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The Story of The Reincarnated Strategist


The Story of The Reincarnated Strategist

Gunshi-sama no tensei hanashi


This is, the story about, the strategist that being loved by the god… Takenaka hanbei.

Somehow getting a cheat skill, a word from the future being told, you’ve got many problems eh… takenaka hanbei

Anyway, you got a talent, it is bad luck.

After that, only this, do not forget.

This is a fantasy, not a history.

There is also the part that they’ve intervened in various ways history but, absolutely, there is no relationship between the actual history.

“No, absolutely, I feel like being hated by God.”

don’t make a mistake.

he was being loved by the god.

my synopsis :3 :

Takenaka hanbei, being loved by the cat god, after his death he got the reincarnation of the playful God of cat.

after being reincarnated with his memory intact, what will the legendary strategist of Sengoku era do with his heat like status?

Source : http://ncode.syosetu.com/n5047da/

it’s a simply short story~~ well, if you put up the part it will become decent enough


Chapter One – Takenaka Hanbei- ( All at once)

Part 1 : Well, it’s the beginning

Part 2: Takenaka Hanbei

Chapter Two – I was reincarnated-

Part 1 : Cat god’s Favorite

Part 2: Many things, seems to be planted

Part 3: Appraisal is, kinda convenient.

Part 4: Appraisal, Are you alright?

Part 5: I think, Title is amazing

Part 6: Dominate, it’s pretty useful doesn’t it?

Part 7: Finding Mr. Rich

Part 8: (^ν^)Let’s try it?

Part 9 : Pathetic, one-tailed fox

Part 10: Kichibe has become a companion♪

Part 11: Summon!

Part 12: A little Frustrated.

Part 13: Thunder Art has LevelUp.

Part 14:It doesn’t mean Spider is weak.

Part 15: Good Bye, Poor Life

Part 16: Rewriting a memory, is simple huh…

Part 17: Nostalgic World

Chapter 3 ~I had Grew~

Part 1: The time has flown

Part 2: Hanbei is thinking

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