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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 68


068 The Royals also cook huh


Christoph is definitely not a gentleman… and he’s so dumb I want to smash him! Damn it, look at this god! I feel so mad to him, and pity Dorothy!


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Today I delivered the items is what I say to Dorothy at the ball.

Hearing it, she asked me to visit her no matter how brief is it, so here I am.

Originally, I’d told Dorothy that I’d visit her in the morning since the delivery time should be at 9.30 am, but never would’ve I expect it to stretch to over 11.30 am.


The coachman returned the wagon to the manor.

Fillia is instructed to wait in the waiting room of Bryutzels margrave, and wait for further instruction.

As expected that Fillia can’t walk around with me inside the castle, Fillia isn’t convinced but obediently follow the instruction.


「Dorothy-sama, I apologize for the delay」


「Christoph-sama is also Busy, please don’t mind it」


Dorothy-sama seems to drink some tea in the garden while waiting for me, I feel sorry.

Still, a normal Dorothy-sama is beautiful even if she does nothing, but Dorothy-sama which sitting in the garden while drink some tea is elegant, as expected of someone from the royal family.

Moreover, this place can hardly be thought as an interior of the royal castle, having a clear pond in the background while sitting in a white chair and table, the sight of Dorothy-sama is picturesque.

It’s so much different than a shoddy noble like me.


Still, Dorothy-sama’s image in school and castle sure is different.

The gap between the sloppy girl in school and dignified and elegant princess sure is large.


When Dorothy-sama asked me to sit in the opposite chair, the maid brews me a tea.

Now that I remember it, after the breakfast I had yet to drink anything, so my throat is dry.

Fu~ I’m revived~.

Heck, this tea, so delicious.

Moreover, it’s a taste I never drank, and if it’s this good it should already enter the house, but I don’t remember drinking any.


「This Tea is great.・・・Is it a blend of multiple tea leaves?」


「how keen. This tea is a blend of the royal family」


A special blend of the Royal family, no wonder I’ve never drunk it before.

But, as expected of the royalty, how delicious!


「There’s also sweets」


As Dorothy-sama prompt it, I realize the sweets atop the table.


「Thank you very much」


These sweets had a snow-white appearance, which has a beautiful contrast between red and yellow, it’s a japanese shortcake.

I take the triangle cut shortcake in a spoon and bring it to my mouth.

It’s too sweet for my tongue, but it’s already delicious.


I enjoyed my conversation with Dorothy-sama, eating the sweets and emptying the tea.


「This cake called sweets is recently being popular in the castle, so I think that Christoph-sama already has seen it, but, what do you think about it?」


Naturally, I know about Shortcake.

In the first place, there was none of the so-called Japanese cake in this world, so in order to increase the need of sugar, I’m the one who spread the recipe.

Dorothy-sama seems to not know that I’m the one that popularizing the cake.


「It’s delicious」


I won’t say that I prefer less sugar to the owner.

Complaining to the royal family is a blasphemy.


「It doesn’t suit your taste huh」


「There’s no such thing」


「When Christoph-sama is troubled, his eyebrow is slightly wrinkled. This habit is still the same as before」


Arya, I have that kind of habit・・・

Heck, did habit always happen even though I’ve got no memory of it.

Still, to remember such a thing, Dorothy-sama really has a great memory.


「If you lessen the sugar, I believe it will taste better」


It’s better to be honest since it’d be rude to leave it alone and made her think that the sweets taste bad.


「I will make it so the next time we meet」


「Yes? Make it?」


「Yes, this cake is baked by me. in our next meeting, I’ll make Christoph-sama say that it’s delicious」


Hahaha, there’s no way a princess would make a cake.

She shouldn’t take the job of maids and chefs.


「The founder Akira-sama is good at cooking and making sweets. Therefore, the royal family always learning to make a recipe or two they exercised since kids. It’s not like we always learn how to cook since young」


Dorothy-sama explained the reason as if reacting to my mind soliloquy.

Was Dorothy-sama and esper that can read my mind?

U, um do you always see my habit?


「Dorothy-sama which is good at cooking will surely be a good bride」




D, Did I say something bad?


「U, Um, Will I be a good bride?」


She had a beet-red face, and fidgeting.

Does she perhaps・・・・・・・Need to go to toilet?


「I seems to stay a bit too long. It the time for me to depart」




It’s bad to make a lady hold herself to go to the toilet.

I’m a perceptive Gentleman after all! (TN: Let’s bash him in the head! Poor Doroty)