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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 97


097 Orion’s Setting Sun4



Anastasia Cud Azban   : Survived

Freidrich Cud Sevis     : Survived

Amreida Cud Blem      : Seriously Injured . Survived

Ureimonen Restos       : Survived

Logiburd Axom           : Survived

Razor Highriff              : Survived

Kuzan Attenborough   : Killed in Action

Aleksei Jin                   : Survived


In this surprise attack there a death and 2 seriously injured personnel.

Considering that they’re being thrown in the middle of the enemy, it’s actually a good result.

Of course, Fillia and Lilia are survived without any injury.


「 the first achievement in this surprise attack goes to Ureimonen Restos. Please choose one of these 3 rings」


Woah~ I’m surprised.

Ureimonen Restos is Count Beseth’s grandson, but he didn’t inherit his heroism.

So, at first, even I asked Count Beseth to reconsider.

Although his participation in this surprise attack was a command from Count Beseth, still his military exploit is a coincidence.

Heck, it’s miraculous things overlapped by chances.

It’s somehow like giving the enemy a lucky punch to KO them, right?

At the beginning, he’s moving from shadow to shadow in order to avoid the enemy’s soldier but, thanks to the flashy rampage of the other people, he can defeat the general of the Nation’s Regisnen unnoticed.

This General Regisnen is the general from the Saint Cross which was considered the most important person in the army.

The one fighting general Regisnen is actually Logiburd Axom, but he can’t finish him because Logiburd was disrupted by the enemy soldiers’ spear, and even if he tried to pursue him, he was disturbed another time, so he missed the general.

The running away General then met with Ureimonen then slain.

The General seems to have a bad luck, and for logiburd that had his prey being stolen. He didn’t care about it that much.

We~ll, Ureimonen seems to be in luck after all.


「・・・Thank you very much.・・・Then Grand Arm Ring please・・・」


While handing the ring to him, I whispered in his ear.


「a merit is a merit, no matter what」

His body flinched, but I pat his shoulder.


「Congratulations! ・・・well the second place belong to Anastasia Cud Azban, there’s only Gale ring and Iron wall ring left, so which one do you choose?」


As the 1st place, Ureimonen’s achievement in killing a General gave boost to the army, but overall achievement goes to Anastasia.

Anna alone gave 74 heads of higher officer with 1 being a captain class Cross-knight, it’s an undoubtedly great achievement.

Anna is huge, she’s originally had a large build, but stretching her back and raise her chest makes her even more so.

Such a person came closer to me and grab the Gale Ring that I hold.

For her, either one is good, she seems to pick them randomly.


「 it sure is fun・・・by the way, can you make an arrangement for a spar with those girls?」


Anna said while pointing her chin towards Fillia and Lilia.

Sigh, battle freaks are same wherever, whenever they see a strong opponent all they sought is to battle.


「it won’t matter if you want to have a spar with them after the war is over you see」


「aa, that’s also good. Still, young master’s place looks fun」


I can’t answer Anna’s remark and had a bitter smile.

For her, war is like an amusement park.

Th red haired woman in front of me feels so scary that you can imagine her playing the enemy soldiers like the amusement park’s ride.


「then, the 3rd one will be・・・Razor Highriff. I shall present him the Iron wall Ring」


Razor’s achievement is 54 head, with 2 being a normal captain class, while the other is high officer. Which is close with Amreida which come from Viscount Vanes’s house. Razor gave a light bow and receive the ring.

I was surprised that he gave the ring to Viscount Vanes without saying a word.

It seems that a hero-class magic item was not so valuable to him.

Then, why’d he participates in this event?

While I heard a little about him, he might do so to spite his father?

The fact that he receives a hero-class item and gave it to Viscount Vanes to pay him back.

I don’t know so much about his father but, when he heard of it, he might grit his teeth and regretted?

Or, he might give it to Viscount Vanes which he indebted to without much thought?

Both options are possible, but it doesn’t matter much for me.


This harassment plan dealt a huge blow towards the enemy, while this side have an almost 0 damage, which can be said a huge success.

Even I didn’t expect this achievement.

They might be in jeopardy and delay their morning departure, right?

Heck, they’d sure postponed it.


I’ve not just planned this surprise attack, there’s also other set up.

Hidden behind this surprise operation, I actually had another hidden operation that stole a large amount of their supply.

The hidden plan consists of Peron, Clara, and Carla, stealing their weapons, supplies, and armors, along with their ammunitions.

It probably more of a harassment than a surprise attack, if they didn’t get their leader decapitated.


「sounds like a lot of fun huh?」


「I have to take my revenge to them in attacking my territory you see. Peron also did a great achievement and surely can be raised to a knight」


There’s still a dead in this plan but, I can happily let it go since they’re being dealt a huge blow over a death.

I’ll take care of Kuzan Attenborough’s family who died in this war.

If it’s needed to, I shall take over his family and gave them a good living condition.

It might be an impertinent idea, but I can only do this.


「I’ve become a noble・・・I wonder if father would be happy with it?」


「Since Peron will marry Carla. You had to at least, be a Baron. It’s not a war that I wanted to happen, but let’s make use of it. Let’s make plenty achievements!」


In this war, I will make Peron advance more.

Originally, Peron is a commoner, while Carla is a knight and a daughter of a Viscount, while Pritz will be a knight as a heir, so I planned to make Peron at least a knight in this war.

Although Clara is also deemed as a commoner, she’s a daughter of a Knight, furthermore, she’s been known within the central nobility and active around the Capital. She’d be a knight in the future.

So, let’s focus on having Peron conferment.

I want to give a reward towards Peron that gave me help, and I’d be sorry if I can’t.


「I believe the enemy was being in jeopardy right now, and their loss of officers along with the General will get them confused, so I planned to launch an attack tomorrow. I’m looking forwards to everyone’s effort!」


There’s only 5 person within the tent, which is Peron, Carla, Pritz, Fillia, and Lilia, so I gave instruction to them.








Morning came fast, this side will pull the trigger.

The enemy cancelled their march, but there’s no need for us to follow them along.

Heck, it’s natural to take advantage of the weakened enemy.

The Vanguard will be the 500 ships of count akaiserk von Bethes, among them will also include the first whale-class ship led by Federer, 『Kogetsu』. Count Bethes will also board in Kogetsu as the command unit.

Peron will also do as Federer’s aide.

I gave Pritz another mission, while Carla stayed in the main camp as my aide.

Of course, Fillia and Lilia stood behind me as my escorts.

There’s also the golden child of the Bryutzels house, Rozalia-dancho dispatched.


The sight of the 500 ships sailed out of the Zilpen Port is outstanding, and Kogetsu presence shouted the majesty of it.


「Kogetsu looks like a moving fortress」


「my father also plans to buy the 2nd whale-class ships, so Captain Rozalia will have the opportunity to board them」


「I’m looking forward to it, fufufufu」



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