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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 98

098 Orion’s Setting Sun 5



A huge amount of water jumps.

The finely scattered water sparkle rained down, and a beautiful 7-colored arch float.


「is that the power of a magic canon・・・」


「what should I say・・・the future of tactics will surely changes・・・」


Count Akaiserk con Bethes that sees the sinking Nation’s army’s ship and realizes the power of Magic canon, and General Orasho von Clion, that command the army of Bryutzels’ marquisate house, thinks of the future possibilities.


「The second Magic Canon, sho~t!」




The 1st Whale-class ship, Kogetsu.

There 3 giant magic Canon equipped in the deck.

It is something that Christoph designed and built on Kogetsu based on the memory of his previous life, which hadn’t seen yet in this world.

The Crazy eruption comes from the Magic Canon created a large hole in the Nation’s ship hull, and causing a large explosion.

Furthermore, the explosion causes the water surface bounced up and creating a hole in the surface of the water, inflicting the surrounding ships.


「The 3rd Canon, Sho~t!」




Mercilessly, Federer continue to send the signal to attack.

Dozens of hundreds of soldiers from the Nation sunk below the lake Zilpen at Federer’s Command.

However, Saint Orion Nation’s Army, still didn’t know what’s happening.

That’d be the case, since the Kingdom and the Nation’s army are more than 2 km apart.


In fact, even the one sending the signal was doubtful about the attack would overcome the distance.

While in training the distance won’t be more than 500 m, but in this actual battle, it’s suddenly became 2 km.


「this farsightedness class magic item is wonderfull! It’s amazing that even from this distance we can see the Nation’s soldier waving their hands!」


「Umu, this warship called Kogetsu used so many technology we didn’t know yet, I’m tired of being surprised」


『the 1st Magic Canon, the next bullet has been loaded successfully !』


The voice of the gunner can be heard through the pipe.

Thus, Federer responded to shoot the Canon.

The mage artillery and the Magic Canon didn’t stop attacking the Nation’s naval army.


Kogetsu’s not the only one attacking so they got more tied.

The whale class has 40 small rapid firing magic canons, 15 on each side, and 5 each on front and back.

As the name implies these canons were all rapid firing.

Located in the magician’s room, the rapid firing magic canon fired the bullet continuously by 40 bullets per minutes.

When they thought that the frightening magic canon’s assault stopped, they received the rapid firing small magic canon continuous attack, this combination bring despair to them.


Thus, the Kingdom will charge towards the despairing Nation’s army while being covered with the canons from Kogetsu.

At that time, the command system of the Nation’s fleets are already collapsing bringing chaos within.


「Where’s the attack come frommm?!」「I, I never heard of this!」「We’d dieeeeeeeee」「Oh, lllord Creator」「Mo, Moooooother」「Bbbbboooobsss」


Within the pandemonium, the Kingdom’s army attacking them which further increase the scream and terror.




The assault led by the commander of a medium sized ship of Knight Friedrich Cud Sevis.

Knight Sevis was being left behind by Anna in the surprise operation so, he thought of recovering his honor by creating an achievement here desperately.

Although it kinda forced, Knight Sevis made an assault towards the central of the fleets.









The battle of Saint Orion Nation and Sacred Kingdom Vandamme, which being repeated over and over again in the past, closed their curtain with an unprecedented one-sided victory of the Kingdom.

The Nation’s ship that raising their white flags surrenders, and the ship that escapes to Kilpas River all wrecked or can’t move, and the soldiers that’s thrown to the lake are either floating or saved from the wreckage of the ship.

Federer gave a merciless order to bombard any ships that tries to escape through Kilpas River.

While Count Beseth and General Clion who were watching by the side was immersing in the aftermath of the great victory while engraving that they shouldn’t be Christoph’s enemy in their heart.


Meanwhile, Christoph that watching the battle from Zilpen fortress on Lake Zilpen murmured 「it was unexpectedly easy」.


「It’s all due to Christoph-sama’s wisdom!」


Fillia that filled of respect towards Christoph take it for granted.


「well, since the time Kogetsu’s dispatched the game is already decided. Heck, it was already taken for granted that Saint Orion Nation will be defeated once Christoph was there」


It was said that Count Bruteis house is the greatest force of the battlefield, except for Christoph.

1 of them is of course, Fillia.

Fillia is Christoph’s escort that will be sure to follow him.

The other is Knight Carla Cud Adachi, Pritz von Hecate, Peron Cook, and Lilia.

Of course, there’s also Commander Federer, Deputy Commander Gale, and The Tiger beastman Wick, though they all specialized in close combat.

On the other hand, the 4 alumnus’s including Carla not only good at wizardry but also magic, they can also cast strengthening magic and had an enormous amount of mana and cast silently, both excelled in close and long-distance battle.

By the way, Fillia’s also at the stage where no human can match her strengths who can surpass Gores which was known as spear demon, and she has the amount of mana that can rival Clara and the other.


As long as we’re here there’s no doubt about the final victory.

Still, the reason why I bring not only Fillia, but also Carla and the other is because I want them to adjust with the atmosphere of war.

Although Carla had a lot of experience in combat, it all amount to battle against monster, not human.


「it’s good to win, but being too one sided. That’s not good」


「aa, being too flashy will be troublesome to tie the end. Federer should hold back a little」


Hearing Carla and Chrsitoph’s conversation make the nobles buzzed.

They gave a skeptical gaze towards the unscrupulous words on the historical victory.

However, Christoph and Carla continued to talk as if they don’t care about that.


「Since the Kings from Sagarashi and Kipron are surrendered like we planned to, it’d be alright, right?」


Sagarashi Kingdom and Kipron Kingdom are countries sandwiched between The Sacred Kindom and The Nation.

Both of them are the subordinate country of the Nation, and both of the kind are participating in todays’ battle.

Although it’s only a small country, it’s rare to see the king of a country to command the soldiers in frontline, but it’s not an exaggeration to say that they’re the slave of the Nation. So much that they show themselves in the battlefield to make the Nation happy.


「I feel like Federer is overdoing it, but he’s still done a great job out there」


At the same time as the nearby nobles heard him, Christoph stood from his seat.

With the sign as his stood, the other nobles also looked towards him.


「Notify Count Beseth! Lead the southern noble alliance and attack the Saint Orion Nation and capture fort Genew. Federer shall accompany Count Beseth with Kogetsu. General Clion shall capture the ships along with the troops of Bryutzels !」


It’s for the considerations towards the southern nobles that Bryutzels troops won’t come along with them in this pursuit.

The one with the biggest merit in this war is count bruteis with his Kogetsu, and the southern nobles hardly had any merits.

Which means, including the bryutzels troops in the pursuit operation will lessen the southern nobles’ merit.

Still, Kogetsu can’t be taken off to minimize the damage to allies.


Genew is a fort build by the Nation as the spearhead to capture the Sacred Kingdom Vandamme more than a 100 years ago. It has been renovated so many times that the size has been doubled from 100 years ago.

The capture of the fort is indispensable for the invading Saint Orion, but it’s been hindered by the strong defense of the fort, and the damage given to the Kingdom isn’t small.


「You all should go and raise your merit」


At his reminder, the nobles that gathered in the main camp bowed towards him and left the room.


「I thought that I already know about Christoph-sama’s power already, but it seems to be beyond me」


There are a few soldiers left, including Carla, Fillia, and Captain Rosalia that escorting me.

And the one who said so is Captain Rosalia, that teach Christoph magic.

Captain Rosalia was the genius before Christoph, but can’t help to admire him out of his nonstandard.


To tell you the truth, it’s Christoph virgin battle.

Ernest believes on Christoph, but he can’t be sure of things so he let Rosalia to accompany him.

This is in consideration in case of he became out of control and Rosalia will act as his shield in case of emergency.


In this way, the battle that’d be called 『Orion’s sunset』in the future is over.

The battle that started in the morning and settled before noon, with 30 thousand either dead or missing was completed in a mere 5 hours.


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