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The Reincarnated Strategist All chapter


Well, it’s the beginning

(TN: its actually says, maa, hajimari,hajimari. Like the opening of the story like the anime yamishibai)

it’s the color of the blood that flowing from me.

it’s looked, as if a sentenced from the reaper.


Takenaka hanbei. That famous strategist.

He’s a man that known as Zhuge liang of Japan.

The person that lenting his power to help Toyotomi Hidetoshi’s world unification, when he died, without caring about the public’s eye, hideyoshi is crying.  It is what being told in the history.

well, it is what it’s say in history. There’s no such thing though.

it’s just the talk between us, he was loved by god.

And, it’s a pretty ill natured god.

Nekogami.(Cat of god / neko no kamisama)

On a whim, lazy god. (気まぐれで怠け者の神様である。T/N anyone?)

and then,what whim, Takenaka Hanbei getting a cheat skill, and being thrown into another world.

anyway, he was an unfortunate man.

Takenaka Hanbei


when will you come back.


i’m sleepy.

Come back before i’m falling into my slumber.

my chest screaming, telling me that my time left is only a little bit left.


and because miki castle also, will fall down.

Come back…


you definitely, must to complete the world unification…

aaa, mou.

The more i think about it, i feel attached to the world.
hey, endure it a little more.

At least, until nagamasa says it’s allright to Hideyoshi-sama.

at least, not in the bed, but in the camp.

It’s allright now.
i want to see Kanbei’s face, i wish to see Hideyoshi-sama’s world unification.

……damedana (it’s not good).

giving hideyoshi-sama everything.

And then, my all now, became nothingness.

I’m sorry.

But, it’s allright now…

[TN : (T-T) i think it’s hanbei though in his deathbed… it’s not like i know about when hanbei dead or something… i only read nobuna no yabou until vol. 8 …]

Cat God’s Favorite

I think i’ve been sleeping more than enough.

「Are you allright-nya?」

i heard that kind of voice.

Aa, i hear it i say, it’s quite a long time


I opened my eyes.

in front of my eyes, there stood a girl, with a.. cat ears.

… is that, a real thing.

「it’s a real thing nya. Well, who cares about that kinda thing nya. From now on, Hanbei, you will be revived.-nya」

Hearing that word, i understand.

That, i’ve had die.

「The truth is. I’ve got to erased your memory-nya, but hanbei is a special nyan」


Unknown Meaning. (T/N : it writed like that…)

「i’ll had you go to world of magic nyan.」

the girl was smiling wholeheartedly.


it’s kinda like a special power, well, have a nice trip nya.

Say’s that while patting my head.

i’ve got a bad feeling about it. Nante (TN: anyone? What’s なんて meaning?),he thought it for real.

「Early sleep nyan. Favorite」

along whit those words, my mind goes blank.


Many thing, seems to be planted

Where is this?

Is what I think, as soon as I wake up. (CZ:he’s using a ‘boku’…)

Around me, there are a white marble wall.

Marble huh.

That girl (maybe) God, seems to planted a lot of knowledge to me.

Are you serious… you see.

These, I will use the name from the future languange.

What i’m talking about is Status, it’s exist in this world, “it seems that i know about my power.” ( CZ: anyone? 自分の力がどのようになっているのかが平均的にわかるらしい。)
This seems to be the knowledge planted by that girl (maybe) God.

About The common sense of this world and else, everything had been planted inside my head.

Iyaaa, is this some kind of punishment game? This.

When you think about it, if my memories was erased, “it will not make this weird vibe.”(微妙な空気にならなくて済んだのに。CZ: … my less knowledge…)

I’m the kind of man that keep the Vibe preciously. (僕は、空気を大事にする男なのでね。)

Hideyoshi-sama and Kanbei, i wonder if they allright.

And i won’t worry like this.(CZ: JustForInfo it’s continued with what he say about “if my memory was erased”)

…. aha. Now, i am a baby desu.

But,there’s no mother.

I’m an abandoned child huh.

mou, just how many time did i say this.

Is this, some kind of punishment game?


Name: Takenaka Hanbe


HP 150/150
MP 2672563/2672563 (CZ : … ok no comment…)

Strength 150
Magic (Mana) 26723542
Defense 152
Magic Defense 2516
Agility 155


Dominate (支配)
Art of Thunder     Level1
Art of  Wind                  Level1
Art of Flame                  Level1
Art of Water                  Level1
Art of Recovery   Level1
Disease Resistance         Level10
Cat God Protection


Cat God’s Favorite


Is this Amazing?(CZ: nooope… it’s unbalanced and… way tooo… okay i’ll stay silent)
It seems that  MP and Magic’s digit kinda miss the mark.

Magic Deffense too, had a diffrent with agility,HP,and Strength like sky and ground…

Let’s check appraisal skill later.

… strategist effect is already known.( CZ: it’s kinda miss ……鑑定の効力は、知ってるのね。)


Appraisal is, kinda convenient.

I sigh.

Many thing that i don’t know in status, let’s examined it with Appraisal.


Hit point. When it’s gone it will lead to death.


Magic Point, it will be reduced when using a magic. When it became 0, magic will be unusable.

It’s better to be carefull with HP.

After many trouble being reborn, death in the state of a baby will be sad…

… That girl, (maybe) God fault for planting many knowledge within me, i feel like i’m losing my original personality.

Dominate (支配)

It’s a skill to dominate the opponent.

Is that all? Affected.


Dominate the thing that called, it’s  used as a servant.

Like a slave, as if  i can do that
It’s because i am a strategist.
Using a people huh.
No, I had been reborn? I am.
there’s no diffrence? E–.

I had understood Appraisal.
Then next is.

Appraisal, Are you allright?


The higher it is, the stronger it will became.

Art of Thunder Level1 MP10

A skill to call Thunder. Because it’s Level1, it’s only possibel to drop a little thunder in a aimed location.
No, i think it’s Good enough.

Art of Wind Level1 MP5

Skill to call the Wind. Level1, it can only call a breeze.

It’s weaker than Art of Thunder, but it consume less than thunder.
Fuun.Will it became stronger if i increase it’s level.

Art of water Level1 MP10

Skill to call the Water. Because it’s Level1, it could only call drinking water.

wow. It’s the most important thing for living.

Art of Flame Level1 MP10

Skill to call the Fire. Because it’s Lvel1, it could only summon fire to cook a meat.

Hmmm, if i grow up it will be of use. As i can’t say that.

It’s because baby can’ eat a meat.

Art of Recovery Level1 MP10

Skill to recover HP. Because it’s Level 1, it will take time to heal.

It’s important for living. This is.

Disease Resistance Level10

Tolerance to all Disease. Because it’s Level MAX, i will not get caught at any disease.

Okay. This is. Bullying?

If it in the past. I don’t want to die because of the ill. Is what i wish.

But you know~.
In this world, i want to die peacefully.

About dying? (死ぬなって事?)

Cat god’s protection

Protecting from anything. Cat God’s Favorite title, is a limited skill.

I don’t know what it means by anything.

Appraisal, is this really. Useful…

I think, Title is amazing

Ability. That a person can use. There are also some MP used thing.

As I expected.


Street Name. Person title.

Hee. This too.
It’s allright, Appraisal.
It’s simply because my hurdle is high okay?


Title given to person that can manipulate others.
In particular, it’s about activity in military.
Thereby, it became usable to use Summon.

Summon eh… i don’t think it’s usable if it just one.

Cat god’s Favorite

Title that given by a person that liked by Cat god.
This is. Not something given by talent nor luck bla bla bla, Title personally given by the god. (CZ : it really is writed just like that :v)

A, is that so. (CZ: A-, so :v it’s using sarcarstic tone of read hanbei really hate the god :v)


Dominate, It’s Pretty usefull doesn’t it?

So, How is it.
This is, a problem.

I am, a baby.
Just this, it can’t be helped, whatever plan did i make.

God didn’t forsake me.
Something in my head is sparkling.
That’s right.
There are ‘Domnate’.

Somehow, i want to experiment with it a little.

That’s it.
Somehow, if ican found someone, i can grow up until some age, i can secure a place to live too, and eat until full.

Un. (yup CZ: i prefer some word in their romaji)

I can’t say it’s perfect, but for now it’s sgod isn’it?

If you say i am not humanlike (because controlling other people) [hitodenashi].
No, i think Not. And, i would reject you with everything i could.


Finding Mr.Rich


i wonder what kind of person should i choose.
This choosing is pretty important.

If it not rich, until i grow up, i can’t live in luxury.

Well, in my past life i’ve got many gold.
Living poorly, doesn’t fit my body well. (CZ : just what kinda bourgouise are you?…)

if ican find a person, i can do something with Dominate.
Then, let’s find an information about Mr.Rich in this world then.

Well, this kinda poverty-like city is, dont wanna. (Mā, kono mazushi-gena machi wa, iyada na ̄.)

This is, the real not humanlike.
For example, if a student have a teacher they adore, i’ll them go full force. (なんて、生徒の見本にするような先生がいたら、全力で止めに行かせてもらう。 Sorry i don’t really know Nante, seito no mihon ni suru yōna sensei ga itara, zenryoku de tome ni ika sete morau.)
After all, im not not humanlike?

(^ν^)Let’s try it?

Before finding Mr.Rich.

I want to try dominate, and other skill.

As for me, it seems that. Thunder Art have the best compatibility with me.
I know it after using Appraisal twice.

Well, i believe everyone can do it too. (CZN : talking to the reader… :v)
Then, my memory is from, takenaka hanbei and the one who die in this world, it seems the memory is combined with a person from my future world that die in this world.(CZN : complicated? I dont think so…)

It’s the result of having Appraised myself from many times.
I see…

Takenaka Hanbei is the more powerfull entity, but it’s became farther and farther from takenaka hanbei’s personality… (CZN : so thats why he didn’t seen dignified… comment if you don’t know.), and waht about it?, i don’t know. (dou noka, Wakaran.)

Well then, let’s try experimenting!


Pathetic, one tailed fox

One tailed Fox (Children)
Unnamed Level1

HP 89/89
MP 45/45

Strength 50
Mana 89
Deffense 20
Magic deffense 45
Agility 200


Wind Art Level1



One prey for Experiment came.
Uun. One tailed Fox?
Inside the head, it’s something like a youkai encyclopedia, flipping.
The person taht died in this world seems to knowledgeable.
I wonder is it still Takenaka Hanbei existence? Mou, I am very anxious about it.

One tailed Fox. The power is roughly Grade E.
it’s Low doesn’t it.
But, when this Evolved, it will became nine tailed Fox.
Disaster Grade.(CZN : nice future prospect you had there… )

Then for now, let’s try to dominate it.

How chould i do this?
Double appraisal is coming out.

Fuun. Comnined the eyes, and think about Dominate in the mind.
Roger. Roger.


Kichibe has become a companion


Combining our line of sight, the one tailed fox approaching slowly.


Patting head.


Voice rang inside my head.

『One tailed Fox(unnamed), will be dominated』

Ooo. I did it!.
a Succes.

somehow it’s sad from being ‘Unnamed’.

What should i do with the name.

「I’ve named you kichibei. Un. It’s good name.」

Hideyoshi-sama’s ‘kichi’ (吉) and Kanbei’s ‘hyoue’(兵衛)
Because it’s a very important name.
You must to take care of it okay?

「Kyuun–」(CZN : Gotta catch em’ all :v)

U—n. I’m not talking about it but, something a little inconvinience?

『First, you must remember the other party’s skill that has became your subordinate』

O, it’s no problem then.

「From now on i’ll be in your care, nice to meet you」

I want to see the skill to became a human, that will be get when he evolved to two tailed fox, just in case of appearance. (人間に変化する技は、二 尾狐になる時覚えるみたいだから、念話が一番かな。 Yup, it’s a hard line to translate… Ningen ni henka suru waza wa, ni-bi kitsune ni naru toki oboeru mitaidakara, nen-banashi ga ichiban ka na. )
We can talk in human form though, we can talk in fox appearnce too, it’s just in case of something.

『Understood. Hanbe-sama』(CZN : At last! A conversation?)

Kichibe giving a respond.
Un. Not bad.

One tailed Fox
Name Kichibee Level1

HP 89/89
MP 45/45

Strength 50
Mana 89
Deffense 20
Magic Deffense 45
Agility 200


Just in case (念話 ???? i’m puzzled)
Wind Art Level1


Hanbei’s subordinate



Next experiment desu.

Let’s ask kichibe go to somewhere once.
Then, i’ll use Summon!

「Kichibee, have a nice trip!.」

Anyplace is fine.
There, I leave it to Kichibee.

maa, in a place that not seen.



Yosh. He’s come.

It’s a succes

Un un. It is true that i am a Genius?
eh,am i a narcissist?

Kichibee look with a face that says ‘just as seen’.

(あきれたような顔をする、吉兵衛。Akireta yōna kao o suru, Kichibee.)
How mean…

A, but.

he might be good for a conversation partner.

It’s because I’m very lonely.

I’ll wait until a person came.

Mr.Rich it is.

Then, if it a youkai i’ll try experimenting with my skill


A little Frustrated.

Aa, it’s not good. This.

There’s no one pass here except the poor.
What should i do.


『What is it, Hanbei-sama?』

「ano sa, brought me to the richest person around here 」

Not yet, my tongue is not flexible enough to move.
Actually, i could only talking with a gya gya(CZN: baby language).
But, for appearance (nen-banashi / 念話) the thing that i want to tell is kinda understandable.
Maa, kichibee had became a friend/companion (Nakama)? It should be quite strong.

Well, i wish that youkai will not come out ne~.
It’s weird.


Noisily, one big spider appeared.

No~w then. Should i do it.
Though dominate it is good too, but since it’s already coming… ne~~
Let’s use it for experimentation.

Kichibee thinking.
This is the real not humanlike…


Thunder Art has, LevelUP

Saa te♪(now then)

Should i try to use Thunder Art?
Please became the sacrifice for my growth.

Then, how should i do it?


Assemble the Thunder Art. Or.

U—N . how troublesome…
Well, let’s try it.

When you think about Thunder.
Dokaan. (Sfx of explosion)

Whether it’s big or Small, a delicate sound and line appeared.

But, the spider had fallen.
Spider is… This guy, is it weak?

『Congraulation on LevelUP. Hanbei’s has became Level 2.』

My LevelUP.

Killing the enemy could make me LevelUp.
Aprraisal had say this, so it must be it.


It doesn’t mean Spider is weak.

Looking at the wreckage of  the spider, i try to appraised it.


Status check.

To make it easy.
During checking the status.
It’s cannot called as weak.

If i had to say it.
Kichibee from before even had lesser status than that.

well, because he is mofumofu (fluffy).

I’ll forgive him.

He will became stronger too.


Human’s footstep and Kichibee’s cry.
Kichibe is a child that can do work well.
He’s my pride.


I had brought him here.
Apparently, the one who Kichibee brought is a person from aristocracy.
From middle nobility.

It’s not bad.


Good Bye, Poor Life

Yosh. Domination-desu.


‘Pikun’ there’s a reaction.
good, good.

Kichibee is standby in my side.

I’m Sorry.
Now, i’ve get out from poverty!. (CZN: ew~~ :v)

Abandoned Child, became a Aristocrat.
Power, Surpising~
Domination is Outta za world!. (CZN: パネェ [it’s a slang…])

……Not good.
My word became weird…
I’m troubled.

(CZN: for the one who don’t know, hanbei get a personality from another person that reincarnated with him. You could say it he has 2 person in 1 body, just like isekai soudoki [manga])


Should i appraised this Noble’s name.

a, how about the skill.
Status, it’s not like i want to see it.

Name Fujiwara sousuke Level16

HP 120/120
MP 69/69

Strength 100
Magic 52 (CZN: it’s actually magic, sorry for the late post)
Deffense 32
Magic Deffense 56
Agility  36


Spy [CZN: 隠密 or is it stealth? Or detective?] Art of Flame Level3


Fujiwara House
Hanbei’s subordinate


Rewriting a memory, is simple huh…

「Ogya okya, ogya okya. 」(CZN: awh.. baby hanbei cannot talk…)

Even if i saying it with baby languange, i can giving it order properly.

Moreover, it seems that, Domination could rewrite dominated person’s memory too, using the remaining MP, should i used it to rewrite your memory. (CZN: It seems he talking to the reader…)

MP, mou, just how much should i use to emptied it…

Using Domination, at least it could rewrite Sousuke-san memory , isn’t it?


N~. Boring.

Why did you stay silent there.

I’ll make your house prospered, as a thank for pick me up.


Nostalgic world


I wonder why.

This world, have a very nostalgic feeling for me.
it seems very nostalgic, and make me think i know about it.

i feel very desperate in it.

well, to be honest, i feel pretty tired by this world.

why, it’s because i had see the god…
the world’s god.
is that kind of hentai (CZN: go get em :v / hentai could mean weird or pervert’s)

Uo – .
it’s the end of the world.

well, it mus be because of that cat god giving me this world’s knowledge, that i feel nostalgic of this world.

「we’ve already reached the place」(CZN : it should be tsuitazo (ついたぞ) dunno the good english word for it :p tehee)

Say sousuke-san.

well, i’ve finished the preparation.
i’ve got to get everyone memory to be rewrited.

I’ve had no time to be in despair.

it’s because, i’m not the type that like to borrow something from other people.


The time has flown


The time has Flown.
I had became 5 years old.
I’ve been growing healthily.

And, well, the one that being raised carefully in sousuke-san’s house, was just me, i’ve been deeply interested in this world’s youkai encyclopedia.
It’s not like there’s none in this house, there’s one a little while ago.

then, the latest encyclopedia is, high high.
The price was so high that i can’t even afford of.
So, i don’t want to use my allowance too much.


Making sure that no one here, i’m calling Kichibee.

『What is it? Hanbee-sama』

Kichibee come out.
I’m surprised wa—.
To come out suddenly.
I’m the one who called him though.

Kichibee has evolved, to two tailed fox.
Just a little more, he will get the art of humanize and then, became my bodyguard, will he accept it.

I want kichibee to stay at my side.
I’m pretty much like him.

「You know, Kichibee… i’ve a favor.」

I stop my word, and showing a smile.


Hanbei is thinking

The thing, that i ask kichibee.
That is, investigating neighbor noble movement.
I’m dead, this world is seems the same as my previous world.
However,  whis world had a level and skill.
There’s also a strange word.
There’s also the language that i named future language.
Still, it’s not too much different from the land of rising sun(TN: Japan in old times name)
the same as Fujiwara in Sousuke-san last name.


There’s a last and first name in here.
There are katana too.
although there are the other too.

I am, Fujiwara house’s heir.
That’s why, i have to work hard.
How many times i see, aristocracy is, muddy huh.
What i’m good is, manipulating informaton , and making people choose.

It’s became fun.

Well then.
What should i do first?