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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 64


064 Ball (Budōkai)1


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「there’s no choice that there’d be a limited amount of Barrier Bracelet … however, can you prepare for that much in that time?」


「I won’t dare to utter falsehood in front of your majesty. I shall deliver all of the items within 6 days」


「Christoph-dono, There might be some within the inventory, but have you already got that much?」


Lord Tomlovsky which heard my list of magic items and while closing his eyes, opened them and ensure my statement.


「Do you mind?」


「That’s right. With that much of quantity, it’d already take so much time to confirm it. For now, I wish for you to just hand over what you have」


「Then, what’s about dividing the delivery time within 3 and 6 days later?」


「Umu, please do just that」


「Since the delivery time has been decided. Last, but not least. How much will it cost?」


It isn’t possible to make an order without knowing the price.

The cost of the order in my hand is 124 million S.

His majesty would nod at the presented number but, it would ruin my father’s face.

The reason why his majesty brings this up is to bought father’s face, or so I think.


「124 million S」


With my words, the room chilled.


「is the price, however, counting the life being staked in the frontline… we can make it free of charge」


Albeit I’m a noble, I’ve got no territory nor salary.

I won’t normally think of providing military supplies for free.


「Free you say・・・Then it will trouble you・・・」


「Christoph-sama may be patriotic but, you should demand some money」


When you say it for free, there must be some underlying meaning behind it, which is a normal occasion within the aristocracy.

Therefore Marshall Tomlovsky asked me to get paid.


「That’s right, it’s not my intention to impose burden towards you」


「Christoph, it’s as his majesty said. You should ask for some payment(request) 」


「・・・I understand. Then、――――――」


As father asked, I told his majesty my request.

While His majesty and Marshall Tomlovsky said that they impose a heavy burden on me, I don’t think so.

Which is why I make a request to ease their mind.


「Umu, in that case, we’ll give you the letter after the 6 days delivery finished」


「Thank you very much」


After that, they went through a difficult discussion, and I went back to Bryutzel margrave’s waiting room.

A large family’s noble had a room of their own in the castle, where they can bring their personal belonging inside and relax.

It’s an of course, that a high nobility like Bryutzels margrave family had a large room of their own which included their own servant inside.

While thinking about the occurrences this day, I relaxing and drank some tea.

In the first place, I’m wondering, there’s should be a great amount of potion in For Verdez and royal castle.

Although I know the amount must be limited, it’s been a while since Bryut firm released their stock already.


「Christoph-sama, it’s about time」


Father seems still in a meeting but, the ball is about to start.

Well, to make it simpler, it’s just greeting Dorothy-sama and leave soon after.


The ball is a gathering for those unmarried noble, so, if you make a bad move, some strange bugs will latch before you even realize it.

That’s why in this ball, I just need to greet the protagonist Dorothy and return asap.


It seems to be Dorothy Debutante, so, many of the horn dogs of nobility excited about it. (TLN: Single male aristocrat… I just being tempted to write it that way… lol)

This makes the woman excited because of the single male nobles.

I’m not interested in that kinda thing so, I’d run asap.


「Oh, isn’t it Christoph」


「n, ah, Clara you’ve come too huh?」


「It’s because Pritz already has a fiancée you see. I came here forced by my mother. Ah, that’s right, do you want to dance with me? mother nag me to at least dance once, you see 」


Clara must also think that this event is boring.


「I’m also the same, father told me to at least greet Dorothy before going home. Since it’d be a while for Dorothy to appear, saying it like so is rude but, do you want to have a dance with me?」


「with pleasure」


I dance the waltz with Clara.

It’s kinda embarrassing because of the slow tempo, but I can’t go in the middle of the song.


「Fu~, I don’t expect to have a dance with Christoph in this place. Thank you, With this, I’ve cleared mother’s order」


Just like always, Clara’s just doing what I want kinda person, after a dance she left the hall.

Dorothy then came, at the same time.

All of the nobles focused their gaze towards Dorothy.

Today, Dorothy-sama used a pink dress with the firm set curled hair.

Her necklace is silver, no it’s platinum, and there’s a large dark blue gemstone embedded.

Thus the diamond-studded together and complement the blue gemstone (sapphire).

In her head, a Platinum tiara with diamonds scattered on the surface together with the emerald shines.


Even though Dorothy being decorated by so many gems, her beauty isn’t losing to them, she’s shine like a star.

Her beautiful place is positioned right in the centre ・・・

If there’s an additional breast she’d be perfect~

Uwa, I’m being glared-tsu!


But, she’s so beautiful, like a character from a movie.

Because Dorothy-sama is such a beauty she’s received so many invitations to dance from many men, flocking around her, looks like trouble.

Heck, I need to go and greet her if I want to go back. Looking at it, I won’t even be able to greet her if it’s like this.


Dorothy-sama, please just choose a partner to dance with.

So I can go in between and go back home.




There’s no one picked her interest.

No choice, I’ll greet her then・・