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Only me chapter 33

Chapter 33: Unity (2)

It unexpectedly went smoothly. Without even Ridwan to meddle in the discussion, they all, all the representative of the surviving nation gladly took part in the discussion and talk about many possibilities, even that Grim also included as an aide of Queen Elizabeth, representing England.

Each and every one of the representatives is someone that has overcame 4 worlds, those guys understand their position, as each and every one of them has understood how terrifying a 6th orde monster is, understand that someone that able to make an 8th orde seraph to frighten them isn’t someone they can take care of…

“So, can we expect something like a united nation’s parliamentary as our system?”

“My father. Our creator said that we will act as a landlord here, as that’s his words, we can just let you all died as long as the bridges aren’t injured”

“Preposterous! What kind of thing you all want to say?!” said a woman, in a British knight wear

“You, if I’m not wrong, you should be one of the sovereigns… Kang In-soo? Right?” said Gru, in a puzzled way. At the same time, the woman glared at him, and answered “I’m kan win-soo! And indeed, I’m the sovereign of Korea! The United Korea will bow to the rule of none! We’ll choose our own way of thinking even if death waits for us!”

“Ah, but your name in the country database is Kang In-soo, well, not like I care but… ah, let’s just get back to the topic” continue Gru “Please, Rown…”

“Alright, I know your dissatisfaction but, let me rephrase the word… From now on, we, of the bridge of RA will be the protector of the tenants… however, we won’t do anything about the offense… to make it simpler, we won’t attack, but we’ll only defend…” explained Rown

“In that case, is there a need of this alliance?” said the ambassador of Singapore

“it seems you guys have a wrong impression of us… even letting you guys talking here right now, is already a mercy… do you really think that something like this bridge can be created anytime, anywhere?” utter Rown “this Bridge, isn’t a mere thing you guys think about, my father, our Creator create this bridge because of his Upgrade quest, should it isn’t because of that, this kind of weak bridge won’t be created by father. The cost of this bridge isn’t something you all can exchange with, even the maintenance cost isn’t a meager amount your countries can burden…”

That explanation of his silence the room, even the countries have already understood that something as enormous as this can’t be a normal building, not to mention the cost to create this thing under 1 night, even something a fifth of this bridge could only be created by years of their countries’ workforce and budget, not to mention the condition right now, the Bridge of RA is a safe haven for them…

“Hmm, as expected. Talking with an intelligent person make the conversation shorter… still, do all of you understand how many countries’ representatives gather here?”

No answer could be heard from the room, the room itself is filled with more than 100 people, they sat according to the seat they’d given to by the maids in the corner of the room. They silently guide the representative to the place to sit in, and silently move to the corner of the room. Each and every movement of them, bring shame to the royal maids even in the England castle.

“the people inside this room are 247, of all them, there are only 57 representatives, else either spy or mob that placed here in case some ‘thing’ happens… but, it seems you guys’ belittle us too much…” Said Gru, while unleashing a pressure high enough to feel fear. Each and every bones’ they hone in the 4 worlds, and each and every bitterness they felt in those worlds make them realize, they belittle the man in front of them too much.

Pressure continues to descend towards them, the weaker one already fainted one after another, while the stronger one only felt the pressure as the time goes, they’d alerted before the start, but never they’d thought that the pressure would steadily be increasing. While the maids in the corner of the room, start to move like normal and either drag or lift the one that already fainted below.

“As expected, of the representatives! You all passed, 57 of you and only 5 dropped out, as expected. What the angels do isn’t all wasted. But, there’s only several of you left huh, what a disappointment… however, I still hold you guys high, and indeed… you are worthy!” said Rown, in a condescending manner.

“Alright, all of 70 of you, I don’t care which country you all come from, but! Remember this, there are 4 factions that we, of the Bridge, know; Over water, are the faction where the underwater races control. The leader names Lichen, although he is strong, he’s unlike you guys that being controlled by order, he’s something else that could rival even those Seraphims’ of the angel faction all by himself. The leader of the Dark sea, where nothing that you see above, it’s a place full of monsters that can easily be taking care of 3rd orde monster in their 1st orde level…” at this he stopped talking and look down at the audience, smiling smugly, he continued…

“From our intel, he’s a being that’s been in the earth since thousand of thousands of years… his age is indefinite, but his strength undoubtedly won’t be any lower than that of the Seraphims’. In my father words, he’s a cultivator, the same kind of the leader of China, Fu Jianliang…” Gru interrupted “It’s Jianling” Rown continue “right, Fu Jianling, pardon me. As you’ve expected not all of the humans on earth are being transported at the same time, and not all of them have the same power level as you thought they’d” at that words, Rown stopped talking and look at his brother

“In our information, there are 4 factions, 1. That is lead by Lichen, the Oversea. 2. That’s lead by Fu Jianling, China’s Heaven’s will. 3. That’s lead by the undead, Kuroyasha Sitompul, the ruler of death, Over Life… and 4th. The action on the space, the galaxy outside of Earth, the Intergalactic Space Government. Their leader is unknown, they look things over with a council and mostly, let the world be as is, with surveillance over their part, and earth’ been under their surveillance over years… we’ve seen many proofs about their contribution in the history of humans’ and their help in many developments of the civilization…” Explain Gru to the astonished audience

“Well, let’s stop the information dump here, seeing your brain won’t be able to receive more, this is the information we’ll give you. As for the latter part of the information, I believe you can either talk to us by yourself or search for it yourself. But know, that we of the Bridge won’t just stay silent for what you do in the bridge as we’d move as we deem fit, and won’t take your saying in whatever we do over the bridge…” warn Rown

At his words, they start to talk among themselves, even the sovereign that came here, begin their conversation with one after another. Of course, they see the threat from the man before them. However, increasing another enemy when there’s already one in every way. Even more enemy lies behind them, and even the up and below them…

Although the room gets rowdy, all of them start to spin their heads and think for themselves, each and every one of them is in an alliance, even the European people start to think through what they need to do, and what they ought to do. Even more so, as ¾ of the continent in Europe already conquered by the Over Life, and they even have to bring forth more power than they’d thought it needs. Even Grim can’t come here as a guard for the representative and only those from reserve force of the Kingdom can come along.

If by any means they can save a place in the bridge, although it needed a price, they’d try to conserve some, as there isn’t even a tenth of the total population left in Europe anymore, and they’re holding a string of hope in Europe…

“I beg your pardon, Sir Rown, Sir Gru… as the representative of European Alliance, we ought to say we’ll oblige with any rule you and the ruler of the bridge say, as long as we get a spot in this place…” said the man

“So, do us, of the Russian adventurers’ alliance and nation…” thus one after another, representatives accept the term with the Bridge. Although some have reluctance in their expression, they indefinitely accept the clause of Rown and Gru. And hearing the words of them, even Gru and Rown astonished at their words, because they’re expecting some riot here…

Looking at the facial expressions, Kan win-soo snorted “although we belittle you, the same could be seen from your expression… we have already faced more than enough of our stupidity, 40 years long, we’ve spent there. And you expect us to still say something stupid like the absolute rule? Even those humongous empire in another world can’t do that, and you expect us to do the same?”

“But, you already try that in Riezet I presume? Sovereign Win-soo… fufufu” chuckle the Korean Bodyguard, one of the rankers named ‘Kim hansuk’. At that words, more and more of the representative that already spent their lives in the world’ laugh. They despair, hate, and curse all of their throats in those worlds’. They’ve said more profanity and swore more oath at the place, they hate, despise and see many things that they’d there.

Reminiscing about the past bear them sadness, and hates. But, seeing what happened to this world right now, is simply something else entirely…

Surrounded by the enemy from all sides, haughtily think that they’ll have an easier life and can even do what they can’t in the worlds at that time, they can only smile wryly at the thing happened here… some other thing shouldn’t be said as their feeling of hopelessness will be permeated in the room, and no further discussion can be made, but resolve could be seen from their eyes. And profound courage could be felt from their body…

Smiling at them, Gru and Rown face start to brighten, a bright smile could also be seen from Ridwan, that hear their discussion along with the other children of his secretly. Thus, he along with Castella, Luminaria, and Frau step out of their hiding room and greet the representative.

“I see, nor, that we’ve seen that you aren’t some meek little lamb or some suicidal group. We can talk more…” said Ridwan, while smiling at them…


When you talk about experience, there are several things you need to point out. However, the main point is just one, what kind of experience do you want to get? Each and every one of them has their own kind of experience but not all could have the same experience, bear in mind that even a child has more experience than you do in a way, but even some older people won’t have the same amount experience as you do in some way. But all of them merge into 1 thing that you should also remember, humility doesn’t mean humiliation… it shows your experience!


-From the words of the person who holds the wisdom