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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 69


069 Private Lesson


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The delivery was completed successfully, and I’ve received the promised letter.

Since it’s for my dreamed Chillin life, a bit of hard work is needed.

Fillia is trained by Grandfather and raises her skill a swordsman.

Grandfather seems to enjoy the practice with Fillia, so much that he invites her to train every day.

My uncle Federio is also thankful that he doesn’t need to take care of Grandfather since he’s always attached to Fillia.



The 10th month came, and the school started.

Furthermore, my mother arrived at her last month of pregnancy and at 10th month, 9th day of year 513 my little brother was born.

My father seems to dance in joy and tried to name my little brother as Ernest junior, but stopped by my mother and Grandfather.


My mother said that having his name the same name as father will seem like he’s the heir, and will cause unnecessary confusion.

A correct argument.


Grandfather said that if there’s 2 Ernest then it’d be hard to distinguish them.

Grandfather-like argument.


Regardless of my grandfather’s statement, what mother said was a correct thing, so father reconsidered the name, and named him Ignatz.

Still, I don’t really care about it, but, For Big brother Jimnis it’s not a good thing.

I’ll do my best so that Ignatz won’t be ignored by big brother Jimnis.





In addition, since the 10th month has the credit denomination exam, the clan 『MImaker』are working hard to get advanced credits.

Since I’m the tutor, I need them to get an advanced mark in all the required subject.

In case they failed in a subject, there’d be an appropriate punishment for them.


Meanwhile, I’ve already acquired the advanced credit on Item Course.

Since there’s some problem in raw material and creation problem, we examined the creation from smelting the iron to the creation of the item in the blacksmith and item workshop within the school.


One of the teacher in the Item course is a dwarf name Gregas-sensei, Gregas-sensei said 「I have nothing left to teach」.




These words come out of the Viscount’s daughter.


「Peron will dislike you if you let out such unattractive voice」


「I’m Tired~ after all, ~. Christoph sure has it easy. To have the needed credit to graduate already, you had the composure~」


「Yeah~. But, I had to give private lessons, which you had to pass a written course to the advanced level. If you’re not passed, I’d give you a hellish private lesson in the classroom, which will be taken until the Dungeon dive」


「Ah, Devil!」


After hearing Carla’s scream, Person rushed towards her.


「Wh, what’s wrong?」


「Peron, hear me out. If we’ve failed to get advanced credit, he said that he’d throw us to hell’s training!」


「Eh? I, is that so?」


Flirting, Flirting, Flirting, Flirting


Ah~、The heck、・・・You dare to flirt in front of a single just stahp it!

Damn, Riajuu Just explode!


Haa, haa, no, just now, my soul just scream.


In the end, Peron and Carla received the credit, and all of them passed all of the exams.

Although Pritz also passed all the Exam, only Clara dropped the Exam in Demonology, so only Clara was thrown to hell’s training.


「Eh~、Why am I alone~」


「No more Question! For the credit exam in the next month, Clara will be tutored privately. It’s alright to be thankful?」


「Bu~Bu~、Mean Christoph~。Devil~。#%!&#」


To dare to say a God as Devil!

Not to mention the last part is unknown!

I won’t leave you even if had that glass eye.


「You seems to had a lot of fun, what happened?」



It’s Dorothy-sama, you shocked me.

To think that she can appear behind me without being noticed, her stealth skill is godlike!


『Good morning, Dorothy-sama』


Mine and Clara’s succinctness is perfect!


「Please hear me out, Dorothy-sama. Christoph will give me a hellish training for a month just because I fail a subject!Is what we’re about」


Clara is asking Dorothy-sama for help.

Still, I won’t let you run!


「Peron, Clara, and Pritz betrayed me with passing all the subject. To make me attend private lesson alone with Christoph, I’d die!」




「Yes, a private lesson. If I receive a man to man lesson, I’d break」


Oyoyoy, you think that crocodile tears can fool Dorothy-sama.

Look at it, Dorothy-sama’s face redden while mumbling「Private lesson huh」or「man to man」.。

It’s because of your crocodile tears that she’s angry.


「B, break・・・Clara-san please be at ease. I’ll accompany you in that hellish private lesson!」




Yes, that’s another succinct answer of Clara and I.


Clara’s「Eh?」is the kind of「eh?」which means, you won’t stop it.

While my「Eh?」is the kind of「eh?」which means, You will come along with Clara.


「Dorothy-sama. There’s no need for you to accompany Clara, you must be busy too, so you can leave Clara alone」


For the love of, because of Clara, the conversation became more complicated.


「No! Both・・Ehem, I’m worried for Clara-san, so I’ll go with you. Also, there’s someone which promised to teach me at the ball, I wonder who it was?」


Ah~, I did promise that.

I should remember it huh.

Heck, those followers behind Dorothy-sama stare a dagger towards me, what should I do?

There’s nothing I can do.

Which is the reason why, I need to reschedule everyone’s schedule for Clara’s hellish training, and Dorothy-sama’s study, aside from the time we dive the Dungeon

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