to another level.

– Styles he has: Sun, Moon, Water, Fire, Wind, Stone, Lightning, Love, Mist, Beast, Serpent, Insect, Sound, and Flower.

Orbit the stars, Dryae! (Hoshi o megure, Dryae!): a massive Hollow arm appears out of Ren’s back that can attack foes on its own initiative.

Jot down their funeral, Dryae! (Okuri shiruse, Dryae!): Dryae transforms into a gargantuan Hollow-Dragon that is around the size of the Espada Yammy Llargo’s Resurrección. In this form, she can unleash a cero-like breath attack and can spawn large treants by sending down seeds from her wings. These treants are comparable to Adjuchas-class hollows.

Hatch out and be ruined, Dryae! (Kaeri horobe, Dryae!): Dryae transforms into a large, humanoid Hollow, though still smaller than its previous release. While this form resembles a Vasto Lorde, similar to her zanpakuto spirit form except with a hole in her chest.

Dryae, Can’t fear your own world!: …Secret!


With Khorne defeated, Ren now has the powers of Khorne within himself. But since he is no chaos god, most of the powers have mutated in some way or weakened in some way with few staying as they were.

Gift of Arms – A weapon of the Blood God: This gives Ren 2 weapons to use due to no longer having Khorne within him, he can no longer use weapons that are purely Khorne’s.

– Slaupnir: Spear used by Khorne’s most loyal and devoted champion as well as his consort. After receiving the blessings of Khorne, it now has the ability to pierce through any defense.

– Firestorm Blade: A mighty greatsword, the Firestorm Blade is a massive straight sword engulfed in an impossibly bright nimbus of white fire. At the whim of its wielder, the blade can discharge great gouts of flame at targets within a considerable distance, burning its victims with overwhelming Warpfire.

–Flame Breath – A torrent of psychically-generated flames pour forth from the psyker’s eyes and mouth, engulfing the target.

–Fiery Form – Bullets and shells pass straight through the pyromancer as he transforms into an incandescent being of living Warpfire, striking out at his foes and setting their souls ablaze.

–Fire Shield – With a sweep of his arms the psyker throws up a towering wall of flame to protect his allies.

–Spontaneous Combustion – Focussing his anger, the pyromancer can melt or incinerate his foes in a heartbeat. Yet when his rage boils over, the unfortunate victim’s body explodes in a blast of ash and roaring flame. Who can say how many will fall victim to his wrath before it is sated?

–Sunburst – The psyker sings a wild song whose notes were old when the universe was young. As he does so, an incandescent aura appears about him, growing ever brighter and hotter with every refrain. Only when the song is ended does the aura explode, discharging its pent-up fury in a blinding, supernova flash.

–Molten Beam – The pyromancer claps his hands together and turns them outward towards the foe. As he does so, a white-hot beam of blazing energy bursts from his palms. It melts armour to slag and vaporises flesh, leaving only ghastly shadows in its wake

Gift of Beasts – Beasts or servants to aid his chosen: Without being tied to the blood god anymore, the summons are closer to fitting Ren’s ideal type. Ren can summon up to 3 Tomb Stalkers.

The Tomb Stalker is a massive Necron robotic construct that serves as a guardian on Necron Tomb Worlds. The Tomb Stalker is an enormous mass of living-metal carapace teeming with flashing legs and possessed of a murderous will. Easily the size of a dozen men, this centipede-like robotic construct makes use of arcane Phase Generators, allowing it to stalk the Tomb World of its slumbering Necron lords, burrowing through solid ground.

It uses its powerful senses to trail its prey from kilometres away and can sense the frenzied rhythm of a panicked man’s heartbeat through hundreds of metres of solid stone. The Stalker’s immense size combined with its natural capacity for regeneration as a result of its Necrodermis carapace creates a nearly indestructible creature.

Gift of Flesh – Mutations that grant strength and ferocity: Permanent state. Ren has gained the physique of an Astartes with much stronger regeneration.

Gift of Will – Unbreakable willpower and bloodlust: This increases his skills in martial techniques such as hakuda, hoho, and zanjutsu. He becomes able to ignore any injury, illusion, and lack of stamina.

Gift of Title: Ren is able to use multiple other gifts at once

Elixir of Life. Formerly, The Curse of Chaos: By mixing in the beast god’s blood, Ren is able to turn Arrancar into Asura.

King’s Armor, Formerly, Crimson Crown – This crown allows Ren to replace the Hōgyoku in the Arrancar creation process. By wearing the crown himself, Ren gains a powerful armor that has excellent defensive capabilities



Tier: Current Strongest. Ren’s lover/wife. Former Arrancar but now an Asura. She can casually give orders to any of the members of the Moon Corps but usually is training in the dungeon or spending time with the other female Espada members if she is not with Ren.

Arturo: Ancient, natural Arrancar. He has a unique ability to manipulate a certain type of energy. Even with all their years of training, only Tier is assured victory over him in battle while all others would be close calls.

Stark: 3rd strongest of the Espada. Another natural Arrancar. Besides spending time with his fraccion, Stark can rarely be seen outside of official duties.

Shin: 4th Strongest of the Espada. His wild combat style and powerful zanpakuto make him a dangerous foe. Lover of Emilou.

Kyou: 5th Strongest. She is the manager of the Moon Corps. Anything that needs to be done, goes through her. If she is unable to do it, she will let Ren know and have him do it himself. Her words carry the same weight as Ren’s when it comes to members of the Moon Corps.

Baiken: 6th Strongest. Still in her growing phase but showing much promise. Ren’s ‘sister’ that he adopted after the Mist Rebellion. Even with only a single-arm and eye, Baiken is a threat to anyone who dares to battle her, especially those who underestimate her.

Emilou, Cyan, and Franceska: 7th Strongest. Individually, all their strengths are about equal. When they work together, they can challenge those in the top 3 of the Espada, especially when they use their resurrecion and Ayon.

Ulquiorra: 8th strongest. A powerful Vasto Lorde who had become an Arrancar with Ren’s help. Unpredictable due to his mostly passive nature but seems very loyal. Was the only Arrancar to have a second resurrecion in the original timeline.

Nelliel: 9th Strongest. Another Vasto Lorder who had become an Arrancar under Ren. The woman has a mostly cold and distant personality but is very professional and loyal to Ren.

Kakyo: 10th Strongest. She has the same zanpakuto that Tosen would have had. With her abilities, she is a powerful combatant that can take on most mid-tier captains. Lover of Naoko.

Naoko: 11th Strongest. One of the oldest members and had been around since Ren had first taken over. Even though he is not the most powerful, his experience makes him someone that few can take lightly. Lover of Kakyo.

Grimmjow: 12th Strongest. Currently, the weakest of the Espada since he had only recently gained his Arrancar form and has yet to fill his reserves to their maximum as they were when he was a Hollow. Even still, he is not to be underestimated due to his wild and violent fighting style.

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96 95: A shark, a wolf, and phoenix walk into a bar

After seeing Baraggan in such a pathetic state, most of the Hollows were willing to flip sides in an instant. They did not care about who was the ruler of Hueco Mundo as long as that person had the power to rule. And Ren was now the strongest being in Hueco Mundo.

Various roars and shouts could be heard from the Hollows on the ground. All of the ones were the Adjuchas-class Hollows. As for the Vasto Lorde, Baraggan was the only remaining one that lived inside of Hueco Mundo who had not already been converted into an Arrancar while the Gillian did not have such sentience yet.

The Espada looked up at their leader and were impressed. He was able to subjugate the entirety of Hueco Mundo in minutes.

“Excellent! Those who have reached Adjuchas-class shall be given a new form of power that will make you all even more powerful than before.”

As he said this, Ren summoned his crown and placed it atop Baraggan’s head destroyed the Vasto Lorde’s entire skull. The man was a skeleton so he had no idea what part of the skull was his mask and what part was his body so he just got rid of all of it.

A bright light appeared around Baraggan before he appeared as an old man with brown skin and white hair on his head. His naked body was fully healed and repaired with a hole in his chest. But all the Hollows felt that he was much weaker than before and thought that Ren was just taunting the Hollow.

Ren released the old man before pointing to his zanpakuto and ordering him to activate his resurrecion. Knowing that he had no choice, Baraggan did so.


Releasing red Reiatsu, the slit-eye pendant between the axe-blades began to generate numerous jet-black and purple flames, which, burned away Baraggan’s flesh, reducing his entire body to little more than a skeleton, with his head becoming a skull and his hands and arms being reduced to bone. Afterward, Baraggan’s body became draped in a purple cloak, with a pitch-black tattered fur collar around his neck area and the fringes of his cloak, similar to the one that Ren had ripped off and was lying in the sands of Hueco Mundo. Several lengths of golden chains dangled out of his armbands.

Seeing that Baraggan returned to his old appearance but felt even stronger than when Ren had defeated him, the hollows were filled with surprise and worship. They thought that his words were just jokes and meant to mock the lich but now they knew that he spoke the truth. Their former king had grown even stronger after his loss.

“I have been banished from Soul Society. I have been disgraced. They think that I am someone who will take this insult lying down.

I left so easily because I knew that a battle at the moment was unwise when Soul Society was at its strongest. Over 30 Captain Level Shinigami, 50 Lieutenant-level figures, and hundreds of officer-level members. Technology surpassing anything that you have seen before.

While the Hollows have been stuck in this desolate land and slowly rotting, the shinigami have been prospering. New kido spells being developed every few years, replacing the old ones. If the shinigami came and wanted to take down the rulers of this land, they could have done so long ago.

You all are nothing more than training tools for their younger members. You are meant to cull their weaklings so that they can grow stronger. They ally with the Quincy to permanently exterminate you. They use you to make full bringers appear. They let you starve while they feast.

But that shall last no more. Soul Society is no longer going to be allowed to do as they please. Follow me, and the Hollows will never go hungry.”

The Hollows began to roar and yell with every sentence that Ren said. Especially when he mentioned how they were just being used as training targets. They all knew that the weak would be exterminated when they had no more use just as they had done to other Hollows themselves.

Under Ren’s ‘small’ lie, he had managed to gain the support of all the Hollows present. And to get their support, all he had to do was create a common enemy. Not just an enemy that would be a temporary target but a mountain that needed to be overcome.

The Espada jumped atop of Dryae and flew back towards Tsukigakure, their home and fortress. When the fraccion members saw the hundreds of Adjuchas-class Hollows, they would have thought they were under attack if the Espada did not return before them.

Ren spent the next few weeks converting all of the Adjuchas-class hollows in Arrancar. He had seen several familiar faces such as Zommari as well as a pair of twins, Yin and Yang. With all that work done, Ren was finally able to relax.

He always kept 5 members of the Arrancar on active duty to watch over any unruly members of his forces while the rest were allowed to do as they pleased. Most took this as a chance to train in the dungeon where they did not fear destroying their new home as they went all out.

Just as Ren entered the dungeon, he saw that Arturo and Stark were teaming up to battle Tier. while all the remaining Espada members who were not on duty were watching. All 3 were in their base form but that did not stop their battle from being intense.

Stark would move around with his high speed and fire his ceros from random angles to try and catch Tier off guard while Artura fought with a more direct method using either his bare hands, his energy blades, or his zanpakuto.

Even under the combined assault of the pair, Tier did not seem to have any difficulty. She handled both Arrancar in a very technical manner where she would use as little movement and energy as she could to block or parry their attacks while pushing them in each other’s way.

After 30 minutes without a clear winner, both sides looked like they were starting to get a bit frustrated.

“Lilynette,” Stark called over and placed his hand on the little girl’s head. Arturo held his zanpakuto in reverse grip and bent his knees. Tier held her blade in front of her and pointed it downward.

Large pillars of reiatsu emerged from each of the three. Blue reiatsu surrounded Stark, yellow reiatsu enveloped Tier, and Arturo was immersed in green energy that began to take the shape of two wings.

Ren knew he had to step in before one of the trio ended up dying from a friendly spar but he was also curious about how powerful the 3 members were after him.

‘I can save them from an attack anyway. Might as well enjoy a good show.’

Ren summoned several tree branches that he used to form a chair to sit on but before he could relax, Baiken stole his seat. Looking at the woman, he let out a sigh before making another seat for himself to watch the battle.

“Fênix, immortal and graceful, in my original form my body emerges even from the smallest of grains of ash. A beautiful power that by shinigami as you can not witness, unequaled the beauty and fury released from my flames and grace.”

“Kick About!”


The two strongest Arrancar and the strongest Asura had released their resurrecions.

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97 96: The 3 Strongest

Once the reiatsu faded, the 3 people battling emerged in their new forms. Arturo lost his shirt while his hair automatically went into a ponytail. The mask fragment on his face disappeared. On his back were two wings made of pure energy that resembled a Quincy’s last resort. Gloves appeared on each of his hands that resembled talons.

Tier changed from her clothes into a form that was very close to her original resurrecion. The original bone skirt and armor turned into blue shark-skin that covered her skirt, bikini bra, thigh-high boots, and gauntlets. The scales looked smooth from afar except that they were jagged and sharp up close. In her right hand was a large shark tooth-like blade that was almost larger than Tier herself that had 3 girl marks on either side of it with a handle inside the hollow base. In her left hand was her original zanpakuto.

Stark was the last to finish his transformation. Part of Lilynette’s mask appeared on his head, stretching from the back of his head around to the eyepiece on his left eye, with the flame pattern changing to emerge from the eyepiece and follow the mask fragment around to the back of his head. The mask itself was connected by two chains around his right eye. His Arrancar outfit changed drastically as well to a gray fur-lined jacket and dark, skin-tight pants, with gray knee-high fur leggings covering his lower legs. In each of his hands was a twin pistol.

With all of their power released, Ren had to release his own reiatsu in a defensive manner just to make sure that all of the other Espada and Lanza did not get hurt from their raw energy.

Each of the 3 looked at each other for a moment as if to size up the others transformation. Then they were all gone. Tier and Arturo were the first two to reappear with Tier’s larger blade and Arturo’s, now green and black, energy blades clashing.

“Miss 1st, I plan to take your title today.”

“Hmm. Two on one and you think that makes you worthy of my title. How foolish.”

Yellow reiatsu appeared around the zanpakuto in her left hand before backed away and swung it at Arturo.

“Ola Azul.”

Even though he used both arms to block the attack, Arturo was still pushed back a good distance and had his guard broken. Tier appeared in front of him with her shark sword raised above her head.

Just as she was about to bring it down, Tier saw blue light appearing from her right so she used her movement technique to dodge and appear further away.

Stark stood beside Arturo and waited for the other Arrancar to catch his breath while having both of his guns trained on Tier.

“Get up. We are seriously in trouble if you don’t start work with me. You’ve already seen how good she is with a blade.”

“As much as I hate to agree, you are right. I will distract her. You get ready to use your biggest move and we will her down in a single attack.”

The pair shared a look and nodded before Arturo charged ahead. When he clashed with Tier this time, he decided to play defensively. His main goal was to buy time and create an opening. Even when he gained injuries, his impressive healing factor repaired his body by the time he gained another one.

“Now!” Arturo heard Stark say from behind his back. Without even thinking, Arturo let Tier get in a deep cut as he backed away.

All around Tier were 10s of wolves that were made out of soul and flames. This was Stark’s most powerful technique where he sacrificed both of his guns to turn them into these wolves that had the ability to defeat even captain-level enemies with ease.

“Grand Fire Rush!”

Arturo’s wings turned red and black before turning into flames that surrounded his arms. The flames then went to his palms and formed a large spear of flames in front of him.

“I suggest you put up your best defense or ask the Corps Commander for help. You might die under these attacks.”

Seeing both of the attacks that the duo was ready to launch, Tier seemed unperturbed. Tier pointed her shark tooth sword at Arturo while holding the hollow sword downward. The Arrancar could feel a large amount of danger building up so they decided to launch their attack.

The fire spear moved first with the wolves charged afterward. With both of her opponents have made their moves, how could Tier just sit there and wait to be finished off?

“La Gota!” water surrounded the tip of Tier’s larger blade before being shot in a spear shape towards Arturo’s attack. After the first one was shot, two more followed right after it.

Once the first water lance clashed with the fire spear, the latter was weakened a great deal while the former turned completely to steam. The second water lance completely destroyed the fire spear and shot into Arturo but did not cause any more damage than staggering him. The final lance was the true finisher and blasted Arturo away.

With Arturo no longer in the picture, the difficulty had decreased by a huge margin. Stark’s wolves surrounded Tier and were about to attack her but none of them were able to enter a 1-meter range around the woman.

“Eleventh Form: Dead Calm”

Every wolf that attacked was either knocked back, cut in half, or beheaded. No matter how much Stark tried to get close, the area around Tier was impossible to enter. It did not seem like Tier was moving at all during this time due to her fast hand speed.


A yellow aura surrounded the large sword in her hand. Feeling the immense danger, Stark wanted to move out of the way but it was too late. A deep cut went from his left eye all the way down to his left foot. If not for Stark’s powerful hierro, he would have been killed from that one move.

The Espada watching did not understand how Tier had won so easily but Ren did. The Asura brought it the most of the former Arrancar’s animalistic abilities. While it started off as just physical powers, if the Arrancar had was like Grimmjow or Tier who had powerful abilities unrelated to Hollows in their resurrecion, their power would increase by an even greater amount.

For someone like Tier, becoming an Asura was the best thing that she could do. But for those like Stark or Yammy whose main long-range ability was cero or bala, becoming an Asura was more of an emotion than an evolution.

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