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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 96


096 Orion’s Setting Sun 3



It’s the only words rang in my head.

It’s something that happened because the crimson haired woman with a big build wearing Crimson metallic armor called『The Crimson Azban (TN: the translation could also be meant Crimson Haired Azban – Red headed Azban)』with her sharpened swords, the things happened in the center of the camp, for the Nation’s soldier is a tragedy that appeared because of the Crimson Grim reaper.


「Hey, use your hips more to slash!」



She swing her swords and cut a soldier of the Nation, then sent a glare to the surrounding.

20 people had been killed, and the surroundings are bloody enough creating a sea of blood and piled up dead body.

The one that created such situation is Anastasia Cud Azban, the one within top 10 if the Bryutzels margrave house.


「It’s all small fry! are there no one that’s better?」


As if responding towards Azban’s call a man with a strong build came forward.


「I’ve once seen the red haired Azban. This one is Saint Orion’s Nation’s Saint Cross knight’s 3rd Captain Verdone Wind field (ベルドネ・ウィンドフィールド)」


Clad in a white-silver armor with a dark green Cloak which is a sign of the Saint Cross knight, he quietly looks at Knight Azban, but his gaze is by no means calm.

The screams here and there is a bitter truth for Verdone, that the Sacred Kingdom has commenced a surprise attack, while the situation within the department are unknown he don’t’ know whether meeting with the person 『the Crimson Azban』is a fortune or misfortune, thought for Verdone he can say that it’s a fortune.

Within the Nation, Saint Cross is the core organization, a captain class had the same rank as a normal General.

Saint Cross is originally a troop only under the command of the pope, it’s definitely had a higher stature than a normal Bishop.


「Ah, at last there’s some bigger fish comes up. You, are you ready?」


Verdone laughs with a「huh」and pulled his swords.


「Good~ then, let’s go!」


Both of them kicks on the ground at the same time.

Sparks burst at the same time as the clanging sound reverberate.

The Nation’s soldiers in the surrounding can only hear the clanging metal sound, as they can’t follow the movement the two. They’re battling in a whole different dimension than the soldiers.


「This’s good. I’m thrilled」


Azban smiled from the beginning.

In the other hand, Verdone received the swords of Azban with either his sword or shield.

Verdone seems to be on par with Azban in their early clash, however as the time passed, he’s having harder time to deal with the heavier and faster Azban’s assault as the time passed.


「Kuh! Damn monster!」


「what a horrible thing to say towards a delicate girl!」


Verdone sweated heavily while receiving Azban attack. He had a rough breathing dodging and blocking Azban that swing as if fanning a fan.

When Azban called herself「Delicate girl」, he even started to doubt her sanity. But it’s also a combat freak’s oddities like Gores.





Having dwarf parents, the child will of course be a dwarf, Lilia was nicknamed Lily by her close one.

Lily’s happiness was destroyed by thieves’ attack.

Her parents, that had taken a good care of her were slain by the thieves. She was captured to be sold as a slave, but saved by her lord’s army before becoming one.

Lilia’s turning point came after being saved by the lord, as the lord that saves her had a beautiful face and not much older than her.

He’s a newly conferred lord named Christoph Von Bruteis, and also a child of Bryutzels margrave house, a great nobles’ family.

Lilia’s that felt the fate between her and Christoph, beg him to let her be his vassal fully aware that she’d be refused but, she’s smoothly received to became his vassal.

Lilia’s that’s become Christoph’s vassal became a subordinate of a beastman Fillia, moreover she’s younger than her, she soon understood that this girl isn’t a normal girl.

Whenever Lilia’s close to Christoph, Fillia was always beside Christoph, so much that she questions where and when’d fillia sleep.


At first, she tasted hell when she’s being entrusted by her lords’ grandfather Gores Von Bryutzels to learn how to wield sword, but her talent soon bloomed under Gores’ training.

Around that time Christoph told her that she’d a gift called『Peerless swords saint (天下の剣聖)』 and was surprised, when she asked him how does he know it, her lord nonchalantly said.


「it’s because I’m a god」


At first, Lilia accepted the words as a joke but, as she witnessed his extraordinary power, she started to convinced that it’s true.


「then, I shall dedicate this swords eternally to Christoph-sama!」


Is what she pledged in her heart.


Thus, as Fillia’s subordinate, her job should be to protect Christoph. Still, she had a reason to follow Fillia to assault the Nation in this mission.

Although it’s indirect, the bandits that killed Lilia’s parents was receiving a help from the Nation, for Lilia, the Nation is her enemy.

Which result that, she begged Christop to be included in the mission which originally only had Fillia.

Christoph refused it at first, but he later defeated by Lilia’s determination and allow her to.


「Lilia, since you don’t know the hideousness of the battlefield is, don’t push yourself too hard」


In response to Christoph’s words, she pledged further loyalty to Christoph.


「don’t leave my side, this is an order」


Fillia is also worry about Lilia, so she ordered Lilia to never leave her side.

Lilia’s touched by their kindness which makes her feel happy.


「Lilia, let’s go!」


「yes, captain Fillia!」


Fillia takes the lead, and Lilia supports the rear.

As Fillia skewered the soldiers in front with her spear, Lilia cuts off the Nation’s soldier in the surrounding.

Fillia alone is a matchless warrior, and Lilia’s peerless swords increase their working speed.

The first Captain class they met creates a fountain of blood without him able to make a noise, while the second captain class woman was skewered to death as she died by blood loss.


「Lilia, are you alright?」


「There’s no problem!」


Fillia occasionally checked Lilia’s condition.


(she’s alright for now)


At that time, although Lilia’s not in a high state of high confidence she’s not really care about her surrounding, but she’d feel the tiredness after the battle later.


「you bastards!」


Somehow, a man with heavy armor rushed, and swung a large ax towards Fillia, but Fillia blocked the attack of the man with the spear given by Christoph.


「Wha!? You・・・blocked it with a hand?」


Realistically speaking, there’s no way a normal person can receive a heavy swung of an ax with a spear without being pushed back, but as Fillia’s spear a high-spec weapon created by Christoph with Orichalcum as the base, and Fillia’s being a God’s vassal of Christoph makes her received physical ability surpassed that of humans, combining the 2, Fillia can relax even if she’s blocked 3 or more ax with a hand of her.


「I shall leave this opponent to you, Lilia. He’s just the right opponent for you」


The man that heard her words misunderstood that Fillia is avoiding to fight him.

While to Fillia「just the right opponent」statement that Lilia can defeat this opponent with ease.


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Thanks for the chapter, well they will learn their lesson now