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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 70

070 God of Magic’s Blessing <Dorothy’s edition>


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The best breast enhancer! Christoph should be called the god of breast enhancement! lol




Wh, what is・・・This scent is・・・

Kuh, what a good scent it is.

Breathe in, breathe in, it’s a good scent・・・


「Is there anything wrong?」


「N, no・・・」(TLN: rotfl, Christoph had scent fetish)


The owner of this scent is Dorothy-sama.

There’s already several times we had a conversation, but it’s the first time I smelled such a scent.

Heck, it’s too close・・・

Because she’s too close that it tickles my nose.


「Puahahaha, Dorothy-sama, because you’re too close to him, Christoph became flustered!」


What did you say!

Clara, you bastard!

It’s polite to not say something like that you know!


「Eh, ah, I’m sorry・・・」


「I, it’s alright, it’s because there’s a fragrant smell・・・」


The curl-haired bishoujo fidgeting while having a red face.

What is this cute living being is!


「It’s rose scent fragrance・・・・It’s a smell that Christoph-sama once said that he liked, in the past」


「I did?Is that so, apparently I still did like that scent」


「I wish you could remember the past・・・・」


Well, what can I say, I’ve met Dorothy-sama 3 times before by what she said, but she remembers me well.

Even though I don’t have the memory, I feel bad.


「Christoph-sama isn’t it almost the time to serve some tea?」


Luna appeared at the right timing, and serve the tea.

This place is a mansion I used as my dorm so that I can hold a study session and have Luna prepare the tea.

Still, Luna’s breast appears to have grown a level.


「Again~、Christoph-sama is always stared at Luna’s chest, just how much is he in love with breast~」



Clara, you bastard!

Those kinds of words aren’t something you must utter!




Look at it, Dorothy-sama gazed at her own chest sadly!


There’s no need to compare your chest with Luna that much・・・

It’s true that Dorothy-sama’s chest・・・none existent・・・


「Luna-san! How can you make that breast to be so big?!」


No no, although the one with big breast is big, the one with small chest didn’t really grow・・・





Clara somehow called me with a small voice?


「(How about giving Dorothy-sama your Divine protection?)」



There’s also that way!

I completely forgot it!

Even though it’s Clara, you had such a clever idea!


・・・Fortunately that, Dorothy-sama didn’t have other gods’ Divine protection.

Also, if she had no faith on the other gods・・・


「(Ok, let’s do it that way)」


「What are you trying to do?」




As usual, mine and Clara’s unity is perfect!


「No, nothing」


Clara’s lie is so blatant.

Her eyes are swimming everywhere.


How can I cut in.

I can’t say「do you believe in any god?」so suddenly isn’t it~。

Now then, how could I ask・・・


While drinking the tea Luna brew, I thought of a plan.


「That’s right, I always thought that Christoph’s magic is at an insane level but, how can you cast magics so well?」



Why are you suddenly saying things like that, Clara.


That’s right!

Nice one!

In spite of Clara, nice assist!


「I believed in God of Magic, wouldn’t that blessing be it?」


「Eh~, what kind of god is this god of magic?」


「God of Magic?」


Dorothy-sama seems like being hooked.


「God of magic is a god with the jurisdiction of magic tool and spell. Magic tools is what a magic item is, but for some reason, they also gave breast enhancement as their blessing. Since I’m a man, I don’t benefit from that though」




「Christoph-samah! That talk is it true?!」


Dorothy-sama suddenly stood up and took my hand with tremendous momentum.


「ye, yes・・・following god of magic will improve your magic ability・・・」


「a, and then」


Your face is too close・・・


「there seems to be an effect・・・Carla and Clara’s been bigger・・・since they follow the faith・・・」


The effect is immediately after you hold the faith, it’s been tested after all.


「Clara-san, is true -gasp?!」


「Ye, yes! There’s no doubt about it!」


「Me too! I also want to follow the god of magic! The god of magic, no, please tell me more about the lord god of magic!」

When Dorothy-sama desperately wants to learn more about it, and after I gave the lecture about the god of magic, Dorothy-sama’s status condition became『Zealous believer of God of Magic』.

That’s why at that time, I gave her the blessing.

When giving someone my blessings, my hand will shine・・・That’s why I try to hide it from her.


「It’s alright, I’m sure Dorothy-sama’s feeling will be transmitted to God of magic」


Just in case, I’ll try to check the divine protection・・・eh?・・・


God of Magic’s Divine Protection

・Magic circle creation correction (Medium)

・Magic tool Creation correction (Medium)

・Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom correction (small)

・Mana correction (small)

・Magic attack resistance (small)

・Breast enhancement(Large)


・・・The breast enhancement became (Large)・・・I certainly focused on breast enhancement, but I can also do something like this huh・・・

Ah, the magic circle creation correction became (medium).

In the stead of increasing the blessing of Breast enhancement to (Large), the magic circle creation correction became (Medium).

Breast enhancement rises 2 grade, while the magic circle creation correction down a grade huh, but, carefully inspecting, that’s seems not the case.

Assuming their overall cost, magic circle correction cost larger than breast enhancement.

Well, there’s plenty of people that value plumper breast better though.


A woman’s breast is man’s roman!


・・・That night, I feel that Dorothy-sama’s faith became heavier.

She seems to realize that her breast became bigger.

Break a leg, Dorothy