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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 67

067 Delivery 2


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Calming Fillia down, we wait for the one in charge to come.

Probably, since the soldier is like this, the one responsible won’t likely to come.




When you mention it, Isn’t the Western alliance commanded by Marquis Brennan defeated in their first clash had a son named um・・・I forgot his name・・・let’s just call him bakabon.

It’s the story about that bakabon was punished.

For what he punished for, it seems that he’s punished for a criminal act which is stealing an imperial item managed by marquis Brennan, and its unauthorized use.

His punishment seems to be unallowed healing of the damaged magic circuit on his ankle after his battle with me, and deprivation of his nobility status.

Initially, his majesty should be the one to call for the treatment of his ankle, but the situation changed when the usage of Imperial item exposed.

Thus, in the shadow Marquis Brennan moves to cut off his son.


However, Marquis Brennan is also on the brink of being pushed.

For the negligence of losing and destruction of the Emperor-class magic item, he’d be responsible for the loss of a national treasure.

For that reason, in this war against the Bossam Empire, he had to make merit, but he lost in the first clash.




I’ve to bear no blame in it.

I’ve prepared enough for the duel, even if I’m the one to destroy the national treasure, I can’t predict that a student will bring one right? That’s why I’m the victim(…) which mean, I’m not guilty.

Even if I’m being held responsible, I’d deal with it when it comes.






We’ve waited more than an hour, this solder heard that Fillia introducing herself from「Brut Firm」to make us wait this long, what a brave.

Fillia’s annoyance accumulated, and both of the coachmen was shocked.

Well, if it only them, they won’t be shocked, but the soldier kept their boss, the son of Bryutzels Margrave wait, is he sane? They worried.

If I were to get mad and complained, they could imagine their end.


After waiting for another 30 minutes, the person in charge, at last, come.


「Thanks for your hard work is the number right?」


「Yes! There’s no problem!」


Even though the soldier didn’t count it, he said it’s no problem.

Thank god he’s not my subordinate.


It’s wartime, but they lack the awareness huh.

Is this country rotten enough to leave a fool like this?


I and Fillia go and ask the sign of the person in charge.


「Captain, this is the receipt. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please sign it」


「What, it’s children. Are you the representative of your father?」


The person in charge of signing the receipt and handing it over to Fillia left an unpleasant remark and gave the receipt back to Fillia.

My condolences.


「It’s late but, I’m Fillia the vice president of the Brut Firm, and this person is Christoph von Bryutzels the president.」


Fillia introduces me just now.

In addition, she wore a haughty expression.




The person in charge’s face turning paler.


「Yes, this person is Christoph, the son of Bryutzels Margrave」


Double-check comes!

Fillia seems to clear her rage within this one and a half-hour.


「P, Pardon my rudeness!」


The person in charge takes a step back, and apologize to me.

The soldier which seeing it staggered.

Fillia which felt a little satisfied, still continue to attack.


「We were planned to deliver it on time as ordered by his majesty, but we’ve late by an hour and a half.」


Fillia which uttering the sarcasm had a disgruntled face.

Not only the one in charge, but even the soldier is also quivering.

Well, the behaviour of the soldier is bad, but the one that delays the contact seems to be in a fault too.


「Still, the soldier that gives an order to Christoph-sama to carry the luggage seems to be a person of a big name. would you mind telling us your name? 」(TN: gogogo! I support you Fillia-sama! Roast him dead)


The soldier seems to see the end of the world.

  1. I reminded of the painting called『Sakebi(The scream-by Edvard munch)』, I almost burst to laugh.


「Fillia, forgive them for here on.  Captain, can you please check on the actual amount of goods? I’ve received the signature so I can leave as it is, but you’ve yet to confirm the content at all, and it’d trouble me if I’m being called back because there’s a different amount of item later on」


「Ye, Yess!」


The one in charge mobilized the soldier to count the items while cursing at the soldier to confirm the goods.

After several dozens of minutes, the full-scaled confirmation by the dozens of soldiers completed, and it was confirmed that the amount is correct.


Then, a man in a cloak and armour appeared timely.

In the Sacred Kingdom Vandamme only those of Battalion officer and above allowed to wear mantle on their armour, so it seems the person has a certain status.


「Lord Bryutzels, I am Delim Kud Cosco. Because of my negligence, something like this is happening, please receive my apology」


In the outline, he seems to run here, because his breathing is ragged and bow his head to apologize, but there’s no sincerity in his attitude and tone, he doesn’t feel the need to an apology.

As the person holding the god’s eye, I can see lies within words you know.

This Cosco person might be someone on the Noble faction and hates the Bryutzels family.

If that’s the case・・・Let’s tease him a bit.


「Can I call you General Cosco? Please raise your head. I don’t feel anything after all」


Cosco lifted his head and said「Please call me whatever」。


「But, I have got a promise with Princess Dorothy, but the time stretched quite a bit, so I want to get it done as soon as possible. It might be rude for the superiors so please forgive me」


General Cosco which hear Dorothy’s name from my mouth had his expression clouded.

It’s surely will, because of his subordinate’s fault they are hindering my promise with the royal family, if it’s bad, even a general like him will be punished.


I feel a bit refreshed after seeing General Cosco doing things in haste.

I don’t think it’s enough but, I think it’s enough

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