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099 Raid1



General Clion were accompanying The King of Kipron and Sagarashi having an audience with Ernest von Bryutzels.

Of course, both kings were prisoners of war.

Even so, Ernest treated the two kings with the utmost consideration and respect.


「I shall appeal to His Majesty to get your land back had you surrendered to my country. If you surrender to us, I will petition His Majesty to relieve you of your lands, but only on condition that you become a lord of the Sacred Kingdom Vandamme. Also, if you continue to be hostile to us, you will spend the rest of your life here in Brunhild as a prisoner of war. You have only two choices.」


To make a promise to prisoners of war without a king’s permission.

Both kings are puzzled, even if he’s a big house did he had the authority to do so ? and the kings looked at Ernest with suspicion.

Their concerns are right on the point, so much that the one who’s saying so can be punished for overstepping their authority.

However, Ernest is the southern governor of Sacred Kingdom, not only the southern, even the other 3 governors of East, South, and West can equally have the right to have the same authority with a king in the negotiation in their own domain, they also had discretionary power over the prisoner of war within their territory.

There’s a detriment to the so-called authority, but as long as it’s good for the national interest it’s gonna be okay.


「I’ve the authority of the Southern Governor, so all of your treatment are of my discretion, so you can keep my word. I will not do you wrong」


The news of the Genew Fort falls became the deciding factor.

Knowing that they’ve become a prisoner, they countries can be the same as the fort under the onslaught of Kogetsu’s firepower.

In the first place, their reason to be the subordinate of the Nation is because the Sacred kingdom is more humane than the Nation, in case they become the enemy of the insane Nation they don’t know what’s going to happen to them, and being an enemy of the Sacred kingdom is way better than the opposite.

Now that the Sacred Kingdom can overwhelm the Nation, there’s no need to be the subordinate nation of the Nation.

Without a question Ernest’s offer is like a flowing ship.

Therefore, their decision was quick. As they agreed to the offer, and their country fall into the Sacred Kingdom Vandamme’s camp.


Ernest decided to move both of them to the Royal capital, and let their prisoner of war, including the general of both countries back to their own country.








Now, the victory celebration was held by his majesty (racoon).

As the once being reported before, as the commander on behalf of the southern governor, and the one developed the first whale-class ship Kogetsu to put on the battlefield, I’ve become the one achieving an overwhelming result.

Since I’ve yet to enter the battlefield, the opinion are divided and since the merit hasn’t decided yet, it can’t be helped.

However, it’s undeniable that I’m the one that commanded the attack on Fort Genew, his majesty (the raccoon) decision was made clear on that statement on my merit.


Thus, the second best in the war is Ureimonen Restos that killed the General of the enemy’s Deputy commander, he was given the rank of Baron and the job of Deputy General Manager of Genew Fort.

It’s a sufficient reward for the grandson of Count Beseth for his deed, however as an inexperienced person, there’s objections to appoint him as Baron.

However, his merit are too big that he should be given a lordship for that alone, it’s should originally given to his lord which is Count Beseth. So that the number 2 on the southern province will be raised from a Count to a Margrave.

In that case, there’s a trouble that the area will have 2 margrave house which create a division, so they decided to concentrate the rewards to Ureimonen.

This is actually the King’s scheme.

Well, I think it’s good to make Count Beseth to rule Genew. My father also think the same, but quite a number of Nobles are anxious that the number of nobles under the Royal faction increases. Although there’s objections from the nobles faction, they still pay heed to royals’ decision.


Anna was also judged as a person with high merit, which made her receive the title of Baron and the same position Deputy General Administration of Genew.

It’s like that she’d received a territory of her own with the subordinate assigned to her, so I decided to put 30 thousand troops along with 200 ships under her command.

It’s not possible for a Baron to had that much of troops, but they’re under the name of Count Beseth’s name.


In addition to that there’s also golds rewards given to the others.

By the way, my rewards is the human resources.

Which means, I’ll be allowed to get the prisoner of wars for my territory, and another batch of civilian will be sent to mu territory with the wages paid by the Kingdom. Years later, they might become an official resident of the territory.

It’s a welcome for the territory of Count Bruteis which lacks manpower.

I can manage the material after all, so my territory is lack only manpower.


In addition, although it’s not a reward, I should be allowed to accept the former slaves within the Genew fortress which is now the Sacred Kingdom’s.

This is the result of releasing the unfairly treated beastmen, elves, dwrves and the other demi-human which being treated unfairly by the Nation, a way to release them from the curse of the Saint Orion Religion’s cursed land. Those that oppressed was released and become the citizen of Sacred Kingdom Vandamme and many will leave the land filled with abominable memories.


Then, as planned, Peron will be given a territory and receive a peerage as my vassal.

But, Peron’s territory is underdeveloped which needed him to make arrangements for immediate settlements.

While Carla and Pritz were given golds as reward, Federer become a Baron, while Fillia and Lillia are given Spear and Sword respectively, for acting as a lion in the surprise operation.

Adding to that, within the Bruteis family, Federer was given a Major General rank, Carla is a Lieutenant Colonel, while Pritz and Peron was given the rank of Lieutenant General.


Finally, I greet Dorothy and returned to the mansion.

This is the important part!the most important one!

Because if I deal with this carelessly and act without care, it’d bring me more trouble that will be scary, very scary.


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